NorthEast Foundation 2018 Annual Report

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INTEGRITY/TRUST - We treat everyone with

dignity and respect and serve as exemplary

stewards of the resources entrusted to us.


The mission of NorthEast Foundation is to

Improve HEALTH, Elevate HOPE and Advance

HEALING for all through awareness of and

fundraising for Carolinas HealthCare System



To be the first and best choice for philanthropy

in our Community.


innovative opportunities to raise funds in a

progressive way to support new programs

and technologies for our hospital.

COMPASSION - With a caring spirit, we listen

and acknowledge each other, as we match

the desires of our donors with the needs of

our hospital.

LOCALLY FOCUSED - The resources we raise

stay here to support Cabarrus, Stanly, Rowan

and surrounding counties of our community.

GIVING BACK - We foster a brighter future

and quality of life through cheerful and

gracious giving.

920 Church Street North

Concord, North Carolina 28025






We Give First so when you or someone you love needs medical treatment or care,

Carolinas HealthCare System (CHS) NorthEast is the First and Best choice for


We Give First is the annual giving campaign for the NorthEast Foundation and CHS

NorthEast. With an $8 million fundraising goal from 2017-2020, every dollar raised

through the campaign and the NorthEast Foundation stays at CHS NorthEast to

Improve Health, Elevate Hope and Advance Healing for all.

In 2016, the NorthEast Foundation Board of Directors approved to continue supporting

10 areas within our hospital. The fundraising model and campaign allows donors the

ability to designate which area of CHS NorthEast their gift will benefit.

• We Give First to Cabarrus College of Health Sciences to provide

scholarships to the best and brightest future nurses and care providers

• We Give First to Cancer Services so patients in our community can receive

their treatment close to home

• We Give First to Cardiac Services to provide the region with a full-service

heart care program

• We Give First to Emergency Services so the Emergency Department at

CHS NorthEast and the two freestanding Emergency Departments in

Harrisburg and Kannapolis can save lives

• We Give First to the NorthEast Foundation Endowment so donations

impact our hospital over a long period of time to sustain programs

• We Give First to the Greatest Need Fund so the most urgent needs and

areas of the hospital are supported

• We Give First to the Jeff Gordon Children’s Center so our neighbor’s child

receives the care he or she needs in our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

• We Give First to Neurosciences because to someone having a stroke,

every minute and every second counts

• We Give First to Surgical Services because precision is key

• We Give First to Women’s Services so the 20,000 people seen annually

get reliable and cost effective life-saving mammograms






Foundation President


Dakeita Vanderburg


Pat Horton

Vice Chair

Steve Talbert


Bob Bratton



Director of Grants and



Director of Annual Giving

Jon Yancey

Immediate Past Chair



Scott Baker, MD

Susan Bare

Jan Beatty-Hendley

John Bishop

Pam Cain

Margie Campbell

Ann Cannon

Bill Connolly

Allen Craven

Bill Dusch

Joyce Guarino

Diane Honeycutt

Michael Houston, MD

Jane Jacobs

Britt Leatherman

Will Lisk

Tom Long III, MD

John Morrison, Jr.

Brent Mullis, MD

Geraldine Plott

Kristin Rodgers

Dianne Snyder

Jessica Tucker

John Turner, DMD

Dean Wike


Director of Corporate

Relations and Marketing


Development Officer,

Principal Gifts


Director of Special Events

and Community Relations


Director of Major Gifts and

Planned Giving


Executive Assistant

to the President


Data Information and

Prospect Research Manager



This year marks our 25th year of existence as an organization and we are

excited to celebrate with you. As we look back in this report for 2018 and

our 24th year, we want to acknowledge the dedication and vision of our

donors, volunteers, staff and our Board of Directors, who have created a

viable and long-lasting foundation for our hospital. Since our Foundation

was established in 1994, over $50.3 million has been raised for our hospital

impacting the lives of those in Cabarrus, Stanly and parts of Rowan Counties.

Today, we celebrate 25 years of your philanthropy and the ways in which

you’ve helped to improve the health of those whom we are so privileged to

serve in our community.

In this second year of our “We Give First” campaign, we are excited to share

with you that we are halfway toward our goal of raising $8 million for our

hospital, Carolinas HealthCare System NorthEast. The gifts you generously

have made to the campaign thus far, have enabled us to designate funding

to our hospital to enhance important lifesaving programs, services and

technology that impact patient care.

In 2018 your NorthEast Foundation received the Cabarrus Chamber of

Commerce’s Outstanding Non-Profit of the Year Award. Considerable work

is done by our Foundation every day. Some of this work is highly visible to

the public, as evidenced by the Foundation Gala and Foundation Fashion

Night with “A Taste of Cabarrus.” However, much of the Foundation’s work is

conducted behind the scenes by our board members, volunteers and staff to

increase our awareness and fundraising. We hope you will take a moment to

read some of the stories and learn about the outstanding impact you have

made in this second year of our campaign.

As you know, healthcare is undergoing rapid and historic transformation

impacting every facet of our country, state and local community. These

changes will continue to challenge healthcare, making philanthropic support

more important than ever before for our hospital.

In closing, we would like to acknowledge our outstanding donors, partners

and stakeholders listed in this report. From major local corporations, to

small businesses and hospital teammates; NorthEast Foundation successes

are made possible because of your ongoing support. We look forward

to continually building these strong relationships and adding new ones.

We thank you for your loyal support and the confidence you place in our

Foundation to be good stewards of your gifts.

Together “We Give First” to make Carolinas HealthCare System NorthEast

stronger by improving health, elevating hope and advancing healing – for all.


Chair, Board of Directors


Foundation President



Dakeita Vanderburg

Chair, Board of Directors

Charlie Sastoque

Foundation President




NorthEast Foundation's donor-centered

approach matches your interest with

the hospital’s need creating a more

impactful experience for the area you

are most passionate.





Children's Miracle Network................................................................................................Jeff Gordon Children's Center

Children's Advocacy Centers of NC/DHHS.....................................................................Children's Advocacy Center

The Duke Endowment.................................................................................Childhood Obesity Program Children WIN

Focused On A Cure.........................................................................................................Breast Health Outreach Program

Governor's Crime Commission.............................................................................................Children's Advocacy Center

Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation................................................................... Cabarrus College of Health Sciences

National Children's Alliance...................................................................................................Children's Advocacy Center

North Carolina Hospital Foundation..................................................................................................Emergency Services

Susan G. Komen Charlotte...........................................................................................Breast Health Outreach Program

Wells Fargo................................................................................................................. Cabarrus College of Health Sciences

TOTAL AWARDED: $1,439,247

Karen Goforth

(pictured center)

established the

Karen Goforth

Focused On A

Cure Fund


Cabarrus College of

Health Sciences



















Jeff Gordon

Children's Center















Includes Special Funds

and Gifts in Kind









TOTAL $3,951,865.72





We Give First Campaign



1937 Society Estate Gifts $ 230,067.47

Community 630,765.90

Corporate 454,085.97

Grants & Foundations 1,809,762.04

Physicians 229,958.32

Teammates 497,226.02

Volunteers 100,000.00

$ 3,951,865.72










The NorthEast Sports Medicine Department has

been instrumental in providing Cardiopulmonary

Resuscitation (CPR) and Automated External

Defibrillator (AED) training to all Cabarrus County

and Kannapolis City Middle and High Schools.

Beginning in 2019 all individuals certified in CPR

must pass the skills test on a CPR manikin with a

feedback device. The equipment provided to the

Sports Medicine Department consists of 10 sets of

CPR feedback manikins for infant, child and adult

training. A set of each will be given to the high

schools in the two school systems for training

staff and coaches.

In addition, each middle and high school will

receive a new AED to use when an individual is in

cardiac arrest to potentially save his/her life. The

program has been successful in the past; an AED

was used to save a spectator’s life in the stands at

a local football game.



Having a child is an exciting time but having a child

that spends time in our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

at Jeff Gordon Children’s Center can be scary. The

Infant CPR Anytime® kits contain everything a new

parent needs to learn the lifesaving skills of infant

CPR and infant choking relief in about 20 minutes.

Parents of babies born into our Neonatal Intensive

Care Unit receive an Infant CPR Anytime Kit along

with potentially life-saving CPR training by our skilled

nurse educators during their NICU Discharge Class

to reduce the risk of parents feeling unprepared to

care for their infant.




The need for pediatric epilepsy monitoring continues to grow within our

community. The two additional pediatric EMUs increase the capacity

at JGCC from six to eight rooms and feature upgraded cameras and

flooring. It also expands the current monitoring station to allow for

more equipment and easier accessibility to monitor patients.

CHS NorthEast has achieved the highest levels of accreditation from

the National Association of Epilepsy Centers. CHS NorthEast is not only

a Level 3 Center (meaning it has a specialized epilepsy center) for adult

epilepsy, but pediatric epilepsy as well.


SUPPORT IN 2018, we

provided funding for the

following gifts to CHS





The EPIQ 7 Cardiac Ultrasound System is

utilized by Diagnostic Cardiology at CHS

NorthEast. The goal is quick and accurate

diagnosis the first time and in less time.

The ultrasound system improves clinical

information from each scan, and faster

and more consistent exams with higher

levels of definition and clarity. Cardiac

ultrasounds using the portable system are

easier to perform and allow for a high level

of confidence.

• Infant CPR Anytime Kits for Parents of

NICU Babies

• AED & CPR Training Equipment for CHS

NorthEast Sports Medicine Department to

utilize at Cabarrus County and Kannapolis

City Schools

• Teaching Kits for Cabarrus College of

Health Sciences

• Physician Education Classes

• Mastectomy Supplies for Breast Cancer


• Forensic Digital Photography System for

Children’s Advocacy Center

• Mammograms for Underserved Members

of Our Community

• Ultrasound Machine for Residency Program

• Hologic C-View Software for Increased

Early Breast Cancer Detection and

Decreased Radiation Dosage to the Patient

• High-Risk Obstetrical Patients’ Day Room

• EPIQ 7 Cardiac Ultrasound System in

Diagnostic Cardiology

• Expansion of the Pediatric Epilepsy

Monitoring Unit by two rooms at Jeff

Gordon Children’s Center

• Scholarships for Cabarrus College of

Health Sciences Students

• Breast Cancer Patient Treatment Books

• Post-Operative Camisoles for Breast

Cancer Patients

• Spiritual Care, Chaplaincy Workshops and

Clergy Convocation

• Cord Blood Symposium

• Fetal Demise Burial Assistance


CHS NorthEast Teammates



The NorthEast Foundation held its annual Teammate Giving

Campaign from February through March in 2018 to raise funds

for Carolinas HealthCare System NorthEast. The six-week

campaign, which began annually in 1995, gives CHS Northeast

Teammates (employees) the opportunity to make gifts through

payroll deduction or one-time gifts to support the Foundation.

• Thanks to the caring and giving hearts of CHS NorthEast

teammates, their commitment to our patients and dedication

to our hospital, the campaign raised a total of $271,000

during its six-week run, ending on March 28.

