Ashburton Courier: April 23, 2020

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Council leads

recovery plan

Ashburton Mayor Neil Brown will

likely chair alocal economic recovery

advisory groupthat will include Mid

Canterbury people representing

eight different sectors including

agriculture, retail and hospitality.

Ashburton District Councillors

will meet today to talk about their

response to Covid­19 and council

economic development manager

Bevan Rickerby has proposed a

special advisory group to assist and

support the district throughthe

pandemic cycle.

Mr Rickerby said the district was

in alockdown response phase but

would movenext to aresilience


‘‘In an economic sense, businesses

will be focused on rebuildingand

maintaining cash flows and jobs.

‘‘Council as an organisation is

clearly involved in itsown right, but

there is also arole for support,

facilitation and empathy with the

business sector to ensure thereisa

smooth transitionback to full


He said the phase after resilience

would be the ‘‘return to capacity’’

phase as industrysectors rebuilt.

‘‘Thefinal phase, which is

envisaged to be at least two to three

years away, will be the new norm and

what that is goingtolook likewill

take visionary thinking.’’

Mr Rickerby said in the resilience

phase, council needed to involve



Make shopping easy

those in the community that had

vision and understanding of their

particular sectors.

He has suggested aCovid­19

economic recovery advisorygroup to

be led by the mayor. It could also

include council chief executive

HamishRiach, the economic

development manager, iwi

representation and reps from sectors

involved in agriculture,

infrastructure, construction,

contracting, tourism,retail,

hospitality and transport.

Infometrics and the Canterbury

Employers Chamber of Commerce

could also be invited.

Mr Rickerby said given the impact

of Covid­19 on many Mid

Canterbury businesses, council’s role

extended beyondthe more

traditional infrastructure and welfare

response and included supporting a

wider economic, social, cultural and

environmental recovery, working

with key sectorsand agencies.

It wouldbethe biggest challenge

Mid Canterbury would face ‘‘in our

lifetimes,’’ he said.

Councillors will vote on

establishing the advisory group


Council has been told by asenior

economist that the Ashburton

District will be in abetter position

than most other regions post­Covid­


See Page4

The Tinwald Tavern’s reopening was thwarted by Covid-19.

Planning for post­covid cheer

By Mick Jensen

Amajor refurbishment and refit

project at the Tinwald Tavern

complex was just two weeks away

from completion when the

coronavirus lockdown halted


For business owner Greg King

the timing couldn’t have been

worse. It means the prospect of an

uncertain future for him and staff.

Mr King, who took over running

the tavern, bottle store and motels

in September 2017, has invested

heavily in the tavern

refurbishment, which includes a

new conference/function centre

and anew, relocated restaurant.

Building owner, the Ashburton

Licensing Trust, has also invested

$1 million plus into roofing and

other repair work.

‘‘Just about now we were looking

at reopening and unveiling anewlook

tavern with abright future.

‘‘I’ve invested profits back into

the business for the refit and the

trust has looked after the outside.’’

Mr King predicts tough times

ahead for his business and many


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Kim plans to serve up coffee fix

Some Mid Canterbury cafes are preparing

for alert level 3restrictions that will allow

them to sell coffee and take away food in a

contactless way.

Taste Cafe owner Kim Baynes said a

number of her customers had shown akeen

interest in the service and areturn to their

coffee fix.

Ms Baynes said she was busy working on

setting up awebsite that would allow online

ordering and payment options.

She hoped it would be operational by

Tuesday when restrictions dropped to alert

level 3.

She would look at providing areduced

menu and her staff would operate in teams to

adhere to social distancing rules.

Food and drinks would be offered from

Tuesday to Saturday and for limited hours.

Ms Baynes said orders could be collected

from atable set up in front of Taste at the

Countdown complex and there would be

updates on her Facebook page over the

coming days.

‘‘Being able to operate again, albeit at

limited capacity, means we can generate

some cashflow and start earning again, which

is great.’’

The Pantry in Methven is another venue

looking at providing coffee and alimited

food range of takeaway options from next


It is considering using online ordering via

the app Regulr.

There will be no deliveries and pickup will

be via the door barrier at the Main Street


On her Facebook page, owner/operator

Victoria Totty said her business has taken a

huge hit and ‘‘needed to regain some

cashflow’’ before it could offer its normal


Taste Cafe owner Kim Baynes (right)

enjoys acoffee with friend Andrea Lee

before lockdown.

Chooks, flowers reset for 2021

Brian Glassey with Buddy the cat and

one of his SilkyGirl chooks.

By LindaClarke

Brian Glassey is keeping his champion

chrysanthemum blooms to himself next

month. Not by design, but by lockdown.

The flower grower has been working since

last spring to produce flowers that will win

over judges at the national chrysanthemum

show in Timaru. But like everyone else, he

has been in lockdown, and the flower show

on May 10 has been cancelled.

He has been catching up on jobs around

the garden and is philosophical about not

being able to show at the nationals.

Poultry shows that Brian also exhibits at

over the winter have also been cancelled by


So he has been enjoying the colourful

blooms himself, instead of taking them to

the nationals at Timaru on May 10 or to the

Canterbury Horticultural Society’s annual

chrysanthemum show in the Christchurch

Botanic Gardens, which would have been

on this weekend.

“You can’t do anything about it. You

have to do what you are doing. You have to

move on.

‘‘I can go and enjoy them though. Igo

out and have alittle talk to them.”

Brian’s chrysanthemums are grown in

outdoor beds that he covers like atunnel

house when they start to show flowers. He

has about 360 plants, in three tunnel

houses; each plant can have several

blooms, unless he is de­budding to

encourage growth.

He is still tending the plants and catching

up with some other garden jobs, including

taming an unruly clematis and replacing

rotten edging on his vege plots.

The routine is great but he misses not

seeing his flower­grower friends and

customers at Mitre 10, where he works


Daughter Janet has taken some photos

of his flowers before they pass their best so

he has arecord of the unique 2020 showing


His chooks, scores of them, still need

feeding too. There will be no chance to

show off their fine feathers and form at

poultry shows around the South Island.

Brian says virtual poultry shows, with

photos of the chooks, just wouldn’t be the


He is already thinking about the 2021

season and

looking forward

to spring when

preparation in

both fields

begins again.

Right: A


beauty in



Lockdown harvest looks sweet

By Toni Williams

CharRees Vineyard owners Charlie and

Esma Hill put acall out on social media for

help to harvest during lockdown. They were

so overwhelmed by community response,

including some from Christchurch, they had

to turn people away.

The lockdown harvest, approved by

Ministry for Primary Industries as essential

for food and beverage production, saw

around 20 people from Ashburton and

Methven –many who had never harvest

grapes before –put their hand up to help.

The pickers worked alongside family

members of the couple and vineyard workers

to pick the first of three annual grape


The tonne and ahalf of grapes picked,

which registered an impressive 24 brix (high

in sweetness) on the refractometer, will make

the 2020 Pinot Noir wine.

It is now with winemaker Kirk Bray, in

Waipara, who was also impressed with the

harvest, citing it as the best he’s seen from

the Tinwald vineyard, Mr Hill said.

It will take at least 15 months before it is

available for sale however some of the grapes

will go towards making Sparkling Rose,

available at the end of the year.

CharRees Vineyard owners were blown

away by community response to help

harvest. Photo supplied.

“I’m more than happy with what we got

considering the hail damage (late last year)

…wewere very lucky with the extra effort

put in to the vines,” Mr Hill said.

“It won’t be the best, but as far as quality

goes it is one of the highest ones we’ve had.”

The next harvest will see Pinot Gris grapes

picked early May, and the final harvest is the

Riesling grapes which could be up to amonth


Mr Hill, grateful for the response from

people, said was agood few hours picking,

over two days, working under conditions very

different from normal.

Aside from providing asupply of face

masks, gloves and hand sanitiser and

sterilising tools between users, there was

social distancing to take into account.

Mr Hill said grapes for Riesling had been

kept as late as Queen’s Birthday weekend in

the past but it would depend on the weather.

“There is aheap of green leaf there yet,”

he said, which is one of the ways to judge the

level of ripeness needed to flavour the wines.

Other ways include taste, look and

firmness –but getting them before they

shrivelled and lost too much moisture. The

refractometer gauged sweetness.

In the past the vineyard has used local

service club members for harvest which they

had done as afundraiser but lockdown

restrictions had made many of them


Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday April 23, 2020, Page 3

Wedding plans on hold

By Toni Williams

Arable farmers Brian and Rachel

Leadley have welcomed ahouse guest

during lockdown, found new ways of

functioning in their work bubble and

endured the postponed wedding of

their eldest daughter; meant to take

place in the garden of the family farm

on April 4.

It’s meant co­existing with the

mother­in­law for Brian, but the gardens,

which are looking immaculate,

have been afocal point for Rachel to

maintain during lockdown.

Otherwise it’s mostly business as

usual on the 400­odd hectare property

where Brian and Rachel primarily run

agrain and seed operation, with store


It’s just taken extra planning.

‘‘We are fortunate that we can run

the business, we are thankful for that,’’

said Brian, who is also United

Wheatgrowers’ NZ chairman.

He said the timing of Covid­19

restrictions for arable farmers had also

done little to disrupt production;

harvest was able to be completed, they

were able to replant and buy in lambs.

‘‘The effect is not too major and we

can do those things.’’

However non­essential jobs such as

fencing maintenance, hedge cutting or

general clean­ups had been put on the


Keeping everyone on farm safe ­

they have one full time worker and one

extra at harvest time ­has also meant

changing practices to provide hand

sanitiser, limiting machinery and

vehicle use to one user or sterilising

between users and social distancing.

Amakeshift smoko room had also

been set up in anearby shed to limit

the number of people entering the

Final stage for tavern refit

From Page 1

‘‘I feel abit more

fortunate having a

business here in Mid

Canterbury because we

have astrong farming

economy than can help

cushion the blow and

support things to some

extent, but Ijust don’t

know what the future is

going to look like

moving forward.’’

Mr King said he Greg King

employed 30 staff at

present and had plans to extend that to

35 after the reopening.

He had received the wages subsidy for

staff, but that did not cover all costs, he


‘‘Ninety­five per cent of employers

want to look after their staff, but to do

that they need to be able to run aviable


‘‘I can’t make anew business plan

because Ijust don’t know what the

Farmer Brian Leadley grabs abite to eat during clover harvest.

No decision on art expo

The Ashburton Society of Arts is

holding off making adecision about its

annual exhibition, in the hope that

Covid­19 restrictions will ease so it can

go ahead.

President Jen Dearborn said the

committee had been watching the news

like everyone else and trying to work out

if the exhibition would be able to go

ahead this year.

‘‘Unfortunately it is still not at all clear

if the Ashburton Art Gallery will be able

to open, if social distancing will allow us

to install the artworks or how we will

manage the receiving of works. We,

alongwith the staff of Ashburton Art

Gallery have some creative possible

solutions to these problems so we will

just have to wait and see what happens.’’

The society will be in touch with

members on May 11 aboutwhether the

exhibition will go ahead and what form

that might take. If the exhibition does go

ahead, entries willopen later in May and

will be open for ashorter period of time.

‘‘In the meantime Ihope this enforced

break has resulted in some new art or


future holds.’’

Mr King said

everyone would be hit

financially by the


Managing losses and

trading out of debt was

the big task ahead for


The Tinwald Motels

are still open for

essential workers, and

on ‘‘busy’’ nights six

rooms are taken.

The Liquorland outlet

at the complex can be reopen when alert

level 3restrictions come in next Tuesday

and acontactless, online click and

collect system will operate.

Mr King said what can and can’t be

done at alert level 2isstill not totally

clear, and another uncertainty is the

future behaviour of people.

Some will be doing it tough and there

could be anumber of issues for society

to deal with when ‘‘normality’’ resumes.

house bubble, which was where smoko

was held in the past.

‘‘We are able to operate and while I

am not technology minded, we have

technology on our side. Twenty years

ago it would have been a bit more

challenging. Family contact has certainly

been ahelp for us,’’ Brian said.

The Leadleys’ three adult daughters

all live outside the district; two in

Christchurch and one in Fairlie.

While he has been in telephone and

texting contact with people, he is

looking forward to ‘‘face to face

connections being resumed.’’

‘‘It’s highlighted the importance of

people in our life.’’

On the farm, there had been plenty

of industry support with field representatives,

stock agents, or machine

engine and transport companies making

contact by phone rather than


Shearing, which started this week,

just afew weeks later than normal, also

took more time with gaps between

stands and the process around collecting

wool. Where usually there were

three or four shearers, the Leadleys

had just two, due to demand, and they

were unable to travel together.

A trip to town for drench, now

means aphone call first and contactless


‘‘How fortunate we are to keep our

business going where others can’t.

