Selwyn Times: April 15, 2020

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Connecting Your Community


Work continues

for food bank


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Hannah is


active on

dry land

• By Jacob Page

HANNAH BATES has never

had four weeks out of a pool.

”To be honest, I’m enjoying a

shower just to feel the water on

me again,” the top Selwyn club

swimmer said.

”I’m definitely not made for

being on dry land all the time.

”I’m just trying to be a land


The 19-year-old from

Lincoln does not have access

to a pool during the four week

coronavirus lockdown so she

has had to get inventive.

“My living room has become

a makeshift gym, I’m just trying

to do what I can,” she said.

Four weeks at home has had

its perks though.

“I’ve had so many sleep-ins,”

she said.

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of rates



by residents

• By Devon Bolger

THE community is

celebrating the consideration

of a zero rates increases to

ease financial pressure from


District councillors agreed to

consider freezing all rates and

develop an economic support

package for ratepayers.





Rupert Tipples

said he would

fully support a

rates freeze.


that we have a

lot of pensioners

on fixed

Rupert Tipples

incomes I think it would be an

excellent idea. Everybody has to

play their part,” he said.

Rolleston Residents

Association chairwoman

Michelle Jones said it would be

unethical in the current climate

to go ahead with planned rates


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From consent to the pump

We can help you with water wells

residential irrigation lifestyle

03 324 2571 www.drilling.co.nz

2 Wednesday April 15 2020

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Farm machinery ready

to work the land on

Tramway Rd, Kirwee.

More lockdown photos

from the district on

pages 4 & 5.

PGA golfers pine for

the Easter Bunny

get in touch



Star Media, a division of Allied Press Ltd

PO Box 1467, Christchurch


•Send your lockdown

photos to newsroom@

starmedia.kiwi and we

may publish them on



Devon Bolger

Ph: 021 914 742



Lynette Evans

Ph: 364 7434


THERE WILL be a number of

golfers pining in their bubbles

over missing out on the annual

Easter Bunny.

It’s one of many annual

tournaments, traditionally

played on the day before Easter

Friday, by a group aptly named

Press Golfing Academy (PGA),

formed a long time ago by a

handful of us who worked at

The Press at the time.

The group has seen many

changes, retirements, career

curtailing injuries, untimely and

tragic deaths, and others like

myself who rarely get out now

on the regular weekday tournaments

because of work.

The Easter Bunny is one of our

four majors on the PGA calendar

and for all but three or four

of the tournaments it has been at

Waimakariri Gorge.

We’ve played in all conditions

from howling nor’westers to

snow – where free drops were

given and it was wise to use a

coloured ball.

There’s a hole-in-one trophy

named after one of our late

members who holed in on the

17th one year. No one has yet

matched the feat. But the late


in a


Read it also on starnews.co.nz

member is always remembered

at that spot.

Then there’s the after-match

and prize-giving, an Easter

Bunny going to the winner.

The PGA comprises golfers

who cover the wide spectrum of

handicaps. The group’s founder,

who will go unnamed would be

one of the most prolific golfers in


He is also an amazing stats

man who has kept all of the

scores, high points, low points,

birdies, albatrosses, hole-in-ones

and every other detail over the

decades from the hundreds of

tournaments, match-plays and

other one-off fixtures that have

been played.

Message in

a bubble will

be a regular


journey with

Star Media

editor in chief

Barry Clarke

His own playing stats

are impressive – 169 18-hole

rounds in 2019 (plus three part

rounds) on 38 different New

Zealand courses, mostly in

Canterbury, (plus four in Australia).

This year, he played a phenomenal

51 rounds up until

the day before lockdown. In

the last 12 months he’s played

170 full rounds, “none of them

memorable for their quality,” he

chipped in.

And of missing the Easter


He’s missing it, but he has set

up a chipping area on his back

lawn. The golf just might get


Firewood & Coal


20 kg bags or

500kg bulk bags


Pick up or deliver

(delivery charges apply)

Free delivery to Darfield township when

3 cubic metres or more is ordered.

Landscape Products

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• Forest Mulch

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• Paparoa Red Rock available in 3 grades

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• Kindling Wood

• Unscreened Bark

Delivery fees apply.

417 Creyke Road,


Phone 03 975 4502

Eftpos now available

Open Monday to Friday 6am-6pm, Saturday 8am-1pm or after hours by appointment

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Wednesday April 15 2020 3


‘Initially I was a bit panicked’

• From page 1

“I’m getting used to waking

up at 9am and 10am and I’m

less stressed and feeling good

in that sense.

“I’m also learning how to

cook since mum usually does

that for me, so she felt it was a

good time for me to learn that.”

Bates said she missed the

routine, even its less glamorous


“I’m a very structured person

so when I first heard about going

into isolation initially I was

a bit panicked.

“I knew there would be no

swimming so I just had to grab

some gym gear and put a plan

in place.”

Bates had planned to

compete in the New

Zealand open swim

championships in Auckland at




Bates is

not used

to being

without a



the end of March which was


That meet was meant to act

as the qualifiers for the Oceania

Championships which are now

also on hold.

“I was really worried about

how this was going to affect my


“I’m someone who really

likes structure, routine and

goals and now I’m not sure

what this year is going to look


“I’ve started doing some yoga

and meditation and I find that

is really helping me.”

Bates said everyone is in the

same boat and it was up to her

to make the most of the situation.

Her next scheduled event is

the New Zealand short course

event in October.

Options being

considered for

support package

• From page 1

“It’s not that people don’t

want to pay it is just that they

probably need a bit of help right

now, so in my opinion it would

be a great move for the council

to approve a zero per cent rates


Prebbleton resident and

Christchurch business owner

Hamish Prebble said: “A rates

freeze is a great idea for those

who need it. I mean any assistance

is going to be great at

this time. Nobody knows what’s

around the corner,” he said.

Residents were expecting an

average 3.5 per cent increase in


It will all be considered during

the consultation process for the

Draft Annual Plan.

Some of the options being

considered for the support package


•Extending rates payment for

the 2019/20 financial year, due

in June and September, until

December 15 for ratepayers that

enter into a direct debit payment


•Businesses that have received

the wage subsidy and ratepayers

that have lost their jobs or lost 20

per cent or more of their income

from all sources could be eligible

for a six-month deferral on rate

payments for the 2020/21 financial


Storage King Rolleston owner

Chris O’Brien said a six-month

referral for payments would be


“That is because six months

now we’ll be fully operational

and ideally business has gone

back in the right direction. It

gives you a super short-term

relief,” he said.

It follows the Christchurch

City Council’s announcement

it would grant struggling businesses

a six-month extension on

rates payments.

They would need to show a 30

per cent decline in actual or predicted

revenue over the course of

a month compared to the same

period last year due to the virus.

Individuals who have suffered

a loss of employment or have

qualified for the Government’s

wage subsidy will also be eligible

for the six-month extension.



If you or a loved one are living with a prostate cancer diagnosis and

treatment there is an established support network in Selwyn ready

to help navigate your journey.

Co-ordinators Chris & Dianne Ward

Phone: 027 437 1254

Email: selwyn@prostate.org.nz

Seeking advice, information or

just someone to listen? We are

here to help, we understand,

we’ve been there too.

For more information call 0800 477 678

Organised by the Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand











Mon-Fri 7am-5pm

Sat 8am-12pm (WOFs only)






3 WOFs



839 Jones Road, Rolleston P.O. Box 16 Rolleston

Phone Simon on 347 7110 or Mobile 027 272 9213

4 Wednesday April 15 2020

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Selwyn residents and pets get active

A glance at how life has been in the district during

the lockdown. Geoff Sloan’s photos were taken

from a safe distance, and we comply with best

safety practice during these trying times.

Getting exercise on

High St, Leeston.

Enjoying the sun on Iris Taylor Ave, West Melton.

Teddies relaxing

in the sun on

Westview Cres,

West Melton.

Going for a stroll on Laird Place, West Melton.

Surrounded by

garden sculptures

on North Tce,


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Wednesday April 15 2020 5

during lockdown


fit on


Rd, Kirwee.

South Tce, Darfield, deserted.



High St, Leeston, quiet and almost empty.

