CosBeauty Magazine #88

CosBeauty is the #BeautyAddict's guide to lifestyle, health and beauty in Australia. In this issue: - Iso-proof your skin - The products to use in lockdown - Home alone? Make the most of your downtime - Confused? We explain Laser vs IPL - Makeup Style, our current fave looks: Lockdown Chic, Weekend Vibes and #Bossbabe

CosBeauty is the #BeautyAddict's guide to lifestyle, health and beauty in Australia.
In this issue:
- Iso-proof your skin - The products to use in lockdown
- Home alone? Make the most of your downtime
- Confused? We explain Laser vs IPL
- Makeup Style, our current fave looks: Lockdown Chic, Weekend Vibes and #Bossbabe


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ISSUE 88 MAY-JULY 2020<br />

ISOproof<br />

your<br />

skin<br />


TO USE IN<br />


home<br />

alone?<br />

MAKE THE<br />

MOST<br />

OF YOUR<br />


9 771833 383011<br />

ISSN 1834-383X<br />

confused?<br />





now<br />

available<br />

with<br />

nicole<br />

As we age, the amount of maintenance required to keep a youthful look will increase,<br />

but getting started early is a huge advantage. Filling the gap between over-the-counter<br />

treatments and more aggressive laser offerings, Clear + Brilliant creates and defi nes an<br />

entirely new category of laser aesthetic treatments for clients moving along the skincare<br />

continuum. Clear + Brilliant helps prevent and address early signs of ageing, resulting in a<br />

brighter, more even skin tone. Treatments are comfortable, fast, effective and suitable for<br />

all skin types. The results are both immediate and progressive, depending on the age and<br />

condition of the skin. It is also great for those who are looking for short downtime and a quick<br />

skin ‘pick-me-up’. Call Nicole now to take advantage of an opening offer.<br />

02 9327 7728<br />

mobile 0410 627 767<br />

mobile 0410 627 767<br />

nicole@nicolesbeautysalon.com.au<br />

nicole@nicolesbeautysalon.com.au<br />

Shop 8, 401 - 407 New South Head Rd,<br />

Shop 8, 401 - 407 New South Head Rd,<br />

Double Bay NSW 2028<br />

Double Bay NSW 2028<br />

www.nicolesbeautysalon.com.au<br />



In the same way you sign up for personal training at the gym, Medik8 invites you to 12 weeks of personalised,<br />

progressive training for your skin. Your very own Medik8 professional will create your bespoke homecare routine,<br />

plus tailor a comprehensive course of in-clinic professional Medik8 peels to your specific concerns.<br />

The result? A remarkable skin transformation, your WOW moment. And the opportunity to maintain the results for life.<br />

Join 12 Weeks to WOW in your favourite Medik8 clinic today.<br />

Discover more at medik8.com.au<br />

#Medik8WOW<br />

@medik8australia<br />

1800 242 011

&<br />

Radiate<br />

beauty<br />

confidence<br />

Using the latest technologies, our team of experts<br />

is committed to help you achieve natural-looking<br />

results in a relaxed and friendly setting.<br />

Come in and experience the Skin Renu difference.<br />

Our comprehensive treatment menu includes:<br />

world-class wrinkle reduction and<br />

lip enhancement<br />

laser skin rejuvenation<br />

CoolSculpting non-surgical fat reduction<br />

Thermage non-surgical face lifting<br />

medical peels<br />

clinic-only premium skincare<br />

Call us to book a complimentary consultation<br />

02 9555 9506<br />

www.skinrenu.com.au<br />

16B Beattie St, Balmain, Sydney

FIRM<br />

LIFT<br />

AWAKEN<br />

The quickest non-invasive anti-ageing<br />

solution for around your eyes<br />

No miracles, just proven results<br />

In an independent clinical test, after daily application<br />

over 7 days:<br />

19% Reduction in wrinkle volume<br />

16% Improvement in skin elasticity<br />

15% Improvement in transepidermal water loss<br />

Contact Advanced Cosmeceuticals<br />

to find a stockist near you<br />

Day 1<br />

Day 7<br />

Day 1<br />

Day 7<br />

1800 242 011<br />

cs@advancedcosmeceuticals.com.au<br />



8 Editor’s Letter<br />

10 Beauty Insider<br />

108 Ed’s Faves<br />


32 The Power of Positive<br />

How the right attitude to beauty<br />

can help you face each day<br />

confidently and positively.<br />

72 Beauty Just Got Serious<br />

Introducing AestheticAdvisor.<br />

com.au, the online cosmetic<br />

enhancement destination to<br />

research and read reviews on<br />

your next procedure.<br />

74 We Explain Lasers vs IPL<br />

IPL and laser devices have<br />

become fixtures in beauty<br />

and aesthetic medicine. But<br />

what’s the difference between<br />

the two?<br />

102 Winter Beauty Rituals<br />

Cocoon yourself with these<br />

self-care rituals by Trudi Jaye,<br />

skincare & wellness expert and<br />

GM of Retreatment Botanics<br />

Skincare by Olivia Newton-John<br />

and Gaia Retreat & Spa.<br />

BEAUTY<br />

24 Bathtime Bliss<br />

If there’s one thing selfquarantine<br />

has taught us, it’s the<br />

lost art of taking a bath.<br />

38 Isolation-Proof Your Skin<br />

The tips and products you need<br />

to keep your skin happy and<br />

hydrated during lockdown.<br />

49 Keep Glowing<br />

Travel plans cancelled? Fake a<br />

holiday glow with these all-star<br />

self-tanners.<br />

50 Top 10 Celebrity Perfumes<br />

of All Time<br />

Take a trip down memory lane<br />

with the most iconic celebrity<br />

fragrances of all time.<br />

60 Makeup Style<br />

Our current fave looks:<br />

Lockdown Chic, Weekend Vibes<br />

and #Bossbabe<br />

88 Tame Your Mane<br />

The at-home hair treatments for<br />

quarantined hair.

96 Dreamtime<br />

The beauty of a good night’s<br />

sleep can never be overstated.<br />

Here’s how to get your full<br />

40 winks.<br />


80 No Gym? No Problem<br />

Best workout ideas for home<br />

86 Home Fitness Essentials<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 7

From the<br />

Editor<br />

T<br />

hese are strange times in which we find ourselves. In the wake of<br />

the COVID-19 pandemic, extraordinary situations have somehow<br />

become ordinary – from social distancing and self-quarantine to<br />

working from home and Zoom happy hours.<br />

In challenging times, self-care has never been more important.<br />

One of the best ways to stay healthy, both physically and mentally,<br />

is to keep active. On page 80 learn some pro tips for an at-home workout from<br />

Australia’s favourite fitness guru Sam Wood – it’s guaranteed to get your sweat<br />

session on. We also dive into the lost art of taking a bath on page 24, and discover<br />

how this ancient beauty and mindfulness ritual offers a myriad of research-backed<br />

healing properties.<br />

Beauty rituals are important during this time, helping to boost your mood and<br />

unleash your creativity. Check out some of the celeb #LockdownLooks and the<br />

products to create your own version on page 60. We also investigate whether<br />

isolation skin is now a thing (spoiler alert: it is) on page 38, and we have the athome<br />

DIY hair treatments for quarantined hair on page 88.<br />

Is stress keeping you awake these days? There’s no debate sleep is a vital<br />

component of staying healthy, but did you know research has shown a lack of sleep<br />

doubles the signs of skin ageing, including fine lines? Read more on page 96 and also<br />

our tips on how to maximise your beauty sleep. If you’re binge watching Tiger King<br />

until the early hours of the morn, let this be your warning!<br />

Whether you’re feeling restless or well-rested, we hope this special issue of<br />

COSBEAUTY helps to lift your spirits and equip you with the products and knowhow<br />

to live beautifully, mindfully and make the most of this unique time.<br />

Issue 88<br />

May – July 2020<br />

Editor-in-Chief<br />

Michelle Kearney<br />

Art Director<br />

Debbie Pilarinos<br />

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Debbie Pilarinos, ShutterStock<br />

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world’s leading professional<br />

depigmentation method<br />

cosmelan ® is a professional, topical skin brightening treatment that<br />

helps to visibly reduce and eliminate dark spots and blemishes caused<br />

by excess melanin in the skin. It’s cutting edge formula has been<br />

After<br />

designed to achieve DNARenewal: maximum efficacy, THE while FOUNDER it helps to balance skin<br />

Before<br />

tone and increase skin Dr. Ronald luminosity. L. Moy, The renowned cosmelan scientist, ® application researcher, acts on dermatologist, and cosmetic surgeon,<br />

the cells that are responsible has dedicated for his skin life’s pigmentation, work to understanding helping to the reduce impact of photo damage on skin’s health and aging.<br />

melanin production Today, in hyperpigmented DNARenewal marks areas the and culmination thereby helping of his passion to to create a clinically proven regimen that<br />

remove or lighten unsightly effectively blemishes helps repair and photodamaged spots. aging skin.

@cosbeauty<br />

Beauty insider<br />



Powerhouse cosmetics brand Morphe has<br />

launched a platinum collection featuring hiphop’s<br />

rising star, Saweetie. It includes a brandnew<br />

lip gloss trio, Icy Lips by Saweetie, along<br />

with a 24-shade Artistry Palette, a limited-edition<br />

Mini Continuous Setting Mist, and a stunning<br />

6-piece eye and face brush set.<br />

The eyeshadow palette boasts an impressive<br />

collection of amped-up pigments, in 24 nextlevel<br />

colours and a variety of show-stopping<br />

finishes, including matte, iridescent, shimmer<br />

and silk slip toppers.<br />

The Icy Lips lip gloss trio comes in dazzling<br />

shiny shades of shimmering gold, peachy pink<br />

and violet. Get your backstage pass to a flawless<br />

finish with this super-fly collection.

@cosbeauty<br />




Biologi, the brand renowned for<br />

its 100% active ingredient skincare,<br />

delivers their latest innovation<br />

which harnesses the power of<br />

Australian natives: BL Nourish<br />

Lip Serum.<br />

Containing Australian Red<br />

Finger Lime, BL Nourish Lip<br />

Serum is a powerful treatment that<br />

soothes, hydrates and protects<br />

the lips. Honouring Biologi’s<br />

promise to provide only highquality,<br />

single-plant ingredients<br />

sourced directly from nature,<br />

Biologi BL Nourish Lip Serum is<br />

a revolutionary new treatment<br />

designed for the perfect pout.<br />

The potent serum offers a<br />

powerhouse of antioxidants and<br />

phytonutrients known for their<br />

positive effects on skin. Helping to<br />

repair, hydrate, protect and<br />

anti-age, this water-soluble<br />

serum helps promote natural<br />

exfoliation while delivering a<br />

boost of moisture to leave lips<br />

feeling refreshed, supple, and<br />

soft to the touch.<br />

‘Rather than a lip balm or gloss<br />

that just sits on top of the lips, our<br />

Lip Serum will help to regenerate<br />

the skin cells, restore suppleness,<br />

prevent water loss, gently<br />

exfoliate, whilst also providing a<br />

clear and effortless shine,’ says<br />

Biologi founder and cosmetic<br />

chemist Ross Macdougald.<br />

Best used daily, or overnight<br />

as a powerful lip treatment,<br />

Biologi’s new BL Nourish Lip<br />

Serum will make this season all<br />

about the pout.<br />



Jo Malone London introduces a<br />

new limited-edition collection,<br />

offering a fresh perspective on an<br />

iconic ingredient: English lavender.<br />

Journey to an enchanted world<br />

of violet visions, where English<br />

lavender meanders in purple<br />

pathways across the countryside.<br />

Jo Malone has developed a<br />

trio of fragrances, each offering<br />

a different presentation and<br />

perspective of natural lavender.<br />

One strikingly aromatic, the second<br />

fresh with a cool woodiness, and the<br />

third cascading with soft florals.<br />

The collection includes three<br />

limited-edition distinctive colognes:<br />

Lavender & Coriander, Silver Birch &<br />

Lavender and Wisteria & Lavender,<br />

each available in 30ml.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 11

@cosbeauty<br />





From the queen of makeup magic,<br />

Charlotte Tilbury, comes a new<br />

collection of magic trick kits to<br />

enhance the look of your eyes.<br />

Introducing four new Eye Colour<br />

Magic Luxury Palettes and four new<br />

matching matte and metallic Eye<br />

Colour Magic Eyeliner Duos – this is<br />

Charlotte Tilbury’s colour matching<br />

artistry in a collection, to create the<br />

illusion of brighter eyes.<br />

Tilbury has poured decades of<br />

colour mixing magic, the lessons of<br />

her father, artist Lance Tilbury, and<br />

hours of research and interviews<br />

with artists, colour theorists and<br />

psychologists to give the world the<br />

power to transform the look of their<br />

eyes through makeup.<br />

Her upbringing amongst the<br />

vibrant, magical hues of Ibiza has<br />

encouraged her attraction to colour<br />

– daring to explore their nuanced<br />

tones and shifts in light-play, and<br />

translating that magic for the red<br />

carpet and runway. With her easy<br />

to use, easy to chooses Eye Colour<br />

Magic Collection, Charlotte Tilbury<br />

wants to empower the world with<br />

secret tricks for playing with colour.<br />

Amplify your natural beauty<br />

with this expertly curated eye<br />

colour collection – and watch<br />

your eyes sparkle!

