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May 2020



May 2020














Pat Alexander

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Susan Goldfein

Volume 17, Issue 4




Linda Gomez

Ali Guggenheim

Morris Heldt

Dan Hyde

Mike Landry

Heather Latimer

Joey Kantor

BJ Killeen

Kathy Manney

Kyo Mitchell

Dan Roberts


Ray Sarbacker


Debbie Landry


Rana Goodman


Evan Davis


Sam Wagmeister

Stu Cooper

Rich Natole / Jon Lindquist

Michael Roberts

Ross Roberts

Matthew Moore

Success City Online

Bill Caserta


Aaron Phillips

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Mary Richard

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Beverly Washburn

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Kate Wind

About The Vegas Voice

In 2019, The Vegas Voice received 11 national awards from the

North American Mature Publishers Association. The awards were for our

guardianship special efforts, editorial and columns, front page graphics,

overall design and “General Excellence.”

The judges found (and we humbly

agree) that The Vegas Voice puts

a premium on well-informed

columnists who cover a lot of bases.

Serious issues are thoughtfully

discussed, but there’s enough fun

to lighten the mix.

A Most Grateful Thank You

By: Dan Roberts / Publisher

NOTE: Dan’s Roberts Rules column is

on Tpage 53.

his is without doubt one of the strangest

issues of The Vegas Voice. And for that, all I

can say is “Thank You.”

With the coronavirus shutting down Nevada (and the country) small

businesses, like our publication has been drastically affected.

As a “free” magazine (or more like “priceless” according to my

mom) we live or die by our advertisers. With the “stay-at-home” order

from the Governor, we understood why a vast majority of our advertisers

needed to suspend their ads pending the end of the pandemic.

The Vegas Voice was not alone in this predicament. Senior

publications around the country faced the same once-in-a-century

crisis. As a member of NAMPA (the largest senior trade publication in

America) we had weekly emergency “zoom” conferences to discuss

what to do.

A few senior papers already “suspended operations” - while others

had no choice but to do a digital version only. Believe me, my partner

Ray and I discussed everything.

And then we were rescued.

Through the unbelievable efforts and determination of Vegas

Voice Vice President Debbie Landry, our “Redhead” went to work.

Contacting all political parties she “gently persuaded” those judicial

candidates to place their ads in this edition.

Her actions (and successful results) are

the reason why we are able to print this full


As you read our May edition and question

why there are so many political ads, we can

only say “thank you” to these individuals

(and of course our advertisers who stayed

with us) who have faith in The Vegas Voice to

get their respective messages out to the senior


3 Cheers for our “Redhead!”

As for the “Redhead”? Ironically at our 17 th anniversary celebration

(held only 48 hours before the state shutdown) I stood before my

Vegas Voice family and kiddingly asked her husband (Golf Fore Ever

columnist Mike Landry) “at times, how can you live with her?

I then added, “that The Vegas Voice couldn’t live without her.” Truer

words were never spoken. And make sure you vote by mailing in your


* A number of columnists revised their headshots this month. Readers

can look at it as a reminder to stay safe while others may consider it

trivial, if not juvenile. But if it makes you smile …well, what could be

better than that?


Vote Safe, Vote by Mail

By: Barbara K. Cegavske / Nevada Secretary of State

Governments, businesses, civics groups,

community associations, and all other

organizations have had to make significant

changes in response to the ongoing COVID-19

pandemic. Virtually no aspect of life has been unaffected by the spread

of the novel coronavirus, and the administration of elections is no


In order to maintain a

high level of access to the

ballot, while protecting

the safety of voters and

poll workers alike, the

decision was made in

conjunction with all 17

county election officials

to conduct an all-mail

election for the June 9,

2020 primary election in


All active registered

voters in Nevada will be

mailed an absentee ballot

for the primary election.

No action or steps, such as submitting an absentee ballot request

application, will be required by individual

voters in order to receive a ballot in the


Voters will be able to mark their ballot

at home and then return it by mail using

a postage-prepaid return envelope or

by dropping it off in person at one of

the designated county

locations. All voters

should confirm that

their information on

file with their county

election official is

correct by visiting www.


Ballots will be mailed

to voters the first week of

May, and voters can expect

to receive their ballot

in the mail sometime

between May 11 and May

14. Instructions for how

to properly mark your

ballot will be included. Voters are encourage to mark and return their

ballot as soon as possible, but all ballots must be postmarked no later

than June 9, 2020 in order to be counted.

The policies and procedures in place for the primary election are

designed to ensure that state and local election officials can properly

and lawfully administer the election in accordance with existing state

and federal statutes. This means upholding the rights of voters while

simultaneously protecting the health and safety of both voters and

election workers during this unprecedented pandemic.

The safest way to vote in upcoming primary election is to vote by

mail. Not every voter can cast a ballot by mail, which is why each

county in Nevada will have at least one in-person polling place open

during early voting and Election Day. These polling locations will be set

up to ensure the safety of voters and poll workers alike.

However, for all voters who are able to send in their ballot by mail,

the choice is clear: vote safe, vote by mail.

What Do You Think?

Do you agree with our columnists?

Did anyone get you angry, make you

think or simply put a smile on your

face? Please tell us by forwarding

your comments, thoughts or

suggestions to Publisher Dan at:



May 2020

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By: Tessa Hammond

Since we are all facing very similar

circumstances, I wanted to share some

thoughts with you.

Being in the business of communications -

which must be entertaining, informative, and

most of all interesting is a never-ending challenge. It sure seems that

due to the pandemic, every day can be overwhelming.

Especially since many of us have never dealt with this before. But it’s

also an opportunity to invent solutions.

As a programming producer, I’ve learned to make the best of

situations. And now all of us can do that too.

Since The Vegas Voice shares such wonderful articles in so many

areas, I wanted to offer readers a chance to share with us some of their

stories. Golden Network.TV is a streaming network and we’re always

looking for new content.

I believe we all have stories to share. The Golden Network TV is

looking for stories that are about our families, work, friendships and

just daily adventures that many of us can relate to.

Please feel free to contact me at temma46@gmail.com if you have

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Everyone Has a Story

Temma Hammond is the CEO & Founder of The Golden Network.

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May 2020

Life Under Quarantine

By: Bill Caserta / Bill’s Blurbs

was on a long line at 7:45 am today at Von’s

I that opened at 8 for Sun City residents. A

young man came from the parking lot and tried

to cut in at the front of the line. An elderly lady

beat him back into the parking lot with her cane.

He returned a few minutes later and tried to cut in again. This time

an old man punched him in the gut, then kicked him to the ground

and rolled away.

As he approached the line for the 3 rd time he said, “If you don’t let me

unlock the door, you’ll never get in there.”

Just a thought (or two): If you need 144 rolls of toilet paper for a 30

day quarantine you probably should have been seeing a doctor long

before the coronavirus outbreak.

*The most unused household items during the quarantine. For men,

razors; For women, bras.

* Nail salons closed, hair salons closed, lash salons closed. It’s about

to get ugly guys; stay safe.

*The worst has not even arrived. Just wait until the Jehovah Witnesses

figure out everybody is home.

*Gas is finally affordable, but we can’t go anywhere.

*The older you get, the more you appreciate being at home doing

absolutely nothing. Well, until recently!

*I heard Bourbon kills Coronavirus. Probably not true, but why take

the chance?

*20 years ago, we had Johnny Cash, Bob Hope and Steve Jobs. Now we

have no Cash, No Hope and no Jobs. PLEASE don’t let Kevin Bacon die!

And finally: My wife just stopped by my upstairs office and said, “You

weren’t even listening were you?” I thought, “That’s a pretty weird way

to start a conversation.”

To my single friends in Sun City: Stay positive and optimistic.

After 4 weeks of this lockdown, there will be plenty of divorces…and


I spent 75% of my childhood grounded. This quarantine ain’t squat!

Bill Caserta is the Project Director for The Vegas Voice and

has a very “unique” sense of humor. He welcomes all funny

submissions at: bill@thevegasvoice.net.


Appreciate Each Other!

By: Dan Hyde / Call to Action

There is no question that the COVID-19

pandemic has created fear and havoc in our

daily lives. The news media has been hammering

us non-stop with tragic stories of death and despair with a seemingly

endless stream of bad news.

