2016 Annual Report

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Through biomedical research and science education,<br />

Van Andel Institute is committed to improving the health and<br />

enhancing the lives of current and future generations.

Table of Contents<br />

2 A Letter from David Van Andel<br />

4 Research<br />

6 LAX vs. Cancer<br />

8 Van Andel Research Institute's<br />

Principal Investigators<br />

14 Challenging Cancer – Beating the Odds<br />

16 Battling Parkinson's – Embracing Advocacy<br />

18 Donor Highlight – Michael Carnevale<br />

19 Foundations for the Future<br />

20 Education<br />

22 Van Andel Institute Graduate School –<br />

Personal, Focused and Unique<br />

23 Emily Machiela and Jason Cooper –<br />

Life-Changing Graduate School<br />

24 Terra Tarango – Revolutionizing Science<br />

Education with Four Simple Words<br />

25 Students Performing Real Science –<br />

Van Andel Education Institute's Impact on<br />

the Classroom<br />

26 Donors and Philanthropic Partners<br />

28 Use the Gifts You’re Given – Pat Ringnalda<br />

and the Bee Brave 5K<br />

29 Bringing it Full Circle at Duncan Lake<br />

30 Hope on the Hill Photos<br />

31 Donor Highlight – The Boelkins Family<br />

31 Tim Tebow – Inspiring Through Faith,<br />

Hope and Football<br />

32 Our Angels of Excellence<br />

33 Trina Taylor – A Moment on the Runway<br />

34 Dr. Hui Shen – Starting a Conversation<br />

About Women’s Health<br />

35 Donor Highlight – Joe Rudnick &<br />

Tapistry Brewing<br />

36 Sources of Funding<br />

37 Society of Hope<br />

38 Tributes<br />

40 Memorials<br />

44 Signature Special Event Sponsors<br />

45 Institute Leadership<br />

46 Board and Council Members<br />


A Letter from David Van Andel<br />

Dear Friends,<br />

Our story began more than 20 years ago with a bold dream:<br />

to impact human health. Why? Because millions of people<br />

are affected by diseases like cancer and Parkinson’s, and we<br />

believed we could make a difference.<br />

From our founding, early development and growth into a<br />

global institute, our most important asset has always been<br />

abundantly clear—people. The Institute became a reality<br />

because a dedicated group of people decided to write a<br />

new narrative for how science is done—to break down<br />

barriers, build a world-class research and science education<br />

organization, and spark the growth of a health sciences<br />

industry in the heart of West Michigan. In the beginning, we<br />

sought advice from experts, established partnerships and<br />

began laying the foundation for the years to come. As time<br />

passed, our story expanded and evolved—the product of<br />

many individuals’ expertise, hopes and dreams.<br />

Today, the Institute employs more than 360 people from<br />

32 different countries, bringing with them unique skills, gifts<br />

and abilities that benefit us as an organization and add to<br />

our diversity. These incredible scientists, educators and<br />

professionals could be working anywhere in the world—but<br />

they came here and are helping lead the way into a future<br />

filled with opportunities.<br />

Opportunities abound because of people and their<br />

connections to each other. Van Andel Institute scientists<br />

collaborate internally, locally, nationally and internationally<br />

with others who are committed to making a profound<br />

impact on people’s health. Partnerships with organizations<br />

such as Stand Up To Cancer and The Cure Parkinson’s Trust<br />

are helping us accelerate the pace of discovery and begin<br />

clinical trials for new cancer and Parkinson’s therapies.<br />

Through the years, hope has always been the heart of the<br />

Institute’s story. And today, there is more reason to hope<br />

than ever before. We could not have come this far without<br />

you—our friends and supporters. Some of you have been<br />

touched by cancer, Parkinson’s or other diseases and have<br />

decided to take action. Others of you give of your time,<br />

treasure and talent to advance scientific discovery and<br />

educational enlightenment. Together, we are moving the<br />

Institute forward in new and surprising ways.<br />

This year’s annual report is a celebration of the people and<br />

the stories that illuminate who we are, what we do and<br />

where we’re going. It is my hope that you will join us for the<br />

next chapter in the Institute’s history and add your story to<br />

the pages that have yet to be written.<br />

Warmly,<br />

David Van Andel<br />

Chairman and CEO<br />

“Through the years, hope<br />

has always been the heart<br />

of the Institute’s story.”<br />

David Van Andel<br />

2 | VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE ANNUAL REPORT <strong>2016</strong>

VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE ANNUAL REPORT <strong>2016</strong> | 3

Van Andel Research Institute<br />

is a world leader in cancer epigenetics and Parkinson’s disease research.<br />

Collaborating with academia, industry and philanthropy, the Institute<br />

orchestrates cutting-edge clinical trials to improve human health.<br />

4 | VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE ANNUAL REPORT <strong>2016</strong>

VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE ANNUAL REPORT <strong>2016</strong> | 5

LAX vs. Cancer<br />

On a cold, rain-soaked spring day, Dr. Patrick Grohar<br />

stood in the middle of the field addressing two high<br />

school lacrosse teams. They were playing a game not for<br />

glory, victory or personal achievement but in honor of<br />

their friends and loved ones who had been affected by<br />

cancer. As a physician-scientist, Grohar is well versed in<br />

the devastating impact cancer can have on people’s lives.<br />

He runs a laboratory at Van Andel Research Institute and<br />

works as a pediatric oncologist at Helen DeVos Children’s<br />

Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan.<br />

When Grohar looked out and saw names of people who<br />

had been affected by cancer stitched on the backs of the<br />

players’ jerseys, he knew this event was much more than a<br />

charity lacrosse game.<br />

“It was really a uniquely special day—speaking at the game,<br />

seeing the students with names of people they loved who<br />

had cancer stitched on their jerseys was inspiring,” Grohar<br />

said. “One of the players even honored a patient from the<br />

children’s hospital—it was really moving.”<br />

The first Purple Community lacrosse game between<br />

Grand Rapids Christian and Rockford High School took<br />

place in 2015, but the event has already earned a special<br />

place in the hearts of the participants and Grohar—whose<br />

lab received more than $6,000 from last year’s event.<br />

Dana Stenstrom, who works with the Grand Rapids<br />

Christian lacrosse team and is the mother of two players,<br />

views the event as a way for young adults to connect to the<br />

greater good and an opportunity for scientists to see how<br />

much their work means to people who have been affected<br />

by cancer.<br />

“When Dr. Grohar came out to meet with our players<br />

and spoke at the game, he connected all of the dots and<br />

helped our kids understand where their donation goes—it<br />

goes right into a lab that is focused on cancer research,”<br />

Stenstrom said. “We are all connected as a community<br />

here in West Michigan, and I think we are becoming aware<br />

of how lucky we are to have people like Dr. Grohar and<br />

Van Andel Institute right here in our own backyard.”<br />

“We are all connected as<br />

a community here in West<br />

Michigan, and I think we<br />

are becoming aware of how<br />

lucky we are to have people<br />

like Dr. Grohar and<br />

Van Andel Institute right<br />

here in our own backyard.”<br />

Dana Stenstrom<br />




6 | VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE ANNUAL REPORT <strong>2016</strong>


2<br />

3<br />



1<br />

1<br />

Purple Community<br />

lacrosse game<br />

20 lacrosse players<br />

honoring friends<br />

and loved ones<br />

100+<br />

people donated<br />

at the game<br />

We did that!<br />

Grohar, an accomplished lacrosse player who served as<br />

a team co-captain while attending Villanova University,<br />

is inspired by the Rockford and Grand Rapids Christian<br />

teams.<br />

“I just think it’s really cool that these kids are 100 percent<br />

behind this game and the goal of supporting the work we<br />

do at the Institute,” Grohar said. “I am very grateful for what<br />

they have done, and I hope by interacting with them and<br />

showing them where their funds are going, we can give<br />

them a tangible sense of accomplishment.”<br />

A new cancer drug<br />

therapy that could benefit<br />

millions of people<br />

8<br />


$6,000 raised at<br />

the lacrosse game<br />

4<br />

The donations collected at the <strong>2016</strong> game will fund the<br />

initial stages of a genome-wide SRNA library screen that<br />

could lead to the discovery of a new target for cancer<br />

therapies.<br />

What does this mean?<br />

The library could identify a<br />

new drug therapy target<br />

which could lead to...<br />

100%<br />

of donations go to VAI<br />

5<br />

“Any time there is a grassroots effort to raise money, I try<br />

to use it for something very specific—something people<br />

can point to and say, ‘We did that,’” Grohar said. “If the<br />

efforts of these young people can lead to a new cancer<br />

drug, perhaps they’ll be inspired to become Ph.D.s. or<br />

M.D.s and continue to make a difference in people’s lives.”<br />

7<br />

$6,000<br />

helps to fund<br />

the first stage<br />

of Dr. Grohar’s genome-wide<br />

SRNA library screen<br />

6<br />

VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE ANNUAL REPORT <strong>2016</strong> | 7

Meet Van Andel Research Institute’s Principal Investigators<br />

Van Andel Research Institute (VARI) is composed of three centers and 31 principal<br />

investigators, each with their own area of expertise and research projects.<br />

VARI Leadership<br />

Peter Jones<br />

Peter Jones, Ph.D., D.Sc., is a<br />

pioneer in epigenetics, a growing<br />

field that explores how genes<br />

are regulated and provides new<br />

avenues for developing therapies<br />

for cancer and other diseases. His discoveries have helped<br />

usher in an entirely new class of drugs that have been<br />

approved to treat blood cancer and are being investigated<br />

in other tumor types. Jones is a member of the National<br />

Academy of Sciences and is chief scientific officer of<br />

Van Andel Research Institute.<br />

Patrik Brundin<br />

Patrik Brundin, M.D., Ph.D.,<br />

investigates molecular mechanisms<br />

in Parkinson’s disease, and his<br />

goals are to develop new therapies<br />

aimed at slowing or stopping<br />

disease progression or repairing damage. He is one of the<br />

top-cited researchers in the field of neurodegenerative<br />

disease and leads international efforts to repurpose drugs<br />

to treat Parkinson’s. Brundin is director of Van Andel<br />

Research Institute’s Center for Neurodegenerative Science.<br />

Bart Williams<br />

Bart Williams, Ph.D., studies<br />

the building blocks of bone<br />

growth on behalf of the millions<br />

suffering from diseases such<br />

as osteoporosis. He seeks new<br />

ways of altering cell signaling pathways to encourage<br />

healthy bone development and deter cancer spread to<br />

the skeleton. Williams is director of Van Andel Research<br />

Institute’s Center for Cancer and Cell Biology.<br />

Scott Jewell<br />

Scott Jewell, Ph.D., leads<br />

Van Andel Research Institute’s<br />

Core Technologies and Services,<br />

which provides technology and<br />

specialized expertise for research<br />

investigators. Cores and services include bioinformatics<br />

and biostatistics, cryo-EM, confocal microscopy and<br />

quantitative imaging, flow cytometry, genomics, pathology<br />

and biorepository, small-animal imaging, vivarium<br />

management and transgenics. Jewell is a past president of<br />

the International Society for Biological and Environmental<br />

Repositories (ISBER).<br />

8 | VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE ANNUAL REPORT <strong>2016</strong>


Center for Epigenetics<br />

Research areas: Epigenetics, cancer, heart disease,<br />

neuroepigenetics and structural biology.<br />

Stephen Baylin<br />

Stephen Baylin, M.D., studies the<br />

body’s genetic control systems—<br />

called epigenetics—searching for<br />

vulnerabilities in cancer. Baylin is a<br />

pioneer in this field, ranking among<br />

the first to trace epigenetic causes of cancer. His studies<br />

have led to new therapies for common cancers, like breast,<br />

lung, colorectal and many others. He is co-leader of the<br />

VARI-SU2C Epigenetics Dream Team, co-director of Johns<br />

Hopkins’ Cancer Biology Division and associate director for<br />

research at Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center.<br />

Stefan Jovinge<br />

Stefan Jovinge, M.D., Ph.D.,<br />

develops ways to help the heart<br />

heal itself and has led dozens<br />

of clinical trials in regenerative<br />

medicine. As a critical care<br />

cardiologist and scientist, he uses a bench-to-bedside<br />

approach in an effort to give patients with serious heart<br />

conditions longer, healthier lives. The clinical platform<br />

for his research is the Cardiothoracic Intensive Care<br />

Unit at Spectrum Health Hospitals Fred and Lena Meijer<br />

Heart Center, and the basic science effort in regenerative<br />

medicine is performed at Van Andel Research Institute<br />

(VARI). He serves as director of the DeVos Cardiovascular<br />

Research Program, the name of the overall structure of the<br />

program that is a collaboration between Spectrum Health<br />

and VARI.<br />

Peter W. Laird<br />

Peter W. Laird, Ph.D., seeks<br />

a detailed understanding of<br />

the molecular foundations of<br />

cancer with a particular focus<br />

on identifying crucial epigenetic<br />

alterations that convert otherwise healthy cells into cancer<br />

cells. He is widely regarded as an international leader<br />

in this effort and has helped design some of the world’s<br />

state-of-the-art tools to aid in epigenetics research. Laird<br />

is a principal investigator for the National Cancer Institute’s<br />

Genome Data Analysis Network and is a professor in<br />

Van Andel Research Institute’s Center for Epigenetics. He<br />

also played a leadership role in The Cancer Genome Atlas,<br />

a multi-institutional effort to molecularly map cancers.<br />

Huilin Li<br />

Huilin Li, Ph.D., uses cryo-electron<br />

microscopy (cryo-EM) to reveal the<br />

most basic building blocks of DNA<br />

replication and other systems vital<br />

for life. He has been at the vanguard<br />

of cryo-EM for more than 20 years, and his research has<br />

implications for some of the world’s most critical public<br />

health concerns, including tuberculosis, cancer, mental<br />

illness and many more. He is a professor in the Center<br />

for Epigenetics.<br />

Gerd Pfeifer<br />

Gerd Pfeifer, Ph.D.,<br />

studies how the body<br />

switches genes on and off,<br />

a biological process called<br />

methylation that, when faulty, can<br />

lead to cancer or other diseases. His studies range from<br />

the effect of tobacco smoke on genetic and epigenetic<br />

systems to the discovery of a mechanism that may help<br />

protect the brain from neurodegeneration. Pfeifer’s studies<br />

have implications across a range of diseases, including<br />

cancer, Parkinson’s, diabetes and many others. Pfeifer is a<br />

professor in Van Andel Research Institute’s Center<br />

for Epigenetics.<br />

Scott Rothbart<br />

Scott Rothbart, Ph.D., studies<br />

the ways in which cells pack and<br />

unpack DNA. This elegant process<br />

twists and coils roughly two meters<br />

of unwound DNA into a space less<br />

than one-tenth the width of a human hair. Although this<br />

process is impressive, it is also subject to errors that can<br />

cause cancer and other disorders. Rothbart seeks new<br />

targets for drug development in this process. He is an<br />

assistant professor in Van Andel Research Institute’s<br />

Center for Epigenetics.<br />

VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE ANNUAL REPORT <strong>2016</strong> | 9

