North Canterbury News: April 02, 2020


Thursday,April 2, 2020 | Issue890 |

Mums on the run for Riri


Fit Kaiapoi mums are pounding

the pavement on their own in

support of aspeciallittle girl.

Members of Kaiapoi­based

dance group Hot Mamas have

beenintraining to run the Saint

Clair Vineyard HalfMarathon,

due to be held in Marlborough on

May 9, to raise fundsfor 4­yearold

Amaria (Riri) Emery, who has

arare developmentalcondition.

The half marathon has been

cancelled because of the global

coronavirus pandemic, but the

group’s members are continuing

to train in isolation and hope to

run the 21km on May 9closerto

home, Riri's mum, Stephanie

Emery, says.

“Hopefully, we will still do it

(theStClair half marathon) next

year,but in the meantimeweare

continuing to train on our own

and,depending on whatwecan

do on May 9, we hope to be able

to get togetherand run the 21km.

Otherwise, we will run

individually around our own


Riri, whoturns 5inMay, hasa

rarecondition known as CDKL5

deficiency, where her bodyis

unable to producethe protein

responsiblefor providing

instructions for brain function

and development.

CDKL5 deficiency, which

stands for cyclin­dependent

kinase­like 5, has symptoms that

includeuncontrollable epilepsy,

and results in acompromised

immune system which requires a

specificketo diet,Stephanie


Like other families, the

Emerys are in lockdown at home

in Kaiapoi,with dad James

having set up ahome office and

older daughters Arabella,aged 8,

and Alessandra,6,being

temporarily home­schooled.

The team ... Stephanie and James Emery, centre, rear, have been joined by agroup of Kaiapoi mums and supporters in ‘‘Running for Riri’’. The

initiative is to raise funds for the couple’s daughter, Amaria Emery, aged 4. They were photographed before the lockdown.


“It's quite stressful at the

moment getting theright foods.

We're trying to avoid going to the

supermarket because it’s too


Stephanie says they are trying

to make the bestlife possiblefor


“She willnever leave home.

The bestwecan hope for is that,

cognitively, she can be likea

1­year­old. She is severelybrain

damaged in termsofher

cognitive function. We would

love to get her to astage where

she can makeafew steps.”

Stephanieisstillhopeful a

specialist therapist can make the

trip over from Adelaide in

September. “If he doesn't come in

Septemberwewill look at going

over next year or we may have to

do some Skype sessions.”

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2 North Canterbury News, April 2, 2020

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Plentiful rain arelief to farmers


Rain that fellacross drought­stricken

NorthCanterbury this week has brought

huge relief to farmers.

More than100mm fellonparts of the

region wherefarmershave been working

long hours feeding supplements to stock,

whileothers have already had to send

stockoff farm for grazing.

NorthCanterbury Federated Farmers

meat and woolgroupchairman Dan

Hodgen says the rain is agame changer.

‘‘It’s perfecttiming and very welcome,’’

says Dan,who farms at Ethleton, westof

Cheviot. Winterwillnot be as daunting, he

says,becauseevery drop of the 105mm he

recordedsoaked in. Now what is required

Kaiapoi mums out running to help Riri

From Page 1

The lockdown also means a

delay in Riri starting at a

specialistschool based at

AddingtonPrimary Schoolin


Despite her limitations,

Stephanie saysRiri is an



Anywhere in Canterbury

Nothing beats the ambience

and heat output of alog fire.

There is now awide range of

Ultra Low Emission (ULEB) fires

available. These can be installed

into ANY home –even those in

Clean Air zones or new builds.

See us


now to



and talk





NO OBLIGATION Metro Wee Rad Ultra

quote about tohaveyour which log fire fire would fully installed, –suitable includingfor areas up to 150sqm

obtaining bestcouncil suit your consent. needs FINANCE AVAILBLE. Only $2,650 (fire only)

is patience and disciplinetokeep stockoff

some paddocks to allowthe grasstogrow.

‘‘The drought is broken as farasIam

concerned. There will be abit of urea

going on in the next couple of weeks to

kick the growth into gear.’’

Dan says alot of paddocks had been

drilled in the hope rainwould come,and

it is marvellous so much fell.

Meanwhile, Hurunui Deputy Mayor and

farmerVince Daly, who farms near

Cheviot, says110mm fell, with some others

in the district recording up to 130mm.

‘‘It has comeintime. Iknow people who

have been moreworriedabout the

weather than Covid­19, so it has come at a

good time,’’hesays. ‘‘In the perfect world

it wouldhave been better three or four

“I'm not arunner, but if we

can push Amaria every day,

then Ineed to push myself.

She works so hard, so I

decided to push myself and

do the halfmarathontoo.”

Whileagathering is not

possible, Stephaniesays

anyone wanting to support

Riri can follow “Running for

Riri” on Facebook,orfind

the “Run for Riri –half



The fundraising is to help

with the extra costs

associated with Riri's


As well as atrip to Adelaide

to see Riri'stherapist, the

Why choose us:

•Full installation service available

–wetakecare of the council

consent and arrange installation

•Choice of 12 ULEB models

including wetback to suit any


•Over25years’ experience

•ECANand EEECA subsidies

available (criteria apply)

•Atrusted local business

360Flaxton Road, Rangiora

Ph 03 313 5563


weeks ago,but there is stilltime to get abit

of pasture cover before the winter.’’

The farming industry was the largest

employer in the region,and to get rainto

helpsustain the industry was great.

Meanwhile, farmer, and chairman of the

Hurunui Adverse Eventscommittee,

Winton Dalley, says the Hawarden­

Waikari area received about 55mm.

‘‘Ithas come just in time. It is prettygood

and one less stressfor farmers,’’ says the

former mayor, who spentmost of Monday

organising to get straw and hay shipped to

North Canterbury from down south.

‘‘Feed budgets are are stillgoing to be a

bit short. But it has certainly lifted morale,

and to get one more issue off people’s


Mayoral kitty happy to pitch in with calls


Like mostpets across North

Canterbury, Rupertthe

mayoral cat is enjoying

having his human at home.

His caregiver, Waimakariri

MayorDan Gordon, says

working from home has

presented its challengessince

setting up in his home office

underthe lockdown.

“Workingathome is

certainlyanadjustment. My

cat’senjoying havingmeat

home more, but I’vehad to

put alock on my officedoor

because Rupert knows how to

open thedoor. And he’s quite


meetings,” he says, referring

to avideo conferencing app.

Mr Gordon saysthe council

is continuing to functionas

closetobusiness as usual as

possible, conductingits

business via Zoom meetings

and regular conference calls.

“It’sbeenareal challenge

transitioning to operating

from home and making sure

Mayoral cat ... Rupert, the mayoral cat, is taking his new duties

very seriously with his human, Waimakariri Mayor Dan Gordon.

our essential services are

continuing. Ihave been

having Zoom meetings with

senior management every

morning and they are meeting

with theirstaff, so I’m keeping

up to date.There’s been no

majorissues so far.”

Mr Gordon saysstaff have

been reviewing the annual

plan,while work is continuing

to prepare nextyear’sLong

Term Plan.

“I thinkit’s fair to say the

annual planasitis presently

shaped willhave additions,

but we haven’t done the

modelling and staffare

startingtowork on that,and

they will be briefing the

council soon.

“It’stoo early to confirm,


but it’s likely there will be

changes.When we lookatour

present levels of service,

theremay be projects which

need to happen now and

others which can be delayed.

“And we will also need to

considerwhetherthe community

has the abilitytopay.

We are certainly reviewing

that at the moment.”

He has also had Canterbury

Mayoral Forumand

Canterbury CivilDefence


Groupconference calls in the

last week, as well as callsfrom

Canterbury District Health

Boardchairman Sir John

Hansen and Canterbury rural

police areacommander Peter


“So I’ve been getting an

update on what’shappening

in otherparts of Canterbury.’’

Mr Gordon says he is

already awareofresidents

strugglingwith their mental

wellbeing and he encourages

them to free text or call 1737

to talk to atrainedcounsellor.

family also hopes to raise

$5000 to buy an all­terrain


“It’s not something we can

get from the governmentand

it doesn’t qualifyfor many

grants.Without it she can’tgo

to the beach or go on bumpier

terrain, and we want to be

active as afamily.”

Kaiapoi Lodge

Residential Care

Nursing Home, Hospital and


Person Centred Care,

Care that’s built

around you

6Cass Street, Kaiapoi

Ph 03 327 7235


North Canterbury News, April 2, 2020

Surgery offers long-awaited answers for Eliza


It has been an up­and­down

monthfor CustteenagerEliza


The 17­year­oldcompetedin

the NewZealand Trackand

FieldChampionships overthe

weekend of March 8­10, winning

bronze in the open women’s

pole vault on the Fridayand

silver in the under­20 women’s

pole vault on the Sunday.

The next day she was in

hospital —her thirdhospital

admission in six months. The

firsttwo were emergency dashes

to A&E withpain so bad it made

her vomitand passout. The last

time was by choice, in aprivate

bed, to find answers.

‘‘Thelast two times Iended up

on award in Christchurch. The

pain was indescribable, and

nobody could put afingeronit.

One registrareven went so far as

to imply it was all in my head.

‘‘As Isaid to mum, ‘how can

pain thisbad be made up?’ ’’


On thatoccasion, she hadn’t

been able to hold down food or

fluids for threedays, but was

sent homeregardless.

At that point,her familymade

the decisiontosee aprivate

consultant, who felt she ticked

‘‘four of the fiveboxes’’for

endometriosis. She wasbooked

to go intotheatre the day after

the track and field


The surgeon found four

clusters of blister­like

endometriosislesions in her

abdomen —more than enough

to explain the kind of painshe

had beenexperiencingmonthly,

and on those two occasions,

acutely,for the last four years.

