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An overview of the innovation consulting services offered by Blue Perigee, a wide-spectrum innovation company based in Nashville.

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Blue Perigee Io Profile Sheet

Services: Comprehensive, innovation consulting services

Primary Markets Served: Individuals, groups, and organizations from any country who operate in the fields of

politics, business, government, research, product and service development, and similar areas

Purposes: To enhance an individual’s, group’s or organization’s capacity to pursue, recognize, and fully

appreciate innovation; to promote global innovation by devising innovative solutions and providing training in the

types of creativity and ingenuity that lead to innovation

Galileo-Class Services: Designed for those who prefer that we do the innovation for them; that is, there is a

specific project, problem or issue that needs to be addressed and these types of clients would like us to devise a

breakthrough solution

Leonardo-Class Services: Designed for those who prefer to do the innovation themselves; that is, these types

of clients want to learn how to create a culture of innovation so they can display enhanced creativity and

ingenuity and thus innovate indefinitely

Payment Options: Galileo-Class — pay a consulting fee per project or opt for a customized subscription plan

that allows you to engage us for multiple projects; Leonardo-Class — pay a consulting fee per project, add an

optional consulting-support plan to receive follow-up services (both LC fees vary by number of participants)



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