This has created a deep sense of depression for many. It begs the

question, when will this despair end? That is a question no one can


However, there is another, more positive side to this chaos, that few,

if anyone, focuses on. We have all hit the “pause” button on our daily

routines and it forced us to look elsewhere for comfort. That comfort

comes from re-evaluating what is important to us and an appreciation

for things we have taken for granted.

Going to the casino of our choice at any time, outdoor activities such

as playing golf or swimming in a city provided pool, shopping when

and where we wanted on a whim, taking the family out to a restaurant,

taking your grandkids to a playground, attending church services of

your choice, embracing your close friends, or the simple shaking of

hands to express friendship, have all been strongly discouraged by

government decree.

To many, out of habit or fear, close public contact of any kind with

any non-family members will be a forbidden activity in the future -

even when the health crisis abates. Scientists say it is the best protection

from any future re-occurrence of this virus.

But the one fundamental and heart-warming change that has

occurred is how we look at each other; especially those who are close to

us. Our loved ones have taken on a surprisingly new appearance. They

all seem to have a much deeper connection to us.

Perhaps this pandemic has given us a new opportunity to reflect on

what’s really important - each other! BTW, tell those you love that you

love them every day! That is the one thing that no pandemic will ever


Your life will be the richer for it.

Dan Hyde is a passionate and effective advocate for the senior

community. He can be reached at: dhyde9@cox.net.


May 2020

Quarantine Quandry for

Tap House

By: Sam Wagmeister / People & Places

Businesses throughout Clark County

scrambled to comply with the governor’s

March 19th order to shut down by midnight. Many though, faced a

rare and daunting task in Las Vegas’ 24 culture.

Bob Harry, owner of the iconic Tap House Bar and Grill, explained

“We couldn’t find the keys. It’s been 33 years since we closed.” Bartop

slot machines and an ATM had to be emptied and a locksmith was

tracked down.

“We did close one Christmas to give our bartenders an opportunity

to make extra money working parties,” Harry remembered, a gesture

that went very bad. “We were robbed. We opened the next morning;

the security guard we hired was dead drunk, asleep, holding an empty

bottle of vodka. All the televisions were on and the back door had been

broken open. And we still had to pay him.”

“People come to the Tap House from all over. They want to be part

of the experience,” Harry said. The Tap House was characterized as a

“little roadhouse on a dusty stretch of Charleston” in a flattering LA

Times front page story in 2012.

Rare sight at Tap House: An empty parking lot

Harry originally came to Las Vegas from Cleveland as owner of the

Royal Casino on Convention Center. After selling the Royal, he bought

the failing Black Whale Supper Club, converting it into the Tap House.

Later, he bought the adjacent failing restaurant, christening it

Fellini’s. With chef Chas LaForte, Fellini’s became a secluded go-to

destination for the entertainment community.

Frequent diner, Sam’s Town exec Bill Boyd enticed Harry to relocate

to the new Suncoast, rebranding it Salvatore’s in 2006. “And bring the

whole crew,” Boyd added.

Harry is grateful that Boyd’s cooperation has continued today. Last

month he sought Suncoast’s approval to temporarily close Salvatore’s

for three weeks as virus fears devastated business. “They couldn’t

have been better for us.” The Suncoast was required to shut down the

following day.

“I can’t say enough about my staff,” Harry says. “They’re the all


Sam Wagmeister is The Vegas Voice Nightlife Editor. He loves to

hear from our readers. Please feel free to contact him via email:



A Mother’s Wishes

By: Susan Goldfein / Susan’s Unfiltered Wit

Dear Children: I deeply regret that we

cannot spend this Mother’s Day together.

But as you know, it is not safe to gather right now.

In case you’re concerned, please note that I am

coping with the current situation very well, utilizing the survival skills

I learned while raising the two of you. I’m not sure it’s even safe to send

flowers, and as for a gift, want to know what’s #1 on my Mother’s Day

wish list?

Coronavirus aside, I sincerely wish you wouldn’t get me anything.

It’s sweet to be asked, and I get the part about wanting to demonstrate

how much you love and appreciate me, but I’ve reached a point in my

life when I have all the stuff I will ever need.

I’m currently in a downsizing phase. My fantasy is to live the rest of

my days ready for a trip to Paris, or an emergency hurricane evacuation,

and not have to choose what to take with me. If I’m successful,

everything I own will fit in one suitcase, preferably a carry-on bag.

But I know my message will go unheeded. Therefore, I shall try to

ease your decision-making burden by offering a brief list of un-gift


1. Gym Membership. I know your heart is in the right place

concerning my aerobic fitness, but when it comes to exercise, I’ve made

peace with my inner sloth. My non-use of your kind gesture will only

add to my Mommy guilt, already at full capacity. And, are you implying

I’m too fat?

2. New Vacuum

Cleaner. True, I’ve

been complaining

that the old one

is sluggish, but I

would only want a

new one if it came

with a life-time

guarantee – that

Dad would be the

one who’s plugging With husband & grandkids

it in!

3. Brunch. In case I failed to mention it, I’m a devout member of the

Brunch Backlash. Brunch presumes I sleep late on Sundays and miss

breakfast. Kids, you cured me of that.

By brunch time I’ve been up for hours and would get exceedingly

cranky if I had to wait until noon for an overpriced Mother’s Day

omelet in a crowded restaurant.

4. Home Preserving Starter Kit. I will not be grateful for a jam and

jelly maker because you think in my retirement I should have a hobby.

I promise you it will join the sewing machine gathering dust in the

closet, which Dad surprised me with last year. I did try to use it once.

Bet he has no idea the rag he recently pulled out to wipe his car was

supposed to be a skirt.

So what do I really want this Mother’s Day? To wake up Sunday

morning and quietly sip my coffee from my “World’s Best Mom” mug.

And later on that day, the pleasure of your company on Facetime…

and please come empty-handed.

Susan Goldfein’s newest book, How to Complain When There’s

Nothing to Complain About, is available at Amazon.com, BN.com,

Read her blog at: www.SusansUnfilteredWit.com. Email Susan:



3.625” x 2.25”



May 2020


Niceness Everlasting

By: Judy Polumbaum / Our View



mother turned 96

in late March. From farflung

places, we Zoomed in on her for a virtual


Zoom, like Google, is now an everyday verb.

Just one of so many new things the coronavirus

pandemic has produced.

The world will never be the same. For good or

ill, which changes will endure?

After all the sickness and death, through the

financial setbacks and economic distress, with

physical and psychic dislocations, what shall


In difficult times, my mom says, people either

become meaner or nicer. Let’s hope nicer persists.

Here are some of the marvels I’d like to see


The outpouring of creativity and generosity

online. Seasoned songsters (Paul Simon, Mary

Chapin Carpenter) and younger talents (Lake

Street Dive) sharing new songs or new takes on old favorites.

Classical masters (Yo-yo Ma) and major symphony orchestra

Baby Judy with elder sister Miki and

mom Nyna. Photo: Ted Polumbaum

players (the bassoonist who did all three parts of a trio) inviting

us into their living rooms. Entertainers and

commentators of all stripes reminding us, in

ingenious and hilarious ways, to do our civic

duty (stay home).

The newfound spirit of friendliness and

mutual aid. People out for fresh air, maintaining

plenty of distance from each other, smiling and

waving at perfect strangers across the street.

People doing errands for those who need help.

Recognition for medical responders and

caregivers who help people in crisis all the time

– before, during, and after this one.

Appreciation for those in the most taken-forgranted

jobs – at grocery stores, public utilities,

the postal service, and more. The reassuring

presence of Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s

guru for combating infectious disease, heroic

purveyor of reason and facts.

Aw, heck: Toilet paper jokes. And of course,

more funny dog videos.

Judy is a professor emerita of journalism and a transplant to

Las Vegas from New England via China, the West Coast and the



May 2020



May 2020

Remembering Dick Powell

By: Beverly Washburn / Hollywood Memories


’d just like to say that my thoughts and

prayers are with all of you as we go through

this very uncertain time.

I thought this month I’d write about Dick Powell. I was lucky

enough to have worked with him back in the 50s. It was on a TV show

called “Four Star Playhouse.”

It was a weekly

episodic show

that starred Dick

Powell, Charles

Boyer, David

Niven and Ida

Lupino. I was

fortunate to have

worked with all

of them except

Ida Lupino. Each

week they would

alternate the

“Four Stars” and

have a different

story line..

