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Lincoln rugby

patron’s love

of the game

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Pedal to the metal in lockdown

• By Jacob Page

PREBBLETON racing car

driver Jaden Ransley has had to

cool his tyres like everyone else

but he is still getting his racing


The 18-year-old secured a

late drive in the ARG eSport

Cup which will feature V8 Supercars

legend Garth Tander.

Ransley will drive a virtual

Track Tec Racing Audi for the

series which had its first round

on the famed Mt Panorama

Track at Bathurst on Thursday


Ransley managed a 12th and

then a fourth in the two races

to sit sixth out of more than 50


Ransley has been one of the

stars of the past season, putting

in some stunning drives

in his Toyota 86 in the New

Zealand championship, and

with one round to go still has a

mathematical shot at the title if

racing resumes after the Coronavirus


But he’s been twiddling his

thumbs with the enforced lockdown

and is itching to keep

his skills and competitive spirit

sharp in the virtual series.

“It’s certainly something I’ve

never done before and while

there were a few teething issues

with it system-wise it was fun

to race other drivers and mates

and have a laugh and some

banter,” he said.

READY TO RACE: Jaden Ransley’s race car simulator looks and feels like the real thing.

“Everyone is racing hard

but if you hit someone then

you have a laugh about it – it’s

certainly a lot cheaper than a

normal crash.”

Each virtual car has the same

mechanical set-up so it is up to

the driver to be the differencemaker.

Ransley said he grew up with

a PlayStation 3 with a steering

wheel and accelerator pedals

but this was a step-up.

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• By Devon Bolger


people struggling to pay their

rates due to Covid-19 will be

discussed by the district council


Mayor Sam Broughton said:

“We must look at how households

and businesses can pay their

rates. Lowering penalties for latepayments

and perhaps creating a

payment referral scheme where

the next year of

rates could be

paid over the next

2 or 3 years are

options to help

people and businesses


The topic will be

discussed at a full

district council

meeting, he said.



It follows the Christchurch City

Council’s announcement last

week it would grant businesses

with a 30 per cent decline in

actual or predicted revenue over

the course of a month compared

to the same period last year due to

the virus, a six-month extension

on rates payments.

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Connecting Your Community

– page 4


The local news


for Cantabrians

Thursday, March 19, 2020

– pages 6 & 7

ACTION: Six city counci lors including

Catherine Chu, Sam MacDonald (top right),

James Daniels (above left) and Aaron

Keown have ca led on Mayor Lianne Dalziel

to lead a conversation on how to achieve a

zero per cent rates increase this year.

• By Louis Day

CALLS HAVE b en made to

stop rates increases in response

to the Covid-19 crisis.

City counci lors James Gough,

Sam MacDonald, Catherine

Chu, Phil Mauger, Aaron Keown

and James Daniels have sent a

le ter to Mayor Lianne Dalziel

asking her to lead a conversation

as to how a zero per cent rates

increase could be achieved this


The city council is proposing

an average rates increase of 4.65

per cent acro s a l ratepayers in

this year’s Draft Annual Plan

which is cu rently under public

consultation until April 5 and

wi l be finalised before July 1.

The 2018-2028 Long Term

Plan also predicts a 50 per cent

rates increase over 10 years.

Said Cr MacDonald: “In

the cu rent environment it’s

clear business as usual is not

appropriate and the council

needs to l ok at how we enable

this 12-month rates increase

fr eze to o cur, it’s crucial for

the economic confidence of our


Ms Dalziel said the las thing the council’s budget, which is urchNZ, the Canterbury Employers’

Chamber of Commerce

the city council n eded was for not entirely funded by rates, and

someone to hi the panic bu ton. the consequences that wi l flow and other key players so we are

“Calm heads must and wi l from decisions we make. best prepared for the economic

prevail,” she said.

“The Annual Plan is not cha lenges that lie ahead.”

“Our residents and busine ses signed off for thr e months so City council chief executive

wi l be depending on us to we have time to ge this advice. Dawn Baxendale did not rule a

make adjustments, and we wi l, A the same time, the council zero rates rise out.

however, we wi l n ed advice is m eting with our economic “We’re considering a series of

on the impacts on a l aspects of development agency, Christch-

options in light of the extraordinary

circumstances related to the economy in response to the

Covid-19. We wi l discu s these Covid-19 pandemic.

options with elected members The bi gest b ost is $5.1

as we develop the Annual Plan,” billion towards wage subsidies

she said.

for affected businesses in all

The push from city counci lors sectors and regions.

for a freeze on rates rises comes •Tips for weathering virus, p3

shortly after Minister of Finance

•Mayor’s column, p9

Grant Robertson announced

a $12.1 bi lion package to aid •From the editor’s desk, p10

No review

A message

Councillor takes

Davids heads

Views on

Lively group


of love, unity

matters into

community board cricket nets



and prayers

his own hands

advocating body sought

St Patrick’s Day


for peace

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Bid to






funding to

could take



a while



RESIDENTS MOST affected by

• By Louis Day


the new Northern Motorway are


Connecting Your Community



be a while until



Connecting Your Community relieved to hear the Christchurch TUESDAY,

MARCH 24, 2020

Connecting Your Community

• By Georgia O’Connor-Harding

the eastern suburbs start to

Northern Corridor opening has

see Lianne Dalziel’s campaign

been delayed by six months.

THE earthquake-damaged

aspirations for the area come to

The CNC was due to open in

former Sockburn Service Centre


the middle of this year, but last

could finally be demolished in

During October’s local body

week the New

July – if the funding needed is

elections, Ms Dalziel identified

Zealand Transport


It comes as the


repairs to the eastern part of the

city’s footpaths, pipes and roads

announced more


as one of her main priorities for

time was needed

this term.

to complete the


“We need a fully integrated

$290m motorwayten

in its draft

Board has writ-

programme of works for the

east, I have loosely called this

The original

submission to

Readers respond

Chance to the eastern alliance, which

scope of the

the city council’s

would essentially be an alliance Helpless to


Delay in

Market day

project has been Mark Wilson

Annual Plan

Mike Mora

to supermarket

farewell Holden

of contractors who can take

extended include


making mall

goes green at 2019-2020,

stop property

captain the whole area bit by bit and

a third southbound lane on

requesting the city council addresses

the budget gap so the


in style

systematically get the work

the Waimakariri River bridge and


with cup done,” she said during the

a clip-on win

exit safer

Cashmere HS


buildings can be removed as soon


St Albans resident Mark Wilson

as possible.

Page 8

GIRL Page BOSS: Julia 17 Holmes But chief wants executive to be a Dawn geneticist after Page high school, 3 and feels the GirlBoss Advantage programme will Page help 10 said GIRL the BOSS: community Julia Holmes are “somewhat

her achieve thankful” her for dreams. the delay.

Page 3

PHOTO: GEOFF SLOAN Page 11 said the final submission is yet to

wants to be a geneticist after high school, and feels the GirlBoss Advantage programme will help Board chairman Mike Mora

her achieve her dreams. Baxendale said any request to


• By Bea Gooding

pursue a specific for biology, project in and the from a young Julia is one of 25 young were often male-dominated, •“The By community Bea Gooding will be somewhat

thankful for a reprieve of the

for biology, and from a young Julia is one of 25 young were often male-dominated, be completed but it was likely the

east would have age to has be always agreed been interested women chosen around the with particular focus on science,

technology, engineering

age has always been interested women chosen around the with particular focus on science,

technology, engineering requested.

demolition of the site would be

FIFTEEN-YEAR-OLD upon Julia by council.

effects of this motorway for six

South New Brighton School pupil Jacob McMillan enjoying the foam pit at Christchurch School of

City councillors are yet to pass

Gymnastics, which opened its doors to pupils while the school was closed due to fire damage.

Holmes is on a mission on to

in how things worked, often country to participate in the



in how things worked, often country to participate in the

months, but it’s still there. Until

taking things apart just to put GirlBoss Advantage programme

next month, designed She was shocked to hear the

and maths.

Holmes is on a mission to Rates

taking things apart just to put GirlBoss Advantage programme

next month, designed She was shocked to hear the Main South Rd, has been a source

and maths.

The former service centre, on

make a difference in the world. any guidance them to back staff together. around

decisions are made to put our

make a difference in the world. them back together.

