Highlights - Marbella Luxury Real Estate Magazine 2020

Welcome to the 2020 edition of Highlights, our company's flagship publication. This year we look at new trends, consumer/investor preferences and what the sector is doing to respond to these. Increasingly important concerns are wellness and sustainability, and in this issue we have expanded the editorial content to focus on how we are adapting and incorporating these into our everyday lives and decisions regarding future investments. We have carefully curated a selection of articles featuring new eco-friendly lifestyles, how the fashion industry is responding to a growing demand for sustainable collections, the new hybrid Porsche Taycan and a look into some of Spain’s most iconic architects. Naturally, we also focus on lifestyle, for this is what helps to define our beautiful part of the world. Indeed, when people buy a home in Marbella, they acquire a lifestyle as much as a property.

Welcome to the 2020 edition of Highlights, our company's flagship publication.

This year we look at new trends, consumer/investor preferences and what the sector is doing to respond to these. Increasingly important concerns are wellness and sustainability, and in this issue we have expanded the editorial content to focus on how we are adapting and incorporating these into our everyday lives and decisions regarding future investments. We have carefully curated a selection of articles featuring new eco-friendly lifestyles, how the fashion industry is responding to a growing demand for sustainable collections, the new hybrid Porsche Taycan and a look into some of Spain’s most iconic architects.

Naturally, we also focus on lifestyle, for this is what helps to define our beautiful part of the world. Indeed, when people buy a home in Marbella, they acquire a lifestyle as much as a property.


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<strong>Highlights</strong><br />

WELCOME TO HIGHLIGHTS <strong>2020</strong><br />

With this new edition of <strong>Highlights</strong>, our company’s flagship publication, we reach you in unusual and<br />

tumultuous times. Having survived fears of an oncoming recession in 2019, we entered the new year<br />

on a positive note, with surprisingly good short-term economic forecasts and a significant rise in<br />

enquiries for properties on the Costa del Sol. Now we are faced with another global challenge – the second<br />

in little more than a decade – and although no-one knows exactly what the economic impact will be, it will<br />

be overcome in the end, as humans are nothing if not adaptable and resourceful.<br />

The demand for the uniquely<br />

privileged setting and lifestyle that<br />

<strong>Marbella</strong> and its surroundings offer<br />

remains as strong as ever, and in<br />

this issue we showcase some of its<br />

best facets, including some of the<br />

region’s finest homes and examples<br />

of style. We also share the results<br />

of the <strong>2020</strong> Knight Frank Wealth<br />

Report, an authoritative information<br />

source built upon exhaustive industry<br />

polls and interviews with leading<br />

figures and HNW decision-makers,<br />

which provide an invaluable gauge<br />

of sentiment and capital/investment<br />

flows.<br />

In line with this, we look at new trends,<br />

consumer/investor preferences and<br />

what the sector is doing to respond to<br />

these. Increasingly important concerns are wellness and sustainability, and in this issue we have expanded<br />

the editorial content to focus on how we are adapting and incorporating these into our everyday lives and<br />

decisions regarding future investments.<br />

We have carefully curated a selection of articles featuring new eco-friendly lifestyles, how the fashion<br />

industry is responding to a growing demand for sustainable collections, the new hybrid Porsche Taycan<br />

and a look into some of Spain’s most iconic architects.<br />

Naturally, we also focus on lifestyle, for this is what helps to define our beautiful part of the world. Indeed,<br />

when people buy a home in <strong>Marbella</strong>, they acquire a lifestyle as much as a property.<br />

We hope you enjoy reading as much as we have enjoyed preparing this year’s issue for you.<br />

Pia Arrieta and Diana Morales<br />


<strong>Highlights</strong><br />


10<br />


The new luxury<br />

4<br />

EVENTS<br />

Celebrating creativity<br />

6<br />

ART<br />

Inspiration in a modern world<br />

16<br />


Rethinking couture<br />

8<br />


Discover timeless classics<br />

22<br />


The art of pure design<br />


<strong>Highlights</strong><br />

38<br />


Beauty that transcends time<br />

26<br />

WHISKY<br />

Of the Highland born<br />

30<br />


Spanish masters of form<br />

40<br />


An emerging asset class<br />

44<br />


Consumer and investment<br />

flows <strong>2020</strong><br />

46<br />


Prime selection of <strong>Marbella</strong> homes<br />

36<br />


The world of virtual style<br />


<strong>Highlights</strong><br />

EVENTS<br />

A handpicked selection of some of the most evocative<br />

international events this season. By Michel Cruz<br />

The Female Divine –<br />

Christian Dior<br />

Posed with the question ‘What if women ruled the world?’, Judy<br />

Chicago and Maria Grazia Chiuri of Dior created the evocative<br />

backdrop for the Paris runway presentation of the Christian<br />

Dior Spring couture <strong>2020</strong> collection. This visual representation<br />

is a celebration not just of the female form, as raised to an art<br />

by Dior itself, but also of the indomitable spirit and resilience<br />

of women all over the world, representing as they do the earth and<br />

heart of society.<br />

Fashion designer Maria Grazia Chiuri - Photography by Piero Biasion/Xinhua).<br />

MoMa, New York, expands<br />

An international icon of art, design and avant<br />

garde thinking, the Museum Of Modern Art is<br />

also a New York icon that pushes boundaries<br />

and brings a modern interpretation of art to the<br />

many who visit it every year. The new extension<br />

is not just a physical expansion and upgrading of<br />

facilities, but goes further to bring art to life –<br />

literally – through the creation of live works galleries<br />

where it is possible to see the creative process in<br />

action and interact with the artists themselves<br />

in a way that has not been seen yet.<br />

MoMA - Photography by Iwan Baan.<br />


<strong>Highlights</strong><br />

Louis Vuitton<br />

Maison opening<br />

Seoul<br />

The opening of a new Louis Vuitton Maison<br />

is more than simply the inauguration of<br />

a new luxury store – it is an architectural<br />

and design occasion in its own right. The<br />

new maison opened in the South Korean<br />

capital features the design of world-famous<br />

architect, Frank Gehry, also responsible<br />

for such icons as the Guggenheim Museum<br />

in Bilbao. The sculpted glass structure,<br />

which appears like cooling ice cubes<br />

within the urban landscape, highlights the<br />

beautifully hand-worked design and colour<br />

tones of this iconic brand, and in so doing<br />

creates a work of art worthy of the name<br />

Louis Vuitton.<br />

Key Visual, © Yong Joon Choi.<br />

Forbes Influencer<br />

Marketing Report<br />

A new form of celebrity-based marketing,<br />

influencers have become celebrities and<br />

marketeers in their own right, as they ‘guide’<br />

followers and consumers to the brands they<br />

support, and perhaps even more importantly<br />

teach established brands about the rapidlychanging<br />

trends among consumers. The focus<br />

and spend on this organic and often noncorporate<br />

type of marketing continued to<br />

grow in 2019, and appears not to have reached<br />

its zenith yet, according to a report published<br />

by Forbes <strong>Magazine</strong>.<br />


<strong>Highlights</strong><br />

ART<br />

Rotimi Fani-Kayode, Untitled, 1985.<br />

Les Rencontres d’Arles<br />

The theme of this photographic art exhibition in the<br />

southern French city of Arles is art of the people,<br />

highlighting several decades of visuals that capture the<br />

times as no other medium could. Very up to date and<br />

stirring are the images that centre upon the movement of<br />

the ‘yellow vests’ – the everyday people taking to the streets<br />

to fight for a way of life. June 29 – September 20<br />

Fabio Ponzio, Romania, 1997.<br />

Paris Photo<br />

Paris Photo at the Grand Palais<br />

offers a blend of state-of-the-art<br />

photographic presentation in what<br />

is visual art at its best. Inspiring,<br />

emotive images that stir the soul<br />

and engage the mind by some of the<br />

leading photographers in the world<br />

– both established and raw, new<br />

talent – in a setting that adds to the<br />

sensory impact of one of the leading<br />

exhibitions of its kind.<br />

12-15 November <strong>2020</strong><br />


<strong>Highlights</strong><br />

Marina Abramovic at the<br />

Royal Academy of Arts, London<br />

Marina Abramovic introduces one<br />

of her unique live art shows in ‘After<br />

Life’, at the Royal Academy of Arts<br />

in London. Often shocking, Abramovic<br />

is as unpredictable as she is<br />

controversial, avoiding predictability<br />

by never repeating formats, and in<br />

so doing maintaining the ability to<br />

impact, affect and move the public.<br />

Go and see it if you dare!<br />

26 September – 8 December <strong>2020</strong><br />

Marina Abramovic, ©Marco Anelli.<br />

The Magritte Machine,<br />

Thyssen-Bornemisza<br />

One of the leading museums in Madrid, even<br />

Europe, will be honouring surrealist master,<br />

René Magritte. Over 70 carefully selected<br />

and curated works of this great artist will be<br />

on display, encapsulating the evolution of<br />

Magritte’s thinking, themes and technical<br />

styles in an exhibition that is as thoughtprovoking<br />

as it is visual.<br />

27 October <strong>2020</strong> – 28 February 2021<br />

The Key to the Fields - René Magritte.<br />


<strong>Highlights</strong><br />


Classics that live on<br />

Visit many a stylish home or office and you will see them<br />

proudly displayed among a myriad of interior design styles,<br />

from modern to eclectic, for the most famous and coveted<br />

furniture design pieces are timeless – which means to say that<br />

they don’t age but just get better with time. By Michel Cruz<br />

Arco Floor Lamp<br />

This classic of modern décor, was<br />

designed for Flos in 1962 by Achille<br />

Castiglione and Pier Giacomo Castiglione.<br />

Its simple, pure beauty has inspired many<br />

subsequent furniture pieces.<br />

Eames Lounge Chair<br />

Husband and wife team Charles and Ray Eames<br />

were among the leading pioneers in the use of new,<br />

flexible lightweight materials, and the evergreen<br />

Eames Lounge Chair is a perfect example<br />

of the design possibilities this creates.<br />

Chesterfield Sofa<br />

Quintessentially classical<br />

and British, the chesterfield<br />

sofa was named after<br />

the Earl of Chesterfield.<br />

Originally made in leather,<br />

it is now available in a<br />

wide variety of materials<br />

and designs.<br />


<strong>Highlights</strong><br />

The Louis Mirror<br />

Named after Louis XIV, the mighty creator of the<br />

Palace of Versailles, where the beautifully gilded<br />

mirrors adorn large spaces, the modern version<br />

comes in many different varieties.<br />

Longcase Clock<br />

Though the wooden clock has a long tradition in middle<br />

Europe, the so-called ‘grandfather clock’ is typically<br />

British. Tall, elegant and made from gorgeous wood, this<br />

classic décor piece is making a comeback among home<br />

stylists keen to mix modern and traditional.<br />

Egg Chair<br />

The late fifties Egg Chair by Arne Jacobsen looks<br />

and feels as fresh and modern now as it did 60 years<br />

ago – the hallmark of iconic, timeless design.<br />

Barcelona Chair<br />

They don’t come more famous and<br />

iconic than Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s<br />

Barcelona chair, a study in mastery of<br />

simple design that caresses the eye.<br />


<strong>Highlights</strong><br />

LEED platinum certified residence, San Francisco. Photography by Bluesteel.<br />


<strong>Highlights</strong><br />

New<br />

eco living<br />

and the<br />

super-rich<br />

A new type of trophy accessory adorns<br />

the world’s most luxurious homes –<br />

and it’s probably green. Zoe Dare Hall<br />

delves into the new eco-conscious<br />

lifestyles of the super-rich.<br />

ather than parading a collection of classic cars in the<br />

basement or having the Caribbean villa fully fired up 24/7 in<br />

Rcase the owners make a rare visit, contentment for ultrahigh<br />

net worth types these days is more likely to lie in a row of<br />

recycling bins and an assortment of taps.<br />

“My clients are obsessed with recycling. They ask about the<br />

recycling bins all the time - and they want five of them,” says Penny<br />

Mosgrove, CEO of Quintessentially <strong>Estate</strong>s, the property division<br />

of the global concierge company, Quintessentially. “They also want<br />

three taps for boiling, filtered and normal hot/cold water – and they<br />

don’t want to see any plastic bottles inside my car when I take them<br />

on viewings.”<br />

This eco awareness among wealthy property buyers is part of<br />

a wider shift away from showing off the most ostentatious signs of<br />

wealth, towards embracing more sustainable living.<br />

In Knight Frank’s Wealth Report <strong>2020</strong>, 73% of the world’s<br />

UHNWIs (those with a net worth of over $30m, including their<br />

primary residence) say they want their investments to have a positive<br />

environmental outcome. Some are calling it “cuddly capitalism”.<br />

For Liam Bailey, Knight Frank’s Global Head of Research, it’s about<br />

investments becoming “less bling and considerably more virtuous”.<br />


<strong>Highlights</strong><br />

At a corporate level, this concept known as ESG (environmental, social and governance)<br />

puts at its heart the sustainable and ethical running of a company. At a personal level, it’s about<br />

demand for homes that promote wellbeing. “Growth in demand for a healthy outcome is driving<br />

innovation across the real estate sector,” says Bailey.<br />

For the first time, says Jane Landino, creative and design head of studio at Taylor Howes<br />

Designs in London, the concepts of luxury and sustainability are uniting. “Clients seem more<br />

conscious of not being overtly lavish or wasteful. Instead, they are using their wealth to ‘invest’ in<br />

long-term, good-quality pieces. A piece’s sustainability and ‘green’ credentials is now something<br />

for individuals to feel proud of.”<br />

Apartment reception at Regent´s Crescent.<br />

This isn’t just a superficial case of wanting to keep up with the Jones. “It’s a genuine concern.<br />

It’s about the health and wellness of the world,” emphasises Penny Mosgrove, who is seeing ‘a big<br />

eco-play’ in her clients’ demands, both in terms of what they buy and how they live.<br />

Such buyers will use local craftsmen rather than fly in furnishings, and support small, local<br />

retailers to create sought-after residential enclaves. And where their working lives mean they still<br />

need to be frequent fliers – this kind of person is often a CEO who needs to be seen by their global<br />

teams - they try to compensate at home in various ways.<br />

Having private parking spaces, for example, is no longer a pre-requisite in super-prime<br />

London, even when you are spending millions on a property. Camilla Dell, managing partner at<br />

Black Brick buying agency, mentions the recent sale of a £37m detached house in Kensington<br />

