Children book


It’s a very special day for the

Raccoon family. They get to go


They find a nice spot on a hill and place down their


Mrs. Raccoon always makes the most delicious food

for their hikes.

Can today get any better?

After lunch, it is time

for their next activity, FISHING!

Baby Raccoon wants to help so he runs after

his parents while carrying a very large fishing rod.


.... back at camp, something

unexpected is happening.

The Raccoon family forgot

to clean up their food!

Uh-oh what could go wrong?

munch munch

The Raccoon family return to camp and are shocked to

see a wild child eating all their leftovers!

They’ve never seen one up close before.

Mr. Raccoon tries to

carry the child while

wearing oven mitts.

He is not scared!

Okay maybe a little.

Brave Baby Raccoon tries

poking the girl with a stick while

Mrs. Raccoon attempts to control her hair....

Finally, Baby Raccoon is able to calm down the child with

a sandwich.

Food is always a good answer.

They teach her

the calmness of


More comfortable with each other,

the Raccoon family takes the

child with them to do more fun

activities like rafting.

..... and how to roast


However, it’s getting dark and the right thing to do

is help reunite the wild child with her parents.

Surely her parents were missing her like how

Mr. and Mrs. Raccoon would miss Baby Raccoon if

he was gone.

They all hike through the woods

with the hope of finding the child’s

family before it gets too dark.

It didn’t take long for the group to find

another set of parents who are looking for their

own lost child.

The wild child happily runs forward to hug them.

And she loves that her family

got even bigger!

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