Ashburton Courier: May 07, 2020

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Noel Lowe

has weathered

afew storms

Tania Burrows

is our top


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Ski town’s



By Mick Jensen

Methven accommodation providers

are struggling and allowing interregional

travel under AlertLevel 2

will help get thingsrollingagain, says

Methven Community Board

chairman Dan McLaughlin.

Mr McLaughlin said hundreds of

beds in Methvenwere unused and

providers had gone from earning a

living to zero income.

Visitor numbers in Methven had

beensignificantly impacted by the

outbreak of Covid­19.

Operators have lost thousands in

cancelled bookings and it would take

some time to recoup those losses,he


It was important to get domestic

travel started to support and keep

accommodation operators in


The ski season at Mt Hutt skifield

is just afew weeks away and now was

atime when accommodation was

usually filling fast, he said.

The skifieldisimportant for the

Methven economy and its operation

boosts visitor numbers in the


Winterisusually ahive of activity

in Methven, with accommodation,

cafes and bars all bustling.

Mr McLaughlin said while

cafesand takeaways were back

operatingtosome degree, that

wasnot the case for

accommodation and hospitality


He said he favoured the idea of

atrans­Tasman bubble, which

would potentially see travel

allowedbetweenNew Zealand

and Australia.

‘‘Gettingdomestic travel back

up is the start, and then

expanding ittobring in Australia

as well is another step forward in

my opinion.’’

Mr McLaughlin said

international visitorswere not

likely to come to New Zealand

again for manymonths, which

was the sad reality of the


Methven wasayearround

destination that offered so much,

and he urged everyone to

consider it.

He said many in ruraljobs

around Methven hadcontinued

to work in primary production

during level 4and now level 3.

‘‘Methven is abusyand

industrious district, but its

tourism sector needs support


By Toni Williams

Flour shortages around the country

have seen the dedicated crew at NZ

BioGrains, in Ashburton, working

flat out to help ease limited supply.

And the appreciation of

customers has been the best tonic to

keep going.

NZ BioGrains manager Harry

Miller Harry Lowe outside NZ BioGrains located in the former

Midland Co-operative Dairy Company Ltd building in Ashburton.

Lowe has driven from Queenstown

to Nelson delivering flour during

lockdown and said as bakers

nationwide shut down, more people

seemed to have taken up their own


“It was extremely busy,” he said,

estimating the eight staff working at

the mill were at least two to three

times busier than usual over the

four­week period when the country

was in Alert Level 4.

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Librarians check out old books

By Linda Clarke

Ashburton Library manager Jill

Watson has been comfort

reading during lockdown.

Her author of choice is

historical romance writer

Georgette Heyer and Ms

Watson has been re­reading

those books in her personal

collection at home.

Heyer’s prose is like acomfort

blanket in these stressful covid

times, she says.

The public library, like other

Ashburton District Council

facilities, is still closed to walk­in

customers during Alert Level 3.

At work, Ms Watson and

other staff have taken the

opportunity to weed out about

1500 books from the library’s

collection of around 77,690.

Non­fiction books that are

outdated, like those on

technology, and books that have

literally been read to bits or not

checked out for avery long time

have been de­selected. Some

could be sold, she said.

Ashburton library staff work their way through books that face


New books that arrived before

lockdown are also being


In the several hours before the

library temporarily closed in

March, readers rushed to stock

up on books to read while they

stayed at home to help stop the

spread of Covid­19.

It was ashame there had not

Kerrin’s digital goal

Allenton Primary School

associate principal and head of

ICT and e­learning Kerrin

Corcoran has been awarded a

$10,000 leader’s scholarship by

the Advance Ashburton

Community Foundation.

Kerrin wants educators and

students in our district to

become digitally fluent.

She says that fluency is vital

to meet education needs now,

as shown during the current

covid crisis, and in the future.

“I strongly believe that

digital tools offer great

opportunities to enhance

learning and improve

educational outcomes for all.”

Kerrin says the focus needs

to be on digital capability for

educators and students.

“We are all learners, as the

digital landscape is forever

changing and evolving.

‘‘The challenge is not to

know how everything works ­

the challenge is to become

digitally fluent, so we are

capable of choosing the right

digital tool to meet our needs

or desired outcome.”

Kerrin Corcoran wants to

help Mid Canterbury

become digitally fluent.

The charitable foundation

was impressed by Kerrin’s

passion to build digital

capacity not only of students

and teachers, but also of the

wider Mid Canterbury


been more notice, she said, so

more readers could get some

books under their belt.

Aspin­off has been the

greater number of borrowers

signing up to the library’s digital

service, which includes

electronic books and audio


Ms Watson said library staff

Kerrin’s plan is to establish

the Mid Canterbury

e­Learning Network which

will provide an opportunity for

educators to network and

learn from each other how to

develop their and their

students’ digital capabilities.

She says Mid Canterbury

has ahistory of being

innovative in its approach to

new initiatives involving digital


The development of an

e­Learning Network will allow

these innovations to be shared

with colleagues to develop the

capabilities within the wider


The scholarship will allow

Kerrin to undertake further

study and become aGoogle

Certified Teacher and

Certified Trainer using the

Google Suite.

Units will include digital

safety, tools for diverse

learners and supporting

English language learners.

She plans to spread the

benefit of her professional

development widely.



had been helping customers sign

up and had bought more online

books to support the greater

numbers using it.

Digital issues in April during

lockdown were 1122, compared

to 563 in April last year.

The library also has adigital

story­telling service that

borrowers can access through its


Ms Watson said borrowers

with no access to paper books,

had been encouraged to become

digital users. Many had taken the


‘‘Some people have just joined

us to use the ebooks in this time.

‘‘Hopefully they will continue

to use us later on for other


She said afew conventional

readers had found they enjoyed

listening to audiobooks while

they were gardening or driving.

Don’t panic if you have a

library book you can’t return.

All books have been extended

to June 30 and no fines will be

incurred during lockdown.


focus on


Mid Canterbury police will be

concentrating on speedsters as

more traffic returns to the

district’s roads.

Ashburton senior sergeant

Leigh Jenkins said officers had

noticed people were driving faster

during Alert Level 4and there had

also been an increase in

pedestrians and cyclists.

‘‘Now we have progressed to

level 3, Iamconcerned with the

combination of increased speed,

additional road users back in the

flow of traffic and recreational

activity on or near the roadsides.

‘‘I have asked my staff to

concentrate efforts on road speed

and in particular the transition

from open road to diminished

posted speed signs on the entry to

our various town entry points.’’

Police are also reminding

everyone that the Alert Level 3

restrictions mean any outdoor

activity should be low risk. Aman

rescued from the Waimakariri

River has been charged with

breaching the restrictions.

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Page 4, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday May 7, 2020

My sneakers are

on their last legs

Heads up Donna, I’ll be in

to see you at Frontrunner

as soon as Ican. I’ve worn

ahole in the sole of my


Donna and Igoway

back as walking buddies ­

we jumped out of our

comfort zones in 2007 to

walk 100km non­stop in

Taupo for the charity

Oxfam. Facebook kindly

reminded me of that

during lockdown.

With ‘‘army girl’’ Keri

and Megan, we walked

hundreds of kilometres in

preparation for that big

event; I’ve walked afew

less in Alert Level 3and 4

but my current sneakers

are still on the way out.

Alot of people have

been walking, or biking,

around their


The smooth path at my

local Argyle Park has

been ahighway, with

everyone scooting

sideways to keep up

physical distancing when

they encounter another

exerciser. Ihope the

Ashburton District

Council has noticed how

Don’t forget Mother’sDay

Preorders preferred.


Courier comment

well the asphalt paths

have been used and will

repeat them on abigger

scale in the Ashburton

Domain redevelopment.

The park and its

pathways have been a

drawcard for people of all

ages, at all times of the


Alot of my walks have

been after work or after

darkness has fallen.

That’s when you notice a

lack of lighting and opt to

walk in the middle of the

road to avoid turning your

ankle. It feels quite

rebellious in the middle of

the road but the traffic is

coming back.

Are there footpaths

planned for the northern

end of Allens Road,

leading up to Racecourse

Road, now that the speed

limit is proposed to come

down to 50km/h? And will

there are more lights

planned for Racecourse

Road from Allens Road

to Belt Road?

Asking for afriend.

­Linda Clarke

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Weathering life’sstorms

By Mick Jensen

Noel Lowe is approaching 80 and has

weathered more than afew storms and


The former Ashburton Forks farmer was

not yet in the world and off to Malvern

Maternity Home with his parents when the

car they were driving just made it over the

Hinds River bridge before acomplete wash


The bridge was out for months and it

meant asizeable detour for traffic.

‘‘It cut off the main South Island travel

route and kept anumber of people at home

for awhile.

‘‘The new bridge they put in at Hinds was

the first in New Zealand with ahump in it

and it’s still there today,’’ Mr Lowe said.

He has also lived through big snow

dumps, windstorms, floods and

earthquakes that have cut off parts of the

community for days at atime.

‘‘My first experience of alocal lockdown

was the 1945 snowstorm. Iremember

waking up and looking out the window to

see the snow level with the windowsill.

‘‘It was three feet deep. It lay on the

ground for over four weeks. Roads and

schools were closed, power poles were

Noel Lowe is keeping active.

down and there were no telephones.’’

The big snow of 1972 cut off rural areas

here for 12 days, he said.

The snow event in 2006 did the same

thing and forced communities to hunker

down, show their resilience and live in

isolation for awhile.

As aschool boy at Ashburton Forks

School, Mr Lowe remembers the impact of

the 1947 polio outbreak.

‘‘I was just seven at the time, but Ican

still vaguely remember it. There was no

school for three months, which was great

for us kids.’’

Mr Lowe is taking the current

coronavirus lockdown in his stride and is

adapting to the situation alongside his wife


Regular walks and bike rides are keeping

him active.

‘‘I’m about to get my OBE (over bloody

eighty), so I’ve lived abit and seen abit.

‘‘Our citizens will emerge stronger from

this current experience, unfortunately our

businesses will suffer from the monetary

inactivity and some of them will fail and fall

by the wayside.’’

Mr Lowe farmed for nearly 60 years and

has lived in Ashburton for the past 12.

He is an active member of Ashburton

Pakeke Lions, and its current president,

and is also akeen photographer.

He and some of his Lions friends have

been growing beards during lockdown, but

Mr Lowe’s came off shortly before a

funeral he went to last week.

‘‘I thought it would be disrespectful to

have the beard, so it had to come off.’’

Councillors keen on pay freeze

Ashburton mayor NeilBrown

and district councillors have

told the Remuneration

Authority theydon’t want apay

rise and that most councillors

would actually accept a

decrease, becauseofthe

economic impact of Covid­19.