Heading along to the shops on South Tce, Darfield.

Canterbury’s fastest selling

new subdivision



covers 35ha

• By Devon Bolger

THE DISTRICT council has replanted

35ha of forest after a large number of

trees were damaged in storms during


About 30 per cent of the 57 district

council-owned forestry sites received

high to medium loss during a series of

wind storms with a further 45 per cent

incurring some loss.

“This situation resulted in the forced

harvest of many blocks to reduce losses.

The result of this action resulted in

the council’s 116.5ha forest estate being

reduced by 53.8ha through deforestation,”

it said in a district council report.

The district council decided it would

remove its involvement in forestry

activity given the risk of further loss

from wind events, fire and challenges

around the financial viability.

In order to avoid or reduce carbon

unit payments for deforested land, the

most cost-effective and practical approach

was to re-stock the land before

considering the disposal of it.

A total of 35.9ha has been replanted

so far on 15 different sites.

The cost for land preparation,

re-stocking and establishment for the

work done so far is $110,031.

Canterbury, we are

all in this together.

We know you have a lot on your minds right now, so we wanted to

let you know that we’ll do our best to take care of your banking.

Here are just a few of the ways Westpac can help:

• Repayment deferrals * or reductions for 6 months for home loan

and personal loan customers who have suffered negative income or

health impacts as a result of Covid-19.

• For personal customers who need to break their Term Investment^,

we will not reduce the rate of return where hardship criteria is met.

See our hardship withdrawal policy on westpac.co.nz.

For more information on the ways we can help with your banking,

please visit westpac.co.nz.

Yours faithfully,

Linda Edmonds

Westpac Regional Manager Canterbury.

Terms and conditions apply. * If repayments are deferred, interest will continue to be charged and will be added to the loan

balance, which will increase the amount owed. ^A reduced rate of return for Term Investments will not apply where

an application is made to Westpac NZ on or before 26 September 2020. Westpac New Zealand Limited.


6 Wednesday April 15 2020

Latest Canterbury news at starnews.co.nz



CONVENIENT: The Doyleston Creamery was one of the first to be built in Ellesmere. It was considered to be a smaller operation but its central location proved


Thriving dairy industry had humble start

INTENSIVE dairy farming

is now an important part our

the district’s economy and

this is evident with the recent

establishment of two large

local milk processing factories

- Synlait’s near Dunsandel and

Fonterra’s at Darfield. However,

dairying has been a feature of

the district since the pioneering

days of the 1860s when marginal

land was broken in by the early


The scale of dairy farming was

much different then. Most farms

had at least one ‘house’ cow to

provide milk for the family. Cow

herds were much smaller then

as milking was done by hand

and very labour intensive. Other

problems farmers faced was how

to preserve the milk in a time

when refrigeration was in its

infancy and expensive, and how

to get their produce to markets

when the main mode of transport

was a horse and cart.

It is hard for us to believe now,

but during the colonial era in

New Zealand it was only the

cream of the milk that had any

financial value for farmers. This

was mainly used to produce butter

and cheese which were staple

foods in New Zealand society

at the time that could easily be

made by housewives as part of

their daily chores.

By the late 19th-century butter

and cheese was being produced

on an industrial scale for both

domestic and foreign markets,

with much of this being exported

to Britain.

This led to the establishment of

local creameries throughout the

Selwyn district where farmers

could easily deliver their milk

for the separation process to sites

which were only a short distance

from their farms.

The first commercial dairy

factory built in the district was

at Tai Tapu. Described as ‘the

pioneer of dairy factories in Canterbury,’

the substantial building

of red brick and iron was opened

on July 19, 1888, and funded by a

local co-op initially consisting of

eight shareholders. The business

proved so successful that by 1903

the number of shareholders had

Historian and district council staff member Wayne

Stack continues his monthly look at Selwyn’s past.

Anyone with suggestions for future features can

phone Wayne on 021 119 9107. This month’s article

is about early dairying in the district.

risen to 205.

At the height of production,

the four Burnstey and Wyner

separators put 4500 gallons on

milk through daily, with farms

within a radius of four miles

supplying the milk. In 1900

the factory received 8.4 million

pounds of milk which produced

351,200lbs of butter.

One of the first smaller

creameries to be established

in the Ellesmere area was that

built by the Canterbury Central

Co-operative Dairy Company

on Drain Rd, Doyleston. Details

of the exact date this facility

was opened are sketchy but it is

believed to be sometime in 1892

when the company was first


According to an article in the

Ellesmere Guardian in October

1893 initially there had been

adverse criticism from a number

of shareholders regarding the

chosen location of the creamery,

being two miles from the

Doyleston railway station.

However, it appeared that the

initial doubts of the practical

success of the creamery were

dispelled as it proved to be a

central and convenient location:

‘With only a few exceptions the

principal and good butter and

cheese makers are now taking

their milk to this creamery, from

the Leeston, Doyleston, Killinchy

and Brookside districts. Another

practical fact demonstrated is

that the factory system pays better

than the old hand system.’

The success of the creamery

was evident in the number of

farmers who had their milk

processed there. In 1893 there

were 36 local farmers supplying

the facility, with an average of

816 gallons of milk being processed

daily by 346 cows. When

separated, this produced around

75 gallons of cream for which

the suppliers were being paid at

a rate of 1 shilling and 3 pence

per pound of butter. The cream

Our Great




The Tai

Tapu dairy

factory was


as the

pioneer in


was then transported by rail to

the main Canterbury Central

Co-operative Dairy Company

butter factory in Addington. The

company eventually built other

creameries within the district at

Springston, Lakeside, Irwell and


At this time the suppliers had

stated they were very satisfied

with the newly-established

creamery in that, along with the

reduced manual labour to the

farmer’s wives and families compared

to the old domestic system

of making butter, the farmers

were receiving an estimated 25

per cent greater profit by supplying

the factory.

Activity at the creamery continued

throughout the day. From

6.30am until as late as 8.30pm

farmers would continue to arrive

by horse and cart to deliver metal

cans full of milk and wait their

turn for it to be separated and

have the skim milk returned.

This was then used to feed pigs,

which most farmers kept for

domestic meat.

There was keen competition to

be the first arrival at the factory

in the morning, and many tales

were later told of certain local

farmers who gathered their cows

and milked them by candle light

just so they could claim to the

first to deliver their milk each

morning. On one occasion two

suppliers arrived at the creamery

at the same time and their carts

became stuck trying to race

through the gates in an effort to

be first.

Once at the creamery the

farmers would drive the dray

into a covered delivery loading

bay in the centre of the building

where the milk cans were

taken and the milk placed into

a separator. The cream was then

stored in a vat and the leftover

skim milk placed into cans and

returned to the farmer before

leaving. The whole process was

quick and efficient, and once the

benefits of supplying the creamery

became well known, farmers

from Irwell, Lakeside and as far

as Southbridge became suppliers.

The Doyleston Creamery

remained in operation until the

end of World War 1, after which

the building was turned into a

domestic dwelling sometime between

1918 and 1920. In 1963 Peter

and Jill Lemon purchased the

property and over the years have

extended and modernised the

building. The only features of the

original building still remaining

are the concrete foundations of

the separation tanks which are

now part of the lounge.

They have kept the history of

the property alive by naming it

‘The Creamery’ and it remains

a permanent local reminder of

the importance dairying played

in the early development of the

Doyleston area.

SELWYN TIMES Latest Canterbury news at starnews.co.nz

Wednesday April 15 2020 7

Our People

Leeston resident Leonie

Corry co-founded the

Ellesmere Food Bank in

1995, providing food for

families in need in the

district. She spoke to

reporter Devon Bolger

about work helping

the community and

receiving a Queen’s

Service Medal

What first got you started at

the Ellesmere Food Bank?

It all began because God

placed it in my husband Daniel’s

heart to start a food bank for

those who were needing help.

It was an interesting time as

people were moving out here

looking for cheaper rent and

there were a lot of single parents.

