The Diplomatic Insight _ January 2020



Fulcrum for Regional Connectivity

Muhammad Asif Noor

The writer is Founder Director, Institute of Peace and Diplomatiac Studies

Lying across the heart of

Central Asia, Tajikistan is

the lynchpin to regional

connectivity and integration by

providing a link to Central Asia and

beyond through its outstanding

geographical location, renewed

economic and trade policies and

promising regional and global

partnership endeavors. Famously

known as “Roof of the World”

bordering Kyrgyzstan, China,

Afghanistan and Uzbekistan,

Tajikistan is situated at a strategic

geographical position where

the world’s major civilizations

are melting together including

Turkish, Russian, Indus, Persian

and Chinese. Being the smallest in

terms of geography, Tajikistan has

actively built its strength not only

on its terrestrial location but also

by capitalizing on the people of the

country by building on the internal

system of peace and stability since

its inception. The country led by

the Founder President Emomali

Rahmon is galvanizing its strength

to develop and reinforce its

bilateral, regional and international

cooperation through global trade.

With its growing economic and

regional significance especially

after the advent of the Belt and

Road Initiative of China, Tajikistan

is truly a gateway towards the

economic and trade route of the

region. During his inaugural speech

at the highest level as the first head

of the state at the UN Summit in

1993, President Emomali presented

the contours of the domestic, foreign

and regional policy objectives by

declaring individuals with rights

and freedom as supreme while


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