May-Sumner 2020

Inside •Covid-19 Update •FIGHT BACK! Tenants Together/Homes For All •It's a Trump Like Life •Dekkoo Wants Queer Filmmakers •Armed Conflict Location Project US Report •#YouAreEssential Campaign •Letter to the editor Do You Remember An exclusive US. Holocaust Memorial Museum exhibit That Will Make You Gay Cry and more.

•Covid-19 Update
•FIGHT BACK! Tenants Together/Homes For All
•It's a Trump Like Life
•Dekkoo Wants Queer Filmmakers
•Armed Conflict Location Project US Report
•#YouAreEssential Campaign
•Letter to the editor
Do You Remember An exclusive US. Holocaust Memorial Museum exhibit That Will Make You Gay Cry and more.


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INSIDE<br />

Covid-19 Update FIGHT BACK! Tenants Together Union<br />

It's a Trump-Like-Life<br />

Dekkoo Wants Queer Filmmakers<br />

Armed Conflict Location Report<br />

#YouAreEssential Campaign<br />


Holocaust Memorial Exhibit<br />

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COVER<br />

Cover image tenantstogether.org<br />

Alex Borland<br />

“Coronavirus Covid-19 Face Masks”<br />

Covid 19 Update<br />

The CDC and cdph.ca.gov are the main sources<br />

for information While we applaud opening the<br />

DDG will remain vigilant to unsafe practice,<br />

NOTE: NO inference should be made that<br />

any business is open but they remain here<br />

to remind us of the diverse and vibrant<br />

community we have built ! We stand ready<br />

to support them and hope for safe speedy<br />

recovery. Some may be open so call first.<br />

The DDG also continues to support our<br />

community by offering 30 days free after the<br />

stay at home order is lifted. The 30 days will<br />

start when that businesses is open and it will<br />

be transferable as needed.<br />

But for now, lets reform this COMMUNITY!<br />

Its a Trump-Like-Life.<br />

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, A tale<br />

of a fateful trip that started from a tropic port<br />

aboard a tiny planet.<br />

A parody of that catastrophic failure of the<br />

American Dream. Some see baseball and apple<br />

pie, others see continuous oppression that<br />

literally made them die as victims of societies<br />

broken complex systems and safety nets.<br />

The Ballad of Gilligan’s Isle now mirrors our<br />

story too.<br />

To understated the great debate to open without<br />

a safety net or wait a few more days to offer less<br />

lives be taken. The answer to that question was<br />

written in the Continued on page 6<br />

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Due to closures please contact location first. Some delivery options available 5

Continued from page 4<br />

Magna Charta , not just a boast of freedom.<br />

Habeas Corpus was birthed by its existence.<br />

This great act developed protection of the<br />

people's rights and of human freedom, That<br />

no man's liberty may be restrained one<br />

moment until a charge can<br />

be substantiated. The weakness of the<br />

Habeas Corpus is certain malice may divert<br />

it from its promise of equity and poison<br />

its purity. For which there may be no easy<br />

antidote and subjugate us to more desperate<br />

suffering.<br />

Unfortunately while we look after ourselves,<br />

there are other forces more complex that<br />

will threaten us like a bad flu.<br />

In the future we need to reexamine our<br />

societies complex system. The flay indicate<br />

a pending collapse that will more then<br />

hurt us. We are bursting at the seams with<br />

broken pipes sprouting every day from<br />

our complex system. We are talking about<br />

systems designed to mitigate suffering. and<br />

recover from a disaster. We can have a<br />

President sit there and go woe is me.<br />

In fact, some might argue Gilligan’s Isle as<br />

Trumps playbook, that and Mein Kampf.<br />

Yup, our president is reenacting his<br />

imagined childhood memory from being<br />

a lonely rich boy no one likes that watched<br />

Gilligan’s Island but grew into a meek man<br />

no one likes. So lacking in critical thinking<br />

skills, he tanked our nation over a virus.<br />

He called it unseen, but it was not unseen<br />

We were planning and preparing for it until<br />

HE got elected, We could not stockpile<br />

anything because we did not know it form<br />

it would take. Many expected HIV2 but it<br />

was airborne transmission. In face of it, he<br />

shut off the WHO! And his band cheered<br />

on. He silenced the scientists and suggested<br />

we violate the law and show our guns. And<br />

his band cheered on.<br />

Now more than ever, we are impacted by<br />

climatic instability, wealth and political<br />

inequality, Cliodynamics and the<br />

accumulated complexity and bureaucracy<br />

impacted from war, natural disasters,<br />

famine and plagues.<br />

If you look up the Red Queen hypothesis,<br />

you will agree all organisms constantly<br />

adapt, evolve, and proliferate in order to<br />

survive, so here actual evidence proves we<br />

are pitted against an ever-evolving opposing<br />

organisms like a virus that keeps changing<br />

for the worse for us, but displays a measure<br />

of success for them.<br />

But there is hope, and it will end and<br />

there will be a new normal and sadly it<br />

might look like the old normal. But I will<br />

share this. When a condition of Society<br />

renders the unrestrained use of some writ,<br />

dangerous to the state , it must require<br />

some controls upon its restraint.<br />

When the danger has passed it must be<br />

It cool not everyone is on board with<br />

choosing a better society, but we<br />

cannot suspend Habeas Corpus! That<br />

is by ignoring the evidence for personal<br />

benefits to the exclusion of a few billion lifted. Our own Habeas Corpus.<br />

other 6 people Due to that closures don't look please like contact Trump. location first. Some may have delivery options

