Hold On To Morrissey - English Version


Latin American 2018

Hold On To Morrissey




It will always be a great honor to dedicate some of my personal

time to undoubtedly, the motor of life for many, the music.

Every time we think of Morrissey, we remember those special

moments, the good ones and also the bad ones, because finally

their songs are part of the soundtrack of many emotions, joys,

cries, loneliness, friendships, pain, sorrow and resignation..

We will forever be tied to these songs, hence that great euphoria

when Morrissey sings that special song live, we scream it and

sometimes we cry. In each of Morrissey’s visits to Chile we have

experienced emotions and on this occasion, we have placed the

microphone in you to share with us those emotions. Bon voyage.

Atte-Christian O./ Comunidad Morrissey Smiths Chile ® 2018

Constanza Carrera - Ask

Jose Díaz - Very Best Of..

Camila Buvinic - Honey You Know Where To Find Me

Natalia Cadenas - This Charming Man

Rodrigo Mardones - Back On The Chain Gang

Daniela Piña - November Spawned a Monster

Catherine Romero - Alma Matters

Arlette Pino - Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved M

Mario Pino Aravena - The Boy Racer

Sofia Segura Gonzalez - The Headmaster Ritual

Alejandra Gonzalez - Dial-A-Cliclé

Sergio Arredondo Toro - Now My Heart Is Full

Rodolfo Panteón - One Of Our Own

Claudia Andrades - The Theachers are afraid to the pup

David Alejandro G Leyton - Meat Is Murder

Carla Giacomazzi - Let me Kiss You

Miguel Aravena - William, It Was Really Nothing

Valentina Mendez - Jack the Ripper




By : Constanza Carrera

24 years old, my mom always liked

Morrissey but she never went

to a concert or anything, just listened

to it from t ime to time.

At the age of 17 I met the one who is

currently my boyfriend and within our

first conversations, they called me on

the phone and my ringtone was ask

from the smiths and he told me ooh

that song is from Morrissey to which

I replied that it was from the smiths

and since then we both knew that Morrissey

was our favorite artist in common,

we have given ourselves records

from the smiths and Morrissey solo.

We participated years ago in

a glass contest to see Morrissey

but he canceled the concert.

With my boyfriend we have been together

for 6 years, and last year he

was very sick of cancer and we set

out to enjoy life as much as we could

until we knew what was going to happen

with his illness, in those sad

days I saw an event on Facebook of

the morrissey smiths chile community,

which invited to the Attic bar

those who commented on a post

and I signed up with my boyfriend to

get him out of the sadness we had.

They gave me the chance to have a

great time, we got there the atmosphere

was very pleasant and we listened

to the music we love most

with him. My boyfriend so far is fine

with his illness, when I found out

that Morrissey was coming to Chile

this year I said this time we won’t

lose her and I bought the tickets the

same day they started selling them.

I waited since June with great anxiety

last Saturday, I had like a knot in

my stomach because I gathered a

lot of emotions that day, I danced,

I laughed and I cried. I never thought

I’d see our idol with the love

of my life for the sake of Health.

“our first conversations, they called

me on the phone and my ringtone was

ask from the smiths and he told me ooh

that song is from Morrissey

Comunidad Morrissey Smiths Chile® 2018

Very Best Of


By : Jose Díaz

y name is José and I wanted to tell you about my experience with the boss on his

last visit to our country. I had the luck to be one of the first to receive and greet

him before he could get out of the airport. I saw him when he was just finishing

one of the access controls; he was accompanied by two huge security guards.

He saw my T-shirt, smiled and made a gesture for me to come over. I had practiced a

lot of things to tell him (obviously in English), but I was so excited that I simply

told him: “Welcome back Morrissey, it’s such an honor to have you here again”. I

asked him to sign some things and he kindly accepted. When he finished signing I

asked him for a photo and he also accepted. Finally, before leaving he said: “Enjoy

the show”. Once I entered the duty-free sector, my happiness was inexplicable.

I got out of the airport and I saw him again. There were 4 or 5 fans, he was taking

pictures with them and signing some pieces of vinyl and the arm of a girl, it was all

very exciting. Minutes later Boz Boorer and Gustavo Manzur came out, they were

both very kind, always willing to sign things and take pictures with the fans.

Comunidad Morrissey Smiths Chile® 2018

Do not ask me how I did it, it’s not relevant,

but you will understand the research

that is done when it comes to the boss.

Before I entered the airport I saw the car

that was going to drive Morrissey, a beautiful

Mercedes-Benz. The man in the car

was not very happy to be Morrissey’s driver.

He told me that the car had to be

specially modified, for example, the seats

were changed for some eco-leather ones.

When I asked him why he was upset about

driving Morrissey he told me that his

bosses forbid him to smoke during

the 5-6 days of Morrissey’s stay.

I could not go to Casino Monticello but

I went to Movistar Arena, everyone who

was there knows it was a magical night.

It was very emotional, we were surprised

by “Let me kiss you” which I think was

a goodbye tour gift. My experience in

Morrissey’s last visit was fantastic, something

that I will always remember.

When he finished signing I

asked him for a photo and he also accepted.

Finally, before leaving he said: “Enjoy

the show”.

Comunidad Morrissey Smiths Chile® 2018


Honey You Know Where to find me

By : Camila Buvinic

y name is Camila and I am 30 years old. I’ve listened to Morrissey since

I was 18, after going through different music styles such as punk, grunge,

metal, and others. The truth is that I have a weakness for male voices and I

found that Morrissey’s voice is lovely to listen to. I get goosebumps every

time I listen to it which is something that never happened to me before. I

slowly got into Morrissey’s world, listening more to his music,

downloading his albums and concerts. I even convinced my boyfriend, who

is also the father of my daughter, to listen to him. Now he listens to him

every day on his way to work.