• Teammates are encouraged to give through either payroll

deduction or one-time gifts.

• Those who give at a minimum of $2 per pay period were

given a gift of thanks.


• There were weekly prize drawings for teammates who

give at least $5 per pay period with items donated by the


• A special thank you to Ernie Glover, Assistant Vice President

of Women’s Services, for her leadership and direction as the

2018 Campaign Chair. As part of her challenge to teammates,

Glover agreed to an ice bucket challenge at the end of the


• A total of 115 new teammates signed up for the Campaign

and 136 teammates increased their pledge in 2018. The

NorthEast Foundation is grateful to the nearly 1,700

teammates that support our hospital through the NorthEast

Foundation Teammate Giving Campaign.

• To celebrate the success of the 2018 Campaign, the NorthEast

Foundation invited the campaign committee, administration

and members of the Executive Board of Directors to a Food

Truck Party and Victory Celebration on Friday, April 20.

• Teammates of CHS NorthEast understand more than

anyone, the importance of care and support our patients

and families receive at our community hospital. Patient need

is great and to meet the demand for exceptional healthcare

close to home, our hospital needs philanthropic support to

continue to provide infrastructure, technology, equipment

and educational programs.

2018 Teammate Giving

Total Teammates................................1,700

New Teammates..................................... 115

Teammates Increased Giving.........136

Dollars Raised.............................$271,000




Since 2013, the Foundation and its Board have awarded over $1 million from its Endowment

Fund to CHS NorthEast departments through the internal grants application process.

GRANT: Aroma Fan Diffusers & Lavender: Creating a Healing

Environment for Quality Sleep in Post-Surgical Patients

RECIPIENT: Integrative Medicine & Wellness and Post-Surgical


IMPACT: This project offers a nurse-driven integrative option for postsurgical

patients experiencing poor quality sleep or restlessness. This

grant funds 100 Aroma Fan Diffusers and 30 bottles of Lavender

essential oil; enabling night nurses to offer patients the choice of

inhaled clinical aromatherapy (fan diffuser) to enhance sleep and

promote healing. Previously, such patients were offered a hand-held

container with a Lavender cotton ball.

GRANT: Cardiac Rehabilitation To Go Program

RECIPIENT: Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Wellness Center

IMPACT: The American Heart Association reported Cardiac

Rehabilitation (CR) helps to reduce a repeat heart attack by 47%,

however, only 34% of individuals participate in CR programs. Women,

minority populations and patients with lower socioeconomic status

are less likely to enroll in Cardiac Rehab. This “Cardiac To Go”

program exposes patients to Dietitians, Psychologists, Nurses and

Exercise Specialists through weekly phone calls and three in-person

visits to introduce patients to the CHS NorthEast Wellness Center.

GRANT: Complex Chronic Care Center Incentive

RECIPIENT: Clinical Care Management

IMPACT: Timely follow-up care for patients with multiple chronic

conditions and complex medical needs is essential to keeping them

well and preventing re-hospitalizations. Unfortunately, many patients

miss their follow-up care appointments at the CHS NorthEast Complex

Chronic Care Center due to socioeconomic factors including lack of

adequate transportation. This grant promotes access to follow-up

care by providing 229 transportation vouchers at $25 each to at-risk

patients, thereby reducing "no shows," improving medical outcomes

and reducing re-hospitalizations.

GRANT: Healing Touch Massage Tables

RECIPIENT: Cabarrus College of Health Sciences

IMPACT: Cabarrus College of Health Sciences is the first college in

the nation to offer a Healing Touch curriculum for college-level credit.

The College worked for over a year with the national Healing Touch

Program to develop the coursework to ensure that at completion,

students would be awarded professional certification. With its own

massage tables, the College will no longer need to borrow tables

from elsewhere in the system.

GRANT: iPads – Mobile Education Program

RECIPIENT: Clinical Education Services

IMPACT: Clinical Education Services (CES) provides the education

and professional development of all members of nursing services at

CHS NorthEast, including over 1,000 nurses and care partners. The

provision of 15 iPads enables the CES department to provide mobile

education, skills training and validation, and increase staff knowledge

at the point of care; thereby improving patient outcomes.

GRANT: L Dex Bioimpedance Device

RECIPIENT: NorthEast Outpatient Rehabilitation at Gateway

IMPACT: The Outpatient Rehabilitation Team identified the need for

early subclinical detection of lymphedema as it results in less severe

chronic disease and potential complications such as cellulitis, loss of

extremity function and chronic pain. The L Dex Bioimpedance Device

screens patients for early lymphedema detection which allows for

initiation of early intervention practices which ultimately reduces

healthcare costs with fewer hospitalizations and long-term therapy


GRANT: Outpatient Lactation Services Program

RECIPIENT: Lactation Services

IMPACT: The department has a robust inpatient lactation program.

However, a need exists for outpatient lactation programs that enable

moms and infants to continue breastfeeding after hospital discharge.

This grant supplements the cost of approximately 400 outpatient

follow-up lactation appointments for underserved patients while

the department develops an innovative, evidence-based outpatient

lactation consultative service for 2019.

GRANT: Springboard Healthcare EP Academy Learning Program

RECIPIENT: Cardiac Catheterization Lab

IMPACT: The EP Academy Learning Program for current

Electrophysiology (EP) Lab staff members is a one-of-a-kind program

that has been recently developed to provide much needed education

to all EP nurses and technicians across the country. This program

provides 12 months of online training to prepare our staff members

to obtain their Registered Cardiac Electrophysiology Specialist

certification. The training helps our staff excel in their specialty and

provide the best care to cardiac patients.

GRANT: STOP THE BLEED: Cabarrus County High School

Preparedness for the Mass Casualty Incident

RECIPIENT: CHS NorthEast Trauma Services

IMPACT: The STOP THE BLEED education and training program

prepares and equips Cabarrus County High School teachers, staff

and students to adequately respond to bleeding victims in the event

of a mass casualty incident. Funding allows the outreach program to

equip local high schools with the STOP THE BLEED recommended

medical resources to optimally manage life-threatening situations.

GRANT: WIN with SPROUT: A multi-faceted approach to growing

healthier kids

RECIPIENT: Outreach Services

IMPACT: Strengthening Parents to Reduce Obesity Utilizing Triple

P (SPROUT) is an obesity reduction program designed for families

with overweight children ages 5 to 10 years old. The program equips

caregivers (parents, grandparents, etc.) with strategies to help their

children adopt healthy lifestyles using the Group Lifestyle Positive

Parenting Program (Triple P) intervention. At the same time, children

experience fun fitness challenges and learn ways to prepare healthy

snacks through concurrent programming.



Kristina Stidham, Associate Degree Nursing


Matthew Noble, Occupational Therapy Assistant



Kelly Konrad, Occupational Therapy Assistant

Joanne Langevin, Occupational Therapy Assistant





Sheneeza Misir, Associate Degree Nursing

Randi Glisson, Occupational Therapy Assistant


Natalie McCoy, Bachelor of Science Nursing


Jessica Ballesteros, Bachelor of Science Nursing

Andrea Lofton, Bachelor of Science Nursing

Haley Shore, Occupational Therapy Assistant


Sarah Ferris, Associate Degree Nursing

Anesha Lewis, Associate Degree Nursing


Meredith Ballard, Bachelor of Science Medical Imaging



Lindsay Gobble, Associate Degree Nursing


Madison Shimberg, Associate Degree Nursing


Maleri Frye-Bonifacio, Associate Degree Nursing


Ivy Joyner, Associate Degree Nursing

Nancy Haywood with scholarship recipient

Maleri Frye-Bonifacio


Ciara Lambe, Associate Degree Nursing


Liliya Goncharov, Bachelor of Science Nursing


Tara Johnson, Associate Degree Nursing


Ariel Westmoreland, Associate Degree Nursing


Amy Little, Bachelor of Science Nursing


Gracyn Baker, Associate Degree Nursing


Morgan Cole, Associate Degree Nursing

Scholarship recipient Amy Little (John) with

Dianne and Richard Snyder


Kenzi Bennick, Associate Degree Nursing




Charlotte Radiology

Lillibridge Healthcare Services

US Acute Care Solutions


Alex. Brown

Ben Mynatt Family of Dealerships

S&D Coffee & Tea

Shoe Show, Inc.

US Acute Care Solutions

Wells Fargo

Old Hollywood: Red Carpet Gala

RAISES OVER $104,000

The NorthEast Foundation’s 24th annual black-tie event – Old

Hollywood: Red Carpet Gala was another successful event, as

we celebrated the golden age of Hollywood with the elegance

and class of the leading ladies and men. The gala raised

over $104,000 for the NorthEast Foundation that provides

funding for innovative programs, specialized equipment and

additional needs for CHS NorthEast to fulfill its mission to

Improve Health, Elevate Hope and Advance Healing for all.


Atrium Health Foundation

Cabarrus College of Health Sciences

Bill & Ann Cannon

Concrete Supply Co.

Dr. Robert D. & Mrs. Karen Mitchell

Rodgers Catering, Inc.

TEAM HONEYCUTT / Allen Tate Realtors

The Byrd Agency, Inc.

Uwharrie Bank


Bill and Ann Cannon, Honorary Chairs


The highlight of the Red Carpet Gala was the Lillibridge Outstanding Physician

Award that was presented to Dr. Robert Mitchell. The award honors a physician

who works and gives of his/her time, talent and treasures to CHS NorthEast

at the highest standard. Dr. Mitchell has been with CHS NorthEast for 30

years and currently serves as Medical Director of NorthEast Neurology and

Associate Medical Director of Carolinas HealthCare System Neurosciences

Institute. Dr. Mitchell helps oversee approximately 80 healthcare providers,

14 outpatient sites and nine facilities that serve more than 25,000 patient

visits each year. In addition to his clinical responsibilities as a neurologist,

Dr. Mitchell has served as a clinical assistant professor of neurology at Duke

University Medical Center since 1988.



The NorthEast Foundation’s 38th Annual Foundation Fashion Night was a

huge success thanks to our community! Our over 650 guests in attendance

helped us raise enough money to present a check to CHS NorthEast

President Phyllis Wingate for over $91,000 for our hospital.

40 Page

2018 FFN Magazine

The event was held on Oct. 23, 2018 at the City Club at Gibson Mill. It

featured apparel from 12 retail stores and boutiques being modeled by

67 community and hospital volunteers. Hosts Beth Troutman and Hade E.

Robinson, Jr. bantered about the models, the fashions, the stores and CHS

NorthEast, keeping those in attendance entertained throughout the night.

The event has now raised over $3 million since it began 38 years ago to

provide funding for innovative programs, specialized equipment and

additional needs for CHS NorthEast.