@cosbeauty<br />




The founders of internationally<br />

renowned skincare brand, Sukin,<br />

have launched a new Australian<br />

native skincare range, Alkira Skin<br />

Care, into pharmacies and health<br />

food stores across the country.<br />

Successful beauty entrepreneurs<br />

and siblings, Alison Goodger and<br />

Simon O’Connor, joined forces once<br />

again, this time for the creation and<br />

development of Alkira Skin Care<br />

– a vegan-friendly and cruelty-free<br />

brand formulated and inspired by<br />

Australian native extracts.<br />

The affordable brand, which<br />

means ‘bright and sunny’ in the<br />

Australian Indigenous language,<br />

showcases the incredible benefits<br />

derived from Australia’s flora.<br />

Together, they are combined with<br />

an array of natural botanicals to help<br />

deliver clear, hydrated and radiantlooking<br />

skin.<br />

There are five different ranges<br />

– Hydrating, Brightening, Hydra+,<br />

Detoxifying and Refining – each<br />

with a selection of products,<br />

which include cleansers, creams,<br />

facial oils and moisturisers. The<br />

Detoxifying range has four masques<br />

to detox, brighten and minimise the<br />

appearance of fine lines.<br />

Infused with ingredients and<br />

extracts such as Kakadu Plum,<br />

Finger Lime Caviar, Quandong,<br />

Davidson Plum, Lilly Pilly and<br />

Kangaroo Paw, Alkira Skin Care<br />

products are formulated to help<br />

repair, protect, revitalise and leave<br />

the skin glowing.<br />

‘Australia is blessed with some<br />

of the most beautiful and diverse<br />

landscapes in the world. This varied<br />

landscape offers a collection of<br />

extraordinary Australian native<br />

extracts, typically rich in vitamins<br />

and antioxidants, which provide a<br />

powerhouse of goodness to help<br />

nourish and regenerate skin cells,’<br />

says Goodger.<br />

‘The idea is to use fewer, more<br />

efficient ingredients in a smarter<br />

way and with Alkira Skin Care, it’s<br />

to introduce new and exciting<br />

Australian native extracts that have<br />

impressive bioactive constituents.’<br />

Alkira products range from<br />

$14.95 to $19.95 and are available<br />

nationally from April 2020. Alkira<br />

marks an exciting addition to the<br />

Australian skincare market.<br />



Launched nationally on March 26th,<br />

Ella Baché have created Virtual Salons<br />

offering all Australians digital beauty<br />

expertise at home.<br />

The Virtual Salons will provide<br />

complimentary Virtual Skin Consults<br />

with local Ella Baché beauty therapists<br />

via video chat, delivering the same skin<br />

expertise at home. The Virtual Salons<br />

will also empower franchisees, salon<br />

owners and therapists to service their<br />

local communities while also providing<br />

personalised skin solutions available for<br />

purchase online.<br />

‘Ella Baché are dedicated to<br />

making bold moves and bringing<br />

salon expertise into the home. We<br />

are mobilising our national network of<br />

expert therapists and franchisees to<br />

provide Virtual Salons to support the<br />

skin health of all Australians,’ says CEO<br />

Pippa Hallas.<br />

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic,<br />

Ella Baché temporarily closed the doors<br />

of all 120 physical salons nationwide<br />

as a result of federal government<br />

restrictions at the end of March.<br />

Hallas, talking abut the heritage of<br />

the brand, says, ‘Founder Madame<br />

Baché created the Ella Baché brand<br />

in 1936 during hard times with a focus<br />

on innovation, respect for people,<br />

leadership through trustworthy<br />

expertise and results. We will get<br />

through this together and hold onto<br />

these values to guide us.’<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 13

credit: FashionStock.com / Shutterstock.com<br />


Girls of all kinds can be<br />

beautiful – from the thin,<br />

plus-sized, short, very tall,<br />

ebony to porcelain-skinned;<br />

the quirky, clumsy, shy,<br />

outgoing and all in between.<br />

It’s not easy though because<br />

many people still put beauty<br />

into a confining, narrow box.<br />

Think outside the box.<br />

Pledge that you will look<br />

in the mirror and find the<br />

unique beauty in you.<br />

banks<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 15

I want to encourage<br />

women to enhance their<br />

own uniqueness.<br />

Because just like a<br />

rose is beautiful, so is a<br />

sunflower, so is a peony.<br />

I mean, all flowers are<br />

beautiful in their own way,<br />

and that’s like women, too.<br />

Miranda kerr<br />

16 www.cosbeauty.com.au

credit: DFree / Shutterstock.com

18 www.cosbeauty.com.auAdele

I have body image<br />

problems just like many<br />

other women, but I don’t<br />

let them rule my life. I’ve<br />

seen how wanting to be<br />

thinner or have bigger<br />

boobs wears women down.<br />

There are way bigger<br />

issues in the world than<br />

my weight.<br />

credit: Tinseltown / Shutterstock.com<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 19

We really<br />

damage our<br />

own confidence<br />

when we put<br />

ourselves down,<br />

so I try not to.<br />

Emma<br />

watson<br />

20 www.cosbeauty.com.au

credit: Tinseltown / Shutterstock.com


If you’re lucky<br />

enough to<br />

be different,<br />

don’t ever<br />

change.<br />

Taylor<br />

credit: JStone / Shutterstock.com<br />

Swift<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 23

eauty<br />

bath<br />

time<br />

bliss<br />

if there’s one thing self-quarantine<br />

has taught us, it’s the lost art of<br />

taking a bath.<br />

January Jones has hers with<br />

vinegar and unspeakable<br />

amounts of salt and baking<br />

soda. Madonna’s is sprinkled with<br />

rose petals. Yes, the humble bath is<br />

making a comeback.<br />

It seems quick showers have<br />

been overtaken by luxurious bubble<br />

baths during the coronavirus<br />

pandemic, and have become an<br />

easy way to help practise self-care<br />

during quarantine.<br />

Celebrity Instagram posts aside,<br />

it’s never been more important to<br />

focus on our mental health and<br />

wellbeing. While retreating to<br />

a day spa might be out of reach<br />

right now, 30 minutes in the tub is<br />

totally attainable.<br />

Most ancient cultures have long<br />

believed in the healing effects<br />

of water, and a growing body of<br />

research backs this up. In a 2017<br />

study, researchers found that<br />

soaking in an hour-long hot bath<br />

burned as many calories (around<br />

140) as a 30-minute walk due to<br />

the warm water making your heart<br />

beat faster. They also found positive<br />

anti-inflammatory and blood sugar<br />

responses which can help protect<br />

against illness and infection.<br />

It’s also been shown a warm<br />

bath can calm the nervous system,<br />

reducing the levels of stress and<br />

anxiety in your body and improving<br />

your mood.<br />

A stress-relieving soak can offer a<br />

much-needed chance to switch off<br />

from the stresses of life and practise<br />

mindfulness. Here are some of our<br />

favourite bathtime meditation aids.<br />

24 www.cosbeauty.com.au

www.cosbeauty.com.au 25

eauty<br />

batH &<br />

SHOWeR<br />

GeLS<br />

Citrus oil is said to have anti-anxiety and<br />

anti-depressive effects in aromatherapy, so<br />

a fresh citrus-smelling bath and shower gel<br />

will help invigorate the senses to give you<br />

that get-up-and-go.<br />

Other scents such as mint, lime,<br />

peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree, grapefruit<br />

and orange are zesty and invigorating to<br />

help motivate you for the day ahead. For<br />

calming a weary mind, try lavender, ylang<br />

ylang, jasmine, chamomile, honey and rose.<br />

For some extra post-bath pampering,<br />

moisturise your skin with a generous<br />

amount of body lotion in the same scent<br />

as your bath gel. Your skin will be extra<br />

soft and layering the fragrances will extend<br />

their perfume.<br />

trilogy botanical<br />

body Wash<br />

500ml, $27.95

atH<br />

OILS &<br />

MILKS<br />

Bath oils are our picks for relaxing<br />

the senses and harnessing the<br />

power of aromatherapy. Aside from<br />

moisturising and rejuvenating the<br />

skin, due to their intrinsic warmth<br />

bath oils can also improve blood<br />

circulation and even help with fatigue<br />

and stiffness in joints<br />

and muscles.<br />

The use of essential oils for<br />

medicinal purposes dates back to<br />

ancient cultures, and continuing<br />

research points to a variety of health<br />

benefi ts for specifi c essential oils.<br />

Using a few drops of plant-based<br />

essential oils in the bath is generally<br />

safe, however, certain oils may cause<br />

an adverse skin reaction, and if you’re<br />

pregnant use with caution.<br />

To get the most from your<br />

aromatherapy bath, fi ll the tub and<br />

turn off the water fi rst before adding<br />

essential oils for full aromatic effect.<br />

Milk has also been a body<br />

beautifi er for centuries, used by<br />

kings and queens to keep them<br />

looking as youthful as possible.<br />

Cleopatra is legendary for many<br />

things, but did you know she<br />

reportedly bathed in milk with honey,<br />

lavender and rose petals?<br />

Bath milk lightly moisturises the<br />

whole body and blankets the skin<br />

with nutrients. Milk is rich in fats<br />

and proteins to leave your skin feeling<br />

silky soft, while lactic acid, an alpha<br />

hydroxy acid, helps cleanse the skin<br />

and release dead skin cells.<br />

For next-level tub-time luxury, try<br />

adding essential oils to your milk<br />

bath – your mind and body will thank<br />

you for it.<br />

Clarins relax body<br />

treatment oil<br />

100ml, $70<br />

Peppermint Grove australia hand &<br />

body Wash 500ml, $19.95<br />

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eauty<br />

eXFOLIatORS<br />

Body scrubs are a great way to get rid of dry skin and get the<br />

blood circulating around the body. Sea salt body scrubs prime<br />

the skin for moisturisers by removing dead skin cells and dirt<br />

particles, ensuring that the active components of the product<br />

are deeply penetrated into the layers of the skin.<br />

Chemical exfoliators contain mild acids that remove dead<br />

skin cells, creating a slight tingling sensation on application<br />

that only lasts a few minutes. Scents in exfoliating creams are<br />

often activated as they are applied to the skin – which make for<br />

an energising start to a slow winter morning.<br />

Exfoliation is an important part of rejuvenating the skin (not<br />

to mention imperative for winter faux-tan prep). Whichever<br />

exfoliator you use, make sure to follow it up with a moisturiser<br />

for skin that is soft and smooth.<br />

Jo Malone London english Pear &<br />

freesia scented Candle, $92 and<br />

Glasshouse Fragrances scent scene<br />

Duo, $39.95

Peppermint Grove<br />

australia bath salts<br />

200g, $14.95<br />

tHe SCIeNCe<br />

OF MeDItatION<br />

Sinking softly into a warm bubble bath is not an exercise in selfindulgence;<br />

it’s practising much-needed self-care and can enhance your<br />

body’s function and mental health. Often cited as a form of meditation,<br />

taking some ‘me’ time to close your eyes and be soothed by the scent of<br />

a warm bath for half an hour is a powerful way to realign your thoughts,<br />

declutter your mind and quash negativity. While a clear defi nition of<br />

meditation is hard to pin down, research has shown that daily meditation<br />

lessens the production of the stress hormone cortisol. It also activates the<br />

autonomic nervous system, which is responsible for involuntary functions<br />

such as digestion and blood pressure, often negatively affected by stress.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 29

1.<br />

5.<br />

2.<br />

6.<br />

beauty<br />

3.<br />

4.<br />

15.<br />

l<br />

We<br />

19.<br />

17.<br />

18.<br />

13.<br />

14.<br />


8.<br />

7.<br />

ove<br />

11.<br />

9.<br />

12.<br />

10.<br />

20.<br />

21.<br />

22.<br />

1.Salt by Hendrix nourish + revive rosehip oil 50ml, $34.95, 2. Jo Malone London lime, basil and Mandarin bath<br />

oil 250ml, $90, 3. elizabeth arden White tea scent Candle, $40, 4. Peppermint Grove australia large Diffuser 350ml,<br />

$39.95, 5. Salt by Hendrix bath to body oil 100ml, $39.95, 6. Frank body in Your Dreams sleep scrub and soak<br />

240g, $18.95, 7. Sand & Sky australian Pink Clay smoothing body sand 180g, $49.90, 8. L’Occitane Cherry blossom<br />

bath & shower gel 250ml, $31, 9. Slip Silk turban, $95, 10. Slip Silk glam band, $65, 11. Peppermint Grove australia<br />

extra large soy Candles 700g, $69.95, 12. Salt by Hendrix Coco-soak in rose 220g, $24.95, 13. ella baché floral oil<br />

face and body Cleansing oil 500ml, $74, 14. Oil Garden relax & unwind silk bath oil 125ml, $34.99, 15. Pure Fiji<br />

exotic bath & body oil 90ml, $44.95, 16. Pure Fiji sugar rub, $49.95, 17. Dr. LeWinn’s recovërederm australian bioactive<br />

Marine algae rescue Mask, $9.95, 18. Clarins tonic bath & shower Concentrate 200ml, $42, 19. Glasshouse<br />

Fragrances shower gel in forever florence 400ml, $29.95, 20. Glasshouse Fragrances soy Candle in sydney sundays,<br />

$44.95, 21. Pure Fiji Mango soy Candle, $39.90, 22. ecoya Madison Jar Candle in blood orange, $42.95.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 31

feature<br />

of positive<br />

the power<br />

The right attitude<br />

to beauty and<br />

understanding it<br />

objectively can help<br />

you face each day<br />

confidently and<br />

positively.<br />

The concept of beauty is undefined; it<br />

varies among cultures and societies and<br />

even through the decades. However,<br />

the way you carry yourself will arguably always<br />

affect how others perceive you.<br />

As the saying goes, if you look good, you<br />

feel good. But the reverse is also true, as<br />

confidence and inner beauty do show on the<br />

outside. Confidence is thought to be one of<br />

the most attractive qualities and can be even<br />

more intoxicating than physical beauty alone.<br />

Together, it’s a tough combination to beat.<br />

Many people have found someone<br />

physically attractive, even though they were<br />

not conventionally ‘good looking’. Their<br />

personality, charm, confidence, goodness, wit<br />

or energy seem to shine through. It may take<br />

inner beauty longer to make an impact than a<br />

first impression, but it is what goes the distance<br />

and can be present at any age.

www.cosbeauty.com.au 33

feature<br />

Confidence<br />

Confidence is about self-respect and<br />

self-understanding. How you perceive<br />

yourself will ultimately affect how others<br />

perceive you.<br />

Consider the ubiquitous ‘Best Celebrity<br />

Body’ surveys. Although the Hollywood<br />

ideal seems to be stick thin, names such<br />

as Beyoncé, Sofia Vergara and Scarlett<br />

Johansson regularly make the list. These<br />

celebrities are admired by many women for<br />

their voluptuous curves, but a large part of<br />

their appeal is due to their confidence in<br />

their bodies and how they carry themselves.<br />

Recognising the power of the positive, an<br />

increasing number of people are turning to<br />

cosmetic procedures to enhance appearance<br />

and boost confidence – whether this be a<br />

minor tweak or a major procedure. Advances<br />

in technology have revolutionised the field<br />

of cosmetic surgery and made it part of<br />

mainstream medicine. It’s no longer reserved<br />

for the rich and famous, but now available to<br />

anyone who wants to wishes to utilise it.<br />

Additionally, in the past 20 years or so,<br />

advancements in the cosmetic and aesthetic<br />

industry have created a highly popular, less<br />

permanent breed of cosmetic enhancement<br />

for those of us who aren’t ready to go ‘under<br />

the knife’. Non-surgical alternatives to facial<br />

rejuvenation are being requested more and<br />

more, so much so that they are becoming<br />

regular treatments for many women and<br />

men, alongside facials and other mainstream<br />

beauty treatments.<br />

A study at Queensland’s Griffith<br />

University examined the emotional<br />

impact of cosmetic surgery on patients<br />

and their families. It found the emotional<br />

experience of cosmetic surgery was largely<br />

a beneficial one, after which many patients<br />

indicated they would undergo the same<br />

procedure again if necessary. They said they<br />

enjoyed significant positive psychological<br />

outcomes, including growth of self-esteem<br />

and confidence.