Dick Powell

was one of the

founders and

producers of the

show. The episode I did with him was called “Autumn Carousel.”

I played a little girl traveling alone on a train who meets up with

him. I actually hadn’t seen the show in many years, but recently a

friend found it on YouTube and sent it to me. I must say it brought back

many fond memories.

Dick Powell was known first as a musical comedy star and singer.

He later segued into more dramatic roles and did radio shows such as

Johnny Dollar and Richard Diamond back in the 40s.

He was married 3 times. Twice to actress Joan Blondell and then to

June Allyson until his death in 1963.

As I look back, I feel truly blessed to have worked with such a

wonderfully kind and famous man - although as I have stated before,

I was too young to realize who he was or even that he was famous. As

an adult, my memories now are forever embedded in my heart and I

treasure all those moments.

I never really appreciated them because I was too young, but I

promise you this: I am now very grateful, and I am also grateful to

each and every one of you who read my column as I reminisce about

my childhood.

Until next time, remember... Faith is holding on tight when the

going gets windy.

Beverly Washburn graced the silver screen as a child actress and

is the author of Reel Tears. You can contact Beverly at: bjradell@


There More Than Things

By: Pat Alexander / Art of Entertaining

Some of the things I enjoy most in this

world are cooking, antiquing, decorating

and planning parties. The time spent looking

for unique antiques and collectibles has provided the most fun and

interesting times of my life.

Each piece holds a story, and each reminds me of a particular person

or time in my life.

Unfortunately, during the 1991 Northridge earthquake, my house

tilted, and, along with so many other things, I lost most of my beautiful

china and crystal collections. Since antiques and design were not only

my business, but my passion, it was like losing a piece of myself.

Natural disasters play emotional havoc with your life and while

grateful to be alive, the aftermath left me devastated, and for a long

while, nothing interested me. Friends said the house could be repaired,

and “things” could be replaced.

Easy for them to say, but they were my “things.” And every piece held

a place in my life.

Months later, still jumpy with every aftershock and still not feeling

whole, I took an afternoon drive and found myself in an antiques store.

I surprised myself by being there and looked around without a lot of


And then it happened - I found a set of 12 beautiful old Minton dinner

plates. It was the first time since the earthquake that I looked at something

beautiful with

any interest at


T h o s e


china plates

spoke to me

and I found

myself buying

them. I’m

grateful to say

that simple act

started the healing process and the beginning of new collections and

new stories that enrich my life.

Since the best part of planning a party is the tablescape, on the

occasion of my sister’s birthday brunch the other day, I used those same

Minton plates. It made me happy to use them on that special day filled

with family, friends, love and laughter and, of course, the must-have

birthday cake, with a singing candle, no less. I’m adding this day to my

collection of memories.

I hope your life is filled with beautiful moments.

Pat Alexander writes about all things home. She is well known for

her cooking, parties and interior design, and consults on kitchen

and bath remodels.


Fashion Under Quarantine

By: Sandi Davis / Fashion “Cents”

How do I dress

today? Let me

count the ways. I dress

to the depth and breadth and height,

my soul and my closet can reach. When

being within sight of others, for the ends

of being uniquely me and Ideal Grace.”

It may sound familiar, but this is my

severe corruption of Elizabeth Barrett

Browning’s Sonnet number 43. Odd yes, but

I think appropriate for today.

As I write this, we are all still in quarantine,

and most likely dressing in corona-style

sweats, PJs and the like. And of course, the

mask. Yes, even when downwardly clad, we

can be fashionable…and unique.

I have almost completed spring cleaning

of my closet and have many clothes to

donate or share with friends. It is what

I wrote in previous column: namely, go

through your closet and find pieces that you

not only love, but that also look good on you.

Especially those you get compliments for when you wear them. I

am also getting rid of anything that doesn’t fit or suit me.

Give thought to how you dress today.

It’s Spring, a release from quarantine

(hopefully) and the Winter months. A time

to renew your soul and spirit.

It’s even more true now, when we are

(hopefully) venturing out and seeing other

people. Dress well and dress uniquely as you.

Add a scarf or a pin or some whimsey that is

you to an outfit.

When I see the “Red Hat Ladies”, they

are not all wearing the same hat. They are

creative and festive and inspirational. They

make me happy to see them.

That’s how I want you to be with fashion.

No need to be flamboyant, just be you.

If you have questions or need help

with this concept, please email me. And

remember: “How do I dress today, let me

count the ways…”

Sandi Davis is the Fashion Style columnist and Behind-the-Scenes

Research Analyst for The Vegas Voice. She welcomes all questions

and opinions. You can contact her at Sandidavis@cox.net


May 2020




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2/14/2020 9:43:30 AM



Spiritual Aspects of the


By: Ali Guggenheim / Psychic Phenomenon

We always hear about the importance of

balance being the key to our survival. Our

bodies, our planet and our universe demand this in order to function at

their highest levels of efficiency.

It seems that, mankind has been trying to outsmart this concept by

tipping the scales with inequality, lack of sincerity, and selfishness.

Capitalism, technology, etc. and the greed that drives them have

polluted our waters, the air we breathe, the food we desperately need

and, worst of all, our minds. Somehow, we have managed to turn our

lives into a “me-me” society that is void of empathy for others. We hang

onto the belief that “those that have the most toys win.”

Although our world has been turned upside down and inside out,

we are the lucky ones. This pandemic is a “gift” for those of us that

are able to survive it. Most people would never take the time needed to

figure it out - and ultimately make the imminent changes.

Being forced to make the necessary sacrifices can lead to solid and

positive restructuring as we self-contemplate, reevaluate, reconnect,

and reinvent ourselves and our priorities. It is up to us to shine the light

on the darkness and expose it for what it is. Only then will we be able to

begin the healing process - individually and collectively.

Quoting Sonia Choquette: “Now is the time for each of us to

sacrifice short term conveniences for longer term gains. Embrace

the discontent as an indication of your soul’s awakening. Even

though it may be uncomfortable now, it would be far worse to live

indefinitely at our present level of existence if it isn’t working.”

Living in gratitude and focusing on the goodness that supports us

will multiply as will anything else we focus on. “If we keep ourselves

on track with our soul’s path and let our light speak for itself, we’ll

demonstrate and pull others out of the shadows and back to their

center as well. So shine on and spread your wings.”

Stay focused on the fact that as long as there is life, there is hope, and

that in the end - light always overcomes darkness.


May 2020

To contact Ali or for spiritual consultations, coaching, workshops

and readings, email: alivegasvoice@yahoo.com.

Sliced Bread Has Nothing on This Stuff!

By: Adrea Nairne-Barrera / 60s to 60

An expression we all grew up with is “I

haven’t seen anything like this since sliced

bread!” I’m still not sure why that was such an

accomplishment but I imagine it was significant at the time.

But in my opinion, two things completely blow sliced bread out of the

water! How about elastic and zippers?

As body parts relocate and buttons are harder to use when you’re

arthritic, elastic and zippers make life better, adjusting to changes and

always reliable.

Zippers keep everything in order. There are plastic bags with zippers,

pants, mattress covers, tents and millions of things that close neatly

and tightly as needed.

And elastic! The best of the best! It lets you squeeze into things when

your body shouldn’t be wearing it. Spandex fabric, stretchy waists and

pull-on clothes rely on it so we can say we wear a size smaller than we

really do.

So who do we have to thank for all that? It was Thomas Hancock,

an Englishman who founded the British rubber industry in the early


He invented the masticator, a machine that shredded rubber scraps

and allows rubber to be recycled after being formed into blocks or

rolled sheets. The process of creating elastic fabrics required a lot of

trial & error until he used heat and pressure to unite the pieces for

some purposes.

And the zipper came from an 1851 patent for an “Automatic

Continuous Clothing Closure” invented by Elias Howe. His invention

acted as more of a drawstring. In 1891, Whitcomb Judson marketed a

“Clasp Locker” that served as more of a hook-and-eye shoe fastener.

Eventually, development led by Gideon Sundback, a Swedish-

American engineer gave us the “Separable Fastener” patented in 1917.

In the 1920s zippers showed up on leather jackets and in the 1930s,

sales campaigns for children’s clothing featured zippers. By 1937,

zippers for men’s trousers were all the rage.

