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Multicultural Cumbria

Welcome to Culture Hub Magazine

Tina Borgia

Artistic Director

Saj Ghafoor

Chief Officer

We, at MCC, are very aware that many

people in our multicultural community

in Cumbria are even more vulnerable

to social isolation during this

COVID-19 pandemic due to a lack of

access to family and community groups

so we are committed to doing

everything we can to help support you.

With recent news that the lockdown

measures will be extended for a further

three weeks, many of us will be feeling

anxious at this time but more so for

ethnic minorities with limited English,

including refugees and key workers

The NHS workforce includes 20% from

Black, Asian and minority ethnic

backgrounds. The NHS and key

workers across Cumbria need support

to escape from the everyday struggles

presented with this challenging time.

So it is important now, more than ever,

to offer our multicultural community

opportunities to connect with each


So many people have been inspired to

offer their help and generosity to their

neighbours and we would like to

encourage everyone to look out for

anyone who might be feeling lonely or

who might not know how to ask for

help at the moment - if you can’t help

them, perhaps you could alert us or

someone else who can?

Welcome to the first issue of Culture

Club magazine. We will be doing

weekly issues until the end of May and

need your help to share your interests,

stories and recipes during the next few

weeks during the lockdown.

Please checkout our website and if you

want to add to it, feel free to send in

articles around multicultural topics.

We particularly want to know about

more informal groups and individuals

throughout Cumbria, that are already

contributing to community life, be it

through food, music, dance, arts and

crafts. Maybe a puzzle or quiz, with

answers of course for us?

We are planning an art project and if

anyone can offer prizes, it will be much

appreciated! Let’s enjoy the time we

have and stay connected

Our front cover pic is of Joy Imem

Dale, who found us at Culture Bazaar

2018 and teaches African dance

workshops. Tina and I would like you

to join us in wishing our wonderful

African dancer, Joy and her husband,

good luck with the imminent birth of

her baby - can’t wait to hear!

#connectingcultures #stayingpositive

Be kind, be safe and stay home

Protect our NHS and save lives

Chicken Karahi

Delicious Chicken karahi hot and spicy,

with chappattis or garlic naan

Recipe by:


Saj Ghafoor


Serves: Serves 4

Prep time:

Cook time:

Total time:

20 mins

45 mins

1 hour 5 mins


750g Chicken breast

400g Onion (finely sliced)

200g Tin tomatoes (liquidised)

2 Small tomatoes

1- 2 Green chillies

2” of Root Ginger

3 cloves Garlic

3 tblsp Olive Oil or Ghee

100ml Yogurt

1tsp Lemon Juice

Fresh coriander leaves to garnish


1½ tsp Salt

2tsp Garam masala

½ tsp Turmeric

2 tsp Cumin seeds

1-1½ tsp Chilli powder

Send us your recipes

We would love to include your

international recipes with us online and

in the magazine. Click here to share


1. Slice onions finely, & wash

thoroughly, grate ginger & garlic on

cheese grater, remove coriander

leaves from stalks

2. Heat oil in pan and add onions, garlic

& ginger, cook on a gentle heat for 5


3. Add garam masala, cumin seeds,

turmeric, salt & chilli powder, mix

well for 2 mins on medium heat.

4. Stir & simmer for 15 mins on low

heat with lid on.

5. Add liquidised tomatoes, stir curry

continuously for 5 mins to

breakdown the onions & tomatoes to

a masala sauce. Use hand blender if

onions are still visible

6. Add chicken, stir for 5 minutes

before simmering for 10 minutes.

Keep checking & stirring.

7. Cut whole tomatoes into quarters

and add them to chicken. Add lemon

yoghurt, juice & green chillies to the

curry. Stir gently & allow to simmer

for 5 mins. Garnish with fresh

coriander leaves & serve

Storytelling Hub

My Covid-19 experience - Saj Ghafoor

It’s been one hell of a month!!!

I went to Pakistan on 11th March with

my husband. Temperatures being

scanned as we arrived. On 13th March

we arrived at my cousin’s home as her

daughter was getting married on the

16th. Only to find that Lockdown had

been implemented and no public

gatherings were permitted.

The wedding happened be it on a much

smaller scale at home with close family.

On 17th March I felt unwell and could

not attend the groom’s limited Walima

reception. My husband did, which was in

Lahore. I travelled to my uncle’s house

where I was staying in Faisalabad.