Motivation<br />

Understanding the ‘why’ behind your decision to<br />

undergo cosmetic enhancement is a critical step<br />

towards receiving the results you are looking for.<br />

Melbourne body image researcher and clinician<br />

Roberta Honigman says talking to someone<br />

about your motivations will help both pinpoint<br />

your reasons for seeking cosmetic enhancement<br />

and manage your expectations of the results.<br />

‘You’re actually helping yourself by<br />

understanding what it is you are seeking and<br />

why, as that’s the key to happiness in this field,’<br />

Honigman says.<br />

‘It’s important to be honest with yourself<br />

in terms of what you hope to achieve. “If I<br />

go through this, I expect to look like somebody<br />

who is going to find a new relationship”, or<br />

“my looks are going to help me get a new<br />

job”, or “my looks are going to allow me to<br />

reconnect with an aspect of my life that I’ve<br />

let go of”,’ she explains. ‘That is the key to a<br />

treatment’s success.’<br />

One of the most disconcerting experiences<br />

of ageing is the disconnect that occurs between<br />

feeling young and vibrant on the inside and the<br />

physical effects of getting older on the outside.<br />

As a result, one of the most common motives for<br />

undergoing facial rejuvenation is the desire to<br />

bridge this divide by minimising the signs<br />

of ageing.<br />

In line with this attitude is the tendency for<br />

some young people to express their perfectionism<br />

through cosmetic enhancement procedures,<br />

particularly through non-surgical enhancements.<br />

This kind of motive can cause both young<br />

and older people to lose sight of their inner<br />

self, and to define themselves according to<br />

their appearance.<br />

‘People have to be prepared to take<br />

responsibility for their own bodies and their<br />

own lives. That’s why they must understand the<br />

motivation driving them to seek a change before<br />

they do anything,’ Honigman says. ‘Starting out<br />

with realistic expectations of what is possible is<br />

the key to being happy with the result.’<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 35

feature<br />

Happiness<br />

Beauty alone is no guarantee of happiness.<br />

Leslie Zebrowith, professor of psychology at<br />

the Brandies University in Massachusetts,<br />

conducted a personality test on a number of<br />

men and women and found that beautiful<br />

people with ugly personality traits looked<br />

less and less attractive with the passage of<br />

time. Through her research, she concluded<br />

that women who were gregarious and<br />

vivacious in their teens, looked more<br />

beautiful to others even in their 50s – more<br />

than their aloof, unfriendly but more<br />

beautiful peers.<br />

What the study encapsulates is the notion<br />

that being attractive might make you happy,<br />

but being happy means you make yourself<br />

more attractive.<br />

The physical beauty of a woman is only<br />

a small portion of her overall beauty, and<br />

this portion wanes. Internal beauty includes<br />

manners, behaviour, intelligence, sense of<br />

humour, compassion and family or personal<br />

values, which are intrinsic and lasting<br />

personality traits.<br />

So in a nutshell, beauty may be a<br />

fascinating or illusive gift for the bearer, but<br />

it may not make he or she happy. Having the<br />

self-esteem and confidence to be happy in<br />

your own skin may just be the guarantee for<br />

eternal beauty. CBM<br />

get<br />

happy<br />

Professor Timothy Sharp of The<br />

Happiness Institute tells us how<br />

positivity and happiness can help<br />

us lose weight.<br />

If you’ve tried traditional diets with<br />

minimal or no success, you might be<br />

interested in a new approach based<br />

on the science of positive psychology.<br />

Whereas most diets propose that if<br />

you lose weight then you’ll be happy,<br />

The Happiness Diet proposes that if<br />

you get happy first then you’ll lose<br />

weight. It’s all about putting positivity<br />

first; creating the motivation and<br />

energy to do what you need to do<br />

and achieve your goals.<br />

So how do you get happier for a<br />

brighter, slimmer, less stressed life?<br />

Here are some tips to harness the<br />

power of positivity for inspiration<br />

and change.<br />

‘<br />

Having the self-esteem and confidence to<br />

be happy in your own skin may just be the<br />

guarantee for eternal beauty.<br />

1.<br />

Imagine a positive vision<br />

of the future – one in<br />

which you’re living a<br />

great, fulfilling, active and<br />

flourishing life.<br />

2.<br />

Imagine you at your best<br />

living this great life.<br />

3.<br />

Start living this life now<br />

by planning positive<br />

and inspiring activities<br />

right now.<br />

4.<br />

Also plan activities that<br />

require a degree of effort<br />

and mastery.<br />

5.<br />

Be mindful about what<br />

you say to yourself –<br />

try to develop a more<br />

optimistic thinking style.<br />

6.<br />

Build confidence by<br />

trying new activities.<br />

7.<br />

Focus more on strengths<br />

and stop trying to fix<br />

weaknesses.<br />

8.<br />

Find ways to think<br />

positively about healthy<br />

eating and activity.<br />

9.<br />

Build positive and<br />

supportive relationships<br />

by enlisting the support<br />

of family and friends.<br />

10.<br />

Build positivity by<br />

practising appreciation<br />

and gratitude.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 37

eauty<br />

isolationproof<br />

your skin

isolation skin is<br />

now a thing. stress,<br />

extra time indoors<br />

and lack of exercise<br />

all play havoc with<br />

our skin’s moisture<br />

levels. here are the<br />

thirst-quenching<br />

products to fight it.<br />

Now’s the time to do our part<br />

and #StayHome while we wait<br />

out the coronavirus pandemic.<br />

However, consequences of isolation<br />

such as spending more time indoors and<br />

doing less exercise can lead to dryness<br />

and breakouts.<br />

It’s time for some more heavy duty<br />

skincare products that will protect, calm<br />

and soothe skin – think of it as comfort<br />

food for your face.<br />

Barrier is the word of the day. In<br />

healthy skin, the epidermis (top layer)<br />

has a seal around the cells to trap the<br />

moisture, known as a barrier function.<br />

However, dryness, cold and sensitising<br />

products wreak havoc on this natural<br />

function, so you need products to bolster<br />

your skin’s defences. Up the ante by<br />

using or adding a richer cream or oil<br />

into your routine – it will help to<br />

nourish and nurture your skin back<br />

to health. Get religious with your eye<br />

cream at night and lip balm during<br />

the day, and incorporate moistureinfused<br />

brightening masks into your<br />

skincare routine.<br />

Use regenerating day moisturisers<br />

and night creams, massaging the skin<br />

in a light circular motion to improve<br />

circulation and keep the skin’s outer<br />

layer active and healthy. Don’t drop sun<br />

protection from your routine – maintain<br />

at least an SPF 15 each day with UVA<br />

and UVB factors.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 39

eauty<br />


SKIN TIP #1<br />

1.<br />

2.<br />

5.<br />

Just as you would layer your outer garments to keep<br />

warm, try layering your products to lock moisture into<br />

your skin. a hydrating serum underneath your moisturiser<br />

will penetrate deeper into the skin for boosted hydration<br />

and brightness. multiple applications during the day, with<br />

products high in active ingredients, will ensure your skin is<br />

receiving the extra attention it needs.<br />

6.<br />

3.<br />

4.<br />

CLeaNSeRS: 1. Medik8 lipid Balance cleansing oil, $52,<br />

2. aLPHa-H Balancing cleanser, $43.95, 3. Clarins extra<br />

comfort cleansing cream, $52, 4. Jurlique nourishing<br />

cleansing oil, $44, 5. Ole Henriksen truth Juice daily<br />

cleanser, $38, 6. tmX Factor soap 100g, $9<br />

eXFOLIaNtS: 1. aLPHa-H micro cleanse super scrub,<br />

$49.95, 2. LuMa crushed pearl facial polish, $34.95,<br />

3. Synergie Skin mediscrub, $79<br />

1.<br />

2.<br />


2.<br />

3.<br />

4.<br />

5.<br />

1.<br />

6.<br />

7.<br />


SKIN TIP #2<br />

It’s just as important to hydrate your body from the<br />

inside as it is from the outside. Staying on top of<br />

your 8-glass a day water consumption will visibly<br />

improve the appearance of your skin, making it less<br />

susceptible to dryness and improving its health by<br />

flushing toxins from the body.<br />

8.<br />

9. 10.<br />

13.<br />

14. 15.<br />

11.<br />

12.<br />

16. 17.<br />

18. 19.<br />

SeRuMS: 1. aspect super pd complex 30ml, $135, 2. aspect illuminating<br />

polish 220ml, $59.50, 3. babor daily Bright serum, $212, 4. asap super<br />

B complex, $95, 5. asap ultimate hydration, $85, 6. Paula’s Choice skin<br />

recovery super antioxidant concentrate serum with retinol, $46,<br />

7. CeraVe hydrating hyaluronic acid serum, $29.95, 8. aLPHa-H<br />

hyaluronic 8, $69.95, 9. Medik8 hydr8 B5 intense 50ml, $99,<br />

10. mesoestetic ha densimatrix 30ml, $149, 11. mesoestetic proteoglycans<br />

ampoules 10x20ml, $106, 12. Peter thomas Roth pro strength retinoid<br />

peptide serum, $181, 13. Clinicals emBrace advanced lipid complex<br />

20ml, $149, 14. Ginger & Me flash white even skin Booster, $85, 15. NGS<br />

Non Gender Specific everything serum, $89, 16. Salt by Hendrix Botanic<br />

facial serum 30ml, $39.95, 17. Clarins double serum, $98, 18. biologi Bk<br />

serum, $88, 19. Luma Brighten up Beauty serum, $39.95<br />

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eauty<br />

bODy<br />

beautIFuL<br />

Moisturising your body with a quality product will<br />

help protect your skin and lock in the moisture. Very<br />

dry skin is well suited to honey and shea butter-based<br />

body products and nourishing body oils. If your skin is<br />

ultra sensitive, choose an all-natural product without<br />

synthetic perfumes to prevent triggering a reaction.<br />

Everyone’s skin behaves differently from season to<br />

season, so you might fi nd that you’ll use a moisturiser<br />

for dry skin in winter and a lighter one in summer.<br />

Scented moisturisers can be a great substitute for<br />

perfume, and chances are your favourite brand of<br />

perfume has a lotion in the same scent. If it’s not<br />

heavy duty enough for your skin, mix it with a rich<br />

fragrance-free lotion to keep your skin smooth and<br />

smelling sweet.<br />

Regular exfoliation is as benefi cial to your skin as<br />

keeping it moisturised, buffi ng away the dead cells<br />

that might otherwise leave your skin looking dull. The<br />

use of a gentle exfoliator once or twice a week will<br />

simultaneously eliminate dry and fl aky skin, as well as<br />

aid in the absorption of your body moisturiser. Even<br />

better, experts believe the very action of removing the<br />

redundant top layer stimulates the production of new<br />

skin cells further down in the epidermis. The result?<br />

Brighter, healthier skin.<br />

1.<br />

6.<br />

7.<br />

2.<br />

3.<br />

4.<br />

5.<br />

bODy MOIStuRISeRS: 1. L’Occitane shea Butter ultra rich Body cream, $63, 2. asap revitalising bodymoist, $45,<br />

3. Glasshouse Fragrances midnight in milan Body lotion, $34.95, 4. Dermal therapy very dry skin cream, $9.95,<br />

5. biossance squalane + omega repair moisturiser, $50, 6. Skinstitut multi-active mist, $49, 7. Jurlique rose Body<br />

oil, $59, FaCe MOIStuRISeRS: 8. Charlotte tilbury magic cream, $125, 9. Cremorlab o2 couture hydra intense<br />

cream, $75, 10. ella baché neobright correcting night cream, $140, 11. Sisley Black rose precious facial oil, $280,<br />

12. SkinCeuticals 0.3 Retinol Refining Night Cream, $97, 13. Clarins Beauty flash Balm, $65, 14. bybi Babe Balm, $29,<br />

15. edible beauty exotic seed of youth anti-ageing oil, $64, 16. Paula’s Choice moisture renewal oil Booster, $52,<br />

17. Cannabella hemp Jelly, $62, 18. bobbi brown hydrating water fresh cream, $88, 19. PCa Skin hydraluxe, $215,

13.<br />

10.<br />

11.<br />

12.<br />

14.<br />

15. 16.<br />

17.<br />

18.<br />

8.<br />

9.<br />


SKIN TIP #3<br />

Stress is a trigger for inflammatory skin conditions such<br />

as eczema, psoriasis and acne. to help keep breakouts<br />

and flare-ups at bay during these challenging times,<br />

adding mindfulness and meditation can help you<br />

de-stress and relax – and keep skin in the clear.<br />

20.<br />

19.<br />

25.<br />

24. 23. 22. 21.<br />

27.<br />

28.<br />

29.<br />

31.<br />

32.<br />

33.<br />

34.<br />

35.<br />

30.<br />

26.<br />

20. Synergie Skin hydrolock, $138, 21. Dr. LeWinn’s ultra r4 collagen surge plumping gel, $74.95, 22. a’kin<br />

intense hydration day & night cream, $39.95, 23. Clarins hydra-essentiel silky cream spf15 - normal to dry skin,<br />

$70, 24. La Mer crème de la mer moisturizing cream, $242, 25. Ole Henriksen c-rush Brightening gel crème, $60,<br />

26. aLPHa-H daily essential moisturiser spf50+, $49.95, 27. Hop & Cotton the makeover, $208, 28. the Jojoba<br />

Company ultimate youth potion+l22, 29. mesoestetic hydra vital factor k, $129, 30. Sisley velvet nourishing<br />

cream, $265, 31. Skinstitut multi-active oil, $49, 32. Paula’s Choice resist intensive repair cream, $45,<br />

33. Jurlique skin Balancing face oil, $69, 34. Skin Virtue pure nourish moisturising cream, $89, 35. Skinbetter<br />

hydration Boosting cream 50ml, $109<br />

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eauty<br />


SKIN TIP #4<br />

stay active! as well as supplementing all those extra quarantine<br />

calories and fortifying your mental health, exercise is a key part<br />

of glowing, healthy skin. aerobic activity helps to protect skin<br />

from free radical damage and can even slow down the ageing<br />

process. get moving and work out daily and your whole body,<br />

mind and spirit will reap the rewards.<br />

eyeS, LIPS & HaNDS: 1. Lanolips milk & honey<br />

hand cream, $16.95 2. Lanolips 101 ointment<br />

minty, $14.95, 3. Peter thomas Roth water drench<br />

hyaluronic cloud hydrating eye gel, $64, 4. La Mer<br />

the lip Balm, $99, 5. Peter thomas Roth hungarian<br />

thermal water mineral rich eye cream, $75,<br />

6. Societe eye peptide gel mask, 10 pairs per box,<br />

$165, 7. Peter thomas Roth skin to die for darkness<br />

reducing under-eye treatment, $50, 8. eminence<br />

Organic Skin Care snow mushroom moisture<br />

cloud eye cream, $142, 9. Carmex pineapple mint<br />

moisturising lip Balm, $5.99, 10. Karen Murrell<br />

natural moisture stick, $29.95, 11. tmX Factor hand<br />

cream 100ml, $20<br />

2.<br />

1.<br />

4.<br />

6.<br />

7.<br />

9. 10.<br />

11.<br />

3.<br />

5.<br />


1.<br />

eXtRa CaRe<br />

FOR HaNDS<br />

& Feet<br />

All that extra hand-washing can damage the integrity of the<br />

skin barrier, stripping away natural oils and causing our hands to<br />

become dry, cracked and chapped. After washing hands, take a<br />

moment to massage a heavy duty hand cream.<br />

Exfoliation can also be a key element to hand care, but make<br />

sure you don’t get too scrub-happy on raw areas of skin. If your<br />

hands are ultra dry, use an extra layer of hand balm and wear<br />

cotton gloves for a few hours to let the moisture soak in properly.<br />

And let’s not neglect the feet. Dry skin is a common<br />

problem which may cause other symptoms such as itching,<br />

redness and cracked heels. Some people tend to have naturally<br />

dry skin that predisposes them to cracks, and thickened dry skin<br />

around the heel (that is more likely to crack) is often due to<br />

increased pressure.<br />

The best way to prevent and treat dry skin is to keep your<br />

feet hydrated with refreshing lotions and moisturisers. Feet get<br />

a rougher deal than the skin on your body or hands so it’s worth<br />

investing in a specialised product to take care of them. Some<br />

regular exfoliation and buffi ng will stop the build-up of hard, dry<br />

skin. A range of foot scrubs is available, from the luxurious to<br />

the down-to-earth, along with buffi ng stones and other products.<br />

There’s no better DIY way to treat your feet than a soothing<br />

foot soak. Thr ow in some Epsom salts or your favourite<br />

aromatherapy oils and soak for 10 to 15 minutes. CbM<br />

5.<br />

2.<br />

6.<br />

3.<br />

7.<br />

8.<br />

10.<br />

4.<br />

9.<br />

12.<br />

13.<br />

14.<br />

15.<br />

16.<br />

11.<br />

17.<br />

FaCe MaSKS: 1. SaND aND SKy australian emu apple, super Bounce mask, $93.90, 2. kotia nourishing cream mask,<br />

