May 2020 - These Curious Times


In this issue, These Curious Times covers the Pentagons acknowledgement of Unidentified Flying Objects, pandemic conspiracy theories, the Long Beach Rocky Horror Picture Show midnight showings, the works of two authors, and more.

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May 2020

Pentagon Admits Existence of UFOs

The Pentagon, headquarters for the United Stated Department of Defense.

Little Lights in the Darkness

Donna Mason

The news on every channel in every

country is being over populated by this

global pandemic, and although we all need

to know the latest, quite frankly we are

growing weary of it all.

Each and every one of us is at risk of

contracting the coronavirus, a potentially

deadly disease that nobody can see and

sadly thousands have lost loved ones to

because their body could not fight it off.

That proverbial dark and almost endless

tunnel does have its’ random bright lights.

These small tiny candles in the

darkness somehow gather strength and

grow into a positive trend that can be

seen across the world. Each small act of

kindness, every selfless good deed, helps

that light grow bigger and spread like a

hug around the world.

It’s a little cheesy isn’t it? But take that

forward thinking of numerous midwives

and nurses in the United Kingdom who

started a Facebook group asking people

to help make wash bags for medical staff

in order to clean their scrubs in at the end

of their long shifts, so they are not running

the risk of throwing away a plastic bag that

may or may not be carrying the Covid-19

virus on its surface.

Also the U.K has now established a

movement of “Clap for the NHS” which

is the National Health Service. Every

Thursday evening at 8:00 p.m., without

fail, thousands across the country stop

whatever they may be doing, step outside

and stand in front of their homes and

in a united demonstration, clap their

appreciation for the NHS. The Nation pays

tribute to each and every aspect of the

country’s emergency service personnel.

Another growing faction is the care

for children of medical staff. Many friends

and family members are temporarily

taking in these children so they can be

shielded from infection, while relieving the

parents concerns for safely and child care.

David Zaslov, Discovery Network’s

CEO hosted a virtual poker tournament

to raise fund for Mount Sinai NYC. Zaslov

was joined by Executive Producer of

Ghost Adventures Zak Bagans and other

celebrities that pulled out their wallets to

donate their own money. The target goal

was one million in winnings, which was

far exceeded, bringing in over six million


Captain Tom Moore a former British

‘Lights’ Continued Page 4

TCT Staff

The word ‘unidentified’ is key.

The Pentagon officially released

three videos of Unidentified Aerial

Phenomena [UAP] confirming the

footage taken by U.S. Navy fighter-jets

was authentic. This is the first time in

history the Department of Defense has

officially acknowledged the existence

of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.

The videos were originally

released by TTSA in 2017 by The

New York Times and subsequently

confirmed by the Navy. The Pentagon

has also previously acknowledged the

existence of an Advanced Aerospace

Threat Identification Program

[AATIP] formerly run by Luis Elizondo.

Elizondo now serves as the Director of

Government Programs & Services for


Elizondo offered the following

statement regarding the released


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pillar of a Democracy. We commend

the leadership at the Department of

Defense for sharing the truth and TTSA

is optimistic that they will continue to

share more information transparently

as it becomes publicly available.”

“At To The Stars Academy, we do not

fear skepticism and will continually

work to decrease doubt around the

topic of the existence of UAPs. We are

fueled by the Pentagon’s significant

actions and hope this encourages a

new wave of credible information to

come forward. We acknowledge and

stand by those who have the courage

to always speak the truth, no matter

how difficult or complex the issue is.”

Elizondo is a principal cast member

of HISTORY’s hit nonfiction series

“Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO

‘UFOs’ Continued Page 4

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Be Careful With Conspiracy Theories During

Grand, World-Changing Events

Judy Mikovits, Ph.D., and disgraced scientist has found a new way to

become lucrative - conspiracy theories.

Andrew Perry

Let me tell you the story about

how a disgruntled scientist became a

leading contributor to a coronavirus

conspiracy theory, and how it bodes as

a warning for all of us.

Judy Mikovits, Ph.D., was once a

reputable scientist.

She was the research director for

the Whittemore Peterson Institute,

where she and coworkers were trying

to find the cause of Chronic Fatigue

Syndrome, or CFS.

In 2007, she met one of the

discoverers of a retrovirus called

xenotropic murine leukemia virusrelated

virus (which I will thankfully

refer to as XMRV hereafter).

That meeting apparently really

influenced her, because after she

discovered two CFS patients in 2008

who tested positive for XMRV, she and

her coworkers published a paper in the

journal Science suggesting that XMRV

has a causal role in CFS.

This attracted a lot of attention,

but every attempt by scientists

afterwards to replicate her findings

failed. Eventually, the journal Science

retracted the paper.

The Partially Informed Philosopher

The Landmark Forum, Part 2 of 3: An Invitation Arrives

Andrew Perry

In the previous column, I told the

story about how my boss asked me

through a surrogate if I was loyal to

him, and after answering I was loyal

to the City I worked for, all my duties

were taken away.

