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Thursday 21 M ay, 2020














Biggest Covid-19 spike

SA records 1,160 new infections in just 24 hours


The department of health

announced on Sunday

May 17 that SA had

experienced its highest daily

number of infections so far,

with 1,160 new Covid-19 cases

recorded within 24 hours.

According to the

department, the total number of

confirmed Covid-19 cases in the

country was at 15,515, at the

time of writing.

“Regrettably, we report a

further three Covid-19-related

deaths, which brings the total

national deaths to 264,”

minister of health Zweli Mkhize


“We wish to express our

condolences to the loved ones

of the departed and thank the

health care workers who cared

for the deceased.”

As of Monday May 18, the

Western Cape was the province

with the most number of











confirmed cases, with 9,294

infections reported.

The Western Cape was

followed by Gauteng, with

2,329 confirmed cases, and the

Eastern Cape, with 1,936.

“We remain concerned

about the developments in the

Western Cape, with the total

cumulativ cases now

comprising almost 60% of the

national cumulative cases and

the new cases from the province

comprising 76% of the new

cases from the past 24-hour

cycle [May 16 to May 17],”

Mkhize said.

The situation in the Western

Cape has been cause for much

concern, with Mkhize even

suggesting that tighter lockdown

restrictions may be necessary

there (‘Western Cape’s

skyrocketing coronavirus

numbers spark concern’,

TimesLIVE, May 18).

The Eastern Cape,

meanwhile, was faring only a

little better, with 35 deaths

recorded at the time of writing.

According to statistics

released by the department, of

the 264 deaths nationally, 148

were male and 116 female.

There is also a clear age

disparity in the fatalities.

Most of the deaths have been

in the 50-59, 60-69 and 70-79

age brackets. In contrast, only

one person under 30 has died

due to Covid-19.

NERVOUS:Health minister Zweli Mkhize has said his department is worried by the high number

of Covid-19 infections in the Western Cape Picture: FREDDY MAVUNDA

Community helps

celebrate Bessie’s

100th birthday

COMMUNITY SPIRIT: East Londoners came together last week to help Gonubie resident Bessie Crous

celebrate her 100th birthday Picture: SUPPLIED


For Gonubie resident Bessie Crous, her

100th birthday on May 12 was going to be a

very special occasion.

“We had a huge party planned for her,”

grand-daughter Belinda Rogerson said.

Family from all over the country were

expected to attend to mark such a

significant milestone.

But then the national lockdown was

implemented and suddenly the birthdy

celebrations were put at risk.

“With the coronavirus, obviously

everything came to a grinding halt,”

Rogerson said.

All was not lost, however, and Rogerson,

along with her sister Sias, came up with an


“On Mother’s Day, I was chatting to my

sister and I said ‘We can’t let a 100th

birthday go by with nothing. It’s not just

another day’,” Rogerson said.

The pair then worked on a special

birthday message, which Rogerson posted

to her Facebook page.

The message asked that anyone who

happened to be walking past their house on

the day please leave a balloon, a birthday

message or even a small chocolate outside

to help the family celebrate this special day.

The post was originally intended just for

their local community but, as Rogerson

said, “it just exploded”.

The first sign of how far the message

ended up reaching came when the family

was putting up their birthday banners

outside their house at 6.30am on the

Tu e s d ay.

Rogerson said that already people were

starting to drive past and drop off gifts or

hoot in support.

And it only got bigger from there.

“There were schoolkids that came and

played the trumpet for her, there was a lady

that came and played her guitar, somebody

was playing the flute, it was incredible.

“The number of people that joined in

and helped celebrate it was incredible,”

Rogerson said.

“That evening at 5.30pm, the fire

brigade did a drive-by with their fire engine,

Red Alert, and so did a few ambulances.”

She said they were still receiving gifts on

the Wednesday morning.

For Crous, one gift in particular stood


“A lady came on Wednesday to drop off

a teddy bear for me.

“When I was a child I always longed for

a teddy bear. Now I have one and it’s such a

big, beautiful one.