•Story, more photos, page 5

PHOTO: GEOFF The SLOAN year 11 St Margaret’s this, she said.

community first, then there is no

That passion has landed her to mentor the female leaders news from her mother.

The year 11 St Margaret’s That passion has landed her to mentor the female leaders news from her mother.

of tension for years with residents

College student has a passion •Turn to page the 5

relief,” he said.

opportunity granted

of her dreams. of tomorrow in industries that • Turn to page 6

College student has a passion decision

the opportunity of her dreams. of tomorrow in industries that • Turn to page 7

unhappy with the state of the site.

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Rejuvenate your lacquered CEDAR BLINDS

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Rejuvenate your lacquered CEDAR BLINDS

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the district







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Collett’s Corner, a three-storey

Sonya Hodder got behind

Said district


the above proposed centre based


complex, is now a step closer to

idea after one of its




in I Zone Park Rolleston.

Keep warm WE ARE OPEN being built on Oxford St after

posted asking if residents






Mon - Fri

Mon - Fri

+ Healthy

Christchurch City Council

willing to support people



“(We) will

On site facilities will include Mon - Fri

8.00am to 5.00pm approved the consent application

8.00am to 5.00pm are self-isolating

the following:




guided by


8.00am to 5.00pm

from Ohu Development - the

D Security Fence, Swipe food card, and Gate other supplies.


D Dump Station On Site

group behind the project.


Said Mrs Hodder:


D Trickle “One


of Feed the Power



The project is being funded by

D CCTV Camera ladies who is in Dthe guidelines

Office group works


And Toilet Complex


Ph 377 0770,

Ph 377 0770,

Ph 377 0770,

Caleb Griffioen 0276 370 231

47 Mandeville St, Riccarton Ph 377 the first crowdfunding 0034 campaign

D Wash Down Facility for the Red Cross Dand relation

Affordable she’s like

to fifnancial

David Ward

Rental Charges

under taken in New Zealand for a

47 Mandeville St, Riccarton an emergency person, you



47 Mandeville St, Riccarton


commercial development.


she goes out with the





Reply to:

However, before work starts on

It is



that, and

be a



came up

the complex, Ohu Development



the idea and so I agreed that

will need to raise between

we should

Mr Ward

use our



it is still too



$800,000 and $1.4 million in its

as an

to tell



if anybody

what assistance



second round of crowdfunding,




will need.

which is planned to start on














it will





we are





the supermarkets

The public will decide whether

at how we




to the



DEDICATED: Dave Bryce is passionate about gardening as it is sustainable and promotes healthy eating. GIRL BOSS: Julia Holmes wants to be a geneticist after high school, and feels the GirlBoss Advantage programme will help

or not the second crowdfunding


For us,




about responsiveness

like that but

her achieve her dreams.


bid will go ahead on that date.







to know


how it’s going

• By Jess Gibson

the chairman of Redcliffs/Te Features and was one of seven At the moment, edible

• By Bea GoodingIn a survey by Ohu from a young age has always Julia is one of 25 young industries that were oten maledominated,

with particular “I


to pan out.

the safety of staff

WITH MORE than 100 edible

Rae Kura Eco Village Group, recognised in the Residential items in Mr Bryce’s garden

Development, people been can interested in how things women chosen around the









our communities.”


species in his garden, Dave

was successful at the Linwood- House Category.

include pumpkins, courgettes, WEST MELTON’S choose Julia whether they worked, think oten the taking things country to participate in focus on science, technology, need to let us know what they

Bryce would give any vegetable

Central-Heathcote Edible

The awards were presented to beans, lettuce, rhubarb, Holmes celery,

It follows calls from

is on a mission crowdfunding to campaign apart just should to put them back the GirlBoss Advantage engineering and maths.

need and we’ll do our best to

shop a run for its money. Garden Awards.

Mr Bryce at a ceremony held at tomatoes, berries, nuts make and

Christchurch city councillors to

a difference continue, the world.

should together. be paused

programme next month,

She was shocked to hear the help,” she said.

the worst happens.

Network] are about, that’s why tricky if the supermarkets stop aged not to actually go there if

Which is why the Mt

He received a special

the Matuku Takotako: Sumner herbs among others.

stop rates increases in response

The fifteen-year-old until has the Covid-19 outbreak That passion is has landed her designed to mentor the

news from her mother.

Mrs Hodder said there is no “I just think anything to help we exist.

working and things like that, and they’re sick, but to phone in and

to the Covid-19 crisis.

Pleasant resident, who is also award for Best Sustainability Centre earlier this month.

• Turn to page 6 a passion for biology, brought and under control. the opportunity of her dreams. female leaders of tomorrow in • Turn to page 5

need to panic but it is important our community, that’s what we “We’ve got to look after each the doctors, it’s hard for them as things like that,” she said.

those who can help do

• Turn







[the Spreydon Neighbourhood other. I guess it’s going to get well. People need to be encour-

•Turn to page 6

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Connecting Your Community

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The local news


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Wednesday April 8 2020

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Watering newly laid

grass on Whitehorn

Drive, Rosemerryn,


More lockdown photos

from the district on

page 5.

•Send your lockdown

photos to newsroom@ and we

may publish them on


Devon Bolger

Ph: 021 914 742


Lynette Evans

Ph: 364 7434

Getting fit and avoiding

head-on collisions

“I HAVEN’T been this fit . . .

ever,” came the exasperated

response to my nod as I kept my

distance and curved away past her.

She was going one way, and

I was going the other, like the

thousands of others who are

pounding the streets during


Yes, like the woman with the

big smile, bright pink shirt, white

hat, and small dog in tow, I have

got the running shoes back on.

Not that mine had

been left totally idle

in recent months, but

they could have been

laced up more often

than they have.

Since the lockdown,

I have been out once

and sometimes twice

a day. And it is paying

off. The kilos are falling

off, and I am feeling

much much fitter.

There are people

of all shapes, sizes

and levels of fitness

out on the pavements

and roads. Everyone

seems happy. You

wave, nod and if you

are at a reasonable


in a


Read it also on

distance, say

“gidday mate,”

“how are ya,”

“good thanks.”

But everyone

knows to keep

their distance.

Blind corners and

narrow tracks are

the most treacherous

areas. But you

know to run wide

of the corners

and keep an eye

out on tracks for

anyone ahead.

The days of

stopping for a

breather to give

a friendly dog a

Message in

a bubble will

be a regular


journey with

Star Media

editor in chief

Barry Clarke

pat are gone for now. I suspect

most dogs now seem to realise

that too.

So life for many in the bubble

will almost certainly mean we will

emerge fitter, maybe even too for

an older campaigner spotted at the

weekend on his bike.

But as he rode towards a

certain residence, a driveway

meeting was happening, and

of course a little bit of harmless

liquid refreshment was being

consumed – all from a very safe

distance I am told.

He knew those at the meeting,

stopped for a chat and possibly

something else.

Great for the mental health in

these troubling times.

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Hodder says

the Spreydon


Network will help

residents if they

have to selfisolate


of Covid-19.




SAY: Tell us

what you’re

doing to help

your community

prepare for

Covid-19? Email


SELWYN TIMES Latest Canterbury news at

Wednesday April 8 2020 3


Volunteers dedicated to helping

the community through lockdown

• By Devon Bolger

VOLUNTEERS IN the district

are checking in on the elderly,

answering questions and coordinating

food deliveries amid

the Covid-19 pandemic.

District council community

resilience co-ordinator Sue Jenkins

said there are about 180

volunteers that

makeup 33 civil

defence community



“They are using

Selwyn Gets

Sue Jenkins

Ready to identify

elderly and vulnerable

people and contacting

them all by phone. If any needs

are identified then they are being

met locally where possible and if

not passed on to the Selwyn Civil

Defence Emergency Management

team working in the emergency

operations centre,” she said.

The members are also answering

random queries, explaining advice

on the Covid-19 website, arranging

neighbours or local volunteers

to drop off groceries and pick up

medicine and prescriptions.

“Listening and offering social

support to those living alone.

Connecting people, via phone,

who can solve local issues.

“The feedback I have heard

from community response teams

has been extremely positive and

what they are doing is much appreciated

by those they are contacting

and helping,” she said.

Darfield community eam

deputy leader Marcel Van Leeuwen

said they are working hard

with other organisations in the

township to help

“The team is working through

the list of contacts we have in every

street and making sure that communication

lines exist and stay

open. At this stage everything is

still quiet but I think this second

week might get a bit busier.