Their stories are far more detailed than I’ve written here, but suffice

it to say, these guys made sliced bread look blah!

Adrea Nairne-Barrera writes of celebrations, observations &

complaints of life in the 60s to being in your 60s.


Heroes at Work

By: Samantha Noelle Rivero / New Heights

Heroes are among the many that continue

to work through this pandemic. They are

the millions of workers who tirelessly devote their

time behind the walls of healthcare - the workers

who have sacrificed their lives at the start of this “Invisible war.”

Their stories are all personal, emotional and life-changing. Some of

them work side-by-side for hours at a time, resting to take only seconds

to collect their thoughts and push on.

It’s a reality spirited by heroism and courage more than ever in a

quake that has shaken our nation. As Covid19 forms barriers and shuts

down the world around us, many continue to head to work. Another

day to combat a virus that has broken boarders and left no one unseen.

At Coronado

Heights Senior Living

we can no longer

allow visitors inside.

Notices are placed in

clear sight alerting the

public, hand washing

techniques are now

our new normal and

face masks our new

protective accessory.

In light of all the

chaos that invokes

panic, our team

remains poised. We want everyone to know we still smile, even by

uncertainty. Even at a distance, we carry our routine.

I can still hear the laughing, which is nice. I can see words of

inspiration left by team members saying, “Let’s support each other!”

It’s the little things that matter at this point. It’s the reassurance we

continue to provide our families as we connect using Facetime.

Its emotional to watch residents see their grandchildren and loved

ones at a distance, but it’s what we can accomplish while limiting

exposure. One resident will see her newborn great-grandchild today

using this technology - but it doesn’t take away from the overwhelming

joy coming from her eyes.

Heroes live in all of us, as many across this nation are witnessing. We

all miss human contact and remember yesterday dearly, but humanity

can make a difference in lieu of this historic event.

When we are faced with a great challenge, our spirit paddle wheels

one mission - to unite and heal our world one hero at a time.


May 2020

Samantha Rivero is the Community Lifestyle Director at Coronado

Heights Senior Living. You can contact Samantha at 725/200-3300

America’s Driving Force

By: BJ Killeen / Down the Road

They say not all heroes wear capes. And often,

the last place you look for heroes is where

you’ll find them.

You may recall that in 2008, during the last collapse of the country, it

was the auto manufacturers, most notably General Motors, that stepped

up and helped by offering amazing discounts on vehicles to get the

economy rolling again. This time, GM and the other manufacturers are

going above and beyond to help.

From big donations - Hyundai Headquarters giving a $4 million

grant to support 21 U.S. drive up coronavirus test sites in addition

to 10,000 testing kits; to GM, Ford, and others making face masks or

offering no payments for 120 days, collectively, they are doing what they

can to keep the money moving.

In addition, although dealership showrooms have been closed, the

service areas will remain open to help those who need to go to work

get their vehicle’s serviced and their oil changed. Your car doesn’t care

about a virus and needs regular maintenance no matter what.

Also, many automotive finance companies are offering delayed

payments, and even insurance companies are offering refunds because

we’re not driving. If you need assistance, just call them.

We are all in this together, and you’ll be surprised at their compassion.

The good news is you still can buy a car online, and the dealers will

even deliver to your house. If you’re not in the market for a new car, at

least make an effort to maintain your current car.

While few of us are driving, it’s still important to start your vehicle

and drive it around the block a few times to maintain the battery’s

charge and run the oil through the engine. If you don’t do this for a

month, it will be okay, but if you don’t do it for three months, you might

have some problems down the line.

We tend to take our vehicles and their manufacturers for granted,

but it’s times like these when you realize how much we depend on the

transportation industry as a whole.

BJ Killeen has been an automotive journalist for over 30 years.

She welcomes all questions and inquiries, and can be reached at



Guardianship Disgrace Continues

By: Rana Goodman / On My Soapbox


’m sure the many friends and acquaintances

of Maryanne Chiang (Blaha) have been

waiting to hear the outcome of her long and

arduous fight to remove herself from guardianship and remain in her

Sun City Anthem home. Wait no more, Judge Linda Marquis’ response

is in and I am stunned!

To quickly recap, Maryanne’s son and daughter took guardianship of

her some time ago during a very stressful time in her life.

When Maryanne became fully aware of the true meaning of

a guardianship, she came to me for help. I told her in order to get

her life back, she needed to have an attorney file for removal of the


The “subservient” position this guardianship placed on Maryanne

(among other things) had her receiving gift cards from her daughter

in order to purchase groceries… or anything else she needed. As in all

guardianships, she had no access to her funds or anything else.

Although they did allow her to remain in her home, eventually her

daughter asked the court to allow her to step down as a guardian. Her

son, Timothy took over as sole guardian.

It was then that a petition was filed by Timothy to move Maryanne

into an assisted living facility in California. Far away from the life she

has known in Sun City.

After what seemed like an inordinate amount of time, Judge Marquis

decided Maryanne’s fate. Maryanne would remain a “protected person”

under Timothy’s

guardianship. And

in 30 days she

ordered Maryanne

to be moved to

California and

placed in an assisted

living facility.

Judge Linda

Marquis found that

Maryanne was in

a state of decline

since she could

not remember her

middle name or

certain dates etc.

Maryanne with Governor Steve Sisolak in

Dr. Gregory

happier times.

Brown, a wellknown

local psychiatrist with an excellent reputation for evaluations

in Family Court cases had examined Maryanne twice over a two-year

period. In both findings, he opined that Maryanne was not in need of


Judge Marquis favored another doctor from Arizona, retained by

Timothy. This doctor’s opinion was different than Dr. Brown’s. By the

way, the Arizona doctor never met or spoke to Maryanne, only

with Timothy.

At our age, memory can always be an issue, For example, I don’t

remember my great-grandchildren’s birthdates, my daughter’s

anniversary or my anniversary with Publisher Dan. I need those dates

on my calendar constantly.

Can you remember all the dates? If not, does that mean you need

24/7 care?

Judge Marquis also ruled that she believed Maryanne was not capable

of eating healthy or financially caring for herself. And since she had

previously fallen (and tried to hide it from her caregiver) obviously she

needed to be in a care facility

The judge made no mention however that for years Maryanne has

run her real estate business successfully with no help from anyone.

Now her son will force the sale of those properties.

Maryanne is working with her lawyer on an appeal of the judge’s

horrible decision and hopefully that will soon happen. The Judge has

set a 30-day order for her to move once the “shelter in place” is lifted.

The most ironic part of this mess: Timothy is, (as of this writing) in

Guam indefinitely. How can he be a guardian to someone “so in need

of constant care” from thousands of miles away?

He had fallen ill with a high fever and Maryanne, sounding like a

typical mother in spite of all the grief he has given her, said to me “pray

that my son gets well will you?”


May 2020

You can contact Rana by email: Rana@thevegasvoice.net. Also

check out her blog about life in Sun City Anthem at:



Don’t Sit Too Long

By: Heather Latimer / Heather’s Self-Help Tips

Being confined

to our home due to

Coronavirus is likely

to result in our sitting down most of the day.

Unfortunately, according to the National

Institutes of Health, lengthy and uninterrupted bouts of sitting can cause

physical and mental problems, weaken muscles, and increase weight.

They recommend spending no more than seven hours in a sedentary

position and getting up and trotting every 30 minutes. In trying to

combat loneliness and depression we are turning to working jigsaws,

playing computer games, or watching TV - but these are sitting pastimes


How about trying this:

1. Purchase a grab bar 5” in diameter and 18” long - one with screws

to secure it, not suction cups – and affix it vertically on a wall inside your


2. Play tunes with a strong rhythm.

3. Use one hand to take ahold of the grab bar and never let go whilst

you fling out the other arm, stamp your feet, raise your knees, and have

a jolly time.

Stop if you experience any discomfort and, of course, seek your doctor’s

approval before embarking on this pursuit.

Heather Latimer is a nationally recognized specialist in making

difficult subjects easy and author of 17 books.

Call of the Wild

By: Renee Riendeau / Movie Revelations

Call of the Wild

is a remake of Jack

London’s 1903 classic

novel. Harrison Ford plays the main figure,

John Thornton. Grey haired and bearded at

77, Ford was the logical actor to embellish

this role.