“It was worth waiting 100 years for,” she


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Buckets of gore

and laughs in

slapstick horror

CROSSWORD number 1183

Legendary comedy duo star in ‘Slaughterhouse’


Slaughterhouse Rulez is one of those easy

popcorn films, something you put on when

you don’t want to think too hard.

This horror-comedy takes place in an elite

British private school, the kind that is built like a

palace and has an entire postcode to itself.

The school’s shady headmaster has sold a

portion of the grounds to an even shadier fracking

company whose drilling accidentally releases an

army of angry subterranean monsters.

The students must then pull together and fight

their way to survival.

The presence of legendary comedy duo Simon

Pegg and Nick Frost as simpering teacher and

stoned-out eco-activist respectively is a good sign

of what sort of comedy Slaughterhouse is aiming

at - the over-the-top gore and slapstick of Pegg and

Fr o s t ’s previous work like Shawn of the Dead.

A friend of mine summarised it best: it’s like if

Dead Poet’s Society suddenly became Evil Dead

halfway through.

When the monsters finally arrive, the movie

makes a sudden tonal shift and limbs start flying,

with litres of fake blood spraying everywhere.

Of course, it’s all so ridiculously over-the-top

that you can’t help but laugh along.

It’s not the smartest movie you could be

watching right now but it sure is a lot of fun.


A 1x 250g

bag of

c offe e

plus two

f re e

c a p p u c c i n os

valued at

R 10 0

s p o n so re d

by Cutman

& Hawk

C offe e

The winner of crossword # 1182 is: N a za

Noruka Co n g ra t u l a t i o n s !

SOLUTION to Crossword number 1182

Send in a completed, correct crossword #1182 for a chance to win a 1x 250g bag of coffee

plus two free cappuccinos valued at R100 sponsored by Cutman & Hawk Coffee.

Drop off the crossword solution before 10am on Tuesday at the Daily Dispatch building in

Beacon Bay, or scan a copy and e-mail it to go co n t est s @ a re n a . a f r i c a

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Help EL child and youth centre

ELCYCC call to community as pandemic puts strain on finances to cater for more than 3,000 kids


As the Covid-19 global

pandemic continues to

threaten the country, the

East London Child and Youth

Care Centre (ELCYCC) has

found itself in dire need of

financial assistance to continue

caring for children from

disadvantaged backgrounds.

“We are caring for 125

children in our residential

p r o g ra m m e .

“We also run a community

project which provides

supportive services and feeds

2,900 children and their

families in disadvantaged

communities namely; Ncera,

Fort Grey, Overton, Duncan

Village, Nompumelelo and

Scenery Park,” ELCYCC worker

Larne Robus said.

Robus said the centre was

struggling financially with all

the extra costs brought about by

the pandemic, which had added

pressure to both their residential

and community programmes.

“Funds are running low and

we are faced with the

predicament that it will be a

struggle to cover our day-to-day

costs this month.

“This is why we are asking

the East London community to

assist by contributing financially

or donating non-perishable food

items to our organisation,” he


While the ELCYCC

does receive funding from the

department of social

development (DSD), the

National Lottery Commission,

trusts, corporate funders and

individuals, the current

financial strain brought about by

the lockdown has resulted in

some funding having been

w i t h d raw n .

“Due to the Covid-19

pandemic we have had to take

on new costs such as hand

sanitiser, three-layer face masks,

multivitamins and forehead

thermometers for staff members

and children in care.

“We have also had an

increase in our communitybased


“We will continue to provide

services to the children in our

care, as well as the families and

children within the

communities we serve,” Robus


For more information or to

help, contact Larne on 083-530-

2847 or e-mail him at:

e l cy c c f u n d s a @ g m a i l . c o m

Voting open for

Vincent Park Artist



Entries in the Vincent Park

Young Artist Competition are in!

To vote for your favourite

entry, visit the Vincent Park

Facebook page or

w w w. v i n c e n t p a r k . c o . z a / . SMS

the entry number to 45479

(standard SMS rates apply).

Votes close on Sunday, M ay

24 2020.

This year’s theme is ‘Bringing

GREEN to our Mall’.

