How To Register Your kindle


Steps to register the device with Amazon Kindle account

It is quite simple to register the kindle device you have to follow some simple steps:
First, go to the Menu and from there to the Settings. Here you can see the option of the “My Account”.
In this, you will have to enter the login details of the existing Amazon account. And if you are a new user of Amazon then you will have to create your new account to get your kindle register to the amazon account. It will ask you to fill the required details and then you have to follow the instructions displayed on the screen. It will help you in registering the account and then you can use your kindle without any hassle.

Register with the Computer through serial number

You can also register your kindle device with the help of the serial number when you do not have the wireless network. You will have to visit the main site of the kindle where you have to sign in the account and go to the manage your Kindle option. It will show you the link to register the kindle device with the account. By accessing the link go to the kindle account and then in the settings you can see your serial number of the Kindle in the Device Info. And then click on the register. It will register your device with the Amazon Kindle account.
This is all to get the registration of the Kindle fire device and then you can easily read your favorite books on the Kindle and enjoy the amazing features of it. But you have to follow the instructions carefully to register it.

If you still have some questions or you are not able to get your device fixed with the Amazon Kindle account then you can speak to the Kindle support team by calling at the toll-free number 1-844-769-9823.

How To Register Your


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How To Register Your kindle

Amazon kindle Account

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