Celebrating SOLES Class of 2020


Celebrating ___________________________________________

the Class of 2020


Table of Contents


SOLES Memories

A Message from President Harris

Faculty Awards

Faculty of the Year Awards

Adjunct Faculty Recognition Awards

LASH Foundation Nonprofit Faculty Excellence Award

Staff/Administrator Recognition Award

Student Awards

Department of Counseling & Marital and Family Therapy

Department of Leadership Studies

Department of Learning and Teaching

SOLES Experiences Abroad

Student Ambassadors

Student Organizations

A Message from Dean Ladany

The Class of 2020

Department of Leadership Studies

Department of Counseling and Marital and Family Therapy

Department of Learning and Teaching

Alma Mater

SOLES Memories II

Concluding Remarks by Associate Dean Spencer




Rooted in social justice, led by compassion, inspired by curiosity,

driven by a shared vision.

The School of Leadership and Education Sciences (SOLES) at the University of San Diego (USD)

believes in academic excellence, innovation, and a strong commitment to equity and inclusion. We

educate, engage, model, mentor, and challenge the campus community to promote social justice and

ignite meaningful change in our diverse society.​ ​SOLES shapes the future by educating and empowering

professionals to enact social justice, enhance human dignity, and improve the quality of life of diverse

individuals, families, and communities.

This publication intends to celebrate and share the highlights and accomplishments of our graduating

class of 2020.

To learn more about SOLES, please visit ​https://www.sandiego.edu/soles​.

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SOLES Memories




A Message from President Harris

James T. Harris III, DEd


James T. Harris III, DEd, became the University of San Diego’s fourth president on

August 3, 2015. Throughout his academic career, Dr. Harris has worked closely with

cross-discipline teams to spearhead new civic and community engagements, connecting

academic environments with intractable issues faced by society. President Harris

believes in the transformative power of education. “Education can change individuals

and society for the better and it’s one of the great forces in the world today,” he said.

With an authentic leadership style and engaging personality, President Harris creates

meaningful connections with students and surrounds himself with student activities.


Faculty Awards

Faculty of the Year Awards

Department of Counseling & Marital and Family Therapy


“Dr. Golubovic truly goes above and beyond for his students. He is

approachable, willing, and genuinely cares for his students to learn and

experience more.”*

Department of Leadership Studies


“Dr. Nydia Sanchez is deeply invested in the personal development,

emotional growth, and academic success of each of her students. She has

been a lifesaver as a sounding board, affirmation giver, and just an overall

amazing human being.”*

Department of Learning and Teaching


“Dr. Molina always goes above and beyond for her students and

community. She helps with every aspect of life, and cares deeply about her

students' social and emotional wellness.”*

Adjunct Faculty Recognition Awards

Department of Counseling and Marital and Family Therapy


“Students consistently comment on how Charles makes his class engaging

and offers students practical tools they can take into the therapy room. As

one student noted, ‘Charles has made an unforgettable impression on my

experience in the program.’”*

Department of Leadership Studies


“Linda’s teaching is excellent in terms of content and process alike. As a

coach, a teacher, and a person, she embodies those with great authenticity

and that, combined with her love for her work, is deeply inspiring and



Department of Learning and Teaching


“Dr. Michel has proven to be a strong instructor and collaborative team

member in DLT. She provides continuous support and purposeful

feedback to our teacher candidates while being respectful, organized,

intelligent, and caring.”*


“Dr. Garza’s instruction and attentiveness to students is superior. She is a

wonderful and highly-skilled instructor. Her focus on equity and access is

at the core of her instruction as her students and peers always speak

highly of her.”*

LASH Foundation Nonprofit Faculty Excellence Award


“Marcus always went above and beyond to ensure students understood

the information and made himself available outside of class hours to give

that extra help when needed. He always took very personal interest in

ensuring each student's academic needs were met and did whatever he

could to ensure they were all successful.”*

Staff/Administrator Recognition Award


“Amanda was a key resource in connecting us with other USD

staff/faculty and helping get our ideas off the ground. She not only

supported SGSA but every student she comes in contact with, always

striving to connect students to opportunities and resources.”*

*These excerpts were taken from feedback provided by the nominators of the award recipients.


