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An Anzac Day to remember

The fallen werenot forgotten in

NorthCanterbury on Anzac Day.

Residents in lockdown made

poppies andplaced them in

paddocks, lawns, along fences,

and up poles.

At 6am on Saturday, many

stoodatthe end of their

driveways to remember, while

The Last Post and Reveille broke

the silence across the region.

Whitepigeonswere released

in Rangiora and red balloons

took to the sky over Amberley.

For four veterans at the

Amberley RestHome and

Retirement Studios,agathering

outside the homeat10.30am

provided themwith achance to


For 94­year­old John Stopford,

it was aday on whichhecould

remember his military servicein

the British Navyand Army.

‘‘I have taken the day as my

personal day of remembrance for

people in the Army, Navy, and

Airforce, who didn’t come home.’’

Kaiapoi RSA presidentNeill

Priceflew aNew Zealand flag

and an RSA flag in front of his

houseand placed whitecrosses

on his front lawn.

‘‘I understandtherewere quite

afew displays in people’s front

gardens and on their fencesand

people stoodat6am at their front

doorsand at the end of their


‘‘Despite the restrictions, it

went pretty well.”

Salvation Army bandmajor

Bill Peck performed the role of

“the lone bugler”, playing The

Last Post and Reveille at 14

locationsaround Waimakariri

district between6am and 7pm.

Rangiora RSA presidentIan

Thompson laidwreathsatthe

Woodend and Rangiora war


More pictures,page 10

Lest We Forget ... War veterans, clockwise from rear left, Desmond

Earl, aged 89, John Stopford, 94, Wally Heaven, 96, and Allan Ramsay,

96, at the Amberley Rest Home and Retirement Studios during an Anzac

Day service outside the home.


We will remember them ... Jorja Bush, who attends Waiau School, places awreath on the Cenotaph on

behalf of the school, after walking along the Waiau Memorial Pathway with her family.



2 North Canterbury News, April 30, 2020

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Council eyes world after lockdown


The Waimakariri District

Council has started planning

for the district's recovery

beyond the Covid­19 lockdown.

With the country now at alert

level3,councillors attending a

recent meeting via the

conference app Zoom called on

stafftoprepare arecovery


The meeting was

livestreamed on YouTube.

Chiefexecutive Jim Palmer

said the pandemic was

creating “a set of impacts on

our district andour world that

we haven't seen for some time”.

“The impacts are not only

from ahealthpoint of view,but

thereisalso an economic

impact and we are feeling the

effects immediately with the


He said the impacts of Covid­

19 werelikely to last for years,

withborderrestrictions and

shutdowns causing significant

global issues.

He predictedthe effects on

Waimakariri could be smaller

thanother districts in the

region, which had agreater

reliance on tourism.

“We havestrong population

growth, comparativelylow

average propertypricesand

our rural sector putsusina


But the impact was being felt

in the district,with many

businessesunable to operate

under lockdown conditions.

It was estimated that40to45

percentofthe localworkforce,

or about8000 people, were

employed in essential services,

which meant about12,000

“may not have been able to

work” under alert level4.

“We’vegot lots of anecdotal

stories of peopleonreduced

hours or likely to lose their

jobs, and alot of our people

work in Christchurch,sowe

will be looking at developments

in bothdistricts closely.”

Mr Palmer said the council

already had an estimatedloss

of $1.5million because of

Covid­19, which included the

loss of revenuefrom the

closing of the aquatic centres

and reducednumbers of

building consents and

inspections, while working

remotely had also added costs.

“It will take us three months

The Widest Music Variety

to fully assessthe overall cost

and to explorehow much

mightberecoverablefrom the


Councillors askedstaffto

draftarecoveryplan which

recognised social, environmental,

economic and cultural


They askedthat it be

“people­centric”and offered

options for thecouncil to lead

in the district's economic and

social recovery.


also considered.Councillors

votedtooffer “a rental

holiday” to May 31 for sports

clubs, community groups,

hospitality and commercial

business that leasedcouncil

facilitiesand were unable to

operate during lockdown.

Hand-crafted creations prove popular


Dozens of birdfeeders and

treasure boxesare being

crafted by residents at Charles

UphamRetirementVillage in


Residents’ woodworking

skills havecome to the fore in

building the functional art

pieces, whichare then

decorated by others in the


They are then put to good

use by residents, or given to

family members as agift.

Initial templateswere made

before Covid­19 became of

concern in New Zealand. More

recently,they have been

decorated by villageresidents

workingwithin the social

distancing requirements of the


The inspirationcame from

townhouse resident Lynn

Andrews, who made them for

his grandchildren. They were

“overthe moon” to receive

some of his handiwork.

He workedwith Grant

Kearney in joinery, and a

contractingjoiner on the initial

concept,before puttingthe

boxestogetherwith fellow

residents Colin Dixon and Bob

Fox in the village workshop


Sincethen, the decorationof

the items has becomean

activitiesproject forresidents.

Village concierge Lizz Read

said residents from both the

special care unit and resthome

had decorated the treasure

Boxing on ... From left, Colin

Dixon, Lynn Andrews and Bob



boxes. They added final

touchesfor family members.

Some of the bare materials

were donated by one of Ryman


suppliers, Sydenham­based

Aspire Joinery and its owner

Bernie Hunt.

Lynn hopes to start asimilar

projectwith the children at

nearby Fernside School after

the lockdown.

“I went and made acouple

up and my grandchildren loved

them. Ithoughtifthey like

them, all other kidswill

probably like them,” Lynnsays.

Popular items ... Charles Upham resident Pam Haywood with one

of the trinket boxes.




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Rangiora: 03 313 2840

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Christchurch: 03 364 7460

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WaiYouth aims to help fill lockdown days


Waimakariri youthleaders

are coming up withinnovative

waystoconnectwith young


Withlargegatheringsoff the

agendafor theforeseeable

future, WaiYouthhas taken to

social mediatoengagewith

local youth,Waimakariri

District Council youth

development facilitator Sam


“WaiYouth is an eventsfocusedgroup


the whole year plannedout,

but that has beenput on hold.

“They weresick of just

seeingthe Covid­19

information allthe time,so

they were looking for things to

do to keep peopleconnected,

active and to give people

varietyintheir day.

“Theyhad abit of a

brainstormand becausewe

stillcan’tdoevents at alert

level 3—andevenatlevel2

there’s no mass gatherings —

so they’re lookingatwhat it

mightlooklike to run online


WaiYouth has beenposting

weekly “quarantasking”video

competitions, withgift

vouchersupfor grabs.

Weekone’staskwas to make

ashortvideo doing

“something that wouldlook


in week twothey were tasked

withdoing “something

mundanewith atwist”.

WaiYouth memberRuby

Wilson has beenproducing

posters forFacebookof10

things to do during


Samsaysthe firstposter has

reached morethan15,000

peopleand counting —agood



North Canterbury News, April 30, 2020

Sporting future... An artist’s impression of the Waimakariri District’snew stadium being built in Coldstream Road, Rangiora.



Virtual tour of stadium now online


Christchurch architectural company

Warren and Mahoney has released a

virtual fly­through tour of its design for

Stadium Waimakariri.

The video can be seen on the

Waimakariri District Council’s


It gives viewers asense of scale of

the building, while also showcasing the

main four­court facility and some of

the other smaller multi­use spaces.

Construction of the $28 million

stadium stalled because of building

restrictions during the Covid­19 level­4


However, building activity will be

allowed to resume under the level­3

lockdown, which came into force this

week, provided workers can maintain

safe physical distancing.

