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No.308: JUNE 2020

IMAGE: Wren Singing by Richard Bennett PCPC


local community, local life .........

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June 2020

a culture change for all

Welcome to the Gryffe Advertizer in lockdown

After the Government’s announcement on 23rd

March, we realised that for the current time we

would be unable to continue our business of

printing and door to door distribution of our


Thankfully, many of the local businesses have

been able to provide some kind of service to the

community and we thank them for that.

We need a nudge every now and again to remind

us just how good our local villages are. Sadly, the

nudge this time has been seismic.

The last time we had an impact anywhere close

to this was the infamous ‘Beast from the East’ a

couple of years ago. With roads closed due to

heavy snow, we all relied on our local shops to

keep us going. We were delighted to be able to

walk to our local shops and get what we needed.

Then, when the snow cleared, many people

reverted back to the big shop from the big


Now we are in a position we could never have

imagined. And who do we rely on once again?

Yes, those same local shops and businesses,

whose staff have kept open when they can to

provide us with essential supplies and services.

Some are going above and beyond with home

deliveries and checking up on the housebound.

Let’s not forget them once the lockdown has

been lifted!

And with lockdown, the community has become

very inventive. The Knapps Show had to be

cancelled, but the committee decided that it

could go online instead.

And in June, although Lilias Day live has had to

be cancelled, again there will be bunting and

house decoration, and villagers are encouraged

to share their pictures online instead.

We all know the community spirit is strong here,

but the imagination, care and consideration that

has been shown is amazing.

We do indeed live in a wonderful part of the

world! As shown by the photo below - thank you

to Mark Hutton of Hutton Creative Design for the

amazing image of Knapps.




local community, local life .........

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June 2020

what’s inside...........

In this issue...

A twist on Lilias Day 06

Tips on the housing market 07

Virtual Knapps Show 08

St Columba’s Gift Box Appeal 10

Furlough Scheme explained 11

Anna’s song for Joe 12

Sma’ Shots Day online 16

Welcome to Thespie 18

Time to rethink your home 22

Re-cycling centres to open 24

shop local 26-27

Erskine Motorbike meet 28

Travel experience counts 29


can we reduce Zoom fatigue? 34

Garden & Outdoors 38-39

Castle Semple Sailing Club 40

Separation anxiety in dogs 41

business classified 42

Useful Numbers 43

Local Defibrillator sites 43

advertiser business index 43

Sadly, Burndale is currently closed to the public but we are happy

to work on-line and by phone to help our customers with any

design discussions.

We are very much looking forward to when we can open again. We

have been busy preparing the showroom in accordance with safety

guidelines. When we re open it will be on a basis of one client at a

time by appointment only. With a bit of luck our workshop will be

up and running in June.

We look forward to seeing customers again in the near future!

Ian Duncan

Contact us!

01505 613340


1st Floor, Neva Place

Bridge of Weir, PA11 3PN



In line with Government advice our office is temporarily

closed until further notice. Please contact us via email

or social media. This also affects our Insight Magazine

and Gryffe Roadwatch pages.

If you are one of our advertising clients and are

managing to keep open during this crisis, please let us

know and we’ll try to share your posts.


All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission

is strictly prohibited. The Gryffe Advertizer cannot be held responsible for

unsolicited materials. The views and opinions by contributors in this magazine

may not represent the views of the publishers. The Gryffe Advertizer takes no

responsibility for claims made by advertisements in this publication.


local community, local life .........

getting inventive during coronavirus

Inventive Alternative to Kilbarchan’s Lilias Day:

Brighten up our village on Saturday the 6th June

As you know, Lilias Day 2020 won’t be going ahead due to

the coronavirus restrictions. However, to mark the day we

thought it would be lovely if we could brighten up our village

on the day by decorating your house or shop, popping up

some homemade bunting or creating a scarecrow.

Whether it be an art ‘home schooling’ project, some

fabulous crafting or simply an escape from virtual work /

life, we would love to see the village decorated on the day

to celebrate our community.

Whatever you choose to do please stick to current

lockdown rules and social distancing. Don’t make any

unnecessary journeys – use, re-use and recycle what you

have to make your creations. Only decorate your house

/ garden within your household group, and on the day,

please do not gather in groups. You can view any creations

as part of your daily exercise route.

On the day please share photos of your creations and we

will put them on Facebook and Instagram. You can post

them on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.

com/liliasday/, message us or send to info@liliasday.co.uk

If you are looking for inspiration here are a few photos …

Have fun!


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June 2020


local community, local life .........

Virtually Amazing! Knapps show goes online in lockdown

When the chips are down, that’s when people step up to

the mark. And none more so than the committee for the

Kilmacolm and Port Glasgow Show. The annual Knapps show

had to be cancelled due to the coronavirus. But rather than

sit feeling sad, the team that give us such a brilliant show

each year got their heads together and came up with the

2020 Virtual Show.

In the week leading up to Saturday 9th May, entries piled in

for the Classes ranging from video challenges to scarecrow

building, from Best Garden to Cutest Calf, from Best Rainbow

Drawing to Best Horse Action Shot.

The entries were phenomenal - an amazing range of photos

and videos are all available to view on their facebook page.

Classes were judged by some of our 2020 judges, our

directors, local supporters and by public vote. A big round

of applause for our wonderful judges from Newark and

Campbell Snowdon Care homes!

The online event also showcased music and demonstrations.

These can all be viewed on the facebook page.

A full list of results is now on the website. The committee

would like to extend a huge thanks to all entrants, judges,

sponsors and supporters!





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June 2020


St Columba’s Gift Box Appeal

local community, local life .........

Our ‘Gift Box Appeal’ has proven to be a resounding

success - 90 gift boxes & bags were donated to

those in need.

Thank to everyone who donated to the ‘St Columba’s Gift Box

Appeal’. We are delighted to announce that we received ninety

gift bags and boxes!

Firstly, we would like to give special thanks to both Miss

McIlfatrick for her incredible organisational skills in pulling this

campaign together. Secondly, thanks you to you, our community,

for your generosity.

On Saturday (16.05.2020) Miss McIlfatrick, and a group of

volunteer pupils and staff, spent the afternoon delivering the

donated gift boxes and gift bags to residents of Kilmacolm.

During their delivery service, they ensured everyone adhered to

the current social distancing guidelines, and safely distributed

the many donations.

There have already been many kind comments and grateful

messages from those who received a donation from the gift

appeal. As lockdown currently continues here in Scotland,

families are unable to travel to see elderly relatives, making

these deliveries an invaluable service for many.

Well done and thank you to all those who donated or helped

with the appeal, we are always so grateful and proud to be part

of such a kind, caring and loving community.

PHOTO: (Miss McIlfatrick, third from left, and local pupil and

staff volunteers)


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June 2020

Government Furlough Scheme

Since 20th March, the Government’s Coronavirus Job Retention

Scheme (“Furlough Scheme”) has been operating, helping

employers retain employees during the current crisis.

The main aspects of the Furlough Scheme are:-

• Government pays up to 80% of each furloughed employee’s

wages (up to max of £2,500/mth for each employee).

Employer pays the employee, then applies to Government for


• Employees must not do any work whilst furloughed, although

they may undertake training.

• Employers must furlough an employee for at least 3 weeks

before the Government will repay wages to the employers.

Employees can be rotated on and off furlough at 3-weekly


• Employers can seek to agree with employees to reduce

pay to 80% of normal levels whilst on furlough. Consent of

employees is needed.