The authority determines the

pool of money councils mustpay

their elected councillors and

allocated $377,856 to be

distributed to Ashburton district

councillors. The pool does not

apply to the mayor and Methven

Community Boardmembers.

Council currently allocates

$57,502 to deputy mayor Liz

McMillan, $43,000 to five

councillors with committee

chair status and $35,118 to the

other three councillors. The

mayor’s pay is $121,500.

The Remuneration Authority

says it is bound by law and can’t

decrease members’ pay, despite

the unprecedented

circumstances. It can decide to

freeze remuneration rates at the

next determination though, and

will not stop councillors from

donating some of their pay to a


PrimeMinister Jacinda

Ardern said she, ministers and

heads of core government

agencies would be amending the

law to enable them to take

voluntary pay cuts of 20 per cent

for six months.

Similarpaycuts have been

debated by councils and elected

members around thecountry

already. In Ashburton,

councillor John Falloon has

already said he will give 20 per

cent of his salary each fortnight

for the next six months to the


“In doing so Iacknowledge

that many NewZealanders have

seen their pay cut to 80 per cent,

whileothers have lost their jobs

entirely,” he said on Facebook.

Authority chair Fran Wilde

told Ashburton district

councillors there were mixed

viewsinlocal government and

the authority was waiting for a

national policydecision from


She said somelocal

government members were on

relatively low levels of


Mayor Brown said council

should sit tight and be part of

the nationwide response,when

it was decided.

Council had already emailed

the authority saying members

would not be seeking apay rise

for the next financial year.“The

bulk of councillors also said a

decrease in remuneration would

not be unfavourable.”

Rosebank itching to break out

By Mick Jensen

Staff and residents at Rosebank Resthome

are looking forward to ‘‘bursting their

bubble’’ and returning to normal life when

restrictions are lifted.

Some 120 residents and 80 staff at the aged

care facility have been in one of the district’s

largest bubbles for the past six weeks while

the country battles Covid­19.

Rosebank manager Sue Prowse said it had

been achallenging few weeks, but staff and

residents were in very good spirits.

The first two weeks had been the toughest,

but the resthome had established aroutine

and everyone had adapted well.

‘‘The hardest thing for the residents is not

being able to see their loved ones.

‘‘Staff have stepped up to fill that void to

some extent and I’ve been very happy with

the way they have handled the challenges.’’

Anumber of staff members also faced the

added stress of having family overseas at this

difficult time.

Mrs Prowse said the Rosebank bubble was

strong and united.

The resthome’s Facebook page featured

regular updates and photos of what residents

were up, which enabled family and friends to

see that their loved ones were happy and well

looked after.

The past few weeks had been atime of

Some of the male residents in Rosebank share afternoon tea and achat during


innovation and the facility had been asafe

and fun place to be, she said.

Anzac Day was marked with aservice in

the car park, and salsa dancers had

impressed with adancing display.

Although regular resthome entertainer

Noel Johnson had not been able to visit,

residents had enjoyed his music by listening

to his CD.

Afternoon drinks and nibbles were still a

regular and popular social event that brought

residents together, she said.

Mrs Prowse said she had been impressed

with the support offered by agencies such as

the Canterbury District Health Board,

Ministry of Health and Aged Care

Association during the crisis.

Daily emails and regular updates and

advice had helped ease some of the worries

of lockdown.

She said she was not sure what Alert Level

2restrictions would mean for the resthome,

but hopefully it would see the return of

visitations, albeit with smaller numbers and

strict controls.

Residents and staff at Rosebank intend to

celebrate the end of restrictions, and bubbles

of the fizzy kind are likely to be popped.

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday May 7, 2020, Page 5

Council aiming to buy local, show support

By Linda Clarke

The Ashburton District Council is

making more of an effort to buy

local in the next 12 monthstohelp

Mid Canterbury’s economy recover

from Covid­19.

Councillors had asked for a

report on council spending policy

and decided to take the middle

ground of options that included

changing nothing about their

spending habits, changing some and

changing most.

Cr Carolyn Cameron wanted

council to change most, but she was

alone voice and all the others voted

for the “do some option” which

directs council officers to shop local

where possible for the next year.

Local suppliers must be preferred

in purchases $80 or less, forthings

like supermarket items, tools and


Local suppliers should be

preferred for items between $81 and

$10,000, where the estimate

obtained is within five per cent of

the most competitive estimate for

things like catering, and services like

plumbers, electricians and builders.

The local value principle would

be applied for spends from $10,000

to $74,999, however the best overall

deal for the ratepayer should win

out. For spends $75,000 and higher,

there is no additionalrequirement

to prefer local suppliers though the

local value principle would be one

of the rules applied.

Officerswill use their discretion to

assess local value,based on

businesses that provided local

employment, usedlocal suppliers

andsubcontractors, manufactured

locally, added value locally, built

localcapacity and looked for local

innovative solutions.

Report writerToniDurhamsaid

localcould haveavariety of

meanings.Anational business that

employed 100 localpeople and spent

$10million ayearonlocalservices

contributedasignificant amount to

theeconomy, but abusinessthat had

alocal registered office but subcontractedwork

to others outside

thedistrict may only contribute a

small amount to theeconomy.

She said council officersalready

procured aconsiderable amount of

goods and services locally. In July

lastyear,half of all purchases were


Council’s existingprocurement

policy wasahigh­level principlesbased

documentthatalso followed

government rules aboutbeingfair to

all suppliers and getting thebest deal

for everyonethat meant thatout­ofdistrict

suppliers were often the best


The newprocurement guidelines


Cr Cameron saidshe preferred

the do most option,which put a

premium on buying localand

supportedMid Canterburyindustry

to grow again.

The report said thisoptioncould

increase costs and rates.

Shesaid changingnothingwas a

disgraceful optionand council

needed to makemorethan atoken


Cr Lynette Lovettdisagreed and

said ratepayers would not thank

council foranincreased ratesbill.

“Itcould be far more expensive

for us to buy local. Andwho is local

and whoisnot?”

Cr John Falloon said he also

preferred the middleground.

Council’s biggest costwas wages, and

most of thepeoplecouncil employed

lived locally. “We aredoingour bit


He saidlocals deserved afair

chance of having tenders considered

and policy allowed forthat.

Flexiblestaff rise to challenge:Riach

It’s been achallenging few weeks, but

Ashburton District Council chief

executive Hamish Riach is proud of

the way his staff have met the

challenges and adapted their

working day to get jobs done.

The council is one of the district’s

biggest employers with around 300

full and part­time staff on its books,

including asizeable number at EA

Networks Centre.

Mr Riach said around 60 per cent

of staff had been able to work from

home during lockdown, while others

had been redeployed to help in other


Staff from EA Networks Centre

and other areas of council had

helped with civil defence work and

with other agencies.

Some had been on the telephone

checking on people in the community

and helping deliver meals on wheels

and pharmacy orders.

Others had cleaned at the Covid­

19 assessment centre and generally

got involved ‘‘with anything that

made good sense’’.

Mr Riach said around 50 staff had

been redeployed for part of


Council gardeners and mower

drivers in the open spaces team

returned to their jobs when level 3

restrictions were lifted and had been

busy catching up with work.

Mr Riach said the council did not

qualify for the Government wages

subsidy, but had supported all staff

during the first month of lockdown.

It would now look at workloads

and assess things from there.

‘‘I’ve been impressed and proud of

the way my staff have adapted during

these difficult times and the situation

we find ourselves in.

‘‘When we reflect back over these

five weeks there will be anumber of

positives to take out of it.’’

Mr Riach said the future could see

some staff work more from home,

but for the majority areturn to the

office and the council building was

on the cards.

Acouncil mower driver busy catching up with work in Ashburton


Page 6, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday May 7, 2020

Harry home delivers

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

Young pilot joins

aviation museum

By Mick Jensen

From Page 1

NZ BioGrains supplies organic

and biological flour and stock food

products, as well as organicallygrown

grains, pulses and nuts

throughout the country.

Four of their organically certified

suppliers are from arable farmers in

Mid Canterbury.

The company also does its own

deliveries from one end of the South

Island to the other in atrusty Isuzu,

which has done over 500,000km.

The Isuzu, the latest in the fleet,

will be used until it retires; just like

those preceding it.

It can carry up to five tonne of


“We were quite lucky, we’ve been

doing our own deliveries around the

South Island for 30 years,” he said.

Mr Lowe and his wife Mary own

the business, which has operated

from aDobson Street site for the

past 33 years.

He said most stock food deliveries

were already dropped, contactless, at

designated sheds on farm.

And that contactless delivery had

continued to front doors with

household products sales, including

flour that had noticeably changed

from small orders of 1.5kg, to much

larger quantities of 25kg.

Home delivery, no problem: Harry Lowe, of NZ BioGrains, and his

trusty Isuzu are regulars travelling South Island roads.

Most people were pretty relaxed,

he said, once they knew who he was

and why he was at their property.

‘‘Some people are so grateful to

get (their delivery); that's where you

get your energy from,’’ he said.

He said an influx of hundreds of

orders in the lead­up to lockdown

sparked abrief shutdown on

ordering until it “fell into place”.

In normal times, the business had

asteady market pattern with

customers ordering monthly or

weekly, however there was no normal

right now due to Covid­19


“We’re taking it for what it is, we

don’t have achoice,” he said.

As busy has it had been, he was

grateful for acouple of days respite

over Anzac Weekend before heading

back into work for the next leg,

although at the reduced Alert Level


He said the large size of the mill

worked in favour of social distancing

rules at work and allowed staff to

keep to their own areas.

And customers picking up product

can now do so at the front door.

Lachlan Kingan has landed himself

aplace on the committee of the

Ashburton Aviation Museum and

is the youngest member by more

than 50 years.

The 17­year­old Ashburton

College student has been flying

high since his first flight at the age

of 11 and is aregular at the

Ashburton Airfield.

He has flying in his blood. His

great­grandfather was abomber

pilot, his grandfather Derek

Aldridge has his wings and was first

president of Mid Canterbury Aero

Club, and his own dad Graeme also

learned to fly.

Lachlan’s flying mentor is

Ashburton Aviation Pioneers flight

instructor Les Vincent, who also

happens to be his third cousin.

Mr Vincent has taught two of his

sons to fly and both now have

careers as Boeing captains.

Lachlan’s aim is to become a

commercial airline pilot and he’s

on the right flight path to achieve it.

The Year 13 student said his

latest flying qualification was an

advanced microlight certificate

with passenger rating.

Although there was not flying at

the moment, he was aiming for

more future flying time and his

private pilot license.

Lachlan said he was pleased to

have been asked on to the aviation

museum committee and said there

was alot of knowledge he could tap

Lachlan Kingan with instructor

Les Vincent after completing

his first solo flight, age 16.

