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May 3, 2020


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Side Chicks’

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Amanda Ebeye :

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Exceptional TV Girl

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7 Fashion : How Is Your Life Without


03 MAY 2020

8 Instagram Moments


Last Thursday, we stepped into the

month of May. Although it was the

International Workers Day, it was

devoid of the fanfare that usually

graced the annual labour day; no

thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the virus now in almost every

country of the world, and 52 countries

affected in Africa with over 33,085

cumulative cases, one can fully

understand the various lockdown

arrangements put in place by various

governments of the world to help curb

the spread.

These measures have fully impacted work life and livelihood

with International Labour Organization (ILO) anticipating about

195 million full time job loss.

Man by nature is not designed to be locked down. Work is

an important aspect of a man’s life as it helps him to flourish.

Work, whether paid or unpaid, is good for our well being and

helps build our self-esteem beside the financial reward that we

get from working. So, it is important to return to work as soon as

possible in other to promote cohesion and safety in the


But what exactly is life like without work? For the first time,

many appreciated the privilege of being able to wake up and

move around without restrictions. While the likes of actress

Amanda Ebeye was able to come up with a new Tv series,

others had their work life locked down.

So we sent our reporter Josephine Agbonkhese out, to find

out what life was like without work.

As most workers return to their duty posts tomorrow, we do

hope that man begins to place some deep value on the work

they do and to appreciate the dignity in labour.

In solidarity with all workers , we

wish you all a happy belated workers’

day and to the Allure team for J . E

holding the forte in spite of

Jemi Ekunkunbor


Stay safe and keep maintaining


social distancing.


“A bank is a place that

will lend you money if

you can prove that

you don’t need it”.

“Don’t waste your

time with

explanations: people

only hear what they

want to hear”.

- Paulo Coelho

“You can lead a boy

to college, but you

can’t make him think”.

- Elbert Hubbard

“Promises are only as

strong as the person

who gives them”.

- Stephen Richards

- Bob Hope







Josephine Agbonkhese




















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By - Temitope Ojo

When it comes to finding a dress to wear to work or any event, the

options are endless. Certain outfits flatter certain body types,

weather, and occasions, so it can be overwhelming to try and tackle

the choices alone.

Here is our top pick of dress types, for any occasion.



While you probably

have multiple


gowns in your

wardrobe, it’s

important to have

one special dress

that is extra-smart

and fills you

with confidence.

Save it for those


important meetings

or job interviews.



If you’re

heading out


and you’re

trying to


the pencil

dress is the

one for you.

This is one

dress that

can truly





Denim Dress:

When you’re not in

the mood to squeeze

into your jeans, slip on

a cute denim dress.

They come in a wide

range of styles, with

long sleeves and a

button-down front, or a

pinafore with pockets.

This casual-cool style

is effortless, chic, and

suitable for many


Mini Dress:

If you’ve got

it, flaunt it!

Nowadays, mini

dresses are far

more mini and far

less scandalous,

and they’re a

great way to

capture attention.

This dress is

ideal for anyone

who wants to put

emphasis on their

legs and make

the world stop and





We sometimes get

an invitation for a

fancy affair and

head into panicmode,


trying to find

something that

will match the

dress code. A

ball gown or

the mermaid

silhouette is

the perfect

dress for a blacktie

occasion. If you

have an hourglass

or pear-shaped

figure, opt for

the tight-fitting


The Little



Every woman

needs a little

black dress in her

wardrobe because,

it truly can get you

through pretty much

any occasion. From

dinner dates to

impromptu events,

you’ll fall back on

it time and time


May 3, 2020 / 3


Amanda Ebeye :

Exceptional TV Girl

Words By - Rita Okoye

Everything Amanda Ebeye touches literally turns to gold. The respected actress

and filmmaker, is regarded as the exceptional TV girl since she cut her teeth in

Television with City Sisters in 2009. Now, despite the COVID-19 pandemic,

Ebeye is back with her own TV series titled: It’s a crazy world, that premiered on

Silverbird television (STV) last Thursday. The beautiful Amanda holds a degree in

International Studies and Diplomacy from Benson Idahosa University, Edo State and

later honed her skills in filmmaking from Toronto Film School in the US.

