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Our purpose is to drive the transformation to a more sustainable world with a tangible and inspiring experience for tomorrow’s engineers.

Our purpose is to drive the transformation to a more sustainable world with
a tangible and inspiring experience for tomorrow’s engineers.


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2010 - 2020

Electrified Rail

Vehicle Challenge

The most energy efficient

vehicle wins

30 May 2020 • Welcome!

17 October


The world needs the Delsbo Electric-way

more than ever

Delsbo Electric is about collaboration, empathy and ingenuity.

That’s what the world needs more of right now.

Delsbo Electric has been moved to a date when it’s hopefully safe to run the competition.

But that doesn’t mean we are waiting for better times.

We want to create those better times.

Delsbo Electric is a platform for creativity, hope and happiness that we have built together with students

over many years. Everything we have learned from Delsbo Electric over the years can and should be put to

use to help us push through these difficult times.

So, here is a challenge and a question addressed to You: Given the new state of a world riven by a pandemic,

how can we make use of Delsbo Electric as a tool to solve new and pressing problems?

We continue our drive for the future, because we think it’s the right thing to do.

We hope you want to join us on our slightly bumpy journey.

Stay safe!

Lars Gustavsson & Paul Bogatir

The spirit of Delsbo Electric is ever present and that is the most important thing we can offer the world.

During the competition young, talented and energetic engineers create the world’s most energy efficient

vehicles with very few resources under tight deadlines. Now the world has many difficult problems

to solve; global resources are often scarce, and we have to move fast. Together.

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Saturday 30 May

This is where

it happens !

17 October

We are proud to invite you to Delsbo

Electric 2020 to inspire and to be

inspired by the students that create the

world’s most energy-efficient vehicles.

4 Photo: Paul Bogatir 5



This is Delsbo Electric

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The purpose of Delsbo Electric is to drive the transformation to a more sustainable

world through the engagement of tomorrow’s creative minds.


To design, build and drive a manned, electrified rail vehicle. The most energyefficient

vehicle wins.

Delsbo Electric is open for applications from university teams all over the world. Chalmers University of

Technology, Luleå University of Technology, Dalarna University and Linköping University will compete in 2020.

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World record 2019!


Wh per person

per kilometre

Eximus IV

Dalarna University has set the world

record in energy efficiency for three consecutive

years. Their latest vehicle is built

on a light-weight carbon frame that’s

wrapped in aeronautical foil. The wheels

are fitted with low friction bearings.

Eximus IV is tested in a wind-tunnel and

its driving pattern has been optimized for

the Delsbo Electric race-course.

A pattern of energy consumption

The graph shows the pattern of energy consumption along the racecourse for Eximus IV’s victory run.


and uphill =

more energy


65 kg



3.9 m


Width body: 0.57 m

Passengers: 6

Result (victory run): 0.63 Wh/pkm

Result (WR-run): 0.603 Wh/pkm


Carbon fibre


Plastic foil






Wh per person

Wh per person

Wh per person

Wh per person

Wh per person

Power supply: 54 V

per kilometre

per kilometre

per kilometre

per kilometre

per kilometre

10 11


Wh per person

per kilometre


Road transport in

uses 80 TWH of fossil fuel per

year. That is the equivalent of

47 million barrels of oil !

Vehicles that use less than

1 Wh per person per kilometre

are inducted to the . . .

The energy consumption 0.603 Wh per person

per km is the energy equivalent of 0.066 ml of

petrol per person per km. If your car

had that consumption you would be

able to drive 15 000 km with one

litre of petrol !

15 000 km

3. And start the journey !

2. Translate it to

electrical energy . . .


If all vehicles in

used 1 Wh per person per

kilometre it’s the equivalent

of 120 000 barrels of oil.

1. Take the amount

of energy contained

in a litre of petrol


Wh per person

per kilometre

12 13

We want to be part of the solution to one of the world’s greatest challenges:

14 15

Around the world

Delsbo Electric media coverage 2019

Shared by Sweden’s official Facebook account!

16 17

Visiting university students become important role-models for local kids at Delsbo Electric. During the

competition we offer fun activities for kids of all ages - simple games for the youngest and more

tech-heavy games for older kids.

Students playing

with technology

Kids playing

13-15 år

16-18 år

19+ år

10-12 år

This is how kids discover their dreams

18 19

6-9 år



HHK Innovation Award 2019:

Levitas, Chalmers University of Technology

”It’s been really fun for us to come to Delsbo and meet the people behind Delsbo Electric. We hope that Chalmers University of Technology continues

to participate. We have met with and been inspired by many great people – especially the guys from HHK that gave us very practical advice that we will

pass on to next year’s team”.

Daniel, Mattias, Tarik & Vidar – Chalmers University of Technology team Levitas

Who dares wins!

HHK Innovation Award rewards

teams who are willing to take risks,

who dare to think outside the box

and who can point out the future

for others. HHK Innovation Award

inspires the participants of Delsbo

Electric to think differently so they

can help show what the next generation

of vehicles might look like.

The Innovation Award is presented

by a jury consisting of the foremost

technology experts in the Hudiksvall

Hydraulics Cluster (HHK) and

it is announced during the Delsbo

Electric banquet. The winners are

invited to come to Hudiksvall for

some great days filled with

awesome food, heaps of fun

and great, new technology.

HHK Innovation Award 2018:

Helios, Linköping University

20 21



2010 - 2020

2010 2014 2016



22 23

Schedule Delsbo Electric 2020

Thursday 16 October

Students arrive at Delsbo Station

Friday 17 October

Test-drive and COVID-19 - adjusted BBQ

Saturday 18 October

12:00 Competition

15:30 World record attempts

18:00 COVID-19 - adjusted party :)



Delsbo Hudiksvall





Lars Gustavsson

Competition- and project manager

+46 (0) 702 295 544


Paul Bogatir

HHK Innovation Award

+46 (0) 701 900 399


Please ask questions, we are here to help :)




24 25

26 27



At delsboelectric.se you can find track data as well as all energy

measurements for the competitive runs at Delsbo Electric 2019.

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