“The winning entry will

receive a R2,500 Vincent Park

Gift Card for themself

plus another one for their

s ch o o l ,” Vincent Park

marketing manager Mariaan

Hartwig said.

“The entry with the most

votes will also be brought to life

by a local mural artist and will

be prominently displayed in the

mall as soon as possible, within

the confines and restrictions

currently in place.

“We ’re also thrilled to

announce that, in conjunction

with the Go! and Express, a

second winner, selected by our

panel of judges, will also win a

R2,500 Vincent Park Gift

C a r d ,” Hartwig added.

GO! & Express marketing

liaison Wendy Kretschmann

said: “The Go! & Express is

proud to partner with this

initiative as it encourages

children to explore their

imagination and express their

c r e a t iv i t y.

“Our loyal and extensive

readership base can show their

support for the children by

voting for their favourite entry.”

SMS votes close on Sunday

May 24. The winners will be

notified by June 5, World

Environment Day.

NEW DAY: The sun shines bright in the

clear autumn sky over Vincent P i c t u re :


GOING GREEN: One of the many wonderful entries in the Vincent Park Young Artist

Competition Picture: SUPPLIED


17 Pearce Street, Berea,

East London

Tel: 043 721 0423






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Lockdown dries up NPO’s funds

Blessings From Me to You’s Greenfieled’s charity shop closed but East Londoner’s step up to help

FEEDING THE NEEDY: Hungry children receive a meal from

Blessings From Me to You, which recently organised a soup

kitchen in Orange Grove, East London Picture: SUPPLIED


NGOs, NPOs and other

charitable organisations

that rely on donations to

serve their communities, have

been hit particularly hard during

the ongoing pandemic.

Blessings From Me to You is

one such organisation that has

been struggling during the

national lockdown.

“Our only income was from

our charity shop in Greenfields,

and from those sales we bought

f o o d ,” Blessings founder Louise

Torr said.

With the shop being closed

for nearly two months now,

funds are starting to become

s c a rc e .

“Luckily for us, East

Londoners have stepped up to

h e l p ,” Torr said.

Blessings From Me to You

has reached out to the local

community to help through

their various programmes, with

money and food.

Torr said Parmalat had even

chipped in, donating yogurt,

cheese, cream and Sterrie


The organisation has also

teamed up with It’s All About

Image (IAAI), as previously

reported in the GO! & Express

(‘IAAI help to feed the hungry in

BCM region’, May 16).

According to Torr, IAAI’s

Klaus Rodeman collects food

parcels from her and helps to

distribute them around East


Despite their challenges,


Torr was still hopeful. “It’s been

tough, but we’re getting there,”

she said.

For more information or to

help, visit the Blessings From

Me to You Facebook group or

their store at 81 Jan Smuts Ave,


ALL ABOARD: In an bid to strengthen the fight against Covid-19, the department of health is

joining hands with Transnet to roll out their clinic on wheels, the Phelophepha Train. Between

the months of May and July, the train will be stationed in Sttuterheim, Mount Ruth in

Mdantsane, Ndabakazi, Butterworth, Idutywa and Mthatha Picture: SUPPLIED

LOCKED DOWN: The closed King William’s Town Police Station entrance is cordoned off with

tape, after a staff member tested positive for Covid-19 last week Picture: LULAMILE FENI

Covid-19 shuts the

KWT Police Station


The King William’s Town Police

Station was closed on Saturday

May 16 after a 28-year-old

female constable tested

positive for Covid-19.

According to a statement

released by national police

spokesperson Brig Vishnu

Naidoo, the community

service centre would operate

from the hall normally used for

affidavits, behind the police


He said the police were

waiting for the municipality to

provide a community hall and

expected something in place

by Monday.

Naidoo said the station

could be reached on the 10111

emergency police number or

by contacting the station

commander on 082-446-3915,

as the usual numbers were not

ava i l a b l e .

The police station will

undergo decontamination and

the community will be

informed as soon as the station

is ready to be operational

again, the statement read.