The four courts inside the new

6000­square­metre stadium are being

configured for futsal, handball,

korfball, volleyball, netball, badminton

and basketball.

The stadium will also house a

central fitness facility, changing

rooms, and coaching and meeting


Week 1

1. Facetimeafriend.

2. Bake something.

3.Learn an instrument.

4. Cleanand re­organise

your room.

5. Find an arts and craft

project to do.

6. Spendtime with the


7. Learnalanguage.


show or youtube video

9. Read abook.

10. Make amovie or have a


“You are never too old to set

another goal or dreamanew

dream” —C.S. Lewis

Week 2

1. Writeabucketlist.

2. Build ablanketfort.

3. Takeavirtual tour of

places around the world.

4. Follow aBob Ross

painting tutorial.

5. Watch amovie from

before you were born.

6. Filmatrick shot video.

7. Create an escape room

for those in your bubble.

8. Haveapicnic lunch in

your backyard.

9. Teach an adult in your

bubblehow to play


10. Watchthe animal live

“Happiness is not something

you postponefor the future, it is

something you design for the

present.” —Jim Rohn

spaces. It is designed to seat about 500


It is being built by Leighs

Construction on Coldstream Rd,

Rangiora, near the MainPower cricket

oval, Waimakariri all­weather hockey

turf and the Maria Andrews Park

football ground.

Other land nearby is earmarked for a

proposed tennis facility.

The stadium will be run by the North

Canterbury Sport and Recreation


The facility is expected to open mid

next year.

only9000youth in the


“It musthave gonefar and

widebecausewe’ve had afew

messagesfrom people,

including one from ayoung


He saysWaiYouthisstill

hoping to holdits popular

CentreStage teentalent

competition laterinthe year,

evenifitbecomes avirtual

talentshow, with contestants

sending in video clips.

“Theyoungpeople are all

techsavvy, butthey still miss

the socialinteraction.

“Mental health is abig issue

among young people,so

having abit of variety in your

day and tryingdifferent things

is important, instead of being

in front of the screen all day.”

The Waimakariri Youth

Council intends to run an

online survey to consult with

the community for itsDudley

Parkproject in Rangiora, after

cancelling itsplanned skate

jam earlier this month.

Sam also hopes to interview


via Zoom in the next few

weeks, after asuccessful

recruitment drive.

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Agricultural Machinery

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196A Beach Road,


Ph 027 288 8213


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services at

Alert Level 3

• Mower, ride-on, chainsaw

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collect oryou can drop

off in anon-contact

manner. Ring or email

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MattDoocey MP forWaimakariri

It’s normal tofeelanxious or worriedin times of uncertainty.

In atime ofnot beingable to meet in person,it’s importantfor

ourmental healththatwestayconnected to friends sandfamily.

Reachouttobelinked in tothehelp youneed.

03 327 0514or03310 7468 •

Funded by the Parliamentary Service. Authorised by Matt Doocey MP,Parliament Buildings,Wellington.


4 North Canterbury News, April 30, 2020

Region looks after its own


Brian Davey hasvisited


but he is proud to call

North Canterbury


The Community

Wellbeing North

Canterbury Trust board

chairman sayshe

settledinOhoka 10

years agofor the


“We arevery lucky

we’ve got aspecialand


which looks after its

own,” he says,


response to Wellbeing

North Canterbury's

Covid­19 appealto


Brian was born in

Canterbury and has

worked in Shanghai

and Britain, in ajob

which saw him travelto


“Travelling around


always veryexciting,

but coming hometo

New Zealand was

always something we

lookedforward to.”

The travel gave him

an “empathyfor people

fromdifferent cultures”

and hasbeen beneficial

in developing atourism


his Ohoka base.

The Covid­19 travel

restrictionshave taken

atoll, butheishopeful

he can get some

businessfor his fleet of

Mercedesmini buses in

the domesticmarket

once restrictionsare


In the meantime, the


subsidyishelping to

support his employees

and he is offering them

budget advice and

support where he can.

“In times likethese

you’ve got to look after

your ownwellbeing, but

also be awarethat you

can help others tooand

that’s where

Community Wellbeing


Brianfirstcame into

contactwith the

organisation at a

networkingevent run

by Enterprise North

Canterbury, where he

met manager Deirdre


“Deirdre was at my

tableand whatshe had

to sayreally appealed

to me andtheyhad



He joinedthe board

2 1 ⁄2 yearsago and

became board


He says Wellbeing


Challenges ahead ... Brian Davey says looking after

community wellbeing will become more important in

coming weeks.


work has flow­on

benefitsfor local


“We’ve hadacouple

of businesses in

Kaiapoi comeforward

as aresponsetoour

Covid­19 appeal, which

is fantastic.

“The businesses in

North Canterbury are



people in the

community,who are

their workersand their

customers. It reallyisa


Brian is married to

Linda Warren­Davey

and betweenthem they

havesix grown­up

children and three


Cash for project ... An area of Okuku Downs will benefit from

biodiversity funding.


Cash to aid biodiversity


Aprojecttoprotect ared

tussock swamp, amanuka hill

slopeand asection of astream

in Lees Valley has been given a

financial boost.

The 48­hectare site on Okuku

DownsinNorth Canterbury is

beingdeer­fenced to keep out

feraldeer, and cattlewhichare

run on the property.

The Waimakariri Water Zone

Committeehas backed the

project with a$25,000

Immediate Steps Biodiversity

Fund grant.

The work, to which the

landowner is contributing, is

expected to cost$59,000.

Zone committeechairman

Michael Blackwellsays the

project rateswell in terms of

protecting awetland with high


“It’sgreat to see thissort of

project getting under way. It’s

no secret that I’m awetland

man. I’d like to see Waimakariri

sprout wetlands all through

its network of creeks,streams

and drainage systems to help

filterrun­off before it gets into


“This is ahigh­value project

protecting48hectares of

relatively intact ecosystems,

including ared tussock

wetland, adjacent manuka hill

slope and asection of Okuku

Downs Stream.”

Alarge proportion of the

funding will go towardfencing.

“The deer fencewill effectively

deal with someofthe major

threats to theseecosystems. It

will also allowthe vegetation to

recover to its best possible

potential. Ilook forward to

seeingthe results.”

The wetland has intact

hydrologyand is in relatively

good condition despite recent

cattleaccess. The hill slope has

been burnt in the pastbut is

regenerating with manuka. The

streamretainsits natural

meander and cobblebottom.

The committeehas $104,500

ayear to give to such projects.





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PH. (03) 3137415

“A Healthcare Home for you and your Family”


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• Open for Phone, Video and

In-Practice Consultations*.

• New Patients welcome

to enrol

• Flu Vaccine Clinics for

enrolled patients

• On-site Pharmacy

*ifdeemed necessary by the clinical team

Minutes from Kaiapoi, Rangiora and Northwood

9/42 Silverstream Boulevard, Kaiapoi 7630 |03-595 1489

Cycle trail considered

crucial to local tourism


Enterprise North Canterbury

(ENC)has renewed calls for

funding to develop the Wheels

to Waiparacycle trail,asit

lookstosupport local

businesses beyond lockdown.

The Waimakariri District

Council has applied on ENC's

behalf to the Crown

InfrastructureFund to get the

project off the ground.

ENC manager Heather

Warwick said it would be “the

greatest domestic tourismgift

we can receive”.

She sayse­bikes are selling

strongly, particularly among

baby boomers, with former

Waimakaririmayor David

Ayersanavid user of his e­bike

on the district's cycle trails.