without any parking provision.<br />

“A few years ago, that would have been<br />

unthinkable,” says Dell. “Now off-street car<br />

parking is becoming less important, partly in<br />

response to environmental concerns making<br />

car ownership less of a priority. They use<br />

travel and taxi apps, and electric bicycle share<br />

schemes such as Lime instead.” Charging<br />

points for electric cars are also now a musthave<br />

in prime schemes. “I have a billionaire<br />

client who has a Tesla in every property,” says<br />

Mosgrove.<br />

Promoting a healthier planet fulfils<br />

another of the ambitions of the super-rich too<br />

– to achieve peak personal wellness. This goes<br />

far beyond having a fully-equipped Technogym<br />

and marble-clad pool in the basement. Indeed,<br />

such features are falling in popularity in<br />

super-prime circles such as central London,<br />

where pools are rarely used and expensive to<br />

maintain, and people are increasingly seeking<br />

more socially-interactive fitness classes.<br />

Instead, the world’s booming wellness<br />

real estate market – forecast to reach US$242<br />

billion by 2026, according to the US-based<br />

Facts And Figures Research – is leading to<br />

a new consciousness of how to optimise the<br />

basics in our daily lives, down to the air we<br />

breathe and the water we drink.<br />

In the sporty millionaires’ enclave of<br />

Quinta do Lago on the Algarve, ultra-high net<br />

worth buyers – now generally in their mid-40s,<br />

compared with 60+ a decade ago - are swapping<br />

their petrol vehicles for hybrids or bikes and<br />

adding wellness studios in their homes rather<br />

than a pool, says CEO Sean Moriarty. “These<br />

buyers are also demanding an eco-certified<br />

property with solar panels, energy-efficient<br />

underfloor heating and recyclable materials.<br />

Many are planning to live plastic-free day to<br />

day – and as a company we will enable this<br />

lifestyle.”<br />

Air quality – including the installation of<br />

modern ventilation systems that change the air<br />

up to 12 times a day – and private bore-holes<br />

(where drinking tap water isn’t an option) are<br />

among the new requests among super-prime<br />

buyers, according to Knight Frank’s Wealth<br />

Report <strong>2020</strong>. So, too, are sophisticated water<br />

filtration systems that remove impurities and<br />

restore health-giving minerals – the likes of<br />


<strong>Highlights</strong><br />

Residence 950, San Francisco. Photography by Paul Dyer.<br />

“Solar energy, water reuse,<br />

air filtration systems and<br />

electric car charging stations<br />

are seen as big value... ”<br />

Residence 950, San Francisco. Photography by Jacob Elliot.<br />

which can be seen in a new property in San Francisco that takes healthand<br />

eco-consciousness to new heights.<br />

Residence 950 (residence950.com), priced at $40.5m through<br />

Douglas Elliman, is an 870m 2 , LEED Platinum certified house (the<br />

highest level in green building) designed with “the health of both<br />

people and planet” in mind, says Gregory Malin, CEO of the property’s<br />

developers, Troon Pacific.<br />

“We’ve noticed that many conscious<br />

consumers are seeking a luxury lifestyle that<br />

is aligned with their values around personal<br />

health and wellness, as well as sustainable<br />

living,” Malin adds. “Solar energy, water reuse,<br />

air filtration systems and electric car charging<br />

stations are seen as big value adds. Similarly,<br />

people value a strong connection to nature<br />

through biophilic design principles and welldesigned<br />

opportunities for outdoor living.”<br />

Interior design is also embracing the need<br />

for eco-conscious innovation. Vegan design –<br />

which uses entirely cruelty- and animal-free<br />

products, from faux leather and suede to toxic<br />

free paints and wool-free brushes – is a growing<br />

niche among those seeking more sustainable<br />

living.<br />

“I don’t want to make it a barrier or<br />

make people feel guilty, but we should all<br />


<strong>Highlights</strong><br />

Elicyon vases created from 100% reclaimed synthetics.<br />

Photography by Michael Sinclair.<br />

be thinking of the issues around sustainability and<br />

environmental friendliness,” says Chloe Bullock of<br />

Materialise Interiors, the UK’s first designer to be<br />

certified by Vegandesign.org – an online community set<br />

up by Miami-based vegan designer Deborah diMare.<br />

“I suggest that clients use faux rather than real leather<br />

or PVC, which is full of toxins. Faux is more functional,<br />

lasts longer – and you often can’t tell the difference. It’s<br />

all about conscientious consumption.”<br />

New, eco-friendly materials are entering the interior<br />

design arena too, such as Piñatex - a leather equivalent<br />

made from natural, sustainably-sourced pineapple<br />

fibres. “Some of our private residential clients start<br />

small, requesting we use natural materials like this.<br />

Others want large-scale changes such as entire ecokitchens,<br />

which use pioneering technologies to facilitate<br />

the client’s desire for greener, plant-based living,” says<br />

Jane Landino.<br />

Harvest fresh fridges, which preserve food<br />

for longer, are a staple of the eco kitchen. So too<br />

are “smart gardens” which enable clients to grow<br />

fresh herbs and microgreens at home, “cutting down waste and<br />

eliminating transport costs – which are all things on the agenda,”<br />

says Landino.<br />

In the bathroom, smart technology can help curb overly-long<br />

showers, with gadgets such as Hydrao’s shower head whose LED lights<br />

change colour depending on the amount of water used, or U. by Moen’s<br />

voice-controlled shower that pauses until the user is ready.<br />

And Helen Westlake, creative director at the architecture/interior<br />

design firm Millier – whose prime central London schemes include<br />

the Grade 1 listed Regent’s Crescent, where residences range from<br />

£2.9m-£21.45m through Knight Frank – is always on the hunt for the<br />

latest sustainable products and suppliers. New discoveries include<br />

Sirimiri, a luxury British linen brand made from beech tree pulp,<br />

and Greenkiss, whose VAO Sofa 380 has legs made from discarded,<br />

eco-friendly solid ash. “We are finding that UHNWI’s are keen to<br />

understand exactly what steps we have taken in the design process to<br />

manage the energy consumption and carbon footprint impact with<br />

their new homes,” says Westlake.<br />

LAY London, meanwhile, is a new company on a mission to<br />

encourage those who love home-entertaining to ditch the “single<br />

use décor” and rent their homewares instead. “We saw a gap in the<br />

entertaining and hosting sector by 0providing beautiful tablescapes and<br />

beautifully-crafted wares, never previously available for hire,” explains<br />

co-founder, Jemima Herbert. “We’re introducing a sustainable and<br />

storage-friendly way to host.”<br />

Wealthy but not wasteful is the way forward.<br />

ECO, handcrafted English walnut used on the dining table by Millier.<br />


+34 952 036 494<br />

C/ los lirios S/n<br />

29660 nueva andaluCIA<br />

www.breathe.life<br />


<strong>Highlights</strong><br />


<strong>Highlights</strong><br />

Slow Burn Style,<br />

Sustainability’s<br />

New Frontiers<br />

Sustainability is flourishing as a new pillar of aspirational living,<br />

with fashion at the forefront of the revolution. No longer the worthy<br />

but decidedly poor cousin to more tantalising options, from digital<br />

couture and ‘prestige preloved’ to the rise of vegan luxe, sustainable<br />

style is parlaying initial curiosity into genuine prestige status.<br />

By Katie Baron<br />

Island Feather.<br />

n December 2019, deep in a Royal Albert Hall<br />

buzzing with a galaxy of fashion greats (from Mr.<br />

IArmani himself to Bottega Veneta’s superstar<br />

creative director Daniel Lee), the British Fashion<br />

Awards played host to Central Saint Martin’s<br />

annual White Show, Opus 19. A rite-of-passage<br />

for BA students at the prestigious college – all of<br />

whom produce a single garment from two metres<br />

of white fabric at the end of their first term as a<br />

declaration of personal creative intent – this year’s<br />

show delivered a singular punch of a message:<br />

Creative Directors Start Using Your Collective<br />

power. Emblazoned on a banner held aloft by<br />

19-year-old student Johnny MacLean as he walked<br />

in the opening look, the flip side succinctly shot<br />

home: Climate Emergency.<br />

Famously a showcase of raw<br />

talent unbridled by commercial<br />

restraints, ironically, it captured a<br />

significant sea-change in the cultural<br />

and consumer mood. It was little<br />

surprise that one of the night’s big<br />

winners was Bethany Williams,<br />

named Emerging Menswear Talent<br />

just two show seasons in thanks to<br />

cleverly crafted pieces of festivalmeets-streetwear<br />

cool made entirely<br />

from recycled, organic or handmade<br />

fabrics. Think: oversized recycled<br />

wool intarsia knits, panelled<br />

outerwear crafted from revived<br />

nylon and reconstituted denim<br />

hoodies, with powerhouse price tags<br />

– coats vary from £750 to £4,500 –<br />

indicative of the meticulous work.<br />


<strong>Highlights</strong><br />

Williams, who is also notable for community values (every<br />

season she works with different charitable causes including<br />

regularly employing people from local social initiatives such as<br />

drug rehabilitation groups) is actually part of a formidable line-up<br />

of London-based talent melding luxury fashion and eco-ethical<br />

desirability. Others include innovator Christopher Raeburn whose<br />

outerwear is largely created using high-performance surplus<br />

materials such as defunct military parachutes, and Martina Spetlova<br />

– a Czechoslovakian-born former chemist who’s substituted insights<br />

into compounds for specialist materials manipulations. Now almost<br />

as famous for pioneering smart tech as she is her butter-soft woven<br />

leather jackets and accessories in pitch-perfect colour palettes,<br />

she’s currently partnering with British blockchain experts Provenance<br />

on a system that gives garment owners visibility on the origins,<br />

people, processes, journey and materials that constitutes every inch<br />

of her pieces.<br />

Martina Spetlova bag.<br />

There’s also Phoebe English, an avant-garde<br />

British designer whose deceptively simple, borderline<br />

androgynous styling underscores the beauty to be found<br />

in deadstock materials, a resurrection of artisanal skills<br />

on the brink of expiration and zero-waste pattern cutting.<br />

More overtly glamourous eco-turns have come from cherished<br />

players such as British-Afghan Osman Yousefzada famed for his<br />

elegant, feminine and fun-loving ensembles (from brocade suits and<br />

Emery Black - vegan leather.<br />

Island Feather.<br />

romantic sculptural dresses to<br />

draped sequinned tops) whose<br />

AW19 vegan leather pieces<br />

were created via a process that’s<br />

both chrome and chemical free<br />

- countering the considerable<br />

confusion surrounding ecopositive<br />

style; while veganism may<br />

be an acknowledged winner for<br />

person and planet, petrochemicalbased<br />

vegan leather products can<br />

take much longer to biodegrade<br />

than the traditional materials,<br />

sometimes up to 500 years.<br />

Indeed, vegan fashion, once<br />

a mulch of hemp waistcoats<br />

and fetid fabrics from a parallel<br />

universe that style forgot, is<br />

experiencing a serious perception<br />

overhaul. Stella McCartney, a<br />

long-term advocate of cruelty-free<br />

clothing arguably kick-started<br />

fashion fans’ appreciation for faux<br />

leather luxe with her accessories,<br />

including her delectable rubber<br />

boots. Feeding that rising appetite<br />

are brands including Hungarianoriginated<br />

label Nanushka, which<br />

bills itself as ‘the modern<br />


<strong>Highlights</strong><br />

ethical cred. Garments range from sustainable sportwear by Stella<br />

McCartney to pretty much everything from the laidback Cali-coolgirl<br />

vibe of Reformation. But few have made the kind of waves of<br />

The Maiyet Collective – a concept cofounded by beyond-fashion<br />

heavyweight Paul Van Zyl, a South African human rights lawyer who<br />

worked on South Africa’s post-apartheid Truth and Reconciliation<br />

commission. Originally conceived as monthly pop-up of 50-60<br />

brands housed inside London members’ club The Conduit, every<br />

element of department store style concept (from the décor to the<br />

discussion to the culinary manifesto) promoted a sustainable agenda.<br />

Bearing shades of his political focus on unification and progression,<br />

Van Zyl said at the time, “Everyone will have equal access to<br />

support and see what one another is doing; sharing thoughts around<br />

everything from cause marketing to supply chains. This is about<br />

creating a tide that will lift all boats.” Shopping with the collective<br />

now predominantly happens online, alongside a regular IRL designer-<br />

bohemian’ and was recently hailed by the US edition of style bible<br />

L’Officiel magazine as “Instagram’s favourite vegan brand.” Dealing<br />

in a seductive breed of modernist chic, signature sell-out pieces<br />

include its ‘hide’ puffer jacket and a midi-length dress languishing<br />

somewhere between a classic trench and a kimono-esque dressing<br />

gown, all in REACH-certified ‘leather’ (an EU regulation declaring<br />

the avoidance of harmful chemicals during production).<br />

Accessories brands are also closing in on the groundswell, from<br />

Californian brand Melie Bianco’s handbags to British brand MULO<br />

shoes, a label whose signature style – a premium reimagining of the<br />

humble espadrille – has been reconfigured for the spring/summer<br />

<strong>2020</strong> season with plush vegan-friendly linings. Barely out of the<br />

blocks, launched April <strong>2020</strong>, is UK-headquartered luxury footwear<br />

brand AllKind whose shoes are handmade in Spain. Not atypical for<br />

this blossoming sector, the entire business model is wrapped in a halo<br />

of uncompromising conscious consumption – proudly ‘vegan, ethical,<br />

sustainable, original and Carbon Positive<br />

from launch’, it’s the brainchild of an<br />

entirely female collective of British vegan<br />

entrepreneurs.<br />

Collectives are indeed a key factor<br />

in leveraging the status of eco-luxe,<br />

magnets for mobilising a demanding new<br />

generation of sustainability connoisseurs<br />

turned on by intelligent spending. Rêve en<br />

Vert was early to the table – the luxurious<br />

online platform quietly described by<br />

industry insiders as ‘the Net-a-Porter<br />

of sustainable fashion’ curates the best<br />

eco-sensitive brands, wrapped in editorial<br />

features. Farfetch now has Positively<br />

Farfetch: The Conscious Edit, a curated<br />

page on its main e-commerce site in<br />

partnership with independent agency<br />

Good On You that rates brands’ eco-<br />

Pangaia.<br />

Mulo vegan espadrilles.<br />

maker events, interactive workshops, educational<br />

discussions and story-telling events.<br />

That pursuit of haute sustainability is indelibly<br />

intertwined materials innovations, itself a booming<br />

industry and exemplified by brands such as Pangaia<br />

– an international bio-engineering materials science<br />

collective ‘on a mission to save our environment’.<br />

Intensely attuned to the autumn/winter <strong>2020</strong> trend<br />

for cocoon-style outerwear of epic proportions, it<br />

kicked off the year in seriously directional fashion<br />

by launching a capsule collection of luxury vegan<br />

puffer jackets filled not with duck or goose down, but<br />

FLWRDWN – a patented filling of shredded flowers.<br />

In development for almost a decade, the wildflowers<br />


<strong>Highlights</strong><br />

Nanushka signature Hide jacket.<br />

are even harvested using a regenerative method that doesn’t require<br />

irrigation, making it kinder to the environment.<br />

Brazilian designer Pedro Lourenço, formerly of Lanvin and<br />

now founder of Zilver is another creative to keep watching. The<br />

transparency-dedicated, gender-fluid label is similarly ensconced<br />

in reimagining classic outerwear garments; key items include ‘duvet<br />

coats’ insulated with used plastic bottles in lieu of traditional<br />

animal down.<br />

Swimwear too, is a hive of eco-elite innovation; Stay Wild Swim,<br />

founded by Natalie Glaze and Zanna Van Dijk, is a collection of<br />

satisfyingly inclusive sporty-looking pieces made from regenerated<br />

ocean plastic, while Island Feather reduces waste by going double<br />

duty: it’s fitness apparel can be worn to run, do yoga or surf, a capsule<br />

fitness wardrobe for the Marie Kondo generation.<br />

Denim is another sweet spot for sustainable visionaries, thanks<br />

to its long-time status as a cult staple that transcends trends and so<br />

nicely primed for an era where excess seems increasingly gauche.<br />

Exemplifying this shift is Blackhorse Lane Ateliers, London’s only<br />

craft denim jeans maker. Founded by Turkish-born tailoring guru<br />

Han Ate, a self-confessed devotee of the Bauhaus movement’s famous<br />

‘form follows function’ principles (as, incidentally, is Nanushka’s<br />

founder Sandra Sandor) fans are actively discouraged from ever<br />

buying more than two pairs of its organic raw denim masterpieces<br />

at once. A denim-head’s dream, its London flagship even features a<br />

Denim Haberdashery - providing enthusiasts with everything they<br />

need to maintain, repair or even make their own jeans.<br />

While resales are also<br />

booming as ‘pre-loved prestige’<br />

becomes the most modern of<br />

fashion status symbol (iconic<br />

American designer Diane von<br />

Furstenburg has just launched<br />

its luxury rental division, DVF<br />

Link) the next major frontier<br />

is virtual style. It’s already<br />

on the cusp of big-time<br />

breakthrough, thanks not only<br />

to high fashion’s infiltration<br />

of gaming (see Louis Vuitton’s<br />

collection of ‘skins’ for the<br />

game League of Legends)<br />

but also the desire for digital<br />

couture. In 2019, a shimmering<br />

maxi dress called Iridescence<br />

created by digital garment<br />

gods The Fabricant in<br />

collaboration with Berlinbased<br />

artist And Johanna<br />

Jaskowska sold for $9,500<br />

– offering a window onto the<br />

intangible yet life-enhancing<br />

shape of things to come,<br />

including the rich and varied<br />

future of sustainable style.<br />

Blackhorse Lane.<br />



<strong>Highlights</strong><br />

Porsche:<br />

Evolution<br />

to Revolution<br />

Having spent over 70 years redefining the benchmark<br />

in every aspect of the automotive spectrum, Porsche is a<br />

true standard-bearer for machines honed for both road<br />

and racetrack. The marque’s pedigree in motorsport now<br />

forms a definitive part of the brand DNA, and lessons<br />

learned from over 30,000 racing victories bleed into the<br />

genetic makeup of every vehicle to leave the company’s<br />

renowned Stuttgart headquarters. By Sam Hexter<br />

ow leading the charge in the electric vehicle uprising, Porsche<br />

celebrates a long and illustrious history spanning back over seven<br />

decades; to a time before SUVs and turbocharging, when simple and<br />

Nsleek design cues were king.<br />

The luxury performance car marque’s eminent history first began on 8th<br />

June 1948 in Gmünd, Austria, when it acquired an operating permit for its first<br />

road-ready production car: the 356 roadster. This light and nimble, open-top<br />

prototype featured hand-sculpted aluminium body panels and was powered<br />

by a mid-mounted flat-four-cylinder engine, responsible for some 40bhp.<br />

The primitive 356 was an impressive and gorgeously finished machine for<br />

its era, and would go on to provide a platform that Porsche would build upon<br />

with unparalleled success for years to come. It paved the way for many design<br />

philosophies that are still prevalent in the manufacturer’s current line-up,<br />

thanks to a strict mantra of evolution over revolution.<br />

Based on this winning recipe, Porsche secured a highly decorated history<br />

on the track; from dominating the Targa Florio in the late 1950s right up<br />

until 1970, to winning the prestigious and gruelling Le Mans endurance race<br />

a record-breaking 19 times. Porsche has been valiantly represented in almost<br />

every race on four wheels.<br />


<strong>Highlights</strong><br />

Porsche Taycan.<br />


<strong>Highlights</strong><br />

Whilst much of the brand’s legacy surrounds the legendary aircooled<br />

flat-six era of the 911, with cars like the monstrous 935 or the<br />

delicate and harmonious 2.7-litre RS from the early 1970s – creating<br />

one of the longest running production models of all time, and arguably<br />

the most iconic silhouette in motoring – Porsche leads in innovation<br />

and thrives in the face of adversity. It’s with this determination that<br />

we usher in a new generation, and the next evolutionary step in the<br />

brand’s rich tapestry with the all-new Taycan.<br />

Porsche 365 Speedster.<br />

Taking on stiff competition in the electric vehicle market,<br />

previously ruled by Tesla, the Porsche Taycan has redefined<br />

what is possible with current, albeit highly futuristic,<br />

EV technologies. Headline figures for the range topping<br />

Taycan Turbo S are certainly mind-bending. 100km/h<br />

will be met in a mere 2.6 seconds thanks to a total power<br />

output of a staggering 761PS or 751bhp. This is all coming<br />

from what is essentially a family-sized saloon, akin to the<br />

Panamera in its dimensions and shape, whilst returning<br />

a respectable 400km range. That means this supercarslaying<br />

performance is available whilst transporting up to<br />

4 passengers. That in itself pays homage to a long-standing<br />

Porsche design staple: duality. Harping back to the iconic<br />

and ever formidable 911; it’s treasured because of its ability<br />

to provide a comfortable commute in seamless tandem with<br />

thrills on snaking tarmac.<br />

The exterior styling of the Taycan is an experience<br />

to scrutinize – the longer you look at it, the more hidden<br />

ducts and diffusers make themselves known. The front end<br />

is dominated by the signature four-point LEDs, flanked<br />

by aggressive, long lateral intakes. The profile of the car<br />

remains sharp thanks to flat flyline door handles and<br />

muscular arches. The rear is accented by a classic Porsche<br />

lightbar recessed beneath an active three-stage spoiler.<br />

Inside the luscious and contemporary cabin, there are<br />

many subtle nods to the timeless models that predate it.<br />

Most notably, the dashboard and instrument cluster pay<br />

fitting tribute to the air-cooled cars of old, whilst delivering<br />

a driving experience light-years ahead of its time.<br />

There’s no denying the Taycan is a triumph in both<br />

engineering and design, and thanks to its knife-edge<br />

handling, it’s the first car to give motoring enthusiasts<br />

hope for the future of electric vehicles. This is a defining<br />

moment in automotive history,<br />

and Porsche has proven its<br />

supremacy once again in<br />

delivering performance and<br />

practicality, style and substance.<br />

If the future of the racebred<br />

marque can be secured<br />

by this stirring exercise into<br />

the EV space, and it provides<br />

Porsche with a few more years<br />

of creating the incredible<br />

naturally aspirated machines<br />

for which it’s synonymous, I for<br />

one am incredibly happy for the<br />

Taycan’s existence. Perhaps this<br />

will define the beginning of the<br />

electric revolution.<br />

Porsche 911.<br />



<strong>Highlights</strong><br />

Whisky<br />

Traditionally the tipple of choice among the wood-panelled<br />

walls and swirling cigar smoke of private gentlemen’s clubs,<br />

whisky has broken out to become not just cool – but<br />

the most desirable luxury collectible. By Zoe Dare Hall<br />

The Proofing Room - Milroy´s of Spitalfields.<br />

eaving all other investments of passion, including wine, art, jewellery and<br />

Lclassic cars, trailing in its mellifluous wake, rare whisky has grown in<br />

value by 564% in the past 10 years, and by 5% in the past 12 months,<br />

according to Knight Frank’s Wealth Report <strong>2020</strong>.<br />

Seasoned collectors continue to seek out the oldest, rarest examples from<br />

distilleries such as Dalmore and Springbank, and The Macallan continues to grab<br />

headlines, with a bottle of the distillery’s 1926 Fine & Rare selling for £1.2m at<br />

Sotheby’s last October.<br />

But the whisky market has diversified beyond its best-known brands. “Smaller<br />

names are aspiring to be part of the premiumisation of single malt. Twenty years<br />

ago, the longer-aged malts were mainly from famous distilleries, but today every<br />

distillery in Scotland is bottling something special,” comments Suhkinder Singh,<br />

co-founder of London’s The Whisky Exchange.<br />


<strong>Highlights</strong><br />

Buster & Punch - The Rockstar whisky bar.<br />

Whisky now attracts a wider, younger<br />

audience too, including more women, helped<br />

by the growing vogue for whisky cocktails and<br />

celebrity endorsers including David Beckham,<br />

face of Haig Club, and Bob Dylan, who is<br />

behind the Heaven’s Door brand.<br />

Younger connoisseurs such as 33-year-old<br />

Martyn Simpson - owner of London’s oldest<br />

whisky specialist, Milroys of Soho,<br />

and a new second branch in Shoreditch - are<br />

also breaking down barriers and stigmas in<br />

the whisky world. “I fell in love with<br />

whisky when I had my first taste, a 1989<br />

Bunnahabhain, about 12 years ago, and now<br />

I’ve fallen in love with indie bottling – the<br />

single cask, hard to find stuff,” says Simpson,<br />

widely known as Simo. He is more rock ‘n’ roll<br />

than on the rocks with his love of tattoos and<br />

motorbikes, but has become a leading expert<br />

‘in a very incestuous industry’.<br />

“ Whisky now attracts a wider,<br />

younger audience too,<br />

including more women, helped<br />

by the growing vogue for whisky<br />

cocktails and celebrity endorsers...”<br />

Ivar London - Will, drinks cabinet.<br />


<strong>Highlights</strong><br />

There is a natural synergy between whisky and<br />

wood, given all Scotch whisky is matured in oak<br />

casks, and bespoke LED-lit cabinets are becoming<br />

a more prominent feature in new super-prime<br />

properties dressed by interior designers.<br />

At Chelsea Barracks in London, the billiards<br />

room in the residents’ Garrison Club features a<br />

whisky wall, designed by Elicyon, where owners<br />

can store their favourite bottles. “We felt this better<br />

suited the Club than a wine store. We imagine the<br />

residents using the whisky wall as part of their<br />

social space – an extension of their apartments,”<br />

says Elicyon’s founder, Charu Gandhi.<br />

Designer Laura Hammett, of Laura Hammett<br />

Interiors, adds that whisky bottles lend themselves<br />

to a fun display, dressed with beautiful glass vessels<br />

and modern decanters. “This little touch of Mad<br />

Men or Film Noir resonates with today’s high net<br />

worth individuals,” says Hammett. “It ignites a<br />

feeling of opulence and elegance.”<br />

The Rockstar, Whisky bar at a Stockholm Apartment.<br />

Whisky is to be drunk, not stored, says Simo. But for those looking<br />

to amass a collection, “You are paying for rarity, not quality. People buy<br />

it and sit on it. Spend £1,000 on a bottle now and in 18 years that will be<br />

worth £20,000. The cash margin is a lot higher than buying property.”<br />

His average customer, though, spends £30-£60 a bottle. “The<br />

bottom of the ladder has become very good, which is driving a lot more<br />

people into the whisky world. They see the shining beacons – the<br />

£1.2m Macallans - but you need good stuff at the bottom to get people<br />

interested and climbing the ladder.”<br />

For those serious about building a collection, whisky is far easier to<br />

store than wine. “You don’t need a temperature-controlled room - just<br />

keep it away from direct light - and you can display it upright so you can<br />

see the label and box, so it’s a lot better-looking than wine,” says Simo,<br />

who curates the collections of wealthy private clients, including one<br />

collector who has a £1m collection of 1,000 bottles lining all four walls<br />

of his basement.<br />

Designers are latching on to the growing desire to showcase such<br />

prized bottles. Ivar London’s Will walnut, oak and copper whisky<br />

cabinet, priced at £7,200, has proved a hit among male customers.<br />

“Whisky is a pure pleasure and a pure luxury good that makes people<br />

think of happy, spoilt times,” says Ivar’s founder Patrick Doughty.<br />

Or there’s Buster & Punch’s £3,800 Rockstar Whisky Bar, made<br />

from American walnut and grey berry silk. Founder Massimo Buster<br />

Minale has also designed a special lock, called a Precious Bar – “a pair<br />

of furniture pulls that look like a beautiful piece of jewellery,” he<br />

describes – to keep his whisky collection secure when he rented out<br />

his London flat on AirBnB.<br />

Buster & Punch Linear, precious bar brass.<br />



<strong>Highlights</strong><br />

Master<br />

Architects<br />

from SPAin<br />

Who have made a name for themselves<br />

Most people will have heard of<br />

Antoni Gaudí, the ingenious creator<br />

of Barcelona’s iconic landmark, the<br />

Sagrada Familia, but thereafter the<br />

list of well-known Spanish architects<br />

thins out quickly. Which is strange,<br />

as this country has a rich heritage of<br />

design that spans the centuries and<br />

continues today. By Michel Cruz<br />

Santiago Calatrava<br />

Perhaps the most famous of modern Spanish architects is<br />

Santiago Calatrava, whose reputation carries far and wide.<br />

Born near Valencia, he helped to revitalise the city through<br />

the creation of a futuristic new arts and sciences complex on<br />

the outskirts of the centre. The iconic structures created here<br />

helped to put Valencia on the map the way the Guggenheim did<br />

in Bilbao, but they also made Calatrava a controversial figure<br />

in his homeland.<br />

An engineer as well as architect, he has become famous<br />

for the many bridges he designed, from Seville to Rotterdam,<br />

basing these, and also communication towers, office blocks,<br />

galleries and museums, upon the structures of the body, a<br />

philosophy that is also visible in Calatrava’s designs for the<br />

Athens Olympic sports complex – the grand opus of a man who<br />

has given Spanish architecture renewed stature in the world.<br />


<strong>Highlights</strong><br />

The Reggio Mediopadana Railway Station, Italy.<br />


<strong>Highlights</strong><br />

Spanish Cultural Heritage Institute, Madrid.<br />

Fernando Higueras<br />

Terrazas de Las Lomas del <strong>Marbella</strong> Club, <strong>Marbella</strong>..<br />