Crops and animal welfare have to be

looked after.’’

Image Credit: thespinoff.co.nz,@SIOUXSIEW,@XTOTL


My officesinAshburtonand Timaru

arecloseddue to COVID-19.

For any assistance you can still contact me

by ringing 03 308 7510 or email me directly at:


Anyone with symptoms of COVID-19 should phone

their doctor or Healthline on 0800 3585453

Authorised by Andrew Falloon MP,

139Stafford Street,Timaru.

Online directory to

help our businesses

By Linda Clarke

Mid Canterbury retailers and

service providers, gearing up

for business as the country

eases Covid­19 restrictions, are

being urged to register on a

free business directory being

created by the Ashburton

District Council.

As part of acampaign called

Mid Canterbury: Open for

Business, business owners will

be able to log on and add their

name and details to adatabase

of shops and services.

Economic development

manager Bevan Rickerby said

stores would be able to

advertise free when they

expected to be back in

business, how they were

trading, hours and if they were

looking for staff.

He said it was part of

council’s plan to help local

businesses recover and adapt

in the post­Covid­19

landscape. The public

directory will benefit business

owners and customers,and

encourage people to buy local.

Council is also running a

series of webinars to help local

retailers and businesses. These

are being recorded and can be

accessedany time on council’s

YouTube channel.

Over the past week and into

this week, there have been

sessions on mental wellbeing

(hosted by Pup Chamberlain

and ConnieQuigley); getting

your business online from

home (Kim Hamill); cashflow,

continuity and KiwiSaver

(Kirsty Naish and Michelle

Andrew Falloon,

MP forRangitata

Parkin); surviving to thrive and

capital raising (Leandra

Fitzgibbon and Nathan Mills);

and employment and health

and safety(Jane Argyle­Reed

and Jane Fowles).

Mr Rickerby said council

wanted to help businesses

come out of lockdown and get

back to work.

He said the district would

have to work hard to retain its

migrant workers, who might be

tempted to returnhome once

international travel restrictions

eased, and to retrain workers

who had lost their jobs.

The economic landscape

was constantly changing

though, he said.

‘‘So far there is no indication

of mass redundancies in our

district. Businessowners are

indicating that they are looking

closely at resizing their

businesses and that will affect

some workers.’’

Councillor Carolyn

Cameron said the futurewould

be challenging for both retail

and non­retail businesses.

She said council should lead

the way by adjusting its

procurement policy (for things

like pens and paper) to favour

local businesses. She suggested

a10per cent positive

weighting for locals when

quoting for council business.

Council staff will prepare a

report on procurement policy

for afuture meeting.

Chief executive Hamish

Riach said council had to keep

abalance between supporting

local businesses and getting

the best value for ratepayers.

For thelatest info:

who.int, health.govt.nz

Page 4, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday April 23, 2020

Well placed to

weather virus

By Linda Clarke

Ashburton District’s economy is in a

better position than other regions to

weather the storm bought by Covid­19,

says aNew Zealand senior economist.

Infometric’s Brad Olsen said that

with more than one­third of Mid

Canterbury jobs in the agri and agriprocessing

sectors, the primary sector

provided astable economic platform.

‘‘People still want food,’’ Mr Olsen

told Ashburton District councillors,

though they were likely to become

more frugal and focus on essential


He also predicted house prices would

fall and demand for new homes,

hospitality and office buildings would


He said Ashburton would also have

other opportunities, including arise in

the number of people who wanted to

live here but commute some days to

Christchurch and work the rest from

home. The district’s cheaper housing

and appeal to families could be

attractive as people mixed old ways of

working with new ways forced by the

level 4lockdown.

He predicted astate of flux and

flexibility for up to four years, with

people finding new ways to operate

while the economy took aU­shaped


Retail would include more online

marketing and buying; even the local

farmers’ market could operate in a

virtual world.

While he had some positive

observations, he painted adim view


‘‘We are looking at the most

incredible economic event in almost a

century. Far worse than the Global

Financial Crisis and closely

approaching the level of economic

chaos of the 1930s’ Great Depression.’’

He expected national unemployment

could rise to 10 per cent, compared to

6.7 per cent in the GFC. In Mid

Canterbury, unemployment is expected

to rise to at least 6per cent, from almost


‘‘We expect the New Zealand

economy will continue to contract in

the next 18 months. It will hold for 6­9

months then grow again. It will be three

and ahalf years before the economy is

in the same position it was prior to


Mr Olsen said tourism would bear

the brunt of job losses with no

international tourists coming into the

country. Mid Canterbury had just 7per

cent of its local workforce in tourism so

was less exposed.

But that tourism dropoff meant aloss

of $64 million not spent in local

businesses. Domestic tourism would

likely centre on Mt Hutt skifield and

Methven, with aproximate market in


Mr Olsen said council could help its

small businesses survive by getting them

online and achieving contactless


In recovery, re­education and the

ability to redeploy people with new

skills was important, he said.

There would be increased levels of

volunteering, he also predicted.

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

Mavis bakes, bleeds brakes

By Toni Williams

Bike riding, monarch butterfly

watching, taming wild kittens and

household chores are keeping

Mavis Wilkins, and husband Bryan,

occupied during lockdown.

Mavis who has been involved in

Women’s Institute for more than 50

years and is the Mid Canterbury

Federation of WI president, has

been married to Bryan for 46 years.

“It has been very quiet with only

Bryan (and I) in our bubble. We

have been married for 46 years so

we know each other very well.’’

The couple have resurrected an

old jigsaw puzzle which they work

on each day and go for regular


“Most days we go for abike ride,

it is great to not have traffic flying

past. We have had about 30

Monarch butterflies hatch, so that is

great to see happening,” she said.

Home is afarmlet so the couple

have their own spaces where they

can retreat.

“Bryan has his ‘toy box’ where he

spends alot of time and Ican go and

hide in the garden,’’ she said.

“I have managed to clean all the

windows inside and out between

going to push­in brake pedals to

bleed brakes on Bryan’s toys.”

There have also been quite afew

cupboards cleaned out and items

found that have been missing for

some time, and plenty of baking

being done in the kitchen.

The garden has received some

attention and Bryan has been trying

to tame two wild kittens.

Mid Canterbury Federation of Women's Institutes president

Mavis Wilkins has been baking during lockdown.

Just “when he thinks he can

handle them out comes the claws

and teeth sometimes, so that

doesn’t go down too well,” she said.

Mavis also keeping in touch with

WI members through email and by


There is planning under way for

the Federation’s 85th anniversary

event, meant to take place this

month but now deferred until later

in the year and the upcoming midyear

Federation Cup Day schedule

which has been sent out.

She said any past members

wanting to register their interest in

attending the 85th celebration can

make contact with any member.

More information will be sent out

once details are confirmed.

Aside from missing her

hairdresser, Mavis is gutted to

have missed out on avisit from

her daughter and three

grandchildren who were due to

visit from Perth during the

school holidays.

“That was areal

disappointment for us, and also

for them,” she said.

However she is looking

forward to the restrictions

lifting and making contact with

people in person again.

“I am looking forward to a

lovely family dinner with our

(other) children and

grandchildren. Agathering of

WI ladies will (also) be top of

the list when we can.”

Good habits embedded

by Green Prescription

Ashburton’s main street in lockdown.

Stay fit &earn $$$

at the same time

Spend a couple of hours

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Ashburton Courier and Realty in

the Ashburton urban area.

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By Linda Clarke

Ashburton man Roger Martin

credits aGreen Prescription

following aknee replacement a

couple of years ago for his new

lease on life.

He has shed about 15kg, plays

walking netball, badminton and

pickleball and is keenly interested

in fueling his body with good,

nutritious food. The team sport is

on pause during the Covid­19

lockdown, but he has upped his

walking game to daily trips up to an

hour long.

The Green Prescription was

arranged by his doctor and that is

where he met Sport Canterbury

physical health advisor Aimee


Aimee said Roger had become

one of her star pupils and was a

great advocate of the Green

Prescription programme.

She introduces about 10 people a

week to the programme, some are

referred by their doctor, some are


All are hoping regular exercise

will help them become fitter, lose

weight, recover from injuries and

operations and generally improve

their bodies and minds.

Aimee’s job is to keep them on

course. She conducts an initial

consultation then rings them

regularly to see how they are

progressing and working towards

their goals; some are on her books

for five months while she embeds

the green prescription


She said her clients ranged in

age, ability and health. Some had

anxiety, osteoarthritis or were

recovering from aheart attack;

others were learning to use exercise

Sport Canterbury physical health advisor Aimee Cosgrove and

daughter Amelia, 10, on one of their regular bike rides during


to beat depression.

Many were missing the

hydrotherapy pool at the EA

Networks Centre, which was closed

along with other Ashburton

District Council facilities during

the lockdown.

She said many other people

would benefit from agreen

prescription and she encouraged

them to fill in aself­referral form

on Sport Canterbury’s website.

During lockdown, her catch­up

calls are as much about welfare as

they are about mental and physical


Aimee said some needed

encouragement to walk to their

letterbox, while others had tried tai

chi online or walked around their

local block more times than usual.

Lockdown was agood time to be

making new habits.

Sport Canterbury has also

launched a28­day health and

wellbeing campaign to help people

through the remaining days of


Hauora at Home is based on a

Maori philosophy of health and

wellbeing and Sport Canterbury’s

physical health advisors created a

28­day calendar of ideas and tasks

for all ages and all bubbles, keep

well and motivated.

The advisors share updates and

tips about better sleep, smarter

snacks and keeping active at home.

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday April 23, 2020, Page 5


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Page 6, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday April 23, 2020

Challenging times,

but ‘hang in there’

By Mick Jensen

RodgerLetham will never forgetthe

economic crisis,toughfarming years and

the loss of his farm in the late 1980s, but

he came through the other side and is

urgingMid Cantabrians to ‘‘hangin

there’’ because things will improve after

the coronavirus lockdown.

Now were challenging times for

everyone, but new opportunitieswould

emergeand life would get backto

normal, and likely quicker than many


Mr Letham said therewere new and

different challengesassociated with

Covid­19, not least an unprecedented

lockdown that affected everyone.

The situationfaced by many New

Zealand farmersmore than 30 years ago

was very different, but would never be

forgotten by those affected.

The time of Rogernomicshad seen the

end of farming subsidies, veryhigh

interest rates and low commodityand

land prices.

‘‘I took overthe mixed family farm at

Lauriston on July1,1981 and for the next

eight years we had three droughts.

‘‘Interestrates were 19.5 per cent and

there was a24per cent rate on my


The situationhad been very serious,

and different from today’s pandemic,but

it had tested people’s character and


Mr Letham was forced to sell his farm.

He cleared his debtsand took a$45,000

payoutfrom the Government.

‘‘At the time Ireally thoughtI’d never

come out the other side.’’

Mr Letham said the blackhole he was

in was something that somepeople were


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‘‘There is light at the end of the tunnel

and things will turn around,’’ he said.

Stresslevelsand emotions werebeing

tested, but therewas better support

emotionally and financially todaythan

there had been for farmers in the late


‘‘I think the Government has handled

the coronavirus situation pretty well.

‘‘Tough decisions have beenmade and

the country has supportedthem because

but they have been necessary.’’

Mid Canterburywas in abetter

position thanother districts to manage

and come throughthe other side because

of its strongruraleconomy.

‘‘I couldn’t wishtolive in abetter town

and in abetter countryinthe world right

now, and I’m verythankful for that.’’

The Western Ward districtcouncillor

re­invented himself after losing his farm

and at the age of 45 took on anew career

as arural real estate agent. He is still

juggling that job 31 years later with his

dutiesasafirstterm councillor.




Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

Pizza delivery coming, says Domino’s owner

Amit Thakar, of Domino's Ashburton, has

been having ‘‘lots and lots’’ of meetings and

discussions on what happens once life deescalates

through lower Covid­19 alert levels.

He hasmissed working with Domino’s staff,

and customers, as wellasthe ‘‘everyday

hustle‘‘ but cannot believehegot to stay home

all dayduring lockdown.

There have beenmanyphonemeetings and

Zoomsessions around theplanning for

reopening and there are lists drafted, ‘‘we just

havetohit send button’’.

‘‘Weare aware things arenot goingtobe


‘‘Aslongasweand the communityfeels

ADC chief executive Hamish Riach

safer there is not much we can predict.

‘‘The top priorityis... what we have achieved

in lockdown, we shouldnot letitdown.Asfar

as Domino’sservice... we will aggressivelybe

taking saferfoodhandlingpracticesand

deliveringzerocontactlessprepaid deliveryonlywithin


He saidcustomerscan restassured they will

be able to resume gettinggood,tastyfood

delivered whichwill havesafety at the

forefrontfor peace of mind.