I missed the last concerts due to different situations like lack of money and

that my daughter was too young to travel from Punta Arenas. This time I

felt that I HAD TO DO IT, after all, it was one of the things on my bucket

list. My boyfriend and I bought the concert tickets for Movistar Arena as

soon as we could (at the end of June). We patiently wait for the day of the

concert; we traveled four hours on a plane from Punta Arenas and we put

out with the heat of Santiago (we are used to the Magellanic cold).

On Saturday afternoon we got lost on the subway but luckily we had some

extra time. We arrived at Movistar Arena; it was very exciting to see that

there were so many people who enjoyed Morrissey’s music and the

souvenirs people were selling, the environment was very cool. Minutes

before the concert started, I had butterflies on my stomach, which is

something that rarely happens. When I saw him coming out to the stage I

burst out on emotion. I lost my voice for singing so much and my feet still

hurt after all I jumped that day. Those who were on the low south section

probably saw me dancing hehe.

The only two bad things were that I wanted to sing more and I learned that

I need to buy a pit ticket so I can see him closer. The good thing is that the

feeling remains till today and my smile after seeing Morrissey is forever.

Morrissey Gran Arena Monticello

December 14th, 2018

Comunidad Morrissey Smiths Chile® 2018


Alma Matters / Is It Really So Strange? / Hairdresser On Fire / I

Wish You Lonely / How Soon Is Now? / Back On The Chain Gang

/ I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris / The Bullfighter Dies /

Dial-a-Cliché / If You Don’t Like Me, Don’t Look At Me / Munich

Air Disaster 1958 / Jack The Ripper / Break Up The Family / Life

Is A Pigsty / Sunny / Hold On To Your Friends / Spent The Day In

Bed / William, It Was Really Nothing / Something Is Squeezing

My Skull // Everyday Is Like Sunday / First Of The Gang To Die

This Charming Man


Por: Natalia Cadenas

n 1994, and I was 13, one day at night listening to Rock and Pop radiostation.

Suddenly, the Smiths special, “Theres a light that never goes out”

and “How soon is now?”and blew my head off. That same weekend I went

to “Persa Bio Bio” and bought the Queen is Dead and Meat is Murder.

It was like a super weird feeling, like every song was better than the last

one, and lyrics to say, Morrissey was talking to me, about what was happening

to me, about how I felt, I ended up buying all the discography.

As the years passed, the Smiths and Morrissey became the soundtrack of my life.

I had a cabal that was listening to this Charming man before the school tests and

when I gave the PAA (university test), so it would go well and give me luck, and it did.

Year 2000, my first year of college, and instead of buying me notebooks to start

college, I bought the ticket to Morrissey for Victor Jara Stadium, obviously, since

I wasn’t going to be there. I remember as emotion in the line that there were

people with flowers, some guys from Peru who were already crying and told us

what they had done to be there. The first time I saw that there were people like me

(who felt isolated from the world), who felt the same devotion, was spectacular.

Comunidad Morrissey Smiths Chile® 2018

The year 2002 in a chat I put on the nick “Natty Smiths”. A guy talked

to me and it turned out that I was studying at my own college, and he

asks me, “ The Smiths is for The Smiths? I love them!!”I couldn’t believe

it!, we got together, exchanged music, became best friends. Today

we’ve been together for 15 years, married and with 3 children.

When we got married, I tattooed “There is a light that never goes out “ on my back.

I’ve been to every Morrissey concert in Chile. The one I remember fondly is

the 2004 SUE, when it says “Santiago, Ive come to bless you”! I hear the intro

to the “Who put the M in Manchester?”and it pains me to remember, and the

worst feeling (apart from keeping all the tickets for the cancelled tour, including

tickets and hotel for Concepción and Puerto Montt), The Viña del Mar

Festival, fighting with the people in the box that wouldn’t let me listen or talk

while he sang, horrible, I came out angry and almost crying from the “Quinta

Vergara”, I didn’t understand how tremendous artist had been mocked.

This 2018 obviously I went to the 2 concerts, together with my husband, who

has accompanied me in all. In both concerts it was something special, the

setlist one of the best, lights, the images, the kindness of the musicians before

the concert. But my biggest memory is that I was finally able to shake his

hand in “First of a gang to die” in Monticello. So many times I almost couldn’t

reach it, now I could shake his hand, touch it, I almost died in the end, when

he threw down the black shirt, he passed through my husband’s hands (because

I was ahead) and could not catch a piece (troubles was formed even

with bites in between). Destiny had a surprise in store for me, At the end

of the show, while a couple of girls were wearing a piece of shirt, the guard

approached with a scissors, the part and gave me a piece, I couldn’t believe it.

“I had a cabal that was listening to

this Charming man before the school tests

Comunidad Morrissey Smiths Chile® 2018

Back On The Chain Gang

“His face on favorite

songs is

priceless, there

was Morrissey,

the one who had

only heard or

seen in a video,

his innocence

reflected in a

question: “Dad,

Is he for real?”


By: Rodrigo Mardones

n 1994, a friend handed me a bootleg cassette, by the way, to listen on a journey

I had to make from Concepción to Linares, he did it only with the intention

that I had something to listen to, and by the way he gave me the name of that

voice that I would hear, Morrissey. On the walkman I started hearing it and that’s

where it all started!, immediately the melodies and the voice were impregnated,

I must have heard it about 3 or 4 times on that journey, there it all began.

With another friend who still listened to that cassette, we became fanatical,

thinking that maybe we would never see it live, that it was a utopia, but if one

day it came, we would go as it were, if necessary, “sell the House.”And that

dream was fulfilled in 2000 (at that time my first daughter was 5 years old) in

a Victor Jara Stadium that had little honor towards such an expected visit, there

we were at the edge of the stage and with this I thought “I can die in peace”.

Comunidad Morrissey Smiths Chile® 2018

2004 I couldn’t go, for money and work was impossible but

I always knew there would be a new opportunity and this

came 2012, an almost inexplicable presentation in Viña

marked a new milestone in my life, this time my daughter,

17 years old, accompanied me, yes, there was already a new

fan who enjoyed that beautiful day with me. Then, 2 days

later, in the Movistar accompanied me my girlfriend (today

my wife) who also became a fan (thanks to my influence

I think je je je) and this added another page to my story.