Thank You

To our Top-Level Sponsors



Nicole and Will


Reid and Ashelea


Sarah and Brent


Charlotte Radiology

S&D Coffee & Tea



3 jem’s boutique

Adair Style Studio

Cabarrus Country Club Pro Shop

Hampton’s Men’s Clothing

Hope's Bridal Boutique

JC Penney of Concord

Neta’s Childrens and Ladies

Nordstrom SouthPark

Love You Back Boutique

Lovely Lines Boutique

Pretty Please Boutique




2 Gals Kitchen

73 & Main

Cabarrus Arena & Events Center

Cabarrus Brewing Company

DOUGH New York Style Bakery

Forty Six

Gianni's Trattoria

Local 25

S&D Coffee & Tea

Southern Grace Distilleries

The Smoke Pit

The Sweet Life



Carolina Neurosurgery & Spine


NorthEast Anesthesia & Pain

Specialists, PA

Shoe Show, Inc.

US Acute Care Solutions


























The NorthEast Foundation is proud of the support it receives through its community

advocates. In 2018, several local businesses, civic organizations, community groups,

schools and individuals hosted third-party fundraising events and drives to benefit the

NorthEast Foundation and our hospital, CHS NorthEast. Our third-party donations include

both monetary and in-kind donations (goods and services) throughout the year.

This year several new groups hosted events and drives to benefit our hospital. The students

at China Grove Middle School hosted a Penny War for the Foundation collecting over $1,300

in pennies for the Jeff Gordon Children’s Center. Two local restaurants (Nothing Bundt

Cakes and Chick-fil-A) and Cabarrus Brewing Company donated a portion of sales back to

NorthEast Foundation. In total, over $50,000 in monetary gifts and in-kind donations were

given to the NorthEast Foundation to fund our mission.

$14,000 $10,000

The annual "King of the Court" volleyball tournament,

between our High Schools in Cabarrus County,

raised $14,000 for Breast Health and Cancer Services.

Top Gun Sports LLC - Fight

Like a Girl Softball Tournament

raised $10,000.



Strides for Stoke raised $8,473 for

Neurosciences and our Cabarrus Stroke

Support Group.

Hendrick Motorsports, Axalta Coating Systems and Go

Baby Go! teamed up to build modified play vehicles for our

young patients.

Jeff Gordon and his family gave gifts to patients in the

Children's Center and visited with staff around the holidays.

NorthEast Foundation Supporters Reach





The Governor’s Crime Commission (GCC) is a division

of the North Carolina Department of Public Safety that

administers federal funds at the state level, including

grants to improve services to victims of crime – sexual

assault, domestic violence, child abuse or neglect and

human trafficking cases. Since 2007, the Governor’s

Crime Commission has awarded over $1.3 million to

the Children's Advocacy Center (CAC), part of the Jeff Gordon Children's Center, through grants

submitted by the NorthEast Foundation, to support the specialized services provided for child abuse

victims and their families in our community.




Charlotte Radiology has been a partner of the NorthEast Foundation since

1995 and reached a major milestone in giving – over $500,000 through 2018. The medical imaging

experts began supporting the Foundation through its Inaugural Cruise (now the Gala) in 1995 and

have been a sponsor ever since. Two years later in 1997, Charlotte Radiology also became a sponsor

of Foundation Fashion Night. The company has supported many areas of CHS NorthEast, its most

recent gifts fund a Medical Imaging Scholarship at our own Cabarrus College of Health Sciences.



Mr. And Mrs. Tom Haywood were supporters of NorthEast

Foundation from its inception. Mr. Haywood had deep roots with

Cannon Mills and this community. His wife, Nancy, and daughter,

Betsey Haywood Drucker, wanted to do something to honor him

and create a legacy that would last for years to come. In 2018

they established the Thomas Haywood Endowed Scholarship

at Cabarrus College of Health Sciences. It is the first full-tuition

scholarship at the college.

The first recipient is Maleri Frye-Bonifacio, shown here with Mrs. Haywood.

NorthEast Foundation Supporters Reach





Susan G. Komen Charlotte awarded $119,994 to the CHS

NorthEast Breast Health Outreach Program in 2018,

bringing their total amount invested into the program

to more than $1.8 million since 2001. The purpose of the

grant program is to reduce barriers to care and help people enter and progress through the

continuum of care for breast health and breast cancer. The program also addresses disparities

by providing free breast health services to individuals in Cabarrus County, where death rates and

late-stage incidence rates are highest in the local area.





The NorthEast Foundation launched its newest

program at CHS NorthEast in 2018 - the Grateful

Patient Program. This new program offers

patients and family members an opportunity

to share their story about the great care they

received while at CHS NorthEast. Through this

program, patients or their family members also

have an opportunity to honor the physician or

caregiver who made an impact on their care

while in the hospital with a monetary gift to

that department or service area.


NorthEast Foundation’s Fellowship Program is

a significant hospital initiative modeled after a

program coordinated for more than 30 years

by the American Medical Association. Our

program is designed to provide members of

the community with a unique glimpse into the

daily operations at Carolinas HealthCare System

(CHS) NorthEast.



Selected members are invited to participate

in exclusive behind-the-scenes tours of the

facilities at CHS NorthEast

Class of Summer 2018



Insight into medical and technological

advances through access to areas not readily

available to the public, and an opportunity

to interact with physicians and the hospital

leadership team


Provide insight into the dynamics of healthcare

today and develop well-educated advocates

for both CHS NorthEast and NorthEast



Fellowship classes are composed of up to

20 individuals who actively demonstrate

leadership in our community


Each outgoing class of Fellowship participants

nominate the incoming class and help to recruit

new members, donors and volunteer leaders

Class of Fall 2018

NorthEast Foundation held two Fellowship

Programs in 2018 giving 21 of its Board

Members, donors and volunteers an

exclusive tour of Carolinas HealthCare

System NorthEast and an opportunity

to hear from and ask questions to CHS

Northern Division President Phyllis Wingate

on the state of healthcare.

*Since inception

CHILDREN WIN (Wellness Initiative Network)

facilitated through Healthy Cabarrus. The NorthEast

Foundation is a leader in funding initiatives directed

by Children WIN. These programs contribute to the

health and well-being of our children.

Childhood obesity has been an increasing trend

in many communities, including Cabarrus County.

In 2013, our community came together to identify

community needs and noticed an alarming trend in

our children. Health data from Carolinas HealthCare

System (CHS) NorthEast showed approximately

34% of Cabarrus County children were overweight.

As a corporate leader and community partner, CHS

NorthEast and the NorthEast Foundation are focused

on addressing health needs and supporting and

creating healthy community programs.

In 2015 the Children WIN (Wellness Initiative

Network) collaborative was formed. The work is

As a healthcare provider and nonprofit, our mission

is to Improve Health, Elevate Hope and Advance

Healing for all. We are dedicated to the health of our

community’s children and want to do all we can to

decrease their risk of developing chronic diseases

and other health issues that can have an impact on

their daily lives.




Integrate more health/physical

education and nutrition education

throughout grades K-12


Develop messages around the benefits

of healthy eating and being physically



Implement parent, caregiver and

healthcare provider education and

other interventions in the areas of

nutrition and physical activity


Expand greenways and increase

accessibility to parks


At least 5 SERVINGS of fruits &

vegetables per day


Advocate for policy-level changes to

support healthy living


2 HOURS OR LESS of recreational

screen time


1 HOUR of physical activity


with an emphasis on water and

low-fat milk



The 1937 Society Members listed below are committed to honoring the past

while shaping the future of our hospital through estate gifts. Their planning and

generosity will leave a lasting legacy to Carolinas HealthCare System NorthEast.

Please contact NorthEast Foundation to express your interest in placing us in

your estate plans and becoming a member of the 1937 Society.

Elizabeth V. Z. Adams

Ken & Patty Argo

Ralph & Sandy Barnhardt

George A. Batte, Jr.

John A. Bishop

Anita A. Brown

Harry & Mary Lore Brown

Frank & Nancy C. Burrage

Charles A. Cannon

Franklin Lamar Cannon

Stowe & Karen Cobb

Phyllis & L. D. (Bub) Coltrane III

Adam & Amy Cook

York Cress

Dr. David & Anne Crosland

Bob & Judy Davis

Frank A. Dusch, Jr.

Alan & Gwynn Goodman

Eugene Caldwell Gordon

Edna M. Grady

Dan L. & Myra B. Gray

Mariam Cannon Hayes

Adrenna Jan Haynes

Mr. & Mrs. Tim Hedgecock

Carl Andrew & Juanita P. Holt

Beverly Horton

Bill & Carol Hubbard

Annie Laurie Hunt

Joe & Anne Hunter

Gladys Goodwin Jackson

Ben & Ruby Jones

Joan S. & Branson C. Jones

Dr. & Mrs. George W. Liles

Jacob W. McGee, Jr.

Jim & Dot Monroe

Edward L. Morrison, Jr.

Joseph Edward Panko, Jr. &

Susan Adams Panko

Adam Walter Reid

James E. Robinson

Donna & Sonny Rodgers

Mariam Coltrane Schramm

Steve & Kim Sellers

Annie Hoover Tollison

Mildred E. Waddell

Keith & Michelle Wayne

Ivadell M. Weber

Emma F. Whitman

Ron & Phyllis Wilson

To learn more about the 1937 Society, contact Kevin Laws at

704-403-1408 or Kevin.Laws@AtriumHealth.org


This list includes those who have given gifts totaling $100 or more in the “We Give First” campaign.


$500,000 - $999,999

Governor's Crime Commission


$100,000 - $499,999

Children's Miracle Network

CHS NorthEast Teammates

The Duke Endowment

The Haywood Family

Nancy & Tom Haywood

Betsey & Rob Drucker

Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation

North Carolina Hospital Foundation

Susan G. Komen Charlotte

Volunteers of CHS NorthEast


$50,000 - $99,999

Charlotte Radiology

With special thanks to

the Cabarrus Section

Children's Advocacy

Centers of NC Inc.

NorthEast Anesthesia &

Pain Specialists, PA

Wells Fargo


$10,000 - $49,999

Susan Howell Bare

Ben Mynatt Family of Dealerships

Cabarrus County High Schools'

King of the Court

Cabarrus Pathology

Associates, PA

Paul & Margaret Campbell

Bill & Ann Cannon

William C. Cannon &

Norma C. Cannon Trust

Carolina Neurosurgery &

Spine Associates

Angela Clark

Corindus Vascular Robotics

Cre8tve Works

Focused On a Cure

Joe Grady


Allen Tate Realtors

Ike's Construction, Inc.

Lillibridge Healthcare Services

M Gibbs Ltd

Strides for Stroke

Top Gun Sports LLC

Bob & Carolyn Tucker /

Shoe Show, Inc.

US Acute Care Solutions

Uwharrie Bank

Ken & Dianne Wilson


$5,000 - $9,999

Chris Bowen

Cabarrus Animal Hospital

Cabarrus College of Health Sciences

Pam Cain & Kent Gandee

Concrete Supply Co.

Bill & Debbie Dusch

Falls Jewelers

Gordon Food Service

Image Revive, LLC

KS Image Solutions, LLC

Let's Dance Studio

Local 25

Cyndie Mynatt

National Children's Alliance

Norman & Deanna Shue Foundation

Rush University Medical Center

SunTrust Foundation

Wayne Brothers, Inc.