Due to closures please contact location first. Some delivery options available 7

funny, sad, romantic, sexy - anything.<br />

PRIZES<br />

The Dekkoo Jury Award<br />

Here Its more like Animal crossing fucked<br />

a Dekkoo rubix cube Launches and oursociety One Week was Short hatched. Film<br />

A Challenge cube can with be solved $10,000 many in Cash ways Prizes but only to<br />

because Ease Pandemic it applies Hardships!!!! different rules to different<br />

tiles. Open Originally to Queer Shorts designed about to solve "Love a and structural<br />

Distance" study One of moving Jury Winner many and parts Four independently<br />

Audience Favorites without the entire mechanism<br />

falling apart. Equality was never a goal so<br />

some Philadelphia, tiles where PA--In treated this differently time of global . Each<br />

one hardship, of our Dekkoo complex is systems committed can to usually giving<br />

accommodate back and inspiring one system creativity. failure To help by adjusting<br />

creators, another Dekkoo system. is launching Each adjustment a one-week risks<br />

breaking short film the challenge. core systems Creators often could called win the a<br />

backstop, cut of $10,000.00 Their only in prizes! function is to keep our<br />

society going. But when these backstops<br />

begin The pandemic to crumble has millions put a spotlight of lives will be<br />

crushed on our relationships by the very complex with others system and we<br />

created. ourselves. What do relationships in the<br />

time of quarantine look like? How do<br />

they function? Therefore the theme of<br />

the competition is Love and Distance.<br />

Possibilities: Dating from a distance.<br />

Home alone and loving it. Dealing with<br />

romance and heartbreak while social<br />

distancing. Far-away flirting.<br />

One film will be selected. The winning<br />

film will be decided by the Dekkoo staff<br />

based on artistic merit. The winner will<br />

receive a cash award of $2,500.00 and the<br />

opportunity to direct a Dekkoo-original<br />

short film with a production budget of<br />

$5,000.00.<br />

Audience Favorites<br />

Four films will be selected. The four<br />

films that receive the most comments<br />

on that films page on Dekkoo.com will<br />

win $1,000.00 each! Filmmakers are<br />

encouraged to ask fans to comment often!<br />

Voting will be tallied through <strong>May</strong> 18th.<br />

Winners will be announced <strong>May</strong> 20th.<br />

How to Submit your Film:<br />

First, complete this entry form.<br />

Next, send us your film via Dropbox.<br />

You can also submit your film by sending a<br />

password protected link to digital@dekkoo.<br />

com.<br />

All submissions are due no later than<br />

Sunday, <strong>May</strong> 10 at 11:59pm Eastern.<br />

For complete rules and details, please visit:<br />

Shoot and submit a 5-minute maximum dekkoo.blog/<strong>2020</strong>/05/01/short-film-contest/<br />

length short film telling a queer story that<br />

deals 8 with Due love to and closures distance. please It can contact be location first. Some may have delivery options

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MENT<br />






AND MORE<br />

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The Armed Conflict Location &<br />

Event Data Project (ACLED) is a<br />

disaggregated data collection,<br />

analysis, and crisis mapping<br />

project.<br />

Sadly they don't have funding for the<br />

US but they should.<br />

In a recent communication they sent<br />

the following:<br />

Thanks for your message and your interest<br />

in ACLED's work.<br />

Northeastern University found that<br />

the “US suffered more mass killings in<br />

2019 than any year on record,” with 41<br />

attacks resulting in 211 fatalities (BBC, 29<br />

December 2019). According to the latest<br />

statistics from the FBI, violent hate crimes<br />

hit a 16-year high in 2018 (Al Jazeera, 13<br />

November 2019), while that same year a<br />

database tracking violence perpetrated by<br />

law enforcement agencies reported that<br />

“police brutality in America is getting<br />

worse” (The Appeal, 17 April 2018).<br />

Unfortunately, we do not currently cover<br />

the United States. However, we conducted<br />

a pilot program collecting real-time data<br />

on political violence and demonstrations<br />

in the US last summer -- you can find the<br />

preliminary results in link attached. (and<br />

we included some additional analysis in our<br />

special report on 10 crisis situations to keep<br />

an eye on in <strong>2020</strong>). We're ready to expand<br />

and re-launch the program as soon as we<br />

secure necessary funding, hopefully before<br />

the <strong>2020</strong> election.<br />

They ended with the following: If you're<br />

aware of any institutions interested in<br />

supporting such work, please let us know!<br />

Here is a summary from 2019<br />

United States: Developed, democratic<br />

political system at risk of turning violent.<br />

Violent political instability is on the<br />

rise in the US. A study conducted by<br />

the Associated Press, USA Today, and<br />

SOURCE: https://acleddata.com/<strong>2020</strong>/01/23/ten-conflicts-to-worry-about-in-<strong>2020</strong>/#UnitedStates<br />