Student Awards

Department of Counseling & Marital and Family Therapy

Clinical Mental Health Counseling Student of the Year


“Her commitment to our program and the profession as a whole went far beyond

what was required of her. She is one of our most dedicated and highly talented

clinicians and will address the needs of clinically underserved communities.”*

School Based Clinical Counseling Student of the Year


“She routinely goes above and beyond in her academic pursuits and often

advances the learning of her peers. She exemplifies our learning outcomes for

students in school based clinical counseling and will represent USD with

distinction as a professional counselor.”*

School Counseling Student of the Year


“Belgica is extremely invested and committed to the program and students she is

serving. She exemplifies what we envision as a leader in the counseling

profession. We have no doubt she will have the same impact in all her future


Marital and Family Therapy Student of the Year


“Multiple faculty noted that AJ was an outstanding student in their classes. AJ

was also willing to give back to the program in different ways, such as mentoring

other students and frequently participating in the admissions process.”*

Department of Leadership Studies

William P. Foster Outstanding Dissertation Award


Do we all agree? A mixed-methods study of the impact of climate strength on

psychological safety, team learning, and team performance

Dissertation Committee:

Cheryl Getz, EdD, Chair

Lea Hubbard, PhD, Member

Marcus Lam, PhD, Member

“The writing is flawless, the literature review is extensive, and the research

question addressed a significant gap in the leadership and organizational

psychology literature.”*


Additional Nominee:


Exploring Intergenerational Value Changes Across Three Generations of

Emirati Women Using Focused Ethnography

Dissertation Committee:

Afsaneh Nahavandi, PhD, Chair

Robert Donmoyer, PhD, Member

Christopher B. Newman, PhD, Member

Master of Arts Leadership Studies Student of the Year


“Courtney is thoughtful, curious, and collaborative with her classmates. She has

shown tremendous growth over her time in the department.”*


“Tiffany is known among her professors for her strong writing and thoughtful

approach. She is a spectacular thinker and writer.”*

Master of Arts Higher Education Student of the Year


“Meredith has blossomed into a powerful advocate for change and an excellent

mentor to the first year students. This is especially evident in her work with the

Veteran’s Center and the co-founding of the SOLES Higher Education Leadership

Organization (SHELS).”*

Master of Arts Non-Profit Student of the Year


“Since her first day of class, Loretta has distinguished herself as an avid learner

and accomplished nonprofit professional. Faculty have noted that she

consistently produces high quality work.”*

Capstone Project of the Year


“Her beautifully written portfolio has served as a model to others. Her thoughtful

approach, deep reflection, and full embrace of the various aspects of our program

is commendable.”*


Action Research Project of the Year


Project title: ​Intentional Residential Programming for Upper-Division Students

“Her research found upper division students wanted wellness programming and

community building events to support them through stressful times. Her work is

an important contribution to the residential life at USD and other institutions

that hope to support upper division students.”*

Department of Learning and Teaching

MEd in Curriculum and Instruction: Masters Credential Cohort

1 Year - Multiple Subject


“Kelsey is one of those graduate students that always has original and in-depth thoughts

and the highest quality assignments to contribute to class. The families and children that

she will work with in the future will be fortunate to have her in their lives.”*

MEd in Curriculum and Instruction: Masters Credential Cohort

1 Year - Single Subject Biology


“He always strives to do his best and has the best interest of his students so they may

succeed. His personality is contagious as he is always positive and is very well liked by

his instructors and students.”*

MEd in Curriculum and Instruction: Masters Credential Cohort

2 Year - Dual Credential: Multiple Subject and Education Specialist



“She has gone above and beyond in working for her students. She has shown enthusiasm

for teaching and determination in learning and applying strategies to support the content

in her classroom and build relationships with her students and colleagues.”*

MEd in Curriculum and Instruction: Masters Credential Cohort

2 Year - Dual Credential: Single Subject Spanish and Education

Specialist Credentials


“Throughout the program she has been one who promotes issues of equity and access for

students. She has also sought improvement of the credential program by participating in

many focus groups as she is a critical thinker.”*


MEd in Curriculum and Instruction: Masters Credential Cohort

ACT - Multiple Subject and Education Specialist Credentials


“She is community oriented and has greatly impacted her students’ academic,

behavioral, and social-emotional growth. She has a true love of learning and love for her

students that is visible in her day-to-day routines, her use of her personal time, and her

investment of herself in the welfare of her students.”*

MEd in TESOL, Literacy and Culture


“Susan is an extraordinary graduate student who goes way beyond coursework and field

experiences to grow professionally. She has distinguished herself through her

scholarship, her commitment to social justice in education and life, her rigorous research

practices and her collaborative and cooperative attitude towards her peers, professors,

and students.”*

MEd Online

MICHELLE FANTOZZI - Literacy and Digital Learning Specialization

“In her latest course (EDUC 566), she provided additional support and encouragement

for her partner who is a newer teacher with less experience. Michelle's partner had

nothing but kind words of thanks. Her action research was well organized and written

and presented with much rigor.”*

*These excerpts were taken from feedback provided by the nominators of the award recipients.