The name Fernando Higueras may not be as universally famous as<br />

that of Renzo Piano, Jean Nouvel, Frank Gehry, Norman Foster or<br />

Zaha Hadid, but in reality he is one of Spain’s greatest modern<br />

architects and during the 1970s belonged to an international elite.<br />

Born in Madrid in 1930, his style came to represent a fusion of<br />

Constructivist, rationalist and organic architecture. Though typical<br />

of his era in that he worked a lot with concrete and created heavy,<br />

solid structures, Higueras moulded this industrial material into<br />

natural, organic forms that either mimicked nature or were inspired<br />

by the setting of each individual project.<br />

As he rose through the ranks and established a name for himself,<br />

the projects grew in scale to encompass an oeuvre composed of the<br />

Spanish Pavilion in New York, the Fierro House in <strong>Marbella</strong>, the<br />

La Corona de Espinas complex in Madrid and Hotel Las Salinas in<br />

Lanzarote, the latter two of which have been listed for their cultural<br />

and architectural significance.<br />


<strong>Highlights</strong><br />

Ricardo Bofill<br />

La Muralla Roja, Calpe.<br />

A contemporary of Higueras, Bofill<br />

represents the rich design tradition<br />

of Barcelona, of which he has become<br />

an important exponent. His Taller de<br />

Arquitectura emerged as a leading studio<br />

from the 1960s onwards, racking up<br />

over 1,000 projects completed in over<br />

50 countries to date. From his very first<br />

project, a summer villa in Ibiza designed<br />

at the tender age of 17, Ricardo Bofill’s<br />

portfolio has grown to include churches,<br />

villages, offices, housing estates and<br />

private villas. His vision is clear in the<br />

transformation of an old, disused ruin<br />

of a cement factory into the suitably<br />

mesmerising head office of his Barcelonabased<br />

architectural practice, RBTA.<br />

Though famous enough, with iconic<br />

projects to his name across Barcelona and<br />

Spain, in France, Algeria and other parts<br />

of the world, Ricardo Bofill is perhaps<br />

one of the most underrated architects of<br />

all time, for his is a singular mastery of<br />

form that blends touches of industrial<br />

brutalism with nature, culture and a<br />

sense of magic. Indeed, his creations<br />

conjure up the ethereal to offer not just<br />

Les Espaces d’Abraxes, Paris.<br />

housing or functional spaces, but the power to stir emotions. Walden<br />

7 (Barcelona), La Muralla Roja (Costa Blanca), the Meritxell<br />

Sanctuary (Andorra), Les Espaces d’Abraxes (Paris) and the Houari<br />

Boumedienne agricultural village in Algeria all attest to the almost<br />

Escher-like geometry of this unique architect.<br />


<strong>Highlights</strong><br />

Carme Pinós<br />

D4 Departments Building, campus of the Vienna University of Economics and Business.<br />

Enric Miralles was married twice, both times to a fellow<br />

architect. His first wife was Carme Pinós, also from<br />

Barcelona, who rose to fame in the 1980s and 1990s,<br />

first in partnership with her then husband, and later as<br />

an independent architect with her own practice. Public<br />

projects in Barcelona were followed by parks, schools and<br />

wineries in her native Olot, in the Catalonian countryside.<br />

The experience garnered here through a constant process<br />

of experimentation and immersion in the local cultural and<br />

natural setting was recognised in the form of commissions<br />

to design a museum, auditorium and cultural centre in<br />

Zaragoza, an art and design centre in Barcelona, and a hotel<br />

complex in Mallorca.<br />

More work followed in Spain, in the form of bridges,<br />

waterfront refurbishments and a long list of public works,<br />

including the Catalan government’s headquarters, museums,<br />

urban renovation projects, and designs for corporate and<br />

public clients in Latin America. Pinó is also responsible<br />

for the design of the campus of the Vienna University of<br />

Economics and Business, whose angular forms recall the<br />

jagged geometry of another famous architect, Frank Gehry.<br />


<strong>Highlights</strong><br />

Mare Nostrum Tower, Barcelona.<br />

Enric Miralles<br />

Also a native of Barcelona, Miralles continued the Catalan penchant for unusual, pioneering<br />

forms driven by a strong sense of artistry and social conscience. It led at first to mostly<br />

specialised public projects such as the Igualada Cemetery, the archery range and pergola at the<br />

Olympic village, as well as the conversion of the Santa Caterina, all in Barcelona. The rather<br />

unique styling of projects like this drew attention, and earned Enric Miralles national and<br />

international recognition. It is<br />

hard to pin his style down, but<br />

he was influenced at once by<br />

the machinist brutalism of Le<br />

Corbusier and the more vernacular,<br />

natural architecture of Alvar Aalto.<br />

This much is visible in works<br />

such as the extension to the city<br />

hall in Utrecht, the Netherlands,<br />

and the Scottish parliament<br />

building in Edinburgh, though<br />

perhaps the skyscraper he designed<br />

to be the corporate headquarters<br />

of Gas Natural deviates from the<br />

more idiosyncratic style associated<br />

with him.<br />

Scottish Parliament Building.<br />


<strong>Highlights</strong><br />

Dreaming<br />

of Digital<br />

Fashion<br />

Last July, Selfridges department store in London – renowned<br />

for its envelope-pushing summer-long campaigns – mobilised an<br />

internationally revered crew of new gen digital creatives to help<br />

compose The New Order. By Katie Baron<br />

he future-gazing extravaganza,<br />

spanning every floor and window<br />

of the famous space (as well as the Tbrand’s e-commerce site) was conceived to<br />