(Photo Warren Janett)


‘‘I’ll be offering input from a

younger person’s perspective and

I’m looking forward to it.’’

Ashburton Aviation Museum

president Warren Janett said

Lachlan was avery familiar face at

the airfield.

He was good company, had a

good head on his shoulders and was

prepared to give up some of his

spare time to lend ahand.

Mr Janett said most of the

committee and the museum’s

members were over the age of 70,

so it was good to inject some new


Working together to

keep our community


EA Networksisbackonthejob completing essentialnetwork maintenance

andupgrades in Mid Canterbury.This will ensureasafe, reliable supply of

electricity in your area.

You’ll see our crews outand about, completing this work whilefollowing

strict operationalguidelines.Ifaplanned outage may affect your area

we’ll contact youdirectly.Thank youfor yourpatience and understanding.

We aregetting back on thetoolstoensurewe

keep thepower on in our community.

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday May 7, 2020, Page 7

EA Networks Centre

preparing to reopen

By Mick Jensen

Sticking to contactless takeaway rules are Nosh staff member Kelsey Greer (left) and cafe regular

Karen Christensen.

Cafe openfor takeaways

Food and drinks are back on the

menu again at Nosh, but it’s far

from business as usual.

The Ashford Village venue, a

popular spot with locals and

passing traffic on nearby West

Street, opened for business when

new Alert Level 3restrictions came

into force.

Like anumber of cafes around

the district, orders are being taken

via telephone or the Regulr app

and they are strictly takeaway only.

There are firm rules around

pickup and payment, and entry is

via the side ramp door.

The in­and­out system is clearly

marked and only one person at a

time is allowed in to collect the

order and to make payment via


Nosh co­owner and head chef

Vicki Waaka said there had been a

steady stream of pick­ups over the

past week or so.

Anumber of bigger orders had

come in from local businesses and

the systems in place were working.

Customers were primarily locals,

and anumber of regulars, and

Nosh was very grateful for the

support, said Mrs Waaka.

She said the business was

running adownsized covid menu

and it was good to get some

cashflow going again.

She expected Alert Level 2to

mean strict rules around customer

distancing and hygiene when it was


Nosh regular Dave Christensen

said he and his wife Karen had

been to the cafe acouple of times

under level 3.

‘We love the staff and the food

there and it’s important for us to

support this business and others in

Ashburton at this time.’’

Ashburton District Council is

preparing to reopen EA Networks

Centre once level 2restrictions are


Council group manager service

delivery Neil McCann said council

expected to receive new protocols

regarding the rules for reopening the

pool, gym and sports hall very soon.

The centre had operated briefly

under level 2rules previously and he

expected many of those rules to still


Processes may need to be tweaked,

but staff were eager to get back to work

and were preparing for the reopening.

Mr McCann said there would need

to be strict control of numbers

accessing all areas of the facility.

Social distancing would be enforced

and there would be separate entry and

exit points.

Numbers in the facility would be

restricted, but official confirmation on

those numbers was still needed.

Mr McCann said council had taken

advantage of Alert Level 3restrictions

to catch up on maintenance work at the

centre now, rather than have to close

areas later.

Contractors were in to complete a

number of jobs including carpeting,

painting, tiling work in the pool area,

electrical and other maintenance.

He said the water temperature in the

aquatic area had been lowered during

lockdown, and the spa pool drained to

save power.

The council is receiving updates and

advice from the Local Government

John Perte from Brady’s Painting &

Decorating at work at EA Networks

Centre on Monday.

Covid­19 Response Unit, aworking

group that includes senior leaders from

the Department of Internal Affairs, the

Society of Local Government

Managers, Local Government New

Zealand and the National Emergency

Management Agency.

The unit has been established to

enable councils to continue to function

effectively, make necessary decisions

and meet legislative and regulatory

requirements during this crisis.

While our store remains closeduntil adviseditissafetoreopen, our helpful consultants canassist remotely.

Access to our people might be reduced but not our service.

Giveusacall to discuss your renovation or newbuild plans,discuss productoptions andifyou haveplans,

we canprovide pricing off of these for you.


Page 8, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday May 7, 2020








Is your garden

screaming forattention?

Forall your gardening needs

We offer the personal touch

•Mowing•Pruning •Flowerbed preparation

•Fertilisation •Service&Advice

•Professional attention


Forqualified,experienced &reliable

serviceand advice

Forfreequotes contactAndrew

027 765 2899 or 03 307 1693



Locally owned

and independently




Nowat6Range St,Riverside

PO Box60, Ashburton7740

Phone: 03 308 8155

Mobile: 0273 529 909

Email: sales@nee.kiwi.nz

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

Your Digital

TV Experts

• Aerial/Dish installations and repairs

• Prewirefor TV/Audio and controlsystems

• TV wall mounting • Cell phone aerials

• Home theatreinstallation • Authorised SkyTVtechnician

Ashburton Geraldine

Methven Rakaia

andeverywherein between




PH 308 7332 /027 277 1062


4WD Diesel &Electric Scissorlifts

Rough terrain and

electric lifts available

On sitecollection or





Don’t delay call AJ today

•Spider Proofing •Fly Control

•Grain Fumigation •Moss/Lichen Treatment

•Rodents •Wasp nests

Fully qualified ®istered Pest Control Technician

A.J Kerr




Call A.J 308 8147

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LargestProperty Management


peace of mind, better customer

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On-SiteMobile Hose Repair

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Justin Bennett

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Tania takes out

dairy women award


By Toni Williams

Mid Canterbury farmer and personal

development coach Tania Burrows has

won the inaugural Dairy Women’s

Network Regional Leader of the Year


The newly­established award was set

up to recognise the work done for the

industry by the 70 volunteer regional

leaders nationwide.

Tania, up against three other national

finalists, farms with husband Johno,

milking 1000 cows on a255 hectare

property at Valetta.

They also run a170 hectare run­off

block opposite the farm and have up to

1000 heifer replacements. They winter

their own stock.

Just over two years ago Tania trained

as an accredited coach with the

International Coach Federation. It

helped her bridge the gap from a

teaching career to farming.

‘‘Coaching is aseries of powerful

conversations that help you discover

what is truly important to you.

‘‘It helps us get to know ourselves on

adeep level, use what we discover to

break down barriers to our success, find

our strengths and move ourselves

forward, creating sustainable change

and the lifestyles and the businesses we

really want to have.’’

The couple have three daughters;

Kerstin, 14, Catriona, 11, and Lavinia, 7,

who love the animals, the wide open

spaces and freedom to explore.

‘‘Farming really is agreat way to raise

afamily,’’ Tania said.

She grew up farming in the

Karangahake Gorge, near Paeroa. Her

parents farmed dairy goats for anumber

of years and owned agricultural

contracting businesses.

Tania and Johno began farming

together in North Otago in 2010, when

the milk payout was $3.90.

She said the combined challenges of

Dairy Women’s Network regional

leader of the year winner Tania

Burrows, of Mid Canterbury, with

family dog Seek.

the low payout with alarge mortgage

and the business structure of the farm

helped them focus on their farming and

business management values.

While they have been following a

dairy farming path with agoal to own

their own farm, Tania said one challenge

has been living away from family.

‘‘We really miss the support of having

family close by. Family is areally big

value for us so we make frequent visits to

the North Island.’’ However farming at

Valetta does have its perks not to

mention the most amazing views of Mt

Somers and Mt Hutt.

She got involved with the Dairy

Women’s Network to meet women with

asimilar outlook and has been a

regional leader for the past four years.

‘‘DWN acknowledges the vital role

women play in our industry and our

rural communities. They are often the

unsung heroes that keep all the wheels

turning behind the scenes.’’

No Christchurch show



Nestle Scorched Almonds



5 99 ea







or Artisan

100g Range


3 79 ea

Mid Canterbury dairy

farmer Peter Gilbert has

beentothe Canterbury

Agricultural and Pastoral

Showevery year for all of

his 60 years.

But this year’s show,

now the New Zealand

Agricultural Show, has

beencancelled by Covid­

19. Thereisno show for

the first time since World

War II.

The former past

president was gutted but

saiditwas ahard,but right

decision. ‘‘So much work

getsdone, thereisalot of

time, effortand money


He said makingthe

decision to cancel six

months out would save the

association somemoney,

making it easiertocarry

on and have showsinthe


Mr Gilbert has been

going to the showevery

yearsince he was born; he

showed his first cow back

in 1978, aged 19.

In the following years

he has been aregular

exhibitor, active

committee member,past

president and judge.

He said every year the

committee,its board and

eventhose within the

event company were

continually looking at

Mid Canterbury farmer Peter Gilbert, with wife

Anne, is apast Christchurch show president.

ways to make the show


‘‘Showweek bringsso

many people to

Canterbury. It’s amassive

week. It will affectthe

whole country, not just


Mr Gilberthas not

shown his cows for the

past two years due to

Mycoplasma bovis, but

was planning to thisyear.

‘‘Obviously we won’tbe.

It will be strange that

week, abit of an empty

feeling I’d say.’’

Mr Gilbertsaid the

show needed all the helpit

could get and the

associationwas hopeful

members would continue

with their annual

subscriptions. They had

also started afunding


New Zealand

Agricultural Show

president ChrisHerbert

announced the

cancellationwith great

sadness. ‘‘With over 500

volunteers and 2500

individual competitions,

the New Zealand

Agricultural Show is a

symbol of community,

historyand heritage.’’

He said all 2020

sponsors and trade

exhibitors would get their

money back or be given

the optiontosupport the

show in 2021.

No decision has been

made on the Ashburton

A&P Show.Organisers

hope to meetsoon.

Puhoi ValleyYoghurt


Fresh NZ Skinless

Chicken Breast Fillets

$ 4

99 ea


12 99





Satsuma Mandarins

Loose, Product of New Zealand

ThePeoples Wine



12 99 ea

$ 12 99 $ 5 4



5 49 kg


Specials availableSouthIslandonly from Monday4th May until Sunday17th

May 2020 or whilestockslast. Wine andbeeravailable at stores with an off

licence.Wineand beer purchases restricted to personsaged 18 years old and over.

Page 10, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday May 7, 2020


MURDOCH, Noeline Mary:

(nee Turton): 20-04-1926 -


Passed away at Rosebank

Resthome Ashburton.

Dearly loved wife ofthe late

Bruce. Loved Mother and

Mother in Law ofRoss and

Janice (Christchurch), Grant

and Marie (Brisbane), Jane

and Robert Ellis (Hinds),

Mary and Peter Stalker

(Mapua). Loved Granny and

Great Granny. Messages to

Jane No 3 R D Ashburton

7773. Aprivate service has

been held formother.




