Our Best To You / vol.1

A Sampling of Artists The Seguin Art League

A Sampling of Artists The Seguin Art League


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Our Best to You

/vol. 1

A Sampling of Artists

The Seguin Art League

The arts are ndamental to our humanity. They

ennoble and inspire us—fostering creativity,

goodness, and beauty. The arts bring us joy, help

us express our values, and build bridges between

cultures. The arts are also a ndamental

component of a healthy community—

strengthening them socially, educationally, and

economically—benefits that persist even in

difficult social and economic times.

Americans for the Arts

Our Best to You /vol.1

Our Best to You

/ vol. 1

A Sampling of Artists from

the Seguin Art League

Phography & Design

Douglas Manger, HeritageWorks

Copyright © 2019 by HeritageWorks

All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced or used in any form

or by any means without the written permission of the publisher.


108 E. College Street

Seguin, Texas


All phographs by Douglas Manger,

with the exception of the dedication page image,

courtesy of Marika Bordes and Dennis Martin,

and the image on page 50, courtesy of Barbie Puckett Todd.

Printed in the United States of America

Cover Phograph: Ice Reflections, oil painting by Cherryl Pritts




3 Mieczyslaw Bednarski

5 Roger Betschler

7 Marika Bordes

9 Mary Cannon

11 Christian Dwyer

13 Howard Crunk

15 Kolleen Kallus

17 Cathryn Davis

19 Colleen Rose Donohoe

21 Holly Falkenberg

23 Robert Garcia, Jr.

25 Kelly Hallmark

27 Nancy Kissiar

29 Terrie Leyton

31 Clara Mae Marcte

33 Donna Maske

35 Henry Moore

37 Vicki Nielsen

39 Cheryl Pritts

41 Liz Romero

43 Kim Schmitt

45 Daryl Styblo

47 Joe Tion

49 Barbie Puckett Todd

51 Robin Walker-Roberts


This book is dedicated to Marika Bordes for her

unwavering commitment to advancing the arts in Seguin.

INTRODUCTION | Our Best to You /vol.. 1

Nestled in close by the Guadalupe River in the heart of Texas just east of San Antonio, the City of

Seguin is home to a surprising number of artists creating and sharing works of art across disciplines.

The artists featured in this celebratory publication are all members of the Seguin Art League.

Diverse as the city itself, their backgrounds are as varied as the canvases, sculptures, fiber arts they

produce. Some are ll blown professional artists formally trained with art degrees and impressive

show histories. Others teach art in our local schools. Some are now retired from long and productive

non-artistic careers. Still hers self-taught working privately out of the limelight; a day job to pay the

bills and care for family with enough le over to create art on the side.

Regardless of one’s background, art has the power to connect in the most intimate ways, one soul to

anher. No matter the language spoken, how educated, how rich or poor, how young or old, at its best

art speaks and connects sharing emions and ideals on a level playing field.

Founded in 1984, the Seguin Art League facilitates this communication by nurturing the skill sets of

its artist members, while sharing their art work with the broader community. The following pages are

filled with their stories, their dreams, along with stunning images of their work in the world as they

see it. Our hope is that this publication will inspire hers to take their own journey on the artist’s way

as enthusiasts and supporters of our Community Arts.

Nancy Kissiar | Liz Romero

Current and Former President

Seguin Art League



The Artists



Mieczyslaw Bednarski

Mieczyslaw Bednarski,

American abstract artist,

born in 1963, Chicago,

Illinois. Both my parents

immigrated from Poland. I

have been creating art since

the 4th grade. My

exploration into abstract

visioning started developing

in 4th grade special

education classes. I have had

many wonderful loving

artistic teachers over the past

40 years; all have added to

my artistic development. My

abstract visioning is selftaught.

To develop as a working

artist, I have visited scores of

contemporary galleries and

many of America’s major

museums. I have also

attended hundreds of

lectures at major art

exhibitions throughout the

Americas. My major interests

are action painters, abstract

impressionism, surrealism,

and abstract visioning.