“Waimakariri willbethe

biggest winner, with over

100,000 daily users per year,

validatedbymarket research


“Local existing businesses

will benefit from the cyclists

exploring the towns and tracks

and it fits well with our North

Canterbury Food and

Beverage project and brand.”

Mrs Warwicksaysthe cycle

trail wouldbebuilt on land

owned by the Christchurch,

Waimakariri andHurunui

councils and Environment

Canterbury, making it “shovel

ready”, with no need for


Mrs Warwick says KiwiRail

is also backing theprojectand

would assist with pick­up and

drop­off of cyclists at the

Waipara Railway Station.

Since the lockdown, ENC

has stepped up effortsto

support local businesses, with

311 business engagements, 153

business interviews through

the RegionalBusiness Partner

programme, and theissuing of

124 New Zealand Trade and

Enterprise vouchers

(collectively worth $108,000)to


professional advice.

It has extended its reachto

Kaikoura to ensure support is

available to businesses across

all North Canterburydistricts.

Grantsof$400 are available

for localbusinesses seeking

cashflow forecast advice.

“Eighty percentof

businessessurveyed are

experiencing significant

negative impacts on their

business,” Mrs Warwick says.

“Cashflow is the lifeblood of

every business. We recognise

thatduringthese challenging

and unprecedented times

there is aneed to work

together and do everything we

can to ensure businessesare

getting the expertadviceand

support they need.”

Afood and beverage sector

programme,funded by the

Ministry of Business, Innovationand


beenlaunched, with Alissa

Miller employed for two years.

“Oneofthe strengths of the

Kaikoura and North

Canterbury economies is the

production of avariety of food

products and food processing,

including seafoodand

beverages,” Mrs Warwick says.

“There was an identified

needtofurther develop this

economic sector and its

associated industriessuch as

tourism, innovation/talent and


The Visit Waimakariri team

has alsodeveloped the

#inspireyou campaign on

social media, where people

can share images of whatthey

“love about Waimakariri”.

Guestappearance ... Dual New Zealand Trotting Cup winner Monkey King makesaguest

appearance at the Rangiora HarnessRacingClub’s Christmasmeeting.


Rangiora axes race meetings

The Rangiora Harness

Racing Club has cancelled

the rest of its racemeetings

for theseason, which ends on

July 31.

The decision comes as the

racing industry preparesto

resume meetings under strict

Covid­19 level­3conditions.

‘‘Closed­door’’ meetings

will resumeunderlevel 3.

Venues havebeen cut from

36 to 12, and the four

racetracks named for

harness racing do not

include Rangiora Raceway.

Rangiora HarnessRacing

Club president Greg Wright

believes it is now unlikely

meetings will be held in

Rangiora before November.

Six local meetings will be lost

in the run­up to July 31. It

will have abig impact on the

club, he says.

He saysitremains

uncertain whether harness

racingtrials and workouts

will resume at Rangiora

Raceway while meetings are

unable to be held there.

‘‘Whether it’seconomicto

reopenthe raceway for workouts

and possibly trialsbut

no racingisproblematic.’’

Thechosen harness venues

areinAuckland, Cambridge,

Christchurch and


Show to

be staged

next year


North Canterbury

Musicals’ production of

Joseph and the Amazing

Technicolour Dreamcoat

has been postponed until

next year.

Auditions took place in

Rangiora last October and

the show was set to open in

the Rangiora Town Hall on

May 7. It is now scheduled

for April/May next year,

subject to confirmation

that the performance

rights can be deferred.

‘‘As we are asmall

community theatre we

have to wait patiently for a

decision as the rights

holders are currently

working with the bigger

Broadway shows that have

been postponed first,’’

North Canterbury

Musicals’ president

Michelle Hampton says.

The decision to postpone

it was particularly difficult

because the theatre group

was only days away from

opening ticket sales.

The cast had been

rehearsing since


With the current pandemic

and the

recommendation by the

Ministry of Health, the

executive committee

board regrettably decided

to postpone, Michelle said.

‘‘We did not take the

decision lightly and

considered our moral

obligation to look after our

cast, crew and patrons.’’

Consideration was also

given to ‘‘the many and

varied ways that

cancellation could still

happen to us at any time if

we pressed ahead and the

likely financial position in

which it would leave the

society if we were to

continue at this time’’. The

cast will be welcomed back

for next year’s show and

auditions will be held only

for roles left vacant by

anyone unable to return.

Director Kirsty Allpress

and musical director

Gavin Hurley both

indicate they are keen to

continue in their roles for

next year’s show.


North Canterbury News, April 30, 2020

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lifestyle magazine

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following during levelthree:


Carand motorbikeworkshop

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Open by appointment only.

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Phone 03 3140130(Amberley) |03314 4477 (Waikari)

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6 North Canterbury News, April 30, 2020



Lockdown is difficult,

but please stick with it

Idon'tknowaboutanyoneelsebut every

secondday underlockdown seemsabit

tough.Anyone else feelingthat?What

gives me strength is the incredible spirit

thatKaikoura showswhentimesare tough.

Everyone I'vespokentoseems to be

more worriedabout other people than

themselves. That said, the welfareteam at

theKaikouraDistrictCouncil has donean

incrediblejob working withthe likes of

NeighbourhoodSupport/GetsReady, Te

Ha oTeOra KaikouraHealth andothers to

supportvulnerable communitymembers.

Thesegroupsincludethe RedCross,Te

Whare Putea, Te Ha oMatauranga, Te Tai

oMarokura, Runanga oKaikoura,Ngai

Tahu,the Lions, andmanyothers who

have been working incrediblyhardaswell.

Myheartfelt thanks to all involved.

If there is anything positive to come from

the earthquakes, it’s that we sure know

how to manage acrisis! It’sthe old

community way and Ifeel proud of the way

Kaikoura has worked together underthe

limitations of level 4restrictions.

For me,this communityspiritwas

especially highlighted as ImarkedAnzac

Dayduring the weekend.

Although things feel hard and uncertain

right now,Ican’t help butthinkhow lucky

we areatthe same time.

The young men andwomen we

rememberedonSaturday, April 25,had no

essentialservices as they found

themselves fighting for peace in astrange

land. Iwas recently reminding acertain

adult daughter of this as shelamentedthe

factshe missed her friendsand couldn’t go


We mustkeepinmindthatthe danger

we currently face is impossible to see.

Evenunder level3restrictions, we still

needtobevigilant and maintain our

bubbles. We arestill in the middleofthis.

Let’snot rush.


Dear Editor,

SeniorNet NorthCanterbury has a

group of oldertutors in the

Waimakariri district who are able to

help individuals,particularly older

people,with most technology issues,

especially those related to

communication, emails and internet


This is particularly relevant in this

situation of limited physical

Therewon’t be ahugechange forme

under Covid­19 level 3. There arenoplans

to expand the bubble, (one child at home is

enough). Iwillstillbeworkingfrom home,

with someworkdaysinthe council

building with councilchief executive

Angela Oosthuizen. We'vebeen really

pleased at how wellthe councilteamis

managing essential services, keepingon

top of business as usual while responding

to this crisis; complete withdodgy internet

andkitchenbenches as workspaces.

Ihaveaweekly meeting with

Canterbury’smayorsand thechairof

Environment Canterbury to co­ordinate

theresponse andrecovery planning of

local authorities.

Council staff havebeen doingalot of

work on the 2020/2021 Annual Planreview

andwhat thismeans for ourratepayers.


decisionswhilestill ensuring households

have safe drinking water, thatthe waste

water system keeps operating, rubbish is

collected, burials and cemeteries are

maintained, essentialroadingand safety

repairs are made, emergency services

(Civil Defence) areonhand,and other

critical areas of service maintained.