Phyllis Anne Wingate


$2,500 - $4,999

Alex. Brown

Dr. Howard and Mrs. Gail Benensohn



Brasfield & Gorrie

Bright Inspired Dentistry by

Patricia A London, DDS

Jennifer & Scott Brotherton

Lee Bryan III

The Byrd Agency, Inc.

Cabarrus Country Club

Jason & Holly Cagle

Robert & Erika Carney

Carolina Tree Care

Casco Signs, Inc.

Charlotte Eye Ear Nose &

Throat Associates, PA

Chelish Moore Flowers

CHS NorthEast Administration

Frieda Lowder Clark &

Dr. Douglas Clark

Craven & Company, Realtors /

Allen, Janet & Ford Craven

Alan & Robin Davis

Dermatology Group

of the Carolinas

Glenn & Stacey Eisenberg

Dr. Lee & Mrs. Claudia Fanning

Fifth Third Private Bank

First Baptist Church, Kannapolis

Anne Forrest

Gilwood Presbyterian Church

Scott & Amy Gollinger

Great Wolf Lodge

Grimsley's Jewelry

Jack & Lynn Guffey

Hartsell & Williams, PA

Mark Hartsell

HolTon Construction Concepts

Joe C. & Pat Horton

Impact 1 Allstars

Joan S. Jones (Mrs. Branson)

Dr. & Mrs. Douglas G. Kelling, Jr.

John & Connie King

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas T. Long III

Harvey and Shirley Lyerly

Jodi Marangone

Dr. Bob and Mrs. Karen Mitchell

John & Peg Morrison

Jane Nymberg

Pampered Chef / Debbie Littlefield

Paragon Surgical Specialists

Rick Perry

Porter & Ben Peterson

Pinnacle Financial Partners

Point of Grace Lutheran Church

Potter & Company, PA CPA

Valerie & Todd Rakes

Robins & Morton

Rodgers Catering, Inc.

Van Rowell

Richard & Dianne Snyder

South Central Properties

Southeast Radiation

Oncology Group, PA

The Smoke Pit

Jon & Laura Yancey

Tom & Angela Zeffiro


$500 - $2,499

600 Festival Association, Inc.

Marietta Abernathy

ACN World Headquarters

Adair Style Studio

Brandi Alden

Ashley Aldridge

Shirley & Joe Allen

Joyce Allman

American Legion,

Beaver Pittman Post #115

Stephen Andrew

Rosalee Anglin

Annette R. Thompson

Consulting, LLC

Ken & Patty Argo

Lori Ashley

Atrium Health

Brandi Atwell

Aubrie Starr Foundation

Idella Austin

Scott & Kristin Baker

Rodney Ball

Kendall Barbee

Ralph & Sandy Barnhardt

Katherine Barrier

Amy Bayse

Amy Bell

Belmont Abbey LaCrosse Team

Ann Benfield

Jerry Bentley

Michelle Berryman

Laura Blackwell

Brian Blough

Cheryl Bolduc

Mr. & Mrs. Greg Bove

Amanda Bowman

Bob & Debbie Brannan III

Kathy Bratcher

Mr. & Mrs. Robert O. Bratton

David Bridges

Wendy Brower

Carrie Brown

Lori Brown

Kelly Bumgarner

Julie Burgess

Dr. David J. Burke

Julie Ann Burke

Burn Boot Camp - Mallard Creek

Karla Burnette

Christin Burris

Michael Butler

Cabarrus Arena & Events Center

Cabarrus Brewing Company

Sue Cadell

Amy Cairns, Michael,

Lilliana & Olivia

Camp Gladiator

Opie Campbell

Stephanie Canipe

Cannon Health, LLC

Twila Carlyle

Carm's Cafe

Stan & Carolyn Carpenter

Jennifer Carroll

Cathy & Brent Carson

Andrew Carte

Jessica Castrodale

Lesley Chambless

Charlotte Motor Speedway

China Grove Middle School

Dr. Patrick Chiu

Plase & Henrietta Christenbury

Betsy Clark

Jamie Davis Clark

The Club at Irish Creek

Karen Cobb

Mike & Loretta Coltrane

Community First Bank

Complete Design &

Packaging LLC / Howard &

Donna Bertram


Chapter PFLAG

Connect Christian Church -


Christopher S. Connelly

Amanda Cook & Daryl Nebrich

Keith Cook

Corning, Inc.

Melody Correll

Christine Corsello

Ken Couch

The Cove Church

John & Sherry Cox

Melissa Cox

Stephanie Craig

Dr. & Mrs. David B. Crosland

Regina Crowder-Galloway

CSM Production

Walker & Jennifer Dabbs

Wayne & Margaret Dabbs

Wim De Neef

Roxane Dean

Kelly Graham Dejesus

Deandrea Desmond

Dressler's Restaurant

David Duncan

Rebecca Dunlap

Ed Dunlow

Kevin & Cyndi Earnhardt

Terry & Linda Earnhardt

Eastover Collection

Taneha Edwards

Traci Edwards

Ritchie & Paula Elkins

Ellis Jewelers

Monique Ellis

Embassy Suites Charlotte -

Concord/Golf Resort & Spa

Enochville CoG

John Erdwurm

Kim Eremie

Anita C. Erwin

Christopher and Paula Evans

Stephanie Evick

F&M Bank

Falkenbury Foundation

John & Barbara Falkenbury

Shalonda Ferguson

Harry Fischer

Adrienne Fisher

Samantha Flake

Stephanie & Brian Floyd

DeAnna Ford, CPA

Foster Animal Hospital, PA

Nancy F. Fowler

Matt Fox

Elizabeth Freeman

Danny Fu

Jimmie & Barbara Furr

Chris & Mary Gaddis

Jacqueline Gafrarar

Kiesha Garrido

Tammy Gentle

Janine Girard

Ernie Glover

Christopher Goenner

Brenda Gonzalez

Janet & Bill Goodman

Catherine Goss

Renee Goss

Rebecca & Daniel Gould

Grammy's Hands Handmade

Blankets by Se'Ri

Michele Gray

Amy Greene

Cynthia Greenlee

Lynette Gregory

Kate Grew

Dr. & Mrs. Keith E. Griffin

Holly Grimsley

Michelle Guyder

Delores Hall

Hampton's Men's Clothing

Stacey Hardin

Alana Harris

Meredith Harrison

Laurie Hatfield

Woody & Betty Hathaway

Wes & Marsha Hatley

Anita Haywood

Nora Helms

Damian & Shanta Henderson

Julia Hess

Tiffany Higdon

Hilbish Ford

Drs. Tony & Sharon Hinson

Carl Andrew & Juanita P. Holt

Robin Honeycutt

Ronald Honeycutt

Susan Hooper

Hopewell High School

Wrestling Team

Michael Horner

Danice Horton

Roger Horton

Brenna & Mike Houston

Michael & Shelley Houston

Teresa Houston

Bill Hubbard

Bryan & Anna Hunt

Kristen Hunt

Pam Hurley

Shelly Hyde

Independent Tribune

Irresistible Portraits by

Karen Goforth

Howard & Margaret Irvin

Susan Irvin

It's All About You Salon

J. A. Fisher Construction Co.

Jane Aiken Jacobs

Jeff Gordon Cellars

Jessie Rees Foundation

John C. Tuttle, MD -

Tuttle Family Practice

Pamela Johnson

Matthew Jordan

Janis Joyce

Andrea Judy

The Junkluggers of North Carolina

Chris & Max Kacan

Mary Kennedy

Kenny Schrader Racing, Inc.

Dan & Margie Kensil

Shelley Kester

Heather & Ben Kincel

Mike & Angela Kluttz

Desiree Kosmisky

John Krepshaw

Lola Krick



Allan & Sandy Krusell

Kevin & Kippi Laws

Britt & Kimberly Leatherman

Amy Lee

Gayle Lee

Jimmy & Lisa Lee

Mary & Steve Lehman

Mrs. George W. (Jane) Liles

Leigh Linn

Lionel LLC

Live Nation - PNC Music Pavilion

Patricia Livengood

Timothy & Elizabeth Livingston

Dr. and Mrs. James M. Loftus, Jr.

Cathy-Jo Long

Harper Lovins

Lorie Lowder

LuLaRoe Angie & Meredith

Candice Lyon

Jill & Rick Mack

Ashley Manus

Melissa Martin

Meredith & Randy Mauldin

Tina Mauldin

Anita McCants

Kristen McKnight

Medris Healthcare Solutions

Christina Meitzler

Rachel Meltzner

Marie G. Mercier

Metrolina Landscape

Tom Migacz

Max Miller

Stephanie Mitchem

Jim & Dot Monroe

Judy & David Montague

Mallory Moore

Drs. Robert & Stephanie Morgan

Gwynn Morris

Jarrett Morris

Holt & Anne Morrison

Angela Morton

Shannon Morton

Anita Moss

Vicky Moss

Mt. Moriah Lutheran Church

Evangelista Mullinax

Dr. & Mrs. Brent Mullis

Tomain Murphy

Dr. Paola Natale

Penny & Norman Negre

Jason Nelms

Luci New

Kimberly Newton

Next Level Personal Training

William & Anne Niblock

Denise Noble

NorthEast Digestive Health Center

Nothing Bundt Cakes

Nova Credit Union

John K. Odell, Jr.

Oiles America Corporation

OrthoCarolina Concord

Miranda Owens

Mark Owensby

Teresa Page

Dr. & Mrs. Frank Pancotto

Glenda Parker

Robert Parker

Parker's Crane Service, Inc.

Ashesh & Nancy Patel

Holley Pegram

Perdue Farms - Concord

Pam Petrea

Pamela Pettus

Blake Peurifoy

Piedmont School of Music & Dance

Lisa Pigg

Larry & Geraldine Plott

Ryan Pool

Martha Poole

Thomas Pressley

Propst Brothers Dists., Inc.

PRP Wine International, Inc.

Publix Super Markets, Inc.

Chris Puckett

Quilts for Kids

Meredith Quinn

Alex & Sharon Rankin

James Ranson

Dr. Santosh Rao

Cheryl Rape

RdM Architecture PA

Amy & Wallace Readling

Angela B. Reid

Janna Riley

Erin Roach

Debra Rodgers

Donna & Sonny Rodgers

Rick & Delinda Rodgers

Louis, Kimberly & Isabella Rodriguez

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Rogers

Gloria Ross

Bob & Susan Rourke

Sue & Dave Rutland

Donna Safrit

Charlie & Tanya Sastoque

Kirsten Saunders

Jeanette Scire

Edward & Noelle Scott

Todd & Ashlie Shanley

Dr. Hadley Sharp

Kim Shellenberger

Paula Sherrill

Carolyn Shinn

Chris & Barry Shoemaker

Kathleen Shoenfeld

Peter & Laura Simon

Maria Sittloh

J. D. Skipper

Lynn Sloop

Smile Cabarrus Family

and Pediatric Dentistry

George H. Smith III

Gregory Smith

Sylvia Smith

Solace Salon & Spa at

the Rossean House

Southern Grace Distilleries, Inc.

