8th & 9th October 2012 Grand Ballroom Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa


8th & 9th October 2012 Grand Ballroom Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa

8 th & 9 th October 2012

Grand Ballroom

Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa

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This new Global Forum on the drivers behind the digitalization of citizen ID documents, gathers 40 speakers and 300 experts, key

industrial as well as top-level governmental representatives from over 40 countries in high profile keynotes, work-shops, caseoriented

panel sessions, networking and exhibition.

The 4th edition of National eID & ePassport Conference will take place 8th & 9th of October 2012, Grand Ballroom Sunway Resort

Hotel & Spa, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

After 3 previous very successful conference editions in Lisbon 2009, Athens 2010 and Istanbul 2011, the organization committee

wishes to take the 2012 edition, for the first time, to Asia. We will gather more than 300 top level governmental delegates together

with the brightest minds in the industry, from all around the world, in Kuala Lumpur, to discuss the foundation and evolution of a

global eID infrastructure, based on the digitalization of citizen ID documents.

Over 80% of the European Union Member States and ICAO Countries have introduced or are in the process of introducing biometricbased

ID documents or are at least considering doing so. The trend towards this form of technology is becoming so essential and

under important consideration of all countries’ administration.

The 4th edition of the National eID & ePassport Conference is honored by the official support of the Ministry of Science, Technology

and Innovation of Malaysia.

Together with support from the members of ASEAN, we wish to promote the awareness and understanding of the global eID

development in this region, as well as to establish a fundamental knowledge sharing and discussion platform in order to contribute

to the global eID agenda.

Quotes from 3rd edition Istanbul 2011

Mr H.Avni Aksoy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Turkey:

”The National eID & ePassport Conference has now become an established tradition already. The Conference is the most industryrelevant

event that regularly brings together the top players. Not only because it brings together suppliers and potential clients,

but also because this is where new ideas, technologies and processes are discussed and take their optimum shape with inputs

from all concerned. It is not an exclusively IT event -although that plays an important part- but for all the right reasons it is the “it”

event. Miss it at your peril. ”

Eric Billiaert, Communications Manager, Public Sector, Gemalto:

“The two last conferences exceeded all expectations. I know what goes into putting together a successful event, and can appreciate

all of the planning. The conference is also an excellent networking opportunity I will leverage even more this year in Istanbul.”


• Listen to top speakers from across the world on topics such as latest developments in eID, ePassport,

eGovernment etc

• Participate in panel discussions and workshops focusing on legal, technical as well as business aspects

• Exclusive networking opportunities with top level delegates from over 40 countries, both from Government

and Industry

• Exhibit in conjunction to the conference

• Explore business and project opportunities across Asia, with delegates from most countries in the region

gathering for this high-profile event


7 keynotes from Ministers/Deputy Ministers or Top Government Delegates from 7 different countries to share their

experiences, visions, advices and more.

Panel Discussions

Expert panel members led by appointed Chairman, below topics at the centre for discussion and Q&A.

• Approaching eID Interoperability

To discuss the needs, motivation, impact and challenges to achieve eID interoperability between countries. Is this

mission impossible?

• eID in the age of Cloud & Social Media

Social media and cloud have been the latest phenomenon in recent years, will eID move them to the next level with

the benefits of trust worthy authentication provided by eID.

• Security Breaches – can we expect the worst?

Important lessons from actual case studies of security breaches – what went wrong, who is responsible, how to

prevent it. Learn from leading Forensic Investigator and the victims.

• eServices or eID, which one come first?

Chicken and egg situation. The value of eID is often linked to the extent of its usage by eService applications. Should

the plan of implementing eID take into consideration () the eServices road map or should we treat these two as

separate initiatives?


(3 hours for each topic and runs parallel)

Roundtable hands-on workshops with 8 to 10 team members in each group. Case study, discussion and presentation

concluding with global recap.

• The impact of smart devices on eID

• Framework for Digital Signature and Data Protection

• Looking back, moving forward : Applying the success and lesson learned from ePassport revolution.

Contact :

Anna Seddigh - MarCom Manager PrimeKey Phone; +46 709 886048 Email: anna.seddigh@primekey.se

Sio Chun Jia – Marcom Manager SecureMetric Phone: +60 16 228 4825 Email: sio@securemetric.com

Ana Ferreira – Marcom Manager MULTICERT Phone: +351 967 250 652 Email: ana.ferreira@multicert.com

Past Conference Facts & Reference

3rd edition National eID & ePassport Conference @ Istanbul (24th – 25th October 2011)

Supported by Turkish Ministry of

Foreign Affairs with Opening Ceremony

officiated by Mr H.Avni Aksoy, and

under the patronage of Mrs Neelie

KROES, Vice-President of the European

Commission responsible for the

Digital Agenda. Speeches delivered by

Ministers and Deputy Ministers from

Greece, Romania, Georgia and Turkey.

60 speakers from over 40 countries,

25 sponsors and 250 delegates from

Europe, Middle East, America and Asia.

2nd edition National eID & ePassport Conference @Athens (21st – 22nd October 2010)

Supported by Greek Ministry of Interior

with Opening Ceremony officiated

by Mr Stefanos Grintzalis, General

Secretary, Ministry of Interior.

1st edition National eID & ePassport Conference @Anthens (22nd – 23rd October 2009)

Supported by INCM, the Portuguese Official Print House and Mint with Opening Ceremony officiated by Mr José Toscano,

member of the INCM Board.


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Endorsed by New Media Partner

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Private Sector 500 Euro

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400 Euro

280 Euro

Pricing included 2 Day Conference Pass,

1 Workshop Pass, 2 Days Lunch, 1 Buffet Dinner

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Registration before 31 July

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