Justbefore lockdown Kaikoura District

Council established an Emergency Covid­

19 Response Committee to make decisions

at an alert level­4 environment.

The committeehas mettwice,with four

membersusingsocial distancing and

appropriate Covid­19 measures in the

councilchambers(which normally seats

30).Other members havejoinedvia video

linkand phone lines.

We approved the leasefor the newpool

at the Scarborough StreetSouthreserve,

andalsoapproved fundingagreements for

$9.88 milliontowards redevelopment of

Wakatu Quayand$1.1m for abusiness case

to upgrade South Bay.


Such help would be over the phone or

by email.

If anyone wants help with technology

issues they should contact the

chairman of SeniorNet North

Canterbury, Bob Gumbrell, on (03) 312

8933, or email


Bob Gumbrell


Chlorine added as a

water safety measure


Chlorine levels have been increased in

Hurunui District Council water schemes

in line with arecommendation from the

World Health Organisation (WHO).

Chief executive Hamish Dobbie says

all council water schemes have been

chlorinated for about three years.

But with the Covid­19 pandemic the

dosage had been increased to help

prevent any illnesses that might occur

through waterborne diseases.

‘‘WHO recommended the increase not

so much because chlorine is effective

against viruses, but because they did not

want hospitals getting clogged up with

people suffering from gastro illness

during the Covid­19 pandemic,’’ he says.

Ian Brown, who emailed the North

Canterbury News about the chlorination,

says his water stinks. When he asked the

council why it was chlorinating the

water, the reply indicated it was to stop

people getting Covid­19.

Mr Dobbie said the delivery of the

message was not clear and should have

said the chlorine was aimed at reducing

people being affecting by other illnesses

and potentially clogging up hospital


He says people who do not want to

drink the water from the system can fill

containers from atap outside the public

toilets in Amberley, and drink from a

fountain where chlorine has been taken

out of the supply.

‘‘We’re doing what we can to protect

people at this time,’’ he says.

Mr Dobbie says all service staff on the

council have been working hard to

ensure all services keep running


‘‘There is awhole bunch of front line

staff delivering services. These are not

emergency staff. They are council staff

and contractors who are getting the job

done, and done safely, to ensure

everyone has water, and there are no

other problems with the services the

council delivers,’’ he says.

Mr Dobbie says there will be some

extremely difficult financial times after

the pandemic.

‘‘Already, there are businesses in the

Hurunui district that are saying they will

not open again.’’.

Towns such as Hanmer Springs that

thrive on tourism will have to look

closely at how to proceed, along with the

council and its Hanmer Springs Thermal

Pools and Spa business.

Mr Dobbie says the pools contribute

$2 million ayear to pay interest on

council debt, and partially fund

activities on reserves.

‘‘The pools were having abumper

season until we had to close them. But

our situation is not unique,’’ he says.

Agriculture was the district’s largest

industry but it, too, was not in that good


Rain had come, but it was not enough

to break the back of the drought. ‘‘More

rain is needed for winter crops, and

farmers are carrying alot of stock

because of the lack of space at the

freezing works.

‘‘It will be difficult. But we have

proved we can adapt before, and change

the way things are done. We will change

again and make stuff work.’’

Rubbish restrictions ease

Rubbish and green waste pitshave

reopened at the Southbrook transfer

station in Rangiora.

The resalestore and main recycling

area will stay closed underalert level 3.

Heavyrestrictions were placed on

transfer stations duringalertlevel 4.

Recycling was put on holdatthe stations

and they wereallowed to remain open

only for commercial rubbishand small

quantitiesofhousehold rubbish which

had to be placedinskipsincouncil

rubbishbags inside the station gates.

However, the rubbish and green waste

pits reopened on Tuesday.

The station is also now able to accept

glasswith lidsoff, and fromMonday,May

4, it will takeclean cardboard.

Numbers are being limited in the dropoff

areas.‘‘Thiswill slow thingsdown, and

we urgeresidentstobepatient,’’

Waimakariri DistrictCouncil solid waste

manager KittyWaghorn says.

‘‘Please understand that it is going to be

very busy,and expect delays if you come

along in the first few daysafterwereopen.

If possible, we askresidents to wait

aweek so we don’t getoverwhelmed.’’

Only one personper vehicle will be

allowed at present. No cash willbe

accepted. Paywave is preferred.

‘‘Wewill be recording customers’

details so theycan be contact­traced if

necessary, which will add to delays.’’

Waimakariri rubbishbags can still be

dropped into the skips inside the gate

during normal opening hours.The Oxford

Transfer Station will be open at its usual

times (Friday12.30pm to 4.30pm, Sunday

noonto4.30pm)but only for dumping

Waimakariri rubbishbags in the skip

inside the gate.

Are youan

essential service?

Canyou deliver goods to

your customers?

Please contactuson to seehow howwecanhelpwe help

How to keep

your bubble safe

at Alert Level 3

Keeping your bubble small is the bestway to keep the people in

your household protected. It helps keep other people safe too.

Because the morecontact you have withother people, the more

opportunity the virus has to spread.

Keeping itsmall meansrestricting yourbubble to your

immediate household,and maybe extending it asmall amount

if youneed to –perhapsbyone or two peoplemaximum.

This could mean reconnecting with closefamily, bringing in

acaregiver,orsupporting an isolated person.

Information about keepingyour

bubble small:

Areneighboursallowed to mergebubbles?

Not forsocial reasons. Unfortunately, we allneed to say‘no’ to a

beer withthe neighbour until COVID-19isunder control. Youcan,

however, support someone who is isolated andneedshelp.

CanIvisit my family if they arespreadout

across more than oneother bubble?

Youcan’t join multiple family bubbles together. The waytostay

safe is to limityour exposuretootherpeople as much as possible,

includingfamily members. As mentioned, you can visit someone

whoisisolated or needs help. However, you should make sure

you’re theonlyone joining their bubble.

Canour flatextend ourbubbletoanother flat?

At Alert Level3thisisnot allowed. Itwould open up the potential

forthe virus to spread.Remember,the morepeopleinyourbubble,

the greater the risk.

Imoved into my parent’s housefor the

lockdown.Can Inow returntomyflat?

Youcan return to yourflat,but youmust only move once,

and in one direction (i.e. youcan’t live across two properties

or return to yourparent’s place multiple times).

CanIvisit my girlfriend,boyfriend or partner

at AlertLevel 3?

It is okay to re-unite with your partner if youwereseparated during

Alert Level4,aslong as theyare livingin the same region as you.

CanIextend my bubble to includeaperson

that’s in adifferentsuburborregion?

Extendingyourbubble to someone in anothersuburb is okay.

However,you cannotiftheyare in anotherregion.

Am Iallowedtoextend my bubble to someone

Imet on Tinder?

At Alert Level 3, youcannot extendyour bubble forpurely

social reasons.

Howbig can our bubblesbetostill stay safe?

Keeping yourbubbleexclusiveisthe bestway to keep those in

your householdprotected.This is especially importantif anyone

in your household is elderly or has amedical condition.

Howdobubbles work withsharedcustody


Children can move betweenbubbles to spend time with

both parents. Butonly travel whereyou needtoand keep travel

to aminimum.

CanIleave abubbleifI’m unsafe?

Ifthe situationinyour bubble is unsafe you can leaveyour bubble

immediately,and seek help. If possible, ask atrusted neighbour

orfriend forhelp, thencallPolice on 111 orWomen’sRefuge.