Khadijah Spence

The Sportscenter Athletic Club

St. James the Greater

Catholic Church

St. John's Lutheran Church

Cindy Stafford

Anna Stancil

Chuck & Jennifer Stanec

Robin Starnes

Palmer Steel

Stephanie Steimer

Erika Steinbacher, MD

Steinway Piano Gallery - Charlotte

Carol Stephens

Cindy Stillwell

Studio 73 Dance

Suburban Pediatric

Physician Group

The Sugarplum Project

Bonnie Hall Summers

Christina Sutardji

John & Dana Sweat

Rebecca Szymanski

Lisa & Jon Tadlock

Steve & Brenda Talbert

Tri Tang

Taryn Laughlin Coaching LLC

Angie & Ben Taylor

Bob Taylor

Annette Thompson

Sandra & Chuck Thompson

Ryan & Makayla Thrower

Patricia Traylor

Leigh Treadaway

Joe & Jessica Tucker

Turner Orthodontics

Dr. John W. & Katherine G. Turner

Twisted Networx

Katherine Van Poppel

Vicki Vanderburg

Tim & Gail Vaughn

Anjie Vickers

Theresa & Bruce Vickey

Angie Voyles

Vulcan Materials Company

Alison Walker

Gary Walker

Sandy Wall

Walt Disney World Co

Kayce Walters

Beth Webster

J R Weidman

Mr. & Mrs. Barney R. West

Trenton & Courtney Whalen

Laurie Whitley

Deborah Whitt

Tinky Whittington

Lorraine Whyte

Amber Widenhouse

Dean Wike

Susan Wilfong

William Branson III, Inc.

Jeslyn & Mark Williams

Stacey Wilson

The Wine Room at Afton Village

Cindy Wise

Jean Wright

Rhonda Wright

Jonathan & Ginger Zsambeky


$100 - $499

2 Gals Kitchen

73 & Main Restaurant

Sherry Abernethy

Monica Able

Terri Accardo

Debbie Adair

Patricia Adams

Rachelle Adams

Alvin Adcock

Hope Adcock

Melissa Addison

Esther Adkins

Afton Tavern

Jamie Aigner

April Akers

Keith Albert

Sheila Albritton

William Albritton

Sharon Aldrich

Amanda Aldridge

Julia Alexander

Norma Alexander

Margie Alfred

Camelia Allen

Judy D. Allen

LaTesha Allen

Lori Allen

Sharon Allen

Tammy Allendé

Magen Allman

Debbie Allmon

Kelly Allred

Carol Allum

Jeannette Almeida

Alyson Almond

Angela Almond

Jada Alston

Rita Alston

Lois Ambrosini

Nicole Amos

Angela Anderson

Evie Anderson

Karen Anderson

Lakeema Anderson

Michael Todd Anderson

Sherese Anderson

Jennifer Androwick

Mark & Sharon Antoszyk

Debra Aponte

Sheila Araujo

Cortney Ardrey

Timothy & Jane Arey

Alice Arnette

Anita Arnold

Christy Arpino

Melissa Arrington

Joy Arrojado

Lacey Arrowood

Angela Arteaga

Michelle Asbury

Susan Ashcraft

Estella Atanga

Atlantic Drift

Lisa Atwood

William and Anne Austin

The Avett Brothers

Paula Ayscue

Eunice Babalola

Claxton Baer

Christy Baggarly

Anna P. Bailey

Alisha Baker

Carrie Baker

Kamoree Baker

Kim Baker

Drs. Linny Baker & Elaine Cloud

Norman & Susan Baker

Stacy Baker

Amy Balch

Jennifer Balentine

Andrew Ball

Joan Ballard

Joyce Banks

Felisha Barbee

Karen Barbee

Lori Barbee

Taylor Rae Barber



Kendra Bare

Michelle Bare

Michelle Barga

Amber Barley

Angela Barlowe

Jessica Barnett

Brent Barnette

Diane Barnette

Cynthia Barnhardt

Kinsey Barnhardt

LeAnne Barnhardt

Mary Barnhardt

Melissa Barnhardt

Melanie Barr

Marissa Barrett

Tina Barrett

Ann Barringer

Chris & Tina Barringer

Scott & Marilyn Barringer

David Barron

Dawn Barton

Candace Bashaw

Amanda Basinger

Jamie Basinger

Kendall Basinger

Ginny Bass

Angie Baucom

Consuela Baxter

Stephen Baxter

Tammy Bayne

Be Our Guest Travel Company -

Jessica Shirey

The Bead Lady

Kris Beam

Travis Beam

Amanda Beasley

Jan Beatty-Hendley

Aaron Beaver

Amy Beaver

Cynthia Beaver

Destiny Beaver

Angie Belk

Jimmy Belk

Abby Bell

Becca Bellis

Matthew Belter

Shannon Benfield

Crystal Benitez

Delores Benn

Bridgett Bennett

Charlene Bennett

Jerry & Linda Bennick

Larry & Mary Sue Bentley

Bruce Benton

Danny Benton

Jonathan & Tamisha Benton

Kathy McDaniel Benton

Jenny Berg

Krista Berger

Rita Berrier

Kristi Beyersdorf

Adra Bickley

Alisha Biddy

Tamara Billings

Suzanne Bird

Susan Bishop

Eileen Black

Dr. Jared Blacker

Jeremy Blackwell

Melissa Blair

Patsy Blake

Wendy Blake

Katherine Blakely

Chelsea Blalock

Jennifer Blalock

Beth Ann Blaney

Esther L. Blanks, MD

Angela Blasko

Angie Barbee

Charlotte Boateng

Penny Bock

Marlee Bodle

Cheryl Boger

Teri Boger

Lisa Bohacik

Sherry Bonds

Jeremy Bone

Joseph Boomer

Patricia Boone

Boone's Farm & Stables

John Booth

Kelly Bost

Karen Bostic

Mary Bowers

Arrington Bowman

Jessica Bowman

Nancy Ann Bowman

Carolyn Boyd

Cyndi Boyd

Roger Boyington

Kimberly Bradley

Mike & Terri Bradley

Kimberly & Earl Bradshaw

Jayeta Bramhan

Betty Branch

Bobby Brandt

Darren and Tammy Bratt

Chelsea Brattain

Dr. Linda & Mr. Charles Bresnahan

Linda Brewer

Dwana Bridges

Shereese Bridges

Justin Brines

Cecelia Britton

Jeff Brock

Rebecca W. Brooks

Ryker Brooks

Sharon Brooks

Susan Brooks

Brittany Brookshire

Meredith Broome

Sheri Brosnahan

Cory & Arricka Brouwer

Angie Brown

Barbara & Rhett Brown

Billie Brown

Blair Brown

Catherine Brown

Dawn Brown

Deb Brown

Gloria Brown

Julia Brown

Kaleigh Brown

Mabel P. & Bachman S. Brown Jr.

Shamega Brown

Ellie Bruss

Carla Bryant

Linwood Buford

Sharon Buige

Susan Bunton

Barbara Burchfield

Traci Burden

Angela Burgess

Karen Burke

Matthew Burke

Casey Burleson

Christie Burleyson

Gail Burnette

Monasia Burnette

Pansy Burnette

Rebecca Burns

Nancy Clay Burrage

Crystal Burress

Hank Burris

Leah Burris & Scott Burris

Metta Burris

Rosalyn Burris

Shannon Burris

Melody Burton

Ingrid Butler

Sabrina Butler

Sherrill Anne Butler

Stephanie Bynum

Cabarrus Arts Council

Cabarrus Co. Extension &

Community Assoc.