Since 1998 I have maintained

a working studio in

Seguin. For the past eight

years I have been teaching

private arts lessons. I also

volunteer and teach art at a

local mental health, mental

retardation addiction

recovery program. I have

been disabled most of my

adult life. The opportunities

I face daily contribute

immensely to my abilities to


The nature of my art is

abstract visioning. My best

work is not a means to an

end. Your interpretation of

my created work finishes the

creative process—the viewer

continues the visioning for

me. My artist code is "to

have the courage to try

anything and refuse to be

bound down by what others

have done or might think.”

There is progress when I

dare to break with tradition

and bring to art whatever

my creative genius might

freely have to offer.


Oil on Wood

4 x 8 feet



Roger Betschler

Lil’ Saint #14


8 x 19 x 6 inches

Clay is my medium. I like to

throw pots with the Texas emblem,

but I enjoy sculpting in clay even


I received my B.A. in Art from

the University of Wisconsin-

Whitewater with emphasis in

Painting and Sculpture. At the

University of Minnesota-Duluth,

I earned my M.A. in Art. I received

my certification to teach

art and taught art at the middle

school level for 22 years in

Seguin, Texas.

As an artist, I enjoy drawing,

painting, and sculpture. My

painting still shows the underlying

geometric bands that I

enjoyed in graduate school. The

human figure has always had a

dominant place in my sculpture.

After studying life casting at

Santa Fe College, I developed

a series of ceramic torsos,

emphasizing texture and color

during the firing process.

At the same time, I created a

series of clay whimsical bird

sculptures. Presently, I am

completing a series of 50 Lil’

Saints in primitive style

using raku.

Email: rogersartstudio@gmail.com

Website: www.rogersartstudio.com


Marika Bordes

Email: marikasculpture@yahoo.com

Website: marikasculptures.com


I am a creative

woman who

happens to

sculpt wood for

almost 20 years.

I do not have a


background in


Late in life,

a master

sculptor taught

me how to

handle tools,

and from there

I began carving.

My work

describes the

sanctity of daily


God Among Us


Cypresswood Figure

Cottonwood Dove

12 x 4 x 2 feet


Mary Cannon

Email: marycannon989@yahoo.com

Medina Hill Country

Acrylic on Canvas

16 x 20 inches


Although I did not actually

start painting until the early

1970s, my passion for painting

has always been with me.

My first instructor was

Jerry Weers, a professional artist

from Seguin. I have also

studied under Karen McCauley,

Susan Carlin, Lilli Pell,

and John Potatschnik.

The early Texas painters are a

great source of inspiration for me,

especially Porfirio Salinas. My

artwork is mainly Texas

landscapes with bluebonnets and

other native wild flowers. Apart

from landscapes I also paint

custom portraits of pets: dogs,

cats, chickens, horses, pigs, goats,

prize bulls, Texas Longhorns, you

name it. These are great gifts for

the holidays, birthdays,

anniversaries, and memorials.


Christian Dwyer

Born and raised in Texas of Irish-

Welsh parents, my youth was

surrounded by ranches, country

life, and seven siblings. My heritage

is one of service for this nation’s

military, education system, and

healthcare. My early interests

included academic competition,

basketball, and track. All of this

paled in comparison to my

collegiate success as a bull rider

for Southwest Texas State

University. These experiences

prepared me physically, mentally,

and spiritually for my later adult


A life altering experience with

a rollover truck wreck in 1995

resulted in major traumatic

injuries to my brain and spleen

with a fracture dislocation of my

neck. The resulting paralysis

changed the trajectory of my life.

My mother suggested therapeutic

art participation to strengthen my

lost motor skills through counselors

and therapists at the Warm

Springs Rehab Hospital. In future

years my artistic painting ability

has progressed with the aid and

assistance of my coach and teacher,

Liz Jerkin.

Now painting has become part of

my lifestyle. Being able to focus on

local scenic landscapes and the

wildlife of God’s creation gives an

endless supply of objects, themes,

and variation for paintings. From

painting as a mode of physical

therapy, it has now matured into a

genuine appreciation for painting

as a lifelong work to bring our

daily focus on God’s creations

around us…from the smallest

insect to the large sky above us all.


