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An overview of the radiology-related services offered by Blue Perigee, a wide-spectrum innovation company based in Nashville.

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Radiology+ Profile Sheet

Services: Premium, AI-focused, radiology-related services consisting of consulting, recruiting, second opinions

(future), and innovation-centric business certification

Primary Markets Served: Hospitals, imaging centers, and radiology groups

Future-Proof: Our Radiology+ services help clients prepare for the Age of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Consulting Snippet: Our Azure plan offers hospitals custom-tailored radiology coverage for a contract term

while our one-use contract and subscription Indigo plans offer hospitals, imaging centers, and radiology groups

personalized consulting to enhance their efficiency, quality, and professionalism

Recruiting Snippet: We only recruit personnel who are future-focused and receptive to AI

Second Opinions Snippet: By providing second opinions on radiology readings today, radiologists protect

patients and prepare themselves for an AI-dominated future

Business Certification Snippet: Our Blue Perigee Innovation Certification (BPIC) assures the public that a

radiology-related business is on the cutting-edge and prepared for an AI-centric tomorrow

Why Us?: As a wide-spectrum innovation company, we’re better at spotting hidden issues, better at creating

convention-defying solutions, and better at redefining what’s possible



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