2019 BORP Annual Report


The 2019 annual report for Bay Area Outreach & Recreation Program.


2019 was an exciting and busy

year for BORP. We expanded

several of our programs, added

initiatives to serve specific

populations, and continued to

provide a wide range of high

quality adaptive sport, recreation

and fitness activities to children,

youth, and adults throughout the

San Francisco Bay Area.


Individuals Served in 2019


To improve the health,

independence, and social

integration of people

with physical disabilities

through sports, fitness,

and recreation.

All photos courtesy of Scot Goodman unless otherwise credited.

1 | BORP 2019 Annual Report

In partnership with Lyft and the cities of Oakland

and San Francisco, BORP launched an adaptive

bikeshare pilot program at two sites: Lake

Merritt in Oakland and Golden Gate Park in

San Francisco. The program made adaptive

urban cycling available to a diverse group of



Riders served


New BORP Riders

BORP has taught me so

many lessons that apply

to everyday life: listening,

learning, teaching, teamwork,

and how to work hard to

reach your goals.”


of participants said

BORP increased

their sense of


2 | BORP 2019 Annual Report 3 | BORP 2019 Annual Report

With support from the Craig H. Neilsen

Foundation, BORP created the SCI

Recreation & Fitness Outreach Project. This

groundbreaking project involved partnering

with more than 20 organizations and

individuals to provide innovative programming

and activities for the Bay Area SCI community.

The project provided a range of specially

tailored fitness and wellness classes, group

outings, and cycling rides.


Participants engaged


New BORP Participants


of participants said

BORP increased

their exercise


Photo courtesy of Ariel Smith-Iyer

4 | BORP 2019 Annual Report 5 | BORP 2019 Annual Report

Throughout 2019, BORP’s


fitness studio expanded

of participants said

its regular menu of

BORP increased their

inclusive classes and

social connections

open gym hours. With a

& supportive

grant from the Kelly Brush relationships

Foundation, we began a

project to examine the feasibility

of developing a virtual wellness

and fitness program. When the

Covid-19 crisis occurred in 2020,

the project enabled BORP to

respond quickly by launching our

Online Fitness Studio, providing

a regular schedule of live remote


On May 4 & 5, BORP hosted the

Kathryn Black Invitational, a power

soccer tournament that engaged

athletes using “everyday” chairs to

play. BORP created this opportunity

because, with the advent of

expensive high-performance

power soccer wheelchairs,

many potential athletes have

been left on the sidelines. The

event was named in honor of the

late Kathryn Black who, with her

partner, Nancy Henderson, was

instrumental in founding the first

power soccer program in the USA.


of participants said

BORP increased

their confidence

and self-esteem

6 | BORP 2019 Annual Report Photo courtesy of Quinnolyn Benson-Yates

7 | BORP 2019 Annual Report

On June 19, BORP’s Hall of Fame event

celebrated “The Women of BORP.” Kai

Fenton, Cal Women’s Assistant Basketball

Coach was the keynote speaker. Honorees

included: Ella Rodriguez; Susie Grimes;

Kristi Hruzewicz; The Women of

Quadzilla—Val Brown, Sun Chan,

Ann Cupolo-Freeman, Susie

Grimes, Bonnie Lewkowicz,

Lori McLeod, and Megan

Schirle. The Clif Bar Family

Foundation was also

honored for its longtime

support of BORP and the

disability community.

Throughout 2019, BORP continued

to deliver a range of services to

Bay Area veterans. On June 2,

BORP ran the day-long cycling event

at the 2019 Valor Games in which

over 90 veterans participated. With

funding from Disabled Sports USA,

BORP also expanded its veterans’

programing to deliver fitness, tai chi,

yoga and other classes onsite

at several Bay Area veteransserving

organizations, as

well as veterans’ classes at

the BORP Fitness Studio.

BORP means I rest better, my

social interactions are better. I

am always in pain but going to

BORP makes me feel good.”


of participants said

BORP improved

their mental health

8 | BORP 2019 Annual Report Photo courtesy of Taggart Gorman

9 | BORP 2019 Annual Report

In the early summer, Leo

Siecienski joined BORP

as the new Cycling

Program Manager.