We knew people needed help

and there was a real need in the

community that we wanted to


Could you tell me a little bit

about the history of the food


It has been up-and-running

since 1992. That is when we

started getting bread from KBs

hot bread shop in Colombo

St. We got it three days a week

and gave it out to families in

the district and it went on from

there. Then we started getting

apples from Mark and Sue Nixon

at Selwyn Orchards. There were

600 trees and we picked and

picked for many seasons. Doug

and Helen Skinner let us go and

glean through what was left

in their spud paddock. Every

week we took a truckload of

spuds into Majestic House, the

Christchurch City Mission and

the Delta Trust. They would also

give us food in return, it was a

lovely arrangement. The food

bank was officially established

in 1995. That’s how it all started

and we have been operating ever

since, about 25 years. I would

like to thank all the wonderful

people of Selwyn who donate

to the food bank at Christmas

and our generous suppliers

including New World Lincoln

and Fresh Choice Leeston.

What services do you


There are many things we can

offer people who are struggling.

I have a background in nursing

and my husband Daniel is also

a trained addiction counsellor.

We have a range of skills that

can help to give people hope

and prayer. All donations are

tax-deductible. Through the food

bank we provide food to schools,

services, and other food banks in

Christchurch and occasionally

the West Coast, I think on

average we distribute about 3500

food parcels a year. We have a

network of food suppliers and a

system for keeping costs low in

which we collect fresh produce

from the Selwyn District and

provide this to Christchurch

food banks in return for

nonperishable items.

Has the food bank been

affected by the Covid-19


I think some people think that

we aren’t open at the moment,

we have called a few people

and they assumed we would

be closed so we just want to get

the message out there that we

are still operating during our

normal hours. We won’t allow

anybody on the property but

people can just call up.

Could you tell me about

your services during the

Christchurch earthquakes?

Following the earthquakes,

we provided food parcels

directly to those in need in

the worst hit areas on the east

side such as Aranui. We had

very high demand during that

time and the food bank

provided 300 per cent of its

usual output in 2011. We also

gave food to North Canterbury

residents after the Kaikoura


How long have you lived in

the district?

We have lived in Selwyn

since 1986. We have always

been here in Leeston. The

community is great and very


What do you like about

living here?

I think that it is a great place to

Leonie Corry

Christian-spirited work for those in need


Wasp likes lemon trees

YOU MAY feel justified in thinking this

insect looks familiar – on February 26

I wrote an article about a very similar

looking black and white wasp called

Glabridorsum stokesi.

But not only is this week’s wasp a

different species, it is also a different

genus. This is the lemon tree borer

parasite, Xanthocryptus novozealandicus.

Although remarkedly similar in

appearance, it can be differentiated

easily by the latter having a complete

white ring around its eye, whereas the

former has a broken white ring around

its eye.

Females are larger, being 9-15mm

DEDICATED: Leonie Corry has received a Queen’s Service Medal for community work including

that with the Ellesmere Food Bank.


in length, while males are

5-11mm long.

They have been found

almost year round, but

their peak activity is around

MWarch when females are

searching for hosts.

The parasitic wasp is a

native species, but is also

found in Australia and New


The wasp parasitises larvae of

wood-boring beetles including the

lemon tree borer (Oemona hirta), a

pest of citrus, grapes and several native


Mike Bowie is an ecologist

who specialises in entomology

(insects and other invertebrates).

Each week he introduces a new

species found in his backyard at

Lincoln. His column aims to raise

public awareness of biodiversity,

the variety of living things around us. Check

out the full list of invertebrates found at


It can sense its larval victim inside a

branch and can drill into the wood to

oviposit its egg into its host.

In the Auckland region 10-20 per cent

of the lemon tree borer larvae have been

found to be parasitised by this wasp.

bring up children. We have three

and they have all loved their

sport which there is plenty of

around here.

Could you tell me more about

your family?

My husband and I have two

daughters, Teresa and Marcela,

and a son named Daniel. We also

have grandchildren.

Do you have any hobbies or

skills outside of the food bank

that you enjoy?

I have quite a lot I would

say. I really enjoy spending

time with my family and my

grandchildren. I love to read,

especially enjoying a good book

in the sun. I enjoy going for

walks in nature away from man

made things and doing a bit of

gardening. God’s word is also

important to me.

You received a Queen’s

Service Medal in 2015 for your

services to the community, how

did that feel?

Pretty amazing and pretty

humbling. The good thing about

it was that it brought much more

attention to the food bank that

way so we were able to help more

people. My husband Daniel also

received a Queen’s Service Medal

in 2018 for his services to the


You have been doing this for

more than 20 years now, what

keeps you going?

We enjoy doing what we do

and we know that it’s good for us

to keep moving, physically and


Do you have plans to retire

from the food bank any time


We are Christians so we will

just keep going and doing our

best to help those in need until

God tells us to stop but until

then, we plan on continuing to

help the community

•To get in touch with the

Ellesmere Food Bank,

which is still open during

the lockdown, phone

Leonie Corry on 03 324


The lemon tree borer parasite looks

similar to a black and white wasp featured

in this column in February.


Wednesday April 15 2020

Latest Canterbury news at starnews.co.nz

Selwyn Times

Annual Plan consultation delayed to

consider COVID-19 impacts

Library staff calling over-70s to

offer support

Selwyn library staff have been phoning more than 1,500 library

members over 70 years old offering support during the Level 4

Alert period.

The calls, which began last week, involve staff talking to people who

are aged 70 and above who have used a Selwyn Library in the past

year. The librarians are offering help to access the wide range of

digital resources the library has available. Arts, Culture and Lifelong

Learning Manager Nicki Moen says.

“We want to check in with people, to find out if there is anything we

can help them with, particularly in terms of library activity. We also

want to see if they use technology and, if so, are aware of and are

able to use our e-resources, are interested in joining any of our new

online programmes and how we can help with that.”

The libraries have also set up a team looking at delivering

electronic tutorials, she says and will be offering people they call

the chance to book a one-on-one tutorial with library staff to help

with digital access.

The aim is to provide local support to a priority group identified as

more vulnerable at this time.

“Where possible, we have organised the phoning so that a local

librarian will phone a local library member. We’re excited to be

making calls as our librarians are missing their customers, many of

whom they might usually see on a weekly or even daily basis.”

Staff were enjoying the opportunity and were receiving very positive

feedback with people very pleased to get a call, she says and staff

intend to stay in contact with library members.

Consultation on the Annual Plan 2020/21 has been delayed to consider changes due to the

COVID-19 pandemic, including options for a lower rates increase, or a rates freeze for the next

financial year.

The Council will consider a revised Annual Plan Consultation Document at its meeting on 15 April,

to be released for public consultation later this month.

Consultation on the plan was originally scheduled to begin on 3 April, but was deferred so that the

Council could consider the impacts of COVID-19 on the community and review its priorities.

The Consultation Document originally proposed an average 3.5% rate increase, in line with the

2018-2028 Long Term Plan, but the Council will now seek public feedback on options to reduce this.

Options could include a rates freeze, with 2020/21 rates held at the same level as the current year,

or an increase somewhere between 0% and 3.5%, depending on savings that can be identified.

Selwyn Mayor Sam Broughton says the Council is very mindful of the disruptive effect the

pandemic is having on the Selwyn community and economy.

“It’s appropriate for us to take another look at our plans and proposals for the coming year,” he

says. “In light of the pandemic, our focus will change and some of the projects we previously saw

as priorities will now be less important.

“We also know that COVID-19 is having a huge impact on households and businesses throughout

our district, and we know that many will be facing significant difficulties for some time,” he says.

If endorsed by the Council next week, the revised plan and proposed rates freeze would be open

for public consultation from 22 April to 22 May.

“It’s important that we hear from the community on what level of rates increase is acceptable –

keeping in mind that any reductions now may result in catch-up increases in future years.”

Rates assistance plan in development

The Council is working on a package of rates assistance measures to help people and

businesses facing rates payment challenges due the COVID-19 pandemic.

The assistance package will be discussed at this

week’s Council meeting and may include reduced

penalties for late payment and options around

extended payments.

Other options including rates postponement may also

be explored in the future.

“As people are struggling it’s important for us to do

what we can to help,” Mayor Sam Broughton says.

“While we need rates income to continue providing

essential services, we also need to be compassionate

in responding to people’s circumstances.”