showcase a not-so-distant future for retail,<br />

full of tantalising mixed reality experiences,<br />

AI-infused activations and delectable digital<br />

fashion. While all those things will form the<br />

fabric of our future downtime the latter is<br />

especially hot property right now. Arguably, it<br />

was the CGI superstars that sowed the seed of<br />

this blossoming love affair off: see Lil Miquela<br />

– the virtual mega-influencer (rumoured to be<br />

based on an LA-based blogger) who promoted<br />

Prada’s A/W 18/19 catwalk show on social<br />

media. Or Shudu Gram whose career began<br />

by gracing Instagram ads for Balmain and<br />

modelling lipstick for Rihanna’s brand, Fenty.<br />

Messaging, too, has fuelled the appetite for the<br />

unreal: From late 2018 users of Genies, which<br />

lets people create digital clones of themselves<br />

to use in messaging apps, have been able<br />

to dress their diminutive digital doubles in<br />

virtual items from Gucci. Soon they’ll be able to<br />

buy both the physical and the virtual versions<br />

in-app with one click, too.<br />

Top that off with gaming’s compelling<br />

journey into credibility (according to a report<br />

by youth consultancy YPulse 84% of teens now<br />

believe cool to play video games) and digital<br />

style is increasingly where it’s at. Moschino<br />

certainly knew it: in spring 2019, creative<br />

director Jeremy Scott created a (real-world)<br />

Carlings + Virtue.<br />

capsule collection of clothing and accessories<br />

to celebrate iconic life simulation game The<br />

Sims 20 th anniversary, swiftly replicated<br />

in-game for dressing gamers’ avatars. With<br />

spending on clothes ‘aka skins’ in games<br />

predicted to hit $50bn by just <strong>2020</strong> it’s<br />

unsurprising Louis Vuitton’s also secured it’s<br />

slice of the action. It recently released a set<br />

of virtual garments for the game League of<br />

Legends, unlocked via gameplay, with real-life<br />

versions promised later this year.<br />

Gaming may be the primary gateway to<br />

digital fashion, but the appetite for exceptional<br />

digital artisanship is already evolving into<br />

something more culturally expansive. In<br />

May 2019, the world’s first piece of ‘digital<br />

couture’ was sold at auction<br />

for $9,500 at the Ethereal<br />

Summit in New York. Called<br />

Iridescence, the hyper-real<br />

shimmering maxi dress was<br />

created by Dutch digital-only<br />

fashion house The Fabricant in<br />

collaboration with Berlin-based<br />

artist Johanna Jaskowska and<br />

Dapper Labs (the creators of<br />

blockchain game CryptoKitties),<br />

ready to be ‘digitally tailored’ to<br />

a high-quality photo of the<br />

winning bidder. Thanks to its<br />

blockchain backbone – a kind<br />

of digital passport from the<br />

moment of its creation – the<br />

dreamy virtual garment can also<br />

be traded over and over again,<br />

taking the notion of vintage<br />

fashion into a whole new and<br />

infinitely fascinating realm.<br />

For those with piqued<br />

interest, but less desire to<br />

part with such funds, look to Norwegian<br />

retailer Carlings and its genderless, digitalonly<br />

collections that are focused on style but<br />

also the power of digital garments to support<br />

a sustainable agenda. The first was a series of<br />

trend-led streetwear ensembles, each e-fitted<br />

by 3D motion designers to an image of the<br />

consumers for just €10-30 ($12-35) a piece.<br />

The fact it sold out immediately affirms that<br />

the future of fashion is still bright, just as long<br />

as it’s perfectly pixelated.<br />


<strong>Highlights</strong><br />

The Fabricant.<br />


<strong>Highlights</strong><br />

Objects<br />

of Desire<br />

The results of our unique <strong>Luxury</strong> Investment Index<br />

reveal the most coveted objects of desire in 2019, while<br />

our data partners offer their insights on a selection of<br />

its asset classes<br />

Compiled by Andrew Shirley<br />

Classic cars<br />

Dietrich Hatlapa, HAGI<br />

Following strong outperformance between<br />

2012 and 2016, this year saw the HAGI Top<br />

index fall by 6.69% – although the long-term<br />

average remains above 12%. The environmental<br />

debate and potential legal changes led to<br />

uncertainty among buyers, although collectors<br />

with an asset allocation towards the sector<br />

continued to acquire high quality examples.<br />

Stand-out sales included Niki Lauda’s 1975<br />

World Championship Ferrari 312T, which<br />

sold at Pebble Beach in August, the McLaren<br />

F1 sold at Monterey and the 1939 Alfa<br />

Romeo 8C 2900B sold at Artcurial, Paris.<br />

What was also notable, though, was the<br />

large number of cars that remained unsold.<br />

Wine<br />

Nick Martin, Wine Owners<br />

The fine wine market registered growth of<br />

just 1% in 2019, political unrest and economic<br />

uncertainty combining to create a perfect<br />

storm. Bordeaux first growths fell by 3.6%,<br />

while the top of the Burgundy market reached<br />

new peaks early in the year before falling away.<br />

But at the level below the most sought-after<br />

Burgundies, the best wines enjoyed relatively<br />

strong demand and champagne and northern<br />

Italian wines were up 6%–8%. The bigger<br />

picture is positive, too: despite a lacklustre<br />

2019, The Knight Frank Fine Wine Icons<br />

Index has risen by 120% in the last decade.<br />

Art<br />

Veronika Lukasova-Duthy,<br />

Art Market Research<br />

2019 was the fourth consecutive year that<br />

overall individual artist records fell, while<br />

record sums were paid for works by living<br />

artists – such as Jeff Koons’ stainless steel<br />

Rabbit, which sold for US$91 million in May.<br />

With a rise of around 5% this year, the art<br />

market continues to adapt to a slowing supply<br />

of works by Impressionists and Modern<br />

masters. Other winners in contemporary sales<br />

were urban artists Invader, who broke the<br />

US$1 million mark at auction for the first<br />

time with the tile mosaic TK_119, and Banksy,<br />

whose painting Devolved Parliament sold for<br />

around five times the artist’s previous record in<br />

2008.<br />

Whisky<br />

Andy Simpson, Rare Whisky 101<br />

Significant over-supply and a softening in values<br />

for the market leader, The Macallan, made<br />

for a challenging start to the year, reflected in<br />

a half-year fall of 2.67% in our Knight Frank<br />

Index. As supply eased, the second half of<br />

2019 fared much better, and the Index finished<br />

the year up 5%. Significant trends included<br />

the emergence of challenger brands in the<br />

secondary market, and growing interest in<br />

sherried Scotch. Collectors continued to seek<br />

out the oldest, rarest examples from iconic<br />

distilleries such as Dalmore, Springbank,<br />

Ardbeg, Lagavulin, Bowmore and Brora, and<br />

casks remained in huge demand. But, just as in<br />

2018, the headlines belong to The Macallan,<br />

with a bottle of the distillery’s 1926 Fine & Rare<br />

fetching £1.2 million at Sotheby’s in October.<br />

Coloured diamonds<br />

Miri Chen, Fancy Color Research Foundation<br />

Bucking the trend of the past two years, yellow<br />

diamonds performed well as declining prices<br />

made them more accessible to the end client.<br />


<strong>Highlights</strong><br />

While high-end pink and blue diamonds<br />

performed very well on the retail side, auction<br />

prices appeared low, reflecting the inferior<br />

quality of many of the coloured diamonds that<br />

find their way to auction. The real action here<br />

is at retail level, behind closed doors, where<br />

the goods sold tend to be of better quality and<br />

so fetch higher prices. Looking ahead, it will<br />

be interesting to see what happens to Argyle<br />

diamonds, with the mine set to close in <strong>2020</strong>.<br />

Sources: Compiled by Knight Frank<br />

Research using data from Art Market<br />

Research (art, coins, furniture,<br />

handbags, jewellery, stamps and<br />

watches), Fancy Color Research<br />

Foundation (coloured diamonds),<br />

HAGI (cars), Rare Whisky 101 and<br />

Wine Owners<br />

Note: All data Q4 2019 except stamps<br />

(Q4 2018). Coloured diamonds<br />

(provisional)<br />


<strong>Highlights</strong><br />


<strong>Highlights</strong><br />

It’s in<br />

THE BAG<br />

e all know that splashing out<br />

on designer fashion labels can<br />

be expensive. Nonetheless, the Widea of paying six figures for a used<br />

The Wealth Report exclusively reveals the results of the<br />

first index dedicated to tracking the burgeoning market<br />

for collectable handbags and delves into the world<br />

of this emerging asset class. Words by Andrew Shirley<br />

handbag may sound somewhat extreme.<br />

Increasingly, though, serious collectors are<br />

spending this kind of money at auction for<br />

the ultimate handbag “must have” – the exotic<br />

Himalaya Birkin, produced by Hermès.<br />

In 2017, Christie’s set the world auction<br />

record for the most expensive handbag when<br />

it sold a Himalaya Birkin with white gold<br />

and diamond hardware. Under the hammer<br />

in Hong Kong, it achieved the equivalent<br />

of US$386,000. Since then, the secondary<br />

market for handbags has continued to grow,<br />

with pieces fetching dizzying sums on a<br />

regular basis. Indeed, such is the demand<br />

that Christie’s now host seven live and online<br />

auctions each year, in Asia, the US and the<br />

UK. Aficionados can visit entire museums<br />

devoted to them – one in South Korea is even<br />

bag shaped – and in April, the V&A in London<br />

launches a dedicated exhibition, Bags: Inside<br />

Out. Passionate collectors such as Singapore<br />

socialite and entrepreneur Jamie Chua and<br />

Paris-based Julia Kovaljova have thousands of<br />

social media followers.<br />

As with other investments of passion like<br />

rare whisky whose value has risen sharply in<br />

recent years, handbags are increasingly being<br />

seen as an investment class in their own right,<br />

as well as highly desirable fashion accessories.<br />

To that end, Art Market Research (AMR),<br />

which supplies much of the data for the Knight<br />

Frank <strong>Luxury</strong> Investment Index (KFLII), has<br />

launched the first indices tracking the price<br />

performance of handbags. For KFLII, we focus<br />

specifically on bags made by Hermès. Over<br />

the past ten years, this index has more than<br />

doubled in value, rising by 13% in 2019 alone.<br />

Handbags are increasingly<br />

being seen as an investment<br />

class in their own right,<br />

as well as highly desirable<br />

fashion accessories<br />

Christie's Rachel Koffsky examines an auction lot.<br />

“All of our indices on antiques and<br />

collectables use a basket of goods methodology<br />

in the same way as the consumer price<br />

index,” says AMR’s Sebastian Duthy. “However,<br />

it’s only been possible to create an index<br />

on handbags now because of the frequency<br />

with which many iconic pieces are coming to<br />

auction today.”<br />


<strong>Highlights</strong><br />

Although bags made by other luxury<br />

brands like Chanel and Louis Vuitton are<br />

also highly collectable, it is those made by<br />

Hermès that attract the highest prices and<br />

are considered the most desirable.<br />

“The history of Hermès and the<br />

craftsmanship of the maison are intrinsic to<br />

the pieces, which greatly affects demand for,<br />

and therefore the value of, its handbags,”<br />

explains Rachel Koffsky, Head of Sales for<br />

Christie’s Handbag department in London.<br />

“Hermès was established in 1837 as<br />

a harness workshop. At the turn of the<br />

century new products were introduced as<br />

the maison diversified in order to meet the<br />

demands of a changing world, but the<br />

commitment to craftsmanship remained<br />

steadfast. The first handbags created for<br />

ladies were designed in response to the<br />

invention of the automobile, and were<br />

crafted in the workshop using some of the<br />

techniques utilised in the creation of the<br />

famous saddles.<br />

“Other brands have come and gone, but<br />

in the century since these first handbags were<br />

introduced, the materials and techniques<br />

used by Hermès have remained extremely<br />

consistent – which is why so many have<br />

survived. The Birkin, for example, is made<br />

by hand in an atelier and can take up to 40<br />

hours using a double-needle saddle stitch<br />

that cannot be replicated by a machine. It is<br />

the pinnacle of what a handbag can be.<br />

“With other contemporary brands,<br />

while bags may still be of high quality,<br />

sometimes fashion is the primary function.<br />

Hermès bags are made to last. That’s not to<br />

say we don’t sell beautiful bags from other<br />

makers – but there are far fewer of them.”<br />

Investor of passion<br />

The Wealth Report talks to<br />

Paris-based handbag collector<br />

Julia Kovaljova<br />

What inspired you to start collecting<br />

handbags?<br />

I was always interested in fashion, and<br />

I believe that shoes and accessories are<br />

the key to any look. There is no more<br />

important accessory than a handbag – not<br />

only is it your major styling element, it’s<br />

also a daily necessity.<br />

Do you have a favourite brand?<br />

Hermès, of course! Its styles transcend<br />

fashion. Occasionally I will also buy a<br />

rare Chanel limited edition bag or clutch.<br />

Do you remember your first Hermès bag?<br />

Yes, it was a 32cm Kelly bag in orange,<br />

the brand's signature colour. I thought<br />

it would be appropriate to start with an<br />

iconic colour and style, named after HRH<br />

Princess Grace of Monaco. Even now,<br />

this style remains my favourite.<br />

Do you have vintage bags in your<br />

collection as well as new editions?<br />

Which do you prefer, and why?<br />

As an experienced collector, I am no<br />

longer interested in regular Kelly, Birkin<br />

and Constance handbags. But every year<br />

Hermès reissues and updates these styles,<br />

with a new leather, a new combination of<br />

materials, an interesting colour or pattern,<br />

skin inserts, appliqué or a theme. These<br />

are the bags I try to get for my collection.<br />

Vintage, though, is my special love because<br />

I enjoy the whole process of searching<br />

for them. They were issued a long time<br />

ago, in limited quantities, and will never<br />

be produced again, which makes them<br />

very valuable. To find such a bag in good<br />

condition and for a good price is the<br />

biggest joy for a true collector. I have some<br />

vintage bags that I only bought just a few<br />

years ago, but which have already doubled<br />

in value.<br />

How many bags do you have in your<br />

collection now?<br />

If we are talking about classic styles such<br />

as the Kelly, Birkin and Constance, then<br />

around 100 pieces.<br />

Which is the rarest or most valuable?<br />

And which is your favourite?<br />

The rarest are probably the Kelly Picnic<br />

and Kelly Teddy, the most valuable right<br />

now is a Birkin Himalaya (see page 93),<br />

and my favourite is a vintage Kelly from<br />

1992 in simple black box leather. It was<br />

customised to my design by the artisan<br />

who used to manufacture these bags for<br />

Hermès. This bag is the only one in the<br />

whole world – a collector from Asia spent<br />

a long time trying to persuade me to sell<br />

it, but I could not do it.<br />


<strong>Highlights</strong><br />

The essential guide<br />

to Hermès handbags<br />

Don’t know your Constance from your Kelly? Never fear,<br />

this guide to the three most collected Hermès bags from<br />

Christie’s Rachel Koffsky will turn you into an expert.<br />

Is there a bag you don’t have that<br />

you really want?<br />

There are lots! Mainly bags from<br />

limited editions or vintage pieces<br />

such as the Kelly So Black created<br />

by Jean Paul Gaultier or the Kelly<br />

Dalmatian. To be honest, with<br />

my experience and connections,<br />

I could have secured these bags<br />

on the secondary market by<br />

paying a high price, but as a true<br />

collector, I would always prefer<br />

The Constance<br />

Named after the fifth child of<br />

Hermès designer Catherine<br />

Chaillet – the first bag is said to<br />

have left the factory on the day<br />

she was born – the Constance,<br />

which first entered the market<br />

in 1959, is perhaps the least<br />

well known of our trio. However,<br />

collectors admire its elegant<br />

shape and functional design.<br />

to make a good deal!<br />

Do you view your collection as<br />

an investment or as something to<br />

enjoy and treasure?<br />

When I started buying Hermès<br />

handbags, it was purely for the joy<br />

of owning them. Over time, however,<br />

I began to realise that they were also<br />

an investment. Of course, just as in<br />

the art world, not every piece will<br />

become more valuable and as a<br />

collector it’s important to understand<br />

how to create a collection that will<br />

become more valuable over time.<br />

You are active on social media.<br />

Is that an important aspect of your<br />

The Kelly<br />

Originally known as the Sac à<br />

dépêches, the style was created<br />

in 1935 by Émile-Maurice Hermès<br />

so his wife could have a bag that<br />

was more convenient to carry.<br />

In 1956, Princess Grace of Monaco,<br />

the former actress Grace Kelly,<br />

used her Hermès Sac to shield<br />

her pregnancy from the paparazzi,<br />

gaining the bag worldwide<br />

attention – and a new name.<br />

In the know<br />

Although produced in many<br />

colours and materials, the Osier<br />

Kelly or “Picnic” made of wicker<br />

and first produced in 2011 is one<br />

of the most unusual.<br />

In the know<br />

The Constance is designed<br />

as a shoulder bag and was a<br />

favourite of Jackie Onassis.<br />

The Elan, a slightly longer and<br />

narrower style, was introduced<br />

in 2010.<br />

Highest price at auction<br />

US$89,000 for a Niloticus<br />

Crocodile 24 with palladium<br />

hardware (Christie’s 2016).<br />

The Birkin<br />

Born on an international flight in<br />

1983 when actress Jane Birkin<br />

told her neighbouring passenger –<br />

Hermès creative director Jean-Louis<br />

Dumas – that most leather bags<br />

were too structured for her. He<br />

designed something more “boho”<br />

on the back of an airsickness bag.<br />

The Birkin is modelled after Hermès’<br />

iconic Haut à Courroies bag.<br />

In the know<br />

The must-have Birkin is currently<br />

the “So Black” (pictured above),<br />

featuring delicate black PVD-coated<br />

hardware. Designed by Jean Paul<br />

Gaultier in 2010, examples are rare<br />

and highly sought after.<br />

collecting?<br />

Absolutely. I have around 40,000<br />

followers on Instagram<br />

(@julia_kovaljova), many of them<br />

interested in or connected with the<br />

Highest price at auction<br />

US$241,000 for a Himalaya<br />

Niloticus Retourne 25 with<br />

palladium hardware<br />

(Christie’s 2019).<br />

Highest price at auction<br />

US$386,000 for a Himalaya<br />

Niloticus Crocodile 30 with gold<br />

and diamond hardware (Christie’s<br />

2017).<br />

Hermès brand, and many collectors<br />

worldwide. I get a lot of requests<br />

for help and advice, including on<br />

how to identify a fake – sadly there<br />

are a lot of counterfeits on the<br />

secondary market – as well as<br />

offers of rare bags.<br />


<strong>Highlights</strong><br />

At a glance:<br />

The WEALTH report <strong>2020</strong><br />

With a growing number of economic headwinds buffeting the global economy and<br />

property markets, Knight Frank’s Head of Residential Research, Kate Everett-Allen,<br />

talks us through the trends that matter, identifying opportunities across countries,<br />

cities and sectors with a focus this year on wellness and wellbeing, in this, the 14th<br />

edition of our flagship report.<br />

The key findings<br />

Global economic growth slumped to a<br />

record low in 2019, while global uncertainty<br />

hit a record high. Despite this, the world’s<br />

UHNWI population grew by 6% last year -<br />

an additional 31,000 people with more than<br />

US$30m in wealth.<br />

In the face of continued volatility and<br />

uncertainty, our new Wealth Sizing Model<br />

confirms that the UHNWI population will<br />

rise by 27% over the next five years, a rate<br />

of 75 new UHNWIs every day. Asia will<br />

overtake Europe as the second biggest wealth<br />

hub, but North America still will dominate<br />

European cities rank highly<br />

in the new City Wellness Index<br />

with more UHNWIs than Asia and Europe<br />

combined.<br />

Within two decades, the average life<br />

expectancy in certain countries could rise to<br />

110 off the back of radical advances in medical<br />

technology. This will transform how wealthy<br />

individuals and families spend their time,<br />

money, and how and when it is passed on to<br />

the next generation.<br />

2019 was the year that ‘capitalism<br />

went cuddly’ with investors and companies<br />

increasingly putting purpose at the heart of<br />

decisions in the form of Environmental,<br />

Social and Governance criteria. As a result,<br />

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10<br />

Oslo Zurich Helsinki Vienna Madrid Stockholm Amsterdam Sydney Montreal Singapore<br />

funds managing US$31 trillion – a quarter<br />

of the global total – already apply some<br />

form of ESG screen to their investments.<br />

The shift in priorities and motivations,<br />

combined with political and economic<br />

challenges – including the global economic<br />

slowdown, trade wars and political tension –<br />

has led to almost 80% of UHNWI advisors<br />

intending to alter <strong>2020</strong> investment<br />

strategies.<br />

Private equity is the asset class attracting<br />

the most interest as investors can direct<br />

funds based on their own priorities. Global<br />

real estate will also benefit with 43% of<br />

advisors expecting increased allocations -<br />

particularly into sectors that could profit<br />

from the wellness trend and longevity.<br />

With the imminent prospect of the<br />

100-year+ life, there will be increased<br />

clamour for ‘cradle-to-grave’ real estate<br />

in <strong>2020</strong>. Some 60% of advisors note a<br />

growing interest for Purpose Built Student<br />

Accommodation, Private Rented Sector<br />

and Senior Living assets.<br />

A fifth of UHNWIs are planning a<br />

residential purchase in <strong>2020</strong> and they are<br />

increasingly considering wellness attributes<br />

such as access to green space, how a<br />

property’s design contributes to physical<br />

and mental wellbeing as well as sustainability.<br />

New York and London remain the<br />

dominant urban hubs for UHNWIs –<br />


<strong>Highlights</strong><br />

The increased diversification of<br />

investment strategies was reflected by<br />

our inclusion of collectable handbags in<br />

our Knight Frank <strong>Luxury</strong> Investment<br />

Index (KFLII) – one of which fetched<br />

US$258,000 at auction. However, for<br />

the first time the KFLII fell by 1% as<br />

growth stalled in several sectors including<br />

classic cars.<br />

Despite the growing interest in luxury<br />

assets, more wealth is being deployed to<br />

solve challenges spanning generations.<br />

Almost 70% of UHNWIs are increasing<br />

philanthropic activities and three quarters<br />

are becoming increasingly interested in<br />

climate change and conservation.<br />

New York regaining the title this year – yet<br />

London remains tops for diversity of investors,<br />

quality of education and global connectivity.<br />

With four in five UHNWIs dedicating<br />

more of their time and money to wellbeing,<br />

European cities are becoming more attractive<br />

– due to abundant green space and safety,<br />

among other factors – in our new City<br />

Wellbeing Index they occupy 7 of the top<br />

10 spots.<br />

Prime residential prices saw an improved<br />

growth rate in 2019 of 1.8%, on average,<br />

across the 100 locations measured in our<br />

Prime International Residential Index.<br />

Frankfurt and Lisbon topped the index both<br />

with 10% growth.<br />

In terms of prime property price growth<br />

for this year, Paris tops our forecast, with<br />

7%, due to strong economic fundamentals<br />

and infrastructure developments, Berlin and<br />

Miami follow with 5% growth.<br />


<strong>Highlights</strong><br />


48<br />

Mediterranean haute couture<br />

87<br />

<strong>Marbella</strong><br />

52<br />

Benahavís<br />

102<br />

Engaging the Senses<br />

80<br />

Estepona<br />


<strong>Highlights</strong><br />

130<br />

<strong>Marbella</strong> East<br />

134<br />

Andalusian wine estate<br />

home<br />

138<br />

Inland<br />

140<br />

International<br />


Benahavís<br />

Like a fine work of priceless fashion, this exquisitely<br />

detailed villa stands out from serialised, off-the-peg<br />

properties to create a wonderful blend of modern<br />

Mediterranean style with a distinctive touch of Paris chic.<br />

By Michel Cruz/Photography: Charly Simon<br />

Mediterranean<br />

haute couture<br />

nter the property and you realise that<br />

Ethis is a home of detail and passion<br />

for style in which, for all its aesthetic<br />

appeal, form and function are well poised.<br />

In addition to this, the villa occupies an<br />

enviable location that is as panoramic as<br />

it is discreet and private. Automatic gates<br />

open to reveal a driveway that slopes gently<br />

down to a privileged position from which no<br />

neighbours are visible, just panoramic southeasterly<br />

views across a swathe of greenery<br />

down to the sea.<br />

The large deck seems to float over the<br />

landscape, with an infinity pool whose<br />

drop-away edge lines up with the horizon<br />

shimmering blue in the distance. Matt antislip<br />

marble provides a soft cream touch that<br />

blends with the villa’s fresh white tonality and<br />



Benahavís<br />

the blue-turquoise and white patterned sofas that form<br />

intimate lounging and relaxing areas. The entrance to<br />

the villa is paved with classic hand-cut Pedra Calçada<br />

stones and framed with Mediterranean trees, herbs<br />

and flowering plants.<br />

“I was inspired by the setting, the light and the<br />

views,” says the owner, a professional interior designer<br />

who not only styled the home’s interior but was also<br />

the creative force behind its architectural design and<br />

layout. “I wanted a villa that reflects this location,<br />

blends modern and Mediterranean elements, and<br />

has an easy symmetry in which interconnected living<br />

spaces create an integrated flow between intimate,<br />

cosy rooms.”<br />

Modern, Mediterranean and chic<br />

The large entrance door is modern, an example of<br />

sleek contemporary lines that work in harmony<br />

with classically inspired details such as slanted<br />

Mediterranean rooflines that slope down to meet<br />

full-length panoramic windows. The latter bring in<br />

the inspiring views as you enter the villa and the<br />

beautifully decorated living room, with fireplace and<br />

vaulted ceiling topping a nine-metre height.<br />


<strong>Highlights</strong><br />

Natural light flows in from tall windows that offer<br />

intriguing views of garden details tastefully lit in the<br />

evenings. The spacious kitchen features sleek, top-ofthe-range<br />

luxury combined with a cosy breakfast nook,<br />

a large dining table and an outdoor option, while on the<br />

opposite side of the property a large bedroom suite forms<br />

part of a subtle symmetry of layout and proportions. It<br />

shares decorative detailing with the upstairs bedrooms<br />

and expansive private suite.<br />

This takes the form of bright, spacious rooms with<br />

generous, latticed wardrobes that open up to elegant<br />

bathrooms whose cream-toned Carrara marble is a fine<br />

example of how a bespoke property of this kind deviates<br />

from the norm to produce a unique ambience that is at<br />

once refined and homely. The main suite, with his and<br />

hers dressing rooms and a ‘floating’ terrace, forms the<br />

pinnacle of private luxury.<br />

The family comes together in the entertainment areas on the lower<br />

floor, where natural light and Zen-styled greenery continue the sense of<br />

stylish warmth and comfort exuded by the home. Practical areas such as the<br />

laundry are discreetly integrated, with direct access to the kitchen, while<br />

the large garage and an area that can be transformed into a private spa or<br />

cinema, complete one of the most refined modern villas in the Los Flamingos<br />

area of <strong>Marbella</strong>.<br />


• 6 bedrooms<br />

• 6 bathrooms<br />

• 2,109m² plot<br />

• 710m² built<br />

Ref: DM4438<br />


4,500,000€<br />


Benahavís<br />

Los Flamingos Golf<br />



Located in Los Flamingos Golf this modern home offers a comfortable distribution<br />

with elegant en-suite bedrooms and stylish master suite. The lounge features<br />

spectacular views and leads to a courtyard, garden and also porch area with infinity<br />

swimming pool and fire pit. It further offers a fully fitted open concept kitchen, a large<br />

loft-like room with bathroom and parking for buggy with electric charger. The property<br />

also features an advanced home automation system, lift to all floors, underfloor<br />

heating and high-quality materials and finishes throughout.<br />

Approximately 1,209m² built on 1,350m² plot.<br />

• 4 bedrooms<br />

• 4 bathrooms<br />

• Stunning golf and sea views<br />

• Lift to all floors<br />

• Direct access to golf course<br />

• 2 car carport and garage<br />

Ref: DM4412<br />

Asking Price:<br />

3,950,000€<br />


Benahavís<br />


Benahavís<br />

Los Flamingos Golf<br />



This newly built villa is situated in Los Flamingos one of the most sought<br />

after gated communities, offering a golf course, lake and 5 star hotel.<br />

With the ultimate in privacy and security, the property enjoys stunning sea<br />

views from level. Built over 3 levels plus basement, the villa features<br />

a modern open plan layout with its own gym, sauna and wine cellar.<br />

On the top level you can find a large solarium with jacuzzi, barbecue area,<br />

fireplace and a bar.<br />

Approximately 770m² built on 1,571m² plot.<br />

• 6 bedrooms<br />

• 4 bathrooms<br />

• 2 outdoor swimming pools<br />

• Indoor swimming pool and rooftop jacuzzi<br />

• Elevator<br />

• 3 car garage plus 2 car parking spaces outside<br />

Ref: DM4693<br />

Asking Price:<br />

4,950,000€<br />


Benahavís<br />

La Zagaleta<br />



Known as one of the most exclusive country clubs in Europe, La Zagaleta<br />

offers refined luxury, security, privacy, the natural surroundings of a former<br />

hunting estate and first-class amenities. This stunning home occupies<br />

a level plot, which offers incredible mountain and sea views. Finished<br />

to the finest level, many of the doors, columns and wooden and stone<br />

pieces were brought from different parts of Andalucía. The home<br />

includes a self-contained guest apartment and extensive gardens with<br />

pool and Koi pond.<br />

Approximately 1,418m² built on a plot of 7,699m².<br />

• 8 bedrooms<br />

• 8 bathrooms<br />

• Cinema room<br />

• Stunning sea and mountain views<br />

• Gated community with 24-hour security<br />

• Fitness room, sauna and Turkish bath<br />

Ref: DM4385<br />

Asking Price:<br />

6,350,000€<br />


Benahavís<br />

La Zagaleta<br />



Unique modern villa located in one of the most private and exclusive residential<br />

areas in Europe – La Zagaleta. A prestigious gated community featuring two private<br />

golf courses, top security and 24-hour surveillance. The property has been built to<br />

the highest standards throughout and offers stunning panoramic views to the<br />

Mediterranean coast, mountains and countryside. Not only does it offer the ultimate<br />

in luxury living, but also features an outdoor heated swimming pool and indoor salt<br />

water pool, large private garden to enjoy outdoor living, a gym, guest apartment,<br />

games room, cinema, wine cellar, spa and Turkish bath.<br />

Approximately 3.110m² built on a plot of 13.845m².<br />

• 10 bedrooms<br />

• 14 bathrooms<br />

• 15 car garage<br />

• Wine cellar<br />

• Staff accommodation<br />

• Heated indoor and outdoor pools<br />

Ref: DM4666<br />

Asking Price:<br />

On Application<br />


Benahavís<br />


Benahavís<br />

La Zagaleta<br />



Situated within the prestigious La Zagaleta resort, this masterfully designed<br />

mansion enjoys spectacular far-reaching views over the Mediterranean coastline.<br />

An exceptional residence, it is finished to the highest specifications with bespoke<br />

interiors, fine materials and exquisite detailing. The villa offers extensive entertaining<br />

space, outstanding health and fitness facilities and a spectacular manicured<br />

garden with infinity swimming pool that affords panoramic views of the sparkling<br />

coastline. The space, amenities, style and distribution of this luxurious home make it<br />

a superlative residence that is made for enjoyment in the very finest of settings.<br />

Approximately 1,925m² built on a plot of 6,654m².<br />

• 9 bedrooms<br />

• 9 bathrooms<br />

• Cinema room<br />

• Interior and exterior pools<br />

• Panoramic coastal views<br />

• Spa and gym<br />

Ref: DM4401<br />

Asking Price:<br />

On Application<br />


Benahavís<br />


Benahavís<br />

La Zagaleta<br />



This fantastic villa was designed by renowned local architects who crafted<br />

the bespoke property to engage with the rolling mountain scenery.<br />

Floor-to-ceiling windows frame the verdant landscape bringing light and<br />

space to all three floors of the interior, but most notably in the doubleheight<br />

entrance and living areas. Glass has also been used to enclose the<br />

various balconies and terraces so not to compromise the views. A pitched<br />

roof of curved Arabic roof tiles tempers these contemporary lines.<br />

Approximately 1,258m² built on a plot of 5,294m².<br />

• 6 bedrooms<br />

• 6 bathrooms<br />

• Gym, sauna and steam room<br />

• Cinema<br />

• Games room<br />

• Golf course views<br />

Ref: DM3200-02<br />

Asking Price:<br />

6,950,000€<br />


Benahavís<br />

La Zagaleta<br />



This lovely villa is situated in one of the most exclusive country club living<br />

environments in Europe; La Zagaleta. The exceptional property is set on<br />

an elevated 8,200m² plot with spectacular and uninterrupted views<br />

across the surrounding countryside and the sea. The interior features a<br />

grand entrance hall with double-height ceiling, an impressive lounge with<br />

fireplace and separate formal dining room. Both offer direct access to<br />

the covered terrace and immaculate garden with gazebo, manicured<br />

lawns and mature trees.<br />

Approximately 943m² built on a plot of 8,284m².<br />

• 5 bedrooms<br />

• 5 bathrooms<br />

• Mountain and sea views<br />

• Underfloor heating<br />

• 3 car garage<br />

• Marble floors<br />

Ref: DM4527<br />

Asking Price:<br />

6,600,000€<br />


Benahavís<br />

La Zagaleta<br />



This villa is situated in La Zagaleta, a luxurious and sophisticated<br />

residential estate with first-class leisure and sport facilities including two<br />

golf courses and equestrian centre. The property consists of two levels<br />

and features an elegant lounge with fireplace and double height ceilings,<br />

and sliding doors that open to the well-maintained garden with swimming<br />

pool. The villa also offers underfloor heating, solar panels, a spa area<br />

with jacuzzi and sauna, a multipurpose room and 3 car garage.<br />

Approximately 600m² built on a plot of 7,550m².<br />

• 3 bedrooms<br />

• 3 bathrooms<br />

• Gated community with 24-hour service and security<br />

• Elevator to all floors<br />

• Spa with sauna and Jacuzzi<br />

• 3-car garage<br />

Ref: DM4642<br />

Asking Price:<br />

3,950,000€<br />


Benahavís<br />

La Zagaleta<br />



El Ciprés is an outstanding brand-new south-facing residence with<br />

panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea, Gibraltar and the African coast,<br />

set on a plot of 8,000m² in the sought after La Zagaleta Golf & Country<br />

Club. This private estate is gated and features 24-hour security offering<br />

its residents a variety of sporting facilities, two 18-hole golf courses and<br />

red carpet services such as helicopter transfers. Designed by Tobal<br />

Arquitectos this property combines modern aesthetics with innovative<br />

technologies and natural textures.<br />

Approximately 2,560m² built on a plot of 8,209m².<br />

• 10 bedrooms<br />

• 10 bathrooms<br />

• Gym, spa, sauna and steam room<br />

• Interior and exterior pools<br />

• Panoramic coastal views<br />

• Private garage and 4 car carport<br />

Ref: DM4035<br />

Asking Price:<br />

11,900,000€<br />


Benahavís<br />

La Zagaleta<br />



Perfection awaits the discerning buyer at this five-bedroom Andalusian<br />

villa overlooking six holes of the prestigious La Zagaleta golf course<br />

and situated within a meticulously manicured garden with an infinity<br />

swimming pool. This property boasts a grand two storey entrance with<br />

fine mouldings, a spacious lounge with a fireplace, a gourmet eat-in<br />

kitchen with centre island and a bar area with sitting room. There is also<br />

a guest apartment with a separate entrance.<br />

Approximately 1,312m² built on a plot of 5,254m².<br />

• 5 bedrooms<br />

• 5 bathrooms<br />

• Open golf and mountain views<br />

• Gym and sauna<br />

• Cinema room<br />

• Garage for 6 cars<br />

Ref: DM2021<br />

Asking Price:<br />

4,495,000€<br />


Benahavís<br />

La Zagaleta<br />



This exceptional villa is ideal for a family home in a secluded enclave<br />

within the sought-after country club estate of La Zagaleta. The property<br />

enjoys wonderful views to the mountains and the Mediterranean Sea.<br />

Recently redecorated, it offers spacious accommodation distributed<br />

over three levels, with a grand entrance hall, an impressive living room<br />

with fireplace, separate sitting room, large fully fitted kitchen/dining room,<br />

six en-suite bedrooms and a study. The basement level features a wine<br />

cellar, spa, billiards room and space for a cinema and gymnasium.<br />

Approximately 1,172m² built on a plot of 6,054m².<br />

• 6 bedrooms<br />

• 6 bathrooms<br />

• Mountain and sea views<br />

• Spa and wine cellar<br />

• Space for cinema and gym<br />

• 6 car garage<br />

Ref: DM4041<br />

Asking Price:<br />

5,900,000€<br />


Benahavís<br />

El Madroñal<br />



This brand new property is situated in one of the most prestigious locations on the<br />