“We are asking our street

contacts to check their street

and information we have on the

people in their street,” he said.

Mr Van Leeuwen said they are

also staying in contact with other

welfare groups in Darfield.

“They are organising grocery

and medical deliveries in conjunction

with Four Square and

HEROES: Selwyn


response team

volunteers before

assisting with

Meals on Wheels

as part of their

work alongside

32 other teams

to help the


through the

lockdown. ​

the chemist. Hopefully things

will go right and the curve will

go down and things will get back

to normal soon.”

The Arthur’s Pass community

response team is organising food

deliveries and safe dispersal of

food for the village.

They are also managing the

distribution of books and games

for people needing things to stay


• If you have urgent welfare

needs you can call 0800

SELWYN (735 996) to

connect with your local team

In Brief


A car fire in Prebbleton on

Thursday is being treated as

suspicious. The fire broke out on

Shands Rd near the cemetery

at about 1.20am. A Fire and

Emergency NZ spokesman said

firefighters from the Wigram

station attended and the car was

well involved when they arrived. It

was deemed to be suspicious and

the police have been notified.


The Rolleston based Husky

Rescue NZ may have to close

or reduce its number of dogs

due to loss of tourism from

the Covid-19 pandemic. The

charity, which currently has

upwards of 70 dogs in its care

needs to find an alternative to

the income it was earning. Go to

Donate/ to help.


The district’s recycling will now

temporarily be disposed of as

general rubbish. The kerbside

recycling processing partner

EcoCentral Ltd have had to

pause operations because of the

risk of Covid-19 contamination

for staff. A district council

spokesman said the collection

process will not change, and

people should keep sorting

recycling, and putting out their

bins as normal.

Hear Well, Stay Well,


Your hearing is important. Phone consultations & remote

adjustments (when possible), repair pick up/drop off,

batteries and hearing aid supplies may still available during

Alert Level 4. Please contact us for more information.

Text 021 184 3138

Call 03 390 2332



Local Selwyn Audiology

Easter Kerbside

Bin Collection


78 Rolleston Drive, Rolleston

10 Years in Selwyn

Richard Gray

Kate Warren

Anita Molloy-Roberts

Belinda Ferguson

Emma-Jane Moore


T: (03) 374 2547

E: reception

Offices also located at:

43 Gerald Street, Lincoln

225 Papanui Road, Christchurch

Good Friday – 10 April

All collections scheduled for this day will take place

on Saturday 11 April.

All other collection days will occur as normal.

To receive these alerts via text visit

4 Wednesday April 8 2020

Latest Canterbury news at


Ransley gets his racing fix

• From page 1

“The boys from Racing

Sims in Christchurch have

given me this simulator for

the lockdown and I’ve never

experienced anything like it.

“It’s pretty much a race car

with no wheels and no roof

over your head.

“The pedal box, the wheel

and the same amount of force

and feedback is what you get if

Small psyllid devastating to potato crops


Mike Bowie is an ecologist who specialises in

entomology (insects and other invertebrates).

Each week he introduces a new species found in

his backyard at Lincoln. His column aims to raise

public awareness of biodiversity, the variety of

living things around us. Check out the full list

of invertebrates found at


A NEW pest recently found on

my tomatoes for the first time

is the tomato potato psyllid

(Bactericera cockerelli).

The pest psyllid comes from

North and Central America

and arrived in New Zealand

about 2006 and is spreading

throughout the country.

The adults are about the size



Jaden Ransley

behind the

wheel with

his in-home



you were actually racing,”

he said.

“The seat is a motion seat

with traction loss so you

can feel the car sliding under

you and then you have a

50 inch curved screen so

you can see where you are


The series will run over

April and May with round two

set for late next week.

of aphids but look like miniature

cicadas. They have transparent,

membraneous wings and a

distinctive white band across

their abdomens.

The females lay yellow, oblong

eggs that are attached to plants

by small stalks.

Flat oval-shaped, scale-like

nymphs hatch from eggs and

Stock owners now

face prosecution

for crashes

• By Devon Bolger

A NEW stock driving

bylaw has come into

effect that may see

an owner face police

prosecution if their

animal causes a crash.

The bylaw, which

came into force on

April 1, is an update

of the one put in place

in 2008 under the

requirements to review a

bylaw within 10 years.

There are 25 minor

amendments from the original

bylaw to provide additional

descriptions, clarifications, or

updated information.

The changes from the original

bylaw include:

The owner of a wandering animal

can face police prosecution if

the animal causes a crash, while

the district council can recover

costs of removing an animal that

was wandering on the road.

Stock is not allowed to graze on

a road with a speed limit of 60km

or less and it has been clarified

attach to



usually, but

not always on the underside.

Although nymphs can move

around on their six legs, they

mostly stay motionless with their

sap-sucking stylets inserted in

host plants, commonly potatoes

and tomatoes.

Nymph colour changes as they

age from a pale yellow to tan and

Mark Chamberlain

that the district council

does not provide

financial assistance

for underpasses or upgrade

of a carriageway.

During public

consultation, three

submissions were


They were

considered by a

bylaw subcommittee

consisting of

councillors Grant Miller and

Murray Lemon in November last

year, two submitters spoke to

their submission.

District council team

leader transportation Mark

Chamberlain said in a report:

“There was a consideration of

the submissions received, the

additional points raised by

the submitters and a general

consideration of the proposed


• To find out more go to:


greenish brown.

Development is temperaturedependant

and as many as seven

to eight generations can occur in

the Auckland climate.

The psyllid is also a vector

of a pathogenic bacterium

which turns leaves yellow or

brown and affects plant health,

quality and productivity of




on rates



• From page 1

Individuals who have suffered

a loss of employment or have

qualified for the Government’s

wage subsidy will also be

eligible for the six-month


A financial update report will

also be tabled at the meeting

district council meeting today

outlining the possible impacts

of the coronavirus.

“It’s hard to assess to assess the

financial impacts at this stage. My

very high level best guess shows

our immediate cash requirements

being lower than previously forecast

and it is based on the impact

of the full impact of Covid-19

restrictions being felt over an

eight week period.

“The key message for council

is that we are in a strong financial

position, have sufficient liquid

assets to fund our cash flow

needs for the coming months

and we are in a good position

to respond to changing circumstances,”

it says in the report

Mr Broughton said it is

important to find a balance

between keeping the economy

going and understanding the

landscape has changed.

“An artificial lowering of rates

would mean we just have to

catch up in years to come which

I don’t think is a responsible

way to fund the council.

“We have to expect that fees

and charges would be down,

investment returns would be

lower and we would also

have to rely more heavily on

borrowing,” he said.


you like to see the district

council implement a form

of assistance for struggling

ratepayers? Email your

views to devon.bolger@

Manufacturers of Fine Natural Pet Food

Dog Mix &

Musterer’s Mix

2 for $90

Plus get a 3rd FREE

Phone (03) 347 0626

Shop 4, 855 Jones Road, Rolleston (opposite Redpaths)

Mon-Tue 9am-5pm, Wed-Fri 9am-5.30pm, Sat 10am-1pm

SELWYN TIMES Latest Canterbury news at

Wednesday April 8 2020 5

Lockdown life in Selwyn


A glance at how life has been in the district during

the lockdown. All photos are taken from a safe

distance, and we comply with best safety practice

these trying times

The fence is not going to paint itself. Whitehorn Drive, Rosemerryn.

Walking the dogs on Masefield Drive, Rolleston.

Good social distancing practised on Gerald St, Lincoln.

Out enjoying the sun on Gerald St.

Getting some gardening done on Kildare Tce, Lincoln.

Countdown Rolleston.

The lockdown is a good chance to catch up on

home maintenance, Lowes Rd, Rolleston.


Electronic sign on Rolleston Drive, Rolleston.

Ravelli ULEB Wood Pellet Fires

Steven Moe

Rolleston Lawyers

We are proud to be open in Rolleston

servicing all of Selwyn.

PauL owenS

We handle a full range of legal issues from conveyancing to

company matters, employment issues, family matters and disputes.

We are located at 68 Rolleston Drive (near Countdown).

Please contact us to arrange a time to meet.