Right: Domino's Ashburton owner Amit


New campaign launching to

support our local economy

For four weeks now, we have all been doing

our bit to reduce the spread of Covid­19 by

staying home, keeping in our bubbles and

washing our hands regularly and thoroughly.

It was very reassuring to hear on Monday

that those efforts have helped lead us to a

point where the Government is satisfied that

we can begin transitioning to alesser alert

level next week, then areview and hopefully

apossible further lower level two weeks later.

The news provides some certainty to our

community, particularly our workforce who

have been unable to work during this time,

and to the businesses who’ve had to close

their doors and cease trade: certainty, in that

we now have a timeline and information

about when our economy might start opening

up again.

In anticipation of this recovery phase, the

council has been quickly developing auseful

Keen to get styling again

Ashburton hair stylist Marc

Auwerdahas adapted his routine

and quiteenjoyed his forced

lockdown, but he loves his job and

is ready to get back to work.

The ‘‘compulsory’’holiday has

given him time to reflect on life,

meant more time with his partner

Anneand included aregimeof

daily walks aroundhis


There’salso been countless

games of the card gameFive

Crowns,indoor golf, plenty of book

reading and other activities.

Aself­confessedworkaholic, the

Dutch born hairdresser has owned

and operatedhis salon Mac &

Maggies in Ashburtonfor many


Latelast yearhemadethe

decision to scale down the business

and is now asole operator,working

fromadedicated, customised space

at thisAllenton home.

‘‘I’ve actually been enjoyingmy

‘compulsory’ holiday. It’s been a

totally new experience for me

because I’venevertaken that long

off work before.

‘‘It’s been strange not getting out

of bed in the morningand into the

salon to cut hair and see clients.’’

Mr Auwerda saidhewas readyto

start up againonce restrictions were

lifted and he had spoken to clients

and had afull appointment book.

At his former salonatthe

Countdown complexhehad

employed staff and had more foot

traffic, but he now worked from

home, and was fortunate that he did

not have to pay the commercial rent

thatmany business owners had to


‘‘I’m looking forward to catching

Ashburton hair stylist Marc Auwerda in his home salon.

up with clientsagain, hearing about

theirlivesand,ofcourse, styling


‘‘I’ve known some clientsfor 30

yearsand they are like extended


Mr Auwerdasaid he believed the

Government had managedthe

Covid­19 pandemic well.

He had been pleased thatthe

response had beenabout‘‘people

rather than politics’’ andhe

supported the decision that

considered hairdressing not to be

an essentialservice, unlikethe call

made by the Australian


‘‘Your hairgrows around 1cm

each month, so Idon’t see how

hairdressing can be considered an

essential service.

‘‘Many of my clients are on five

week cycles, so Iexpect to be very

busy when things return to normal,

whichhopefullyisvery soon.’’

tool and accompanying campaign to help

local businesses and our community begin

operating again.

Mid Canterbury Open for Business is

exactly what it says. It’s a free, online

directory designed to help businesses communicate

what days and times they will be

open, what they are offering –especially as

the alert levels may continue to place some

restrictions on certain things, and what deals

and specials they may have.

For shoppers and people needing to access

services, it will be an easy to use one­stop

shop to find businesses in their area.

The idea of Mid Canterbury Open for

Business is to encourage and help us all to

find out which businesses are open, support

local businesses wherever possible, and to

help kick start our region’s economy after the


Mr Auwerda said he is much

happier being in New Zealand than

in his former homeland during the


Holland is the size of Canterbury,

has apopulationof18million, and

is the mostdensely populated

country in Europe.

He kept in very close touch with

familythere, includinghis father

who was over 90, but aplanned trip

in June had now beencancelled,

and rescheduling it ‘‘might not

happenfor quiteawhile’’.

MrAuwerda said he was looking

forward to seeing more of New

Zealand on future holidays,

includingareturntohis favourite

spot of the Marlborough Sounds.

He was alsoanticipatingmore

road trips in his weekendcar,ared

Mazda MX5, as wellascatching up

with family and friends and the

freedom to walkCanterbury’s


If you have abusiness in the district, take

advantage of this free resource by registering

your business to be listed at MidCanOpen­

ForBiz.nz. Simply fill out the online form on

the page.

Likewise, if you want to know what is or

will be open, or what products and services

are available, head to the website and search

for abusiness or category.

The directory is in its early stages at this

point and is growing every day. The council

has been reaching out to many businesses to

add them to the list, so you’ll continue to see

the directory expand as we progress.

We have begun launching the campaign

this week, with the support of anumber of

local media outlets who are getting behind

the initiative to help spread the word.

When alert levels begin easing, let’s work

together, safely, to restart Mid Canterbury.

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday April 23, 2020, Page 7

Seltos offers great value for money

By Ross Kiddie

There’s no doubt sport

utility vehicles are beneficial

to families.

Their practicality and

often the option of seven

seats make them particularly

appealing for those

with children in tow.

However, as is often

the case, those who

would benefit most from

an SUV aren’t in aposition

financially to own

one, especially those that

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are new off the showroom


Enter, Kia’s completely

new compact,

five­seat SUV, the Seltos.

It has just launched here

and in entry­level LX

form lists with a very

special price – $25,990.

To my way of thinking,

that is amazing value for

aquality, state­of­the­art

vehicle that will suit a

young family.

Of course the Seltos is

available in four other

Call us for a





in Ashburton


specifications, there’s

even a four­wheel­drive

model which tops the

range at $46,990. Inbetween,

the other variants

list at $35,990,

$37,990 and $42,990.

Before you think the

base model car lacks on

kit, it doesn’t. Sure there

aren’t all the high­tech

features of its stablemates,

but there is

enough specification to

provide years of fulfilling


Even though Kia calls

the Seltos compact, it’s

not really. Sure at 4.4m it

isn’t large, but it does

make good use of its

proportions with high

comfort levels, it has

plenty of leg and head

room in the rear passenger

compartment. That

area is not compromised

by ahealthy load space –

468­litres, expanding to

1428­litres with the rear

seats folded flat. I rate



the load space on any

vehicle as to how well it

houses the rather large

cricket gear bag Iuse to

coach aYear 8Sydenham

team. In the case of the

Seltos there was ample

room to spare, and it has

an easy load height.

The LX variant gets

cloth trim and that would

far be my preference,

there are no design surprises,

the trim is fairly

conservative but you get

just enough goodies that

go with the pleasure of

buying anew car, some of

the functions are operable

through a central

screen display. Even

though the Seltos has yet

to be crash tested, it

would be expected to

meet the five­star

Australasian New Car

Assessment Program

safety rating.

In LX form the Seltos

is powered by a 2­litre,

naturally­aspirated fourcylinder

petrol engine,

that’s opposed to a

1.6­litre turbocharged

unit fitted to the rangetopping



I’d also opt for the base

engine, it is avery sweet

unit, quiet and smooth.

Drive is channelled

through the latest generation

continuously variable

transmission which

is described by Kia as

behaving like a traditional

automatic transmission,

acting as if it has

regular gear changes. I’m

quite excited about this

driveline, you would

hardly pick a CVT is

transmitting power, while

the seamless way it operates

enhances driveline


Power is channelled

through the front wheels

only, yet the entire drive

and chassis set­up has

benefited from a lot of

development catering for

the special needs of

Australasian roads. The

suspension is a good

compromise of what is

needed for occupant

comfort, but there is balance

and control when

high­country corners are


Your safety is our concern!

Don’t wait for your WOF to expire ifyou think

there issomething wrong with your car!

•WOF •Servicing •Tyres •Suspension •Steering •Brakes

• Exhaust specialists •Batteries •Mechanical repairs

Cnr Cass and South Streets, Ashburton

P 03 308 9984 F 03 308 9910

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E undercars@robbies.co.nz

OPEN SATURDAYS FOR WOF, 8.00am to 12 noon


Interestingly, the LX

grade model gets just

16in wheels against 17in

and 18in rims of higher

grade variants. However,

the benefit in LX grade is

super quiet motion and a

hugely smooth ride. The

high­profile Kumho tyres

(205/60) have a lot of

sidewall flex, consequently,

they just soak up

the big bumps and contribute

to tidy handling


Steerage is relatively

precise and there is good

feedback as to what the

tyres are doing. Ienjoyed

the way the test car

behaved in acorner, and

to my way of thinking the

wheel/tyre set­up in the

LX is far from compromised.

Ilike entry­level kit

and the Seltos in this

form presents no surprises.

Kia rates the engine

with 110kW and 180Nm,

if these figures look

familiar that’s because it

is much the same engine

that powers Cerato and


Sportage from the Kia


Maximum torque is

available from 4500rpm

and peak power is

reached at 6200rpm.

They are quite high in the

rev band and you could

be forgiven for thinking

it’s an engine which likes

to have the revs up.

However, one of the

other benefits of CVT is

that there are no gaps to

fill between gearing. That

being the case, the engine

works the mid­range, it

isn’t flighty and feels

strong beneath the throttle


Of course, there is a

sport mode if you wish to

have the engine working

harder but Iused normal

mode most of the time I

was in the evaluation car

and it is most suitable in

all situations. There is

also an eco mode if you

want to make maximum

use of your tank of fuel.

To me it’s abit numbing

but if you drive casually

then eco will earn you

fuel­saving benefits.

On that subject, Kia

claims a 6.8l/100km

combined cycle fuel

usage average. That’s a

healthy figure for an

SUV which has a kerb

weight extending to

1700kg. That being the

case, Icouldn’t replicate

Kia’s figures, however,

when Itook the test car

back to the dealership it

was showing a respectable

8.8l/100km average,

helped by a 5l/100km

figure showing at asteady

100km/h, the engine

turning over at 1800rpm

in the tallest part of the


I always like it when

new cars land. Kia is

capitalising on the worldwide

demand for SUVs,

its range is extensive and

my only concern would

be if the Seltos cannibalises

sales from Kia’s own

Niro and Sportage.

At its price the Seltos is

avery desirable proposition,

I just hope that

those who would benefit

from owning an SUV

recognise its value. If that

is not tempting in itself,

bear in mind the Seltos is

sold with a five­year/

100,000km warranty.

Peace of mind really.

Price –Kia Seltos LX,


Dimensions –Length,

4370mm; width,

1800mm; height,


Configuration –Fourcylinder,


1999cc, 110kW,

180Nm, continuously

variable automatic.

Performance –

0­100km/h, 9.3sec

Fuel usage –


Page 8, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday April 23, 2020

Family tunes into lockdown lessons

By Toni Williams

Ross family siblings Flynn, Louie,

Jesse and Marlie were among the

thousands of children around the

district who took to distance learning

last week at the start of term two.

Nationwide, schools had the twoweek

holiday period fast­tracked

because of lockdown but now, as

term two gets under way, and with

lockdown still in place there has been

amajor readjustment.

Distance learning for students, in

many forms, is being done at home

with the support of parents/

caregivers and teachers.

Schools, and teachers, around the

district have been in contact with

their students to give guidance and

assurance, to answer questions and

direct their learning until such time

as school can resume in the


Some families without access to

digital technology have been hooked

up by the Ministry of Education

through their school ­orare still

waiting ­others are sticking to

teaching from school education

packs for their children.

The Ross children, who are at

primary or intermediate school level,

are like many around the district and

have been given arange of online

Ross siblings (from front) Flynn, 7, Louie, 8, Jesse, 10 and Marlie, 12, get back into learning while at home

during lockdown.

and offline tasks they can do during

their home school day, overseen by

parents and caregivers.

While younger pupils have more

optional choices to fill in their school

day, many older students may have

set work tasks to complete as

directed by their class teachers.

Schools and early childhood

education centres, for children up to

Year 10 (around 14 years old) will be

allowed to reopen under alert level 3

but parents and caregivers should,

where they can, keep their children

at home. Schools will be open for

those who need them though.

Students in years 11­13 will

continue to learn at home.

Welfare checks keep elderly connected

Reaching out and connecting with

elderly people in the community has

been afocus for many organisations

in the district during lockdown.

Among them are Age Concern

Ashburton and Ashburton District

Council, who have been working for

Ministry for SocialDevelopment

(MSD) making sure elderly residents

are not missing out during lockdown


Age Concern MidCanterbury

president Trish Small said there had

been many telephone calls to the

organisation, whichwere being

answered by manager Dianna

Leonard who was working from


“We havebeen very,very busy

with inquiries, both from concerned

relatives who don’t live in Ashburton

to check systems are in place for

their elderly relatives, to people

themselves ringing in with inquiries,”

Mrs Small said.

“Dianna has been fielding the calls

…and directing them to the right

place or offering suggestions.”

Canterbury­wide, Age Concern

had received more than 400 calls

Grocery drops to elderly residents are commonplace during


from people concerned about

themselves, family, friends or

neighbours. And the need to

maintain contact was highlighted last

week by the death of an elderly

woman in Christchurch.