Costa del Sol, nestling amongst cork trees, in tranquil surroundings at approximately<br />

9 kilometres from the beach. The concept of al-fresco entertaining has been explored<br />

in this home by the use of extensive terraces, immaculately manicured lawns and an<br />

elegant infinity swimming pool. The most striking feature of the property is the huge<br />

floor to ceiling windows in the double-height entrance hall, followed by the multi-level<br />

central reception room, complete with high-beamed ceilings. The design is a mix of<br />

comfort and space, contrived to blend seamlessly into the natural surroundings.<br />

Approximately 920m² on a plot of 6,371m².<br />

• 5 bedrooms<br />

• 5 bathrooms<br />

• Gated community with guard<br />

• Views of lake, mountain and sea<br />

• 2 car garage plus parking<br />

• Gym, sauna and Turkish bath<br />

Ref: DM4479<br />

Asking Price:<br />

4,850,000€<br />


Benahavís<br />


Benahavís<br />

La Alquería<br />

Spectacular modern family h ome<br />


Set in a fantastic position in a sought-after area, the villa is built over three levels<br />

and features a large Mediterranean garden with a 20x5 metre pool with waterfall.<br />

Conveniently located on the road to Benahavis, it is just ten minutes’ drive from San<br />

Pedro and Puerto Banús, and boasts covered and open terraces from which to enjoy<br />

views across the surrounding golf courses, mountains and the sea.<br />

Approximately 853m² built on a plot of 1,641m².<br />

• 5 bedrooms<br />

• 5 bathrooms<br />

• Fantastic sea and golf views<br />

• Close to three golf courses<br />

• Modern high quality design<br />

• Private lift<br />

Ref: DM4230<br />

Asking Price:<br />

3,200,000€<br />


Benahavís<br />


Benahavís<br />

La Alquería<br />


This new development of just 13 modern villas<br />

is located in a quiet residential area with more<br />

than 5,000m² of gardens and green areas.<br />

The villas feature modern style, open concept<br />

design, 3 levels and a possibility to turn the<br />

basement into a gym or cinema room.<br />

Built from 602 to 735m². Plots from 515 to 763m².<br />


• 4 bedrooms<br />

• 3 bathrooms plus guest toilet<br />

• Concierge service<br />

• Two private orchards<br />

• Solarium<br />

• BreEam ® certificate<br />

Asking Price:<br />

From 1,350,000€ to 1,690,000€<br />

Ref: DMD1459<br />

Benahavís<br />


Excellently located on the slopes of the Serranía<br />

de Ronda, this brand new luxury development<br />

of apartments is created using a selection of<br />

materials of the highest possible quality.<br />

Each home can be customised to give a<br />

personal touch.<br />

Built from 122 to 284m².<br />


• 2,3 and 4 bedrooms<br />

• 3 bathrooms<br />

• Concierge service<br />

• Spa, gym and fitness facilities<br />

• Indoor and outdoor pools<br />

• Panoramic views<br />

Asking Price:<br />

From 549,000€ to 2,599,000€<br />

Ref: DMD1430<br />


Benahavís<br />

Alcuzcuz<br />



Located in La Reserva del Alcuzcuz, an incomparable environment<br />

of nature and mountain landscapes with breathtaking views of the<br />

Mediterranean coast and Africa, this property was built according to<br />

the ‘Passive House’ concept, a system that guarantees more than 75%<br />

savings in energy costs, and subsequently has won several awards at<br />

the International Property Awards. The surroundings, the views, the<br />

chosen materials, the light and the exquisite decoration will undoubtedly<br />

make this house a reference on the Costa del Sol.<br />

Approximately 1,323m² built on a plot of 3,550m².<br />

• 5 bedrooms<br />

• 6 bathrooms<br />

• Panoramic coast and sea views<br />

• Golf simulator<br />

• Cinema<br />

• Massage rooms<br />

Ref: DM4670<br />

Asking Price:<br />

8,495,000€<br />


Benahavís<br />

Alcuzcuz<br />



This impressive new development of only 8 modern villas is set within<br />

a private cul-de-sac. Built to the highest quality for maximum comfort the<br />

homes offer a unique paradisiacal environment and panoramic sea views.<br />

Distributed over three levels with open plan layout, large outdoor area,<br />

private garden, swimming pool and extensive terraces.<br />

Built from 868 to 958m² on plots of 3,000m².<br />

• 5-6 bedrooms<br />

• 6-7 bathrooms<br />

• Panoramic sea views<br />

• Underfloor heating<br />

• 3 car garage<br />

• Home automation system<br />

Ref: DMD1409<br />

Asking Price:<br />

From 4,500,000€ to 4,950,000€<br />


Benahavís<br />

<strong>Marbella</strong> Club Golf Resort<br />



Spacious apartments and townhouses to be completed by summer<br />

<strong>2020</strong> set in the beautiful private and secure area of <strong>Marbella</strong> Club Golf<br />

Resort. Owners will enjoy on-site amenities such as various swimming<br />

pools, gym, tennis and paddle tennis as well as kids’ play areas. Just<br />

a 20-minute drive to <strong>Marbella</strong> centre and 15 minutes to Puerto Banús,<br />

the development offers residents an 18-hole golf course, club house,<br />

equestrian centre as well as stunning views of the Mediterranean coast.<br />

Approximately 144 - 293m² built.<br />

• 3-4 bedrooms<br />

• 3 bathrooms<br />

• Open plan kitchens<br />

• Several swimming pools<br />

• Gym, tennis and paddle courts<br />

• Private garage space<br />

Ref: DMD1383<br />

Asking Price:<br />

From 530,000€ to 697,000€<br />


Benahavís<br />

Benahavís<br />



This wonderful villa is situated in the luxurious <strong>Marbella</strong> Club Golf<br />

Resort. Close to both Puerto Banús and <strong>Marbella</strong>, it has a first line<br />

golf position, enjoying fabulous views over the golf course to the sea,<br />

Gibraltar and Africa. The villa’s Mediterranean style blends perfectly with<br />

the natural environment and the home offers all kinds of luxury details<br />

and comforts. Built over three levels, it boasts an entrance hall with<br />

elegant marble staircase decorated with wrought iron balustrades<br />

and its own private elevator.<br />

Approximately 959m² built on plot of 4.085m².<br />

• 6 bedrooms<br />

• 5 bathrooms<br />

• Spectacular views<br />

• Gated community with 24-hour security<br />

• Staff quarters<br />

• Underfloor heating throughout<br />

Ref: DM4112<br />

Asking Price:<br />

2,980,000€<br />


Benahavís<br />

<strong>Marbella</strong> Club Golf<br />



Designed by a well known local architect, this traditional style house is<br />

situated within a superb golf resort with an 18-hole golf course, clubhouse<br />

and horse-riding centre. Handsome wooden appointments and other<br />

fine details highlight this spacious and inviting property such as the<br />

enchanting patio with fountain, a grand entrance hall, lounge with fireplace<br />

and separate formal dining room. Off the living room is a large covered<br />

terrace with access to the garden and saltwater pool with sea views.<br />

Approximately 967m² built on a plot of 6,037m².<br />

• 5 bedrooms<br />

• 5 bathrooms<br />

• Mountain and sea views<br />

• Spa with jacuzzi and sauna<br />

• 4 car underground parking<br />

• Heated swimming pool<br />

Ref: DM4573<br />

Asking Price:<br />

2,950,000€<br />


Benahavís<br />

La Quinta<br />



A superb combination of elegant interiors and exquisite exterior spaces, this pristine<br />

south-facing home is located within metres of the 5* Westin La Quinta Golf Resort<br />

and Spa. Thanks to its corner position, this villa offers open views at no cost to privacy.<br />

The main entrance boasts a water feature and the spacious lounge/dining area with<br />

fireplace leads out onto a spectacular terrace with gazebo, barbecue, dining area that<br />

comfortably seats over 10 people and a relaxing lounge area too.<br />

Approximately 456m² built on a plot of 844m².<br />

• 5 bedrooms<br />

• 4 bathrooms<br />

• Heated swimming pool<br />

• Indoor and outdoor parking<br />

• Gymnasium<br />

• Large capacity gazebo<br />

Ref: DM4592<br />

Asking Price:<br />

2,395,000€<br />


Benahavís<br />


Benahavís<br />

Vega del Colorado<br />



Recently completed, this contemporary villa is located in the sought-after gated<br />

community of Vega del Colorado in Benahavís. Facing south it enjoys spectacular<br />

views over the La Quinta Golf Course, the mountains and the sea. Its stylish interiors<br />

comprise of a grand entrance hall and a lounge and dining room separated by<br />

a gas fireplace to create some dimension. All rooms lead out to a semi-covered<br />

terrace overlooking manicured gardens and an infinity pool with a cascading<br />

water feature.<br />

Approximately 1,287m² built on a plot of 2,750m².<br />

• 6 bedrooms<br />

• 8 bathrooms<br />

• South facing<br />

• Gymnasium<br />

• Spa with a sauna, hammam and jacuzzi<br />

• Home cinema<br />

Ref: DM4695<br />

Asking Price:<br />

On Application<br />


Benahavís<br />


Estepona<br />

Estepona Playa<br />


Magnificent luxury resort designed by architect<br />

Rafael de la Hoz is located on the seafront just<br />

a few minutes drive from Estepona. The 70-unit<br />

development occupies a privileged location with<br />

direct access to the beach, 24-hour security,<br />

spa and gym area, three infinity pools and paddle<br />

tennis court.<br />

Approximately 77m² - 214m² built.<br />


• 2-4 bedrooms<br />

• 2-3 bathrooms<br />

• Spa, gym and paddle tennis court<br />

• 3 infinity pools<br />

• Stunning panoramic sea views<br />

• Two underground garage spaces<br />

Asking Price:<br />

From 592,000€ to 2,956,000€<br />

Ref: DMD1386<br />

New Golden Mile<br />


These superb apartments under construction<br />

are situated on Estepona’s New Golden Mile<br />

close to four of the most important golf courses<br />

in the area and all the amenities. The apartments<br />

feature spacious and sunny terraces, modern<br />

design and open plan living areas.<br />

Approximately 155m² - 220m² built.<br />


• 3 bedrooms<br />

• 2-3 bathrooms<br />

• Ground floor with private garden<br />

• Option to build a pool/jacuzzi<br />

• Gym and spa with Turkish bath and sauna<br />

• Outdoor swimming pool<br />

Asking Price:<br />

From 445,000€ to 995,000€<br />

Ref: DMD1405<br />


New Golden Mile<br />

Estepona<br />



This is a highly secure development of 28<br />

luxurious apartments with exclusive access to<br />

the beach. Each building offers a minimum of<br />

three large parking spaces for each unit, with<br />

direct access from the private basement-storage,<br />

connected through a private lift.<br />

Approximately 405m² - 813m² built.<br />


• 3-4 bedrooms<br />

• Exclusive access to the beach<br />

• Outdoor heated infinity pool<br />

• Lift access from basement<br />

• Panoramic sea views<br />

• Minimum of 3 parking spaces<br />

Asking Price:<br />

From 3,400,000€ to 4,800,000€<br />

Ref: DMD1406<br />

Estepona Playa<br />



Stunning new development of stylish beachfront<br />

townhouses located on the outskirts of Estepona.<br />

The 50-unit development offers a private roof<br />

terrace with Jacuzzi and amazing sea views,<br />

communal area with two swimming pools and spa.<br />

The properties come with underground garages.<br />

Approximately 266m² built.<br />


• 3 bedrooms<br />

• 2 bathrooms<br />

• Communal gym and spa with Turkish bath<br />

and sauna<br />

• Home automation system<br />

• Fully fitted kitchen<br />

Asking Price:<br />

From 1,200,000€ to 1,529,000€<br />

Ref: DMD1385<br />


Estepona<br />

New Golden Mile<br />



Unique, modern frontline beach villa located on the New Golden Mile at a ten to 15<br />

minute drive to Puerto Banús. With direct access to the beach, this is one of the finest<br />

beachfront homes on the whole coast. Offering 60 metres of beach frontage and<br />

unrivalled qualities, the property features three bedroom suites in the western wing<br />

and more bedrooms and three bathrooms in the eastern wing.<br />

Approximately 1,628m² built on a plot of 4,030m².<br />

• 12 bedrooms<br />

• 13 bathrooms<br />

• Private lift<br />

• Heated indoor and rooftop splash pools<br />

• Independent staff quarters<br />

• Fully fitted gym with panoramic sea views<br />

Ref: DM3690<br />

Asking Price:<br />

On Application<br />


Estepona<br />


Estepona<br />

Atalaya<br />



Stunning modern villa with impressive sea views situated 200 metres<br />

from the beach in Atalaya-Isdabe. This one of a kind property is built on<br />

a double size plot with excellent architectural design. The upper floor<br />

features a fabulous roof terrace with spectacular views of the sea, while<br />

the lower floor includes a cinema room, indoor pool, Turkish bath and<br />

Finnish sauna.<br />

Approximately 1,025m² built on a plot of 3,935m².<br />

• 6 bedrooms<br />

• 6 bathrooms<br />

• Cinema room and lift to all floors<br />

• Indoor and outdoor pools<br />

• 200 metres from beach<br />

• 5 car garage<br />

Ref: DM3869<br />

Asking Price:<br />

From 3,200,000€<br />


Estepona<br />

Casasola<br />



Modern and bright villa, set second line to the beach of Casasola at<br />

approximately 10kms from <strong>Marbella</strong>’s Golden Mile and 12kms from<br />

Estepona. The property offers a spacious and well-distributed layout<br />

across two levels and features an attractive entrance hall, lounge with<br />

fireplace, fully fitted kitchen and large sliding doors that lead out to the<br />

pool. The solarium has sitting and sunbathing zones with stunning views<br />

to the sea and mountains.<br />

Approximately 637m² built on a plot of 1.257m².<br />

• 4 bedrooms<br />

• 4 bathrooms<br />

• Stunning sea views from the upper level<br />

• Fireplace in the poolside area<br />

• Carport for 3 cars<br />

• Second line beach<br />

Ref: DM4529<br />

Asking Price:<br />

From 3,200,000€<br />


Estepona<br />

Casasola<br />



This contemporary design villa is situated in the beachside area of<br />

Casasola, Guadalmina Baja, an ideal location as it is very close to all<br />

amenities, <strong>Marbella</strong> and Puerto Banús are only a few minutes’ drive away<br />

and it is within a short walking distance to the beach. The villa is built on<br />

a very spacious plot that features a large outdoor area with a lovely<br />

tropical garden, barbecue and large swimming pool.<br />

Approximately 611m² built on a plot of 1.640m².<br />

• 5 bedrooms<br />

• 5 bathrooms<br />

• Tropical garden with large swimming pool<br />

• BBQ and chill out area<br />

• Open gym and spa zone<br />

• Solar batteries and under-floor heating<br />

Ref: DM3956-02<br />

Asking Price:<br />

From 3,900,000€<br />


<strong>Marbella</strong><br />

Guadalmina Baja<br />



Conveniently located at approximately 950 metres from the beach<br />

and close to the Guadalmina commercial centre. Decorated with taste<br />

this family house features on the ground floor an entrance hall with marble<br />

staircase, lounge with a fireplace, large open plan kitchen with sitting<br />

area and big dining table. The lounge and kitchen lead out to the covered<br />

terrace with garden and pool views. Outdoors a spacious garden features<br />

private swimming pool and lovely sitting area ideal for al fresco dining.<br />

Approximately 520m² built on a plot of 1,027m².<br />

• 4 bedrooms<br />

• 4 bathrooms<br />

• Garden and pool views<br />

• Under floor heating<br />

• Garage and outside parking<br />

• His and hers master bathrooms<br />

Ref: DM4409<br />

Asking Price:<br />

2,950,000€<br />


<strong>Marbella</strong><br />

Los Belvederes<br />



Stunning apartment with uninterrupted sea views<br />

and over the Golf Valley within a gated community<br />

with 24-hour security, communal gardens,<br />

pools, gymnasium and sauna. The property was<br />

recently renovated featuring new bathrooms<br />

and double-glazed high quality windows.<br />

Approximately 324m² built.<br />


• 3 bedrooms<br />

• 3 bathrooms<br />

• Stunning views<br />

• Fully fitted kitchen<br />

• Spacious terraces<br />

• Communal pools, gym and sauna<br />

Asking Price:<br />

875,000€<br />

Ref: DM3946<br />

Los Granados Golf<br />


This lovely apartment is situated within a gated<br />

and exclusive complex of only 55 apartments<br />

with 24-hour security, beautiful landscaped<br />

gardens, a communal pool, indoor heated pool,<br />

gymnasium, sauna and Jacuzzi. Ideal for golf<br />

lovers as it is only a short stroll to the Las Brisas<br />

Golf Club.<br />

Approximately 299m² built.<br />


• 4 bedrooms<br />

• 4 bathrooms<br />

• Immaculate apartment<br />

• Stunning views of the golf<br />

• Spacious terraces<br />

• Overlooks garden and pool<br />

Asking Price:<br />

1,195,000€<br />

Ref: DM3951-01<br />


<strong>Marbella</strong><br />

Nueva Andalucía<br />


In an excellent location, approximately a kilometre<br />

from Puerto Banús, with beautiful views over the<br />

Mediterranean and La Concha Mountain, lays this<br />

new modern urbanisation with semi-detached<br />

villas that feature solariums and infinity pools.<br />

Built from 454m² to 509m².<br />


• 4 bedrooms<br />

• 4 bathrooms<br />

• Elevator access<br />

• Solarium with overflowing pools<br />

• Close to services<br />

• Stunning views<br />

Asking Price:<br />

From 2,400,000€ to 2,600,000€<br />

Ref: DMD1436<br />

Nueva Andalucía<br />



This development of 50 new apartments is<br />

situated on a hill in Nueva Andalucía amid<br />

spectacular golf courses and close to services<br />

and amenities. The complex offers excellent<br />

facilities including a clubhouse, swimming pools,<br />

spa and gym.<br />

Built from 90m² to 284m².<br />


• 2-4 bedrooms<br />

• 2-4 bathrooms<br />

• Hilltop setting with glorious views<br />

• Surrounded by top golf courses<br />

• Outdoor and indoor heated pools<br />

• Sauna, Turkish bath, salt wall and ice fountain<br />

Asking Price:<br />

From 695,000€ to 2,435,000€<br />

Ref: DMD1429<br />


<strong>Marbella</strong><br />

Las Brisas<br />



This newly built villa facing Las Brisas Golf Club welcomes you with<br />

an impressive entrance hall with double-height ceilings and a spiral<br />

staircase. The ground floor has access to semi-covered porches and the<br />

garden features an infinity pool, relaxing zones and a barbecue area.<br />

The basement of the house, dedicated to entertainment, includes<br />

a wine cellar, movie room, an entertainment room, gym, full spa including<br />

a sauna, Turkish bath and 12-metre pool.<br />

Approximately 1,197m² built on a plot of 2,580m².<br />

• 9 bedrooms<br />

• 11 bathrooms<br />

• Gym, sauna and Turkish bath<br />

• 6-8 car garage<br />

• Lift<br />

• Staff quarters<br />

Ref: DM4627<br />

Asking Price:<br />

9,750,000€<br />


<strong>Marbella</strong><br />

Aloha<br />



This beautiful family home located within <strong>Marbella</strong>´s Golf Valley<br />

perfectly combines the classic exterior with an interior that has been<br />

completely renovated using the latest technologies and materials.<br />

The property features views to the golf, mountains and sea, a large<br />

outdoor space with beautiful mature garden and a house by the pool<br />

with a nice dining area and barbecue.<br />

Approximately 484m² built on a plot of 2,117m².<br />

• 6 bedrooms<br />

• 6 bathrooms<br />

• Golf and sea views<br />

• Staff quarters<br />

• Under floor heating<br />

• Barbecue area<br />

Ref: DM4673<br />

Asking Price:<br />

4,200,000€<br />


<strong>Marbella</strong><br />

La Cerquilla<br />



This property is located in a quiet residential area surrounded by golf<br />

courses at approximately a 10-minute drive from Puerto Banús. The<br />

villa features very high-quality finishes thoughout, as well as possessing<br />

all the amenities to make this house a true home. Large bedroom suites,<br />

sunny porches and outdoor areas, a spacious living room<br />

and kitchen with central island as well as a breakfast area.<br />

Approximately 794m² built on a plot of 2,451m².<br />

• 6 bedrooms<br />

• 8 bathrooms<br />

• Golf and sea views<br />

• Spa, Jacuzzi, sauna and steam room<br />

• Residential and quiet area<br />

• Solar Panels<br />

Ref: DM4609<br />

Asking Price:<br />

5,995,000€<br />


<strong>Marbella</strong><br />

Las Brisas<br />



Recently reformed, this one of a kind villa is located in one of the most<br />

sought-after residential and golf areas of Las Brisas, Parcelas del Golf.<br />

Using only the highest quality materials and utmost attention to detail<br />

the villa is distributed on a single level plus a basement and guest house.<br />