More information on rates assistance will be available

later this month.

Council Call

Selwyn District Council

Norman Kirk Drive, Rolleston

Ph 0800 SELWYN (735 996)

Rolleston Library

Rolleston Drive, Rolleston

Ph 347 2880

Darfield Library & Service Centre

1 South Terrace, Darfield

Ph 318 8338 or 347 2780


Selwyn Times Latest Canterbury news at starnews.co.nz

Wednesday April 15 2020 9



The Selwyn Awards has been postponed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The Council intends

to run the awards in 2021 and we will be providing further updates later in the year.


Council meeting

Wednesday 15 April 2pm

Wednesday 22 April 2pm

Council meetings will be streamed live on facebook.com/SelwynDistrictCouncil

Stories from our household to yours

Part of our ongoing series on how Selwyn residents are handling self-isolation and spending their days.

We hope it will inspire you with some ideas.

For Greendale resident Julie Baker, a timetable and some creativity are helping her keep busy in lockdown.

A part-time teacher, Julie found in the absence of teaching she needed something to maintain structure

in her life.

“I just thought the only way to cope is to have a timetable, because otherwise it would be like my

day off work and I would just sit on the computer until midday in my pyjamas and that’s not going to

work every day.”

Julie’s timetable is split into sections; breakfast, animal welfare, fruit break and admin, housekeeping,

lunch, well-being, fitness, afternoon tea, garden, home maintenance and dinner.

“I’ve put in everything I have to do in the day, and then usually by the afternoon I’m doing what I want

to do, which is weeding. I’m loving getting out there and weeding especially because the sun is out.”

Julie also enjoys the well-being part of her routine at 1.30pm and 7pm, which involves watching

television, painting and doing a jigsaw.

“That’s the best bit of the day, when I can do something for myself and I’m allowed to. Having time put

aside to yourself is a really good idea and it makes you feel better.”

Julie’s daughter in England has also taken up

this well-being idea, inspired by a video chat with

her mum.

During housekeeping, Julie uses anything

she can find in the garden and pantry to try

new recipes saving trips to the supermarket.

She has tried her hand at making wine from

blackberries, pesto from nettles, bread in a slow

cooker and soup from taewa (Māori potatoes).

Soup is one of the easiest things to make from

home, mixing vegetables with stock herbs and

something to thicken it like potato.

Julie says the only thing that would stop her

home grown recipes is zombies.

“My main worry is that we don’t get any

zombies, I don’t want any zombies to come

pinch all my vegetables!” she laughs.

Community Fund helps Special

Olympics make a splash

It’s a Wednesday evening (before the lockdown). Rochelle, Jacob

and Amber and other athletes with intellectual disabilities head to

the Selwyn Aquatic Centre in Rolleston for their weekly swim lesson.

You can see the excitement and anticipation on the athletes’

faces as they plunge into the water with swim coach Sue who

begins the class.

Special Olympics Canterbury reserves two lanes for the athletes

with money from the Selwyn Community Fund.

The Council fund supports groups and organisations that contribute

to community wellbeing. It is available for Selwyn-based not-forprofit

community groups looking to run a project, event, or initiative

in the district.

Applications for round two of funding from the Community Fund this

year have been extended by one month and now close on 31 May.

Apply now at selwyn.govt.nz/selwyncommunityfund.

Swimming instructor Jessica Waters explains advanced swimmers

are in the furthest lane, while the middle lane is for those learning to

swim fast and the side lane is for recreational swimmers.

In the third lane Amber is showing off her improved breathing

technique and freestyle, while Rochelle is training in the second lane

for another gold medal at the next Special Olympics’ competition.

Jacob, who is in the side lane, enjoys swimming with his head

above the water.

For these athletes, aged 18 to 50, being a part of Special Olympics

gives them something to look forward to.

Jeff Waters, Rochelle’s father and chairperson of Special Olympics

Canterbury says any money the Special Olympics Group receives

goes a long way, but there is more to it than money.

“For us the money is great because it takes some pressure off the

athletes and volunteers to raise funds. The majority of our athletes

aren’t able to fundraise for themselves and struggle to pay for

anything other than the basics.”

Fundraising for training sessions and national competitions is left to

a limited group of volunteers.

Mr Waters says the Council funding shows they value Special

Olympics’ athletes and volunteers living in Selwyn.

“It just shows that someone else cares. It’s good to feel that you’re

not on your own sometimes.”

Lincoln Rotary Club staying active and connected

While some community projects have been put on hold during lockdown period, the Lincoln Rotary

Club are doing their best to stay operational and united with their members.

The club have set up a ‘telephone tree’ where one person calls around a group of about six to check

each is doing okay and then informs the president Matthew Sullivan of any changes in a member’s

health or situation.

The call list includes active members and retired members who have moved out of Rotary.

Public Relations Manager Farhad Dastgheib says it is important for the club to stay connected

because it is unknown what is around the corner for each member and it is a reassurance knowing the

membership is healthy and going strong.

“Especially since this critical virus is most severe in elderly people and the average age of our club is

reasonably high, we need to be careful with some of us.”

The club has also stayed open through meetings over Zoom and through a Facebook group members

can join called Rotary Club of Lincoln, NZ.

The club recently received funding from the Ministry of Social Development and contributed 100 food

vouchers to Selwyn families who are suffering due to lockdown business redundancies.

It is also collaborating with Rotary Club of Cashmere and encouraging Selwyn residents to donate items

to Tonga they may find during a lockdown house tidy.

“I can imagine that people in the Pacific Islands don’t have all the luxury we enjoy here, if there is

anything we can do, we will, we should,” Farhad said.

If there are items residents no longer need, they can put it aside and after lockdown period, they can email

matt@bradfieldmarketing.com and Lincoln Rotary will come and collect the items to dispatch to Tonga.

These items can include garden tools, particularly hand tools, shoes and sporting footwear (larger sizes

preferred), soft toys, gym and fishing equipment, pushchairs, car seats (these can be outside their

expiry date as they are used to physically support high needs children in a care facility) and walking

frames without wheels.

Council facilities

and services

All Council facilities remain closed under

COVID-19 Level 4 restrictions.

For updates see selwyn.govt.nz/covid19.

Leeston Library & Service Centre

19 Messines Street, Leeston

Ph 347 2871

Lincoln Library & Service Centre

Gerald Street, Lincoln

Ph 347 2876




$7.90 incl. GST



NOURISH: Fertilise your lawns in autum but make sure you have taken care of

those pesky weeds first.

Focus on your lawns

throughout autumn


favourable conditions

to renovate and repair

damaged lawns.

Summer has a habit

of leaving its mark on

the garden; it’s often first

spotted by patches that

develop into a brown, dry

looking lawn.

Autumn brings welcome

rain in addition to cooler

air and soil temperatures


are conducive to healthier

looking lawns. Lawns have

many recreational and

health benefits.

They provide a place

to exercise, an area for

children to play or a

space to entertain and

relax. Financially, a well

maintained lawn has

proved to add value to


The environmental

benefits of having a lawn

are often overlooked.

The grass in your lawn

helps stabilise the soil

Wednesday April 15 2020

(preventing erosion) and

keeps the soil healthy due

to the microbial activity

(worms and all the good

guys that work under the


Autumn tips for lawns:

•Repair bare or

damaged areas

Bare patches in lawns can

be created in high traffic

areas, from pets, garden

equipment or furniture or

caused by long dry periods;

these problems can be

easily fixed.

It is best to start by

spraying any moss or

weeds in the area and

raking out.

Create a nutrient rich

and stable foundation.

Rather than buying a large

bag of lawn seed look for

seed which is specifically

designed to repair damaged

and bare patches of lawn

and produces even grass


Latest Canterbury news at starnews.co.nz

•Spray for weeds and


Use a selective lawn weed

spray to control broadleaf

weeds and prickles in one


Apply in autumn and

spring when weeds are

actively growing and

before they become well


If moss becomes a

problem manage with

moss control sulphate of


•Nourish now with

lawn food

Lawn fertiliser is a blend

of nutrients formulated to

promote the establishment

and growth of lawns. It is

high in nitrogen, which is

responsible for promoting

lush, green growth in

lawns. Also contains

phosphorus and this is

good for establishing and

maintaining root growth,

which is the foundation of

a lawn.