• Furloughed employees continue to accrue normal holiday

entitlement. Pay whilst on holiday must be at the pre-Scheme

100% normal pay level (even if pay temporarily reduced to

80% by agreement).

• Unless employment contract says otherwise, employers can

make furloughed employees take holidays. Employers must

normally give twice the period of notice as the length of

holiday required (eg give 10 days’ notice to employee to take

5 days’ holiday).

• Furloughed employees can still be made redundant. Employer

does have to carry out normal redundancy processes, including

employee consultation. An employee made redundant whilst

on furlough is still entitled to the normal contractual notice

period (or statutory minimum notice, if contract silent).

The Government recently announced that the Furlough Scheme is

being extended to the end of October. The detailed terms of the

Scheme for 1st August to 31st October will be announced soon.

It is expected that the Government will pay a maximum of 60%

of wages ,but offer alternatives for employers such as bringing

employees back part-time or to job-share.


local community, local life .........

Identifying the


A couple of hundred yards past

Barfillan Farmhouse on Kilallan

Road (walking from Houston

towards Kilmacolm) you’ll see in the

undergrowth, to the left, the building

in the photo. It’s in the shape of a

half-cylinder segment and strongly

built with a double (longwise!)

thickness of brick.

From the road it looks about 6 feet

high on the outside (just over 4 feet

high on the inside). The back of it

disappears into the bushes, but it

might be 30 feet long. It’s obviously

quite old and hasn’t been used for

a long time. At a first guess it may

have been a pigsty; but it seems to

be too long and cramped for that.

Imagine trying to clean it out!

Can any of our readers confirm what

it is? Email us on info@advertizer.

co.uk if you know.

Anna’s song for Joe Wicks

Anna has written and recorded a song in tribute to her hero Joe Wicks and

has already, through donations and downloads, managed to raise some funds

for NHS Charities Together. Obviously we’d like to raise even more, so a little

publicity would be fantastic!

Anna is seven-years-old and attends St Columba’s Junior School in Kilmacolm.

As part of the school’s curriculum, she does Joe Wicks’ PE workout on YouTube

every day. One morning, Joe complained that he would like some music to play

but he couldn’t (due to copyright issues). At that point, Anna decided to write

a song for Joe! As well as the “Joe Wicks” chant, she wrote lyrics referring to

some of Joe’s favourite exercise moves and the impact Joe has made around

the world.

The video can be viewed on YouTube (https://youtu.be/jJeUj9Ua3jw). Donations

can be made via a Facebook Fundraising page by clicking the link below the

YouTube video.

As well as donating, we’ve been encouraging people to share the video on

Facebook, Twitter, etc. using hashtag #pewithjoe and hopefully, one day, it will

reach Joe!

The song is available on Spotify, Amazon Music, iTunes and most other major

platforms. The track can also be downloaded at www.annamcg.bandcamp.


All proceeds will be donated to NHS Charities Together.


e: info@advertizer.co.uk | www.advertizer.co.uk

June 2020

Both of our offices in Erskine and

Bridge of Weir are continuing to

operate with our regular business

hours. We are available 24/7 with

all of our services being arranged

via telephone and email.


local community, local life .........

During these trying times, John Roach Funeral Directors are still

open, helping you to navigate your way through the new and

somewhat restrictive practice when it comes to arranging and

attending a loved one’s funeral.

We are still available 24hrs a day 7 days a week, but we are trying

to limit our own exposure and subsequently yours, so tend to open

our premises in Houstoun Square, Johnstone at 8:30am and close

when practicable, sometimes around 3:30pm.

While we are open, only two members of a household are

allowed in the premises at any one time, so phoning in advance

is always recommended. We have ensured that most, if not all of

the arrangements can now be done online, or over the phone, so

please, if we can be of any service at all, give us a call anytime on

01505 322444 and we will help to guide you through.


I’m still operating for domestic users, doorstep collections where

appropriate, or onsite where necessary.

For business customers, remote access and onsite help is available


Social distancing and hygiene standards to accommodate whatever

my clients may request.


e: info@advertizer.co.uk | www.advertizer.co.uk

June 2020

At Afflluent Financial Planning we are open for business and have

remained so throughout the pandemic.

We have one member of staff working in the office, but no members

of the public are allowed access. The other team members are

working from home on their laptops. Our telephones are VOIP, so

when the pandemic hit we simply picked them up and plugged

them into our routers at home.

Client meetings continue to take place using Zoom and latterly,

Microsoft Teams. Occasionally, someone simply asks for a telephone

meeting which is not a problem.

We have had new clients come on board in this time and continue

to keep really busy. We look forward to speaking with present and

new clients in the weeks to come.

We are working and following the strict social distancing

guidelines. We are pleased to be able to help our

customers during this challenging time.

Hello everyone,

Sadly, and obviously, I cannot see people face-to-face at this time.

However, it is possible to prepare or update a Will over the phone

and send it for approval online. The same applies with a Power of

Attorney. I can carry out preparation work and if documents do

need to be signed urgently, I can work that out between the client

and myself.

Trust work is more complicated, but I can still provide advice on

the subject and get everything in order for when the situation




events go online for 2020

Sma’ Shot celebrations go online for 2020

local community, local life .........

Paisley’s annual Sma’ Shot day event will take place this year on

Saturday 4th July, but not as you know it. For the first time a

full programme of online events and activities will take place to

celebrate this historical date in the town’s calendar.

The move to take the event online for 2020 is in response to

the current COVID-19 pandemic, to ensure celebrations can still

take place in adherence with social distancing rules and national


The traditional Sma’ Shot holiday in Paisley takes its name

from a famous dispute between the local shawl weavers and

manufacturers in the 19th century. In 1856, following a long dispute,

the manufacturers backed down and an agreement was reached to

pay for the Sma’ Shot, the invisible stitch which bound the Paisley

shawls, with a new table of prices published on 1 July 1856.

This year’s event will not only mark this important date in the town’s

history but will also celebrate our fantastic key workers.

The day will commence with a mass drum-off on Saturday 4th

July where the community will be invited to come together and

make noise to mark the start of the day’s celebrations which will

include a range of activities from film, dance and music, to spoken

word performances by members of the local community and online

tutorials and workshops.

Aerial dance theatre company, All or Nothing, will be delivering a

dance and music project called Connecting Threads, inspired by

the background and history of Sma Shot. The group will be inviting

local groups and individuals to get involved by setting creative

tasks and asking people to submit videos for inclusion in a short

film that will be published online on Sma Shot Day.


e: info@advertizer.co.uk | www.advertizer.co.uk

June 2020

We are still operating for emergencies and making a list of non

essential jobs for once we get Government permission.

Local upcycled fashion innovators ReMode will be showing the

public how they can take inspiration from workers of the past,

present and future to design and create a costume to wear on the

day to get fully immersed in the day’s events. The group will also

be encouraging people to get crafty with pattern to create some

fantastic displays to decorate their windows.

Local theatre company PACE will also be developing some exciting

new work for Sma’ Shot Day as well delivering online drama

workshops for young people. Young people involved with CREATE

will be collaborating with local musician Michael Cassidy to produce

a piece of music to be included as part of a film showcasing music

by young people from Paisley on the day.

In addition Renfrewshire Leisure and The Bungalow are partnering

up for the Sma’sh Hits Sma’ Shot Special music event, showcasing

a selection of local musicians.

There are still more events and activities taking place on Sma’ Shot

Day still to be announced and there will be plenty of opportunities

for people to get involved in the lead up to the event.