2013 was the embarrassment of the tour that did not go,

where we had 3 dates to go (one of them when Movistar

(yes, for the first time earned me something) but well

we knew that a next one would come, AND SO IT WAS!.

In 2015 we went with my eldest daughter, with my wife but this

time someone stayed at home, Colomba was already born,

which by then was steeped over the year of life, I dreamed at

that time that when I grew up I could enjoy with me the boss.

This 2018 was the moment, the visit announced at the beginning

of the year gave light of what could happen, in the

intertanto Colomba already became a fan, and enjoyed the

music of the boss “ Spend the day in bed” “Back on the

chain gang” accompanied us on every trip in the car. And

the time came, we were in the Movistar this time my eldest

daughter (now 23 years old),my wife, plus we were joined

by Marco, his 16-year-old son ...and this time Colomba, my

4-year-old daughter!!! yeah, only 4 years old!. It was amazing

to see how he enjoyed the show and his favorite songs,it

was an indelible memory that marks a before and an after

as a fan. His face on favorite songs is priceless, there was

Morrissey, the one who had only heard or seen in a video,

his innocence reflected in a question: “Dad, Is he for real?”

It has been 25 years of following Morrissey, and the history

of his passage through Chile is also adding to the history

of my life since that far-off March 28, 2000...maybe on

the next visit my little girl will have more memories, and

the older one will be about 30, but there’s something that

will always bring us together, the boss...and well, once

I’m out of this world, my daughters will be able to remember

their father every time they hear a Moz theme..and

when they merge into a hug, I’ll be there to hug them too.

November Spawned a Monster


By: Daniela Piña

saw and heard my beloved Moz last Saturday at the movistar arena,

after 15 years of waiting. 15 years dreaming of seeing him live

because on previous occasions I couldn’t go see him for money

and then because my brother was very sick with a fucking cancer.

Then I was without a silver again until the opportunity came to be able to buy

my ticket and so it was with as part of my settlement, and I was the third person

to buy my desired entry field vip (because I dreamed of taking the hand,

but could not be) and at 11:16 minutes I got my christmas gift early. I’m not

going to lie to you. on the day of the concert, I thought I was going to pass out

of emotion.I was shivering my legs just like I do when I see my ex-boy. I screamed

like crazy, and I also cried with emotion, It was a magical, total night.

I keep the best images and the excitement I relive every time I remember his


Comunidad Morrissey Smiths Chile® 2018

Alma Matters

By: Catherine Romero Ogalde


ince I was a child, always listen to Moz my dad influenced my

style of music I like and good Moz to state in important occasions,

and the same song sounded in the background “Alma Matters”,

the first time I was a teenager and with some health complications that I

didn’t think were important but they got complicated and everything collapsed

I didn’t want anything even I didn’t care because I didn’t feel any more I

had been told that at 15 years my life would end in less than two years and

when it all started to make no sense it sounded far away on my radio “Alma

Matters” and I thought that if it still matters my life what I can do with it you

can still move on. Things took a positive turn and my health improved , life

continued and when I was 25 years old they proposed to me but things didn’t

go well and one day I analyzed everything, since I didn’t feel very well in the

relationship and the decision was important and there sounded again “Alma

Matters” and I listened to the song in my bed looking at the ceiling and I said

Yes very true and I thought of each of the moments when I didn’t feel good

in that relationship in the lyrics of the song and well I opened my eyes and

didn’t accept to marry things go well there have been low blows and happy

moments but in those that were hard Morrissey rejoices and with his velvet

voice opened my eyes with his poetic letters that vecen beat down at exact

moments that are experienced in life, he is special in his way of being but

I cannot not want him or stop listening to his songs that brighten my day.!

Comunidad Morrissey

Smiths Chile




Last Night I l Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me


By: Arlette Pino

n Moz for years, (I think since I use reason) but I definitely became fans of

him a little over 6 years ago. In 2013 I went through a very difficult time, it

gave me depression and I felt very lonely. I needed someone to listen to me

or understand me in that moment of solitude, until san Morrissey appeared

and his song “ there is a light that never goes out”.

I began to pay more attention to the lyrics and their voice, and it captivated me

(so shocking). I started to get more interested in her life, started reading books,

and feeling accompanied... I felt good about myself again and overcome depression

(I will always be grateful to him for saving my life). I set out to see him

live one day... and in 2015 the opportunity presented itself... I was very excited

and I just wanted to be as close to him as I could (I remember buying vip court

at that time). The day came, I had to put up with punches, hair pulling and

being thrown at me, but I didn’t care, I saw him and he was amazing, his flat,

his silver hair and those intense blue eyes that I still have etched in my mind.

At the end of the show she threw a flag (which had been passed all over

her body), some girls grabbed her and started fighting because they both

wanted to take her away. My boyfriend at that time (who is my husband

today) was walking with some keys and with that started to distribute pieces

of the flag (he gave me the biggest piece and I was immensely happy).

This 2018 I saw him again and I was very excited, although

I was further away than the previous time, I felt that the wait

was worth it because everything was perfect and as I imagined it.

Morrissey is and will always be my capeless hero who pulled me out of the

hole, one of the most important people in my life and my regular companion

on my travels and downtime (so much so that I got a tattoo in honor of him).

I will always be

grateful to him for saving

my life

The Boy Racer

By: Mario Pino Aravena


015 when Morrissey came to Chile was the first time I was able to attend

one of his concerts, before I could not because of work and cancellation of

the tour due to health problems and I had a chance to see him from “platea

baja”. At that time I managed to appreciate it from a distance, but I was impressed

with the audience on the court and I began to wonder why I wasn’t

there to live it more closely, when I cried with the theme “Alma Matters” I confirmed

it: “the next time I come to Chile I will be there, as close as possible.”