$44, 3. Clinique moisture surge overnight mask, $56, 4. Skin Virtue future advanced firming mask, $89.80, 5. Skinstitut<br />

hydrating mask, $49, 6. Pure elements lavender softening mask, $33.50, 7. SkinCeuticals clarifying clay masque, $72, 8.<br />

trilogy age proof overnight mask, $44.95, 9. Retreatment botanics instant glow face masque, $65, 10. Cosmedix micro<br />

defense microbiome sheet mask, box of 5, $120, 11. Dermal therapy exfoliating foot mask, $24.95, 12. Peter thomas<br />

Roth irish moor mud purifying Black mask, $99, 13. eminence organic skin care snow mushroom & reishi masque, $142,<br />

14. Peter thomas Roth cucumber gel mask extreme de-tox hydrator, $85, 15. Paula’s Choice super hydrate overnight<br />

mask, $42, 16. FlawCo australian Blue clay detoxifying & Brightening mask, $49.99, 17. La Mer the treatment lotion<br />

hydrating mask, 6 pack, $190<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 45

Skin<br />

All eyes on

ActivLayr<br />

ActivLayr’s new 5-second nanocollagen<br />

boost firming eye patch is<br />

here (and it’s everything tired eyes<br />

ever wanted).<br />

If 2019 was the year of the sheet<br />

mask, then 2020 is shaping up to<br />

be the year of the eye patch. Like a<br />

tall glass of water for tired, puffy eyes,<br />

a quality eye patch is the next musthave<br />

skincare product. And here’s<br />

why: it supercharges the delicate skin<br />

around your eyes with moisture and<br />

helps minimise the look of bags,<br />

dark circles and fine lines, giving<br />

an instant glow and more youthfullooking<br />

peepers.<br />

One of the frontrunners is<br />

ActivLayr’s 5 Second Nano-Collagen<br />

Boost Patches for the under-eye<br />

area. Using sustainably sourced deep<br />

sea marine collagen found in New<br />

Zealand’s pristine ocean and infused<br />

with powerful bioactives, ActivLayr is<br />

the only skincare manufacturer in the<br />

world to use marine collagen nanofibre<br />

technology to deliver bioactives<br />

into the deeper dermal layers of the<br />

skin, offering instantly noticeable antiageing<br />

results.<br />

Resulting from years of<br />

biotechnology research and<br />

development, ActivLayr can also<br />

boast that it’s the fastest non-invasive<br />

bioactive dermal delivery system in<br />

the world – the eye treatment literally<br />

takes all of five seconds to absorb,<br />

achieving deep dermal delivery of<br />

collagen and actives to help firm the<br />

delicate skin around the eye area.<br />

This easy to apply at-home<br />

treatment quickly and effectively helps<br />

reduce the hallmarks of under-eye<br />

ageing such as sagging and bags, fine<br />

lines, wrinkles, crows feet, puffiness<br />

and dark circles.<br />

How the ActivLayr<br />

eye patch works<br />

Scientifically designed to deliver<br />

bioactives to depths of 2.5mm into the<br />

skin, ActivLayr is proven to penetrate<br />

the deeper dermal layers noninvasivally,<br />

to produce instant results.<br />

In an independent clinical test,<br />

volunteers experienced an average<br />

of 19% reduction in wrinkle volume,<br />

16% improvement in skin elasticity,<br />

and a 15% improvement in transepidermal<br />

water loss after daily<br />

application over 7 days.<br />

Unlike traditional wet sheet<br />

masks, ActivLayr’s unique Sonic<br />

Electrospinning manufacturing process<br />

creates functional nano-fibres, that<br />

are instantly absorbed into the skin<br />

during the 5-second treatment. All<br />

the bioactive ingredients become<br />

stabilised during the electrospinning<br />

process onto a dry patch. ActivLayr<br />

instantly dissolves into moistened<br />

skin to deliver actives in less than<br />

one minute.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 47

How to USe<br />

simple application that takes less than one minute:<br />

Step 1<br />

wet the skin around the eyes with water<br />

Key<br />

ingredients<br />

Skin<br />

Step 2<br />

Using dry hands, remove clear plastic cover from eye patch<br />

Step 3<br />

Apply white side of patch firmly on to the wet skin under eye<br />

Step 4<br />

wait 5 seconds before removing patch<br />

Step 5<br />

Leave to dry, dab any excess residue with fingers<br />

within seconds ActivLayr starts working through the outer<br />

layers of the skin, allowing for immediate application of<br />

other skincare products. the versatile bean-shaped patches<br />

can be used below and around your eyes to help reduce<br />

crows feet and to brighten dark circles. hooded eyes can be<br />

treated directly by applying to the upper lids.<br />

ActivLayr 5 second nano-collagen boost patches for under<br />

eyes (rrp $89.99) contain seven pairs of eye patches plus<br />

a handy refillable water spritzer to help moisten skin for<br />

application anywhere, anytime. discover for yourself why all<br />

eyes are on this 5-second eye treatment patch. cBM<br />

MArine coLLAGen<br />

Aids skin tightening and firmness for<br />

youthful looking skin.<br />

SAUviGnon BLAnc<br />

GrApe SeeD eXtrAct<br />

A natural and powerful ingredient<br />

that helps improve skin elasticity and<br />

keep skin supple and firm across all<br />

skin types.<br />

kiwi FrUit eXtrAct<br />

Contains antioxidant properties to<br />

help reduce the appearance of dark<br />

circles and delay the signs of ageing.<br />

HyALUronic AciD<br />

Helps retain moisture for plumperlooking<br />

skin, reducing fine lines and<br />

wrinkles. Gives skin a soft, dewy and<br />

younger-looking appearance.<br />

Importantly, all ingredients are<br />

100% sustainably sourced from New<br />

Zealand and there are no added<br />

nasties such as fragrances, alcohol,<br />

detergents, thickening agents,<br />

emulsifiers, preservatives or synthetic<br />

chemicals. ActivLayr takes clean<br />

beauty to the next level, and can be<br />

used on even the most sensitive skin.<br />

WHERE<br />

TO GET IT<br />

BEFORE<br />

seven days AFTER treatment<br />

ActivLayr is available at selected skin<br />

clinics across Australia.<br />

for stockists, visit<br />

www.advancedcosmeceuticals.com.au<br />

or call 1800 242 011

Sisley Self Tanning<br />

Hydrating Body<br />

Skincare, $165<br />

Sisley Self Tanning<br />

Hydrating Facial<br />

Skincare, $180<br />

Keep<br />

St Tropez<br />

Gradual Tan<br />

Watermelon<br />

Infusion, $34<br />

Glowing<br />

BEAUTY<br />



1. Sunescape Instant Self-Tan Mousse, $44.95, 2. Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin<br />

Moisturiser, $14.99, 3. St Tropez Purity Face Mist, $35, 4. Bali Body Self Tanning<br />

Mousse, $29.95, 5. Ella Baché Great Mousse Tan Dark, $29<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 49

feature<br />

Top<br />

10<br />

Celebrity<br />

Perfumes<br />

of all time<br />

We take a<br />

trip down<br />

memory lane<br />

to remember<br />

the most iconic<br />

celebrity<br />

fragrances of<br />

all time. Eau to<br />

be famous!<br />

Fragrances hold special places in<br />

our hearts, and some of the most<br />

beloved are from our favourite<br />

celebs. Reputed to be the original<br />

celebrity perfumer, Elizabeth Taylor’s<br />

release of ‘White Diamonds’ in 1991<br />

has earned a cool $1 billion in sales –<br />

and inspired generations of celebrities<br />

to jump on board the scent train,<br />

which reached fever pitch in the 90s<br />

and early Naughties.<br />

Remember when we all bought J.Lo’s<br />

‘Glow’ back in 2002 (and contributed<br />

to its $300 million in sales in the first<br />

year), or dabbled in a bit of Britney’s<br />

‘Curious’ a couple of years later? Our<br />

allegiance to these sweet-smelling<br />

A-listers remains strong – Kim<br />

Kardashian West sold $10 million of<br />

her perfume line ‘Crystal’ in its first day<br />

on the market in 2017, $1 million of<br />

which occurred in the first hour. Oh,<br />

and more than 300,000 units were sold<br />

without customers ever even smelling<br />

the scents, highlighting the sheer<br />

marketing power of Kimmy K.<br />

Whether you love them or loathe<br />

them, many of these iconic fragrances<br />

have stood the test of time (all hail<br />

Queen J.Lo!). Here we celebrate the<br />

top 10 celebrity fragrances. CBM

Most loved<br />

CELEB<br />


In honour of National Fragrance Week<br />

2020 (16-22 March), ShowersToYou.co.uk<br />

collected poll results from 2,530 beauty<br />

lovers who chose from 50 iconic celebrity<br />

fragrances. Here are the top 10 most loved<br />

celeb perfumes of all time.<br />

1.<br />

GLOW<br />

JLO<br />

(2002)<br />

Ovidiu Hrubaru / Shutterstock.com<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 51

2.<br />

Heat<br />

BeYONCÉ<br />

(2010)<br />

feature<br />

3.<br />

faNtaSY<br />

BrItNeY SPearS<br />

(2005)<br />

Tinseltown / Shutterstock.com<br />

Tinseltown / Shutterstock.com

4.<br />

Our MOMeNt<br />

ONe DIreCtION<br />

(2013)<br />

Tinseltown / Shutterstock.com<br />

5.<br />

reB’L fLeur<br />

rIHaNNa<br />

(2011)<br />

JStone / Shutterstock.com<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 53

feature<br />

6.<br />

HaraJuKu LOVerS<br />

GWeN StefaNI<br />

(2008)<br />

DFree / Shutterstock.com<br />

8.<br />

SOMeDaY<br />

JuStIN BIeBer<br />


macri roland / Shutterstock.com<br />

7.<br />

CurIOuS<br />

BrItNeY SPearS<br />

(2004)<br />

9.<br />

WHIte DIaMONDS<br />

eLIZaBetH taYLOr<br />

(1991)<br />

10.<br />

faIrY DuSt<br />

ParIS HILtON<br />

(2008)<br />

Ovidiu Hrubaru / Shutterstock.com<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 55

Skin<br />

12Weeks to<br />

WOW<br />

Skin<br />

Like a personal trainer for your skin, the Medik8 ‘12<br />

Weeks to Wow’ program helps transform your skin<br />

into next-level wow. We chat with Daniel Isaacs,<br />

Director of Research at Medik8, on how it works.<br />

Q. Tell us how the Medik8 12<br />

Weeks to WOW program works.<br />

A. In the same way you might visit<br />

a personal trainer for fitness, Medik8<br />

offers you 12 weeks of personalised,<br />

intensive training for your skin,<br />

which includes eight appointments<br />

and six professional peels. The key<br />

is to stay committed – it’s possible to<br />

just have a single peel, but research<br />

shows that a course of six peels will<br />

deliver long-term skin benefits. It’s a<br />

little like going to the gym; you can<br />

go occasionally, but the real results<br />

will come when you commit to an<br />

ongoing program.<br />

Q. What does the program<br />

entail? What can clients expect?<br />

A. The program is tailored to each

client’s specific concerns and designed<br />

to deliver extraordinary skincare<br />

results. It’s not just a treatment<br />

program – each client is assigned<br />

a dedicated Medik8 professional<br />

who will guide them through the<br />

treatment journey with educational<br />

tips, personalised homecare and a<br />

unique peels experience.<br />

We team the in-clinic peels with a<br />

prescribed at-home regime of ‘CSA’<br />

products – Vitamin C plus Sunscreen<br />

by day and Vitamin A by night – to<br />

help ensure beautiful skin for life.<br />

Clients begin their 12 Weeks<br />

to WOW journey with a Pre-Peel<br />

Consultation where they will receive<br />

products to prepare the skin before<br />

the first peel. Over the six treatments,<br />

therapists have a choice of nine peels<br />

to treat skin concerns which can be<br />

built up in strength and layered for<br />

maximum results.<br />

The final appointment is the<br />

‘WOW Reveal’ where clients will be<br />

able to measure their skin results by<br />

comparing photos taken in their first<br />

consultation. To help maintain the<br />

results achieved, a Medik8 Lifestyle<br />

Programme will then be advised.<br />

Q. What results can we expect?<br />

A. Twenty-four hours post-peel the<br />

treated skin will likely feel a little<br />

tight and appear slightly flushed.<br />

Within three days, skin will start to<br />

flake but within the week you will<br />

start to see clearer, more uniform<br />

skin tone. Over a course of six peels,<br />

results will be even more visibly<br />

profound. We take photos of the<br />

skin’s progress to track improvement<br />

across such parameters as wrinkle<br />

depth, clarity and texture dependent<br />

on the skin concern being treated.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 57