68 Rolleston Drive Phone 03 348 8480

CoRa GRanGeR

Pellet and Wood Fire Specialists

472 Blenheim Road


Phone: 03 343 1651

Open 8:30am - 5pm

Sat 10am - 1pm

6 Wednesday April 8 2020

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Our People


Gavin Barclay

Patron’s journey from Lincoln to lions and back

Gavin Barclay’s life has

taken him on many

unexpected adventures.

One constant has been

the Lincoln Rugby

Football Club.

The patron of the club

talks to Selwyn Times

sports reporter Jacob

Page about rugby, the

ups-and-downs of

farming and a sabbatical

in South Africa

How did your association

with rugby at Lincoln begin?

I had my first game of senior

rugby in 1959 at the age of 19.

I lived between Prebbleton

and Lincoln initially and then

we moved to Yaldhurst but I

kept coming back and playing

because that was the best option

at the time.

I played junior rugby at Waimate

but I retired (from the division

one team at Lincoln) in 1978 after

19 years as a blindside flanker.

After that I played lower grade

stuff, golden oldies and touch

rugby in the middle of the week.

How was life as a blindside

flanker in those days?

Tough, physical and nononsense

but I loved it.

How did you transition from

player into a back-room role at

the club?

I didn’t really, in fact I was

president while I was still playing

and I represented the club at the

sub-union meetings.

That was in the early 70s and

you only did 12-month stints

back then. But after I retired, I

was president again and it had

gone up to two years.

What was it like leading a

club back in the 1970s and 80s?

It’s ironic, when we started we

got changed in a container and

there were no showers which is a

contrast of course to modern day.

They were still great times, the

comraderie was there.

It was the days of six o’clock

closing so you’d spend a short

amount of time in the clubrooms

PASSIONATE: Lincoln Rugby Football Club patron Gavin Barclay, 80, is eager to get back to

watching rugby when normal life resumes.


and you’d go somewhere else.

Were there particular places

and trips that stood out?

If we played in Leeston, I remember

we always used to have

a big fry-up using goose eggs.

Our regular place was the Lincoln

Hotel which has always been

a great supporter of our club.

Did you have a lot of success

on the field?

During the war (World War II)

it merged with Springston then after

that each club went on its own.

We had a long, lean period and

then in 1968 we were runners-up

in division one. That was a huge

milestone in the club.

We had a run in the 70s with a

wonderfully stable team.

We had a coach in Mark Marshall,

who was a blade shearer

and he was the catalyst for our

success during that period.

I remember one year in the late

70s near the end of my senior

days, two of my boys won their

rugby final, I won mine and my

wife Faye won her netball final

all on the same day.

We followed our boys as they

played in town and got to senior

rugby but once they gave it up I

came back to the club.

What made you so passionate

about the game?

I love amateur rugby. I love

that all the guys play for the love

of the game. Rugby is so precious

to us.

The skills and fitness level is so

much better than in our day and

the improvement is dramatic.

Why do you think the

modern day game is better in

terms of skill quality?

Increased emphasis on training

and the technical side of the game.

Compared to what we did, we

were country bumpkins.

How did your life on the farm

work with the rugby?

Initially we farmed on Springs

Rd in Prebbleton and later had a

farm in Yaldhurst.

I tell you something, you don’t

need to be a gambler when you’re

a farmer because each year can

be different.

I was a sixth generation farmer

and we had 3400 ewes and 800

replacement stock.

In the late 80s we had a bad

drought and my wife said ‘this is

no way to live, we’re taking a 12

month sabbatical.’

Well, farmers didn’t really take

sabbaticals but in 1990 we went

to South Africa and worked on

a game reserve inland from Port

Elizabeth in Cape Town.

We did things differently to

most in that young people go

overseas and then have kids

where we went overseas once our

kids were grown up.

We were booked to go on the

Cavaliers tour in 1986 to watch

the All Blacks (in South Africa)

but decided not to go because of

the uncertainty around it all.

Then four years later we had

this opportunity come up.

We only planned to be there

one year but we stayed from 1990

to 1993.

South Africa must have been

an adjustment?

It was a total shock to the system

but at the same time it was

very stimulating.

I was a project manager, just

doing my part keeping the place

going, odd jobs etc.

We had 28 species of antelope

plus the lions, leopard and rhinos

- it was quite something.

There was only one close shave

when an elephant tried to charge

at us. He eventually ran out of

steam but it was bloody scary.

It was a great social period for

us because we’d play tennis in the

winter and cricket in the summer.

All matches would start at

10.30am with a cup of coffee and

then games would go throughout

the day but you’d stop for lunch

and afternoon tea - they are great


It was the grandchildren that

drew us back home but we’d had

a good stint and we were happy

with the decision.

Was it hard to come back?

We got it out of our systems

pretty quickly and went back to


We went back several times

and the families we worked with

over there, we’ve been able to

help out with work over here so

it’s been great.

What role did rugby play for

you socially?

We would have gone senile

without it. It was important to

get off the farm and have some

form of socialising.

Do you have any favourite

rugby memories?

Being on tour watching the 1996

All Blacks in South Africa when

they finally won a test series there.

I remember Fitzy (former All

Blacks captain Sean Fitzpatrick)

on the ground exhausted at the

final whistle, it was quite special

because he was absolutely spent.

What does it mean to you to

be patron at Lincoln?

It’s incredibly humbling.

I retired to Lincoln 10 years

ago and it’s just great to still be

part of the club.

I really take my hat off to people

involved in sports clubs these days.

It’s a lot of time and energy

that is sacrificed to keep them

going and there are so many

more teams than in my day.

What is life like in your

bubble during isolation?

It’s not as bad as I thought it

would be. I’ve got into a routine

with the newspaper, crosswords

and puzzles and I get on the

phone to my relatives and we

have a good catch up.

We’re for



The new local

news destination

for Cantabrians

SELWYN TIMES Latest Canterbury news at

Wednesday April 8 2020 7

Canterbury, we are

all in this together.

We know you have a lot on your minds right now, so we wanted to let

you know that we’ll do our best to take care of your banking.

Here are just a few of the ways Westpac can help:

• Repayment deferrals * or reductions for 6 months for home loan

and personal loan customers who have suffered negative income or

health impacts as a result of Covid-19.

• For personal customers who need to break their Term Investment^,

we will not reduce the rate of return where hardship criteria is met.

See our hardship withdrawal policy on

For more information on the ways we can help with your banking,

please visit

Yours faithfully,

Linda Edmonds

Westpac Regional Manager Canterbury.

Terms and conditions apply. * If repayments are deferred, interest will continue to be charged and will be added to the loan

balance, which will increase the amount owed. ^A reduced rate of return for Term Investments will not apply where

an application is made to Westpac NZ on or before 26 September 2020. Westpac New Zealand Limited.



Wednesday April 8 2020

Latest Canterbury news at

Selwyn Times

Essential jobs

connector launched

We’re delighted to have teamed up with online platform Selwyn App to launch a service

connecting job seekers with essential service businesses looking for employees during this

COVID-19 period.

Many essential businesses are currently finding it difficult to employ the staff they need, because

of sickness or workers being in vulnerable categories, or due to a significant increase in workload.

The Essential Jobs link provides essential businesses needing some extra help with a way to list

their available jobs – and for workers to find out about opportunities.

It’s a bit like a ‘dating app’ for essential service businesses to find people with the skills they may

need urgently during this Alert Level 4 lockdown period. Businesses can list their vacancies at no

charge, while job seekers can see a list of all current opportunities and contact the businesses

directly to find out more.

Group Manager Community Services and Facilities Denise Kidd says the partnership offered

another positive way for the Council to support people through the lockdown and beyond.

“This was a really good opportunity for us to be part of supporting our community at this time and

the essential businesses and to ensure that those businesses are able to keep up the great work

that they are doing.”

The Essential Jobs link is easy to find on The Selwyn App, which can be downloaded free for

Android or Apple devices.

Stories from our households

to yours

Some of our community team are putting together a series of stories

on how Selwyn residents are handling self-isolation and spending

their days. We hope it will inspire you with some ideas and we’d love

to hear your creative ways of spending your days.

For Rolleston resident and new mother, Ashleigh McKenna, the

lockdown has provided some opportunities for completing odd jobs

and falling in love with walking the dog again.

Ashleigh and her partner Jason continue their routine of waking up

early to feed the baby, walking their black Labrador Izzy at lunch time

and putting baby Ava to sleep at 6pm, but there is now time to get

odd jobs done around the house they would usually put off doing.