Due to closures please contact location first. Some delivery options available 11

Form a Tenants' Union!<br />

What is a Tenants' Union?<br />

Tenants' unions are building, neighborhood<br />

or city-based organizations made up of and<br />

led by renters themselves to fight for our<br />

collective interests and rights.<br />

that is powerful enough to win rent control<br />

for all and tenant and community control<br />

of our housing and land.<br />

Why form a Tenants Union? - Because you<br />

can win!<br />

(Organizing committee with the Concord<br />

Tenants Union)<br />

Building-based tenants unions are generally<br />

made up of tenants who live in the<br />

same building and/or have the same landlord.<br />

Neighborhood and city-based tenant<br />

unions are networks of tenants who often<br />

have similar issues and stand in solidarity<br />

with each other, but may live in different<br />

buildings or have different landlords.<br />

Tenants Together/Homes For All tenant<br />

unions share a common vision and principles<br />

(see bottom), and unite with other<br />

tenant unions across our cities, states and<br />

country to build a movement of millions<br />

Everyone is talking about passing rent<br />

control and eviction protections, but where<br />

do you start? How do we build enough<br />

power to stay in our homes, communities<br />

and thrive?! We do this by organizing. We<br />

must organize because overcoming fear and<br />

isolation is impossible to do on our own.<br />

We organize because we seek to transform<br />

people's fear and isolation into dignity and<br />

solidarity both in your home, community<br />

and on a statewide level. Organizing<br />

isn’t just sending out an email or creating<br />

a social media page, although those will<br />

likely be steps that you take. Organizing<br />

is building real face-to-face relationships<br />

between you and your neighbors over time.<br />

12 Due to closures please contact location first. Some may have delivery options

Due to closures please contact location first. Some delivery options available 13

Celebrities Support Launch of<br />

#YouAreEssential Campaign to Fund<br />

Grassroots Organizations Affected by<br />

COVID-19<br />

By Vic Gerami<br />

Powerhouse media personality Ashlee<br />

Mari Preston partners with creative<br />

agency Revolve Impact to launch You Are<br />

Essential (YAE), a social impact campaign<br />

& national relief fund that awards grants<br />

to grassroots organizations and mutual aid<br />

networks working directly with vulnerable<br />

communities disproportionately impacted<br />

by the COVID-19 pandemic.<br />

“#YouAreEssential was launched with the<br />

understanding that the most vulnerable<br />

people within our society are often doing<br />

the most vulnerable work; while lacking<br />

adequate resources to help sustain their<br />

efforts—presenting barriers to progress for<br />

them and those they serve. No one knows<br />

what vulnerable communities need more<br />

than those who’ve been carrying grassroots<br />

movements on their backs and of course<br />

individuals living along the margins long<br />

before this pandemic,” said Ashlee Marie<br />

Preston.<br />

Preston, a renowned award-winning media<br />

personality, cultural commentator, and<br />

civil rights activist is often at the forefront<br />

of grassroots activism. She is historically<br />

the first trans woman to become Editor in<br />

Chief of a national publication and the first<br />

openly trans person to run for state office<br />

in California. Ashlee Marie was named<br />

one of The Root 100’s “Most Influential<br />

African Americans of 2017”, profiled as<br />

one of LOGO/NewNowNext’s 30 Most<br />

Influential LGBTQ Influencers of 2017 &<br />

2018, PopSugar’s top 40 LGBTQ’s of 2017,<br />

OUT Magazine’s OUT100 of 2018, made<br />

her TED talk debut in September of 2018,<br />

and was chosen as one of Coca-Cola’s<br />

“Next Generation LGBTQ Leadership”<br />

influencers of 2018. Also, she was honored<br />

as one of Essence Magazine’s “WOKE 100”<br />

of 2019 and is a former national surrogate<br />

for Elizabeth Warren’s <strong>2020</strong> Presidential<br />

Campaign.<br />

“My vision for the #YouAreEssential<br />

campaign was to center and support<br />

those at greater risk of losing their jobs,<br />

housing, and even their lives- and to<br />

expand our definition of what it means<br />

to be “essential,” she added. “We want<br />

14 Due to closures please contact location first. Some may have delivery options


Over the last few months, we have been soliciting our groups and organizations that have<br />

supported quality of life issues based on equality and trust. The response has been great<br />

and we are open to any group and organization that treats their clients and staff with<br />

respect, equality and loyalty. If you are or know some group or organization that would<br />

like to send our readers a letter, please address it to will@desertdailyguide.com.<br />

Dear DDG Readers,<br />

Since the start of the pandemic, we have been bombarded with messages meant<br />

to incite fear, anxiety and hatred. But we know better! This is a time to show that<br />

we are less motivated by fear and instead inspired by courage.<br />

It’s time to take care of one another, bring each other up rather than tear each<br />

other down. We must have a society that cares about everyone, not just the<br />

chosen few, not just the one percent, not just your neighbor who looks like you or<br />

worships like you or loves like you.<br />

Dennis and I continue to push for a society that takes care of everybody, because<br />

that is how the world works – THAT IS HOW WE BEAT THIS PANDEMIC AND<br />




With Hope,<br />

Judy<br />

EDITOR Notes:<br />

The Matthew Shepard Foundation’s longstanding mission is to erase hate<br />

by replacing it with understanding, compassion and acceptance.<br />

Because if who he loved, On October 7, 1998, Matthew Shepard, a 21-year-old<br />

student at the University of Wyoming, was brutally attacked and tied to a<br />

fence in a field outside of Laramie, Wyo. and left to die.<br />

HELP! Due to program cancellations, the Matthew Shepard Foundation has lost over<br />