Email: dwyer_christian@yahoo.com

The View from the Porch

Oil on Canvas

16 x 20 inches


Howard Crunk

Email: howardec@hotmail.com

A Lazy Afternoon in the Savannah


Mesquite sculpture mounted on cottonwood

20 x 46 inches


Although born in New Braunfels, I was raised

in Seguin. With pencil in hand I first started

drawing at the age of two. At the age of seven I

started watercolor painting lessons. From there, I

expanded beyond my monochromatic drawings

and sketches into a world of painted vivid colors.

After graduating from Seguin High School, I

took my college foundation courses at St. Philip’s

College in San Antonio. It was here that I met my

first influential instructors: Regis Shephard and

Brian Lipscomb. Under their tutelage I expanded

into acrylic, and later, oil paintings. I also took my

first true steps into subtractive sculpting, being

that I only dabbled in additive sculpting with

clay modeling before. During my time at St.

Philip’s I mainly worked on stone sculptures--

alabaster stone to be precise--as well as acrylic


After my time at St. Philip’s, I transferred to

Texas Lutheran University in Seguin. At TLU, I

studied under Landa King, T. Paul, and S. Torres,

further improving my work in oil painting and

sculpting. After graduating from TLU with a BA

Degree in Studio Arts, I met wood sculptor, Marie

Carmel Bordes, to whom I became an apprentice,

and as well, a student and "adopted son.” My

personal mission-goal in my art is simply to

create; to take a piece of stone or wood into my

hands and recreate it anew.


Kolleen Kallus

In the dim

of resistant


a breakthrough

...a flowering

of Divine


the undeniable

call of

the Soul.


Email: kolleen@hopeattheheart.com

Website: www.hopeattheheart.com

Contact #: (210) 260-3131


Acrylic on Canvas

24 x 24 inches

Ever since I was a child, I enjoyed creating things. It wasn’t

until after I became a mom that I started to uncover my

heart’s desire to be an artist. The limitless, creative potential

of the blank canvas called me. I began by experimenting with

different mediums and decided on acrylics as my paint of

choice. I love how acrylics lend themselves to layers and


Painting became a way for me to access the deepest, truest

parts of myself. I describe my process as one of being a vessel

—letting go of self-limiting thoughts, staying unattached to

outcomes, and trusting the soul's inspiration and rhythm. My

biggest challenge was to listen and not to allow my mind, nor

doubt, get in the way of receiving what I can best explain as

Divine guidance coming through me. I see each painting as an

opportunity to grow and to express this purpose with greater

awareness and clarity.

As the artist, I’m not striving to create something

representational from the outside; I’m striving to convey a

feeling from the inside. As each of us is unique, I seek to

create originals maintaining a 100% unique combination of

color, depth, and light. I love matching pieces one-by-one

with my clients based on the inspiration.

I believe true art can make a difference and extend beyond

the limitations of its medium. I aspire to create art with

meaning and purpose—art that cuts through the distractions

of life, awakens connection, and shines a ray of hope.


Cathryn Davis

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

~ Pablo Picasso


Pit Fired Clay

M: 26 x 14 x 12 inches

F: 28 x 18 x 12 inches


Email: cathryn@sixpencefineartstudio.com

I guess I’d have to define

the current version of my

artist-self, as a sculptor. I

love all things 3-D. I find

the push and pull of clay

to be mesmerizing and the

physical presence of

artfully arranged found

objects and metals to be

equally captivating. This

said, my love of all things

art has seen earlier versions

of myself as a painter, a

printmaker, and a


Remember that kid in

school who drew on all of

their work whether they

were supposed to or not, or,

was always asked to be part

of the group project so

somebody could do the

drawing part?

Yea…that was me.

“Be yourself, because those who matter don’t

mind, and those who mind don’t matter.”

~Dr. Seuss

My journey into art began

as soon as I could hold a

crayon and I eventually

earned my Bachelor of Fine

Arts at the University of

Texas at San Antonio.

