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Edmonton Permit specialist provides the best permits in the city of Edmonton. The City issues permits and licenses for the development, construction, and use of all commercial, industrial, institutional, or residential properties and buildings. The permits establish standards for the health and safety of the citizens of Edmonton. please contact us today visit: http://edmontonpermit.ca/ and Call us (780) 900-6500.

Edmonton Building





of Permit

Building Permit Edmonton

Building permits ensure that structures are designed

and built to be safe

Development Permit Edmonton

Development permits ensure zoning approval is

granted for activities to occur in appropriate locations


Residential Permit Edmonton

Residential building permit application reviews, including decks,

garages, basement renovations, secondary suites, and more.


Services Offered

The City of Edmonton has also started a permit and license

improvement project focused on contractors doing commercial or

residential renovations, business owners moving to a new space or

opening a new business, and owners doing renovations.

Basement Permit

Patio Permit

HVAC Permit



Commercial Permit Edmonton

If you plan to construct, renovate, or change the use of a building, you will need City

permits. The City is responsible for reviewing construction requests or changing the

way a structure is used to ensure that the building meets all of the requirements

established in the Edmonton Area.


HVAC Permit

Edmonton Permit are the only place you need to call

for all your building permit needs. We understand

that the permit process may be frustrating and we

are here to alleviate the stress involved.A residential

HVAC permit is required for the following job in a

residential building or structure.




A development permit approves the use of a site, as well as

the size and location of any building or structure.

Development permit approvals must be obtained for new

construction, renovations, businesses, and changes of use

in existing buildings in the city of Edmonton.


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Visit: http://edmontonpermit.ca/

Call Us: (780) 900-6500

Email: info@edmontonpermit.ca

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