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April 19, 2020


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4 Ways

To Style

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Eyes on COVID-19’s Aftermath







4 Cover: Nkemdilim Uwaje

Begho: Eyes on COVID-19’s


6 Sexmatics: Going Braless

@ Lockdown


3 Fashion : 4 Ways To Style Your Pencil


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19 APRIL 2020

8 Instagram Moments


If and when Nigeria wakes up

from this nightmare called

COVID-19, there is no doubt that

anything or anyone will ever

remain the same again. The

compulsory lockdown has given

people ample room to reflect about

life and the way we live it.

Coronavirus has thrown up

new perspective on how we view

things, our values, family life, how

we worship and what we

emphasize, how students learn and most profoundly, how

we work and transact businesses.

Almost everything we have done in the last one

month, happen online. This means our future will depend

very heavily on technology. But how ready are we for this

development? If working from home becomes the new

trend, every organisation will lean heavily on technology.

The likes of Mrs Nkemdilim Uwaje Begho, a digital

tech savvy CEO, is already eyeing the future after

COVID-19. Gracing our cover today, she shares with our

reporter, Josephine Agbonkhese on how to harness the

benefits of digitalisation. Pg 4-5

While we stay locked down, Temitope Ojo shares little

beauty tips to keep you still radiant while at home. Pg 6.

Don’t let COVID-19 weigh you down. Try on something

exciting for your own happiness. Look at 4 ways to style

the pencil skirt. Pg 3.

Stay, happy, stay beautiful and

stay safe.

J . E

Jemi Ekunkunbor



“If you haven’t any

charity in your heart,

you have the worst

kind of heart


“Never open the door

to a lesser evil, for

other and greater

ones invariably slink in

after it”.

- Baltasar Gracian

“Religion is like a

pair of shoes…Find

one that fits for you,

but don’t make me

wear your shoes”.

“Love talks and talks.

Lust is brief and to

the point.!”.

- Bob Hope 3

- George Carlin






Josephine Agbonkhese




















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patent bag




Wear with classic

white shirt

Step out to the office when the

Coronavirus pandemic is over looking all

elegant and refreshed. With a black pencil

skirt, classic white shirt, black patent

pumps and work bag, you are good to go.

4 Style Your

Black Pencil Skirt

Black patent


Ways To

Pair with

crop top




Wear with

Peplum Top

One of the freshest

ways to wear the

pencil skirt is with

a peplum top. This

look is perfect for

creating a waist on

a boyish figure or

slimming a full waist.

Either way, it’s a

chic and timeless.

Create a look

that is sexy and

chic at same

time by pairing

a crop top with

a longer pencil

skirt. This can

be worn to any






By - Rita Okoye

Pencil skirt is one of the

most timeless fashion

pieces every woman

should own. It’s such a

flattering piece if you

know how to style it

right. It also suits just

about every figure.

With a tucked-in shirt

or peplum top, pencil

skirt gives you a long,

lean line, showing off the

legs, which leaves you

exceptionally stylish.

Let’s guide you on other

classy ways to style your

pencil skirts.

Wear with


Dress up

like the boss

lady you

are, pair your

pencil skirt

with a turtle

neck blouse.

Opt for a cool

colour or pretty

prints. Go for

a pair of sleek

heels to finish

the look.



peplum top

black pump

April 19, 2020 / 3


Nkemdilim Uwaje Begho:

Eyes on COVID-19’s Aftermath

Words By - Josephine Agbonkhese

She is digital technology personified. The CEO, Future Software Resources Limited, an IT

solutions provider focused on online solutions, e-learning and IT security, Nkemdilim

Uwaje Begho is one of the most influential CEOs in the Nigerian digital tech industry.