I quickly found myself

teaching art and photography

and though I didn’t

set out to be a teacher, found

that I loved it.

As an artist who is also a

teacher - or - a teacher who

is also an artist, balancing

my time and energy can be

difficult, but the main thing

I tell my students is to keep

working...I try to take my

own advice.

New clay exploration is

underway, after that some

welded art pieces, and after

that, who knows!


Alleen Rose Donohoe

As a child I loved to draw

scenes from nature that were

undisturbed by the

mechanics of "modern"

living. Since then, many

profound experiences,

studies, and observations

have taught me that the

beautiful balance of nature

that created and sustains all

things, including man

himself, still governs all. I

offer my works in honor of,

and gratitude for, the

blessings and protections

provided for us through the

Laws of Nature.

Email: aleluiah@gmail.com


Drummer Girl

Oil on Canvas

48 x 36 inches


Holly Falkenberg


Email: hollyfalkenberg@gmail.com

Angel of Hope

Watercolor on Paper

18 x 24 inches

Born and raised in Seguin, Texas, I now teach art and yearbook classes in the Comal

Independent School District. My fine arts degree, with an emphasis in graphic design, is from

Texas State University in San Marcos. When I am not teaching or designing, I enjoy painting

and working on photography projects for friends and family. Watercolor and chalk pastel are

my favorite mediums to work in. I also enjoy silk painting and making alcohol inks.

My paintings are mostly done in a representational style with the subject matter chosen from

my road trips and cycling trails. Often, I choose subjects in nature—flowers and animals or

architectural elements—and present them with a unique perspective. My paint strokes are rich

and fresh in color showing a lot of light. Most recently, I have shown my art at Rio Claro

Studio in San Marcos, Art on 12 Gallery in Wimberley, and at the Seguin Art League Gallery.


Robert Garcia, Jr.


Email: robgar23@hotmail.com

Mom I Love You

Acrylic on Canvas

30 x 40 inches

Laredo, Texas, is where I was

born and raised. My career as an

operations manager has given my

family and I a chance to relocate

these last couple of years. This has

brought us here to Seguin where

we’ve been for three years now.

My wife, Valerie, is a public

school teacher in Seguin. We have

two children with a third on the


My passion for art started at an

early age but grew stronger

during my college years. Acrylic

painting is what I love. During

my college art classes I really

pushed myself to learn different

techniques. I practiced a lot. Soon

enough I was painting portraits

for family and friends. For the last

five years I’ve been painting

portraits. Almost all my paintings

come directly from photos I take.

Everywhere I go, my camera

comes with me. Bringing the

photo to life on canvas is what I

enjoy doing. Honestly, I just love

to paint.

Besides portraits, I enjoy

painting in the moment. My

personal paintings show what is

going on in my mind and heart.

Through the years I have seen my

personal work change for the

better. Recently, I’ve been working

on a Catholic series in honor of

our Lord Jesus Christ.


Kelly Hallmark

Born in Irving, Texas,

in 1972, after a move to

Arkansas, I eventually

returned to Texas in


I dabbled in art off and

on throughout my early

adulthood; more seriously

when I became an art


Along with teaching

art, I belong to the Seguin

Art league where

I volunteer time. I also

volunteer as a fire fighter

with the Sand Hills VFD.

Often I am asked about

my motivations when

painting. To that I only

have a simple reply,

“I paint for enjoyment.”

My paintings are meant

to be happy, even silly,

to bring a smile to others.

Email: kellyhallmark5704@yahoo.com



Acrylic on Canvas

9 x 12 inches


Nancy Kissiar

I am a newcomer to the artistic

lifestyle. After raising four children,

then attending Texas Lutheran

University in Seguin, I entered the

work force. At the age of 51, I quit

my job and began photographing

events and producing high quality

commemorative keepsake books. In

the years since this beginning, I

moved into art photography and

painting. Now, I am a full-time

artist, selling my work at local

events and shops. The most popular

works include the trademark

TEXAS TINY landscapes and

beautifully rendered portraits of

both people and pets.

