Around the World with the Whisker Sisters


Final honors capstone project for Kutztown University by Morgan Nadin.

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Around the World with the Whisker

Sisters: Adventures in Poland ©

Written and illustrated by Morgan Nadin

Dedicated to everyone who has

helped me on my journey.

One day, a man named Phileas

Fogg caught three mice eating

his cheese in his travel bag.

The three mice, called the Whisker

Sisters, had always left him coins in

exchange for eating his snacks and

were very sorry for taking his food.

Mr. Fogg forgave the Sisters

and offered to let them stay in

the guest room of his house since

they didn’t have anywhere else

to go. They happily agreed to

move in and be his roommates.

They danced to his records, wrote stories in their journals,

read from his library, and watched him play card games with his friends.

One night, Mr. Fogg’s friends

challenged Mr. Fogg to travel

around the world in 80 days.

He accepted their challenge. After

taking some time to figure out the best

route around the world, he scooped up

the Whisker Sisters and headed to the

nearest train station. On the way there,

the Sisters reminded him that today

was the annual hot air balloon festival,

and they would be able to travel faster

if they could fly in a hot air balloon.

Mr. Fogg agreed with the girls and started

walking in the direction of the festival.

When they arrived at the hot air balloon

festival, he offered to pay a lot of money

for the biggest balloon for sale.

After Mr. Fogg bought the balloon,

the little Whisker Sisters made

sure they had everything they

needed for the long journey and the four

travelers began to fly the balloon.

The Sisters pointed out that they would

need to stop and fill the balloon with fuel

every day. Mr. Fogg nodded and decided

that they would stop in Poland first.

As they lifted off, the Sisters

were giddy at the thought

of such a grand adventure

and they looked over the

side of the balloon’s basket

for the whole ride.

They liked to peek down

at the earth and spot the big

cities, fields, and farms

far below them.

After many hours, they landed

in Krakow, Poland to restock

their food and to rest.

It was still daylight, so the

Sisters and Mr. Fogg landed

their balloon in a grassy park

and decided to explore the city

before finding a place to sleep.

As soon as they started

walking through the city,

the sweet smell of Polish

pastries led them towards

the town square.

They saw carts full of delicious treats and heard loud, happy music playing nearby.

After Mr. Fogg got several

pastries to share with the

Sisters, the group headed

towards the sound of fiddlers.

The Sisters were so

excited to see all of

the dancers, bright

clothing, and music that they

began to dance themselves.

One of the dancers gave the

Sisters bright cloth. They

tied it around their heads

like the other dancers.

Mr. Fogg clapped as the three Sisters began to dance in time to the tune of the fiiddle

with scraps of bright clothing given to them

by the dancers tied around their heads.

They had so much fun dancing

and laughing that they hardly noticed

that the moon was in the sky.

The Sisters thanked the dancers

for being so kind, and went off

with Mr. Fogg to find a place

to sleep for the night. After a bit of

walking, the travelers found a small inn.

The Sisters were so tired from the dancing and eating that they fell asleep right away on a small yellow napkin.

Mr. Fogg smiled and tucked the Sisters in before going to sleep.

In the morning, the Sisters woke up,

excited to start another day in such

an exciting place. They climbed off

of the pillow and began jumping on

the bed to wake up Mr. Fogg.

After breakfast, the Sisters led

Mr. Fogg back to the town square

to stock up on more snacks and get

fuel for the hot air balloon.

They ended up getting

a lot of snacks and cloth.

They also got sewing supplies

so the Sisters could practice

some of the embroidery

the dancers were wearing

the night before.

With smiling faces and full

bellies, the travelers

climbed back into their hot

air balloon and said goodbye to Poland.

The Sisters were a little sad because

they would miss the busy streets,

warm pastries, large buildings,and

bright clothing. Mr. Fogg patted their

heads and reminded them that there

was a big journey ahead with many

more exciting places to explore.

The Sisters soon cheered up as

the balloon began to soar higher.

They would miss the excitement of

Poland, but they looked forward

to all of the adventures ahead!

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