$59,000 of earned income that allows Judy and Dennis to connect directly with individuals<br />

in efforts to change hearts and minds. You can support our mission to create more<br />

understanding, accepting and compassionate communities by making a secure gift today.<br />

www.matthewshepard.org<br />

Due to closures please contact location first. Some delivery options available 15

The DDG has obtained exclusive rights to reprint Do You Remember, When<br />

from Permissions Team Office of General Counsel<br />

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum<br />

www.ushmm.org<br />


The Campaign for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum<br />

What was it like to live as a young Jew in Berlin during the Nazi deportations? This<br />

exhibition details the life of Manfred Lewin, a young Jew who was active in one of<br />

Berlin’s Zionist youth groups until his deportation to and murder in Auschwitz-Birkenau.<br />

Manfred recorded these turbulent times in a small, hand-made book that he gave to his<br />

Jewish friend and gay companion, Gad Beck. Mr. Beck, a Holocaust survivor who again<br />

lives in Berlin, donated the booklet to the Museum in December 1999. The exhibition<br />

centers around the 17-page artifact, which illustrates the daily life of the two friends, their<br />

youth group, and the culture in which they lived.<br />

To understand why Manfred Lewin, a young Jew in Nazi Berlin, wrote this book in 1941<br />

for his friend Gad Beck—to understand why Gad, 19 and Jewish, risked his life attempting<br />

to save Manfred from deportation—read these words from the play that brought them<br />

together. German writer Friedrich von Schiller’s Don Carlos: No Matter what you plan on<br />

doing, will you promise to undertake no act without your friend? Will you make me this<br />

promise? Friendship, valor, and the fight for freedom were the ideals of this 18th-century<br />

German drama. In 1941, Gad and Manfred played the starring roles in their Jewish youth<br />

group’s reading of the play.<br />

Special thanks to Gad Beck and Jizchak Schwersenz.<br />

Thanks to Carol Brown Janeway for her translation of the German text, and to the Zemer<br />

Chai Choir for the performance of the song “Ba'a menucha layageya.”<br />

Thanks also to:<br />

Beate Kosmala, Zentrum für Antisemitismus-Forschung Berlin<br />

Philipp Reclam jun. Verlag<br />

Friedrich Veitl, Metropol Verlag, Wichern Verlag<br />

Christine Zahn, Jüdisches Museum Berlin<br />

16 Due to closures please contact location first. Some may have delivery options

Manfred Lewin was born on September 8,<br />

1922, in Berlin where he lived with his parents<br />

and four siblings in the predominantly Jewish<br />

section of the city. The family lived in poverty<br />

in three little rooms not far from the Beck<br />

house at Dragoner Strasse 43. Manfred’s<br />

father was a barber and his mother Jenny, a<br />

former secretary, took care of the family. She<br />

often had to find other sources of food to<br />

supplement the family’s insufficient Jewish<br />

food ration cards.<br />

Gad Beck was born on June 30, 1923, together<br />

with his twin sister Miriam. Gad’s mother<br />

Hedwig came from a Protestant family, but<br />

converted to Judaism before the marriage<br />

with Heinrich Beck in 1920. The children<br />

were raised according to Jewish traditions,<br />

supported by the Christian relatives. In<br />

1934 Gad changed to the Jewish school<br />

in the Grosse Hamburger Strasse. In 1939<br />

his parents were forced to move into the<br />

predominantly Jewish section of Berlin. They<br />

could no longer afford the school fees; Gad<br />

started to work as an apprentice.<br />

Book Translation: Do you remember, when<br />

Cover to the small, hand-made book that Manfred<br />

Lewin gave to his Jewish friend and gay companion,<br />

Gad Beck<br />

Part 1 See page 1 on page 29<br />

Due to closures please contact location first. Some delivery options available 17




