Best School Outing near Delhi NCR


Best Outing Family Picnic Spots, Weekend Trip And Outing Places Near Delhi – The Rurban Village family Package is day access to the resort where you get buffet breakfast, lunch and high tea along with more than 50 activities.

Best School Outing near Delhi NCR

The Rurban Village is the best School Outing near Delhi. It is the one-stop

destination that gives you and your group complete entertainment. The

games at The Rurban Village park and the large spaces help your kids

show a different side of their personality beyond the confines of classroom

walls. It has a perfect blend of games and activities that are designed for

kids of every age group. For every age group, they recommend activities

that will best keep them engaged. For a safe School Trips Near Delhi that

is filled with learning and fun, there can be no better place than The

Rurban Village Park.

Experiencing a Cultural Heritage and Rural Activities

The RurBan Village’s School trips near Delhi NCR are an

opportunity for children to connect and experience the longforgotten

cultures and age-old practices. Children caught in the

cobwebs of classwork, homework and exams get to experience the

fun of taking part in enjoyable activities and having first-hand

experience at Rural Activities and Sports through the School

outing near Delhi NCR. This prompts them to learn something new

and different rather than just bookish knowledge. Their children

explore, go out to school picnic spots near Delhi NCR, they will get

the opportunity to engage in sports and activities such as archery,

shooting, dart, lattu and many more and get a chance to explore

their hidden interests and hobbies.

At The Rurban Village during each school day outing, children are clubbed

together in groups of around 30 and supervised by their experienced and

loving trainer. Each group then goes through a series of group activities

and games such as – Australian Trolley, Pipe and Marble, Water or Bucket

and many more. These games promote mental thinking and foster the

spirit of working together. Alongside all of these children have access to

more than 50+ activities and games. Our experience in executing

productive School trips near Delhi NCR helps us to plan just the perfect

outing for Children.

Creating Social Bonds

Children mingle with other classes and sections and learn more

about other cultures. Grouping by interacting which promotes social

bonds and builds a habit of initiating and approaching new people

and entering into a conversation with confidence which also helps

in creating social bonds.

In addition, for all you adrenaline junkies, the Urban Adventure

Activities can be availed on arrival as per tariff!

We understand that the needs of different schools and children are

different and the above standard package may not suit everyone.We

are open to your suggestions to make amendments to your School

Outing Package based on your needs. Feel free to Contact Us to

discuss the amenities that can be added to your School Day Outing


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