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Lilyfontein celebrates 115 years

Lockdown doesn’t dampen Founder’s Day spirit as pupils, staff bake cakes for virtual birthday bash


Ap o p u l a r t ra d i t i o n

celebrated among South

African schools is that of

Fo u n d e r ’s Day, when staff and

pupils come together to

commemorate their school’s

a n n ive r s a r y.

However, like many other

events in 2020, the Covid-19

pandemic has put these plans

on hold until further notice.

One school which has been

forced to forgo its annual

Fo u n d e r ’s Day plans is

Lilyfontein, which was set to

mark its 115th birthday last

Fr i d ay.

Despite the setback, staff and

pupils still found ways to

celebrate the occasion in their

own unique way.

Marketing officer Lisa Van

Wyk said the school decided to

host an #ADVENTURE take over

Virtual Founder’s Day

c e l e b ra t i o n .

“We asked our Lilyfontein

pupils and families to bake a

cake, cupcakes or our

traditional donuts for Friday and

celebrate between 12pm and

12.30pm by eating cakes and

singing happy birthday to the

s ch o o l .

“We encouraged parents

and pupils to take videos or

pictures and upload them to our

Facebook Event page.

“Our marketing team

compiled a video edit of all the

visual celebrations and shared

the love on our School’s

Facebook Page,” Van Wyk said.

The school received birthday

wishes from a number of wellknown

personalities such as

radio presenter Robbie Du

Rand, Survivor SA 2018

winner Tom Swartz, former

Springbok rugby player Akhona

Ndungane, Carte Blanche host

Macfatlane Moleli, Bachelor

SA presenter Jason Greer and

East Coast Radio presenter

Gordon Graham.

“The response has been

awesome and we are stoked to

have them all acknowledge our

s ch o o l ,” Van Wyk said. Before

being forced to cancel their

Fo u n d e r ’s Day celebrations,

Lilyfontein had an entire

programme planned.

“Traditionally we have a host

of activities for Founder’s Day


“It all starts on the Friday

where we have a formal

assembly from 12pm and invite

all our past pupils, educators,

special guest and principals

from years gone by.

“The head pupil from the 10-

year reunion class is invited

as guest speaker.

“This year, it is was going to

be Peter Morrissey who is

currently a doctoral researcher

working on his PhD at

Witwaterstrand University.

“When a school is as old as

ours, you can’t believe some of

the funny stories that are

swapped and told.

“The school has really grown

over the years and more so in

the past decade,” Van Skyk said.

She added that on Saturday,

the school had planned to hold

their annual derby day against

Stutterheim High School.

“This is always a great family

day spent watching h o ck e y,

rugby and netball and playing

fun games in the school hall.

“Our Eco department

usually has a display of

innovative recycling and Eco

ideas and crafts in the hall foyer

and our creative art department

collaborates with the entire

school with a massive collective

art project.

“Finally, we have a small

dinner party with the 10-year

reunion class on Saturday

e ve n i n g ,” she said.

Principal Nick Els said:

“We ’ve been faced with the

challenge of the pandemic, yet

we have made a plan for our

Fo u n d e r ’s Day to continue.

“Lilyfontein has a proud

history, and that history is based

on the collective effort of many

people over the last 115 years.

“We thank and salute people

for their effort and contribution.”

Transnet ship repair facilities fully operational


With the introduction of level 4

restrictions at the beginning of

the month, a number of

industries have been allowed to

gradually re-open.

According to the Transnet

National Port Authority (TNPA),

the easing of restrictions has

allowed their ship repair

facilities to now operate at

100% capacity.

These facilities are made up

of the dry docks in Durban, East

London and Cape Town, along

with the slipways at Port

Elizabeth and Mossel Bay.

“The two components of the

facilities, being the dry docks

and engineering workshops,

will be accessible to agents

subject to strict safety and

precautionary measures as

outlined in the new level 4

Covid-19 regulations,” acting

chief harbour master captain

Sbelo Mdlalose said.

Mdlalose said TNPA was

committed to upholding strict

safety standards during the

ongoing pandemic.

While the repair facilities are

open, TNPA said it would still

be following the necessary

health and safety guidelines to

protect all staff and port users.