Meet Van Andel Research Institute’s Principal Investigators (continued)<br />

Hui Shen<br />

Hui Shen, Ph.D., develops new<br />

approaches to cancer prevention,<br />

detection and treatment by<br />

studying the interaction between<br />

genes and their control systems,<br />

called epigenetics. Her research focuses on women’s<br />

cancers, particularly ovarian cancer, and also has shed<br />

new light on the underlying mechanisms of other cancer<br />

types, including breast, kidney and prostate cancers. She<br />

is an assistant professor in Van Andel Research Institute’s<br />

Center for Epigenetics.<br />

Steven J. Triezenberg<br />

Steven J. Triezenberg, Ph.D.,<br />

explores the genetic and<br />

epigenetic control systems of<br />

viruses to understand how<br />

infections progress and to reveal<br />

new ways to stop those infections. His discoveries with<br />

herpes simplex viruses have opened new possibilities<br />

for antiviral drug development and have revealed new<br />

insights into how human cells control gene expression. In<br />

addition to running a lab at Van Andel Research Institute,<br />

Dr. Triezenberg is the founding dean of Van Andel Institute<br />

Graduate School.<br />

Gerhard Coetzee<br />

Gerhard Coetzee, Ph.D., searches<br />

the human genome for minuscule<br />

changes that contribute to the<br />

onset, progression and drug<br />

resistance of many diseases,<br />

ranging from cancer to Parkinson’s to rare and heritable<br />

disorders. His team deploys genome sequencing<br />

technologies and high-powered computational arrays<br />

to tease out patterns and interactions of markers and<br />

treatment targets from among the human genome’s more<br />

than three billion DNA base pairs. Coetzee is a professor in<br />

the Center for Neurodegenerative Science.<br />

Piroska Szabó<br />

Piroska Szabó, Ph.D., studies the<br />

flow of epigenetic information<br />

from parents to their offspring,<br />

with a focus on how epigenetic<br />

markers are remodeled during<br />

egg and sperm production and how these markers are<br />

rewritten after fertilization. These processes have profound<br />

implications on fertility and embryo development.<br />

Disturbances in epigenetic remodeling are thought<br />

to contribute to disease conditions lasting well into<br />

adulthood. Szabó is an associate professor in Van Andel<br />

Research Institute’s Center for Epigenetics.<br />

Center for Neurodegenerative Science<br />

Research areas: Parkinson’s disease, depression/suicide,<br />

aging, prion disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Huntington's<br />

disease and neuroepigenetics.<br />

Lena Brundin<br />

As a psychiatrist and a scientist,<br />

Lena Brundin, M.D., Ph.D.,<br />

seeks ways to diagnose and<br />

treat depression and suicidality<br />

by studying inflammation of<br />

the nervous system. Her findings may lead to earlier<br />

interventions for depressive patients and for the<br />

development of a new class of antidepressants that<br />

targets the immune system. She also investigates how<br />

inflammatory mechanisms can damage nerve cells in<br />

Parkinson’s disease. She is an associate professor in the<br />

Center for Neurodegenerative Science.<br />

Viviane Labrie<br />

Viviane Labrie, Ph.D., studies<br />

the dynamic interplay<br />

between the human genome<br />

and its control system—the<br />

epigenome—to understand how<br />

neurodegenerative diseases start and progress in an<br />

effort to develop improved diagnostics and treatments.<br />

Labrie’s scientific pursuits have deepened understanding<br />

of conditions from Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases<br />

to schizophrenia to healthy aging conditions like lactose<br />

intolerance. She has also developed new methods for<br />

epigenome analysis. She is an assistant professor in the<br />

Center for Neurodegenerative Science.<br />

10 | VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE ANNUAL REPORT <strong>2016</strong>


Jeffrey Kordower<br />

Jeffrey Kordower, Ph.D., is an<br />

international authority on the<br />

onset of Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s<br />

and Huntington’s diseases, and<br />

works to develop new procedures<br />

aimed at slowing disease progression or reversing damage<br />

to the brain. He holds a primary appointment at Rush<br />

University in Chicago and is a Director’s Scholar at<br />

Van Andel Research Institute, where he focuses on<br />

designing preclinical studies and clinical trials to translate<br />

these new approaches into meaningful changes for people<br />

suffering with movement disorders.<br />

Darren Moore<br />

Darren Moore, Ph.D., seeks<br />

new diagnostic and treatment<br />

approaches for Parkinson’s by<br />

investigating the inherited form<br />

of the disease, which comprises<br />

five to 10 percent of cases. He aims to translate the<br />

understanding of these genetic mutations into better<br />

treatments and new diagnostic tools for Parkinson’s, both<br />

inherited and non-inherited. Discoveries from Moore’s<br />

Lab routinely elucidate the faulty molecular interactions<br />

that transform healthy, functioning neurons into diseased<br />

ones. Moore is an associate professor in the Center for<br />

Neurodegenerative Science.<br />

Jiyan Ma<br />

Jiyan Ma, Ph.D., studies<br />

abnormal proteins that cause<br />

neurodegenerative diseases,<br />

including Parkinson’s disease and<br />

prion diseases in humans and<br />

animals. His lab has developed new ways to understand<br />

how these proteins spread and cause diseases in humans<br />

and animals. The lab is also developing new approaches<br />

to diagnose and treat these devastating disorders. Ma is a<br />

professor in the Center for Neurodegenerative Science.<br />

Jeremy Van Raamsdonk<br />

Jeremy Van Raamsdonk, Ph.D.,<br />

studies the genetics of aging<br />

and the mechanisms underlying<br />

Parkinson’s and Huntington’s<br />

disease. He focuses primarily on<br />

understanding what causes aging, and how the changes<br />

that take place during normal aging contribute to the<br />

development of neurodegenerative disease. His work on<br />

the relationship between oxidative stress and aging has<br />

upended many scientific assumptions about the effect of<br />

reactive oxygen species on lifespan. Ultimately,<br />

Dr. Van Raamsdonk hopes to leverage the knowledge<br />

gained about aging to develop novel treatments for<br />

neurodegenerative disorders. He is an assistant professor<br />

in the Center for Neurodegenerative Science.<br />

VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE ANNUAL REPORT <strong>2016</strong> | 11

Meet Van Andel Research Institute’s Principal Investigators (continued)<br />

Center for Cancer and Cell Biology<br />

Research areas: Asthma, diabetes, neurofibromatosis<br />

type 1, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, sarcoma, tuberous<br />

sclerosis and blood, bone, breast, colorectal, pancreatic<br />

and prostate cancers.<br />

Patrick Grohar<br />

Patrick Grohar, M.D., Ph.D.,<br />

develops new drugs to treat bone<br />

cancer in children, in addition to<br />

pursuing a deeper understanding<br />

of the mechanisms of sarcomas<br />

and related conditions. Once proven safe and effective in<br />

the lab, his team translates these potential therapies into<br />

clinical trials for children with few other options. He is an<br />

associate professor in Van Andel Research Institute’s Center<br />

for Cancer and Cell Biology and a pediatric oncologist at<br />

Spectrum Health Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital.<br />

Brian Haab<br />

Brian Haab, Ph.D.,<br />

searches for new ways to<br />

diagnose and stratify<br />

pancreatic cancer based on the<br />

chemical fingerprints tumors leave<br />

behind. Part of the problem Haab aims to solve is that<br />

cancers often look and behave normally—until after they’ve<br />

started making people sick. Haab is sleuthing out clues to<br />

build a library of diagnostic tools that will help providers<br />

diagnose tumors earlier and optimize treatment. He is a<br />

professor in the Center for Cancer and Cell Biology.<br />

Xiaohong Li<br />

Xiaohong Li, Ph.D., studies when<br />

various cancers, particularly<br />

prostate and breast cancer cells,<br />

migrate from their original site<br />

and spread to the bone. These<br />

cells stay dormant and might wake up years later or<br />

grow up to bone metastases, cause debilitating pain and<br />

are exceedingly difficult to treat. Li hopes that a better<br />

understanding of metastatic cancers will lead to new<br />

diagnostic tests and targeted therapies. She is an assistant<br />

professor in the Center for Cancer and Cell Biology.<br />

Jeff MacKeigan<br />

Jeff MacKeigan, Ph.D., studies<br />

the biological systems that<br />

influence cellular metabolism<br />

and the cell’s recycling process,<br />

known as autophagy. Extensive<br />

knowledge of these complex cellular processes helps the<br />

MacKeigan Lab understand how tumor cells respond to<br />

and resist treatment. The MacKeigan team pairs their cell<br />

biology expertise with cutting-edge techniques, such as<br />

computational modeling and next-generation sequencing,<br />

to identify new therapeutic targets and strategies.<br />

MacKeigan is an associate professor in the Center for<br />

Cancer and Cell Biology.<br />

Karsten Melcher<br />

Karsten Melcher, Ph.D., studies<br />

molecular structure and cellular<br />

communication, which have<br />

implications for finding new<br />

treatments for serious health<br />

threats, including cancer, diabetes and obesity. His<br />

expertise extends beyond human cells—his research into<br />

plant hormones may one day lead to heartier crops that<br />

resist drought and help meet the nutritional demands of<br />

a growing global population. Dr. Melcher is an associate<br />

professor in the Center for Cancer and Cell Biology.<br />

Lorenzo Sempere<br />

Lorenzo Sempere, Ph.D., studies<br />

the role of microRNAs in the origin<br />

and growth of cancer. These very<br />

short strands of genetic material<br />

were discovered just over 15<br />

years ago and are now recognized as dynamic regulatory<br />

modules of the larger human genome. Sempere targets<br />

microRNAs in an effort to develop new cancer drugs,<br />

specifically for pancreatic and breast cancers. He is an<br />

assistant professor in the Center for Cancer and Cell and<br />

Biology.<br />

12 | VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE ANNUAL REPORT <strong>2016</strong>


Matt Steensma<br />

Matt Steensma, M.D., studies<br />

the genetic and molecular<br />

factors that cause benign<br />

tumors to become cancers to<br />

find vulnerabilities that may<br />

be targeted for treatment. As a scientist at VARI and<br />

practicing surgeon at Spectrum Health Helen DeVos<br />

Children’s Hospital, he is committed to translating<br />

scientific discoveries into treatments that improve<br />

patients’ lives.<br />

Ning Wu<br />

Ning Wu, Ph.D., investigates<br />

the interface between cellular<br />

metabolism and cellular signaling,<br />

particularly as they relate to<br />

cancer. On the most basic level,<br />

cancer is fundamentally a disease of uncontrolled cell<br />

growth, and Wu believes that understanding a tumor’s<br />

voracious energy requirements and altered signaling<br />

pathways will lead to new treatments that optimize<br />

existing combination therapies and identify novel<br />

therapeutic targets. She is an assistant professor in the<br />

Center for Cancer and Cell Biology.<br />

George Vande Woude<br />

George Vande Woude, Ph.D., is a<br />

titan in cancer biology. He is the<br />

Founding Director of Van Andel<br />

Research Institute, which he led<br />

for a decade. His discovery and<br />

description of the MET receptor tyrosine kinase as an<br />

oncogene, together with its activating ligand hepatocyte<br />

growth factor, have led to new possibilities for cancer<br />

therapies. His discovery has revolutionized the way<br />

scientists view the disease, especially in tumor progression.<br />

He is a distinguished scientific fellow in the Center for<br />

Cancer and Cell Biology and a member of the National<br />

Academy of Sciences.<br />

H. Eric Xu<br />

H. Eric Xu, Ph.D., explores<br />

the structure of molecules in<br />

the body’s complex hormone<br />

signaling system, which plays a<br />

vital role in health and disease.<br />

He is particularly known for his discoveries in defining<br />

the structure of molecules critical to the development of<br />

new drugs for cancer, diabetes and many others. He is a<br />

professor in VARI’s Center for Cancer and Cell Biology and<br />

also serves as director of VARI-SIMM Research Center in<br />

Shanghai, China.<br />

Tao Yang<br />

Tao Yang, Ph.D.,<br />

studies the signaling<br />

systems that govern skeletal<br />

stem cells and the role<br />

they play in diseases such<br />

as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. Bones are the<br />

largest producer of adult stem cells, which mature<br />

into cartilage, fat or bone tissue—a process that<br />

falters with age. Yang seeks a better understanding<br />

of these systems in search of new treatments for<br />

degenerative bone disorders and other skeletal<br />

aging. He is an assistant professor in the Center for<br />

Cancer and Cell Biology.<br />

VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE ANNUAL REPORT <strong>2016</strong> | 13

Challenging Cancer - Beating the Odds<br />

In 2007, Pat Gavin heard the three words that<br />

everyone fears—“You have cancer.”<br />

A week earlier, the father of four daughters had gone<br />

to the doctor for a sore throat. Now, his physician was<br />

spelling out disastrous news—a tumor in Gavin’s upper<br />

throat was coiled tightly around his trachea, spine and<br />

major arteries in his neck. Its location made surgery<br />

impossible, leaving few options—either see an oncologist<br />

for treatment, which had little chance of working, or start<br />

palliative care.<br />

As the news sunk in, Gavin’s wife, Mary, asked what he<br />

thought. Gavin answered quickly. “I said, ‘It is what it is,’” he<br />

recalled. “Now we deal with it and pray.”<br />

Gavin took the referral. He was going to fight. The<br />

conversation with his oncologist was stark but offered<br />

a slight glimmer of hope: A clinical trial had recently<br />

opened nearby and Gavin fit the criteria. There were no<br />

guarantees that it would work—in fact, it was unlikely given<br />

the advanced stage of his cancer—but it could provide<br />

valuable insight that might help others down the line.<br />

“The decision to participate was very easy for both me and<br />

Mary. We wanted to do whatever we could to fight cancer,”<br />

Gavin said. “I didn’t think it would work when I signed up for<br />

it, but we did it because we hoped it would make an impact<br />

on cancer, so maybe our grandkids would never have to<br />

face what we were going through.”<br />

The experimental approach, which combined radiation<br />

and standard chemotherapy with two drugs approved<br />

to treat other types of cancer, was grueling. Then, after<br />

several months of ups and downs, Gavin’s oncologist<br />

shared exciting—and unexpected—news.<br />

“He said we had witnessed a miracle thanks to drugs and<br />

radiation treatments that worked, a great attitude and<br />

loving family, and lots of prayers,” Gavin said. “My cancer<br />

was in complete remission.”<br />

Translating experience into impact<br />

Nearly a decade has passed since Gavin’s initial diagnosis.<br />

Some of the experimental therapy that saved his life is<br />

now a standard treatment for head and neck cancers. He’s<br />

also beaten cancer twice more—malignant melanoma a<br />

year-and-half later and prostate cancer three years ago.<br />

And he’s dedicated himself to helping other patients<br />

and improving clinical trials, working with numerous<br />

organizations locally and nationally.<br />

In 2014, Gavin was asked to join an exciting new venture—<br />

the Van Andel Research Institute–Stand Up To Cancer<br />

Epigenetics Dream Team, a paradigm-shifting, collaborative<br />

effort that brings together leading scientists, physicians<br />

and pharmaceutical companies to compete against cancer<br />

rather than each other. By <strong>2016</strong>, the team had launched<br />

four clinical trials to investigate potentially life-changing<br />

therapies for metastatic colorectal cancer, myelodysplastic<br />

syndrome, chronic myelomonocytic leukemia and acute<br />

myeloid leukemia. Gavin has been a key part of these<br />

efforts by sharing the patient perspective and helping<br />

integrate it into trial design.<br />

“Everything comes back to the patients—they are the driving<br />

motivation for all that we do,” said Dr. Peter Jones,<br />

Van Andel Research Institute's (VARI) chief scientific officer<br />

and the team’s co-leader. “The team is a connector, a hub<br />

for scientific and medical innovation that we hope will lead<br />

to new therapies that better treat cancer and give people<br />

more years with their families.”<br />

Combinations and collaborations<br />

Accomplishing this goal will take a team effort, one that is<br />

bolstered by the synergy in the team’s collaborative nature<br />

and in the types of therapies being studied in its ongoing<br />

clinical trials. Called combination therapies, these pairs<br />

of drugs have shown promise in laboratory studies by<br />

working in tandem to combat cancer on a molecular level.<br />

The trials also allow the team to collect critical samples that<br />

will inform future studies and therapeutic development.<br />

“Pairing drugs together allows us to attack these diseases<br />

on multiple fronts, with one drug often priming cancer cells<br />

to be more receptive to the other,” said Dr. Stephen Baylin,<br />

co-leader of the team and an investigator at Johns Hopkins<br />

University and VARI. “These efforts are a direct result of the<br />

outstanding collaboration between our team members—<br />

each one brings a critical point of view and invaluable<br />

resources to the table.”<br />

Although much has been accomplished, the team’s work<br />

is far from complete. There are new trials being prepared<br />

for launch, current trials to enroll and complete, and a<br />

mountain of data to analyze, all with the goal of giving<br />

patients more and better treatment options.<br />

“Cancer is so many different things—there’s no one way<br />

of fixing it,” Gavin said. “It’s going to take a concerted and<br />

collaborative effort to beat it. Together, we can take on<br />

the challenge.”<br />



14 | VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE ANNUAL REPORT <strong>2016</strong>


VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE ANNUAL REPORT <strong>2016</strong> | 15

Battling Parkinson's - Embracing Advocacy<br />

“He said, ‘You have Parkinson’s; don’t freak out,’” she<br />

recalled. “I decided I could curl up and be miserable, or I<br />

could do whatever it takes to make every day the best<br />

that I could.”<br />

December 18, 2013, is the day Alison Sheltrown’s<br />

world changed.<br />

For two years, the then 41-year-old had been plagued by<br />

stiffness and pain in her right shoulder that eventually<br />

began radiating down her arm, interfering with her<br />


intensive martial arts training and everyday tasks like<br />

writing. At first, she chalked it up to normal wear and tear,<br />

but when surgery for a herniated disk didn’t fix it and new<br />

problems cropped up, including a small twitch in her right<br />

leg, her doctor referred her to a neurologist. Sheltrown<br />

was shocked.<br />

Sheltrown threw herself into helping others who are<br />

newly diagnosed with the disease through her social<br />

media presence and spreading the word about the<br />

benefits of exercise, which has been shown to help<br />

people with Parkinson’s maintain muscle control. She’s<br />

also a passionate advocate for research and frequently<br />

volunteers with Purple Community, Van Andel Institute’s<br />

(VAI) grassroots program.<br />

“If MSDC-0160 is as<br />

successful in the clinic<br />

as it was in lab models, it<br />

could be a game-changer<br />

for millions of people with<br />

Parkinson’s around<br />

the world...”<br />

Dr. Patrik Brundin<br />

“It’s important that we have a place like VAI that is actively<br />

researching to find cures, not just treatments,” she said.<br />

“Just knowing that it’s happening in my hometown makes<br />

me thankful that we have this kind of research here and<br />

that we have the opportunity to be a part of it.”<br />

16 | VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE ANNUAL REPORT <strong>2016</strong>


In many ways, Parkinson’s disease is an enigma. Its<br />

symptoms, age of onset and progression can vary widely<br />

from person to person, although it is typically diagnosed<br />

after age 60. With the exception of a small percentage of<br />

cases that may be traced genetically through families, there<br />

is no firmly established cause. And most problematic,<br />

there is no definitive test to diagnose it and no cure. Only<br />

a few treatments for symptoms exist, and none that slow<br />

or stop it.<br />

But that may soon change.<br />

MSDC-0160, a drug originally developed for type II<br />

diabetes, has shown exceptional promise in impeding<br />

Parkinson’s in laboratory models, preserving critical brain<br />

functions that are lost as the disease advances. It was<br />

created just down the road in Kalamazoo by Metabolic<br />

Development Solutions Company, which is working closely<br />

with the Institute and UK-based research charity The Cure<br />

Parkinson’s Trust to move it into human clinical trials.<br />

“If MSDC-0160 is as successful in the clinic as it was in lab<br />

models, it could be a game-changer for millions of people<br />

with Parkinson’s around the world,” said Dr. Patrik Brundin,<br />

head of the Institute’s Center for Neurodegenerative<br />

Science and the senior author of a <strong>2016</strong> paper describing<br />

the work. “We know more about Parkinson’s disease<br />

than ever before. Thanks largely to the stunning breadth<br />

of collaboration in the scientific, medical and patient<br />

communities, we have an unprecedented opportunity to<br />

have a real, life-changing impact.”<br />

MSDC-0160 isn’t alone. Another diabetes drug, exenatide,<br />

and a respiratory drug, ambroxol, also have shown<br />

promising results in the laboratory and in early human<br />

trials for slowing Parkinson’s progression and are already<br />

being studied in the clinic as part of the Linked Clinical<br />

Trials initiative, a joint effort between The Cure Parkinson’s<br />

Trust and the Institute.<br />

“To know that there’s somebody else that’s going to<br />

battle for me and that they found something that could<br />

potentially just knock this disease in the teeth really makes<br />

me proud and happy and excited and thrilled,” Sheltrown<br />

said. “It’s one of those crying-tears-of-joy moments, not just<br />

for me but for so many people I know.”<br />

Other breakthroughs are on the horizon, fueled by<br />

collaborations between scientists at the Institute and<br />

their colleagues, both in Grand Rapids and around the<br />

world. By teaming with experts in other fields, VARI<br />

scientists are making significant inroads in understanding<br />

what makes Parkinson’s tick—and how to definitively<br />

diagnose and treat it sooner and more effectively. These<br />

efforts are taking aim at all facets of the disease, from the<br />

underlying molecular cause to disease progression to<br />

therapeutic development.<br />

It’s these advances that Sheltrown shares with others,<br />

along with a message of strength and solidarity.<br />

What are clinical trials?<br />

Clinical trials are a critical step on the road from the<br />

laboratory to the clinic. These rigorously designed and<br />

managed studies help ensure new therapies are not only<br />

safe in humans but also effective.<br />

Although VAI does not host trials on-site or treat patients,<br />

many of its scientists and physician-scientists participate<br />

in trials at collaborating organizations. The Institute also<br />

“To know that there’s<br />

somebody else that’s going to<br />

battle for me and that they found<br />

something that could potentially<br />

just knock this disease in the<br />

teeth really makes me proud and<br />

happy and excited and thrilled...”<br />

Alison Sheltrown<br />

“If I have one thing to offer, it’s this—don’t give up hope,” she<br />

said. “You have to live your life, love people and love yourself,<br />

and stay hopeful.”<br />

is proud to support the development of potentially lifechanging<br />

therapies through the VARI–SU2C Epigenetics<br />

Dream Team and the Linked Clinical Trials initiative,<br />

multi-institutional collaborations that help move promising<br />

drugs into the trial process.<br />

For more information on clinical trials, please<br />

visit www.clinicaltrials.gov.<br />

VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE ANNUAL REPORT <strong>2016</strong> | 17

Donor Highlight - Michael Carnevale<br />

Technology strategist Michael Carnevale built his business<br />

by pursuing the unknown, sparking the imagination and<br />

solving complex business challenges through mobile apps,<br />

websites, virtual reality experiences and smart objects.<br />

In business for more than a decade, the company works<br />

with a diverse client list, including Steelcase, Microsoft,<br />

Whirlpool, Amway and Lego, to create next-generation<br />

experiences that address their clients' technology needs.<br />

A West Michigan native with an innovative mind-set and a<br />

generous heart, Carnevale encourages his employees to<br />

embrace a spirit of generosity and community action. Over<br />

the years, philanthropy has become an important aspect<br />

of his company’s culture.<br />

“The scientists at Van Andel<br />

Institute are endlessly curious<br />

and committed to solving<br />

some of the world’s biggest<br />

health challenges, like cancer.”<br />

Michael Carnevale<br />

Carnevale is constantly searching for new ways to connect<br />

his professional passion for technology to causes that<br />

make a difference in people’s lives. Carnevale actively<br />

sought out local nonprofits that could benefit from his<br />

company’s expertise and financial support, and began a<br />

philanthropic partnership with the Institute.<br />

“Nearly everyone has been affected by cancer in some<br />

way,” Carnevale said. “When my mother was diagnosed<br />

with a rare and malignant meningioma, it really became a<br />

personal mission to do something about it.”<br />

Although Carnevale’s mother, a well-loved elementary<br />

school teacher in Grand Rapids, passed away in 2010,<br />

he thinks she would be proud of the organizations he<br />


supports in her honor. “The scientists at Van Andel<br />

Institute are endlessly curious and committed to solving<br />

some of the world’s biggest health challenges, like cancer,”<br />

Carnevale said. “Everyone who works with me knows<br />

that the Institute represents the spirit of hope in West<br />

Michigan. As innovators in technology and as community<br />

members, we can’t think of a better cause to support.”<br />

18 | VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE ANNUAL REPORT <strong>2016</strong>

Foundations for the Future<br />


Van Andel Research Institute (VARI) is on the verge of<br />

something big.<br />

Nowhere is this more evident than in the successes of<br />

the last year. In many ways, <strong>2016</strong> was notable not only for<br />

being the Institute’s 20 th anniversary but also for the many<br />

milestones it entailed. VARI scientists published more<br />

discoveries than ever before, a metric that helps measure<br />

scientific impact and output. The Institute helped launch<br />

and support six clinical trials—four in cancer and two in<br />

Parkinson’s disease—that are investigating potential lifechanging<br />

therapies for millions of people around the world.<br />

And it joined the small number of organizations globally<br />

to have cutting-edge cryo-electron microscopes (cryo-EM),<br />

a revolutionary technology that allows scientists to see<br />

crucial molecules 1/10,000 th the size of a human hair.<br />

“Our cumulative momentum is propelling us toward a<br />

horizon of untold discovery and innovation,” said VAI's<br />

chairman and CEO David Van Andel. “We will meet the<br />

opportunities of the future through a shared ethos of<br />

exceptional collaboration and unwavering commitment<br />

to improving human health and science education. Our<br />

efforts will not be incremental—they will be a giant leap<br />

forward.”<br />

The foundations for these efforts, built over the last two<br />

decades, have positioned VARI for a seismic shift that<br />

will see expansion not only of its scientific capabilities<br />

but ultimately its impact on human health. Much of this<br />

is due to the cultivation of gravitational pull, created by<br />

exceptional scientists and outstanding resources, that<br />

draws research leaders from around the world to<br />

Grand Rapids. These changes are already underway—in<br />

the coming years, the number of labs housed within the<br />

Institute is slated to nearly double.<br />

“Our cumulative momentum<br />

is propelling us toward a<br />

horizon of untold discovery<br />

and innovation.”<br />

David Van Andel<br />

At the same time, VARI also is a connector that brings<br />

together people and organizations that otherwise may not<br />

have had the opportunity to collaborate, strengthening<br />

scientific endeavors and increasing the likelihood of making<br />

life-changing discoveries. All of these efforts are driven by a<br />

laser focus on human impact.<br />

The leap comes at a crucial juncture. With a burgeoning<br />

and aging world population, the incidence of diseases such<br />

as cancer and Parkinson’s is expected to grow. New and<br />

more precise ways to diagnose and treat these devastating<br />

diseases are critical in reducing this burden and giving<br />

people longer, healthier lives.<br />

“Individual discoveries are not a destination, they’re a<br />

stepping stone to something bigger and better,” said<br />

Dr. Peter Jones, the Institute’s chief scientific officer.<br />

“For us, that endpoint is revolutionizing the way cancer,<br />

Parkinson’s and other diseases are diagnosed and treated.<br />

Our ultimate success will come on the day that these<br />

conditions are no longer feared, when the words ‘you have<br />

cancer’ or ‘you have Parkinson’s’ have lost their power.”<br />



VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE ANNUAL REPORT <strong>2016</strong> | 19

Van Andel Education Institute<br />

is leading a national revolution in science education by uniquely<br />

empowering teachers to engage students to think and act like scientists.<br />

Van Andel Institute Graduate School<br />

develops future leaders in biomedical research through an intense<br />

problem-focused Ph.D. degree in cellular, molecular and genetic biology.<br />

20 | VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE ANNUAL REPORT <strong>2016</strong>

VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE ANNUAL REPORT <strong>2016</strong> | 21

Van Andel Institute Graduate School - Personal, Focused and Unique<br />

Van Andel Institute Graduate School’s (VAIGS) curriculum<br />

and philosophy are directly connected to the research<br />

taking place in Van Andel Research Institute’s labs. This<br />

interconnected relationship, which encourages graduate<br />

students to think and act like scientists, makes for a<br />

learning experience that is personal, focused and unique.<br />

Ph.D. candidate Nikki Thellman, a licensed veterinarian who<br />

decided to work in biomedical research, sees a noticeable<br />

difference between VAIGS and other doctoral programs.<br />

“I compared VAIGS to larger programs where a student<br />

can feel like just another number, and I decided to<br />

attend VAIGS because the faculty here are truly invested,<br />

collaborative, and provide direct input and mentorship in a<br />

way that is really incredible,” Thellman said.<br />

This direct collaboration between students and professors<br />

is due to VAIGS’s relatively small size and a program that<br />

gives students the opportunity to become immersed in<br />

scientific discovery early in the process.<br />


“...the faculty here are truly invested,<br />

collaborative, and provide direct<br />

input and mentorship...”<br />

Nikki Thellman<br />

scientific careers. “The way the program is designed<br />

teaches you how to think and be open to new ideas, which<br />

is very important in our information-rich world,” Thellman<br />

said. “You can’t just memorize things anymore. Because<br />

scientific information changes at such a rapid pace, you<br />

have to be able to continuously learn and solve problems.”<br />

“The inquiry-based curriculum gets you thinking in new<br />

ways and really trains you not just to do science but to<br />

think like a scientist,” Thellman said. “VAIGS prepares you<br />

to be independent with your learning and to apply your<br />

knowledge to real scientific problems.”<br />

No roadblocks<br />

During the first year of core curriculum, VAIGS students<br />

work collaboratively with peers and mentors in lab<br />

rotations and then in the second semester choose a lab for<br />

their dissertation work. Thellman believes VAIGS’s program<br />

is special because it supports students and gives them the<br />

freedom to be completely immersed in their work.<br />

“The program at VAIGS is different from other schools<br />

where you have a teaching requirement, have to fight for<br />

mentorship or resources and have to pick a lab depending<br />

on who has funding,” she said. “VAIGS pays your stipend,<br />

benefits, tuition, and provides research funds and travel<br />

expenses. You get to pick a mentor and lab based on a<br />

good fit, so when you’re prepared to do research and<br />

get down to doing science, there are no roadblocks in<br />

your way here.”<br />

The supportive, close-knit community gives scientists like<br />

Thellman the chance to get a rich educational experience<br />

that prepares them for the challenges of 21st-century<br />

After graduation, Thellman plans to use her experience<br />

at VAIGS to launch a scientific career in the public health<br />

sector, investigating emerging infectious diseases at an<br />

agency like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention<br />

or the National Institutes of Health.<br />

“My experience here taught me that science is a<br />

continuous, dynamic process of learning,” Thellman said.<br />

“VAIGS is small enough to encourage collaboration but big<br />

enough that we can make great science happen —it’s really<br />

been a perfect fit.”<br />

22 | VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE ANNUAL REPORT <strong>2016</strong>