For the latest information on this event please visit www.paisley.is

We are resuming our service from 2nd June. Appointments

NOW AVAILABLE for Spring Cleans (sanitising with Steam

available) and also to refresh/sanitise your Carpets.


local community, local life .........

combatting covid-19 with culture



Thespie showcases over 1000 theatre shows & resources from across the

globe: filmed performances, livestreams, podcasts, artist talks, educational

resources and more

The launch of a new, online discovery platform for theatre and the performing arts is being

hailed as a lifeline for both theatre audiences and the industry today. The first of its kind,

Thespie helps people engage with the arts across a broad spectrum of digital media while

venues around the Thespie aggregates listings of digital theatre resources in a structured,

easy to navigate discovery experience. Users can filter to their favourite genres, browse

for specific moods and maintain a list of things they want to save for later.

The platform features a diverse array of over 1000 resources - available either onsite, or

by linking directly to a partner’s website. Users can watch livestream play performances,

movie musicals, or artist talks; listen to audio dramas, musical theatre concerts, or theatre

podcasts; discover theatre ebooks, scripts or digital songbooks; or explore digital exhibits,

student guides, or family activities related to theatre. Visit the website or Facebook page

to see a list of content highlights currently listed on Thespie.

Thespie facilitates discovery across genres and media formats, and is underpinned by

a bespoke Arts taxonomy and data model, which uses a machine learning algorithm

to identify similarities between works and facilitate discovery across the site - akin to


Thespie not only enables arts practitioners to distribute and self-monetise their work

by reaching and engaging with new audiences, it makes it easy for those stuck at home

craving culture to discover and access the rich variety of arts content available online

from across the world.

Thespie founder, Tyler Stoops, has spent his career at the intersection of technology and

the arts and is passionate about increasing people’s engagement with theatre. His early

career spanned technical theatre, artistic planning and technology projects at two of the

world’s most prestigious opera institutions, the Santa Fe Opera and the Metropolitan

Opera in New York. An MBA at the Wharton School led him to the Walt Disney Studios and

then seven years at e-commerce giant Amazon during which time Tyler worked across

Kindle, publishing, brick-and-mortar bookstores, and a theatre ticketing business.

Commenting on the launch, Tyler Stoops said: “I’ve been so humbled by the generosity

of spirit displayed by artists and theatre-makers during this crisis, and our ambition at

Thespie is to amplify their work so it can reach as broad an audience as possible. When

Covid-19 hit, we quickly saw that building Thespie’s work to a global, multimedia scale

could help audiences continue their journey of exploring theatre during this time where

we can’t be together in person.”

https://thespie.com/ https://www.facebook.com/thespie/


e: info@advertizer.co.uk | www.advertizer.co.uk

June 2020

Currently only doing external work. Customers welcome to send

pictures of work to look at for when the restrictions are lifted.


houston primary winners

local community, local life .........



Marlie Wager

from Primary 5

entered Radio

Clyde’s morning

competition and

was absolutely

delighted to be

the winner.

Chocolicious... Delicious!

On Tuesday 3rd March, Houston Primary School opened its

doors to the community to raise funds for Fairtrade. Pupils

prepared Fairtrade chocolate stirrers prior to the event with

support from staff and parents.

On the day, they were added to milk to make delicious

Fairtrade hot chocolate. A wonderful selection of Fairtrade

home baking was provided by volunteers from the Houston

and Killellan Church.

The event was an amazing success and raised much needed

funds for the Fairtrade charity. Thank you to everyone who

came along to support this event.

Rotary Quiz

Houston Primary pupils took part in the annual Rotary Quiz,

at Houston Bowling Club on the 10th of March. They were

competing against Bridge of Weir Primary, Lochwinnoch

Primary, St. Fillan’s Primary and St. Columba’s Primary.

We were absolutely delighted to gain 3rd place. Well done to

Aidan, Fiona, Cameron, Liam and Charlie.


Renfrewshire Sumdog

Competition WINNERS!

Houston Primary gains first place again in this annual

competition across all Renfrewshire schools.

The pupils in Mrs Sime’s and Mrs Moruzzi’s class excelled

with six of the pupils in the top ten out of 1792 contestants.

Aidan Smith gained 1st place answering 996 questions out

of 1000 correctly.

Absolutely marvellous mathematicians in Primary 7 who are

very proud of their achievements.

e: info@advertizer.co.uk | www.advertizer.co.uk

June 2020

Cross Cafe to re-open

All going well, we will open the shop for counter service only from

Thursday 28th May.

Open as follows: Thur, Fri & Sat 11am-4pm, Sun 7am-1pm

We will also start making ice cream again. YAY!

Available in litre and half litre tubs to take away .

Individual tubs will also be available for take away. Cones, nougats

and oysters will be available separately to take home and make





We will update our hours as the guidance is relaxed or updated.

Any enquiries please phone 01505 872502.

Cross Cafe, Burnside Place, Kilmacolm




keeping busy in trying times

local community, local life .........

Start planning for home PROJECTS after LOCKDOWN


Rather than flicking onto Facebook for the

umpteenth time today, why not use the time you’re

spending at home to assess how you and your family

live in and interact with your home – and plan how

you can make it better.

Being at home for longer periods, whether with bored teenagers,

home schooling or remote working, makes it more obvious to

what works and what could do with improvement.

Space becomes a real issue, whether quiet space to work or

study, a multi-functional space for the family to congregate, or

maybe even a luxurious upgrade to the bathroom to give you a

spa experience to escape to.

So use the time in lockdown to direct your focus on what would

work for you. There are plenty of our advertisers who are still

able to discuss ideas with you over the phone, getting ready for

the day we can all get back to our regular lives.

Remodel or Move

If you’ve realised your home really doesn’t work for you then

the best bet is to start looking at what would work for you.

Although the estate agents are not able to show you round

potential properties, you can still look at those available online

with virtual viewings. Get an idea of the market and see if that

really is the way to go.

Sometimes though, it is cheaper and easier to look at how

you could improve the home you are already in. You will have

noticed by now where changes could be made.

Knocking down internal walls, adding an extension or converting

the loft are all ways to make the house flow better. Sketch out

some ideas - you can do this on a piece of paper or there are

plenty of downloads available to help you with designing a


This gives you a good start once you begin talking to an

architect or builder about your ideas. Start a mood board too

to help you visualise the end result.

Making space for a Home Office

If working from home is something you will be doing more

of, then considering dedicating a space for this is important.

Options are setting aside a room in the house, converting the

loft or garage, or adding an extension or outbuilding specifically

for this purpose.

Make sure you consider how much office you will need. Do

you need a big desk to spread out papers? Count how many

monitors and pcs you have, and what charging points you will


Bathroom makeover

It sounds like an unneccessary luxury, but to have a beautiful

bathroom to escape to at the end of the day is good for the

soul. There are some beautiful tiles on the market and the

modern integrated vanity units give clean lines along with

plenty of storage.

Push the boat out and get a jacuzzi bath too. Speaking from

experience, I can say that these are simply devine. Whether

simply soaking by candle light or easing aches and pains, the

jets in the bath gently massage you back to a state of calm.

Floor level lighting and underfloor heating all add to the luxury


Kitchen makeover

Have you now realised that the oven is in the wrong place and

the units are getting a bit tired?

Take a good long hard look at your kitchen. What works and

what could be improved on - that’s your starting point. Again,

get the pencil and paper out and start jotting down different

ideas. This is where you are allowed to get back on the tablet

and check out designs and products available.