Thank youdeliverydrivers

We really appreciate youworkingsohardoverthe last fewweeks to providethe essentials.

And thanksfor stayingvigilant and keeping a2-metre distance when youleave us our

packages and deliveries now thatwe’re in AlertLevel 3. Your actionsare protecting us all!


Find the answersfaster at


8 North Canterbury News, April 30, 2020

Driving service adds delivery option


ANorth Canterbury companion

driving service is diversifying to

help local businesses re­open

during the level­3 lockdown.

For the last eight years,

Driving Miss Daisy North

Canterbury has served as a

companion driving service for

members of the community

unable to drive themselves to

appointments, outings,

shopping trips or the airport.

However, under the level­4

lockdown, business fell

significantly despite being an

approved essential service.

Because of the downturn

North Canterbury’s jointfranchise

owner Heather

Anderson decided to include an

additional delivery service to

her business during level 3.

“We will continue to operate

as alocal driving service,

transporting clients to and from

essential appointments and

workplaces as well as delivering

groceries. But under level 3we

would like to also offer delivery

service options to North

Canterbury businesses.”

Some business reopening

under level 3may require a

delivery option.

One Kaiapoi business has

already booked the service and

Heather hopes more will try it.

To learn more, contact Heather

on (021) 224 5606 or email


Diversifying ... HeatherAnderson,

joint­franchise owner of Driving Miss

DaisyNorth Canterbury, is adding a

new deliveryservice during the level­





Ahunter who drove a230km

round trip for afour­dayhunt

in the Lewis Pass will face

charges after hunting on

Department of Conservation


The 33­year­old firearms

licence holder from North

Canterbury went hunting

from Monday to Thursdaylast

week duringthe level­4

lockdown, duringwhich

hunting was not allowed. The

man has been chargedwith

obstructing amedical officer

of health and unlawful

hunting.Hewill appear in

court in June.

Canterbury Rural Area

Commander Inspector Peter

Cooper says police take

breachesseriously. ‘‘If you’re

thinking of going hunting

during Alert Level3,besure

to followthe strictrules.’’

Hunterscan now hunt on

private land within their

region, but not on public

conservation land.

Shop from home!

Online shopping and phone orders are

now available in North Canterbury

from the retail and service businesses

advertised below.

All have worked hard to ensure they

can offer contactless pick up and

delivery options, as prescribed under

the Level 3, Covid-19 protocols.

These local businesses are now reliant

on North Canterbury supporting them

by shopping local, and safely, from the

comfort of their couch.

Spending our dollars locally helps the

viability of businesses and services

who support their local communities,



Fresh Ready Meals

Made in Rangiora

for pick up in Rangiora

Monday/Tuesday every week.

Order online at

-atcheckout in the shipping section

choose “Rangiora Pick Up”

From minor scuffs to

major smash repairs -

We’re back to fix it all

New contactless customer service

Ph 313 4113

and will help to kick-start the economy

when the pandemic emergency is over.

Many of us have been reminded how

important it is to have alocal retail

store or service industries close to

home during lockdown, particularly

for food and trade supplies.

When appliances have called it a

day, having alocal retailer or service

agent, has proved invaluable.

Now it is time to show our

appreciation and shop local.

Under Level 3options to shop locally

are broadening and we need to back


Georgie and Anna thank you for

supporting your local equestrian supplies

store and look forward to having you

shop by phone, email or online for

contactless delivery and pick up

Phone 03 313 1674


Contactless delivery


available for all home

appliances &beds

Phone &email orders welcome

Phone 03 313 7886




Our support now for local businesses,

is more important than ever for their

long term future and for the vitality of

our region.

Shopping local can be afantastic

experience, with the opportunity to

form long lasting relationships with

trusted and loyal local businesses.

Local business owners strive to

provide more personable, hands-on,

and memorable customer service.

And by buying local it helps grow other

businesses in North Canterbury’s

urban areas and small towns.




Order any product from our store.

Free contactless delivery to Rangiora,

Kaiapoi, Woodend, Pegasus and Fernside

or contactless pickup.



or call 027 483 0468 anytime.

Check our Rangiora Post facebook page for more details.

for all pumping, irrigation,

water, filtration and

other needs

Our Flaxton Road premises is

open for contactless pick up

Call ahead on

0800 786 792 to order


10 North Canterbury News, April 30, 2020

Unique Anzac Day leaves indelible mark

AnzacDay commemoration ... Lauren Hancox,

of Rangiora,marks Anzac Day with her newborn

son, Zinzan Nicholson, at the Rangiora Health

Hub. Zinzan was bornat8.11am on April 22, three

hoursafter Lauren arrived at the healthhub for the

birth. Lauren’s partner, DanielNicholson,was

present for his son’sbirth but wasonly allowedto

stay for four hours under level­4 restrictions.


We willremember them ... Haylee Marsh and Kharleah Van Lent, both8,who attend

Rangiora Borough School, made aposter for theirfence at hometocommemorate Anzac

Day. The pair are studying at home online.

Recycled bags ... The Robinson family made

poppies from recycled shopping bags using

instructions on YouTube. They put them along

their roadside fence north of Rangiora, and on

apower pole for the district to enjoy, Bridgitt

Robinson says.

Dawn remembrance ... Bagpiper Lucas Paterson, aged 13, of

Okuku, at asmall community Anzac Day dawn commemoration

on Birch Hill Road in Okuku.

Red and black ... Home­made poppies became afamiliar sight

around the region.

Fallen honoured ... The Amuri Mounted Rifles Troop,with four horses fullymounted, and the fallen

soldier’s horse, stand at 6am at theWorldWar 1memorial at The Peaks,northwest of Hawarden. The

horses were fromthe Anzac MountsEquine Rehab Unit stables. TheLast Post was played, as were

the national anthems of New Zealand and Australia.

Special remembrance ... Residents in the Amberley Rest Home and Retirement

Studios bubble mark the day.


Waimakariri District Council

Update on Services at Level 3

As we move into Alert Level 3this week we collectively breathe asigh of

relief that the lockdown seems to have had the desired effect and wecan

turn our minds torecovery planning.

Next week the Council will meet on Tuesday 5

May followed bypublic hearings on the Dra

Annual Plan 2020/21 on Wednesday 6May.

These meetings will be live streamed and you

can pop on to our website to watch them live.

Council continues to provide arange of services

with the majority ofstaff working remotely

from home.

Some key service changes include:

Kerbside recycling

This is back up and running but only plastic

types 1, 2and 5can be accepted. All other

plastics, including lids need to go in the rubbish.

Please make sure your bins are out by 7am on

collection day, and that they are spaced at least

50cm apart.

Transfer stations

Southbrook Resource Recovery Park -Open for

green waste, rubbish disposal and recycling of

clean mixed glass –expect delays in the first few

weeks. From Monday 4May it can accept clean

flattened cardboard. All other drop-off areas

are closed.

Oxford Transfer Station -Open for drop-off of

official Council branded rubbish bags in the skip

during normal opening hours. From Friday 1

May it will accept clean flattened cardboard and

glass. All other areas are closed.

The Cust Rural Recycling Drop-off remains closed.


Information on rates relief is available on our

website. You can contact the team on 0800 965

468 or email Our team can

work with you tocome up with aplan that suits

your circumstances –please contact us as soon

as possible so we can help you.

Parks, Reserves and Community Facilities

The access gates to our beaches will be opened

to the public and you can go to your closest

beach –please still practice physical distancing.

