Tommy's War catalogue 2019-2020


The Tommy's War catalogue details the full product range of the finest and most comprehensive model figures of World War One ever produced. This 48 page catalogue lists the range of figures available.

1914-1918 in miniature

The Central Powers – 1/32 scale

TW32CP01 TW32CP02 TW32CP03

TW32CP04 TW32CP05 TW32CP06

Figures – 1/32 scale

In this classification we look at some of the opponents to the British army during the First

World War. The range begins with a Turkish Infantryman (which you can also see on page 15)

and then a German Schuttztruppe Officer (also on page 10 of this catalogue).

Figures TW32CP03 through to 6 show some of the different German troops of the period

and the mix of uniform types used through the war.

TW32CP01 Private, Turkish Infantry £16.00

TW32CP02 Offizier, German Schutztruppe £16.00

TW32CP03 Private, Infanterie Regiment £16.00

TW32CP04 Private, 208 Infanterie Division £16.00

TW32CP05 Leutnant, Prussian Infanterie £16.00

TW32CP06 Unteroffizier, Angriffdivision £16.00

Figure TW32CP06 is shown on base TW32D01

All figures are sculpted by Nino Pizzichemi


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