A few months ago, an acquaintance

of mine, who is mainly an online

friend, sent me a private message,

inviting me to attend something that

she thinks I’d enjoy. Why? In her words

- because I’m a philosophical guy and

that basically the Landmark Forum

was a philosophical and psychological

inquiry into one’s own self. I’m a total

nerd because that actually sold me!

I signed up for an early January

date. It was November when I signed

up for it, so I had two months to


She was later fired by the

Whittemore Peterson Institute

because of concerns about her work’s


A Fall From Grace

Normally, this is a hit to the career

of a scientist, but if the scientist

is intellectually honest, he or she

will admit there was a fault in their

methodology, accept the prevailing

science, and move on. Mistakes happen.

That didn’t happen with Mikovits.

She denied the research of other

scientists and maintained her own

theory, despite it being disproved time

and time again. She eventually found

an audience not with the scientific

community, but with the anti-science

and pseudo-science community.

She is today very popular for a viral

video called Plandemic (see review on

Page 7). In the video, she sells herself

as someone who worked with Dr.

Anthony Fauci, who she claims ordered

a cover-up that led to her demise.

I’m going out on a limb here, but I

see her motive. She couldn’t make it in

the scientific community, so she took

the path of least resistance and has

gained popularity with a niche group.

Using her former prestige to lend her

research the Landmark Forum and

make myself paranoid.

In the days leading up to the

January date, Google took me down

a rabbit hole. The Forum is expensive

and not even three weeks until the

forum, I was on the verge of getting

buyer’s remorse because I read mixed


To be fair, at $690 it wasn’t ‘break

the bank’ expensive, but it was

definitely painful to part with that

cash. I could’ve added some mods

to my Jeep, bought some booze, or

done any number of things. But here

I was, investing in my well-being. My

justification: that’s comparatively

cheap for one’s well being, right?

The reviews I read fall into two

basic camps - 1) It’s a great way to gain

invaluable insight into your life and

authority, this niche group of not-soscientifically-literate

people is whom

she sells her books, which are filled

with conspiracy theories about big

pharma, or big government, and the

alleged terrors of vaccinations, and

still pushing her dead scientific theory

about retroviruses causing conditions

- and this has now expanded to many

different diseases, including COVID-19.

Fortunately, this niche isn’t a

majority group, but it is large enough

that she has been making a healthy

living off of it, as a speaker and as a

recurring author.

While I am happy for her that she

has found a way to be lucrative and

develop her writing and publishing

skills, I am very disappointed in how

she is basically living an intellectually

dishonest life, and spreading what

is essentially misinformation to the


How It Bodes

Many conspiracy theories have at

their core disgruntled and disgraced

former members or professionals of a

group, who seek to defame it or to at

least achieve something like credibility

by finding an audience for their words.

The Freemasons, of which I

am one, have had plenty of former

Masons leave and then defame

the organization because of some

slight. So too with scientists and the

government, with Hollywood, or the

news media.

Usually, their audiences are

relatively small, but sometimes related

global events can give these bad

messengers a global audience.

During this pandemic, we are all

scratching our heads wondering when

it will end. Many have lost their jobs

or are being furloughed. Some people

are brandishing arms and soaking up

conspiracy theories to fuel their rage.

But I ask you, delve into those conspiracy

theories. Do they have any merit?

Are your Constitutional rights

really being taken away? Or is it just the

temporary lapse of convenience that

has irked you, and are you just looking

for a way to rationalize your anger?

give you the courage to make bold

steps, or 2) It’s a cult!

I don’t trust dogmatic religious

people’s ability to make sound

judgments, and it just seemed to me

that most of the “It’s a cult” reviews

were ironically from religious people.

If I could summarize their views, they

don’t like the idea of some other cult

barging into their own territory, and

for some reason they viewed the

Landmark Forum as a competing

religion similar to Scientology.

However, the honest reviews from

people who were positively impacted

seemed decent enough, though they

did seem to be using words in common,

as if they were developing their own

jargon. Why are they all talking about

“rackets” and “stories”?

To be continued in our .next issue ...

Our Feature

Author Dario



Dario Ciriello is a professional

author and editor as well as the

founder of Panverse Publishing.

His fiction includes Sutherlands

Rules, a crime caper/thriller with a

shimmer of the fantastic…

Black Easter, a supernatural

suspense novel which pits love against

black magic and demonic possession on

a remote, idyllic Greek island; and Free

Verse and Other Stories, a collection of

Dario’s short science fiction work and

is currently at work on a collection of

period crime mysteries.

Ciriello’s 2011 nonfiction book,

Aegean Dream, the bittersweet

memoir of a year spent on the small

Greek island of Skópelos - the real

Mamma Mia! island, was an Amazon

UK travel bestseller.

The Fiction Writing Handbook:

The Rebel Author’s Guide to Writing

Beyond the Rules (Panverse, 2017) is his

second nonfiction work.