“We moved into this house end of last year, so there’s landscaping

outside that we’ve had to do and final touches on the house. It’s

been good putting shelves up and tidying the garage.”

Ashleigh admits it is nice having her partner home to spend more

time with their 18 week old baby and lend a hand.

Activities like walking the dog would normally feel like a chore,

but for Ashleigh these activities during lockdown have become

more enjoyable.

“I guess maybe the things you took for granted, you look forward to.

The one thing we look forward to every day is getting out and going

for a walk.”

When asked what it is like being a new mother during lockdown,

Ashleigh said she is more worried and extra cautious when

shopping at the supermarket.

“If it was just me and my partner I don’t think I’d worry so much. I

think having her adds an element to it, I’m just that little bit more

scared she could get sick and something could happen.”

Waking up early for the baby has helped Ashleigh keep to a good

routine and be more productive, rather than sleeping in.

Keeping a routine makes time go a bit faster and makes you

appreciate tasks like long walks down country roads with your tailwagging

face-licking companion, she says

Library helps out doctors with 3D printers

Selwyn Libraries have been helping out local medical staff with the use of four 3D printers.

The libraries team has printed almost 100 face masks for distribution to Selwyn medical centres and

other essential workers to help them keep working and stay safe during the pandemic.

Libraries Digital Futures Coordinator Mark Lawrence says they responded to a request online for help.

Mr Lawrence set to work at home using the libraries’ four 3D printers, a laminator, and a design by a

Czech company to print the masks.

“We saw the call from a customer whose wife is a General Practitioner to assist in the production of

this important piece of safety equipment that is in short supply. The 3D printers are playing a tune in my

garage at present as they print a run.

The plan is to distribute to doctors surgeries, pharmacists and dentists and others in the district who

are on the front line working for the community.”

Mr Lawrence says three Selwyn residents with 3D printers got in touch online and are helping out with

the effort. They have over 30 companies including dentists, vets, midwives and supermarkets on a list

that they are looking to supply with priority going to doctors and nurses.

Next steps for Springs

Ward reserve

The next steps on the plan for a new reserve development on Birchs

Road are under way after public consultation on the proposed


The Council ran public consultation on a draft design for the reserve

late last year, which received positive feedback from community,

Council Major Projects Manager John Reid says.

A revised plan is being drawn up to include the feedback we

received and an application will be lodged to designate the land

for recreational purposes in the next few months. As part of this

process there will be an opportunity to make submissions on the

revised proposal.

The Council would like to thank the community for their feedback

on the concept masterplan, Mr Reid says.

“We appreciate the time and effort that has been put in to providing

many thoughtful and overwhelmingly supportive comments. They

have helped form the revised proposal and more will be included

over time as we work on a more detailed layout of the park. We

look forward to keeping working with the community to create this

exciting community space.”

Council Call

Selwyn District Council

Norman Kirk Drive, Rolleston

Ph 0800 SELWYN (735 996)

Rolleston Library

Rolleston Drive, Rolleston

Ph 347 2880

Darfield Library & Service Centre

1 South Terrace, Darfield

Ph 318 8338 or 347 2780


Selwyn Times Latest Canterbury news at

Wednesday April 8 2020




Chateau Delice Limited has applied for the renewal of an off licence. Objections are open until 27 April.

For more information go to


Easter Friday collections will take place the next day – Saturday 11 April. Easter Monday collections

occur as normal.



Wednesday 8 April 1pm

Wednesday 15 April 1pm

Council meetings will be streamed live on

Bin collection to continue but processing

to change

Rubbish and recycling collections in Selwyn are continuing as normal during the Level 4 Alert period,

however there will be changes to the processing of recycling.

Recycling will be collected as normal, but from this week it will temporarily be taken to Pines Resource

Recovery Park for disposal as general waste.

The Council’s kerbside recycling processing partner EcoCentral Ltd has had to pause operations

because of the high risk of COVID-19 contamination for staff sorting the recycling at the regional sorting

facility in Christchurch. Because of the volume of recycling coming in every week the Council and

EcoCentral do not have the space to safely store it for sorting later.

In addition, many offshore recycling plants are closing or suspending operations because of the

pandemic, meaning there are no outlets for the materials.

Council Solid Waste Manager Andrew Boyd says the decision has not been taken lightly.

“We’re really disappointed that this step has had to be taken. We’re in the same position that many

other areas of the country find themselves in, having to make this temporary change.”

Despite the change to the way recycling is handled, the collection process will not change, and people

should keep sorting recycling, and putting out their bins as normal.

“It’s really important that you continue to sort your recycling and put it out in the yellow bin as normal.

We’ll still be collecting it from the kerbside and we will restart the processing of recyclables as soon as

possible. So it’s important to be ready and help us limit the amount of recycling going to landfill when

we are able to start recycling again.”

Our organics kerbside collection and processing is continuing as normal.

Keeping active during lockdown

Filling our days and staying active at home has become a big part

of our daily lives.

Fortunately, our Council facilities team are hard at work with ideas

to fill your days.

Over on the Council Facebook page, our recreation centres and

Selwyn Aquatic Centre have begun providing videos with fun fitness

activities to try and information on what they’re doing to stay active.

We’ve got a Mini Gym clip and some ideas for swimming practice

for kids and pre-schoolers coming. So keep an eye out for those

and more.

If you’re sick of being indoors, fortunately living in Selwyn there are

plenty of parks, reserves and trails on our doorstep.

Playgrounds, and hard surface areas including skate parks, tennis

and basketball courts are closed, but reserves, parks and dog parks

remain open to local residents.

Taking some ‘time out’ in your local park is a great way to connect

with nature, manage stress and lift our mood Council Reserves

Officer Keely Gwatkin says.

“Remember to look up at the sky, listen for birds, breathe deeply

and enjoy the colours and smells of autumn.”

A list of parks, reserves and other areas open for walks is available


If you are taking your dog for a walk, they need to stay in your

bubble including avoiding other dogs. We strongly advise keeping

them on a leash at all times.

Avoid shared surfaces such as tables and benches and places

where you can get injured or lost.

If you’re cycling, stay local and avoid cycling to another township

unless for essential travel.

For children, the great bear hunt is proving especially popular.

Count how many teddy bears you find in houses or on gates around

your neighbourhood. Use the online map to find them in your area:

Remember to keep two metres from people outside your ‘bubble’,

but don’t be afraid to give them a wave or a smile.

Stay safe, stay local, but stay healthy and have fun!

What can you do?

· Please continue to separate your recyclables

from your general waste. This is only a

temporary situation and we don’t want

people losing their good recycling skills for

when processing recommences!

· Use paper and cardboard in your fireplace

if you have one, or consider home

composting these.

· If you are considering stockpiling any

recycling, please ensure it is clean first (to

avoid odour and vermin). For plastics, we

would suggest only keeping clean plastics of

grades 1, 2 and 5 – these have the best long

term options for recycling.

Council facilities and services

All Council facilities remain closed under COVID-19 Level 4 restrictions.

For updates see

Help keep our drains flowing

If you’re looking for something else active to do during the

lockdown, take the opportunity to clean the drains outside your

house. With autumn here and wind and rain on the way, drains can

quickly become blocked with leaves. You can help avoid flooding

around your property and street by removing any leaves that are

clogging drains. Council contractors do regularly clear drains, but

leaves can quickly build up especially in windy conditions at autumn

time. So build a leaf pile for the children, make mulch for the garden

or just enjoy some time out in the fresh air helping out your street.

Leeston Library & Service Centre

19 Messines Street, Leeston

Ph 347 2871

Lincoln Library & Service Centre

Gerald Street, Lincoln

Ph 347 2876




Wednesday April 8 2020

Latest Canterbury news at


Welford humbled by volunteer award

• By Jacob Page

A LOT has changed in Weedons-

Rolleston junior cricket since

Martin Welford has been


The junior club captain was

awarded the Canterbury

Country Cricket Association‘s

Ness Wright Memorial trophy

for volunteer of the year for his


Welford, who lives in Rolleston

has contributed to junior team

numbers going from 12 to more

than 30 this past season.

He has also helped establish a

paid administration role within

the club, fostered stronger links

with Canterbury, Canterbury

Country and New Zealand


Welford has also used his

experience in the software

industry to find ways to improve

the CricHQ online scoring

system and created his own

training tool called CricNotes

which helps junior cricketers

work on a specific part of their

technique while training.

