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Volume 10 | Issue 03 | March 2019

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On one hand, talks are around the equal gender status and on the

other hand, there are Women’s Day celebrations all over the place… is

it not a paradox? It’s not about gender status nor is time to blow the

trumpet of patriarchy or feminism or raise slogan in favour or against

the article 377. Let’s keep it simple, equal opportunities to all genders

with equal recognition for the same kind of work and let’s not

stereotype the responsibilities and perforate or breach relations in the

name of the social fabric. Physical prowess is no ground to judge

gender eminence. Yes, men are from Mars and women are from Venus,

old adage most would believe in; so be it.

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Recently we met some amazing women who have gone beyond their

comfort level to help others in distress. There are women with grit,

fighting a social battle against the open sale of acid in our country.

They are a brigade of inspiration. We showcase and salute their will

power for Touching Upon Lives Of So Many She Celebrates Her Inner


March has been a month of marathons in the city to create awareness,

Kanya-A-Thon, one such initiative recently got men & women together

in equal number to run in support of menstrual hygiene. April 2 is the

World Autism Day, a sensitive topic for the family and friends who have

an autistic to look after, much easier said than done. We connected to

an expert who shares some basic knowledge about identifying the

problem at a young age and how early invention can help to mange

the problem better.

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suburb life | March 2019










SUBURB connects with women who are an

inspiration in themselves and are touching

upon many lives with their work & will

power. Here are the real-life stories of the

present day, reaching out to people…




Life went on as usual and somewhere along the day, in the midst of other

plebeian pursuits, I muttered to my Significant Other, “Oh! By the way,

Happy Valentine’s Day.’’



Down syndrome in their kids, is one sensitive topic that parents do not want

to discuss openly. But early detection of symptoms can help its

management better.

maRcH 2019











What are the parameters for you to call yourself independent and well





The United Nations estimates that one in three women have experienced

some kind of violence or the other, be it physical or sexual. Can we create

infrastructures to make her safe?


march 2019



An event by Gurgaon Helpline in association with SUBURB hosted at Loft,

The Clock Tower at 32nd Milestone.







Organised by Universal Runners, a collective group of running enthusiasts

curated Kanya-A-Thon a run to create awareness for menstrual hygiene



At every party or wedding, people were either talking about their designer

trip to the Kumbh or the Oscars.




She demystifies the beauty and versatility of of six yards. Meet Dolly Jain,

creating innovative saree drapes for celebrities.


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Events and launches that marked in the city


A Tongue-in-Cheek piece to ponder


Events, launches from Delhi

45 G- CHAI

Books & more to relax


Your tarot cards of 2019


There is much to do…Where, when and how


A directory of latest outlets and helpline numbers


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A witty diary of reflections of the mundane





















Men are from Mars and women are from Venus… well most of us

have heard this an umpteen time. But does that make the two

genders competitors or gives any gender the right to impose or

dominate the other? Certainly not. Still there is evident hostility and

gender discrimination in our society, and unfortunately, women still

fighting the #Metoo battle.

Despite so much of talk on equal rights across social strata women

are treated as objects and to prove their competence in the

corporate ladder they must work ‘three times more’ and what more

there is no day special day designated for menfolk, unlike women.

8th March-The Women’s Day, and does this say much between the

lines. SUBURB showcases some women with extra ordinary will

power and grit who are touching upon many lives with their work &

will power. Here are the real life stories of the present day, for our




suburb life | March 2019


Dr Ranjana Kumari is an active advocate

of women’s rights for almost 35 years.

She combines the two roles of a women

activist and scholar with great felicity and

panache. Having dedicated her life to

significant social causes, she is the voice

of women across platforms at national

and international forums; online and

offline media and she is a prolific writer

has some must-read titles of the books to

her credit. For women to hear she says it

loud & clear, "A woman must stand for

another woman, have empathy and

connect; that’s the only way to bring

about a change in the social fabric.’’

Some of her most passionate

causes that she stands for

include the participation of

women in democracy and

governance, the termination

of dowry practices and

domestic violence, and the

abolition of female foeticide. She leads by

example. A renowned social activist Dr

Ranjana Kumari is the Director of the

Centre for Social Research (CSR) as well as

Chairperson of Women Power Connect.

With a mission to empower women across

the South Asia region, she wears multiple


“Irrespective of whether a woman is

working or not she still remains vulnerable

in our kind of social fabric. In fact, working

well-to-do woman sometimes is more

vulnerable than the woman coming to me

from the community who is stronger to

raise a voice and fight back.

Ranjana Kumari says, that women from the

community are stronger to lodge a

complaint and are open enough to talk

about their grievances. They have no fear

of going to the court

whereas there is a lot

of taboo and filter

in women from

the upper crest

or the educated

class. They are

closed in letting

out what they

are suffering at


“Each one has a

right to define their

own sexuality, women

don’t need moral

policing at all.”

Women Speak


“It is the responsibility of

strong, independent women to

show the way and break their silence. The

#MeToo movement shows that women are

coming out and raising their voice but still

we have a long way to go. We are living in

a time when women are judged and

blamed despite their being the victims. To

bring about a cultural shift in this direction

millions of women must get active and

stand by each other and take upon

themselves the responsibility to bring

about a shift. Be part of the change that is

happening in India. I find the likes of Barkha

Dutt and Sagarika Ghosh fine

examples of strong

women,’’ says Dr

Ranjana Kumai.

Parents have to

build in the

confidence of their

children. Stand with

their daughters

unconditionally. The

male entitlement

mindset in India must

change and daughters

should be empowered to

speak and take a stand. Slowly

things are changing. Women are mustering

courage to come out and talk.

What is Feminism?

Men and women are two different genders

with different physical attributes. Feminism

is actually a broad term and has many

streams. Radical feminists view society as

fundamentally a patriarchy in which men

dominate to oppress women and they are

treated as the gender with no rights and

minds of their own. Whereas biological

March 2019 | suburb life 9

feminism accounts for male superiority and

reflects the idea that men are 'naturally'

stronger. "But do you know that often

Dutch and German girls are stronger than

Indian men? Just being born a man doesn’t

‘entitle’ you with superiority. Feminism for

me is giving equal access, equal power and

equal opportunity and responsibility to all

genders alike.''

Vulnerable women – No More

In many cases of marital discord, custody of

children is a problem. Women are in a more

vulnerable position if they are not working

and are dependent on their families.

Do away with the male

entitlement phenomenon

and that must begin at

home with your son. This

ideology that they have a

right to get away with

whatever they do needs to

change. Let your son also

do household chores, the

training and change

begins at home.

Though on the other hand well-settled men

also shy away from taking the responsibility

of their children in divorce cases. “Men in

many cases let go of the custody of their

children to their estranged wives since they

don’t want to take the headache and the

responsibility of bringing up their kids.''

It is time to break the silence and create a

cultural shift and be a part of this wave of

women empowerment. “Women who do

not stand for the cause or blame the other

women are also in a way supporting the

patriarchy card. They disassociate

themselves with the pain and suffering of

other women. No woman is insulated for a

lifetime that her dignity cannot be exposed

and to change this like men, women too

must stand with each other.’’

Be part of the change to make it


Slowly things are changing but it’s still a

long road to bring about a change at the

core level. The present system and mindset

are such that women are blamed for the

harassment they go through hence they are

not able to muster the courage to come

out and complaint. Going to a police

station to lodge a complaint also is not

easy because one is very apprehensive how

the cops at the police station will treat or

even talk to the woman complainant. This

basic must change.

The role of a parent plays a pivotal role in

shaping the mindset of both the son and

the daughter. “Parents need to become

responsible and they should be more

dialogue between parents and daughters,”

muses Dr Kumari. “Don't break her

confidence, instead boost it to let her

develop into a strong woman. We also have

to do away with male entitlement and that

must begin at home with your son. A

woman has the right to choose who or

what she wants. It’s a woman’s prerogative

if she wants the relationship or not.

Unfortunately, men can't accept that

women should be given the freedom to

make their own decisions and that is where

one should raise her voice and let the world

know what she wants.” As all must know, a

No Means No!

Women in the corporate culture

Public spots and workplaces are neutral

spaces and both sexes have equal right to

be there. Why exploit, tease or trouble a

woman there?

For a woman, it takes courage beyond her

existence to file a case since she knows that

she will be the one to be grilled and

questioned. “This is not just happening in

India; it is happening across the world that

women employees become a soft target.

In many cases, HR tries to make peace

between the two parties to save the

reputation of the company. There are some

companies like Honda which believes in

‘No Tolerance’ policy and at these

companies the message goes out and loud

from the top which promotes a healthy

work environment at the workplace. The

workplace should be a neutral place. “For

women, it is much more than a glass

ceiling, maybe iron ceiling which needs to

be cut; though the story is changing and

women are gaining power, but the process

is slow.’’

To bring about the real change much needs

to change at the home front with equal

right and responsibility for men and women

to run a household. The first step is

perhaps to bring up the girl child and the

boy alike with equal opportunities, rights

and values.


suburb life | March 2019



It is rightly said that what doesn’t destroy

you only makes you stronger. And for

some, there is really no other way…

Meet Reshma Quereshi & Soni, the acid

attack survivors who stand strong to fight

for the cause and live life with grit every

single day

It is at this point in life that they have to

dig deep within to muster every ounce

of strength in their bodies to stand tall

and face the world again especially

when the world doesn’t want to look

at them in the same way.

Reshma Qureshi and Soni, do not like to be

addressed as victims but survivors.

Standing tall against the heinous crime the

duo is fighting for justice and their right to


Over the years they have stood tall facing

social discrimination and other challenges

to fight for justice. Hundreds of girls in

India are attacked by acid

every year wherein a

majority of the cases

go unreported.


are suffering


physically, financially

and mentally each day,

whereas the culprits

are roaming


The attackers

could be

jilted lovers,

jealous expartners,



and in many

cases one’s

own husband or

relatives in the

family. It is gutwrenching

to hear tales

of such horrific acts from the

survivors who have experienced this

inhumane act. In a matter of a few seconds,

the life of the person who is attacked is



forever. And while

the physical pain is

excruciating for

these girls; the

emotional turmoil

that they live all

through their lives

is no less. They are

scarred for lifephysically,


and emotionally. Financial wellbeing and

their upkeep also become a struggle since

they are discriminated for their physical

scars even in the job market. Their fight for

their acceptance back in the society is an

unending tale of woes and

everyday struggle.

Reshma Rises

from the


Reshma, the

daughter of a


taxi driver was

only 17 when

this gruesome

incident occurred.

It was in 2014

when her brother-inlaw

(her sister’s

husband) and his friends

assaulted her at a railway

station and threw acid on her face.

Wearing a Burqa, walking along with her

sister Reshma was attacked. As luck would

have it, she got disfigured for life and her

sister escaped with minor burns.

“I remember it clearly even today, my loud

screams the piercing pain and the noise

outside. I felt liquid fire being poured on

me,” says Reshma. Delayed hospital

treatment made matters worse for her. “I

remember getting bouts of nausea,

vomiting and the excruciating pain while

we spent two hours at the police station

trying to file a complaint, while all this time

my skin was burning and I could feel acid

penetrating the layers of my skin. The most

pampered child of the family was left to

face her new reality. When I saw my face for

the first time after the attack I just couldn’t

accept that this had happened to me.”

Family Support

Says Reshma, “My family has supported me

immensely to come out of the dark years

and face my new self.’’ Their strong

unconditional support and resilience

helped Reshma survive through this ordeal.

Her parents, two brothers and two sisters

kept her morale high and didn’t let her

spirit break. “I was extremely depressed

and even tried to commit suicide thrice as I

March 2019 | suburb life 11

had lost all will to live. But my family stood

like a rock and gave me the strength to

move on.”

Social Comrades

It was in 2014 in Mumbai when Reshma

met Ria Sharma, the founder of Make

Love Not Scars, an NGO that supports

acid attack victims by aiding them in their

medical treatments, gaining financial

independence and extending support in

their fight for justice. Reshma moved to

the NGO’s rehabilitation centre in Delhi

and is today the face of the NGO.

In 2017 Reshma walked the ramp at New

York Fashion Week for designer Archana

Kochar. “I couldn’t believe it that I was

walking the ramp of the International

Fashion Event and which made me

believe that beauty is beyond the

physical attributes, it’s more than a skin

appearance. This opportunity

empowered me greatly.’’

Giving Beauty Tips

Reshma has refined the definition of

beauty. “I have created a series of my

beauty vlogs on Youtube-‘Beauty Tips by

Reshma.’’ Each vlog ends with a plea to the

government to ban over-the-counter sale of

acid in India.

Reshma has an autobiography to her credit.

The book is co-authored by Tania Singh,

CEO of Make Love Not Scars (MLNS). “I

hope my story can pump some courage in

the minds and hearts of other acid attack


Being Reshma: Authored by Reshma

Qureshi with Tania Singh On 19 May 2014,

as seventeen-year-old Reshma Qureshi left

home for the examination centre,

everything happened in a flash. The men

rushed towards her. Grabbed her. Tugged

at her hair. Poured acid on her face. Soon

she started to burn like a living corpse.

Soni Devi is another story of remarkable

bravery and resilience of a girl who is

determined to bounce back and not live life

as a recluse. She was tortured at the hands

of her dowry hungry husband and in-laws

who poured acid her face and upper body.

Having lived two years without her vision

post the attack, she has undergone 15

surgeries and is now working with the

MLNS team and helps with the NGO’s


“It was a very tough time for us as a

family,” says Soni. “My mother and sisters



did everything they could for me. My father

was shattered to see me in this condition

and eventually passed away in grief, stress

and the guilt of getting me married.

After the barbaric incident, Soni also did

not get immediate medical help. She was

admitted in the local dispensary and it was

again an ordeal before her real treatment

started. By that time the damage was done.

Social Support

What makes it even more difficult is the

lack of support from the society which

makes it tougher for the survivor to go

about her normal life. No matter how much

support you receive from home until

society doesn’t accept you and show love,

it becomes a struggle to step out with

confidence. Soni’s relatives and friends

have cut all connections with her. Sadly,

more so, the college she wanted to pursue

studies from denied her applications as her

face was a ‘problem’!

