Watson Financial Associates – The Difference Between Financial Advisor and Financial Planner


Watson Financial Associates – The Difference Between

Financial Advisor and Financial Planner

Financial planners and financial advisors spelled differently but sound similar, that is why their duties

also coincide with one another. Financial advisors also include financial planning along with other

chores whereas financial planners only deal with a specific area of planning.

A financial advisor oversees the entire financial aspect of the individual or company. Andrew

Watson Wilmette is specialized in financial investments, assets planning, planning for retirements,

tax management, and debt repaid. People chose their financial planner and advisor according to

their needs. Every person has different financial status and different needs so they go for different

choices that meet their financial goals. Some people need a financial advisor for the entire wealth

management program that includes investment, insurance terms, tax management, and debt

management whereas some only need a financial planner who enables them to get out of the debt.

A financial planner also plans for retirement and education funding. Both of them have distinct fields

and thus different licenses and certificates.


you are

hiring a financial advisor of the planner it is most important to assess your needs and priorities which

meet the respective designations. Thus, you can Cleary make your decision according to your

requirements. Watson Financial Associatesis a team of financial advisors who are licensed and have

years of experience. They are expert in their work field. Both the financial advisor and planner

understand your needs and according to that plans for your financial requirements. Everyone grows

with different financial needs and they have different goals so the financial advisor plans different

strategy which is grounded on the source of income, needs, budget, and expenditures. A wide area is

covered under the financial advisor, he will plan every sector of yours which is related to finance.

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