My children began messaging me to

come home asap due to potential

lockdown in UK. To bring forward our

flights I found Qatar offices closed. I rang

my husband and told him to stay there. It

was 4pm by now. I went online and

booked a hotel, packed up and my cousin

organised a private taxi to take us to

Lahore for 5pm.

As my cousin and husband tried to figure

out how to get a racsha (tuc tuc)to the

Qatar office, I ordered an Uber taxi. All

was calm at the office, waited an hour in

the queue and our flights were

transferred to Lahore for Friday 20th

March in the early hours. My cousin said

that the airport required blood tests to

verify we did not have the virus, which

would take 2-3 days. Qatar staff said

that was not true. It was as normal.

I still felt under the weather and a cough

developed. The flight was as normal,

landed in Manchester, picked up our car

and came home. We self isolated from

each other in the house as soon as we

arrived back.

By the evening my breathing became

laboured. I took my inhalers and coped

until the Monday when I called the

doctor. She asked for me to breathe

normally for her and counted my rapid

breathing. She called an ambulance.

I arrived in an isolation room where

basic checks were carried out. Then

spent the day in A&E while they did

blood tests, chest xray and received

nebuliser relief. I could hardly speak,

the pressure on my chest was

exhausting. After eliminating any other

possibilities I was given the option to be

admitted to the Covid-19 ward or go

home and call 999 if the breathing got

worse. I came home. It wasn’t until 9th

April that I began to feel I was through

the worst, three weeks later. The

fatigue is still ongoing. I have sleep

apnoea which I manage with a CPAP

machine. I think that helped

significantly to prevent me going back

into the hospital.

I am still spending much of my time in

my bedroom and two things have

sustained me mentally. Updating our

website to include Covid-19 guidance

translations and sewing. My husband is

shielding for 12 weeks and classed as

high risk, so we are still in different

rooms nearly a month on. However he

and my son have been total gems,

making me breakfast, lunch and dinner

and popping it outside the door for me

to pick up.

My daughter had her second son on 4th

April. I miss the physical touch of my

loved ones.

I step out every Thursday at 8pm to

clap for the NHS. My eldest is a

midwife, so proud of her but scared at

the same time! The internet came into

its own during this pandemic.

Whatsapp, Zoom, tiktok have kept me

smiling. Even in our homes we have the

power to make others smile.

Ro’s Easter Crispy Cakes

Quick & easy yummy food

Recipe by: Rowan Borgia

Serves: Makes 12

Prep time: 10 mins


200gms Chocolate (I used a Galaxy Egg)

100gms Cereal (rice crispies & shreddies)

Chocolate mini eggs to decorate (optional)

Hungarian Easter Egg


Henriett, who is originally from Hungary,

now lives in Carlisle and said she still likes

to carry out this tradition with her family

over Easter. She said, “girls paint eggs on

Easter Sunday because the boys go round

and ‘water’ them (with a bucket of water or

perfume) and they say a poem so the girls

don’t ‘wither’ and they get the decorated

eggs in return.”

Through the greenwood going

I saw a blue violet growing

I saw it start to wither

Can I water this flower?


1. Break up the chocolate in a

microwavable bowl and

microwave in 30 second bursts

until it starts to melt, stir well.

2. Place your cereal in a separate

bowl, pour the chocolate over it

and mix well until all of the cereal

is covered.

3. Spoon into cupcake cases and add

mini eggs or any other sweet

decoration on top and place in the

fridge to set.

4. Enjoy and remember to share!


Here are some of our likes!

A wee shufle at work

I want it thatta way

Uk Nurses Dancing on Phulkari song

Flour and flour make two little goldfish

This took us too long

Within the Christian tradition, the

custom of dyeing eggs red goes back a

thousand years - the red symbolizes the

blood of Christ; the egg, eternal life. They

are decorated with geometric shapes,

ornamental swirls, plants or flowers that

echo the embroidery on the Hungarian

national costume.

Community Art Project

Fun for all the Family

Age categories;

4 - 9 years, 10 - 15 years,

16 -25 years, 26+

Closing date for the competition is

Friday 5th June and winners will be

announced by 20 June 2020

1st, 2nd and 3rd places for each

category PLUS one overall winner for

the 3D mini Connect-a-model.