The native of Delta State and mother of one, in this interview talks about her new

work and how the effect of the lockdown on the entertainment industry.

The lock down has been a difficult time for many

entertainers who have had to cancel shows and

production schedules. How has it been for you?

It’s been crazy for me and I guess for everyone

else; but, we keep pushing. Most offices are not

running, especially with what I am doing. Work has

slowed down, there’s been no movement and this has

set me back a little bit but it’s all for the best. If people

staying indoors would help us fight this pandemic, it is

surely the right thing to do. Nothing equates life, work

can always come, food can always come when we

are alive. Life first. It is better to be alive, then we can

work. It is better than lying sick on the hospital or even

dead. I think it is best we obeyed the government, it is

for the good of all and humanity.

What have you missed most since the lock down?

Leaving my house, seeing friends and family, now

all we do is talk on the phone. I just miss things being

normal, but times like this make you appreciate things

you regularly would take for granted, like making out

time to see loved ones. I miss moving around freely.

However, the lockdown makes you appreciate and

value family more. We miss handshakes, hugs and all

the bond. They are all gone for now. COVID-19 makes

us realize little things that matter that we had taken for


You became famous doing TV than movies. How

did you get on TV?

City sisters was the first TV show and first major

production I ever partook in. It was in 2009 and it was

produced by Gregory and Debbie Odutayo (Royal

Roots). I went for the audition; after the audition,

Debbie asked me what makes me think that I am the

best person for the job and I said ‘because I think that

I am a good actress’ and she laughed. I think she liked

the fact that I am confident at that time that I was

going to get that part. Indeed, I got the role, travelled

to Ghana and we shot City Sisters.

You have a new TV series Its a Crazy World, what

inspired it?

It’s a crazy world was actually inspired strongly by

social media. We all know the pseudo lifestyle that

goes on in that world, the competition. I wanted a

series that would not just be funny, but also, educate

little girls and boys growing up. I wanted it to cut

across all African homes and impact on both young

and old. I wanted something that would teach values,

morals and educate them on the plagues of Social


Social media is a blessing and a curse at the

same time. People often post only their happy

moment and their fans on social media get inspired.

Those who are admiring the happy people, forget that

there were times these happy people were sad. We

forget that it is no perfect life and that’s what It’s A

Crazy World has come to do-to reveal what went on

before those perfect photos and videos were taken. I

want the series to educate, entertain and make us


I was in film school when I planned it, same time I

planned my Short Film, Horrors. It premiered on

Thursday on Silverbird Television.

From the cast, it looks like a high budget

production. How were you able to find it?

Yes, it is a very high budget production and my

partner and I, had to go all out for this production. We

couldn’t compromise. From preproduction, actual

production, to post-production, it was a lot of

investment honestly.

From the beginning of the series, I know that

Bob-manuel Udokwu was going to play Don. I have

never met him, but I was so certain about that. I went

all out to get him to be part of the team. Kunle Coker

too, I know he would be the best to balance it up.

There is this classy carriage about him. Grace Amah,

Treasure Abbasi, Francis Odega, and all. It was a

good balance. Comedy, drama and a whole lot.

In what ways is it different from the other works

you’ve done?

The other film I had shot was a short movie,

Horrors. It was a 40 minutes movie. I have also

collaborated in other productions but they were not

fully mine. It’s A Crazy World is different because I had

to deal with a larger cast and a high budget.

Horrors, I shot in Canada and TV series in Nigeria.

It was really tasking.

You’ve been in front of the camera and behind.

Which experience do you enjoy more?

I’ll say both, in front I’m delivering, behind I’m

creating. As a filmmaker and artiste, I enjoy both


In spite of your good looks, you are one of the few

celebrities hardly seen on the red carpet. Why is


The combinations I have inside of me is rare. I

love to be in front of the camera but when I’m not

rolling, I could be shy and more of an introvert. I’m not

much of an outing person or red carpet person, but I

go once in a while.

As a mother how do you joggle work-life balance?

As a mother, I multi task well naturally, so I do both

quite well. After I gave birth, I never stopped working.