‘‘It wouldhave saved alot of

timeand pain and missed school

andtrainings if it had been

diagnosed faster and we could

havegot on to it sooner,’’ Eliza


‘‘Wedid have ahealth session

on endo in Year 10,but many

girls don’t evenhavetheir

period at thatpoint,soitdidn’t

really mean much.

‘‘And what does cripplingpain

looklike, individually? Inow

knowthat if it interrupts your

routine in any way,makes you

taketime off school or sports,

thenyou should be asking about


Thisisapoint raised by World

Endometriosis Society board

trustee Deborah Bush, who gave

Eliza afollow­upcall last week.

She was also interestedtohear

her thoughts on the gaps in the

school programme.

Deborah wasrecently quoted

as saying that for years women

withthe condition have been

suffering from inadequate and

inappropriate treatment.

Researchshows that 27

percent of girls are missing

All concentration ... Eliza Meekings competing in the pole vault at the National Track and Field

Championships in March. Aday later, she was in hospital for surgery in abid to solve years of undiagnosed



schoolregularlydue to

endometriosispain, interfering

with their education and their

futures, she says.

Many of those end up

struggling to findand hold jobs,

as well as grapplingwith mental

healthissues,infertility and

chronic stabbing stomach pain.

To this end, March also saw

new guidelines launched in

parliament for doctors, surgeons

and all health professionals to

follow to help in the diagnosis

and treatmentofKiwi women

living with endometriosis.

‘‘We have spent decades

supportingthousands of


desperate patients,some as

young as 11 or 12, withmany

waiting years, even decades, for

aformaldiagnosis,’’ Deborah


‘‘We just have to do better for

the 130,000 NewZealand

patients livingwith


Strong support for school


KaiapoiHighSchool received strong

supportfrom the community after news

of a‘‘probable’’ coronavirus case at the

school lastweek.

Principal Bruce Kearney,staff and

pupils went intoself­isolation on

Mondaylast weekafterbeingtoldby

MinistryofHealth officialsofa

‘‘probable case’’ of apupilcontracting


While thecase hasbeen definedas

‘‘probable’’,MrKearney said theschool

took‘‘thestance of following the

procedures laiddownbythe Ministry of

Healthasifitwas apositive case’’to

protect thecommunity.

‘‘Itwouldbefairtosay thatthat

particularset of newshas heightened

people’sanxiety,but our community has


The bulkofthe staff andpupilswere

able to comeout of self­isolation on

Wednesday,March 25,while thosewho

hadclose contactweredue to come out

of self­isolation yesterdayaftera14­day


Mr Kearneyspent two days working

andsleepinginhis small study at home,

butashe wasnot aclose contact he was

free to moveinto‘‘normalisolation’’ like

every otherNew Zealander when the

lockdowntookeffect lastweek.

He says self­isolation‘‘means we can’t

have contactwith ourown families’’.

Duetothe situation, Kaiapoi High

Schoolwent straight into the school

holidayslastweek, aweek earlier than

other schools,afterEducation Minister

Chris Hipkins announced school

holidayswould be brought forwardto


It means KaiapoiHighSchool pupils

will needtobeginhome­schoolingfrom

next week, untilthe lockdown ends.

Scammers target home workers


warning families to beware of online

scammersduring the Covid­19 lockdown.

AaronLovelace, ownerofKaiapoi

business Techmedics,says scammers are

taking advantage of the increased

number of people working from home

during the global coronaviruspandemic.

Families should ensure security

settings are up to date and passwords

secure, he says.‘‘There's aCovid­19

phishing emailscam going roundthat

lookslike it’sfrom the government, and

asking you to ‘clink on alink’ (sic),which

will crash your computer.

‘‘Youneed to readthe emailproperly

because the English and grammar is

really bad, makingiteasytospot.’’

Mr Lovelace says people need to be

particularly careful if working from home

and connectingremotelytotheir work

computer. ‘‘The biggest problem when

workingfrom home and accessinga

remote connection, if youdownload one

of these viruses you can infect your work

network as well.

‘‘That’s why businesses need to get

peoplewho know whatthey’redoing.

Setting up aVPN (virtual private

network) connection is away for

workplacestoprotect their computers.’’

Mr Lovelace says he has also heard of

phone scammersringing up warning that

the householder’s computerisinfected

with Covid­19.

Techmedics runs 10 servers and cloud

storage to back­up data for local

businesses. It provides computer security

and remote support, allowing local

employeestowork from home securely.

‘‘It’sstartingtoramp up abit out here

in North Canterbury. Alot of businesses

have said we have to close, but we have

got some accounting firms working from

home and we are providingaback­up

service for them.’’

MattDoocey MP forWaimakariri

You’re not isolated. I’m here to link you into the help you need.

My team andIare working virtually from home.We’ re setup

ready to respondandconnectwithyou by phoneandemail.

03 327 0514or03310 7468 •

Funded by the Parliamentary Service. Authorised by Matt DooceyMP, ParliamentBuildings, Wellington.


4 North Canterbury News, April 2, 2020

RSAs aim for November Poppy Day


North Canterbury’s RSAs hope to

be selling poppies to coincide

withArmistice Day in November.

All AnzacDay services around

the country have been cancelled

becauseofthe global coronavirus

pandemic, while Poppy Day,

normally held on the Friday, a

weekbeforeAnzac Day, has been


While disappointed they

cannot celebrate Anzac Day with

their communities, KaiapoiRSA

president Neill Price and his

Rangiora counterpart Ian

Thompsonsay another lot of

Christchurch­made poppies has

arrived ready for sale.

‘‘Wehave ordered all our

poppies and they are ready to

go,’’ Mr Pricesays.‘‘No decision

has been made,but we willhave

Poppy Day at another

appropriate day, such as

Armistice Day.

‘‘PoppyDay is very important

to us to fundraise to supportour

veterans and their families,’’he


Mr Thompsonsays Armistice

Day is the most likely time to hold

Poppy Day,ifthe Covid­19

outbreak has subsided by then.

Armistice Day marks the laying

downofweapons at 11am on

November11, 1918, which

marked the end of fightingin

World War 1.

Mr Pricesays he plans to have

amoment'ssilenceathome to

rememberhis father­in­law, who

served in WorldWar 1.

Mr Thompsonalso encourages

local families to take amoment

on Anzac Day to remembertheir

own familymembers who served

in overseas conflicts.

People can evenpost atribute

or images on social media.

‘‘That would be excellent if

theydid,’’ Mr Thompsonsays.

‘‘It’s sad that we can’tmark

Anzac Day as acommunity. The

young people are just so good to

us on the day and we spend alot

of time visiting the schools,and I

knowthey weregearing up for

Anzac Day.

‘‘Weknow Anzac Day is aday

for the veterans, but it’s also aday

for the public and the young ones

are really good at supporting it,’’

he says.

BothRSAs are continuing to do

whatthey can to supportveterans

and theirfamiliesthroughthe

lockdown, including delivering

foodparcels to those in need.

‘‘Atthis stage we can stilldo

our bit. We havealittle bit in our

reserves.Wetry to deliver food

parcels to veterans who need

supportand when winter comes

we deliver firewood,’’ Mr


‘‘Wehave atransport service

withalot of hospital runs and

doctors visits and thingslike that,

but we’vehad to suspend that,

which is abit disappointingfor


Mr Pricesays the community

has been through difficult times

before and we can get through the

latest challenge.

‘‘Onbehalf of the Kaiapoi RSA,

Iwould ask people to take care

and look after one another.

Listen to the officialadviceand

we willget through this.’’

Helping hand ... Kyle Harpur was out supporting his community for

Poppy Day in Rangiora last year. Local RSAs are hopeful that this year’s

Poppy Day can be held in November.





New Zealand hasagolden

opportunity to rethinkhow

it operates,says Kaikoura

MayorCraig Mackle.

He says the Covid­19

lockdown is forcing a

rethinkofhow New

Zealanders shop and a

resurgence of notions of

buying local.

‘‘We are hearing people

saying shop locally when

this is all over,but many of

thosepeople are


Mr Mackle says the New

Zealand economy, and

particularly atourist town

like Kaikoura, will take a

long timetorecover.

‘‘We are in for acouple

of hard years from this.We

won'tbounce back quickly.

It will take along time

before peoplecan start

travelling again.

‘‘Butitwill teach us to

get back to basics.’’

With New Zealand’s

borders likely to remain

closed for several months,

Mr Mackle encourages

Kiwiswho can affordto, to

visittowns like Kaikoura

and HanmerSprings once

the lockdownends.

He says the councilis

operating, but it’s awhole

new way of working.

‘‘It will allbedone from


Dear valued advertisers, readers and

contributors of the North CanterburyNews

As of 24 th March 2020 our Rangioraand Amberleyoffices

are closed due to the Covid-19alert levelrestrictions.

We aim to continue to produceour newspaper to keep you

up-to-datewithlocal news.

Editorial enquiries please phone Robyn on 027 312 1581

Advertising enquiries, please phone Daynaon027 312 0089

For general enquiries email

To keep up to datecheck out our


and followusonFacebook

‘It’snormal to feel tense right now’

Supporting eachother, even from afar, is

essential to surviving the latestcrisis.

NorthCanterbury is used to crises, with

earthquakes, fire,snowstorms, wind storms

and drought in recentyears, but the

difference with the Covid­19 outbreak is the

need to find other ways to connect.

“It’sabsolutely normal to feel tense and

anxious right now,” CommunityWellbeing

NorthCanterbury Trust manager Deirdre

Ryan says.

“But thereare things we can all do that

will help our resilience and wellbeing and

that of those around us.”

