7 steps to a great spring by Anni Dahms


I have chosen to focus on the following in this article:
Diet, hair loss, cellulitis, a great sex life, stress, sleep and joy.

2020 April

Costa del Sol, S.L.


7 steps to a

great spring

Anni Dahms

Owner of the retail chain


Nurse- & Health specialist,

Biopath and Nutritional Adviser.

I have chosen to focus on the following

in this article:

Diet, hair loss, cellulitis, a great

sex life, stress, sleep and joy.

I am currently experiencing the world

as totally chaotic and out of balance, it

seems completely uncertain what the

future might hold. Will the world ever

be the same again? And what consequences

will it all have?

However, I still get the sense that most

of us are doing our best to maintain a

proper every day, by carrying out our

obligations and to-dos.

No matter our tribulations, spring is

knocking on our doors. This is often the

time where we make a halt, and make

out considerations about how we plan to

enter the spring and summer as aligned

as possible.

Many of us have minor health problems,

which can be resolved through

healthier foods, dietary supplements, and

physical training. “the show must go on”

– my long life has taught me that much.

The diet

It might to a good idea to revise your

daily diet. There are many different

dietary directions and it is important

to choose the diet or dietary direction,

that seems most appealing to you.

Many of us wish to lose the last 5 kg,

which seems to be teasing us, when we

try to fit into the skinny jeans.

The theory behind it is that you eat

normally 5 days in the week and have

a light fast for the remaining 2 days,

where women can eat 500 calories

and men can consume 600. You can

find more about it on the internet and

there have also been written some good

books on the subject.

Hair loss

Something that can really make women

panic and destroy our self-esteem is,

when we suddenly start losing our

hair. I think we see our hair as a “halo”

around our head. We all normally loose

around 50 – 100 hairs a day.

One of the trends, which I personally There can be many impacting factors

find appealing, healthy, doable, and for hair loss, such as hormonal changes,

low metabolism, medication, stress,

completely safe is the diet called 5:2.

poor eating habits, as well as hereditary

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tendencies etc. If a disease is present,

then you should of cause consult your

doctor, but beyond that, are there a lot

of things you can do yourself.

Good dietary

supplements are:

• Biotin and zinc are of great

importance for the hair


• L-lysine is an amino acid

that can have positive

effect on hair growth.

• MSM (methylsulfonylmethane)

has been shown to

both increase the strength

of the hair and increase its

growth rate.

• A combination of vitamin-

Bs, which most people lack,

can also do wonders for

your hair growth.

Be patient if you start on the

abovementioned treatment.

It can take a bit of time

before you see noticeable



When the most of us women reach

30 years of age, are they first signs of

cellulitis often starting to appear. It can

appear on all parts of your body, no

matter your weight or physical condition.

There is often talk of hereditary

factors. It has been studied for many

years, without any significant results.

It most often cannot be trained away,

and usually doesn’t disappear through

Good dietary

supplements are:

• Products with collagen.

• Vitamin-C.

• Vitamin-A can help build

collagen and reestablish

the elasticity in the skin.

• Gotu cola can stimulate the

capillaries and improve the

circulation in the tissue.

a specific diet.

To reduce or keep cellulitis away, is it

important that you avoid overweight. It

is obviously also important with some

sort of physical activity. I believe that

some forms of yoga and pilates are the

best ways to prevent and diminish cellulitis.

When it comes to your diet, are

there certain things you must avoid to

stop the development of cellulitis. Be

careful with too much salt, sugar, and

stick to your dietary plan, for instance

with the Paleo diet with few carbohydrates.

You might also want to consider

an anti-inflammatory diet. You should

mainly eat ecological.

A great sex life

Dr. Steve Nelson stated once that “a

low sex drive can indicate that a person

is ill”, perhaps slightly harsh words. I

believe that not just sex, but true love, is

an important part of our lives. Deepak

Chopra writes in one of his books, that

the sexual energy is the creating power,

and that everything living has its origin

in the sexual energy. Different forms

of diets are described in the ayurvedic

tradition to fuel a healthy sexuality

Good dietary

supplements are:

• Ginseng.

• Ashwaganda is very suitable

for both men and


• Maca has become very

well-known in later years.