Top horse trainer barred

from race tracks

after doping allegations

• By Louis Day


racing trainer Nigel

McGrath has handed in his

trainer’s licence after being

charged with numerous

offences including

attempting to administer

a banned substance to a


McGrath is facing five

charges and has been

served with a notice banning

him from entering

onto any racecourse.

His West Melton property

was raided by Racing

Integrity Unit officials last


He has now been

charged with:

• Attempting to administer

with another person

a prohibited substance to

Steel The Show.

• Refusing to

make a statement

to inspectors regarding

his actions.

• Obstructing

a racecourse

inspector(s) in

their attempts to

seize evidence.

• Failure to follow lawful

direction when instructed

regarding Steel The Show.

• Failure to follow lawful

direction when requested

regarding production of


McGrath’s property was

raided hours before Steel

The Show and another

horse Cloud Nine, were

due to race at Addington.

RIU inspectors found

tubing equipment, used

to administer substances

to horses, and McGrath

and another man at the


Steel The Show

and Cloud Nine were

immediately banned from

racing at Addington.

McGrath did not return

calls to Selwyn Times. His

lawyer Pip Hall QC said he

would not be making any


McGrath’s horses have

been transferred to other

trainers’ stables.

It is not the first time

McGrath has been charged

with horse doping

offences. In 2004

he was caught up

in the blue magic

scandal, being

found guilty

by the Judicial

Control Authority

for administering


bromide to horses

before racing.

McGrath was also caught

up in the ongoing police

investigation into the racing

industry, codenamed

Operation Inca.

He was charged with a

race-fixing offence which

was later dismissed in the

district court.

The charge came after

raceway stipendiary

stewards launched an

inquiry after a race at

Addington Raceway in

March 2018. They were

concerned by the manner

McGrath had driven

one of the two horses he

trained in the race – Star

Commander. His other

horse, Sheriff, won.

Nigel McGrath


The matter was then

heard by the Judicial

Control Authority, during

which details of a phone

call between McGrath and

a big betting businessman

associated with his stable

emerged for the first time.

During the phone call,

McGrath is asked by

the businessman if Star

Commander would beat

Sheriff. “Nah. Oh, if it does,

it won’t. If-if it ah. Nah,

don’t worry, don’t worry

about Star Commander.

Star Commander won’t get

in Sheriff’s way. You don’t

want that.”

Betting records showed

the businessman bet

$27,252 on 19 bets involving

wins, multis, quaddies,

trebles and a double on

Sheriff to win $37,057.

After originally pleading

not guilty to a serious racing

offence and a charge

of improper driving,

McGrath changed his

plea to guilty for the lesser

charge of improper driving

on the second day of the


He was suspended from

driving racing for six

months and ordered to pay

costs of $11,500.

The businessman is

facing criminal charges

in the district court. He

has interim name



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78 Rolleston Drive, Rolleston

10 Years in Selwyn

Richard Gray

Kate Warren

Anita Molloy-Roberts

Belinda Ferguson

Emma-Jane Moore

W: www.meareswilliams.co.nz

T: (03) 374 2547

E: reception


Offices also located at:

43 Gerald Street, Lincoln

225 Papanui Road, Christchurch

A large, quality home sited in a private and established

5021m 2 park-like se ting in the sought after Claremont

Estate on the boundary of Christchurch City.

The home features four bedr oms (master with

en suite and walk-in robe), open-plan kitchen, dining

and living along with formal dining, lounge and

conservatory. Great ind or outd or flow to a large

sheltered deck set in sprawling lawns and easy care

gardens with automated watering. Triple car garaging,

security gates, ducted heating, solar energy and

security system are just a few of the many extras on

offer with this property. There is a separate standalone

spacious office/studio that gives options for

those who require a dedicated work from home space

or alternatively, r om for a dependant relative.

Set amongst other quality homes on larger sections,

this property maintains a semi-rural f el whilst being

a short, easy commute into the city or ou to Ro leston.

Selwyn Times

Auction (unless sold prior)

Thursday 19 October, 2pm

411 Blenheim Road


Karen Hennessy


Phone: 03 341 4301

Mobile: 027 967 0186

karen.he ne sy@p gwrightson.co.nz

W ek commencing Tuesday, 3Rd ocToBeR 2017

Brand new ‘show stopper’ with 4 car garaging

As always, this builder has finished his latest new build to

perfection, incorporating a l the ‘must haves’ and more for

the discerning buyer. Situated on a 12 0m 2 section, with

an established backdrop, the substantial 315m 2 fl or plan

provides the ultimate in family living options. The su ny &

spacious open plan living r om boasts a designer kitchen

with 90cms oven, stone bench tops & a walk in pantry,

together with define dining, living & study spaces that

The formal lounge als opens to the landscaped garden

& has a boxed high stud ceiling with sound speakers. A l 4

bedr oms are fabulously proportioned qu en sized r oms,

with the master suite providing the perfect parents’ retreat

featuring an amazing dre sing r om with fu l wardrobe

system, a ditional storage & a beautiful tiled ensuite with

double tiled shower, fr estanding bath & twin vanities. The

family bathr om is equa ly elegant with a tiled shower &

twin vanities. Cosy up in front of the log burner, k ep your

toes warm with the under tile heating in the bathr oms &

k ep c ol or warm, as required, a the push of a bu ton with

2 heat pumps.

The home’s practical layout also includes a walk-in linen

r om, a substantial separate laundry, a tic storage with

la der a ce s and last, but certainly not least, hugely sought

after 4 car garaging. From the moment you a proach this

premium property, you wi l a preciate what a privilege it

would be to be able to ca l it ‘home’.


DeaDline Sale:

Closing 4pm on Monday

11th June 2018

(unless sold prior)

rwro leston.co.nz/RLL23148

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd

Licensed (REAA 2 08) - West Melton

Sarah Booth


Mobile: 027 527 8258

Brendan ‘Big Red’ Shefford


Mobile: 027 224 4733

Lincoln - 03 325 7299

Ro leston - 03 347 9988

West Melton - 03 347 9933


W ek commencing WeDneSDAY, 23RD mAY 2018

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd

Licensed (REAA 2 08)

THe BeST properTieS

AcroSS THe

SelWYn DiSTricT


Week commencing WeDneSDAY, 15TH April, 2020

Bring the kids!

This fabulous 4 bedroom home sited on an 843m2

(incl. ROW) section is fully fenced & offers peace &

privacy. The yard provides loads of space for children

& pets to run & play & has the bonus of a sand pit,

blackboard on the fence & a soft play area for your

trampoline or swing set. You will be impressed with

the excellent use of space in the 2 year old home built

by Signature Homes. Featuring two living areas &

a lovely modern kitchen which is the central hub to

both living spaces, you can always keep an eye on the

family while cooking your culinary delights. Heating &

cooling options are well covered with a Masport wood

burner, heat pump plus a heat transfer system to keep

the home at an ambient temperature. Outdoor flow

is easily accomplished with sliders from the open plan

living to a large sunny patio area. The generous master

bedroom is complemented by an ensuite & walk-in

wardrobe, while the remaining three bedrooms are

serviced by a trendy main bathroom.

For floor plans & a full information pack on the

property along with viewing opportunity times once

Level 4 restrictions have lifted, email Amanda Cherry

on amanda.cherry@raywhite.com

3B Dynes Road, Rolleston

Offers over $549,000


Listing ID: TLR20573

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd

Licensed (REAA 2008) - Rolleston

Amanda Cherry


Mobile: 027 340 6955

Brendan ‘Big Red’ Shefford


Mobile: 027 224 4733




Quality Home, Private Setting, Sought After Location

extend through sliding d ors to a large deck & covered ‘al

fresco’ entertaining area.