The trust’sadvice:

Be kind to yourselfand others: We are all

doingour besttonavigate these exceptional

times. Alittle kindness will go along way.

Stay connected:Ifyou can’t be face to face

with your loved ones right now, find ways of

staying connected, such as Skype, Zoom or

social mediaapps.

Stick to routines if you can: Routines

around meal times, bedtime and exercise

are agreat way to give some structure and

certaintytoeach day, but be preparedto

have thingschange, and acceptdifferent

ways of doing things.

If you can, do more of the things that give

your lifemeaningand value. It might be

gardening, connecting with nature, playing

with your kidsorgettinglost in agood book.

Choose whereyou focusyour attention:

Tune intowhat is still goodinyour world.

“Psychologists call this‘benefit finding’

and it is akey resilience skill,” Deirdre says.

“Focus on what matters and whatyou can

control. Concentrateyour attention on

things that you can actually influence.

“Worryingabout thingsyou can’t change

will only upset you.”

Deidreproposes thatpeople take adigital

detox:She says it is important to stay

connected with loved ones and keepupwith

breaking news, but set some time asideeach

day that is screen­free.Ifthe news is

Make it count... Spendquality time with your childreninthe daysand weeks ahead.

overwhelming, turn it off.

Deirdre also has tips for families with

children at home.

“It’s important that tamariki feel okay

talking about how they are doing. Children

can reacttostress differently than adults.”

Reassure them they are safe,encourage

them to talkabout how theyfeel and tell

them they can ask questions and answer

these in plain language appropriatetotheir

age. Be honest, but avoid details whichmay

distressorcause anxiety.

Tell themthat feeling upsetorafraid is

normal, that it is goodtotalk about it and

that theywill feel bettersoon.

Be understanding. They may have

problems sleeping,throwtantrums or wet

the bed —bepatient and reassuring if this


North Canterbury News, April 2, 2020



Right now, vulnerable North Canterbury families are struggling with the impact of COVID-19.

Now more than ever they need your support. Help us to help them get through this.

No-one can be sure exactly what will be needed in the weeks and months ahead but Ipromise you, wewill respond to the needs of our

most vulnerable families.

Families like Alex (not her real name) and her partner, with ayoungster at Leithfield school. In tears after her partner lost his job, Alex told

me: “I don’t know what we’re going to do”.

Community Wellbeing rallied, delivering boxes of food to Alex and several other families from Leithfield and Amberley Schools.

“Some of our families are already doing it tough,” Leithfield School Principal Sharon Marsh says.

“Covid-19 is pushing them to breaking point. Ihate tothink how these families will survive this crisis without Community Wellbeing.”

Community Wellbeing North Canterbury Trust has more than 30 years experience responding to the needs of families in North Canterbury.

We’re your trust, distinctly local, providing free social and community services throughout Waimakariri and the Hurunui.

Supporting vulnerable families with urgent food parcels is just one of the ways we’re helping our community through this crisis.

Our team are all on deck, responding to the escalating needs of our community. But we can’t do it without you.

Help us meet the needs of North Canterbury’s most vulnerable families.

Please donate now by credit card or internet banking using the easy-tofollow

links on our website:

Iguarantee 100% of your gift stays in North Canterbury to help local families.

Donations over $5 are tax deductible.


happens. With support and care, it will pass.

Give your children extra love and

attention. Rememberthat childrenlook to

their parents to feel safe and to knowhow to


Reassurethem, share that youare upset

toobut that you know you will allbefine

together. Try to keep to normalroutines.

Community WellbeingNorth Canterbury

Trust provides free social and community

services to localfamilies and communities.

Its website is

Over the coming weeks, the trust will be

postingregular tips and resources on its

Facebook page.

Those struggling to copecan call or text

1737 to talkwith atrained counsellor for

free, 24 hours aday, 7days aweek.





Rubbish collectionisconsideredan

essential serviceunder the

lockdown, whichmeans it’s life as

usualfor Waimakariri residents on

the council wasterecovery runs,

and those using privatecontractors.

But what aboutthe many rural

households who are in the habit of

taking their black bags and

recyclingtothe Southbrook or

Oxford transfer stations, giventhat

most council facilities are closed?

As of thisweek, services at

Southbrook and Oxfordhave been

restricted to comply with the

government’s socialdistancing

requirements, but both depots

remain openfor black bag drop­off.

That meansany recycling and

non­essential loads need to stay at

home until the lockdown is over.

Meanwhile,there will be skips at

both locations, during the usual

opening hours,for black­bag


They will be manned by a

supervisorinhazmat gear, and

members of the publicwill needto

throwtheir bags in themselves,as

they usually would.

Blackbags are available as usual

from supermarkets.

Hoursfor the two transfer stations

are: Southbrook: Monday to Sunday,

8.30am to 4.30pm.

Oxford: Friday, 12.30pm to

4.30pm;Sunday, 12pmto4.30pm.

Restrictions are temporary, until

the sites can operate normally

again. Locals willcontinuetobe

updated, the council says.


Deirdre Ryan


Community Wellbeing North CanterburyTrust

Follow your impact on our

Facebook page:




6 North Canterbury News, April 2, 2020

We’re all doing our bit to help

By the time you are reading this we will

have completedone weekoflockdown,

and if you have followed the simple

messages, congratulationsfor doing your

bit to stamp out Covid-19.

It such achangeofthinking to show your

kindness by phoneoremail rather than the

usualchat at the grocerystore or at the

school gate. However, we must continue to

be strong and facethis adversity to turnthe

curveand keepourselves safe.

It is wonderfultosee people using

Facebook to extend positive energy to

friends and familyand usingitasatoolto

inspire and challenge eachother.

Our council continues to do business,

but like everyonewehave had to findnew

ways,and for the foreseeable future we

will be hosting council meetings via an

electronic platform. The council is

committed to residents and will be

determininghow we can best serve their

needsthrough our long-term planning

cycle. Iamproud of our staff, especially

thoseworking in the fieldtoensure

essential services are delivered.

We are doingall we can to make sure


your health and welfare is attended to, and

Itrust thatyou appreciate and show

respect to the essential workers involved.

‘‘Hatsoff’’ to our medical, veterinary and

animalwelfare services, wellbeing

contractorsand supermarket staff.How

kind you all are!Kia Kaha and thank you.

Welfare and wellbeing are the highest

priorities. It is crucial we support those

livingaloneorwho may not have access to

email or theinternet. Reach out by phone.

It could becomealifeline.

The response is now, but recovery will

need resilienceand strength.

It is most important that we all use the

one source of truth,and access up-to-date

information through the Covid-19 website.

When we seek arange of information

from several sources, we worry. Worry is

natural whenweare facedwith the

unknown and it may seem like alegitimate

response to afast-changing threat. We

need to look for waystosafeguard

ourselves from worry dominating our

everyday life.Wemust remain calm, show

gratitude and remember:Bekind,stay

home and save lives.

The followingproperty has been lost:

A Metallica wallet, ablue Samsung

phone, abrown wallet, ahunting jacket,

ablack wallet, aDeWalt cordless drill

and electrical cord, car keys with a

library card, asurfboard, ascooter, two

keys red and black and avape, ablue

wallet, aSamsung S10 phone, abackpack

with fishing gear, asocket set, a

fold-outchair, asilver wallet, glasses in

ablack case, an HP laptop.

Foundproperty: An iPad (Amberley),

apearl necklace (Rangiora), achild’s

All Blacks vest (Rangiora), ablack

Sandisk pen drive (Rangiora), keyrings

and awallet.

Professional sport’sheavy

toll on the amateur ranks

Safe in the confines of his home, Lindsay Kerr laments the damage

that professional sport has done to amateur sport. Few codes

have escaped the greed that professional sport has created, he


As we continuetohunker downin

ourattempt to ward off Covid -19, it is

timely to reflect on ourfast-paced


This spiralling pace has not

forgotten sport, wherecompetition

wasonce,for the majority, mostly


Today, fewcodes haveescapedthe

greed thatprofessional sporthas


Perhaps New Zealand hasescaped

the absolute greed factorthatsome

of thehigh-profilesports in the

Americas, Britainand Europe have

created, but money taken forsport in

New Zealandtosurviveatthis level

has bought agoodslice of the

amateur sporttothe breadline.

One exampleisonour doorstep in

North Canterbury, where our

premierclub rugby—andtoalesser

extent,cricket —struggle to survive

financiallybecause moneyissucked

intothe professional arms.

For more than 60 years, a

Canterbury Sub Unions (North

Canterbury and Ellesmere)

representativeside hasplayed

games at home andaway.

Thiswas not so in 2019, withalack

of money preventingit.

Withcricket, ourlocal

representative side is treated with a

little morerespect, being included in

the Hawke Cupcompetition

(cricket’sequivalent of the

❛One example is on our

doorstep in North

Canterbury, where our

premier club rugby —and to

lesser extent, cricket—


because money is sucked

into the professional arms.❜

—Lindsay Kerr

Heartland Rugby competition).

However, likerugby, themoney

chainleansheavily towards the

professional game.

There are worrying suggestions

thatthe Hawke Cupcompetition has

alimitedlifebecauseofthe costs


Just perhaps,when lifeasweknow

it returnstonormal —whateverthat

mightbe—that the paceofchange

mightnot be so pronounced.

Perhaps theprofessional game

might not be permitted to soak up so

muchofits fundsonoverseas travel,

andthe hugeexpense that goes with

it, leaving alittle more for the



Restricted visiting

At COVID-19 AlertLevel 4all Canterbury DHB

hospitalsand health centreshaverestricted

visiting. Visitors will only be admittedunder

exceptionalcircumstances andonly one

visitor or supportpersonper patientfor

most areas. No childrenunder 16 will be

permitted. This appliestothe Emergency

Departmentand allwards andservices. All

visitorswillbeassessed on entryand you

will need to provideyournameand contact

details. If youare unwell, youwill notbe

able to visit. Thankyoufor helping us keep

ourpatientsand staff safe.