In fact, having a child even made me work harder. It

pushed me further due to more responsibilities. Now, I

am thinking for two. It is a beautiful experience.


/ May 3, 2020




I have inside

of me is rare.

I love to be in

front of the

camera but

when I’m not

rolling, I

could be shy

and more of

an introvert.

What beauty routine do you keep to

maintain your looks?

Honestly, for beauty routine, I always

wash my face with water. I don’t sleep

with Make-up on. I drink lots of liquid (not

water). I am not really a fan of water.

What are your go-to beauty products?

Ole Henrisken night cream and serum

and Sunday Riley Ceo brightness line.

One thing about me is that I don’t whiten

my face or use bleaching cream,

everything about my body and face have

to be natural. The beauty products I use,

their major ingredients is Vitamin C and it

helps me a lot.

Your most prized fashion item?

I’m really not in to super expensive

things. I buy things I’m comfortable in and

that looks good on me. So, most priced

fashion item I really cannot say.

What life lessons would you be taking

from the COVID-19 lock down


I have learned to treasure family

more, friendship and family time. Right

now, they are memories. We can’t come

in contact with large family and it takes a

lot away from us. Every moment we get

to see each other, we should treasure it

because we don’t know tomorrow. It is

best we make good use of our today.

Photography: Fegorson_Studio

Make-up: U jay beauty glam

Styling: Neveen Dominic

May 3, 2020 / 5

with Adesuwa 07011289316 |

Demystifying Side Chicks’ Sex Tricks

Being locked down does not mean you are locked

out. If you happen to be quarantined with your

spouse, perhaps you should breathe a sigh of relief

that at least, you got to be locked down with someone

you are in sexual relationship with. Now, you have all

the time to tick off everything on your sex list as

everyday now looks like a dirty day/weekend.

Actually, you can get a sex swing and start a

lockdown sex blog by learning about the sex tricks,

side chicks use in getting married men.

A number of women are losing their partners to

side chicks/girlfriends; without knowing exactly what

attracts the men to these strange women.

Hello wives! you need to know the sexual secrets

of these faceless girlfriends. Painful as it may sound,

a lot of these so-called side chicks are a lot better in

bed than many housewives. For this reason, wives

have got to step up their game, and beat side chicks

in their dirty games.

The following are their secrets, take advantage of

them and get your man back.

Side chicks understand that one of the

weaknesses of most men is sex, and they gladly use

it to their benefit. Wives pretend to be nonchalant

about this, instead of using sex to create intimacy

with their husbands, they end up using it to create

animosity, anger, bitterness between them and their

husbands. Be diligent, use sex as a tool of love to

create intimacy in your marriage, never use sex to

destroy your marriage, use it to build.

According to a report, most guys said that their

wives hated kissing which made it difficult getting a

decent kiss from their wives. Whereas, girlfriends on

the other hand, are experts in this area; they kiss like

mad and use kissing as a weapon to hook the men.

Kissing is one of the most successful ways to express

intimacy; it says ‘’l love you’’ in a very special way.

Wives- don’t turn kissing to wrestling in your

marriage, stop being local and kiss your husband

even when he is not expecting it.

A man once said he doesn’t like to see his wife in

panties because according to him, she always looks

like a wrestler. Most wives are like this; they are fond

of wearing unattractive underwear and sometimes

even wearing shirts meant for men. The

extreme is going to bed with a

wrapper tied around the chest for


Side chicks can never be

caught in this web; they are

creative in this regard,

very fond of wearing

neat, sexy panties

and bra. They also

wear them in



Wives- wake

up, be aware that

fashion starts from

under, not from head

gear or designer

bags. The real

fashion is looking

sexy when you get

to undress before

your husband. Get

killer underwear to

entice your spouse.

Side babes do not only wear sexy underwear, they

also wear killer night gowns. Wives on the other

hand, dress to bed looking like a soldier. Normally,

you dress up when you are going out and dress down

when going to bed. You also have to dress to capture

the imagination of your husband, by getting a very

sexy, night wear for your husband’s eyes only. Men

are virtual, they are moved by what they see. Let your

husband see the angel in you.