Skin<br />

The<br />

Medik8<br />

difference<br />

Rather than complicate,<br />

Medik8 sets out to<br />

demystify skincare, and<br />

offers extraordinary results<br />

without compromising on<br />

texture, beautiful design and<br />

sustainability. The company’s<br />

continued investment in<br />

scientific research and<br />

development is driven by<br />

their ultimate goal of helping<br />

people achieve and maintain<br />

healthy-looking, beautiful skin.<br />

Q. How is the 12 Weeks to WOW<br />

program customised for different<br />

skin concerns?<br />

A. The beauty of 12 Weeks to WOW<br />

is that it’s been devised for everyone;<br />

whatever your skin concern. The<br />

Medik8 therapist will choose a course<br />

of peels from our Professional Peels<br />

and Mono Peels – all especially<br />

formulated to target different skin<br />

concerns, delivering visible results<br />

with less discomfort and downtime.<br />

All trained Medik8 therapists will<br />

arrange an in-clinic consultation<br />

appointment for anyone looking to<br />

start their peeling journey. This is to<br />

discuss skin goals and work out the<br />

best in-clinic and at-home regime.<br />

This will likely involve six Medik8<br />

professional peels (spaced 10-14 days<br />

apart) and a CSA homecare regime<br />

– vitamin C plus Sunscreen by day,<br />

vitamin A by night.<br />

Q. How are results maintained?<br />

A. Medik8’s skincare approach is<br />

encapsulated by the simple CSA<br />

philosophy, which is the basis of the<br />

homecare regime to maintain results.<br />

This would then be supplemented<br />

with additional solution-based<br />

products as prescribed by the<br />

therapist such as the White Balance<br />

Brightening Serum to address<br />

pigmentation concerns. Depending<br />

on the concern, the therapist will<br />

recommend tailored products for<br />

homecare use.<br />

journey clients will be treated with a<br />

selection of peels depending on their<br />

skin type, skin goals and treatment<br />

plan. These may include:<br />

REWIND<br />

A targeted formulation that helps<br />

reduce the appearance of fine lines<br />

and wrinkles. It helps fade away<br />

imperfections, leaving the skin visibly<br />

smoothed and rejuvenated.<br />

EVEN<br />

A brightening peel targeting sun<br />

damage, hyperpigmentation and dull,<br />

uneven skin. Helping to minimise<br />

melanin production, the Even peel<br />

visibly fades pigmentation for a more<br />

even and radiant complexion.<br />


A powerful blend of acids that sink<br />

deep into pores to effectively clarify<br />

and decongest the complexion.<br />

Rapidly brings blemishes under<br />

control and dramatically reduces the<br />

risk of future breakouts.<br />


Suitable for everyone and any<br />

skin concern, it visibly brightens,<br />

smoothes, decongests and revitalises<br />

the skin. Ideal for a first time peel or<br />

to maintain results from other peels.<br />

Q. How do Medik8 peels work on<br />

the skin?<br />

A. Chemical peels are fast becoming<br />

the number-one clinical skin<br />

treatment worldwide, and as such we<br />

have launched six new Professional<br />

Peels and three new Mono peels.<br />

Especially formulated to target<br />

different skin concerns, delivering<br />

visible results with less discomfort and<br />

downtime. On the 12 Week to WOW<br />


A new addition for extremely<br />

sensitive or redness-prone skin to<br />

visibly smooth skin texture and help<br />

promote a stronger skin barrier.<br />

We have created the ideal balance<br />

between just enough tingle so the<br />

client is aware the peel is working,<br />

but also bearable enough to keep<br />

the peel on for the maximum

12 weeks<br />

8 clinic appointments<br />

6 professional peels<br />

Beautiful skin for life<br />

amount of time to achieve maximum<br />

results. This is by keeping the acid<br />

concentrations high and the peel pH<br />

low, but with the addition of Time<br />

Release Technology.<br />

All Medik8 peels can be layered<br />

with our Mono Peels – containing<br />

one type of acid in varying<br />

concentrations from 30, 50 & 70%.<br />

These include: Glycolic, Lactic and<br />

Mandelic Acid. They can be layered<br />

or concentrated on specific areas of<br />

concern to intensify results. This<br />

maximises the results of the peel<br />

and allows the therapist to provide a<br />

bespoke, customised treatment with<br />

faster and better results for a truly<br />

unique peeling journey.<br />

Q. Why is combining/layering a<br />

combination of different peels<br />

beneficial?<br />

A. Skin can begin to tolerate peels,<br />

so it’s important to have an option<br />

to intensify the treatment which<br />

maximises the results for the client.<br />

It’s a great option for clients looking<br />

to build progressive results or for<br />

those who have plateaued in their<br />

treatment results. By layering a<br />

second or third layer of peel on the<br />

base peel, we can achieve a deeper<br />

level of exfoliation and achieve more<br />

advanced results.<br />

Q. What are your go-to<br />

treatments or sensitive or<br />

redness-prone skin?<br />

A. We have developed a new peel<br />

for especially sensitive or rednessprone<br />

skins: Sensitive PHA. It is<br />

exceptionally kind to sensitive skin –<br />

working as a surface exfoliator which<br />

also delivers intense hydration to<br />

visibly smooth skin texture and help<br />

promote a stronger skin barrier. It uses<br />

Time Release technology to minimise<br />

irritation and delivers luminosity<br />

whilst retexturising and decongesting<br />

the skin.<br />

Q. What’s the Medik8<br />

Skin Passport?<br />

A. Each client will be given their<br />

very own 12 Weeks to WOW Skin<br />

Passport, handing them back the<br />

control to track their skin journey.<br />

This handy record allows the client<br />

and therapist to review progress, give<br />

feedback and make changes to the<br />

treatment programme in real-time.<br />

It’s filled out at every consultation<br />

and peel to ensure the best results.<br />

Q. What’s your number-one<br />

skincare product?<br />

A. I can’t limit it to just one! My<br />

number-one essential skincare tip<br />

would be to invest in a skincare<br />

regime using CSA (a vitamin C with<br />

Sunscreen in the day and a vitamin A<br />

at night). It’s incredibly simple<br />

and grounded in science – it just<br />

works. CBM<br />

WHERE<br />

TO GET IT<br />

Medik8 is available at select<br />

skin clinics across Australia. For<br />

stockists, visit www.medik8.com.au<br />

or call 1800 242 011<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 59

1.<br />

2.<br />

maKeup style<br />

beauty<br />


CHIC<br />

We May Be IN The MIDDle Of a GlOBal lOckDOWN (ThaNks a lOT,<br />

cOVID-19), BuT ThaT DOesN’T MeaN We caN’T aDD a TOuch Of<br />

GlaM DurING quaraNTINe aND up Our ZOOM GaMe. NOW Is The<br />

TIMe TO eXperIMeNT WITh cOlOur aND placeMeNT.<br />

9.<br />

7.<br />

3.<br />

4.<br />

5.<br />

6.<br />

8.<br />

1. modelroCK rock chic Wings Out loud Brush Tip<br />

eyeliner, $19.95, 2. modelroCK Graffiti Collection Lip<br />

paints, $25, 3. Charlotte tilbury lip cheat pillow Talk<br />

Medium, $35, 4. Charlotte tilbury pillow Talk lipstick Duo lip<br />

kit, $98, 5. bobbi brown crushed lip color In peach passion,<br />

$46, 6. napoleon perdis loose eye Dust in copper element,<br />

$35, 7. napoleon perdis Blush patrol, $60, 8. bobbi brown<br />

Morag Myerscough play.dream.love eye shadow palette, $94,<br />

9. morphe 24a artist pass artistry palette, $44, 10. beauty<br />

blender Makeup sponge, $30, 11. beauty blender Bounce<br />

airbrush liquid Whip concealer, $46, 12. beauty blender<br />

Bounce liquid Whip long Wear foundation 30ml, $64,<br />

13. peter thomas roth skin to Die for redness-reducing<br />

Treatment primer, $59, 14. morphe eye Makeup remover<br />

120ml, $18, 15. morphe continuous setting Mist, $15,<br />

16.opi Nail lacquer in exotic Birds Do Not Tweet, $19.95

14.<br />

11.<br />

12.<br />

13.<br />

15.<br />

10.<br />

16.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 61

eauty<br />

1.<br />

maKeup style<br />


VIBES<br />

lONG-WearING aND fresh-faceD prODucTs TO cOMpleTe<br />

yOur lOOk fOr a WeekeND Of NeTflIX aND chIll.<br />

3.<br />

2.<br />

4.<br />

5.<br />

9.<br />

6.<br />

7. 8.

17.<br />

1. lanolips Baby rose Gold 101 Ointment, $19, 2. bobbi brown crushed Oil-Infused Gloss, $40,<br />

3. iConiC london Day to slay palette, $99, 4. sisley les phyto Ombres in Glow Gold, $65,<br />

5. peter thomas roth lashes to Die for Turbo conditioning lash enhancer, $132, 6. iConiC<br />

london sheer Blush, $42, 7. Charlotte tilbury pillow Talk Beauty light Wand Medium, $60,<br />

8. alpha-h absolute lip perfector Nude Blush 10ml, $32, 9. Charlotte tilbury collegen lip Bath<br />

pillow Talk, $50, 10. fluff Casual Cosmetics Refillable Lip Oil in Clear and Sheer Tint, $26 (refills<br />

$12), 11. mary Grace hello lover high shine Mineral Gloss in romance, $20, 12. modelroCK<br />

forever Mattes longer Wear lipstick, $25 (launching July), 13. peter thomas roth skin to<br />

Die for Darkness-redusing under-eye Treamtent primer, $50, 14. youngblood artiste Brow<br />

kit $72.95, 15. napoleon perdis Off Duty Tinted Moisturizer in Medium to Dark 30ml, $49, 16.<br />

sisley phyto hydra Teint 40ml, $145, 17. youngblood Illuminate palette $89.95<br />

16.<br />

15.<br />

13.<br />

14.<br />

11. 12.<br />

10.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 63

eauty<br />

1.<br />

maKeup style<br />


WheTher yOu’re sTarTING a BusINess Or NeW prOJecT,<br />

relOcaTING TO aNOTher cITy, Or sIMply ruNNING The WOrlD<br />

BeyONcÉ-sTyle, yOu NeeD a prOfessIONal Makeup<br />

lOOk ThaT shOuTs GIrl BOss.<br />

2.<br />

3.<br />

4.<br />

5.<br />

6.<br />

7.<br />

1. Charlotte tilbury eye colour Magic liner Duo Green lights, $47, 2. Charlotte tilbury luxury palette Green<br />

lights, $80, 3. Charlotte tilbury cheek To chic in pillow Talk Intense, $60, 4. skinstitut BB cream spf15, $59,<br />

5. o Cosmedics sk1n champagne luminising Drops, $49, 6. napoleon perdis auto pilot pre-foundation skin<br />

primer 50ml, $59, 7. Jane iredale pure Basic eye shadow kit, $92, 8. morphe Glamabronze face & Body Bronzer<br />

in phenom, $29, 9. peter thomas roth lashes To Die for The Mascara, $34, 10. morphe Morphe x Jaclyn hill<br />

The Master remix Brush collection, $145, 11. nu skin powerlips polish Duo in passionista, $43, 12. bobbi brown<br />

Intensive skin serum concealer, $69, 13. morphe luminous setting spray, $24, 14. trinny london eye2eye in<br />

sun, $34, 15. morphe 18s sunset Beats artistry palette, $26<br />

10.<br />


15.<br />

8.<br />

14.<br />

11.<br />

12.<br />

13.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 65

eauty<br />

Q&A<br />

with<br />

Lipstick<br />

Nick<br />

we chat with lipstick nick, aka nicole faulkner,<br />

Morphe’s Director of Global Artistry and queen<br />

of the celebrity makeup slay.<br />

What does ‘beauty’<br />

mean for you?<br />

Beauty to me is something you<br />

can’t technically see; you just feel<br />

it from someone. Which is ironic<br />

because I work in the ‘beauty<br />

industry’, but to me the word means<br />

so much more than just cosmetics<br />

or outer appearance.<br />

What are your<br />

absolute beauty<br />

do’s and don’ts?<br />

DO try new things, DO try new<br />

trends, DO wear whatever the hell<br />

you want!<br />

DON’T be afraid to learn new<br />

techniques, DON’T overthink it!<br />

What is your brand<br />

philosophy?<br />

Work hard in silence, be consistent,<br />

set mini goals and big goals,<br />

surround yourself with people who<br />

inspire you and support you.

hoW Would you<br />

desCribe your<br />

siGnature looK?<br />

My signature look would be wing<br />

liner, lashes and a nude lip.<br />

morphe Glamabronze<br />

face & Body Bronzer<br />

in phenom, $29<br />

What’s your #1<br />

lip tip?<br />

When I line my lips, I start from the<br />

outer corner and work my way up.<br />

This gives the illusion of naturally<br />

fuller, round lips – without the fillers!<br />

What are the most<br />

CoVeted looKs at<br />

the moment?<br />

effortless glam – dewy, healthy skin<br />

and hydrated lips.<br />

What maKeup<br />

trends do you<br />

foreCast for 2020?<br />

• Unique eyeliner placement<br />

• Softer lip shape<br />

• More berry tones (pinks, purples,<br />

mauves, etc).<br />

your faVourite<br />

morphe produCt…<br />

‘Iconic’ Glamabronze bronzer! I’m<br />

obsessed with over-sized bronzer<br />

pans and this one has the perfect<br />

shade for me. Most are too orange<br />

and this one is the perfect shade of<br />

soft brown for my skin tone.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 67

Skin<br />

In the<br />

Clear<br />

We investigate cosmelan ® , a treatment that’s<br />

helping banish pigmentation for good.<br />

Freckles. Brown patches. Sun spots. Sound familiar?<br />

You’re not alone – as many as 80% of us suffer<br />

some sort of pigmentation skin disorder. Skin<br />

hyperpigmentation is caused by the abnormal production<br />

of melanin, the pigment responsible for skin colour, and is<br />

a consequence of uncontrolled, localised overproduction<br />

of melanin by the melanocytes, causing irregular skin<br />

discolouration and dark spots. It can be triggered by a number<br />

of factors, including exposure to sunlight, hormonal changes,<br />

skin inflammation or injury, and genetic predisposition.<br />

If you suffer from hyperpigmentation, chances are you’ve<br />

already tried every trick in the book – including all the<br />

lotions and potions with lofty claims that they can whiten<br />

and brighten skin. The reality is that hyperpigmentation is<br />

frustratingly resistant to treatment.<br />

That’s why cosmelan ® depigmentation professional<br />

treatment is being hailed as a breakthrough in treating<br />

hyperpigmentation disorders. The advanced formulation from<br />

mesoestetic ® , a multinational pharma specialising<br />

in medical cosmetics, offers a relatively simple in-clinic<br />

solution and home system for these traditionally hard-to-treat<br />

skin concerns.<br />

‘We began using cosmelan ® in the clinic in August 2019<br />

and in just seven months it has become our most widely<br />

performed and requested treatment due to its high clearance<br />

success rate,’ says Savanah Desiree Lee, Director at Sydney<br />

Dermal Lounge. ‘It can be used on all types of pigmentation<br />

and on all skin types.’<br />

‘As a clinic which specialises in the correction of<br />

hyperpigmentation, we will only perform treatments that<br />

have minimal risk and offer a true solution. cosmelan ® is the

www.cosbeauty.com.au 69

hero in our depigmentation treatments. When performed<br />

alongside both in-clinic preparation and clinical support,<br />

the first stages of clearance, following the application of<br />

the mask, is often seen in as little as two weeks. The<br />

results speak for themselves: remarkable and in some cases<br />

life-changing.’<br />

Skin<br />

What is cosmelan ® ?<br />

cosmelan ® by mesoestetic ® is the world’s leading<br />

professional depigmentation method, designed to help<br />

reduce dark spots on your skin, while enhancing skin tone,<br />

smoothness and luminosity.<br />

‘cosmelan ® is used as a brightening method, helping<br />

to achieve short and long-term results by keeping<br />

hyperpigmentation under control.’ explains Savanah.<br />

‘cosmelan ® peels consist of a proprietary blend of<br />

tyrosinase inhibitors and exfoliators to effectively act on<br />

the different pathways of melanogenesis (production of<br />

the melanin pigments) to help ensure effective clearance<br />

on all types of pigmentation. We have found it to be the<br />

only solution which will help inhibit the production of<br />

unwanted melanin.’<br />

‘cosmelan ® uses slow release technology which provides<br />

the depth to effectively clear out the dendrite found in the<br />

basal layer of the skin. It is this ability which makes the<br />

results stand out against alternative treatments such as IPL<br />

and laser which will only create a superficial clearance,<br />

inevitably leading to the return of the unwanted pigment.’<br />

As an added benefit, cosmelan ® can also create a more<br />

youthful-looking and plump complexion due to the<br />

resurfacing stages, helping to soften the appearance of fine<br />

lines and wrinkles alongside a reduction in pore size.<br />

This client, 34, had melasma and hormonal acne due to a diagnosed hormonal<br />

condition (PCOS). She also had been struggling with gut health issues and food<br />

intolerances. The images are taken 2 weeks apart after cosmelan treatment. Following these<br />

images further clinical support was provided to ensure long-term clearance.<br />

As a clinic which<br />

specialises in the<br />

correction of<br />

hyperpigmentation,<br />

we will only perform<br />

treatments that have<br />

minimal risk and offer a<br />

true solution.