SOLES Experiences Abroad

SOLES graduate students have had the opportunity to interact and engage with other cultures

through their experiences abroad. Explore the different experiences and adventures our graduate

students have shared.

Australia Spain Jamaica

Argentina Northern Ireland Japan

India Brazil Canada



Student Ambassadors

SOLES ambassadors are graduate students who have been selected to serve as official student

representatives. Our ambassadors work hard to support incoming and current students.

Dear Graduating Ambassadors,

Thank you for your time dedicated to the SOLES Ambassador Program. Your dedication and love for

SOLES and your programs has been felt by all of SOLES, our prospective students, and guests.

Congratulations on overcoming the many obstacles you faced to accomplish this dream. We wish you

nothing but success and fulfillment as you start the next chapter in your lives.


The SOLES Admissions Team

Cortni T. Alexander

Justine Avila

Courtney Camden

Ana Carbonell*

Christopher Caylor*

Martha Cordova

Belgica Johana Crespo

Matt Dahlman

Ashlee Delzingaro

Mackie Dideriksen

Taylor Funderburk

Andrea Lizette Garcia

Kimberly Guzman

Bianca Alexis Huicochea

Sophia Hutcheon

Yvette Ibanez

Meaghan J. Kalafut

Jules Lepore*

Jacqueline Marcil

Rhona Matthews

Meredith Mendez*

Madison Nash

Christian Perez

Billy Piper

Laura Rivera

Jazmine Rodriguez- Esparza

Jason Sevilla

Samantha J. Shepherd

Jesus Fabian Solis

Donna Soukantouy

Loretta Turner

Carolyn Winn

Susan Zyphur*

*​MVP Ambassador​: Ambassadors that went above and beyond helping, from last-minute events, meeting with admitted and

prospective students, and always being willing to assist our office with a positive attitude.


Student Organizations

SOLES recognizes and appreciates that a great deal of learning is done outside of the classroom

through student involvement. Our student leaders demonstrate a commitment to SOLES, their

profession, and their communities through their participation in these student organizations.

Asian Students in Alliance (A.S.I.A.)

Graduating Board Members: Andrea Aduna, Kim Guzman, Donna Soukantouy, & Doni Wong

Black Graduate Student Association

*No graduating board members this year


Chi Sigma Iota - Delta Chapter

Graduating Board Members:​ ​Frances Arredondo, Ana Carbonell, Belgica Crespo, Jovanna Hernandez,

Sophia Hutcheon, Kenyera Lofton, Julian Sesma, Stephanie Soto, Kimdinh Tran, & Mareike Yerg

Counselors Advocating and Pursuing Equity (CAPE)

*No graduating board members this year


Latinx Graduate Student Association (LGSA)

Graduating Board Members: Belgica Crespo, Kim Guzman, Lucero Martinez Cisneros, Meredith

Mendez, Natashia Pulido, Laura Rivera, Jazmine Rodriguez, Julian Sesma, Jesus Solis, & Denise Tores

LGBTQIA+ Graduate Student Association

Graduating Board Members: ​Hannah Gray-Chambers & Kelley Kozlowski


SOLES Higher Education Leaders & Scholars (SHELS)

Graduating Board Members: Kim Guzman, Meredith Mendez, & Laura Rivera

SOLES Graduate Student Association (SGSA)

Graduating Board Members: ​Chris Caylor, Christian Perez, Kim Guzman, Meaghan Kalafut, Kelley

Kozlowski, & Donna Soukantouy


A Message from Dean Ladany

Nicholas Ladany, PhD

Dean, School of Leadership and Education Sciences & Associate Provost for Academic Outreach

Nicholas Ladany, Ph.D., serves as the dean of the School of Leadership and Education

Sciences. A leading expert in counseling psychology, Ladany is responsible for overseeing

the 4 academic departments, which includes 16 academic, credential, and certificate

programs; three interdisciplinary research institutes; and two centers within SOLES.