With a firm grit to help Africa harness the benefits of ‘digitalisation’, Uwaje Begho has

garnered global recognition for her work over the past 15 years. This includes recognitions as an

Obama African Leader, Forbes’s Top Ten Female Tech Founders in Africa, Global Digital Women

Top 10 Most Inspiring Women in Africa, Lionesses of Africa Top 100 Women and Ventures Africa

42 Most Innovative Africans.

She’s a recipient of several awards including the Jim Ovia Prize for Software Excellence. An

internationally-revered IT expert, she has delivered speeches at some of the world’s finest

platforms, including Harvard Business School. Uwaje Begho is Committee Chair, Funding

Framework for the Nigerian Technology Sector, NESG IT group; member, Nigerian National IT

Software Committee and; the Nigerian Electronic Voting Think Tank; all platforms via which she

contributes to shaping national policies.

In this interview with Vanguard Allure, she speaks on Nigeria’s readiness for the 4IR (Fourth

Industrial Revolution) in the light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, reels out factors she

considers germane to the nation’s transformation into a digital economy, and bares it all on life as

a business leader in the digital tech space among sundry issues.

There have been talks about the 4IR these past months.

But is the COVID-19 pandemic not exposing Nigeria’s

technology-related gaps as a nation?

You are spot on! COVID-19 and the global economic

crisis has catapulted us into a great diagnostics tool, to test

our readiness for the 4IR. So far, some key digital

infrastructure deficits have been identified in various sectors.

As millions of workers aim to work from home,

employers are suddenly in a situation where they are trying

to figure out how to provide power and suitable internet

connections to their staff in order to continue to deliver

undisrupted services to their clients. These are

considerations no foreign employer has to think about as

most households in the developed world are connected to

broadband, and have undisrupted power supply.

Also, as educational institutions close nationwide, our

learners are running the risk of falling behind by months as

only a handful of private educational institutions are

equipped to deliver classes online, and deliver learning

assignments via Learning Management Systems. In the

area of healthcare, while other countries have deployed

technology solutions, we are manually scrambling.

What have you noticed in the public sector?

In public sector service too, the digital assets that have

been put in place are tested with web traffic like never seen

before. For example, key web portals like the CAC’s were

unavailable for days and when the CAC’s came back, it was

impossible to file an application. This shows that business

continuity planning in a crisis situation, as well as focusing

on delivering services digitally hasn’t been a priority.

The private sector is not exempted. With the sudden

restrictions that social distancing and the recommendations

by government have brought, many businesses have

realised that they do not have the adequate infrastructure in

place to move their operations online; and even those who

have e-commerce capabilities are struggling with delivery

fulfilment services.

Other aspects include, the lack of Smart City

infrastructure which will make it hard to do contact tracing in

a technology-assisted manner. It also means that monitoring

the outbreak of potential criminal activities during the

lockdown period, will be harder than in other countries.

In the area of data and communication too, as data

trickles in and fake news circles the drain, we have seen the

lack of reliable data and communication thereof; which has

led to panic and uncertainty. There is a gap in digitally and

data-driven approach in communicating to citizens.

However, I commend the Nigeria Centre for Disease

Control, NCDC, as it has been very pro-active. It has tried

to update citizens as frequently as possible. It went a step

further by making digitally shareable resources available, to

educate citizens on the pandemic.

But as the numbers grow, we need to use data to make

decisions and model possible scenarios. Two questions

remain however: are we collecting key data and do we have

sufficient data analysts and data scientists to interpret this


I strongly believe that the forced gap analysis this pandemic

has brought with it, will lead to us actively working towards

closing the gap, which in turn will lead to acceleration of

steps that need to be taken towards becoming a Digital


Which industries are winning despite the pandemic?

I will answer this question from a global point of view; as

some industries that are winning globally are not winning

locally. Big winners are online supermarkets and grocery

delivery services. UK online supermarket, Ocado had a

virtual queue of over 400,000 people. Walmart hired over

150,000 casual staff to meet daily surges of demand that

exceeded over 160%.