Outpatientsand elective

(planned) surgery

Allelectivesurgery andnon-urgent face-toface

outpatient appointments have been

postponedfor at least the next four weeks.


or videoconsultations arebeing made on a

case by case basis.

If you’re unsure about your situation, please

call the number on your appointmentletter.

Park andRide

TheParkand Ride shuttlefromthe Lichfield

St carparkwill stop operatingfrom8.30pm

Wednesday 25 Marchtoprotect ourpatients


Look after your wellbeing

If youorsomeone youknowneeds

wellbeingsupport or advice, call or text

1737 to speakwithatrained counsellor. This

confidentialservice is free of charge andis

available24hours aday,seven days aweek.

There’susefuland practicalinformation

availablefor those at home in isolationon


Be kind

Canterbury hasbeenthrough alot,and we

will getthrough this as well.We’re stronger

together.Remembertocheck in on the


by dropping off supplies to thosewho are

home sick and‘virtually’ checkinwith

whānau, friendsand neighbours whoare in


Stay home

You muststayhomeunlessyou work in

an essentialservice. Weall need to do

everythinginour powertobreak thechain

of possible transmissionofCOVID-19(and

otherviruses)inour communities.

While in isolationathomeyou canstill go

outfor awalk, butpleasekeepatleast two

metres away from others.

Together we canslowthe spread. forfurther


Free online yoga

on Facebook


North Canterbury News, April 2, 2020


Daly elected

deputy mayor




owner of Rangiora Yoga, is

providing free onlineyoga

classesonher Facebook

pageduring thecoronavirus


The one­hourclasses

begin at 9.30amand arean

alternativetothe free

Saturdaymorning classes

she providedather upstairs


beforethe country moved to

Alert Level 4.

The classes will be held

fromMonday to Sunday for

the duration of the

lockdown.‘‘I am tryingto

givepeople alittle less

stress during this difficult

time,’’she said.

‘‘Weneed to respect the

lockdown requirements.

The more we do that,the

betterchancewewill all



continuing to holddaily

yogaclasses forher private

clients on her Facebook

pagevia Zoom,a

Californian­based remote


communication system.

She has beenteaching

yogafor more than 12 years.

‘‘For me, thereisnoage

limit for yoga. Teaching

people theskills neededto

improvetheir health,

wellbeingand happiness

through yoga practicesand

breathing techniques gives

me immensesatisfaction.”

Padmavati was born in

the KanpurVillage of the

Balasore districtinthe

Easternpart of India and

has beenliving in New

Zealand since2016.

She becameinterested in

yogatoimproveher health.

‘‘I used to get frequent

asthma attacksand was

alwayssuffering froma



lessand less asthmaattacks

and very rarelyhad acold.

Now my asthmais

completely undercontrol,

which Icredit to yoga.’’

Community minded

... Padmavati

Maharana, owner of

Rangiora Yoga, is

providing free

online yoga classes

on her Facebook

page during the



Vince Daly has been appointed

deputy mayor of the Hurunui

District Council.

He replaces Jason Fletcher, who

resigned from the council.

Cr Daly was elected to the position

at an extraordinary council meeting

last week. He received unanimous

support from


He was

nominated by

Cr Fiona

Harris and

seconded by



Cr Daly


the East

Ward of the


He says he

is honoured Vince Daly

to be selected

in these difficult times.

‘‘I will do my best to bring my

experience to the role and support

the Mayor and councillors,’’ he says.

Mayor Marie Black says she is

confident that Cr Daly’s

appointment has set the council up

for strong governance, with good

representation across the district.

‘‘He brings agreat depth of

knowledge to the role and has been a

long­serving councillor,’’ she says.

Aby­election will be held in the

west ward for areplacement for Mr


Online learning resource made available



educational resource provider

is aiming to provide afree

logintoits literacy development

programme to every

school­aged childinNew

Zealand duringthe Covid­19


The Learning Staircase,

basedinRangiora,designs and

retails educationalresources

and software for learners of all

ages,including those with

specific learning disabilities.

Its StepsWeb online

programme lets learners

improve their literacy,

vocabulary, comprehension

and verbal reasoningvia

research­based tools, games

and activities.

StepsWeb is already used by

morethan 1000 schools

nationwide but The Learning

Staircase ownerRos Lugg says

thatwhen the Covid­19

pandemichit New Zealand

and schools closed, they

wanted to share it more


“We havecontacted all the

schools that have an existing

account with us and offered to

supply unlimited loginssothe

whole school populationcan

access StepsWeb,’’ she says.

“We have also contacted the

Ministry of Education

proposing thatweprovide

every student in the country

with aStepsWeblogin so that

they cancontinuetheir

learningfrom homeduringthe

Covid­19 lockdown.”

While Ros is yet to hear back

from the ministry, more than

250 New Zealand schools with

an existing account have

already taken up the offer,

resulting in more than20,000

new student logins.

“We work verycloselywith

schools and are awareofthe

struggles schools are going

through at this time,”she says.

‘‘Itcan alsobeused on any


“Parents have theoptionof

printing out worksheets,


crosswords and arange of

hands­on card games which

are suitable for familyuse.


provides everything you need

to teach and practice core

literacy skills —atany level.”

StepsWeb can alsobe

purchased by parents and

caregivers for homelearning,if

childrenaren’tconnected via

their school

For more information, visit

APRIL 2020






















Ravelli ULEB Wood Pellet Fires

with the South Island’s premier

lifestyle magazine

Read us on

Pellet and Wood Fire Specialists

472 Blenheim Road


Phone: 03 343 1651

Open 8:30am -5pm

Sat 10am -1pm

Follow us



Council Business Continues

through Alert Level 4

The vast majority of our staff are now working from home with key staff

only out in the community to carry out essential duties.

As we all adjust to the COVID-19 normal we

want to reiteratethe Council is open forbusiness

(remotely)and you can contact us in anumber

of ways:

• Council Rangiora Service Centre or 0800 965 468

• Orsearch for usonfacebook


• Try our online options

• Snap Send Solve App.

Acouple of keys changes in service provision

includes the temporary closure of our transfer

stations in Rangiora and Oxford. This means

that you can only drop rubbish in official Council

bags into the skip at each of these transfer

stations during normal working hours.

There are also afew changes to the building

services that we can provide during this time

mainly those activities that require some sort

of site visit or inspection will need to be put on

hold until Alert Level 4islied.

In line with Government guidance we’ve closed

our playgrounds, dog parks, skateparks and

access gates to beaches.

We have made

contingency plans to

enable decisions to be

made by Council during

theCOVID-19 outbreak. We

have set up an Emergency

COVID-19 Response

Committee with all

members of the Council.

This same response was

adopted following the

Canterbury earthquakes.

All Community Board meetings as well as

Committees, Joint Committees, Working Groups

and Steering Groups are suspended until

further notice. The new Emergency COVID-19

Response Committee will deal with any Board

or Committee business.

Akey focus for the COVID-19 Response

Committee in the coming weeks will be to

consider ifchanges need to be made to our

Dra Annual Plan 2020/21. The community

are at the heart of that decision making process

and we will keep you updated.

We will also be working with our partners to see

how wecan best support our community through

this. This includes our business partners, health

sector and social service providers.

We will continue toprovide community

information and updates through our website and Facebook as

well as through the local newspapers. Please

share with your family and friends across your

virtual networks.

Please take care of each other, follow the

rules and be kind.

Be kind.Check-inonthe


Make adifference by:

• checking-in on any elderly orvulnerable people youknow

• dropping supplies to those at home sick.

Find out more at


Support for families

Locally there are people who can help:

• Presbyterian Support

Phone 03313 8588

• Age Concern Canterbury

Phone 0800 80 33 44.

There are anumber of local food banks –

you can contact them by phone only:

• Kaiapoi: Kaiapoi Community Support

Phone 03327 8945

• Rangiora: Hope Trust

Phone 03928 3066

• Oxford: Oxford Community Trust

Phone 03312 3006.

Business support

• ENC Business Support team at:

• For alist of useful and regularly updated

links specific to businesses dealing with

COVID-19 visit the ENC COVID-19 page.

Temporary accommodation

• For help to self-isolate if you can’t in

your own homes or are travellers visiting

New Zealand and do not already have

suitable self-isolation accommodation

arranged. You can find out more at


National helplines

• There is adedicatedHealthline 0800 number

for COVID-19 health advice and information

-0800 358 5453. This is supportedbyonline

at For other health related

issues call 0800 611 116

• ‘Need to talk?’ service on 1737 totalk with

atrained counsellor

• Mental Health Crisis Line phone ortext

7174 available 24 hours

• Youthline 0800 376 633 or free text 234.

Their website also has aweb chat facility

More earthly pursuits

remain for stargazers


Canterbury’s observatories

might be in lockdown, but

there is plenty for budding

scientists and the

superstitious to discover.

Oxford Area School

Observatory volunteer Erik

Vermaat has been keeping

in touch with his night class

students via his ‘‘Corona

Blog’’, and on Facebook.

He says the lockdown can

be the ideal time to make

new discoveries.

‘‘Newton developed

theories of calculus and

gravity while at home. What

are you doing?’’ Erik asks.

As Erik points out, during

the 1666 Great Plague, a

22­year­old Cambridge

University student named

Isaac Newton came up with

new theories for calculus,

optics and the law of

gravitation, while in selfisolation

after returning

home to the family farm.