The Class of 2020

Department of Leadership Studies

Get inspired. Get effective. Get started.

Students from the Department of Leadership Studies have the skills, theory, and hands-on practice to

lead change in organizations and communities for the better. Graduating from these programs

translates to having insights on managing a group dynamic, engaging in meaningful dialogue,

advocating effectively and collaborating with people who have diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

Doctor of Philosophy in Leadership Studies

August 2019


The Replication of the GLOBE Study in Turkey: Understanding the Effects of Social,

Economical, and Political Changes on Cultural Dimensions and Leadership Ideals: A

Mixed Methods Study

Dissertation Committee:

Afsaneh Nahavandi, PhD, Chair

Fred J. Galloway, EdD, Member

Juan F. Roche, PhD, Member

Secil Bayraktar, PhD, Member

January 2020


Do we all agree? A mixed-methods study of the impact of climate strength on

psychological safety, team learning, and team performance

Dissertation Committee:

Cheryl Getz, EdD, Chair

Lea Hubbard, PhD, Member

Marcus Lam, PhD, Member


Game Types, Game-Related Behaviors and Resilience: Creating a Roadmap for

Effective Gamification Design in Higher Education

Dissertation Committee:

Fred J. Galloway, EdD, Chair

Christopher B. Newman, PhD, Member

Neil B. Niman, PhD, Member

May 2020


Exploring Intergenerational Value Changes Across Three Generations of Emirati

Women Using Focused Ethnography

Dissertation Committee:

Afsaneh Nahavandi, PhD, Chair

Robert Donmoyer, PhD, Member

Christopher B. Newman, PhD, Member


An Examination of Gaming Environments in Dungeons & Dragons Groups

Dissertation Committee:

Cheryl Getz, EdD, Chair

Zachary Gabriel Green, PhD, Member

Sarah Lynne Bowman, PhD, Member


La Maestra's Circle of Care: Studying the Impact of an Integrated Service Model on the

Health and Well-Being of Vulnerable Populations

Dissertation Committee:

Lea Hubbard, PhD, Chair

Laura J. Deitrick, PhD, Member

John C. Kuek, PhD, Member


Navy Seals – Crossing Cultures: Cross-Cultural Competence and Decision Styles

Dissertation Committee:

Fred J. Galloway, EdD, Chair

George Reed, PhD, Member

Eric Potterat, PhD, Member


*Inducted into the Nu Lambda Mu International Honors Society

Master of Arts in Higher Education Leadership

May 2020

Kelley Rose Kozlowski

Matthew Daniel Menor

Ashley Ortega

Christian Alexander Perez

Kristen Nicole Reynolds

Laura Rivera

August 2020

Andrew Thomas Alsoraimi-Espiritu

Andrea Montemayor Aduna

Jennifer Lauren Castro Garcia

Ryan Joseph Dillon

Andrea Lizette Garcia

Hannah Jamari Gray-Chambers

Mariana Nicole Robledo De La Torre

Kayla Pearl Snow

Donna Soukantouy

Michelle Wing Yan Wong

Sally Zheng

Kimberly Guzman

Adriana Rivas-Sandoval

Edith Mendez

Gianna Marie Metz

Nicholas J. Twohig

Christian David Walker


Master of Arts in Leadership Studies

January 2020

Stephanie L. Eikermann

Nicholas James Porter

May 2020

Nadia Abdala

Rana Maria Emad Hanna Al-Shaikh

Jacob Lane Boult

Courtney Ellen Camden

Stephen Nicholas Dubb

Michelle Rivero Guarino

Charlene Agcarao Hernandez

August 2020

Justine Victoria Avila

Mackenna Rose Dideriksen

Sara C. Hilecher

Michael George Markulin

Julia Elizabeth Lepore

Tiffany Danielle Musick

Ken Rancifer Jr.