Director Chris Sanders does an

outstanding portrayal of deepening the

man-dog bond that forms the heart of

London’s story. The big hearted animated

dog Buck discovers his inner wolf and

destiny, giving homage to the natural world.

Buck finds the adventure of a lifetime in the wilds of the Alaskan Yukon

in the 1980s. He soon mates with the white wolf and has several offspring.

He becomes leader of the pack fully embracing the “call of the wild.”

The movie has been updated and affectionately retold but doesn’t lack

for a few exciting canine brawls. It is a delight and a MUST see!

I give this spectacular adaptation of “Call of the Wild” a cinema score

of 10/10.

Renee Riendeau is the movie critic for “Renee’s Revelations”

on Anthem Alive SCA-TV. As a dog sitter she operates “ Renee’s

Roommates” out of her home and can be reached at


ADA Compatibility

Grab Bars + Ramps

Curbless Showers + More


May 2020


Las Vegas is our family. Our hearts go out to the city, the

community that we love. Please take the necessary precautions

and follow the health guidelines to prevent the spread of

COVID-19. Together we can all play a part in helping each other

get through this. Our doors may be closed but our hearts are

still open.







Somewhere Over the Rainbow

By: Morris Heldt / A Senior’s P.O.V.

Here we are again with a chance to watch

American Idol, The Voice, or America’s

Got Talent. Every year I tell myself that I know

the bottom line to this - manipulated stories to pull on our heartstrings

to increase TV ratings.

And, as my wife has told me many times, I truly am an old softie

getting sucked into certain contestants’ hardships and rooting for them

to find their pot of gold somewhere over the rainbow.

I am quick to notice that this year’s shows seem to have concentrated

on talent more than the previous years, only showcasing singers that

can actually “carry a tune.” The one thing that hasn’t changed though

is that most of these wannabe stars have continued to hear how good

they are primarily from their friends and family and not the paying

public; although there are a few professional ones sprinkled in and are

already making a living off their talent.

Even though I understand how the networks stage-manage the talent

and even their on air performances (and if they make a mistake the

editors take care of keeping the show on track) I still find it enjoyable

to watch. I love the enthusiasm of young people running toward that


However, I feel chasing the rainbow isn’t for just the young, but for

all of us. So, if you have a moment watch one of these shows and see

these young people going for their dreams. You might find yourself

thinking back when you were going for your dreams.

I hope I never stop going for the pot of gold, because chasing a dream

is a joy in life. So don’t give up on rainbows because you are older than

these wannabe singers.

Your feelings are no less important. And, ultimately isn’t the purpose

of life is to feel good?

Morris Heldt is a retired award winning film and television

producer and published author. He and his wife moved to the Las

Vegas valley from the beach in 2004.


May 2020







Still Working for Seniors

By: Carol Chapman

All Foundations and charities have been

severely impacted by the Covid-19 virus.

Fundraising events have been put on hold but

the Foundation Assisting Seniors continues to

provide our services to seniors and veterans upon request.

Head of the Special Victims Unit (SVU) since 2008

Co-Founder, Southern Nevada

Children’s Advocacy Center

89 Jury Trials as a Prosecutor

Co-Founder, Southern Nevada

Sexual Assault Review Team

Founding Member, Clark County

Prosecutors Association

Co-Founder, Clark County Sex Trafficking Unit

Member, Nevada Human Trafficking Task Force

45 Year Resident of Clark County

25 Years as a Clark County Deputy D.A.

Co-Founder, Project Safe Child

Certified Public Accountant

Former Nevada Gaming Control Board Agent

While others have stopped serving the senior community, we are

increasing our services to meet the new demand. Our How R U program

is working well and making calls to those living alone to check on

them as well as doing medication reminder phone calls.

This is a free service which has helped save eight lives to date. Sign

up is simple and can be done by going to the Foundation’s website:


Please help by making a donation to the Foundation Assisting

Seniors. You can make this donation online or can call the Foundation

office at 725/244-4200. Please remember seniors are the least-served

segment of our population. If you can, please donate.

Thank you for your continued support.








7995 Blue Diamond Rd.,

Suite 102-#184

Las Vegas, NV 89178



May 2020


There’s Still Entertainment

By: Evan Davis / Entertainment Editor


’m sure we’ve all been climbing the walls

the last few months, and I hope by the time

this reaches you, we will be out of quarantine and

headed back to some form of normalcy.

Since our May shows have been cancelled, I am now working on

bringing back the quality of entertainment you expect from The Vegas

Voice. Whether I can put together two shows a month or 2 shows a

week, they will be very exciting and entertaining.

I want to support the local entertainers and get them back to work by

putting on as many shows as possible. We all have to show our support

by going to as many shows and events as we can.

There has been and will continue to be performers that will be

entertaining us on Facebook, YouTube and other venues. Please check

them out and let them know we’re all ready to bring Vegas back to the

good old days - like January 2020.

Bring back the lounge acts, free parking and no resort fees. In two

short months, Las Vegas, the country and the world, has come to a

screeching halt.

The saying “What Happens Here Only Happens Here” has not been

the case. We will come back stronger than ever, and The Vegas Voice will

at the forefront with all the local entertainment.

Let me give you just a few names of artists who are performing

basically for free or are asking for small donations to help certain

charities: Frankie Scinta, Craig Canter, Nieve Malandra, Jonathan

Karrant, Amanda King, Doug Taylor, Jennifer Romas, Chadwick

Johnson, John DiDomenico, Jamie Hosmer, Ryan Baker, Kevin

Gardener Rose, Sally Olson, Ned Mills, The Sharps-David Marinelli,

Charles McNeal, Tony Felicetta, Joey Melotti, Drew Anthony, Chase

Brown. And that’s to name just a few.

Catch a few performances, leave any time you’d like, but let them

know you’re there with a quick comment or emoji. “Let The Music

Play On.”


May 2020

Passion and Conviction for Justice

"Everyone deserves to

be heard in the courtroom,

regardless of the reason

they are there or their

financial status. Justice

does not come in one size."

• Former law enforcement

• Judicial temperament needed

for the bench

• Commitment to the rule of law

• Substantial trial experience

Cell: 702-751-2171 tara@clarknewberryforjudge.com



© 2020 Paid for and authorized by Clark Newberry for Judge


Use the Extra Time Wisely

By: Linda Bateman-Gomez / Timeless Beauty

First and most importantly, I hope you are all

safe and healthy during this unpredictable

time. As I write this, I am hoping that a few weeks

from now things will be much better.

As we see people sick, companies in distress, and people out of work,

many of the things that we usually think of as important, like our

beauty routines, suddenly become trivial. Maintaining some form of

normalcy to our day, however, is important to help keep stress levels

down and spirits up.

It is known that stress has serious effects on our health and immune

system so keeping up your regular exercise routine is good, even if you

might have to modify it for the time being. Since the gym right now

may not be an option, there are still things we can do. Taking daily

walks, stretching, or trying something new (like an online yoga class)

are all beneficial.

With having extra time on our hands being stationed more at home,

now is the time to play around with some beauty routines. Mess with

some new hairstyles for summer, use up those face masks you never

have time for, and give yourself a mani/pedi. There are lots of online

tutorials for how the pros do it!

One piece of advice - you may want to stay away from is cutting or

coloring your own hair if it’s not something you normally do. Anything

that may not turn out well and have lasting effects, may make things

worse. With limited exposure to the outside world, if it’s a little extra

gray or too long, no one will see it.

It’s also an opportune time to clean out those closets and perhaps

earn some money doing it! If you’ve never checked out Poshmark, it’s

a great source for selling those items in the closet that no longer fit.

Read a book, take a bubble bath and indulge in your favorite coffee,

tea or wine. Relaxing is good for the health and the soul. Staying

healthy, positive and informed are the best things we can do right now!

Linda Bateman-Gomez has an international beauty company

based in Las Vegas that specializes in cosmetics and other beauty

products. Contact Linda at TimelessBeauty2020@gmail.com or

through her website www.fullips.com.

