Showcase Jewellers Guide to Caring for your Diamonds

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Caring for your


Caring for your Diamonds

Though diamonds are extremely hard, they do need care to

keep them at their sparkling best. A clean diamond not only

reflects the light better, it can actually make a diamond appear

larger. Skin oils, soap and cosmetics can dull a diamond’s

brilliance, as such your diamond deserves regular cleaning for

maximum sparkle.

Cleaning Methods

Caring for diamonds is best not left to trial and error. Knowing

what and what not to do ensures the lasting brilliance of your


Diamond Bath - DIY

Simply prepare a small bowl of warm water with any mild liquid

detergent. Brush your jewellery gently with a toothbrush

while they are in the suds. Transfer the items to a wire strainer

and rinse under warm running water. As an added precaution

ensure the plug is in the basin. Pat dry with a soft, lintless


Diamond Spa - With the Professionals

Since your Showcase jeweller is a diamond specialist, he or

she can professionally clean your diamond jewellery and at

the same time check the condition of the mount to ensure your

diamonds are secure.

Dos and Don’ts


• Keep your jewellery in a fabric lined jewellery case with


• Take your diamonds to your Showcase jeweller at least once

a year for a check-up. Your jeweller check the jewellery for

loose settings and signs of wear.

• Your Showcase jeweller can also advise you of any

repairs that may be necessary to restore your jewellery

back to its full beauty and value.


• It’s not wise to wear a diamond ring when doing rough

work or doing the dishes. Even though a diamond is

hard it can be chipped by a hard blow along its grain.

• Avoid wearing your diamond jewellery around chlorine

bleach or in a swimming pool as it can pit and discolour the


• Don’t throw your diamond jewellery amongst other

jewellery items as it can scratch other jewellery, even

other diamonds.

Other Showcase Services

Your Showcase Jewellers offer a wide range of services

including jewellery remodelling that allows you to design &

create a special new item from your old unused or broken


Our other services include:

• Jewellery repairs

• Custom Jewellery Design

• Valuations

• Professional Jewellery Cleaning.


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