In addition to writing, Ciriello, who

lives in the Los Angeles Area, offers

professional editing, copyediting, and

mentoring services to indie authors.

His blog and professional services

listing resides at http://dariospeaks., and you can find his

books at his Amazon page,

Soul Mates, A Short Story

Dario Ciriello


trickling energy back into her depleted

form. The ambient has dimmed since

Rose’s return and a mist has descended.

Even the coruscations and sprays of

light off the nearby River seem muted,

its eternal, brawling brilliance less

than it was.

Rose stirs. That this was a rough

one, Cobalt has no doubt. He wishes

Chrome were here.

“It’s all right,” he says. “You’re safe.”


“Yes, Rose. I’m here.”

As Rose brightens, Cobalt eases

his hold on her by patient degrees. He’s

never seen her return so spent.

“It was horrible, this one. I don’t

know how much more…”

“Easy,” says Cobalt, shifting his

grip from fully encircling to a lighter

An Excerpt From Black Easter

San Francisco antique dealer Paul

Hatzis sells his business and rents an

old house on the small Greek island

of Vóunos. What he doesn’t know is

that the house, which has a sinister

reputation with the locals, was

previously owned by black magician

Dafyd Jones who, along with his seer

companions Magda O’Whelan, and

Klaus Maule, a seriously disturbed

colonel in the Waffen SS, has made a

deal with the demonic, culminating in


“It’s worse every time, Cobalt. There

are so many of them, so few of us.”

Empathy washes through him,

spilling over into Rose. He’s seen it:

more empties are being born, still

a tiny fraction, but the damage and

contagion they cause, their pure,

unalloyed evil…


“Yes, Rose?”

“I don’t want to go back. I can’t.”

Cobalt turns to the River. It seems

brilliant again, the mist lessened. The

meadows beyond are visible now, and

the faint smudge of the foothills.

“If only we didn’t remember,” says

Rose. “It’s all back to front! When we go

into the field, that’s when we should

remember. Remember home, each

other. But to return and have it all

come crashing—”

“I know, Rose.”


their planned bodily deaths during the

final ritual in 1944.

In return for a lifetime of seventy

human years of service on the frontier

of Outer Hell, where all demons of

fight a desperate, eternal battle

against inconceivable powers that

would consume both the human

and demonic spheres, Jones and his

companions will be reborn on Earth as

powerful immortals … if they don’t go

mad first.

Her energy is faltering again.

Cobalt reaches out, pulling great skeins

of it from the ambient and knitting it

into hers.

“It’s our nature.” He says it with all

the love and gentleness he has. “Once,

I saw you there, the only time we ever

met up. The street market in Lisbon, in

the rain. Do you remember it?”

He tastes her silent assent. “Of

course, we didn’t know. But I was an old

one, and I felt… something. An energy,

a kinship, a pull.”

“Intimations,” she says. “The old—

some of them—begin to feel it. Just

barely. But some part of them knows.”

“Yes. Some part. Even there, we can

sense family.”

She has brightened now, but still

she flickers. He hopes she will have


“But they don’t act on it, Cobalt! For

all their faiths and philosophies and

As Easter approaches, Paul is

preparing to celebrate with his new

girlfriend and his adored 18-year old

niece, but with the biblical threescore

years and ten now up, the magician

and his two colleagues are being called

back from Hell by the ritual artifact

they buried deep in the cellar of Paul’s


And all they need are three bodies

to inhabit…

their vaunted free will—they don’t act!”

She grows agitated again, and he

works to knit the loose filaments, to

make her fully whole.

A pinprick of fire floats near, grows

to a shimmering ovoid. Cobalt feels

the pressure, yields to it, offering no

resistance to the sudden burst of light

and warmth.

Rose feels it too. “Chrome!”

Chrome joins them, completing

them. Cobalt savors the moment, as

their three flavors merge into a perfect

whole. Healed, intact, herself again,

Rose floats free of his cradling hold.

No words are needed. The moment

is both fleeting and forever, until the

call, as it must, comes again to each.

Light, is the last thought he has as

he is drawn once more into the field.

Giving A Voice to the Dead

Hensley and Kessler on an investigation in Loraine, Ohio.

Tammye McDuff

“We give a voice to the dead,” says

paranormal investigator David Hensley,

founder of EVP Mediums “I want to

be clear, we help spirits find their way

home, and we educate the public on

this very real phenomenon.” These

Curious Times had the opportunity to

speak with Hensley last month. Hensley

and partner in the paranormal Randy

Kessler investigate claims of paranormal

activity in the Ohio North coast area.

Hensley and Kessler also co-host a

podcast called Paranormal Road.

“We started EVP Mediums back

in 2012,” Hensley told TCTN, “I started

doing EVP’s and quickly realized it was

real – it was mind blowing!” Hensley

said it became an obsession and he

was recording EVP’s every day. “When

I began receiving messages from my

grandmother and my father, it changed

everything for me.”