The pensioner, who lived alone,

had not been seenbyneighbours for

many days before policewere called

to carryout awelfare check.

In Ashburton, Age Concern are

making suretokeep in touch with

members by phone and offering


Mrs Small said there was also

constant communication with Age

Concern’s head office in Wellington

aboutwhat each branch was doing to

support their elderly community’s

health and wellbeing and whatmore

can be done.

“We realise there are alot of

people we don’t havecontact details

for, so peoplecan contact us on

3086817 (and speak to Dianna, or

leave amessage).”

Ashburton District Council chief

executive officer Hamish Riach, in

an address to council, said staff in

council’s People and Capabilities

team were reassigned or helping

other sectorsofthe community.

There were extra staff assigned to

the council0800 number and helping

MSD contact by telephone some of

the 12,000 elderly people across


The Ashburton staff were enjoying

connecting with different people.

There had been alot of praise during

the telephone calls as wellasthe odd

dinner invitation.

He said 44 council staff had been

redeployed and were helping Civil

Defence, the community­based

assessment centre at Ashburton

Hospital and deliveringpharmacy,

food or goods itemsand Meals On


Mr Riach said there was no

significant need for more people in

these roles, but rather aneedto

continue the level already


Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

Rent holiday

Ashburton Licensing Trust has

givenits tenants aone­month

‘‘rentholiday’’ and willoffera

delayed paymentoption for a

second month in agesture of

support during the coronavirus

lockdown. Trust general manager

Rob Reid said the trust had 17

tenants in Somerset House,as

well as thoseatthe Tinwald

Tavern complex andHotel

Ashburton. It had obtained the

wagessubsidy for its own staff,

including thoseat the Devon

Tavern, abusiness still owned and

operated by the trust. Mr Reid

said support was intendedtoease

tenants through the unsettling


Skifields hope

Mt Huttskifield’sparent

company NZSki is still hopeful

that the 2020 season can still be

enjoyed by skiers and

snowboarders. NZSki boss Paul

Anderson said the ski industry was

still waitingfor government

decisions on alertlevels. While it

was ‘‘impossible’’ for skifieldsto

operate under level 4restrictions

and ‘‘improbable’’under level 3,

he believed skifieldscould operate

underlevel2.But, even in a‘‘bestcase

scenario’’, skier numbers

were expected to be down by at

least two­thirds.

YMCA board

YMCA South and Mid

Canterbury is seekingnew

members to join avolunteer

governance board. Anyone with a

passionfor making adifference in

the community and desire to

enable young people to succeed is

encouraged to contact YMCA.

For acopy of the job description

or to findout more contact Barrie

Suteratbazsuter@xtra.co.nz or

on 021 169 0324.

Green rail

The Greens have included

Ashburton in an intercityelectric

rail projectthatcould stimulate

the economypost Covid­19. The

proposal is for $9 billion intercity

rail investment over10years to

roll out fast, electric passenger

services connecting key provincial

centres with Christchurch,

Wellington and Auckland. Over

time it would see fast trains

connecting Rangiora and

Ashburton with Christchurch, and

eventually Timaru.

Jennian Homes Canterbury

Michele Strange

P 027 491 5266

E michele.strange@jennian.co.nz


• DairyNZ accredited

Effluent Pond Design


• Pond Constructionand

Irrigation Development

• Hedgeand Stump


• Farm Conversions

• DairyTracks–

Lime or Gravel

• PumpHire

• Wellsand Galleries

• Bulk Earthworks

• Subdivisions

• Site Works

• Tree Shear

• Transportation


Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday April 23, 2020, Page 9

Stand at Dawn campaign

planned for Anzac Day

Public Anzac Day services to honour

past and present veterans and service

personnel will be different this year: we

will remember them together, but


Due to Covid­19 restrictions and the

fact many of New Zealand’s Returned

Soldiers’ Association (RSA) members

are in the 70 years­plus age group, a

nationwide campaign to Stand at Dawn

is planned.

Ashburton RSA president Merv

Brenton said the campaign, organised

by the New Zealand Defence Force

and RSA National, is calling for people

to stand together on April 25 at 6am,

while tuned into anational radio

broadcast via 101.3FM.

Even though public Anzac Services

are unable to go ahead, it does not

mean that the tradition of

remembering and commemorating

veterans and service personnel should

be cancelled too.

The Stand at Dawn campaign asks

for people across New Zealand to

stand at their mailboxes, at their front

doors, in their living rooms or

backyards to listen to the dawn service

broadcast on radio.

Mr Brenton said alocal initiative was

also calling for people to stand for a

moment’s remembrance at 11am,

which was the usual time for the civic

service in the district.

Both times are achance to

remember the sacrifices made and

those which continue to be made by our

servicemen and servicewomen who are

called upon to serve New Zealand

during times of war, conflict and

Ashburton RSA president Merv Brenton has apoppy, made by his fouryear-old

grandson Thomas, on his mailbox.


Awebsite (www.standatdawn.com)

has been set up with activities for the

whole family to do to commemorate

Anzac Day. They include making

poppies, decorating letterboxes and

researching family members who

served New Zealand.

Mr Brenton has ahomemade feltpoppy

on his mailbox created by his

four­year­old grandson Thomas. He

also has agiant poppy on his lawn with

two white crosses as acommemoration

to the national day.

RSA president Merv Brenton

No services, but we

will remember them

‘‘This would have to be one

of the most unusual Anzac

Day addresses that one will

hopefully ever have to give in

their lifetime, no services

this year and with all the

pomp and ceremony that is

the usual on Anzac day, all

cancelled, but we can all still

Stand at Dawn (6am on the

25th) as anation to

remember all those that

sacrificed so much during

times of war.

‘‘The current situation

means we can now physically

relate to some of those

sacrifices made by our

Anzacs and their families in

times gone by, lockdown,

isolation and to the unknown

future, from in this case a

virus as the enemy which

isn’t visible until it hits you.

Neither were the bullets our

soldiers faced.

‘‘All experiences our

soldiers and families

endured during times of war,

all without social media and

the daily updates as to the

current situation, very scary

it must have been.

‘‘We have all heard how

hard it was from stories told

to us by grandparents and

some of you will have

personal memories to some

of the hardships, relating to

supply and availability of

necessities to healthy living

during those times.

‘‘None of us thought about

the possibility of rationing,

the norm in these situations

in the past, but with the

hoarding of toilet paper,

flour, sanitizers and hand

washes and the like by some,

should there have been

ration books to stop the

supermarket stampedes,

would we have coped? I

don’t think so.

‘‘This situation we are in is

aworldwide pandemic, it is

not …nation verse nation,

ethnic group verse ethnic

group, religion verse religion

…itsimply affects us all.

‘‘It is now time to stand as

one and give support to all

others, especially those less

fortunate than ourselves.

‘‘We are now anation of fit

individuals going by the

numbers out walking daily

and all will have abetter

knowledge and

understanding of your


‘‘We may not be able to

celebrate Anzac Day as

normal but our thoughts still

go out to all those affected

by war and now Covid­19,

the words We will never

forget them still rings true.

‘‘Stay safe, stay in your

bubbles and ask for help if

required, don’t be asilent

lonely hero.’’

Page 10, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday April 23, 2020


MAW, Charles Amos:

With sadness we

announce the peaceful

passing of Charlie on

Tuesday 14th April 2020

at Rosebank, Ashburton,

aged 93. Dearly loved

husband of Joyce for 66

years. Cherished father

of Elizabeth (deceased)

and John Chynoweth,

Leslie and Annette,

Geoffrey, Ian and Vicki.

Loved grandfather of

Richard and Tracey,

Sara and TJ, Jacqui and

Brad and Grant. Adored

great grandad to Jaryn,

McKenna, Andee, Freya,

Xanthe, Charlie and

Thomas. The family wish

to send their special

thanks to the caring staff

at Rosebank fortheir care

of Charlie over the past

years. Messages to the

Maw Family. 1433 Back

Track, RD12Rakaia. Due

to COVID19 a private

burial will take place.




03 3077433

FORBES, Grace Lillian:

(formerly Smart)


Passed away peacefully at

Ashburton hospital with

her belovedsonsMichael

and Robert byher side.

Loving wife to the late

Ash Forbes, mum to

Robyn (deceased). Much

loved Mum to Gary and

Jody (Perth) and mum in

law toDebbie. Loved by

her grandchildren,

Angela, Vicki, Jason,

Siobhorn, Logan, Dillon,

Liam and Brearna. Loved

great Nana, tobegreat

great Nana, sister, aunty,

cousin and to many a


Gracewill be greatly

missed by us all,

her humour,cooking,

knitting,crafts, cardsand


Anymessages can be sent

to mike.smart123456@

gmail.com. The boy’s

respectfully request

that in lieu of flowers

donations can be

made to the Ashburton

Cancer Society. Aprivate

cremation will be held

for Grace but due to the

current circumstances

we are unable to hold a

memorial however we

will look at doing so at a




PAGE, Joy Leonie, on

April 16, 2020. Passed

away peacefully at

Rosebank Resthome,

Ashburton, aged 78

years. Dearly loved sister

of Brian Oliver, and much

loved aunty of all her

nieces and nephews.

Will be dearly missed by

her good friend Dorothy

and the Lefeber family.

Messages to POBox 472,

Ashburton7740. Aspecial

thank you tothe staff at

Rosebank Resthome for

their loving care of Joy.

At Joy’s request aprivate

cremation has been held.




03 307 7433

WELLS, Natalie Doreen:

on April 14, 2020: Passed

away peacefully at

Ashburton Hospital. Aged

87 years. Dearly loved

wife of the late Arthur

George Wells. Cherished

mother and mother in

law of Alison and John

Menary, Graeme and

Megan Wells, Jennifer and

Mark Holmes, Carolyn and

Jeffery Menzies, Kenneth

Wells and Robert Wells.

Treasured grandmother of

all her grandchildren and

their partners: Lisa and

Ben, Carl and Victoria, and

Talia and Cameron; Ashley

and Emily and Clawrence;

Callum and Toni, Courtney

and Karl and Brittaney and

Blair; Cameron and Henni,

Kerris and Sabrina; Braden

and Hilary; Aleisha and

Mikayla and Cameron.

Loved great grandmother

of Ari, Freya, Isla, Tessa

and Noah. Messages to

the Wells Family, POBox

472, Ashburton 7740. We

would like to acknowledge

the wonderful care given

by ward 1 Ashburton

Hospital. Because of the

current circumstances a

private burial has taken

place. It is proposed to

hold a memorial service

at St Stephens Anglican

Church at alaterdate.




03 307 7433

Supporting the


96 Tancred Street,Ashburton.


Phone 307 8317


Family owned,

locally owned

22 MooreStreet,


0800 2636679




In loving memory of a

much loved husband

anddad taken from us 23



missed each

and everyday,

for youwere

someone special

who meant moretous

than wordscan ever say

Loved and remembered


Carolyn, Lucy, Holly; Lee,

Sophie,Charlie; and Vinny


One year ago you left us


We will always remember,

that special smile,

that caring heart,

the special hugs,

youalways gaveus.

Youbeing there,

for Mum and us,

through all times

no matter what.

We will always remember


Love forever

Lucy and Holly xx

Birth notices listed

by parents will

continue to be free in

the Family Notices


The initial death

notice lodged by a

funeral director will

be listed without

charge. There will

be asmall charge of

$15 for subsequent

notices related to

the same death, up

to amaximum of 35

words and on aperline

basis after that.

The same low

charges apply to

other family notices,

such as engagements,


in memoriam notices

and anniversaries.

Aperfect venue for





Trott’s Garden

371RacecourseRoad, Ashburton

www.trotts.co.nz |Email: info@trotts.co.nz


Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

Online meat sales take off

By Mick Jensen

Trading mighthave looked uncertain whenlockdown

restrictions started, but Netherby Meats is now going great

guns and an online salesplatform is keeping nine staff

members in full time employment.

Demand is so great that business owner MikeHanson

is considering taking on more people to help with

deliveries and otherjobs.

‘‘Forthe first coupleofweekswedidn’t really know

what we wereallowedtodo ­wewere open, then closed

and then open again,’’said Mr Hanson.

Staffwere working five to 10 hours aweek and he was

wonderingwhat the futureheld.

He had applied for the Government’swage subsidy and

things were not looking too great.

‘‘I found myself stuck with $20,000 worth of meat that

I’d ordered before lockdown and thought I’d be allowed

to sell.

‘‘I wasn’tsure what to do with it. But thenthe story was

shared on television and countlessofferscame in from

people wanting to buy it.’’

Thosebuying it had donated the meat to Ronald

McDonald House, the Salvation Armyand othercauses,

‘‘which was quite amazing really’’.

Mr Hansonsaid themeat had been snapped up in just

two days.