Emily Machiela and Jason Cooper – Life-Changing Graduate School<br />


Jason Cooper and Emily Machiela work in Dr. Jeremy<br />

Van Raamsdonk’s lab in the Center for Neurodegenerative<br />

Science. Their research is demanding and difficult, but it<br />

is the most purposeful, important work of their lives.<br />

Students in Van Andel Institute’s Graduate School (VAIGS)<br />

all have different stories, individual paths and distinct<br />

backgrounds, and it’s this diversity of experience that<br />

allows for incredible collaboration and radical ideas to<br />

occur. Machiela, who aims to graduate in 2017, discovered<br />

her love of medicine and science as a high school student<br />

working for various health-focused organizations in the<br />

African country of Zambia. Cooper, who is also a fifthyear<br />

graduate student, discovered his love for science<br />

as a student attending the University of Texas. Both<br />

scientists were drawn to the Graduate School’s small size,<br />

its supportive culture and its mission to improve human<br />

health, set in place by the Van Andel family more than<br />

20 years ago.<br />

“I really love the fact that the Van Andel family is still active<br />

in supporting the Institute,” Machiela said. “It’s powerful<br />

to know that the people who built this Institute are real<br />

people, not just names on a wall, and that they are still<br />

looking after it today.”<br />

Nothing’s traditional<br />

As VAIGS graduate students, Cooper and Machiela feel<br />

free to embrace their adventurousness and curiosity to<br />

build a foundation for their careers. Through the Institute’s<br />

inquiry-based curriculum, students are given the chance<br />

to develop their own research projects and jump right<br />

into developing their professional skills. The first years of<br />

the program focus on seminar-style courses, but in years<br />

two through five, students have the freedom to focus on<br />

research, professional development and their dissertation.<br />

“I really love the fact that the Van Andel family is still active in supporting the<br />

Institute. It’s powerful to know that the people who built this Institute are real<br />

people, not just names on a wall, and that they are still looking after it today.”<br />

Emily Machiela<br />

In this culture of independence and respect, students feel<br />

more connected professionally to their peers and more<br />

assertive in their work.<br />

“We’re treated like colleagues by our fellow scientists, and<br />

that makes us more focused and accountable,” Machiela<br />

said. “The freedom to get into research right away is really<br />

unique for a graduate program.”<br />

VAIGS students are encouraged to build relationships and<br />

work collaboratively, both internally and externally, on<br />

research projects. Cooper believes the Institute’s program<br />

is purposefully designed to be a space where young<br />

scientists can be aggressive in their pursuits and use their<br />

time to become immersed in the world of science.<br />

“The curriculum here is much different than at other<br />

programs, and you’re really given the opportunity to be<br />



responsible for your research and work in a way that<br />

you would never get to do in a typical Ph.D. program,”<br />

Cooper said.<br />

You’re a student and a scientist<br />

While attending VAIGS, Cooper and Machiela have created<br />

lasting collaborative partnerships inside the Institute and<br />

with external partners. These relationships create a web of<br />

support that is instrumental for scientists at the beginning<br />

of their careers.<br />

“The support you receive, both financially and<br />

professionally, allows you to foster collaborations both<br />

inside and outside the Institute,” Machiela said. “VAIGS<br />

students plan meetings and symposiums where we meet<br />

top scientists from all over the country, and through these<br />

interactions, we can begin to build important professional<br />

relationships.”<br />

Cooper and Machiela both credit the Institute with<br />

giving them the ability to be fearless in their work, be<br />

passionately curious, and view learning as a continuous<br />

process of growth.<br />

“Going through this program has really helped me grow<br />

professionally and made me unafraid to ask questions<br />

and be bold when working with my peers,” Machiela said.<br />

“What’s really special about being a graduate student at<br />

VAIGS is that you’re not in a higher-education space, you’re<br />

both a student and a scientist working at a biomedical<br />

research institute—and that’s an incredible opportunity.”<br />

VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE ANNUAL REPORT <strong>2016</strong> | 23

Terra Tarango – Revolutionizing Science Education with Four Simple Words<br />

Van Andel Education Institute’s (VAEI) director and chief<br />

education officer is focused on four simple words—<br />

curiosity, creativity and critical thinking. By using these<br />

words as guidelines, Terra Tarango hopes to increase<br />

the reach of the Institute’s inquiry-based methods that<br />

promote discussions, creative problem-solving and<br />

collaborative student engagement.<br />

“I think if we stay focused on what makes VAEI’s inquirybased<br />

instruction unique, we will have a national impact,”<br />

Tarango said. “And to be honest, I have never felt more<br />

able to make a difference than I do here.”<br />

Tarango’s lifelong love of learning began by listening to her<br />

mother, a special education teacher in San Marcos, Texas.<br />

“My mother was a teacher, so I got an early look at what<br />

teaching is like, and I always wanted to be a teacher,”<br />

Tarango said. “When I was in kindergarten, I wanted to be<br />

a kindergarten teacher, and in college, I wanted to be a<br />

professor. My mother inspired me to work in the education<br />

field more than anything I found in a textbook.”<br />

This passion for learning led Tarango to pursue a career<br />

that spans education, writing, curriculum development and<br />

publishing, and she considers her past experience as the<br />

perfect foundation for taking VAEI to a new, exciting and<br />

uncharted space.<br />

Student focused and student driven<br />

A common sight in many classrooms is a teacher lecturing<br />

to a group of students. Through VAEI’s methods, programs<br />

and tools, Tarango wants to help teachers create an<br />

environment where students drive the discussion and<br />

facilitate their own path for discovery.<br />


“I have never felt more<br />

able to make a difference<br />

than I do here.”<br />

Terra Tarango<br />

“We want to encourage classrooms where students are<br />

leading discussions, designing experiments, are actively<br />

engaged and the teacher is more of a guide for the process<br />

of discovery,” Tarango said. “I have always been a fierce<br />

teacher advocate, and what I am hearing from educators is<br />

that they want to empower their students to think critically,<br />

work independently and be creative problem-solvers.”<br />

No longer satisfied with the status quo, educators<br />

who attend VAEI’s teacher professional development<br />

workshops have made it clear that in order to meet the<br />

Next Generation Science Standards, new tools and new<br />

methods are needed. VAEI’s holistic approach to supporting<br />

these teachers includes teacher professional development,<br />

on-site student programs in Grand Rapids, as well as online<br />

science education tools, such as NexGen Inquiry ® .<br />

“A decade ago, teachers weren’t as interested in new<br />

ways of teaching, but that’s not the case now,” Tarango<br />

said. “When we ask teachers what defines an exemplary<br />

classroom, they say a place where students are learning<br />

through questioning, collaboration and challenging<br />

themselves. They know what the classroom should look<br />

like, and they want to make it happen.”<br />

Looking ahead<br />

Tarango is confident that VAEI’s methods, programs and<br />

tools are exactly what science educators are looking<br />

for to prepare today’s students as the next generation<br />

of innovative problem-solvers. Looking ahead, VAEI will<br />

continue to reach teachers and students across the<br />

United States—empowering them to embrace innovative<br />

ways to learn science and setting the stage for a lifelong<br />

love of discovery.<br />

“In the years to come, I have no doubt that VAEI will play<br />

a driving role in how we teach science education in this<br />

country and beyond,” Tarango said. “I love looking into a<br />

classroom and seeing the students passionately engaged<br />

in doing science and enthusiastically working as hard as<br />

the teacher. If that can happen more often, we can truly<br />

revolutionize science education. And until it is happening<br />

nationally on a regular basis, we have a job to do.”<br />

24 | VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE ANNUAL REPORT <strong>2016</strong>

Students Performing Real Science –<br />

Van Andel Education Institute’s Impact in the Classroom<br />


Tim Renz has worked as a science teacher in Washington<br />

state for more than 25 years. He’s taught everything from<br />

grade school to high school honors classes. Always on the<br />

lookout for new and innovative teaching methods, in 2013<br />

Renz began using Van Andel Education Institute’s (VAEI)<br />

inquiry-based Community of Practice methods, QPOE 2<br />

®<br />

model and web-based online tools in his classroom. The<br />

results have been nothing less than extraordinary.<br />

“The support and professional<br />

development I received from VAEI<br />

gave me what I needed to have the<br />

most significant, transformative impact<br />

on my classroom in my entire career.”<br />

Tim Renz<br />

“A lot of other programs say they are about doing inquirybased,<br />

student-centered learning in science education, but<br />

it wasn’t until I came across VAEI’s models and techniques<br />

that I found a model that actually works in the classroom<br />

and reflects what 'real' scientists do on a daily basis,”<br />

Renz said. “The support and professional development<br />

I received from VAEI gave me what I needed to have the<br />

most significant, transformative impact on my classroom in<br />

my entire career.”<br />

The Institute’s QPOE 2<br />

model emphasizes the scientific<br />

method of asking a question, making a prediction,<br />

collecting data through observation, developing an<br />

explanation and ongoing evaluation to refine and<br />

improve the process. In addition to the QPOE 2<br />

materials,<br />

the Institute provides teachers with the online science<br />

education platform, NexGen Inquiry ® , as well as techniques<br />

that can be used to create a classroom that encourages<br />

inquiry-based learning.<br />

Doing real science<br />

After working with the Institute’s methods, Renz noticed<br />

that students were approaching their work differently.<br />

Students who had not been interested in science<br />

suddenly became focused and started developing<br />

creative experiments and working collaboratively.<br />

“A group of girls in one of my classes who hadn’t been<br />

very engaged in class designed an experiment to solve a<br />

problem that was affecting them in their daily lives—water<br />

bottles breaking when you store them in the freezer,” Renz<br />

said. “It was great to see the students develop experiments<br />

that studied the scientific properties of water and used the<br />

scientific method to problem-solve in such a creative way.”<br />

Through these new techniques, the students in Renz’s<br />

class started working in an independent, self-motivated,<br />

creative way—and in the process, they developed a love<br />

for scientific discovery.<br />

“When students feel empowered to ask their own<br />

questions, they become engaged in the process of learning<br />

and can use their knowledge to solve problems and find<br />

solutions,” Renz said. “It’s great to see so many of my<br />

<strong>2016</strong> by the numbers<br />

In the last year, VAEI worked with 800 students and more<br />

than 1,200 teachers in West Michigan.<br />

NexGen Inquiry ®<br />

Since its launch in 2015, 3,000 teachers have signed up to<br />

use NexGen Inquiry, the Institute’s online, inquiry-based<br />

students thinking critically, working<br />

collaboratively and doing real science.”<br />

VAEI’s student programs, teacher professional<br />

development and inquiry-based instruction tools help<br />

teachers like Renz transform their classrooms and create<br />

an environment where students have the freedom to think<br />

like scientists and develop a lifelong love of discovery.<br />


science education platform. The interactive resource<br />

serves as a digital science journal where teachers and<br />

students can conduct experiments, record and analyze<br />

data and share hypotheses.<br />

To date, more than 70,000 teacher assignments have been<br />

issued through this innovative platform.<br />

VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE ANNUAL REPORT <strong>2016</strong> | 25

Van Andel Institute’s donors and philanthropic partners are connected<br />

by a shared sense of commitment to the Institute’s mission. Their creativity,<br />

passion and dedication have helped the Institute become a thriving center<br />

for innovative biomedical research and science education.<br />

26 | VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE ANNUAL REPORT <strong>2016</strong>

VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE ANNUAL REPORT <strong>2016</strong> | 27

Use the Gifts You’re Given – Pat Ringnalda and the Bee Brave 5K<br />

Pat Ringnalda, founder of the Bee Brave 5K, gets emotional<br />

when she talks about her work with Van Andel Institute’s<br />

Purple Community. For Ringnalda, the 5K she organizes<br />

to benefit breast cancer research at Van Andel Institute is<br />

more than philanthropy—it’s a way to share her gifts and<br />

give back. In <strong>2016</strong>, she helped raise more than $60,000 for<br />

the Institute.<br />

Ringnalda worked for years as a leading salesperson for<br />

Mary Kay cosmetics and had an innate ability to connect<br />

with people and personalize her sales. She loved her work<br />

but had a strong desire to use her talents in support of<br />

causes she felt passionately about.<br />

“I’ve always thought that I had a responsibility as an<br />

individual to use the abilities I’ve been given to help other<br />

people,” Ringnalda said. “If you’re lucky enough to realize<br />

what you’re good at, you should use it to make the world a<br />

better place.”<br />

A life-changing event<br />

After supporting national philanthropic efforts that<br />

funded domestic abuse awareness and women’s cancer<br />

charities, Ringnalda wanted the 5K to benefit a cancer<br />

research organization that was part of her West Michigan<br />

community.<br />

“I contacted all the Grand Rapids–based cancer research<br />

organizations, and I told them about my event, and that I<br />

was looking for a home in West Michigan," Ringnalda said.<br />


<strong>2016</strong> BEE BRAVE 5K; (BOTTOM) PAT RINGNALDA AND HER FAMILY<br />


“Within 24 hours, Purple Community reached out to me,<br />

and we got to work.”<br />

The personal touch is important to Ringnalda, who works<br />

with her husband, children and friends to organize the 5K.<br />

She enjoys the opportunity to meet the Institute’s scientists<br />

and learn about how Bee Brave’s funds are used and<br />

credits these unique experiences with bringing everything<br />

full circle.<br />

“I’ve had the opportunity to meet Dr. Hui Shen and Dr.<br />

Peter Laird, two amazing scientists who are investigating<br />

cancers that affect women,” Ringnalda said. “After talking<br />

with them, I know exactly how our support will help find<br />

new treatments for cancer. Jay and Betty Van Andel must<br />

have been two amazing people to build this Institute in our<br />

community.”<br />

Hosting an event the size of the Bee Brave 5K requires<br />

many hours of work for Ringnalda, and when the days grow<br />

long, there’s one bit of wisdom that keeps her going.<br />

“Every year, when I get weary and I start to question why<br />

I’m doing this, I remind myself that it’s not about me—it’s<br />

about the women in my community and communities<br />

everywhere who have been touched by cancer, and the<br />

scientists like Dr. Laird and Dr. Shen who have dedicated<br />

their lives to this fight,” Ringnalda said. “If we keep going, I<br />

know that one day we could help them save lives.”<br />

“Jay and Betty Van Andel must have been two amazing<br />

people to build this Institute in our community.”<br />

Pat Ringnalda<br />

28 | VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE ANNUAL REPORT <strong>2016</strong>