The superstitious will

realise comets have aknack

of making an appearance in

the night sky in acrisis and

Covid­19 doesn’t disappoint,

as Oxford Observatory

volunteer James Moffat

points out.

‘‘Atlas C/2019 Y4 could

almost be mistaken for the

latest doomsday comet,

arriving around the same

time Covid­19 made its first

Here tohelp

appearance in China.’’

Comets have historically

been ‘‘harbingers of death’’,

with Halley’s Comet making

one of its flybys in 1665, on

the eve of the Great Plague,

which laimed 100,000 lives

in London.

‘‘This comet (Atlas) is fast

living up to that reputation,

appearing in brightness as

rapidly as the Covid­19 virus

itself spreads.’’

The Greek demi­god Atlas

was perceived as carrying

the weight of the world on

his shoulders, ‘‘but in fact it

was the celestial sphere not

the terrestrial globe’’, James


‘‘That is aweight

humankind now bears upon

his own shoulders in

containing Covid­19.’’

Unfortunately for New

Zealand stargazers, the

comet Atlas is more visible

in the northern hemisphere

night sky. More information

is available on the comet

online at­may­be­brightenting.


On Erik’s ‘‘Corona Blog’’,

people can discover just how

fast the speed of light is, all

the observable parts of the

electromagnetic spectrum

(which Ernest Rutherford

helped to discover) and

exoplanets. Find the link on

the Oxford Observatory page

on Facebook.


North Canterbury News, April 2, 2020

Garden journey chronicled


Kaiapoi­Tuahiwi Community

Board deputy chairwomanJackie

Watson is usingthe coronavirus

lockdown to write aboutthe

history of her Ohoka homeand


‘‘Aswehad putour house on the

marketjust beforethe virus crisis,

Ihavebeen thinking about what

the new owners will wanttoknow

about the garden and its30years

of planting, growing andtending

of our sanctuary,’’she says.

Although theirhome,

OakhamptonLodge,whichhas a

boutique bed andbreakfast

business,has been withdrawn

fromthe marketinthe meantime,

Jackieand herhusbandAngus

still intend selling it at somestage.

She therefore decidedto

continuewriting herjournalfor

the new owners.

‘‘Weare only sellingasweneed



Lockdown project ... Jackie Watson is using the lockdown to write aboutthe

historyofher Ohoka home and garden, Oakhampton Lodge.

to think aboutthe futureasweare

both over70and wanttodownsize

while we are fit andwell,’’ she

Nature’s beauty ... The picturesque garden at Oakhampton Lodge.



‘‘Iwill include in thehistory a

recordofthe dailydevelopments

throughout thisunprecedented

coronavirus crisis.’’

Jackiesays the talltrees,

expansive lawns, roses and

perennials in the 1.2­hectare

garden make it apleasure to

wander through.

‘‘Iget huge amounts of

inspiration fromthe garden,both

in being surroundedbythe beauty

of naturebut also the necessary


‘‘It is so good for thesoul to

plant, cut back, dig,rake,harvest

andjustbeapartofnature. I

realise Iamvery lucky to be


garden wherethere is more than

enoughtokeep me occupied

duringthe month ahead.’’

Iknow many ofyou are feelinganxious about the health and

livelihoodsofyour families and community right now.

Asthe MP for Kaikōura Iamhere tohelpandsupportyou. Please

do nothesitateto contactmeby phone or email if you require

information or assistance.

Iwant to serve our community byproviding information,

advocacy, connection and support for you andyourloved ones.

Ihave suspendedallplanned campaign activitiessoIcan focus

on these duties.

Likeyou Iamsuspending attendance atcommunity events and

gatherings until further notice. To ensure Iremain accessible Iwill

be trialling online virtual door knocking and Facebook live.

Youcan followmeonFacebook @stuartsmith.national

The ripples ofthis unfolding pandemic arebeingfelt by all ofus,

from kids to grand-parents to neighbours, pleaseknow you are

notalone inyour worriesand concern. It’s important wesupport

each other during this difficult time and Ihavegreat faith that the

valuesofNew Zealanderswill come to the fore as werisetothis


Kia kaha &ngā mihi,

Health Information


The most up-to-datehealth information

on the coronavirus is available at this

Ministry ofHealthwebsite:

or call Healthline free on 0800 3585453

More generalinformation about New

Zealand’s efforts to addressthe virus and

its impact can befound here:

If you haveotherunanswered questions

pleasecontact me directly.

Business &Employment


Community Connection


Iamintouchwith community leaders

and support services. Ifyou want to

knowwhat supportmay be available in

your neighbourhood, please letmeknow

andIwill connect you.

Iamimpressed by the efforts of somany

already to providemoral and practical

support to localneighboursand


Support for the Isolated


22 ScottStreet, Blenheim

03 5793204•0800 STUART



MP for Kaikōura

The Governmenthas released apackage

of financial supportfor businesses

and employees, contractors and the


Informationonthe supportthatmay

be available to you isdetailedhere: If you are

concerned you “fall between the gaps”

or arehaving difficulty accessing support

pleasecontact me so Ican help navigate

and advocatefor you. The Government

has acknowledged there will be aneed

forasecond phaseofsupport,soIwill

provideMinisters with your feedback on

whatthat should look like.

Many inour community are feeling

isolated and vulnerable right now. Some

don’t have access tothe internet and

may need additional information or help

with deliveries, food or otherservices.

If you areconcerned for acommunity

member orrelative pleaseletme

know soIcangive themacall,provide

supportdirectly or help connectthem

with some of the incredible local people

and organisationsreadied to provide

assistance. If you oranyone you knowis

feelingoverwhelmed and needs to talk

to atrained counsellor they can

free call/text1737

Authorised by Stuart Smith MP, Parliament Buildings, Wgtn.


10 North Canterbury News, April 2, 2020

Gym offers

an online



Rangiora’sSaints Functional Fitness

Gym is providing an onlineworkout

option for membersduringthe

coronavirus lockdown.

The Kingsford SmithDrive gym’s

owners, brothers Ashleyand Aaron

McConville, are holding private online

workoutsfor membersonthe gym’s


The new service started at 9am on

Wednesday last week and will run from

Monday to Saturday while accesstothe

gym is closedduring the lockdown.

The brothers are developing anew

45­minute workout for every session

without using any equipment in the gym.

Life at Saintsdoesn’t end with

isolation, they say.

‘‘Together we are going to get through

this.Even though we are allinour homes

we can still stay connectedonline

through thisgroup,’’ Ashley says.

The workouts will be ‘‘niceand

challenging, with alot of body­work stuff

and cardio­work stuff,’’ they say.

‘‘We don’t wanttouse the lockdown as

an excuse to turn into acouch potato

because eatingproperlyand staying

active is going to be really importantin

maintaining mental health during the

next four weeks.’’

The brothers are also planning to offer

nutrition tips and inspirational advice

during the online workouts.

People interested in joiningthe

workout group cancheck out the

brothers’ information video on the Saints

Functional Fitness Gym Facebookpage.

Moulding libraries for the future


Librarieshave an essential

role to playinanincreasingly

digital future,Waimakariri’s

district librariesmanager,


Sitting in the bright, airy

library space in Kaiapoi’s

Ruataniwha Centre, she uses

wordslike ‘‘inviting’’,

‘‘innovative’’ and ‘‘inclusive’’ to

describe how theseinstitutions

are changing as society


‘‘I see alibrary as being

today’s community commons,’’

she says.

‘‘Where once we gathered in

the square on or the green to

relax, catch up, play games,or

debate the issuesofthe day,

that’s where Isee our libraries

taking an increasingly

important place.’’

Gone are the days of the

silent reading room,smelling

of wood polish and old books

and policed by astrict and

mostly silent librarian.

Instead, the idea of alibrary

as acommunity hub is clearly

illustrated in Kaiapoi.

It may have fallensilent for

the national lockdown, but

thereare normally games to be

played on awet day;storytimes

and aLego Club; puzzles free

to take homeand keep, or to

tradeinorreturn as desired;

DVDs that are cheaptohire;

the national newspapers to

catchupon; and non­fiction

and fiction titles for all ages.

Thereare also meetingrooms

available for hire by

community groups, duringor

after hours;and staff on hand

to help customerswith

researching, printing, or

scanning documents, or

navigating their way through

dealings with government


‘‘Whilethere are afew

libraries out there keepingthe


alive, the path ahead is all

about connecting with our

community andofferingas

many services as possible,’’

Paula says.

‘‘Of course, that includes

books in Waimakariri —our

large print collection is very

popular —and we’re in the

process of building amuch

biggercommunity languages

collection too.Our clients are

increasingly diverseand we

need to cater for that.

‘‘We’realso evolving from a

community thatconsumes

information to one that creates

andcurates it,’’she says.

‘‘How do we encourage our

members to partnerwith us in

makingsure that can happen?

It’s not about ordering


hemisphereproducts any

more. It’s about local

information for locals, and

moving from apermissionsbased

mindset to a

possibilities­based one.’’

Also important,she says, is

who’s notusingthe library and

why. ‘‘Wehave young people,

forexample, who mightnot be

bigreaders, so feel theycan’t

spend time here,’’ she says.

Beyond books ... Libraries are rapidly evolving to meet the needs

of amodern world.

‘‘I say to them, we’re open

sevendays aweek (outside

lockdown) and our servicesare


‘‘It doesn’tmatterwho you


are,anyoneisequally valid

and entitled to be here. Our job

is to educate, inform, and

empower—tell us how we can

do thatfor you.’’

2020 –2021

Draft Annual Plan

Let’s talk about the key issues affecting

Waimakariri over the coming year.