NetherbyMeatstarted offering online sales on April6,

with the first delivery three days later.

On day one therewere 150 orders, and 100 on day two.

Saleshad continued to be brisk, said Mr Hanson, and

all of his staff were busyworking full days.

‘‘Customersare happy to orderonline.

‘‘They tick the items they want, pay online and then we


Mr Hanson said local orders weredelivered by his staff

and acourier had been usedfor orders received from

Timaru, Geraldine and Christchurch.

He had put the time into developingthe online sales

Labour List MP Jo Luxton

Thank you to ateam of five million

Thiscolumn is about your unity,your sacrifice, and your

success so far.You should be enormously proud of what

we are achievingtogether, even though there’s plenty


We’re showing that ateamoffive million, working

together, really can take ahuge step towards the goal of

eliminatingCovid­19from New Zealand.

Now we havetofinish the job.

As you will have heard, New Zealand willmove out of

alert level 4after Anzac Day, on April 28. The

Government wouldnot have been abletomake that

decision without your efforts. Across New Zealandwe

cametogetherasone team. We went hard,and early, to

protect our bubbles and breakthe chain of transmission.

So far, your efforts looktobepayingoff.

Our infection rate (thenumber of caseseach person

withthe virus passesitonto) is now 0.48 (as at Monday),

lessthan half aperson each.Overseas the averageismore

thanfive times as high.That progressisthanks to you.

Nearly every case identified since April1isrelatedto

an existing cluster or personwith the virus. Fewer than 10

cases don’thave one of thoseclear links, whichisjust 0.6

per cent of the total number of cases. Thatsmall number

is thanks to you, too.

In addition, we have now testedover 85,000New

Zealanders for Covid­19and almostall those testsare

negative. Thatgives me confidence the risk of hidden

communitytransmission is low.

Netherby Meats owner Mike Hanson is flat out

with online meat orders.

platform, but it was ‘‘paying off big time’’.

‘‘I will keep it up and running post­lockdown, because

people are gettingusedtoitand it is aconvenient wayfor

some to shop.’’

NetherbyMeats has alsobeen operating amobile

abattoir, and therehas been gooddemand from local


Mr Hansonwas still lookingforward to restrictions

beinglifted and his shop reopening but believed under

alertlevel 3the shop would remainclosed, which would

be disappointingbut something he had to accept.

Six projects put forward for funds

The Ashburton DistrictCouncil

hopes to hear by theend of the

month if sixprojects, including a

second Ashburton River bridge, will

be part of government’s economic

stimulus packagepost­Covid­19.

The Government has tagged$800

million forshovel­ready

infrastructure projectsthat can start

in thenext six monthsorassoon as

the constructionindustryreturns to


Councils all over the country

scrambled to putforwardprojects

and thefundhas beenmassively

over­subscribed.Auckland councils

submitted 90 projectsand

Wellington councils submitted

projectsworth $1.3billion.

Ashburton DistrictCouncilchief

executiveHamish Riach said the

volumeand scale of theprojects was

extraordinary butcouncil staff had

workedhard overthe Easterbreak

to make sure Ashburton’s projects

stood thegreatestchance of being

among those selected by Crown

Infrastructure Partners.

“It will be reallyinteresting to see

how theCrown Infrastructure

Partners canassess themountain of

applicationsfrom across the


Ashburton Mayor NeilBrownis


among those selected,given the

South Islandmissed out on the

Government’s Infrastructure


The council has rankedits projects

across different categories, with the

already­planned secondbridge over

the AshburtonRiverontop.Italso

submitted applications forthe

Ashburton Libraryand Civic Centre,

the Ashburtonrelief sewer,Methven

water supply upgrade, Ashburton

railsiding relocationand safety


likeInland 72.

The Government saiditwould

consider funding projects around

water, transport, clean energy and

buildings, that would have apublic or

regionalgood, createjobsand be

abletoget under way in six months.

Althoughthe Crown was seeking

larger projects, over $10m,which

would have an immediate

stimulatory effectonthe

construction industry, smaller

projects are alsobeingconsideredif

theydemonstrate adirect and

immediate benefit to regional

economies andcommunities in

which theyare based.

In short, our team of five millioneffortisdoing the job

we set out to do.

Do not underestimate whatyou have achieved so far.

The situationtoday couldhave beenvery different. But

rememberthis is amarathon, not asprint.

As we move to alert level3,let’s not waste this chance

to eliminate the virus by losing our focusordiscipline.

We’re not out of the woods yet.Any complacency now can


Schools will reopen on April29, but remember

attendance is voluntary –parents shouldkeep children at

homeifthey can.The small number of children attending

willprimarily be the childrenofparents who have to

return to their workplace.

Winning the fight against this virus is the best way to

savelives, butit’s alsothe bestthingwecan do for our

economy. That’s why there are stillstrict measuresinplace

at alert level 3.

Our aim is to enterlockdownonce,doitright,and

hopefullynever return. We all wanttomove down alert

levels as soon as we safely can. That’s the best way to

protect jobs and get our economy on the road to recovery,


The discipline we have displayed at alertlevel 4must

now become the hallmark of our actions in alert level 3.

Kia kaha Mid Canterbury, you have shown your

resilience and communityspiritduring this alert level4

lockdown, let’s finish the job.

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday April 23, 2020, Page 11


Broccoli, lettuce crops in

By Toni Williams

Staff at LeaderBrandhave adapted at

work to makesure they are keeping

themselves, andtheir workmates, safe


Thehorticultural business has farms

at Chertsey andGisborneand employs

around200 permanent staff

nationwide, with an additional300

people during summer harvest.

At Chertsey around 40 staff have

been busyharvesting broccoli and

lettuce destined for the supermarket

shelves.There arealsoaround six staff

in Christchurch who are workingin

sales and able to workfrom home.

LeaderBrand chiefexecutiveofficer

Richard Burke said it was abusy time

but nationwidethe biggest onerouson

staff was around the way they


‘‘There are massivechanges, butthe

teamacross the countryhave come on


As aserviceprovider to the farming

sector, we areavailable during these

restrictions to ensureour farmers are

able to carryonfarming –

7days aweek!

As our showroom is closed during the

lockdown period,all customers will

need to ring or email ahead to order

parts and service.

We will then arrange asafe

non-contactpick up foryou.

We areavailable by phone or email

between the hours of

8.00am –5.00pm, 7daysaweek.

Phone Paul on 308 6509 or 027 431 5513,

or email us on palmeragriparts@xtra.co.nz

‘‘The guys havereallytakenon

board the safety side of having to

continue to work each day,’’hesaid.

Mr Burke saidthe Covid­19

lockdown hadcreated a‘‘big

challenge’’not onlyinhow harvest

operationswere carried outbut also

with marketdemand.

‘‘Thereisnoreal pattern to it,’’ he

said,ofconsumers buyingtrends.

‘‘The market is completely


Theteamwereworking on

harvesting and ‘‘so far,sogood, we’re

on track,’’and even withstrictharvest

and distribution rules in place, due to

branding,therehad been minimal

wastewithmarketsfound forproduce.

Mr Burkesaidthe company would

‘‘keep pushing thoseexisting lines’’.

‘‘It’shard work,you don’t know

what’s normal,’’hesaid.

‘‘We are lucky we have ateam

dedicated to turn up toworkeachday

whenothersare stuck at home.’’

Environment awards take

new, innovative approach

Organisers of the Ballance Farm

Environment Award are taking an

innovative approach to announcing this

year’s award recipients.

Due to the nationwide Covid­19

response, the remaining award

functions will go online and virtual

regional announcementswill be made

from April22.

Each Wednesday at 7.30pm an

announcement videowill go on

YouTube and then all the latest

information and video links will be

available on the nzfeatrust.org.nz


Run by the New Zealand Farm

EnvironmentTrust, the annual

Ballance Farm Environment Awards

champion sustainable farming and


Generalmanager James Ryansays

he’s delighted thatthis year’s award

entrants and recipients are being

celebrated in anew and creative way.

‘‘“It’sdifficult to predict when life

will return to normal. However, what I

do know is that it’s important to have

events to look forwardto–where we

catch­upand celebratethe best of

humanity. So this year –reflecting the

innovation andagility of our entrants –

we'retaking an innovative approach to

announcing award recipients.”

The East Coast andCanterbury

awardrecipientshave already been


Regenerative agriculture

Beef +LambNZ is undertaking aglobal

study into regenerative agriculture.

The purpose is to understand similarities

and differences to New Zealand farming

practices, and the opportunities itmight

present for farmers.

Regenerative agriculture is an approach

to farming which seeks to engage conservation

goals such as improving soiland water

health and mitigating climate change.

The B+LNZ study will look at the

market potential of regenerative agriculture;

what it means to experts and the

wider industry as well as Government,

consumer and expert perceptions of the



Andrew Stephenson, wife Phillippa and children Maddy and Hunter.

Giant hay bunny created

The Stephenson family,

of Fords Road,

Willowby, spent Easter

Saturday creating agiant

female bunny to lure­in

the Easter Bunny and

put asmile on the faces

of people driving past.

And it worked.

The bunny, made of

hay bales, shaped plastic

from empty 200­litre

drums (ears) k­line pods

(for eyes), alkathene

pipe (for whiskers) and

has painted arms and

features, including long

eyelashes, sits in a

paddock facing the road.

It has had alot of

interest from passing motorists, including Police,

going about their essential travels and successfully

lured the Easter Bunny who arrived the following day

much to the delight of seven year old Maddy and two

year old Hunter.

But he didn’t make his Easter delivery easy; he left

12 clues around the farm which lead to the discovery

of achocolate egg stash.

With the help of parents Andrew and Phillippa, the

children followed the clues which took three hours

for the family to crack and included travelling the

length and width of the 230 hectare Park Lane Dairy

farm, where Mr Stephenson is farm manager. The

CoBee creators Abby Henderson-Geddes, 12,

and Maddy Wilson-Stephenson, 7, with two year

old Hunter Stephenson.

farm is aFonterra

supplier, milking 650

cows during the season,

and 150 cows wintermilking,

on a54Rotary


At the other side of

the farm ­onLongbeach

Road next to some

nervous looking Belgium

blue calves up for sale ­

sits agiant teddy bear,

named CoBee, which is

also drawing attention.

CoBee is arural

tribute to the nationwide

windowsill movement

and was made days

before his neighbouring

female bunny rabbit. It is

the ‘brainbear' of Henderson­Geddes siblings

Caitlyn, 14, and Abby, 12, (who are also good at

organising scavenger hunts) and neighbour Maddy


The trio may live at different houses on Park Lane

Dairy farm, which has been in the Geddes family of

David and Jill for the past 50 years, but researched

and designed the bear together from other rural

creations around the country. It is made from large

hay rounds (body and head), hay bales (arms), tyres

(ears) with painted features; Mr Stephenson, no

stranger to making oversized novelty animals, which

he did in England, did the tractor work.

More nitrous oxide research needed, say Feds

Arecent finding that livestockare

responsible for less nitrous oxide than

previouslyestimated underlines the value of

in­depth research and accurate data,says

Federated Farmers.

‘‘Achieving net­zero nitrous oxide

emissions by 2050 will not be easy to do, but

is nonetheless atask we are committed to,’’

said Federated Farmers climate change


‘‘Thedifficulty in reducing nitrous oxide

is due to the emissions being mainly caused

by the urineoflivestockproviding too much

nitrogen for the soil to absorb. While

nitrogen is good for plant growth, when

there is too muchnitrogen in one spot, some

will be releasedinto the air as nitrous


‘‘The absurdimpracticality of measuring

the emissions caused by the urine of

individual livestock on farm means that

totalsare estimated using models and the

best scientific research on hand.

‘‘Unlike afactory,wecannotuse adevice

to directly measure the emissions from

animalsonfarms and must attemptto

estimate complex biologicalprocess as best

as we can.’’

New research undertaken by Kiwi

scientistsshow that urine deposited by

livestock on hilly terrain spreadsover a

larger area and is therefore able to be better

absorbed by the soil.

‘‘The new research resultsina1,700 kt

CO2­ereduction in agriculturalnitrous

oxide emissions estimatedfor 2017, an

almost 20% reduction,’’ said Mr Hoggard.

The bulk of these reductions came from

sheep and beeflivestock on steep slopes,but

alack of data resulted in the assumption

being made that all dairy cattle were located

entirely on flat terrain.

‘‘We encourage the researchers and

officials to continue to work with the

agriculture industry in New Zealand in

order to alsomake thisinnovative research

applicable to Kiwidairyfarmers.

‘‘This research results in hill country

sheep and beef nitrous oxide emissions

being reduced by about two­thirds and onethird

respectively in the emissions inventory

back to 1990.