Michael R. Ruiz

Cynthia Lynn Eryi Taylor

Salina Juliana Villegas

Doni Donald Wong

Andrew Moonhan Na

Nadeaja Fatima-Jameelah Shaheed

Kendra Dorlenda Stewart

Master of Arts in Nonprofit Leadership and Management

January 2020

Sara Jo Brooks

Rebecca Marie Montoya

Carmen M. Richardson*

May 2020

Caroline Cherono Ashley*

Caitlyn Marie Benjamin

Eve Alita Childs*

Madeleine Pilar Ferbal*

Taylor Amanda Funderburk*

Sarah Elizabeth Krueger*

August 2020

Angela Marie Addington

Jeremy John Bloom*

Katherine Benson Fortier

Rhona Kim Matthews*

*Inducted into the Nu Lambda Mu International Honors Society

Jessica M. Szumski

KrystalDawn Taylor Cahill

Edward Vinokur

Tanya C. Love*

Stephen Mark Morris*

Victoria Modupe Philips*

William Henry Piper

Jackelyn Roxana Rivas-Landaverde

Carolyn Mariko Winn*

Gregory A. McGuire

Yolanda Greene Pruitt

Elsa Eugenia Roth*

Loretta Nicole Turner*


Department of Counseling and Marital and Family Therapy

Get to the heart—and the mind—of the matter.

Counseling and marital and family therapy students receive on-the-ground experience in schools,

hospitals, nonprofits and clinics, working with a diverse variety of people across economic and cultural

spectrums to discover real, research-based ways to make a difference. Our students go beyond good

intentions and master the theories, tools, methods and clinical experience to make a sweeping impact

for individuals, families and communities.

Master of Arts in Counseling

Specialization in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

January 2020

Adilene Arredondo

May 2020

Frances M. Arredondo

Christopher William Cade

Ana Cristina Carbonell

Monica C. Dixon

Paula Dulce

Lauren Flynn

Diana Sabrina Hernandez

August 2020

Abigail Kate Brown

Jennifer Leigh Deane

Hannah Mary-Elizabeth Freeman

Danielle Elizabeth Jones

Stefanie Marques Jordao

Callie Kathleen Khoury

Tatyana Antoinette Jackson

Francis O'Shaughnessey Lamm

Dhanya Murali

Isis Pamela Pacheco

Kaitlyn Joanne Peters

Stephanie Soto

Pa Xiong

Ann Marie MacKenzie

Brookelynn Louise McGeorge

Bridget Ji-Young Pak

Darren Russel Santos

Laura Elizabeth Todd

BethAnn Zenk

Master of Arts in Counseling

Specialization in School Counseling

May 2020

Cassandra Badilla

Jovita Abigail Cerda

Belgica Johana Crespo

Matthew Dahlman

Laura Kathryn Gradiska

Jasmine Mareé Harris

Jovanna Hernandez

Kelley Ann Holman

Sophia Lane Hutcheon

Yvette Kenia Ibanez-Rodriguez

Danielle Hanji Kim

Kenyera LaBrea Nicole Lofton

Ivan Martinez-Heredia

Madison L. Nash

Tracie Quill

Jazmine Rodriguez-Esparza

Julian Thomas Francis Sesma

Jason Rodrigo Sevilla

Jesus Fabian Solis

Kimdinh Thi Tran

Sara Treptow

August 2020

Sean Malcolm Winn

David Venegas-Perez

Mareike Katalin Yergin


Master of Arts in Marital and Family Therapy

May 2020

Julie Leigh Bauer

Alyssa Emily Dahlberg

Ashlee Mullen Delzingaro

Makenzie Nicole Gilliam

Lorraine Margaret Harpur

Sergio Felipe Hernandez

Bianca Alexis Huicochea

Anuj Kumar Jenveja

Trishala Bijoy Khandheria

Rosemary Walton Nebel

Sarah Anne O'Leary

Helen Rose Patterson

Elana Michele Richmond

Jami Datnow Rosenthal

Samantha Joanna Shepherd

Shelly Amber Stewart

Audrey Virginia Trottier

Rachel Gayle Roldan Tumlos

Selena Vigue

Lucy M. Wallace

Traci Marie Wilson

August 2020

Cortni Tyresha Alexander

Gina Taber Brunelli

Jacqueline Olivia Childs

Emily Carrie Hansen

​Dominique Haskell

Meaghan Jean Kalafut

Hala Khamis

Madison Kate Kingsbury

Tzu-Ting Lin

Molly Natasha Llamas

Jacqueline Skye Marcil

Daniela Sanchez Martin

Jessica Marie McFadden

Melinda Marie Olson

Kim Thu Tran

Helena Sally Ulloa

Chanae Marie Valdez


Department of Learning and Teaching

Expand your impact as an educator—from the classroom to the community.

Those who earn a graduate degree in education at SOLES are equipped to be catalysts for change in

their communities and beyond. Graduates from the Department of Learning and Teaching are well

prepared for a lifelong teaching career with an emphasis on the many social-justice issues that come

with teaching diverse populations.

Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction

January 2020

Jeannette Estrada

May 2020

Kathlyn Grace Avery

Abigail Bacharach

Jacqueline Britine Blumer

Danyella Thalia Burciaga

Angela Dominguez Burris

Maria Elena Calvillo

Lily McMillan Carlon

Jesus Adrian Carrillo

Christopher Caylor

Bobby Ryan Condrey

Martha Melissa Cordova

Gabrielle E. Cox

Macrae Allen Diamond

Lisa M. Dowd

Alexandre Marc Ferr​é

Kimberly Anne Elisabeth


Oliver Flores Balanzar

Jacqueline Gillies

August 2020

Claire Ann Babamoto

Tobias McCormick Boyle

Megen Burnett

Henley Katherine Doherty

Indigo Daniel-Turpin Dow

Carson Jack Edwards

Sonia Trea Egan Khuu

Cassandra Lim Go

Jane Watson Gore

Gabriel Anaya Goycoochea

Monica Quintas Gries

Kelli Kathleen N. Hagan

Hayley Nicole Hardick

Jennifer Hernandez

Broghan Delayne Hirtzel

Brittany Elizabeth Holland

Michael L. Illich

Kiran Preet Kaur

Kristina R. Kimsey

Haley Denise Klatt

Hannah Lindsay Kurtin

Amy-Jo Layla Lange

Humphrey Mahowa

Lucero Martinez Cisneros

Maria Kimberly Mendez


Leslie Renee Thibeault


Mary Lou Paredes

David Anthony Hamilton

Allysen Jacobson

Aimee Megan Kim

Vanessa Medellin

Lexi Jane Predmore

Jacquelyn Riley

Allison Elizabeth Riordan

Lindsay McKaela Shoaff

Kelsey Holmes Thackston

Tina Tran

William Peter Perez

Sofia Marie Pinamonti

Marlen Rangel Navarro

Sara Elizabeth Reedy

Jake Richter

Monica Rodriguez

Gabrielle Lynn Ruiz

Katelyn Marie Schmitt

Shannon Maria Sheehan

Alex Lane Siegel

Daniel R. Siegelman

Austin Timothy Simpson

Katrina Colette Skjonsby

Eleni Mary Stang

Mackenzie Elizabeth Tilles

Denise Stacy Torres

Kathryn Akiko Twyman

Ryan Urie

Marsai Widenhoefer

Jessica Katlin Wallach

Chelsea Warfield

Corinne K. Webb

Master of Education in Special Education

January 2020

Gibian Jacobo

May 2020

Brenna Lida Maureen Drumm

Kathryn Elizabeth Shannon

Tiana M. Willis

Alexander J. Worden


Master of Education in TESOL, Literacy, and Culture

May 2020

Abdulaziz Abdulrahman Alkhorasi

Dasia Zhane Dunn

Grace Tortoles Jacob

Sooyoung Lim

James Harrison Walker Jr

Susan E. Zyphur

Master of Education with a Specialization in Curriculum and Instruction

January 2020

Stephanie Belzunce

Shannon Leigh Cascarano

Hilary Jane Cooper

Shayna Rebekah Coplan

Lisa Michelle Hoerner

Michelle Marie LaPorte

May 2020

Kathryn Connolly

Jeanette Gurtiza De La Cruz

Emma Doran

Allison Margaret-Grady Dunbar

Tara Lyn Duncan

Amanda Gilbert

Rebecca Chun Lin

Marisa Nicole Manzo

August 2020

Rosalie Anne Devlin Dembowski

Mariah Gramolini

Robert Erwin Kamm III

Jani Lynnette Lawson

Araceli Moreno

Madeline Sheree Wester

Kore Margaret Zimmerman

Katelyn Zinskey-Hurford

Jessleen Michelle Moss

Sophie Sommerlath Pihut

Ra Prum Price

Tami Kae Reeck

Aileen Routledge

Egon G. Trujillo

Maika Anne Watanabe

Bridget Cleveland O'Keefe

Lori Volker Ornelas

Melissa Marie Ruiz

Master of Education with a Specialization in Literacy & Digital Learning

January 2020

Amy Ann Hellewell

Nestor Humberto Henrriquez

Stephanie L. Kiesel

Michael Ryan Tobey

May 2020

Michelle Lorraine Fantozzi

August 2020

Karin Kajita

Roxanna Patricia Salas

Taylor-Grace Whitfield


Master of Education with a Specialization in School Leadership

January 2020

Sarah LaVerne Barnett

Abbey Jacquelyn Cavendish

Brianna Bertovich Glaspell

Natalie Marie Larraga

Tracy Lynn Lunn

May 2020

Cathy Bellanti

Alexandra Victoria Bernard

Ben Davey

Daisy Obando Day

Diana Mae Quito

August 2020

Brinkley Rae Abercrombie

Megan Marie Newell Cahill

Tara Tamara Clor

Leontyne Price Evans

Allison Mae Molfetta

Linda Paik