63 Rossington Drive, West Melton Open Home: Sunday 2.00pm - 2.30pm

EVERY WEDNESDAY inside Selwyn Times

Address: 19 Devine Drive, Templeton Open Home: Sunday 8 & 15 October, 1pm - 1.45pm

Get the power

of three offices

working for you

Your section hunt

starts here

New Falcon’s Landing sales office open, 17 Branthwaite Drive, Ro leston,

Ray White Rolleston,

Lincoln & West Melton

Sales - Property Management - Loan Market

Residential - Lifestyle - Commercial

Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays from 1-3pm. Come, visit and share in our vision

for Ro leston. Or ca l us anytime 03 741 1340. Email enquiries@yoursection.nz

Get your messages into homes throughout

the Selwyn District.

Delivered to every home & rural letterbox

(also available at selected pick up points).

For full information on placing your

advertising call:

Lynette Evans

Ph 021 222 7831 | email: lynette.evans@starmedia.kiwi

Printed on

high impact


Selwyn Times dedicated to getting you outstanding results & making our district a better place to live.

12 Wednesday April 15 2020

Latest Canterbury news at starnews.co.nz




Rolleston, Canterbury


Area A 230m 2 * $36,000pa + GST + outgoings

Area B 274m 2 * $48,000pa + GST + outgoings

Total Areas A & B combined 504m 2 * By Negotiation + GST + outgoings

Last space remaining in this brand new purpose built automotive hub, which is due

for completion mid 2020. The prime front warehouse/office unit is available with a

good and clear span and full height roller doors. Area is 504m 2 * of warehouse/office

and amenities or can be split into smaller areas of 230m 2 * and 274m 2 *. Neighbouring

tenants in the complex will be VINZ and Carters Tyre Service, so would be ideal for

another complimentary auto type business. Large yard area providing excellent vehicle

access and parking.

Paula Raine

027 221 4997 or 03 379 4210


(* approx.)


Raine Blackadder Ltd - MREINZ Licensed (REAA 2008)

Four Seasons Realty








Zealanders • •

New 2018-2020 by


Voted •



Real Estate Sales

bbleton 12 Coachmans Road 800sqm A 4 B 2 C 3 I 3 K

llington Is Calling .....

For Sale

gned Prebbleton please, this 2013 12 Coachmans Wilson Built home Road is a pleasure to bring to the market.

View www.harcourts.co.nz/RG9066

800sqm A 4 B 2 C 3 I 3 K

Wellington Is Calling .....

g areas are perfectly suited for today´s modern lifestyle. The flow to the two separate private and sheltered outdoor

s is through double pick-up sliders. Four bedrooms are light and bright with the master having access to the outdoors.

Designed to please, this 2013 Wilson Built home is a pleasure to bring to the market.

e car garaging is enormous with double wardrobe storage, space for work benches and attic storage.

Living areas are perfectly suited for today´s modern lifestyle. The flow to the two separate private and sheltered outdoor

property areas is is through well worth double a look. pick-up Call sliders. to arrange Four a bedrooms private viewing are light time. and bright with the master having access to the outdoors.

Three car garaging is enormous with double wardrobe storage, space for work benches and attic storage.

This property is well worth a look. Call to arrange a private viewing time.

For Sale

View www.harcourts.co.nz/RG9066

Linda Veitch

M 027 512 9261 P 03 313 6158


Four Seasons Realty 2017 Ltd Licensed Agent REAA 2008

Linda Veitch

M 027 512 9261 P 03 313 6158

SELWYN TIMES Latest Canterbury news at starnews.co.nz

Wednesday April 15 2020 13

14 Wednesday April 15 2020

Latest Canterbury news at starnews.co.nz

Bigger is better for

Mercedes-Benz SUV

WHEN I first drove the

GLS series Mercedes-Benz

sport utility vehicle several

years ago, I commented on

its size, it was big at around

4.7m, the dimensions

translating to considerable

internal space.

The GLS has undergone

a transformation

and, remarkably, it is now

even bigger thanks to a

wheelbase increase, the

seven-seat sport utility vehicle

now sits at over 5.2m,

making it one of the biggest

SUVs in the New Zealand


The benefit is that all

occupants can travel in

genuine comfort, the rear

seat area is more than just

something you load the

kids into, adults can be

seated there with reasonable


If you don’t use the rear

row of seats frequently, they

fold down to offer a cavernous

load area, and depending

on how you have the

seats configured, load

space relates to 470-litres to

1350-litres to 2400-litres.

It’s this kind of capability

that makes SUVs what

they are and why they are

so popular, the GLS is the

perfect vehicle for those

who have a sizeable family

and want to travel in luxury

and grace.

However, bear in mind

that the GLS 400d in this

form is a pricey beast, it will

set you back $168,500 in

standard form.

The GLS 400d is powered

by Mercedes-Benz’s

new generation inline

six-cylinder diesel. The

turbocharged unit is rated

at 243kW with an amazing

700Nm of torque; as a consequence,

the 3-litre unit

has all of the wonderful

mid-range power attributes

that makes diesel so appealing

as a fuel.

The engine is a powerhouse

through the whole

acceleration process, it

will cut out a standstill to

100km/h time of 5.1sec,

and will make 120km/h

from 80km/h in 3.9sec.

Steering wheel-mounted

paddle shifters working

on a nine-speed automatic

gearbox will assist

the driver if he/she decides

to take control over the acceleration


MERCEDES-BENZ GLS 400D: A styling upgrade

makes for a dynamic visual presence.

It wouldn’t be a worldclass

diesel engine unless

you get the benefits

of thrifty fuel usage, and

that is certainly the case

in the 400d. It is rated

with a 7.7-litre per 100km

combined cycle average.

At 100km/h the engine

works over leisurely at

just 1300rpm, returning a

6.1l/100km instantaneous


• Price – Mercedes-

Benz GLS 400d,


• Dimensions –

Length, 5214mm;

width, 2006mm;

height, 1823mm

• Configuration – Sixcylinder,


2925cc, 243kW,

700Nm, nine-speed


• Performance –

0-100km/h, 5.1sec

• Fuel usage –


TECHNOLOGY: The Mercedes-Benz GLS 400D has

had a boost in power for 2020.

These figures are quite

remarkable for a vehicle

which weighs in quite tubby

at 2724kg, but the point

is the engineering that is

coming out of the Mercedes-Benz

factories at the

moment, especially those

with diesel power, are at the

forefront of technology, and

the 400d is just one example

of performance and

economy all rolled into one.

The GLS 400d is built

with air suspension which

provides sublime ride quality

over uneven surfaces, it

just seems to float over the

bumps, generating just a little

jiggle if the ruts are extreme –

and there are plenty of those

in Canterbury. However,

the GLS is engineered for

comfort, and there doesn’t

seem to be anything you can

throw at the big SUV that

will upset it.

Of course, power is channelled

through to all four

wheels and it’s interesting

to note that Mercedes-

Benz offer an optional

off-roadpackage for this car.

With 199mm of ground

clearance in standard form,

it does lend itself to a crosscountry

challenge, if you

are brave enough to risk

a luxury vehicle on those

bush-lined off-the-seal


As you would expect

from Mercedes-Benz,

the GLS is full of luxury

appointments, it has the

kit to make you feel you

have bought a lot of car,

and there is so much safety

specification it will allow

all occupants to travel with

the knowledge they have

state-of-the art protection


The GLS 400d is just

another example of what

makes Mercedes-Benz so

desirable as a manufacturer.

It might not be the most

suitable vehicle for the

school run or for tackling

that tight city metered car

park, but the reality is it is

a sport utility that offers so

much desirability in other

areas, and it makes a powerful


The styling upgrade

for 2020 also makes for a

dynamic visual presence.

Classic Cars & Motorcycles


Breakdown & Relocation

0800 TOW TAXI • 0800 869 8294


For safe, damage free

car transportation

call Ashley’s Tow Taxi

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Macrocarpa Sleepers


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We cut to




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Connecting Your Community

• By Louis Day

CALLS HAVE b en made to

stop rates increases in response

to the Covid-19 crisis.