‘‘Farmers acrossNew Zealand are

committedtoimproving environmental

outcomesathome, whilecontinuing to

provide sought­after and nutrition packed

food across the globe. This research

highlights the fundamental importance of

accurate data in managing environmental

outcomes, such as greenhousegas


New Zealand was at the cutting edge of

agricultural climate change research and

Federated Farmersencouraged researchers

and officials to continue theirhard work

towards more accuratelyunderstanding the

‘‘wicked’’problem of climate change that is

facing farmers,along with all New



Maintaining Alert Level 4

It’s time to digdeep, andkeeplocking-inthe gainswehavealready

made at AlertLevel 4. Thank youall forcontinuing to do your bit.

CanbusinessesopenatAlert Levels 4or3?

Only essential businessescanoperate at AlertLevel 4. At Alert

Level3,businessescan starttrading,aslong as they cando

so safely.Atbothalert levels,peoplemust continue to work

from home wherethis is possible.

At Alert Level 3workplacesmust:

• meetappropriate public healthrequirements

• maintainphysicaldistancing betweenworkers at alltimes

• tradewithout physicalcontactwithcustomers(e.g. viaphone

or online orders,and by ensuring allpick-ups, drive-throughs

anddeliveriesare contactless)

• ensure customers arenot allowedonpremises.

CanIsend children to school or EarlyChildhood


UnderAlert Level3mostchildren andyoungpeoplewill continue

distancelearning. Early Childhood Centres and schools willopen

on Wednesday29April forstudentsuptoYear 10.However,

children that canstayand learn at homeshoulddoso. Children

whoaresick or vulnerable should alsostayhome andtheywill be

supported to do so.

In themeantime, whileweare still at AlertLevel 4, schools will be

cleaned, andgrounds tidied up.Ifyou have anyquestions about

distancelearning or returning to school,contact your school.

CanIexpand my bubble at AlertLevel 3?

Always keepyourbubbleasmall as possible.

If youdoneed to expandyourbubble, youcan do so to bringin

aclose family member,isolatedpeople or caregivers.

CanIleave my bubbleifI’m feelingunsafe?

If you’re notsafeathome,it’sokaytoleave your bubbletoaskfor

help immediately.Ifyou have to leave, youcan contactafriend or

trustedneighbour.Call 111 as soon as youcan,or Women’sRefuge.

If youhave concerns aboutayoungperson, call 0508 FAMILY

(0508 326459).

ShouldIget tested forCOVID-19?

It is importantthatevery sniffle and sneeze is takenseriously.

If youhavesymptoms, seek advice from your GP or Healthline

aboutgetting atest, as quicklyas possible.

Remember –thereisnostigma to COVID-19. Anyone cangetit,

throughnofault of theirown. We will only be successful if

everyone is willing to play theirpartinfinding it,whereveritis.

CanIsee my doctor forthings that arenot


It’s importantthatyou do notneglect other healthissuesjust

becausetheyare notrelatedtoCOVID-19.

Don’t hold off or wait until youfeelworse. Ourhealthsystem

is open and running andready to help.Healthlineisfreeand

available24hours aday,7days aweekon0800 3585453.

Howcan Imakesuremyfriends andrelatives

aged 70+are feelingsupported?

We knowtherearepeopleinourcommunity feeling isolated

and lonely during this time. Some maynot be reaching outasthey

feel ‘likeaburden’.Now is thetimetopickupthe phone,orstart

avideo-chat, andremindthem that we’reall in this together.

Even somethingas simpleas offering afriendly wave throughthe

windowwhenyou’reoutonyourdaily walk,can go along wayto

making them feel included.Alittlekindnessandrecognitiongoes


When can Iuse my car or public transportin

AlertLevel 3?

Youcan use your car to travel forrecreation at Alert Level 3–

just keep it local. Youcan alsouse yourcartotravel if you are:

• gettingessentialsupplies

• using essential services

• attending your workplace, or working

• going to or from school (ifyou need to).

Youshouldlimit theuse of public transport to theabove only,

as therewillbelimited capacity.

If in doubt: Stay local. Stay safe.

Thank yousmallbusinessowners

Your patience and strength, despite the many hardships the virus

is causing,has been exceptional. Youare playing acrucial role in

breaking the chain of transmission.


Find the answersfaster at Covid19.govt.nz

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday April 23, 2020, Page 13

Property Brokersare

openfor business

and herefor you!

Agriculture’s Time to Shine

As we contemplatethe transition out of Lock-Down-Level4it is apoignanttimetoconsider

what the impactoflast 4weeks will meanforall of as individual’s, our families, our businesses

and the communitieswe liveinover the next fewweeks or months.All essential workers and

sectors who have unselfishly worked through this period aretobe applauded. This includes

the work of our farmersplus support industries to agricultureas theyhave continued on

throughthis period to keep the economic wheels turning via supply of food domestically and

maintaining export earnings.

If nothing else the nationwide lock-down has never emphasised morethe importance of our

agricultural base and economyinourcommunity, country and the world. Agriculturehastobe

an integral part of the strategy to lead New Zealand out of this economic crisis. All of us will

have adifferentview of howthis is achieved. Howeverit’s not the timeforseveral agenda’s,

politics, themor us, city vs country mentality. As anationweare all in this together so key

partners to agricultureneed to unified. With acommongoal to assist the primary sector

remain akeyexport and economic driver in arecovery.

Thereis arealneed forour rural financiersmorethan everto supportour farmers by

maintaining the supply of capital andrecirculating capital repaid by farmersdirectly back

into agriculture(not the residential property market). Enabling farmerstoinvest andenhance

productivitythrough technology, on-farm performance, meeting environmental standards,

increasing scale to maintain competitiveness on the world stage arefundamentaltoa

recovery. The revenue from export receipts will provide the capital to our local economyand

filter down to all sectors including those that have suffered asignificantdownturn.

Other partners include central, regional and local governmentwith investmentinrural

infrastructuretostimulatethe economyand improvethe resilience of rural communities.

This includes roading, telecommunications, waterresources and schemes, measured

environmentalexpectations and supportforworkers who have lost employmenttoretrain and

work in the agricultural sector toreplace overseas workers.

2510 MethvenHighway

Governmentsupport overthe past month has been oxygen to enable businesses to stay

afloat, to paywagesand supportemployees. Thishas been acriticalshort-term measurebut a

quick as possible return to normality is needed with operatingspending brought under control,

surpluses restored and debt being repaid. Our hard-working farmerswill be thereto lead the

wayand theyneed our support forthem to do this, let’s all unite-Its Agricultures time to shine!

Locked Down but Not Locked Out

Likemany, our team has transitioned prior to Level4from theoffice or officeon wheels to

work from home. While the lack of visits and interactioninperson creates some challenges for

conducting real estateit has been acase of communicating by phone/zoom/Microsoft Teams

and using the technology to our advantage. Video appraisals, digital listing authorities and

remoteAML areall nowfirmly part of the tool-box.

Locked downhas definitely not meantlocked out forthe Property Brokers rural team. Activity

over the past 4weeks has included an unconditional sale achievedon adairy farm near

Methven. Settlementof a148ha Methvenarable/dairy support farm and an unconditional

arable/dairy support sale at Mayfield.Conditional/unconditional agreements on three lifestyle

properties including multipleoffers on one of these and twofarm leases fortender and

negotiated with one evolving into apurchase. Someofthese have called on the individual

sales consultantorour collectiveteamsexperience to bring agreements together. Especially

when presented with complex issues requiringnegotiations to be undertaken by phone/

electronically and working in tandem with vendors, purchasers and professionals including

solicitors, accountants and banks to obtain asuccessful outcome.

Along with our skilled local and national sales support, our experienced rural team areready

to hit the ground runningoverthe next fewweeks as we get back to anew normal post

lockdown. While none of us knowwhat that normal will be, we areoptimistic that positive

signs seen in rural and lifestyle sale activity in recentmonths together with lowinterest rates,

favourable commodityprices andexchange rateswill continue. If youhaveanyquestions

about your property,the market or just wantachat please call anyone of the Mid Canterbury

team anytime.

Greg Jopson

027 447 4382

Chris Murdoch

027 434 2545

Rodger Letham

027 433 3436

350 Line Road, Methven

Paul Cunneen

027 432 3382

Robert Harnett

027 432 3562

Written by Greg Jopson

Rural and Lifestyle Sales Consultant


Property Brokers Ltd Licensed REAA 2008


South New



s, w


By Jess Gibson

WITH MORE than100 edible

speciesinhis garden, Dave

Brycewould give anyvegetable

shop arun for its money.

Which is whythe Mt

Pleasant resident,who is also

Lending for buying, building or renovating your new home

Business lending


Connecting Your Community


RaeKura Eco VillageGroup,

wassuccessful at theLinwood-


Garden Awards.

He receivedaspecial

awardfor BestSustainability

Connecting Your Community

DEDICATED: Dave Bryce is passionate about gardening as it is sustainable and promotes healthyeating.


Mortgage Advisor

Phone 021 346 265

Features andwas one of seven

recognised in theResidential

House Category.

The awards were presented to

Mr Bryceataceremony held at

theMatuku Takotako: Sumner

Centre earlier thismonth.


At themoment,edible

items in Mr Bryce’sgarden

includepumpkins, courgettes,

beans, lettuce,rhubarb, celery,

tomatoes, berries, nuts and

herbs amongothers.

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By Jess Gibson


RESOURCE consent hasbeen

granted foramajor commercial

andresidentialdevelopment in


Collett’sCorner, athree-storey

complex, is nowastepcloser to

being builtonOxfordStafter

Christchurch City Council

approvedthe consentapplication

from Ohu Development -the

group behind the project.

The project is being fundedby

the first crowdfundingcampaign

under taken in NewZealandfor a

commercial development.

However,before work starts on

the complex, OhuDevelopment

will need toraise between

$800,000 and $1.4 million in its

second round of crowdfunding,

whichisplanned to start on

April 2.

The public willdecide whether

or notthe second crowdfunding

bid will go ahead on thatdate.

In asurvey by Ohu

Development, people can

choosewhether they think the


continue, or should bepaused

until theCovid-19 outbreakis

brought under control.



Connecting Your Community

Page 3 Page 5


Connecting Your Community

283 Gr ers Road Bryndwr,



03 359 0582

Funded by the Parliamentary Service.

Authorised by Ge ry Brownl e MP,

Parliament Buildings, We lington.


GIRLBOSS: Julia Holmes wantstobeageneticist after high school, and feelsthe GirlBoss Advantage programme will help

her achieveher dreams.


By Bea Gooding

from ayoung agehas always Juliaisone of25young industries that were often maledominated,withparticular

been interested in how things women chosen aroundthe

WEST MELTON’S Julia worked, oftentakingthings country to participatein focus on science, technology,

Holmes is on amissionto apart justtoput them back theGirlBoss Advantage engineeringand maths.

make adifference in theworld. together.

programme next month, Shewas shocked to hear the

The fifteen-year-old has That passionhas landed her designed to mentor the newsfromher mother.

apassionfor biology, and theopportunity of herdreams. femaleleadersoftomorrowin •Turn to page5

Do you have trouble

hearing and need a

hearing test? Your

local hearing expert,

Brenna Sincock, is

here tohelp you get

your best hearing.

Call (03) 390 2332

Shop 40 Rolleston Square, 9Masefield Dr, Rolleston 7614

Rolleston |Darfield |Leeston |Lincoln

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•FREE adjustments for ACC funded clients •

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•Hearing aids in all price brackets •

Local Selwyn Audiology



By DevonBolger

ANYDECISIONonhelping people

who may struggletopay theirrates

will come from theGovernment,

thedistrictcouncil says.

Said district



Ward:“(We) will

be guidedby


policy and

guidelines in

relation to financialassistance

David Ward


It is likely to be anational


Mr Ward said it isstill too early

to tellexactly what assistancethe

community willneed.

“It’sveryearly days andI

think that we arejust looking

at how we respondtothe virus.

Forus, it’s aboutresponsiveness

to thecentral government

guidelines,the safetyofstaff

andthe safety of ourcommunities.”

It follows callsfrom

Christchurch citycouncillors to

stop ratesincreases in response

to theCovid-19 crisis.

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e in th


has a






es w


ce, Sw





No review






SPREYDON residentsare

preparingtohelpmembers of

theircommunity if they are

forced to self-isolatebecause of


Spreydon Neighbourhood

Network Facebookgroup admin

SonyaHodder got behindthe

idea after one of its members


willing to supportpeople who

areself-isolating by dropping off

foodand other supplies.

Said MrsHodder: “One of the

ladies who is in thegroup works

for theRed Cross andshe’s like

an emergency person, you know,

she goesout with thefour-wheeldrive

andthat,and shecameup

with theidea andsoIagreed that

we should use ourFacebookpage

as an avenueifanybody does

need help.