The future of the ‘Three Waters’



Funding preliminary design for a

Community Hub on Regeneration Land

An update on projects already

underway including:

• Stadium Waimakariri

• Transport upgrades

• Climate change and sustainability

• And more inside the full document...

Visit to view

the full document and have your say

before 6April 2020.



North Canterbury News, April 2, 2020


Annie arrives in alocked-down world


As North Canterbury families went into

lockdown last week, Cameron Henderson

was contemplating becomingadad for the

first time.

The FederatedFarmers North

Canterbury president’s fiancee, Sarah

McNeill, gavebirth to ababy girl, Annie,

on Wednesdaylast week.

Mr Hendersonsaid the lockdownmade

it asurreal experience.

‘‘We’vehad no grandparentvisits or any

visitors, justlots of Skyping and photos

online. It’ssomething different people

have to contend with.’’

He expects the lockdownmeansitwill

be just the three of them at home forat

least the next four weeks.

Meanwhile,MrHenderson continues

managing his Oxford dairy farm and

overseeingthe localFederated Farmers

response to both the lockdown and

problems caused by the droughtacross

parts of the country.

‘‘Hopefullyitwon’tcausetoo many

problems. Farming is an essential

industry, so the farmwork hastocontinue,

but Ihave agood team.

‘‘And Iwill have alot more time at home

with all the community stuff not

happening.Itopens up the calendar.

‘‘To be honest,itcouldbequite nice, not

having visitors and not having to worry

about keepingthe house tidy;and there

will be plenty of bonding time.’’

Mr Hendersonsays having the lockdown

and widespread drought at thesame time

presents some challenges for farming


‘‘The drought is oversuch awidespread

area. We had aconference callwith the


Looks great &makes life easy

for the Rural Lifestyler!

-Full range of specialised equipment for farm

fencing and lifestyle blocks, offers you the

complete land package.

-All types of fencing including:

deer,sheep and cattle yards

-Land blasting

Ashley: 0274 364 776 ah: 314 8541


“Quality fencing built to your budget”


various Feds presidentsdiscussinghow to

get feed from South Canterbury to the


‘‘Trying to ensure we still had transport

available and working out the cost is a

challenge at the moment. It’s not agood

time to be dealing with two crises at the

same time.’’

The drought was mainlyimpacting the

northern partofthe Hurunui district,

Marlborough and throughout the North

Island, withfarmersinthe Waimakariri

district and further south largely

operatingasbusiness as usual.

But the Covid-19 lockdown and

compliance procedures were causing

some challenges.

Compliancerequirements could mean

the meat processors were unable to

operate at fullcapacity,leaving droughtstricken

farmers, who needed to dispose of

stock, with few optionsand creating

The Widest

Music Variety

Tune in nowtolisten on

104.9 for North Canterbury

103.7 for Hanmer Springs


concerns around animal welfare.

There werealso questions around what

saleyards couldoperate,sovirtual

saleyards were being considered, Mr

Henderson said.

‘‘The message has gone out to the

farmingcommunity that the rules apply to

us as welland we certainly don’t wantto

be responsible forpreventing containment.

But we are prettylucky that we can

continue trading. It’s one of the upsides of

farminginisolation,’’ he says.

Mr Hendersonsays farmers have

welcomed the government’s droughtrelief

package and the news that visas for

migrantworkerswill be extended to


He says he is unawareofany on-farm

labourshortages in NorthCanterbury in

theshort-term,but there may be issues

findingworkerswhen the new season




Surveying |Engineering |Planning |Subdivisions

Topographical Surveys |Resource Management

Land Development |Civil Engineering |Project

Management |Building &Construction Setout

Mark O’Connor is available

for free, no obligation

consultations at the PGG

Wrightson Kaikoura office

Wednesday fortnightly.

Appointments required.

PHONE MARK 021 558 100

0800 802 4546 | Email:

Book Your Pre-winter

Pond Clean NOW!

18,000 litre Tanker for your liquids &a6metre

Stirrer to mix ponds &enableeffectiveemptying.

14.5 tonne solids spreader handles all solid effluent

from separator solids to pond crusts.

As an essential service, we are

available for the following:

• spreading fert • seed

• any crop spraying


Proud dad ... Cameron Henderson

welcomes his daughter Annie. PHOTO: SUPPLIED


LocaltoNorth Canterbury.

CALL ARTHUR027 245 1601











Get the most from your


Based inCulverden & offering 24hr

emergency call out.

Contact Paul

0220 417 340




For more information

please contact

Mike Geen:

(027) 227 9872



12 North Canterbury News, April 2, 2020

Show movement:

‘We will come

back from this’


TheA&P showmovement

remains resilientinthe face of

cancellations, the executive

officer of theRoyalAgricultural

Society (RAS), Debbie Cameron,


SixSouth IslandA&P shows

andseveral otherRAS events

have beencancelled because of

the global coronavirus


‘‘The A&Pshowingmovement

andtheirvolunteers are a

resilientgroup. Wewill come

back fromthis, butinthe

meantimekeep safe and

healthy,’’Mrs Cameron says.

‘‘Ithasmainly affectedthe

Central District, whichhas most

of thelatershows. Someofthem

are planningtocarryonwitha


competition which can be

salvaged,but the community

coming together is no longer


TheMethven, Hawarden,

Flaxbourne,Malvern, Oxford

andMackenzie A&Pshows have

all beencancelled,while the

RAShas optedtocancel the

annual Golden Fleece

competition, duetobeheld in

Rangiora on May9.

Thefuture of other RAS and

local A&P events are in doubt,

although some eventsmay be

able to be postponeduntil later

in the year.

‘‘It’s reallyjustabout

considering‘do we need to do

thisorcan weput it off’,’’Mrs

Cameron says.

‘‘Withthe A&Pshows, they’ve

hadtomake somehard

❛Alot of hard work has

gone down the drain,

but our people are a

pretty resilient lot.❜

—Debbie Cameron

decisions. It’savery difficult

situationand we’ve got to be


‘‘A lot of hardwork has gone

down thedrain,but our people

areapretty resilient lot.’’

Entriesare still being

acceptedfor the RASRural

Ambassador Competition

(entries close on March 31)and

theTri NationEquestrianYouth

Team (entries close on April 3),

with organisers still hopeful

thesecouldgoahead as planned.


have postponed the Tasman

FMGYoung Farmer of the Year

regional finals, duetobeheld at

theMalvern A&PShowon

Saturday, withanew date yetto

be confirmed.

TheAgriKids andJunior

YoungFarmer of theYear

regional competitionshave been

movedtoaclosed contestonline.

Teamsthatentered will now

take part in an online quiz,which

is stillbeingassessed,and

furtherinformationwill be


spokesperson says.

‘‘The safetyofour competitors,

staff andspectators is

paramountand it is imperative

that we don’t put anyoneatrisk,

anddowhat we can to help

preventthe spread of Covid­19.’’

Compass FM on song


Moments like theseare what

broadcasters livefor, says

Compass FM stationmanager


Whilepolice, health workers

and emergency services work

on the frontlinesduring a

crisis,“broadcasters run

towards the microphone to do


“Thisisthe sort of thingthat

broadcasters are made for.

Everybroadcasterwants to be

on air to support their

listeners,” says Kerry.

The station,which reaches

farmsand town acrossNorth

Canterbury, is considered an

essential service. It is

continuing to broadcast around

the clock throughthe Covid­19

lockdown to keep North

Canterbury “informed and


“We are doing way morethan

some networkradiostations

because we are keepingthe

localcommunity involved,”

Kerrysays.“Little old North

Canterbury, with four full­time

staffand acoupleof

contractors, and we are

matching the big boys.It’s like

the littleengine that could.”

The mayorsofall three

NorthCanterbury districts and

organisationssuch as the

NorthCanterbury Rural

Support Trustand the North

Canterbury News are

continuing to stayincontact,

and listeners are being

updated withinformation.

WhileKerry is broadcasting

the breakfast showfrom the

Rangiora studio, he has staff

broadcasting fromtheir

bedrooms and dining rooms.

“I saw this coming awhile

ago, so Istartedworkingonthe

process about three to four


“We are able to dial into the

radiostationremotely and we

can record our voicebreaksat

Kerry Treymane ...

radio stations.’’

home with relatively decent


When broadcastingfrom

home, voicebreaksare prerecorded

three to four minutes


“It is then sent to the studio

and played as if it’slive.”

He cleans and disinfects the

studioeach morning beforehe

leavesat10am, withJohn

Cameron “walking into a

decontaminated studio”at


“I don't even see him.”

Bruce John has been

broadcasting the drive show

from home, while othershows

are alsobeingdone remotely.

The onlyhiccupbroadcasting

remotely is that phone

interviewsare not possible.

Kerry is planning to have

special shows in the evenings

and weekend to entertain

‘‘We are doing way more than some network

people. Tuesday Night Country,

Friday night’s Retro Top 40,and

Sunday night’s Nostalgia are

established shows, whileKerry

began the Outstanding ’80s

Show fromhis bedroom last

Saturday evening.

AMonday ’70sshow,a

WednesdayKiwi show and a

Thursday “Compass Rocks”


Requests can be made via

textorFacebook Messenger,

justnot by phone, Kerrysays.

“Havingafamiliar, friendly

voice makes adifference,

because alot of people are selfisolating

by themselves.

“There’s people who are sick

and they can’t do anything and

thenthey hear someone on the

radio and suddenly asong is

played that you haven’t heard

in awhileand they love it.

That’s the power of radio.”

CULTIVATING? All agricultural &cultivation work

Local Business Serving The Local Area.

• Direct drilling -Giant discing -Ploughing

-Power harrow -Air seeding

• All heading and windrowing requirements

• Hay -Baleage -Straw

Medium square, round, conventional.