03 3077433


LLOYD, Bryon Alexander:

Passed away peacefully on

2 May 2020 at Ashburton

Hospital. Loved Dad of

Sonya, and Aaron, best

friend and husband of

Marie, loved‘Bry’ of Kimand

John-Paul, Jake, Josh and

Cassie Tenebaum; Hayden

and Kylie, Jerome and

Carter Bedford.


to the Lloyd family c/- PO

Box 472, Ashburton 7740.

It was Bryon’s wish for a

private cremation to be





03 3077433

Birth notices listed

by parents will

continue to be free in

the Family Notices

column. The initial

death notice lodged

by afuneral director

will be listed without

charge. There will

be asmall charge of

$15 for subsequent

notices related to

the same death, up

to a maximum of

35 words and on a

per-line basis after

that. The same low

charges apply to

other family notices,

such as engagements,


in memoriam notices

and anniversaries.

Family Notices



7/9/59 -5/5/19

Everyday in some small way

memories of youcome our


Though absent, you are

always near

still missed,lovedand always


Always in our thoughts.

Your loving family Phylis,

Jemma and Mathew and

Justin xx



Inquiries phone

Jann or Karen

on 308 7664

or call into

199 Burnett Street.

Supporting the


96 Tancred Street,


Phone 307 8317

Family owned,

locally owned



Aperfect venue for





Trott’s Garden

371RacecourseRoad, Ashburton

www.trotts.co.nz |Email: info@trotts.co.nz

22 MooreStreet,


0800 2636679



Online boost for Todds

By Linda Clarke

Ashburton main street retailer

Todds, established 100 years

ago, is among those navigating a

new future with more online


Retail NZ says up to 30 per

cent of all spending could be

online and some physical shops

will disappear.

Todds, and sister shop Preen,

are not going anywhere but they

have pivoted their business and

reached out online to atrusted

and loyal client base in Mid


As clothing retailers, the

businesses have been providing

an essential service.

Sophie Preen said lockdown

had pushed them into anew way

of thinking and introduced new

ways of working.

The stores now offered online

shopping with free delivery or

click and collect, local appro

with contactless collection or

home delivery and virtual

browsing with help from a

personal stylist via Zoom.

‘‘We are people people, we

love our customer contact, so it’s

great to be back in this capacity.

Letter to editor

Clean air

Could Isay how good it is to

read in the papers and to hear

on the radio how since

lockdown our coasts, rivers and

air have improved in the last

four weeks.

This has to be good, and to

think that farming has still

carried on, sheep still grazing,

crops still planted and cows still

farting and being milked ­so

one has to ask where all the

pollution is coming from.

The other thing Ihave

noticed driving to work each

day, around trip of 80km, that

there is only 10 per cent of the

cars on the road. This has

made it apleasure to drive, a

bit like driving in the ‘60s, but

with 90 per cent of the cars

missing Ihave to wash the

windscreen every night to wash

the bugs off.

Robert Spencer

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

Driving home ‘buy local’ message

Ashburton mayor Neil Brown

Two weeks ago, we launched a

new campaign designed to help

our local economy recover as

lockdown restrictions ease. Iam

so pleased to see that Mid

Canterbury Open for Business

now has more than 200 local

businesses registered on the

online directory and it continues

to grow every day.

For residents needing to

access products or services, the

campaign is agreat and simple

way to find which businesses are

or will be open and what they’re

offering ­all in one place: just

visit midcanopenforbiz.nz

Many of us understand

(especially at atime like this) the

importance of shopping local

and spending our money with

local businesses wherever

possible. They provide jobs,

support community initiatives

and contribute to our overall

Todds staff member Lyn Hart packages up clothes for online


‘‘We have had such wonderful

feedback during this testing time

and being able to give alittle

happiness and help create stylist

wardrobes is wonderful.’’

Sophie said new stock had

arrived prior to lockdown and

customers had been buying alot

of casual comfort brands like

Elm and Betty Basics.

She said virtual browsing was

an online version of apersonal

styling service offered pre­covid.

quality of life. Mid Canterbury

Open for Business helps to drive

home this message and

encourage us all to be as

supportive as possible of our own

business community.

Mid Canterbury,

understandably is far from the

only place in New Zealand

looking to rebuild after Covid­

19. The economic impact of the

lockdown has had ramifications

for regions all across the country,

which is why it probably wasn’t

too surprising that other places

have seen the merit of Mid

Canterbury Open for Business


Within days of launching the

campaign, we started hearing

from other councils who were

interested in introducing it in

their regions as well, which is a

fantastic thing.

In my experience, councils are

Customers can choose atime to

talk to astylist online.‘‘Our

virtual sessions are working with

Zoom. Ithink everyone has been

pushed into using these sorts of

apps over lockdown and are

much more open and tech­savvy

than they ever were.’’

The two stores employ seven

staff in Ashburton and they are

reporting an encouraging and

supportive response from local


Arrests for breach

Several people have been

arrested in Mid Canterbury

over the past week, for offences

including assault and

breaching Alert Level 3


A 43­year­old man was

arrested on Tuesday, with the

help of the armed offenders

squad. He was charged with

unlawful possession of firearms

and class Adrugs.

Ashburton senior sergeant

Leigh Jenkins said police

arrested a 27­year­old man

last Friday. He was in breach

of his bail conditions and

charged with breaching level 3

lockdown rules.

A subsequent search warrant

executed resulted in

charges of possession of cannabis

and utensils for the

consumption of cannabis. He

was charged with two further

breaches of lockdown rules.

Police also responded to an

incident at an address on

Cameron Street last Thursday

in which it appeared aperson

allegedly harmed themselves

and then went on to assault

occupants at anearby address.

A 29­year­old man was

charged with various assaults

and inquiries are ongoing.

Police responded to a

Rakaia family harm incident

and arrested a 44­year­old

man, who will appear in the

Christchurch District Court on

various assault and aggravated

assault offences.

Mr Jenkins said residents

across the Ashburton District

had generally been abiding by

rules around Alert Level 3,

however officers had dealt

with a handful of breaches,

primarily mass gatherings.

quite good at sharing knowledge

and working together for the

benefit of their own

communities. It helps make us

all more resilient and

demonstrates our Kiwi values of

helping each other out.

It therefore goes without

saying that the Ashburton

District Council is more than

Rates relief


offering to waive penalty fees

on late rate payments for

people experiencing financial

hardship due to the Covid­19

pandemic. Letters havebeen

senttoall ratepayers by

council chief executive

Hamish Riach invitingthose

struggling financially to get in

touch. An online form on the

ashburtondc.govt.nz website

can be filled in to apply for the

late feestobewaived.

Ratepayers can also email to

rates@adc.govt.nz or call on

307 7700 to discuss options.

Mr Riach saidthese were

difficult times for the district

and the country as awhole, but

the council remained



College roll

Ashburton College started

Alert Level 3with11pupils,

butthat numberhas slowly

reduced drastically.Last

Friday there were seven pupils

and for the firsttwo daysof

this week there havebeenjust

three. PrincipalRossPreece

said students were now

working in just one bubble. He

said he waseagerly awaiting

the details of whatlevel 2

would mean for thecollege


RSA tribute

Ashburton woman Dellwyn

Moylaniscalling for people

who createdAnzac Day

tributes to makecontactfor a

post­Anzac Day display to

raisemoneyfor Ashburton

RSA.‘‘There were some great

photos of displays, crafts,art

work, poems, songsand

services acknowledgingand

commemoratingour service

women and men.Aswewere

in lockdown we weren't able to

travel around andsee what

others haddoneand not

everyoneisonsocial media to

see the photos, videosand

postings.’’ Ms Moylanhopesto

hold apublic display in the

future, where for adonation,

people can view the wonderful

tributes. Heremailis


happy to share the Mid

Canterbury Open for Business

campaign with others around the

country to help other

communities overcome these

economic challenges and get

back on their feet as well.

The great thing about Open

for Business is that it’s easily

deployable to other districts so

that they too can push the

message of supporting local.

There are quite afew

businesses in our area back at

work during Alert Level 3, while

others are needing to wait for a

lower level to safely open their


If you haven’t already, go

ahead and see which of your

favourite local restaurants,

tradespeople or suppliers are

operating at the moment or will

be as we work to move down the

alert levels. Just visit

midcanopenforbiz.nz and search

abusiness or category.

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday May 7, 2020, Page 11

Council bids farewell

to Ecan boss Bayfield

By Linda Clarke

AshburtonDistrict Councillors have bid

farewell to Environment Canterbury chief

executive Bill Bayfield.

The regionalcouncilboss waswelcomedto

the job on the day Christchurch was struck by

adeadly earthquakeand leaves,10years

later, in the middleofthe Covid­19


He joked with district councillors in their

online meetinglast week that some people in

the region might be pleased to see him go,

givenhis tumultuous decadehere. There

have been major floodsand fires in between.

He willtake up atop position with the new

nationalwater regulatorinWellington. His

acting replacement at Ecaniscurrent

directorofscience StefanieRixecker.

Ashburtonchief executive Hamish Riach

said Mr Bayfieldhad shownstrong

leadership and was widely regardedbylocal

authorities in Canterbury. “He has been abit

of afatherfigure in terms of awise head.”

Mr Bayfield saidhehad fond memories of

Mid Canterbury’s backcountry, and also of

his welcometothe regiononFebruary 11,

when the raftersinthe marae building in

whichhewas aguest popped in and outof

theirsockets when the big quake struck.

He saiditwouldbebusinessasusual

following his departurefrom Ecan.

“Right now, it is hardtojudge all the

things we have been working on with this

government, and they have beendoingalot,

how fast any of themwill come to fruition

and be implemented.

“I think the focusfor the next year will be

very much on recovery from arecession post­

Covid. Ithink all of us havetolook at our

programmesand plans in the future and

Environment Canterbury departing chief

executive Bill Bayfield.

rethink how we might be implementingsome

of these.”

The expected work at the water regulator

might be differentinapost­covid

environment, he said.Whilethe current

virus had been spread by droplets in the air,

the nextone could be water­borne.

He said most councils had donealotinthe

pasttwo years to improve drinkingwater

quality, following watercontamination at

Havelock North.His new role wouldbe

around drinking watersafety and waste

water disposal.

Mayor NeilBrownsaid people in the

Ashburton district had lived through many

environmentalplan changes under Mr

Bayfield’s watch and he askedthat common

sense prevail in the waterregulator’s future


Award for Methven Lions

Methven Lions have beenawarded the

WintonShield in recognition of the Day

in the Country event held earlier this

year for young people associated with

Christchurch’s Linwood Mosque.

The shieldisgiven for the best club

activity and the recipient is chosen from

all clubs around the Canterbury region.

LionsdistrictgovernorKevin Bryson

said the Methven club’sevent showed

compassion and support for peoplein

need and demonstrated what Lionswas

about all.