Ana Carla Roris Rodriguez do Carmo


Mia Kidada Street

Melissa Joleen Taylor

Tracy Edward Wymer

Cooper Bordner Zak

Margarita Rojano Fox

Lauren Heacock

Kristina Jill Kraychy

Emily Ann Oakland

Master of Education with a Specialization in Science, Technology, Engineering,

and Mathematics (STEAM)

January 2020

Rochelle Travon Ball

Cecily Citrino

Taryn Renee Continelli

Brielle Monique De Clercq

Helengrace Naoe Halpin

TaShawnda Hanshaw Jamison

Jasbir Brinda Jhoty

May 2020

Mallory Marie Alves

Kristopherson Ramos Asuncion

Nairin Aureli Collardey

MM Nandi Devan

Andrew Robert Driffill

Christopher James Sterling Keller

Nadia Maia Khan

Trina Marie Lafata

Lyanne Mora

Jessica Matthes Mortensen

Laurellen Serdehely

Christina Renee Washington

Daiane Fellini Moresco

Caitlyn Lauren Gordon

Angel C. Martinez

Dale Aron Peterson

Hollie L. Revelles

August 2020

Haley Lauren Alderete Bowdle

Karlyn Diana Jain

Jennifer B. Miller

Alyssa Jean Wray


Master of Education with a Specialization in Universal Design Learning and

Inclusive Education

January 2020

Rachel Marie Butler

Lourdes Ceja-Acosta

Amalia Echeverri Rios

Brooke Jadvyga Green

May 2020

Kendal Elizabeth Dastrup

Griselle S. Graziani Ballard

Morgan Leigh Hopper

August 2020

Brenda Lee Herder

Tammy My Luu

Chantell Marie Robinson

Kelsey Ann Marler

Jennifer Quinn Newhart

Mollie Mae Norton

Sarah Michelle Dynia Izquierdo

Jasee Prakashchandra Rana

Casey Danielle Stingl

For information regarding USD Commencement 2020, please visit ​www.sandiego.edu/commencement​.


Alma Mater

Hail to you Alma Mater

Hail to USD

We sing this song

Our spirits high

With strength and loyalty

Hail to you Alma Mater

Home of the blue and white

You lead us onward in our lives

By your guiding light

Honor and proud tradition

Spirit and unity

Hail to you our Alma Mater


Lyrics by Thomas G. Ventimiglia

Performance by:

Shannon Patiño

SOLES Admissions and Outreach Adviser

MA Candidate in Higher Education Leadership

SOLES Memories II



Concluding Remarks by Associate Dean Spencer

Joi Spencer, PhD

Associate Dean & Professor

Dr. Spencer is Associate Dean and Professor in the School of Leadership and Education

Sciences at the University of San Diego. Her work sits at the intersection of mathematics

education, teacher education and educational equity and seeks to interrogate, investigate

and improve the mathematics learning opportunities of African American and other

minoritized youth.



Nonprofit Class Gift

Upon graduation in 2004, the first cohort of Nonprofit Leadership and Management students

established the tradition of making a class gift to support nonprofit practitioner scholarships.

Each year since, Nonprofit MA graduates have set goals, raised, and donated partial or whole

scholarships for the benefit of future nonprofit students. As a result, qualified practitioners may

access up to $4,000 in scholarship while in the nonprofit program. The inspiration for giving a

class gift reflects a spirit of generosity and reciprocity common to the nonprofit sector.

Graduates feel their gift conveys gratitude for what they have received from SOLES and also

represents a tangible effort to "pay it forward."

A Message from the Alumni Association

Congratulations and welcome to the USD Alumni Association! You are now part of the global

USD community, which includes 65,000 alumni who remain connected to USD through ​events​,

volunteer opportunities​, ​social media​, and other ​alumni experiences around the world​.

Congratulations and we look forward to staying connected with you!


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