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As a customers, there are many requirements that customers demand in order to enjoy the cooling environment or meet their needs. Thus, engaging a reputable company in Singapore is essential to carried out any service work. Thus, always remember to look out for a good service company when engaging one.

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Looking for a qualified and reliable aircon service in Singapore?

At Wei Wei Air-Con Engineering Pte Ltd, we have years of experience in the air-conditioning

industry. We have served many clients from residential, commercial to industrial clients.

Our technicians are well-trained in various air-conditioning brands and types of

air-conditioning system. They will be able to meet your air-conditioning needs and solve your


We offer wide range of

aircon services in


- Aircon Servicing

- Aircon Repair

- Aircon Chemical


- Aircon


- Aircon Installation

- Aircon Gas Top-Up

- and more...



Aircon servicing is one of the services provided. It is an essential

services that will upkeep the condition of your air-conditioning

units. Regardless of which type of air-conditioning system you are

currently using, or the brand of your system, it requires regular

maintenance and service by professionals.

In addition, it offers many benefits including better airflow,

increase efficiency, ensure clean and fresher air and many more.

Make sure that you engage someone who are well-trained to

perform the services.


Are you facing aircon

problems such as aircon

not working, aircon not

cold or aircon switching

on/off automatically? This

could be due to faulty

components in the

system which requires

repair jobs to be carried

out. With years of

air-conditioning repair,

we are able to resolve

your issues promptly.

Make sure that

you always engage

someone who are

well-trained in



system and able to

perform repair job

well. A


technician could

lead to


outcome such as

worsening the

condition of your


You can always get

someone who are

reputable in the

industry and

provide services

for many years.

This could shows

that they have the


knowledge and

team in providing

such services.



Are you

looking for


maintenance for

your house or office

in Singapore?

Regular aircon maintenance and cleaning is

required to maintain the condition of your


It is important to engage a

professional company to service and

maintain your units on a regular


This could also ensure that the

technicians are able to spot any

potential problems and resolve it

before the issues worsen.

We have been providing service and

maintenance across different industry

including child-care centres, HDB flats,

condominiums, private estates, cafes,

factories and many more.


Air con

Chemical Wash

Aircon chemical wash is one of the effective aircon cleaning services in Singapore. it

requires extensive knowledge and work to carried out in a professional manner. It

involves a thorough cleaning process which will ensure all the dirt, bacteria and mold

are washed out of the air-conditioning units.

Therea are many benefits from aircon chemical washing including increasing efficiency ,

greater airflow and most importantly, extend the life-span of your units.

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Showroom: 451 Jurong West St 42,

#01-180, Singapore 640451

Tel: 6567 7698


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