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An overview of Blue Perigee, a wide-spectrum innovation company based in Nashville.

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profile sheet

Company Profile Sheet

Business Classification: Wide-Spectrum Innovation Company

Born: November 2017 in Nashville, TN

Global Footprint: Nashville — HQ; Washington — U.S. Satellite; Paris — Future European Satellite, Opening

In 2021

Innovation Education & Acceleration: Blue Perigee U — Blue Perigee publications that explore future-critical

topics relevant to innovation and Bright Aero — General Feasibility Endorsements (GFEs) and Pre-Seed

Grants (PSGs) for innovative, aerospace-related developers

Innovation Portfolio: Blue Perigee Io (“Eye-O”) — innovation consulting services; drop! — our innovative,

acronym-based communications platform; dtg — our innovative game built around drop!; Radiology+ —

premium, AI-focused, radiology-related services consisting of consulting, recruiting, second opinions, and

innovation-centric business certification; Turquoise — premier, innovation-focused advertising opportunities;

Blue Perigee Club (Beta) — exclusive video access and specialized consulting via Blue Perigee Studios

(streaming video), Blue Perigee AVD (alt-energy vehicles), Blue Perigee Flight (private aircraft), Blue Perigee

Drinks (mixed-drink mobility), and Blue Perigee Up (interactive fashion); and Blue Perigee Institute for

Frontier Technologies (BPIFT) — research & training related to frontier technologies



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