Married women see love making as a chore; a dirt

one at that. Some even wish it is removed from

matrimony. Side chicks see intercourse as a serious

business; they can go to any length to keep their

clients and customers as they readily use all

marketing strategies, from branding, packaging, to

even advertisement.

Wives- begin to see love making as a serious

business; rebrand yourself and repackage yourself

because you are the real product not the side babes.

Majority of housewives are usually fond of asking

their husbands “Is it food?” What a brainless

question! It’s not just food, it’s more than that.

Girlfriends are aware of the fact that men see sex as

food; hence, they serve it hot and better.

Wives- get into the game and treat sex as food for

your husband, make sure to serve it better than ever.

Never again ask, “is it food?” it is more than that, a

sexually satisfied man is an emotionally stable man.

Many housewives hardly think of sex, they are

always occupied with thoughts of babies/children,

house cleaning, cooking and washing. Intercourse is

never part of them as they never think of it.

Side chicks have sex in their thoughts most of the

time and this helps them prepare their body. No

wonder they hardly look tired for it.

Wives- Add sex to your list of things to do at least,

two or three times a week. Have it in mind and see

how your marriage will turn out to be. It will definitely

be worth your while.

Truth be told, these side chicks actually plan for

sex the way you plan for your cooking. They look

forward to it and carry their clients along in their plans.

Wives- create sex menu and plan for sex in your

marriage. Carry your husband along in

planning for sex in your marriage,

let it be part of your schedule

and your man will

appreciate you for it.

These strange ladies

do set table for great sex

with soft music; coloured

light, candle light,

perfumed bed, velvet bed

sheet, sexy outlook and

even slippery fingers. Are

you still wondering why

men keep going to them?

Now you know the reason.

Wives- get deliberate in

setting the table for

copulation in your

wedlock. Get creative,

surprise your husband

with sexy outlook when

he arrives from work.

To be continued...



By - Rita Okoye

What some of your favourite

celebrities said and we listened.

“Ships don’t sink because of

the water around them. Ships

sinks because of the water

that gets into them. Eric

Butterworth validated this by

saying, “things may happen

around you, things may

happen to you but the only

thing that truly counts are the

things that happen within

you.” So, don’t let your

conditions weigh you down”.

Adedimeji Lateef

reassures all.

“Things will certainly get better

after this. We shall overcome and

gain what we have lost in these

past days. Nobody hypes you

better than you, after the lockdown,

go out and do great things. Do

things better than you would have

done them before but with your

masks of course and hand

sanitizers in your pockets”.

Yvonne Jegede

reemphasizes on the

importance of personal health.

“Now, I appreciate the sun, in

fact I miss it. Shine on me,

beat me, in fact tan me, do

me as you like because a

month without your touch has

been odd. You make me

glow yet still make me grow

(old) our love though is a love

& hate one but I just can’t do

without you. I love you.”

Ngozi Nwosu’s letter to


“Let’s just say this early. When

the lockdown eases next

week, it doesn’t mean we are

free of the virus. It doesn’t

mean you should stop

washing your hands. It

doesn’t mean you should start

gathering in large numbers.

Get your masks on readiness.

Avoid handshakes and hugs.

Limit where you place your

hands in public. Have your

sanitizer with you


Akin Alabi cautions

Lagosians, others.


/ May 3, 2020

How Is Your Life


Without Work?

By - Josephine Agbonkhese

Two days ago, Nigeria joined the rest of the world to commemorate

International Workers’ Day (May Day); a day set aside to celebrate all


But the fanfare and May Day parade by workers which usually

characterize the day was absent: no thanks to the global pandemic

caused by COVID-19 and its consequent presidential ‘lockdown’ order

that has kept many Nigerians from their source of livelihood.

Vanguard Allure tried to feel the pulse of celebrities, professionals

and unionists on how life without work has been in the last one month.

Here are some of the responses.

It feels strange, awkward

Prof. Ayo Atsenuwa, Dean, Faculty

of Law, University of Lagos

Life without being able to go out really feels strange and

awkward. It however hasn’t been a total lockdown from

work for me though because I’m both a teacher and a

researcher—and my workspace as a researcher has been

on the virtual space long before now. So, I may not have

been able to carry on with teaching activities (as we are yet

to launch our online classes), and my interaction with

scholars and other professionals at seminars, but I have

been able to carry on with research activities. Migrating one

to the virtual space right now seems only like a transition.