Comunidad Morrissey Smiths Chile® 2018

On this 2018 tour I wanted to go to the 2 concerts, but

my options were diluted for reasons of my work,but there

was a light and was to attend the Movistar Arena on

Saturday the 15th. I’ve been looking forward to those

seven months since I acquired the entrance and obstacles

started to appear again. All I had to do was fall back

on Saturday 15: marriage talk (I couldn’t go), Christmas

party with my daughter for my work (I couldn’t go either)

and the flight back from Chiloé to Santiago (for

work) that they set for 4:15 pm. I was already distressed

by the timing and Latam surprised me with a message

that the flight had been rescheduled for 5:20. I

began to wonder why I didn’t take the entrance with

me (I didn’t want to take it because I could get lost).

I started to contact my brother to wait for me in the

boarding area of Santiago airport so that I could quickly

go to my home (Buin) to find the entrance, the car and

change my clothes. The good thing is that I came with

bags of hand (I passed one to my partner and the other

I brought) and so I avoided wasting time waiting for the

luggage. Once arriving to Santiago, take the car to my

brother and we headed to Buin in search of the things

(19:20 hrs) and thanks to him manage to reach in my

car at Movistar at 20:50, even though it already came

nonetheless coming to terms with not being able to locate

me where I wanted to (vip). At the time of entering I

noticed that I was all the width of the busy stage almost

reaching the general court, when in a moment of patience

for all the hustle and bustle I observed that in the

same line of amplification (left side of the stage) I was

quite empty and advanced there, I didn’t mind seeing

it diagonal, what I wanted was to be close and be able

to observe it. For obvious reasons at the time Morrissey

appeared on stage, people started moving towards the

center and obviously Me Too and I managed to stay within

the width of the stage (after the amplification), the

emotion and joy invaded me and when he started singing

“Alma Matters” slowly he began to charge towards

the side where I was, I could not contain the emotion

and cry. I felt paid for everything that happened.

Comunidad Morrissey Smiths Chile® 2018

The Headmaster Ritual


By: Sofia Segura Gonzalez

listened to the smiths since i was born, my dad follows them for years, I learned

from their music since I was little to me personally he is a very admirable person.

Thanks to him I was able to meet Morrissey a person who for the time in

which he emerged may have been rebellious and innovative in relation to

his thinking compared to the time , however at 22 I am grateful to have had

the possibility to value the music and how significant it became for me Morrissey

and The Smiths. From a child listening to these topics until finally

being able to witness them and appreciate what they want to make known.

EThis time my parents were unable to attend the concert I was able to attend,

for my dad, I know you follow them when no one on the radio knew

them and listened to them. I feel lucky to be able to witness these moments.

Comunidad Morrissey Smiths Chile® 2018

Dial A Cliché


By: Alejandra Gonzalez - Comunidad Morrissey Smiths Chile

as 1991 and a friend lent me a casette of Morrissey “Viva Hate” and started looking for

more music from him, I fell in love with his music, his lyrics, he was and I consider him

my friend of years who has accompanied me in my saddest moments and still does.

This year, going out to Monticello, I woke up at 6 am I asked my best friend who

passed away last year, to give me luck and what will happen I would appreciate it

anyway, after 12 hours of waiting, I stayed in the front row, there was a moment

when I shouted with all my strength “Morrissey” he came gently took my book

and signed it, after that, he started playing “Dial a Cliché” the song for which

I met him and that he didn’t play 30 years ago, it was my song, Nothing could

be coincidence, I couldn’t hold on my tears as I looked up at the sky I thanked

my friend and thought all these years were not in vain, thanks to all for their

hugs, to my friends of life and to the great mozzera family that held me back.

Comunidad Morrissey Smiths Chile® 2018

Now My Heart Is Full


By: Sergio Arredondo Toro

y history begins this way: as a young cadet of the Naval School, Living the month of

March 2012 I had the joy of knowing thanks to a friend this “charming man”, listening

for the first time this song I noticed from the beginning a charm, a feeling of

being trapped, completely excited by what I heard being born the absolute need

to listen more, to investigate, to read, to impregnate myself with these sounds.

Many at the time will be counting and noticing that unfortunately it was after the

festival, so the anguish of not having heard a couple of months before was not

miniscule and what I most longed for was a new coming, which time brought with

it and not just for one chance, seven concerts announced in the press!, my joy

could no more, every day since this tremendous news I visited pages to know details,

dates, places, my condition as a cadet made it difficult to manage time on

my own by living in a boarding school regime within the school-with availability

only on weekends - and to be able to attend the maximum number of recitals but

it didn’t matter, Morrissey came and had to exhaust the means, ask for as much

permission as necessary, do as much as possible to be there, fulfill a dream.

Comunidad Morrissey Smiths Chile® 2018

As always, the support started from my family, receiving from my mom as

an early birthday gift tickets for the concerts of Viña, The Dome and Monticello,

and as soon as the trivia Cristal started and the weekly draws I made

to attend to how much family and friends I had to win with so many options

how not to have one of those tickets?. The weeks passed and nothing, if I remember

correctly in the penultimate, if it was not the last delivery of results,

I won and was all ready, we had to wait for the date and of course, the permit.

I think it’s not going to be the case to relive that experience and delve

into details, but the events are known and the whole tour was cancelled, I

was in a reverse situation now, I had my tickets, I had the permission, I had

aligned everything to be able to go, but there were no more concerts, leaf

zero and again to wait for new news, a new tour, a reprogramming, an iota

of hope to reiterate displacement to Chilean lands. I graduated from school

and with more time in my favor and increased my chances of being able to

attend the expected concert I made my journey of instruction on the ship

Escuela Esmeralda, 6 months that would connect me with the Old Continent

that under my opinion favored to coincide with some recital, however, great

was my surprise, and perhaps even unfortunate, when I see that contrary

to what Morrissey thought I would return to Chile to offer presentations,

it was 2015, another without realizing that illusion, without being able to

be near the show I longed for, of that show that I was sure would fill with

emotions all that faithful pubic and this follower I had to wait for again.