Family Matters - Experience Counts






Over 20 years of

legal experience in

the community





May 2020


Attorney since 1992

Civil jury trials

Appellate practice before Nevada Supreme

Court and 9th Circuit Court of Appeals

2019 Nevada Legal Services Pro Bono Govt.

Attorney of the Year

National Association of Attorneys General

United States Supreme Court Fellow 2000

National Judicial College alum 1998

Guest lecturer for CLE International

United States Peace Corps volunteer

(2003 - 2005)

University of California, Hastings College

of Law graduate (top 20%)

UNLV graduate (with distinction)



Cell: 702-338-7969 joe@VoteVadala.com @VoteVadala.com


© 2020 Paid for and authorized by Joe Vadala for Judge


Where Do You Cuss in Your Home?

By: Kate Wind / Kate’s Insight

Feng Shui isn’t just about colors and

furniture placement. It is about the overall

energy and feel of a space. When we spend a lot

of time in one place, we become unaware of

obstacles or challenges because we live with them on a daily basis.

Pinpointing where you cuss or swear in the home may provide some

insight on what needs to change. Some of you may already be saying,

my closet or the kitchen, while others may have to think about it.

When I ask, where do you cuss or swear in your house, I’m not

asking where you vent. I am asking what part of your home causes you

so much frustration that you find yourself getting flustered, aggravated

or even using foul language. That is far more important than the color

of your front door!

Classic examples are overstuffed closets or drawers, appliances that

do not work properly, doors that stick or have a meticulous process to be

closed correctly, or a messy garage. These examples drain our energy!

Even though these may seem like small issues, they are repetitive

issues. This can cause daily frustration, eventually shifting the energetic

frequency of the home, and not in a good way.

Other examples may include furniture that is placed too closely

together (making it hard to maneuver around the home) or a shower

tub knob that is hard to turn on. These examples may require more

work or some extra funds, but the payoff is worth it!

We want to live in a high-vibration, positive, environment! Right?

Use this week to identify where those extra 4-letter words slip. Once

you realize the points of frustration in the home, make the necessary

changes to eliminate them.

Throw away items that do not work, donate the items that make it

impossible to open the drawers, and move the items that are in the way!

Kate Wind is second-generation Astrologer and Feng Shui

Consultant. She speaks on an array of topics, from astrological

influences, Chinese New Year, Feng Shui and Tarot. You can contact

her at: the katewind@gmail.com


May 2020

Fair. Focused. Forthright.

Distinguished AV-rating with almost 20 years experience.

Tried jury cases for both plaintiffs and defendants.

Intellect, work ethic, and temperament to adjudicate

cases on the bench.

Argued before both the Nevada Court of Appeals and

the Nevada Supreme Court.

Currently chairs the Bench-Bar Committee for the

Eighth Judicial District Court.

Board Member for the Las Vegas Defense Lawyers and

Southern Nevada Association of Women Attorneys.

A promise to put people first, remembering that

decisions in the courtroom affect everyday people,

families and businesses.



702-751-1450 @McLeodforJudge Alexandra@McLeodforJudge.com


© 2020 Paid for and authorized by the Committee to Elect Alexandra McLeod


Say it with Music

By: Yvonne Cloutier / Musical Moments

Before, during and after the ragtime era,

songs developed with ambiguities, and

idiosyncratic lyrics. Sometimes lyricists simply

liked to see how far they could go being naughty.

Songs, lyrics and music in the early 1800s (and before) were sad,

mournful and pitying like After the Ball by Charles Harris or a song

about mother dying.

Then the young creative youth wanted something different to liven

up songs with happiness, humor, style and rhythm. Parents objected,

calling it the “music of the devil.”

It was called “ragtime” and it didn’t take long for it to evolve and take

hold. New ideas and thoughts materialized into new eras. Humorous

songs of World War I added to ease the pain of war.

All these pieces, we now call vintage music, often had ukulele

accompaniment. Lyrics were sometimes just funny to get people into

good moods; but, little by little, people became more and more creative,

stopping before “taboo words” with songs that would be considered

mild today.

Some of my favorites:

Al Jolson’s I know what Robinson Crusoe did with his days, but

what did he do with his “(k)nights?” Some things Crusoe did brought

strange results: He came home with a “hare” on his shoulder; He’d

go hunting chickens…knew when he came home with a “hen.”

Another one of Jolson’s, about a stressed-out dad: Don’t Jump Off the

Roof Dad, you’ll make a hole in the yard and Mother just planted

Petunias. If you must, … just jump in the lake.

A 1913 lyrics supposedly referring to high speed on the railroad,

danced and sung by Judy Garland and Gene Kelly, was Ballin’ the Jack.

My mother, loved to sing as she worked, sang a World War I soldier’s

song: I don’t want to get well, I’m in love with a beautiful nurse.”

Some Richard Shebelski gave me are: Milton Berle’s, My Hot Tamale

Went Chilly on Me, or from 1918, Would You Rather be a Colonel

with an Eagle On Your Shoulder or a Private with a Chicken On

Your Knee?

Until next time, I’ll be “looking for that lemon in the garden of


Yvonne Cloutier, a former teacher/principal, with a music

background, specializes in ragtime piano. She researches and

reports about music on SCA-TV.com/Anthem Alive! You can

contact her at www.mytimeisragtime.com.


May 2020


Insurance, Medicare & Coronavirus

By: Jim Valkenburg / Insurance Insight

For those of you that read my articles, you

know I talk exclusively about insurance

of inanimate objects (homes, cars, RV’s, boats,

etc.). Insuring people is not within my area of

expertise, however, with the pandemic outbreak it seems less than

thoughtful to talk about anything other than people this month.

The Vegas Voice is a SENIOR MEDIA RESOURCE and as such, I have

done some research regarding what Medicare will do for you during

this national crisis. Here is what I found:

Medicare will cover:

1. The lab tests for COVID-19. You pay no out-of-pocket costs.

2. All medically necessary hospitalizations. This includes if you’re

diagnosed with COVID-19 and might otherwise have been discharged

from the hospital after an inpatient stay but instead you need to stay in

the hospital under quarantine.

3. As of this writing, there’s no vaccine for COVID-19. However, if one

becomes available, it will be covered by all Medicare Prescription Drug

Plans (Part D).

If you have a Medicare Advantage Plan, you have access to these

same benefits. Medicare allows these plans to waive cost-sharing for

COVID-19 lab tests.

Many plans offer additional telehealth benefits. Check with your plan

about your coverage and costs.

Be aware that scammers may use the coronavirus emergency to

take advantage

of people while

they’re distracted.

As always, guard

your Medicare

card like a credit

card, check

Medicare claims

summary forms

for errors, and

if someone calls

asking for your Medicare number, hang up!

That last point fits in quite well with my series on insurance

commercials. Not because commercials are a “scam” but because they

often bend the truth to fit their agenda.

You must be careful and stay as informed as possible during this

crisis…and beyond. Whether it be a scammer or simply a purposely

misleading ad, it’s your responsibility to be diligent and do everything

you can to learn the truth.

I’ll be back next month with a TV ad that may be both truthful and

at the same time misleading.

In the meantime, stay healthy and stay informed.

Jim Valkenburg is a retired military officer and insurance executive.

He and his wife owned and operated their own insurance agency for

over 16 years. His primary purpose is to give out real information

that can be used to make intelligent insurance decisions.


May 2020


So how did you survive the Coronavirus

time? It was a shocker for me to be totally

unemployed - not having any Zumba classes to

teach to my beloved students or ushering the fabulous shows at The

Smith Center. But I made the most of the time.

Having lived here for 18 years, I never thought I would see the day

that the strip and other businesses would be shut down and so many

people unemployed (including me).

Making the most of the time off - I cleaned and purged clothes from

my closet and have them ready to donate to charities. I cleaned that

“junk” drawer that I’ve been meaning to do for some time.

I read some books that were waiting to be perused.

I took online zumba and aerobic classes. And it felt so great after

getting some exercise! Strange having to do this, as I love the peer

group exercise but it worked.

I saw many of my neighbors out for walks around the neighborhood

- adhering to “social distancing.” I got to know them better - having

to wave across the road as we took turns going to the mailbox. My

neighbors are fabulous and we do keep watch after each other.

My two fur babies (Pierre and Andre) were lap kitties and happy to

have me home. They are really spoiled now! Wait until I go back to


Time to Reflect

By: Mary Richard / Health Fitness

Severity of COVID-19

By: Kyo Mitchell / A Healthier You

Why do certain individuals show no

symptoms after contracting the

coronavirus, while for others it is lethal? Why is it

more lethal for the elderly and those with medical condition while the

young are affected to a much lesser degree?