“Society is tough on us and we are looked

down upon. People either don’t want to

look at us or talk to us or some of them

cannot stop staring. Very recently Soni had

to miss her younger sister’s wedding. "My

mother and sister were very keen that I

attended the marriage but learning from

my past experience I decided not to go to

escape awkwardness and humiliation. My

Until the 2013 amendment

to Section 326 of the Indian

Penal Code (voluntarily

causing grievous hurt by

dangerous weapons or

means), there had been no

specific legislation to deal

with cases of acid attack

cases in the country. Since

the amendment, accused in

acid attacks can be

prosecuted under section

326A in case of grievous

injury and 326B in cases of

relatively lesser injuries to

victims. The minimum

punishment under 326A is

10 years, while the

maximum is life

imprisonment; under 326B,

the minimum punishment is

five years’ imprisonment,

which can extend up to

seven years.

going there would have been a cause of

embarrassment for my family. It was very

tough for us all emotionally,” she quietly


Reality Bites

In both these cases and like them many

more, their perpetrators are scot free.

Soni’s husband is out on bail despite being

given a seven-year term of imprisonment.

Loopholes in the law dealing with this


Reshma and Soni are just the two of

hundreds of acid attack survivors who are

waiting for justice and fighting a long cold

battle all by themselves. Justice delayed is

justice denied!

The Acid Story in India

A cause both the girls feel strongly about is

the sale and over the counter availability of

acid in India.

Acid is inexpensive and readily available

making it an easy weapon for perpetrators

despite the Supreme Court has passed the

guidelines for the regulation of the sale of

acid but the problem is an implementation

of those guidelines.


suburb life | March 2019




Sangeeta Ranjit is a leading name in the

hospitality training industry and

established the first campus of the

'School of Skills Development in

Hospitality' (SSDH) in 2011. Apart from

the various hospitality courses that she is

leading, through the government projects

and CSR initiatives she is personally

touching upon the lives of many young

boys and girls from the North East region

of India through Visan Hospitality. The

centre is located at Sikanderpur in


We identify

youngsters from

the North East

regions, many of

them are college

dropouts or just

out of school and

we bring them to Gurgaon to train them for

the hospitality industry. Till they complete

their course and are placed in various

hotels or restaurants or coffee shops, this

young brigade remains our responsibility.

They are given certified training as per the

government regulations required for the

skill development courses, explains hard

working passionate Sangeeta.

“All the programmes provided at our

centre are affiliated with Sector Skill

Council as well as the Tourism and

Hospitality Skill Council. It is a 340-hour

programme which runs for 52 days. The

cost per student is Rs. 45,000. The students

who do this training

through the CSR

programmes are

provided with

free boarding,

lodging and

also the

training is

also free of

cost. They

stay in the

hostels and

post the course

are placed in the

hospitality sector.

Recently one of our

projects was funded by

Honda Motorcycle and

Scooter India for their CSR activity

where the company supported a batch of

90 students and we were successful in

generating 100 per cent placement record

where 24 companies absorbed these

“I am able to

bring a change in the

lives of these students and

many of them seek my

advice or counselling post

they have left the centre

and that trust is my


students of all the

batches which is



she informs with

a sense of


After the

completion of

the course,

the students

get absorbed

by brands like

ITC, Oberois, Taj

Group of Hotels and

likes of KFC and

Dominos. Two of the

students from her centre are

currently working with the cruise

companies. “My students are touring the

world while at work.’’

Apart from the professional skills Sangeeta

March 2019 | suburb life 13

There is a reasonable size of North Eastern youngsters in

Gurgaon trying to find a living. "Girls from Manipur and other

northeastern states come from poor background and they

just are just sent from home to Delhi to earn money. They

come in large numbers with half knowledge and join random

or scam call centres where they are often exploited. These

boys and girls get uprooted from their home and from their

culture. They have the right attitude and aptitude to perform

very well and are a very good fit for the hospitality industry as

they are very well spoken and are very hard working. These

youngsters are hungry to learn and one right opportunity if

given to them can make a big difference in bringing about a

change in their lives.''

lays emphasis on soft skill development and

providing communication training to these

students. “These students have to be

emotionally very sound as well. I want to

make my students industry ready.’’

The changing dynamics of the


Sangeeta Ranjit has invaluable experience

of 23 years in the hospitality industry.

After completing her graduation in

microbiology from Bombay University, she

was selected for the prestigious

programme of the Oberoi School of Hotel

Management (now known as Oberoi Center

for Learning and Development – OCLD).

She then joined the Oberoi Group of

Hotels and worked there for three years in

their various properties. She founded Visan

Hospitality in 2008 as a food services

business. In 2011, she established School of

Skills Development in Hospitality’s first

campus in Gurgaon and aims to expand its

presence across other cities as well.

Over the years the dynamics of the

hospitality industry has changed and the

scenario is definitely improved in the last

ten years. The hospitality industry is no

more a taboo for girls, the mindset of

people is opening with professionalism

entering the sector. “Earlier for women,

working in the hotels more so coming back

late from work was not acceptable. Now a

lot more women are venturing into this

field and proving to be achievers. My

parents stood by me, she was firm which

helped me reach where I am today."


suburb life | March 2019


She quit her corporate job as a marketing

professional to connect back to her calling to

serve the society. “With an opportunity to

work for a NACO project in four states I got

exposure to work closely with women and

children living in the slums. I worked with the

sex workers and migrant population.

Something common that was plaguing their

lives was the lack of education and I got the

cause what I was looking for to start my own

social service venture. Hence Nirmalam

Foundation was born and my journey began.’’

Education amongst the

marginalised society is a big

challenge. It is important to

catch these children young,

lure them to come and study,

says SonikaMisra, Founder

Nirmalam Foundation which is

a non-voluntary organisation registered

under Delhi Government and centre at

Sector 52, Wazirabad. The children that

come to her centre are in the age group of

5- 12 years from the poor families.

“Nirmalam Foundation is my journey to

inner satisfaction and growth. I have been

greatly inspired by my mother-in-law and

the name of the foundation is her memory.’’

Educate for the sake of education

In this strata of society, the challenge is to

educate the parents on the need of

education so that they let their children

attend school. These children most of them

stay home to look after their younger

siblings while their parents go out to work.

“To bring them to school is a regular task

which requires all kind of motivation and

persuasion,’’ says Sonika.

“We provide free education to these

children. In fact, we get them in mainstream

of Indian education systems by helping

them to get enrolled in private schools,

We have distributed 5000

sanitary napkins to the

women and adolescent

girls living in slums of

Gurgaon in Silokhera

village, Sushant Lok,

Wazirababd and Kanhai

Village. So far we have

covered about 1200

beneficiaries through this


EWS schools and government schools by

end of every academic session. Our centre

bears the entire cost of the education,

including books, stationery and the

admission fees of these children as the

children come from very poor families of

Rickshaw Puller of migrant labourers.’’

We are told that the the centre runs on

donations that come through individuals,

not much pf help from corporates comes in.

"It through the word of mouth that people

reach us,'' says Sonika. Sometimes people

donate study material, clothes or food on

occasion of their family celebrations which

is a great help to us in terms of getting the

basic needs of the Centre fulfilled, she


On regular basis the centre organises

health, sanitation camps and gender

sensitivity workshops for these children are

organised in association with Help Age

India and Thakar Dutta Trust. Under these

health camps blood screening test, cancer

detection examination, eye test and free

medicines are distributed.

March 2019 | suburb life 15




Little Hands Play School & Day Care in

Gurgaon is a beacon of hope for parents

who have children with special needs.

The team is spearheaded Srijna Labana,

the founder of the haven for parents who

find comfort in her warm assuring smile

and dedication to the cause.

The woman is passionate

about her work and she says

“these children give me

strength and meaning to my

life.’’ Srijna loves her work,

“It is the satisfaction of

touching upon lives of so

many that inspires me each day. The smile

on the faces of the children and

a sigh of relief on the

faces of their

parents is my

reward. ’’


have to give full

credit to my team who

relentlessly works with

children. It is a challenging job,

mentally, emotionally and

physically. Our aim is to focus

on each child individually

taking cue from his or her

strengths and

weaknesses. ''

It was a



with a







foray into

this field.

Her curiosity

to know more

about Autism and

the quest for knowledge

on how to cater to their needs

led to the start of a beautiful new

beginning four years ago. Currently, the

school has 26 kids with special needs plus

75 students in the daycare. The USP of the

school is its inclusive

culture. Children

with learning

disability and

normal children all

study together.

Initially, parents did

not want their

children to be with



special needs, but now

they are coexisting

beautifully at the


The inclusive

model of

education is

the way



children with


difficulties get

inspired by

normal children

around them and

children with special

needs teach the normal

children patience, compassion

and sensitivity,’’ says Srijna. Little Hands

has on their roll speech and other

occupational therapists for children, each

classroom, the therapy rooms are guarded

by cameras for the safety purpose.

The youngest child in her daycare centre is

a six months old baby. With both parents

working, The Little Hands day care centre is

a second home to many. The lady has her

next step ready, The Windsor International

School where admissions begin from the

current academic year is a regular inclusive

school along with vocational training

classrooms for senior children with special

needs and learning difficulties.

Social Pressure

Each child is different but all of them need

unconditional love to blossom.

“Unfortunately there is still a lot of being

done for children with special needs and

also the parents of these children need

more support and guidance. In India, there

is much that needs to be done in this

stream. The mindset of people needs a

change. Unconditional acceptance of the

child must come from parents first and the

rest follows,’’ she says with a warm smile. s


suburb life | March 2019


Ab Sunday Na Hogi Motorgiri,

Jayenge Hum Saree Mein Raahgiri

It was a novel way to celebrate The Women’s Day by

appreciating the power of Indian cultural drape.

Women from all walks of life re-claimed their streets

at Raahgiri on March 10

Women from all

walks of life came

forward flashing

their six yards to

participate in a

Saree Walkathon.

The event was to

draw attention to saree as a comfortable

wear. "For our older generation saree was a

comfort wear and today urban women find

it difficult to carry on day's activities in a

saree,'' said, Sarika Panda Bhatt, Head -

Integrated Transport and Road Safety, WRI


on the street at sector 4, corporate women,

artists, entrepreneurs and housewives

joined the walkathon to flaunt their culture.

Vineeta Jerath Grover, Co-founder & Editor

SUBURB is passionate about sarees said,

“Saree is an expression of the personality

of the wearer; the simplest of the saree can

look elegant if worn and accentuated

right.'' s

March 2019 | suburb life 17




What a bohemian expression on women’s thinking sinking well with their

empowerment! A Women’s Car Rally - Delhi to Chandigarh (16- 17 Feb)- broke all

the myths pertaining to women- expressing their out of box thinking and created an

atmosphere of bonhomie- emphatically declaring individual freedom while

fostering camaraderie.

Sweta Ranjan

It was my first car rally ever and by the

end of it, I had added so much to my

experiences. Not only the thought of

being a part of an all-women car rally

elevated my energy but also the idea

of attaining a lot of knowledge tickles

my brains.

A car rally leaves you not only with fond

memories but also fillips the team’s

coordination skills. It is also not just about

driving a car but driving by the rules, by the

speed limit and also learning to mould

yourself as per other members of the team.

A car Rally can be so much fun- making

new friends, improving your knowledge,

sharpening your brains and most

importantly learning to work in teams.

What it requires to participate in a car rally

is not how much steel should you have

within you. Frankly, for me, it just started

with an idea of having fun which later

transformed into a very serious affair. When

proposed by a friend to participate in a car

rally I was filled with excitement. Out of a

group of nine friends five of us agreed to

drive till Chandigarh. We were thrilled to

believe that we would be a part of an allwomen

car rally, would be driving on the

most beautiful roads of Chandigarh and

spending a night out with all women would

be so much fun as we would not have to

worry to return home, taking care of home

and children.


suburb life | March 2019

But only much later after the registration

we realized that to be a part of such rallies

it requires a lot of brainstorming- to pick a

theme for your car, to work on your

costume that goes well with the theme,

time in hand to decorate your car. The

driver has to be good as the car even

passed through muddy trails, the navigator

has to be smart to detect and follow the

routes provided by the organisers and the

third member should be fast in doing

mathematical calculation to match up with

the speed and time – this toiling is required

only if one is striving to be a winner.

Here is a list of Dos and Don’ts

that we need to follow for a rally:

1. Trust your team members- For a rally

the first and the foremost important thing

is to choose your team members sensibly.

The wrong choice of a member can upset

the entire team spirit. There needs to be a

mutual understanding of who would take

up that role. Like the role of a driver is what

everyone wants to pick but the job of a

navigator is far more important. A

navigator only can guide the driver to take

the right path/route. Give the right role to

the right person.

2. Documents need to be handy- Before

any car rally usually all car related

documents and the details of participants

would be checked. Don’t procrastinate till

the eleventh hour to gather all your

documents. It could lead to unnecessary


3. Car big or small doesn’t matter- Mostly

we believe that a big car would be the right

choice for a rally but what is important is

the condition of a car. The car needs to be

fit enough to go on a long haul. The

pollution check, proper servicing of your

vehicle, Stepney (additional or spare tyre)

and a first aid kit is more essential that the

size of the car.

4. Don’t let the stress of winning bother

you- If you are a first timer in a car rally

don’t strain yourself with the idea of

winning. This is not impossible but what is

more vital is to sharpen your skills, improve

your abilities and enjoy the ride, relish the

company of your team members and

prepare yourself to be a better rider in your

next rally.

5. Work on a new theme- Working on a

new theme is the prime thing to do. All

cares need to follow a particular social

theme or a message. Try to be different.

Women empowerment and ‘Beti Bachao’

are overdone topics. Think to be different.

Dress up according to the theme. This

effort can make you a winner of 'The Best

Decorated Car', 'The Best Dressed Team'

or 'The Best Social Message' category. Our

team ‘Gals on Wheels’ work very efficiently

and zeroed on the theme of ‘Road Safety’

and our costumes of the traffic lights

appealed to everyone so much that we

bagged the award for the Best Dressed


6. Stick to the rule book- To win the rally

what matters the most is the coordination

between the team members. The rule book

is like a Bible for a car rally participant.

Follow the rules or else you would end up

losing the right route/track of the rally.

