Yougee Cosmorganic's Amino Clear Anti Dandruff cleanser cleans the scalp altogether by causing dandruff to evaporate after each wash. It contains coconut oil which spares you from oiling your hair before each wash. The coconut oil properties give sustenance to your hair and forestall hair fall making your hair solid. Get aggravation free scalp with zero dandruff with Yougee hair care.


• Dandruff shampoo has therapeutic effects that soothe and nourish the

scalp to keep it flake-free. It contains ingredients that help restore the

health of your scalp. Dandruff shampoos reduce the irritation and

inflammation of your scalp. They get rid of bacteria and other impurities

that can trigger dandruff.

• Anti-fungal shampoos are good for fighting dandruff. They kill bacteria

that may cause irritation on scalp. Some medicated shampoos may have

drying effects so you need to find one suitable for your hair type.

Dandruff shampoos help control the oil production on scalp too. This

reduces the oiliness of the scalp to help control yeast that feeds on

sebum. Many ingredients can help slow down the rate at which skin cells

renew. Other ingredients help get rid of loose flakes to prevent scaling of

scalp. Choose from a variety of dandruff shampoos that uses ingredients

good for hair and scalp.

If you brush your hair and see flakes falling –

don’t panic. It’s normal to have dandruff, but this doesn’t mean that

it’s not frustrating. This reversible scalp condition affects half of the

population. You can get rid of it by using suitable shampoo and

conditioner. Remember that a clean and healthy scalp grows strong

and beautiful hair.

It can be frustrating to have dandruff. Falling flakes also spell trouble

if you are trying to maintain a thick and lustrous hair. However, there

are dandruff shampoos that help get rid of the flakes. They contain

ingredients that keep your hair and scalp clean while controlling

dandruff. You can reduce the symptoms of dandruff such as

itchiness and flaking by learning how dandruff shampoo works.

Discover its benefits for your hair.

Yougee Cosmorganic provides you with the best anti-dandruff

shampoo which gently cleanses the scalp without any


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