CCBC Resort 760 324-1350 See page 2<br />

68-300 Gay Resort Drive<br />

CCBC is the largest clothing optional Gay<br />

men’s resort in Southern California.<br />

Located just a few minutes from downtown<br />

Palm Springs, Our 3.5 acre fantasy<br />

playground is perfect for weekend getaways<br />

and extended stays.<br />

ccbcresorthotel.com<br />

is yours. This award-winning, and historic<br />

Palm Springs Resort is a feast for all your<br />

senses, with a special flair for Southern<br />

(California) hospitality. triangle-inn.com<br />

TRIANGLE INN 760-322-7993<br />

555 E. San Lorenzo Rd<br />

CCBC Resort<br />

92264 Palm Springs CA<br />

Romantic and relaxing or fun and frisky. At<br />

the Triangle Inn Palm Springs, the choice<br />

Continued on page 29<br />

18 Due to closures please contact location first. Some may have delivery options


Covid 19 VIRUS UPDATE<br />

scientist say "Look at the CDC or the Governor"<br />

Sunshine Cafe<br />

Nearly as perfect as it gets!<br />

Known as a local hole in the<br />

wall with a funky vibe and<br />

fantastic food, frequented by<br />

celebrities, politicians, word<br />

of mouth visitors from around<br />

the world. 36815 Cathedral<br />

Canyon Dr. CC<br />

(760) 328-1415 6:00 am<br />

The Barracks<br />

Because of our advertisers<br />

LEVI/LEATHER No matter The DDG provides free and low<br />

your fetish, if you’re in the cost advertising that has and<br />

mood for some great cruising continues to build a strong<br />

or just listening to some sexy and vibrant LGBT Community<br />

music while you have a cigar Please remember to thank<br />

and conversation at the largest them with your patronage..<br />

patio bar in the desert.<br />

67625 E. Palm Canyon Dr. CC More Gay & Gay Friendly<br />

Tool Shed<br />

Bars and Restaurants.<br />

LEVI/LEATHER In the Warm Phoenix<br />

Sands District in central Palm Charlie's<br />

Springs.<br />

Dick's Cabaret<br />

600 E Sunny Dunes Rd , PS Kobalt Bar<br />

(760) 320-3299<br />

Pat O's<br />

10:00 am – 2:00 am<br />

Stacy's<br />

Tryst Bar and Lounge<br />

Inland Empire<br />

Eclectic mix of straight and The Menagerie<br />

gays of all ages, AMI Video VIP<br />

Jukebox - Pool -Darts- Air Alibi East<br />

Hockey - Giant Jenga.<br />

Hook-Up<br />

Everyone is Welcome at Tryst 340 Restaurant & Nightclub<br />

21+ 188 S Indian Canyon Dr<br />

continued on page 27<br />

Due to closures please contact Palm Springs, location CA first. Some delivery options available 19<br />

Bars & Restaurants<br />



Pinocchio In the Desert<br />

Palm Springs breakfast and<br />

lunch bistro restaurant with a<br />

warm and welcoming, lively<br />

fun European Atmosphere.<br />

134 East Tahquitz Canyon<br />

Way, PS<br />

Rio Azul - Mexican Style Rest.<br />

& Bar<br />

Best authentic Mexican<br />

style restaurant in the valley.<br />

With patio and Bar. Home<br />

of an original and distinct<br />

interpretation of Mexican food<br />

.Longest running Sunday Drag<br />

Brunch.(760) 992-5641 350<br />

South Indian Cyn, PS,<br />

Eagle 501 Bar<br />

LEVI/LEATHER bar in the<br />

heart of Arenas, Palm Springs<br />

301 E Arenas Rd , PS<br />

Runway Restaurant & Bar<br />

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And when the time arrives that we can accept all of your<br />

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But right now, our resale stores must remain closed for<br />

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AdamsArtExpose’<br />

AdamsArtExpose’ ART<br />

A survivor of the holocaust in which<br />

his parents were killed, Henri<br />

Dauman emigrated from Paris to New<br />

York in 1950 to join his uncle. He<br />

began his first work as a professional<br />

photographer with a French/American<br />

newspaper France-Amerique. He<br />

then worked for the New York Times<br />

magazine documenting the city of<br />

New York. This assignment provided<br />

him the notoriety he deserved for his<br />

work and introduced him to LIFE<br />

magazine. During his years with<br />

LIFE from 1958 to 1972, he was the<br />

photographer who documented the<br />

20th Century politically, socially and<br />

photographing celebrities more than<br />

any one photographer.<br />

Celebrities he has shot include Elvis<br />

Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Bridgette<br />

Bardot, Jane Fonda, Martha Stewart,<br />

and Andy Warhol to name only a few.<br />

He was a prolific photographer of John<br />

F. Kennedy as president and of his wife<br />

Jackie Kennedy. His photographs of<br />

the JFK funeral procession, following<br />

his assassination in 1963, show Jackie<br />

Kennedy from a very human side in her<br />

grieving for her husband.<br />

He did a series of photo essays of<br />

Jackie Kenedy during the JFK funeral<br />

procession and the years after the<br />

assassination. In 1972 he filed a lawsuit<br />

against the Andy Warhol Estate for his<br />

use of Jackie Kennedy photo portraits<br />

Dauman had taken and Andy Warhol<br />

used in creating a series of images<br />

in the exhibit titled "Sixteen Jackies"<br />

Henri discovered the use of his work<br />

when a work titled "Sixteen Jackies"<br />

was sold by Sotheby's for $418,000 and<br />

a photo of the art appeared in the New<br />

York Times. This case is famous in the<br />

history of Copywrite law.<br />

Photos of Dauman's work was<br />

scheduled to be on exhibit at the KP<br />

Project gallery in Los Angeles until<br />

the end of March. The COVID-19<br />

shut down prevented the exhibit<br />

to be shown live but it is available<br />

on info@kpprojects.net. You may<br />

also view photos by Henri Dauman<br />

on the website: Henri Dauman<br />

photojournalist. A documentary film<br />

titled "Henri Dauman, Looking Up"<br />

began streaming this week on, Apple,<br />

Vudu, and Amazon. It is scheduled for<br />

release on Goldman Films for theaters,<br />

pending the end of the Pandemic.<br />

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Questions, comments, suggestions,<br />