Hensley was a corporate executive

and did not believe in or have time for

anything paranormal. “People react

differently; some can hear an EVP and

some can’t. Ghosts could come and bite

them in the back side and they would

deny it.” Hensley was the director of

food and beverage operations for an

amusement park in Ohio, he said it was

a multimillion dollar business and he

was charge of over 1500 employees,

“We approached 80 million in revenue

annually, it was huge. I opened a


restaurant which turned out to be a

nightmare, and then I decided I was

just going to take a normal nine to five

job so I would have the time to pursue

investigations and devote more time to

EVP Mediums.” He says it’s the happiest

he has ever been.

Hensley’s brush with the paranormal

began at the age of ten when he lost his

father. “When you’re young, you miss

your parent, but the affects of actually

losing them didn’t hit me anyway until

I was much older. In 2000 I lost both my

grandparents and it left a big hole in

my life.” That’s when he began to record

EVP’s daily, he began receiving messages

from his grandparents, “This gave

me hope that I would be united with

them someday. The ironic thing is that

I actually never attempted to contact

them,” Hensley agrees he was very naïve.

Shortly after their passing, Hensley

recalls one of his most clarifying

moments. “I stepped outside the

restaurant for a break. I lit up a cigarette,

[I was a smoker back them] and turned

on my phone. Immediately I heard a

lyrical humming. It was something I had

not heard before.” He went back to his

office and transferred the recording to

his computer so it could be heard better,

Hensley choked up a bit and said as soon

as he listened to the music he began

to cry like a baby. “The humming was

actual singing. My grandmother was

always making up silly songs and singing

them. The words sung were ‘Be proud of

Photo by Hensley/Kessler

yourself, my David’. The only person to

call me ‘My David’ was my grandmother,

we adored each other.”

As the story goes, Hensley left the

restaurant straight away and headed

to the cemetery, recording the entire

time, “You can hear my footsteps as I

am walking to her grave,” said Hensley,

“Playing my recordings back later I

hear ‘I told you he would come Daddy’.

My grandmother always called my

grandfather ‘Daddy’.” Hensley says that

he can be heard sobbing at the gravesite

and then he hears “David Hensley! Your

grandma is not in the grave!”

This event turned into the creation

of EVP Mediums in order to help others

understand that hauntings are real, it

doesn’t mean it is always evil, it doesn’t

mean it is demonic – although Hensley

says they have had those cases.

Hensley and Kessler are so successful

in their endeavors that A&E [the Arts and

Entertainment network] filmed a pilot

called “The American Murder House”. “It

was horrific, “said Hensley, “Reality TV is

anything but reality, we were told to act

as if demons were afoot – they weren’t

– and we decided to be such awful

actors, that we were released from our

contract.” They have subsequently had

numerous television offers that are

continually declined. “We want to bring

the real issues, and make sure that we

have the final say over how our work

and investigations are perceived. I don’t

want to part of the lie.” He goes on to

admit television has become a double

edged sword, it has opened the way for

the general population to be introduced

to the paranormal, but at the same

time some shows have veered off into

unrealistic personifications.

“We have met some of the most

wonderful people. We know ghosts are

real and we also know that demons

are real. We have had six cases that we

classify as demonic.”

Hensley and Kessler are well known

for their experiments into the unknown

“They show that those who crossover

become part of the conscience universe

– they become part of everything. My

father died when I was barely a teenager,

and I remember crying that he would

never know my children. Before the birth

of my son, I had a dream. I was mowing

my lawn and my dad drove up in this

beautiful red convertible. I was furious

with him because I thought he was alive.

I remember really letting him have it. In

my peripheral vision I saw a little boy in

the back seat. My dad grabs my hand

sternly and he squeezed it and said today

– I bring you the greatest gift.” Hensley

said that day his wife informed him that

she was pregnant. “I knew it would be a

son. My father was able to meet my son

before he was ever born.”

In his lecturers he tells people “Yes,

you have lost your loved one. They will

not be at that graduation or wedding

or birth, but they are around you all the

time. These are the things that drive me.

If we can help one person, give them a

glimmer of hope about their loved one,

then all the ribbing we take is worth it.”

Hensley added “It just blows my mind’ to

actually know that there is something

greater out in the universe. I love being

part of something that most can’t wrap

their heads around.”

Visit EVP Mediums on Facebook and

on YouTube.


David Hensley, founder of Paranormal Road Podcast.

Photo by Paranormal Road

Andrew Perry

Cypress, California is an Orange

County suburb, part of the Greater Los

Angeles area. Roadrunners are native

to the region, but are usually only found

in the wild, and in open spaces where

they can run freely.

Imagine the surprise when Cypress

residents, and those in surrounding

areas, discovered roadrunners in their


A Facebook group called Cypress

Community Group (original) first

started reporting roadrunner sightings

on April 23. Resident Daniel Rodriguez

posted a photo and a question: “Y’all

ever see a roadrunner in Cypress?”

After that post, several other

residents began reporting roadrunners

too, in an area covering a three square

mile radius.