My approach to learning my craft

has not been through the traditional

route of academic instruction or

apprentice training. Instead, I

employed the strategy of trial and

error, watching video instruction

and hanging out with accomplished

artists as they create and explain. I

value the time other artists have


Email: nancykissiar@gmail.com

spent demonstrating different techniques. Their honest feedback has helped

me gain strength and competency.

Since joining the Seguin Art League several years ago, I have served on

various committees, helped with shows, and even judged a time or two. For

three years I also served on the Seguin Commission on the Arts. I am currently

president of the Seguin Art League. During my two-year term, my foremost

goals are to raise public awareness of how the league serves the community,

and to complete the restoration of the Klein Opera House, the future home of

the Seguin Art League.

Sunrise on

Rockport Bay

Acrylic on Canvas

12 x 24 inches


Terrie Leyton

Terrie Leyton

Email: terrieleyton@gmail.com

Website: www.terrieleyton.com

Rockin’ with the

Rhythm of the Waves

Acrylic on Canvas

30 x 30 inches


Growing up I watched a commercial

artist make her art. When I was old enough I

became her helper. That artist was my

mother, Alleen Donohoe. My dream was to

make amazing art, too, but life sidetracked

me for a time.

Nineteen years ago, a Jerry Yarnell

television show pulled me back on track.

With my new acrylic paints, brushes, and

canvas, by the next weekend I was painting

along with Jerry. The results surprised me.

From there I bought how-to-books and

videos to study. YouTube was also a great

source for how-to information. Later, master

classes with watercolorist, Angie Brown,

and the renowned landscape painter, John

Pototschnik, also helped me improve my

technique. And, as always, I remain grateful

for the advice given by artists I’ve met along

the way.

My paintings—oil, acrylic, conte’,

watercolor, graphite, or pencil—are

expressions of what I see, feel, and think.

Seventeen of my works were shown in a

two-woman show at the Silver Center in

Seguin; 28 works at a one-woman show at

Craig’s Sauté and Grill Restaurant, also in

Seguin. My work has also been shown at

First United Bank in Seguin, the Seguin

Business Showcase, and the Bijou Theater in

San Antonio. My art work can be purchased

on-line from my website, the River Arts

Gallery in San Antonio, New Braunfels Art

League Gallery in New Braunfels, and at the

Seguin Art League Gallery in Seguin.

Email: terrieleyton@gmail.com


Clara Mae Marcotte

I received my bachelor degree in

1964 and my master’s degree in

1966 at the University of Florida.

My fields included English, speech,

and journalism (which included

photography). After

teaching in high school for 17 years,

I worked as a writer/reporter in the

Office of Public Affairs at Texas

A&M University-Kingsville.

In the late 1960s, a two year stay

in Ohio opened my eyes to the joys

of watercolor and nature studies.

During the 70s and early 80s I

studied under Milford Zornes,

Emily Rutland, George Post, Tom

Hill, Bill Renfrow, Harold Phenix,

Al Brouillette, Homer O. Hacker,

Naomi Brotherton, and Zoltan


My watercolor paintings are in the

permanent collections at the First

Email: rcm.marcotte@gmail.com


State Bank of Alice, Corpus Christi

Bank and Trust, and the Corpus

Christi Museum. My one-woman

shows include those at the Corpus

Christi Museum, Bayfront Plaza in

Corpus Christi, the Texas A&I Art

Gallery, and Court Street Coffee

Shop in Seguin. I am a past

president of the Southwestern

Watercolor Society, Corpus Christi


After I retired from teaching, I

started taking photographs—not

related to teaching journalism—and

also moved into the field of fiber

arts. Fiber awards include ribbons

at the Guadalupe County Fair.

Photography awards include

ribbons at Seguin Art League

shows. Currently I demonstrate

fiber arts at Seguin’s AgFest and

Country Christmas.