How does cosmelan ®<br />

treatment work?<br />

The treatment itself consists of two phases: the in-clinic<br />

cosmelan ® 1 mask which is removed later at home; and the<br />

at-home protocol which includes products such as melan<br />

recovery, mesoprotech melan 130 pigment control and<br />

cosmelan ® 2 maintenance cream.<br />

‘The cosmelan ® 1 mask is applied in the clinic and left<br />

on the skin for 8-12 hours, depending on your skin type<br />

and condition,’ explains Savanah. The mask is removed at<br />

home with warm water and followed by an application of<br />

melan recovery. cosmelan 2 maintenance cream is applied<br />

according to the recommended protocol. This is followed<br />

daily with hydra-vital factor k and mesoprotech ® melan<br />

130 pigment control.<br />

‘The recovery system home care line is designed to<br />

support the skin through the healing stages,’ Savanah<br />

explains. ‘Our clients return to the clinic on day 3 to<br />

commence clinical support which is performed over a<br />

period of 8 weeks in conjunction with the at- home use<br />

of the cosmelan ® 2 maintenance cream and other home<br />

maintenance products.’<br />

Peeling of the treated skin begins in approximately 48-<br />

72 hours and lasts about three days.<br />

Other side effects following cosmelan ® treatment may<br />

include some redness, dryness and swelling for up to a<br />

week. You should start to see some improvement after<br />

around two weeks. Pigmented patches should be decreased<br />

and skin will start to look brighter.<br />

‘Seeing visible results is incredibly exciting and we<br />

always ensure that the at-home regime is followed as this<br />

will help maintain results once the eight weeks of clinical<br />

support has been completed,’ adds Savanah. ‘At the sixmonth<br />

mark, we welcome the client back into clinic for a<br />

final assessment utilising our skin diagnostic scanner which<br />

was used throughout the process to track the progression of<br />

depigmentation. At this time we are then able to show our<br />

clients the progress in the different areas of the skin.’<br />

cosmelan ® offers a new standard in pigmentation<br />

control, providing an advanced brightening treatment<br />

to help prevent the signs of age spots. ‘cosmelan ® is a<br />

remarkable method offering results that change people’s<br />

lives,’ Savanah concludes. CBM<br />


cosmelan ® is available at select skin clinics<br />

across Australia. For stockists, visit<br />

www.advancedcosmeceuticals.com.au<br />

or call 1800 242 011<br />

Types of<br />

pigmentation<br />

Melasma/Chloasma<br />

Melasma, also called chloasma, is a hormonally<br />

triggered condition commonly seen following<br />

pregnancy or the use of contraceptive<br />

measures such as the birth control pill or<br />

implant. Common characteristics of this<br />

condition include a brown symmetrical<br />

pattern most commonly seen on the cheeks,<br />

spreading across through the temples and<br />

forehead. ‘Melasma is often mistreated as sun<br />

damage which leads to the use of ineffective<br />

treatment options,’ says Savanah.<br />

Post-Inflammatory<br />

hyperpigmentation<br />

Post Inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH)<br />

is a discolouration of the skin that follows<br />

an inflammatory wound resulting from<br />

acne, IPL or laser, or a response to an<br />

inflammation in the area which causes<br />

increased pigment production.<br />

Freckles and ephelides<br />

Freckles can be genetically driven and<br />

developed due to a person’s DNA makeup.<br />

They are also the most common type of<br />

pigmentation seen in skin types 1-3. Visibility<br />

of freckles can increase following sun exposure<br />

due to the UV exposure stimulating the cell<br />

responsible for pigment production.<br />

Solar lentigo<br />

and UV damage<br />

Excessive UV exposure will create sun damage<br />

within the skin due to the over stimulation<br />

of the melanocyte. Sun damage will create a<br />

visible discolouration on the skin called a solar<br />

lentigo, represented as a small pigmented spot<br />

with a defined edge. These are more commonly<br />

found in people over 40 years of age.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 71

aesthetic advisor<br />

Beauty<br />

just got<br />

serious<br />

Introducing [Aesthetic]Advisor,<br />

the online cosmetic enhancement<br />

destination to research and read<br />

reviews on your next procedure.<br />

COSBEAUTY.com.au just got more fabulous!<br />

Your favourite beauty source has added<br />

[Aesthetic]Advisor to the site, Australia’s<br />

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Like having your personal cosmetic enhancement<br />

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Get the scoop on the latest treatments and<br />

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Looking good just got a whole lot savvier! CBM<br />

Research<br />

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We have authoritative<br />

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treatment to help in your<br />

decision-making process.

Have<br />

something<br />

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Leave a review about your<br />

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to help others on their<br />

cosmetic journey.<br />

Ask an<br />

aesthetic<br />

practitioner<br />

Do you have a burning<br />

question about an aesthetic<br />

procedure or treatment? Our<br />

subject experts will personally<br />

answer your questions!<br />

VISIT US<br />

www.aestheticadvisor.com.au<br />

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aesthetic advisor

confused?<br />

we<br />

explain<br />

lasers<br />

vs IPL<br />

IPL and laser devices have<br />

become fixtures in beauty and<br />

aesthetic medicine. but what’s<br />

the difference between the two?<br />

The healing properties of<br />

light have been recognised<br />

for thousands of years.<br />

The Greeks and Romans both<br />

understood that sunlight could play<br />

some remedial role – although there<br />

was little understanding of why.<br />

As early as 1903 scientists<br />

realised light could be used for<br />

therapeutic treatment. The same<br />

year Danish physician Niels Finsen<br />

Ryberg was awarded the Nobel<br />

Prize for his work on light therapy,<br />

which eventuated with a machine<br />

that emitted similar wavelengths<br />

to the sun.<br />

In 1917, physicist Albert Einstein<br />

theorised on the light amplification<br />

by stimulated emission of radiation,<br />

or what we commonly refer to<br />

as lasers. Today lasers are used<br />

in a multitude of products and<br />

systems – from barcode scanners<br />

and 3D printers to a host of<br />

medical, industrial and commercial<br />

applications.<br />

Also harnessing the power of<br />

light, Nikola Tesla first conceived<br />

the idea of intense pulsed light<br />

(IPL) in the early 1900s and<br />

presented his idea to the American<br />

Army. He believed that light energy<br />

could be launched to intercept a<br />

flying object, instantly vapourising<br />

it. However, it was not until a group<br />

of Jewish Russian physicists, after<br />

migrating to Israel, implemented<br />

the idea of using intense pulsed<br />

light in medicine, paving the way<br />

for IPL treatments.<br />

Light-based therapies (both<br />

laser and IPL) have been<br />

successfully used for decades in<br />

beauty and aesthetic medicine,<br />

and for many conditions, such as<br />

pigmentation, photodamage and<br />

skin irregularities, are often the<br />

treatment of choice.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 75

aesthetic advisor<br />

IPL<br />

is most<br />

commonly<br />

used for:<br />

Superficial pigmentation, such<br />

as age spots and sun spots<br />

Lightening and reducing<br />

redness, rosacea and<br />

spider veins<br />

Overall skin rejuvenation<br />

for mild to moderate sundamaged<br />

skin<br />

Hair removal<br />

The difference<br />

between laser & IPL<br />

Lasers and IPL devices basically<br />

work in the same way. Put simply, a<br />

wavelength is selected that is readily<br />

absorbed by the target tissue, be it<br />

melanin, haemoglobin or water. Both<br />

types of light energy aim to heat the<br />

target to a temperature high enough<br />

to destroy it without damaging the<br />

adjacent normal tissue.<br />

The difference between the two is<br />

that a laser emits a single frequency<br />

of light that is coherent. This means<br />

that all the lightwaves are travelling<br />

in the same direction, allowing the<br />

target tissue to absorb the maximum<br />

amount of heat. The target tissue<br />

is all-important when treating skin<br />

problems with a laser. The target<br />

tissue for pigmentation is melanin,

for spider veins it is blood and for<br />

wrinkles water. Each of these target<br />

tissues absorbs a different wavelength<br />

of light, meaning a different laser is<br />

needed for each specific problem.<br />

Unlike lasers, IPL devices produce<br />

a broad spectrum of light in a range<br />

of wavelengths. While IPL can be<br />

used for many different types of skin<br />

concerns, such as pigmentation, sun<br />

damage and spider veins, it is not<br />

specifically designed to treat any of<br />

these conditions.<br />

In other words, lasers tend to be<br />

very specific to the conditions they<br />

treat, whereas IPL devices are more<br />

generalist in their offering.<br />

Intense pulsed light uses light<br />

wavelengths that target either<br />

melanin or haemoglobin in the<br />

skin. It can be used to permanently<br />

reduce unwanted hair growth, fade<br />

brown spots and cauterise enlarged or<br />

broken capillaries and port wine stain<br />

birthmarks. Some treatments have<br />

been developed specifically to<br />

treat rosacea.<br />

IPL treatment cannot typically<br />

address extensive sun damage and<br />

skin discolourations but it can reduce<br />

surface capillaries and brown spots,<br />

as well as help revitalise and even out<br />

the overall complexion.<br />

Laser therapies also work by<br />

targeting tissue and can be used for a<br />

number of treatments, including<br />

pigmentation, scarring, unwanted<br />

hair, spider veins, sun-damaged<br />

skin, wrinkle reduction and overall<br />

complexion rejuvenation.<br />

The advent of fractionated laser<br />

some 15 years ago, where microscopic<br />

columns of skin are treated while<br />

surrounding skin is left intact, has<br />

made it possible to achieve results<br />

comparable to traditional CO2 laser<br />

resurfacing (which can basically take<br />

10 years off your appearance) with<br />

fewer side effects and significantly<br />

less downtime.<br />

Fractional laser technologies break<br />

up light beams to allow columns of<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 77

aesthetic advisor

Lasers tend to be very specific to the<br />

conditions they treat, whereas IPL devices<br />

are more generalist in their offering.<br />

untreated tissue to activate healing<br />

mechanisms beneath the skin’s<br />

surface, treating skin conditions<br />

ranging from scars and birthmarks to<br />

wrinkles and fine lines.<br />

These lasers work by creating<br />

microscopic thermal injuries<br />

that trigger collagen production,<br />

stimulating cell renewal and<br />

plumping out the tissues. In other<br />

words, the laser works by creating tiny<br />

holes, or ‘dots’, in the skin’s surface,<br />

penetrating deep into the dermis<br />

which triggers the body’s natural<br />

healing responses.<br />

It leaves the skin around each dot<br />

intact, enabling the surrounding<br />

tissue to heal these microscopic<br />

thermal injuries by stimulating the<br />

production of new collagen.<br />

The anti-ageing benefits of<br />

fractional laser technology include<br />

improving evenness of skin tone and<br />

texture, reducing pore size and the<br />

appearance of lines and wrinkles,<br />

and helping to reverse the signs of<br />

sun damage. A more mild treatment<br />

may take several sessions, while one<br />

procedure is usually sufficient for a<br />

more aggressive treatment.<br />

Another difference between laser<br />

and IPL is the size of the area that can<br />

be treated in one session. Generally,<br />

the size of the IPL applicator head<br />

is larger than most laser spot sizes,<br />

so treatments are quicker but not as<br />

targeted as laser and typically require<br />

more treatments.<br />

In terms of safety, the two types<br />

are similar, but with lasers both the<br />

practitioner and the patient need to<br />

use eye protection. Light from IPL<br />

systems is not harmful or dangerous<br />

to the eyes.<br />

Generally speaking, lasers tend to<br />

be safer for darker skin types, whereas<br />

IPLs are typically not suited for darker<br />

skin types or tanned skin. This is<br />

because dark skin absorbs more light<br />

energy, and the adverse effects of<br />

this can include hyperpigmentation,<br />

blistering and even burns.<br />

Which one’s best<br />

for you?<br />

When it comes to choosing between<br />

laser and IPL, it’s important to keep<br />

in mind that what works best for one<br />

person isn’t necessarily what works<br />

best for the next. An experienced<br />

practitioner will advise you what is<br />

most suited to your specific needs, and<br />

should have a variety of treatment<br />

options to select from (including both<br />

IPL and laser devices).<br />

Another point worth being aware<br />

of is that IPL systems are available<br />

in different strengths and vary in<br />

how high the energies can be set.<br />

Many of the IPLs in the non-medical<br />

marketplace are not capable of<br />

reaching energies necessary to treat<br />

certain conditions and may even<br />

lead to burns and other avoidable<br />

complications, so always ensure you<br />

are in the hands of an experienced<br />

and accredited practitioner in a<br />

medical-based clinic.<br />

Results of light-based therapies<br />

vary, depending on the technique<br />

and experience of the practitioner<br />

and the individual patient. Patients<br />

should always ask their practitioner<br />

how new the laser or IPL machine is<br />

and when it was purchased. Recent<br />

models are superior to earlier ones in<br />

achieving effective and predicatable<br />

results. CBM<br />

Laser<br />

is most<br />

commonly<br />

used for:<br />

Pigmentation, including<br />

melasma<br />

Tattoo removal<br />

Acne and surgical scars<br />

Improving skin texture, pore<br />

size and skin firmness<br />

Rosacea and broken capillaries,<br />

port wine birthmarks<br />

Wrinkles<br />

Hair removal<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 79

No proble<br />

No gym?<br />


Best<br />

workout<br />

ideas for<br />

home<br />

Waiting out the coronavirus?<br />

We’ve rounded up the best<br />

free online workouts to<br />

get your sweat session on.<br />

Prepare to press play on<br />

these heart-pumping videos<br />

designed to help keep you fit<br />

from the comfort of your<br />

own home.<br />

m!<br />

As COVID-19 continues to spread,<br />

social distancing is affecting<br />

everything we do, including working<br />

out at the gym. So what’s a fitness buff to do?<br />

The good news is that social distancing<br />

doesn’t mean you have to give up your<br />

workouts or yoga practice.<br />

Many companies and trainers are offering<br />

free online workouts during the pandemic,<br />

so now’s the time to take advantage of trying<br />

something new and help preserve your<br />

sanity during quarantine. Here are some of<br />

our favourites:<br />

• YouTube: Of course, the biggest video<br />

sharing and second-largest website in the<br />

world is a treasure trove of free health<br />

and fitness videos – ranging from Pilates<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 81

wellness<br />

to Prancercise, seek and you<br />

shall find! (For a truly magical<br />

#FlashbackFriday, check out the<br />

original “Jane Fonda’s Workout”<br />

from 1982 – no VCR required.)<br />

• Peloton: Big news of late is<br />

that the exercise darling Peloton<br />

is now offering 90-day free access<br />

to its fitness app. Even better is<br />

that you don’t need a Pelotonbranded<br />

bike or treadmill. Users<br />

can choose from classes such as<br />

yoga, meditation, strength training<br />

and more.<br />

• Fhitting Room: Sign up and<br />

get a 30-day free trial of their<br />

expert-curated workouts at<br />

ondemand.fhittingroom.com.<br />

• Active by POPSUGAR app:<br />

Access hundreds of do-anywhere<br />

workouts from celebrity trainers<br />

and fitness experts – head to<br />

active.popsugar.com.<br />

One of the best<br />

ways to stay<br />

healthy, both<br />

physically and<br />

mentally, is to stay<br />

active and practise<br />

self-care.<br />

• 28 by Sam Wood: Fancy a<br />

one-on-one workout with Sam<br />

Wood, one of Australia’s leading<br />

fitness experts and trainers?<br />

28bySamWood.com offers free<br />

resources so you can get sweaty<br />

with Sam at home.<br />

• Planet Fitness: This gym<br />

giant is offering free daily livestreamed<br />

“Home Work-ins” on<br />

their Facebook page. No equipment<br />

needed, and look out for special<br />

coaching guests!<br />

• Barry’s Bootcamp: Dubbed<br />

the “best workout in the world”,<br />

this local fitness brand is offering<br />

live 20-minute workouts twice daily<br />

on Instagram @barrys.<br />

• Corepower Yoga: Check<br />

out these free On Demand<br />

yoga and sculpting videos at<br />

corepoweryogaondemand.com/<br />

keep-up-your-practice/<br />

• Daily Burn: Sign up for a<br />

30-day free trial where you can<br />

choose from thousands of different<br />

video and audio workouts on<br />


DIY<br />

workouts<br />

If now’s your opportunity to seize going<br />

completely off-grid, there are ways to<br />

work out from the comfort of your home<br />

without any high-tech equipment, just your<br />

body weight.<br />

According to experts, burpees are the<br />

king of at-home exercises. Start with five to<br />

10 burpees, followed by the same number<br />

of push-ups, squats, lunges and mountain<br />

climbers. Repeat several times for an easy<br />

total body workout, and keep pushing your<br />

limit each day. Keep your heart rate up by<br />

engaging as many muscles as possible while<br />

quickly moving from one exercise to the next.<br />

If you want to add some variety, the<br />

humble chair can be used to support your<br />

squats or tricep dips. And if you have stairs,<br />

congratulations – you have the original stair<br />

master in the comfort of your own home.<br />

Running up and down the stairs is a great<br />

way to break a sweat and turn up your heart<br />

rate as well as offering some relief from<br />

cabin fever.<br />

No matter how or where you work out,<br />

keep up good habits like regular handwashing,<br />

getting plenty of sleep, and<br />

eating healthy to boost your immunity. And<br />

remember, there’s nothing stopping you<br />

from getting outside, taking the dog for a<br />

walk or going for a run. One of the best<br />

ways to stay healthy both physically and<br />

mentally is to stay active and practise<br />

self-care. You’ve got this!<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 83