Bringing It Full Circle at Duncan Lake<br />


Abbey Solitro, a doctoral candidate in Van Andel Institute’s<br />

Graduate School, spends long hours working in a<br />

laboratory. Solitro usually doesn’t have time to meet with<br />

anyone or do anything that isn’t strictly focused on her<br />

lab work. But there is a group of students from a small<br />

middle school, tucked away in the West Michigan town of<br />

Caledonia, who will always have her attention.<br />

Over the course of three years, Solitro, her mentor Dr. Jeff<br />

MacKeigan and other scientists from the Institute have<br />

worked with a group of eager fundraisers at Duncan Lake<br />

Middle School who plan an annual cancer walk to benefit<br />

research at Van Andel Institute. Impressed by the students’<br />

initiative, Solitro invited them to the Institute for a tour and<br />

spoke at their all-school assembly, where she expressed<br />

deep gratitude for all of their effort.<br />

“Meeting the students and being involved with community<br />

events keeps me very grounded in the work that I do,"<br />

Solitro said. “It is also important that we let these students<br />

and staff know how grateful we are. We can’t do this<br />

work alone.”<br />

Ryan Graham, Duncan Lake’s principal, views the event<br />

as a way for students to learn organizational skills, work<br />

together to help others and interact directly with leaders in<br />

the scientific field.<br />

“We have always wanted to empower and encourage our<br />

students’ generosity and genuine desire to help,” Graham<br />

said. “And in turn, Dr. MacKeigan, Abbey and others from<br />

the Institute have brought us in and helped our students<br />

think about their futures in new and wonderful ways. To<br />

our students, these scientists are rock stars.”<br />


SCHOOL; (BOTTOM) STUDENTS AT THE <strong>2016</strong> CANCER WALK.<br />

“Dr. MacKeigan, Abbey and<br />

others from the Institute have<br />

brought us in and helped our<br />

students think about their<br />

futures in new and wonderful<br />

ways. To our students, these<br />

scientists are rock stars.”<br />

Ryan Graham<br />

Pushing passion further<br />

Partnering with Duncan Lake has also inspired MacKeigan<br />

and his team to stay focused and inspired in their work in<br />

cancer research.<br />

“Interactions with the students push our passion and<br />

efforts further —and it can be really transformative to<br />

work with that many kids who are so focused on making a<br />

difference,” MacKeigan said. “What we are doing together<br />

is really inspiring—the energy, passion and successful<br />

engagement shared by my team and the students makes it<br />

more than just a typical walk or event—it’s a perfect model<br />

of community action and collaboration.”<br />

VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE ANNUAL REPORT <strong>2016</strong> | 29

Hope on the Hill – A Celebration of VAI's 20 th Anniversary<br />





30 | VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE ANNUAL REPORT <strong>2016</strong>

Donor Highlight<br />

The Boelkins Family<br />

Tim Tebow<br />

Inspiring Through Faith, Hope and Football<br />

EVENTS<br />

Chuck and Christine Boelkins grew up in Grand Rapids. It’s<br />

a place that is near and dear to them—a place where they<br />

made a life and raised a family. They feel blessed to have<br />

Van Andel Institute as part of their community and are<br />

proud supporters of the Institute’s research into cancer<br />

and Parkinson’s disease.<br />

“Having been a part of the Grand Rapids community<br />

for our entire lives, we have seen the amazing growth<br />

in medical services and technology that was instigated<br />

by the formation of Van Andel Institute,” Christine Boelkins<br />

said.<br />

Chuck’s father struggled with Parkinson’s disease, and<br />

recently, many friends and family members have been<br />

diagnosed with cancer. Giving of their time as members<br />

of the Institute’s Board of Governors, volunteering and<br />

donating to fund cancer and Parkinson’s research help the<br />

Boelkins stay connected to the great work taking place in<br />

their city—a place of immense innovation and ingenuity.<br />

“We feel blessed to have such a world-renowned<br />

research institute in our community. We have supported<br />

the Institute financially and through volunteer service for<br />

15 years, and we feel great knowing that our efforts and<br />

donations go directly to research," Chuck Boelkins said.<br />

“Our hope is that one day soon, Van Andel Institute will<br />

find a way to fight back against diseases like Parkinson’s<br />

and make a significant impact toward the eradication<br />

of cancer.”<br />

When athletes use their fame to touch people’s lives<br />

through faith and goodwill, wonderful things can happen.<br />

Tim Tebow, a world-renowned quarterback, athlete,<br />

author and public speaker is not shy about what motivates<br />

him—and it isn’t a first down. It’s living a spiritual life.<br />

In September <strong>2016</strong>, Tebow took time out of his busy<br />

schedule to tour VAI and visit with David and Carol<br />

Van Andel, Associate Director of Research Dr. Patrik<br />

Brundin and members of the Institute. Tebow also gave<br />

the keynote speech at the 10 th annual Van Andel Institute<br />

Golf Outing, and the day proved to be an inspirational<br />

experience for the Heisman Trophy winner.<br />

“It was extremely inspiring to visit with David and Carol<br />

Van Andel and Dr. Brundin,” Tebow said. “After meeting<br />

with everyone, and hearing about Dr. Brundin’s incredible<br />

approach to Parkinson’s disease research, I was filled with<br />

a sense of hope and optimism.”<br />

Tebow’s speech highlighted his<br />

unwavering commitment to his faith<br />

and how it has guided him throughout his life.<br />

He also touched on the work of the Institute<br />

and the importance of giving back.<br />

“I have always believed that you can do well and do<br />

good in life, and the generosity of the Van Andels and<br />

the dedication of the people working at the Institute are<br />

something I am very proud to support,” Tebow said. “I<br />

believe that faith guides us, and I can tell that the Institute’s<br />

mission is guided by a deep and significant belief in a<br />

power greater than us all.”<br />

In 2013, Christine Boelkins was presented with the<br />

Carol Van Andel Angel of Excellence Award—an honor<br />

given to people who have demonstrated excellence and<br />

significant contributions to Van Andel Institute’s mission<br />

through volunteer service and commitment.<br />




VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE ANNUAL REPORT <strong>2016</strong> | 31

Our Angels of Excellence<br />

Carol Van Andel, executive director of the David and Carol<br />

Van Andel Family Foundation, is always looking for new<br />

ways to spotlight the generosity of Van Andel Institute’s<br />

volunteers, advocates and donors. In 2013, she created the<br />

Carol Van Andel Angel of Excellence Award to celebrate the<br />

efforts of individuals who have demonstrated exceptional<br />

service on behalf of Van Andel Institute’s mission.<br />

Van Andel created an event that is focused on gratitude<br />

and celebrating the rich and diverse Van Andel Institute<br />

community.<br />

Van Andel is consistently impressed by the dedication and<br />

spirit of the Angel of Excellence Award recipients, and for<br />

her, they serve as a reminder of what is possible when<br />

talent and generosity are paired with action.<br />

“Every day, I am touched by the impact of these women,”<br />

Van Andel said. “They are community leaders who are<br />

choosing to give of themselves, and in the process, they<br />

are making a real difference for others. It’s an absolute<br />

honor to work alongside them.”<br />

“This event is close to my heart,” Van Andel said. “Our<br />

Angel of Excellence recipients bring such joy, creativity<br />

and purpose to our leadership boards and planning<br />

committees. Because of their work, we are able to support<br />

research that benefits the millions of people living with<br />

cancer and Parkinson’s disease, and science education<br />

programs that inspire thousands of students.”<br />

In April <strong>2016</strong>, the award was given to Peggy Greydanus,<br />

Debbie Kinney, Jamie Mills and Rachel Mraz, four women<br />

who organize and sponsor impactful fundraising events<br />

and helped build important relationships between young<br />

professionals and the Institute.<br />

Greydanus and Kinney both serve on the Hope on the Hill<br />

Gala planning committee and help organize the Institute’s<br />

signature annual event that raises funds to benefit the<br />

Institute’s biomedical research and science education<br />

programs. For more than 10 years, the two incredibly<br />

dedicated volunteers worked directly with Van Andel<br />

to create and support some of the most spectacular<br />

fundraising galas in West Michigan.<br />



Mills worked directly with Van Andel to co-create A<br />

Conversation About Breast Cancer, the first in a series of<br />

community-minded, health advocacy events held at the<br />

Institute. In addition to her health advocacy efforts, Mills is<br />

a top sponsor of events such as Hope on the Hill, the<br />

Van Andel Institute Golf Outing and Couture for a Cure and<br />

is a tireless ambassador on behalf of the Institute.<br />

Rachel Mraz is a West Michigan business leader with a<br />

passion for philanthropy. Her connections to the Grand<br />

Rapids business community and enthusiasm for the<br />

Institute’s mission inspired her to create the Van Andel<br />

Institute JBoard Ambassadors in 2009. The JBoard hosts<br />

events, engages the West Michigan community and<br />

provides philanthropic support for the Institute’s initiatives.<br />

Under Mraz’s leadership, the JBoard continues to be a<br />

significant community engagement force and a meaningful<br />

way for young people to partner with the Institute.<br />

“Our Angel of Excellence<br />

recipients bring such joy, creativity<br />

and purpose to our leadership<br />

boards and planning committees.<br />

Because of their work, we are<br />

able to support research that<br />

benefits the millions of people<br />

living with cancer and Parkinson’s<br />

disease, and science education<br />

programs that inspire thousands<br />

of students.”<br />

Carol Van Andel<br />

32 | VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE ANNUAL REPORT <strong>2016</strong>

Trina Taylor - A Moment on the Runway<br />

EVENTS<br />

Trina Taylor’s life is filled with passion, positivity and hope.<br />

A mother, working professional, model and cancer patient<br />

advocate, she lives by her own personal motto, “make<br />

memories on purpose.”<br />


In 2012, Taylor was diagnosed with metastatic colorectal<br />

cancer—a disease that affects 200,000 new people in the<br />

United States every year. The news was devastating, but<br />

Taylor, determined to not let her diagnosis define her, has<br />

been fighting ever since. Her willingness to fight gave her<br />

the strength to work with her physician and enroll in a<br />

clinical trial at the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer<br />

Center at Johns Hopkins University supported by the<br />

Van Andel Research Institute-Stand Up To Cancer<br />

Epigenetics Dream Team. Agreeing to participate in the<br />

trial, which uses a combination treatment to reprogram<br />

cancer cells to better respond to chemotherapy, was<br />

a gamble, but it was also an act that would change the<br />

course of her life.<br />

“The importance of a clinical trial is that it gives so many<br />

people like me hope—hope for what’s next,” Taylor said.<br />

To honor Trina’s indomitable spirit, grace and work as an<br />

outspoken advocate for cancer patients, she was invited<br />

by Carol Van Andel to walk the runway at the 11 th annual<br />

Couture for a Cure—a significant fundraiser for Van Andel<br />

Institute and the premier fashion event in West Michigan.<br />

On a fall night, with hundreds of eyes focused on her every<br />

step, Taylor walked out on the runway filled with bright<br />

lights and dazzling color. When the spotlight hit her, she<br />

did something unusual for any model —she paused and<br />

“The importance of a<br />

clinical trial is that it<br />

gives so many people<br />

like me hope—hope<br />

for what’s next.”<br />

Trina Taylor<br />

looked out into the audience. She couldn’t help it. Five<br />

hundred people were giving her a standing ovation, and it<br />

was a moment she wanted to cherish.<br />

“I always take in a deep breath right before I take my first<br />

step. In my mind, I’m carrying all of these women who are<br />

dealing with the same things I am—being bald, living with<br />

cancer. For me, it’s empowering,” Taylor said. “That night,<br />

instead of walking the runway, I was taking a bow—and in<br />

that bow, I was saying, ‘Thank you!’”<br />

VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE ANNUAL REPORT <strong>2016</strong> | 33

Dr. Hui Shen – Starting a Conversation About Women’s Health<br />

Hundreds of people gathered in Van Andel Institute’s<br />

Cook-Hauenstein Hall in November <strong>2016</strong>, to hear from<br />

scientists who have dedicated their lives to fighting cancers<br />

that affect women. A Conversation About Women’s Health,<br />

hosted by Carol Van Andel, gave those in attendance a<br />

chance to hear from leaders in cancer research and learn<br />

about advancements in cancers affecting women. The<br />

event highlighted the work of Dr. Hui Shen, a young, vibrant<br />

scientist who joined Van Andel Research Institute in 2014.<br />

Dr. Shen uses leading-edge technology to investigate the<br />

molecular background of ovarian cancer. In November<br />

2015, she received the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund’s Liz<br />

Tilberis Early Career Award, which is given to junior faculty<br />

with a strong commitment to an investigative career in<br />

ovarian cancer research. Shen also participates in the<br />

Van Andel Research Institute–Stand Up To Cancer<br />

Epigenetics Dream Team and is a member of The Cancer<br />

Genome Atlas, a multi-institutional effort to better<br />

understand the molecular basis of cancer through<br />

genomic analysis.<br />

“The fact that scientists like<br />

Dr. Shen are using every<br />

technology and resource<br />

available to take on cancers<br />

that affect women<br />

is something that should<br />

give all of us a great deal<br />

of hope.”<br />

Carol Van Andel<br />

Dr. Shen’s presentation during A Conversation About<br />

Women’s Health focused on her work in epigenetics—a<br />

groundbreaking new area of cancer research, and where<br />

she sees new avenues for improved diagnostics and<br />

therapies. Van Andel believes the Institute’s community<br />

health-focused events provide a lasting resource for<br />

patients, caregivers and people who want to take a<br />

proactive role in their own healthcare.<br />

DR. HUI SHEN<br />



34 | VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE ANNUAL REPORT <strong>2016</strong>

Donor Highlight<br />

Joe Rudnick & Tapistry Brewing<br />

Joe Rudnick brews craft beer with heart. After a 20-year<br />

career as an engineer with Pfizer, he decided to follow<br />

his passion and opened Tapistry Brewing Company in<br />

2013. In addition to brewing great beer, Rudnick feels very<br />

strongly about community engagement and living life with<br />

a generous spirit.<br />

After his father passed away from a long battle with cancer,<br />

Rudnick found Van Andel Institute’s website while doing<br />

some web browsing, and was impressed by the Institute’s<br />

mission and fundraising philosophy.<br />

“I found the Institute when I was searching online after<br />

cancer took my father’s life at 59—and when I learned<br />

that the Institute applies every dime to research and<br />

doesn’t waste it, I knew I wanted to partner with<br />

them," Rudnick said.<br />

Rudnick and Tapistry Brewing Company are active partners<br />

in Purple Community’s Hops for Hope fundraising initiative.<br />

During the yearlong annual event, breweries, restaurants<br />

and pubs donate a portion of specialty beer sales to<br />

support the Institute’s cancer and neurodegenerative<br />

disease research. An active community member, and a<br />

dedicated craftsman, Rudnick is proud to partner with a<br />

Michigan-based organization that values donor dollars and<br />

uses funds to impact human health.<br />

“I have a great amount of respect for the Van Andel family<br />

and everyone at Van Andel Institute, and I really appreciate<br />

their determination to help those affected by cancer and<br />

disease,” Rudnick said. “Cancer has affected my life in<br />

multiple ways, and I think it’s important to help scientists<br />

discover new ways to fight this disease and give people a<br />

ray of hope.”<br />


“I was searching online<br />

after cancer took my<br />

father’s life at 59—and<br />

when I learned that the<br />

Institute applies every<br />

dime to research and<br />

doesn’t waste it, I knew I<br />

wanted to partner<br />

with them.”<br />

Joe Rudnick<br />


VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE ANNUAL REPORT <strong>2016</strong> | 35