While certain measures such as social distancing and face masks

are absolutely necessary to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, what

happens if you do contract the virus? Are there measures you can take

proactively to lessen the effect of the virus?

(It should be noted that while this article is based on medical

research and the logic that follows it, this research has not been applied

specifically to COVID-19.)

Certain concepts related to the coronavirus:

1. It is not the virus that kills most people but rather the body’s

reaction to the virus.

Specifically, there is a strong immune reaction - inflammation in

the lungs which fills the lungs with fluid (Pneumonia). This prevents

the respiratory system from working at a level that maintains health

and life.

2. The elderly and those with medical conditions are more likely

to develop more severe disease and possibly succumb. The question is


The immune system is a highly tuned machine that can be disrupted.

The space around the cells of your body – known as the extracellular

May 2020

work - they will surely miss my daily lap.

I certainly was NOT one of those hoarders, as I only had enough

stash for myself and my two fur babies.

Overall it was a time to reflect, reassess and revalue what we have to

be thankful for and appreciate the little things in life.

Take care all - stay safe and healthy.


Mary Richard is a long term supporter of senior fitness. She

teaches Zumba, toning and dance classes throughout the Las Vegas

Valley. She can be reached at zumbaqueen@cox.net.

matrix (ECM) is where the immune system lives.

It is the adaptability of the ECM that determines how well the

immune system works. If the ECM is damaged, the immune system has

a tendency to overreact.

In the news, they refer to this as a “cytokine storm.” This is the

explanation given for more severe cases of Covid-19.

Current medical conditions, certain medications, stress, and toxins

are just a few things that can disrupt the functioning of the ECM.

The elderly and those with current medical conditions have more

cumulative insults to the ECM.

Children and those without medical conditions have on average less

damage to the ECM. This may be why we see the disparity between the

two groups.

If you would like more info on how to keep the extracellular matrix

and immune system healthy, please contact me at rkyomitchell@


Dr. Kyo Mitchell served as faculty at Bastyr University in Seattle

and Wongu University in Las Vegas for over a decade. Dr. Mitchell

practices in Summerlin and can be reached at 702-481-6216 or



Potting & Garden Soil

By: Howard Galin / Happy Gardening

For many gardeners, the questions: “Is there

a difference between potting soil and

garden soil?” and “Can these items be used

interchangeably depending on cost and availability?” come to

mind when they see stacks of soils at the garden centers.

The answers to these questions are: Yes and NO! Garden soil will not

work well in pots nor will potting work well in your garden.

Potting soil is not actually soil. It is a mixture composed of sphagnum

moss, finely ground wood bark, perlite and/or vermiculite and some

form of nitrogen rich materials.

The mixture may contain compost, chemical additives or some form

of organic waste. I have even come across some inexpensive potting

soil which used processed chicken droppings as its source of nitrogen!

The one ingredient, however, that potting soil does NOT contain is


Potting soil is manufactured so that the added organic materials will

feed the roots and plants while the other additives keep the mixture

loose and well-drained. This is to prevent the mixture from cutting off

the air supply to roots which will lead to suffocation and plant death.

The focus of potting soil is to make the mixture light in weight,

easy to drain, and keeping the plants free of biological organisms that

can lead to disease and insect infestation in house and patio planters

and pots. This is accomplished by sterilizing the mixture before it is

packaged for sale.

Some “bargain brands” contain

non-sterilized compost which can

contain fungus gnat eggs that will

hatch and infest your patio and

home with tiny annoying flies that

congregate around the plants and

pots. If you are not sure if your potting

mixture has been properly sterilized,

place the unopened bags in the direct sunlight outdoor for a day. The

sun will solarize the bags by raising their temperature to 160F killing

off all eggs and organisms.

Garden soil is rich in organic content and active in biological

activity. It is “real” soil that has been augmented with compost and

other organic materials.

Since it is not sterilized, garden soil would NOT be a good choice for

indoor, patio or poolside planters. Garden soil retains water which is

helpful in our desert climate. It is denser and heavier and stays in place.

It’s inexpensive to buy since it doesn’t contain expensive additives

found in potting soils making it…Dirt cheap to purchase!

Have a question? Contact me: Theplantwhisperer28@gmail.com.

Howard Galin, a/k/a: “The Plant Whisperer” is a retired NYC

school administrator, transplanted in Las Vegas who devotes his

time to communicating with and lecturing about our native



May 2020

Community Vet Centers

By: Chuck Dean / Vet 2 Vet

During and after the Vietnam War something

happened to the relationship between

American warriors and their government. No

matter how much anyone wants to whitewash it these days, back then

there was no love lost between the two.

It was the first time in our history that veterans sounded off and spoke

out publicly about fighting a war that made little sense. Veterans simply

did not trust the government, and the VA represented the government.

Most veterans refused to connect and seek any readjustment

management. Thousands continued to suffer without the aid of

professional help. Consequently, horrifying statistics skyrocketed of

hurting veterans trying to cope on their own and find ways to find their

place in the country they served.

Then in

1979, with

statistics going

out the roof

and Vietnam


still having


readjusting to

civilian life, the

VA did something smart. They created community-based counseling

centers and called them Vet Centers.

These centers, located in city settings and away from VA campuses,

caught on and veterans responded. They felt safer at a center rather

than going to something resembling a government institution.

Vet Centers are still going strong today and are quickly expanding.

There are currently over 300 Vet Centers across the country, 80 mobile

Vet Centers, and a Veteran Call Line as well.

Las Vegas recently opened a new Vet Center, and I encourage all

veterans to visit and check it out. Its mission is to equip veterans by

offering a wide array of services and to help us simply get started, set

goals, and eventually accomplish them.

At a time when the COVID-19 experience is hitting hard, extra anxiety

and stress prevails for everyone. For veterans, it could be even worse.

With social-distancing in place, teletherapy and other creative means

are coming to the forefront. Check with the local Vet Center to connect

with any needs.

Here’s the information:

Address: 7455 Washington Ave #240, Las Vegas 89146

Telephone: (702) 791-9170

For assistance after hours, weekends, and holidays call: 1-877-WAR-

VETS (1-877-927-8387).

Chuck Dean served as an Army paratrooper in Vietnam and

through that experience was led to address the many transitional

issues veterans struggle with. He is the author of several important

books for veterans. All can be found on Amazon at: http://www.



Arlington and the Tomb of the Unknown

By: Kathy Manney / Around Our World

The majority of graves are denoted by a

simple white marker lending Arlington

National Cemetery a revered dignity. Arlington

is America’s most exalted burial ground for its military dead and the

Tomb of the Unknown Solider, where a military honor guard stands


The tradition that the honor guard provides has become fabric of our

past. Watching the changing of the guard brings pride to Americans

that witness it – a reminder to never forget our military’s sacrifices.

Little known facts about the Tomb of the Unknown Solider:

Number 21 alludes to the twenty-one gun salute, the highest honor

given to any military or foreign dignitary. Honor guards take 21 steps

during their walk across the Tomb of the Unknowns. He then hesitates

21 seconds after his about face to begin his return walk.

The guards wear moistened gloves to prevent losing their grip on

the rifle they carry. They carry their rifle on the shoulder away from

the tomb and after their march across the path, they do an about face,

moving the rifle to the outside shoulder.

The guard’s shoes are specially made with thick soles to keep heat

and cold from their feet. There are metal heel plates extending to the

shoe top to make the loud click as they come to a halt.

Guards are changed every thirty minutes, twenty-four hours a day

and 365 days a year.

To apply for tomb

guard duty, a solider

must be between 5’

10” and 6’ 2” tall and

commit two years to

guard the tomb, live

in a barracks under

the tomb and cannot

drink alcohol on or off

duty. Upon completing

two years, the honor

guard is given a wreath

pin worn on their lapel

signifying they served

as guard of the tomb.

Besides the Tomb of

the Unknowns, Arlington National Cemetery is the resting place of John

F. Kennedy, Audie Murphy and more than 300,000 who loyally served

their country. By remembering, we recognize, as Abraham Lincoln

declared, “…these dead shall not have died in vain.”

This is the sincerest importance of Memorial Day.

Kathy Manney enjoys visiting interesting places and being an

Adventure Diva. Her “Must See” travel journeys continue - always

with enthusiasm.