Mostly the rally routes are not the regular

routes to a particular destination. There can

be many twists and turns but following the

rule book you would not miss out on any


7. Chase your dreams- So ladies, Gear up!

Experience the thrill, chase your dreams!

One time participation in a car rally can

transform your outlook. I have come out as

a better person, waiting for you to feel the

same. s

The author of the article has a vast

experience across the spectrum of

electronic and print media. She is a wellknown

anchor on TV channels and has

been bestowed upon the award for The

Best Journalist and Indira Gandhi

Priyadarshini Award.

March 2019 | suburb life 19




Over the years, dentistry has evolved to the next level of refinement making the

dental procedures more precise, easy and less painful for the patients. Here

are ‘’some procedures that patients should be familiar of and not scared, says

Dr Heman Verma from Dental Stylers

Radiovisiograpghy (RVG)

Radiovisiography is a technique

where digital X-ray sensors are

used instead of traditional

photographic film. This

technique uses a digital image

capture device and the x-ray

image is seen on an attached

TV or computer. This also helps

on getting immediate image

previews, eliminates costly film

processing steps, and a wider

dynamic range and clearer



DentalVibe is a painless oral

injection to block patients from

feeling any pain through the

use of vibration technique. This

device provides an easy way to

inject anaesthesia or antibiotics

and is a highly recommended

alternative to standard injection

procedures. DentalVibe applies

a light vibration to the tissues.

According to the researches,

vibration sensation reaches the

brain first instead of injection

sensations. Thus, the use of

DentalVibe is not just painless,

but also more productive.

Single Tooth Anesthesia

Single Tooth Anesthesia System

or STA is a computer controlled

injection technology to achieve

more precise injections,

improve drug delivery and

enhance patient control levels.

STA allows numbing of a single

tooth so that the patient

doesn’t feel any effects the lip

or tongue. The system allows

the dentist to begin treatment

immediately. This injection is

painless therefore it is

comfortable for the patient as


Vinyl Dentures

The latest update in the

dentures is the use of vinyl

composite instead of nylon. It is

flexible and can be

manufactured with tooth or

gum-coloured clasps. Vinyl

composite dentures are

considered as easier to adjust

and more user-friendly denture

base than other denture


Although the technique is a bit

old, it has only begun to catch

up in recent years. Laser in

dental procedures is used in many ways

such as tooth decay, reshaping gums,

tissue removal and teeth whitening.’’

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are the latest

trend in cosmetic dentistry.

They are placed behind the

teeth, rather than in front, and

therefore, are not visible. The

process of lingual braces

involves taking an impression of

the teeth, which is then sent to

a dental laboratory and used to

create customised brackets.


Invisalign are another set of

braces that are worn in the

front but are completely

invisible. The clear customised

braces are fabricated by the

orthodontists and have to be

worn in a special order over a

period (usually one to two

years) to straighten the teeth.

These aligner trays can be

removed when brushing and

flossing, allowing patients the

convenience of normal brushing,

which is not possible with metal

and lingual braces. s

Surgeon, Orthodontist,


spearheads Dental

Stylers, one of the most

premium dental centres

of Northern India; with


education in behaviour

management, sedation

and anaesthesia techniques.

Dental Stylers

8, Dakshin Marg, DLF City, Phase - II

Gurgaon M: 9810296979










It was February 14th. Life went on as usual

and somewhere along the day, in the midst

of other plebeian pursuits, I muttered to

my Significant Other, “Oh! By the way,

Happy Valentine’s Day.” Significant Other

grunted in kind and the day carried on.

Trivikrama Kumari Jamwal

Makes one wonder

when roses, letters

and words ceased to

matter, when it was

that stolen moments

slid between diaper

changes and

projects, family weddings and PTMs

became ‘together time’ and discussions of

counsellors and college plans the ‘sweet

nothings’. It also makes one wonder if it is

‘normal’ to be content with life marked by

such ordinariness, by life that proceeds

according to the doomsayer’s script for

‘romance’ over the years.

True, there was sheer joy and simplicity in

the bubble-headedness said to be a part of

growing up. Itwas something delightful and

innocent- a phase in which a heart-shaped

brain was cluttered with duels, balls and

phaetons courtesy Georgette Heyer

Regency novels, where the energy of a

Shammi Kapoor made one’s knees turn to

jelly. Yet, such spells are joyous precisely

because they live in a carefree imagination,

have a finite life, and cannot – or should

not – become permanent standards of

measuring life. Even while they existed, the

favourite for many was bound to be the

Regency buck who was gently sardonic,

with a raised eyebrow and an intelligent

comment beyond the understanding of the

hoi polloi; the attraction was bound to be

for the daring to establish a new metier as

much as for hazel eyes.


suburb life | March 2019


As one grows into a committed

relationship, whatever may have been

imagined earlier dissolves into the number

one item on the list - spending time

together. Beyond meeting the practical

demands of life together, the ‘oldies’

mention favourites such as a drive,dressing

up to go out for a fancy dinner only to opt

at the last minute for eating from street

food carts, or listening to music irrespective

of whether there is agreement on the


Taking time out for each other, showing

respect, doing little things that matter, a

safe space to be ‘yourself’ and accepted as

such, simplicity, humour, honesty and trust

– essentially words and actions that are

carried out not because they are ‘romantic’

but because they seem ‘right.’ These sound

like the thoughts of the older mind. Not so.

They are expectations voiced by some

Delhi University girls about what they

consider ‘romantic’. There still are those

who measure romance in terms of

obligatory show, expensive gifts, and even

casual ‘hooking up’, but perhaps today’s

generation has skipped the entire bubbleheaded

phase, evolving faster than its


What makes the ‘ordinariness’ of life

acceptable is one’s perception of romance,

no matter which side of the college gate

you are on. At the risk of offending the

champions of rosy, cotton candy cloud

romance, I admit I did not mind the course

February 14th took for me that year. What

would have riled, even if I had been given a

bunch or red roses on the day, is the ‘nonromance’

of say an attack on my

self-esteem or on things and people that

matter in my life, or secrets being kept

from me about matters considered ‘none of

your business’.

On the other hand, days not bearing the

date 14th have been ‘romantic’ enough,

days on which a conscious effort was made

to pick up dirty coffee mugs from all over

the house to be placed on the kitchen

counter so I would not have to run around,

days on which an empty shelf in the fridge

was miraculously re-stocked without my

having to bother, days on which a

professional accomplishment of mine was

proudly talked about and participated in,

days on which free and unselfconscious

conversation flowed about the highs and

lows of life …

As a postscript, that particular February

14th did eventually end up slightly out of

the ordinary. It ended with a late-night

pastry eating session at the nearby bakery.

Not because Valentine’s Day demanded it

(by the time of the pastry, both Significant

Other and I had forgotten the Occasion)

but because just as we were about to turn

in, I announced a sudden desire to indulge

my sweet tooth … s

The writer loves to be known as a parent – a parent

of two energetic spaniels who run their own blog and

of their elder human siblings who run their own lives.

March 2019 | suburb life 23



Down syndrome in their kids, is one sensitive topic that parents do not want to

discuss openly. This problem is on rise and unfortunately there are not many

practitioners who can identify early signs of the disorder and suggest an engaging

view forward

Meera Bakshi

Among Autistic cases the

normal development of a

child’s mental growth

takes a deviation in early

stages of life. Sometimes

children are born with

some disabilities, or their

development is delayed due to many

genetic and emotional factors. Autism is

one of the major diseases that rise from the

lack of normal developments. However,

being a mental illness, an autistic childmany

a time is kept aloof, out of public by

parents or family as they think the child

may bring embarrassment to them.

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder


While talking about Autism Spectrum

Disorder (ASD), Dr Himani Narula Khanna

Developmental Behavioral Pediatrician

Director and Co-Founder Continua Kids

says, “It is a developmental disability where

you may find the child having difficulty in

expressing their emotions, difficulty in

communicating in words as well as by signs

language with inappropriate social

behavior. A child with autism spectrum

disorderwill have repetitive actions and

behaviors, while their learning, thinking and

problem-solving abilities can range from

gifted to severely challenge.”

Look for these concerns

Autism can be identified at an

early stage, thus making it

easy for their

treatment. If you

see any of the

following signs

in your child,

then don’t

hesitate in

taking him to

your nearest


1. Your child does not

point at objects to show

interest, such as not pointing

at an airplane flying over.

2. He/she does not look at objects when

other person points at them.

3. Has troubles relating to others or has no

interest in other people at all.

4. Does not look into your eyes while

interacting with you.


1 in 68children

has been identified

with autism

spectrum disorder


5. Prefers living in his own world.

6. Finds it difficult to understand other

people’s feelings or taking about their own


7. Hates being cuddled or held, and

will cuddle only when they want


8. Remains unaware when

people talk to them, but

responds to other


9. Repeats or echo words

or phrases said to them,

or repeat words or phrases

in place of normal language.

Early diagnosis to the


Autism may be seen as a devastating

disease for some of the parents and the

child, but the early diagnosis can do

wonders. Dr Himani tells us, “There is a lack

of awareness among people about their

child’s development. An early diagnosis of

a child’s behavior can effectively help a

child who is suffering from development

issues.” s


suburb life | March 2019





March 8, International

Women’s marks and

celebrates the free spirit of

women; her being

independent and capable of

following her dreams. The

first step to her

independence is she being

financially self -sustaining

Anuaradha Ramamirtham

The ground rule is if one is

financially independent,

all the other aspects of

independence follow.

However, even today in

India, there is much that

needs to be done in this


Why is it important to be

financially independent?

1) To be one step ahead of the rising

costs: The world is shrinking and

aspirations are rising and to fulfil dreams

one needs a balanced flow of finances to

run a household of 3-4 members. A

house, good education for children and a

comfortable life is what is the least

expectation of a family.

Shikha Sawant, HR in a pharmaceutical

company mentions that while attending

a conference in India she realised that

although women were encouraged to

complete their higher education and do

specializations like a Masters, they were

not encouraged to go out and work. This

initially started with restrictions on

women to work and later due to

unwillingness and lack of ability to take a

stand for themselves. “This was very

strange as highly educated women just

didn’t care about the so much time they


suburb life | March 2019

have invested in learning the skills and

could have made the best use of it by

working- earning for themselves and family,

helping in the GDP growth of the country

and being independent always.

2) To Be There at the Time of Crisis: There

are two parts to it: For the Family and

Because of the Family.

- For the Family: Emergency catches

people when they are least aware.

Recessions leading to job loss, a sudden

health scare, failure in business projects etc.

are times when a family needs most

financial help and if there is only a single

person earning in that family, then there is

a problem. In addition to spending the

basic foreground expenses, the family will

have additional background expenses like

EMIs on home loans, vehicle loans etc.

Failure of paying off these EMIs will have a

grave impact and so financially being

prepared for the same is always the best.

- Because of the Family: Not all marriages

are like fairy tales and some do crumble like

a pack of cards. For a man it is easier as he

is already financially independent but for a

woman to move it is slightly difficult if she

has been financially dependent. Going

back to the maiden house and staying with

parents is not a permanent solution and

depending on others for financial support is

not fair these days owing to the rising

expenses. By working and being financially

independent, the women can well take care

of their needs as well of the children (if


Priyanka Gogoi, mother of six-year-old

Kiara says, “When my daughter was two

years old, my husband and I separated.

Post that I finished my B.E.D and M.E.D

even while doing freelancing. Now I am

working as a senior teacher in a reputed

school and have complete financial

independence. We go out on holidays and I

am able to fulfil my child’s requirements

though I stay with my parents it’s just for

the time being emotional support.”

In the case of single mothers, divorces or

widows certainly financial independence is

important for monetary needs and selfesteem.

“The very fact that we talk about this

issue shows that there is some problem

here. Across the various classes of jobs

right from house help to a corporate level

officer, there are women who are violated

for various reasons. By being financially

independent she can protect herself and

stand tall in the patriarchal set-up of our

social fabric.” says Pearl Mistry, a lawyer by


It is an art to save money and also do the

right investment to grow money. Financial

independence is way beyond fulfilling just

the monetary requirements, with this self –

sufficiency comes self-respect and

confidence. s


One in four women are likely to

experience depression-WHO

Deepika Padukone, Founder

The Live Love Laugh

Foundation says,” This

International Women's Day I

would like to stress on the

importance of women and mental

health. Gender is a critical determinant

of mental health and mental illness.

According to the World Health

Organization, one in four women are

likely to experience depression at some

point in their life. Depression, anxiety,

psychological distress, sexual violence,

domestic violence and escalating rates

of substance use effect women to a

greater extent than man. I want you to

know that if you are going through a

mental health crisis help is available. You

can find help by reaching out to us.

Our website address is If

you know someone else who is going

through a mental health crisis, your

support can go a very long way. Happy

International Women's Day to all the

women out there and I hope together

we as women can take care of each

other, uplift one another and make

mental health a priority."



Five Ways to Design Indian

Cities Safer For Women

The United Nations estimates that one in three women have experienced some kind

of violence or the other, be it physical or sexual. Not only these incidents but even a

fear of such incidents creates a deep physical and psychological impact on them…

Sarika Panda Bhatt

India’s ranking in the 2018 World

Economic Forum’s (WEF) Gender Gap

Index (GGI) was 108. This was the

same ranking in 2017. GGI is an index

designed to measure gender equality

amongst various countries. The index

relies on four main pillars for analysis –

economic participation & opportunity,

political empowerment, educational

attainment and health & survival. One of

the most important areas of improvement is

required in the sector of “economic

participation & opportunity.”

The survey by Thomson Reuters

Foundation 2018 found that India is the

most dangerous country for sexual violence

against women. A lot of people were up in

arms against the survey, but the fact of the

matter is that women safety is a major issue

in the country. A recent report by the NGO

Praja Foundation revealed that fifty percent

people in Delhi feelthat women are not

safe in the national capital, while 21

percent feels women are unsafe in Mumbai.

A lot needs to be done to improve the

safety of women in India but one thing that

the city planners can do is to create cities

which are safer by design.