City counci lors James Gough,

Sam MacDonald, Catherine

Chu, Phil Mauger, Aaron Keown

– page 4

TUESDAY, MARCH 24, 2020starnews.co.nz

The local news


for Cantabrians

Thursday, March 19, 2020

– pages 6 & 7

ACTION: Six city counci lors including

Catherine Chu, Sam MacDonald (top right),

James Daniels (above left) and Aaron

Keown have ca led on Mayor Lianne Dalziel

to lead a conversation on how to achieve a

zero per cent rates increase this year.

and James Daniels have sent a

le ter to Mayor Lianne Dalziel

asking her to lead a conversation

as to how a zero per cent rates

increase could be achieved this


The city council is proposing

an average rates increase of 4.65

per cent acro s a l ratepayers in

this year’s Draft Annual Plan

which is cu rently under public

consultation until April 5 and

wi l be finalised before July 1.

The 2018-2028 Long Term

Plan also predicts a 50 per cent

rates increase over 10 years.

Said Cr MacDonald: “In

the cu rent environment it’s

clear busine s as usual is not

a propriate and the council

n eds to l ok at how we enable

this 12-month rates increase

fr eze to o cur, it’s crucial for

the economic confidence of our


Ms Dalziel said the las thing the council’s budget, which is urchNZ, the Canterbury Employers’

Chamber of Commerce

the city council n eded was for not entirely funded by rates, and

someone to hi the panic bu ton. the consequences that wi l flow and other key players so we are

“Calm heads must and wi l from decisions we make. best prepared for the economic

prevail,” she said.

“The Annual Plan is not cha lenges that lie ahead.”

“Our residents and busine ses signed off for thr e months so City council chief executive

wi l be depending on us to we have time to ge this advice. Dawn Baxendale did not rule a

make adjustments, and we wi l, A the same time, the council zero rates rise out.

however, we wi l n ed advice is m eting with our economic “We’re considering a series of

on the impacts on a l aspects of development agency, Christch-

options in light of the extraordinary

circumstances related to the economy in response to the

Covid-19. We wi l discu s these Covid-19 pandemic.

options with elected members The bi gest b ost is $5.1

as we develop the Annual Plan,” bi lion towards wage subsidies

she said.

for affected busine ses in a l

The push from city counci lors sectors and regions.

for a fr eze on rates rises comes •Tips for weathering virus, p3

shortly after Minister of Finance

•Mayor’s column, p9

Grant Robertson announced

a $12.1 bi lion package to aid •From the editor’s desk, p10

No review

A message

Councillor takes

Davids heads

Views on

Lively group


of love, unity

matters into

community board cricket nets



and prayers

his own hands

advocating body sought

St Patrick’s Day


for peace

Page 3 Page 6

Page 3 Page 5

Page 3 Page 7



Bid to






funding to

could take



a while



RESIDENTS MOST affected by

• By Louis Day


the new Northern Motorway are


Connecting Your Community



be a while until

MARCH 25, starnews.co.nz


Connecting Your Community relieved to hear the Christchurch TUESDAY, starnews.co.nz

MARCH 24, 2020

Connecting Your Community


• By Georgia O’Connor-Harding

the eastern suburbs start to

Northern Corridor opening has

see Lianne Dalziel’s campaign

been delayed by six months.

THE earthquake-damaged

aspirations for the area come to

The CNC was due to open in

former Sockburn Service Centre


the middle of this year, but last

could finally be demolished in

During October’s local body

week the New

July – if the funding needed is

elections, Ms Dalziel identified

Zealand Transport


It comes as the


repairs to the eastern part of the

city’s footpaths, pipes and roads

announced more


as one of her main priorities for

time was needed

this term.

to complete the


“We need a fully integrated

$290m motorwayten

in its draft

Board has writ-

programme of works for the

east, I have loosely called this

The original

submission to

Readers respond

Chance to the eastern alliance, which

scope of the

the city council’s

would essentially be an alliance Helpless to


Delay in

Market day

project has been Mark Wilson

Annual Plan

Mike Mora

to supermarket

farewell Holden

of contractors who can take

extended include


making mall

goes green at 2019-2020,

stop property

captain the whole area bit by bit and

a third southbound lane on

requesting the city council addresses

the budget gap so the


in style

systematically get the work

the Waimakariri River bridge and


with cup done,” she said during the

a clip-on win

exit safer

Cashmere HS


buildings can be removed as soon


St Albans resident Mark Wilson

as possible.

Page 8

GIRL Page BOSS: Julia 17 Holmes But chief wants executive to be a Dawn geneticist after Page high school, 3 and feels the GirlBoss Advantage programme will Page help 10 said GIRL the BOSS: community Julia Holmes are “somewhat

her achieve thankful” her for dreams. the delay.

Page 3

PHOTO: GEOFF SLOAN Page 11 said the final submission is yet to

wants to be a geneticist after high school, and feels the GirlBoss Advantage programme will help Board chairman Mike Mora

her achieve her dreams. Baxendale said any request to


• By Bea Gooding

pursue a specific for biology, project in and the from a young Julia is one of 25 young were often male-dominated, •“The By community Bea Gooding will be somewhat

thankful for a reprieve of the

for biology, and from a young Julia is one of 25 young were often male-dominated, be completed but it was likely the

east would have age to has be always agreed been interested women chosen around the with particular focus on science,

technology, engineering

age has always been interested women chosen around the with particular focus on science,

technology, engineering requested.

demolition of the site would be

FIFTEEN-YEAR-OLD upon Julia by council.

effects of this motorway for six

South New Brighton School pupil Jacob McMillan enjoying the foam pit at Christchurch School of

City councillors are yet to pass

Gymnastics, which opened its doors to pupils while the school was closed due to fire damage.

Holmes is on a mission on to

in how things worked, often country to participate in the



in how things worked, often country to participate in the

months, but it’s still there. Until

taking things apart just to put GirlBoss Advantage programme

next month, designed She was shocked to hear the

and maths.

Holmes is on a mission to Rates

taking things apart just to put GirlBoss Advantage programme

next month, designed She was shocked to hear the Main South Rd, has been a source

and maths.

The former service centre, on

make a difference in the world. any guidance them to back staff together. around

decisions are made to put our

make a difference in the world. them back together.

•Story, more photos, page 5

PHOTO: GEOFF The SLOAN year 11 St Margaret’s this, she said.

community first, then there is no

That passion has landed her to mentor the female leaders news from her mother.

The year 11 St Margaret’s That passion has landed her to mentor the female leaders news from her mother.

of tension for years with residents

College student has a passion •Turn to page the 5

relief,” he said.

opportunity granted

of her dreams. of tomorrow in industries that • Turn to page 6

College student has a passion decision

the opportunity of her dreams. of tomorrow in industries that • Turn to page 7

unhappy with the state of the site.

•Turn to page 6

•Turn to 5

BLINDS...Cleaned, Repaired & Restored... for Collett’s BLINDS...Cleaned, Repaired & Restored... to come

BLINDS...Cleaned, Repaired & Restored...

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Restore your oiled CEDAR BLINDS with our re-oiling service. R V STORAGE CENTRE

Restore your oiled CEDAR BLINDS with our re-oiling service.

• By Matt Slaughter

Rejuvenate your lacquered CEDAR BLINDS

Corner plan

from Govt

Rejuvenate your lacquered CEDAR BLINDS

SPREYDON residents are

Rejuvenate your lacquered CEDAR BLINDS

High-tech Cleaning Fujitsu 6kw heat pumps

High-tech Cleaning

preparing High-tech Cleaning

We clean and repair all types of blinds –

• By Jess Gibson

We clean and repair all types of blinds – Boats, Caravans, • By Devon to help Bolger members of

We clean and repair all types of blinds –

their community if they are

What’s in store for

Venetians, Cedar, Verticals, Roller, Hollands,

Venetians, Cedar, Verticals, Roller, Hollands,

Venetians, Cedar, Verticals, Roller, Hollands,

Romans and Pleated – with environmentally SAVE

RESOURCE consent has been











Romans and Pleated – with environmentally

the property market


Romans and Pleated – with environmentally

friendly cleaning products. $ granted for a major commercial


who may struggle to pay their rates

friendly cleaning products.

in 2020?

Temperature Controlled Drying 350

and residential development in

Temperature Controlled Drying

Expressions of interest sought Spreydon

will come

to Neighbourhood

from the Government,

Re-oiling & Rejuvenating


Re-oiling & Rejuvenating

rent covered and open space


the district







Read the full article at

Fabric Blinds - such as Austrian and Buy Now.