Under Leo’s

leadership, we


winter open

hours at the

cycling center


the center had

been closed

during January

and February), added

Photo courtesy of Lisa King

a series of stationary

handcycling classes, and launched a monthly

tandem ride for riders with visual impairments.

“The staff at BORP has been

consistently kind, respectful,

helpful, and willing to place

a smile on my daughter’s

face. It makes the whole

family happy!”

Photo courtesy of Leo Siecienski

10 | BORP 2019 Annual Report 11 | BORP 2019 Annual Report

On September 21, BORP held its annual fundraiser,

The Revolution. Greg Milano—who departed

BORP in June—was honored at the event with

BORP’s Revolutionary Award for his many years

of dedicated work in building BORP’s adaptive

cycling center.


of youth participants

said BORP helped

them develop and

master skills


Revolution Riders






Dollars Raised

12 | BORP 2019 Annual Report

13 | BORP 2019 Annual Report

On December

7, BORP hosted

the Goalball

Invitational XXV. This

year, five teams and 21

players from around

the country competed

in this exciting annual


Chris Finn, longtime BORP Power Soccer

Coach was honored by United Soccer Coaches

with the Disabilities Allies

Award of Excellence

in recognition of

his advocacy

and dedicated

service in


diversity and

inclusion in


The Adventures & Outings

program continued a vibrant

menu of activities throughout

the year, taking participants

on a total of 90 outings,

and engaging them in

activities that included

hiking, kayaking, camping,

indoor climbing, bowling, and



Adventures and Outings

Photos courtesy of BORP Volunteers

14 | BORP 2019 Annual Report 15 | BORP 2019 Annual Report

BORP’s youth team

sports program

continued to be a

vibrant component

of our work.

One highlight

occurred on April

3, when the youth

hockey team

travelled to Tampa

Bay to participate in

the National Hockey

Festival. The team

performed exceptionally

well, claiming second place in

the Community Division.

Photo courtesy of

Trooper Johnson


of youth participants

said BORP increased

their confidence and


“As a kid with a disability,

BORP is my only

opportunity to play team

sports. Every kid should

have that chance. Being

able to do that through

BORP has really changed

my life.”

BORP was thrilled when senior

members of the BORP basketball

team, Garnett Silver-Hall and

Ben Thornton, were accepted

into the University of Arizona

where both will play in the

wheelchair basketball


“As an educator, I’ve seen BORP help so many

of my students find their independence, their

‘voice,’ and their connection to a community.”

16 | BORP 2019 Annual Report 17 | BORP 2019 Annual Report

Throughout the year,

BORP continued to provide


transportation to our

participants as well as a wide

range of community partners.


One-way Trips Provided

“When I was first injured, I had no idea

about adaptive sports. When someone

introduced me to BORP I was blown away

by the things I was still able to do. My

passion for sport and being physically

fit came back once I discovered all the

opportunities I found at



of youth participants

said they had a

greater connection to

caring adults

BORP continued to work on its longterm

vision of developing an Adaptive

Sports and Recreation Facility. In

2019, we organized a working group

that included community leaders

and affordable housing advocates to

explore the feasibility of a project that

combines BORP’s recreation

facility along with

affordable, accessible



of youth participants

said BORP helped

them improve their

decision-making &

goal-setting skills

Photo courtesy of Sarah-Dawn Smith

18 | BORP 2019 Annual Report 19 | BORP 2019 Annual Report

2019 Individual BORP Donors Veronica Daly & Sheldon Clark

$250+ | Advocate

Todd & Cris Adair

Rachel Anderson

Connie Arana

Melissa Arreguin

Karen & Jeffrey Banks

Daniel Baptista

Elaine Beale & Susanne


Douglas Beumeler

Edward Black

Thomas Boe

Susan & William D. Brandt, Jr.