Here are five ideas that can be

considered to do so:

1. Increased visibility

It is well documented that dark areas are

prone to facilitate crime. Therefore, well lit

streets provide a safer environment to the

users, especially the pedestrians. It has

been reported that in 2008 when many

cities in United States began reducing

street lighting it had proportionately higher


suburb life | March 2019

Small interventions like

shifting a bus stop by few

meters, putting a light in a

shady lane or even

presence of a toilet can

greatly improve the safety

and security of women.

and negative effect on women’s security;

harassment and violence spiked in many


So, while we still continue to see many dark

street light poles at nightwhich surely

impacts safety of women.

2. Natural surveillance

Jane Jacobs argued in her book from 1961

about “eyes on streets.” This was basically

form of natural surveillance; the more the

number of people, the safer the streets and

public spaces become. We could

encourage activities and porosity on our

streets which can be created by restricting

the height of boundary walls and by

creating a busy informal seating or cafés

around the long streets to create a watchful


3. Safe Transit

As per 2011 Census, 45 percent women

walk to work, while the number of men who

walk to work in only 27 percent. However,

in terms of usage of public transport, the

pattern is different. Around 82 percent

users of buses in India are men while only

18 percent women use buses. But when it

comes to women safety, the big question

arises, “Does public transport provides

women safety?” Unfortunately, no. Safe

travel is critical to enable women and girls

to access education, jobs, and healthcare.

However, this remains a much-neglected

area with little data and few laws, policies,

and initiatives to prevent and address it.

4. Inclusive infrastructure

In surveys it shows that women need space

to feel comfortable therefore, increasing

the width of footpath could result in

greater use by women. In Bangladesh,

separate toilet facilities at market and

transportation hubs resulted in over 50

percent increase in women working in

construction projects. The designing of

public spaces should be done keeping not

just the average man in mind but also the

requirements of women.

5. Responsive enforcement

It’s often seen that in case of issues

surrounding women safety, perpetrators

usually think that they will get away with

prosecution of their crime. And in most

cases,sadly they do. A victim finds it

difficult to file a First Information Report

(FIR) and if done so she finds herself

chocked with the questions and the look on

faces of the people that surround her.

Secondly a robust and speedy mechanism

to record and address the complaints shall

give confidence to them to fight for their

rights and justice. s

The writer of the

article is Head -


Transport and

Road Safety

Sustainable Cities

at WRI India.

March 2019 | suburb life 29


Women's Day Soirée

An event by Gurgaon Helpline in association with SUBURB

hosted at Loft, The Clock Tower at 32nd Milestone

It was a chirpy afternoon of ladies from different walks of life

gathered to indulge in some 'Me Time'

Organised by Gurgaon

Helpline, an online group

on Facebook with over

30,000 members in

association with SUBURB, it

was a 360-degree event for

women to stimulate their

mind, body and soul. Pawan Soni Founder of

Gurgaon Helpline and Big F made sure that the

event was high on energy and warmth.

It was an afternoon where ladies indulged in

some great food & drinks at The Loft By The

Clock Tower, the second launch of noted

restaurateur Tribhuvan Yadav. The place offers

enough room to party, interact and enjoy some

sumptuous food and drinks. The beer lovers

visiting the place must not give a miss to rose

flavoured fresh beer and other must try are


suburb life | March 2019

Gulab Jamun Waffle

and Spicy Eggplant


A complete woman!

To complete the circle and

stimulate the mind there was a

talk session by well-known

experts in their respective

fields. The first speaker for the

day was Dr Aruna Kalra, a

senior gynaecologist who

deals with high-risk

pregnancies and minimally

invasive surgeries at a leading

women’s hospital in Gurgaon. She

gave an in-depth talk on

menopause and related symptoms,

the subject very close to the

women in that age group.

The second speaker for the

afternoon for mind stimulation

was Ritika Sood, founder of

Samatva, a firm that facilitates

organisations in their people development

initiatives through learning from

management tools, ancient wisdom,

understanding the self and best practices.

Ritika connected the chord with the bunch

of inquisitive ladies on the topic of

mindfulness at work and a life of

minimalism. Vineeta Jerath Grover, the

Founder & Editor of SUBURB, Gurgaon's

only lifestyle & infotainment magazine

spoke about her experience of seeing the

city and its people evolve over last decade.

Games & More

There is no fun if there are no games and

post-event gifts- all of this was taken care

of by the active members of Gurgaon

Helpline- Kanika & Manisha Nagar. The

Master of ceremonies to the afternoon was

Aradhna Soni who kept the entire event

and people together with her words and


Gifting Partners

Gifting partners for the occasion were Goot

to go, Tops, NEU Salonz, The Cake Story,

Sweet Dezires, NK's Healthy Cakes crafted

with love, 4700 BC Gourmet Popcorns, Dr

Kapur's Crowns and Canals Dental,

Pastelshades and Aseesha.

All in all, a successful women’s day

celebration which ended with women

networking and shaking their leg on the

dance floor. s

March 2019 | suburb life 31




Gives her fitness


Bollywood’s Shetty sisters Shilpa and

Shamita are known for their fantastic

physical fitness and their envious bodies.

“Nothing comes easy without sweating it

out,’’ says Shamita Shetty who shares her

fitness regime with SUBURB readers

Shamita is sincere with her

body training and workouts,

at the same time gives herself

to cheat moments to indulge

in ‘sinful treats.’ In

conversation with the

Bollywood actor:

Being a part of the glamour industry,

how much importance do

you give to fitness?

I make it a point to work out a minimum of

3-4 times a week and do a combination of

weight training, functional training and a

little bit of Bar-core. Even when I am

travelling, I try to at least push some

amount of light cardio in my regime.

Moreover, I take sufficient sleep. Sleeping

right is important for your mind and body

to relax and cells to rejuvenate. I give

myself enough of snooze time.

Do you follow any specific diet

plan to support your fitness


A good healthy diet is very crucial. I eat

well and do not follow any fad diets. I try to

have a balanced meal every 2-3 hours

which includes protein, healthy fats and low


your last meal

by 7:30-8 preferably

soup and some

protein if you are

aiming for a flat



And yes, I

drink a lot of

water. Moreover, I have been following a

gluten-free and lactose-free diet for almost

two years now and avoid packaged food as

it’s high on sugar. I eat a lot of rice,

vegetables, salads along with chicken, fish

and eggs which are a good source of

protein. I do not take any artificial

supplements, prefer going the organic way.

Also once a week I indulge in my food

cravings rest six days I follow a healthy diet


What are your top three tried

and tested health tips you personally


Stay away from fried food definitely.

Avoid midnight snacking if you are

looking at losing weight. Eat your last meal

by 7:30-8 preferably soup and some

protein if you are aiming for a flat stomach.

Avoid drinking water middle of the meal.

Rather have some warm water around 45

minutes after your meal as it aids better


Stress is a part and parcel of

today’s hectic lifestyle. How do

you personally cope with high

levels of stress and anxiety?

I make it a point to take a little bit of ‘me

time’ out at the end of the day. I meditate

or will probably watch a nice movie on

Netflix, or step out for a meal with a friend.

It is very important to unwind at the end of

the day as that rejuvenates your mind,

body and soul. s


suburb life | March 2019


IndIa at the


Arthy Muthanna Singh

February was the month of the

Oscars too. Besides Valentine’s

Day, that is! Everyone had their

favourites. I did too. At every

party or wedding, people were

either talking about their

designer trip to the Kumbh

orthe Oscars. Both events had their share

of celebrity visits, helicopters and all! Movie

theatres in the NCR had Oscar nominated

movies being shown. Anyone could have

picked their very own favourites. So, even if

Roma did not win, which everyone had

expected to take all the top honours, there

was enough to keep the Indian audiences


And then, when the winners were

announced, many of us were fascinated and

intrigued by the three Oscar connections to

our country; probably for the first time

ever: The Best actor award went to the

actor Rami Malekwho played Freddy

Mercury, the brilliant eccentric who was our

very own Farrokh Bulsara. What a voice he

had, what a larger-than-life persona! And

the music! The lyrics! The band was Queen

and the film Bohemian

Rhapsody. What also

happened was that it

resulted in a renewed interest in their

iconic music and the band itself.

Then there was the award for best actress,

which went to Olivia Colman for the film

TheFavourite. Believe it or not! Colman's

great-great-great-grandfather Charles

Bazett, married Harriot Slezzer. Researchers

discovered that she was born in the city of

Kishanganj, in Northeastern India, to an

Indian mother and British father.

And finally, a film set in rural India, titled

Period. End of Sentence, won the Oscar in

the Documentary Short Subject category at

the 91st Academy Awards, adding to the

films being made in this country on a topic

that has been kept under wraps for much

too long. Rayka Zehtabchi directed the

short film, which has been produced by

Indian producer Guneet Monga's Sikhya


Don’t know whether it is case of just

reflected glory, but maybe, just maybe,


films are getting better? More relevant?

More internationally accepted? Whatever.

What I was very disappointed about was

the fact that the amazing film Village

Rockstars did not make it. Highly

recommended. It was sent as India’s official

entry to the Oscars, but did not make it to

the top nine films out of 87 entries. What is

really mind-blowing is that the credits for

director, producer, writer, editor and

cinematography go to Rima Das, a selftaught

film maker. Truly a labour of love. I

happened to watch the movie by pure

chance and am I glad I did! The locations

are stupendous and the performances of

the first-time actors were so, so perfect.

The film did win the Best Feature Film

‘Swarna Kamal’ award at the 65th National

Film Awards, which were declared at New

Delhi on 13 April 2018, but still… The girl

who played the role of Dhunu deserved an

Oscar for her performance. Truly. s

March 2019 | suburb life 33

Comrades Joined Hands for 168

Hours Cleaning Drive in The City

Under the guidance and inspiration of Yaspal Yadav, the MCG Commissioner the

168-hour cleaning marathon started on February 24 and went on till March 4,

making a place in India Book of World Record & Asia Book of World Record


as a

small idea of


Hindustani, the


Ambassador of

MCG and the

enthusiasm to make it to Asia Book of

Records, the 168 hours long, marathon

was not just a cleaning drive but an

activity that got together the volunteers,

NGOS, schools and other institutes of

Gurgaon to make the city clean.

G-etc.What started

“It was a day & night cleaning drive in the

city and for me it was not meant to create

any records but to clean the city. In this

process with the hard work of the MCG

officials, workers and other teams and

institutes a record was also made. I hope

that residents of the city cooperate to

keep their city clean.’’ Yaspal Yadav MCG


Clean city with a smile

It was a marathon of a different kind with

brooms, trucks, cleaning tools,masked

men & women and camera to pose to

keep the record of hours and the work

done during the drive. The drive started

from the Railway station on 24th February

was spread across various zones in the

city with 2,500 workers and other

volunteers who joined the marathon

cleaned about 120 kilometres of road in

the city for 168 hours continuously. The

drive ended on 4th March 4 near the

Kherki Daula toll plaza.

“To make the marathon run smoothly

about 60-100 workers were be split in sixhour

across 28 major stretches. The nodal

officers were responsible to take the

drive forward in the areas designated to


suburb life | March 2019

them,’’ said Kuldeep Hindustani founder

Buland Awaaz. Kuldeep. Speaking

enthusiastically about the cleaning marathon

he says, “I barely slept during this time and I

am happy that we could make a record.’’

The marathon infused a mixed response

from the city residents. During the marathon,

the workers picked up garbage from the

roadside, removed accumulated dust by

sprinkling water, remove illegal posters,

hoardings and encroachments, desilt drains,

repair footpaths and green belts during the

week-long drive, informed SS Rohilla, the

Public Relations Officer (PRO) of MCG.

The hustle bustle of the cleaning drive

ended with an event where the PWD

Minister Rao Narbir Singh awarded the MCG

Gurgaon for creating the records and he

gave away participation certificates to the

participating stakeholders.


Ayurveda reaching the homes of


Keeping up the

momentum of its

efforts towards

making Ayurveda

the first call of

treatment and easily

accessible for all, NirogStreet

has started its journey of

establishing state of the art

Ayurveda Clinics in the

country called ‘NirogStreet

Certified Multi Speciality

Ayurveda Clinic and Pharmacy’.

NirogStreet, India’s first technology led

Ayurveda platform to make Ayurveda

mainstream, launches its first Ayurveda

Clinic in Gurgaon. The clinic will provide

reliable, specialised and personalised

medical consultation and multi-brand

Ayurvedapharmacy. The clinic will offer

services like Nadi Parikshan, Panchkarma,

Ksharsutra, diet and nutrition.

Participating Teams at the cleanliness



• Buland Awaaz

• Pinkishe Foundation

• Ekudaan

• Sahyog Foundation

• Santosh Seva Sansthan

• Color Code Foundation

• Nirmalam Foundation

• Santosh Sewa

Aided by Spiral Ventures (Japanese

venture fund) NirogStreet has aggressive

plans to open 300 clinics by the next

year. Speaking on the launch, Ram N.

Kumar, Founder & CEO, NirogStreet said

“When it comes to Ayurvedic treatment,

people are either misinformed or have

lack of information about reliable

treatment with no right access to

qualified and trustworthy


• Bharosa Foundation

• Sahyog Foundation

• Vriksha

• Niswarth Kadam

• Sanskaar School

• Rajiv Gandhi High School

• Ryan international school,

Sohna Road Gurgaon

• Ryan International School

Sector-31 Gurgaon

doctors. This is one of the biggest

reasons that world’s most powerful,

efficient and ancient treatment science is

still struggling to become first call of

treatment in its land of origin. With our

clinics, we will bridge the gap between

patients and Ayurveda doctors, ensuring

the best evidence-based treatment and

rebuilding the trust in Ayurveda


If you are organising a show or hosting a

party let us know at





The 33rd Surajkund International Crafts Fair was a riot of not just colours but

beautiful craftsmanship with a high dose of cultural aesthetics.

Captured by his lens, Priyaranjan takes us on a photography trail to experience the



suburb life | March 2019


State for the 33rd Surajkund

Mela 2019.

The Fact File

• Started in 1987, spread in 40 acres of

land, Surajkund Mela is a recognized and a

popular platform for the skilled craftsmen

and artisans of India to show their talent.

• The fair is a window to India’s diverse

heritage and is one of the biggest cultural

fiesta of its kind in the world.

• The other SAARC nations apart from

India also participate in this annual fair

showcasing their vivid art and craft galore.

• More than a million visitors throng the

place every year, thousands of which are

foreign tourists.