Nancy Canyon, a bird expert from

the Orange County Audubon Society

based in nearby Newport Beach, said

she has no idea why the roadrunners

are making an appearance in Cypress.

Cypress isn’t particularly known for

large open fields or wild lands, which is

where roadrunners flourish.

“They are native to the region, but

in a place with a lot of residential that is

very unusual,” said Canyon. “They prefer

wide open spaces.”

In Newport Beach, where there are

several large preserves, roadrunners

have seen an increase.

“Last year we got a few roadrunners,

but this year there are plenty. I’m not

sure why.”

One possibility is that with the

sudden spurt in the roadrunner

population, they’ve spread out into

surrounding areas, and so far Cypress

residents are just the first to have

noticed, and they just eat food waste

along with their usual diet.

“They usually just eat lizards and

insects. But really, roadrunners will eat

just about anything,” said Canyon.

On the playful side, Cypress has

had plenty of coyote sightings over

the years, as it borders with Coyote


Roadrunners are Turning Up In An L.A. Suburb, and No One Knows Why

Creek, which is a tributary of the San

Gabriel River. Any one familiar with

Warner Bros cartoons knows of the

rivalry between Wile E. Coyote and the


In the same Cypress Community

group, coyotes have been an ongoing

concern for residents. Several pets

have fallen victim to them, and even

one small child was attacked near the

Cypress Cemetery several years ago.

In 2016, in a post about a coyote

sighting, Cypress resident Jason Morad

said, “We just need some roadrunners

in Cypress to distract all these damn


In 2020, that request seems to have

finally been answered.

Right: One of the elusive roadrunners in the Cypress area, this one from Buena Park. Left: A coyote also

sighted in the area.

Roadrunner Screenshot from Rhonda Brown-Palacios, Coyote Screenshot from Julie McGill.



Let’s discover the afterlife together.

Join us on our investigations.

Inexpensive and often free!


‘UFOs’ from Front

Investigation,” which reached 19.1 million

people during season one. Elizondo

appeared alongside Commander David

Fravor, U.S. Navy (Ret), Commanding

Officer of Strike Fighter Squadron 41,

who encountered the UAP in the Navy’s

declassified footage.

Throughout the series, Elizondo

and his colleagues are profiled for

their work at To the Stars Academy

of Arts & Science collaborating with

public and private entities around

‘Lights’ from Front

Army Officer celebrated his 100th birthday

on April 30th, walked laps in his garden to

raise money for the NHS. Even after he had

reached his goal donations continued to

pour in pushing his target to well over 35

million. He has also received more than

125,000 birthday cards, which are on display

at Bedford School, southeast England.

Right now we are all being told to Stay

Home and do our part to save lives and not

spread the virus.

This is where as an international

nation we have decided to stand and fight

united against the invisible enemy. It is

quickly becoming clear that the strong

among us are now pulling together to help

those who need a hand up.

Why not take a minute to check in on

the people who matter to you, use social

media for good.

Moore told the BBC that reaching

100 is quite something, “Reaching 100

with such interest in me and such

enormous generosity from the public is

very overwhelming,” he said, ““People keep

saying what I have done is remarkable,

however it’s actually what you have done

the world to shine a spotlight on the

truth and produce tangible evidence

to build the most indisputable case for

the existence and threat of UAPs ever


Season two of the series is set to

return this summer and will continue

to follow Elizondo and the TTSA

team as they further their work with

retired and active military to expose

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

sightings worldwide.

for me which is remarkable. Please always

remember, tomorrow will be a good day.”

Captain Tom Moore received a sign

card from the Queen on his 100th


Photo from PA Media/BBC


Plandemic: The Global Plan to Control Our Lives

A Review of a Viral Video

Mikki Willis (right) and Judy Mikovits, PhD. Mikovits is molecular biologist

and medical researcher.

Screenshot from Plandemic

TCTN Staff Report

In a documentary vignette released

May 4th, and seen - seen by over 500,000

YouTube viewers – and then removed

by Youtube, filmmaker Mikki Willis

interviews Judy Mikovits PhD. She

is a molecular biologist and medical

researcher. She has been called one of

the most accomplished scientists of her


Mikovits 1991 doctoral thesis

revolutionized the treatment of HIV /

AIDS. At the height of her career Mikovits

published a block buster article in the

journal ‘Science’. Willis narrates the

documentary saying, “The article sent

shock waves throughout the scientific

community, stating that the use of

animal and human fetal tissues were

unleashing devastating plaques of

human diseases.” For exposing their

secrets big pharma waged war on

Mikovits, destroying her good name,

career and personal life.

