Boys and Girls Communion & Confirmation Party Decorations


Boys and Girls Communion &

Confirmation Party


The First Communion is a special day for both boys and

girls, as it is the first of the big religious celebrations in

their life that they will remember. For little First

Communion For Girls, they get to wear a beautiful white

dress for all to admire. The boys get to have fun with their

style too and get to look dapper in a new suit! All of the

attention is on your little girl or boy for the day and they

will remember it long after their Communion money is

spent. Your guests too will remember the celebration, and

one way to guarantee this is to make sure it’s a great day

for all. Planning a First Communion party can be stressful,

as party planning often is. There are ways you can make it

easier on yourself, so that you can enjoy the celebration

along with your First Communion Boy or Girl.

The first thing you should do is decide if you want to host

your party at home or at a venue. There are advantages

and disadvantages to both. Parties at home can lower the

cost of food, but you may have to provide the drinks which

can drive the price up. Hosting in your home can be great

fun and mean that you don’t have to drive or get a taxi

home, but it involves a big clean up afterwards (as well as

before, perhaps!). Once you’ve decided where to have the

party, it’s time to send out invitations so that your guests

will come. There are lots of options when it comes to

invites. You can send a simple text, if you have everybody’s

numbers. This might be cost-effective and also

environmentally friendly. Traditional invitations are still

very popular however, and these can be easily purchased

in party shops. Communion invitations usually come in

pink, blue or neutral colors and often include envelopes

and an RSVP option. There is also the option to

personalize your Communion invites to add a special

touch. This might include a photograph of your child, along

with specific details of the celebration. This is a nice

touch, and can be kept as a keepsake but it is the pricier


Now that the guests have been notified, it’s time to get

started on the party planning. Communion Cakes are a

longstanding tradition. These can be ordered from any

bakery, with the option to personalise with the child’s

name or photograph. Alternatively, you could get creative

and bake your own! There are lots of handy baking tools

available in party shops to make your creation look

professional, such as cake toppers, icing and decorations.

The next thing to do is to decorate the venue, whether it’s

your home or a restaurant, bar or function room you will

need to think about how best to fill the space. Balloons are

always a good place to start, and there are lots of

Communion Balloons available for boys and for girls.

Balloons look best in bunches of two or three, filled with

helium and added to the center of each table so this will

help you to decide how many you need. Alternatively, you

can save some money by only putting balloons on every

second table. Lastly, balloons look great at the door when

guests arrive and to help guide them to the right place.

Once you’ve picked out your balloons, it will be easy to

match the rest of your Communion Party Decorations

such as Banners, Confetti and Bunting. Be careful to check

with the venue if you are allowed to hang banners or

bunting, before buying anything. If you are not allowed to

hang banners from walls, have a look if there is anywhere

else you can stick them such as on doors or hanging from

the bar. Now all that’s left is to get that all important

Communion outfit, and to celebrate it!

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