John Brennan

Daniel Brotsky

Erle Brown

Mike Browne

John & Wendy Buckley

Maria Canizales

Susan Choy

Margaret Clarke

Mara Cohen

Rachel Cohen

Steven & Lily Coker

Joan Costello

Edward Cullen

Kurt Dalton

Josephine de Janvry

Veronika Denes

Anne Detzner

Pamela Dingle

Anne Emmet

David English

Shabtai Evan

Daniel Fernandez & Donna


Michael Franks

S. Robert Frazee, Jr.

Clifford Frost

Richard Fuller

Tom Gandesbery

Cliff Gardner

Ann Gershanov

Lisa Gilliam

Michael Glenn

Steven Goldenberg

Alan Goldenberg

Karen & Bill Gough

Sharan Ikeda & Andrew


Paul Gross

Christine Haaf

Emily Hanlon

Jennifer Hanner

Erik Heyer

Mark Hilliard

Jeff Ho

Kesse Ho

Grayson Holden

Peirew Huang

Mary & Doug Ireland

Velma Jim

Maia Jin

Dontae Johnson

Andrew & Susan Jokelson

Kathleen Lee Jones

Abdo Kadifa

Joanne Kanow and Joe


Edmund King

Kate King

Tony Lai

Steven Lau

Christina Roma Leffman

Nancy & John Lenahan

Paul Leonard

Paul Lettieri

Susan Levine

Bonnie Lewkowicz

Phyllis Lewkowicz

Tammy Liu

Hue Tu Luong & Huu David


Enrique Macotela

Elizabeth Maffei

John Malatesta

Clarence Mamuyac

Sam Marks

Susan Mattmann

Andrew McClaren

Richard McCracken

Otis McGee

Dan & Susan McLaughlin

Patrick McPolin

Gerard Meistrell

Jerry Mellin

Stephanie Mellin

Paul Mercadante

Guy Misnik

Edward Mills

Greg Mitchell

John Monteverdi

Edgardo Montoya

Richard Moore

Catharine & Everett Moran, Jr.