Nature's Design

Digital Print

14 x 11 inches


Donna Maske

Email: ddhm51@yahoo.com


Cass County Sweetgum


48 x 29 inches

I grew up in the piney woods of East Texas in

a house surrounded by forty acres of woods

belonging to my grandfather. Plants and animals

always interested me and I loved being

outdoors. Later, as I developed as an artist,

organic forms began to influence my work.

From my childhood on I was surrounded by

women who worked with many types of fiber

art. This exposure has influenced the kind of art

I create up to this day. I enjoy working in many

mediums using a variety of techniques to

develop my artwork.

Over the past few years I have worked mainly

in the fiber arts. Working in this medium has

helped me return to my roots. My quilts and

fiber creations are not my mom's or my granny's

kind, but I think that they would be happy to

see that I have been honoring our family

traditions—traditions that will always be a part

of my work.

Retired now, for twenty-five years I taught art

in Texas public schools. In preparation for my

teaching career, I earned a Bachelor of Arts in

Secondary Education from East Texas Baptist

College, a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Southwest

Texas State University, and a Master of Arts in

Education from Texas Tech University.

My career in art education, along with my

applied experience as an artist, have honed my

creative skills. Taken as a whole, this exposure

has enabled me to develop a body of work much

stronger than I would have otherwise achieved.


Henry Moore

Email: hhmjr@att.net


Although I drew in

high school, I never considered

painting. When

we bought our home in

Seguin in 1965, we

wanted art for the walls.

The price of original art

was shocking, so I

decided to try to create

my own. Back then Texas

Lutheran University

allowed community

members to audit classes,

so I took Painting 101

from Professor Charles.

Homer Parker let me use

the room above his

pharmacy as a studio.

Abstract painting is

what I like. At first I

worked with car paints,

but the toxic fumes were

too much so I switched to


During the 1960s, at the

Texas Fine Arts Association

shows, my paintings

took several awards

including a Juror’s

Choice and a Merit

Award. In 1967, I wrote


Oil on Wood

4 x 4 feet

and illustrated a

children's book entitled

Germs. In the dedication I

wrote, "To all the precious

children whose simple

delights are so envied by

sophisticated adults."

Through the years the

more my medical practice

grew the less time I had

to paint. All that changed

in 2000, however, after

our first medical mission

to Honduras. Upon our

return I got with the

program with two firstplace

awards, two years

running, in the art

competition at the Texas

Medical Association

annual meeting.

A good abstract will

hang in any direction.

Abstractions of Bible

verses and the St. Andrew’s

Cross are recurring

themes in my work.

My preference is to use

bold, bright, primary

colors with some black

and white.


Vicky Nielsen

Poppy Field

Oil on Canvas

40 x 72 inches

Email: superchick_1973@yahoo.com


My husband, Don, and I moved to Seguin in

May 2017. We adore our home, and have made

connections with wonderful people since our

arrival. Family and friends are key to us.

As a kid, I traced my mother’s sketches of

vintage pinup girls. This nurtured a love for the

human form and a desire to continue doing art.

While in high school, I worked at Six Flags Over

Texas doing quick pastel/watercolor portraits. I

attended the University of Texas-Arlington as a

fine arts major, then got disheartened with the

prospect of moving “up North” to pursue fashion

illustration. Subsequently, I gave up art and

landed in the hotel industry until 1997. I

eventually obtained an Associates Degree in Art

from Austin Community College. I continued my

art and art history education at the University of

Houston until 2015, then shortly thereafter

relocated to Seguin.

While at Austin Community College, a

gentleman found my work on exhibit at the

campus. He became my greatest patron,

remaining so to this day. I joke that his home is

my gallery. He continues to buy my art, when not

globe-trotting, and recently purchased a piece

that was hanging at the Court Street Coffee Shop

last summer depicting an Italian coastal town.

My hope is that my passion for life and

discovery is reflected in my work. I use a variety

of mediums, but oil is my favorite. I consider

myself an impressionist/symbolist, still evolving

from the school of realistic objectivity to a more

subjective art form.