Welford said after coaching his

two sons’ junior teams, he felt it

was right to get more involved in

the club behind the scenes “three

or four years ago”.

“It’s always very humbling to

get an award like this,” he said.

“I got a text from another

guy in the club saying congratulations

which was quite a shock.

“My two boys are fanatics and

when my youngest started many

years ago, I got roped into

coaching and then I thought I

should be contributing on the

committee too.”

Welford praised the help of

former junior club captain Ross


“We are a good team and



Rolleston’s first

junior club captain

Dave Tilden, left

and current junior

club captain Martin





he’s put in a lot of time in the

club too.”

Welford said the spike in playing

numbers could be attributed

to two factors.


“One is the popularity from

the 2015 World Cup and the

other is the population growth

out here in Rolleston and we’ve

had to expand and grow because

of those two reasons,” he said.

Welford played cricket as a

child but did not play into adulthood

but he has enjoyed getting

back involved in the game.

“I’m really pleased with what

the club has been able to do and

I’m pleased I’ve been able to play

a part in guiding that.

“My goal was to get a structure

in place and a process in place

that could help run this club as it

gets bigger.

“We want a club that is

sustainable and will continue

to grow,” he said.

Welford said it will be

important to stay focused when

club sport returns after the

Covid-19 outbreak.

“I play a small part in

helping to organise things

but it is the coaches who deliver

the game and they deserve a

lot of credit.

“My role is to give them as

much support as I can so they

can get kids off the couch and

enjoying the game of cricket.”

Fun and exercise

all year round

Lagoon Pools import and install quality fibreglass swimming pools. To compliment the pools

they supply good quality equipment including salt water chlorinators, heat pumps, pool lights,

fountains and water features, swim turbines, spa jets, robotic pool cleaners and a range of covers

and roller systems including hidden and automated.

Imported from Leisure Pools in Australia, their Vinyl Ester pools are strong with six layers including

protective armour. Each pool is strength tested and has a lifetime structural and osmosis warranty.

Lagoon Pools owners Julie and Warren are dealers for Leisure Pools in the North Canterbury to

Southland area, and agents for the Elite Hideaway Roller system.

Call Lagoon Pools on 0800 927 282 or 349 2160, email or visit: They are open by appointment only.

tree trouble?

call us 384 9630

t h e t r e e p e o p l e

f o u r s e a s o n s t r e e C a r e

Fall in love

Is your vehicle not running

to it’s full potential?

Is it lacking power or

blowing black smoke?

Diesel Fix can give you a no Fuss assessment

• Specialist in fuel injection and efi

injector repairs

• Diesel and Petrol Injectors repairs

• Diesel injection pump repairs

• Large selection of service

exchange pumps and

injectors available

• Vehicle scanning and diagnostic

• Compression testing



Mon to Fri 8am-5pm, Sat 9am-1pm

821 Jones Road, Rolleston

Phone 0274 368 154 or 03 3477108


03 349 2160

0800 92 72 82

with your favourite

furniture all over again!

• Recover your chairs and couches

and save money!

• Excellent range of fabrics

• Quality workmanship guaranteed

• Free quotes available

• Over 30 years experience

To all our clients - stay safe and take

care of each other during this time…


Somerfield Upholstery welcome

you to email for a quote online:

Somerfield Upholstery Ltd


6/47 Sonter Road, Wigram | Ph 021 251 6200 | 349 0456

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Wednesday April 8 2020 11

Live, Love, Shop Local

West Melton

Essential services

available locally







of other New

Zealanders, are

trying to keep

themselves occupied

at home during the

four-week lockdown period.

However, they do have the

benefit of three local businesses that are

providing them with essential products and


As Brent Little, owner operator of the

West Melton Four Square, explains, “We

are an essential service and we will remain

open throughout all alert levels as we are

committed to feeding the West Melton


“We are constantly receiving deliveries

and restocking shelves so we can continue

to meet the needs of our customers. We

encourage all customers to please shop as

they normally would and only buy what

they need so that there is enough to go

around for everyone.”

He notes that customers will start to see

a number of protective measures in place at

the store to keep customers and staff safe,

including hand sanitiser around the store,

trolley wipes, increased cleaning of hightouch

areas including checkouts, protective

screens at checkouts, two-metre distancing

lines around checkouts and limited

numbers instore.

“Our customers have adhered to

maintaining the appropriate physical

distance and are adjusting well to our new

guidelines in store,” Brent says.

“We are grateful for their patience and

understanding during these challenging

times. We’re all in this together.”

The West Melton Unichem Pharmacy

continues to run each day as normal, only

with slightly different hours, says manager

Chris Leggett. The pharmacy’s Facebook

page has daily updates of any changes to

normal procedures.

“We are here to provide help and

advice to our customers, as well as

filling prescriptions and providing the

flu vaccination, depending on stocks.

Customers need to phone us to book a


All customers are screened before

entering the pharmacy, Chris says. They are

asked if they are feeling unwell, or if they

have been overseas within the last 14 days,

though this will change as time goes by.

“If they are not well they are asked to

go back to their car and phone us for

prescription enquiries or other advice.”

For customers unable to visit the

pharmacy, they offer a prescription

West Melton Pharmacy

delivery service to ensure people get their

medication. The only services not available

at the pharmacy during lockdown are NZ

Post and photo printing.

The West Melton Vet Centre is open, but

only for emergency services, says Dr Jacoba

Vaessler. “By law, we are required to do

emergency work necessary for the welfare

of animals.”

Pet owners requiring vaccinations or

de-sexing for their animals are asked to call

the vet centre to discuss their situation. If

the service is to go ahead, the client will be

asked to take their animal to the door, from

where it will be retrieved by a vet centre

staff member.

“There will be no clients in our building

during this time and we will have no faceto-face

contact with them,” Jacoba says.

Jacoba also emphasises that Covid-19

is not spread through animals. During

lockdown the West Melton Vet Centre is

open Monday to Friday 9am-4pm and

Saturday 9am to12pm.

For all your HealtH

& Wellbeing queries,

give us a call.

open daily Mon-Fri: 8.30aM – 5pM

open easter saturday


We’re Here For you.

West Melton Pharmacy

Shop 12, 736 Weedons Ross Road,

West Melton

Phone 03 347 0777 Fax 03 347 0888

Celebrate being closer to nature.

Fall into a new section

this Autumn.

Your Friendly West Melton

Community Vet Centre

West Melton Village,

Unit 3, 736 Weedons Ross Rd

P 03 347 4546


Call on 03 741 1340 to chat with us



Residential sections, Big Range, Canterbury Wide

12 Wednesday April 8 2020

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Going back to our roots

THE IMPACT of the Covid-19

virus has meant many Kiwis are

getting back into the garden or

even better, trying gardening

for the first time. Becoming

more self-sufficient by growing

your own vegetables and fruit is

empowering and will help you

feel more productive during


Existing vegetable gardens:

The last of the summer vegetables

are now harvested so remove

finished crops. Collect seeds such

as tomatoes, beans, sunflowers


Dig over your existing soil to

approximately one and a half

spades deep. Add Daltons Compost

to improve soil texture and

structure and mix it in well.

Winter vegetables to be planted

as young seedlings or sown as

seed directly into the garden

include; beetroot, broccoli, brussel

sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower,

carrots, lettuce, onions, peas, bok

choy, radish, silverbeet, spinach,

(turnip, swede in colder climates),

and kale. If you are not able to

access a garden centre to buy

seedlings, consider buying seeds


Garden Supplies

Making your great outdoors greater

Preserve moisture and prevent

weeds with mulching.

TREE MULCH now $12

pER sCoop

while stocks last

Check out the rest of our landscape supplies online

Call us now

021 241 7908

1543 Springs Rd Lincoln

online from somewhere like It takes longer

but is better than missing out.

Rotate areas where you have

grown specific crops - different

plants give and take different

nutrients from the soil so rotating

where crops are

planted, can help you

manage the soil nutrient


Starting a new

vegetable garden:

The site of your

garden is essential to

its success – whether

in the ground or a

raised bed. It will need

full sun (or as much

as your backyard can

provide) during the

growing season, shelter

from the cold, strong

southerlies and it

should be positioned in

a well-drained part of

the garden. Also, think


Use plastic bottles

to protect new

seedlings at night,

but remember

to take them off

during the day.

about how close you are to a water

source for easy irrigation.