While our parks and reserves are open –please

don’t use playgrounds, skate parks or dog parks.

These are closed and where possible locked or

have tape or signage in place. Please make sure

that your kids stay out of these spaces too.

There is arisk ofbreaking your bubble and

physical distancing can be hard in these spaces.

And again please clean up aer your dogs when

you are out and about –your dog, your mess!


Our librarians continue to work from home and

are keen to connect from their bubble to yours.

You can reach them by email on library@wmk., by phone on 311 8901, or via Facebook


Please note that Waimakariri Libraries is unable

to take any returned items during Alert Level 3.

Hold on to your items and we will let you know

when we are accepting returns again. All loans

have been extended and there will be no overdue

fines accrued during this time.

Capital Projects and Maintenance

You will notice Council staff and contractors will

be restarting key projects and maintenance work

across the District where it is safe todoso.

There have been changes made to the way both

site inspections for contractors and building

inspections will be carried out to keep everyone

safe. You can find out more information at

We are here to help. You can contact us

in anumber of ways:

• Rangiora Service Centre, 0800 965 468

• Orsearch for us on facebook


• Try our online options waimakariri.govt.


• Snap Send Solve App.

Upcoming Meetings

The following meetings will take place

via video conference (Zoom) and will

be live streamed through our website.

• Council

Tuesday 5May at 1pm

• Annual Plan Hearing

Wednesday 6May at 1pm.

Sarah Nichols

Governance Manager

While we have closed the Civil Defence

Emergency Operations Centre we

continue to point people in the right

direction for support and help when

they need it.

At times like this it’s normal to experience

symptoms of stress related to COVID-19.

And if you’re unsure of who to contact for

support you can touch base with us for a

steer in the right direction.

We can all

slow the


We all need to work togetherifwewant to slowthe spread

of COVID-19. Unite againstthe virus now.

Be kind. Check-in

on theelderly

or vulnerable

Find out more at

Washing and

drying your hands

killsthe virus


into your elbow

Stay home

if youare sick

Environment Canterbury–we’re here to help

During the COVID-19pandemic,weare all havingto

adapt to new ways of working.Our mainfocus, as for all

New Zealanders, is takingevery possible step to keep

family,staff and colleagues safe and healthyathome.

Therehavebeen severallegislativechanges and

decisions that impact Environment Canterbury’s

dailyoperations –‘essential’and otherwise. We’ve

highlighted the keychanges below,and whereto

find the most up-to-dateinformation. Referring to

our website– –willbekey as we

navigatethe different alert levels. Youcan also call

our customer services team on 0800 324636 with any

questions youmay have.

We arealso looking at COVID-19recovery projects and

what contribution can be made through those projects to

the wider regional and national recovery post-lockdown.

Kia atawhai, kia haumaru |Bekind, be safe


Thefirstplacefor information regarding what canand cannot

be doneatthe different alert levels under COVID-19 isthe

Governmentwebsite: This is thecentral


SeveralactivitiesEnvironmentCanterbury has oversightof

contributetothe health of your families and the community,

particularlyunder alert levelrestrictionsand as we head into

winter.Aswell as the information providedbelow,rollingupdates

with moredetail areavailableonthe Environment Canterbury

• Home heating: Whileweknow that smoke from wood burnersisa

contributor to urbanair pollution, it is essential forpeople to stay

warm in their homes. If youare using awoodburner, regardless

of its age, we advise youtouse good burning techniqueand good

quality wood. Wood burner upgrades, whereapplicable, should

continueonce alert levelrestrictionsallow.

• Outdoor burning: Fireand Emergency NZ is asking peopleto

refrain from anyoutdoor burningwhileweare at Alert Levels 3

and 4. This is to help limit the exposure and risk to their crews

responding to calls.

• Essential services: These include (but arenot limitedto):

natural hazard event monitoring; flood response; remoteair

quality monitoring; and public transport.

• Compliancemonitoring and enforcement:Manyofour normal

processes relating to CMEwill continue, but with somechanges

related to alert levelrestrictions.

We’remindfulthat the COVID-19restrictionshaveplaced

unexpected financialstrainonmanybusinessesand individuals

thatwedealwith regularly, and that consent holdersinparticular

maystillberequired to payfor services thatcontinue during this

period. Please know that staff areavailable to discussoptions for

thoseofyou experiencingfinancial hardship.

Get in touch with us

• Facebook: @EnvironmentCanterbury

• Customer services: 0800 324636

• Public transport:

• Snap Send Solve app

Public Transport

Someofyou going back to work or school during Level3will need

publictransport as an important part of your day. Our greater

Christchurchnetwork is nowoperating aSaturdaytimetable

runningMonday–Saturday, andaSunday timetablerunning on

Sundays,for most services. No fares arebeing charged.InTimaru

the MyWay on-demand service is operating alongsidethe Timaru

Link.Visit for moredetail and updatesasalert

levels changeoremail

Civil Defence

Manyofour staff areinvolvedwith the CanterburyCivil DefenceEmergency

Management response to COVID-19, responsiblefor supporting the

nationally-ledresponseataregional level. Civil Defence staff playavital

role in responding to bothlocal,regional,and national emergencies. They

fill avariety of rolesacross planning,intelligence, operations,logistics,

welfareand public information functions to helpensurethe community is

safe. Keep up-to-dateonFacebook:@CanterburyEM

Keycontactsfor COVID-19

Government website: and helpline 0800779 997

Canterbury helpline: 0800 24 24 11

Healthline: 0800 358 5453

Need to talk? Call or text 1737 or

Essential businessenquiries: 0800 22 66 57 or

Financial support: 0800 559 009 or

Reporting breaches of Alert Levelrestrictions:

Queries about transport:


Facilitating sustainable development in the Canterbury region

Virtual saleyards to

fore under lockdown


Virtual saleyards are becoming auseful

tool for farmers sellingstock.

As stock agents explore new waystohold

salesduring the Covid­19pandemic, is experiencing rapid growth.

The website was launched by PGG

Wrightson at the National Field Daysin

June last year.Ithas been madeavailable

to all stock firms during lockdown.

PeterWalsh &Associateshas also set up

avirtual saleyards optionthroughLiveBid.

It sold 760 calves at an online sale last

Thursday through the site,which is

available on its website.

PGG Wrightson Canterbury livestock

general manager Peter Mooreencourages

farmers to talk to their agent about selling

theirbulls through virtual online sales.

They could also consider smallon­farm

salesand private treaty sales,hesays.

The virtual salewebsite has always been

an open forum,but Mr Moore says it has

been deliberately openedupmore under

the Covid­19lockdown. general manager Tania Smith

says since the lockdown they had signed

up more than threetimes its usual


She saysthe platform, which operates

like asaleyard, “has been crazy, but in a

good way”, since the lockdown. “It gives

farmers an option for trading livestock.

Our tagline, which resonates with farmers,

is ‘we are New Zealand'svirtual saleyard’.”

Farmers need to register asale through

theirstock agent,ortheir stock can be

listed in planned auctions, includingthe

weekly North Island (Wednesday) and

SouthIsland (Thursday) sales.

Each lot is bid uponlive in a45­second

slot “just like at the saleyards”, Ms Smith

says.“It means farmers can sit at home and

watchthe sale or have their agent bid on

theirbehalfand theycan participate in a

sale anywhere in thecountry.”

Farmers can upload videos, photos,

material and data about their livestockand

answer animalhealthquestions, just like a

sale catalogue.

Engaging with farmers ...

South Island territory manager Thomas

Mallon connects with farmers. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

As of lastweek 34 bull sales had been

registered with and Ms Smith

expects thatnumber to grow.