contact - adamsartexpose@gmail.com or<br />

adamsartexpose@desertdailyguide.com<br />

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The organization of tenant unions are the<br />

building blocks to our translocal, statewide,<br />

and international movement.<br />

Currently tenant unions have fought off<br />

rent increases, evictions, and displacement<br />

in California and around the country without<br />

rent control and just cause eviction laws<br />

in place. A well organized tenant union can<br />

win rent control by being well organized<br />

and making bold demands up to collective<br />

ownership of the building by the tenants.<br />

Even if the politicians in your city don’t<br />

have the political will to do pass meaningful<br />

protections you can still organize with<br />

your neighbors and community to protect<br />

yourselves.<br />

Current Renters Rights Movement Moment<br />

statewide. They have money, but we have<br />

power in numbers, if we organize ourselves.<br />

How did we get here/Roots of the Housing<br />

Crisis<br />

The current crisis we are facing didn’t come<br />

out of nowhere: it is a result of intentional,<br />

racist and classist housing policy dating<br />

back to the New Deal era and even colonial<br />

times. For more on the roots of the housing<br />

crisis read this statement from TT's Rent<br />

Control Toolkit. These videos from KCET<br />

City Rising are also a good resource: https://<br />

www.kcet.org/shows/city-rising<br />

Step 1: PLANT A SEED -<br />

FORM an Organizing Team and Join<br />

Tenants Together/Homes For All<br />

California is in the worst housing crisis in<br />

recent memory. Tenants in cities across<br />

California are organizing tenants' unions in<br />

their buildings and communities and beginning<br />

to pass new rent control ordinances<br />

for the first time in over 30 years. Landlord<br />

lobbyists, corporate developers, and realtors<br />

oppose rent control and have a lot of power<br />

in the state, so passing rent control isn’t<br />

easy. Despite this challenge, we know we<br />

must fight to keep our homes.<br />

Statewide movement - Join Tenants<br />

Together as a Member Organization or<br />

Partner https://www.tenantstogether.<br />

org/member-organizations-0<br />

National Movement - Take Homes For<br />

All pledge https://homesforall.org/<br />

pledge/<br />

Principles: Solidarity, Democracy<br />

Believe it or not, tenants are close to half of<br />

the population of the state of California, 17<br />

The Organizing Team is the seed.<br />

million and counting. The California Apartment<br />

Association (the statewide landlord<br />

Your are the seed.<br />

lobbyist group) claims 15,000 members<br />

Continued on page 29<br />

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INNdulge 760 327 1408<br />

601 S Grenfall Rd, Palm Springs<br />

Considered one of the best gay hotels<br />

and gay resorts in Palm Springs Located<br />

in the heart of warm sands area and<br />

walking distance to Sunny Dunes gay<br />

bars and shopping and down town.<br />

Amenities include free wifi, daily<br />

continental breakfast, evening social<br />

hour, complimentary local gym access,<br />

air conditioning, on-site guest laundry,<br />

outdoor misters and assistance with<br />

restaurant and activity bookings<br />

inndulge.com<br />


Cabot’s Pueblo Museum 760-329-7610<br />

McCallum Adobe 760-323-8297<br />

Indian Canyons 760-323-6018<br />

Palm Springs Aerial Tram 760-325-1449<br />

Palm Springs Air Museum 760-778-6262<br />

Palm Springs Art Museum 760-325-7186<br />

Sunnylands 760-328-2829<br />

Patton Memorial Museum 760-227-3483<br />

Joshua Tree National park 760-367-5500<br />


*Gear Leather & Fetish 760 322-3363<br />


*Joseph Rhea legal criminal law human<br />

rights 760 322-3001<br />




Patriot Services<br />

LIC General Contactor<br />

Handyman | Flooring | SHOWERS<br />


760-327-9619<br />

Hauling<br />

Red’s Hauling. We remove trash and unwanted<br />

items. Garage clean outs. Call Red<br />

at<br />

760-288-6956<br />



*Gear Leather and Fetish 760-322-3363<br />