Community Art Competition

May -June 2020

An exciting Community Art Project to

distract from the pressures of

COVID-19 and do something fun and

creative. Launching and coordinating

the competition to promote across

Cumbria. MCC’s website’s

Community Hub will share a gallery

in which all entrants will be invited to

exhibit their pictures.

Community Connect-a-model

September/October 2020

An Open Day where all members of

the community will be invited to

come together to create a Table Top

3D model. A local professional artist

will use the winning picture as the

basis for the making of the 3D model

with participants, who will be

encouraged to interpret the drawing

as creatively as possible, using

recycled materials such as cardboard

cereal packets, tubes and plastic.

Community Art Exhibition -

October/November 2020

An exhibition of all of the pictures

and the Connect-a-model will be

exhibited in a local community venue

and will be open to the public later in

the year. School groups will be

encouraged to visit the exhibition and

to make their own response pictures

to the exhibition which can also be

displayed in their schools.

If art materials are an issue please

contact Tina to discuss accessing an

art pack. Email or

text/phone: 07925 054439

More details to come next week

The theme for pictures is broadly

Connecting International Cultures

and Positivity which can be

interpreted however the artist likes.

Pictures can be drawn, painted or

collaged using whatever materials

available such as pens, paint,

feathers, glitter, sequins, fabric etc.

Social Hub

Virtual Social Programmes

Salsa & Bachata Dance


With Jenny Rapti on Facebook LIVE

Every Thursday 7pm

Jenny’s Latin Fusion classes were

very popular and well-liked

during our Dance Carousel

Around the World Project and

here is a chance to sample more

of her Salsa and Bachata styles

from your own home!

Find ‘Salsa & Bachata with Jenny’

on facebook and request to join

prior to the class. If you need

help finding the class, please

contact Tina on 07925 054439

Carlisle International

Womens Group

Wednesday 6 May, 11am - 1pm


Carlisle International Women’s

Group Virtual Coffee Morning


Please contact Tina on 07925


Usually held at the University of

Cumbria’s fusehill Street

campus in Carlisle hosted by

Multicultural Cumbria

Covid-19 Guidance Translated

አማርኛ/Amharic - العربیة ARABIC‏/اللغة ՀԱՅԵՐԵՆ/ARMENIAN বাংলা/Bengali


Farsi‏/فارسی Français/FRENCH Dari‏/دری ENGLISH EESTI/ESTONIAN

EΛΛΗΝΙΚΑ/GREEK જરાતી/GUJARATI हंद/Hindi Magyar/Hungarian


മലയാളം/MALAYALAM Pashto‏/پتو JezykPolski/POLISH PORTUGUESE

سنڌي/‏SINDHI [ਪੰ ਜਾਬੀ]/PUNJABI Română/ROMANIAN Русский/RUSSIAN

SLOVENČINA/SLOVAK Soomaali/Somali Español/SPANISH ትግርኛ/Tigrinya

Türkçe/TURKISH URDU‏/اردو Tiếng Việt/Vietnamese

Links to BAME Groups

Carlisle Islamic Centre

Imam Abdul Rashid is also the official

islamic chaplain for Carlisle NHS

Furness Multicultural Forum

Based in the South of Cumbria for

BAME adults and young people

Vistula Polish Association in Cumbria

Based in Carlisle and also run a Polish

school Saturday and annual

community event?

Carlisle One World Centre (COWC)

A local charity addressing global


Carlisle Refugee Action Group

To support refugees/asylum seekers

living here and abroad

Penrith & Eden Refugee Network

Voluntary organisation that support


Online Links

Online Frazzled Cafe

Runs twice daily, inspired by patron Ruby

Wax’s book.

World Health Organisation Translations

Covid-19 updates in different languages

NHS Inform

Translations for medical conditions and


Awaz Cumbria

AWAZ Cumbria is a social enterprise and

community development organisation

Cumbria CVS

3rd sector organisation to support and

engage volunteers

Cumbria Community Foundation

Covid-19 Response fund

To help people with financial support due

to Covid-19

Connection Hub

Virtual Social Programmes

Multicultural Cumbria Contact details:

Address: University of Cumbria, Room BG26, Calva Building,

Fusehill Street, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA1 2HH



Tel: 0300 30 20 924

Mobile: 07925 05 44 24/ 07925054439

Supported by:

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