Cabarrus County Retired

Nurses Association

Kimberley Cable

Casey Cagle

Phyllis Cagle

Kellie Cain

Mary C. Caldwell

Trinda Caldwell

Wendy Lee Caldwell

Angela Campbell

Joyce Campbell

Karen Campbell

Sandra Campbell

Lori Canney

Cannon School

David Cannon

Robin Cannon

Desiree Caple

Chelsea Cardona

Carl Furr Elementary

2nd Grade Class

Diane Carlson

Beth Carlton

Kathleen Carney

Carolina Hurricanes

Carolina Panthers

Bryan Carpenter

Sandra Carrigan

Lymari Carroll

Penny Carroll

Terri Carroll

Carol Carsley

Carla Carson

Jaclyn Carson

Carmen Carter

Tracy Cartner

Holly Casper

Rozlyn Casper

Shirley Cassidy

Craig Cassie

Patricia Castillo

Peggy & Stan Castor

Allyson Cauthen

Carisa Cauthen

Marisa Cauthen

Regina Caviness

Center United Methodist Church

Michelle Baucom Chadwick

Wendy Champion

Reid and Ashelea Chaney

May Chang

Audrea Chapman

Chasity Chapman

Angela Charles

Charlotte Ballet

Charlotte Hornets

Charlotte Knights

Angelique Chavis

Brittany McDuffie Chavis

Drs. Karol and William Cheek

Jessica Chestnut

Jennifer Childers

Dr. Nirav Chiniwalla

Amber Chipman

Jenna Chouinard

Patricia Christiansen

City of Concord Youth Council

Andrew Clark

Courtney Clark

Kristie Clark

Lori Clark

Lynn & Kevin Clark

Randy Clark

Megan Clay

Jay Clemmer

Sylvia Clendenin-Bey

Joy Cline

Kerri Clontz

Erin Clowney

Karen Cloys

Amanda Coble

Jolene P. Coble

Tambra Cochran

Jessica Cockerham

Kari & Joshua Coffman

Whitney Coggins

Jay & Nancy Cohen

Cold Water Extension &

Community Association

Sylvia Collins

Leann Combs

Sabrina & Corey Combs

Concord / Natalie Atwell

Counseling, PC

Kaitlyn Connell

Lorri Conner

Laura Connor

Mae Connor

Joyce Conway

Aaron & Leslie Cook

Ann Cook

Brittany Cook

Deborah Cook

Heather Cook

Joyce Cook

Lydia Cook

Reggie Cook

Sydney Cook

Curtis Cooke

Janet Cooke

Sakinya Cooke

Shelly & Travis Cooley

Julie Cooper

Lauren Cooper

Kimberly Corbett

Anna Corl

Amanda Cormier

Silvia Correa

Susan Correll

Donna Corrente

Yessenia Cortez

Nicole Cottone



Dr. Bill & Mrs. Rebecca Cottrell

Mitzi Coughenour

Nattasha Counta

Sharyn Courvoisier

Angela Coward

Angie Cox

Toria Lynn Cozart

Bonnie Crawford

Greg Crawford

Ava Crayton

Valerie Crayton

Melissa Crenshaw

Debra Cress

Lelani Cress

Lisa Cress

Tammy Crocker

Lenna Crockett

Patti Crossen

Lauryn Crowder

Nicole Crowell

Gregory Crump

Sue Ellen Crump

Beth B. Cruse

Christopher Cruz

Mario & Jody Cuellar

Connie Cunningham

Jodi Cunningham

Katie Currin

Rodney Currin

DaNae Currington

Beth Curtis

Tami Curtis

Michael DaCosta

Laura Dake

Donna Dalleinne

Alison Dancy

Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

Melinda Daniel

John Daugherty

Tammy Davidson

Brittany Davis

Candice Davis

Jackie Davis

Janna Davis

Joan & Frank Davis

Loretta Davis

Pat Davis

Raquel Davis

Rick Davis

Teresa Davis

Tommy Davis

Tonia Davis

Amanda Deal

Beth Deal

Donna Deal

Jerry T. & Joyce M. Deal

Jessica Dean

Teresa Dean

Doris Dearmon

Aminta Deas

Karen Deese

Erin DeGrauw

Camille DeJohn

Melinda Delahoussaey

Peter DeLaney

Mariluz Delgado

Patricia & Buddy DeLizza

Jeanne Delva-Pierre

Penny DeMaddis

Danielle DeMary

Linda Denson

Annette DePascale

Terry Derner

Kevin DeSanty

Crystal Desrosiers

Donna Detar

Mary DeVos

Chris Diamond

Emily Dickinson

Brittany Dillon

Discovery Place

Peggy Disney

Cassandra J. Dixon

Denise Dlouhy

Emily Dodds

Debra Dodson

Gale & Sheree Dodson

Susan Doerr

Rita Dominquez

Katherine & Thomas Domke

Richard Dormon

Idalia Dorta

Heather Dorton

Penny Dorton

DOUGH New York Style Bakery

Heather Dowdy

Norma Downing

Mike Downs

Laura Draize

Sandra Drake

Cindy Drye

Sara Drye

DSC Sales, Inc.