gearleather.com 650 E. Sunny Dunes<br />

Leather Repair<br />

Off Ramp Leathers 760-778-2798<br />

www.offrampleathers.com New and used<br />

leather and fetish/BSDM gear. Alterations<br />

and repairs from saddle-patching or get<br />

measured for a new custom leather outfit<br />

handmade by Paul. Great selection of<br />

consignment items. 650 E. Sunny Dunes<br />

Rd., Unit 3, Palm Springs, CA 92264<br />

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TRAVEL<br />

Idyllwild<br />


Living Free rescues dogs & cats from public<br />

shelters. We're a no-kill nonprofit - with<br />

spay/neuter, pet adoptions, animal welfare.<br />

Tax-deductable Visitors Welcome! OPEN<br />

DAILY 11:00am to 4:00pm CLOSED<br />

WEDNESDAYS. We are NOT licensed to<br />

take animals from the public and rescue<br />

from local shelters only.<br />


CENTER, CA 92561<br />

Mental Health Services.<br />

Cat City Psychotherapy Corp. Mental<br />

Health Services. Individual & Group<br />

therapy. LGBT Affirming. Specializing in<br />

Depression, Anxiety & Trauma. Licensed<br />

Psychologist Mark Charles.<br />

catcitypsc@gmail.com.<br />

www.catcitypsc.com . 760-878-7102.<br />


Bloom In the Desert Ministries<br />

760 327-3802<br />

St. Giles 442-282-8333<br />

Idyllwild Guest House<br />

Escape desert temperatures for cool<br />

breezes. Visit Idyllwild Guest House<br />

for spectacular sunsets and beautiful<br />

mornings. Relaxing private location<br />

with hot tub and clothing optional sundecks.<br />

Idyllwildgayguesthouse.com<br />

Mark Lonsbury 760-406-9699<br />

Idyllwild Nature Center The center provides<br />

an array of environmental education<br />

programs, guided tours, and field study.<br />

trips. 951-659-3850<br />

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Starland Community Desert retreat<br />

Gas 800-427-2200<br />


Water 760-323-4971<br />

Electric 800-990-7788<br />

Help Verified <strong>2020</strong><br />

Trash 800-973-3873<br />

Recycling 760-327-1351<br />

AMVETS Express free bus service to Loma<br />

Free Trolley Buzz 760 260-8104<br />

Linda VA(909) 735-5065<br />


CDC<br />


If you or someone you know may be<br />

760-416-7790 www.thecenterps.org contemplating suicide, call the National<br />

AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY 800- Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-<br />

227-2345<br />

8255 or text HOME to 741741 to reach the<br />

AMVETS: 760-324-5670<br />

Crisis Text Line. In emergencies, call 911,<br />

BLOOM IN THE DESERT MINISTRIES: or seek care from a local hospital or mental<br />

760-327-3802<br />

health provider.<br />

Coachella Valley Sexual Assault Services Riverside County Department of Public<br />

Rape Crisis Center (760) 568-9071<br />

Social Services: Kinship Warmline<br />

Democrats of the Desert<br />

Phone: (800) 303-0001 For grand parents<br />

desertdemocrats.org<br />

raising grand children<br />

DESERT LEGAL AID: 760-832-9770 ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project 212-549-<br />


www.desert-stonewall.org<br />

Adult Protective Services<br />

DESERT WINDS 760 776-2700<br />

Hotline 800 491-7123<br />

FRONTRUNNERS psfr.org<br />

The (FCC) reserved the 211 dialing code for<br />

GAY ARTISTS - 760 835-0727<br />

community information and services.<br />

Gay Book Club of PS—write to bookclubofps@yahoo.com<br />

800 243-7692<br />

Gay Men’s Health Crisis Hotline<br />

Transgender community transcc.org<br />

American Association of Poison Control<br />

PALM SPRINGS GAY MEN’S CHORUS Centers (800) 222-1222<br />

760-219-2077<br />

Rape, Sexual Assault, Abuse, and Incest<br />


THE DESERT 760 272-5553<br />

(800) 656-HOPE<br />

PALM SPRINGS PRIDE pspride.org<br />

Prime Timers of the Desert 760-424-8014.<br />

Don't blow up your weekend!<br />


BEFORE YOU DIG...Call 811 at least a few<br />

Gay Men CCBC Resort<br />

days before you start any digging project.<br />

Family DeAnza Springs Resort Jacumba,<br />

befor you DIY or hire a professional.<br />

CA, Living Waters, Desert Sun Resort<br />


Due to closures please contact location first. Some delivery options available 27<br />