• Surajkund Mela is a great platform for the

traditional skills of India’s great artisans that

are fading slowly due to cheap machine

made imitations.

• Musical evenings at the ‘Natyashala’ is

where the best of musicians from various

states come together to treat the audience

to soothing traditional music.

• Apart from being a large art gallery, the

fest has plethora of food, amusement and

other fun activities. s

Priya Ranjan is the

photographer and

author of

bestselling “Street


book on Amazon


Readers can share their experiences and stories with us at

March 2019 | suburb life 37





Some of my fondest work-related

memories revolve around the times

that I have received appreciation for

my work from my superiors. More

so, when I had been least

expecting it. This is natural…

Anurag Anand


Whenever I would

stretch beyond

the usual, or

deliver something

of value, I would

naturally expect

my Boss to take

note of it. The words of encouragement, as

and when they came my way, would serve

as a fuel to try even harder the next time

round. And when I would get stuck, I

would approach my Boss,

expecting him to rid my

path of undesired

hurdles. I would also

expect him to think

about my career

progression, my


path and my

annual bonus.

Afterall, isn’t this

what bosses are

there for?

It was rather recently, when

one of my team members

invited me to join him for coffee and

expressed his gratitude over certain

developmental feedback I had given him

that I understood the value of such

suburb life | March 2019



because we respect

him in a manner that

breeds mental


gestures. I suddenly felt far more

responsible for the person in question and

my desire to see him succeed shot up

immensely over that brief interaction. This

was when I realized that bosses are human

too, and they have the same triggers that

their subordinates do.

A boss-subordinate relationship can range

from an utterly transactional to an involved

one, depending on how the parties in

question approach it. A common

mistake that most professionals

make is to view their

superiors from a very

utilitarian prism. If we

find ourselves working

with a boss who is

adept at his work, we

feel awe and respect

towards him, and if

he turns out to be a

good peoples’ person,

well, we simply thank

our stars. And a word of

praise coming from this

revered entity makes us feel


However, it is this reverence that

sometimes stands in the way of establishing

a human bond of friendship, care and

affection. For instance, if a colleague, who

also happens to be a friend, is unwell, we

would call him and check on his condition

or offer any help that he might need.

Whereas, if the same person happens to

the boss, we would simply send a get well

soon text message, because that is the

courtesy we have conditioned ourselves to

extend. Similarly, for the boss’s birthday, a

tick-in-the-box greeting and the

perfunctory cake cutting in office would

suffice, but when it comes to a friend, we

would make efforts to make him feel extra


This isn’t because we don’t respect our

boss. The trick is to balance respect with

the right garnishing of sensitivity -

acknowledging, appreciating and caring for

the person, like we do for others in our life.

It is such bonds that transcend hierarchical

linkages and evolve into treasured and

lasting mentor-mentee relationships. s

Anurag Anand is the

bestselling author of

several notable titles

including The Legend of

Amrapali, Where the

Rainbow Ends and Love

on 3 Wheels. His latest

release, To Hell and Back,

is a fast paces thriller set

in Gurgaon, where he lives and works with a

beverage MNC. You can reach Anurag on or





Organised by Universal Runners, a collective

group of running enthusiasts curated Kanya-a thon,

a run to create awareness for menstrual hygiene

got hundreds of Gurgaon men & women together

to run for a cause

It was the second edition of Kanya-athon

which got men & women

together to run and support the cause

of menstrual hygiene. Kuhu Rao the

organiser of the run said, “It is equally

important that men too understand

this sensitive period of women and

support them. Hygiene factor is

compromised during this Period Cycle

especially in the rural areas and the

proceeds collected from Kanya-a-thon will

go to the organisations engaged in working

for the same case to raise awareness in the

rural belt.’’

The run was meticulously crafted which

started from Appu Ghar (Oyster Beach) at

5.30 am on March 10. A day before all the

bibs and goodie bags were issued form

The Venkateswar School which was a

supporting partner to the event. The

excitement for the run began almost 10

days before the final event. There were

many professional passionate runners who

completed 21 Km run. Others were there

challenging themselves to complete 10 km

The newcomers were happy to run for 3 &

Kilometres. It was a mixed bag of runnersdifferent

age groups, varied profiles, men &

women and children too were seen running

for the cause and making up to the

finishing line.

Supriya, a corporate executive said, the

runners are very encouraging and I loved

the experience of running with the

experienced marathon lovers, so much to


For Amit it was a first experience at the

marathon. He said I ran for my daughter

Dhanvi. She wanted me to participate and

also reach the finishing line. I am happy I

could do it. ‘’ s


Partnership event.

March 2019 | suburb life 39






So are you among those who are habitual to guzzling an energy drink to revitalize

your mind and body, boost your energy to focus better? Think again- The can might

just be an easy catch for instant gratification with a hidden cost to pay later

Meera Bakshi

The growing consumption of

energy drinks has become a

cause of concern for health

authorities across the world.

Apart from the small

presence of taurine and

vitamins, the most active

ingredient in energy drinks is caffeine.

While some brands have just 50 milligrams,

others pack as much as 215 mg. To put that

in perspective, an average 8-ounce cup of

coffee contains roughly 100 mg and most

experts advise limiting your caffeine to 400

mg a day to the maximum.

Energy drinks can be dangerous on their

own, yet they are more perilous when

combined with alcohol. Incidentally this

pairing has gone mainstream with bars

serving new breed of concoction of alcohol

mixed with energy drink. Wise is to stay


Medical experts believe that there are

increased incidents of dangerous side

effects of energy drinks affecting the

younger demographics of the society.

Some of the adverse effects may include:

1. Cardiac Arrest: Those underlying heart

conditions have gone into cardiac arrest

just after a few energy drinks

2. Headaches and Migraines: Too many

energy drinks can lead to severe headaches

from caffeine withdrawal symptoms

3. Increased Anxiety: With two different

genetic variations in their adenosine

receptors. They are prone to a feeling of

increased anxiety while consuming

caffeinated beverages

4. High Blood Pressure: Caffeinated

products are harmful to people with high


suburb life | March 2019


drinks are heavily

sweetened and easy to

drink, which appeals to

younger demographic but

can create health havoc

in the body.

blood pressures. They should use caution

and judgment before consuming an energy


5. Insomnia: Energy drinks do a good job

of keeping people awake, but when abused

they can cause people to num sleep


6. Vomiting: Consumption of too many

energy drinks can lead to nausea and

vomiting leading to severe dehydration at


7. Type 2 Diabetes: Energy drinks are high

in sugar; which can lead to type 2 diabetes

Downing energy drinks may have adverse

reactions ranging from heart palpitations to

Energy drinks are

emerging as a

public health threat and

are increasingly

consumed by youth

internationally. It

contains high levels of

caffeine, sugar, and

novel ingredients, and

are often marketed

through youth-oriented

media and venues.

chest pain to seizures also. Overall, when

drunk solo and in moderation, energy

drinks can be fairly safe products. s

With inputs from Dr Devender Taneja, senior

physician with specialisation in treatment of

diabetes and cardiac management.




Cartist Yatra, a

travelling art



ed by Jaipurbased

vintage car

restorer and art

enthusiast Himanshu

Jangid, reached Gurgaon

after travelling through

Indore, Ahmedabad,

Goa, Bengaluru,


Bhubaneshwar, Kolkata

and Lucknow. The Yatra

has had around 120

artists participating in the

three-day art-meets-car


Covering the distance of

9100 kilometres and 21

cities with a single

agenda –Unite India

there were eight

painted cars

travelling through

various cities of






Dolly Jain is a celebrity

Drape Artist. She takes

pride in draping the

B-Town celebrities and

recently she has returned

after draping Deepika

Padukone, Priyanka

Chopra and the more

recent IshaAmbani for

their wedding and

reception. She

demystifies the beauty

and versatility of six


SUBURB connects with

her to know more about

the art of draping a saree

with contemporary twists

Meera Bakshi

Dolly Jain holds the world

record for draping sarees

in 325 different styles and

is the fastest in draping a

saree in the record time

of 18.5seconds which has

given her entry to

Guinea’s Book of Records. We in tête-à-tête

with her...


suburb life | March 2019

Q. Is saree losing its sheen in the

current times?

A. A few years back, there was a large

percentage of girls and women who gave

saree a miss and preferred to wear more

contemporary outfits like dresses and

gowns. But in the present, as I see the

trend of sarees is back with a bang! These

days, women are again experimenting with

sarees, their drapes are traditional and the

youngsters are wearing the garment with a

twist- like over jeggings, jeans, palazzos

and others, making it a style statement. The

young generation is definitely taking more

pains to dress up well, and that too by

going in for fusion styles-the best of both

the worlds. For me saree as a garment has

definitely not lost its sheen, on the contrary,

it has made a beautiful comeback.

Q. Which is the most popular

saree drape that celebrities like

to experiment with?

A. Celebrities like Shilpa Shetty is always

open to experimenting and she is happy

and confident to sport various styles like

the saree with denim, fusion drapes

amongst others. Others mostly like to keep

it simple, with traditional drapes with

flowing Pallu.

Since these celebrities always wear sarees

designed by renowned designers, they

prefer to highlight each intricate details of

the work in the saree- whether its

embroidery or embellishments. Rekhaji has

always been wearing Kanjeevaram silks and

that’s become her style statement now.

Q. Which celebrity you enjoyed

working with the most and why?

A. I enjoyed working with Deepika

Padukone the most. Whenever I drape her,

it’s always a pleasure- she is very clear on

her concepts and the style she would want

to wear on that particular occasion.

Also, she is the real Diva who can carry any

drape style with elegance and ease.

Moreover, being extremely well-mannered,

I always get a lot of respect from her. It is

absolutely a delight to dress her.

Q. Saree is the classic and most

sensuous attire. Your comment.

A. Saree is the most graceful traditional

attire of Indian women. Indian sarees are so

versatile that it can be used for any

occasion as it varies from traditional to sexy

to bold. The way a saree is draped around

a woman’s body accentuates the curves of

the body and hence makes beholder look

elegant and sensuous. Being a woman

myself, I think it all depends on the person

who’s wearing the six yards and with what

attitude and comfort that makes a lot of


Q. Anything else that you want

to add for SUBURB readers

keeping in mind the Gurgaon's

corporate culture.

A. Saree is your power suit- that is what

comes to my mind when I think of

Gurgaon’s Corporate culture. No matter

what you wear, the wow factor that a saree

brings in is difficult to compare to any other

clothing. Walk in your board rooms

adorning a saree, with confidence and a

gleam of pride of your culture and see the

energy shift. s


Get a youthful skin radiance with

Organic Harvest’s Face Elixir Serum

Organic Harvest launches its

exotic range of Organic Face

Elixir Serum. This organic Face

Elixir Serum provides deep

nourishment, relieve dark

circles, repair pigmentation and fight the

early signs of ageing.

Face Elixir serum has been formulated from

the power of ‘Saffron’. Saffron is the world’s

most expensive spice and also a unique

beauty ingredient that has served the

royal queens for many a century. It

contains many vitamins and

antioxidants that are beneficial and

therapeutic for the skin. This organic

elixir serum helps your skin look younger for

longer by evening out your skin tone and

brightening the complexion simultaneously.


Ingredients: Saffron, Licorine, Manjishtha,

Turmeric Extracts, Vetiver, Manjistha Oil.

Price: 1995 for 30 gm.

Delhi Dossier

A post event wrap up report on Delhi’s socialite brigade, shows,

launches and more…

Red Carpet Theatre Awards

The theatre fraternity and

audiences came together in

the national capital for a redcarpet

awards gala at the

14th Mahindra Excellence in

Theatre Awards (META) Festival. The

week-long extravaganza came to an

end as the past year’s best plays from

across the country were awarded the

coveted META at the Red Carpet

Awards Night at Kamani Auditorium.

There were 14 award categories onstage

and off-stage talent including the

prestigious Lifetime Achievement

Award. The Hindi Adaptation of

‘Andha Yug’ by TAAM, Manipur

bagged Best Play and ‘Agarbatti’ by

Samagam Rangmandal won Best

Director and Best Original Script at the

2019 META.

The jury for the 14th edition of META

comprised of eminent personalities

including Akash Khurana, Anmol

Centre For Mohiniyattam presented 'SAMVAAD'

at Stein Auditorium at India Habitat Centre

recently. The senior disciples of Guru Padma Shri

(Smt.) Bharati Shivaji came together to present

Samvaad which is a dialogue between

Mohiniyattam and other likeminded classical dance forms,

namely Sattriya, Odissi, Mayurbhanj Chau and Manipuri,

performed with Mohiniyattam as duets. It expresses how

the styles, in spite of their well delineated vocabulary,

complement each other beautifully and can come

together to weave a poetic tapestry of grace and


The aim is to not only work at expanding the frontiers

of Mohiniyattam on its own, but also in exploring

possibilities of its growth in conjunction with styles

that can complement its mood and aesthetics well.

The participating artists included Vani Bhalla Pahwa

(Mohiniyattam), Vinaya Narayanan (Mohiniyattam),

Anwesa Mahanta (Sattriya), Kavita Dwibedi (Odissi),

amongst others.


Ila Arun, Kulbhushan

Kharbanda, Mukund


Kothari and Sunit


This year’s edition of the festival saw a

record-breaking 414 entries sent in for

various categories. For a week in the

capital’s Shri Ram Centreand Kamani

Auditorium, the META Festival staged

Samvaad- Expanding cultural frontiers



plays of




in Bundeli,

English, Gujarati, Hindi, Hindustani,

Kannada, Malayalam and Tamil, with

several of these performances running

to packed houses.

Pictures by Rasmi Choudhary


suburb life | March 2019




Take a break and let the wheels of your

mind churn while munching snacks and

sipping tea with our new page G-chai.

The New Releases of the month

on the shelf

“It ain’t whatcha write, it’s the way atcha write it.”— Jack Kerouac

Junior Lives: Shivaji Maharaj

Authors: Sonia Mehta

Publisher: Penguin

In the land of the Marathas, there

was once a fearless young ruler

called Shivaji. He was known for

his bravery and effective war

strategies. This young man went

on to become

ChhattrapatiShivajiMaharaj-one of

India's greatest kings, and a thorn

in the side of the mighty Mughal

Empire. The Maratha Empire that

he established changed the

course of India's history, becoming a major military power.