The quickest way to get a

vegetable garden up and running

is straight into the ground. This

works well if you have a relatively

flat area that is north facing, open

and sunny.

If you have access to materials,

and for ease of access when

planting, caring and harvesting,

a raised vegetable garden is

ideal. Raise the soil level using

treated timber or bricks etc to

about 300mm high and fill with

compost and existing soil (mix

in well).

If you decide to go with something

bigger like a larger planter

box, you will need to fill it with

a mixture of planting mix and

compost. Then plant out with

vegetables as listed above.

Growing in containers

If you have limited space you

can successfully grow winter

vegetables in pots or containers;

try silverbeet, spinach, spring onions,

brussells sprouts, broccoli,

peas, bok choy and winter lettuce

etc. Container size is important

- people tend to select smaller

pots but be sure the container is

big enough. Use a good quality

potting or container mix as they

have been specially developed

for this type of growing environment.

Position pots or containers

in a warm sunny, north facing

position away from strong winds.

Top tips for the ongoing care

of your vege garden:

• Stagger your plantings (every

2-3 weeks) to provide continuous

harvesting over the coming


• Use jars or plastic bottles to

put over seedlings and protect

them at night. Make your own

using old hula-hoops (cut in half)

and a cover with a frost cloth or

even bubble wrap! Remember to

remove covers in the morning.

• Some insects and birds

devour tender seedlings so keep

them protected. Children can

help make slug/snail beer traps

by digging a small hole in the soil

just big enough for a saucer or jar

to fit snugly with the lip of the jar

level with the ground. An adult

can fill the jar with ½ cup of beer;

the slugs and snails are attracted

to the sweet liquid and will fall

into the trap and drown.

• Have good garden hygiene

practices which includes cleaning

up any dead leaves or foliage, and

regular weeding. This helps to

keep pests and diseases at bay.


Shadecraft is a locally owned company who specialise in shade and weather

protection products to enhance your homes design and use of outdoor areas.


ShadeCraft (SI) Ltd

0800 742332 • Cell 0274 981239 •

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Wednesday April 8 2020 13

THe BeST properTieS

AcroSS THe

SelWYn DiSTricT


Week commencing WeDneSDAY, 8TH April, 2020

Huge Price Reduction - Priced Below RV!

These motivated owners are moving north and consider

themselves fortunate to have secured this secluded parcel

of 1,406m² opposite the reserve with mountain views, upon

which they built this outstanding executive home. Location,

quality and design have combined to deliver the total package

for discerning buyers.

Thoughtfully designed and superbly executed, the home is

positioned to maximise sunshine and views throughout the

day with its open plan configuration which seamlessly opens

to an expansive entertaining areas effortlessly bringing

indoor and outdoor living together.

Fabulous floor plan with numerous bifold doors and full length

windows and excellent indoor/ outdoor living options. Open

plan living area with cathedral ceilings, designated dining

area with an separate interconnecting formal lounge and

magnificently appointed kitchen with a Belling freestanding

oven, induction hobs, granite benchtop and butler’s pantry.

Warmth is guaranteed by the north-facing situation and

further complemented by a gas fire, two heat pumps and

under tiled heating.

All bedrooms are generous doubles, the master with outdoor

access and a luxurious ensuite.

Maturity and establishment has been wonderfully achieved -

low maintenance grounds offer an idyllic retreat, with peace

and privacy assured. Parking is of a premium including space

for the caravan and boat.

Properties with these features along with views of the

Southern Alps and neighbouring reserve, are a rarity in West


Price: $818,000

Shona Robb


Mobile: 027 229 3657

Phone: 03 347 4494


Four Seasons Realty 2017 Ltd | Licensed Agent REAA 2008

2 Royston Common, West Melton Viewing: Call Shona for viewing times



Picking up groceries

A friendly, regular phone call

Posting mail

Urgent supplies

Shona Robb

027 229 3657 03 347 4494

Please let me know if I can help you or

anyone you know?

I am taking every precaution to ensure I am spreading

only kindness. I am avoiding physical contact, washing

hands frequently and two metre social distancing. I will

leave all items on your door step.

Your home for local property

Four Seasons Realty 2017 Ltd | Licensed Agent REAA 2008

Four Seasons Realty

14 Wednesday April 8 2020

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Hybrids expand

Toyota C-HR range

THE FIRST experience I

ever had with a hybrid was

a disaster.

That was when hybrids

were in their infancy and

the evaluation car twice

needed a computer reset,

much like you had to do

with Windows 95.

In both instances the car

was parked up a driveway,

once at home, the other

rather embarrassingly in

an acquaintance’s driveway.

Thankfully, the helpful

technicians at the local

dealership came to my


Hybrids have now

developed to the point

where that scenario has

long since disappeared,

today they are reliable and

immensely capable, almost

to the point where you

could say I’m hooked.

A lot of that comment

comes from a succession

of hybrids that have landed

here in the last 10 years.

My most recent hybrid

drive was in Toyota’s

cheeky, small sport utility

vehicle, the C-HR.

Interestingly, I

hopped straight out of

a conventional petrolpowered

C-HR and

straight into the hybrid, a

newcomer to the petrol/

electric market.

I’m not saying the

conventional C-HR isn’t up

to task, quite the opposite

in fact, the 1.2-litre four

potter is one of the sweetest

engines in any of today’s

SUV market, but the hybrid

with its Prius/Corolla

sourced 1.8-litre fourcylinder

driveline is a class


The C-HR hybrid is all

new but, as I’ve alluded to,

the C-HR itself has been with

us for around three years

and it has captured a fairly

healthy number of sales.

The range is now quite

expansive, there are five

models, three conventional

and two petrol/electric,

starting at $32,990 and

ending at $37,990 for

the Limited specification

variant this evaluation

focuses on.

For interest’s sake, a base

specification hybrid comes

in at $34,990.

These are tempting

prices, and if you look at

the cost of hybrids over

the years, as economies

of scale come into play

there is genuine value to be

had, and there is the belief

environmental advantages

can be gained.

As you would expect

from something wearing a

Limited badge, the CH-R in

this form has a lot of hightech

features, especially for

safety; the Toyota Safety

Sense suite of electronic

goodies is fitted, and it will

APPEAL: The C-HR hybrid is available in two

specifications from $34,990.

go a long way to keeping

you, as a driver, out of

trouble in the first instance.

Other features for

comfort and convenience

include full leather trim,

satellite navigation, keyless

entry and ignition, and

Apple CarPlay and Android


As mentioned, the

• Price – Toyota C-HR

hybrid Limited,


• Dimensions –

Length, 4385mm;

width, 1795mm;

height, 1565mm

• Configuration –

Four-cylinder, frontwheel-drive,


90kW, 142Nm,

continuously variable


• Performance –

0-100km/h, 10.5sec

• Fuel usage –


driveline is based on

Prius mechanicals. Toyota

rates the power outputs

at 142Nm and 72kW,

topping out at 90kW when

maximum energy is being

developed from the electric


The C-HR in this form

feels energetic, and a lot

of that has to do with the

generation of torque from

the electric components.

Sure, it isn’t blisteringly fast,

but it will reach 100km/h

from a standstill in around

10.5sec and is quite

composed in a highway

overtake, taking 6.8sec to

meet a 80km/h to 120km/h


On the subject of

figures, you wouldn’t be

considering a hybrid unless

you expected some healthy

fuel usage returns. Under

evaluation conditions

the C-HR returned a

6.2l/100km dash display

readout with 4.6l/100km

showing instantaneously at


These figures correlate

well with Toyota’s

4.3l/100km claim.

The C-HR is also quite

dynamic when it comes to

tackling the long highway

journey, and when the long

straights of Canterbury

run out. One of the reasons

is the fitting of excellent

Michelin tyres; measuring

225/55 x18in, there is quite

a bit of rubber on the road

that offers direct feedback of

how they are working with

the surface and that, in turn,

is delivered to the driver

who feels fully involved with

the steering process.

Secondly, the C-HR

is state-of-the-art in the

chassis department, there

is a four-wheel-drive

model (petrol only) which

means that there has to be

a fully independent rear

suspension set-up.