Other big winners are streaming services like Netflix,

Youtube and Amazon. With the increasing demand for

digital content, streaming has jumped by at least 12%,

according to an analysis by Forbes. While the pandemic is

at its all-time high, Disney services just launched in most

European countries.

Collaboration Cloud Services are another clear winner.

With millions of people around the world working from

home, collaboration tools and file sharing has become more

important. Video Conferencing and Chat usage has also

skyrocketed as work teams, families, friends and colleagues

use them to connect.

How do you think our individual lives will change with

regards to how we use technology after the crisis?


/ April 19, 2020


There are many answers to this. However, the bottom

line will be that we would build new habits and alter our

consumption patterns—as well as the way we engage with

digital as a whole.

This will include people connecting with friends and

loved ones across the globe on the Houseparty app, having

virtual dinner parties or company TGIF (thank God it’s

Friday) sessions and engaging in fun games and banter;

children attending class online and parents being more

involved in class activities; people taking part in virtual

exercise and dance classes, DJ sessions and live cooking

activities using LIVE; thought leaders and subject matter

experts using digital video streaming apps and webinars to

engage; increased adoption of the work-from-home culture

by employers; and a rise in the use of mobile devices (both

phones and tablets) to replace computers as people get

used to using hand-held devices to perform their duties.

We would have people becoming content creators on

platforms like Tiktok. We would also see a significant

reduction in pointless face-to-face meetings, and will use

technology to be more efficient in client interactions.

These new habits and experiences will lead to changes

in consumer behaviour and increase the demand for virtual

services. Among other things, it will shoot up digital literacy


How did you succeed in growing Future Software

Resources into one of Nigeria’s leading IT firms?

Lots of blood, sweat and tears. Years of working hard,

being consistent, paying attention to detail and being

patient. At the centre of it all though, is my team’s constant

drive to deliver excellence and to go over and beyond.

The boardroom is traditionally a boys’ club; how did

you break in?

There are a few factors besides focus, consistency and

determination that played a role in getting a seat at the

table. These key contributors were expert knowledge,

reputation and visibility. That is, being a recognised thought

leader and subject matter expert from my over 15+ years of

providing technology services, being actively engaged in

building the local ecosystem, driving policy at a national

level and being recognised as a global subject matter


Having the reputation of having integrity, being

extremely hardworking and always putting in 150%, as well

as always speaking out regardless of how unpopular my

stand may be.

In terms of visibility, having invested in building my

personal brand over the years definitely helped. I frequently

speak at local and global conferences, write a blog and

have active social media channels. These various activities

gave me a lot of visibility—as they say, you cannot be

called if you are not noticed.

What drives you?

A deep passion for transforming Africa

using technology.

What is your biggest lesson learned in the business


You must be willing to pivot and change your business

model many, many times.

How do you cope with challenges?

A challenge is a problem that is in need of a solution. So

when I am faced with a challenge, I try to figure out how to

solve it, or who can help in solving it. Having a capable

team, a strong network and a firm support system is really

key—you cannot do it alone.

Some say mentoring is overrated; do you think


I am part of a lot of mentoring networks where I

volunteer my time to share my experiences with young

business owners. I think it’s invaluable to be able to learn

from others, and know that you are not the only one in a

particular situation. So yes, I think mentoring is very


When you’re not working, what do you like to do?

I usually spend time with my family and friends or catch

up on sleep. If I have an extended period off, I love exploring

new places.

What’s your favourite travel destination?

It depends on what kind of trip it is. I would say that so

far, my top destinations are Italy, Cyprus, Vietnam and

South Korea.

What won’t you ever be caught wearing? that’s a funny question. Baggy jeans and

a hoodie and ugly shoes.

You must be

willing to

pivot and

change your


model many,

many times.

April 19, 2020 / 5


Care For

Skin And

Hair @


By - Temitope Ojo

Stay Away From

Processed Food

The less processed food you take,

the better it is. During this time, if

you are drinking juice and coconut

water then it is good for your body.