wellness<br />

At-home<br />

workout<br />

tips by<br />

Sam Wood<br />

Sam Wood, founder and trainer at<br />

28 by Sam Wood, one of Australia’s<br />

leading online fitness and nutrition<br />

programs, gives us the lowdown on<br />

how to use household items instead<br />

of gym equipment for a complete<br />

workout at home.<br />

First up, you don’t need to buy<br />

expensive home workout equipment.<br />

You can get stronger, fitter and leaner<br />

at home by adding regular household<br />

items into your workout, to replace<br />

common pieces of equipment you’d<br />

normally find at the gym.<br />

Sam’s Fat<br />

Burning<br />

hiit in<br />

7 moves<br />

Home HIIT workouts are<br />

effective for burning fat and<br />

toning muscle and the best<br />

part is you don’t need to<br />

use any equipment at all.<br />

3.<br />

1.<br />

Common household items you can<br />

use instead of hand weights (for lighter<br />

resistance):<br />

• A can of baked beans<br />

• A can of coconut cream<br />

Common household items you can<br />

use instead of dumbbells or kettlebells<br />

(for heavier resistance):<br />

• A heavy basket of washing<br />

• A pile of books<br />

• Your kids!<br />

1. Burpees<br />

2. Jump squats<br />

3. Split lunge jumps<br />

4. Mountain climbers<br />

5. Plank up-downs<br />

6. Push-ups<br />

7. Bicycle crunches<br />


2.<br />

4.<br />

5.<br />

7.<br />

Check out the page – 28bysamwood.com – for more of Sam’s at-home workouts,<br />

as well as tips on enhancing your mental and overall wellbeing.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 85

2.<br />

1.<br />

3.<br />


1.Tiffiny Hall Online Health<br />

and Fitness Program, TIFFXO.com,<br />

2. MB Active by Michelle Bridges<br />

2 x 3kg Hex-Headed Dumbbell<br />

Weights, $25, 3. Centr, by Chris<br />

Hemsworth Health and Fitness<br />

App, Centr.com<br />


10.<br />

13.<br />

14.<br />

15.<br />

12.<br />

11.<br />

10. Ella Baché Active Face Great SPF50+ 50ml, $55, 11. Clinique High Impact Waterproof Mascara in Black,<br />

$39, 12. Napoleon Perdis Mesmer-Eyes Waterproof Black Mascara, $39, 13. Nike Sport Water Bottle Mint<br />

600ml, $19.99, 14. Lorna Jane Clarkson Nourish – Eat Good Food Cook Book, $44.99, 15. Morphe Eye<br />

Makeup Remover 120ml, $18

6.<br />

4. Lorna Jane LJ Elevate Blaze Shoes, $99.99,<br />

5. Skindinavia Makeup Remover Spray 118ml, $43.80,<br />

6. Sheridan Active Gym Towel, $29.95, 7. The Jojoba<br />

Company Jojoba Water Toning Face Mist, $19.95,<br />

8. O COSMEDICS The Skin Shammy, $19.95, 9. Slip<br />

Skinnies Silk Hair Ties, $50<br />

5.<br />

7.<br />

4.<br />

8.<br />

essentials<br />

9.<br />

19.<br />

20.<br />

16.<br />

17.<br />

18.<br />

21.<br />

16. Cancer Council Everyday Sunscreen SPF30 110ml, $10.75, 17. Jergens Oilinfused<br />

Skin Firming 496ml, $11.99, 18. A’kin Rose & Australian Sandalwood Natural<br />

Roll-On Deodorant, $10.95, 19. Ted Baker Water Bottle with Hexagonal Lid, $49.95,<br />

20. Ell & Voo Yoga Bag and Mat Combo, $59.99, 21. Bybi Mega Mist, $42<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 87


Tame<br />

your<br />

mane<br />

The at-home hair<br />

treatments for<br />

quarantined hair<br />

Here’s the scenario: your<br />

ends are fried, your roots are<br />

damaged, your hair is drier than<br />

a quarantini and you can’t get<br />

to the salon. It’s time to get busy<br />

at home with these hair-repairing<br />

products to tame your mane.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 89

eauty<br />

Like skincare, a good basic hair care routine is key<br />

to achieving shiny, healthy hair. Use a shampoo<br />

and conditioner designed to help repair damaged<br />

hair and protect it from further trauma. Look for products<br />

containing keratin, omega-6, ceramides, argan, avocado<br />

and olive oils, as well as hair-loving vitamins B3 (niacin),<br />

B5 (pantothenic acid), B9 (folic acid) and Vitamin E.<br />

These all help moisturise and repair dry, damaged or<br />

brittle hair.<br />

When it comes to daily care, it’s worth noting that<br />

your hair may not require washing as often as you think<br />

it does. According to top Sydney hairstylist Alan Coban,<br />

‘Shampooing should only take place every two to three<br />

days, and shampoo should be rinsed out with lukewarm<br />

water to avoid damage and moisture loss.’<br />

Supplementing your hair care regime with regular<br />

intensive treatments, like a leave-in conditioner, will help<br />

repair damage and encourage silky locks in the future.<br />

If you don’t already use hair masks on a regular basis,<br />

you need to get on board. A hair mask is like your regular<br />

conditioner on steroids. They are essential in order<br />

to fi ght frizz, hydrate and detox hair and give your tresses<br />

a beautiful shine.<br />

Working a dry oil through your hair can also make a<br />

world of difference. Dry oils contain the lightest silicones<br />

and oils to create a beautiful shine. They smooth the<br />

hair’s cuticle, which is the golden ticket to healthy hair.<br />

Focus on the dry ends fi rst, then work it through the rest<br />

of your hair.<br />

While we all know cutting back on heat-styling tools<br />

is the best way to protect hair, sometimes that’s just not<br />

going to happen. When applying heat to hair, always use<br />

protective hair products on pre-styled hair. Add a peasized<br />

amount from the mid-levels to the ends of your hair<br />

to help seal in moisture and smooth the cuticles. It only<br />

takes two seconds and will help prevent breakage and<br />

future damage. Worth. It.<br />

nourish &<br />

reConsTruCT<br />

1. Fudge clean blonde Violet toning shampoo, $23.95,<br />

2. white Sands leave-in conditioner spray, $22.95, 3. white<br />

Sands er fusion, $39.95, 4. white Sands porosity the fix, $34.95,<br />

5. white Sands Hair care’s the cure 24/7, $44.95, 6. nu Skin<br />

ageloc nutriol scalp & Hair system, $18, 7. color wow dream<br />

filter pre-shampoo mineral remover, $49<br />

1. 2. 3.<br />

4.<br />

5.<br />


HaIR maSK TIP<br />

When using an intensive conditioner or<br />

treatment such as a hair mask, cover your<br />

hair with a shower cap or plastic wrap,<br />

then wrap a towel around your head. This<br />

helps protect the mask from dripping, but<br />

it also adds some heat, which can help the<br />

ingredients penetrate better into your hair.<br />

Leave the mask on for at least 20 minutes<br />

to work its magic. Depending on the<br />

ingredients, some masks can be left on for<br />

several hours or even overnight.<br />

7.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 91

8.<br />

1.<br />

smooTh & infuse<br />

3.<br />

7.<br />

4.<br />

beauty<br />

2.<br />

5. 6.<br />

9.<br />

1. John Frieda detox & repair masque, $17.99, 2. davines nounou<br />

Hair mask, $44.95, 3. daVroe luxe leave-in masque, $29.95,<br />

4. chroMa id ice bonding colour mask, $31.95, 5. georgiemane<br />

10 minute Hair mask, $49.99, 6. davines naturaltech nourishing Hair<br />

building pak, $49.95, 7. a’kin miracle shine conditioning Hair mask,<br />

$5.99, 8. davines the renaissance circle extreme repair mask 6 x<br />

50ml, $19.95 each, 9. davines oi Hair butter, $49.95<br />

maKe YOUR<br />

OWn HaIR maSK<br />

Try this intensive reparative hair treatment<br />

from top trichologist Philip Kingsley. Whisk<br />

together two eggs, two half eggshells of<br />

olive oil, half a ripe avocado and 50ml of<br />

purified water. Work the mixture into hair<br />

with your fingertips, leave for 10 minutes<br />

and then wash off.<br />


9. 10.<br />

PreP & sTYLe<br />

1. John Frieda detox & repair care & protect spray, $17.99, 2. white<br />

Sands Keratin infused Hairspray, $39.95, 3. ogX shine + argan oil of<br />

morocco tame & shine cream, $20.99, 4. ogX shine + argan oil of<br />

morocco Heat protect spray, $20.99, 5. ogX frizz defying + coconut<br />

miracle oil air dry cream, $20.99, 6. ogX frizz defying + coconut<br />

miracle oil flexible Hold Hairspray, $20.99, 7. Sisley Hair rituel preshampoo<br />

purifying mask, $130, 8. khairpep transforme masque, $85,<br />

9. batiste dry shampoo & colour protect, $12.95, 10. ogX refresh &<br />

nourish + coconut milk dry shampoo, $19.99<br />

2.<br />

3.<br />

4.<br />

5.<br />

6.<br />

7.<br />

8.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 93

The ulTimaTe<br />

beauty<br />

whether you’re working from<br />

home and want to glam up your<br />

conference-call wardrobe, or<br />

simply have plenty of time on<br />

your hands, here’s a step-by-step<br />

guide to creating an easy faux<br />

salon diy blow-dry.<br />

1. prep work<br />

first up, make sure you shampoo<br />

your hair twice. this is the oldest<br />

trick in the hairstylist’s book! the<br />

first washes, the second nourishes<br />

(and really scrub at that scalp to<br />

help remove product build-up).<br />

next up, condition your hair with<br />

a moisturising hair mask. this will<br />

help add moisture and elasticity to<br />

your hair and prolong the life of<br />

your diy blow-dry.<br />

our<br />

pickS<br />

2. protect, protect,<br />

protect!<br />

in the salon, the pros always prep<br />

your hair with a heat protectant and<br />

you should, too. unnecessary heat is<br />

not a friend to hair. by adding a heat<br />

protectant to your blow-dry, you can<br />

help seal in moisture and protect<br />

against damage. most of your<br />

favourite haircare brands should<br />

carry a heat protector in their range.<br />

olaplex no.4 bond<br />

maintenance shampoo &<br />

olaplex no.5 bond<br />

maintenance conditioner,<br />

$49.95 each<br />

3. air dry your hair<br />

if your hair is dripping wet, it’s going<br />

to take double the amount of time<br />

to dry (and turn your hairdryer into<br />

a 15kg kettlebell). towel-dry excess<br />

water with a microfibre towel and<br />

leave it 10 minutes to help air dry<br />

your hair before getting to work.

DIY Blowout<br />

Our<br />

pick<br />

Our<br />

pick<br />

4. Boost<br />

your root!<br />

Achieve a salon-worthy oomph<br />

with plenty of extra volume. To do<br />

this, use a volumising spray on your<br />

roots. Not only will this add volume<br />

but it will also help your bounce stay<br />

around for longer.<br />

5. Use the right<br />

tools<br />

You don’t want to spend time<br />

only to be blowing static into your<br />

hair. We love Cloud Nine’s Airshot<br />

Hairdryer, which uses anti-static<br />

technology to reduce the amount<br />

of negatively charged particles,<br />

diminishing frizz and flyaways and<br />

providing you with that high-shine,<br />

silky blow-out look. The cool shot<br />

button also allows you to set<br />

that bounce in place for a longlasting<br />

effect.<br />

Our<br />

pick<br />

Cloud Nine Blow Dry<br />

Bristle Brush, $95<br />

6. Switch up<br />

the direction<br />

Using a nozzle, dry your hair away<br />

from your face, back on itself, and<br />

then downwards. This will help<br />

your hair cuticles lie flatter, making<br />

it smooth at the root. Add those<br />

bouncy waves by round-brushing<br />

the mid-lengths and ends in<br />

alternating directions.<br />

7. Make it last!<br />

Investing in a silk pillowcase might<br />

seem a little decadent in the current<br />

climate, but if you’re serious about<br />

reducing the frizzies and maintaining<br />

your hairstyle for longer (not to<br />

mention helping to reduce sleep<br />

wrinkles), a silk pillowcase could be<br />

a very smart investment.<br />

Color Wow<br />

Dream Cocktail<br />

Kale-Infused<br />

Volume, $49<br />

Cloud Nine<br />

Airshot Dryer, $240<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 95

feature<br />


time<br />

The<br />

beauty of a good<br />

night’s sleep can never be<br />

overstated. here are some<br />

tips to help you get your<br />

full 40 winks.<br />

Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “Sleeping is no mean art.<br />

For its sake one must stay awake all day.” Maximising<br />

slumber can be tricky in today’s rat race, which can poach<br />

the possibility of the fabled eight hours of dream time faster<br />

than you can say ‘toss and turn’.<br />

Research unswervingly shows that some serious shuteye<br />

is essential for your health and wellbeing, with lack of sleep<br />

associated with everything from weight gain to cancer.<br />

Research has also proven that there’s a link between<br />

inadequate sleep and signs of ageing, with lack of sleep<br />

doubling the signs of skin ageing, including fine lines.<br />

One study, conducted by University Hospital Case<br />

Medical Centre in Ohio and commissioned by Estée Lauder,<br />

investigated the process of catabolysis in skin and cellular<br />

synchronisation and purification, and their connection<br />

to sleep.<br />

Catabolysis is a natural purification process that helps<br />

skin cells eliminate internal debris that can cause cellular<br />

damage. Getting older, coupled with environmental<br />

factors, generates internal debris within cells which can<br />

cause cellular damage and prevent cells from functioning<br />

efficiently. Skin cells have a natural 24-hour rhythm,<br />

repairing themselves at night and protecting themselves<br />

in the day. Catabolysis is at its peak at night in line with<br />

the circadian rhythm of your body. With age the process<br />

becomes less efficient and desynchronised, contributing to<br />

the appearance of aged and dehydrated skin.<br />

The researchers found that poor quality sleepers lost 30<br />

percent more water 72 hours after a skin barrier disruption,<br />

such as exposure to UV light, than those who regularly have<br />

good quality sleep. The poor sleepers also showed twice<br />

the amount of intrinsic signs of ageing such as fine lines,<br />

reduced elasticity and uneven pigmentation.<br />

If you’re tormented by hours spent staring at the ceiling<br />

while the rest of the world slumbers (or so you imagine),<br />

take heed of these sleep-inducing tips to help cure restless<br />

nights and get your beauty sleep.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 97

feature<br />

6tips to<br />

get a<br />

good<br />

night’s<br />

sleep<br />

1.<br />

have a warm bath<br />

before bedtime<br />

Normal body temperatures play<br />

off your body’s circadian rhythm.<br />

Temperatures are low during sleep<br />

and at their highest point during the<br />

day. A drop in body temperature can<br />

be a trigger for drowsiness, and the<br />

cooling down that occurs after a warm<br />

bath facilitates feelings of sleepiness.<br />

2.<br />

avoid caffeine and alcohol<br />

Caffeine products such as coffee, tea, colas and chocolate<br />

are stimulants. They usually remain in your body from<br />

three to five hours but some of us can still feel their effects<br />

up to 12 hours later. It’s best to avoid caffeine within six to<br />

eight hours of going to bed. And, dare we say it, but a glass<br />

or two of alcohol with dinner can make for a very restless<br />

night, not to mention a pesky hangover the morning after.<br />

Alcohol can also restrict airflow into the lungs which<br />

reduces oxygen in your blood and can lead to snoring (and<br />

no one likes a snorer).<br />

3.<br />

Get active<br />

We’re not going to be the thousandth<br />

person in your lifetime to tell you to get<br />

more exercise – but we are going to warn<br />

you about achieving balance. We all<br />

know that overresting leaves us sluggish<br />

and lethargic. Eight hours staring at a<br />

computer screen is standard these days,<br />

and it can wear out your brain. Just like<br />

your brain shutting down when it needs<br />

to, exercise makes sure your body winds<br />

down when the moment it needs to<br />

arrives. Exercise also triggers those muchheralded<br />

endorphins. Produced by the<br />

brain, they bolster your mood and aid the<br />

production of the hormones that help<br />

you fall asleep.