As the fate of nations hangs in the

balance, Mikovits is naming names

behind this plaque of corruption that

places all human life in danger. Mikovits

says she was arrested and then placed

under a gag order for five years, “I was

told that if I went on social media – if I

said anything at all – ‘they’ would find

new evidence and put me back in jail. I

knew there was no evidence. When you

can force someone into bankruptcy

who has a perfect credit score - so I

could not bring my 97 witnesses – one

of which was Tony Fauci – heads of the

HHS, who would have had to testify that

we did absolutely nothing wrong – you

realize just how deep the corruption


She was held in jail with no

charges, called a fugitive from justice,

her husband was harassed and

terrorized five days all while searching

for notebooks and evidence, with no

warrant, “I did not have anything in

my home. ‘Evidence’ was planted; it

was intended to look as if I removed

confidential information from the

laboratory. I could prove beyond a

shadow of a doubt that I did not. The

heads of HHS colluded to destroy my

reputation all while the DOJ and the

FBI sat on the information under seal

– which means you can’t say anything

about the case or your lawyer would be

held in contempt, I couldn’t even get a


Her book ‘Plaque of Corruption:

Restoring Faith in the Promise of

Science’ has been called a once-in-alifetime

eye opener that is likely to

have a profound impact on how people

view the country’s public health and

scientific establishments. Mikovits is

naming names, “If we don’t stop this

now, we can forget about our republic

and our freedom and our humanity

because we will be killed by this agenda.”

She states that Dr. Anthony Fauci

directed a cover up and everyone was

paid off by Fauci’s organization National

Institute of Allergies and Infectious

Disease. “What he is saying about this

pandemic is absolute propaganda

that he has been using since 1984,” says


A message from Willis:

The world is watching you. We

understand the pressure you’re

under to censor any information that

contradicts the popular narrative.

We know the risk that comes with

defying the orders of those who pull

the strings. We realize even the biggest

of tech giants are under the command

of powerful forces that wield the ability

to destroy your empire with the click of

a key. But due to the critical condition of

our world, “I was just doing my job” is no

longer an acceptable excuse.

This is no time to play politics.

Our future is your future. Your family’s

future. Your children’s future. Your

grandchildren’s future. This is a plea

to the human in you. Preventing

this information from reaching the

people is taking a firm stance on the

wrong side of history. A choice you

will certainly live to regret as truth

exponentially emerges. There is

nothing, no billionaire, no politician,

no media, no level of censorship that

can slow this awakening. It is here. It is

happening. Who’s side are you on?

If anything is clear at this moment,

it is the fact that no one is coming to

save us. We are the ones we’ve been

waiting for. Though great forces have

worked long and hard to divide us, our

resilience, strength, and intelligence

has been gravely underestimated. Now

is the time to put all our differences

aside. United we stand. Divided we fall.

Humanity is imprisoned by a

killer pandemic. People are being

arrested for surfing in the ocean and

meditating in nature. Nations are

collapsing. Hungry citizens are rioting


for food. The media has generated so

much confusion and fear that people

are begging for salvation in a syringe.

Billionaire patent owners are pushing

for globally mandated vaccines.

Anyone who refuses to be injected

with experimental poisons will be

prohibited from travel, education and

work. No, this is not a synopsis for a new

horror movie. This is our current reality.

It has been named COVID19. Our

leaders of world health have predicted

millions will die. The National Guard

has been deployed. Makeshift hospitals

erected to care for a massive overflow

of patients and mass graves have been

dug. Terrifying news reports have

people everywhere seeking shelter to

avoid contact. The plan was is unfolding

with precision. But the masters of the

Pandemic underestimated one thing...

the people. Medical professionals and

every-day citizens are sharing critical

information online. The overlords of big

tech have ordered all dissenting voices

to be silenced and banned, but they are

too late. The slumbering masses are

awake and aware that something is not


Mikovits says “There is no vaccine

currently on the schedule for any RNA

virus that works.” She goes on to say that

this virus is not naturally occurring,

“It is very clear that this family of virus

was manipulated and studied in a

laboratory and was released, whether

deliberate or not.”

Quarantine has provided the one

element that was not predicted: time.

Suddenly, our overworked citizenry

has ample time to research and

investigate for themselves. Once you

see, you can’t unsee. Be brave. Share the

video download

your own copy because it is sure to be





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Twitch Upon A Star

Tammye McDuff

One of the most beloved characters

of my childhood was Elizabeth

Montgomery’s portrayal of Samantha

Stevens in the 1960’s sitcom Bewitched.

I have vivid memories of spending

hours in front of the mirror trying

to twitch my nose like she did, to no

avail. When I interviewed biographer,

writer and producer Herbie J. Pilato,

and discovered that he wrote the

popular book ‘Twitch Upon A Star: The

Bewitched Life and Career of Elizabeth

Montgomery’ I knew TCTN had to

spotlight the author and his book.

“When I first met Elizabeth

Montgomery, I wanted to write

a reunion movie for Bewitched.

Montgomery declined the movie but

agreed to the book. I always knew

in the back of mind that I wanted to

write her life story. She was a very

interesting and generous person. She

was down to earth and unaffected

by the whole Hollywood scene,” began


Her father was Robert

Montgomery who was an American

film and television actor and producer

with numerous credits to his name

from 1929 to 1960. His most memorable

credit was ‘Robert Montgomery

Presents’ which was an early version of

the Twilight Zone. Elizabeth made her

television debut on the series. “I was

compelled to write about Elizabeth,

I guess you can say I was bewitched,”

laughs Pilato.