If all that’s required are some upgraded doors or worktops then

that’s a fairly easy fix. Most of our building tradespeople can

supply and fit these. Your kitchen will look amazing!

But if you really feel a completely new kitchen is required, then

once you’ve got an idea of what you’re after then the same

builders will be happy to talk with you to help you reach a

fabulous design within your budget.

And it can all be discussed ahead of time so that when lockdown

does ease you will be ready to get things moving quickly.

The End Result

And the best part of it all - as well as getting a home that really

does work for you and your family, these improvements will

also reflect on the value of your home when you do decide to

sell up.

So really, it’s a win-win! Get busy designing and enjoy your

‘new’ home!

e: info@advertizer.co.uk | www.advertizer.co.uk

June 2020

Currently available for essential works only but looking forward

to talking to our clients once we are out of the current situation.

We are currently in the process of ensuring we can return

to work with full safety measures in place to prevent the

spread of Covid-19. This includes training courses for our staff,

implementation of protocols for social distancing between

staff members and customers, as well as ensuring we can work

with appropriate PPE and infection control/ housekeeping

measures in place.

We hope to be taking enquiries and getting back to work in the

next week or so.

We are currently open for business and carrying out any

essential gas and plumbing works required as well as

completing any gas safety inspections that are due.

We are not open at the moment but are ready to return in line

with the government’s recommendations.

We would like to thank all our customers and hope that they are

all keeping well and staying safe.


local community, local life .........

Councils working to re-open recycling centres by 1 June

Scotland’s councils are working towards re-opening recycling centres by 1 June.

Renfrewshire’s Household Waste Recycling Centres are set

to be available for residents as part of nationwide approach

to reopening from 1 June 2020, subject to the Scottish

Government advising it is safe. The centres will be open

for essential visits only with additional health and safety

measures in place to protect residents and staff.

From 1 June, all Renfrewshire sites will reopen on a phased

basis and residents are being advised to double check

opening times before they leave the house:

Underwood Road (Monday-Sunday) (8.30am-


Linwood (Monday-Sunday) (8am-6pm)

Erskine (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday)


Renfrew (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) (8am-


Johnstone (Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday)


We are currently open for business although at reduced

manpower & hours, for repairs and installations, from Monday

to Thursday.

In the initial period, only bagged excess household waste

will be accepted at recycling centres, with garden waste,

scrap metal and small amounts of rubble accepted from 15


From 22 June, residents can bring cookers, washing

machines, tumble driers and dishwashers, unless these can

continue to be stored safely at home, while all other items

including TVs, computers, fridges, freezers and smaller

electrical appliances will be accepted from 29 June.

To protect residents and staff members, reduce unloading

times and ease congestion from potential traffic queues,

only cars will be permitted to enter recycling centres at this

time. Traffic will be managed at each of the open recycling

centres and residents are asked to follow the single file

queue and be aware of site safety measures when they


Anyone visiting a recycling centre will be required, as normal,

to show proof of residency and photo identification.

For more information on the reopening of recycling centres,

please visit www.renfrewshire.gov.uk/coronavirus-bins.

In Inverclyde, it is proposed that the Household Waste

Recycling Centres open as follows:

Pottery Street reopens on the 1 June with Kirn

Drive to reopen on 15 June.

An operational plan has been developed incorporating the


• Operating hours of 08:00-19:00 daily, site closed on

Wednesday, Trade vehicles restricted to Weekdays


• A restriction in the materials permitted to residual,

garden and cardboard waste;

• 2 persons max permitted to unload vehicle;

• Traffic management system to mitigate impact on road

network; and

• Safe systems of work incorporating social distancing


Updates available at https://www.inverclyde.gov.uk/



e: info@advertizer.co.uk | www.advertizer.co.uk

June 2020

designing During Lockdown

We would like to assure our clients that CHG Architecture Ltd is

operating as normal, whilst following strict advice from the UK

Government and the World Health Organisation.

People spending quality time at home together, has made them

realise the need for more space and given them the opportunity to

discuss how to improve their homes.

Despite the current situation we are receiving an unprecedented

number of enquiries and we are as busy as we have ever been.

With this in mind, we would encourage anybody wanting to improve

their house to give us a call now to see how we can help.

This is the best time to submit planning and building warrant

applications to start the process and be ready to build once things


Look forward to hearing from you,

Marcelo and Katie

Advertising Feature

Spring time turns our attention to pressure washing and

softwashing ready for the Summer ahead. With over 20 years

experience of exterior cleaning systems, we are your local

qualified and experienced cleaning company with the state of

the art equipment, knowledge and experience to achieve the

best results. Whether it is soft-washing moss on roofs, algae

from render, pressure washing decking, patios, monoblock drives

or anything in between, please give us a call for free, friendly

information on our services or for a free quotation.

01505 863 863 www.nutechcleaning.co.uk


local community, local life .........

keep it local...........

Happy to take enquiries but

currently only doing fabric

or carpet stains that can’t


A number of businesses have managed to remain open during the

current situation, all adhering to Government and WHO guidelines.

Many offer emergency callouts, home deliveries, etc, and we are

grateful to them all for being there during this crisis.

However, these strange days will come to an end, eventually. And

when they do, please don’t rush back to the big multi-nationals.

Think about your local village and if you are lucky enough to have

at least one local shop then you are indeed fortunate.

Remember back to the ‘Beast from the East’? When we couldn’t

leave our villages and totally relied on the local shops for basic

necessities. Well, it has happened again and the likelihood is it will

again in the future. So treasure your local businesses, without your

support they may not be here for the next crisis!

Here are some of the retail outlets that are open to help you:




Mon–Fri: 10am–2.30pm

Saturday: 9am–1pm

Sunday: CLOSED

Call 01505 872198

For next day delivery, please

ring 01505 872198 before

10am or after 2.30pm

or email: douglas-graham@


(Due to high volume demand,

we cannot guarantee same

day delivery, but we will

always assist you as best we

can, just ask!)


Open Tuesday – Saturday.

Does home deliveries.

Call 01505 872030



Call 01505 842658



Call 01505 612044



Free local delivery

Call 0141 889 2606




Mon–Sat: 11am–5pm

Sunday: CLOSED

Call 01505 872926


Mon–Sat: 9am–1pm; 2pm–


Sunday: CLOSED

Call 01505 613614


Mon–Sat: 8.30am–5.30pm

Sunday: CLOSED

Call 01505 614739


Mon–Sat: 9am–1pm; 2pm–


Sunday: CLOSED

Call 01505 327505



Monday – Friday: 8am – 5pm

Saturday: 8am – 12pm (noon)

Call 01505 336666

e: info@advertizer.co.uk | www.advertizer.co.uk

June 2020

shop locally!





Mon/Tes: 9am–1pm; 2pm–


Wed: 9am–1pm

Thu/Fri: 9am–1pm; 2pm–


Sat: 9am–1pm; 2pm–5pm

Sunday: CLOSED

Call 01505 612287




Delivery only




Monday – Sunday: 7am–8pm

Closed at times for restocking


Monday – Sunday: 7am–8pm

Closed at times for restocking


Monday – Sunday: 7am–8pm

Closed at times for restocking


Monday – Sunday: 7am–8pm

Closed at times for restocking



Mon–Fri: 7.30am–5pm

Saturday: 7.30am–1pm

Sunday: CLOSED



Phone line is open Monday –

Saturday 9am – 5pm (07561

648812) for any queries



Delivery Only

To place an order please

phone: 01505 227080 or

WhatsApp 07497 772574



Opening hours vary – See

Facebook for details


Mon-Sat: 7am-9pm

Sunday: 8am-9pm


Mon-Sat: 8am-8pm

Sunday: 11am-6pm



only at


Apologies if we’ve missed any - please send

any updates to info@advertizer.co.uk and

we’ll add them to the list.