“I’m notsurehow needed that

it will be becausemostofthe supermarketsare


deliveryand things likethatbut

it’s just hardtoknowhow it’s going

to panout.

“I just thinkthey[people]just

need to letusknowwhat they

need andwe’ll do ourbestto

help,”she said.

MrsHodder saidthereisno

need to panicbut it is important

those who canhelpdotheirbit if

Connecting Your Community

theworst happens.

“I just think anything to help

our community,that’s what we

[the Spreydon Neighbourhood


oflove, unity

and prayers


Connecting Your Community

Network]are about, that’s why

we exist.

“We’ve gottolookafter each

other.Iguess it’s going to get

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Convenient Location

We are located at 47 Mandeville St,

Riccarton (next to Window Treatments


per blind

283 Gr ers Road Bryndwr,



03 359 0582

Funded by the Parliamentary Service.

Authorised by Ge ry Brownl e MP,

Parliament Buildings, We lington.


trickyifthe supermarkets stop

workingand things likethat,and


Mon -Fri

8.00am to 5.00pm


Ph 377 0770,

47 Mandeville St, Riccarton




Hodder says

the Spreydon


Network will help

residents if they

have to selfisolate


of Covid-19.




SAY: Tell us

what you’re

doing to help

your community

prepare for

Covid-19? Email



thedoctors, it’s hard forthemas



they’resick, buttophone in and

things like that,” she said.

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03 337 0422

Small batchmade from scratch, Coffee to go!

Page 14, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday April 23, 2020

All of Mid Canty back

in Rangitata electorate

Rakaia, Chertsey, Dorie, Pendarves and Lauriston are

back in the Rangitata electorate, after an adjustment

of electoral boundaries.

The change affects some 3300 voters inthose rural

areas who werepart of the Selwyn electorate in the last

general election.

Rangitata MP Andrew Falloon had been lobbying

for them to return to his electorate and said having all

of Mid Canterbury in the same electorate made

complete sense.

He was among more than 400 people who made

submissions to the Representation Commission when

boundaries were reviewed last year. Other submitters

from Geraldine said they wanted to be part of the

Rangitata electorate, but they remain in the Waitaki


Selwyn electorate loses Banks Peninsula, which is

merged with eastern parts of Christchurch previously

in the Port Hills electorate.

Changes around the country range from major to

minor. Anew seat proposed as Flat Bush will instead

be named Takanini. Other name changes are Helensville,

which becomes Kaipara ki Mahurangi, Hunua

becomes Port Waikato and Rimutaka becomes


Mr Falloon said he was happy the commission had

agreed with his submission.

‘‘I put forward what I thought was a pretty

compelling case to have the Rakaia River as the

boundary rather than where it has been at Dromore

corner, which alot of people found quite odd.’’

He and Selwyn MP Amy Adams had operated a‘‘no

wrong door’’ policy, which meant he had helped people

in places like Rakaia, Chertsey and Lauriston despite

them being in the neighbouring electorate.

‘‘I’ll continue to do that until the election, and

beyond that Idon’t take anything for granted.’

‘‘I’ve worked hard to be a strong voice for our

district in Parliament and I’ll keeping working hard

every day to earn the support of people to do so again.’’

Temporary work visas extended

Mid Canterbury workers on temporary

work visas, like thousands of

others around the country, have

had their visas extended by Immigration

New Zealand because of

the Covid­19 pandemic.

Visas due to expire between

April 2 and July 9 have been

automatically extended by Immigration

New Zealand (INZ) until

September 25.

The temporary visas total around

270,000 and cover work, visitor,

student and limited visas.

Federated Farmers and Dairy

NZ were among those asking the

Government to consider extending

visas for migrants already working

in New Zealand when the extent of

the coronavirus became known and

when borders were set to close.

Ashburton immigration consultant

Maria Jimenez said the visa

extension decision was after an

Epidemic Management Notice had

been issued to INZ which meant

that their current instructions were

no longer practical.

It was good news and areassurance

for Mid Canterbury workers

and others on temporary work


Entry into New Zealand was only

open to NZ citizens and residence

visa holders, although INZ was

allowing very limited exceptions to

assist certain circumstances such as

humanitarian reasons and essential

health workers.

‘‘INZ also needstomake atough

decision on which visa type needs

to be prioritized. Health care

workers who have a job offer to

start from March 2020 to June 2020

are prioritized because they will be

working for critical purposes. On

the other hand, anumber of visa

programmes have been suspended,

not cancelled, just suspended.’’

They included expressions of

interest for the skilled migrant and

parent categories.

Ms Jimenez, a licensed immigration

adviser, said INZ needed to

accommodate a huge number of

changes because of the Covid­19


Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

Footballers urged

to stay fit, practise

Mid Canterbury United Football

Club development officer Darren

Cavill is encouraging football players

around the district to keep up their

fitness and skills levels and to prepare

for afootball season.

He is hopeful some sort of season

will happen after Covid­19

restrictions, but says any season start

will not be before May 30 at the


‘‘New Zealand Football and its

seven Federations have announced

that the community football

postponement has been extended

until at least Queen’s Birthday

Weekend due to the pandemic.

‘‘The best case scenario at this

stage is that training can resume on

May 16 with the community football

and futsal seasons starting two weeks


‘‘The worst case scenario is that we

don’t get afootball season at all,

which would be ahuge

disappointment for all players,

regardless of age.’’

Mr Cavill said excitement and

expectation for the new season had

been building before coronavirus

restrictions kicked in and senior

teams had started pre­season


‘‘It is important to keep fitness

levels up and to keep enthusiasm for

the game during lockdown.

‘‘I encourage kids to get out with

their parents and others in their

bubbles to enjoy arun around and

kick around.’’

Mr Cavill intends posting aseries

of videos on the Mid Canterbury

Football development officer

Darren Cavill.

United Football Club Facebook page

with short messages and tips on how

to improve and develop technical


They will include demonstrations

on how to dribble, juggle, pass and

kick the ball, and are aimed primarily

at those under 14 years.

New Zealand Football is also

offering an online home training

programme that focuses on its fourcorner

holistic training model ­

technical, tactical, physical and


Keep connected

Circulation 93,000 starnews.co.nz

Thursday, March 19, 2020



available on

your screen












will be





the i



By Lou uis Day

CALLS HA AVE been made to

stop rates increases in response

to the Covid d-19 crisis.

City counc cillors James Gough,

Sam MacDon nald, Catherine

Chu, Phil Ma uger, Aaron K

and James Da


l t

Vaping rules



– page 4




Covid-19 prompts call for

ero per cent rates increas

Councillor takes

matters into

his ownhands

Page 3

Page 6


community board

advocating body

Foam fun followsfire

Readers respond

to supermarket


Page 8

The local news


for Cantabrians


farewell Holden

in style

Page 17




could take


The local news


for Cantabrians


Awardfor green-fingered Bryce



Corner plan

Views on

cricket nets


Julia’s on

a mission

to make a




stop property


Page 3

Julia’s on

a mission

to make a


– pages 6 & 7


Lively group


St Patrick’s Day

Page 10

Gerry Brownlee

MP for Ilam








with cupwin




0800 726 724


Page 3 Page 7

Julia’s on

a mission

to make a




to come

from Govt


oats, Carav




Delay in


exit safer

Page 3

Page 11

Gerry Brownlee

MP for Ilam

Bid to


funding to



Market day

goes green at

Cashmere HS

The local news


for Cantabrians

Preparation starts to support

those whoare self-isolating

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Trevor Hurley Real Estate Ltd LREA 2008 -MREINZ

Desirable Westside Property

• Appealing home built in the 1980’s

•Wellpresented, spacious open plan living

•Positioned nicely forall daysun


•Doublegarage with internal access



3 1 2

16 CountryPlace (W687)

•Sought afterlocation in Coniston

•Open planconcept

•Seamless indoor outdoor flow, captures all daysun

•Manicured and established gardens

$PBN BIR $699,000 -$749,000

Viewing By Appointment

4 2 2

48 Cambridge Street (E665)

•Recently renovatedinsideand out

•Sunnyliving areas with greatindoor outdoor flow

•Semi attached hobbyorrumpus room

•Plenty of off street parking

•Perfect investmentproperty

•Bequicktoview, thisproperty wont last long!


3 1 0

46a Eton Street


•Sun drenched living area

•Open plan kitchen/dining,perfect forentertaining

•Heatpump to keep youwarminwinter&coolinsummer

•Double glazed

•Securefencing forchildren, lowmaintenancesection

•Act quickly hereasthis won’tsit forlong!

Offers Over $399,000

3 2 2

4Andrew Street


•Modernised open plan kitchen &dining, large living area

•Frenchdoors into spacious lounge

•Modernbathroom with walkin shower

•Large bedrooms,Frenchdoors &patios forevery room

•Spa pool in aprivate setting

•Two modernrooms fullylined and with heatpump

$PBN BIR $349,000 -$379,000

4 1 2

24 Galbraith St (E693)

•Kitchen fit forGordonRamsey,hugegas &electric hob with

four ovens!

•Spacious living opens on to acovered entertainers area

•Double garage with workshop &hobbyroom

•Familysized section with plenty of spacefor

•Situatedonthe Westside

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Page 16, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday April 23, 2020

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

RayWhite knowhow to get you

the best price foryour property.

12 Charles Street, Ashburton

9Allison Street, Ashburton

98 Pages Road, Ashburton

65 Northpark Road, Ashburton

This lovely permanent material four bedroom home

proudly sits ona927sqm section in theAllenton

area. With possible subdivision potential, this property

also makes agreat investment option.


Offers over $335,000



Mark Totty

021 664 113


Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008)

Four double bedrooms, two bathrooms, En-suite,

Heat pump, open plan living, Twotoilets, separate

laundry, Large double garagewith off street parking.

Fully fenced section.





Mike Grant ncre

021 272 0202


Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008)

Make your dreams and memories here.

Room forthe whole family with 4large bedrooms,

Very tidy and open plan living

Easy care garden and room forthe motorhome


Price bynegotiation



Lynne Bridge

027 410 6216


Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008)

5Bedrooms, 3bathrooms plus office,Entertainers

kitchen/dining/living. Separate media room/lounge.

Indoor swimming pool.10 car garaging plus 3bay

shed. Picturesque property of1.17 hectares.


By Negotiation




027 438 4250


Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008)

22a Church Street, Ashburton

24 Charles Street, Ashburton

48/1236 River Road, Ashburton

Village Green, LakeHood

-3 bedrooms, 1bathroom

-Open plan kitchen/dining/lounge

-Compliant logburner/heatpump/HRVsystem

-Double garage with extra parking space





Cheryl Fowler

027 461 2614


Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008)

Everydayliving revolves around the ground floor

which hosts amodern kitchen/dining &living areas

and aseparate lounge aswell as 2bedrooms PLUS

an office.Heating is provided via acompliant log fire.






Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008)

Armand vander Eik

021 597 527

Twoample Bedrooms. Fabulous familyfriendly open

plan kitchen/dining/living area. Bathroom complete

with toilet/shower/vanity/bathroom heater.Recently

painted inside and out. Afree standing log fire.





Kim Miller

027 236 8627


Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008)

House &Land Package available.The village green

is perfectlypositioned for those who appreciate the

fresh clean air of the country only 7mins from the

centre of Ashburton. “Private and Exclusive”


Price onapplication



Jill Quaid

027 437 6755


Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008)

119 William Street, Ashburton

73 Northpark Road, Ashburton

11a Charlesworth Drive, Ashburton

115 Smithfield Road, Ashburton


Ready to move in, this lovely warm and comfortable

corner townhouse unit iscentrally located for ease

to town.You will enjoycooking up astorm in this

spacious modern kitchen that has been updated.


Price bynegotiation



Lynne Bridge

027 410 6216


Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008)

Aprivate sheltered setting with afourbedroom plus

office family home sitting on1.000ha of land only

five minutes’ drive fromAshburton town centre that

has subdivision potential.






027 438 4250


Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008)

Aspacious private section of 767m2 inthe sought

after location of Charlesworth Drive inAllenton. A

sealed, shared drivewayleads to this fabulous site

which features newfencing and live trees.





Cheryl Fowler

027 461 2614


Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008)

-4360 sqm 5minutes from town

-Powerand Fibre atboundary

-Shared well alreadyinplace

-Great building site






027 438 4250


Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008)

52 South Belt, Methven

-3double bedrooms, 2storeyunit

-Tidykitchen with new bench top, dishwasher

-2separate bathrooms, 1upstairs &1downstairs

-2separate toilets, 1upstairs &1downstairs






027 220 1528


Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008)

Camrose Estate, Methven

Just Released stages 5&6

Sections ranging in size from 725m2 to970m2.

Situated on the north side of Methven.

Golf courses and great river and lake fishing.