I have always thought that what one wants ends up acting in one way or

another, let’s call it God, my tata, perhaps for many a light –that will never

be turned off-, energy or other entities, but in fact it grants an attraction

that determines the achievement of goals, goals, dreams that are fulfilled,

it was so that mine was dated December 14 and 15, 2018 but began to

gestate much earlier. As soon as I heard the rumors of the American tour

I thought and maintained that it was “the” opportunity, my condition as a

student again, now taking my specialty gave me greater chances to go so

I waited for the official information and there I was on the internet portal,

waiting for the time to free the tickets, it was not option to go only to a

concert, I had to be in both, in court to be as close as possible, after so

much waiting at last the time arrived and could not be diminished. POf

course I didn’t get the discount on the page because the Webpay system

was affected but it didn’t really matter, it was an investment, it wasn’t an

expense, I never saw it like that, so I bought my tickets and was already

listed as present for Monticello on the court and moving Arena vip court.

Tickets: ok; Permit: ok?; Naval guard?: I don’t know; Exams?: I I exempt!

There were many factors, but I think that the one we

didn’t handle the most was the one that raised all the

alarms with the cancellation of the show in Paraguay

and that left us in that terrible uncertainty that yearns

to hope for the best preparing for the worst. The relaxation

of that state was carried out by the show in

Buenos Aires, it was the precise moment that I knew

was reality, that it was concrete, tangible, that this

story was almost about to be written. I remember that

I lived those days even more impatient, I saw concerts

and without exaggerating the weeping eyes were uncontrollable

to imagine being there, to witness that

entrance to the scene, that greeting, that since there

is no deadline that is not fulfilled nor debt that is not

paid arrived to stay on Friday December 14, exceptionally

I left at noon from work/classes in Concón and

took the first bus to Santiago to make the connection

to a bus bound to Rancagua and get off on the road.

After the trip I arrived at the casino almost four hours

in advance of the show, there were many fans already

and the atmosphere of the neighborhoods of the

Great Arena Monticello were absolutely “Morrisseanas”,

official sale of T-shirts, jopos everywhere, happy

people, people experienced already in concerts, first

perhaps like me, people who convoked what Call of

salvation attended this meeting en masse. It is unforgettable

when I enter the arena as soon as the opening

of doors starts, after a no-less row, and I see

myself occupying the third row from the stage, the

time seemed to pass slower than normal, alone, without

battery almost on the excellent cell company

resulted the videos that promptly at 21:30 started,

but I did not feel alone, I was never alone, I was with

more people like me that experts or novices did not

hide their anxieties and their faces gave away that no

matter how hard the week could have been, the bad

moments lived,14th was the first day of Morrissey and

nothing else mattered.

Comunidad Morrissey Smiths Chile® 2018

The curtain rises and there he was, the very one, opening his

concert and unleashing a colossal euphoria, what he lived in

that arena was more than a concert, it was a communication, a

connection with a Moz, and his band, that happy, sincere, kind,

gave himself completely to his beloved Chilean audience, for

me, was the first triumph of that which it costs to happen, the

emotion of being there, of singing, dancing, jumping, remembering,

in short, a mixture of sensations, feelings, that only he

who presents a concert of his favorite artist can understand. A

show full of synergy that transformed what happened in that place

into an incredible memory, I almost didn’t record, I enjoyed

and I soaked up every word, every gesture, the chords, the nuances

and details that are not captured by videos. That is how the

first concert ended, euphoric for all that happened I returned

to Santiago knowing that fortunately there was another day left.

For the next day I did not get there early enough so I had a

slightly more backward location, the wait with the same music

and videos was only different from the previous day only in

that I knew approximately the order of the videos, the anxieties

were the same, perhaps a little pressed to remember and

capture even more because today was the last, I did not expect

another concert tomorrow. Curtain up and there he was

again, now, if they opened with the song that had been opening

on the tour –a, if it is not my favorite of the Smiths - and

emotions to the surface again, Movistar Arena has a magic

that combines the cry of the pubic with effects most noticeable

of light, smoke, audio, they did that on several songs the

tears to fall, immortal, is the image of Moz singing “Jack the

ripper” under a smother of red color, an image so powerful,

and according to the song that surprises the viewer that is.

That concert for me was the stamp that culminated in forging

a passion that until then manifested itself in audiovisual form

on screen, but now after so many attempts I could say “I was

there”, after that elusive becoming I had sometimes done,

the dreams are to fulfill them and had fulfilled one of mine.

In writing these lines I can only ReLive, as they have been

every day since, those beautiful moments, I type and maintain

that in persistence there is Triumph, do not falter in

the search and always understand that not everything is within

reach of our hands, not everything we can handle, but

how we take it and more importantly, what we will do if it is.

One Of Our Own

By: Rodolfo Panteón


ear Moz, like every fan eager to draw your attention, I will begin by telling you

how I first met you. It was in an article I read about your lyrics in an arts magazine

that lasted just one issue, and that quite likely sold just one copy, mine. I desperately

sought to find your records after that, but this was the mid eighties in

Northern Chile and I lived in a mining town oystered between the desert and the

sea. It wasn’t until Viva Hate exploded onto the mainstream a couple of years

later that I pried myself out of my rusty little town using your songs as a crowbar.

But this is not what I wanted to tell you.

Comunidad Morrissey Smiths Chile® 2018

Cue to March 4, 2013, Mondavi Center, Davis,

California. Isabel, my wife, was visiting her sister

Loreto, then finishing a PhD with a study

about hummingbirds. Isabel helped with Loreto’s

little daughters mostly, except that night

when they attended your concert there.

That was the last thing they did together as sisters.