All port users at the various

facilities will be expected to

adhere to Covid-19 screening

upon arrival, including

temperature checks.

Employers are also expected

to regularly screen their staff and

provide them with the necessary

personal protection equipment

(PPE) such as masks, face

screens and gloves.

BACK IN BUSINESS: East London’s Princess Elizabeth Dry Dock is up and running again after the country’s transition to level 4

restrictions Picture: SUPPLIED



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Conquer ‘Slay the

S p i re ’s’ battles with

flexibility, cunning

Battle it out on various platforms: Nintendo Switch, Linux,

Playstation 4, iOS, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, MacOS


You awaken at the base of a great

tower, and the first creature you lay

eyes on is a whale that is now

talking to you and offering you special

p ow e r s .

Welcome to Slay the Spire, a game

about fighting your way up through floors

of an ancient spire, pitting yourself

against cut-throat brigands, merciless

bosses, and eventually the beating heart

of this mystical construct.

A deck-building rogue-like game,

Slay the Spire sessions can be brutally

short if players rush in without thinking.

Yo u ’ll need to plan out each

encounter in every run if you want to

succeed, and be prepared to alter those

plans as needed.

No victory is guaranteed in the Spire.

Maybe you don’t receive the cards

you need for your planned deck as

rewards, maybe you don’t draw the one

card you desperately need to survive

another turn, or maybe you are just a few

points of health short of what you need.

Are you coping with this

dreadful but essential

lockdown and its irrational

rules? I guess we have to,

h ave n ’t we!

It is indeed a difficult and

trying time but undoubtedly a

huge wake-up call for us to

think about where society is


The daily news is

depressing and call it putting

my head in the sand if you

will, but the headlines at 7pm

are all I watch before taking a

deep breath and returning to

the mediocre programming

television has to offer, with its

endless repeats.

You would be forgiven for

thinking that for pensioners

such as myself, life would be a

tad less tedious. After all,

people like me have been

through the mill, have

supposedly developed

patience and fortitude with

the passage of time and have

downgraded to the extent that

we are now content to cruise

along as comfortably as we

can in as positive a frame of

mind as we can muster.

Ah, but therein lies the

rub! The danger to mental

wellness at our age is sheer

boredom and for many who

are widowed, loneliness.

In retirement complexes

such as mine, human contact

is appropriately discouraged,

the usual distractions like

bingo evenings and

communal get-togethers have

been suspended and even the

convivial daily dining room

participation has been

Highs and lows of

lockdown living

curtailed for the duration,

with meals reduced to takeaway

styrofoam ghastliness.

There are only so many

books one can read, puzzles

and crosswords to do, calls

one can make and, worst of

all, the mind-blowing and

endless repetition of timeworn

movies on television,

not to mention new drama

series they start, get you

interested in and then

abruptly abort for no apparent

rhyme or reason!

Who co-ordinates these

things anyway?

On the bright side there is

always Skype and the trusty

mobile, unknown in our

youth, for us to keep in touch

with family and friends. It

takes less than 10 seconds to

contact our son in London by

phone, a small consolation at


On a personal note, one

❝ Yo u ’ll need to plan

out each encounter in

every run if you want

to succeed

Whatever the reasons, Slay the Spire

will punish haste and errors.

Th a t ’s not to say the game is

completely unforgiving though, or

unable to reward smart plays.

Build your deck well and you’ll have

smooth sailing through many of the basic

battles you’ll encounter on your journey

up the Spire. At least, until you meet the

Boss of each floor.

Each Boss is the final gatekeeper of

their respective Spire section and will

require different strategies to beat, with

their own attack patterns and abilities.

It helps that the actions of every

enemy are clearly telegraphed to the

player, so whether they’re planning to


Charles Beningfield

would think that I would be

immune from that sort of thing

because during my early

teens, I was confined to

boarding school life and

inculcated with the

disciplines and restrictions

that went with it.

So the effects of a lockdown

such as this should be

ingrained. Well, they’re not!