Montgomery did a movie called

‘Johnny Cool’ with William Asher, “It

was disdain at first site but then they

eventually fell in love and got married.

He was not a great drama director but

was a fantastic comedy director. He

introduced ‘Our Miss Brooks’; began

directing ‘I Love Lucy’ and ‘The Patti

Duke Show’ then finally produced and

directed ‘Bewitched’.

Asher’s initial idea was to write

a story about a fun couple with the

storyline about a wealthy woman who

fell in love with a garage mechanic. But

a plot twist was introduced. Instead of

a rich woman ‘rich-craft’ falling for a

regular guy, a witch falls for a mortal.

The studio loved it and the sitcom was


At the time, ABC was a young

network and they were willing to

try different things. “It was also

the 1960’s and those times were

filled with race wars and riots and

unpleasant things like that, and

‘Bewitched’ was an entertainment

escape,” said Pilato. “People fell in

love with Elizabeth. It wasn’t really

a show about a witch; it was a show

about a person, who happened to be

a witch. The relationship was about

the love between the two characters

irrespective of their differences. It was

about true love.”

“I never wanted to ask her for a

photo, or autograph or to ask her to

twitch her nose, I wanted to separate

myself from ‘fandom’. I wanted

Elizabeth to respect me as a person,

and in order for that to happen, I had

to let her know I respected her first as

a person. As a result, she opened up to

me and told me that our sessions were

therapeutic,” said Pilato.

Montgomery was a very private

person. “She was complicated,” said

Pilato. “I met with Bill Asher and he gave

me her phone number. I Had Elizabeth

Montgomery Phone Number!!!” Pilato

called and left messages for three

months, “When she finally called me

back she confessed that she did not like

the ‘twitch’ sound on my answering


To answering lingering questions

about Montgomery and any magical

abilities, there are plenty of things that

did occur on and off set that could not

be explained, but you will have to buy

the book to find out more.

Pilato has written two biography’s

on Montgomery and two different

version of the Bewitched book.

Based on Pilato’s exclusive interviews

with Elizabeth Montgomery prior

to her death in 1995, Twitch Upon a

Star includes insider material and

commentary from several individuals

associated with her remarkable life

and career before, during, and after

Bewitched, including her classic

feature films The Court Martial of Billy

Mitchell (1955), Who’s Been Sleeping In

My Bed? (1963), and Johnny Cool (1963).

To order a signed book on the

only approved biography of Elizabeth

Montgomery visit his site www. and stream his

amazing talk show “Then Again with

Herbie J Pilato” on Amazon Prime and

Shout Factory TV.


Check out Then Again with

Herbie J. Pilato, starring

Ed Asner and Burt Ward.

Find it on Amazon Prime

and Shout Factory TV.

For more information, visit



Being A Sweet Transvestite In Transyl ... Err, Long Beach, California?

Andrew Perry

When we first arrived at The Art

Theatre in Long Beach, my wife Stephanie

and I did not know what to expect. We

were about to watch The Rocky Horror

Picture Show (RHPS), put on by an acting

troupe called Midnight Insanity. We

were ‘virgins’, according to the Midnight

Insanity staff. In fact, they even drew a big

red ‘V’ on our cheeks, to distinguish us as


This made us prime targets for what

was about to happen.

The Virgin Experience

Before the showing (which is always

at midnight) there was a competition

that two lucky virgins would have to

participate in. And lucky me, for at the

time I was one of those virgins. The MC

chose me. Well, my wife technically made

several gestures towards me which

prompted him.

The DJ asked the virgins which cast

member we wanted to ’play with’. The MC,

noticing I was unfamiliar with the cast,

suggested that I choose someone named

‘Glitter Tits’, or maybe it was ‘Sparkle Tits’. I

assume she was playing the character of

Columbia from the movie.

Contrary to what some might

believe, the cast is not all transvestites

nor transsexuals. A full figured woman

approached me. This was Sparkle Tits!

The other virgin was a young brunette,

and she picked another woman.

The virgins were directed to get

on our knees. To my dismay, I knew at

this point where this was going. Sparkle

Managing Editor Andrew Perry in the middle, flanked by the cast of

Midnight Insanity.

Tits took out a banana and placed it at

her crotch. The Master of Ceremonies

explained that the competition was

basically who can eat the banana the


Sparkle Tits grabbed some hair from

the back of my head, and I said a quick

rationalization in my head, “Hey, it’s all in

good fun. She’s a woman. Whatevs.”

So, I started eating the banana. It

didn’t help that the audience started

taunting me. Some annoying guy in the

audience was saying corny lines like, “Good

sluts don’t spit” and “Take it all in, baby”.

Meanwhile, I’m just trying to eat a banana.