Karen Musalo

Caroline & Tom Nakashima

Dana Norton

Dale Olds

Tim Oxford

Nancy Park

David Parsin

Dave Pechner

Walter Pereyra

Patricia Perrine

Lynn & Michael Petouhoff

Dale Pollart

Daniel Pollart

John Pollart

Susan Pollart

Jason Porto

Mary Eleanor Prisco

Matt Radosevich

Shirley & Stephen Rexrode

Barbara Ridley

Donald Routh

Julie Rubinstein

Katherine Russell Becker

Loren Russon

Connie & Mikhaila Rutherford

Lisa Rydholm

Deborah & John Shelly Sack

Drew Schembre

Dan & Amy Scrivner

Michael Selfridge

Michael Serleth

Ajay Shah

Vivek Shah

James L. Shek

Julie Skare

Fran Smallson

Mark Smethers

Stephanie Smith

Albert Socorro

Michael Solonenko

Al Spector

Lydia Spinelli

Kathleen Stanton

Neil Stratton

Teri Steele & Eric Sullivan

Paul Swenson

Tabak-Lipsett Family

Michael Terry

Timothy & Theresa Thomas

Janiele & Rob Tovani

Ryan Tovani

Robert Tse

Mustafa Veziroglu

Gyorgy Vizkelethy

Julia Walker

Heather Watkins

Jessica Watkins

Morris Watts-Zagha

William Whetstone

Thomas & Judith Willging

Peter Wilson

Brandon Wong

Yamaguchi Family

Heather Zahiri

Philip Zender

Victor Zonana

$500+ | Pacesetter

Robert Andrews

Emine Aydan Aysoy

Aysegul Aysoy Schwartz &

Bruce Schwartz

Robert Berger

Stephen Blair

Debora Booth

Kevin Brailey

Jennifer & Michael Browning

Terri Chatigny

Christopher Cherney

William Church

Joseph Cleberg

Matt Cossoul

Anna Marie Cronin

Linda Dardarian & Terrance


Julia and Jim Davidson

Diane de Forest

Linda Dindzans

Aleksandrs Dindzans

Chris Dobbins-Callahan

Janice Eldred & Peter Szutu

Nathan Every

Jamal Fajhro

Simone Figueroa

Nigel Foster

Linda Frazee

Cynthia Gamble

Megan & Adam Goldenberg

Richard Goodman

Martin Greiner

Christopher Gulli

Robert R. Haining

Nicholas Harvey

Stephen Harvey

Courtney Haslett

Jeffrey Hayes

Richard Heckmann

Ingrid Hester

John Hofmann

Laurie & Steven Holland

Janna & Steve Hollis

Jim Jackson

Phyllis James

Cindy Jarvis

Everett Johnson

Mary Jones

Ginger Jui

Kimberly Kahler

Suzanne Kaiser

Mickey Kay & Brittany Murlas

Susan & Kei Kodani

Charles Laroche

Jason Leyba

Itria Licitra

Neda Lohrer

Janet Lord

Paige Lubawy

David Madson

Tanette Maffei & Ron Craven

Georgianne Meade

Oye Meadows

March Melcher & Tami


Randall Mellin

Sanjeet Mitra

Marisa Mizono

Kate M. Morgan

Frederick Morse

Steve Moynahan

James Murphy

Tod Nielsen

Lissa Franklin & John Ormsby

Jospeh Penick

Blair Peterson

James Pettit

Adam Phillips

Callie Phipps

Laurel Przybylski

Katherine & Paul Quinlan

Ricardo Ramos

David Roux

Karl Ryland

Anna Siebelink

Richard Smith & Amal Fakhro-


Sarah-Dawn Smith

Ariel & Ajit Smith-Iyer

Eric Stern

Mark Tate

Elise Thomas & Paul


Elizabeth & Jonathan Thomas

Richard Thompson

Michael Tuchen

Guy Wallace

Mark Webber

James Wheeler

David Williams

David Wong

Lori Yamaguchi

$1000+ | Trailblazer

Matt & Jessica Adams-


Shruti Agarwal

Jason Babcoke

Donald Batty

Heather & Andrew R. Bennett

Helen Betts

Gregg Bowman

James C. Brown

Eileen Brumback

Nancy Canning

Joanne Casey

Daniel Chafey

Cindy Chang & Christopher


20 | BORP 2019 Annual Report

21 | BORP 2019 Annual Report

Kevin Domecus

Joy Dryden

Will Fitzpatrick

Susan Fuller

Ellen & Trudy Garber

Cindy & Gary Hermanson

Naomi Huper

David Jasper

Jane Ruth Kaplan & Donatello


Michael Lynn

Yvette & Roy Maydan

Jack McAboy

Beverly & Phillip McLeod

Jennifer Morphis

Carol Randleman

Douglas Robotham

Karen Russo

James Rutherford

David Schellhase

Brian Sena

Gwynne Shelton

Mark & Leigh Shemaria

Cynthia Stokes

Mei-Jane Kuan-Tan & Michael

J. Tan

Gerret Thunen

David Upham

Virginia Cantrell & Michael


Jeffrey White

$2,500+ | Champion

Dorothy Black

Marcia Black & John White

Hilary Goldman & Manning


Jason Harris

Ann & Michael Parker

Kathi Pugh & Josh Maddox

Robert Randleman II

Samuel Test

$5,000+ | Superstar

May & William Hirose

Toan Nguyen

$10,000+ | Visionary

Barbara & Richard Bennett

Upper left photo courtesy of

Trooper Johnson

2019 Institutional Funders & Sponsors


Apple West Home Medical


Bank of America Foundation

Jon Eager and Nancy Klehr

Philanthropic Fund

Fairy Godmother Society

The Lynn Giving Fund


Scrivner Family Fund

Silicon Valley Community


Suping Empowerment

Christian Aid


A Hundred Monkeys, Inc.

W. Bradley Electric, Inc.

Cupertino Host Lions Charities,


Delta Gamma Fraternity

Farella Braun + Martel LLP

Melcher and Daugherty Fund

for the Future

SAP Hybris

Spectrum: Autism at Cal

Storm Castle Foundation

Sue Johnson Custom Lamps &


Tencue Productions, Inc

Thompson Family Charitable



Vision Faire Optometry

Walsh Construction Company

Walt Disney Company



American Endowment


Church of the Incarnation

Clif Bar Family Foundation

Columbia Sportswear

Fremont Freewheelers Bicycle


T & M Frankel Foundation

Barbara & Harold Gottesman

Family Foundation

Grizzly Peak Cyclists, Inc.

Lillian Lincoln Foundation

The Lohrer Family Fund

Marin Cyclists

Larry and Carol Masinter

Charitable Fund

National Seating & Mobility,


NEMI Power Soccer Shop

Oliphant Charitable Remainder



Touchstone Climbing Inc.