Like most of us here, I find

existing in confinement highly


For example, one morning

I stood in the bright sunshine

and fresh air on the balcony of

our little flat here at Berea

Gardens and gazed longingly

out over a slowly stirring

north-east expressway and the

suburb of Stirling to the now

out of bounds sparkling ocean

b e yo n d .

It was a truly beautiful late

autumn day, as it always is

here in East London at this

time of the year.

I literally ached to break

out, grab a towel and take to

the beach, as I would have

done a month or so ago.

“Cabin fever again?” said

my wife Naomi, looking

up from her knitting as I

returned glumly to the sundappled


Remarkable woman is

Naomi. Lockdown has no

effect on her at all.

But then again she is a

tough old English bird, raised

in war-time Britain where at

one time during those

turbulent years it was a daily

occurrence to head for the

underground air-raid shelters

attack, defend themselves, or inflict

status effects, you’ll know what’s coming

to you when you end your turn.

Whether or not you can actually do

something about it is up to you and your


Slay the Spire is a game that rewards

the player for learning how to deal with

varied enemies and events, whether it be

dealing with multiple weaker opponents

or a single, more threatening enemy.

It is also one that encourages a degree

of flexibility when playing through each

run of the game.

The perfect deck will not always

come into your possession, and you will

have to adapt your strategy on the fly if

you suddenly find yourself without the

crucial cards you need in your hand in a

fight, or in your deck overall.

Th a t ’s alright though, as new runs are

just a few clicks away whenever you have

to start from the beginning, each ripe

with the promise of a new shot at the

Spire’s many hazards.

The Spire calls, and it’s time for

another perilous climb. As soon as I get

done talking to this whale.

as the Luftwaffe made yet

another attempt to flatten her

home town of

Portsmouth (forever since

known as “The Smitten City”)

and its navy base.

Shortly after the beginning

of the war, she was evacuated

to relatives in America as a

little girl of nine with other

children of her age.

Only she never made it.

A gallant German U-boat

commander resolved in mid-

Atlantic that this refugee ship,

flying the applicable flag,

would make good target

practice and torpedoed it. In

the ensuing confusion, smoke

and flames, these poor kids

were roped down to waiting

lifeboats from the listing,

sinking vessel in icy, oily

waters and transferred to a

passing tanker and repatriated

to a port in Scotland.

Naomi then spent a week

in an Edinburgh hospital

under observation suffering

shock, seasickness and


Her mother’s hair, by the

way, turned grey overnight!

The old never-say-die

British fighting spirit is still

with her, supporting me

through the present

ordeal, the steadying

influence of my life for the

past 57 years.

So to all those heroic souls

fighting for us in today’s front

line conflict, we salute you.

For the rest of us, chin up

guys, stay home, have faith

and help each other where

possible. This will pass.

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Local football club donates food

Mother of five’s cupboards bare


While South African

citizens struggle

under the weight of

the country’s prolonged Covid-

19 lockdown, some are feeling

the pinch more than others.

Aware of this struggle for

many, local Zwelitsha All Stars

Social Football Club decided to

help their community by

donating food parcels and

clothing to 11 beneficiaries on

Sunday afternoon.

Their programme started in

Zone 8, with the team

blessing 10 families at the

Crossroads Informal Settlements

before going to Barcelona,

where they handed the 11th

parcel to a 79-year-old woman.

The residents were handed

face masks, gloves and

sanitiser before receiving the

parcels, which included rice,

maize meal, sugar, oil, samp

and beans.

Club deputy chairperson

Thanduxolo Breakfast said they

were deeply affected by the

extreme poverty and poor

health of people living at the


“It is quite an emotional

situation, seeing that our

government is doing the best

in assisting those who are not as

well off,” Breakfast said.

He said after an initial visit to

the area, the players collectively

agreed to donate food parcels.

“Each member contributed

financially and the club added

the rest to be able to purchase

these items, which we hope will

make a difference,” he said.

Club chairperson Thabo

Nkopo said the initiative wa s

the club’s way of helping the

community where they could.