The Day in the Countrywas

organised by Francis Roystonand Mac

McElwain and was well supported by

the wider community.

‘‘The beaut thing about it is that the

Winton Shield is reallyanaward for the

good folk of Methven who went out of

theirway to make it aday to remember

for the kids, ’’ Mr McElwain said.

Everything had been laid on for free

including jet boatingonthe Rakaia

River, abarbecue, transport to and

from Christchurch, lunchesand pikelet

making, he said.

Visitors had also enjoyed displays of

shearing, dog work and milking, said

Mr McElwain.

Let’s finish the job

As Iwrite this column, New Zealand has left

the full lockdown of Alert Level 4behind.

If everyone in our team of five million

continues to be careful and work within the

rules, hopefully we’ll never see that level of

restriction again.

Ifeel really heartened by how our

communities came together to make Alert

Level 4work. There were, of course, isolated

exceptions, but the overwhelming majority

of New Zealanders did an amazing job.

We stayed home to save lives. We were

careful when exercising or getting groceries.

We were kind to one another. We did each

other proud.

But we’re not out of the woods yet. This

is amarathon, not asprint.

That means at Alert Level 3weall have to

be just as resolute and disciplined as we were

at level 4. So stay faithful to your bubble,

even if you expanded it alittle in the move

to level 3.

As you’ll know, level 3does mean the

economy has started to open up again.

Important sectors like construction and

forestry are operating once more.

Many of the Government’s big

infrastructure projects are on the move,

employing New Zealanders today, and

improving our country for decades to come.

Online retail is up and running again in all

sectors, from business clothes to playing

cards, and everything in between.

And level 3also means you don’t have to

cook for yourself all the time anymore!

If you’re one of the hundreds of

thousands of New Zealanders who took the

opportunity to get your first taste of espresso

coffee, other takeaways or home delivered

food, Ihope you enjoyed it –you’ve earned


As well as enjoyment, those little

pleasures fulfil agreater purpose. They help

businesses big and small get back up and

running again, and they help tens of

thousands of New Zealanders heading back

Labour List MP Jo Luxton

to work in the retail sector.

Agreat resource encouraging the

importance of shopping local in order to

boost our local economy and support our

business owners is the new Mid Canterbury

Open for Business campaign.

Now, more than ever before, is the time to

support local.

So, at the start of Alert Level 3, thank you

for taking the chance to support local

businesses who have been doing it tough.

They need you more than ever right now, so

if you feel ahankering for ascone or anew

pair of pants, please don’t be shy.

Give your favourite shop acall or head to

their website, and see if they can help you

out. You’ll be helping them out, too.

Most of us are still staying home to save

lives. But now we can also help many local

businesses to get back on their feet again,


Stay fit &earn $$$

at the same time

Image Credit: thespinoff.co.nz,@SIOUXSIEW,@XTOTL


For thelatest info:

who.int, health.govt.nz

Spend a couple of hours

every Thursday delivering the

Ashburton Courier and Realty in

the Ashburton urban area.

Enjoy the fresh air, stay fit and

reap the health benefits!

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Page 12, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday May 7, 2020

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz


Better rural connectivity

can’t come fast enough

Alice Vlaanderen, of Wakanui, can see the lights of

Ashburton from her dairy farm home, but when it

comes to online or mobile phone connectivity it’s as

though the farm and its households are hundreds of

miles from anywhere.

The Vlaanderens have an active household of

seven, which includes primary and secondary aged

children currently doing amix of online and offline

learning as part of Covid­19 home schooling, and

also ahouse on farm for their farm worker’s family.

Mrs Vlaanderen said in the area, on the eastern

side of Ashburton, they have two rural broadband

provider options; Ultimate Broadband or Farmside.

Both offer wireless connection but with differing

degrees of success.

The Vlaanderens struggled for along time to get

better service.

A$15m nationwide improved rural broadband

coverage package, recently announced by

government, cannot come fast enough for farmers

like the Vlaanderens running businesses and raising

families across Mid Canterbury.

At one time they could only get 10Gb and paid

$150 amonth for the privilege.

She still has neighbours just 1km away whose only

option is using abad connection.

“We’re okay, we have Ultimate which is a

satellite, wireless system.

‘‘It’s really good but we can only connect to the

system through (neighbours) Wests. We’re lucky we

can get it. (In the past) it never worked, it was


It is unlikely they would ever get their dairy shed

integrated with online technology as it would cost

hundreds of dollars to upgrade.

On top of which Mrs Vlaanderen said the area

also had limited mobile phone coverage.

She said the family was lucky to have alandline

telephone because despite living just 15km from

Ashburton they also had limited mobile phone

coverage; there was just one point in her house

Purpose. Environment.



• DairyNZ accreditedEffluent

Pond Design andConstruction

• Pond Constructionand

Irrigation Development

• Hedgeand Stump Removal

• Farm Conversions

• DairyTracks–

Lime or Gravel

• PumpHire

• Wellsand Galleries

• Bulk Earthworks

• Subdivisions

where the mobile phone got reception.

“It’s terrible cellphone coverage.”

Improvements under the package include

upgrading some existing rural mobile towers,

upgrading wireless backhaul, which connects remote

sites to central networks, and installing external

antennae on households to improve coverage.

Federated Farmers vice­president Andrew

Hoggard said patching up rural connectivity issues

was apositive sign for the future of rural


Especially as internet speeds for rural users were

still likely to make tasks like internet banking, online

ordering and online schooling an issue.

‘‘The vast majority of New Zealanders living in

towns and cities have absolutely no idea how bad

internet access still is in some parts of the country,’’

he said.

‘‘It is good the Government is looking for ways to

continue to grow rural businesses with better

technology, especially given the post­Covid­19 world

we will be living in, so hopefully this is just the start

of athoughtful approach to building rural business

and community resilience,’’ he said.

Rural Women New Zealand national president

Fiona Gower said improving connectivity was vital

to successful business, health and safety, education

and social connection in rural communities.

But would like Wireless Internet Service

Providers (WISP’s) included in the funding and a

commitment to improving cellphone coverage in

rural New Zealand, especially with only 50 percent

coverage across New Zealand it was rural

communities missing out.

“Covid­19 has highlighted the issue of digital

inequity with incredibly slow rural internet speeds

and landlines overloading.

‘‘Across the board, self­isolation and restrictions

on bubbles mean that it is vital that communities

have the tools to connect to, at the very least,

maintain mental wellness.’’

Harvest yields up 16 per cent

Despite fewer hectares being

planted, 2020 harvest yields are up

16 per cent across the board

compared to last year, according

to the latest Arable Industry

Marketing Initiative survey. It was

reassuring news given the season

faced harsh weather conditions

including hail and flooding.

Federated Farmers vicechairperson

grains Brian Leadley,

of Mid Canterbury, said increased

harvest yields with fewer hectares

planted was encouraging. Some

98,090ha were planted this season

(compared to 104,000ha), yet

• Site Works

• Tree Shear

• Transportation

tonnes harvested were

substantially up; 873,080 tonnes

(796,700 tonnes). ‘‘This is despite

asevere early season hailstorm,

flooding in some regions and some

pretty variable weather. It just

highlights that our arable farmers

are world class.’’


Hardy lichens acommon sight

Cleaning agarden bench is one of

the jobs I’ve done during lockdown.

The wooden slats were covered

with the crusty yellow and grey

lichens that are quite common on

the trunks of fruit trees, the shady

side of letterboxes and on roofing


Are lichens harmlessly living on

the wood of my bench and trees or

are they slowly eating away at the

wood? Lichens are not plants, but a

combination of fungi and another

organismthat can photosynthesise

(use the sun’s energy to make

food), like algae or some types of

bacteria.It’s acomplex

arrangement, but if the algae or

bacteria are providing the fungi

with food, then maybe they aren’t

eating my bench.

The pairing of fungi and algae or

bacteria is obviously awinning

combo: lichens are found

everywhere, from coastal house

The pelt house at Silver Fern Farms’ mothballed Fairton plant has been

disassembled. Parts of pelt processing operation will be carried out at other


Interest in Fairtonsite,

butnobuyers to report

Arealestate agent marketing Silver

FernFarms’ mothballed Fairtonmeat

plant saysthereare no developments

to report on the saleyet.

Offersfor the plant andsurrounding

farmlandclosedinMarch; the plant

has been decommissioned and the

pelthousedisassembled forreuse, the

farmcontinues to operate.

Multiple partieshad expressed

interest in the 485ha,whichcomprised

of 32haplantand 453hafarmland.

Colliers Internationalindustrial

division director Sam Staitesaidthis

weektherewas nothingtoreport on

the sale process.

The currentpandemic conditions

hadnot beenafactor,hesaid.

Sheepmeatprocessing at theplant

stopped in 2017, with the lossof370

jobs,following acontinued decline in

regional sheep numbers following land

usechange, particularly to dairying.


operationclosed lastyear with the loss

of 44 jobs.

Meanwhile, Silver Fern Farmshas

delivered abrightsparktogloomy

economictimes, posting anet profitof

$70.7 million for the yearending


Nature Matters -Mary Ralston

roofs to alpine rocks.

They can tolerate salt spray,

freezing winter temperatures in the

mountainsand baking hot summers

on top of buildings. Their

microscopic spores are blown

around the world, allowing them to

successfully colonise all sorts of


They are often some of the first

organisms to coloniseabare

surface after adestructive event

like avolcano or rockfall. Lichens

attach to rocks and start the

process of soil formation by

secreting acids which break down

the rock to form soil.

Then plants that are tolerant of

exposure to sun, wind and

temperature extremes can

establish. These plants provide

some shade and shelter, allowinga

That figure is up fromjust $5.8

million theyearbefore.

Thecompanyisjointly ownedby

ShanghaiMalingAquariusand the

Silver FernFarms (SFF) Co­operative,

whichitself postedanet profitof$34.9


SFFchiefexecutive Simon Limmer

said consumers had drivenupdemand

forproteinbecause of thenegative

effectthe Africanswinefever hadon

Chinese pork.

‘‘With customers in Chinalookingto

beef andlambitemstofill some of the

void left by thecullingofpigs,itset a

positive benchmarkfor other markets

to followand they responded


SFFCo­operativewas in astrong

position with no debt, chairman

Richard Youngsaid.

‘‘Whilstthiswas achieved lastyear,

we now haveastrong platform to

weather aperiod where ourcountry

andthe worldisinaperiodof

considerable economic uncertainty.’’

Mr Young said the result wasSFF’s

strongest in the lastdecade and ‘‘one

thatismore fairlyrepresentative of the

significant scale of thebusiness and

our investmentinit’’.

different group of plants the

opportunity to grow. And animals

move in and the processgoes on.

