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A word from the Principal...


As we settle into online learning, which is becoming our new normal for the time being, I thought

I’d share a couple of landmarks with you. From Y1-Y6, our children are now submitting over 1500

pieces of work a week via Seesaw and the total number of pieces submitted is now over 6000! This

is fantastic and will help ensure that when we return to school, those children are ready to continue

with their learning. If your child has not engaged with the online learning provision as much as they

could, now is the time to start. If you need any support with this, please contact your class teacher.

Yesterday, we held a teacher staff meeting via zoom and I can report that they are all in good

spirits and are really enjoying seeing and feeding back on all of the work that has been submitted.

Thank you to all of you who have given our staff really positive feedback, it’s greatly appreciated

and a huge source of motivation.

I have sent out an email to you all with links to surveys about our digital learning provision. There

is one for parents and one for children and we would greatly appreciate your feedback to help us

identify what is working well and how we can improve. If you have not received this email, please

let me know and I will send you the link.

Stay safe,

Mr Adam Anderson


Home Learning...

This week the Early Years children have been learning all about snails. Yet

again, the children and parents have been working incredibly hard. It has been

great to see what they have been doing at home.

The children were asked to make spiral patterns and snails using different resources

from inside their home or from their garden. They needed to be as creative

as possible and they certainly were!! They also had fun looking for snails

in their gardens.

The children have been completing different maths challenges and are very

proud of their achievements.

Well done Early Years.

They have also been producing some great maths.

Home learning...

Year 1 have been brushing up their sketching skills this week and I am very

impressed with their attempts at sketching an apple. As well as this, they have

been thinking and preparing delicious, healthy snacks. Children are thinking of

many different ways to do their learning, some choosing to use seesaw, others

emailing their work, and I have also had some lovely home videos of all kinds

of learning activities taking place. Mrs Patrick and I realise how unusual these

times are, therefore we are happy to see you learning in any way that suits you

and your families. Take care, stay safe and keep up your amazing efforts!

100 books read this

week by Y1, bringing

their total to 500!

Well done, this is truly


Home learning...

Class 2 have had a great week. They have been revising their knowledge and

understanding of multiplication, division and fractions and have all done a super

job with their maths. In English they have been looking at traditional stories

and have been writing some questions to ask the wolf from The Three

Little Pigs. They then managed to interview the wolf! It’s okay, no children

were harmed during the interviews! They have been on phonic sound hunts

and have completed some guided reading tasks. They have also been writing

riddles about food, finding out about farming, focusing on milking and doing

lovely sketches of fruit and vegetables. Good work Year 2, keep it up.

Home learning...

Class 3 have been using their research of healthy foods and where they come from

in the UK to create a report. Some have delved into the history of farming and given

some amazing facts about this topic. They have also explored their computing skills by

using transitions and animations to deliver a visually pleasing slide show.

For maths, we have used column addition to add together money. Some children

have completed tens of thousands addition and even added together three different


Other children have been working from books bought by parents and have sent in lots

of pictures with great results. Bailey has shown how he can construct a sentence and

video himself reading it.

Home Learning...

Class 4 have taken part in a huge variety of learning this week! They have continued

to learn about the Romans, including Pompeii. We are beginning to learn

about the structure of the Earth so that we can learn more about volcanoes

and what causes volcanic eruptions. A huge well done to all of the families who

managed to successfully make the salt dough earth....the recipe needs refining.

We ended up with lots of flat earths!

Home learning...

Class 5 have been really enjoying and getting involved in their new topic ‘Fork

to Food’. The children are cooking healthy dinners; making shakes; creating

artwork as well as looking at how food and exercise work together. It has been

great to see such a wide range of work completed, with everyone expressing

their own personality. In addition to their topic ‘Fork to Food’ , the children still

have some core geography and history subjects to cover. Some areas of geography

they have been studying are Antarctica, The Water Cycle and The United


Home learning...

Since the beginning of this home learning period, I have been so impressed

by the computing ability in Year 6. This week, lots of them have been working

hard on creating detailed and complex documents involving lots of different

skills. It has been brilliant to see them using this time so productively. We have

started focusing on our new topic this week ‘Food to Fork’ and children have

been tracking the food miles of some of the ingredients in their meals - we

were all very surprised by how far lots of our food is travelling. It has also been

great to hear how some of Year 6 are working hard to reduce these miles and

locally source their food. Finally, children in Year 6 are entering into a VE Day

competition to celebrate this event next Friday, there have been some incredibly

creative entries so far. Well done Year 6!


Jake N.

is awarded this certificate for achieving

1 st



in the last 30 days

out of everyone in

Year 1, Year 2


A word from the Principal...

Jonny C.

1 st

Biggest Increase in Correct answers

over the last 7 days

Year 3, Year 4

30 / Apr / 2020

A word from the Principal...

Alex C.

1 st

Biggest Increase in Correct answers

over the last 7 days

Year 5, Year 6

30 / Apr / 2020

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