Loreto died in a car crash fourteen weeks

later along with her parents in-law near Modesto,

CA. Her husband and her daughters, then 4

years and 8 months old, returned to Chile later after

recovering from their injuries, and as we helped

with the girls for the next few years, we spun

for them tales of magical hummingbird kings and

queens whose royal dances were the Ask willow

ballet, the Irish Blood, English Heart living room

slam, and the Kiss Me a Lot flamenco stand off.

I asked Isabel a day ago what it meant for her to

see you when you came to Chile in 2015. ‘Closure,

perhaps?’ ‘Not exactly. An opening. I don’t

know how to say it. He is one of the few people

who are part of this new world as much as they

were part of the old one.’ We then kept listening

to your songs together while doing house chores,

except when we would sit down to just listen.

We sincerely wish you know this by the time

any of your concerts begin this weekend in

Santiago. Not that we are asking for a nod,

as much as it would be a great story to tell the

girls one day. We simply want you to know.

Because, you see, like humming

birds, you are part of our family forever.

With much love and gratitude,

Isabel Godoy & Rodolfo Panteón

Comunidad Morrissey Smiths Chile® 2018

The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils

“In the University give me date

of exam of repetition for the

December 14 to 18 hours...

my world collapsed

By: Claudia Andrades

Approximately June of this year my mom tells me Morrisey is coming to Chile

and asks me if I want to accompany her.

I began listening to Morrissey as a very young girl, for her; the melodies of

The Smiths and Morrissey have been in my head for ever; before I didn’t

know for sure who she was, but her themes motivated something in me,

something nostalgic, something emotional, something sensitive, something

I couldn’t describe. I met him even bigger, and like my mother, I loved him.

Then I was supposed to come to Chile, to Concepción mi ciudad, but the

unfortunate event occurred in Peru when it was intoxicated, and I looked

forward to seeing it live.

A year ago I was lucky enough to travel to England to study English, my plans

were to be able to see Morrissey (..and Tim Burton); according to me I would

be lucky to cross them in the streets, that the coincidences of life would lead

me to one of them, but obviously no such thing happened.

The day and time came to buy tickets and there we were waiting on the PC,

both desperate because the page collapsed, until we bought our court tickets

on Friday the 14th in Monticello...it was a mixture of happiness, relief,

anxiety, etc.

Comunidad Morrissey Smiths Chile® 2018

Then on the page we see that he cancelled a date in Europe, and in my guata they

were already more than a couple of nudos..no..no the same can be repeated historia..no

you can cancel!! and then we see that the tour continued. Then he cancels

again for poisoning a musician..NOOOO...but resumes again...phew..relief.

But as always something happens, even if you plan everything correctly ... mmm

... or is it definitely me that happens to me? I don´t know. In the University give

me date of exam of repetition for the December 14 to 18 hours...my world collapsed...the

songs the saddest Morrissey come to my mind...I saw all black...I

saw the despair and more, and I began to recriminarme..why didn’t I avoid it,

why didn’t I study more and prepare myself better in the exam and wouldn’t have

exposed myself to be now on the verge of having to take a repeat exam on the

worst date of all.

I started trying to find solutions, a medical certificate, it doesn’t work,I won’t be

able to give it another day, or talk to the teacher to give me some work or help

me, but what argument do I use: that I want to see my idol?..that I can’t stand

it without ever seeing Morrissey Live? I don’t know if he’ll come again? may not

have another chance?, Well I went to see the professor, explained that I had to

make an important trip for myself, I didn’t want to make my trip transparent to

him, because he is a bit strict, and perhaps because I wanted to give myself a

teaching of responsibility, the reason for my trip could play against me. I asked

him for a job option...and nothing, he argued to me that it would be unfair since

the same opportunity should all have it ... mmm true, but ... “ my case is different

I wanted to yell at him”, like making him understand my feeling, like making him

understand that it’S seeing MORRISSEY!. In the end, given my insistence, he summoned

me for Friday morning to review the previous exams together in case I had

any point. I left with little hope and much sorrow, resigning myself to my destiny,

to which I myself took.There was less than a week left, my mom would finally

go alone, because I didn’t want to influence her either, and that she would stop

doing what she wants to do, it would be a bad thing for me, so I tried to pretend

a little “it doesn’t matter mom, we’ll see it again”, but inside snif, grrr, mmm.

On Friday the 14th, I wake up early and go to the professor’s office. I checked

with him my previous exams in case there were any dots to rescue ... and ohhh...

al to review a practical exam, I notice that in a question I have not corrected

anything, and the teacher realizes that, I overlook a question that I had answered

to the back of the sheet, and that for my greatest happiness was correct , I

uploaded the note to a 6.2, so automatically...I passed, and I should not give the

18 HRS exam!!. It was such a joy that I hugged him, ran away, called my mom,

jumped from happiness alone through the streets.

At home my mom waited for me and we left for Monticello!!!!

10: 20 aprox I was happy, Morrissey appeared behind the falling curtain and my

emotion is indescribable, I know that only you can understand me what happens.

Many emotions, happiness, blends of feelings that I didn’t even know, and that to

this day endure in me ... Thank You Morrissey

Meat Is Murder

“I dressed as a

Chef because I

had to leave my

labors to run

for my big trophy,

the guards

settled in to let

Moz pass, went

out the back

door and only

exploded with

a hesitant voice

“Morrissey please”


By: David Alejandro G Leyton

here are so many stories behind musical groups, soloists or just songs that

hide a special meaning for many, situations that move us to common places,

where there were good friends and memories of past loves, that youth full of

nights of dances and experiences that made us grow or fall to move on. Music

always accompanied me in everything until today; records that are heard

over and over again as if it were a kind of ritual to walk more elegantly in this

jungle called Santiago.

And in the middle of the Capital a giant sign from Morrissey ventured us as

the great debut of the velvet voice, many expected that first arrival and I have

many memories of that day as well as its return from 2004. PBut nothing was

as special as in 2012 and that curious confirmation on the Vine festival Grill,

which I signed up to be there among the devoted listeners of the former The

Smiths. Shortly before I left for Valparaíso where my stay was, I had to manage

at work to have a few days, so I worked without buts to be able to go and

enjoy the sun of the beautiful coast and that presentation that was already

coming with some small controversy about their requests.