Perhaps this process, called

ecological succession, is playing out

on my bench: the lichen may be

very slowly breaking down the

wood particles to form dusty

organic matter which allows

another speciesanopportunity to


Garden experts say that lichens

growing on trees have no effect on

the tree. But living things are not

usually isolated from their

environment–things in nature are

always nicely interconnected.

I’d say the lichen on the bench

was secretly preparing the way for

another speciestocolonise –ifI’d

left the lichen, next year there

would be weeds.

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday May 7, 2020, Page 13

Mid Canterbury Rural

&Lifestyle Specialists.

Mid Canterbury focus andgetting message acrossthat

we areopen forbusiness and that real estategoeson!

The value of water

Thetopic of wateralways attractspassionate discussioninbothurbanand ruralcircles.

Waterreally is the“source of life”. Cleanwater to drink-essential, clean rivers and lakesfor

animal lifeand recreation- essential, sufficientwatertosustainplant growthtoprovidefood –

essential,beitnaturalrainorirrigation.Especially so if climate change is upon us we needto

considerwhatfood canbeproducedifnatural watersourcesbecomelimited. Theconundrum

we haveisthataspopulationgrows the quantum of waterisfiniteand needsbesharedor

allocatedtomaximise thebenefits.

It is here where thewaterusers starttobecome diverse!! Thereare many different callsonour

waterresources. LegallytheCrown owns allthe freshwater in New Zealand, much in thesame

way asitownsthe mineralsunder theland. Hence theneed to obtainResourceConsents,

permits andlicences to utilise naturalresources.These areassessed on a“benefit”versus

“detriment’ basiseitheronNational or Regional scale then dropping down to District (say

Community )and individualbasis.

We all understand waterisnot alimitless resource. Get adry summer in Christchurch andwith

everybodyonwaterrestrictions andnotethe angst against waterbottlerstaking millions of

litres from theaquifer without anypayment. Shouldtheypay?Ifthey do is it still economic?

What is the valueofthe economic benefits lost if they shut?Whatisapriority,keeping our

lawnsgreen or providingjobs andincome? Thesame in agriculture.Thereis“competition’

betweenagri waterusers and urbanand recreationalusers forboth qualityandquantity.

Thereiscompetition betweenfarmers forthe same resource as theaquifer arenot limitless

andgenerallythereisnomoreirrigationwater available unlessyouare in an area serviced by

an IrrigationScheme. As afunction of this trade-ablewater rights originatedand werebid for

whenoffered in muchthe same way asapropertyTender.InCanterbury Ecan have stepped

in,asmodeling suggested the groundwaterresources were largely over allocated, sotrades

becomesubjecttoareview andinmostcases Ecan reduced theconsented watertake able

to be transferred. This oftenleftthe residual at sub optimal levels and notworth trading from

afarmmanagementperspective.Asaresult to my knowledge it hasstoppedthe waterbeing


2510 MethvenHighway

Idon’tpretend to hold theanswers. Ithink we allagreeweneedtobecollaborative and

theprogress made betweenfarming leadersand waterrepresentative bodiesshould be

acknowledgedmorethan it has. Onething Iseeclearly isthat, in MidCanterburywhere I

am domiciled, is that forwardthinking pioneersofour irrigationschemes utilising shared

waterresources from our rivers,sensible storage, somewithlow energygravityfed pressurised

pipedwater, enhancedthewider District andNational economy. The followon is thousands

of jobs,broaddiversificationofproductsandhenceabroaderrangeofinternationaltrading

partners lowering economic risktoall. Suresomewilldobetterthan others. ButamongstthisI

seesomefantasticrecreational opportunitiesaka Twizeland thenearbylakesasanexample

whereeverybodygets abenefit.Wecan maximise thesocial and economic benefit when we


Iturnedmy mind to all this as IwalkedaroundLakeHoodthismorning andheardaradio

commentatortalkingabout waterresource charging.Atsome point thiswould createa

cost ofnotonlythechargesbutthecost of collectingthem. Maybethe wateruse suddenly

becomes uneconomic and developmentstalls. If ourDistricthad to payfor the watertake

to feed Lake Hoodwould it ever happened?Ifthebusiness people whodonatedthe seed

capitalandtheir timepaid forwater would they have the surplustodonate? Every situation is

different butweshouldlook at both sides and assessthe dual benefit as thepriority and work

to mitigate the balance. Nothing willeverbeperfect butisthat is nota reason to do nothing?

What made methink aboutthis wasthismorning,Isaw aDad with his songoing fishing.

They lookedprettyhappy.Isaw somepeople from town on theirbikes. Theylookedpretty

happy. Isaw people paddling kayaks.They looked prettyhappy.The foresight ofearlier

generationscan take creditfor alot ofpeoplebeinghappynot just in MidCanterbury but all

around NZ.

Greg Jopson

027 447 4382

Chris Murdoch

027 434 2545

Rodger Letham

027 433 3436

350 Line Road, Methven

Paul Cunneen

027 432 3382

Robert Harnett

027 432 3562


Paul Cunneen

RuralLifestyleSales Consultant


Property Brokers Ltd Licensed REAA 2008

Page 14, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday May 7, 2020

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz


The Ashburton ArtGallery teamare bringing art to youwhile our buildingistemporarily closed. This sculpturebylateChristchurch artist Llew

Summersisthe secondpiece from our collection that is able to be viewed while you’re out walking.

Love Me Tender sits on Baring SquareEast,and depicts twopeople in an embrace. This work reflectsthe comingtogether of people,not only in

terms of the twofigures,but alsobecauseitwas purchased for Ashburton bymembers of the community. Asimplestatement of love and

warmth, it givesasenseoftogetherness and belonging to our town and providesthe opportunity for the community toenjoy art in their

everyday lives. Like this sculpture, we hopethat the extension of bubblesthis week has allowedanewhug for many ofyou.

If you'relooking for ideas and activitiestokeep busy throughout this time,visit us on Facebook orour website: www.ashburtonartgallery.org.nz

Image: Llew Summers, Love Me Tender, painted concrete, 1994, 1560 mm x1400 mm x950 mm Collection of Ashburton Art Gallery.

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday May 7, 2020, Page 15

Supporting the community

96 Tancred Street,Ashburton.

Phone 3078317





Mid Canterbury

know aboutyour


...inthe Courier’s monthly

Baby Page completely free of charge.

Simply post or email aphotoofthe new

arrival along with the birth details to:

PO Box12Ashburton. Email:


Photos forJune11to

be received by 12 noon


June 9

Rogue and Royalnames fail to Empress

More than 18,000 unique first names wereregistered

forthe 61,018babiesborninNew Zealandlastyear.

While the most popularnames were Oliver and Amelia,

with Nikauand Miataking out thetop spotsfor

Māorinames, therewereafewthatfailedtoimpress

and were declined by theRegistrar-GeneralofBirths,

Deaths and Marriages.

In the top20werehonorificssuch as King,Lady,


Gunner,Justyce, Rogue,Majesti, Major,Syre, Saintand


Registrar-General Jeff Montgomery said underNew

Zealand law, parents were free to be creativewhen

naming their baby.

“While there areno‘banned’namesinNewZealand,

thereare certain boundaries in place. Theguidelines

makesurethe names don’t cause offence, area

reasonable length and don’tunjustifiably resemble an

official title or rank.

“There’snoproblem if youwanttogiveyour child aspelled-out number or even silly name, but remember

your child has to livewith it.”

Tips forensuringyou canregisteryour baby’sname:

• Avoid official titles, numerals or anything unpronounceable,like abackslashorapunctuation mark.

• Rethinkswear words.

• Limit the nametonomorethan 70 characters.

• Register the baby’s birth usingthe SmartStartwebsite,anonline tool providing arangeofservices for

new babies and their parents.It’sthe quickest and easiest waytoregister abirth.

If youare looking forafriendly,

family focused Preschool foryour

child please get in touch


available spaces foryour



We are taking enrolments

from 4months to 6years.

For further information

phone 308 0380 or call in to see us at

174-176 Chalmers Avenue, Ashburton




us on


PHONE 03 307 2088

022 061 4672

Magnolia Drive, Netherby



Ashburton Kindergartens are agroup of well established, not

for profit, professional kindergartens based in the Ashburton

community, offering pre-school education for 3&4year olds.


•Every child has the right to participate in high quality early childhood


•Kindergartens are centres of excellence and innovation

•Our goals can best be achieved through collaborative relationships at all


•Kindergarten is responsive to the cultural and language aspirations of



• about children, families and whanau

•committed to quality early childhood education

•qualified and registered workforce

•community based •not-for-profit •home grown •Kiwi owned

Asmall homely centre,

with anature based philosophy.

Stephanie Hansen Amanda Moore

Centre Directors

7Roxburgh Place Tinwald Ashburton

phone 03 307 0420 twpreschool@gmail.com

Play is work

and work is fun

Where Children Learn


Contact: Kindergarten

Association Manager

Ph: 308 3779

Email: association@ashkindy.co.nz




Page 16, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday May 7, 2020

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

RayWhite knowhow to get you

the best price foryour property.

100 Thomson Street, Tinwald

4 2 1

73 Northpark Road, Ashburton

4 2 4

*Quarter acre section (1012m2)



*Modern and open plan kitchen, dining, living

*West facing sizable deck

*Double glazed, well insulatedwith log fire

*One &Half cargarage

*Chattels excluded (Shelving and work benches in

garage and shed, front gate not included in the sale)

Dishwasher -asiswhere isdue to crack in front


Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008)




by private appointment only

during Covid-19 Level 3

Kim Miller

027 236 8627

*Oamaru stone home on 1.000 hectarewith subdivision


*4bedrooms plus office, master with ensuite and


*Double garagewith internal access plus anadditional

double garage

*Established expansive lawn and gardens provide a

sheltered setting

*Two bathrooms and 3toilets.

Abeautiful setting forthe family to move to the

country,with manyoptions.


Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA2008)




by private appointment only

during Covid-19 Level 3


027 438 4250

Denise McPherson

027 242 7677


119a Racecourse Road, Ashburton

3 1 2

11 Charlesworth Drive, Ashburton

3 1 2

*Welcoming entrance leading to aSunny large open plan

Kitchen- Dining -Living.

*Flows to sun drenched patio and private courtyard.

*Separate formal Loungewith featured vaulted ceiling,

*Three double bedrooms & office orfourth bedroom.


Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008)


by negotiation

Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited REAA2008


by private appointment only

during Covid-19 Level 3

Chrissy Milne

027 290 6606

*Open plan Kitchen, Dining &Living plus Butlers Pantry

*Separate formal loungewith gas fire

*Four double bedrooms plus office

*2Ensuites plus main bathroom with separate toilet

*3Car Garaging


Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008)


Price onapplication


by private appointment only

during Covid-19 Level 3

WithCovid-19 changing to level3

Salespeoplewill be undertaking privateviewingsinaccordancewithsafeviewing practises.