Boasting several terraces that lead to the pool and garden it provides a<br />

bright and relaxed atmosphere, and also features a spa that would not<br />

look out of place in a luxury resort.<br />

Approximately 1,443m² built on a plot of 4,211m².<br />

• 9 bedrooms<br />

• 10 bathrooms<br />

• Guest house<br />

• Spa facilities<br />

• Interior and exterior fireplaces<br />

• Indoor and outdoor pools<br />

Ref: DM4489<br />

Asking Price:<br />

13,900,000€<br />


<strong>Marbella</strong><br />

Nueva Andalucía<br />


Renovated in 2017, this Spanish style villa has<br />

kept its traditional exterior but completely<br />

overhauled the interior with a new modern design.<br />

Ideally situated in a gated community within<br />

the area of Nueva Andalucía.<br />

Approximately 363m² built on a plot of 950m².<br />


• 5 bedrooms<br />

• 4 bathrooms<br />

• Close to golf courses<br />

• 1 car garage<br />

• BBQ and gazebo area<br />

• Short drive to beach<br />

Asking Price:<br />

1,690,000€<br />

Ref: DM4634<br />

Nueva Andalucía<br />


This modern south-facing villa is situated in<br />

Brisas del Golf and surrounded by three golf<br />

courses of Aloha, Los Naranjos and Las Brisas.<br />

The beach and Puerto Banus are approximately<br />

3kms away. Featuring many top specifications,<br />

the villa includes a garden with barbecue,<br />

jacuzzi and heated pool.<br />

Approximately 453m² built on a plot of 1.100m².<br />


• 5 bedrooms<br />

• 4 bathrooms<br />

• 900m from commercial area<br />

• Garden and pool views<br />

• Staff quarters<br />

• 1-car garage<br />

Asking Price:<br />

1,595,000€<br />

Ref: DM4383<br />


<strong>Marbella</strong><br />

La Cerquilla<br />


This newly constructed modern villa is situated<br />

in La Cerquilla, an exclusive residential area<br />

in the Golf Valley of Nueva Andalucía. Enjoying<br />

large open spaces, the living room and<br />

integrated kitchen exit out onto a very nice<br />

porch and private garden with swimming pool.<br />

Approximately 228m² built on a plot of 1,142m².<br />


• 4 bedrooms<br />

• 4 bathrooms<br />

• Home automation system<br />

• Room for gym installation<br />

• Electric car charging station<br />

• Saline swimming pool<br />

Asking Price:<br />

2,395,000€<br />

Ref: DM1394<br />

Las Brisas<br />


This stunning, totally refurbished villa is located<br />

in the Las Brisas area of Nueva Andalucía.<br />

Offering breath taking views over La Concha it<br />

enjoys a large tropical private garden featuring<br />

a swimming pool with Jacuzzi.<br />

Approximately 327m² built on a plot of 1,451m².<br />


• 5 bedrooms<br />

• 5 bathrooms<br />

• Wine cellar<br />

• Under floor heating<br />

• Private garden with pool<br />

• 2 covered parking spaces<br />

Asking Price:<br />

1,850,000€<br />

Ref: DM3925<br />


Nueva Andalucía<br />

La Pera<br />


Set within the established and gated community<br />

of La Pera, only 1 km across from Puerto Banús.<br />

The property features a grand living room with<br />

fireplace and is surrounded by a lovely mature<br />

garden.<br />

Approximately 797m² built on a plot of 1,441m².<br />


• 4 bedrooms<br />

• 5 bathrooms<br />

• Heated pool<br />

• 5 car garage<br />

• Views of the sea and mountain<br />

• Underfloor heating<br />

Asking Price:<br />

2,295,000€<br />

Ref: DM4661<br />

Nueva Andalucía<br />


This spacious home includes an impeccable<br />

lawn, mature trees and orchard, all at<br />

approximately 500 metres from the local<br />

supermarket and shops, bars, medical clinic<br />

and others. The master bedroom features<br />

gabled ceilings and electric shutters.<br />

Approximately 665m² built on a plot of 2,486m².<br />


• 4 bedrooms<br />

• 4 bathrooms<br />

• 3 car garage<br />

• Solar panels for hot water<br />

• Poolside gazebo<br />

• Private water well<br />

Asking Price:<br />

2,100,000€<br />

Ref: DM4582<br />


Nueva Andalucía<br />

Nueva Andalucía<br />


Located in Nueva Andalucía, a highly demanded<br />

residential area, this 3-unit complex is surrounded<br />

by golf courses such as Los Naranjos, Las Brisas<br />

and Aloha. The main floor is open plan with large<br />

spaces and access to the exterior porches<br />

and pool with gazebo.<br />

Approximately 828m² built on a plot of 1,415m².<br />


• 5 bedrooms<br />

• 5 bathrooms<br />

• Indoor pool<br />

• Sauna<br />

• Open floor concept<br />

• Car lift<br />

Asking Price:<br />

3,750,000€<br />

Ref: DMD1462<br />

Brisas del Golf<br />


This exquisite villa is located in the heart of<br />

Nueva Andalucía’s Golf Valley and offers views<br />

of <strong>Marbella</strong>’s iconic La Concha Mountain. It<br />

has a dream of a garden with covered porch<br />

barbecue area and charming pool.<br />

Approximately 320m² built on a plot of 800m².<br />


• 4 bedrooms<br />

• 3 Bathrooms<br />

• Terrace<br />

• Outdoor BBQ<br />

• Private garden with large swimming pool<br />

• Play area, cinema room<br />

Asking Price:<br />

2,195,000€<br />

Ref: DM4563<br />


Nueva Andalucía<br />

Brisas del Golf<br />



Fully renovated villa next to Las Brisas golf course, a step away from<br />

supermarkets, international schools, golf academy, golf courses and<br />

approximately 2.5 km from Puerto Banús. This home includes a pool with<br />

lush green gardens while the master suite features a large dressing room,<br />

seating area and private terrace. The lower floor has a large multipurpose<br />

room and a cinema or games room with bar area.<br />

Approximately 566m² built on a plot of 1,100m².<br />

• 5 bedrooms<br />

• 5 bathrooms<br />

• Underfloor heating<br />

• Games room, wine cellar<br />

• Saltwater pool<br />

• Completely reformed villa<br />

Ref: DM4620<br />

Asking Price:<br />

3,250,000€<br />


Nueva Andalucía<br />

La Cerquilla<br />



This immaculate family villa is ideally located in <strong>Marbella</strong>’s famous<br />

Golf Valley, close to international schools and all other facilities. Recently<br />

renovated this property features seven bedrooms, a spacious and<br />

attractive open plan layout, fully equipped kitchen with central island<br />

and breakfast area, spacious basement with cinema, indoor and<br />

outdoor gym, Spa, Turkish bath and a large storage room. The master<br />

bedroom enjoys a private terrace with views over the sea.<br />

Approximately 669m² built on a plot of 2,294m².<br />

• 7 bedrooms<br />

• 8 bathrooms<br />

• Outdoor and indoor gym<br />

• Spa and Turkish bath<br />

• Garage for 2 cars<br />

• Large basement with a lot of potential<br />

Ref: DM4496<br />

Asking Price:<br />

5,500,000€<br />


Puerto Banús<br />

Playas del Duque<br />



This spacious corner beachside duplex penthouse is situated in the<br />

Las Gaviotas development by Playas del Duque and offers far-reaching<br />

sea views. The secure complex with 24-hour concierge service and lush<br />

tropical gardens is less than 5 minutes to the beach and a wide variety<br />

of services. The property features generous living and dining rooms<br />

that open up to two large terraces, fitted wardrobes, hot and cold air<br />

conditioning and a two-car parking space with storeroom.<br />

Approximately 275m² built.<br />

• 4 bedrooms<br />

• 4 bathrooms<br />

• 24h concierge service<br />

• Far reaching sea views<br />

• Walking distance to beach<br />

• 2-car underground parking<br />

Ref: DM4465<br />

Asking Price:<br />

2,200,000€<br />


Puerto Banús<br />

Malibú<br />



This duplex penthouse is in one of the most prestigious apartment<br />

complexes in <strong>Marbella</strong>, Malibú, just steps from Puerto Banús. Offering<br />

24-hour security, immaculate tropical landscaped gardens with walkways,<br />

three swimming pools (one heated) a fully equipped gym and two indoor<br />

Jacuzzis, it features beautiful sea views, top quality fittings and a high<br />

tech Domotic system.<br />

Approximately 340m² built.<br />

• 3 bedrooms<br />

• 3 bathrooms<br />

• Exclusive seafront property<br />

• Gated with 24-hour security<br />

• Gym, sauna, heated pool, Turkish bath<br />

• Landscaped grounds and gardens<br />

Ref: DM4149<br />

Asking Price:<br />

2,999,000€<br />


102<br />

Engaging<br />

the senses


Golden Mile<br />

In an era defined so strongly by modern white<br />

‘cubist’ villas characterised by right-angled<br />

geometry and expansive glass surfaces, it can be<br />

truly refreshing to be surrounded by the more<br />

welcoming charm of an established, lived-in<br />

home. By Michel Cruz/Photography: Charly Simon<br />

ontemporary properties may photograph very well, but they can lack the<br />

soul and positive energy of a villa that basks in warmth and refinement,<br />

Chaving created its own private oasis. So, if you’re not into steel and<br />

glass, and prefer the ambience of a home that exudes homely sophistication<br />

as well as offering a myriad of cool, private spots in which to relax, socialise<br />

and enjoy fantastic views, then this comfortable villa just made for family life<br />

and stylish entertaining will impress.<br />

The ambience of a home is very important, especially in a villa, and it is this<br />

sense of refined wellbeing that captures your attention the minute you walk<br />

through the gate and enter the property, which combines classic Andalusian-<br />

Mediterranean country home details with very up<br />

to date comfort. The rich greenery of the mature<br />

garden and courtyard area envelop one in a space<br />

that is flanked by a double carport, double garage<br />

and also a second carport linked to the service<br />

entrance.<br />

The sophistication of the architectural design<br />

and layout is evident not just in the villa’s aesthetics,<br />

but also in spaces flow beautifully in a blend of form<br />

and function that is visible in the delightful kitchen,<br />


Golden Mile<br />

...“The lounge is a<br />

study in homely<br />

designer style...”<br />

which connects to a laundry, the main entrance hall and<br />

formal dining room. It is representative of a home that<br />

balances style, comfort and practicality with panache;<br />

step through the main entrance and it’s the elegant detail,<br />

fine quality materials and spacious flow of the rooms that<br />

catches your eye.<br />

The lounge is a study in homely designer style, exuding<br />

a welcoming feel that continues as you enter the covered<br />

terrace, with its dining and lounging areas endowed with<br />

wonderful sea views. This area links with an intimate lawn<br />

and flows down amid floral beauty to a stunning private pool<br />

in classic villa style, which is flanked by lawns, landscaped<br />

gardens and an alcove for relaxing. Nearby is an independent<br />

guesthouse, while a separate wing linked to the main house<br />

contains a further three bedroom suites with lots of personal<br />

character and detailing.<br />

A private oasis of greenery is always close by, with one<br />

of the suite apartments opening on to a rose garden. The top<br />

floor of the property is dominated by a large, independent<br />

master suite complete with its own lounge area. The sixbedroom<br />

villa boasts under-floor heating and a spa with<br />

heated indoor pool, steam bath and gymnasium, as well as<br />

ample storage and a games room, completing a home with<br />

innate charm and classic <strong>Marbella</strong> refinement.<br />



• 6 bedrooms<br />

• 6 bathrooms<br />

• 1,108m 2 built<br />

• 3,197m 2 plot<br />

Ref: DM4493<br />


7,200,000€<br />


<strong>Marbella</strong><br />

Sierra Blanca<br />



This traditional style villa built on a sizable plot of around 3,000m² is<br />

situated on <strong>Marbella</strong>’s Golden Mile next to the sought-after and secure<br />

residential area of Sierra Blanca with surveillance service and guards.<br />

The villa enjoys beautiful sea views and is built with very high-quality<br />

materials. It is surrounded by impeccable landscape gardens including<br />

an outdoor pool and gazebo with BBQ. Separately standing is a guest<br />

apartment and security house with one bedroom and bathroom<br />

Approximately 580m² built on a plot of 3,104m².<br />

• 6 bedrooms<br />

• 6 bathrooms<br />

• Panic room and lift to all floors<br />

• Staff quarters and separate guest apartment<br />

• Excellent location and sea views<br />

• 2 car garage<br />

Ref: DM4011<br />

Asking Price:<br />

3,950,000€<br />


<strong>Marbella</strong><br />

Sierra Blanca<br />



This masterfully designed villa is set apart by its classic arquitecture<br />

and Scandinavian style interiors. Located on the slopes of Sierra Blanca,<br />

one of the most prestigious residential areas of <strong>Marbella</strong>, this recently<br />

renovated property offers materials and finishes of great quality and<br />

warmth, especially in the grand hall, large living room and dining room<br />

with access to the expansive porch and state-of-the-art kitchen. The<br />

basement floor houses a complete spa with sauna, indoor heated pool,<br />

gym and massage room.<br />

Approximately 678m² built, 1.046m² plot.<br />

• 5 bedrooms<br />

• 5 bathrooms<br />

• Sea and mountains views<br />

• Gymnasium<br />

• Spa with sauna and massage rooms<br />

• Heated indoor pool<br />

Ref: DM4681<br />

Asking Price:<br />

5,500,000€<br />


<strong>Marbella</strong><br />

<strong>Marbella</strong> Hill Club<br />



This impressive mansion is situated within a prestigious sought-after<br />

community in the foothills of the <strong>Marbella</strong> mountains. A spectacular<br />

home with panoramic sea views over the Mediterranean coast, Gibraltar<br />

and Africa, it features a beautiful driveway with landscaped roundabout<br />

and a refreshing cascade. The house is accessed though an Andalusian<br />

courtyard with small fountains on both sides of the entrance door.<br />

Approximately 1,222m² built on a plot of 3,131m².<br />

• 4 bedrooms<br />

• 5 bathrooms<br />

• Wine cellar<br />

• Heated swimming pool<br />

• Sauna and gymnasium<br />

• 5 car garage<br />

Ref: DM3877<br />

Asking Price:<br />

5,900,000€<br />


<strong>Marbella</strong><br />

<strong>Marbella</strong> Hill Club<br />



A true jewel of traditional architecture this home enjoys an elevated<br />

position between <strong>Marbella</strong> town and Puerto Banús, with beautiful mature<br />

gardens and fantastic sea and mountain views. This elegant home is<br />

south facing with generous accommodation and lots of natural light.<br />

Its impeccable construction qualities and lovely features include high<br />

vaulted ceilings and wooden beams.<br />

Approximately 367m² built on a plot of 4,979m².<br />

• 6 bedrooms<br />

• 6 bathrooms<br />

• Beautiful mature gardens<br />

• Large driveway to house<br />

• Sea and mountain views<br />

• 2 car garage<br />

Ref: DM4218<br />

Asking Price:<br />

3,100,000€<br />


<strong>Marbella</strong><br />

Cascada de Camoján<br />



Extensive building plot in Cascada de Camojan, a highly exclusive and gated<br />

community within Sierra Blanca. The villa project, created by a renowned group of<br />

designers, features a state-of-the-art 1,500m² home with an independent guest house<br />

with its own swimming pool. Natural materials such as wood, natural stone and glass<br />

allow natural light to filter though, making this a truly unique family home. The interior<br />

and distribution of the house can be adapted to the preferences and requirements<br />

of the new owner, offering flexibility in rooms and facilities.<br />

Plot of 5,826m².<br />

• Plot with approved building licence<br />

• Sought after location<br />

• Project for a villa of 1,500m²<br />

• Guest house with 3 bedrooms<br />

• Panoramic elevator<br />

• Spa, indoor swimming pool and gym<br />

Ref: DM1489-258<br />

Asking Price:<br />

5,900,000€<br />


<strong>Marbella</strong><br />


<strong>Marbella</strong><br />

Sierra Blanca<br />



This unique property located within a small gated estate at the foothills<br />

of Sierra Blanca, has been built to blend Roman solidity with a Baroque<br />

influence, the harmony of Mudejar detailing, with the refinement of Gothic<br />

architecture. Fine materials, both antique and custom-made, crafted<br />

by artisan workmen were combined with the latest structural engineering<br />

techniques to create this beautiful home.<br />

Approximately 1,622m² built on a plot of 3,807m².<br />

• 5 bedrooms<br />

• 5 bathrooms<br />

• Open sea views<br />

• Underground four car garage<br />

• Pool pavilion with chill-out area<br />

• Solar energy<br />

Ref: DM3485-01<br />

Asking Price:<br />

12,750,000€<br />


<strong>Marbella</strong><br />

Cascada de Camoján<br />



This unique residence is set within one of the most prestigious residential<br />

areas in <strong>Marbella</strong>, surrounded by nature and just a few minutes’ drive to<br />

the beach and centre of town with all services and amenities. The villa<br />

enjoys impressive panoramic views of the sea and mountain. Built to the<br />

finest standards and recently refurbished to incorporate further features<br />

for enhanced quality of life, the home provides spacious accommodation<br />

for family living and entertaining, indoors and out.<br />

Approximately 1,313m² built on a plot of 4,000m².<br />

• 7 bedrooms<br />

• 10 bathrooms<br />

• Fully equipped gym, Turkish bath and sauna<br />

• Thatched pool pavilion with kitchenette and BBQ<br />

• South facing, sea and mountain views<br />

• 2 car garage and double carport<br />

Ref: DM4318<br />

Asking Price:<br />

5,950,000€<br />


<strong>Marbella</strong><br />

El Oasis Club<br />



Just a short stroll to the centre of <strong>Marbella</strong>, this<br />

semi-detached house is situated on the second<br />

line position of the beach on <strong>Marbella</strong>’s Golden<br />

Mile. It boasts incredible sea views and is set in<br />

a fantastic, well-established community.<br />

Approximately 120m² built on a plot of 211m².<br />


• 3 bedrooms<br />

• 2 bathrooms<br />

• Private plunge pool<br />

• Clubhouse<br />

• 24-hour security<br />

• Communal garden and swimming pool<br />

Asking Price:<br />

2,295,000€<br />

Ref: DM4533<br />

Nagüeles<br />


The complex is set in tranquil grounds in the<br />

well-established residential area of Nagüeles.<br />

This large contemporary duplex penthouse<br />

is cleverly designed to blend in with the<br />

surrounding environment. The property is built<br />

to the highest standards and overlooks lush<br />

gardens and communal pool.<br />

Approximately 312m² built.<br />


• 3 bedrooms<br />

• 3 bathrooms<br />

• South west orientation with sea views<br />

• Large communal swimming pool<br />

• Beautiful gardens<br />

• 2 garage spaces and store room<br />

Asking Price:<br />

1,320,000€<br />

Ref: DM3810<br />


<strong>Marbella</strong><br />

Imara<br />


Located in one of the most demanded and stylish<br />

complexes just above <strong>Marbella</strong> town, featuring<br />

24-hour security, three communal swimming<br />

pools and immaculate gardens, the property<br />

enjoys bright and spacious living areas including<br />

wrap-around terraces on both floors.<br />

Approximately 591m² built.<br />


• 3 bedrooms<br />

• 3 bathrooms<br />

• Sold fully furnished<br />

• Fully fitted open plan kitchen<br />

• Open sea and mountains views<br />

• 2 parking spaces and large storage<br />

Asking Price:<br />

2,300,000€<br />

Ref: DM4188<br />

<strong>Marbella</strong> Golden Mile<br />


This completely renovated apartment located on<br />

the Golden Mile offers lovely views to <strong>Marbella</strong>’s<br />

promenade and Mediterranean Sea. A spacious<br />

two bedroom apartment, it has been completely<br />

renovated using excellent finishes and features,<br />

custom design kitchen, wine cellar and a lovely<br />

terrace with sea views.<br />

Approximately 133m² built.<br />


• 2 bedrooms<br />

• 2 bathrooms<br />

• Frontline beach<br />

• Direct access to the beach<br />

• Security entrance with concierge<br />

• Underground parking space<br />

Asking Price:<br />

1,150,000€<br />

Ref: DM4513<br />


<strong>Marbella</strong><br />

Altos <strong>Real</strong>es<br />


Stylish house located in a gated community of<br />

villas at literally a two-minute drive from the<br />

centre of <strong>Marbella</strong> and its beaches, while Puerto<br />

Banús is only ten-minutes drive away. The<br />

property features 24-hour security and faces<br />

south west to enjoy the afternoon sun.<br />

Approximately 350m² built on a plot of 857m².<br />


• 3 bedrooms<br />

• 3 bathrooms<br />

• South west orientation<br />

• Large solarium with built in BBQ area<br />

• Sea and mountain views<br />

• Mature landscaped garden<br />

Asking Price:<br />

1,750,000€<br />

Ref: DM4445<br />

Las Lomas del <strong>Marbella</strong> Club<br />


This southwest facing villa with tons of character<br />

was built and designed using materials from<br />

across the globe. It features an entrance hall<br />

with cathedral ceilings and a lounge/dining room<br />

with access to the covered porch decorated<br />

with a fountain and climbing plants.<br />

Approximately 587m² built on a plot of 1,018m².<br />


• 5 bedrooms<br />

• 5 bathrooms<br />

• Games room<br />

• Staff quarters<br />

• Mountain views<br />

• Underfloor heating throughout<br />

Asking Price:<br />

2,750,000€<br />

Ref: DM4560<br />


La Merced<br />

<strong>Marbella</strong><br />


A most desirable location in <strong>Marbella</strong> town,<br />

approximately 750m from the sea and<br />

promenade and only 350m from El Corte Inglés.<br />

The property, built over two floors plus basement,<br />

is accessed from two streets and offers a garage<br />

and one car parking space.<br />

Approximately 418m² built on a plot of 1,229m².<br />


• 6 bedrooms<br />

• 4 bathrooms<br />

• Games room with cinema<br />

• Large garden gazebo<br />

• Heated outdoor pool<br />

• Sea views from rooftop terrace<br />

Asking Price:<br />

2,150,000€<br />

Ref: DM4525<br />

Balcones de Sierra Blanca<br />


A fantastic property built with a real eye for<br />

design and attention to detail. A quality location<br />

situated just above <strong>Marbella</strong> town and a short<br />

drive to the beach and town centre. Andalusian<br />

beauty and comfortable layout are the main<br />

characteristics of this extraordinary home.<br />

Approximately 719m² built on a plot of 900m².<br />


• 5 bedrooms<br />

• 4 bathrooms<br />

• Salt water swimming pool<br />

• Large attic ideal for a play room<br />

• Terraces with sea and mountain views<br />

• Short drive to beach and town centre<br />

Asking Price:<br />

2,550,000€<br />

Ref: DM1704<br />


<strong>Marbella</strong><br />

Nagüeles<br />



Beautiful house located in the upper part of Nagüeles at the foot of<br />

Sierra Blanca in <strong>Marbella</strong>. Surrounded by nature at approximately 5km<br />