Fifth in a series of illustrated books created for young

readers to get to know our world heroes better, this

engaging biography, peppered with little-known facts,

takes the reader through the awe-inspiring journey of

Shivaji, built on his determination and valour as well as his

exemplary victories.


The Wicked King

Authors: Holly Black

Publishers: Harper Collins

I have heard that for

mortals, the feeling of

falling in love is very like

the feeling of fear.

Jude has tricked Cardan

onto the throne, binding

him to her for a year and a

day. But the new High

King does everything in

his power to humiliate and

undermineher, even as his

fascination with her

remains undimmed.

Meanwhile, a traitor in the

court is scheming against her. Jude must fight for her

lifeand the lives of those she loves, all while battling her

ow n complicated feelings for

Cardan. Now a year and a day seems like no time at all.

I am a Rebel Girl: A Journal to start Revolutions

Authors: Francesca Cavallo and Elena Favilli

Publisher: Harper Collins

It is a children’s feminist activity book that is

designed to encourage girls to lead the

revolution of our time. The one-of-a-kind

journalis filled with 100 activities that

challenge perspective, induce thought, and

prompt action. With I Am a Rebel Girl in hand,

girls will write love notes totheir favorite body

parts, draw themselves climbing mountains,

write letters to elected representatives, and

more. The journal is the perfect companionto

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls, the global best-selling series by Elena

Favilli and Francesca Cavallo.


Animal Intimacies: Beastly Love in the Himalayas

Authors: Radhika Govindarajan Publisher: Penguin

What does it mean to live and die in relation

to other animals?What do we really know of

the intimate – and intense – moments of care,

kinship, violence, politics, indifference and

desire that occur between humans and nonhuman

animals? Built on extensive

ethnographic fieldwork in the mountain

villages of India’s Central Himalayas, Radhika

Govindarajan’s book explores the number of

ways humans and animals interact to cultivate

relationships as interconnected, related

beings. Whether it is through the study of the affect and ethics of animal

sacrifice, analysis of the right-wing political project of cow-protection, or

examination of the villagers’ talk about bears who abduct women and

have sex with them, Govindarajan illustrates that multispecies relatedness

relies on both difference and ineffable affinity between animals.


Don’t worry, BEE happy. Biplob’s on his way!

Authors: Abhishek Talwar

Publishers: Penguin

Biplob is a very busy bumblebee. When he

isn’t collecting nectar, he is off on rollicking

adventures to save his garden with the

help of his friends Farmer Balram and the

flowers. From harvesting water to saving baby plants from a dangerous

infection, Biplob comes up with innovative ideas that are always ecofriendly.Here’s

a collection of vibrantly illustrated stories that promise to

teach kids something new through lessons on science and friendship.

Tell us your favourite read of the month. Write to us at

March 2019 | suburb life 45





Anuradha Ramamirtham

How is investing in Liquid Fund

Better than Savings Account?

The good old savings account has been

there for more than 60 years now, but it

doesn’t necessarily have to mean that what

has been there for so long, need to be

financially effective. Old habits die hard and

this holds mostly true in the case of

investments. Most people believe in

keeping cash at home- which shows no

growth or in their savings bank accounts

where again it sees a very small growth.

When you compare the rate of growth of

money in savings accounts with that of the

liquid fund, the latter is attractive. Owing to

low awareness, comfort factor and fear of

adopting new avenues, many people still

continue to invest in a savings account. A

better option among the two is liquid funds

definitely, believe financial experts.

Mentioned below are the


1) Helps Readily when in Need:

Emergencies often come unannounced- be

it a huge medical expense, job loss,

relocating etc. While emergencies cannot

be avoided, one can be at least financially

prepared to face them. In an event of an

emergency, what comes to one’s

immediate rescue is liquid funds. Although

savings account offers the maximum

liquidity and convenience of you walking up

to an ATM to withdraw, liquid funds are not

far behind. It is advisable to keep at least

six months of one’s living expenses in a

liquid fund so that one is not in a financial

lurch in time of need.

2) Higher Returns between the Two:

Liquid funds offer returns that are linked to

short term debt instruments. These are

typically higher than interest on savings

account offered by most banks and thus

works advantageously as who doesn’t mind

a little more money. So, if you are looking

at what gives higher returns on your

investment, liquid funds are the answer.

3) Allowed to Invest in liquid funds even

for a day: As opposed to other financial

products which may insist on locking your

money for a certain period of time, in the

liquid funds you necessarily don’t have to


suburb life | March 2019

lock your money for any certain fixed

period of time. “Many people hesitate to

invest when they are told about a lock-in

period as they are of the opinion that they

may need money anytime and at that time

shouldn’t be left stranded. Unlike most

mutual funds, liquid funds do not grow

through ups and downs and offer more or

less steady returns even on a daily basis.

Hence, liquid fund investments can be used

for a single day’s parking of idle funds. This

is definitely an advantageous position for

the investor, who can invest for even a day

and redeem his money,” says K

Ramanujam, an independent financial


4) Instant money credit up to Rs 50k per

day: Most liquid funds offer instant

redemption feature by which your money

can be encashed during any time of the day

for up to Rs 50,000. With easy money

redemption of up to Rs 50,000 per day, one

can be assured of financial assistance at any

time of the day or night.

5) Taxed as capital gains: Chartered

Accountant Surmaya Mukherjee mentions

that with liquid fund’s dividend option, the

complexities associated with the filing of

tax returns is done away with as the taxes

are deducted at source by the mutual fund.

This helps as one won’t get confused and

hesitate to invest owing to tax filing related


Finally, overcome the laziness to move your

money from a savings account to smarter

avenues like liquid funds. It is very

convenient to invest in liquid funds through

the various mutual funds' websites, in the

comfort of your home. s


Masaba Gupta Stands Fearless

Against Body Shaming

Says ‘Body Shaming not

acceptable, be Fearless

to fight society


Power goddess and fashion

designer, Masaba Gupta, her

elegant stance and quirky

appeal said, “This Women’s

Day, with a crown of Curls

and a big smile, I strike off

the “UNATTRACTIVE” label I

was given. ‘Coz I can face

anything. Body Shaming is

not acceptable. Being a

victim of that, I can proudly

say that it is only by being


one can go beyond these

labels. Slam the shame girls!

Time to strike off that one

judgement that has followed

you all your life. Different is






Public Engagement has risen in Gurgaon through

Raahgiri Day. It's an active platform to reach out to

people across age groups, cutting across social strata

to deliver a message of healthy and compassionate

life. The Sunday mornings of Sector - 4 residents

were booked for the entire February to participate in

the high voltage energy of Raahgiri

There is a dynamic

space for the month of February.

environment with people

dancing Zumba and B

Bhangrato peppy Bollywood

tunes. The organisers

focused on road safety and

integrated use of public

According to a recent research from WRI

India road crashes in India is killing 1.5 lakh

people every year. Hence the organisers of

Raahgiri Day felt that it is imperative to

conduct activities that create awareness

about road safety. Hence a Nukkad Natak

showing the perils of not following traffic

rules was performed. A flash mob was

organized which displayed the importance

of pedestrian safety. A human chain was

formed chanting the slogan “Sadak

Suraksha Jeevan Raksha.”

It was found that hyper-tension arising due

to bad relationships with family members

and peers are also a leading factor for lack

of focused driving and rash driving which

causes a crash on the street. Hence the

message of safe driving and anti-road rage

messages get delivered at Raahgiri for

people to think on the importance of these

social messages.

Members from Maata Pita Foundation by

Human Rights gave a motivational speech

to the youngsters to take good care of their

parents during their old-age and not leave

them without support as the parents

provide unconditional love and support to

their children when they are young.

On 17th February due to the unfortunate

event of the Pulwama attack, a walk was

organised where the residents of Sector 4

held the National flag showing solidarity

with the families of CRPF Jawans.

Overall, Raahgiri Day has been receiving

positive feedback from the residents of

Gurgaon. Very soon Raahgiri shall be

moving to New Gurgaon to reach out to

the new audience and space. Now,

residents from other sectors have

requested to host the event in their

respective sector with varied social

messages and health and fitness activities. s


Partnership event.


suburb life | March 2019


Sujata Malik is a seasoned therapist with several

years of experience in different energy healing

modalities such as Spiritual Response Therapy,

Emotional Freedom Techniques, Reiki, Osho Zen Tarot

and Bach flower therapy. For one to one sessions

contact: +91 -9811128979

What the OshO Zen tarOt speaks abOut us fOr the March 2019

ARIES | (21st March-20th April)

Time of success though the

success will come with

unethical means. Pack your

bags as travel is round the

corner, it could be a holiday

what a business trip. Slowly

and surely you are moving

towards your goal. stay away from immoral


Message from your Angels: We are taking you

around to fully travel and explore the world.

LEO | (23rd July–22nd August)

The month is full of love

and compassion. Give

love, receive love, become

love for that is who you

truly are. Harmony in

relationships is important.

Share your feelings and emotions fully. Good

month for partnership and collaborations.

Message from your Angels: “Open your arms to

receive gifts from your creator. We angels bring

you gifts.”

SAGITTARIUS | (22nd Nov-21st Dec)

You have the blessings of

all the female goddesses

Lakshmi Tara and Sarasvati.

Bloom fully under their

grace. You will receive

success in whatever you

touch, it’s like the Midas touch.

Message from your Angels: “The worst is now

behind you, and you are surmounting any

previous Challenges.”

TAURUS | (21St April-21st May)

The blessings of the

universe actually with you

this month. Set pack and

receive. All your hard work

will now be rewarded. You

will be able to use all the

opportunities and avenues that are presented to

you. Receive the blessings.

Message from your Angels: “I am with you in

your time of need, helping your heart to heal.”

VIRGO | (23rd Aug–22nd Sept)

You will need to make a

lot of adjustments and

compromises to make

things peaceful this

month. Don't let your ego

or mind get the better of

you. You may not be happy giving into a lot of

things but compromise is the call of the month.

Message from your Angels: “We angels are

opening the hearts of everyone involved and

resolving conflicts and arguments. “

CAPRICORN | (22nd Dec-21st Jan)

the middle path.

You will feel extremely

peaceful and contented

with whatever life offers

you at this time. It may

not be anything big or

extraordinary, but will

be very steady and sure.

You are happy to walk

Message from your Angels: “It is time for you

to assume your leadership power and position,

and lovingly guide others”

GEMINI | (22nd May-21st June)

Don't be caught with the

burden of failures in the

past. Get up and start

afresh challenging yourself

more at every step. You will

be amazed at her own

potential; stretch out and touch the sky. Success

is with you.

Message from your Angels: “Spread your wings!

Do not hold back right now.”

LIBRA | (23rd September-22nd October)

An action packed month in

your favour but with a lot of

fire. Accept and surrender to

what is. Destiny is not

offering you too much, just

take what there is happily.

Better times ahead.

Message from your Angels: ”Use your god given

power and intention to manifest blessings in your

life. Take your power back!”

AQUARIUS | (21st Jan-19th Feb)

You will be involved in

intense activities involving

groups, family and

teamwork. Success will

come through teamwork.

Don't hesitate to ask for

support and help. You need a lot of collective

energies to move ahead at this time.

Message from your Angels: “Yes, your idea is

divinely guided …please take action to bring

your idea to fruition.”

CANCER | (22nd June-22nd July)

Ground yourself fully. Move

carefully and cautiously

taking each step with

awareness. Drop fears of

the future and failures of

the past. Be fully in the

present moment and see how beautifully you are

able to balance your life.

Message from your Angels: “I am protecting you

against lower energies, and guarding you, your

loved ones, and home.”

SCORPIO | (23rd Oct-21st Nov)

Amount of perfect harmony

love and joy. Everything

will unfold just the way

you want things to be, in

the field of health,

finances, career

relationships. New partnerships will be very


Message from your Angels: “Your life purpose is

triggering a blessed career change.”

PISCES | (20th February-20th March)

Not a very encouraging

month in most of your

activities. Productivity will

be low. You might feel a

strong sense of suffocation

and suppression. Lie low if

possible. Do not expect any

positivity around at this time.

Message from your Angels: “Everything is

happening exactly as it is supposed to, with

hidden blessings you will soon understand.”

March 2019 | suburb life 49


Bollywood Retro Night with The Toll


them). You can cut as many bottles you want

from that technique & make your own wind

chime/ jars/ candle holders etc.

All the tools & decoration items will be

provided in the workshop.

Drive-In Cinema - Bollywood Weekend

on Insider

Venue: Saints N Sinners, Gurugram

Date: March 22 I 9pm




Comedy Show with Abhineet Mishra

Venue: Hyatt Place Gurgaon

Date: March 17 | 12:30pm

Entry: Rs 799 – 2222

Get ready to burst into laughter with one of

the finest stand-up comedians Abhineet

Mishra. He has been a regular on the Stand-

Up Comedy scene for the last couple of

years. His content is anecdotal and

observational & he has performed on some

of the biggest stages in the country.

Men Will be Men ( Hinglish Stand up

comedy show )

Entry: Rs 250

Experience the best of Bollywood retro Live

with The Toll Road a Delhi based Indie

Fusion Band. Hindi music is the soul of this

band and inspires them to strike the right

chord in this maze of music genres and at

the same time striving to retain the aura of

Indian music.

Saturday Night Live | Mehak & Mukul

Venue: Lock & Key

Date: March 16 | 8:30pm

Entry: Free

Mehak and Mukul come together once

again with their gorgeous duets. Mehak with

her voice as soft as silk will be here to

enrapture the audience, assisted by the

spunky Mukul matching her tune for tune.

The Wiral stage for all

Venue: Sector 29


Date: Sun, 7 Apr

2:00pm - 5:00pm

February 4:30pm

Entry: Rs 100

Venue: SCC Dome, Gurgaon , Delhi

Check Estimated Time

Date: Fri, 15 Mar 7:00pm + more dates

Entry: Rs 399 Onwards

Portrait Sketching Workshop

Venue: Pepperfry Bespoke Studio

Date: March 24 | 1pm

Entry: Rs 1250 - 1400

We always want to create portrait sketches

of ourselves, friends & family. You'll start

with the basic understanding of tools &

techniques, making elements, composition

& detailing of the same and walk out of the

workshop with a beautiful portrait creation

on your own!