Please contactthe salesperson directlytoarrange your viewing.

Cheryl Fowler

027 461 2614

Jill Quaid


027 437 6755


Sales Consultant

027 454 4745

Kim Miller

Sales Consultant

027 236 8627


Sales Consultant

027 290 6606

Margaret Feiss

Sales Consultant

021 751 009


Sales Consultant

027 220 1528

Denise McPherson

Sales Consultant

027 242 7677

Cheryl Fowler

Sales Consultant

027 461 2614

Armand vander Eik

Sales Consultant

021 597 527

Lynne Bridge

Sales Consultant

027 410 6216

Mike Grant ncre

Sales Consultant

021 272 0202

Mark Totty

Sales Consultant

021 664 113


Sales Consultant

027 438 4250

Justin Waddell

Sales Consultant

027 437 1111

Jarrod Ross

Sales Consultant

027 259 4644



021 224 4214

96 TancredStreet, Ashburton 03 307 8317 Main Road,Tinwald 03 307 8317


36 McMillan Street,Methven 03 303 3032

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday May 7, 2020, Page 17


Scan the QR code

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view our current

listings in 3D!

view anyofour properties fromthe comfort of

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YouMust View This!


•Large 270m² home in a

greatWestside location

•Recentlypaintedand recarpeted

•Veryspacious living areas

with formal dining area

•Biggerthan average


•Ensuiteplus Jack &Jill


•Excellentheating options

•Ample storage throughout

•Large outdoor gazebo

•1054m² section

Offers Over $495,000

4 2 2+

Trevor Hurley Real Estate Ltd LREA 2008 -MREINZ


•Four units situatedonthe Westside

•Currently managed by our rental department.

•All properties up to current rental compliance.

•Weeklymarket rent $860 per week combined

•Large 1359m² section mayhavefuturepotential.

•Inspection welcome

Offers Over $675,000


4 4 0

Double Glazed,Rural Views

(E668) 4Andrew Street


•Lovely three bedroom brick home with pleasantrural outlook

•Sunnyliving area with outdoor living

•Spacious family sized section

•Ample parking with garage and carport

•Bonus of buying double glazed

•Urgentinspection advised

•Modernised open plan kitchen &dining, large living area

•Frenchdoors into spacious lounge

•Modernbathroom withwalkin shower

•Large bedrooms,French doors &patiosfor everyroom

•Spa pool in aprivate setting

•Two modernroomsfullylinedand with heatpump

Offers Over $299,000 3 1 2 $PBNBIR $349,000 -$379,000

4 1 2



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48 Cambridge Street (E665)

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•Perfect investmentproperty

•Bequicktoview, thisproperty wont last long!


3 1 0

24 Galbraith St (E693)

•Kitchen fit forGordonRamsey,hugegas &electric hob with

four ovens!

•Spacious living opens on to acovered entertainers area

•Double garage with workshop &hobbyroom

•Family sized section with plenty of spacefor

•Situatedonthe Westside

Offers Over $299,000

3 1 2

Phone 308 6173 today for

more details. Check outour

3D virtual tour on ourwebsite....it’samazing!

Scan the QR code using the cameraonyour phone to

view our current listings in 3D

Desirable Westside Property

• Appealing home built in the 1980’s

•Well presented,spacious open plan living

•Positioned nicelyfor all daysun


•Double garage with internal access


Proud supporters of the HeartFoundation of NewZealand! Wedonate from everypropertysold!


3 1 2

Trevor Hurley

0275 435 799

Tracey Henderson

027 405 8064

Manu Otene

022 308 6885

Linda Cuthbertson


Stephen Watson

027 433 9695

Julie Srhoy

021 354 885

Deborah Roberts






1. Wary (8)

6. Tilt (4)

8. Cab (4)

9. Reference (8)

10. Celebrate (5)

11. Prize (6)

13. Run (6)

15. Account (6)

17. Property (6)

19. Bird (5)

22. Lawless (8)

23. Pile (4)

24. Measure (4)

25. Soak (8)


2. Subside (5)

3. Spear (7)

4. Gemstone (4)

5. Single (8)

6. Lariat (5)

7. Stifle (7)

12. Trousers (8)

14. Poison (7)

16. Animal (7)

18. Tally (5)

20. Braid (5)

21. Tail (4)



1. Either removes or leaves (5,3). 6. What the fan did that

one spent alot of money on? (4). 8. Cry “look!” (4). 9.

What it holds not having been changed into coins (8). 10.

Kate’s cooked the meat (5). 11. Put out when one’s got

prosecuted (6). 13. Are such headlines standard? (6). 15.

Had the meal with her outside. It’s warmer (6). 17. A

number cried offwhen he appeared (6). 19. Sees back and

stays (5). 22. Nee Vines, possibly aforeigner (8). 23. Appearance

of the people about one (4). 24. With the man

again present (4). 25. In the case the lady hated packing



2. To avoid the tavern, turn off north (5). 3. The former

wife and unattractive, you make it clear (7). 4. Neither

before nor after was one caught in it (4). 5. Does it keep a

room cool and bright? (8). 6. Makes up aconcoction for

the said contusion (5). 7. As an old-time soldier myself,

it’sjust great (7). 12. People who tell jokes, or where they

get them? (8). 14. Is her lead-in off key? (7). 16. Try to

use bait at first (7). 18. In which one may shoot aline(5).

20. Utter serenityand that’snot all (5). 21. Quietly stretch

out beside the dog (4).


Across -1,Sack.7,Telephone. 8, Iron. 9, Term. 10, Meek.

11,Glee. 14, Relentless. 16, Celebrated. 19, Oath. 22, Stew.

24, Turn. 25, Room. 26, Indignant. 27, Mend.

Down -1,Sting. 2, Crone. 3, Reveal. 4, German. 5, Sham.

6, Incessant. 12, Libertine. 13, Erse. 15, Ludo. 17, Rotund.

18, Throng.20, Adore. 21, Humid. 23, Whim.


Across -1,Tosh (anag.). 7, Enlighten. 8, Nee-d. 9, Peer.

10, Rain. 11, O-wen (rev.). 14, On the stage. 16, Advertised.

19, Odd-s(oda). 22, Irma (anag.). 24, Hart (heart).

25, Over.26, Run across. 27, Blue.

Down -1,Tan-go. 2, St-Eve. 3, In-tent. 4, Fier-c(ottag)e.

5, Char. 6,Seeing red. 12, Wonderful (anag.). 13, NotE

(rev.). 15, To-d-O. 17, T-shirt. 18, S-tress. 20, Devil. 21,

Serge. 23, A-las (a lass).

AWESOME office space for

lease, rent or hire. Park like

setting. Indoor and outdoor

areas. North west town

boundary. Must view.

Phone 0274 754 241


Ideal as an extra


Fully insulatedand

double glazed forwarmth.


Standard3.6m x2.4m,

Large 4.2m x2.4m

Xtra-large 4.8m x2.4m.

Visit our displaycabin

418WestStreet or callfor a




0800 58 78 22



STORAGE available, Ashburton.

Self storage, variety

of sizes. Phone Rainbow

Storage 03 307 0401.

STORAGE: Secure self storage

units available long or

short term at Ashburton

Storage Facilities. Contact

us on 027 436 2636 or www.






Would prefer

one that

needs repairs.


Phone 027 477 8068



4WD and slab lifts available

for daily or weekly hire.

Pickup or delivery. Phone

North End Engineering 308

8155 for abooking.




Having problems with your internal gutter systems?

Do your drains keep blocking,causing leakage into the soffits and even your house?

Areyour soffits falling out due to water rot?

We canconvert your internal gutters to standard external gutters.


Need help with BOOKKEEPINGor


Youdidn’tgointobusiness to do the

books, butwedid!

Let’shaveachatovercoffeeand seehow Ican help

Silvia Haddock 027 2169478

silvia@bradleyrural.co.nz l solutionsbusiness.co.nz

Email: kennyslawnsandgardens@gmail.com

For all your regular or one off lawns and

edges, weed whacking, gardening,

pruning, spouting clean,

waterblasting and rubbish removal.

Call Kenny or Marc on 027 2060 503



Plains Rotary




per bale



Small bales

Phone or txt Alisdair 027 410 6882

Ian 027 432 0438; Murray 307 0353




LT125 ride-on, 6speed, 42

inch cut. Phone 027 434




Small LPG cylinders

Off Street Parking


Arthur Cates Ltd

26 McNally Street

Ph 308 5397

Riverside Industrial Estate




From before to after.

You’ll notice the difference

with The Courier, 308 7664.





9kg cylinders


Askabout our


Anysizecylinder filled

17 Grey St,Ashburton

Phone 307 2707


LOOKING to earn extra

money, even while you’re

out walking? Delivery

people required. Phone

The Courier 308 7664.

Allworkmanship guaranteed

Ben Kruger 021 808 739 or 308 4380



that lasts!

Existing kitchens, doors,

furniture &appliances

The Finishing Company

03 307 8870 2274727

BUILDING and property

solutions. For your complete

alteration or renovation.

We project manage

the whole process. Home

and small commercial.

Qualified tradesmen.

Phone Kiwi Building &

Maintenance Ltd. Gary 308

4798, 027 207 1478 or

Cawte 027 418 7955.

CARPET 2You -For all your

flooring needs. Supplier

and installer of carpet and

vinyl, re-stretch & repair

and carpet cleaning. Phone

Mike Gill on 027 491 4210.

CARPET cleaning -Powerful

equipment & fast drying.

Upholstery, mats and rugs.

Experienced owner/operator.

Phone John Cameron

at Supersucker 027 435

1042 or 308 1677.

CHIMNEY sweep - For a

professional service call

Dan McKerrow Chimney

Sweep and Repairs on 021

118 7580.

CHIMNEY sweep. It’s time to

start thinking about it.

Camera inspection carried

out and full inspection

checklist is left for you. Call

Allan 027 209 5026.

COMPUTER problems? For

prompt reliable computer

servicing and laser engraving

contact Kelvin, KJB

Systems Ltd, 4 Ascot

Place, Ashburton. Phone

308 8989. SuperGold discount

card accepted.

232 BoundaryRoad,Ashburton


E; benkruger@xtra.co.nz




to deliver the AshburtonCourier

and Realtyevery Thursdayinthe

Ashburtonurban area.


COMPUTER repairs, sales,

training, setup -wireless -

networks, spyware cleanup.

On-site day or evening.

LOW FEES. Call Robin

Johnstone, Networks

Firewalls & PC’s Ltd, 308

1440 or 027 768 4058.