It increases your energy

and sex drive. It is often

called Peruvian ginseng.

Is available both in powder

and capsule form.

• Vitamin-E is necessary for

forming sex hormones.

• Zinc should be remembered,

especially by men.

• A combination of the

amino acid L-arginine

and taurine together with

pycnogenol, drastically

improve the sexual pleasure.

such as fresh fruits and vegetables, preferably

avocado, whole wheat products,

honey, almonds, nuts, and dairy

products from animals who have led

good lives. Chocolate also affects your

happiness hormone serotonin. Avoid

too much alcohol, preprocessed food,

frozen goods, and artificial sweeteners.


The natural sleep is in all ways important

and regenerating. It is of the utmost

importance to get a sufficient amount

of sleep. It is a scientific fact that an

hours’ worth of sleep before midnight

is worth the same as two hours after

midnight. It is important to have a

good mattress. Make sure you sleep in a

well-ventilated room. Do not eat food

that is too heavy in the evening and eat

at least a few hours before you go to

sleep. You must detach yourself from

all the impressions of the day. If there

are many sounds around you when

you are going to sleep, then it might be

a good idea to listen to some relaxing

music, perhaps using headphones.

Avoid stimulants such as alcohol,

coffee, and sugary foods.

Good dietary

supplements are:

• Vitamin-B, which exists

in many combinations. It

should preferably be taken

in the morning.

• Vitamin-D can be a great


• A combination of calcium,

magnesium, and silicon

can also have a positive

effect on your sleep.

• Melatonin can be a great


• Valerian and barley, perhaps

in combination, can

be a good aid to take

right before bedtime.

• Chamomile has a very

soothing effect and can

be enjoyed as a cup of

tea before bedtime.

2 www.annisvitalshop.com


Stress almost appear to be a global disease with how the world looks today. When

considering the increased performance requirements, the lot of information

streamed to us constantly from a world out of balance, and an insufficient quality

of food, then it can hardly be any other way. It is however something we must

combat to the best of our ability. Stress reactions create physiological changes,

that can harm the body and increase our rate of aging. Stress can also contribute

to inflammations, which can lead to other ailments and is presumed to increase

the risk of heart attack by up to 27%.

Good dietary supplements are:

• A quality multivitamin/mineral product can lessen your stress

and nervousness.

• Vitamin-C is absorbed in large quantities during stress, so take

an extra supplement of it.

• Magnesium is likewise used in large quantities by the body

when you find yourself in stressful situations, so it might be one

of your best weapons against stress.

• B vitamins also help reduce your stress level, and people here in

the western world lack vitamin B.

• Ashwaganda has, in a study, been shown to reduce stress levels

by up to 28%. It supports the function of the adrenal glands.

• Rhodiola is a plant, and my preferred stress remedy. Rhodiola

provides you with energy and lessens your stress.

• Lemon balm can be a good idea, as it will help you get a good

night’s rest. Is available as a tea and in capsule form.


You most certainly know the inner sensation of joy that fills you, either when

you are I the middle of doing something wonderful or when you suddenly bring

to mind, something which gives you a great feeling. Positive feelings assist you

in maintaining a good breathing pattern and makes you feel in harmony and

balance. I personally believe that joy can aid you in giving you a wonderful every

day and heal your life.

Many researchers, scientists, and common people believe that disease is caused

by psychological and emotional factors, such as negative thoughts, anger, stress,

etc. Many people are quick to ponder all the limitations and difficulties that

stand in their way. When you fall into such pitfalls, then it is important to force

your thoughts in other directions. It might sound difficult or superficial, but

remember that it is by now common knowledge that your thoughts create your

reality, so it is worth the effort to practice good thoughts.

Tell yourself, as the first thing in the morning, when you open your eyes “today

is going to be a great day”. Strengthen your gratitude and be mindful of all the

things around you, that are worth feeling thankful for. Forgive the people whom

you believe have wronged you. Not so much for their sake, but to set yourself free

and get on with your life.

Surrender all forms of self-criticism. Stand in front of the mirror daily and tell

yourself how much you love yourself.

Only you have control over your mind, and you have

much more power over it, than you might think!

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