It’s not normal at all

Nani Boi, Screenwriter/


Life without work is not

normal at all; but we

have been trained to

survive against odds.

So, I have taken

advantage of the

lockdown to engage

myself with some online

training and personal

development; and

I must confess

that I have

seen some

blessings in


Life has


and can


remain the



I had to indulge

in other things

Belinda Effah,


Life without work has been

mind-blowing. Initially, I took it as a

period of rest but gradually, I

got tired of resting and it felt

like something was wrong

with me. I would rest and do

a lot of workouts, but after a

while, that seemed boring. I

started wondering what was

wrong because it’s very unlike

me to be home for more than

three days without going out

to work. I decided to

indulge myself in other


For me though, this

has been a blessing

have been able to

position my businesslifestyle

business) House

as well as spend quality

my family and God. It’s

surreal experience.


because, I



of Belinda,

time with

been a

It feels very empty

Comrade Agnes Funmi

Sessi, Chairperson,

NLC, Lagos Chapter

I feel very empty. I feel very, very empty. Being a

labour leader, it’s something of major concern to

me. Not only about myself but about the workers

I lead. I feel so concerned for job security and

companies who are groaning in pains of losses

already. I feel concerned about our future. I feel

concerned about the economy of this country; it

wasn’t strong and the price of oil too has been

depreciating. l worry about the looming

economic turmoil. We were talking about

N30,000 minimum wage but with this pandemic,

most governors now have something to hide

under. Same with the private sector; but I

promise that there will be no hiding place for any

of them.

It’s not funny at all

Yul Edochie, Actor

Life without work is not funny at all. Of

course, I’m getting to spend time with

family but with no income coming in, it’s

not easy.

May 3, 2020 / 7



With Linda Orajekwe

In case you missed, these were the most Interesting

pictures and stories on Instagram last week, as posted by

your favourite celebrities.

Timini Egbuson Dragged For

Dating 19-year-Old Girl

Nollywood actor, Timini Egbuson was the Instagram

sensation during the week as he was called out for dating a

nineteen-year-old girl. According to Instagram users, the age

difference is too wide considering that he is 14 years older.

Some Instagram users advised Timini to date women in his age

range rather than someone he’s over a decade older than.

Lanre Dasilva Talks

About Virtual

Fashion Show

As the world struggles

to deal with the reality of

the COVID-19 pandemic,

Nigeria designer Lanre Da

Silva Ajayi has expressed her

unique perspectives on the

issue. In a video the designer

shared on Instagram, she

stated that this new reality

is a way for designers and

industry players to think

beyond the ordinary, and

introduce virtual fashion

shows. With the fashion

industry being one that is

filled with hugs and kisses,

Lanre Da Silva sees this as

a danger that can be averted

with virtual shows that can

be creatively put together.

This solution she says gives

designers time to give great

effects to their presentation

and also helps achieve the

overall goal which will be to

keep everyone safe while

enjoying fashion.

Video vixen KODAK dies

Instagram went wild at the sad news of Talented Nigerian

dancer and Video vixen, Kodak. She was reported have been

electrocuted that while trying to charge her phone in the studio

of award-winning music video director, Clarence Peters.

The dancer who updated her status hours before her death,

was seen beautifully made up and rehearsing for what seems to

be a music video in a spacious dance studio.

May her soul rest in peace


Facemask Taking

Space In Nigerian


Following the recent

directive by governor Babajide

Sanwo-Olu for all Lagosians

to wear face mask, Nigerian

designers have taken a serious

mind shift, catering creatively

to that need as they have

started rolling out fashionable

facemask to serve consumers.

Indigenous men’s brand,

Mudi Africa has rolled out an

entire collection to help clients

stay safe and fashionable.

Releasing the collection on

Instagram, he said; “In a

striking combo, Mudi Africa

dares to say stay safe with

this exquisitely designed mask

that provides you with the

much-needed protection while

still allowing you explore your

desire to remain trendy”.

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