Newsletter 14- 17.04.20






A word from the Principal...


So, it’s been a month since we have seen many of you and although that time has gone quickly, we

are all looking forward to returning to normal as soon as possible. We heard yesterday that this is

at least three weeks away and probably longer, so we will continue to set work online and be available

virtually to support you however we can.

Again, we have been so impressed with the standard of work that many of you have been producing

and some of it is highlighted over the next few pages. Please be reassured that it is not an expectation

for you to complete all the work that is set everyday, nor is it expected that you follow the

timetable that some teachers have set as a recommendation. We appreciate that many of you are

working from home and time is at a premium, so we are providing as much support material as we

can so that you can support your child’s learning as much as you can. We know this will be different

for every family and we are grateful for your support with this.

This week we welcome Mrs Patrick back to our school team, following the birth of her second child.

Mrs Patrick will work with Mrs Cahill in Y1 for the remainder of the year and we are delighted to

have her back.

Stay safe,

Adam Anderson


Home Learning...

Some great work has been going on in Year 1. I have really enjoyed seeing

all of the activities children have been getting up to. So many of you are using

Seesaw, Khan Academy, Numbots, TTRS and many other suggested websites.

It is also lovely to see the activities you and your families have created

yourselves, taking the time to send me pictures and messages about these.

We have also welcomed Mrs Patrick back from maternity leave this week. Mrs

Patrick has been creating seesaw activities and has also enjoyed viewing your

lovely work. Well done Year 1 and a huge thank you to all the parents for your

ongoing support.

Year 2 have had a fantastic start to the Summer term. They have started

learning about The Great Fire of London. This week they have researched what

the fire was like, how it started and how it was put out. They have compared

the fire equipment from the past to the present day and have created some

lovely fire safety posters. Many of the children have also been on scavenger

hunts, made playdough, read me stories and kept up with their maths and

physical fitness.

Home learning...

Class 4 have made a great start to this term and have been introduced to our

new topic ‘Romans’. They’ve been exploring the text of Pompeii and have begun

to learn about timelines. As well as their set work they have also worked

on their own topics at home and shared their wonderful work. Well done everyone.

Class 5 have made an excellent start to the Summer Term. We have started

our new topic ‘Fork to Food’ and the children are producing some extremely

interesting pieces of work. It has been a pleasure to read the variety of work,

they really are still trying their best during the lockdown. Well done Class 5, we

miss you all. Keep up the great work.

Home learning...

Year 6 have been very busy this week and have shown so much creativity. I

have loved seeing some beautiful and detailed drawings being created, Science

experiments being completed and even some newspaper reports starting to

take shape. Year 6 have really embraced their home learning and have been

dedicated to completing daily reading challenges and even tackling ratio as a

part of their Maths. I have really enjoyed seeing photos, projects created on

Seesaw, videos and voice clips showing me all of the brilliant things they have

been up to. Lots of children have also taken to our class blog and are supporting

each other through this time, they have even started a ‘true or false’ story

challenge. Keep up the hard work Year 6!

Home learning...

Over the Easter holidays the Early Years children have been very creative making

the most amazing rainbow pictures to cheer people up.

It has been lovely to hear and see how well they have been looking after their

sunflower seeds over the past few weeks.

Well done to all the children who have been working hard with their home learning.

Miss you all and stay safe everyone

Year 3 have been exploring adding money at home this week and have developed

some very innovative ideas on ways they can evidence this. We have

also been creating book reviews on a book that we have enjoyed reading and

compiling this in either written or video format. Finally, some children have

engaged in a “Challenging Stereotypes” activity where they have researched

and written information about how some famous people have expressed their

individuality and helped others in doing so. We have posted many of our activities

on our class blog which all are welcome to visit to see the amazing effort

our children are making towards their home-learning:

class3cu. There are so many other pieces of work that are available on our blog

that we don’t have room for on the newsletter.

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