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An overview of the aerospace-related, innovation-encouragement services offered by Blue Perigee, a wide-spectrum innovation company based in Nashville.

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Bright Aero Profile Sheet

Services: General Feasibility Endorsements (GFEs) and Pre-Seed Grants (PSGs)

Primary Markets Served: Developers from all fields who create aerospace-related innovation

Purpose: To encourage innovation in the field of aerospace

Qualifying Innovations: Your innovation must be aerospace-related; however, we’ll consider a wide array of

concepts, such as advances in satellite design or technology, aircraft/spacecraft design or technology, balloon

design or technology, drone design or technology, navigation or communications equipment, in-app

experiences, and flight-simulator, virtual-reality or video-game realism

Proof-Of-Concept Requirements: To be considered for Bright Aero, you must provide blueprints, drawings,

patent applications or other proof that your proposed innovation is more than just an idea

Developer Rewards: You may be eligible for a General Feasibility Endorsement (GFE) attesting to the basic

scientific and commercial viability of your concept as well as a Pre-Seed Grant (PSG) of $250 to $750

Developer Benefits: With the rewards offered by Bright Aero, you may defray start-up costs and you may

approach seed-money investors with more confidence because your innovation has an endorsement and a

grant from a cutting-edge company whose fundamental mission is innovation



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