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Rise is a lifestyle magazine with a mission to inspire women of all shapes, sizes, and colors to embrace themselves for who they are. As women continue to fight for their rights, and speak up for what they believe in, this magazine can be used as an outlet and a place of solitude and community for women of all ages. Features in this magazine includes articles on the latest trends through body positivity, a mental health spotlight with Lily Reinhart, life tips, and monthly horoscopes.

MAY 2019






orldwoman’s world

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This months editors

letter dives into our

favorite month, May

by out editor in cheif,

Julianne Marks.

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Denim Days

Denim on demin on

demin. How to style

your jeans right.

Spring Trends

Out top favorite

sopring trends issue is

finally here. Packed

with our favorite body

possitive brands..


Wave Feature

28 Wave of feminism

takes a real look at

what feminism means

to woman today and

how far we have come

in historyt as women..



The Sugar Factor

Is sugar really the

problem? See what

else it could be.

Pilates or Barre?

Out top favorite

sopring trends issue is

finally here. Packed

with our favorite body

possitive brands..

Anxiety 101

42 Out top favorite

sopring trends issue is

finally here. Packed

with our favorite body

possitive brands..




Staying Pretty on

a Tight Budget

Less costly way to


get the red carpet

looks you want.

What Brands are

Worth the Money?


A list of the brands

that might be a little

pricey but totally

worth the cash.

How Glossier will

Change your skin.

The glow you and

everyone is looking

for, for sure.



Lili Reinhart &

Body Possitivity

Out top favorite

sopring trends issue is

finally here. Packed

with our favorite body

possitive brands..





Specialists to see

by Decade

A run down on what

specialists women

from 20-50 need.

Women in Politics

A low down on our

favorite political

women and how to

raise your voice.


Mays Horoscope

80 Take a look into this

months horoscope

for the month of



woman’s world

r se

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May 2019 Issue #44


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Kimberly Anne

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Mackenzie Mallon


s spring has finally sprung, so has our

yearly favorite issue, the May edition.

One of my main thoughts that I think

of when this time rolls around is “Damn how

do I get a 6 pack in 2 weeks? Is that possible?”

After my mini panic attack I think about how

unfair it is that we have to feel this way about

a change of season. Why is that always the first

thought us woman have to think when we hear

the words “Summer” on the horizon? Why can’t

we enjoy this coming season without feeling an

overwhelming feeling of stress to have the

perfect body when it starts to hit 75 degrees?

This issue at RISE we want to prove a point and

try and change woman’s mindsets about their

body and having a constant need to fix it.

This season instead of finding the new trendy diet

or not eating bread for 6 weeks, we want you to

try the look good FEEL good method the mental

health friendly way. In this months Trends

section, we will be showing off our top favorite

Spring trends using body positive brands.

We want to show you how to love your curves

and also to embrace them. Our top feature

article is of our all time favs Lili Reinhart talking

about her struggles with body shaming she has

been having in early adulthood, and how it

has affected her and still affects her today.

Her voice and story really touched me personally

and helped me really try and block off negative

comments pointed my way.

May has always been my favorite month, not

only because of my birthday (maybe a little)

but because of its new life it brings. Everything

is fresh and rejuvenated, the flowers are on the

rise, and everything feels new. This try focusing

on what you love about yourself and not comparing

you to others, embrace the skin youre in.

Having an amazing sping! xoxo


10 RISE | May 2019



2 3


4 5 6


his time of year brings us new life, warm

weather, and the brand new spring

styles. This May we picked out our all time

favorite peices from Anthropologie’s new

line that just launched this March called

A+. This line is thoughtfully tailored all

together with each and every womans body

type, they kept the real proportions of

a woman in mind. Because what could

make the legendary anthro better than

curves. What also comes along with this new

line? All of Anthropologie’s fun spirit, charm,







A+, Paisley Dream Blouse, 98$

Anthro, Mustard Knit Shirt, 60$

Anthro, Levi Classic Jacket, 120$

A+, Flower Power Jean, 118$

Anthro, Spring Sprung Dress, 80$

A+, Striped Wide Leg Pant, 98$

romance that they always bring to the

table. From embroidered demin, flirty

flows, floral heaven and cheetah print, they

brought it for you all this spring with a 70’s

vibe to them. Each of these looks show off

the vibe we want to rep this spring. These

6 different looks our team picked out are

just some of the many choices you have

to pick from, which can be found at any

anthropologie near you starting this coming

June, available instore or online.



20 RISE | May 2019



the struggle with


By: Kim Manning

44 RISE | May 2019


whats on


ou can always count on Lili Reinhart to

get real about personal topics, from body

image to mental health. On stage at the

2018 Glamour Women of the Year Summit

on Sunday, November 11, the Riverdale star

opened up even more in a powerful speech.