LF91 – A Heritage Food Festival, Delhi

This stage offers you an open mic to unleash

your talent! Poetry, shayari, story-telling,

stand-up comedy, mimicry, beat boxing,

singing, rapping or any special gift that you


Venue: Dribble Cafe

Date: March 22 | 8pm

Entry: Rs 300 – 500

This show talks about how men think about

various things starting from booze, women,

joints, politics, Bollywood and lots more!

Unending humor, some scathing satire and

some biting sarcasm awaits.

Bottle Cutting & Etching Workshop -


Venue: The


Sushant Lok

Phase I,


Date: April 7 |

10:30am – 1.30pm, 2pm – 5pm

Entry: Rs 1589

Please carry your waste bottles (2-3 of

Venue: Leisure Valley Ground, Gurgaon

Date: March 22 & 23 | 12pm

Entry: Rs 200 (Full Cover)

LF91 is our endeavor at bringing regional

heritage food to the urban heartlands.

Hundreds of authentic dishes from the deep

corners of Andhra Pradesh, Kerala,

Karnataka and Tamil Nadu will make their

way to you in this delicious fest!


suburb life | March 2019

ADAAH (Summer Edition - Gurgaon) Fashion and Lifestyle


Venue: Apparel House

(Epicentre), Gurgaon

Date: 6 Apr – 8 April:

11:00am - 8:00pm

Entry: Free

It’s a shopper’s paradise as

the summer edition of

Gurgaon’s biggest

shopping extravaganza

returns with over 150 stalls under one roof! There will be retail brands,

corporate companies, fashion and lifestyle brands and much more.

Gurgaon Kids Fair


Behind Celebration Mall

Subash Chowk, Sohna


Date: Fri, 5 Apr 11:00AM -


Entry: Rs 125

Gurgaon Kids' Fair brings games, art & crafts, competitions, creative

learning, shopping, fun rides, fashion, interactive entertainment,

innovative sessions, role-play, gifts & prizes, science exhibits, and

yummy food to enhance a kid’s overall development!


FLYP Cafe Presents Akhil #Nashaboy

Venue: FLYP cafe, Delhi

Date: March 15 | 8:31pm

Entry: Rs 750

Akhil Sachdeva is an Indian

Musician, Singer And

Composer. His Song

Humsafar Was Featured In

The Bollywood Film

Badrinath Ki Dulhania. Enjoy an evening with scintillating music and

foot-tapping numbers.


The Laugh Club Presents Vir Das - The Loved Tour, Delhi

Venue: Siri Fort Auditorium

Date: April 7 | 8pm

Entry: Rs 499 - 2999

One of India’s finest talents, Vir Das

has emerged as a shining star on

India’s stand-up comedy scene.

Come for an evening of laughter and chuckles as he belts out hilarious

anecdotes that show off his wit and spontaneity like never before.


Date: Apr 5 - Apr 7 2019

12:00 pm – 10:00pm

Entry: Free

A three-day long celebration

of gastronomic delights, this

food and drinks festival

would have the aura and

grandeur of cuisines from all over the world.

Get your event listed in this section.

Share information at

March 2019 | suburb life 51

Gurgaon Has ‘It’ All...



Taco Bell

Mexican, Fast Food

( 011 33105819

Highlight: Crispy Chicken


Burma Burma

Burmese, Asian

( 0124 4372999

Highlight: All Vegetarian

Drunken Botanist


( 0124 4372999

Highlight: Funky Decor


American, Desserts

( +91 9560741709

Highlight: Pancakes!



( +91 7838045182

Highlight: Nightlife

Farzi Cafe

Modern Indian

( +91 8800690419

Highlight: Innovative


Prapra prank

Asian, Modern Indian

( 011 33106071

Highlight: Full Bar



( 011 33106071

Highlight: Nightlife

Sutra Gastropub


( +91 9958636700

Highlight: Live Music


Portugese, African

( 011 33105976

Highlight: Peri-Peri


Dhaba - Estd 1986 Delhi

North Indian

( +91 8527900779

Highlight: Authentic North


Soda Bottle Opener


Parsi, Iranian, Indian

( 0124 6518801

Highlight: Parsi themed


Pier 38

Arabian, Lebanese

( 011 33105597

Highlight: Turkish Pizza

The Bombaykery

Bakery, Dessert

( +91 8527483676

Highlight: Only takeaway

Quaff Microbrewery

American, Italian, Chinese

( +91 9654659050

Highlight: Wheat Beer

Potbelly Sandwich


Sandwich, Salad

( 0124 4528941

Highlight: Sandwiches and


Oh So Stoned!

Desserts, Ice Cream

( +91 9971283529

Highlight: Alcohol based


The People & Co.

Italian, Continental

( +91 7042913733

Highlight: Canvas Laughter


Indigo Delicatessen

European, Continental

( 0124 4528999

Highlight: Black-forest Iced


Mr. Mamagoto


( 0124 4960243

Highlight: quirky and



AMPM Café & Bar

Galleria market

Continental, Italian,


( 011 30806401

Highlight: Live Music

Sakley's The Mountain


Cafe, Italian, Continental

( +91 9899996737

Highlight: Cozy Ambience

Uptown Fresh Beer


Finger Food, continental

( +91 8527009985

Highlight: Live Sports


The Bowl Factory


( 011 33105797

Highlight: Lemongrass


The Joint Cafe

American, Continental

( 0124 4048413

Highlight: Burgers

Crudo Juicery


( 011 33106204

Highlight: Watermelon

Feta Salad

Buddhaz Bowl

Chinese, Thai, Asian

( 0124 4770303

Highlight: Bao


Pizza, Fast Food

( +91 8882052000

Highlight: Monster Deep


Auntie Fung's

Chinese, vietnamese,


( 011 33107948

Highlight: Khau Suey

Indian Wok

Chinese, Thai

( 011 30806430

Highlight: Egg Noodles

Rule The Rolls

Indian, Fast Food

( 0124 4833000

Highlight: Mutton Kakori


Chaat Chowk


( +91 9310818181

Highlight: Aloo Tikki


Frozen Yoghurt

( +91 7011456294

Highlight: Strawberry with



North-Indian, Chaat, Fastfood

( +91 9953956543

Highlight: Palak Chaat


Healthy Food, Salads

( +91 8000600096

Highlight: Calorie-friendly




Di Ghent Cafe

Cafe, Belgian

( 0124 4227444

Highlight: Breakfast


Cheesy Kneads

Pizza, Italian

( 011 33105758

Highlight: Pepperoni Pizza!

Lock & Key

North Indian, Continental

( 011 33106367

Highlight: Cocktails

The Chocolate Villa

Bakery & Cafe ( Pure Veg)

( 9654998993

The Pasta Bowl


Italian, Salad, Juices

0124 4375666

Highlight: Handmade



North Indian, Mughlai

+91 8130150316

Highlight: Mutton Biryani


American, Italian

0124 4326612

Highlight: Healthy


Foodies can share their signature

recipes and their favourite dine out

places with us. Write to us at

8. Nayab Handi

North Indian, Awadhi

0124 4825941

Highlight: Prompt Service

Big Wong

Chinese, Japanese, Sushi,


( +91 8010111666

Highlight: Sushi

Fat Lulu's Cafe & Bar

Pizza, Italian, Salad

( 011 33106011

Highlight: Thin crusted


Cafe Shunya

Cafe, Continental, Healthy


( 0124 4072555

Highlight: Farm fresh eggs

Madhuban - Sattvic

South Indian


South Indian

( 0124 4300714

Highlight: Mysore Dosa


The Nook

Vatika Business Park


( 011 33107602

Highlight: Dal makhni

Paradise Biryani

Raheja Mall


( 011 33105714

Highlight: Mutton Biryani

Vapour Bar Exchange

Vipul Trade Centre

Continental, Finger Food

( 011 30806441

Highlight: Varying prices

of drinks

Moti Mahal Delux

Subhash Chowk

North Indian, Mughlai

( 011 33105898

Highlight: Tandoori


Zodiac - Fortune Select



( 0124 4577777

Highlight: Sunday brunch


The Spice Room

Vatika Business Park

North Indian, Mughlai,


( +91 8800801623

Highlight: Dal Makhni


suburb life | March 2019

The Living Room - The

Westin Sohna Resort &



( 0124 7112233

Highlight: Decor

The Ivy

Baani Square

Middle Eastern, Lebanese,


( 011 33107605

Highlight: Deliciousness

for all taste buds


Golf Course Road

Continental, American,

Fast Food

( +91 8800592498

Highlight: Burgers

The Calorie Kitchen

Good Earth City Center

Healthy Food

( 011 33106094

Highlight: Healthy


LubLub Lebanese

Baani Square

Mediterranean, Lebanese

( 011 33105055

Highlight: Chicken


Fat Butterfly Bakery

And Cafe

Baani Square

Bakery, Cafe

( 011 33106240

Highlight: Cheesecake

Brewer Street

ILD Trade Centre Mall


( 011 33105296

Highlight: Draught Beer


Bestech Business Tower

Cafe, Bakery

( +91 9555900400

Highlight: Chilled out


Coriander Leaf

Vatika Business Park

Mughlai, Pakistani, North


( 0124 4044495

Highlight: Paneer Butter



Walking Street By Soi7

Asian, Italian

( 011 33105698

Highlight: Cocktails

Gravity Spacebar


( 011 33107914

Highlight: Rooftop


Gung The Palace


( 011 33105663

Highlight: Korean




( 011 30806690

Highlight: Variety of dishes


North Indian, Modern


( 0124 4266653

Highlight: Innovative


Agent Jack's Bidding


North Indian, Chinese,


( 011 33105594

Highlight: Bidding for


Friction The Drinkery

North Indian, Biryani,

( 011 33105209

Highlight: Drinks

Raise The Bar Rooftop -

Clarens Hotel

European, Continental,


( +91 9999117666

Highlight: Great ambience

Raifu Tei - Dia Park



( 0124 4604600

Highlight: Authentic


Vegas 99

Continental, North-Indian

( 011 33106587

Highlight: Vegas feels in G-


Mosaic - Country Inn &


North Indian, Asian,


( 0124 4828061

Highlight: Buffet

Citrus Cafe

Indian, Continental

( 0124 448 0200

Highlight: Cheerful


Jungle Jamboree

Indian, Asian and


( 097172 88300

Highlight: Jungle themed


If you want your eatery

to be reviewed write to

us at


Indian Coastal

( 0124 476 0600

Highlight: Coastal Curries

Warehouse Cafe


( 91 9718600666

Highlight: Pocket-friendly


After stories

North-Indian, European

( 011-33106410

Highlight: Exquisite




7 Degrees Brauhaus

South Point Mall

Continental, Italian, North


( 011 33105394

Highlight: Draught Beers

Manhattan Bar

Exchange & Brewery

Global Foyer Mall

Finger Food, American,


( +91 8800697554

Highlight: Non-veg kebab


Indian Grill Room

Suncity Business Tower

North Indian, Mughlai

( 011 33105144

Highlight: Expansive Buffet

Artusi Ristorante in

Piazza Horizon



The Verandas, Golf

Course Road, Gurgaon

( +91 9871432888|


World Spa East, Gurgaon

( +91 9643408702 | Ext


DLF Summit, Golf Course

Road, Gurgaon

( +91 9870563888 |

+91124 4669250

Central Par k-1, Golf

Course Road

( +91 9650050888 |

+91124 428328

IVY League, Sushant

Lok1, Gurgaon

( +919773906661 |


The Belaire, Golf Course

Road, Gurgaon

( +91 9773903331 |


Two Horizon Center


( 0124 6676666

Highlight: Pastas


Sector 28

Fast Food, Desserts

( 011 33106215

Highlight: Waffles

Cafe La Pino'z

Opposite Vatika Towers

Italian, Cafe

( +91 9250000034

Highlight: Sumptuous


Saints n Sinners - Grub

Pub Music

Global Foyer Mall

Continental, Indian, Asian

( 011 30806660

Highlight: Live music

Fur Ball Story

Saraswati Kunj


( +91 9582112979

Highlight: Excellent service

Delhi Club House

One Horizon Center

North Indian, Continental,


( +91 9205587444

Highlight: Cocktails

Shawarma House

Central Plaza Mall

Lebanese, Rolls, Kebab

( 011 33105786

Highlight: Affordable


The Clock Tower

Opposite South Point Mall

North Indian, Continental,


( +91 9599199314

Highlight: Fifa world cup


Hahn's Kitchen

One Horizon Center

Korean, Japanese

( 0124 2575600

Highlight: Sushi and


Cafe Stay Woke

South Point Mall

Cafe, Continental,


( +91 7703929965

Highlight: Breakfast Menu

Whisky Samba

Two Horizon Center

Italian, Asian

( +91 9811801682

Highlight: Cocktails and DJ


Vatika Towers Complex

European, Continental

( 011 33106491

Highlight: Romantic

outdoor sitting


Sector 53

American, Fast Food

( +91 8800592498

Highlight: HUGE burgers!!