CONCRETE pavers direct to

you - Best prices, many

sizes, textures and colours

- Paveco, 13 Robinson

Street, Industrial Estate.

ENGINEERING repairs, fabrication,

farm equipment

service and maintenance,

WOF repairs, machining

and welding. Odd jobs a

speciality. Mobile workshop.

Can collect. Phone

Malcolm 027 475 4241

FLY control and spider

proofing. For all domestic

and industrial pest control

needs phone AJ Kerr at

Ashburton Pest Control on

03 308 8147 or 027 432


FURNITURE removals -For

all your household removal

needs, call Nudges Furniture

Removals. Phone 027

224 0609.

GARDENING, mowing,

pruning, fertilising, projects

or general spruce ups? Call

Andrew at Spruce Gardens

to get the job done right.

027 765 2899 or 03 307 1693.



Bennett -Onsite hydraulic

hose repair service 24/7.

Stockists of Aero Quip

hoses &fittings, Commercial

hydraulics, Dynacool,

Spool valves etc., MP Filtri,

Walvoil. Call Justin on 308


LEGAL work -Phone Peter

Ragg (Ashburton Law) for

house sales, purchases

and refinances. Will call at

home evenings for wills,

enduring powers of

attorney. Phone 308 0327.

PAINTER for all your painting

needs. No job too small,

inside or outside. Professional

friendly service.

Phone Pete 03 308 1672 or

027 200 1619.

PAINTING wallpapering,

plastering - No job too

small. Interior, exterior.

Professional, prompt, competitive

service. Phone

Tony Sivier at Paint It Ashburton

on 021 878 794 or

307 7289.

PICK up the phone, Iclean

your home. Bathrooms, kitchens,

ovens, walls,

ceilings, vacuum carpets,

windows and ironing. Pensioner

rates apply. Phone

027 647 1712.

PLUMBING, drainlaying,

blocked drains. Phone

Lindsay at Doaky’s Plumbing

on 027 555 5575 or 308

1248 (Master Plumbers &


SUN Control Window Tinting:

Privacy, UV, glare, heat

control for homes -offices -

and cars. Phone Craig

Rogers 307 6347, member

of Master Tinters NZ.


block, glare, heat control,

safety, security, privacy,

frosting films, solar protective

window films. Free

quotes, 20 years local service.

Phone 0800 368 468

now, Bill Breukelaar, www.


TV Reception Specialists for

all your digital freeview

installations and repairs,

TV wall mounting, Smart

TV set-up, home theatre

installation. Call John at

Ashburton TV &Audio Ltd

03 308 7332 or 027 277



glass. Qualified flat glass

glazier now in-house. Anything

glass, give us acall.

Your place or ours. Wilson

Windscreens, 152 Wills

Street, Ashburton. Phone

03 308 8485.

ARE you struggling to make

ends meet? Need extra

money? Why not sell your

unwanted items in The

Courier! Everything helps.


PEASTRAW small bales.

Delivered Ashburton. $5.50

each; ex paddock $4.50

each. Phone/text 027 434



POTATOES Nadine and

Agria. $2 per kilo. Phone

308 3195 or 027 531 9103.

81 Elizabeth Street.

Phone Jann on

308 7664 or email



Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday May 7, 2020, Page 19

Dynamic Sales Person wanted



16,065 copies delivered everyThursday

TheAshburtonCourier is the best read newspaper in the MidCanterbury

districtand is delivered into over16,065 homes,farms,rural deliveryand

lifestyle blocks everyweek.

We pride ourselves on connecting our people in MidCanterbury, with

the best local news, viewsand issues.Weget fantastic feedback from our

readers and advertisers from this.

We arelooking forapassionate go-getter who would thriveinafun

sales environment. Someone who is apeople person, has ahistoryof

meeting targets and who is confidentwith client relationships as well as

prospecting new sales.

Your keyareas of focus will include but

not limited to:

• Maintaining and developing existing and new clients through

consistentcall cycles

• Owning the customer relationship,working inpartnership together,to

deliver best solutions forour clients

• Excellentwritten and oral communication skills

• Managing daytoday relationship with agiven portfolio of clients

• Identify and pursue new business opportunities

• Being resilientand customer focused

• Achievementofdeadlines through effectivetimemanagement

• Provenabilitytobuild positiveprofessional relationships with clients

• Bring a“can do”attitude

• Valid full driver’s licence.


• Friendly and driven sales culture

• Ongoing sales training

• Competitivesalaryand bonus,SXMedical Insurance

• Companycar forappointments

• Aservicethatworks forour clients

Applications,along with CV,should reach:

Jann Thompson

email jann.thompson@ashburtoncourier.co.nz

or TheAshburtonCourier,

199 Burnett Street,Ashburton

Allapplications will be treatedinthe strictest confidence.



Luisetti Seeds is asignificant provider of grain and

seedboth nationallyand internationally.

Opportunityhas arisenforaCasualStore Person at


Keyresponsibilitieswill include:

• Assistingwith theintake anddispatchfunctions


• Operating modern seed cleaning, treating and

mixing plants

• Opportunity to progress into a peramanent

positionfor the rightapplicant

You will have aproven history of: reliability and

punctuality, efficient time management skills,

working solo and inateam environment, being a

self-starter, able towork toadeadline, attention

to detail, working well under pressure and an

enthusiastic manner.

A willingness to work extended hours when

required and a friendly customer focused

personality would be desirable. Seed cleaning

experience, knowledge of agriculture and forklift

licencewould be an advantage but is not essential.

On sitetraining will be provided.

Remuneration to reflect the applicants experience

and ability.

Applications should detail recent relevant

experience, qualifications and references.

Applications will be treated and viewed in

confidence. Please apply to:

Luisetti Seeds Ltd

PO Box77


Attention: KarenVan Staden

or admin@luisettiseeds.co.nz

LOOKING for the best way to

spend your advertising dollar?

Think The Courier.



types, specializing in

Decramastic and Long Run

Iron, Coloursteel etc, steep

roofs not a problem. —

Spraymaster 027-433-7780.


SPACE available for next

weeks Courier -bequick!

Talk to us about your advertising

requirements. Phone

308 7664 or call into our

office at 199 Burnett Street,


TALK to us today about ways

you can improve your business.

Professional, reliable

service with a smile. The

Courier 308 7664.





Forall other medicalassistance outside of normal

hours please phone your general practiceteam, 24/7,

to speak withahealth professional who will giveyou

free healthadvice on whattodoorwhere to go if you

need urgentcare.

If youdon’t have aregular general practice, call any

GP team 24/7 forfreetelephone health advice.

All non-residents and visa holders please bring your

passporttoyour surgeryappointment.

New Zealanders’tobring some form of ID.

TheAshburtonDutyPractice for ...

Saturday9th May is

ThreeRivers Health, 7-11 Allens Road

Consultations will be by appointmentonly.

To make an appointmentcall your regular GP 24/7.

Sunday10th May is

ThreeRivers Health, 7-11 Allens Road

Consultations will be by appointmentonly.

To make an appointmentcall your regular GP 24/7.

Methven and Rakaia: Formedical attention on the

weekend and public holidays please telephone

MethvenMedical Centre on 03 302 8105

or Rakaia Medical Centre on 03 303 5002.

Details foraccessingthe afterhours services will be on the

answer phone.


Wises Pharmacy,CountdownComplex,

East Street will be open on ...

Saturday from 9.00am until 1.00pm

Sunday from 10.00am until 1.00pm

At Geraldine: TheGeraldine Pharmacywill be open

normal trading hours during the week,and on

Saturdaymorning from 9.30am to 12.30pm.

Closed Sundays and Public Holidays

Forfree24hour Telephone Health Advice

Phone the healthline on 0800 611 116


CountdownComplex, East Street, Ashburton

Phone: 03 308 6733 Fax: 03 308 6755

FOR advice on advertising

call The Courier 308 7664.

ANIMALS to good homes

every week in The Courier.

TheCancer Societyoffering

supportfor people

with acancer diagnosis

and their families


TheMackenzie Centre,

122 Kermode Street,Ashburton

ContactAnnie on 03 307 7691


Quality European

Vehicle Servicing






‘Free of Charge’

in Ashburton


Bruce McIlroy Limited


Tel: 03308 7282•E: bruce.mcilroy@xtra.co.nz



painting of cars, trucks,

buses, horse floats &

motorhomes, caravans,

trailers, farm machinery, jet

boats. Light engineering

and aluminium welding.

Bus &Truck Bodyworks, 17

Range Street, Ashburton.

Phone 307 0378.

ADVERTISING space available

in the next issue of The

Courier Newspaper. Call us

today 308 7664.

Call us for a




MAKE money selling your

unwanted items. Up to 24

words for only $8. Can’t get

better than that. The Courier.

WHAT better place for a

public notice than Ashburton’s

The Courier! Simply

clip the form for a run-on

advert like this or telephone

us on 308 7664 if you

require adisplay advertisement.

HOSPICE Mid Canterbury -

Here when you need us. If

you, or someone you care

about has a life limiting

illness, phone 307 8387 or

027 227 8387.


CJ’S Driving School. Classes

2&5, Endorsements F&D,

Forklift F&OSH, Dangerous

Goods. NZTA

approved course provider.

MITO and Competenz

Assessor. Locally owned.

Phone Christine 027 245



60 year old

male looking

forlady for


Prefer same

age or older.

033085183 or

0273199292 no texts.


Alone Is No Fun…



Meetvia Personal phonecalls not

computer matchups

25+ yearsofmatchmaking experience.

City/Ruralmembersof all ages (seniors


Call 0800 315 311

to seewho is waitingtomeetyou!



Page 20, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday May 7, 2020

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

House and Land

available now...

Display Home now open to view

by private appointment.

There’s never been abetter time to invest in bricks and mortar

and we’re here to help in any way we can. We have arange of

fantastic House and Land packages in the Ashburton area, so

why not get in touch and find out more.

Call Michele today to see what

Jennian Homes has to offer.


Michele Strange

M 027 491 5266

E michele.strange@jennian.co.nz


Talk to us about building

your dream home...

12 -896m2

11 -979m2





10 -1016m2

107 -908m2 51 -1036m2

Located west of Tinwald, with the main entrance off

Melcombe Street, the Oaklea Development has sections

available to buy now.

50 -814m2


49 -809m2

48 -924m2

47 -922m2

44 -937m2

55 -793m2

• Sections ranging from 720m² to 1038m²

43 -937m2

56 -802m2

• Design your own home

40 -940m2

41 -804m2

38 -851m2

57 -736m2

• House and Land packages available from $499,000

31 -852m2

75 -951m2

30 -1038m2

See what life could be like in aJennian home...

Jennian Homes Canterbury

212 Main South Road, Hornby

P 03 7411 436

E canterbury@jennian.co.nz


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