888 743-3349

to include everyone willing and able to<br />

help protect vulnerable communities<br />

independent of their socio-economic<br />

status,” she continued. “Your occupation<br />

and income bracket aren’t what make you<br />

valuable; kindness and compassion are. We<br />

are essential to someone else’s well-being<br />

and they are essential to ours.”<br />

The organization’s objective is to inspire<br />

cross-cultural, collaborative efforts that<br />

yield abundant resources, resilience, and<br />

reignite hope in a time of despair. Funds<br />

raised will help combat food insecurity,<br />

housing instability, and barriers to access<br />

encountered by the elderly, disabled,<br />

immunocompromised, and the deeply<br />

marginalized.<br />

Microgrants range from $250 to $5,000.<br />

Microgrants do not typically exceed $5,000<br />

and are specific to identifiable need(s).<br />

However, applicants may also apply for an<br />

amount not listed in the application for<br />

the review committee’s consideration. A<br />

diverse body of individuals will evaluate<br />

applications and base their decision on<br />

urgency and need.<br />

Other key organizers of the<br />

#YouAreEssential campaign include singer<br />

and songwriter Justin Tranter, writer and<br />

producer Taj Paxton, and Rogers and<br />

Cowan PMK senior vice president of<br />

multicultural communications, Stephen<br />

Macias.<br />

“Revolve Impact is honored to be working<br />

on #YouAreEssential, a critically important<br />

campaign and emergency fund to support<br />

mutual aid networks and grassroots<br />

organizations on the frontlines of this<br />

unprecedented crisis. #YouAreEssential will<br />

ensure that organizations doing lifesaving<br />

work in the most vulnerable communities<br />

are supported and resourced,” said Mike de<br />

la Rocha, Co-Founder & CEO, of Revolve<br />

Impact.<br />

Actress, producer, author Gabrielle<br />

Union, and basketball star Dwyane Wade<br />

were among the first to make a generous<br />

donation to the cause. Other notable<br />

figures have pledged to make contributions<br />

to the fund and are slated to appear in an<br />

upcoming video series in support of the<br />

campaign.<br />

#YouAreEssential is an initiative of<br />

Accelerate Impact Fund, a sponsored<br />

program of the Social Impact Fund,<br />

a 501©3 non-profit organization. All<br />

donations are tax-deductible and can be<br />

made.<br />

For more information,<br />

please visit<br />

YouAreEssential.org<br />

28 Due to closures please contact location first. Some may have delivery options

PART<br />

ONE<br />

Reprint by permission<br />

by Office of<br />

General Counsel<br />

United States<br />

Holocaust<br />

Memorial Museum<br />

all right reserved.<br />

www.ushmm.org<br />

Book Translation:<br />

Dear, kind Gad, I owe you a present, no, I want to give you<br />

one, not just so that you get something from me that you can<br />

glance through and then lay aside forever, but something that<br />

will make you happy whenever you pick it up.<br />

Gad and Manfred sometimes would spend the night together on cots in the<br />

basement of the Jewish school in the Choriner Strasse, as part of an obligatory<br />

air raid patrol. One of these evenings, Manfred gave Gad his book.<br />

Manfred wrote and made this book because he wanted to give something<br />

meaningful to Gad, who wrote poems. Gad was touched by the gift, though<br />

he was initially critical of Manfred’s lyrical writing style. Later, Manfred’s<br />

words took on new meaning.<br />

Left: Jizchak Schwersenz, director of the Jewish school at Choriner Strasse<br />

74, and three of his pupils carry helmets, tools, and books for their obligatory<br />

air raid patrol shift in early summer 1941. All public buildings in Berin<br />

had to be patrolled. Gad and Manfred began their shifts in late summer<br />

1941, after the school building had been evacuated due to bomb damage.<br />

After the war, many streets disappeared or their names were changed. The<br />

Choriner Strasse still exists today, but the former Jewish school has been<br />

replaced by a modern apartment complex.<br />

Interview with Gad Beck<br />

MR. BECK: “It was very interesting. He was not so sure this would be the<br />

right gift for me. It’s very simple book, booklet, very simple. … and he’s not<br />

an artist. So he gave me this paper and said to me, 'Later, look later, what I<br />

gave you in this moment.' I took it with me, and I’m not sure, even if I know<br />

I’m not sure. In the same evening I didn’t read this book, just in the morning.<br />

I was alone Ah!.... and I remember he have me something. And so I<br />

was, I read this book.”<br />

QUESTION: “What was your first impression?<br />

MR. BECK: The impression was not so deep like in this moment, because I<br />

didn’t, I couldn’t understand what will be our next future. So this book said<br />

to me, some wonderful words coming from his heart, not more. He was a<br />

very poor boy, they had no money. And most of the money they had was<br />

only going for food. He wanted to bring me something from his spirit. It<br />

was very spiritual gift for me.”<br />

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1<br />

3<br />

2<br />

4<br />

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That’s why we carry only the finest<br />

quality leather and fetish goods,<br />

gym wear, toys and furnishings, all<br />

designed to get you off and make you<br />

look good while you’re doing it.<br />

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Keep your insertable puppy tail<br />

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Puppy Tail Holster. The perfect<br />

accessory for the mosh or anytime<br />

you want to keep your plug in for the<br />

long haul. Works with all insertable<br />

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#3 Neo Muscle Tank Blue<br />

Your guns are on full display in<br />

our Neo Muscle Tank. The smooth<br />

neoprene front shows off your body<br />

while the two perforated side panels<br />

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Hunter<br />

Sporty, sexy and downright dirty.<br />

These Leather Gym Shorts were #4 Bondage Sling Frame<br />

designed to show off your quads and Turn your bedroom or living room<br />

that perfect bubble butt of yours. We into your own personal dungeon<br />

used thin garment leather, so these with our one-of-a-kind Bondage<br />

shorts really show off everything Sling Frame. Constructed from the<br />

you’re packing. Elastic waistband same heavy-duty steel as the rest of<br />

makes for a comfortable fit and lends our sling stands so this frame can<br />

to the sporty style. Binding down the take a beating. Numerous tie down<br />

sides and around the legs adds to the points on this 7’ 9” tall frame give<br />

sex factor- choose from all black or you a ton of bondage options.<br />

with a pop of color.<br />

IMAGE OF THE WEEK.... Adrian at the Crunchyroll Expo San Jose<br />

Adrian travels the globe looking for the coolest trends in fashion and toys.<br />

If you would like to have your product featured in this column send a note<br />

to: adrian@desertdailyguide.com<br />

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