4.<br />

choose the right foods<br />

All those old wives’ tales about eating<br />

before bed are on the mark, but less<br />

important than you’d like to think.<br />

Eating at the right time, your ‘metabolic<br />

window’, conditions your body’s<br />

metabolism to wake up and wind down.<br />

Within this timeframe you can give<br />

your body an important message: in your<br />

world there is an adequate supply of food,<br />

so it can sit back and relax into sleep<br />

mode when it feels the need. Different<br />

types of food can affect how you sleep.<br />

Meals rich in carbohydrates set off a<br />

chain reaction which makes you sleepy.<br />

Carbs trigger the release of insulin,<br />

which increases the level of the chemical<br />

tryptophan in the brain. From there, it’s<br />

turned into serotonin, and serotonin is<br />

a sleep inducer. Eating proteins has the<br />

opposite effect to carbohydrates and can<br />

make us feel more alert. A lunch rich in<br />

protein may well prevent the 3pm slump,<br />

while eating carbohydrates at dinner<br />

should help you to sleep.<br />

‘<br />

Poor sleepers showed<br />

twice the amount of intrinsic<br />

signs of ageing, such as fine<br />

lines, reduced elasticity and<br />

uneven pigmentation.<br />

’<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 99

feature<br />

5.<br />

chill oUt<br />

Take some time out to unwind. Reading a book,<br />

meditating or simply focusing on your breathing<br />

are good ways to start. Creating a calm bedroom<br />

environment is also a must. Televisions are<br />

a defi nite no-no and put your phone down<br />

already – your bedroom is for sleep, it’s not an<br />

entertainment centre. Fragrance the air with a<br />

botanical room spray, light a candle or practise<br />

the gentle art of aromatherapy. Herbs such<br />

as lavender can help you get a full 40 winks.<br />

Humans are hunter-gatherers and instinctively<br />

need to feel safe before nodding off. We all have<br />

our own little sleep aids, whether this be an<br />

open window, heating, a fan, white noise or a<br />

sleeping mask. Make sure you have a good set of<br />

blinds and earplugs handy if you need them. We<br />

use these aids to reduce distractions and tell our<br />

brains it’s safe to chill out.

eYeopeneRs<br />

Napoleon, Florence Nightingale and Margaret<br />

Thatcher got by on four hours’ sleep a night.<br />

The Guinness World Record for the longest period<br />

without sleep is 18 days, 21 hours, 40 minutes (during<br />

a rocking-chair marathon).<br />

The body’s ‘natural alarm clock’ is caused by a<br />

burst of the stress hormone adrenocorticotropin.<br />

Researchers say this reflects an unconscious<br />

anticipation of the stress of waking up.<br />

A Harvard study found that the less people sleep, the<br />

more likely they are to suffer from a major illness.<br />

It’s possible there may not be a single moment of our<br />

sleep when we are actually dreamless.<br />

6.<br />

Go to bed at the same time<br />

(and don’t hit the snooze button in the am!)<br />

Creating a habit of going to bed and waking<br />

up at the same time each day works to anchor<br />

your body clock and helps your body balance<br />

both sleep time and wake time. Some experts<br />

recommend that you sleep for between seven<br />

and nine hours every night, while others say<br />

the amount of sleep you require is what you<br />

need to not be sleepy in the daytime. CBM<br />

It’s alleged the only thing Marilyn Monroe wore to<br />

bed was a splash of Chanel No 5.<br />

Premature babies have 75 percent REM sleep, 10<br />

percent more than full-term bubs.<br />

A new baby typically results in 400 to 750 hours lost<br />

sleep to parents in the first year.<br />

Several studies have found that sleeping less than<br />

eight hours a night leads to obesity.<br />

Seventeen hours of sustained wakefulness leads to<br />

a decrease in performance equivalent to a blood<br />

alcohol-level of 0.05%.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 101

eauty<br />

Winter Beauty<br />

Cocoon yourself with these<br />

self-care rituals devised by<br />

Trudi Jaye, skincare & wellness<br />

expert and GM of Retreatment<br />

Botanics Skincare by<br />

Olivia Newton-John<br />

and Gaia Retreat & Spa.<br />

Beauty From The Inside Out<br />

Beauty and health are so closely related and the way<br />

we both look and feel begins with what we eat. A<br />

healthy, nutritious diet with lots of different coloured<br />

vegetables, rich in antioxidants and vitamins, is a<br />

sure-fire way to great skin and health.<br />

Team this with plenty of hydration from water,<br />

freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices and gutbalancing<br />

elixirs like kombucha, and you’re on your<br />

way to a glowing complexion as well as improved<br />

health and energy.<br />

I love adding nutrient-dense supplements to my<br />

meals and drinks. One favourite is Lee Holmes’<br />

Supercharged Food Golden Gut Blend sprinkled on<br />

my breakfast oats every morning – I miss its gingery<br />

flavour if I skip it! It’s true that a healthy gut supports<br />

glowing, vibrant skin.<br />

I also adore the adoptogenic Reishi Mushroom<br />

Power by Superfeast. It’s amazing for boosting<br />

immunity, regulating stress, calming the mind and<br />

promoting peaceful sleep – the key to inner beauty!

Rituals<br />

Olivia Newton-John and Trudi Jaye<br />

beauty Sleep is real<br />

Getting quality sleep is one of the best beauty<br />

potions I know. Aim to go to bed at the same<br />

time each evening and try for at least eight hours<br />

of quality sleep. Switch off at the same time each<br />

night – I always suggest by at least 10pm, and<br />

make your bedroom a haven of relaxation. Keep it<br />

free from clutter and devices.<br />

Try using an atomiser with Retreatment<br />

Botanics CALM blend diffusing through it. It<br />

really does lull you into a perfect slumber.<br />

Switch Off<br />

Never has this been more important than now,<br />

when our newsfeeds are overflowing with doom<br />

and gloom. Remember, Mother Nature has a<br />

way of bringing everything back into balance<br />

in her own good time. In the meantime, switch<br />

off. Take the time to cocoon yourself at home<br />

with a beautiful rug and herbal tea. Turn off all<br />

your devices – this means no phone, no tablet,<br />

no laptop and even no TV. Take long walks<br />

(practising social distancing, of course) and<br />

breathe in fresh air, deeply.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 103

eauty<br />

Exercise Regularly<br />

Even if you’re in self isolation, you<br />

should still keep up some form of<br />

exercise. Aside from the clear benefits<br />

of overall health, it will keep your<br />

complexion healthy and glowing.<br />

Meditate<br />

Enabling your mind to slow down<br />

reduces the stress on your nervous<br />

system and enables your body to<br />

function at its optimum. There are<br />

plenty of apps available that offer<br />

guided meditation, and Gaia Retreat<br />

and Spa even has a few DVDs<br />

and downloads to bring the spa<br />

meditation experience into your<br />

own home.<br />

Surround Yourself<br />

With Animals<br />

There has been a myriad of studies<br />

over the years linking animals to our<br />

good health and wellbeing. We know<br />

that being around animals can reduce<br />

stress, feelings of loneliness and<br />

isolation and induce happiness. As an<br />

animal lover, I know this to be true. If<br />

you don’t have a pet of your own, why<br />

not volunteer at an animal shelter?<br />

That’s sure to give you both an inner<br />

and outer glow. Just be sure to check<br />

regulations around social distancing<br />

at this point in time.

Practice Skincare Rituals<br />

1.<br />

2.<br />

Retreatment Botanics by Olivia Newton-<br />

John and Gaia Retreat & Spa has a five-step<br />

solution to ward off winter skin woes. These<br />

self-care steps will help you to feel calmer,<br />

while your skin stays moisturised, radiant<br />

and healthy throughout winter.<br />

Cleanse with Radiance<br />

Cream Cleanser<br />

Ideal for dry, dehydrated and sensitive<br />

complexions, this beautifully calming cream<br />

cleanser gently removes excess oil, surface<br />

pollution and impurities, soothing and<br />

rehydrating the skin.<br />

Simply apply with circular movements to<br />

remove makeup and either rinse or remove<br />

with a clean warm, damp cloth. At night,<br />

repeat, leaving the cleanser on for a minute<br />

or two longer on the second application to<br />

allow its actives to truly soothe the skin.<br />

Note, if you have oily to combination<br />

skin, you may prefer to use our Purifying<br />

Gel Cleanser.<br />

Gently Massage The Orbital<br />

Region Using Firming Eye<br />

Contour Cream<br />

The orbital area is the delicate zone around<br />

your eyes and, as a therapist, I know that<br />

light massage here brings a truly deep form<br />

of relaxation and inner peace.<br />

This quickly absorbed cream has key<br />

botanical actives including Byron Bay Green<br />

Coffee Extract, which really helps with<br />

de-puffing and minimising the appearance<br />

of dark under eye circles. It also works to<br />

visibly firm the thinner skin around the eye,<br />

minimising the appearance of fine lines<br />

and wrinkles.<br />

Apply after cleansing, gently patting into<br />

skin using the pad of your ring finger.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 105

eauty<br />

3.<br />

Massage skin<br />

using Kakadu<br />

Brightening Serum<br />

This is perfect for brightening<br />

skin that might become a bit dull<br />

in winter. It’s an ultra-strength,<br />

intensive Vitamin C serum suited<br />

to all skin types. It helps soothe<br />

skin and infuses hydration while<br />

promoting elasticity and firmness.<br />

Apply a light layer to freshly<br />

cleansed skin, extending along<br />

the neck and décolletage. Allow<br />

the serum to penetrate for up to<br />

two minutes before applying other<br />

products. This allows the active<br />

water-based Vitamin C molecules to<br />

absorb into your skin.<br />

4.<br />

Follow with<br />

Retreatment Botanics<br />

Restore Serum<br />

This superfood elixir for normal,<br />

dry, dehydrated and mature skin,<br />

is vitamin-rich to help minimise<br />

the appearance of fine lines and<br />

wrinkles and nurture winter-weary<br />

skin to its radiant best. It contains<br />

potent antioxidants and rich<br />

hydrating ingredients to ensure<br />

your skin is protected year-round.<br />

These include Wild Rosella Flower,<br />

Australian Sandalwood Seed, Buriti<br />

Fruit and Kakadu Plum.<br />

Apply after cleansing and/<br />

or Kakadu Brightening Serum,<br />

extending to the neck and<br />

décolletage. Because it’s oil based,<br />

you can take a little longer to<br />

massage this beautiful elixir into<br />

the skin, affording a little more<br />

‘pamper time’.

‘<br />

Even if you’re in self isolation, you should<br />

still keep up some form of exercise. Aside<br />

from the clear benefits of overall health, it will<br />

keep your complexion healthy and glowing.<br />

’<br />

5.<br />

Hydrate with either<br />

Ultra Rich Moisturiser<br />

or Light Hydrating<br />

Moisturiser<br />

Depending on your skin type, you<br />

will want a richer or lighter formula.<br />

Each of these is rich in Vitamins<br />

C, A, E and essential fatty acids<br />

to moisturise, promote elasticity<br />

and help minimise the appearance<br />

of fine lines and wrinkles. Gently<br />

massage over the face after applying<br />

your serums, extending to the neck<br />

and décolletage. You’ll be left with<br />

beautifully soft, dewy, luminous<br />

skin. CBM<br />

WHERE<br />

to get it?<br />

For more information and stockists<br />

visit www.retreatmentbotanics.com<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 107


d’s<br />

fa<br />


Glasshouse<br />

Fragrances<br />

Eau de Parfum,<br />

Rendezvous,<br />

$24.95<br />

Glow Dry Illuminising<br />

Drying Powder for<br />

Sunless Tanning, $58<br />

L’Occitane<br />

Divine Harmony<br />

Serum, $289<br />

Charlotte<br />

Tilbury<br />

Instant Eye<br />

Palette<br />

Pillow Talk,<br />

$120<br />

Chanel Lady Lapin<br />

Boy Small Bag, $7,966.54<br />

(shopbop.com)<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 109

3.<br />

1.<br />

2.<br />

4.<br />

BEAUTY<br />

9.<br />

12.<br />

10.<br />

13.<br />

11.<br />

1. BIOEFFECT EGF Serum, $70, 2. Medik8 Illuminating Eye Balm, $79, 3. mesoestetic radiance DNA Intensive<br />

Cream, $148.50, 4. Skin Virtue Future Advanced Serumist, $116, 5. Clinique Smart Clinical MD Multi-Dimensional Age<br />

Transformer Duo Resculpt + Revolumize, $115, 6. Sisley Black Rose Eye Contour Fluid, $190, 7. Ella Baché Neobright<br />

Day Correcting Cream, $135, 8. In Essence Sleep Well Gift Pack $89.95, 9. Fendi Beige Straw Baguette Bag, $1,508.23<br />

(shopbop.com), 10. MERE Phytosphere Bio-Illuminating Face Oil + Guardian Night Mask, $134, 11. La Mer The New<br />

Eye Concentrate, $305, 12. La Mer The Renewal Body Oil Balm, $250, 13. POMM Oil, $59,

6.<br />

8.<br />

5.<br />

7.<br />

16.<br />

17.<br />

14.<br />

15.<br />

18.<br />

14. Waterpik Complete Care Water Flosser and Sonic Toothbrush, $329.99, 15. asap firming eye lift, $85,<br />

16. asap DNA renewal treatment, $129, 17. Clinicals RELEASE Advanced Peptide Anti-Ageing Serum, $179,<br />

18. Alexander Wang Attica Soft Mini Fanny Pack Crossbody Bag, $850.80 (shopbop.com)<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 111

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