Reinhart kicked off her remarks by discussing

a recent struggle: constantly seeing herself

on social media and in paparazzi

photos. “I became hyper-aware of

my changing body,” she said. “I

could see the difference in my

shape in photos and wondered

if anyone else was noticing. I

felt this strange, constant

struggle of having to live up

to the expectation of the

appearance that I had

already established to the world.” Those

expectations were a looming and unfair stressor,

coming from all angles. Media, she said, is often

responsible for enforcing unrealistic ideals for

young women like her. But, she added, it’s up to

young women to start altering the narrative.

The 22-year-old said she wants the conversation

around women’s bodies to change, not just

for herself but for generations to come. “I think

about when I have kids in the future,” Reinhart

said. “Will my daughter be self conscious about

gaining weight? Will she feel the need to explain

her body or justify it to anyone as it changes?

Will she feel that same need that I do now to

apologize to her peers and say, ‘My body doesn’t

usually look like this,’ or ‘I’m just a little heavier

than usual right now’? How utterly ridiculous is

it that we even think about explaining the nature

of ourbodies to other people?” Reinhart ended

her speech asking the women in the audience to

follow her lead: Forget unrealistic standards and

celebrate one another’s individual beauty.

“Its unrealistic to think

that your body will ever

look like anyone elses.

Thats not the way its

supposed to be.”

“Remind yourself that this perfect world

you see online or in magazines…in movies

and television…are presented to you through

many different filters,” she said. “Do not

set impossible goals of meeting those fake

standards. It’s unrealistic to think that your

body or my body will ever look like anyone

else’s. That’s not the way it’s supposed to be.

We are all imperfectly beautiful.” The Riverdale

star has always been honest about her

struggles with body image and mental health

on her personal social media accounts. In the

October issue of Glamour, she opened up

about experiencing body dysmorphia relating

to her acne. “I have a specific type of body

dysmorphia that stems from acne. I see any

acne on my face as an obsessive thing. It’s the

only thing I can think about, and it makes me

want to hide,” she said. As she reiterated in

her speech, Reinhart’s not going to apologize

for being exactly who she is anytime soon.

“Sometimes I feel like I look like shit. Sometimes

I don’t want to talk to anyone. And I’m

allowed to have those days,” she We exist in

a world today where

everything can

be faked.

Noses can be

changed, and

stomachs can

be tightened,

and cellulite

can be lasered

away, apparently.


that’s what we are

told to do, which is

alter ourselves in order to be

beautiful.” For the past year …I’ve

been reallyquietly trying to navigate my

fluctuating weight, and I’ve faced criticism in

the past for talking about my body image.

People told me that I didn’t have the right to

talk about being self-conscious about my body

because I was skinny. “And I understand how it

seems inappropriate for someone who is average

size to talk about problems with weight gain.

But, my point is, I didn’t think anything was

wrong with my body until I was in an industry

that rewards and praises people for having a

smaller waist than I will ever have. It felt unfair

to think that I would never have an industry

perfect body, just because I wasn’t genetically

built a certain way, or will I ever be.

“So I became hyper-aware of my changing

body. I could see the difference in my shape

in photos and wondered if anyone else was

noticing. I felt this strange, constant struggle

of having to live up to the expectation of the

appearance that I had already established to

the world. So I found myself examining my

body constantly in the mirror. Sometimes

thinking, ‘OK, like, I was being too hard on

myself. Everything’s fine. I’m still the same size.

Everything is fine.”“Only go back to the mirror

a few hours later…and notice that my stomach

looked completely different. So I was thinking,

Was my reflection lying to me? How can my

body look so different over the course of one

day and why do I feel like I need to apologize to

the world for myself? I didn’t want the world to

think I was catfishing them with my appearance

or making myself out to be a certain size and

shape when clearly my body was changing. “So

I told myself…If I can see this change then other

people can too. Reflections don’t lie. Or do

they? And is that body dysmorphia? Or is this

the normal part of being a woman that no one

really talks about?

“I used to look at all the magazine covers near

the checkout line at the grocery store when I

was younger. And sometimes the cover would

show a celebrity with the

headline, ‘Here’s

what she really

looks like!’ wanted

to see, obviously.

I wanted to

see what was

underneath, and I

wanted to see the

flaws. “So embracing

your natural

beauty does not

exclude anyone.

There is no fine

print. You can be

naturally beautiful

with acne or scars,

cellulite or curves.

Let’s celebrate

each otheras we

are, as we will be,

and as we were

meant to be not

perfect. Beautiful.”