Price onApplication



Margaret Feiss

021 751 009


Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008)


pleaseregister your interest

in aproperty by emailing

thelisting agent shown

under each property

Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited REAA 2008

View our listings online at: rwashashburton.co.nz

Jill Quaid


027 437 6755


Sales Consultant

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Kim Miller

Sales Consultant

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Sales Consultant

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Margaret Feiss

Sales Consultant

021 751 009


Sales Consultant

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Mark Totty

Sales Consultant

021 664 113

Cheryl Fowler

Sales Consultant

027 461 2614

Armand vander Eik

Sales Consultant

021 597 527

Lynne Bridge

Sales Consultant

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Mike Grant ncre

Sales Consultant

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Denise McPherson

Sales Consultant

027 242 7677


Sales Consultant

027 438 4250

Justin Waddell

Sales Consultant

027 437 1111

Jarrod Ross

Sales Consultant

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021 224 4214

96 TancredStreet, Ashburton 03 307 8317 Main Road,Tinwald 03 307 8317


36 McMillan Street,Methven 03 303 3032

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday April 23, 2020, Page 17

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Page 18, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday April 23, 2020



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7. Highway (12)

8. Motionless (6)

9. Song (6)

10. Condiment (7)

12. Nip (5)

15. Seat(5)

16. Crafty (7)

18. Eraser (6)

20. Plain (6)

22. English county (12)


1. Small-talk (8)

2. Rascal (4)

3. Dog (7)

4. Pursue (5)

5. Holiday(8)

6. Aperture (4)

11. Musical instrument


13. Plot (8)

14. Cookery (7)

17. Criminal (5)

19. Unsightly (4)

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7. Use to make up the prescriptionordowithout (8,4). 8.

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aboutnow (7). 17. It smells, not us, stupid! (5). 19. Got up

to getafunny old garment (4). 21. Rushed towardsagain



MEDIUM No. 5217



5 6

1 9 2 8

5 6 8 4

4 7 9

7 1

9 2 3

9 8 3 5

8 4 5 7

7 2

Solution to previous Sudoku




Fill the grid

so thatevery

rowand every

3x3 square

contains the

digitals 1to9

5 2 4 6 1 9 7 3 8

3 7 6 5 2 8 4 9 1

9 1 8 4 3 7 6 2 5

2 8 3 9 7 6 1 5 4

4 6 7 2 5 1 9 8 3

1 9 5 8 4 3 2 7 6

6 5 1 3 9 2 8 4 7

8 3 9 7 6 4 5 1 2

7 4 2 1 8 5 3 6 9

Solution to previous crossword


Across -6,Saxophonist.7,Dash. 8, Economic.9,Glance.

10, Redden. 12,Career.15, Cobalt.17, Lacrosse.19, Nous.

20, Oxfordshire.

Down -1,Exchange.2,Sphere.3,Colour.4,Lido. 5, Attire.

6, Snail. 11, Debonair. 13, Amazon. 14, Resort. 15,

Crease. 16, Louse. 18, Rife.


Across -6,Before lunch. 7, (s)Lim-b(ody). 8, Some-time.

9,Orders. 10, S-adis-t. 12, Stakes. 15, Co-F-fee. 17, Spotless.

19, O-L-af. 20, Firm promise.

Down -1,Off-break. 2, Prises (anag.). 3, Clam-p-s. 4,

U-nit (rev.). 5, Champs. 6, B-r-I-ar.11, Da-ffod-I-l (rev.).

13, Tip-off. 14, S-Lee-py.15, Castor (-oil). 16, Erase. 18,


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All non-residents and visa holders please bring your

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New Zealanders’tobring some form of ID.

TheAshburtonDutyPractice for ...

Saturday25th April is

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Monday27th April is

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Methven and Rakaia: Formedical attention on the

weekend and public holidays please telephone

MethvenMedical Centre on 03 302 8105

or Rakaia Medical Centre on 03 303 5002.

Details foraccessing the afterhours services will be on the

answer phone.


Wises Pharmacy,CountdownComplex,

East Street will be open on ...

Saturday from 9.00am until 1.00pm

Sunday from 10.00am until 1.00pm

At Geraldine: TheGeraldine Pharmacywill be open

normal trading hours during the week,and on

Saturdaymorning from 9.30am to 12.30pm.

Closed Sundays and Public Holidays

Forfree24hour Telephone Health Advice

Phone the healthline on 0800 611 116


STORAGE available, Ashburton.

Self storage, variety

of sizes. Phone Rainbow

Storage 03 307 0401.



types, specializing in

Decramastic and Long Run

Iron, Coloursteel etc, steep

roofs not a problem. —

Spraymaster 027-433-7780.

CountdownComplex, East Street, Ashburton

Phone: 03 308 6733 Fax: 03 308 6755

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday April 23, 2020, Page 19


Having problems with your internal gutter systems?

Do your drains keep blocking,causing leakage into the soffits and even your house?

Areyour soffits falling out due to water rot?

We canconvert your internal gutters to standard external gutters.











We areyour one stop glass shop for


REPAIR or REPLACE 152 Wills Street,

“Your placeorours” Ashburton

Ph.308 8485

Need help with BOOKKEEPINGor


Youdidn’tgointobusiness to do the

books, butwedid!

Let’shaveachatovercoffeeand seehow Ican help

Silvia Haddock 027 2169478

silvia@bradleyrural.co.nz l solutionsbusiness.co.nz

BUILDING and property

solutions. For your complete

alteration or renovation.

We project manage

the whole process. Home

and small commercial.

Qualified tradesmen.

Phone Kiwi Building &

Maintenance Ltd. Gary 308

4798, 027 207 1478 or

Cawte 027 418 7955.

CARPET 2You -For all your

flooring needs. Supplier

and installer of carpet and

vinyl, re-stretch & repair

and carpet cleaning. Phone

Mike Gill on 027 491 4210.

CARPET cleaning -Powerful

equipment & fast drying.

Upholstery, mats and rugs.

Experienced owner/operator.

Phone John Cameron

at Supersucker 027 435

1042 or 308 1677.

CHIMNEY sweep - For a

professional service call

Dan McKerrow Chimney

Sweep and Repairs on 021

118 7580.

CHIMNEY sweep. It’s time to

start thinking about it.

Camera inspection carried

out and full inspection

checklist is left for you. Call

Allan 027 209 5026.

COMPUTER problems? For

prompt reliable computer

servicing and laser engraving

contact Kelvin, KJB

Systems Ltd, 4 Ascot

Place, Ashburton. Phone

308 8989. SuperGold discount

card accepted.

CONCRETE pavers direct to

you - Best prices, many

sizes, textures and colours

- Paveco, 13 Robinson

Street, Industrial Estate.



COMPUTER repairs, sales,

training, setup -wireless -

networks, spyware cleanup.

On-site day or evening.

LOW FEES. Call Robin

Johnstone, Networks

Firewalls & PC’s Ltd, 308

1440 or 027 768 4058.


Rumping repairs existing

dentures and also provides

new dentures. Phone 027

220 9997.

ENGINEERING repairs, fabrication,

farm equipment

service and maintenance,

W.O.F. repairs, machining

and welding. Odd jobs a

speciality. Mobile workshop.

Can collect. Phone

Malcolm 027 475 4241.

FLY control and spider

proofing. For all domestic

and industrial pest control

needs phone AJ Kerr at

Ashburton Pest Control on

03 308 8147 or 027 432


FURNITURE removals -For

all your household removal

needs call Nudges Furniture

Removals, phone 027

224 0609.

GARDENING, mowing,

pruning, fertilising, projects

or general spruce ups? Call

Andrew at Spruce Gardens

to get the job done right.

027 765 2899 or 03 307 1693.


LEGAL work -Phone Peter

Ragg (Ashburton Law) for

house sales, purchases

and refinances. Will call at

home evenings for wills,

enduring powers of

attorney. Phone 308 0327.

Allworkmanship guaranteed

Ben Kruger 021 808 739 or 308 4380


Bennett -Onsite hydraulic

hose repair service 24/7.

Stockists of Aero Quip

hoses &fittings, Commercial

hydraulics, Dynacool,

Spool valves etc., MP Filtri,

Walvoil. Call Justin on 308




New or existing,

level 4finish, full skim

plaster or repairs

The Finishing Company

03 307 8870 2272200

PAINTER for all your painting

needs. No job too small,

inside or outside. Professional

friendly service.

Phone Pete 03 308 1672 or

027 200 1619.

PAINTING wallpapering,

plastering - No job too

small. Interior, exterior.

Professional, prompt, competitive

service. Phone

Tony Sivier at Paint It Ashburton

on 021 878 794 or

307 7289.

PLUMBING, drainlaying,

blocked drains. Phone

Lindsay at Doaky’s Plumbing

on 027 555 5575 or 308

1248 (Master Plumbers &


SUN Control Window Tinting:

Privacy, UV, glare, heat

control for homes -offices -

and cars. Phone Craig

Rogers 307 6347, member

of Master Tinters NZ.

TILING - For all your tiling

requirements including kitchen

splash backs, flooring

etc. (full water proofing),

call Kevin on 027 496 8314.

LOOKING to earn extra

money, even while you’re

out walking? Delivery

people required. Phone

The Courier 308 7664.

232 BoundaryRoad,Ashburton


E; benkruger@xtra.co.nz



block, glare, heat control,

safety, security, privacy,

frosting films, solar protective

window films. Free

quotes, 20 years local service.

Phone 0800 368 468

now, Bill Breukelaar, www.


THE Courier is the best way

to advertise in Mid Canterbury.

Ask anyone who

regularly advertises with us

and they’ll tell you, they get


TV Reception Specialists for

all your digital freeview

installations and repairs,

TV wall mounting, Smart

TV set-up, home theatre

installation. Call John at

Ashburton TV &Audio Ltd

03 308 7332 or 027 277


ARE you looking for a

flatmate, somewhere to

rent or a boarder? What

better place to advertise

than The Courier.


glass. Qualified flat glass

glazier now in-house. Anything

glass, give us acall.

Your place or ours. Wilson

Windscreens, 152 Wills

Street, Ashburton. Phone

03 308 8485.

OUR newspaper goes into all

RD’s so why not advertise

with us! The Courier, best

read in town.

WHAT better place for a

public notice than Ashburton’s

The Courier! Simply

clip the form for a run-on

advert like this or telephone

us on 308 7664 if you

require adisplay advertisement.


From before to after.

You’ll notice the difference

with The Courier, 308 7664.

Being in

business and not

advertising is

likewaving in the


....you know you’re there

but no-one else does!

Don’t be left in the dark,

TheCourier Newspaper

has the key to your event,



Phone Jann, Roselle or Karen

on (03) 3087664

Email: office@ashburtoncourier.co.nz


The Ashburton Plains Rotary Club iscurrently awarding

$1,000 Tertiary Education scholarships for students in the

Mid Canterbury area. You must be under 25 and be

completing your second year oftertiary education in2020.

For further information and to apply goto


TheCancer Societyoffering

supportfor people

with acancer diagnosis

and their families


TheMackenzie Centre,

122 Kermode Street,Ashburton

ContactAnnie on 03 307 7691






Hy-Line Pullets for only $26 each.

*Pick-up and Delivery Available

Contact Gordon /Rosie at 03 308 3783

Youmay also email trott.family@yahoo.co.nz



HOSPICE Mid Canterbury.

Dealing with alife limiting

illness? Contact us to see

how we can support you.

Phone 307 8387 or 027 227



CJ’S Driving School -

Classes 2 & 5,

endorsements F & D,

forklift F&OSH, dangerous

goods. NZTA approved

course provider. MITO &

Competenz assessor.

Locally owned. Phone

Christine 027 245 2563.



painting of cars, trucks,

buses, horse floats &

motorhomes, caravans,

trailers, farm machinery, jet

boats. Light engineering

and aluminium welding.

Bus &Truck Bodyworks, 17

Range Street, Ashburton.

Phone 307 0378.


POTATOES, Nadine &Agria

$2 per kilo. Phone 308

3195 or 027 531 9103. 81

Elizabeth Street.

Page 20, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday April 23, 2020

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz



• Residential electrical

• Home appliance repairs

• Get wifi in the right spot

• Pivot wiring

• Variable Speed Drive (VSD)

• Professional home wiring

• TV&Audio Installation

• Outdoor and ceiling speakers

• Dairy shed maintenance

• Irrigation harmonic filter

• LED downlight replacement

• Air conditioning &ventilation

• Heatpump servicing

• TVwall mounting &installation

(including brackets)

• Distribute TVthroughout

your home

• Homeautomation

• Motorhome &caravan wiring

• Dairy/Farm electrical

• Waterpumps -stock &house

• Generator change overswitches

• Effluent systems

• Motor &pumpcontrol

• Commercial/industrial electrical

• 24/7 breakdown service

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