Eat fresh vegetables, fruits, and

salads as much as you can. Eat

light food with fewer spices, and

watch your skin and body glow.

As we all stay in our homes to help flatten the

curve of the COVID-19 pandemic, many are

sharing ideas on how to stay productive,

healthy and in high spirits. Natural ways for

boosting immunity are also a topic often

discussed though done from a distance. It is

also important to share some beauty tips to

work with this season.

The skin and hair also take a beating due to

decreased physical activity. The body is

energised by getting out of the house and

indulging in physical activities, and that’s

how the metabolism also remains good.

But there can be stiffness in the body due

to lack of activity, which could, in turn,

make the skin and hair dull like never


To uplift your mood quite instantly, the

simplest thing you can do is look after

yourself. Thankfully, these days, it is an

essential act of self-love and self-care that we

all have the time to engage in.

Here’s a guide to looking after

your skin and hair during



/ April 19, 2020

Detox And Exfoliate Skin At Least

Two Times Each Week

Sugar, activated charcoal, bentonite clay, and

coconut milk powder gently exfoliate skin and help

to draw out impurities, making your complexion

glow and brings out your own natural beauty.

Move Your Body For That Glow

For your metabolism not to be affected due to

the lack of physical activities, use the stairs. If

you like to dance, simply groove to your favourite

song. This will keep your hair and skin both

in good shape. Try and indulge in this activity

for 20 minutes every morning, afternoon and

evening. This will also help in the circulation of

antioxidants in the body.




With Oils


with oils helps

to deeply

moisturise the

skin and gives it

a radiant glow.

It is also an easy

and amazing

way to relieve


Cleanse Your Face

Cleanse your face regularly with a gentle purifier like a mixture of

turmeric, papaya, and lavender. It works together to exfoliate, heal

and fight off bacteria.

Dry Skin On Hands

With so much hand-washing

and using hand sanitizers,

the skin on our hands needs

far more attention than

usual. Applying a thick layer

of the hand cream, couple

with topping it with some

cotton gloves. Either leave on

overnight or while you watch a

movie. If you don’t have any

hand cream, try olive oil.

The most important tip

is, stay inside your house,

keep on washing hands and

using a sanitiser.

Use Natural Ingredients

During this time, it would be better to use natural

products for skincare instead of ready-made cosmetics.

Get a cucumber, tomato, and potato. Wash and grind all

three together. Turn it into a cold face pack by putting the

mixture into an ice tray. Just apply this cube on your face,

let it dry and then wash it.

with Adesuwa 07011289316 |

Going Braless @ Lockdown

Few weeks ago, not wearing a bra would not have made

an headline; but today, the story is quite different. With the

global pandemic and lockdown, ladies can’t catch a break

and with social distancing very much in full swing, women

are still being chastised for being comfortable.

Since the Covid-19 outbreak started, social media has

been overrun with people celebrating the simple fact that

they can now carry out most of their daily activities without

wearing a bra. That would not have been possible if

regular life had continued. Going without a pair of bra has

become a means of chilling out which was previously

undiscovered for a number of ladies.

Some “experts” have claimed that not wearing a bra will

make your boobs sag. Others have said that ditching your

bra in the midst of the corona virus pandemic, will

apparently damage the connective tissue in boobs that

helps maintain “structural integrity.” But our wardrobe

needs have changed since we found ourselves at home.

However, one still needs to wear a bra since boobs need

to be supported due to their weight, may damage posture

or cause back pain if the breasts are not fully supported.

Also, the boobs can lose some of their ever desirable


In actual fact, multiple studies have refuted the above

entirely, finding that breasts are more likely to sag if you

wear a bra than if you don’t wear one. Jean-Denis

Rouillon, a sports science expert from the University of

Besançon, France, said that for a lot of women, wearing a

bra may not have much benefit at all. “Medically,

physiologically, anatomically - breasts gain no benefit from

being denied gravity. On the contrary, they get saggier with

a bra “he said.