Cheryl D. Duerr

Garry Dukes

Chasity Dumas

Kendra Dums

Vickie Duncan

Lisa Dunlow

Jessica Durbin

Carolyn Dutton

Phil & Annette Eagle

Rhonda Eagle

Erica Earnhardt

Shelly Earnhardt

Steven Earnhardt

Sheri Earwood

Rebecca Eddings

Joanne Edgison

Edie's Salon Panache

Wendy Edwards

Carrie Efird

Mary Eggers

Jen Elden

Audrey Eldreth

Julie Elliott

Nancy Elliott

R. Scott & Cathie Elliott

Beverly Ellis

Robert Ellis

Felicia Ellison

Molly Ellspermann

Maria Engle

Justin Enloe

Austin & Celia Entwistle

Julieanne Epler

Sarah Erickson

Paula Ernst

Stephanie Erwin

Michele Esposito

Sarah Estep

Amie Eudy

Brittany Eudy

Tracy Eudy

Danelle Eure

Brooke Eury

Randa Baker Eury

Jennifer Evans

Sonia Everhart

Courtney Everidge

Chris Ewing

Sharon Ezzell

Tammy Faggart

Angie Faile

Tracie & Bobby Faircloth

Rosetta Farber

Joanna Farmer

Vicky Farthing

Latonia Faucette

Michael Faulkner

Ernie Faw

Lori Feather

Kelly Fecskovics

Alan Feeney

Lauren Fennell

Angela & David Ferguson

Melinda Ferguson

Regina Filiberti

Kristie Finger

Angie Fisher

Lesley Fisher

Nicole Fisher

Cheryl Fitts

Stephanie Fleming

Fleming's Prime

Steakhouse & Wine Bar

Tanisha Fletcher

Beverly Flynn

Lindsay Foley

Cheryl Font

Jamie Ford

Kelly Forrest

Martha Forrest

Forty Six

David & Charlene Foster

David Fouquet

Misti Fowler

Barbara Fox

Rebecca Frady

Amber Fraley

Frames & Art by Kluttz

Debra A. Frazier

Kelly Frazier

Freddy's Frozen

Custard & Steakburgers

Demirah Friday

Gina Fritz

Carmen Frutig

Lakisha Frye

Randy Frye

Timbs Fulghum

Kristina Fullerton

Joseph Fulp

Tammy & John Fulton

Ann Furr

Kelli Furr

Lisa Furr

Suzanne Furr

Darlene Galbraith

Cathleen Gallagher

Christa Gallie-Weiss

Amanda Galloway

Lauri Galloway

Tonya Galloway

Brittany Galyan

Trisha Galyan

Julia Garcia

Melissa Garcia

The Gardens of Taylor Glen

Russell Garifo

James & Jessica Garmon

Kelly Garmon

Rhonda Garmon

Melanie Gass

Michelle Gay

Audrey Gaydon

Ashlyn Gebhardt

Donna Gebhardt

Deborah Geer

Dale Gentle

Gloria Gialenios

Gianni's Trattoria

Mike & Ginger Gibbs

Amy Gibson

Hope Gibson

Oceana Gibson

Deedee & Jeff Gilbert

Gilmore Chapel AME Zion Church

Julie Gilmore

Rob Gilmore

Stacy Gilmore

Tammy Gilmore

Girl Scouts Troop 1588

Liliana Gismondi-Crook

Tina Glenn

Tracy Glosson

Shana Glover

Sandra Gluck

Kimberly Godwin

Jo Ann & Harold Goins

Tamara Golden

Gold's Gym Concord

Karen Lynne Golie

Tina Gonzales

Damarye Gonzalez

Sherell Gonzalez

Carol Good

Debbie Goodenough

Tiwanna Goodjohn

Amber Goodman

George & Joan Goodman

Jeanne Goodman

Julie Goodman

Karen Goodman

Ashley Goodnight

Jennifer Goodnight

Karen Goodwin

Amanda Gordon

Heather Gorman

Sharon Grace

Carla Graham

Kerishia Graham

Terry Graham

Tyrone Wade Graham

Dawn Grant

Danielle Gray

Shannon K. Gray

Billie Green

Diane Green

LaTonya Green

Latoya Green

Nancy Schneidenbach Green

Pat Greene

Tammy Greene

Melcia Greenidge

Rhonda Coley Greenwood

Laura Greer

Meredith Greer



Lisa M. Gregg

The Greg Olsen Foundation

Cassie Gregor

Cherri Grier

Teresa Grier

Lana Griffin

Rebekah Griffin

Sherry Griffin

Tonya Griffin

Nancy Griffith

Terrie Grimm

Cory Grimshaw

Ray & Joyce Guarino

Cynthia Guenther

Erin Gulledge

Kimberly Gulledge

Patricia Gulledge

Kevin Gullett

Eugenia Gyapong

Stephanie Haigler

Garrett Hainline

Erin Hainor

Ashley Hairfield

Heather Halbach

Amy Hall

Jennifer Hall

Jeri Hall

Kecia Hall

LaToya Hall

Leigh Ann Hallan-Brice

Saundra Hammond

Sterling Hammond

Don & Betty Hammonds

Carnell Hampton

Lorrie & David Hampton

Jerri Hamrick

Tina Hamrick

Mary Hansen

Dianne Hansford

Lisa Hardin

Michele Hardin

Ryan Hardister

Shana Hardman

Tiffani Hargrave

Melissa Harkey

Donna & David Harless

Gina Harless

Dr. Derek and Mrs. Alaina Harmon

Theresa Harnage

Amanda and Ed Harper

Christine Harper

Felix Harper

Heather Harper

Elizabeth Astrid Harrelson

Brooke Harrington

Kelly Harrington

Stephanie Harrington

DeShaunna Harris

Matthew Harris

Savannah Harris

Kelly Y. Harrison

Matthew Harrison

Pamela Harrison

Dr. & Mrs. Alan Harsch

Ellen Hart

Jasmina Hart

Tricia Hart

Prof. & Mrs. David T. Hartgen

Alisha Hartz

Bill & Pam Harvey

Chad Harvey

Tina Hass

Zinat Hassanpour

Ashley Hastings

Debra Hatley

Markeith Hawkins

Jamie Hawks

Caroline Hayes

James Hayes

Joan Haynie, Mother of Kim

Janet Haywood

Krista Heady

Heart Hugs

Barbaree Heaster

Mr. & Mrs. James Hedgpeth

Kimberly Hegler

Nikki Heintz

Amy Helms

Ashley Helms

Rebekah Helms

Sheila Helms

Julie Henderson

Stephanie Henderson

Hendrick Motorsports

Stacey Henry

Tonya Herlocker

Yescia Herrera

Lindsey Herrin

Keith Herring

Allison Hicks

Jacquelyne Hicks

Maribeth Hicks

Michelle Hicks

Sherry Hicks

Desria Sade' Higgins

Amanda High

Julia Hill

Katherine Hill

Laurie Hill

Verlene Hill

Kate Hillier

Aledra Hillsman

Allen D. Hilton

Jennifer Hilton-Adock

Erin Hinckley

Angie Hinson

Donna Hinson

Eileen Hinson

Martha Hinson

Bren Hipp

Tina Gossett Hipp

Cary & Kim Hocutt

Heather Hodges

Jennifer Hoesman

Christopher & Paula Holland

Ken Holsenback

Rebecca Holt

Sonsare Holtzclaw

Homewood Suites by


Amanda Homza

Pete Honerkamp

Patti Honeycutt

Linda Hood

Rebecca Hoover

Hope's Bridal Boutique

Clarice Hopkins

Michelle Hopkins

Chaley Hopson

Marie K. Horn

Jamie Horton

Michael & Shannon Horton

Emily Hostetter

Susie Hotchkiss

Elizabeth Houston

Rachel Houston

Deidre Howard

Rebecca Howell

Haniyfia Howie

Amy Hubbard

Lauren Dayvault Hubbard

Helen Hudson

Monikka Hudson

Paul Matthew Hudson

Chandra Huettner

Heather Hughes

Dr. Ilona Humes

Jane & Steve Huneycutt

Sarah Huneycutt

The Hunny Pot

Jennifer Hunsucker

Lynn Hunsucker

Felicia Hunt

Veronica Hunt

Joe Hunter

Suzanne Hunter

Lakeima Huntington

Jane Hurley

Jeremy Hurst

Donna Hutzel

Michelle Hyde

David Hysell

Ashlee Ibanez

Cindy Icard

Lanny Inabnit

Gillian Inch

Amy Ingle

Kim Irby

Mark Ivan

Belinda Jackson

Sherry Jackson

Tynesha Jackson

Whitney Jackson

Beth Jackson-Jordan &

David Jordan

Christy James

Kristi James

Jeff Gordon Children's


Lisa Jeffcoat

Angela Jenkins

Bill Jenkins

Samantha Jenkins

Jenna Jennings

DeLynne Jewell

Joe Gibbs Racing

Andrea Johnson

Bettina Johnson

Craig Johnson

Dan & Mary Ann Johnson

Erica Johnson

Mike & Christine Johnson

Pamela J. Johnson

Sarah Johnson

Tiffany Johnson

Pristina Johnson-Etienne

Paula Johnston

Lora Jones

Reed & Deborah Jones

Renay Jones

Tamora & Mike Jones

Teresa B. Jones

Tori Jones

Donna H. Jordan

Kenya Jordan

William & Julie Jordan

Gracy Joseph

Robin Junker

Kellie Kale

David & Faith Kapp

Kasey Kahne Foundation

Kuldip Kaur

Linda Gay Jackson Kayye

Melissa Keasler

Molly Keck

David & Sandra Keech

Susan Keever

Danielle Kendall

Adam & Ada Kendrick

Janet Kennelly

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kennerly

Cathy & Ricky Kepley

Tammy Kepley

Susan Kerley

Patsy Kerns

Fred Ketner

Ricky Dean Keziah

George Khouri

Angela Kiker

Tom Kilby

Meghan Killian

Monica Kincaid

Josh King

Lisha King

King's Auto Body Company Inc

Victoria Kioroglo

Lisabeth Kirby

Akira Kirk

Joe Kirk

Jaren Kiser

Bryan Kluttz

Kathy E. Kluttz

Katie Knaub

Kim Knell

Janice T. Knight

Donna & Gerry Knorr

Barbara Knudsen

Nathaniel & Deborah Knust

Melissa Kobylarz

Jennifer Konkle

Kota Bear Donation Project

Victoria Kottyan

Rita Kraus

Susan Krebs

Kim Kreppein

Anne Krug

Kearsten & Rob Kuddie

Sarah Kuhn

Kumar Enterprises

Cynthia Kuntzelman

JoAnn Kurzel

Neil Labak

Claudia LaCivita

Elizabeth Lackey

Ladies of Carolina Orchards

Lakewood Baptist Church

David Lambert

Lorrie Lambert

Michelle Lambert

Sharon Lambert

Susan R. Lambert

Vanessa Lambert

Shannon Lance

Drs. Jon & Jenny Langford

Amber Langston

Julie Lanier

Jennifer Lanning

Miranda Lanning



Drs. Kurt & Rebecca Lark

Sharie Latimore

Ashlyn LaTurno

Susan Laughlin

Sarah Lawhon

Brenda Layton

Diana Lazaro

Helen Leak

Leah Leath

Lori Leatherman

Heather Lechner

John Ledbetter

Sam & Shannon Leder

Gibby & James Lee

Kathy E. Lee

John Lehto

Maria Lemus-Rodriguez

Amber Lewis

Pamela T. Lindley

Jera & Phillip Linker

Karen Linker

Marlaine Linn

Janice Goodman Lipe

Theresa Lipscomb

William & Nicole Lisk

Dianne Little

Fernando Little

Zina Little

Eric & Lisa Livingston

Wendy & Rene Locaylocay

Alec & Dawn Lockavitch

Donald & Emma Lee Lockhart

Anna Locklear

Diane Locklear

Quint Locklear

Dr. Bryan Loeffler

Cassie Long

Christi Long

Cynthia B. Long

Tiffany Long

Kristin Losh

Shucheir Louigarde

Angela Love

Jill Love

Christine & Nick Lovelace

Brandy Lowder

John M. Lowry, Jr.

Karen Lowton

Julie & Brad Lucas

Pamela Lucas

LuLu Lucero

Dianne Ludwig

Janet Luedeman

Lisa M. Lunsford

Lola Lurch

Cara Shinn Lursen

Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity

Elizabeth "Ann" Lyles

Cathy Lynch

Alisha J. Lyon

Christine Mack

Marque Macon

Alissa Macrina

Maryellen Macrina

Genia Dreher Manley

Amethyst Mann

Patricia Mann

Rhonda Mann

Sruthi Mannepalli

Abbey Markley

Justin Marlow

Sherri Marlow

Leah Marlowe

Elizabeth Marsh

Debbie D. Martin

Amy Mason

Brandi Mason

Sharlene Mason

Amy Loos Massey

Cherie Massey

Melissa Matias

Angel Matos Nieves

Doris Matthews

Delena Mauldin

Tammy Mauldin

Trina Mauldin

Jeanie Mauney

Terra Maura

Jennifer Mayfield

Amy Mayhew

Jean Maynor

Traci McBee

Megan McCain

Brian McCartney

Paula Burris McClean

Trina McClellan

Brian McCollough &

Giovonna Evans

Will McCombs

Michele McCoy

Betty McCrary

Julie McCullar

Amanda McCurry

Dorothy McDaniel

Kathleen McDermott

Veronica McDonald

Kailey McGee

Crystal McGhee

Chris McGinnis

Linda McGlamery

Peg McGowan

Marguerite McGugan

Richard & Sallie McHugh

Jennine McInnis

Wendy McKie

Debbie McKinney

Katharine McLary

Peggy McLaughlin

Kayleigh McLean

Ann Marie McLeod

Kathy McLester

Gwyn McMahan

Kristian McNeill

Stuart & Melissa McNichols

Leslie McSheehan

Maggie McVeety

Natrone & Shonda Means

Sheila Measimer

Gloria & Todd Medlin

LaKeisha Medrano

Alexis Megginson

Harvey Meier

Mark & Karen Meirow

Brenda Mejia

Carolyn F. Mellone

Krista Melo

Gina Mendez

Michelle Mendoza

Merle Norman

Michael & Barbara Messick

Elizabeth I. Meyer

Stacy Meyers

Michael A. Anderson Photography

Leigh Michalec

Joseph & Jennifer Michalski

Carolyn Michels

Kimberly Milem

John Miles

Lindsey Miles

Angela Miller

Brigitte & Antonius Miller

Carolyn Miller

Joe Miller

John & Dorice Miller

Lisa Miller

Mary Anne Miller

Mary Miller

Renee Miller

Sandra Miller

Tammy Miller

Zilphia Miller

Ashley Mills

Jamie Mills

Lisa Mills

Swarup Misra

Miss Stanly County

Outstanding Teen

Brad & Anne Mitchell

Susan Mitchell

Yuni Mitchell

Barry Troutman Mizelle

MJ Beads

Alison Monk

Deborah & George Monroe

Donna Monroe

Andrea Moody

Tonishia Moody

Amanda Moore

Amy Moore

Brittney Moore

Emily H. Moore

Karen Moore

Sandra Baskins Moore

Sherry Moore

Lisa Moose

Brittany Morgan

Janet & Taylor Morgan

Joanna Morgan

Kayla Morgan

Virginia Morgan

Alexis Morgan-Johnson

Cheryl Morneau

Kim Morris

Lauren Morris

Lois Morris

Lynne Morris

Shannon Morris

Steve Morris

Tony Morris

Harris & Kate Morrison

Helen Morrison

Hugh & Mary Margaret Morrison

Knox & Betsy Morrison

Lori Morrow

Robert Morse

Erin Moser

Meredith Moses

Carolyn Mosness

Suzanne Motley

Mount Hope Church

Roberta Mowery

Karen Moylan

Amy Moynihan

Mt. Pleasant United

Methodist Church

Casey Mull

Patricia Mullens

Diane & Rick Mullinax

Regina Mullinax

Cari Mullis

Rebekah Mullis

Brenda Munson

Denise Murphy

Dennis Murphy

Michele Murphy

Nancy Murphy

Vernez C. Murphy

Kimberly M. Murray

Kim Musgrove

Eve Myall

Grace Mynatt

Adam Nance

Kelly Ann Nance

Amy Nantz

Chase Napier

Tamara Napier

NASCAR Hall of Fame

Alisha Neal

Melissa Neal

Tracie Neal

Lori Neilon

Ken & Mary Nelms

Thomas Nemeth

Robert Nesbitt

Anneka Nestvogel

Anthony Newby

Brandi Newman

Crystal Newsome

Kim Nichols

Dr. Stacy and Mrs. Carol Nicholson

Deborah Noblitt

Andrea Norales

Janice Norcutt

Kelly Nordby

Marilyn Norkett

Lisa Norman

Ebony Norris

Leigh Ann Norris

Ragenia Norris

Perla Nunes

Melinda Nunn

Ashley Nutt

Hannah Oakley

Jerry & Debra Obermoller

Beth O'Brien

Kasey O'Brien

Mel Okuta

Old Courthouse Theatre, Inc.

Kim Olsson

Kristie O'Neal

Laquintha O'Neal

Lynn Bailey O'Neill

Opera Carolina

Jodie Orange

Arely Ordonez

Rich O'Reilly

Samantha Orsinger-Jacobsen

Rafaela Ortiz

Gerry & Carolyn Osborne

Judd Osborne

Shari Osborne

Jennifer Otero

Outsell, Inc.

Shannon Overall

Angel Overcash

Cynthia Overcash

Katherine Overcash

Kerri Overcash



Misty Owen

Tonya Owen

Debbie Owens

Donna Padgett

Erin Padgett

Gary Pagano

Casey Page

Frank Page

Tamra Page

Marie Pahang

Anita Paige

Kristi Pair

Kelli Palombo

Panera Bread

Autumn Parker

Donna Parker

Laura Parkhurst

Walter & Rose Ann Parkins

Jill Parrish

Stacey Parrish

Peggy Parrott

Debra Parsons

Johnna Parsons

Meg Patchett

Akash Patel

Kirby & Susan Patterson

Nikarras Patterson

Wendy Patterson

Janet & Patrick Patty

Donald & Leona Paul

Martha Payne

Frieda Peck

Dorthea Peek

Stasha Peek

Tamara Peek

Debora Peeler

Derick & Heather Pegram

Jeanne & Roy Pelkey

Jenny Penninger

Penske Racing

Wade Peoples

Jennifer Pepe

Chelsea Perine

Michael Perrott

Amy Perry

Darlene Peterson

Candice Pethel

Debby Pethel

Katrina Pethel

Melissa K. Pethel

Nicholas Petrini

Lauri Pezdirtz

Kim, Tim, Jessica & Josh Phelps

Phyllis Phifer

Shelia Philemon

Piedmont Shag Association

Mary Pilon

Pinehurst Concours d'Elegance

Donna Pittman

Michael Plaisted

Kim Plemmons

Cindy Plott

Debra Ponder

Karina Walker Pope

Linda Popejoy

Ricky Porter

Shelly Porter

Positively Ballroom Dance Studio

Laura & Don Post

Eric & Joely Powlas

Thelma Prange

Premium Power Systems

Joyce Pressley

Sandie Pressley

Angie Price

Erin & Joseph Price

Garrett & Amanda Price

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church

Kari Privette

Ashley Profitt

Anne & David Propst

Mr. & Mrs. James L. Propst

Lissa Prosper

Lauren Prosser

Publix Super Market

Leslie Puckett

Sarah Pugsley

Carolyn Queen

Felicia Queen

Jo Ann Queen

Jennifer Rabon

Angela & William Race

Patty Radaszewski

Kassi Raffaldt

Victoria Raffaldt

Ken Ragan

Jeff Rahman

Kimberly Raines

Nicole Ramos

Brenda Ramsey

Rachel Randolph

Connie Rary

Rita Rary

Tony Rary

Janelle Raymer

Katie Reaves

Records Reduction

Todd Redden

Leah Reddick

Brandy Redish

Southern Regal, Little Miss

Carolina Southern Elite Pageant

Allison Reece

Marsha Reese

Regina Reese

Molly Rehac

Kathy Reichard

Jarian Reid

Natasha Reid

Phyllis Reid

Taquneea Reid

Nancyann Rella

Jamie Rembert

Renaissance Plastic Surgery

Lynne Renna

Cassie Renner

Barbara Reynolds

Connie Rheinecker

Henry Rhodes

Jim Rhodes

Michael & Janet Rhodes

Michaela Rice

Valerie Richard

Joey Richards

Kim Rick

Jerry & Virginia Ridenhour

Kimberly Ridenhour

Wendi Ridenhour

Dawn Riefstahl

Tara Rigdon

Nancy Riley

Julie Denise Ritch

Becky Ritchie

Melissa Ritchie

Riverbanks Zoo and Garden

Linda L. Rivieccio

Catherine Robert

Angela Roberts

Darlene Roberts

Kristin Roberts

Nancy Roberts

Rick Robertson

Sandy Robertson

Bryan Robinette

Jeanne Robinson

Latricia Robinson

Robin Q. Robinson

Sheila Robinson

Karen Roche

Rocky River Presbyterian Women

Lori Rodgers

Sarah Rodgers

Asha Rodriguez

Carmen Rodriguez

Jason Roe

Joyce Rogers

Kim Rogers

Sarah Rogers

William Rogers

Jessica Romanoff

Monique Rooks

Millie Roop

Dave Rosen

Amanda Ross

Diane Ross

Kisha Ross

Mary Ross

Tayler Roth

Roush Fenway Racing Inc.

