Book Dummy


Ducky is not like the

other rubber ducks. He

doesn’t want to live in the

bathroom anymore. He wants

to live outside with the real

ducks! But first, he has to

find a way outside.

He peeks into the bedroom and sees many

things that are new to him.

Stuff that is furry....

stuff that is shiny....

and stuff that is pointy!

Ducky spies a big blue door

past the sea of toys.

It must lead to the outside!

He makes his way to the door

and finds weird things like...

... a very smelly red


... a block that makes him


... and a very small person

that sings and twirls!

Ducky collects all these new toys and

builds steps towards the door knob.

His steps wobble and almost fall over

but Ducky reaches the door in time!

But when he opens the door,

he doesn’t see the outside.

He sees a scary staircase that looks like it goes on for

forever and ever!

Ducky isn’t going to quit now!

He grabs a pillow from the bedroom...

... and uses it

to slide

down the stairs!

At the bottom of the stairs, Ducky sees

another door with a familiar shadow.

It’s the family cat! But she is sleeping

and covering the cat door to the outside.

Ducky isn’t going to quit here either!

He fills up the cat bowl

with food....

...and wakes the cat up!

Finally with the door free,

Ducky dashes to the outside...

...and his big dream comes true.

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