We are now open for business

again. Our workroom

is operating in line with

Government advice. We do

require our clients to join

us in observing strict social

distancing when we visit

their homes or offices for

quotations, collections or


We are available on the office

or mobile numbers.



Erskine Motorbike Meet 2020

Sunday 31st May 2020, 1pm to 3pm

local community, local life .........

The Erskine Motorbike Meet is coming straight to your living room on Sunday 31st May!

Join us on Facebook from 1pm on Sunday 31st May for an exciting programme of

entertainment including; Live Polls, Music by Matthew Gibb, Music by Dixie Lang, Bikers

Quiz… and more!!


The Erskine Motorbike Meet has become one of the highlights of Erskine’s events

calendar, raising vital funds for our Veterans.

Due to COVID-19 we’re

unable to hold the event in

person this year meaning

a loss of approx. £10,000

towards our care of


All is not lost! The 14th

Erskine Motorbike Meet is

going VIRTUAL and we’d

love to have you with us on

this ride.

Simply make a donation

of £5 (the usual entry

donation), or whatever you

can, and join us on Facebook

@ProudtoCare on Sunday

31st May, 1pm




Each year we welcome over

1,000 motorbikes, trikes

and scooters to the Erskine

estate for a fun family day

packed with parades, family

entertainment, fairground

rides, live music, market,

street food, and more!

This year our virtual

programme includes music

from the incredibly talented

@MatthewGibbMusic and @

DixieLangMusic, live polls, a

fun filled Bikers Quiz hosted

by the fabulous radio legend

Gina McKie ...and more!

For more information

please contact:

Jennifer Campbell, Events

& Corporate Fundraising


E: events@erskine.org.uk

This is the Bridge of

Weir United 2009

squad that are

missing their friends

and playing football,

saying thank you to

all the key workers.

e: info@advertizer.co.uk | www.advertizer.co.uk

June 2020



Who could ever predicted that the World would simply and

very suddenly ‘CLOSE DOWN’ with all travel cancelled for the

foreseeable future.

In these completely unprecedented times, our first thoughts

must go to the victims of this horrendous disease; to their

families; loved ones and friends, many of whose lives may never

be the same again.

We join with the nation in thanking all on the front line and all

key workers who look after us and work hard to provide vital

services, some of which have long been taken for granted.

At Travel Actually, we also have been working very hard to

ensure that all our customers have been and continue to be

well looked after.

This period is the most challenging we have ever faced in our

industry and we wish to extend a huge ‘Thank you’ to every

one of our disappointed customers. Your continued loyalty;

patience and support which has never been more appreciated.

With every holiday being cancelled from mid-March through

to June, and now some in July, we have been very fortunate

to be able to re-book many for next year when they can look

forward to enjoying their holiday even more. Cruise customers

in particular have been offered super incentives to re-book and

most Cruise Lines have adopted a very flexible cancellation

policy on all future bookings.

For those of our customers who prefer to have their money

back, we have worked hard to ensure that every customer who

has requested it has received a full refund.

As the wave of cancellations continues weekly, the situation is

ongoing, but customers trust us to know that we are fighting

their corner and we will do everything we can to assist.

With many adverse media reports about Travel companies

refusing to refund, or failing to respond to queries, our

customers have been very grateful and appreciative that we

are always here to help and we have remained in close contact

with them throughout.

In fact, we have received many calls from people who haven’t

even booked with us, looking for help and advice.

Hopefully they may remember when it comes to booking their

next holiday!!

As to the future - well we can say that - YES people are booking!!

Some for later this year when hotels and borders expect to

reopen, and many for 2021.

There are many incentives to book now, with lots of promotions

to encourage folks to book. Those offers, together with the

huge number of re-bookings already in place will make 2021

a very busy year.

Hotels, airlines and cruise ships are having to change and rethink

their strategies to make travel as safe and secure as possible.

Some are hoping to achieve this before the Summer is over!

We will get back to normal, except the ‘new normal’ may look a

bit different in all areas of our lives.

So many of you have missed out on that long-awaited break

or dream holiday. Let us help you start planning your 2021

adventure! Never more than now have we needed something

to look forward to.

Looking forward to a holiday is often what keeps us going and

a large part of the fun. We all enjoy the planning process; the

chats with family and friends about where we’re going; what

we will see and do, and then recounting all those memories we

created. Those special memories are partly what helps us get

through these difficult times.

Book now with a fully bonded ABTA company, using only

well vetted and recognised holiday companies, who offer a

personal and professional service. Our shop may be closed,

but it is business as usual. Our staff have a combined specialist

experience of over 90 years in organizing Travel plans.

You just can’t buy that experience, and in times like this it’s

most appreciated.

To get in touch leave a message on our office number on 01505

871970, call 01505 703007 or simply email info@travelactually.

co.uk and someone will get back to you.

Thank you to all once again, and keep safe and well,

Arlene and all at Travel Actually!




David Roser, a friend and neighbour of Alan Bowie, speaking on 11th

March, at our last meeting before the lock-down, entertained us with a most

amusing account of his life as a Commercial Traveller starting as a young man

of 20 attempting to market school blazers on a hilarious tour of businesses in

Birmingham, Cardiff, Swansea, Oswestry and Chester. He went on to describe

many other amusing incidents when he moved on to ladies’ fashions and his

journeys in his Austin A35 van.

John Douglas tested members on 1st April with a run-through of the Primary

School Quiz, providing between rounds an insight into the performance of

the school teams in the event which had taken place the previous month.

Allan Gilfillan’s subject on Wednesday 13th May was “Variations on a theme

by Archimedes”. He spoke on the history of ship design and the need to meet

the demands of a new generation of ships - higher speeds, and increased

length. He explained technical problems including ship rolling and the impact

of political interference. He produced a timescale of disasters 1976 - 2003

and the causes thereof, including the loss of the Estonia in the Baltic in 1994

- the worst loss of life for a European ship - and the loss of The Derbyshire, a

large bulk carrier built by Swan Hunter, which was lost in 1980 when only four

years old due to inadequate design of hatch covers.

President Hamid Khatib spoke on 15th

April on his “Ascent of Mont Blanc” in 2011

making excellent use of Powerpoint and

photographs he had taken at the time.

After he had completed the Munros in 2009,

he took an intense snow and ice training

course on Ben Nevis, learning to use ice

axes and crampons. For the ascent of Mont

Blanc Hamid met up with the guides and

5 other climbers at Chamonix. He was the

oldest of the group at 66. The team were

trained on the Mer de Glace glacier in the

use of ice axe and crampons and how to recover from crevasse falls. Next day

they experienced overnight altitude acclimatisation at 2707m, before more

glacier training at 3520m. Next Hamid reported an unscheduled free day in

Chamonix, when the Cosmiques Route was closed due to high winds. All

other members of the team had a few beers, but Hamid felt it sensible to do a

little necessary shopping and have a coffee! By day 6 the team was reduced

to 4, due to drop-outs. At this point the guide decided the alternative Gouter

Route had to be taken – cable car to 1801m, train to 2372m and trek to Refuge

Tate Rousse at 3167m for dinner and only 3 hours rest. Now Hamid and the

other “survivors” realised it was for real – up at 1 am on day 7, quick breakfast,

set off to cross the south ridge of Grand Couloir, where it was icy and -20

degrees at 2 am. Having reached Refuge du Gouter at 3782m at 3 am, it was

time for crampons on and they were now down to 2 team members and 2

guides – due to one panicking and another becoming unwell. The sun rose

as the 4 reached Vallot Cabin at 4382m and after a steep climb they were

on the summit at 4810m at 8.55 am on 9th September 2011 for 20 minutes in

brilliant sunshine. These last few sentences make it sound so easy, but it was

a tremendous achievement and a great talk, illustrated with some spectacular

slides and videos. Past President David congratulated Hamid on his climb and

talk and those “virtually present” thanked Hamid in the traditional manner.

local community, local life .........