Cherryl Pritts

My work has been inspired by Betty Ritchie, the

acclaimed landscape painter from San Marcos. Our

teacher/mentor relationship continues to this day. Betty

has taught me the essentials of landscape painting

including color tones and the appropriate light key for

the time of day, season, and location. She helps me with

Texas. I don’t get it like I should. She always brings me

back to reality when it comes to the landscape.

A brush painter at first, I later switched to the palette

knife which I find more freeing. Copious amounts of

paint are used in my paintings. The layers create the

impressions I’ve been taught: “Make it what your mind

sees; make it the way it feels.” The mix of colors gives

me the most joy.

My transition into palette painting was inspired by

Lois Griffel. After absorbing her book and videos, I

called her up. From Griffel’s teachings I learned how to

block out my paintings, working each shape and form

individually to create the whole. Instead of using one

color, like white or black right out of the tube, I learned

the value of combining colors to create a more distinct

feel in my paintings.

Continued growth as an artist is an absolute for me

with ongoing lessons and workshops. With no interest in

using the same approach over and over again, I keep

trying different methods to see what works. The real

satisfaction comes, however, when someone likes my

painting well enough to take it home.

Email: chibatc@aol.com



Oil on Canvas

16 x 20 inches


Liz Romero

Seguin has been my home

since 2000. In middle school I was

honored to be selected for art

instruction at the University of

Texas at Austin. Later while in high

school I was awarded a medal for

art achievement. After graduating, I

enjoyed two semesters of landscape

design at Houston Community


In 2013 I joined the Seguin Art

League and began taking classes

from Patricia Lange, Donna Maske,

and Roger Betschler, all highly

qualified art teachers. My travels

have since taken me to New York,

North Carolina, and Virginia for

instruction from artists Nan

Cunningham, Wesley Sherman, and

Nancy West. In 2018 I studied with

Joan Fullerton in New Braunfels.

I enjoy using different media,

including glass mosaic, pastels,

Prickly Pear #3

Colored Pencil on Paper

12 x 9 inches


pen and ink, and colored pencils.

Currently acrylic and oil paints on

larger surfaces is my focus.

Shadows, color, and light reflected

by water are all fascinating to me.

Capturing movement in all my

work is what I strive for.

My art has been exhibited in both

local and regional shows including

those presented by the Seguin Art

League, Court Street Coffee Shop,

New Braunfels Art League,

Gonzales Art Group, Luling Oil

Museum, Guadalupe Regional

Medical Center, and First United

Bank in Seguin. Honors to date

include multiple ribbon and special

awards at both local and regional

art shows. In 2017, my painting

“Park Plaza Christmas” was chosen

by Seguin’s Main Street Program to

be featured on their annual holiday

Sip ‘n Stroll cocoa mug.

Email: fleurromero@gmail.com


Kim Schmitt

As an artist…as an educator…a wife,

mother, and grandmother…I love art!

I love to create art, look at art, and teach

art. My students often ask me, “When did

you start doing art?” My answer is always

the same, “As long as I can remember.”

My concentration at both Texas Lutheran

University and the University of Houston

was studio art. Later I earned a BA Degree

in Education from Texas State University

with a specialization in art. Now, after 22

years of teaching art for the Seguin

Independent School District, I am retiring. I

look forward to hopefully having more

time to paint.

At this time, my preference is to work in

several different mediums. In college,

ceramics held my interest, but now I

consider myself a painter. My favorite

medium as of late has been ink and acrylic.

If you look at my paintings, you can tell I

love color. The rural landscape around our

home east of Seguin is the source of

inspiration for my paintings.


Email: kiminseguin@yahoo.com

Blue Burro

Ink & Acrylic on Canvas

24 x 20 inches


Daryl Styblo

Email: drstyblo@hotmail.com

Scarlet Tanager

Digital Photograph

11 x 14 inches


A career computer programmer,

in the 1960s I took up photography

as a sideline after a SCUBA dive trip

on a coral reef off the Florida coast.

As for my learning curve in

photography, my first serious

camera was a Nikonos underwater

camera. Without any formal

training using a single lens reflex

(SLR) camera, I went from underwater

photography to macro

photography of insects, flowers,

and mushrooms. Later I branched

out to animals and birds, with some

side trips to motorcycles and cars.