Caridad Rovillos

Carolyn Rowell

Amanda Rowland

Janyce Roy

Crystal Royal

Rob Roycroft, MD

Kelly Ruby

Kim & Mark Ruffin

Angela Rushing

Janice Rushing

Kim Russ

Leslie Russ

Amy Russell

Dana Russell

Rebecca Russell

Alana Ryczek

Monica Saad

Sheryl Saager

Amy Safrit

Mark Safrit

Michelle Sain

Jodie Saine

Crystal Salazar

Dina Salvo

Levar Sam

Alicia Sanchez

Alisha M. Sanders

Jennifer Sanders

Charlotte Sanderson

Sandy Ridge A.M.E. Zion Church

Jack Sartain

Jennifer Sass

Stella Sasser

Katherine Saunders

Catlin Saxon

Crystal Scalesse

Jennifer Scercy

Randy & Janet Schepler

Carrie Schmiesing

Amy & Richard Schoolman

Brian Schroeder

Elizabeth Schroeder

Dannielle Schwab

Beverly Scott

Don & Kay Scott

Hollie Scott

Jillian Scott

Julie Scott

Sophia Scott

Lisa Seamon

Charles & Barbara Searing

Emily Seberger

Deborah Sechler, RN

Kim L. Sechler

Jenn Selby

Patsy Sellers

Sensory Spectrum

Terry Setz

Michael Seymour

Stacey Shafer

Angela Sharpe

Tammy Shaw

Amy Shedd

Seth & Chandra Shepherd

Kathy Sheppard

Amanda Sherrill

Shanna Shevlin

Shine Wellness

Sharon Shinn

Rhonda Shipton

AnnaLacey Shirley

Jennifer Shirley

Jessica Shoemaker

Terri Shoemaker

Karrie Shoffner

Dana Short-Graybill

Brittney Shue

Candace Sides

Susan Sides

Johnna Sigmon

Erin Siler

Tiffany Similton

Ashlee Simmons

Brettney Simmons

Kanesha Simpson

Amanda Singleton

Karen Singleton

Laura Skaff

Priscilla Kinder Skeens

Robin Slater

Larry Sloop

Michelle Sloop

Beth Sly

Ella Small

Teresa Small

Amber Smith

Angela Smith

Angela Smith

Anna Smith

Candy Smith

Carla R. Smith

Cheryl L. Smith

Cheryl Smith

Cindi Smith

Daniel Smith

Dianne & Harley Smith

Harold Smith

Jean Smith

Kimberlin Smith



Leanne Smith

Omar Smith

Regina Smith

Ruth Smith

Sabrina Smith

Sherry Smith

Tammy Smith

Leo Smitrovich

Sharon Sneed

Cassidy Snider

Lisa Snider

Molly Snider, RN

Kaye Snipes

C.C. & Susan Snuggs

Julie Sonner

Thomas Soos

Leslie Sossoman

Jonathan Speed

SpeedMax Car Wash

Beth Spencer

Kam Spencer-Waller

Gloris Springs

St. Peter's Lutheran Church

Harriette Stafford

Leah Staley

Kathleen Stallard

Lindsay Stallings

Kimberly Stallings-Harris

Melissa Stamey

Vickie Stamper

Jennifer Stancil

Ernestine Stanley

Gerri Stanley

Penny Stapf

Christy Billerman Stapleton

Elizabeth Starnes

Kay Starnes

Rob & Glenda Steel

Alisha Steele, RN

Becky Steele

Lynn & Mike Steen

Donna Stegall

Leslie Stephens

Phil Stephens

Alina Stevenson

Melanie Stevenson

Joan Stewart

Vivian Stewart

Angela Stiller

Clarissa Stiller

Brenda Stockhill

Richard Stocus

Kim Stokes

Kelly & Derek Stone

Jenna Storey

Jennifer Stout

Tonja Stover

Nicholas & Kristin Stowell

Strayer University North Charlotte

Alice & David Stumpf

Debbie Stylianou

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Suddreth

Sandy Sulkowski

Pamela Summers

Janice Swaringen

Brittany Sweat

Sarah Sweatt

The Sweet Life

Traci Leigh & Stephen Sweetser

Heather Swift

Kristen McNeely Swift

Susan Swift

Kimberly Swindle

Laura M. Tadlock

Everett Tait

Amy Lauren Talbert

Donna L. Talbert

Kimberly Talley

Marcella Tanzil

Lisa Tardo-Green

Karen Tarlton-O'Connell

Kathy Taylor

Lynn Taylor

Summer Taylor

Susan Taylor

Jennifer Teal

Jibrelle Teasley

Michael Temple

Julie Tennis

Patrick Tennis

Lori Tetterton

Natalie Tharp

Shelli A. Thevenin

Charlotte Thomas

Donna Thomas

Harold Thomas, Valerie Sakach &

Harold, Vanessa & Veronica

Sherry Thomas

Michelle Thomason

Amanda Thompson

Dorita Laney Thompson

Jennifer Thompson

Lisa Tilley

Tomeika Tillman

Charlotte A. Tippett

Lynn Tobias

Leslie Tosco

Pam Totherow

Valerie Long Tousignant

Suzanne Towne

Michael Trafton

Vicki & Uni Travina

Cindy H. Treece

Dianne Tribble

Cheryl Triplett

John Tripp

Jill Troutman

Sharon Troutman

Kristen Tsistinas

Jacqueline Tucker

Katherine Tullis

Martha Tupper

Dr. David Turner &

Mabel Lastres-Turner

Jessica Turner

Lori Turner

Tareyn Turner

Shelby Hicks Tyner

Dallas Tyson

Dr. Ed & Mrs. Nancy Tyson

Jacqueline Ulmer

Union Street Bistro

United Methodist Men's Association

of Cold Springs UMC

The University of North Carolina

at Greensboro

Melanie & James Upton

US National Whitewater Center

Tina Valdez

Timothy Valentine

Daniel Vallejo Quintero

Linda Vance

Dakeita Vanderburg

Michael & Terri VanKeuren

Jessica VanMarter

Alisha Vanover

Amanda Varghese

Gene & Leona Verble

Viva Boutique

Lynnette Vogler

Karen Vorse

Wendy Wade

Ruth Wadsworth

Bobby Wagner

Julie Wagner

Don & Peggy Wagstaff

Kelly Waisner

Abby Walker

Haley Walker

Hilda Walker

Jennifer Walker

Patti Walker

Sheree Walker

Ann Wall

Bruce Wall

Beth Wallace

Cheryl Wallace

Crystal & Clarence Wallace

Kelly Wallace

Barry Waller

Shari Walsh

Vicky Walsnovich

Marc & Gena Ward

Rhonda Ward

Clark Ware

Gina Ware

Kathleen Ware

Valerie Ware

Melody Wareham

Sandra Warntz

Leanna Warren

Susan Washam

Eldrena Washington

Dena Waskiewicz, RN

John Waskiewicz

Brandon Waters

Loretta Watkins

Catrina Weatherby

Angela Weaver

Rhonda Weaver

Paul & Lynn Weisler

Beth Welch

Laura Welch

Deann Welke

Irene Wenk

Mary Wenner

Ashlyn Wensil

Teresa Werme

Patti Westerholm

Christina Westveer

Diana Wetter

Linda Whelan

Mandy White

Nichole White

Nolita White

Stephanie Whitehead

Phil & Sherri Whitesell

David & Hope Whitley

Gail Whitley

Lynette Whitley

Retta Whitley

Susan Whitley

Terri Whitley

Vanessa Whitley

Patti Whitner

Kristen Whitson

Lisa Whitson

Sarah Whittington

Brittany Wiggins

Brittany C. Wiggins

Betsy Wilcox

Alice & Edward Williams

Althea Williams

Barbara Williams

Beverly Williams

Debbie Williams

Debra Williams

Jennifer Williams

Lacey Williams

Laura Williams

Lawan Williams

Miranda Williams

Paula Williams

Rob & Kristen Williams

Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Williams, Jr.

Shelley Williams

Wayne & Libby Williams

Marina Willis

Sarah Willis

Courtney Willover

Amanda Wilson

Angela Wilson

Ashley Wilson

Chelsea Wilson

Joshua Wilson

Kenya Wilson

Mariana Wilson

Shalonda Wilson

Sherry Wilson

Vince Wilson

Crystal Wing

Sarah Wishon

Mary Ann Wittman

Susan Wood

Amanda Woods

April & Jimmy Woods

Loretta Woods

Carey Wooley

Gail & Ronald Wooley

Christine Wooten

Cassie Wright

Susan Yaguda

Judy & Gary Yandle

Dennis E. & Kay B. Yates

Susie Yates

Christina Yattaw

Tiffany & Ken Yelton

Annette York

Deborah York

Connie Youells

Gina Young

Holly Young

Dana Youngblood

Jennifer Zoba & Trent Schloneger

Zsambeky, Chaney & Associates

Rosa "Geovanna" Zurawski


This list includes those who have given gifts totaling $100 or more in the “We Give First” campaign.

If we have inadvertently omitted or misspelled a name or you wish to change your listing,

please notify NorthEast Foundation at 704-403-1369.

920 Church Street North

Concord, North Carolina 28027

“On the day I was rescued, the Department

of Social Services brought me to the

Children's Advocacy Center. It was very

scary at first, then I soon realized I was in a

safe place and would get the help I needed.”

~2018 Foundation Fashion Night

Model and Speaker

Join us in 2019

Celebrating 25 Years



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