Sources of Funding<br />

Sources of Funding for Research & Education<br />

7%<br />

Private philanthropy<br />

19%<br />

Grants and contract<br />

revenue (direct)<br />

68%<br />

Endowment income<br />

6%<br />

Other<br />

Sources of Funding for Operating & Overhead Expenses<br />

75%<br />

Grants and contract<br />

revenue (direct)<br />

25%<br />

Endowment income<br />

and other revenue<br />

36 | VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE ANNUAL REPORT <strong>2016</strong>

Society of Hope<br />


The Society of Hope recognizes individuals<br />

and couples who have notified us that they<br />

have included Van Andel Institute in their<br />

will or other deferred giving plan. Through<br />

our acknowledgment of and gratitude to<br />

these exceptional people, we hope that their<br />

generosity will inspire others.<br />

Vivian G. Anderson<br />

Stanley & Blanche Ash<br />

Kevin & Michelle Bassett<br />

John & Nancy Batts<br />

Philip & Shirley Battershall<br />

Fred & Julie Bogaert<br />

J. Scott Grill<br />

Joan Hammersmith<br />

Arthur Joseph Jabury<br />

Ms. Maryanna Johnson<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Long<br />

Jamie Mills & Jim Nichols<br />

LG & Helen Myers<br />

Jone E. Phillips<br />

Alan R. Ryan<br />

George Sietsema<br />

Eva Sonneville<br />

Fred L. Tape<br />

John E. VanFossen<br />

VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE ANNUAL REPORT <strong>2016</strong> | 37

Tributes<br />

Gary R. Aarup<br />

Lawrence & Mary Lou Hicks<br />

Chuck Boelkins<br />

Pat & Julie Greene<br />

Maurice J. Clark<br />

David & Deborah Clark<br />

Lee W. Formwalt<br />

Sanders Foundation<br />

Chad Henke<br />

Peter & Lisa Foy<br />

Paul Leonard<br />

Jeff & Sue Swain<br />

Raja Achanta<br />

Peter & Lisa Foy<br />

Gerald Bovenkamp<br />

Chris Bovenkamp<br />

Fabiola Crettaz<br />

Peter & Lisa Foy<br />

Marcy Gates<br />

Stephen Klotz<br />

Kathy Heyboer<br />

Member First Mortgage, LLC<br />

Rob Leonard<br />

Jeff & Sue Swain<br />

Mark Ameel<br />

Peter & Lisa Foy<br />

Peg Bowen<br />

Susan Formsma<br />

Rob & Allison DeVilbiss<br />

Ed & Carol DeVilbiss<br />

Rahmon W. Gharajanloo<br />

Peter & Lisa Foy<br />

Nancy Hickey<br />

Jeff & Sue Swain<br />

Ken Lewis<br />

Peter & Lisa Foy<br />

The Anderson Family<br />

Jeff & Sue Swain<br />

Dan Braak<br />

Peter & Lisa Foy<br />

Deb Diemer<br />

Member First Mortgage, LLC<br />

Georgia Gibbs<br />

Thomas Lamoreaux<br />

Bart Huisman<br />

Kenneth & Ann Steenwyk<br />

Sandra Likic<br />

Peter & Lisa Foy<br />

Bruce Applebach<br />

Clinton & Joanne Hop<br />

Alyssa Arends<br />

John & Susan Nelson<br />

Susan Armstrong<br />

Jeff & Sue Swain<br />

Zhaohui Bao<br />

Peter & Lisa Foy<br />

Peter Baranovic<br />

Peter & Lisa Foy<br />

Reinhard Behringer<br />

Peter & Lisa Foy<br />

Eugene Bleiler<br />

Marty Faasse<br />

Patricia Bloemendaal<br />

Dirk & Jill Bloemendaal<br />

Barbara S. Bradley<br />

Douglas & Michele Bradley<br />

Florence Brower<br />

Martin & Melissa Weerstra<br />

Anita Buckowing<br />

Denise Hart<br />

Sara L. Butcher<br />

Donald Butcher<br />

Mark Bylenga<br />

William & Jackie Bylenga<br />

Hongxia Chen<br />

Peter & Lisa Foy<br />

Curtis B. Christie<br />

Peter & Lisa Foy<br />

Tomáš Čičák<br />

Peter & Lisa Foy<br />

Ann Durham<br />

Peter & Lisa Foy<br />

Robert Duvall<br />

Gail Bowers<br />

Zsolt Eichinger<br />

Peter & Lisa Foy<br />

Kerry Ellis<br />

Peter & Lisa Foy<br />

Julio Escalera<br />

Peter & Lisa Foy<br />

July Estrada<br />

Peter & Lisa Foy<br />

Shirley Evans<br />

Anonymous<br />

Francis Fan<br />

Peter & Lisa Foy<br />

Laura Gifford<br />

William & Kathryne Bussey<br />

Marcy Engelmann<br />

Mark G. Gilmore<br />

Peter & Lisa Foy<br />

Sherry Grimard<br />

Peter & Lisa Foy<br />

Debbie Gris<br />

Daniel & Deborah Goris<br />

Diane Hansen<br />

Marlene Stoops<br />

Bruce Hari<br />

Peter & Lisa Foy<br />

Henry Hemond<br />

HR Services Auto Owners<br />

Insurance<br />

Robert R. Israels<br />

Clinton & Joanne Hop<br />

John Kailunas<br />

Lea Knight<br />

William R. King<br />

Richard King<br />

Melinda Krei<br />

Jeff & Sue Swain<br />

Tamara Kroll<br />

Marie Creger<br />

Mary Lou LaClaire<br />

Todd & Hester Hendricks<br />

Timmy Lamse<br />

Pat Campau<br />

Nicole Langewender<br />

Peter & Lisa Foy<br />

John Littleton<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Klein<br />

Kathy Lloyd<br />

Jeff & Sue Swain<br />

Philip Longstreet<br />

Donna Tolan<br />

Ariane Lopez<br />

Peter & Lisa Foy<br />

The MacIntosh Family<br />

Jeff & Sue Swain<br />

Al Mahieu<br />

Ryan & Lisa Volkers<br />

Al & Barb Masselink<br />

Darin Masselink<br />

Benny Mathew<br />

Peter & Lisa Foy<br />

38 | VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE ANNUAL REPORT <strong>2016</strong>

MacKale McGuire<br />

Renata Olson<br />

Debra Schultz Schut<br />

Clinton & Joanne Hop<br />

Sherry Singer<br />

Jeff & Sue Swain<br />

Tim & Cyndy Swain<br />

Jeff & Sue Swain<br />

The Walters/Patullo Family<br />

Jeff & Sue Swain<br />

Kate McNamara<br />

Jeff & Sue Swain<br />

The Metsker Family<br />

Jeff & Sue Swain<br />

Erika Mikusova<br />

Peter & Lisa Foy<br />

Cecilia Neuman<br />

Member First Mortgage, LLC<br />

Philip "Pop Pop" Nicely<br />

Michael & Sally Murdock<br />

Terry Nienhuis<br />

Peter & Lisa Foy<br />

Wolfgang Passoke<br />

Peter & Lisa Foy<br />

Manali Phatak<br />

Peter & Lisa Foy<br />

Tom & Greta Rickmeyer<br />

Paul & Charlene Fitzpatrick<br />

Pete Rowe<br />

Amy Charles<br />

Thomas Schindler<br />

Peter & Lisa Foy<br />

Serenity Salon<br />

Valerie Burns<br />

Alfonso Sernas<br />

Peter & Lisa Foy<br />

Bobbie Sethuraman<br />

Peter & Lisa Foy<br />

Dave & Lynn Setsma<br />

Joanne Arnoys<br />

Ellen Fowler<br />

Ken & Beverly Nyenhuis<br />

Grace Nyenhuis<br />

Jacob & Leona Nyenhuis<br />

Ronald & Carole Nyenhuis<br />

Laura Schnyders<br />

Carolyn Setsma<br />

Donald & Barb Setsma<br />

Betty Tymes<br />

The Shapiro Family<br />

Jeff & Sue Swain<br />

Tricia Shaw<br />

Peter & Lisa Foy<br />

Lisha Shekar<br />

Peter & Lisa Foy<br />

Leigh J. Shutes<br />

Peter & Lisa Foy<br />

Bill Slicker<br />

Peter & Lisa Foy<br />

Keith Smith<br />

Carol Smith<br />

Jeyapraba Srinivassan<br />

Peter & Lisa Foy<br />

Dr. Mathew Steensma<br />

James & Judith Czanko<br />

Charles & Hannah Steinhardt<br />

George & Julia Steinhardt<br />

George Steinhardt<br />

George & Julia Steinhardt<br />

Irene Stewart<br />

William & Adeline Gipson<br />

Juergen Stoverock<br />

Peter & Lisa Foy<br />

Jack Swain<br />

Jeff & Sue Swain<br />

Sally Swain<br />

Jeff & Sue Swain<br />

The Swain Family<br />

Jeff & Sue Swain<br />

Christy A. Tape<br />

Denise Nise<br />

Monica Skinner<br />

Rolf-Guenter Teichmann<br />

Peter & Lisa Foy<br />

Aruna Thota<br />

Peter & Lisa Foy<br />

Jesus Alfredo Rodriguez<br />

Tolosa<br />

Peter & Lisa Foy<br />

Madge Torrey<br />

Michael & Kathleen Torrey<br />

David & Carol Van Andel<br />

Czech Holdings LLC<br />

Kim Van Stee<br />

Alvin & Joyce Docter<br />

George F. Vande Woude<br />

Ray Loeschner<br />

Dan Vasilauskas<br />

Peter & Lisa Foy<br />

Maria Walsh<br />

Jeff & Sue Swain<br />

The Walters/VanLandingham<br />

Family<br />

Jeff & Sue Swain<br />

Mary Weglicki<br />

Jim & Kathy Weglicki<br />

Herbert White<br />

Nathan & Gail Perton<br />

The Wilder Family<br />

Jeff & Sue Swain<br />

Debbie Wittenbach<br />

Stephen & Debra Wittenbach<br />

David Wohns, M.D.<br />

Jeff & Sue Swain<br />

Wendy Wohns<br />

Jeff & Sue Swain<br />

Sally Yang<br />

Peter & Lisa Foy<br />

The Zack Family<br />

Jeff & Sue Swain<br />

Mary Zimmer<br />

Larry & Joyce Zimmer<br />

VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE ANNUAL REPORT <strong>2016</strong> | 39

Memorials<br />

For our friends who have lost a loved one, we mourn with you. We appreciate your trust in us<br />

to fight disease in memory of your family and friends—with the hope for a healthier tomorrow.<br />

Allison Aardema<br />

Steven & Julie Aardema<br />

James Ackley<br />

Stephen Haarman<br />

Art Alberts, Ph.D.<br />

William Alberts<br />

Wynston Alberts<br />

Jason & Cindy Dawes<br />

Dr. Kathryn M. Eisenmann<br />

Peterson Haak<br />

Carole Howard<br />

Dwight Lakey<br />

Brad Long<br />

Betsy Salzman<br />

Robert C. Anderson<br />

David & Lynne Robinson<br />

Vivian G. Anderson<br />

David & Lynne Robinson<br />

Frank L. Archer<br />

Timothy & Marcye Van Dyke<br />

Alyssa Arends<br />

Dean & Beth Havens<br />

Lynda Armstrong<br />

Mark Press<br />

Allan L. Arnoys<br />

Rob Arnoys<br />

Mary Badanek<br />

Katherine Sanders<br />

John Bambini<br />

Kim & Christopher Engle<br />

Keith Bassett<br />

Regena Bassett<br />

John H. Batts<br />

Lester & Vivian Hoogland<br />

Shirley Baumgardner<br />

Dwane & Joyce Baumgardner<br />

Harlan Berens<br />

Verl & Vicky Bleeker<br />

Nicole Beuschel<br />

Sue Baar<br />

Ernest Bevins<br />

David Bevins<br />

Joe Blaskis<br />

Sharon Blaskis<br />

Mary Boerema<br />

Jean Swaney<br />

Glenn Bonkosky<br />

Gerald & Tracy Kneeshaw<br />

Bob Bonney<br />

George LaPlante<br />

Pamela Boomer<br />

Russell & Sara Tiller<br />

Donna Boorstein<br />

Dr. William M. Boorstein<br />

Jim Bos<br />

Grace Bouwman<br />

Lorraine Boyd<br />

Frieda & James Jaynes<br />

Phyllis Brown<br />

Jacqueline Kozal<br />

Robert A. Brown<br />

G. Michael & Mary Minton<br />

Robert J. Brown<br />

Anonymous<br />

William Buis<br />

American Legion W. G.<br />

Leenhouts Squadron 6 SAL<br />

Anonymous<br />

Mitchell & Kristyn Arends<br />

Lori Barkel<br />

Rick & Janice Berens<br />

Robert & Valerie Bernecker<br />

Judith Borough<br />

Jack & Lois Brott<br />

Joyce Buis<br />

Gary & Judith Bylsma<br />

Thomas & Julie Carey<br />

Whitney Carnahan<br />

James & Dorothy Chamness<br />

Wayne & Laura Debruyn<br />

Victor & Ruth Dejonge<br />

Debra DeLeeuw<br />

Lawrence & Linda Denuyl<br />

Douglas & Sharen Dinkins<br />

Kenneth & Gladys Dozeman<br />

Daniel & Jannis Ebels<br />

Carolynne Etheridge<br />

William & Barbara Lawton<br />

Suzanne Linn<br />

Medtronic, Inc.<br />

Jacquelyn Pullen<br />

Judith Rabbai<br />

Jack & Ardith Shultz<br />

Benjamin & Judith Smith<br />

Harlan & Cheryl Sprik<br />

Bernard & Jacqulin Stack<br />

Rodney Truttman<br />

Robert & Barbara Turner<br />

Douglas & Kathleen VanLente<br />

John & Claudia Watson<br />

West Michigan Health<br />

Information Management<br />

Association<br />

Gary & Phila White<br />

Kenneth & Marcia Wierda<br />

Bob Burgers<br />

Jason & Kimberly Jerke<br />

In Memoriam – Dr. Art Alberts | July 23, 1964 – December 4, <strong>2016</strong><br />

With great sadness, we said farewell in December to our<br />

friend and colleague Dr. Art Alberts after his courageous<br />

several-year battle with brain cancer.<br />

Alberts was one of Founding Research Director Dr. George<br />

Vande Woude’s first recruits to Van Andel Institute in 2000.<br />

A dedicated and passionate scientist, Alberts was a lead<br />

investigator in the Center for Cancer and Cell Biology who<br />

was instrumental in establishing the Institute’s prestige in<br />

the world of biomedical research. His research focused on<br />

cell motility and mDIA2 regulation.<br />

A proud mentor, Alberts served as a Van Andel Institute<br />

Graduate School professor and trained several students<br />

and postdoctoral scientists who have gone on to<br />

successful careers in academia. He was known for his<br />

forthright nature, intensity, humor and iconic wardrobe.<br />

Whether helping a graduate student consider a new<br />

perspective or asking challenging questions of a prominent<br />

scientist during a seminar or lecture, Alberts could be<br />

counted on for his impassioned commentaries.<br />

David Van Andel, Chairman and CEO of Van Andel Institute,<br />

remembers Alberts as a significant force in the early days<br />

of the Institute and a leader in his field. PHOTO CAPTION<br />

“Those of us who knew Art would agree that he was a true<br />

original—a passionate, deeply inquisitive soul who was<br />

committed to the purity of science,” Van Andel said. “Art’s<br />

insight and genuine, uncompromising love for his work was<br />

evident in everything he did. His legacy lives on in the work<br />

we do today and the many people who were lucky enough<br />

to have known him.”<br />

Alberts was a devoted and loving husband and father, and<br />

is survived by his wife, Lisa and their two children, Corrinne<br />

and Isobel.<br />

40 | VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE ANNUAL REPORT <strong>2016</strong>