Steven Reid gave an interesting resume of his career

on 29th April. While still at school in Cheltenham

around 1985, his ambition was to become a Chemical

Engineer but his Maths and Physics were much

better than his Chemistry, leading to him study

Mechanical Engineering at Brighton University.

There he met his future wife, Sharon, who was

originally from Glasgow. After graduating in the

early 90’s he decided to improve his job prospects

by further studies at Sussex University. After multiple

job applications, he moved to Glasgow to take up

a 3-year research post with Strathclyde University

looking at Information Systems design. Thereafter

he widened his experience undertaking various

contracts with multinationals including Scottish

Power and Scottish Water during which time he

trained as a Business Analyst and this is the area

where he now operates, specialising in specifying

and managing IT development projects. Following

his recent move to Kilmacolm he is working on a

project for the Student Loans Company.

In his spare - time he has been undertaking

voluntary work for the NHS by using his 3-D Printers

to manufacture Faceshields. Healthwise, he had

the misfortune that his pancreas stopping working

in 2001 resulting in him having Type 1 Diabetes.

However, his quality of life is now much improved

by having an Insulin Pump. After many questions

ably answered, President Hamid thanked Steven for

a most interesting presentation and expressed our

admiration for his selfless work to help the NHS.

e: info@advertizer.co.uk | www.advertizer.co.uk

June 2020

I’m so sad I can’t meet my lovely clients during this period of

lock down, but please be assured I will be open again as soon

as it safe to do so. Meantime, keep well, stay safe and see you

all very soon!


The NHS is still open

If you are unwell with non-coronavirus symptoms, it’s important to

seek medical help by contacting your GP or referring to NHS Inform.

Don’t ignore the early warning signs of serious conditions.

Some leading clinicians including the Royal College of Paediatrics

and Child Health and medical health charities such as the British

Heart Foundation and Stroke Association have expressed concerns

that people are risking their long-term health, and their lives, by

delaying getting the help they need.

Professor Carrie MacEwen, Chair of The Academy of Medical Royal

Colleges, said: “We are very concerned that patients may not be

accessing the NHS for care because they either don’t want to be a

burden or because they are fearful about catching the virus.

“Everyone should know that the NHS is still open for business

and it is vitally important that if people have serious conditions or

concerns they seek help.”





Gryffe Valley Rotary Club continues to

meet weekly using ZOOM. Once a fortnight

we have a speaker and in between we have

an informal Chat meeting. The speaker

meetings have been successful and the

“Chats” are very enjoyable.

Having exhausted discussions on the joys

of on-line shopping for groceries etc and

gardening we now have a “theme” to

stimulate the chat.

The meetings start at 7.00pm with the

speaker commencing at 7.30pm. The

committees are meeting by ZOOM and

their recommendations are considered at

the fortnightly speaker meetings which are

typically attended by 30 members.

Potential new members are invited to join

these meetings – please contact a member

or e-mail gryffevalleyrotary@gmail.com to

arrange an invitation.


In view of government restrictions, it is possible that none of

the normal fund-raising events (the BBQ, Curry Night or Burns

Supper) between now and the year-end will be able to go

ahead. At the same time members are not spending money

each week on their meals and drinks at the weekly meetings.

Many members have agreed to donate a share of their costs

to the Club charity account!


Fordbank Primary School, Johnstone - In response to the

request for assistance, Members have provided a collection of

equipment including tools (new and used), rhubarb crowns,

raspberry canes and bags of manure, all of which have been

delivered to the school. Arrangements are in place to set up

the compost bin/wormery which was on the wish list and

has been offered by a Member when this becomes feasible.

Members are encouraged to consider further contributions

if they have appropriate

surplus items.

local community, local life .........

GVRC 10K RUN 2020 -


Whilst the 2020 10K Run had to be cancelled,

challenges continue:

• Rotary needs to continue to raise funds to

support charitable causes and support of Alzheimer

Scotland is even more important because many of

the normal sources of the charity’s funding have

dried up.

• The challenge of the Gryffe Valley’s hilly 10K

course continues but many runners are following this

route for their daily exercise.

• If you run the 10K route regularly (keeping

to government regulations) why not make a donation

to Alzheimer Scotland?

Congratulations to Mel Cushing and her friends

(about 30 in all) who ran (or walked) the 10K course

individually last weekend and donated a total of

£555 to Alzheimer Scotland. Well done!

Next year’s event is provisionally arranged for Sunday

16th May 2021. Please save the date!

The National Finals

of Rotary Youth

Competitions have been

cancelled due to COVID.



At its meeting on 7th May

the Club members agreed

to make donations from the

charity account to each of two

groups supporting families and

children who need help due to

the COVID crisis:

• £500 to the Inverclyde

Foodbank in Greenock

• £500 to the Johnstone

Coffee Company which is

providing 25+ meals each

day to needy children in

Johnstone. More information

about this initiative is given at


b9a7f69bd3 .

e: info@advertizer.co.uk | www.advertizer.co.uk

June 2020

We remain open during the current lockdown, observing all

required safety guidelines at all times.

Our opening hours are Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm and

Saturday 8am to 12 noon.

We are available on the office or mobile numbers for urgent

small jobs and estimates.

At present on skeleton staff following the Scottish government

advice. Hopefully we may be allowed to return to carry out

some external work by the end of the month.

Meantime, we can be contacted for enquiries by e-mail on



can we reduce ‘Zoom’ fatigue

local community, local life .........


Our lovely friend Mo Ferrington has been using her time in lockdown

to start writing a regular newsletter. Here’s an excerpt from her most

recent one, on a topic that most of us will now have experienced already,

video calls:

Video chat is helping us stay employed and connected. But what makes it so tiring

- and how can we reduce ‘Zoom fatigue’? I get asked about this so often, but it’s

something I don’t do, so please do not ask me to.

Your screen freezes. There’s a weird echo. A dozen heads stare at you. There are the

work huddles, the one-on-one meetings and then, once you’re done for the day, the

hangouts with friends and family.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit, we’re on video calls more than ever before – and

many are finding it exhausting. But what, exactly, is tiring us out? BBC Worklife spoke

to Gianpiero Petriglieri, an associate professor at Insead, who explores sustainable

learning and development in the workplace, and Marissa Shuffler, an associate professor

at Clemson University, who studies workplace wellbeing and teamwork effectiveness,

This is what they had to say..

Is video chat harder? What’s different compared to face-to-face communication?

Being on a video call requires more focus than a face-to-face chat, says Petriglieri. Video

chats mean we need to work harder to process non-verbal cues like facial expressions,

the tone and pitch of the voice, and body language; paying more attention to these

consumes a lot of energy.

“Our minds are together when our bodies feel we’re not. That dissonance, which

causes people to have conflicting feelings, is exhausting. You cannot relax into the

conversation naturally,” he says.

