You-are the booklet about faith, god, jesus christ and YOU - Your identity in christ


The booklet “YOU ARE” is an evangelistic tract, which explains to the reader the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Specifically, it places an emphasis on recognizing and living the identity that we have in Christ. It is very suitable for evangelism and missions. It also helps believing Christians to find or regain the “right perspective.”

Sadly, some Christians – still in search of recognition, appreciation, security and assurance – continue to walk right into the sin’s trap and as a result suffer from emotional wounds, depression, self-condemnation, guilt feelings and other symptoms of deprivation. This tract should help them to recognize how God really sees us, so that we might learn to live out of the abundance that we have in Jesus Christ. Time and again, the reader will find personal and beneficial words from the loving Father, which are edifying, comforting and eternal.

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