Double mower conditioners, wrapping.

We look after your needs like we look after our own!

• Daily Freight Run to Ch-Ch &Return.

Ph: 0274 517 063 (Darran)

0274 321 581 (Bus)

03 314 4565 (H)


The Right People andEquipment forthe Bulky


-6Spreader Trucks, Spreadmark Certified

-Conventional, Variable Rate, Farm Mapping

-Modern Fleet, 4WD, Double Bin Side Tipper

-Grain, Fertilizer, Stock Feeds and Shingle

56 St Leonards Rd, Culverden


Ph 03 315 3033 -Fax 03 315 8413


Livestock - Golden Bay Cement -Daily Freight Services Freight


Full Cultivationand Drilling Service

Skilled operators of large, efficient, modern equipment

•Horsch Terrano 4-metre Primary Cultivator

•Amazone Catros 6-metre Multi Discs with Roller

•Amazone Cayena Fine TipTyne Drill 6-metrewith Roller

•Maxitill andVaderstad Roller Combination6-metre

Accurate GPS-controlled tractors in auto steer

McHale Fusion Round Baler Wrapper Combi Unit for

individual wrap

Straw,Hay,Baleage, large 4x3 sqs and round bales.

Full Cereal Crop Managementoptions

HURUNUI PH 0274 360 342

Sam Bethell (0274) 360-342 or Cameron Gray (027)373-1814


Four Seasons Realty


New by






Real Estate Sales

Rangiora’s best location to

live, learn &grow.

Titles available now!

Section sizes from 628 -783m

Sections priced from $204,000

Services to the boundary

Te Matauru Primary School zone

Plan now for afabulous future in

Townsend Fields.

To enquire further please phone

or email Christine.

Situated in West Rangiora, Townsend Fields

presents alivingspace that enhances your

outdoorexperience with open countryside,

surrounded by recreational reserves,

waterways, native planting and recreational

walkways and paths. Simply put, it is the town’s

newest,eco-friendly location to call home.

Christine Tallott

P 027 4906 042

Four Seasons Realty 2017Ltd |Licensed AgentREAA 2008 | 027 4906 042 |

Enter our colouring competition

and you could WIN!

To enter,scanorphotograph yourentryand uploadto

our Facebookpage:

Harcourts Four Seasons Realty or email fourseasons@ before 12.00noon Wednesday 8 th April


th by phone

and displayed on ourFacebook page.

Additional entryforms areonour Facebook,and web

page -

Prizes: Winning entries in each age group will receive

vouchers from The Warehouse. These canbecollected

1 st $20.00 and2 nd $10.00


Age(please tick one)



10 -14years

Mum/Dad’sPhone No#

Your home forlocal property. |0800 798 10 11

Four Seasons Realty

Your home forlocal property

Four Seasons Realty2017Ltd | Licensed AgentREAA 2008


14 North Canterbury News, April 2, 2020

New routine for Dooceys


Matt Doocey is enjoying being

able to spend more time at


With Parliament adjourned

until late April due to the Covid­

19 lockdown, the Waimakariri

MP has set up ahome office in

his lounge, while is wife,

Viktoria, is running ahomeschool

in the living room for

daughter Emily and son James.

‘‘We meet together for

morning tea, lunch and

afternoon tea, which is

something Iwouldn’t normally

get to do,’’ Mr Doocey says.

Since the lockdown was

announced on Monday, March

23, Mr Doocey and his three staff

quickly relocated to work from

their respective homes so they

could continue responding to

phone calls and email enquiries

from constituents.

Instead of constituent

appointments and meetings, the

MP is now conducting

conference calls and Zoom calls.

While Parliament is

adjourned, parliamentary select

committees are continuing to

meet remotely, with Mr Doocey

serving on the powerful

business and health select


‘‘I’m on the business

committee which oversees the

running of Parliament. It was

clear there would be an

adjournment, so we looked at

how democracy and Parliament

could continue.

‘‘It was important that MPs

continue to work.’’

The new normal ... Life continues in the Doocey family household

during the Covid­19 lockdown.


An Epidemic Response

Committee, chaired by

Opposition leader Simon

Bridges, has been established,

with MPs from each of the five

parliamentary parties ‘‘to

scrutinise the government’s


During the first week since the

lockdown was announced, Mr

Doocey says his staff have

fielded enquiries around

clarification of what constitutes

an ‘‘essential service’’, the

government’s wages subsidy and

general welfare issues.

He says he has been lobbying

on behalf of Vege’n Out in

Woodend to be considered an

essential service, as there are no

supermarkets in the town,

meaning residents need to drive

to Kaiapoi or Rangiora to buy


‘‘The changes may work well

in metropolitan areas, but

perhaps we need to consider the

needs of the smaller towns in

events like this.’’

His office also assisted an

Oxford couple in their 70s who

were moving house, but the

moving company was unable to

move their furniture due to the

lockdown, with Civil Defence

stepping in.


DRY pinecones, no

needles. Pickup 3 mins

from Rangiora, $5 per sack,

purchase 10, receive 11.

Phone 027 649 3451.



for smaller dogs. We look

after your dog in our home.

"No kennels". Phone today

03 314 6110.

Wanted To Rent

WANTED warm home

with log fire to rent in

Rangiora. Your home will

be looked after and rent

always paid. Love

gardening, excellent references.

Ph 020 4051 2580.

Cars Wanted


and 4WD'S




03 313 7216

CASH / CASH for any

unwanted vehicles. Ph 03

347 9354 or 027 476 2404.


TUITION available primary

and secondary including

NCEA level 3. Math,

Literacy and Science

(NCEA). Each student on

an individually­tailored

programme. Kip McGrath

Rangiora has been serving

the local community for 30

years. Kip McGrath Education

Centres. Give us acall

or book your free assessment

online 03 313 3638

Public Notices





Big Daddys Limited has

made application to the

District Licensing Committee

at Rangiora for the

renewal of an Off Licence

in respect to premises

situated at 28 High Street,

Rangiora 7400 known as

Super Liquor Rangiora.

The general nature of the

business conducted under

the licence is bottle store.

The days on which and the

hours during which alcohol

is sold under the

licence are Sunday to

Tuesday 10:00 am to 9:00

pm and Wednesday to

Saturday 10:00 am to

10:00 pm.

The application may be

inspected during ordinary

office hours at the

office the Waimakariri

District Committee at 215

High Street, Rangiora.

Any person who is

entitled to object and who

wishes to object to the

issue of the licence may,

not later than 15 working

days after the date of the

publication of this notice,

file anotice in writing of

the objection with the

Secretary of the Waimakariri

District Licensing

Committee at Private

Bag 1005, Rangiora.

No objection to the

renewal of alicence may

be made in relation to a

matter other than amatter

specified in section 131

of the Sale and Supply of

Alcohol Act 2012.

Public Notices

Public Notice

Stopping of aPortion

of Good Street,


In January and February

2020 the Waimakariri

District Council (“Council”)

gave public notice of

its intention to stop a

portion of Good Street in


Pursuant to the provisions

of Section 342 and

Schedule 10 of the Local

Government Act 1974,

the Council has now

completed all actions

necessary to stop that part

of Good Street as is shown

as Section 1 on Survey

Office Plan 539499 as

legal road.

The Council has not

received any objections

to the stopping of Section

1 on Survey Office Plan

539499 Plan as legal

road. Accordingly, notice

is hereby given that the

Council declares that

the legal road shown

as Section 1onSurvey

Office Plan 539499 is

stopped, and that the

road shall subject to the

Council’s compliance

with clause 9ofSchedule

10 of the Act, thereafter

cease to be road.


Dear valued advertisers, readers and

contributors of the North CanterburyNews

As of 24 th March 2020 our Rangioraand Amberleyoffices

are closed due to the Covid-19alert levelrestrictions.

We aim to continue to produceour newspaper to keep you

up-to-datewithlocal news.

Editorial enquiries please phone Robyn on 027 312 1581

Advertising enquiries, please phone Daynaon027 312 0089

For general enquiries email

To keep up to datecheck out our


and followusonFacebook

Public Notices

Hurunui District Council

Easter Refuse and Recycling


Monday 13 April


Wednesday 14 April

Thursday 15 April

Appliance Repairs



F&P, Bosch, Smeg,

ASKO,Ariston, LG,Classique,

Haier, Samsung and more....

Easter Monday


Hanmer Springs and

Gore Bay.

Amberley,Amberley Beach,

Leithfield, Leithfield Beach,

Waipara, Greta Valley,

Omihi, Scargill, Motunau

Beach and Cheviot

Culverden, Rotherham,

Waiau, Hawarden and


It is currently more important than ever, that

recycling is not contaminated.

Please wash and dry recycling thoroughly to

protect your household and our frontline staff.

Through the recycling bags it is possible to recycle

paper, cardboard, plastic bottles (no lids) and food

and drink cans. Soft plastics are not accepted for

recycling, please place these into your refuse bag.

Transfer Station Information

All transfer stations are closed on Good Friday,Easter

Sunday and Easter Monday.

For further information on the amended

transfer stations hours, during the Covid-19

shutdown in Hurunui, phone 03 314 8816

or visit


Wanted To Buy

TOOLS, garden, garage,

saw benches, lathes. Cash

buyer ­phone 03 355 2045.

Stock Feed

HAY for sale, Waikuku,

barn stored $7. Phone Deb

021 289 9256

“For best resultsbesuretouseauthorised service”


Rangiora: 03 313 4420 Kaiapoi: 03 327 3810



North Canterbury News, April 2, 2020

Public Notices




Bookings advisable


Ph 0800 453873



TEXEL Romney Cross

young ram hoggets, suitable

for breeding. Telephone

021 626 449 or 03

385 4966.