Delays on phone or conferencing systems of 1.2 seconds made people perceive the

responder as less friendly or focused. Silence is another challenge, he adds. “Silence

creates a natural rhythm in a real-life conversation. However, when it happens in a video

call, you became anxious about the technology.” It also makes people uncomfortable. A

recent study showed that delays on phone or conferencing systems shaped our views

of people negatively: even delays of 1.2 seconds made people perceive the responder

as less friendly or focused.

In short folks, I just will not do this, I was trained to be with my Client, to listen and

observe every little movement, and I surely do, tiny unconscious movements are a

communication that you only get in a face to face IN the room, they are clues, signs,

that tell me so much of what that client isn’t saying verbally.

You cannot relax into the conversation naturally, the rapport changes, the dynamics

change, and lastly, if you have rubbish broadband as I do, then it’s a hit or a miss, so

why bother I’ll wait, my clients will wait and it’ll come along soon enough.

I could carry on writing all day, but I’ll save it for the next newsletter.

I hope you stay well and happily occupied till the next one, the very best to you,

Love and Stuff

Mo xxxxxx


COVID-19: Testing

Who can be tested

You can book a test online for anyone

aged 5 or over with symptoms in your


Key workers, and anyone in their

household with symptoms, can access

testing through their employer in the first

instance and will be given priority.

The Scottish Government have published

guidance on coronavirus testing in

Scotland, including who can be tested

and how to book a test online.

When to test

The test is only reliable if you have

coronavirus symptoms.

You should get tested in the first 3

days of symptoms appearing, although

testing is effective until day 5. You won’t

normally be tested after day 5 unless it’s

for a specific reason. This will be agreed

on a case-by-case basis.

If you are self-isolating because a person

you live with has symptoms, you can

refer them for testing. By testing others

in your household we can be certain if

you should be self-isolating or can return

to work.


e: info@advertizer.co.uk | www.advertizer.co.uk

June 2020

Kilmacolm Physiotherapy is open and able to

offer musculoskeletal assessments via video

consultation. All consultations are confidential and

we are registered with all major medical insurance


We can provide advice and exercises for a wide range of

conditions including:

• sporting injuries

• repetative strain

• symptoms relating to ‘working from home’

• neck pain

• back pain

• arthritic pain

• pre or post surgery for example

hip or knee replacements,

shoulder surgery

• ante natal and post natal back

and pelvic pain

It is being widely reported that if you or

someone else has had covid-19 there is a

high likelihood of having been left with

reduced fitness/activity levels. We can

offer bespoke post covid-19 return to

fitness advice and exercises that can be

carried out in your home environment.

You can contact us on 01505 873078,

please leave a message and we will get

back to you.

Alternatively contact us through our

Facebook page KilmacolmPhysiotherapy

We look forward to hearing from you.


local community, local life .........

Bernie’s Cafe are now offering Afternoon Tea / Cake for delivery. If

you would like anything please send a message to their Facebook

page with the date you would like. One day’s notice is required.

Afternoon tea for 1 £7.95

Afternoon tea for 2 £15.00

Box of 9 assorted cakes £12

(Pick from Old Skool, Malteser, Jam and coconut)

Delivery £1.50 to:

Bridge of Weir, Houston, Kilmacolm, Brookfield, Linwood,

Kilbarchan, Elderslie, Johnstone or Paisley.

Orders can also be collected from the cafe if preferred.


We are closed until we are allowed to open again.

In the meantime, I am getting the inside of the shop all painted &

Katy our beautician is changing her floor and sink, so it will be all

modernized before opening!

Plus I have ordered all the suitable PPE we will need. I am a member

of the national hair & beauty federation, and they are keeping us

up to date & advising us. Not to

mention the deep clean inside

the shop so staff & clients will be


We are lucky that the shop is a

big spacious salon so we will all

be able to keep our distance,

except when we are doing hair!

We are all looking forward to

seeing everyone again as we are

missing everyone!

Stay safe.


Advertisement Feature

Helping you live

well at home


I do hope all my clients and friends are keeping safe and well during

these challenging times.

As all my large functions have been cancelled I will be offering

some local delivered food options to give you all a break from the

kitchen !

I will be taking orders for the

following but will require at least

7 days notice.

Starters, Mains and Desserts.

In the meantime please take

care and do not hesitate to

contact me to discuss your



Tricia Kellock

Gadd’s Gourmet



At Home Instead Senior Care,

we work with you to provide

flexible, personalised home

care based on your specific

requirements, We’ll help you to stay in your community and live

under your own roof, surrounded by your own things, continuing

to live by your own rules. Our home care services span home

help, companionship and personal care. Our CAREGivers love

helping people live well in their own home

Our Promise

• To Match you with your CAREGiver

• To spend a minimum of one hour each visit

• To provide continuity of support.

0141 280 8210

Bridge of Weir ~ Kilbarchan

Johnstone ~ Houston

Registered with Care


Each Home Instead Senior Care®

franchise office is independently

owned and operated


e: info@advertizer.co.uk | www.advertizer.co.uk

June 2020

We are currently taking calls/enquiries.

We would hope to be operational at start of June 2020 subject

to Government guidelines but happy to talk to customers and

arrange appointments over next few weeks.


local community, local life .........

out and about......


Time, Tide and ‘Rona’ wait for no


With everything that we are familiar with as ‘normal’ being turned

upside down since the virus, we are all adapting and finding new

ways of going about life. The same is true for the ‘Semple Stories,

Lochwinnoch’s Glories’ project – pressing on and going strong.

I have been a bit quiet of late while a new way of delivering the

project has been worked out. Noted below is a progress report

with potential developments for the project. The guided walks are

being developed in to self-guided walks which you will be able to

access via the Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park website. There will be

maps of the routes and an accompanying written ‘guide’ to take

the place of a person.

Lesson plans are being written for use by schools, clubs and youth

organisations which, will take the form of a boxed ‘kit’ which can be

borrowed. These will include old playground games e.g. marbles

and peevers, a game of curling that does not involve ice! A game

of ‘Bullets’ which use to be played in the area on country lanes, over

a distance of 2km with an iron ball. Of course, this will be adapted

so that it isn’t a risk assessment nightmare! And who remembers

catching minnows when they were wee? This will also be available

with the location only being revealed when you borrow the kit!




Wonderful weather in April continued into May. Seasoned

gardeners, and those new to the concept of tending their gardens,

could hardly believe these days of sunshine and warmth would last

so long! Gardening is so well-known for its therapeutic benefits

and what better time than now to experience bright and pleasant


Usually a nasty weather system will attempt to blow blossom

off trees and flatten Spring bulbs but this year little of that has

happened and we’ve had some beautiful displays to lift our spirits.

But let’s not forget there will have been hours of nurture and care

along the way so we should also, in gardening parlance, sit back

and smell the roses!

Bustling blackbirds are darting around looking for grubs and

crumbs, as are all birds with, hopefully, large families back in the

nest. Lots of bees and some butterflies are also visiting. Opinions

e: info@advertizer.co.uk | www.advertizer.co.uk

June 2020

are divided about feeding birds but they look quite frazzled so

supplementary feeding can support the parents. Breadcrumbs

are filling but not nutritious. Fry these in a little oil till crisp and

mix with left over dried fruits, rehydrated in water. If you’re lucky

enough to have a hedgehog, be sure there is water available as well

as mealworms, peanuts or cat-food.

Keep hoeing borders and the weeds will quickly wilt in the sun.