Peter G. Bylsma<br />

Carol Bylsma<br />

Frank Campbell<br />

Paul & Lynn Getzin<br />

Jack Chatfield<br />

Lee Formwalt<br />

Sherriel Coates<br />

Brent Coates<br />

Harold E. Cook<br />

Marilyn K. Cook<br />

Darryl Couch<br />

Kathleen Couch<br />

Mary Couch<br />

Kathleen Couch<br />

Bonnie Crabb-Tremblay<br />

Dan Rogers<br />

Suzanne E. Cummings<br />

Jacqueline Kozal<br />

Daniel G. Cusack<br />

Jacqueline Kozal<br />

Karl Daniels<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Joel Vanderiet<br />

Aaron De Lange<br />

Sharon Blaskis<br />

Jay A. DeBoe<br />

Michael DeBoe<br />

Elaine DeHaan<br />

Leonard & Leonora Smit<br />

Susan DeRoos<br />

Lyle & Roberta Brockway<br />

Marsha Burgess<br />

Steven & Linda DeRoos<br />

Nancy Hazle<br />

Richard Hazle<br />

Mary Hutchinson<br />

Larry & Karen Mayberry<br />

Marian Siegle<br />

Richard & Mary Stevens<br />

Lynda Weston Berg<br />

Robert DeVos<br />

Marv & O'Linda Anderson<br />

Bonnie Butler<br />

Arla Mae DeVos<br />

Betty DeVos<br />

Robert Johnson<br />

Lavern & Lenora Lanning<br />

Marcia Martin<br />

Eric Pipenger<br />

Bernard & Delores Rollston<br />

Donald & Janice Stockhill<br />

Cynthia Watson<br />

Kaye Doherty<br />

Melissa Bachman<br />

Allen Doorn<br />

Phil de Haan<br />

Donald Downham<br />

Paul & Charlene Fitzpatrick<br />

Kathleen Drennan<br />

Patrick & Kristine Brady<br />

Loy L. Dykstra<br />

Baskin Livestock, Inc.<br />

Byron Center Baptist Church<br />

Matt Ellis<br />

Greenstone Farm Credit<br />

Services<br />

Arnold & Marlene Groeneveld<br />

David & Barbara Miller<br />

David & Coralie Miller<br />

Richard & Laura Miller<br />

Laurie Schwartz<br />

Donald & Lorraine Thome<br />

Edward Dzwonkowski<br />

Arline Dzwonkowski<br />

Jean B. Eagleson<br />

Lily Beck<br />

Stephen & Betty Beck<br />

Faye Buckingham<br />

June Glisan<br />

James & Elizabeth Lieberman<br />

Loretta Miles<br />

Bud & Ruth Elve<br />

Mark & Anne Elve<br />

Gloria Ender<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Steven C. Ender<br />

Jon C. Forslund<br />

Jean Swaney<br />

Butch Forystek<br />

James Johnson<br />

John P. Foxworthy<br />

Jean Swaney<br />

Terrie Frank<br />

Roy & Maureen Warren<br />

Diane Frede<br />

Walter & Mary Ann Andersen<br />

William & Carol Betts<br />

Al Budnick<br />

Elwood Staffing Services, Inc.<br />

Andrew Evans<br />

Harley & Rosemary Huffman<br />

Larry & Jan Jewell<br />

Joanne Marshall<br />

Carl & Anne Newberg<br />

Robert & Cathleen Newberg<br />

Deborah Pitsch<br />

Gayle Platte<br />

Sharon Sydloski<br />

Mark Zacha<br />

Betty J. Frederick<br />

Raymond Frederick<br />

Jean Frick<br />

Allan & Barbara Lowe<br />

Lorraine Futrell<br />

Ronald & Helen Colburn<br />

Harold Gantt<br />

Barry & Mary Gantt<br />

Helen Ganzhorn<br />

Robert & Andrea Rander<br />

Norma J. Girod<br />

Beverly & John Scranton<br />

Josephine Granzo<br />

Donald & Kathleen Brockriede<br />

Brian Fitzpatrick<br />

Neil Fitzpatrick<br />

Lighthouse Assembly of God<br />

Michael Ludwig<br />

Abby Greer<br />

Mike & Sandy Waller<br />

Randee Grossa<br />

Sally Shumway<br />

Carol A. Haarman<br />

Stephen Haarman<br />

Dean Hanson<br />

Sara Taylor<br />

Chuck Harger<br />

Ronald & Frances McKellar<br />

James Hass<br />

Richard Hillman & Barbara<br />

Burby Hillman<br />

Robert Hawley<br />

Gregory & Patricia Hohs<br />

Robert & Carol Peters<br />

Michael & Brenda Radlinski<br />

Don & Susie Thomas<br />

Marilyn M. Hefferan<br />

Jacqueline Kozal<br />

Henry Hemond<br />

Rebecca Christopherson<br />

Steven M. Hertel<br />

Antoinette Hertel<br />

Jim Hickey<br />

Catherine Amodeo<br />

Dee Hickmott<br />

Sid Hickmott<br />

James W. Hoerner<br />

Anne Rossi<br />

Marvin Hollemans<br />

Shirley Roskam<br />

Julie L. Holtrop<br />

Philip & Marie Holtrop<br />

Arthur T. Howson<br />

Grace Bouwman<br />

Carolyn Calcutti<br />

Kay L. Hurt<br />

William & Brenda Davidson<br />

Charles Huffman<br />

M. Terry & Joan Hurt<br />

Pauline Mitchell<br />

Robin Stiyer<br />

Lyle R. Irish<br />

Bernadine Aidif<br />

Jason & Cindy Dawes<br />

Randy & Betsy Smith<br />

Martha Jackson<br />

Dr. Bruce A. Jackson II<br />

Robert Jarchow<br />

Daniel Jarchow<br />

Mary M. Johnson<br />

Paul & Betsy Greenwald<br />

Ondrea M. Kamps<br />

William Stewart<br />

Mary Jane & Jay Kanipe<br />

Daniel & Karen Mott<br />

Mark L. Kastner<br />

Brenda Kastner<br />

Marian Katzenstein<br />

Dorothy Armstrong<br />

Ron Kitchen<br />

Maple Hill Golf Course, Inc.<br />

Norman Klein<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Klein<br />

Larry Kneeshaw<br />

Gerald & Tracy Kneeshaw<br />

Charles Knop<br />

Jacqueline Kozal<br />

David Kosten<br />

Michael DeBoer<br />

Donald R. Kozal<br />

Karen Best<br />

Anne Kozal<br />

Patricia R. Kozal<br />

Karen Best<br />

VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE ANNUAL REPORT <strong>2016</strong> | 41

Memorials (continued)<br />

Alida P. Kuipers<br />

Edmund & Ann Anderson<br />

Christopher & Sandra Bajema<br />

John Boom<br />

David Carlson & Elizabeth<br />

VanBeek Carlson<br />

Mark & Margaret Christensen<br />

Larry & Barb Langshaw<br />

Rose Mulder<br />

Elsa Slomp<br />

Harold & Fran Soper<br />

Phyllis Van Andel<br />

Paul & Crystal VanBeek<br />

Michael & Peggy Vanhamersveld<br />

Bruce D. Langlois<br />

Joanne K. Langlois<br />

Norma Leopold<br />

Lawrence & Mary Lou Hicks<br />

Wes & Roxanne Lake<br />

Allan C. Lowe<br />

Allan & Barbara Lowe<br />

Wade Mackay<br />

Jean Swaney<br />

Thomas & Susan Swaney<br />

Jessica Marcellino<br />

Dean & Michelle Snow<br />

Robert McDowell<br />

Michael Hillman<br />

Richard & Barbara Hillman<br />

Burby Hillman<br />

Leah Meldrum<br />

Warren & Deborah Westerhuis<br />

Shirley Meyer<br />

Thomas & Barbara Jackoboice<br />

James Mieras<br />

Daniel Terry<br />

Thaddeus Misiak<br />

Greg & Debra Misiak<br />

Jean R. Murphy<br />

Jacqueline Kozal<br />

Eleanore L. Nicolette<br />

Anne Benson<br />

Gary & Bev Brouwer<br />

Loretta Cahill<br />

Jerry & Suzanne Callahan<br />

Paul & Constance Ceton<br />

Jane Hondelink<br />

Charles & Carole Johnson<br />

Judson Lynch<br />

Dawn McCotter<br />

Steve & Laura Triezenberg<br />

Gregory & Ingrid Vander Lende<br />

Richard & Jill Zuker<br />

Mary Nolan<br />

Timothy Nolan<br />

Tom Piazza<br />

Joseph & Margaret Biersack<br />

Denise Picardat<br />

Bethany Mulligan<br />

Frank Pinto<br />

Anonymous<br />

Paula Birlen<br />

Edda Bossio<br />

Luigi Bossio<br />

Donna Doyle<br />

Alfredo Eijan<br />

Frank Franone<br />

Debbie Grimm<br />

Patti Janus<br />

Viola Janus<br />

Giacomino Mannarino<br />

Virginia Marzec<br />

Mario Naccarato<br />

Diane Novak<br />

Christine Pepino<br />

Sal Provenzano<br />

Nina Rizzo<br />

Gina Sicoli<br />

James Sicoli<br />

Ortenzia Sicoli<br />

Josephine Szczygiel<br />

Gary Turner<br />

Glen & Tracey Turner<br />

Loraine Turner<br />

Raymond Volpacki<br />

Curtis Whitmore<br />

Ernie Popiel<br />

Joseph Popiel<br />

Victoria Purgiel<br />

Larry & Barbara Adamski<br />

Patricia Cybert<br />

James & Frieda Jaynes<br />

Patrick Purgiel<br />

David Raab<br />

Diana Wales<br />

Florence Rauser<br />

Daniel & Elizabeth Alt<br />

Leon & Diane Brechting<br />

A. Christopher Engle<br />

Kathleen Leavell<br />

Florence Rauser<br />

Dietrich & Betty Lou Roth<br />

Louis Seguin<br />

Kyle Razmus<br />

Ivy Razmus<br />

Glenn Rick<br />

Brad & Julie Rick<br />

Pauline Roskam<br />

Shirley Roskam<br />

Cynthia Santarelli<br />

Arline Dzwonkowski<br />

Margaret Saunier<br />

Thea Scholten<br />

Kimberly Wyngarden<br />

Sharon Wynkoop<br />

Dwight W. Sawyer<br />

Jacquolyn Sawyer<br />

Anita Scavelli<br />

James Wright<br />

Kathleen M. Schafer<br />

Patrick & Angela Farrell<br />

Alan & Dorothy Gould<br />

Kehoe Family Protection Trust<br />

Lake Michigan Insurance Agency<br />

Jim & Norma Peterson<br />

William & Linda Schafer<br />

Dick & Carol Schermer<br />

Lyn Cooper<br />

Grandpa & Grandma<br />

Schermer<br />

David DeJonge<br />

Papa R. Schewe<br />

Angie Adkin<br />

Rick Schewe<br />

Suzanne Brown<br />

Amy Martin<br />

Kathy Sturm<br />

James R. Schmalz<br />

Leslie Schmalz<br />

Amy L. Schneider<br />

Richard & Carol Briggs<br />

James & Kathryn Coombs<br />

Juniper Shores Association<br />

Alonzo Keathley<br />

Dorothy Schneider<br />

Chester Schut<br />

Clinton & Joanne Hop<br />

Leon Schutter<br />

Carol Schutter<br />

Steve Sedlacek<br />

Jessi Sedlacek<br />

Carrie Shaver<br />

Steven Ender & Karen Gislason<br />

Ender<br />

Chris Shaw<br />

Tom & Barb Shaw<br />

Wendy Simpson<br />

Carole Yost<br />

Don Slager<br />

Kenneth & Judith Slager<br />

Clarence Slomp<br />

Jean Garehan<br />

Fox Shawmut Hills<br />

Gary & Ruth Kuipers<br />

Meily Kuperus<br />

Wayne & Marilyn Rietberg<br />

Elsa Slomp<br />

Terri Vanden Bos<br />

Carolyn A. Smith<br />

Kim Chrisman<br />

Richard Stoops<br />

Marlene Stoops<br />

Madge Strikwerda<br />

Dr. James L. Strikwerda<br />

Billy Swaney<br />

Thomas & Susan Swaney<br />

Russel B. Swaney<br />

Thomas & Susan Swaney<br />

Daryl Ter Haar<br />

Patricia Ter Haar<br />

James R. Teunis<br />

Kathleen Teunis<br />

Larry Urban<br />

Yvonne Urban<br />

Jay Van Andel<br />

Nancy Van Andel<br />

42 | VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE ANNUAL REPORT <strong>2016</strong>

Lois Van Dyke<br />

West Michigan Tag & Label, Inc.<br />

Hank Van Ee<br />

Stephen Haarman<br />

Dorothy Vande Woude<br />

David & Susan Birdsall<br />

Chris & Susan Braithwaite<br />

David & Elaine Cain<br />

David & Carol Van Andel Family<br />

Foundation<br />

Jim & Gail Fahner<br />

Ronald & Mary Frick<br />

Steven & Brenda Heacock<br />

Kelly Himelright-Nemzek<br />

Stephen Hughes<br />

Ramesh Kumar<br />

Ray Loeschner<br />

The Lowy-Mock Family<br />

Charitable Fund<br />

Gerilyn & Jamie May<br />

Marianne K. Melnik, M.D.<br />

Pamela Murray<br />

Sara & Jay O'Neal<br />

Ellen Pesto<br />

Patrick & Alana Placzkowski<br />

Research!America<br />

Kim Spolarich<br />

Mark Stetter<br />

The Right Place, Inc.<br />

Carleton Woods<br />

Yount, Hyde & Barbour, P.C.<br />

Liam Sullivan & Linda Zarzecki<br />

Martin Vanden Berg<br />

Dr. James L. Strikwerda<br />

Carl L. VanderZee<br />

The Family of Carl VanderZee<br />

Marlene Vis<br />

Lonnie Vis<br />

Marilyn Vos<br />

Matthew & Shari Berger<br />

Joanne K. Wallin<br />

James & Frieda Jaynes<br />

Lloyd B. Webb<br />

Alice Antczak<br />

Jean Henk<br />

Fred Johnson<br />

Michele Kladder<br />

Dennis Malone<br />

Moiron, Inc.<br />

Steven & Sheila Paavo<br />

Yvonne Webb<br />

William Webber<br />

Stephen Haarman<br />

Rosalie Wila<br />

Jacqueline Kozal<br />

Jerome M. Willim<br />

Hope Willim<br />

Jane E. Wilson<br />

Nancy Porter<br />

Randy Winchester<br />

Monica Dolce<br />

Nona Wirt<br />

Howard Wirt<br />

Doc Withey<br />

Jean Swaney<br />

Debbie Wittenbach<br />

Anonymous<br />

Drs. David & Heather May<br />

Jeffery & Brenda Pouliot<br />

Terry Pulling<br />

Carl & Kimberly Rossi<br />

James & Randi Wilson<br />

Craig A. Wood<br />

Ronald & Frances McKellar<br />

Herb Zeitter<br />

Shirley Zeitter<br />

Henry F. Zeman<br />

Paul & Julie Carufel<br />

Jerome Ziomkowski<br />

Jacqueline Kozal<br />

Merle & Maxine Varty<br />

Robert Varty<br />

VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE ANNUAL REPORT <strong>2016</strong> | 43