The hybrid drives

through a continuously

variable automatic

transmission to the front

wheels, but the point I’m

making is that it reaps the

benefits of independent

wheel articulation, and

consequently it feels stable,

agile and balanced.

I pushed hard into

the corners near the

Waimakariri River gorge

bridge, and the C-HR

felt stable and well attached

to the road. All of that

with the knowledge that

the spring and damper

rates are structured so

that the ride is well

cushioned and occupant

comfort hasn’t been


As a concept, the C-HR is

hard to define, I call it a

small sport utility vehicle,

Toyota’s definition is that of

high rider coupe. However,

with its bold styling it is

a vehicle that will appeal

to a wide cross-section of


For me, I like its presence

and I enjoyed its driving

dynamics. It serves to prove

you can have a little bit of

fun in a new car purchase,

but at the same time

knowing your wallet won’t

take a pounding come fillup



Church Notices

Key to the bible

We near the end of Gentile mis-rule over the

World’s affairs; Jesus’ return, Armageddon,

and his re-establishment of the Kingdom of

God on this earth, after a global upheaval.

He tells us the signs that history will be


Read Luke’s gospel, chapter 17 verses 26 to 32.

Noah’s era was infamous for corruption and

violence (Genesis 6 vs 11 to 13).

Lot’s age for gross immorality, (Genesis 19).

Passions inflamed appropriately,

God incinerated them.


Shameless NZ is on the Pacific Rim of Fire.

Be warned.

Find out more:

The Christadelphians

0508 Gospel

0800 Bible Truth


To Let


Ideal as an extra

bedroom or office.

no bond required

Fully insulated and double glazed for warmth.

Three convenient sizes from $70 a week:

Standard 3.6m x 2.4m

Large 4.2m x 2.4m | Xtra-large 4.8m x 2.4m

Visit our website

for display cabin locations

Vehicles Wanted





We use world class vehicle

depollution systems

0800 8200 600






Quality equipment

reasonable rates.


027 499 2908






Select Services

CHECK Your shoes and

backpacks for stitching,

patching and zip repairs.

For Prompt attention, drop

them into Cobbler Glenn’s

Agent: Magnitude Sports

(next to New World),


CHECK Your shoes and

backpacks for stitching,

patching and zip repairs.

For Prompt attention, drop

them into Cobbler Glenn’s

Agent: Magnitude Sports

(next to New World),


Funeral Directors


Non-Service Cremation $1,745

Commital service with cremation $3,950

Chapel service with cremation $6,500

Family burial service from $3,400

Just Funerals, a family owned and

operated company with qualified,

registered and experienced staff.

Phone 0800 804 663 - 24 Hour Availability


Funeral Directors



$1,800 GSt inclusive

(includes committal)

0800 27 28 29







Quality equipment

reasonable rates.


027 499 2908

Select Services

Water Blasting

Steam Cleaning




Silos Barns Farm

Machinery etc

Hi level Dust removal

Free Quotes

20 years experience

Contact Gerry

021 740 428


Log Fires

Pellet Fires

Heat Pumps




Free Quotes

03 343 1651

472 Blenheim Rd


hail, leaves, snow & vermin from

blocking & damaging your spouting

Quality materials: BHP Colorbond steel mesh with

unique patented louvre will even keep out pine needles.

Will not rust or sag with age or load. 10 year warranty,

range of colours.

Proven in Australia & New Zealand over the last 15 years.





Call Rohan anytime Mon-Sat for a

no-obligation assessment & quote

03 982 8850 0800 486532

Select Services

Specialising in:


Outdoor Areas

Patios, Pathways,


& Commercial Floors

Professional Advice

Free Quotes

Frank McWatt

03 423 9344

027 274 0342

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Classifieds Contact us today Phone our local team 03 379 1100

Trades & Services

Trades & Services

Trades & Services

Trades & Services





New Paint • Repaints

Wallpapering • Fences

Feature Walls

Floor & Roof Painting

Spray Painting

Light Commercial

Restoring Timber

* Finance available (T’s & C’s apply)

Selwyn based but service the whole of Canterbury

027 724 6846 027 PAINTIN



(Since 2005)

Over 22 Years Experience



• Driveways

• Kerb &


• Garden Edging

Freephone: 0800 081 400

• Driveways

• Car Parks

• Site Cleaning

• Demolition

• Farm Tracks

• Drain Cleaning

• Stump & Hedge


• Ashpalt Concrete

Wide range

oF TruckS

• Tennis Courts &

Swimming Pools

• Chip Seal Driveways

• Diggers – 2 Ton

up to 20 Ton

• Excavators

• Bobcat & Drilling

• For Posthole &

Fence hole

For a Free Quote

on your next project

Phone Steve on 021 338 247

or 325 7922



The Genuine

Custom Made Garage

Door Professionals

0800 661 366

Auckland, Christchurch, Wanaka





New Houses


Phone John: 027 224 2831




• Mirrors • Pet Door Specialists

• Splashbacks • All Broken Windows

Lawn mowing

Hedge trimming


Weed eating


and much more

Call Todd



Phone Cushla or Darren Twist

027 352 6225


wet area waterproofing,

underfloor heating, soap

boxes, old to new, for best

results, call Devon on 021

375-888 or 03 329 5511



Furniture made to

order and restoration

by tradesman with

35yrs experience.


PH Stephen

Decks, T & G Flooring,

021 073 2624

Villa Restoring, New

Homes, Weatherboards. LANDSCAPING

Free Quotes. Bennet & Paving, Lawns, Irrigation,

Sons Ltd Sam 027 496- Decking, Fencing.

9362 or Tony 027 224-


Kanga & small digger

services. Check out Squire

CARPET LAYING Landscaping on facebook.

Exp. Repairs, uplifting, FREE QUOTES. Ph

relaying, restretching. Arthur 347-8796, 027

Phone John on 0800 220-7014 Edwin 027 220-

003181, 027 240 7416 7154



Renovations, New Houses,

HANDYMAN - Small Hot Water Cylinders,

Job Specialists, Carpentry, Kitchens Bathroom

Repairs, Decking & Upgrades, Laundries,

Maintenance, 40 years General Maintenance ,

experience, no job too

small, Ph Warren 03 322-

Water Filters. Phone Mark


1103 or 027 697-8541



Best price guarantee Tony

Affordable Concrete

0275 588 895

Cutting with Quality, and

removal work. Free quote. WINDOW CLEANING

No job to small. Phone 027 Brown & White Ltd.

442-2219, Fax 359-6052

a/h 359- 4605

Family owned since 2001.

Ph Paul 027 229 3534






Call Sam now: 027 315 7980


• Siteworks

• Earthworks

• Driveways/Paving | 03 348 5420



Phone for further details


You can have your gardens, trees,

shrubs, plants and lawns maintained to look their best

all year round, for a great price.

Residential & Commercial Landscaping

• Maintenance • Pruning • Reconstruction & Rejuvenation

• Rental Property and Commercial Maintenance

• Pre-Sale Tidy-Ups

New Home Landscaping

Lawns • Gardens • Decks • Paving • Water Features

• Quality • Value for money • Experienced • Punctual

• Professional • Flexible • Knowledgeable • Reliable

Call Ross Legg - 027 222 0388


• Drainage

• Swimming Pools

• Pool Servicing

Small jobs no problem | Free quotes

Contractors in Christchurch for over 40 years

(03) 379 1100


Construction and

Garden Maintenance



All Plumbing



Blocked Drains

Log Fires,


Gas Hotwater


021 454 864





Call Aaron &

the team today!

For the Outdoor

Space of your


Paving, Irrigation,

Lawns, Planting,

Fences, Pergolas,


Outdoor fires,

Raised Vege beds,

Decks, Artificial

grass & more...

Phone: 03 347 4422

or 021 542 402


• Irrigation • Drainage • Driveways

• Auger Hole Drilling

• Land Clearing & Development

• Culvert Installation • Construction Site Works

• Tree & Hedge Removal • Concrete Breaker

Phone Mike: 027 272 8058 OR 03 324 4323 A/H

No job to big or small.

Supply carpet, underlay and garage carpet.

Experienced in installing second hand carpet.

Carpet samples.

Free measure and quote!

Call David 0272319931




Call Tony Dempsey

Phone 03 325 3256

Mobile 0274 323 943

16 Wednesday April 8 2020

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there are












& more



exciting retailers






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