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A word from the Principal...


I hope you are all well and managing the changes that have been announced to lockdown measures

this week.

You will have heard the Prime Minister’s plans to potentially begin to reopen schools for some year

groups from June 1st. This plan is conditional and there is a large chance that it could be delayed if

the five tests the Government have set out are not met.

Should the Government be happy with the results and continue with their desire for schools to open

on the 1st June, that does not mean that we will open then. We will open our doors to an increased

number of children when we believe it is safe for your children and our staff. This will involve looking

at the evidence; working with unions and ensuring we have a detailed plan in place to ensure

the safety of everyone involved.

We all want school to return to normal as soon as possible, but only when the risk to everyone’s

safety is minimised. In the meantime, please actively engage with your child and their class teacher

to maximise the impact of the home learning that is being provided. Our teachers are working

incredibly hard to provide home learning and feedback when it is submitted, so please make the

most of it, as it will ensure your child is well prepared to return to school when the time comes.

Stay safe,

Mr Adam Anderson


Home Learning...

This week the Early Years children have had a very busy week learning all

about caterpillars and butterflies. They have painted and made models of caterpillars

and butterflies using a selection of different resources. The children

had to write a food diary for The Very Hungry Caterpillar and I have been very

impressed with how neat their writing is.

The children had fun creating amazing repeating and symmetrical patterns.

They have learnt all about an artist called Kandinsky who used circles to inspire

him to paint. They then had a go at creating their own art using circles.

The class were challenged with finding out which was the most popular fruit in

their house and they had to decide how to record this information. They also

had to make a fruit kebab or fruit salad, which looked absolutely delicious.

Home learning...

Year 1 have been really busy with lots of activities and projects. Mrs Patrick

and I have really enjoyed seeing all the pictures and hearing all of the comments

and stories. The class blog is now up and running and we are so proud

of all the positive, kind and thoughtful comments children have been making

about each other’s work.

Home learning...

Through the ‘Food to Fork’ topic Year 2 have been focusing on farming this

week. In English they have been looking at traditional stories, such as The

Enormous Turnip and Jack and the beanstalk. They have then written their own

stories by changing the vegetables to other vegetables or fruit. Their stories

have also included onomatopoeia, adjectives and some rhyme. These have

been lovely to read each day. They have been weighing things and making

potions in maths to support their knowledge and understanding of weight and

capacity. The children have also been really creative by making fruit salads and

their own exercise videos. They have also enjoyed learning about Van Gogh

and have recreated his famous sunflower painting. They have done all of this

with smiles on their faces and positive praise between one another on our class

blog. What a great team you are Year 2!

Home learning...

This week, class 3 have begun a project related to Charlie and the chocolate factory.

We are reading through the story as a class and have created some delicious looking

treats that could be sold by the chocolate factory. Some contain ingredients that are

not often found in cakes or buns. As you can see by the mouth watering pictures, Class

3 have some talented chefs. Finley O has written a beautiful set of instructions to go

with his treat and remembered to use all of the features of instructional writing.

We have also looked at qualities to be kind to others. Many of the children created a

‘sprinkling of kindness’ toppings for a doughnut.

Home Learning...

Class four have been artists, poets, game designers and sales people all in the

last week! We’ve continued our theme of Romans, looking at Roman housing

and learning all about the Gods and Goddesses the Romans worshipped. There

were some fantastic VE Day celebration pictures too and lots of dancing and

exercise from our P.E choices.

Home learning...

On Friday 8th May 2020 the nation marked the 75th anniversary of VE Day

from home. Many of the children in Class 5 made different pieces of artwork,

food, bunting and medals to commemorate this occasion. Alongside this, they

also held events with their families at home to pay tribute to the service and

sacrifice of the entire Second World War generation, from British, Commonwealth

and Allied Forces to evacuees and those who served on the home front.

It is great to see the children in Class 5 enjoying the outdoors while following

all the rules and guidelines to keeping themselves safe. Whilst outside, the children

have been looking at local wildlife, walking, cycling, completing sports and

games and playing with their toys. Keeping active is so important as it helps

keep a healthy mindset for all. Well done Class 5.

Home learning...

This week, as a part of our topic, Year 6 has been focusing on recycling and

growing. We have started an experiment to grow a tomato plant using an old

tomato. Miss Law has also set up her tomato experiment and we are now waiting

to see the results. As well as this, we have been using ‘old’ things around

the house to create something new and useful. It has been great to see Year 6

being so creative and making some amazing new creations. For our English, it

has also been lovely to see Year 6 enjoying some poetry and starting to work

towards writing their own poems about an animal of their choice. Well done for

another week of hard work Year 6!


Jake N.

is awarded this certificate for achieving

1 st



in the last 30 days

out of everyone in

Year 1, Year 2


A word from the Principal...

Evie W.

1 st

Biggest Increase in Correct answers

over the last 7 days

Year 3, Year 4

15 / May / 2020

A word from the Principal...

Alex C.

1 st

Biggest Increase in Correct answers

over the last 7 days

Year 5, Year 6

15 / May / 2020

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