Vandergriff Brent Family Fund

Zander Associates


Lowell Berry Foundation

Fidelity Insurance Service Inc.

Golden State Warriors

Bill Graham Memorial


McGuire & Hester Foundation

National Hockey League Players


Robert Brown Construction, Inc.

Sutter East Bay Medical Group

Top End/Invacare

US Power Soccer Association



East Bay Community


June & Julian Foss Foundation

Steve and Tish Harwood


Kaiser Permanente

Kristi Yamaguchi’s Always

Dream Foundation

Mellam Family Foundation

Q&V Peterson Charitable


Share the Spirit

Sutter Health

Bob Woodruff Foundation


Kelly Brush Foundation

Children’s Support League of

the East Bay

Constellation Brands

Grainger Foundation

Dean & Margaret Lesher


Olympic Club Foundation

Rite Aid Foundation

Sharks Alumni Foundation


Anthem Blue Cross Foundation

California State Coastal


Oakland Fund for Children &


SA Photonics

May & Stanley Smith

Charitable Trust

US Department of Veterans



Disabled Sports USA

Craig H. Neilsen Foundation


City of Berkeley

Alameda County Transportation



Access Adventures


Bair Island Aquatic Center

Berkeley Adult School

Berkeley Paddling & Rowing


Bike East Bay

California Canoe and Kayak

California School for the Blind

California State Parks

The Center for Independent


Centre for Neuro Skills

California Children’s Services

Children’s Skin Disease


City Kayak

City of Berkeley

City of Oakland, Department of


Delta Gamma Fraternity, UCB


East Bay Regional Parks


Ed Roberts Campus

ELS Architecture + Urban


Environmental Traveling


Freedom Ryder

Freedom Concepts

Golden Gate National

Recreation Area

Independent Living Resource

Center of San Francisco

Kaiser Permanente

Kiwanis Club of Alameda

Lick-Wilmerding High School

Lighthouse for the Blind



NorCal SCI

Oakland Ice Center

Oakland Strokes

Oakland Unified School District

Pomeroy Recreation and

Rehabilitation Center

Portland State University

Inclusive Sports

Republic Indemnity

St. Theresa School, Oakland

The San Francisco Bike Hut

San Francisco Municipal

Transportation Agency

San Francisco Recreation and


San Francisco State University

San Francisco VA Medical


San Jose Sharks

Santa Clara Valley Medical


Senda Athletics

Sonoma County Regional Parks

Stanford Children’s Health

Street Level Cycles

Touchstone Climbing

UC Berkeley Recreation


US Coast Guard: Coast Guard


VA Palo Alto Health Care


Vista Center for the Blind and

Visually Impaired

United States Power Soccer


Waterside Workshops

West Edge Opera

BORP is deeply

appreciative of all the

participants and volunteers

at our Revolution Event,

particularly the team

captains and outstanding

fundraisers listed below:

Ashley Anderson

Mike Browne

Sam Craven

Maximilian Dorn

Chris Finn

Brad Frazee

Steven Goldenberg

Hilary Goldman

Jason Harris

Bruno Hester

Carina Ho

Grayson Holden

Don Hunt

Lisa Lazar

Bonnie Lewkowicz

Lateef McLeod

Drew McPherson

Randy Mellin

Edward Mills

Greg Mitchel

John Moss

Cynthia Noonan

Leanne Plantillas

Shaun Ralston

Randy Randleman

Will Randleman

Rick Smith

Ariel Smith-Iyer

Manning Sutton

Eric Valchuis

Leah Waarvik

Jeffrey White

Brandon Wong

22 | BORP 2019 Annual Report 23 | BORP 2019 Annual Report

BORP Financials

Support and Revenue

Individual Contributions $345,794.51

Government Grants $253,245.86

Private Grants $150,104.75

In-Kind Donations $91,431.28

Program Fees & Admissions $75,718.93

Other Income $20,517.78

Total Support and Revenues $936,813.11


Individual Contributions


Government Grants


Private Grants


In-Kind Donations


Program Fees &



Other Income


Program Services $ 844,328

Management & General $ 124,394

Fundraising $ 155,542

Total Expenses $ 1,124,264


Program Services


Management &




24 | BORP 2019 Annual Report 25 | BORP 2019 Annual Report

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