Obviously, there are times when a person might find

herself wanting or indeed, needing, to wear a bra.

Exercising is generally one of them, due to the discomfort

that can be triggered by so much activity. Women with

larger boobs may also be inclined to wear bra more for

extra support.

Women are freeing their boobs during their home

isolations. If you are a babe, you will know the joy of

unhooking your bra after a tiring day at work. No need to

tell you the pain of wearing a bra all day. The straps

digging into your skin, your breasts being squished in the

bra, the horrible under boob sweat, the struggle is real.

Thus, ladies are taking advantage of this opportunity amid

the Covid-19 Lockdown.

The truth be told, some young ladies have always had a

love-hate relationship with wearing bra. These pretty

undergarments are basically a symbol for modern day

femininity. Almost all ladies wear bras on a daily basis,

with the mindset that

they provide much

needed chest support.

On a more serious

note, how much of the

bra’s usefulness is

based on scientific

fact and how much of

it is a myth? It may

really surprise you to

learn how many

advantages of the bra

are a bit

misinterpreted. There

are certain


depending on your

body type where a bra

may be completely

useless. Science has

found tons of benefits

to getting rid of the bra

completely, below are


There is the possibility of gaining a cup size. Majority of

ladies usually search for an extra push-up bra and the best

way to build your cup size long term, is simply to discard

bras all together. The reason for this is that, letting your

boobs hang naturally, forces the pectoral muscles to work

and resist gravity. Of course, the breasts will definitely not

grow, the firmed up muscles will boost your chest and

makes it appear fuller.

Going natural could have an awesome effect on your

shape as the boobs will appear perkier, fuller and rounder.

The results might not be obvious right away but, if

persistent on a long term, you will eventually see the

benefits. Your muscles will strengthen over time helping to

round you out for the perfect shape.

One consoling aspect in the current lockdown situation

is that women have ditched bras as they can be tight,

uncomfortable and has tendency to leave marks and

bruises on our backs and shoulders especially for those

with big boobs that need thick straps to pull it up.

Being bra-less may be fun for now. However, some

women are concerned that their breasts may start to sag

eventually, this is a common misconception most ladies

have about their boobs. Note that your breasts do not

depend on bras to remain in shape. In fact, wearing a bra

all the time does the exact opposite.

Breasts usually sag due to age and gravity or if you’re a

larger cup size or if you’ve lost a lot of weight suddenly.

The Cooper ligament (ligament in your breast) loses

elasticity over the years and there is a 15-year French

study that claims that wearing a bra all the time, does

some damage to your breast shape. According to the

study, the “support” of bras weakens the ligaments in the

chest, making the breasts droop. This leads to the never

ending cycle of believing that you need the bra to make

the breasts stand firm.

You may be astonished by the effect on cardiovascular

system. On the long run, a bra is simply a giant rubber

band squeezed around your chest hence the tightness is

bound to impede your circulation. Basically, tight clothing is

not too good for body circulation and the same goes for

your breasts, especially if you wear bras all the time and

also sleep with it. On the other hand, loose bra helps to

improve your circulation.

If you’ve been wearing a bra while sleeping, now is the

time to change that habit. There is one other disadvantage

of wearing bras. According to the study, your bra can

impact your circadian rhythms and prevent you from

sleeping comfortably. The simple fact is that, bras cannot

cause damage to your breasts no one is saying you

should get rid of them entirely. What’s important is your

comfort. Are you

comfortable with

one or without? If

you’re better off

without them then

no problems.

Essentially, there

is a feeling of relief

that comes with not

wearing bra at the

end of a long day.

Therefore, wear

what you want.

Ditching your bra for

a few weeks/months

probably is not

going to have any

detrimental effects

on your breasts but,

imagining the

feeling of comfort

and freedom alone

is enough to make

the change.