Comunidad Morrissey Smiths Chile® 2018

Days before all this excitement for the performance, Morrissey and his band rehearsed

in the Capital, the stay was as always at the Ritz Hotel and because of

those things of life my place of work was always as an itinerary to go with their

boys to eat, it was an eternal day of nerves and looks among my companions

to have the scoop and thus see it for the first time off the stage. I was informed

that there was a reservation in his name so I prepared myself with a pencil and a

record (Years of Refusal), the challenge was to wait for him one afternoon at the

exit of the restaurant, I dressed as a Chef because I had to leave my labors to run

for my big trophy, the guards settled in to let Moz pass, went out the back door

and only exploded with a hesitant voice “Morrissey please” leaving in his hands

his last musical work, which; he signed letting me touch his shoulder and very

friendly looked at me leaving among journalists and fans at that point, I couldn’t

even feel my feet.I went up to the dressing rooms with my biggest musical trophy

and burst into tears, which I shared on the phone with my dear mother.

Some good years have already passed, but I always wanted more, in 2015 he

returned to Chile and to the restaurant where I work 11 years ago, but this time I

could only see him eat a pizza that I prepared for him, again I wrote down to see

him live, my companion to the recital would be my mother, who already had a

sense of her great music, we had an incredible time between shouts and applause

from fervent fans, but it was more distant to touch his shoulder again.

Already resigned and with the feeling of never seeing him again, 2018 came with

a new Latin American tour and a musical trophy, but this time it would not be the

boss’s as his musicians affectionately call him.

Comunidad Morrissey Smiths Chile® 2018

I have many memories that I have collected from my school period until now,

becoming small fragments of my life, as well as the meeting on that day Thursday

December 13 before his expected debut at the Monticello.

I went out like every day to my break type 16: 15 but when I turned outside the

restaurant I met the Great Martin James Boorer (Boz) who was walking very quiet

in the neighborhood with a big suitcase, I could not believe such a meeting, I

called him by his pseudonym to which he immediately responded “who are you”,

I very nervous answered “Morrissey fans” and his very cheerful face answered

“hello” there I shook his hand very strong at the same time taking my cell phone

to immortalize the encounter. The next day I met an old friend of mine from

my golden years of parties in honor of The Smiths and Morrissey, it was actually

more than 12 years that we did not share a conversation and a drink since we

both studied and made our lives on different paths, but it is never too late to relive

stories set around the figure of Moz, I told her everything that had happened

to me and she very happy could not believe it, because she was talking about

really special encounters for me. The next day it was the concert at Movistar Arena

with my favorite companion, my mother, faithful witness to all my fanaticism.

Could enter into a thousand details, and anecdotes related to all the visits of

Morrissey but hey, I try that everything I sense is a fence coming apart gradually.

Today I am a satisfied fan having autographed album, photos and a video of that

encounter with Morrissey in 2012 that was secretly filmed by a colleague while

signing the album.

If one day I were to make a musical wish, it would be to go through again these

same feelings of nerves and emotions that filled my heart in that stage that I

know very well; the kitchen of my work where I look many times at the idol of my


Comunidad Morrissey Smiths Chile® 2018

Let Me Kiss You

By: Carla Giacomazzi


I history is flooded by the music of morrissey since I was 15 years old who

for the first time heard his lyrics I found a reason for my existence somewhat

strange in this absurd middle society where the” weirdos “ are stripped or

pointed out. Today that I am 33 years old I can point out that listening to

morrissey Live and for the first time it was sublime, exciting, we enjoyed it

a thousand we were with my girlfriend back on the court we wanted to be

calm and enjoy every second of her concert we sang each of her songs with

a basic English but that it matters if it was our moment and the teacher, it

was moving to hear “let me kiss You” is a song that we fell deeply in love

before starting our relationship that in 2019 we turned a decade and where

mozz and his music was present in each of our history does not spend any

moment in where his melody floods our home, he has fallen in love with his

particular voice that relaxes, that makes you stop this life that at times becomes

so unkind. Thank you morrissey for conveying your joy, your vibration,

elegance and your great struggles, we adore you.

Morrissey Movistar Arena

December 15th, 2018


William, It Was Really Nothing / Alma Matters / I Wish You Lonely / Hairdres

On Fire / I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Is It Really So Strange? / Ba

On The Chain Gang / Dial-a-Cliché / Jack The Ripper / If You Don’t Like Me,

Don’t Look At Me / Munich Air Disaster 1958 / Break Up The Family / Spen

The Day In Bed / How Soon Is Now? / The Bullfighter Dies / Life Is A Pigsty

Who Will Protect Us From The Police? / Hold On To Your Friends / Let Me K

You // Everyday Is Like Sunday / First Of The Gang To Die






William, It was really Nothing


Por: Miguel Aravena - Comunidad Morrissey Smiths Chile

in fact, Morrissey will be playing in Latin America this 2018, as announced

by the Morrissey Smiths Chile Community, joy and emotion was once

again part of our life.

Personally, this started in Buenos Aires, where when arriving at DirecTV

Arena, Yukiko Nakagawa was with her two Japanese friends, between

my basic English and Yukiko’s little English, we managed to share some

experiences about Morrissey ... the hours were still running while waiting

for the line, when Ale Kapacevich and Jorge Smiths appeared where the

good vibes of our brothers from Argentina who brought my compatriots

Vale and Leo could be felt.

Comunidad Morrissey Smiths Chile® 2018

The opening of the Access in DirecTV Arena started and we would run to the

fence of the enclosure to see in front row Morrissey, if the same being that

missed since 2015 in the Movistar Arena, the curtain falls and you hear “I

Love You” and after a few minutes it sounded “William, it was really Nothing”

, the show was magical to see Morrissey well with energy it was a joy, during

the show I was lucky to touch his hand again on two occasions and to receive

the CD “Vauxhall and I” autographed of the hand de Moz with an “I love u”

said goodbye to Morrissey from his Buenos Aires audience.