“We would like to extend a

word of gratitude to the

Ginsberg-based Moss family for

their donation, and to our

members and players for their

c o n t r i b u t i o n s ,” Nkopo said.

One of the beneficiaries, 47-

year-old Msindwana Kholiswa,

a mother of five children, is

u n e m p l oye d .

“Thank you to these men for

bringing us food at a time when

our cupboards are empty,” she


Community leader Andile

Ntsokolo, 54, said the

team’s visit was a “God send”.

CHANGING LIVES: Zwelitsha All Stars Social Football Club officials and players, left, hand over food parcels to shack dwellers at

the Crossroads informal settlement in Zwelitsha on Sunday afternoon Picture: DESMOND COETZEE


Sad death of

Arrows star

hits SA soccer


GREEN OUR MALLS: The Vincent Park Young Artist Competition received a number of wonderful entries such as this one. See page 3 for

more information Picture: SUPPLIED

SA soccer has been plunged into mourning after the

death of Lamontville Golden Arrows player Nkanyiso

Mngwengwe this week.

Details of his death are still sketchy but the club

confirmed that Mngwengwe died in the early hours of

Monday morning.

Arrows chairperson Mato Madlala expressed shock

and sadness after receiving the news of his death.

“I am saddened by the passing away of Nkanyiso‚”

she said.

“I remember when he first arrived at Arrows as a

promising footballer‚ full of energy‚ he was always

ready to fight for the team and acquitted himself very

well over the years.

“I would like to extend my sincere condolences to

N k a ny i s o ’s family. My thoughts and prayers are with

you during this difficult time.”

Mngwengwe made his debut for the club in August

2013 and played more than 140 matches for the

Durban side over the years.

The details of Mngwengwe’s funeral are yet to be


Overtakers help members

during tough lockdown


“The Overtakers Sports Club has

members who live far below the

economic standard of living, while

others are not employed and some

depend on piece jobs.

“The state of affairs is even worse

now due to lack of activity. There is

nothing that keep them busy. The

loneliness they may be going through

may cause misery and relapse,” club

ch a i r Noluthyando Mahlangeni said.

To help their members through these

trying times, Mahlangeni said the club

was raising funds to help provide them

with groceries. She said they had helped

eight families of eight so far.

Members of the club raised the

money themselves, managing to collect


The club also received a donation of

R10,000 from East London-based Kivela

Company Secretarial Services.

“The club management wishes to

extend its gratitude to its members for

the kindness and the spirit of

familyhood they continue to display.

“A special thanks to the Kivela

Company Secretarial Services for

the wonderful support the company has

offered to the families of the members of

the club,” Mahlangeni said.

She said their aim was to reach out

to other running clubs and lend them a

helping hand.

“Due to the pressure experienced by

Overtakers members, we could not raise

enough funds to also include other

clubs, but we are committed to

continue with this initiative until the

Covid-19 challenge is over.”

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Ship repair facilities fully operational

100% - Pg 5

Time launches site

to motivate youth

New social media sports channel entertains and educates


Local coach and social media

influencer Sesethu Time has

found a way of keeping sport

conversations going for enthusiasts

during the lockdown.

Time recently launched a channel,

#Lockdownconvos with Coach Time,

on social media, on which interviews

with various sport personalities are


“The channel is about engaging

with different sports personalities from

professional to schoolboy level,

each from different sporting codes, and

getting to know them and finding out

about them from a personal

perspective. They also give their

thoughts on the pandemic, as well as

sharing their lockdown routines and

motivation for youngsters,” Time said.

He said the inspiration behind the

channel was to try and take people’s

minds off the lockdown by offering

conversations for the youth, especially

those who wanted to play professional


“The main purpose behind it is not

only to entertain but to educate the

importance of perseverance,

determination, as well self-discipline in

the sporting world,” he said.

Time became an internet sensation

last year, when a video of him giving a

motivational speech to Queens’

College pupils during their PE lesson

went viral (“Coach an SA internet

sensation”, Daily Dispatch, April 5


He said the channel provided

quality, educational content, filled with

humour and enthusiasm.