By - Rita Okoye

What some of your favourite

celebrities said and we listened.


compliant, purge siren

sounding in my head as

Lagos went into lockdown.

Advice: stop thinking about

when this will end and start

thinking how to thrive in this

new world, necessity is the

mother of invention”,

Maje Ayida to Lagos


It may take a while. You may not

see how it will work. People may

discourage you. There might be

fear and doubt in your mind. You

may think God has abandoned

you. Life may throw curve balls at

you. Remember one thing “delay is

not denial”.

Stella Damascus goes


“No surgeon in the world can

come out to say that they have

touched my body. Some of you

should not tempt God because I

am a product of his handwork,

beautiful and perfectly made. I do

not have anything against

cosmetic surgery. I said it before

and I will say it over and over

again. If in the future I decide that

I want to do anything to my body,

I’ll do it with PRIDE.

Mabel Makun debunks going

under the knife.

“If you insist on locking

people down you must

provide food or expect them

to starve to death. If you do

not give them food and still

insist on the lockdown then

you are provoking a revolution

which may consume us all.


- Femi Fani -Kayode to

President Buhari on behalf

of average Nigerians.

April 19, 2020 / 7



With Linda Orajekwe

In case you missed, these were the most Interesting

pictures and stories on Instagram last week, as posted by

your favourite celebrities.

Akpororo Celebrates His

Twins As they Turn Two

Nigerian comedian, Jephthah Bowoto, popularly known as

Akpororo has celebrated has celebrated his twin children who turned

two last week.

He shared this adorable photo of his wife, son and daughter with

the words:

“I can’t keep calm ooo, it’s just like yesterday. My twins are 2years

already #princefavor and #princessfaith I am short of words, oh Lord

you know how I am feeling right now #babaibeji. God bless you

#iyaibeji @jojosplace_vantage for allowing God to use you to give

me what I want. #Roronation lockdown no let us snap better pix “

Tania Omotayo Twins

with daughter

Tania Omotayo twining with her

one-year-old baby girl is a sight to

behold especially at this time when

all the news we hear are about

coronavirus pandemic that dampen

our mood.

The mother of one shared the post

of herself and her daughter, rocking

a green ZivaLagos maxi floral dress

with the caption; “Twinning with my


Naomi Campbell shares wise

words as she marks

34 years of Modelling

Modelling is one industry that has

been believed to be a temporary career

especially for women because of the

belief that a woman’s beauty is temporal

and fades with time.

American supermodel, Naomi

Campbell seems to be one who has

defied this social construct as she took

to Instagram to celebrate 34 years of

actively being a global model. She wrote;

“34 years of modelling, love, growth,

friendship, wisdom, joy, pain, loss,

experience, fun, laughter and so much

more. You have got to love what you

do, love it every day, through highs and

the lows, the wins and the losses…I can

honestly say I love what I do and thank

you all for being here with me every step

of the way.”

Funmi Fakiyesi encourages

parents to teach children


With the present lockdown rule around

the world, parents are faced with dealing

with their children round the clock and

there is a great need for creative ways to

engage their mind.

Creative learning activist and founder of

‘Create Play Bloom’, Funmi Fakiyesi during

an Instagram Live, encouraged parents to


take advantage of the time they have with

their children to activate the creativity they

have within them, by allowing them to play

with their imagination and explore their

creative world.

She said; “When children play, they’re

relaxed because it is a stress-free zone,

so they can relax and experiment”

England’s Beauty

Queen Hangs Crown to

Help Fight COVID-19

Moved by the havoc

being wrecked by the deadly

coronavirus across the UK,

England’s beauty queen,

Dr Bhasha Mukherjee, has

suspended her humanitarian

services and picked up her

stethoscope to go resume

medical practice.

The commendable act of

the beauty queen and medical

practitioner was the talk on

Instagram over the past

week, as fans and users of

the platform commend her for

stepping up at a time such as


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