Collett’s Corner, a three-storey

Sonya Hodder got behind

Said district


the above proposed centre based



complex, is now a step closer to

idea after one of its




in I Zone Park Rolleston.

Keep warm WE ARE OPEN being built on Oxford St after

posted asking if residents






Mon - Fri

Mon - Fri

+ Healthy

Christchurch City Council

willing to support people



“(We) will

On site facilities will include Mon - Fri

8.00am to 5.00pm approved the consent application

8.00am to 5.00pm are self-isolating

the following:




guided by


8.00am to 5.00pm

from Ohu Development - the

D Security Fence, Swipe food card, and Gate other supplies.


D Dump Station On Site

group behind the project.


Said Mrs Hodder:


D Trickle “One


of Feed the Power



The project is being funded by

D CCTV Camera ladies who is in Dthe guidelines

Office group works


And Toilet Complex


Ph 377 0770,

Ph 377 0770,

Ph 377 0770,

Caleb Griffioen 0276 370 231

47 Mandeville St, Riccarton Ph 377 the first crowdfunding 0034 campaign

D Wash Down Facility for the Red Cross Dand relation

Affordable she’s like

to fifnancial

David Ward

Rental Charges

under taken in New Zealand for a

47 Mandeville St, Riccarton an emergency person, you



47 Mandeville St, Riccarton


Christchurch www.dimocksenergy.co.nz sales@dimocks.net.nz

commercial development. www.blindcare.co.nz


she goes out with the





Reply to: rvstoragecentre@gmail.com


However, before work starts on

It is



that, and

be a



came up

the complex, Ohu Development



the idea and so I agreed that

will need to raise between

we should

Mr Ward

use our



it is still too



$800,000 and $1.4 million in its

as an

to tell



if anybody

what assistance



second round of crowdfunding,




will need.

which is planned to start on














it will





we are





the supermarkets

The public will decide whether

at how we




to the



DEDICATED: Dave Bryce is passionate about gardening as it is sustainable and promotes healthy eating. GIRL BOSS: Julia Holmes wants to be a geneticist after high school, and feels the GirlBoss Advantage programme will help

or not the second crowdfunding


For us,




about responsiveness

like that but

her achieve her dreams.


bid will go ahead on that date.







to know


how it’s going

• By Jess Gibson

the chairman of Redcliffs/Te Features and was one of seven At the moment, edible

• By Bea GoodingIn a survey by Ohu from a young age has always Julia is one of 25 young industries that were oten maledominated,

with particular “I


to pan out.

the safety of staff

WITH MORE than 100 edible

Rae Kura Eco Village Group, recognised in the Residential items in Mr Bryce’s garden

Development, people been can interested in how things women chosen around the









our communities.”


species in his garden, Dave

was successful at the Linwood- House Category.

include pumpkins, courgettes, WEST MELTON’S choose Julia whether they worked, think oten the taking things country to participate in focus on science, technology, need to let us know what they

Bryce would give any vegetable

Central-Heathcote Edible

The awards were presented to beans, lettuce, rhubarb, Holmes celery,

It follows calls from

is on a mission crowdfunding to campaign apart just should to put them back the GirlBoss Advantage engineering and maths.

need and we’ll do our best to

shop a run for its money. Garden Awards.

Mr Bryce at a ceremony held at tomatoes, berries, nuts make and

Christchurch city councillors to

a difference continue, the world.

should together. be paused

programme next month,

She was shocked to hear the help,” she said.

the worst happens.

Network] are about, that’s why tricky if the supermarkets stop aged not to actually go there if

Which is why the Mt

He received a special

the Matuku Takotako: Sumner herbs among others.

stop rates increases in response

The fifteen-year-old until has the Covid-19 outbreak That passion is has landed her designed to mentor the

news from her mother.

Mrs Hodder said there is no “I just think anything to help we exist.

working and things like that, and they’re sick, but to phone in and

to the Covid-19 crisis.

Pleasant resident, who is also award for Best Sustainability Centre earlier this month.

• Turn to page 6 a passion for biology, brought and under control. the opportunity of her dreams. female leaders of tomorrow in • Turn to page 5

need to panic but it is important our community, that’s what we “We’ve got to look after each the doctors, it’s hard for them as things like that,” she said.

those who can help do

• Turn







[the Spreydon Neighbourhood other. I guess it’s going to get well. People need to be encour-

•Turn to page 6

At The Laboratory

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Do you have trouble

• Open 5 days a week •

A service that is totally mobile and at NO COST to you

hearing and need a

hearing test? Your • Late night appointments (these fill fast!) •

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Another Chance UK Feel Good Classic Cinema Jane Austin Comedy Historical Drama Family Fun

Brenna Sincock, is

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Tuesday, 24 March

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Wednesday, 25 March

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78 Barrington Street,


Michelle lindsay

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Ph 377 0770,


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Shop 40 Rolleston Square, 9 Masefield Dr, Rolleston 7614

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The local news


for Cantabrians

Connecting Your Community

Take in an

ice cream or


TUESDAY, MARCH starnews.co.nz 24, 2020

Ge ry Brownl e

MP for Ilam

283 Gr ers Road Bryndwr,



0 359 0582

Funded by the Parliamentary Service.

Authorised by Ge ry Brownl e MP,

Parliament Buildings, We lington.

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Connecting Your Community

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Ge ry Brownl e

MP for Ilam

283 Gr ers Road Bryndwr,



0 359 0582

Funded by the Parliamentary Service.

Authorised by Ge ry Brownl e MP,

Parliament Buildings, We lington.

Ro ler Blinds cleaned

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The local news


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SELWYN TIMES Latest Canterbury news at starnews.co.nz

Wednesday April 15 2020 15

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Foam fun follows fire Julia’s on

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Covid-19 prompts call for

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Hodder says

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Network will help

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of Covid-19.




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16 Wednesday April 15 2020

Latest Canterbury news at starnews.co.nz


Living at Alert Level 4

Wednesday 15 April Update

Thank you to all the essential workers who worked over Easter.

We’re in week three at Alert Level 4, so it’s important to be kind,

and continue to support each other.

What do I do if I have symptoms or other

health issues?

If you’re not feeling well, please ring your GP or Healthline as

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Using private vehicles for transport is only allowed if you are:

1) accessing essential services 2) shopping for food or medicine

3) or if you’re an essential worker travelling to, from, or as part of

your essential work.

Otherwise, you must stay home. Do not travel out of town.

You should also only travel in your car with people from

your household. Remember, any unnecessary travel may

spread COVID-19.

Also note that pedestrians in particular may not be as aware as

they normally are, so if you need to drive for essential reasons,

remember to slow down, and drive safe.

Can essential workers come into my home or

business to do essential work like fixing heating,

water or internet issues?

Yes they can. They don’t have to wear masks or gloves –

unless required for the work – but do need to maintain their

physical distance.

Now is the time to be kind and considerate towards neighbours

and those working in our essential services.

What can I do If I experience, or know someone

who is experiencing, violence at home?

If you’re not safe at home, it’s okay to leave your bubble to ask for

help. If you have to leave, you can contact a friend or neighbour.

Call 111 in the first instance if you can.

Remember to keep an eye-out for friends and neighbours.

If you have concerns about a young person, call 0508 FAMILY

(0508 326 459).

Where can I seek help if I’m feeling stressed

or anxious?

If you feel you are not coping, it is important to seek help and

professional support. Your family doctor is a good starting point.

For support with grief, anxiety, distress or mental wellbeing, you

can also call or text the ‘Need to talk?’ service on 1737. This is free,

and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and gives you the

chance to talk with a trained counsellor. If you’re just looking for

some extra support, you can go to Covid19.govt.nz. It includes

tips for parents or caregivers who want to discuss mental health

and wellbeing issues with primary-school aged children.

Who can I contact if I see people not following

the rules on self-isolation?

You can tell the Police by completing the online form at

105.police.govt.nz. Where possible, try to keep the phones

free for those that need them in an emergency.

Thank you New Zealand

A big thank you to everyone in the country for your vigilance over

the Easter period. Together, we are saving lives.

Got questions?

Find the answers faster at Covid19.govt.nz

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