Mr Moore says stock agents are

continuing to operateunder the lockdown

as an essential service.

“Saleyards are off the table, but pretty

much everythingelse we can do.”

Protocolsare being developedfor a

possible return to saleyardsasthe alert

level is lowered, but givensome of the

largersales can havemore than100 people

in close contact, it is proving to be “quite

challenging”, Mr Moore says.

“Our number one priority is the healthof

our people and our clients. As acountry we

seem to have done aprettygood job of

keep alid on [Covid­19] and we would hate

to think as aresult of opening the

saleyards that it ledtoundoing that work.”

The biggestissue for farmersatpresent

is alack of killing space at works, which

has led to asix­week delay.

Marcus lifts

club numbers

Engaging withlocal highschool pupils has

provedrewarding forone young North

Canterbury farmer.

Hurunui Young Farmers Club chairman

MarcusWhite received aservice award

from the New Zealand Young Farmers

Tasmanregionlast month aftergrowing his

club'smembership fromtwo to 24 in less

than ayear.

The 22­year­old was first electedclub


2017, before

heading to

England on a

rugby contract.

When he

returned the

next year he

found there

was just one


“I didn'twant

to let the club

die so Ibegan Serving young farmers...

ringing round a Marcus White received a

few matesand I serviceaward from New

visited my old Zealand Young Farmers

school, Tasman region chairwoman

Hurunui Vanessa Robinson recently.


Over the last few monthsMarcus has

arranged for the Hurunui YFC to help at

the Hawardentouchtournamentand with

the barbecue at the Hawarden Ewe Fair.

“It’s good for them to gettoknow someof

their community and the older farmers are

keen to support themasmany of them have

been involved in YoungFarmers.”

Raisedinthe Hawarden/Waikari area,

Marcushas his ownDorset Downsheep

stud, Glenkinnick Downs, with 40 ewesand

10 replacements, grazedonblocks he

leasesatWaikari. He plans to build up his

stud and to buy hisown farmone day.

He is currentlyworkingwith his partner

Ally Rutten at Landcorp's Hanmer Springs



North Canterbury News, April 30, 2020


Mixed bag for

dairy farmers

In uncertain times, North Canterbury's

dairy farmers are in afortunate position,

says Karl Dean.

The Federated

Farmers North

Canterbury dairy

chairman says there are

“silverlinings” and

some problems for dairy

farmers amid the Covid­

19 crisis.

One headache for

farmers, as they begin Karl Dean

drying off cows, is asixweek

delay finding spaceatthe freezing

works, while alooming shortage of migrant

workers willrequire arethink.

Mr Dean says the likely migrant worker

shortage could be offset by New Zealanders

made redundant in the Covid­19 crisis

lookingfor new careers.

“Farmers will need to be flexible in

staffingarrangements. If someone has a

mortgage in town, they can't just move to

the farm, so we may need to change our

shifts around to suit.”

“Farmers often thinkifyou've got to drive

half an hour to go to workeach day, ‘why

would you?’ But for someone in town that's



LocaltoNorth Canterbury.

CALL ARTHUR027 245 1601







Let your



Our Futur

es Sheep

andBeef Farmers


Generation Next is aprogramme designed to nurture,

assistand encourage the current and futurefarmers

within our sector.

Theprogramme involves the delivery of three workshops

with the following objectives:

• Understand thefarm business –financial basics and


• Develop better decisionmakingskills

• Understand technologyand genetics within the industry

• Understand the importanceofmanaging mental health

and personal wellbeing

• Understand the overall industry goals and aims

The programme will be held

throughout the South Island and

60 spaces are available. Itwill

initially be run as online modules

until September 30 with physical

events after this. Reviews of this

will be communicated toapplicants

throughout this period. For more

info, course dates and to request an

application form visit: or send an email:

Applications are now reopened

until Monday 11May 2020, 12pm



at alert


Email us at


to find out how

we canhelp.



Surveying |Engineering |Planning |Subdivisions

Topographical Surveys |Resource Management

Land Development |Civil Engineering |Project

Management |Building &Construction Setout

Mark O’Connor is available

for free, no obligation

consultations at the PGG

Wrightson Kaikoura office

Wednesday fortnightly.

Appointments required.

PHONE MARK 021 558 100

0800 802 4546 | Email:


Built to your budget!

-All types of fencing including:

-deer, sheep and cattle yards

-Retaining walls –Timber gates

-Full range of specialised equipment for farm fencing and

lifestyle blocks, offers you the complete land package.

Ashley: 0274 364 776 ah: 314 8541


Post &Rail Fencing -Looks great &

makes life easy for the Rural Lifestyler!



14 North Canterbury News, April 30, 2020

Empowering youth


Getting young peopleengaged in the local

community from ayoungage has wide

benefits, says Vicki Gulleford.

The first­term Kaikoura district

councillorhas worked in the community

for 25 years and is now watchingher three

daughtersblossom on the Kaikoura Youth


Vickicame to Kaikouraasa17­year­old

and successfully applied for ajob with the

Te Whare Putea Trust working with youth.

“Twenty­five years ago Kaikoura hada

massive youth suicide problem, but that’s

not our town any more.

‘‘There was awhole lot of things put in

placeover five years to changethat and a

lot of support was put in.”

In 1995, the primary sectorwas still the

main employerand WhaleWatch was just


Kaikourawas aheadofother districts

around New Zealand when it establisheda




to restart


Kerbside recycling will start being

processed again from next Monday.

Canterbury’s recycling sorting

facility is reopening under alert level

3, allowing recycling to be picked up

again instead of people storing it on

their properties.

Tighter acceptance criteria from

overseas, lower commodity prices and

limited access to ports has changed the

global market for plastics, so only types

1, 2and 5are being accepted.

Plastic types 1and 2are items such

as soft drink, juice, milk and cream

bottles, and ice­cream containers.

Type 5plastics are often used for

large yoghurt containers, margarine,

spreads and less rigid containers.

Mixed plastics 3, 4, 6and 7and any

soft plastic that can be scrunched into

aball will need to go in the rubbish.

Waste minimisation team leader

Sally Cracknell says the changes are a

flow­on effect of the international

plastics market and global

environmental movements.

“We’re asking residents to check the

number in the triangle on the bottom of

their plastic is 1, 2or5before putting

it in their recycling.

“Plastic types 3, 4, 6and 7have now

become alandfill item.”

“I don't knowthat youth have changed as

much as the world aroundthem has

changed. Twenty­five years ago it was dialup

(internet)and no­onehad it, so the

world haschangedand they have


Today the communityismore proactive

in engaging with youth. Vicki nowworks

for Te Hau oMatauranga,which holds the

youth development contract for the

Kaikoura District Council, among other

community initiatives.

While Sarah Beardmore looks after the

youth council, Vickitakes akeen interest

in youth activitiesand won aYouthVoice

Canterbury Award in 2018for her work

supporting youth.

“They are afantasticgroup and the

council is really supportive.

“Therewas somediscussion whether the

youth councilshould reporttothe

community services committee, but the

mayor (Craig Mackle) wanted themto

speak to the full council so their voice

could be heard by all councillors.”

Missing macrons

In lastweek'sissue, as aresult of aprinting

systemerror,our articleonKaranga Mai

Early Learning Centre empowering

families during lockdown, wasprinted with

all themacrons missing fromthe te reo,

along with some of the supporting letters.

We apologisefor this error and have

redressed this in our digital copies. You

can readthe full digitalarticleonour

website and Facebook page.Weare

exploring printing options to enable us to

print te reo accuratelyinthefuture.