It’s also a good time to spray weedkiller on paths but be wary of

nearby plants and keep well away from children and pets. Water

recently-planted shrubs and those with shallow root systems, e.g.,

azaleas and keep an eye on pots and hanging baskets for signs

of floppy greenery. There is already talk of drought conditions so

consider adding another water butt or container to your current

supply. Keep these covered.

When confirmed, information on Society activities will be forwarded

to Members. Meanwhile stay vigilant and keep gardening!


local community, local life .........

Castle Semple

Sailing Club

Following the restrictive measures

announced on 23 March Castle

Semple Sailing Club is closed for the

foreseeable future. Members have

been asked to respect and comply

with the measures being implemented

in all aspects of their lives and we

look forward to seeing everyone once

restrictions are lifted.

In the meantime the Club has an active

e-sailing group every Wednesday

evening and Sunday afternoon which

is not exactly the same as being

out on the water but is giving some

good entertainment for us. We

have a WhatsApp group to keep in

touch with each other and swap the

numerous jokes which are doing

rounds. In addition members are busy

posting pictures on Facebook of past

events. Hopefully we can all get back

out on the water before too long and

welcome back members and new

members too.

The picture is of one particular

“mishap” a few years ago now but still

raises a chuckle.



e: info@advertizer.co.uk | www.advertizer.co.uk

ONLINE CONSULTATIONS POSSIBLE - please call for details

Microchip Details

Its always worthwhile to take a minute to check your pet’s details

so your furry friend can always be returned safely should they

wander away..

If you have changed any of your contact details such as your phone

number or you have moved house, don’t forget to update your pets

microchip details.

It could be what helps reunite you with them if they are lost or


June 2020

separation anxiety

Dogs Trust is issuing advice to dog owners following concerns

over a ticking time bomb of separation anxiety among dogs post

lockdown when families return to their normal routine.

If your dog is used to being left alone, then try to make sure you

continue to leave them for periods during the day, so they don’t

‘lose’ the ability to cope. For puppies and dogs that are anxious

when left, use the following tips to help them cope alone:

• Make sure your dog has a comfy bed or den, where they can relax

in peace.

• Give them something fun to occupy them, such as a long-lasting

treat or puzzle toy.

• While your dog is enjoying their treat, take a couple of steps to

the other side of the room. If your dog stays where they are, wait

a moment, then go back and reward them with an extra treat.

• Increase the distance you move away and the time you wait

before returning with the extra treat.

You should soon be able to leave the room and close the door or

gate. Progress to spending more time in a different room. Build this

into the daily routine.

It’s important that your dog remains relaxed. If they show signs of

distress, leave them for a shorter period, or don’t move as far away,

next time.

Rachel Casey, Director of Canine Behaviour and Research at Dogs

Trust, said: “While it has been great to spend so much time with our

dogs during lockdown, all this

extra attention could potentially

create a ticking time bomb of

separation anxiety for our dogs.

If they expect us to be about all

the time, it will be more difficult

for them to cope once we go

back to our normal lives and

aren’t in the house 24/7.

“Now is the time to act to avoid

future problems. Just make sure

that you factor in time apart from

your dog each day to help them

be able to cope when alone – this

could be separated from you by

a door or child gate for an hour

or two whilst you’re working

or home schooling the kids. By

organizing your dog’s day, with

time apart, play times, exercise,

other activity sessions (like

giving them a food filled toy)

and quiet times, you can make

sure that your dog maintains

their ability to cope with the

different aspects of ‘normal’ life

when we get back to it.”

We are on a reduced staff due

to the current restrictions.

We are open our normal

hours: Mon-Thurs 9am-6pm,

Fri 9am-5pm, Sat 9am-12pm,

and able to offer remote

consulting or contact free

visits to the practice.


local community, local life .........

business classified


We will be shut till

at least middle of

June but samples

can be ordered on

the web site www.


and preliminary

bookings made

by phone on our

usual numbers.

Trades and Services

I’m not able to work at the moment but

as soon as we get some sort of relaxation

I will be able to fix those pianos again!

Beaton Bros Coal Merchants are still

taking orders and have new granite chip

and decorative stones for driveways

available. Home delivery only.


“I hope all my

lovely patients are

keeping safe and


I’m really looking

forward to seeing

you all again as

soon as it is safe

to be back in


At the moment I

am unable to carry

out any routine

work, however I am

looking at ways to

return as soon as it

is safe to do so.

I look forward

to seeing all my

customers again

soon. Stay safe!




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Scout Hall

Kilbarchan Bowling Club


Onyx Leisure Centre

Spar, Clippens Road




Russell Institute


William Quarriers House at entrance

to Faith Avenue

Country View


Crimestoppers 0800 555 111

Police Scotland 01786 289070


R.A.L.F 0800 37 36 35

Traveline 0871 200 2233


Alcoholics Anon 0800 9177 650

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Beaton Bros Coal Merchants ................... 42

Beaton Bros Funeral Directors ...... 13

Bernies Cafe ......................................... 36

Bridge of Weir Roofing .................... 33

Bryan Slaven Slater & Plaster .............. 23

Burndale Workshop .......................... 05

C Hunter Plumbing Heating Gas ...... 33

Care & Repair Gardening Services .... 38

Chairbird Upholstery ........................ 27

CHG Architecture .................................. 25

CLA Accountancy Services ............. 26

Clearline Aerial ...................................... 19

CLH Joinery .......................................... 26

Clippens Roofing .............................. 25

Cloudy 2 Clear ...................................... 37

Colcom .................................................. 14

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Conservatory Conv & Windows ............ 11

Dallas McMillan .................................... 11

Decorus .................................................... 35

DS Cleaning (Windows) ............. 27

Eclipse Deep Clean ........................... 26

F4 Cycles .................................................... 33

Ferringtons Hypnotherapy ............. 35

Gadds Gourmet .................................. 36

Garden Services ....................................... 39

Garolla Doors ...................................... 14

Gasfit Plumbing & Heating .......... 23

GasMan Energy .................................. 15

Gibb Stuart ............................................. 09

Gordon James Tiling ......................... 27

Grid Design Ltd ............................. 17

Gryffe Roofing & Cleaning ............. 37

Hames Estates ................................... 13

Hillarys Blinds ........................................ 42

Home Instead Senior Care ............. 36

June 2020

I & J Building & Roofing .................... 25

I D Plumbing ............................................ 19

Ian Smith Piano Tuning ............. 42

Innovative Estate Planning Ltd ........ 15

Integrated Animal Therapy Vets ..... 41

James Kerr Joiner ............................... 33

John Morgan Painter & Decorator ...... 33

John Roach Funeral Directors ........... 14

KAL Plumbing Ltd .......................... 15

KC Roofing & Building Services ......... 33

Kilbarchan Dental ................................. 21

Kilellan Roofing ................................ 26

Kilmacolm Physiotherapist ............. 35

Kingsley Wood & Co Solicitors ....... 07

Lady Grafters Garden Services ........ 41

Lamont Electricians ......................... 27

Laserlight ................................................ 31

LJX ............................................................... 38

M Addison Joiners & Builders .................... 23

MAS Electrical & Security ................. 17

MJ Lawnmowers ................................... 39

Need a Joiner ....................................... 42

Need a local electrician ..................... 42

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Platinum Cleaning ..................................... 17

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Podiatry Charlotte McNicol .................. 42

Powerdoors ...................................... 24

R Williams Tree Services ................ 39

Ranfurly Decor .................................... 27

RED Pest Control .......................... 14

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June 2020


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