And so incredibly


“Lili in New Jersey”

Polaroid shot by Cole Sprouse

45 RISE | May 2019

woman’s world woman’s world


what’s your sign?


decade to decade

t can be all too easy for women to take care of others first. When focusingsolely on

keeping the family healthy and happy, and devoting time to volunteer work and/or a career,

you might end up forgetting to address your own basic needs for seeing a doctor who decade by

decade guide handy to make it easier to know exactly which doctors to see and when.

PRIMARY PHYSICIAN Through out your whole life as a woman it

what’s your sign?

is important to give your regular physician a visit every 6 months to just get

a general check up to see that everything is working right.

THYROID SPECIALIST During your 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s, going

to your thyroid doctor should be a yearly habit. One of the most common

things that start to change in our bodies past 30 is our Thyroid.

DERMOTOLOGIST Womens skin changes drastically all through

out our lives past out teenage years. Going to your dermotologist

yearly is recommended past 20 for women.

OBG/YN Your OBG/YN should basically be your best friend your

whole life. Going for your check up every 6 months and knowing what

to look out for is something that will be constant a womans whole life.

GASTROLOGIST During your 40’s and 50’s going to your

Gastrologist and getting your insides cleased and checking to

see if all the buttons are working is a must.


DENTIST Unfortunately, going to the dentist is a whole life kind of

thing. As you get older your teeth become more fragile and prone to

cavities and seeing if your fillers are in good shape.




Your primary doctor

in your 20s is still a

top priority. Knowing

what is going on

in your body and

learning as you grow

into a woman




During your thirties

your thyroid

starts to either slow

dowmn or speed

up. It is good to

check see where

yours is.

At forty, your skin

takes a turn and

hormons start to

drop. A check up

at your dermo is a

must at this age.




In your fifties going

to your gastrologist

is one of the

most important

specialists to go to.

Keeping your colon

in check is a must.














48 RISE | May 2019

what’s your sign?



Seek out a guru this May. You

will recognize them as he or she

will have considerable dignity and

psychological strength. They will have

a clear understanding of responsibility

that mirrors your own. Before the month

is over, take a break; even a rock

benefits from a change of

scenery every once

in a while.


Your focus is like a

razor this month of May

2019. Family responsibilities

and involvement may take you

away from the personal plans.

Don’t struggle with the challenges

or escape the duties.

It may seem that life resembles a boulder

blocking the mouth of a cave. This is a

good time to do an assessment of the

past months. Check off the events.

What wisdom have you gained

during this time?

80 RISE | May 2019


Late May,

you will have

a chance to journey

backwards. You

feel like you entered a

sort of Alice-in-Wonderland

kind of experience. Asking

yourself many questions and dealing

with this alone. By june you will

realize that mind power is only as vast as

your imagination and adaptability.



This is your birthday month and this

means that not only do you celebrate

a special day but a special

month all month long. The

planetary positions bring

promises for the year.

Awareness is key

for this up and

coming year

for you.


If no one was watching and you knew

that you would not be judged,

would you let your hair down

and play? Why not dedicate

this month to doing just

that – playing? The

energies are right for

the experience

and you will

find playmates.


The Gemini astrology forecasts for May show that

this is looking like a very amazing, one of a kind month,

full of love and life and energy on the 1st and 2nd. And it

sure is! This month, be sure you get outside. Be sure you

revel in the gifts of nature. Be sure you get in those workouts,

so that your body and your soul and Mother Nature

are all aligned. When they’re aligned, then you’re

going to be saying, with body and soul and spirit, ‘Yes!

We love life!’ More good days full of intellectual

stimulation and emotional connection come

your way on the 6th and 7th. What

will you do with these?



not be

clear at

the moment

but your actions

are setting you up

for career success.

Wherever you encounter

challenges, know

that they will turn toward

fortune in some basic way.



The river of life continues to

move in uncertain rhythms

and tides. Along with those

uncertainties lie frustrations and

puzzlement. Let yourself be soft

you will take a leap into a new world.

Once you are there you can lead

others to new freedoms. Isn’t

that what your life is

all about?


There is uniqueness in

friends this month. Reconnect

with old friends and be open

to the cultivation of new friendships.

Don’t pick and choose. Stay open and let

others pick and choose you. You may

pull in some questionable


Your perspective point is now found in backing

away from the every day grind and having

good old down home philosophical

discussions with many people. You

are on a quest for truth. What you

find are the colors and hues

that fill your life canvas.


you hum

that tune,

‘On a Clear Day

You Can See Forever’?

This is the tune you

should hum all month. The

image for you during May is a

ride in a hot air balloon over a calm

sea of water. Don’t do any complaining,

moaning or groaning.




r se

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