TEXEL Romney Cross

Ewe Hoggets suitable for

breeding. Ph 021 626 449

or 03 385 4966.

TEXEL Romney Cross

Ewe lambs. Suitable for

lifestyle blocks. Phone 021

626 449 or 03 385 4966.


GARDEN hedges cut to

perfection. Tree & arbor

work. Also spraying. Free

quotes. Ph 03 312 0668 or

021 111 4322.

TIDY TREES and gardens.

All tree pruning,

felling, hedge trimming and

general gardening. Telephone

Daniel 027 373 7001



cutting with quality and

removal work. Free quotes.

No job too small. Ph 027

442 2219, Fax 03 359 6052

or A/H 03 359 4605.



BRIAN’S Tree Services.

Tree felling, topping,

shaping, firewood cut, rubbish

removed, stump grinding,

branch chipping.

Affordable rates. Phone 03

327 5505 or 021 124 4894.

BRICK &Blocklayer. All

types of work undertaken.

New, EQC, repairs, LBP.

Phone Hamish 313 5678 or

027 238 6003.


specialising in alterations &

renovations, repairs &

maintenance, 35 plus years,

experienced licenced

builder. Telephone Trevor

313 5013 or 027 431 1864.

PAINTER, qualified local

professional, Int / Ext,

roofs, wallpaper. Call or txt

Corban 027 846 5035.

PAINTER & Decorator.

25 + years experience.

Interior /exterior, roofs &

waterblasting. For a free

quote, please ph Steve 03

314 4620 or 027 477 1930.

PAINT & wallpaper

services. Wayne Bryant.

Exterior, interior. Qualified

tradesman. Free quotes. Ph

313 5337 or 027 654 4568


Winter’s coming!!! Time to

service your fire. From $80

+ gst single storey. 0800

SWEEP ME or 021 0277


METAL WORX. Flashing,

Sheetmetal Fabrication,

Wrought Iron,

Welding, Custom Trailers,

General Metalwork. No job

too big or too small. Ph 021

265 5428 or 03 314 6908.

Find us on facebook/

Glenmark Metal Worx.


PAINTER & Decorator.

Semi retired painter. Small

jobs. Ph Peter 03 312 7945

or 027 693 8360.

CLEANER affordable, has

a few spots available for

house cleans. Excellent references

available and ialso

have police and security

checks. Iamavailable also

for one off cleans and move

out cleans. Iamalso offering

very competitive rates.

For anoobligation quote

please telephone or txt me

027 557 6654.


Tree Care. Qualified

Arborist specialising in big

trees in small places, long

term tree plans, Riparian &

shelter planting, land clearing,

stump grinding, branch

chipping, fully insured, free

quotes. Ph 0800 873 336.


Removal and RRR skips.

Wheelie bins any frequency

and skips from 1.5 cube to

9cube. Skips and wheelie

bins for any use, rubbish,

greenwaste, building sites

or just cleanups. Give us a

phone call 313 6957 or for

skips 021 313 255.


For all your printing

requirements. T­shirts,

Hoodies, Hi­Vis vests and

polos, Overalls, Caps etc.

Please phone Heather 03

313 0261 or email

POWER TOOLS repairs,

parts &sales for over 30

years. All main brands serviced.

Grossman Trade

Tools, 31A Watts Road,

Christchurch. Ph 389 9230.



Shane and Leanne Frahm

We cankill&process yourstock

FourGenerations of Frahms

since 1957

Ph 312 4205



House &Garden

Property services Ltd

Tree and hedge trimming

Stump grinding

Tree removal



CALL us021 405 277

Pride &Quality Painting

&Decorating Services

20 yrs exp, fast and friendly

service. For all your painting

needs, phone: Martin 310

6187 or 021 128 9867

SHEARER. Hap’s Farm &

Lifestyle Services. Shearing,

crutching, drenching,

tailing, feet trimming &

health check. Trailer, generator

&mobile handpiece

available. Experienced,

reliable and honest. Ph 03

312 1214 or 021 267 4025.


Specialising in North Canterbury.

Contact Geoff at

Maxwell Valuation. Phone

03 310 8541 or email


Professional tile cleaning,

tiled shower restorations,

mouldy silicone, shower

glass & we can even

recolour your old grout!.

For all your tile and grout

issues call Grout Pro for a

free no obligation quote. Ph

Darryl 0800 882 772.

ROOFER All roof repairs,

roof painting, water blasting,

moss treatment,

repointing, gutter cleans &

snow straps. And More.

Free quotes. Phone Nathan

027 516 6609.


Number one

old-fashioned bacon

&ham curing.

A/H 312 4709



2Men &agood

sized truck.

From $157 per hour

(incl gst).Kaiapoibased.

Call Gerard

027 668 3636



Forall your painting &

plastering requirements

Local with 30 years


All workmanship


Phone 021 344 023


Log Fires

Pellet Fires

Heat Pumps




Free Quotes

03 343 1651

472 Blenheim Rd

Thursday,August 2, 2018 | Issue 808 |






NZ Qualified and

Licensed with over

20 years’ experience.

New Homes,


Light Commercial,

EQ work, Landscaping,

New Kitchens &



021-234 4329

for aquote now!



Bill’s Liquid


You dump it...

Blair pumps it...

Blair Tavendale

Ph 03 314 9371

0275 379-694

Visit now to view the paper online &more!






Lifestyle or farm, sheep, cattle,

horse, all types of animals.

Fences, yards, sheds, arenas,

shelters, runs.

30+ years contract fencing.

Steve is available to help with

your design &planning.

Ph office03312 4747







your business

in our Trades

and Services


Amanda Keys


03 313 2840



Landscaping -Fencing

& Earthworks


03 313 9375 •027 369 3974



Chiropractic Services

Dr Carissa McGregor Chiropractor

Injury, accidents and maintenance

ACC Registered and Accredited

Monday-Thursday | 03 313 0350

Libi McKinnon Physiotherapy

03 0278 686 2574

ACC Registered Provider | Tuesday&Friday

Select Health

51 Ashley Street, Rangiora







M: 0275 543 958 E:


“Specialists in all aspects of plastering

from traditional to modern”

• Stucco finishes

• Exterior and interior • Foundations

• Landscape walls • Insurance work

No job too small,

free quotes.

Ph 021 193 2073




Denture Clinic



(Formerly Riccarton Denture Clinic)


New Dentures





Ph (03)327-0077

Gold Card





For your Engineering needs

187d Ohoka Road, Kaiapoi

Phone 03 327 5246 |027 495 2821

Scrap Metal


•Car Bodies •Scrap Steel•Specialists in Farm

Machinery•All non Ferrous



Ph (03)338 7000

Mike0274 818544 •Robbie0274818 027

Locally owned and operated



CAP 65

CAP 40

CAP 20



Quarry Prices


from $40 per cube

from $23 per cube

from $25 per cube

from $30 per cube

all +gst

Plus all excavation and truck hire

house excavations, driveways, subdivisions


Ph: KEN 027 201 3302




Live Lines

Issue 183 April 2020

Community Fund recipients

Therecipientsfor theMarch 2020

MainPowerCommunity Fund have been

announced. 26 community groups and 12

education providers have been successful

in receiving ashare of the$30,000 fund.

Looking for fundingfor your community

group or school?The next round of the

MainPowerCommunity Fund is scheduled

to open around August. Check the

MainPowerwebsite formoreinformation:

Congratulationstoall recipients.


-Fernside School

-Hurunui College

-Kaiapoi CommunityPlaygroup

-North Canterbury AlpineTrust

-Oxford Playcentre

-Rangiora High School


-StJoseph’sSchool (Rangiora)


-View HillSchool


-Woodend After SchoolCare Programme



If you losepower to allorpartofyourproperty,

your lights are flickering or dimming or you have

no hot water,callMainPower foradvice.

24 hour faults line

0800 30 90 80

Community Groups


-Amberley A&P Show

-Bellyful Waimakariri

-Big Brothers BigSistersNorth Canterbury

-C.A.R.E.S. CharitableTrust

-Chris Ruth Centre

-Coastguard North Canterbury

-Community WellbeingNorth Canterbury

-HawardenA&P Show

-HawardenHalland Reserve

-HinemoaKaiapoi Hockey


-Kaiapoi Girl Guides

-Kaiapoi Grey RavenScoutGroup


-Mini Ha Ha Horse Haven

-NorthernA&P Show

-NorthernBulldogs RugbyClub


-Oxford Bird Rescue

-RangioraArt Society

-RangioraGymnastics Club

-RangioraToy Library

-Waikuku BeachSurfLifesavingClub

-Waimakariri DogTraining

-Woodend Gymnastics Club



As an essential service provider,

MainPower is responsible for

maintaining asecure supply of

electricity toNorth Canterbury.

In response to theCOVID-19

shutdown, we have scaled back

our operations, withall scheduled

maintenanceand customer works

postponed until further notice.

We willcontinue to provide our

faultresponse service and critical

maintenance during this time. If you

are experiencing apower outage,

please calluson0800309080for




Withwinter just around thecorner, now

is agoodtime to check thetreesand

vegetation on your property to makesure

they aren’t growing tooclose to power


Trimmingtrees near,oroverhanging,

power lines can be extremely dangerous

and shouldbelefttothe professionals.

MainPower has aspecialist team of

arborists training to work safely around

power lines. Give us acall on

0800 30 90 80 to get free advice.

Makesureall trampolinesand outdoor

furniture is secure.Duringhigh winds,

items can be blown into power lines,

causing poweroutages andposing safety

risks to the community.

MainPower 24 Hour Faults Line

0800 30 90 80

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