Public Notices

Kaiapoi Christadelphians



1. The Earth shall abide forever - Ecclesiastes 1:4

Therefore there need be no concerns about it’s destruction.

2. The heaven of heavens cannot contain God, so to have the

sun, moon and star’s movements established as alaw,isa

small exercise for him. Job 26:7-14

Therefore he will keep control of this.

3. God created man to be areflection of himself,physically and

spiritually - Numbers 14:21

Therefore he will not allow the human race to be obliterated.

4. He loves his people-in the first instance Israel and then those

who walk in his ways - Jeremiah 31:10

Therefore Israel has been returned to their homeland as a

nation and his followers have been and are being developed for

the Kingdom age.

5. The invitation to be afollower has been extended from creation

until the Lord Jesus Christ returns - John 3:16,17

Therefore there is hope. Christ will come and cleanse the earth

and establish his Father’s kingdom-a time of peace and joy.

Avision for the future can sustain us in times of uncertainty

- Proverbs 29:18

Public addresses will continue as soon as the Government

approves public meetings. For information phone 03 352 5453


Public Notices

Notification of Weight and Speed Limits on Bridges

HeavyMotor Vehicle Regulations 1974, Regulation 11

NOTICE is hereby given that pursuant to regulation 11(3) of the Heavy Motor Vehicle Regulations 1974, the Hurunui

District Council has fixed the following maximum weight and speed limits for heavy motor vehicles and combinations

including aheavy motor vehicle on the bridges describedhereunder:


Name of Road Name of Bridge Maximum Gross Weight Maximum Speed

weight on any (maximum sum Limit km/hr

one axle of axle weights)

Tekoa Rd Island Hills 3500kg Gross. 10km/hr

One vehicle at a

time on bridge

Tekoa Rd Mandamus 20km/hr

LowryPeaks Rd Palmside 10km/hr

Woodbank Rd Woodbank (Rogerson) 90% Class 1 30km/hr

InlandRd Conway 44000kg Gross.

One heavy vehicle

at atime on bridge

Tophouse Rd St James 1500kg 2500kg

Mendip Rd Mendip Hills 90% Class 1 10km/hr

Blythe Rd Lower Hurunui Swing One heavy vehicle

at atime on bridge

Cat Hill Rd Hydes 44000kg Gross

Mount Palm Track Mt Palm 5300kg 10km/hr

Nonoti Rd Nonoti Overbridge 10km/hr

Brodies Rd Grey Burn 50% Class1 10km/hr

Holleth Hills Rd Holleth Hills 10km/hr

Berriedale Rd Morris 10km/hr

Cotswold Rd Cotswold 10km/hr

MacDonald Downs Rd MacDonald Downs 10km/hr

Megowans Rd Megowans 80% Class 1

Kilmarnock Rd Deans Bridge Closed

Stonyhurst Rd Meehans 10km/hr

Stag and Spey Rd Herds 10km/hr

Balmoral Station Rd Davidsons 70% Class 1

Attention is drawn to the applicable penalties and infringement fees set out in Schedule 1A or Part 3ofSchedule1Bofthe

Land Transport(Offences and Penalties) Regulations 1999, which apply to infringements of these limits.

April 2020

Dan Harris

Chief Operations Officer

Hurunui District Council 2273379


“The Key of Knowledge ..“(Luke 11:52)


The Lord Jesus Christ said:

“Come unto me, all you that labour, and

are heavy laden, and Iwill give you rest.

Matthew 11:28.



for smaller dogs. We look

after your dog in our home.

"No kennels". Phone today

03 314 6110.

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BALEAGE 50 medium

squares, good quality, $50

each. Phone 027 739 1218.

Cars Wanted


and 4WD'S




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GUM 3m3 $340, 6m3

$640 dry. Free Delivery

Rangiora/Amberley. Small

cut gum special rate 3m3

$280, 6m3 $530 (limited

supply). Ph: 03 312 9394,

027 919 8074 or email:

Wanted To Buy

FORESTRY plantations

and shelter belts wanted for

export and local market.

Please ph 029 773 1001.

Are you ready to grow?

Kiwi Gardener is your practical

guide to gardening in New Zealand.





0800 77 77 10




ewe hoggets suitable for

breeding /lifestyle blocks

phone 021 626 449 or 03

385 4966.


ram hoggets suitable for

breeding. Phone 021 626

449 or 03 385 4966.



cutting with quality and

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442 2219, Fax 03 359 6052

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Tree felling, topping,

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branch chipping.

Affordable rates. Phone 03

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North Canterbury News, April 30, 2020


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Wrought Iron,

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Grossman Trade

Tools, 31A Watts Road,

Christchurch. Ph 389 9230.


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Wheelie bins any frequency

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9cube. Skips and wheelie

bins for any use, rubbish,

greenwaste, building sites

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All workmanship


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SHEARER. Hap’s Farm &

Lifestyle Services. Shearing,

crutching, drenching,

tailing, feet trimming &

health check. Trailer, generator

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Bill’s Liquid


You dump it...

Blair pumps it...

Blair Tavendale

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0275 379-694





Lifestyle or farm, sheep, cattle,

horse, all types of animals.

Fences, yards, sheds, arenas,

shelters, runs.

30+ years contract fencing.

Steve is available to help with

your design &planning.

Ph office03312 4747



Specialising in North Canterbury.

Contact Geoff at

Maxwell Valuation. Phone

03 310 8541 or email


Log Fires

Pellet Fires

Heat Pumps




Free Quotes

03 343 1651

472 Blenheim Rd

Pride &Quality Painting

&Decorating Services

20 yrs exp, fast and friendly

service. For all your painting

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Appliance Repairs



F&P, Bosch, Smeg,

ASKO, Ariston, LG,Classique,

Haier, Samsung and more....


“For best resultsbesuretouseauthorised service”


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Shane and Leanne Frahm

We cankill&process yourstock

FourGenerations of Frahms

since 1957

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Number one

old-fashioned bacon

&ham curing.

A/H 312 4709

Chiropractic Services

Dr Carissa McGregor Chiropractor

Injury, accidents and maintenance

ACC Registered and Accredited

Monday-Thursday | 03 313 0350

Libi McKinnon Physiotherapy

03 0278 686 2574

ACC Registered Provider | Tuesday&Friday

Select Health

51 Ashley Street, Rangiora


Construction &Concrete


Denture Clinic



(Formerly Riccarton Denture Clinic)


New Dentures





Ph (03)327-0077

Gold Card









your business

in our Trades

and Services


Amanda Keys


03 313 2840




“Specialists in all aspects of plastering

from traditional to modern”

• Stucco finishes

• Exterior and interior • Foundations

• Landscape walls • Insurance work

No job too small,

free quotes.

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Landscaping -Fencing

& Earthworks


03 313 9375 •027 369 3974

Scrap Metal


•Car Bodies •Scrap Steel•Specialists in Farm

Machinery•All non Ferrous



Ph (03)338 7000

Mike0274 818544 •Robbie 0274818 027

Locally owned and operated



CAP 65

CAP 40

CAP 20



Quarry Prices


from $40 per cube

from $23 per cube

from $25 per cube

from $30 per cube

all +gst

Plus all excavation and truck hire

house excavations, driveways, subdivisions


Ph: KEN 027 201 3302



Are youan



Canyou deliver goods to

your customers?

Please contactuson to seehow howwecanhelpwe help

We’re for



From Kaikoura,

to Christchurch,

to Ashburton,

we have it covered

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