That’s the nice thing about photography;

you can photograph almost

anything you are interested in.

My work has been featured in a

variety of publications to include

Texas Parks & Wildlife, Texas

Highways, Texas Iron, and

Easyrider Magazine, and most

recently, on the cover of the

Chihuahuan Desert Research

Institute newsletter.


Joe Ticson

My interest in art started in

grade school. With my vivid

imagination, I preferred to draw

rather than to pay attention in

class. My art work really began to

blossom during my high school

advance placement art classes.

Later, in the Air Force, I was

given the opportunity to install

numerous murals in our squadron's

hangars. I also repainted

some WWII era warbirds on

display on the post (Kirtland

Air Force Base). During my more

recent enlistment in the Army at

Fort Hood, the process was

repeated, but without the warbirds.

Over the past few years I have

attended college for some needed

art history courses and for more

exposure to the current arts

climate. During my time there I

came to realize I had hardly been

Email: joeticson@hotmail.com


influenced at all by art history

growing up. My influences—as

far as art was concerned—were

the typical media of the day

during the 80s and 90s, my faith,

plus all the novels I was reading

(fantasy books by the dozens).

While considering all this in

college, the real importance of my

art work finally came to me. My

work removes the viewer from

the stress of their everyday lives

and pulls them into a story full of

wonder, but often wrought with

danger. In my paintings, using

otherworldly landscapes, I try to

capture that moment when

something wonderful…or

something catastrophic…is about

to happen.

Along with commission pieces,

to apply my love of illustration, I

have started a mural business to

serve the area.

Wizard Tower

Oil on Canvas

48 x 36 inches


Barbie Puckett Todd


Pastel on Paper

16 x 12 inches

Email: rockinbarb@gvec.net

Webpage: www.texwanderer.com/rockin-bar-b.com/wordpress/

Contact #: (210) 416-3991


For 31 years I

taught art and art

history in Texas

public schools.

Now in retirement

I specialize in

creating realistic

images of pets.

As an animal

lover, I understand

how special the

relationship is

between an owner

and their pet.

I also create

original paintings

of children, adults,

and landscapes

using acrylics,

pastels, pen & ink,

or pencil.


Robin Roberts-Walker

As an award winner at both Texas

and national shows, my work has

been shown in hundreds of juried

exhibitions, group, and individual

shows in 45 cities in 13 states

including every major city in Texas.

Recent 2018 awards include

recognition in the Art Center of

Corpus Christi show, the New

Braunfels Art League Texas show,

and the Reflections of Texas exhibit at

the Luling Oil Museum. As an

exhibitor in the national Aqueous

and Southern Watercolor exhibitions,

I was the featured artist at the Texas

100 and Beaux Arts Festival in


A past president of the New

Braunfels, Laredo, and Seguin Art

Leagues, I am also past president and

signature member of the Texas

Watercolor Society.

My fine arts degree is from the

University of Texas at Austin with

further studies at the Instituto de

Allende in San Miguel de Allende,

Mexico. Married to Bill Walker, my

studio is located on Lake McQueeney

near Seguin, Texas.


Email: robin@robinhroberts.com

Website: www.robinhroberts.com

1986 West Texas Ticklers

Watercolor on Canvas

30 x 38 inches


Phographer’s Ne |

Our Best to You celebrates the artistic talent

in Seguin and vicinity seen and unseen,

discovered and undiscovered. With over

100 members in the Seguin Art League

alone, this is but a small sampling of the

talent that lies beyond.

Privacy is paramount to most artists.

Without their willingness to allow access

with my camera, this project would not

have been possible. Thankfully the

response was overwhelmingly positive.

For this I am grateful.

Raising awareness of the wealth of artisan

talent close at hand was the motivation

behind this project. It is our hope that this

publication, with its collection of original

works, will inspire others to join with us in

support of our community arts.

Douglas Manger, founder/principal at

HeritageWorks in Seguin, Texas, is a

researcher, writer, and photographer.




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