Well, to my horror, I won that contest.

I sheepishly grinned and raised my arms

in victory. The MC presented a basket,

from which I could pick a prize. Again,

lucky me, I pulled out a copy of a Blu Ray

movie rendition of Ayn Rand’s Atlas

Shrugged. If you know me, Ayn Rand is

almost the complete opposite.

My Impression of the Show

So that was my virgin experience. But

how was the show?

I won’t spoil it, but if you’ve seen the

classic movie, that movie is basically

playing in the background, while

the Midnight Insanity cast act it out

on the stage in front of the screen.

Simultaneously, the audience recited

a series of lines timed to the movie. I

suspect these were passed along “orally”,

but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a


The best way I can describe it: it’s as if

someone’s Freudian Id went out of control

after watching a movie a hundred times,

and that Id manifested itself through

loud outbursts of curse words and

naughty jokes, while occasionally pulling

out random props that tangentially went

along with the movie.

It was definitely very immersive.

There are even parts where water

drizzles from the ceiling during the rainy

scene of the movie. Prior to the movie, we

were given an option to purchase a small

bag with a bunch of props, either for

noise, or to throw, or to cover yourself in

the event of rain.

The dancing and carrying on was

very entertaining to watch. One of the

women, very voluptuous, even stripped

topless, except for pastees over her

nipples. Another funny point involved

the character Rocky, portrayed as a man

wearing nothing but golden shorts. At

this particular show, I think the person

playing him was actually gay, but he had a

few scenes with women. And he was very

vocal in his displeasure.

The Takeaway

This is a very LGBTQ friendly show,

too. If you’re too dogmatic in your religion,

this show is probably not for you.

Would I recommend it? Yea, of course!

I had tons of fun, even though I was

admittedly a little bit embarrassed in the

beginning. I’m a good sport, though. So, if

you’re a good sport, or if you are an adult

with a good sense of humor (or a naughty

sense of humor) than this is a fun night

for: you, for a date, or for a night out with


For details about upcoming shows,

go to or find

Midnight Insanity on Facebook.

Harness the

natural healing power of

your body, mind, and spirit


We carry a wide variety of

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Great Recipes From Coven Manor: Chicken Pot Pie

Tammye McDuff

CoVID-19 has all of us under

lockdown or stay-at-home

initiatives; however there are many

good things that have come out

of this … who knew there were

so many gourmet chefs in the

paranormal community?

Frankie Fronk is an actor and

writer, known for movies A Life

Alone, Lies & Illusions and Dark Blue;

is a renowned and highly sought

after paranormal investigator;

will be opening up a new bed and

breakfast in Salem called Coven

Manor soon and is an unbelievable

gourmet chef.

TCTN has been following Fronk’s

successful recipes for some time

and he has shared one of his best

creations for the most excellent

comfort food around. We had to

coax him into writing it down for

us, because as most great chefs – he

didn’t want to share his recipe and

he just uses a bit of this and a pinch

of that.

Coven-made Chicken Pot Pie

By Frankie Fronk


1 pre-made pie shell [for base]

1 flat pastry sheet [for top]

1/2 cup white wine, dry

1 clove of garlic

1 cup of chopped celery

1 cup of stringed carrots

1/2- cup frozen peas [keep frozen

till you add to mix]

1 ½ cups of heavy whipping cream

2 cups cubed chicken [no bones

or skin]

1/2 cup of chicken broth [or 4

bouillon cubes]

2 egg yolks beaten [set aside as

egg wash]

1/2 cup melted unsalted butter

2 sprigs of thyme

2 sprigs of rosemary

1/2 table spoon of tarragon

Fresh basil

Directions (Pre heat oven to

400 degrees)

Put chicken chunks in pan on

medium heat and brown - add

garlic, thyme, and basil, carrots,

celery, peas. Add dry white wine

and let reduce about four minutes.

Once reduced - add salt and

pepper to taste.

While that cooks down start

your cream sauce.

Add chicken broth, heavy

whipping cream and tarragon.

As sauce starts to heat up, start

slowly adding sifted white flour

using a whisk until sauce thickens.

Once the sauce is at a consistency

like gravy add the contents to the

chicken mixture and set aside.

In a pie pan take your pie base

and add contents of pan

to the pie making sure

you don’t over fill (make

little under level) then use

the melted butter and

brush it onto the seam of

the pie crust.

Insert the top or

crown of the pie making

sure you cut of any extra

dough and crinkle the

sides to hold.

Use the egg wash to

coat the top of the crust.

Add a couple sprigs of

thyme to the top of pie

before putting it in the

oven. As an extra touch

use the pastry scraps

to put your initials or

whatever on top of the


Frank Fronk

Bake for 25 minutes checking it

every once in awhile to make sure

you don’t burn it.

Once golden brown take out of

oven and let stand for 15 minutes

and then enjoy.

“The beautiful part of cooking

is sharing the ingredients with


~Frankie Fronk ~




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