Cafe Amaretto

South Point Mall

Italian, European

( 011 33105680

Highlight: Cozy Ambience

The Chocolate Villa

Bakery & Cafe ( Pure Veg)

118, Crosspoint Mall, DLF 4,


( 7827219578



The Old School Brew


Finger Food, Indian &


Sector 29, Gurgaon

( 9599732929

Vegas 99

Chinese & Indian

Sector 29

( 01133106587

Boombox Brewstreet

North Indian, Chinese &


Sector 29

( +91 9821494360

Ministry of Beer

Continental, Italian &


Sector 29

( 011 33106552


Dessert Art by Deepali


Cakes and Pies

( 9873431665

Mocha Mania

Customised Cakes and


( 7838222131

We want to know what

you think about Biryani

places in G-town. Share

your experience with us



March 2019 | suburb life 53


Sugar Rush

Chocolate and lemon tart

( 9910414696


Chocolate Torta Cake

( 9873164293

Divinum Chocolate

Triple Blended Coffee

Chocolate, Roasted Almond,

Butter Scotch Crunch

( 8527215399

Zucchero, The Sugar


Cranberry bars, Peanut

butter chocolate bars

( 9811028280

The Cake Company

Red velvet cakes and

cupcakes, fudge cakes and

cake pop bouquets

( 9899462047

Love at First Bite

Carrot cake with cream

cheese, designer cakes

( 9899194029

The Chocolate Haven

Custom cupcakes and

chocolate bars with

personalized packaging

( 9873465309

Shop No. 4, First Floor,

B Block Shopping Arcade

South City 2 Gurugram

( 9711490999

The Rolling Pin Bakery

Home baker

( 095601 80001

Owl's Den

(Chinese, North Indian)

Sohna Road

( +91 8510009955

+91 8510009933

Delhi to Beijing

(Chinese, South Indian,

North Indian)

Sohna Road

( 0124 4909014


(North Indian, Chinese)

Sohna Road

( +91 9999011161

+91 9999011151

Café Soho

(Continental, Café, North


Sohna Road

( +91 9717896530

0124 4717000

Bourbon Street

(Finger Food)

Sohna Road

( 0124 4717000



Ghungroo Dance



Balbhavan, Sector 4,


( 9818086693



Flat No-101, Tower -3,The

Palms South City-1, Sector-

31 Gurgaon

( 9873342447

Rohit’s Kathak Classes


Sector 28, Gurgaon

( 9990616053


Bharatnatyam Dance



Sohna Road

( 9999506212

Kala Uditaayan

Kathak and Odissi

C-513, Sushant Lok-I

Opposite Telephone


( 9899948483

Svar Vandana


Shop Number 70, Huda

City Market, Sector 40,

Near HDFC Bank

( 9643250627

Tansen Sangeet


Bharatnatyam and


Plot No-157, Sector 56,

Gurgaon, Opp Anand

Medical Centre

( 9211788291

Sur Nupoor


P-4/32 A, DLF Phase-2

Gurgaon, India

( 9810482009



64, Ground Floor, Nirvana

Woodstock, Sector 50

( 9650275417



Hair Masters Luxury

Salon *


( +91 9860886531

Aqua Thai Spa

Central Plaza

( 0124- 4027515

Kabi Boutique Salon

South Point Mall

( 0124-4055062

Blue Terra Spa &

Wellness Center

Supermart - 1

( 0124-4221888

Anytime Fitness

Bestech Center Point

( +919990835835

Reebok Crossfit

Phase 1

( 0124- 4085606

Red Mat Pilates

Golf Course Road


Dlf Phase 4

( +91 7838358788

Sportsfit ILD

Sohna Road

( +91 9999871515

Kaya Skin Clinic


( 0124 437 5605

Laughter is brightest

where food is best.

Irish proverb.

Ritz Fitness

South City -2

( +91-9971852817

Geetanjali Salon

Ambience Mall

( 0124 466 5585

NEU Salonz

Mega Mall

( 0124 438 1601

Kenzo Unisex Salon

Dlf Phase 3

( 0124 411 4142

Tangles Unisex Salon

Dlf Phase 4

( 0124 410 8884

Zink Fitness Studio

Sushant Lok-1

( 099537 23727

Komal Yoga & Fitness

Dlf Phase 4

( 098119 77066

H2O Fitness

Dlf Phase 3

( 098100 99244

My Home Salon

Omaxe Mall

( 095990 64126

Cruly Creation

Raheja Mall

( 09818916294

Grey Blunt Unisex


Sohna Road

( 08470842960


Sohna Road

( 0124 4034278

Geetanjali Salon

Ambience Mall

0124 466 5585

Kenzo Unisex Salon

Dlf Phase 3

( 0124 411 4142

Tangles Unisex Salon

Sector 14 Market, South

City- 1

( +91 8010114433

Zink Fitness Studio

Sushant Lok-1

( 099537 23727

Komal Yoga & Fitness

Dlf Phase 4

( 098119 77066

H2O Fitness

Dlf Phase 3

( 098100 99244

My Home Salon

Omaxe Mall

( 095990 64126

Cruly Creation

Raheja Mall


Grey Blunt Unisex


Sohna Road



Sohna Road

0124 4034278



The Leela Kempinski

Ambience Island

( 0124 4771234

The Westin Gurgaon

MG Road

( 0124 497777

Ramada Gurgaon


Setor 44

( 0124 4886400

Lemon Tree Hotel

Udyog Vihar

( 0124 4423232

The Oberio

Udyog Vihar

( 0124 2450505

Taj City Center

Sector 44

( 0124 667 3000

Le Méridien

Sector 26

( 0124 499 2000

Park Plaza

Sector 43

( 0124 415 0000



Nathupur Road

( 0124 407 1818

Anya Hotel

Golf Course Road

( 0124 490 1111

The Atara

DLF Phase 1

( 085275 75333

Courtyard by Marriott

Gurugram Downtown

Sushant Lok Phase I

( 0124 488 8444

Fortune Select Global

MG Road

( 0124 419 6666

Hotel Ibis

Golf Course Road

( 0124 475 5000

Country Inn & Suites

By Carlson

Sector 29

( 0124 482 8000

The Fern Residency

Sector 29

( 0124 488 0000

The Bristol Hotel

Phase 1

( 0124 435 1111


suburb life | March 2019

Optus Sarovar


Sector 29

( 0124 488 7777

Leisure Inn

Sector 14

( 0124 493 1100

The Gateway Resort

Damdama Lake

Off Sohna – Gurgaon


( 0124 267 7200

Leisure Inn

Sector 14

( 0124 493 1100

The Gateway Resort

Damdama Lake

Off Sohna – Gurgaon


( 0124 267 7200

North East


Golf Course Road

( 0124 422 0408

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North East


Golf Course Road

( 0124 422 0408

The Signature Leaf

Sector 46

( 0124 257 9916

Golden Tulip

Palam Vihar

( 0124 490 0900

The Pllazio Hotel

Sector 29

( 0124 491 5000

The Signature Leaf

Sector 46

( 0124 257 9916

Golden Tulip

Palam Vihar

( 0124 490 0900

The Pllazio Hotel

Sector 29

( 0124 491 5000

Hotel Central Blue


Sector 29

( 0124 4931550

Hotel Central Blue


Sector 29

( 0124 4931550

Fortune Select


MG Road

( 0124 419 6666

Hotel Ibis

Golf Course Road

( 0124 475 5000

Country Inn &

Suites By Carlson

Sector 29

( 0124 482 8000

The Fern Residency

Sector 29

( 0124 488 0000

The Bristol Hotel

Phase 1

( 0124 435 1111

Optus Sarovar


Sector 29

( 0124 488 7777

The Habitare Hotel

Sector 14

( 0124 491 5300

Hotel Haut Monde

Sector 15

( 0124 484 0000

Treehouse Queens


Rajiv Chowk Gurgaon

( 0124 442 5000

Best Western

Skycity Hotel

Civil Lines Gurgaon

( 097114 00286

Crowne Plaza

Sector 29

( 0124 453 4000

Hotel Doves Inn

Sector 15

( 0124 232 1042


Dlf Phase 3

( 95907 77000

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March 2019 | suburb life 55

G-Help Desk


W Hospital by


Golf Course Extension

Road, Sector 56

( 0124-4131091

Medanta-The Medicity

Sector 38

( 0124 4141414

Artemis Hospital


( 0124 6767000

Max Hospital

Block B, SushantLok I

( 0124 6623000

Columbia Asia


F Block, PalamVihar

( 0124 39898969

Paras Hospital

C-1, Sec-43, SushantLok

( 0124 458555

Fortis Memorial

Research Institute


( 0124 4962200




3201, Block V, DLF III

Nathupur- Gurgoan

( 18602080208

Metro Hospitals &

Heart Institute

H-Block, PalamVihar

( 0124 4777000

Apollo Clinic


( 0124 4237701/02

Neelkanth Hospital

DLF Phase-3

( 0124 2549052

Uma Sanjeevani


DLF Phase-2

( 0124 2350960/1257

Privat Hospital

DLF Phase-2

( 0124 2352097


Goyal Chemist

DLF Phase-4

( 011 33062236

Balaji Pharmacy

DLF Phase-4

( 066890850

Good Care Medicose

DLF Phase-5

( 011 33655792

City Chemist

Opp Shopping Arcade

South City-I

( 011 66450315


medicine Store

DLF Phase-3

( 011 66746314

Batra Pharmacy

Near Nirwana,

South City II

( 011 33453757

Health & Wellness


Opposite Arzoo, Sec-57

( 9560692085

My Chemist

Hilton Garden, Sector 50

( 011 33713766

Green Apple Pharmacy

Opposite Medanta

Medicity Hospital

( 011 33633450


Secor 29

( 0124 2392101/



( 0124 2342101/


Bhim Nagar

( 0124 2320101

Sector 37

( 0124 2373101/ 102


Indian Red Cross

( 0124 2320468


( 0124 4253119/


Help Age India

( 011 41688955/ 56

Age Well Foundation

( 011 29836486/


Save The Children

( 011 64612622

Earth Saviour

( 9818171695/



Air India

( 18001801407

Indigo Airlines

( 0124 4352500

British Airways

( 0124 2540547

Turkish Airlines

( 0124 4193000

Jet Airways

( 0124 39893333

Spicejet Ltd

( 9871803333

MDLR Airlines

( 0124 4510001

United Airlines

( 0124-4315500

Austrian Airlines

( 011 25654222/

233 /244


Maruti Repair &

Service Centre

115/A, Sector 14, Palam

Gurgaon Rd, Opposite

Main Huda Office

( 0124 233 0649

Bird Automotive

howroom and

Workshop (BMW)

4 IDC,MG Road,

Opposite Sector -14

( 011 3988 5577

Tata Motors

NH8, Block A, Sector 34

( 0124 401 1269

Renault Gurgaon

Plot No. 554, Pace City 2,

Sector 37

( 0124 4933333

Hyundai Authorized

Service Station

Near IOC Petrol Pump,

Sector 52A, Wazirabad,


( 0124 257 2800


HexTax Commune,

Sector 43, Gurgaon

( 9555950000

Sterling Nissan

(Showroom) Plot No 39,

Sector- 18, Maruti

Industrial Area, HUDA

( 0124 4953000

(Workshop) Plot No GP-11,

Sector- 18, HSIIDC

Industrial Estate

( 0124 4954000

Yume Honda

42-43, Opposite Maruti

Gate No.2 Old Delhi

Gurgaon Rd, Palam Vihar


( 0124 457 7444

Giriraj Motors Pvt Ltd


JMD Pacific Square, Sector

15, Part 2

( 0124 4762600

Dhingra Automobiles

Pvt. Ltd (Volkswagen)

Village, Narsignpur Nh-8

Near Haldiram

( 0124 2575400

MGF Toyota

10, IDC, MG Road

( 9811604787

Audi Gurgaon Service


NH 8, Delhi Jaipur Road,


( 0124 4510900

Apra Auto India

Plot 3 IDC Opp. Sec-14

( 0124 409 0000

Sterling Motor Co

Solitaire Plaza,

Sikandarpur, M G Rd

( 0124 451 4000




First Flight Courier

(Local, National, International)

( 0124-3211707

Blaze Flash Couriers

(Local, National, International)

( 0120-3063575

Blue Dart Courier

(Local, National, International)

( 0124-2397193

Overnite Express

(Local, National, International)

( 0124-2324508

Ondot Couriers &


(Local, National, International)

( 0124-2333783/


GMS Express

(Local, National, International)

( 9999847769

Axiom International

Courier Service

(Local, National, International)

( 9999334175

FedEx India

(Local, National, International)

( 9718077358

DTDC Courier And


(Local, National, International)

( 0124 4668688

DHL Express

(Local, National, International)

( 8802125323

Pafex Courier


( 0124 4087809

Times Express Service


( 0124 4015505/



Commissioner of Police

( 9999981801

J.C.P. Crime

( 99999 81807

D.C.P. Traffic

( 99999 81808


( 99999 81803

A.C.P. Traffic Highway

( 98736 77733

Cyber Crime Branch

( 85869 76000

Woman Cell South

( 92122 83922

Woman Cell West

( 82851 85425

Woman Cell East

( 94674 17942


( 99119 87575



Galleria Market

Throttle Shrottle

Faridabad-Gurgaon Road




Police Control Room

( 100 / 0124-2316100

Ambulance Service

( 102 / 0124-2320102

Damini Women’s

SOS24/7 Gurgaon Helpline

( 9266861111

Police Women

Helpline in Metro


( 8130990038

24x7 Anti-ragging


( 9999981819

Women Helpline

( 1091

Women & Children


( 0124-2335100

Senior Citizen Helpline

( 1091 / 1291 / 1298 /

0124 2221559

Police Commissioner


( 9999999953

Cyber Cell

( 0124 2222644

Crime Cell

( 1090


suburb life | March 2019

For all classified advertisement opportunities in

G -Listings Call Us at 9582555408


Shyam Grover, Founding Director

“Off the Record” is a series of collection of anecdotes,

tales, wisdom, poetry, etiquettes, gigs & gags and

satire, all rolled into one back page put together by a

back bencher!


Actually world is a small village or a Mohalla and

behaves like one. We all usually have an irritant

neighbour who behaves nasty and see, even our

country has one. The nasty one is nasty on the

face but has a friend who appears nice but is

actually even nastier. That’s the case in India’s

neighbourhood too. Then there is one big guy at

some distance who is powerful and tries to bully

everyone and people think that he will come to

their rescue when needed, but he only moves on

moves on with personal agendas.

If you look closely, our neighbour besides being

nasty is also funny and actually keeps changing

its stance, pretty much like someone caught

unexpectedly. Perhaps more like someone who

is not doing that well in life so takes on unfair

means to lead a life by living on loans, nurturing

goons, indulging in rumor mongering, defying

logic, being highly irresponsible; all in all likes

to create nuisance around him. Sounds familiar?

This guy when beaten up immediately looks

around if anyone noticed it. Runs back to his

friends, cries but never accepts openly that he

was thrashed. He’ll pretend that nothing ever

happened. So yes, Balakot never happened !

Happiness is an inside job


Tell them even brain is an app; they might just start using it.


Spend some time with them and they convince you that being

dead is more beneficial than being alive


Only women who listen to Men


I just can’t figure out who’s going to do it


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