Happy as I never felt at the end of the show, happy to have seen a strong and

energetic Morrissey on stage and grateful to have met beautiful people while

waiting for the show, with my feet a little closer to the earth, I dedicated

myself to looking in the crowd for the Friends of Japan, and there we were

hugged and happy when an American fan appeared and gave a piece of the

shirt to Yukiko, who had the generosity to divide it and give me a small piece

of the shirt that Morrissey wore in Buenos Aires.

“was lucky to touch his hand

again on two occasions and

to receive the CD “Vauxhall

and I” autographed of the

hand de Moz

Comunidad Morrissey Smiths Chile® 2018

5 a.m. towards Rancagua to begin a new story, the morrizian friends of argentina

and Chileans begin to arrive, among them Jorge Smiths who tells me: “today

Moz signs your record” ... the day advanced and the nervousness and the anxiety

made itself felt, when there were movements of the security team, we would run

to see if we were lucky to see Morrissey’s entry into the Monticello but nothing

... with an atmosphere aromatised with the perfume of Morrissey the two rows

begin to assemble to enter the court of Monticello, where some of the members

of the band, Mando Lopez, Matt Walker and Gustavo Manzur appear in surprise

to greet the mozarmy.

The access doors open and the run to the fence begins !, once settled, enter our

dear Morrissey and with a Hello and Alma Matter starts one of the best concerts

I have been able to enjoy Morrissey with a privileged position to enjoy that man

who has accompanied us and helped us with his words, lyrics and music in our

lives!. During the show Morrissey takes the time to sign some public objects,

books and records, the first feathers failed, but the down that I had bought in

Buenos Aires and that day I put in my pocket in the hope that Morrissey could

sign my record, it was fulfilled, he received the down and the vinyl and he was

able to make the signature of every element that he had in his hands, continued

the show with a complete setlist and with a fanaticada and magical energy!.

Movistar Arena, the last date of Morrissey’s 2018 Tour, hoping for some surprise

and gift from Morrissey. Already installed were Mariana and Estefanía, fans of

Peru and began to arrive the people who were in the front row at the concert of

2015, starts the opening of doors and the race to be the closest to Morrissey, already

inside the Movistar Arena and again feeling the aroma of Morrissey before

the show, the curtain falls and we have again Morrissey on stage with an incredible

light and energy and enjoying his own show!.

It was the last date, where we had to shout every letter that has accompanied us

during our lives!.

Were shows unforgettable!, where I was able to meet new people and friends

from Chile and Argentina and I am left with a beautiful memory that Morrissey is

fine and with an incredible light and with a faith that we will see him again here

in our lands ...

Comunidad Morrissey Smiths Chile® 2018

Jack The Ripper

By : Valentina Mendez - Aférrate a Morrissey


usic is lived, felt, shared and helped to generate bonds with others. Others

who vibrate with the same melodies that once accompanied their hours of

solitude, reflection and introspection on the vortex of life. Music that only one

has been able to concretize, so that thousands of people today pay tribute

to him and feel that with every measure and with every sentence his life has

been saved. I’m talking about the musical career of Morrissey, who with more

than 35 years of career has passed the soul of generations around the world.

“y con la ayuda, desinteresada, de amigos

y amigas cuyo punto de unión fue la

pasión por el mancuniano, este sueño

comenzó a tomar forma.

Comunidad Morrissey Smiths Chile® 2018

This year, 2018, a new tour of South America was announced in the promotion of

his last album ‘Low in High School’, for me, was a shocking news that, from the

beginning, marked the beginning of my desire to realize my dream of going out to

see Morrissey out of Chile for the first time. I began, immediately, to coordinate

dates, schedules and budgets in order to be able to travel to Buenos Aires and

with the help, disinterested, of friends and friends whose point of union was the

passion for the Mancunian, this dream began to take shape.

The first week of December 2018 was approaching and I began to prepare, physically

and mentally, to see Morrissey on the Direct TV Arena. Anxiety and emotion

resurfaced like that time, in 2012, when for the first time I had the opportunity

to meet Morrissey. This whole adventure, completely new to me, was feeling as if

this first time ever happened again.

I arrived in the neighboring country one day before the show, the cancellation in

Asunción, the previous day, and the uncertainty of Morrissey’s arrival in Buenos

Aires had me with a high level of stress and anguish, but already installed in the

House of my friends in Buenos Aires, we learned that by 21:30 pm our idol had

already arrived in the city of fury to perform the long awaited concert.

On December 7th, under a recalcitrant sun, from the morning, the adventure

finally began. We were early waiting outside the Direct TV Sand to see from the

first row to the voice of Everyday is Like Sunday Let Me Kiss You, Jack The Ripper

and so many others. At 12:30 the day started to listen to the first chords of How

Soon is Now? on the sound check. The excitement gripped the fans, who knew

that in a couple of hours we would be living an unforgettable moment.

To see Morrissey in Argentina, was to discover, once again, that music knows no

borders, was to reaffirm that the soundtrack that I decided to accompany my life,

is an indestructible pillar that has shaped my deepest ideals and convictions and,

above all, that Morrissey’s songs are and will always be synonymous with containment,

understanding and companionship in the real and human reflection of the

friendships that have been born of every lyric and chord.

In this story, I only wanted to focus on what it was like to see Morrissey in the

neighboring country, but this adventure continued to be full of emotions in my

country. The concerts of Monticello and Movistar Arena were the perfect closure

of the realization of a dream that had been growing in me for years.

I greatly thank all and all the people who walked with me on the journey in the

search to extend our hands and feel for a moment to be clinging to Morrissey.

Comunidad Morrissey Smiths Chile® 2018

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