The videos are broadcast

on Tuesdays and Fridays at 7pm on

Ti m e ’s I n s t a g ra m , @ s e t h u _ t i m e 0 2 .

“I urge people to watch every

Tuesday and Friday should they wish to

gain information about their favourite

sporting heroes and if they want to

e n g a g e ,” he said.

GOING VIRAL: Sesethu Time talks to sports personalities on his own social

media channel Picture: SUPPLIED

A look at some of SA’s top all-round sportsmen


As the 19th Century drew to a

close, sport began to be

organised between countries,

and with it grew an increasing

number of sportsmen proficient

in more than one code who

were capped as double

internationals or even triple.

However, in those early

years there were set months for

cricket during the summer while

sports such as soccer and rugby

were played during the winter,

making it easier for the talented

to play more than one sport.

Once SA had tasted the joys

and agonies of Test cricket in

1889, five players — Pe rcy

Twentyman-Jones, A H “B i d dy ”

Anderson, Albert Powell, Alfred

Richards and Jimmy Sinclair

— represented SA at cricket as

well as rugby union.

Richards captained SA in

only one cricket Test, later

captaining SA at rugby and for

good measure, also refereeing a

couple of rugby Tests.

However, the most

successful of the five was allrounder

Sinclair, who scored

S A’s first three Test centuries —

one in 80 minutes — and

always batted at a furious pace,

finishing up with 1,069 runs and

63 wickets in 25 Test matches

between 1896 and 1911.

He also played one rugby

Test for the Springboks and one

soccer international.

Sinclair scored a triplecentury

in a Transvaal club

match and also laid claim to the

longest six ever hit. He smashed

a ball over the boundary at the

Old Wanderers ground in

Johannesburg near the railway

line and it was found two days

later in a goods train in Cape

Tow n , about 1,500km away.

During the period just prior

to World War I, Percy Sherwell

became a triple-international,

skippering SA at cricket on two

overseas tours, scoring a century

at Lord’s in 1907, and

representing SA later at soccer

and tennis.

Three other players — Fra n k

Mitchell, Frank Hearne and

Reggie Schwarz, who were all

born in England — represented

England at rugby and SA at

cricket, while Border’s Gerald

Hartigan played five cricket

Tests and six soccer

internationals for SA.

Between the two world wars,

two outstanding sportsmen

made names for themselves.

At the age of 20, Harold

“Tu p py ” Owen-Smih scored a

century before lunch against

England at Leeds in 1929 — a

rare feat at Test level — adding

103 for the last wicket with

Sandy Bell, a record for SA that

stood for 81 years.

At Oxford University, he

obtained blues for cricket and

rugby and also represented the

university as a lightweight boxer

and athlete. He also captained

England at rugby as f u l l b a ck .

Tony Harris was a most

precocious talent for Griqualand

West. As a schoolboy he

played rugby, cricket, soccer,

squash, golf and tennis at a high

level. At 12 he captured the

ALL-ROUNDER: William ‘Buster’ Farrer poses with a copy of the book on his sporting career, ‘All-Rounder: The Buster Farrer

Story’, published in 2013 Picture: SINO MAJANGAZA

Griqualand West junior tennis

championship and while still at

school, he played Currie Cup

cricket, scoring a century on his

first-class debut against Orange

Free State in 1933.

In 1937, at the age of

21, Harris was in the Springbok

rugby team on tour to Australia

and New Zealand where at

flyhalf, he partnered with the

dive-passsing Danie Craven

to great success in two

Tests, helping the team

become the first Springbok side

to win a series in New Zealand.

After a remarkable stint as a

fighter polit during World War

2, Harris gained national

colours at cricket as a member

of Alan Melville’s 1947 touring

team in England.

Po s s i b l y S A’s greatest allround

sportsman is William

“Buster” Farrer, who gained

Border colours in six different

sports — cricket, hockey, golf,

squash, badminton and bowls

—– and gained international

colours at cricket and hockey.

Farrer was also a keen longdistance

runner and completed

the Comrades Marathon one

year, running with old cricket

teammate Peter Pollock. Now

83, he lives in Gonubie.

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