from Puerto Banús, the villa was recently completely renovated, perfectly<br />

combining tradition with avant-garde. The exterior architecture with an<br />

essence of 1970s <strong>Marbella</strong> has been maintained and updated both<br />

in materials and technology, resulting in a traditional <strong>Marbella</strong> style home<br />

in tune with modern home automation.<br />

Approximately 1,201m² built on a plot of 3,737m².<br />

• 6 bedrooms<br />

• 6 bathrooms<br />

• Gymnasium with spa<br />

• Indoor pool<br />

• Sauna and steam room<br />

• Garage for 5 cars<br />

Ref: DM4424-01<br />

Asking Price:<br />

4,500,000€<br />


<strong>Marbella</strong><br />

Nagüeles<br />



Brand new villa in Rocio de Nagüeles, one of the most sought-after<br />

residential areas in <strong>Marbella</strong> at approximately 2kms from the beach and<br />

sea promenade. This modern property offers a stunning entrance hall,<br />

a fully fitted kitchen equipped with the latest appliances and breakfast<br />

area. The lounge and dining room feature an ethanol fireplace and access<br />

to the semi covered terrace via sliding doors where you can enjoy outside<br />

dining, relaxing and cooking in the barbecue area.<br />

Approximately 279m² built on a plot of 1,220m².<br />

• 4 bedrooms<br />

• 4 bathrooms<br />

• Sea views<br />

• Fully fitted kitchen<br />

• Large terrace with barbeque area<br />

• Mature garden with swimming pool<br />

Ref: DM4675<br />

Asking Price:<br />

2,150,000€<br />


<strong>Marbella</strong><br />

Altos <strong>Real</strong>es<br />



Located a little above the Golden Mile, which connects <strong>Marbella</strong> and<br />

Puerto Banús with such panache, Altos <strong>Real</strong>es – literally ‘Royal Heights’-<br />

as it is also known is a secluded and exclusive residential area enveloped<br />

in privacy and greenery. From within this pine-covered enclave<br />

homeowners look out over the Golden Mile to the Mediterranean Sea,<br />

just minutes removed from golf courses, shops, beach clubs, marinas,<br />

restaurants, nightlife and the centre of <strong>Marbella</strong>.<br />

Approximately 554m² built on a plot of 1,300m².<br />

• 4 bedrooms<br />

• 4 bathrooms<br />

• Gated community with 24/7 security<br />

• Private pool and garden<br />

• Sea, garden and pool views<br />

• 2 car garage<br />

Ref: DM4213<br />

Asking Price:<br />

2,700,000€<br />


<strong>Marbella</strong><br />

Altos de Puente Romano<br />



This villa is located in a prestigious gated community approximately<br />

five kilometres from the centre of <strong>Marbella</strong>. The property features an<br />

impressive entrance leading to the lounge/dining room with a fireplace<br />

with direct access to the covered terrace with barbecue area.<br />

The upper floor features three en-suite bedrooms, a large spacious<br />

and access to the rooftop with a large solarium, jacuzzi and stunning<br />

sea and mountain views.<br />

Approximately 811m² built on a plot of 1,180m².<br />

• 5 bedrooms<br />

• 5 bathrooms<br />

• Rooftop solarium with jacuzzi<br />

• Heated swimming pool<br />

• Sea and mountain views<br />

• 3 car garage<br />

Ref: DM4626<br />

Asking Price:<br />

3,750,000€<br />


<strong>Marbella</strong><br />

Sierra Blanca<br />


Built in a traditional Andalusian style and<br />

decorated with wood, brick and natural stone,<br />

the villa is situated within one of the most soughtafter<br />

addresses of <strong>Marbella</strong>. The property is built<br />

over three levels, has spectacular views and<br />

offers richly decorated interiors.<br />

Approximately 1,024m² built on a plot of 2,172m².<br />


• 7 bedrooms<br />

• 7 bathrooms<br />

• Sea views<br />

• One bedroom guest house<br />

• Games room with billiard table<br />

• 4 car garage and parking for 6<br />

Asking Price:<br />

4,450,000€<br />

Ref: DM4403<br />

Cascada de Camoján<br />


This delightful property has been built on three<br />

levels and lies within beautiful Victorian gardens<br />

with a private swimming pool. The upper level<br />

includes the master suite with two dressing<br />

rooms offering beautiful views of the sea and<br />

mountains.<br />

Approximately 602m² built on a plot of 1,794m².<br />


• 5 bedrooms<br />

• 5 bathrooms<br />

• Gated community with 24h security<br />

• Sea and mountain views<br />

• Separate staff apartment<br />

• 6 car garage<br />

Asking Price:<br />

2,950,000€<br />

Ref: DM3701<br />


<strong>Marbella</strong><br />

Rocío de Nagüeles<br />


This stunning modern villa with spectacular<br />

sea views is located just below Sierra Blanca at<br />

approximately 2 kilometres from <strong>Marbella</strong> centre<br />

and the beach. The ground floor consists of a<br />

large open plan lounge and kitchen, which lead<br />

out to the extensive covered terrace.<br />

Approximately 494m² built on a plot of 1,000m².<br />


• 5 bedrooms<br />

• 4 bathrooms<br />

• Infinity swimming pool<br />

• Sea views<br />

• Underfloor heating<br />

• Cinema room<br />

Asking Price:<br />

2,695,000€<br />

Ref: DM4054<br />

Cascada de Camoján<br />



An outstanding villa in the gated and secure<br />

community of Cascada de Camojan only 2<br />

kilometres from <strong>Marbella</strong> centre and 8 kilometres<br />

from Puerto Banús. The property is distributed<br />

over two levels plus an additional spacious<br />

basement with wine cellar, sauna and gym.<br />

Approximately 646m² built on a plot of 1,082m².<br />


• 5 bedrooms<br />

• 4 bathrooms<br />

• Garden, mountain and sea views<br />

• Swimming pool with electric cover<br />

• Wine cellar, sauna and gym<br />

• 4 car garage<br />

Asking Price:<br />

2,345,000€<br />

Ref: DM3933-01<br />


<strong>Marbella</strong><br />

Altos de Puente Romano<br />


This exclusive complex of 7 brand new villas<br />

is set in a quiet area in the heart of the Golden<br />

Mile. Offering 24h security, contemporary and<br />

functional design with the latest technology,<br />

high quality materials, spacious living areas<br />

and fantastic views.<br />

Approximately 759m² to 796m² built on plots<br />

of 618m².<br />


• 5-6 bedrooms<br />

• 5-6 bathrooms<br />

• Rooftop plunge pool<br />

• Home automation system<br />

• Fully equipped kitchen<br />

• Private pool and garden<br />

Asking Price:<br />

2,400,000€<br />

Ref: DMD1388<br />

Balcones de Sierra Blanca<br />


Under construction, this gated development<br />

of 22 modern semi-detached villas is located<br />

in Sierra Blanca with stunning views and<br />

approximately 2 km from the beach and 1.7 km<br />

from the centre of <strong>Marbella</strong>. Using top quality<br />

materials, contemporary design and wide open<br />

spaces with option of private pool, jacuzzi,<br />

gym and lifts.<br />

Approximately 421m² to 572m² built.<br />


• 4-5 bedrooms<br />

• Built on 3 levels<br />

• Concierge service<br />

• Lush gardens with views<br />

• Swimming pool<br />

• Completion winter 2021<br />

Asking Price:<br />

From 1,495,000€ to 2,400,000€<br />

Ref: DMD1445<br />


<strong>Marbella</strong><br />

Las Lomas del <strong>Marbella</strong> Club<br />


This luxurious urbanisation of eight villas is<br />

situated in one of the finest locations to be<br />

found in <strong>Marbella</strong>. Surrounded by greenery at<br />

approximately a kilometre from the beach and<br />

two kilometres from Puerto Banús and <strong>Marbella</strong>.<br />

The complex has 24-hour security, tropical<br />

gardens and dramatic sea views.<br />

Built 689 to 706m² on plots of 1,177 to 1,357m².<br />


• 4 bedrooms<br />

• 4 bathrooms<br />

• Gated community 24/7 security<br />

• Private pool and garden<br />

• Sea views<br />

• Private garage<br />

Asking Price:<br />

3,800,000€<br />

Ref: DMD1366<br />

Golden Mile<br />


Resort-style living in a privileged location<br />

walking distance to the beach, restaurants,<br />

shopping and amenities. Comprising 77<br />

apartments and penthouses with sea and<br />

mountain views, excellent specifications, home<br />

automation and large communal areas. Phase I<br />

under construction.<br />

Approximately from 384m² to 960m² built.<br />


• 3 - 4 bedrooms<br />

• 3 - 4 bathrooms<br />

• 24-hour security<br />

• Concierge service<br />

• Electric car plug-in<br />

• Spa, gym and social club<br />

Asking Price:<br />

From 1,550,000€<br />

Ref: DMD1369<br />


<strong>Marbella</strong><br />

Sierra Blanca<br />



This unique residence is set within one of the most prestigious residential<br />

areas in <strong>Marbella</strong>, surrounded by nature and just a few minutes’ drive to<br />

the beach and the centre of town. Contemporary in style the villa is built on<br />

a double plot and faces south allowing fantastic views over the garden<br />

and down to the Mediterranean Sea. As well as offering great privacy,<br />

leisure and entertainment is also includes a Turkish bath, sauna, Jacuzzi,<br />

gym, cinema room and bar, as well as a poolside chiringuito.<br />

Approximately 1,817m² built on a plot of 5,107m².<br />

• 7 bedrooms<br />

• 7 bathrooms<br />

• Stunning sea views<br />

• Home cinema<br />

• Swimming pools<br />

• Separate guest apartment<br />

Ref: DM3776<br />

Asking Price:<br />

13,500,000€<br />


<strong>Marbella</strong><br />

Cascada de Camoján<br />



Modern villa with spectacular views of the Mediterranean coastline<br />

encompassing the African Atlas and Gibraltar, situated within a guarded<br />

urbanisation with 24-hour security, surveillance cameras and at 2,2kms<br />

from <strong>Marbella</strong> and the beach, and 7,7kms from Puerto Banús. The<br />

accommodation comprises a spacious lounge with dining area, fully<br />

fitted and equipped kitchen with exit to garden terraces, an entertainment<br />

area, 5 en-suite bedrooms, with the master of 65m² featuring a private<br />

terrace with sea views.<br />

Approximately 1,040m² built on a plot of 5,241m².<br />

• 5 bedrooms<br />

• 6 bathrooms<br />

• Spa and gym area with indoor pool<br />

• Panoramic elevator to all floors<br />

• Mature garden with heated swimming pool<br />

• Spectacular views of the coastline<br />

Ref: DM4669<br />

Asking Price:<br />

On Application<br />


<strong>Marbella</strong><br />

Condado de Sierra Blanca<br />


Located in the hills of the iconic La Concha<br />

mountain in <strong>Marbella</strong> surrounded by natural<br />

green areas and breathtaking sea views, this<br />

south-facing penthouse enjoys a large terrace<br />

with wooden pergola, parking space for two cars<br />

and a storeroom with direct access through a lift.<br />

Approximately 256m² built.<br />


• 3 bedrooms<br />

• 2 bathrooms<br />

• Air conditioning<br />

• Communal garden with two swimming pools<br />

• Underfloor heating in bathrooms<br />

• Large terrace<br />

Asking Price:<br />

810,000€<br />

Ref: DM4343<br />

La Trinidad<br />


Beautiful duplex penthouse in a sought-after gated<br />

community within walking distance from Puente<br />

Romano and a 5 minute drive from <strong>Marbella</strong><br />

centre and Puerto Banús. This immaculate property<br />

features beautiful east facing views to the sea and<br />

enjoys access to extensive communal gardens<br />

with gymnasium and indoor pool.<br />

Approximately 231m² built.<br />


• 3 bedrooms<br />

• 3 bathrooms<br />

• Gated community with 24/7 security<br />

• Extensive communal gardens<br />

• South-east facing with sea and mountains views<br />

• Underground parking space<br />

Asking Price:<br />

1,900,000€<br />

Ref: DM4389<br />


<strong>Marbella</strong><br />

<strong>Marbella</strong> Centre<br />


This property on the third floor of an iconic<br />

building in the centre of <strong>Marbella</strong> was recently<br />

reformed. The apartment is only 50m from<br />

the beach and offers an east-facing orientation<br />

and a master bedroom with en-suite bathroom<br />

and stunning views.<br />

Approximately 120m² built.<br />


• 2 bedrooms<br />

• 2 bathrooms<br />

• Air conditioning<br />

• Concierge service<br />

• Two communal swimming pools<br />

• Stunning sea views<br />

Asking Price:<br />

750,000€<br />

Ref: DM4677<br />

Lomas del Rey<br />


This gated urbanisation with beautiful, mature<br />

gardens is located within <strong>Marbella</strong>’s Golden Mile<br />

at approximately 1.5 kilometres from the Puente<br />

Romano beach. It enjoys sea views, a heated<br />

swimming pool, social club and concierge<br />

services including cleaning and laundry.<br />

Built from 130 to 185m².<br />


• 2-3 bedrooms<br />

• Ground floor and penthouse feature private pool<br />

• Communal heated swimming pool<br />

• More than 20,000m² of communal gardens<br />

• Social club and concierge service<br />

• Parking space for 2 cars and storeroom<br />

Asking Price:<br />

From 790,000€ to 1,550,000€<br />

Ref: DMD1269<br />


<strong>Marbella</strong> East<br />

Marbesa<br />


Brand new villa within walking distance to the<br />

beach and a short drive to Santa Maria golf<br />

course, shopping and amenities. Modern and<br />

luminous, it offers double-height ceilings, large<br />

windows and excellent finishes.<br />

Approximately 445m² built on a plot of 712m².<br />


• 5 bedrooms<br />

• 5 bathrooms<br />

• Jacuzzi for six people<br />

• Sea and mountain views<br />

• Air conditioning and underfloor heating<br />

• Walking distance to Cabopino marina<br />

Asking Price:<br />

2,650,000€<br />

Ref: DM4338<br />

Santa Clara<br />


This unique boutique villa complex within a<br />

gated community is located only 5 minutes away<br />

from <strong>Marbella</strong> old town and 10 from Puerto Banús,<br />

and offers panoramic sea and golf views.<br />

Features include seawater swimming pools,<br />

master bedrooms with their own en-suites,<br />

home automation and solar panels.<br />

Built from 378 to 575m² on plots of 740 to 870m².<br />


• 3-4 bedrooms<br />

• 24 new built units<br />

• Fantastic sea and golf views<br />

• Salt water swimming pools<br />

• Spacious terraces and landscaped gardens<br />

• Solar panels and basic home automation<br />

Asking Price:<br />

From 1,320,000€ to 1,639,000€<br />

Ref: DMD1359<br />


<strong>Marbella</strong> East<br />

Río <strong>Real</strong> Golf<br />


This single level plus basement villa is situated<br />

in a frontline golf position on a large plot<br />

with fantastic views to the sea and Rio <strong>Real</strong> golf<br />

course, just 4 kilometres from <strong>Marbella</strong>. The<br />

property was totally refurbished including<br />

the plumbing and electric wiring.<br />

Approximately 848m² built on a plot of 2,685m².<br />


• 5 bedrooms<br />

• 5 bathrooms<br />

• Direct access to the golf course<br />

• Sauna<br />

• Swimming pool with sunbathing area<br />

• 1 car garage<br />

Asking Price:<br />

2,400,000€<br />

Ref: DM4630<br />

Los Monteros<br />


This modern style villa is situated in Los Monteros,<br />

an exclusive residential area with 24-hour security<br />

at approximately 5 kms from the centre of<br />

<strong>Marbella</strong> and 600m from the beach. Built over<br />

two levels plus basement, it features an extensive<br />

solarium with private jacuzzi and sun deck area.<br />

Approximately 574m² built on a plot of 936m².<br />


• 5 bedrooms<br />

• 5 bathrooms<br />

• New build<br />

• Master suite with views<br />

• Infinity pool<br />

• Underfloor heating<br />

Asking Price:<br />

2,100,000€<br />

Ref: DM4347<br />


<strong>Marbella</strong> East<br />

Los Monteros Playa<br />



This duplex penthouse offers the ultimate in luxurious finishes and<br />

extraordinary features. Only the finest materials adorn the spacious<br />

dwelling, with its high ceilings and generous dimensions. The residence<br />

is located in a 60-unit, secure and gated development with attractive<br />

communal gardens and a swimming pool.<br />

Approximately 334m² built.<br />

• 4 bedrooms<br />

• 4 bathrooms<br />

• Integrated music system<br />

• Swimming pools with waterfalls<br />

• Underfloor heating<br />

• Alarm system<br />

Ref: DM4547<br />

Asking Price:<br />

4,950,000€<br />


<strong>Marbella</strong> East<br />

Elviria<br />



This spectacular property is situated at 400 metres above sea level<br />

and surrounded by an abundance of centuries old cork, stone oak trees<br />

and pine trees. An impressive driveway (150 metres) leads firstly to a<br />

covered porch at the main entrance and from there on to the garage patio.<br />

In front of the house there is a grand fountain and throughout the property<br />

there are some 14 ponds of varying sizes. The property enjoys a home<br />

cinema, gasoil fired central heating throughout, underfloor heating in living<br />

room and bathrooms and five water wells.<br />

Approximately 1,253m² built on a plot of 50,000m².<br />

• 8 bedrooms<br />

• 7 bathrooms<br />

• Pavilion with heated pool<br />

• Private forested parkland<br />

• Master bedroom occupies upper floor<br />

• Separate staff quarters<br />

Ref: DM1440<br />

Asking Price:<br />

3,800,000€<br />


Golden Mile<br />

Andalusian<br />


home<br />

Modern architecture and the evocative impact of Andalusian design have<br />

seldom come together as impressively as in this contemporary country villa<br />

set upon a wine estate near Ronda. By Michel Cruz/Photography: Charly Simon<br />


Golden Mile<br />

he landscape around Ronda is marked by wooded hills dressed in varied hues of green<br />

cork oak, pine groves and olive trees. Where the land evens out, vineyards, farmland<br />

and pastures add brighter shades, to which the spring showers add a profusion of<br />

Twild flowers in March and April. This is a noble land on the cusp of the elegant historic country<br />

town of Ronda, with its many monuments and palaces, not far from <strong>Marbella</strong> and its<br />

bustling shoreline.<br />


Inland<br />

This stunning modern country property finds itself within the<br />

embrace of a green carpet of soft grass, fragrant rust-brown soil and cork<br />

oak and olive trees that add welcome shade in the summer months. The<br />

setting offers spectacular country, mountain and sea views, with imperial<br />

eagles soaring against clear blue skies overhead as you take in the refined<br />

natural ambience of the terrace areas or relax by the panoramic pool<br />

deck.<br />

The modern hacienda style property is set within the<br />

200-hectare La Melonera wine estate near Ronda, which produces<br />

high quality wines that consistently score high reviews. It produces<br />

an annual production of 500 privately labelled bottles from the<br />

villa’s own vineyards that is tailored to the owner’s taste – definitely<br />

a unique feature for a modern luxury villa near <strong>Marbella</strong> and the<br />