May 2020

Stay Well My Friends

By: Crystal Merryman-Sarbacker /

Out & About

few weeks ago, I was walking outside with my

A dog, Watson, when I noticed that someone

had carefully written “Stay Well” in white chalk on the sidewalk near

my home. I have no idea who wrote this. But each morning as I took

my dog for his sabbatical, I found I was reassured to see the message

was still there.

Then, one recent afternoon, it started to rain. It was an uncommonly

heavy downpour that erased the comforting sentiment completely and

replaced it with a feeling of foreboding.

Until recently, everything seemed so positive. Vegas was booming. A

bullish stock market was pleasing investors, and success tempered with

excitement was our new normal.

News about a strange epidemic in China seemed far away and

unimportant, until rumors of popular cruise ships returning

with sickened passengers reached our shores. An almost unbelievably

widespread pandemic was reported to be approaching our coasts and

we were unprepared.

There were doubting Thomas’s who treated the new coronavirus

with disbelief. There were politicians and scientists who wondered how

a catastrophe of this magnitude could escape notice until it was upon

us. And thankfully there were people who immediately determined they

would fight the highly contagious disease regardless of the personal


In my youth, I would have joined the fight. I would have formed

an investigating committee to determine why there was a surgical

mask shortage; set up a lunch buffet to serve the dedicated staffers; and

initiated a petition to hold our pets blameless for this awful disease.

But as an older senior, I was startled to realize the best thing I could

do is let the younger generations take charge. They have educations

that are up to date and more computer savvy. And frankly they are

physically stronger than me.

So, with some reluctance I admit it’s temporarily time for me to put

away travel plans to faraway places. And for the time being, I need to

step aside and Stay at Home. It will take some adjusting, but I just need

to stop feeling guilty when I have to take a nap.

Stay Well, My Friends!

Travel professional, Crystal Merryman-Sarbacker, has visited all

50 U.S. states and over 40 countries. She was awarded 1st Place for

her 2019 Travel Writing by the North American Mature Publishers

Association. She can be reached at Merryman2@aol.com

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Chief Deputy District Attorney (2011-Present)

Special Victims Unit, prosecuting child homicides

and abusers (2012-2018)

Clark County Child Death Review Team (2013-2018)

Successfully prosecuted thousands of criminals over

more than a decade

As Deputy District Attorney, prosecuted more than

50 jury trials

Chilean Lake Country

Excursion is Visual

Sensory Delight

By: Burt & Dianne Davis / Guest Travel

Editor’s Note: Our thanks to Vegas Voice columnist Dianne

Davis and her husband Burt who will continue to travel the

world (once the pandemic is over) and share their adventures with

our readers.

In one fabulous enriching day, we visited the snowcapped Osomo

Volcano, saw the shimmering waterfalls of the Petuhue Falls, relaxed

at a delicious lunch on the shores of Lake Lianquihue and explored

the picturesque town of Puerto Varas with its local handicraft markets

in Chile.


“Charging and Prosecuting Child Abuse Cases”,

Class instructor for fellow attorneys, 2019

Clark County Deputy District Attorney (2006-2011)

Honors Program Graduate, cum laude Juris

Doctorate, Roger Williams School of Law, 2005



2520 Saint Rose Pkwy, Suite 112 | Henderson, NV 89074

702.998.2693 | Dena@DenaRinetti.com


May 2020





The Viking South America and the Chilean Fjords Cruise

began in Santiago, Chile and ended in Buenos Ares, Argentina with

stops including Montevideo and the Falkland Islands.

One of the highlights was this visit to the Chilean Lake Country in

Northern Patagonia, 650 miles south of Santiago. We docked in Puerto

Montt, Chile to take in the beauty and diversity of the area.

Petrohue Falls, part of a local park, were formed by the Petrohue

River cutting its way through volcanic rock. Fast moving water cascades

down and through the rocks. Some fellow travelers opted to ride the

rapids on the Petrohue River! We passed.

We ventured on to the extinct Osorno Volcano. which reaches an

altitude of 8,700 feet and is snowcapped year-round. The blue skies

contrasting the clouds below were a sensory treat. The ski lift took

us about 2,000 feet up for breathtaking views of the volcano and

surrounding area.

Next, we drove around Lake Llanquihue the third largest lake in

South America with its stunning crystal blue waters. We had lunch at

a restaurant on the lake. Our Chilean salmon was accompanied by a

pisco sour, a well-known local beverage.

The picturesque town of Puerto Varas was filled with local residents

and children getting their last taste of their summer breaks. Some of

them braved the chilly waters of Lake Llanquihue for the final swim of

their summer.

The views of the Lake and the prominent Osorno Volcano in the

background were outstanding. This excursion gave us a real feel of the

beauty of Northern Patagonia.


Staying Informed When

the World Re-Opens

By: Stu Cooper / Happy Adventures

We are a social people. We like to visit. We

like to share experiences with family and


We had this concept in mind when Publisher Dan, my wife Sharon

and I started the Vegas Voyagers Travel Club in 2003. Our slogan,

“Where travel dreams and good friends come together” was exactly

what we had in mind when putting the trips together.

To our great joy, the Vegas Voyagers, has become the biggest and

most popular travel club in Las Vegas. And I can’t tell you how many

notes I received from people telling me about the new friends they made

participating in our trips. Our success is far beyond our expectation.

We now find ourselves facing the most serious challenge in our lives.

And as seniors, we have seen a lot. How do we navigate through an

environment where any one of us can get deathly sick by just walking



May 2020

I can only tell you what we have in mind. We will not put any of our

members in danger. We will not offer trips until we believe it is safe to

go back to exploring this world. We will also keep you informed of what

the “travel industry” is saying about “reopening” the world.

It’s my guess that we will not see the airlines, hotels, and resorts start

to reopen before June 1 st . Carnival Cruise Line has announced that they

have cancelled all their cruises through June 30 th .

Reopening the world depends on controlling and defeating this

awful virus. We must do our part. Stay at home, socially distance, wear

masks when traveling to stores. We all have a vast amount of control in

abating the spread of the virus.

We would love to hear from you. Please feel free to call at 800/698-

1101 or email: fairtravel@aol.com with any travel questions you might

have… or just to say hello.


Realizing What Matters

By: Dan Roberts / Roberts Rules

No, no, no, not that one! The other one.”

I was losing my patience with my PILL

(partner in love & life) but truth be told, the fault

was all mine.

How are you handling the quarantine? For my Rana and Yours Truly,

once we put away all the knives and sharp objects, we’re good.

We’re the fortunate ones. No coronavirus symptoms or illness even

though my Ladylove is a triple threat (over 65, diabetic and underlying

health issues). And despite both of us (at times) climbing the walls, we

faithfully followed the Governor’s order to say home.

(By the way, whoever thought that taking the trash cans to and from

the curb or walking to the mailbox could be so enjoyable? And I admit,

I was “shocked, shocked” when the Costco employee immediately

directed me to the “senior line” without asking for ID…although it

sure was nice to cut in front of the crowd - but I digress).

I also want to make clear that despite numerous TV talking heads

saying how “we are sacrificing” for the good of the country, such

statements are nonsense. The so-call comparison of the public’s

response to this pandemic to the “Greatest Generation” during World

War II is absurd.

Our (non)actions are not anything remotely equaling the Rosie-the-

Riveter activities or living under the wartime food and gas rationing

(despite having only 40 rolls of toilet paper). Does anyone really believe

that sitting in our La-Z-Boy watching Netflix is “sacrificing?”

A major inconvenience? Hell, yes. But heroic actions? Come on, get

serious. The true heroes are the first responders, nurses, doctors, and all

hospital personnel.

Anyway doing our (very) small part to keep everyone safe, there was

Rana and I watching television. Her problem causing me to snap? Not

knowing which TV remote to use.

So as I scolded her for picking up the wrong one, I had to stop, catch

my breath and realize what mattered.

The publisher with the true essentials to get through this pandemic.

From her cries of “look at my nails” and “having to cook dinner

again!” to my constant complaining about the “nothing but damn

sports reruns” I realized that life could be a whole lot worse.

So as I gently took her hand, reached for the “correct” remote and

settled down for some (more) binge TV watching, I made sure to count

our blessings.

Stay safe everyone.



May 2020


Speaking to and for Las Vegas

Valley Seniors since 2003

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