Costa del Sol.<br />

An architectural gem in wine country<br />

Designed by noted <strong>Marbella</strong> architect, Marcos Sainz, this is an<br />

outstanding property that blends the traditional textural plaster finish<br />

of Andalucía, which catches the sunlight so evocatively, with a modern<br />

geometry. Natural Mediterranean tiles and sloped rooflines merge with<br />


Inland<br />

industrial iron and oxidised steel details in a home that captures the<br />

spirit of its environment while also being thoroughly modern and<br />

stylish.<br />

This is evident the moment you approach the entrance of this<br />

spacious four-bedroom villa, whose many engaging details and<br />

spaces blend into an architectural harmony of light, shades and<br />

forms. A home without equal in these parts, it brings together the<br />

best of country living and modern sophistication, with comfortable,<br />

stylish open-plan spaces, designer furnishings with a nod to rustic<br />

“ The setting offers spectacular<br />

country, mountain and<br />

sea views, with imperial<br />

eagles soaring against<br />

clear blue skies ... ”<br />

robustness, state-of-the-art amenities and a kitchen that matches<br />

the best anywhere.<br />

The bedroom suites are warm and comfortable, welcoming<br />

you in with a melange of contemporary luxury and the inviting<br />

presence of natural materials and textures. The same is true of the<br />

bathrooms, which bring in imposing views of nature while evoking<br />

an Andalusian style touched by Ibiza-Mallorca inspiration.<br />

Complete with swimming pool, sauna and water features, this is<br />

without doubt one of the most interesting properties on the greater<br />

Costa del Sol region – ideal for people who love nature and style.<br />


• 4 bedrooms<br />

• 4 bathrooms<br />

• 1,172m 2 built<br />

• 56,334m 2 plot<br />

Ref: DM4558<br />


4,950,000€<br />


Inland<br />

Finca Cortesín<br />



Perfectly positioned within the exclusive Finca Cortesin resort, this<br />

charming frontline home is one-of-a-kind. Set within a small villa<br />

community within the resort, the house is an oasis of privacy boasting<br />

magnificent views over the golf course and the Mediterranean coast.<br />

Distributed around a central patio adorned by a fountain and climbing<br />

bougainvillea, it provides spacious accommodation on two floors.<br />

The verdant manicured garden features a swimming pool with sun deck<br />

designed for relaxed lounging.<br />

Approximately 767m² built on a plot of 1,904m².<br />

• 4 bedrooms<br />

• 4 bathrooms<br />

• Frontline golf Andalusian style villa<br />

• Within the unique Finca Cortesin resort<br />

• Golf and sea views<br />

• Exclusive facilities close by<br />

Ref: DM4329<br />

Asking Price:<br />

3,900,000€<br />


Inland<br />

Coín<br />



This charming Andalusian finca is a peaceful and verdant retreat close<br />

to the villages of Coín and Alhaurín el Grande near Málaga, approximately<br />

30-minutes drive from <strong>Marbella</strong>, Puerto Banús and Málaga’s international<br />

airport. The estate includes a main home, guest house and a staff area,<br />

in the midst of an extensive plot of land that guarantees privacy and<br />

tranquillity with far reaching views over open countryside.<br />

Approximately 719m² built on a plot of 95,151m².<br />

• 8 bedrooms<br />

• 6 bathrooms<br />

• Very private<br />

• Main, guest and staff house<br />

• Open country and mountain views<br />

• Garage and 4 car port<br />

Ref: DM4337<br />

Asking Price:<br />

1,490,000€<br />


International<br />


International<br />


International<br />

USA, Florida, Coconut Grove<br />

Come home to Mr. C<br />


Mr. C Residences Coconut Grove is a contemporary take on classic<br />

European living. It is old world sophistication and modern comfort<br />

infused with the maritime tradition of a waterside community in Florida,<br />

and four generations of the Cipriani family’s perfectly serviced lifestyle<br />

experience.<br />

• One-to five-bedrooms<br />

• Minimum 11-ft ceilings<br />

• Bayshore club pool with sundeck, poolside F&B and private Signature<br />

Bellini bar<br />

• Fully equipped gym with Peloton studio<br />

• Signature Restaurant<br />

• Specialty Gourmet Market<br />

stacey.watson@knightfrank.com<br />

+4420 7861 1062<br />

PriceS From:<br />

US $618,000<br />


International<br />

25-metre Starlight Pool.<br />

Residence porte cochère.<br />

USA, New York, Midtown<br />



The world’s most fascinating and influential people have always lived<br />

at The Towers of the Waldorf Astoria New York. Since its opening in<br />

1931, this iconic symbol of New York luxury was the residence of<br />

choice among world leaders, celebrities, and the global elite. Today’s<br />

unprecedented restoration of this Park Avenue landmark will deliver<br />

a collection of contemporary residences in The Towers above the<br />

legendary hotel.<br />

• Studio to Penthouse residences<br />

• Dedicated porte cochère with 24-hour valet services<br />

• 24-hour in-residence dining available by the hotel<br />

• Over 25,000 sqft hotel spa, fitness centre and wellness programming<br />

• Private 25-metre indoor swimming pool<br />

• 50,000 sqft of private residential amenities<br />

stacey.watson@knightfrank.com<br />

+4420 7861 1062<br />

PriceS FROM:<br />

US $1,700,000<br />


International<br />

UK, London, Knightsbridge<br />

Knighton Place, Yeoman’s Row, SW3<br />


Blomfield House is a contemporary new build townhouse in Yeoman’s<br />

Row, a quiet residential street in Knightsbridge. Designed by Finchatton,<br />

this is a home of perfect proportions with handcrafted detailing alongside<br />

the very latest technology. There is a lift to each floor, connecting the<br />

elegant living spaces and five bedrooms.<br />

• 5 bedrooms<br />

• 4 bathrooms<br />

• 5 reception rooms<br />

• Media room, spa & gym<br />

• Concierge & secure underground parking for 2 cars<br />

• Approximately 546m² (5,880sq ft)<br />

harry.dawes@knightfrank.com<br />

+44 020 7861 1794<br />

Asking Price:<br />

17,950,000£<br />


International<br />

UK, London, Chelsea<br />



An exceptional penthouse apartment located in this prestigious Chelsea<br />

development. Kings Chelsea offers residents 24-hour security, porter,<br />

underground parking and leisure facilities with communal gardens and<br />

a lake. This penthouse has undergone extensive refurbishment and has<br />

benefitted from being interior designed throughout. There is a wrap-around<br />

terrace on both floors with exceptional views over Chelsea and towards<br />

the skyscrapers in the City.<br />

• 6 bedrooms<br />

• 5 bathrooms<br />

• 2 reception rooms<br />

• Leisure facilities<br />

• Private parking<br />

• Approximately 376m²<br />

charles.olver@knightfrank.com<br />

+44 20 7349 4302<br />

Asking Price:<br />

7,500,000£<br />


International<br />

Spain, Madrid<br />

Javier Ferrero by Caledonian<br />

This ambitious new project is from the collaboration<br />

of Caledonian Pradillo with the prestigious Brazilian<br />

architect Marcio Kogan and his Studio MK27,<br />

creator of the iconic Guggenheim Helsinki.<br />

Located in a private estate with 24-hour security,<br />

it features a unique façade with floor to ceiling<br />

windows finished in wood and aluminium.<br />

Options include apartments, duplex apartments<br />

and penthouses with terrace.<br />


• 1-4 bedrooms<br />

• 1-4 bathrooms<br />

• Landscaped gardens by Isabel Duprat<br />

• Outdoor and indoor pools<br />

• Spa<br />

• Gym<br />

Asking Price: From 310,800€<br />

Alejandro.Cendrero@es.knightfrank.com<br />

+34 600 919 103<br />

Spain, Madrid<br />

Duque de Pastrana, 7<br />

Seven 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes, including<br />

duplex penthouses with terraces and a ground<br />

floor property with a garden of over 110m².<br />

The layout of each property maximises comfort<br />

and style, and all homes have the possibility of<br />

personalisation both in layout and finishes.<br />

Spectacular views over Madrid.<br />


• 2-4 bedrooms<br />

• 2-4 bathrooms<br />

• Gym and Turkish bath<br />

• Communal garden<br />

• Roof top infinity pool<br />

• 24hr security<br />

Asking Price: From 795,000€<br />

manuel.juzgado@es.knightfrank.com<br />

+ 34 600 919 061<br />


International<br />

Spain, Madrid<br />

Montalbán II<br />


Located on the doorstep of the Retiro Park and in the cultural heart of the<br />

city, the historic building and integral refurbishment will bring an exclusive<br />

level of living and outstanding facilities for residents in this unique project,<br />

art and architecture are combined to perfection due to the collaboration<br />

with Carlos Cruz-Diez, one of the greatest modern and contemporary<br />

artists. The triplez penthouse i the last apartment available in this stunning<br />

project. Set over three floors, the penthouse includes a large private roof<br />

terrace on the seventh floor, a private pool in the eighth floor and stunning<br />

views over the whole city. A world-class asset only for the most privileged.<br />

• 6 bedrooms<br />

• 8 bathrooms<br />

• Gym with aquatic spa<br />

• Turkish baths and swimming pool<br />

• 4 parking spaces<br />

• 750m² with 220m² of terrace<br />

Javier.velduque@es.knightfrank.com<br />

+34 600 919 095<br />

Asking Price:<br />

On Application<br />


International<br />

Austria, Vienna<br />



Enjoy a unique combination of the most beautiful things life has to offer.<br />

Two houses with 19 condominiums invite you to exclusive living in<br />

the middle of green vineyards in the enchanting area Vienna-Döbling.<br />

The light-flooded 2-to 4-room apartments set new standards in terms<br />

of exclusivity and comfort with their high-quality furnishings and well<br />

thought-out floor plans.<br />

• 1 – 3 bedrooms<br />

• Living area of 44–156m²<br />

• Spacious open plan living<br />

• Magnificent views<br />

• Optional underground parking<br />

• Completion autumn/winter <strong>2020</strong><br />

m.gruber@otto.at<br />

+43 1512 77 77 343<br />

Asking Price:<br />

From 330,000€ - 1,492,000€<br />


International<br />

Austria, Vienna<br />

Beauty AND COMFORT<br />


The residential project on the southern slope of the Kahlenberg combines<br />

brilliantly the advantages of city life, tranquillity and relaxation. The new<br />

building features 11 exclusive condominiums with a fantastic view of the<br />

surrounding vineyards of the 19th district. Each apartment enjoys generous<br />

terraces, balconies and private gardens, rounded off by an in-house<br />

wine cellar.<br />

• 5 apartment types<br />

• 1 – 3 bedrooms<br />

• Living areas of 60–163m²<br />

• Sophisticated design<br />

• Top spec finishing<br />

• Optional underground parking<br />

m.gruber@otto.at<br />

+43 1512 77 77 343<br />

Asking Price:<br />

From 716,800€ - 2,849,900€<br />


International<br />

Germany, Berlin<br />

Modern homes in the heart of the city<br />


3 Höfe offers space to breathe in the heart of Berlin. This urban residential<br />

complex provides a balanced mix of living, working and lifestyle. Three<br />

courtyards fuse together a peaceful living atmosphere with a lively feeling<br />

of community. Premium studios, penthouses and apartments, with three<br />

lines of fittings and fixtures to ensure that they are perfectly tailored to<br />

the individualised needs of modern lifestyle.<br />

• Studios to 3 bedrooms of 31-140m²<br />

• Designed by renowned architect Sergei Tchoban<br />

• Three modern equipment lines<br />

• Prices from 6,310-9,410€/m²<br />

• Balcony or terrace in almost every apartment<br />

• Completion by Q1 2022<br />

3hoefe@ziegert-immobilien.de<br />

+4930 880 353 500<br />

Asking Price:<br />

From 209,000€ - 1,147,500€<br />


International<br />

Portugal, Lisbon<br />



This exceptional fully renovated estate situated in a private and tranquil<br />

location on a plot of approximately 11,960m² of land within the Cascais<br />

National Park offers magnificent gardens, two swimming pools, tennis<br />

court and panoramic ocean views. The main mansion features elegant<br />

entertaining rooms, spacious bedrooms, extensive terracing and<br />

a separate guesthouse.<br />

• 8 bedrooms<br />

• 4 bathrooms<br />

• 3 reception rooms<br />

• Gym<br />

• Garaging<br />

• 180 degree sea views<br />

alex.kdeg@es.knightfrank.com<br />

+44 20 7861 1109<br />

Asking Price:<br />

On Application<br />


International<br />

France, Bonnieux<br />



Immaculate farmhouse dating from the 19th century enjoying breathtaking<br />

views of the surrounding countryside. Offering a provençal lifestyle at its<br />

best, this secluded property in Bonnieux has been carefully renovated<br />

blending artisan features and modern amenities. Ample accommodation<br />

and outdoor entertainment areas including several terraces, swimming<br />

pool with pool house and independent guesthouse.<br />

• 6 bedrooms<br />

• 6 bathrooms<br />

• Landscaped gardens<br />

• 4.2 hectares of land<br />

• 310m² of living space<br />

• Master suite<br />

contact@janssensimmobilier.com<br />

+33 490 759 698<br />

Asking Price:<br />

3,195,000€<br />


International<br />

France, Paris<br />



This beautiful four-bedroom apartment is set in a fine Haussmannian<br />

building with concierge and an elevator. The property has bright and<br />

spacious interiors offering Parisian charm, with approximately 238m²<br />

of living space.<br />

• 4 Bedrooms<br />

• 3 Reception rooms<br />

• 2 Bathrooms<br />

• Habitable area of 238.53m²<br />

roddy.aris@knightfrank.com<br />

+44 20 7861 1727<br />

Asking Price:<br />

3,095,000€<br />


International<br />

France, Cap d’Antibes<br />



This new residence on the Cap d’Antibes will undergo a very high-end<br />

restoration. Ideally situated only 200 metres away from the Mediterranean<br />

and a few minutes’ drive to the city centre, the residence will offer<br />

9 apartments ranging from 90m² to 305m². The services included are<br />

exceptional: an Olympic size swimming pool, Fitness area, and a garage<br />

and cellar available for every unit.<br />

• 9 apartments and a villa<br />

• From 2 to 4 bedrooms<br />

• From 85 to 214m²<br />

• Guard 24/7<br />

• Heated 20-metre swimming pool and gym<br />

• 28 underground garages<br />

capdantibes@fr.knightfrank.com<br />

+ 33 4 97 06 30 30<br />

Asking Price:<br />

From 1,600,000€<br />


International<br />

France, Cannes<br />



This truly amazing villa is nestled in a vast park on the hilltop of Super<br />

Cannes. Built to high standards with spacious and bright open living<br />

spaces, boasting luxurious amenities such as a private cinema, gym,<br />

spa and a wine cellar. With its fantastic swimming pool and breath-taking<br />

views of the sea and the city, this villa really feels like a true ‘Californian’<br />

dream property.<br />

• 7 Bedrooms<br />

• 6 Bathrooms<br />

• Living area 850m²<br />

• Plot 9,000m²<br />

cannes@fr.knightfrank.com<br />

+ 33 4 97 06 30 30<br />

Asking Price:<br />

19,900,000€<br />


International<br />

Morocco, Marrakech<br />

La Palmeraie<br />


Superb, newly built 5-bedroom villa of approximately 900m² within<br />

a landscaped garden of about 1 hectare, located in the heart of<br />

Marrakech’s Palmeraie with stunning unencumbered views toward<br />

the Atlas Mountains. The property’s contemporary and unique architectural<br />

design offers an impressive entertaining space and a wonderful sense<br />

of volume and light.<br />

• 5 bedrooms<br />

• 6 bathrooms<br />

• Swimming pool<br />

• Fitness suite<br />

• Walk-in wine cellar<br />

• Staff accommodation<br />

mark.harvey@knightfrank.com<br />

+44 207 861 5034<br />

Asking Price:<br />

On Application<br />


Relocation.<br />

International<br />

Thinking about<br />

a move to the UK?<br />

With our bespoke and complimentary relocation service,<br />

we can help find your perfect home, and manage the<br />

process for you, from start to finish.<br />

Your dedicated expert will source properties from the entire UK market,<br />

including those on with other agents, to find the home that suits you best.<br />

We have property experts who specialise in relocating corporate and media<br />

professionals, those in the film and music industry and sports professionals.<br />

You can trust us to have all your UK property needs covered, so you can<br />

concentrate on enjoying your new location.<br />

For more information, contact our UK relocation experts in confidence.<br />

We’d love to help you.<br />

Harriet Gore<br />

Associate<br />

+44 20 7861 5106<br />

harriet.gore@knightfrank.com<br />

Alex McLean<br />

Associate<br />

+44 20 7861 1577<br />

alexander.mclean@knightfrank.com<br />

knightfrank.co.uk<br />

Connecting people<br />

& property, perfectly.<br />


<strong>Highlights</strong><br />





Katie is a journalist, author & trends<br />

forecaster who specialises in defining<br />

and predicting the intersections<br />

between tech, pop culture and consumer<br />

behaviours. An inaugural member of<br />

London College of Fashion’s Digital<br />

Anthropology Laboratory think-tank, she’s<br />

currently Head of Brand Engagement<br />

covering trends, insights & innovations<br />

across retail & brand comms and pop<br />

culture & media - at global futures agency<br />

Stylus. She’s also a senior contributor to<br />

Forbes.com and has authored two<br />

books on visual culture - Stylists: New<br />

Fashion Visionaries (2012 and Fashion<br />

+Music: Fashion Creatives Shaping Pop<br />

Culture (2016).<br />

Sam worked in a key communications<br />

role for a major financial organisation for<br />

over five years prior to relocating to<br />

<strong>Marbella</strong> to further pursue his passion<br />

for motoring. Sam has had automotive<br />

content published in multiple luxury<br />

magazine titles across Europe and has<br />

produced editorial features on behalf of<br />

leading brands, including Porsche,<br />

Bentley and Jaguar Land Rover.<br />

Zoe is a London-based freelance<br />

journalist and huge Hispanophile who<br />

specialises in all aspects of UK and<br />

overseas property, with particular<br />

expertise in the luxury market. She<br />

writes regularly for the Financial Times,<br />

Daily Telegraph and Sunday Times and<br />

is a property expert for various luxury<br />

magazines and the Telegraph <strong>Luxury</strong><br />

website.<br />


Kate is responsible for tracking, analysing<br />

and forecasting trends across global<br />

housing markets and is a regular<br />

commentator on global housing markets<br />

in the press. She produces Knight Frank’s<br />

four global indices covering mainstream<br />

and prime residential prices and rents<br />

across city and second home markets<br />

around the world.<br />


Editor, The Wealth Report<br />

Andrew is a senior member of Knight<br />

Frank’s global research team. As a former<br />

journalist he loves creating stories that<br />

engage, inform and entertain the firm’s<br />

clients. His biggest undertaking each<br />

year is The Wealth Report, Knight Frank’s<br />

unique guide to the issues that matter to<br />

UHNWIs and their advisors around the<br />

world. He also compiles the Knight Frank<br />

<strong>Luxury</strong> Investment Index, which tracks<br />

the performance of 11 fascinating asset<br />

classes, including classic cars, art, wine,<br />

rare whisky and, newly introduced for<br />

<strong>2020</strong>, Hermès handbags.<br />


Michel is a marketing and product<br />

development consultant with a background<br />

in macroeconomics. He has been<br />

managing his own marketing agency for<br />

over 15 years and as a specialist writer<br />

in business and architecture is a regular<br />

contributor to property sector publications,<br />

as well as authoring market reports and<br />

international research studies.<br />



Publisher & Editor<br />

Pia Arrieta<br />

Diana Morales Properties | Knight Frank<br />

Layout and Production<br />

Manifesto Design<br />

www.manifestodesign.com<br />

Production Manager<br />

Jacqueline Stone<br />

Writer<br />

Michel Cruz<br />

On the Cover<br />

Production Studio: KREOIDEA & Partners<br />

Photography: Irene Sekulic<br />

Artwork: Antonio Zuiani<br />

Stylist: Vestigium Studio<br />

MUA & Hair stylist: Jorge Fortes Gutiérrez<br />

Model: Emiliya Gencho – Kreoidea’s Talents<br />


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on your device today.<br />


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No responsibility or liability whatsoever can be accepted by DMP REALTY S.L for any errors or for any loss or damage<br />

resultant from the use of or reference to the contents of this document. 2. Prices exclude all purchasing costs and<br />

taxes. 3. You must take independent advice and satisfy yourself by appropriate inspections, surveys, searches and<br />

enquiries about all matters relating to any property, including the correctness and completeness of any information.<br />

4. Computer-generated images are indicative only. Photographs show only certain parts of any property as they<br />

appeared at the time they were taken. 5. Intellectual property: Copyright <strong>2020</strong>. All rights reserved. 6. DMP REALTY<br />

S.L is a limited liability company registered in Spain with registered number B29881455 and registered office<br />

at Avda. Cánovas del Castillo 4, 1st floor, office 3, <strong>Marbella</strong> 29601, Málaga, Spain.<br />


Los Flamingos, Benahavis. Property feature on page 48.<br />

Exceptional homes for exceptional living<br />

<strong>Marbella</strong><br />

Av. Cánovas del Castillo nº 4<br />

1st floor, office 3<br />

<strong>Marbella</strong> 29601<br />

+34 952 765 138<br />


Av. del Prado<br />

Urb. Fuente Aloha, nº 2A<br />

<strong>Marbella</strong> 29660<br />

+34 952 908 415<br />


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