Signature Special Event Sponsors<br />

We are fortunate to have extraordinarily dedicated signature event sponsors.<br />

Thank you for partnering with us and supporting our mission throughout the year.<br />

A Charmed Life Nail Salon<br />

Alliance Beverage Distributing<br />

Amway<br />

Amway Grand Plaza Hotel<br />

Aon Risk Services<br />


Steve & Kathryn Bandstra<br />

Bank of America Charitable<br />

Foundation<br />

Barnes & Thornburg LLP<br />

Barracks 616<br />

BDO USA, LLP<br />

BD's BBQ<br />

Belwith Products, LLC<br />

Berends Hendricks Stuit<br />

Insurance Agency Inc.<br />

Matt & Sheri Berger<br />

David & Jill Bielema<br />

Blacklamb<br />

Blank Rome LLP<br />

Bluewater Technologies<br />

Chuck & Christine Boelkins<br />

Bowers Harbor Vineyards<br />

Brothers Leather Supply Co.<br />

Bruce Heys Builders, Inc.<br />

Brush Studio<br />

Mark & Jennifer Bugge<br />

Buist Electric<br />

Allison Burr<br />

Jerry & Suzanne Callahan<br />

Calvin College<br />

Scott & Heidi Campbell<br />

Cancer & Hematology Centers<br />

of Western MI, PC<br />

Cascade Rental Center<br />

Chemical Bank<br />

The Chop House<br />

CitySén Lounge<br />

Natalie Cleary<br />

Colliers International<br />

CrossFit Luminary<br />

The Crown Jewel Spa & Salon<br />

Crystal Clean Auto Detailing<br />

Crystal Mountain Resort<br />

Cumulus Broadcasting<br />

Custer, Inc.<br />

CWD Real Estate Investment<br />

Cygnus27<br />

Cynthia Kay & Company<br />

Czech Assest Management<br />

Davenport University<br />

David & Carol Van Andel<br />

Family Foundation<br />

Dear Prudence<br />

Deloitte<br />

Design 1 Salon Day Spa<br />

Aaron & Afton DeVos<br />

Dick's Sporting Goods<br />

Divani<br />

Jeffrey & Mary Dixon<br />

DK Security<br />

The Douglas & Maria DeVos<br />

Foundation<br />

Droscha Sugarbush<br />

Eastbrook Homes<br />

Eenhoorn, LLC<br />

Eileen DeVries Family<br />

Foundation<br />

Ellis Parking<br />

Eurest<br />

Ferris Coffee & Nut Co.<br />

Ferris State University<br />

Fifth Third Private Bank<br />

FireKeepers Casino Hotel<br />

First National Bank of Michigan<br />

FOODesign by Chef Brech<br />

Foot & Ankle Specialists of<br />

West Michigan<br />

Fred L. Hansen Corporation<br />

Frederik Meijer Gardens &<br />

Sculpture Park<br />

Dan & Lou Ann Gaydou<br />

The Gilmore Collection<br />

Golf Galaxy<br />

Goodwill Industries<br />

Dan & Magee Gordon<br />

Wes Gordon<br />

Gordon Food Service Inc.<br />

Grand Rapids Christian Schools<br />

Grand Rapids Community<br />

College<br />

Grand Rapids Symphony<br />

Grand Valley State University<br />

Granger Group<br />

Grey Skies Distillery<br />

Martin & Peggy Greydanus<br />

Jana Hall<br />

Harvey Automotive<br />

Paul & Sheryl Haverkate<br />

Honigman<br />

Hotel Walloon<br />

Howard Miller<br />

The H.T. Hackney Co.<br />

Huizenga Group<br />

Ice Sculptures, Ltd.<br />

The I.C.N. Foundation<br />

Michael & Susan Jandernoa<br />

Jandernoa Foundation<br />

Jeffery Roberts Design<br />

Kathi A. Wilson, DDS<br />

Keeler<br />

Andy & Christina Keller<br />

Kendall College of Art & Design<br />

John & Nancy Kennedy<br />

Craig & Debra Kinney<br />

The Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck<br />

Al & Robin Koop<br />

Lacks Enterprises, Inc.<br />

Lake Michigan Credit Union<br />

Ray & Jeannine Lanning<br />

Joe & Amanda Lanser<br />

Leigh's<br />

Leo's<br />

Life EMS<br />

Lighthouse Insurance Group, Inc.<br />

Little River Casino Resort<br />

Long Road Distillers<br />

Love's Ice Cream<br />

Gary & Vicky Ludema<br />

Luxeire<br />

Macatawa Bank<br />

Maple Hill Golf Course, Inc.<br />

McAlvey, Merchants &<br />

Associates<br />

M.C.L. by Matthew Campbell<br />

Laurenza<br />

McShane & Bowie, PLC<br />

Meijer<br />

Mark & Mary Beth Meijer<br />

Merrill Lynch - Bank of America<br />

Corporation<br />

Metro Health Hospital<br />

Michigan State University<br />

College of Human Medicine<br />

Mika Meyers, Beckett &<br />

Jones, PLC<br />

Jamie Mills & Jim Nichols<br />

The Mitten State<br />

MLive Media Group<br />

Modern Day Floral<br />

Mike & Rachel Mraz<br />

My Auto Import Center<br />

National Christian Foundation<br />

West Michigan<br />

Neiman Marcus<br />

New Holland Brewing Co.<br />

Norris Perne & French<br />

Northern Cross Foundation<br />

Northstar Commercial<br />

Lee & Alexandra Perez<br />

Peter C. & Emajean Cook<br />

Foundation<br />

Pine Rest Christian Mental<br />

Health Services<br />

Pioneer Construction<br />

Pitsch Companies<br />

Posh Petals<br />

Preusser Jewelers<br />

Priority Health<br />

RE/MAX of Grand Rapids, Inc.<br />

Regal Financial Group LLC<br />

Deidre & Jeff Remtema<br />

Reserve Wine & Food<br />

The Richard & Helen DeVos<br />

Foundation<br />

Brenda & Tom Rinks<br />

Rockford Construction<br />

Sarah & Todd Rollman<br />

John & Therese Rowerdink<br />

Rowerdink, Inc.<br />

Saint Mary's Health Care<br />

SecurAlarm Systems<br />

The Sharpe Collection<br />

Sip Organic Juice Bar<br />

Six.One.Six<br />

Slows BarBQ<br />

Sobie Meats<br />

Spectrum Health<br />

Rob & Susan Stafford<br />

Standard Lumber<br />

Steelcase Inc.<br />

Stephen Klotz Family Foundation<br />

The Steve & Amy Van Andel<br />

Foundation<br />

Tom & Mary Stuit<br />

Sweetie-licious Bakery Café<br />

Taconic Charitable Foundation<br />

Steve & Cheryl Timyan<br />

Todd Wenzel Automotive<br />

Townsquare Media<br />

Tre Cugini<br />

Truscott Rossman<br />

Twisted Rooster<br />

Urban Institute for<br />

Contemporary Arts<br />

U.S. Bank<br />

Van Eerden Food Service<br />

Dave & Beth Van Portfliet<br />

Brian & Lori Vander Baan<br />

Marsha & Larry Veenstra<br />

The Veldheer, Long, Mackay &<br />

Bernecker Group of Merrill<br />

Lynch<br />

Russell & Christine Visner<br />

Waddell & Reed - Aaron DeVos<br />

Wallinwood Springs Golf Course<br />

Warner Norcross & Judd LLP<br />

Wells Fargo<br />

West Michigan Women<br />

Magazine<br />

Wheelhouse<br />

Scott & Rebecca Wierda<br />

Williams Kitchen & Bath<br />

Greg & Meg Willit<br />

Bob & Karen Wiltz<br />

Wolverine Power Systems<br />

Wolverine Worldwide<br />

Women's Lifestyle<br />

Aaron & Amanda Wong<br />

Wuskowhan Players Club<br />

XS Energy Drink<br />

Your Shower Door<br />

Jim & Jane Zwiers<br />

44 | VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE ANNUAL REPORT <strong>2016</strong>

Institute Leadership Team<br />

“From our founding, early<br />

development and growth<br />

into a global institute, our<br />

most important asset has<br />

always been abundantly<br />

clear—people.”<br />

David Van Andel<br />

David Van Andel<br />

Van Andel Institute Chairman & CEO<br />

David Van Andel is Chairman and CEO of Van Andel<br />

Institute in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is also an<br />

entrepreneur involved in several other business interests<br />

in the natural and life science products industries.<br />

The son of Jay Van Andel, founder of the Van Andel<br />

Institute and co-founder of Amway Corporation, he<br />

is currently a member of Amway’s Board of Directors<br />

and serves on its Executive, Governance and Audit<br />

committees. Prior to leading Van Andel Institute, he had<br />

been in various positions at Amway since 1977, including<br />

chief operating officer of Amway’s Pyxis Innovations<br />

Business Unit and he was senior vice president–Americas<br />

and Europe, overseeing Amway business activities in<br />

North America and 22 European and 11 Latin<br />

American affiliates.<br />

Jerry Callahan, M.B.A., Ph.D.<br />

Vice President, Innovations & Collaborations<br />

Jana Hall<br />

Chief Operations Officer<br />

Peter Jones, Ph.D., D.Sc.<br />

Chief Scientific Officer, Van Andel Research Institute<br />

Timothy Myers<br />

Vice President & Chief Financial Officer<br />

Terra Tarango<br />

Director & Education Officer,<br />

Van Andel Education Institute<br />

Steven J. Triezenberg, Ph.D.<br />

President & Dean,<br />

Van Andel Institute Graduate School<br />

Linda Zarzecki<br />

Vice President of Human Resources<br />

VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE ANNUAL REPORT <strong>2016</strong> | 45

Board and Council Members<br />

Van Andel Institute Trustees<br />

David Van Andel<br />

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Van Andel Institute<br />

John Kennedy<br />

President & Chief Executive Officer, Autocam Medical<br />

Mark Meijer<br />

President, Life E.M.S. Ambulance<br />

Van Andel Research Institute Trustees<br />

David Van Andel<br />

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Van Andel Institute<br />

Tom R. DeMeester, M.D.<br />

Professor & Chairman Emeritus, Department<br />

of Surgery, Keck School of Medicine, University of<br />

Southern California<br />

James B. Fahner, M.D.<br />

Chief of Hematology and Oncology,<br />

Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital<br />

Michelle Le Beau, Ph.D.<br />

Professor of Medicine, Section of Hematology/Oncology;<br />

Director, University of Chicago Comprehensive Cancer<br />

Center; Director, Cancer Cytogenetics Laboratory,<br />

University of Chicago<br />

George Vande Woude, Ph.D.<br />

Distinguished Scientific Fellow, Founding Research Director,<br />

Van Andel Research Institute<br />

Ralph Weichselbaum, M.D.<br />

Chairman, Department of Radiation; Head, Ludwig Center<br />

for Metastasis Research, University of Chicago<br />

Max Wicha, M.D.<br />

Distinguished Professor of Oncology, Department of<br />

Internal Medicine; Founding Director, University of<br />

Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center<br />

Van Andel Education Institute Trustees<br />

David Van Andel<br />

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Van Andel Institute<br />

James E. Bultman, Ed.D.<br />

Former President, Hope College<br />

Donald W. Maine<br />

Former President, Davenport University<br />

Juan R. Olivarez, Ph.D.<br />

President, Aquinas College<br />

Gordon L. Van Harn, Ph.D.<br />

Emeritus Provost & Professor of Biology, Calvin College<br />

46 | VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE ANNUAL REPORT <strong>2016</strong>

Van Andel Research Institute<br />

Board of Scientific Advisors<br />

Michael Brown, M.D.<br />

Paul J. Thomas Professor of Genetics & Director of the<br />

Jonsson Center of Molecular Genetics, University of Texas<br />

Southwestern Medical Center – Dallas<br />

Richard Axel, M.D.<br />

Professor of Neurosciences, Columbia University<br />

Joseph L. Goldstein, M.D.<br />

Chairman of the Department of Molecular Genetics,<br />

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center – Dallas<br />

Tony Hunter, Ph.D.<br />

Professor, Molecular & Cell Biology Laboratory; American<br />

Cancer Society Professor; Renato Dulbecco Chair; Director,<br />

Salk Institute Cancer Center<br />

Philip A. Sharp, Ph.D.<br />

Professor of Biology & Head of the Cancer Center,<br />

Massachusetts Institute of Technology<br />

Van Andel Research Institute<br />

External Scientific Advisory Board<br />

Tony Hunter, Ph.D.<br />

Professor, Molecular & Cell Biology Laboratory; American<br />

Cancer Society Professor; Renato Dulbecco Chair; Director,<br />

Salk Institute Cancer Center<br />

Marie-Francois Chesselet, M.D., Ph.D.<br />

Charles H. Markham Professor of Neurology; Distinguished<br />

Professor of Neurology and of Neurobiology, Reed<br />

Neurological Research Center<br />

Howard J. Federoff, M.D., Ph.D.<br />

Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs; Dean of Medicine,<br />

University of California Irvine<br />

Theresa Guise, M.D.<br />

Professor of Medicine; Jerry W. & Peg S. Throgmartin<br />

Professor of Oncology, Department of Medicine, Division of<br />

Endocrinology, Indiana University<br />

Rudolph Jaenisch, Ph.D.<br />

Professor of Biology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology<br />

(MIT); founding member of the Whitehead Institute for<br />

Biomedical Research at MIT<br />

Max S. Wicha, M.D.<br />

Distinguished Professor of Oncology; Professor,<br />

Department of Internal Medicine; Founding Director,<br />

University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center<br />

Van Andel Education Institute<br />

Advisory Council<br />

David Van Andel<br />

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Van Andel Institute<br />

Nancy Ayres<br />

Former General Manager, Flexco<br />

James Boelkins, Ph.D.<br />

Former Provost, Hope College<br />

Joseph Krajcik, Ph.D.<br />

Professor, Department of Teacher Education at Michigan<br />

State University<br />

Carol Van Andel, B.A.<br />

Executive Director, David & Carol Van Andel<br />

Family Foundation<br />

Van Andel Institute Graduate School<br />

Board of Directors<br />

James Fahner, M.D.<br />

Chief of Hematology & Oncology, Helen DeVos Children’s<br />

Hospital<br />

Thomas Haas, Ph.D.<br />

President, Grand Valley State University<br />

Peter Jones, Ph.D., D.Sc.<br />

Chief Scientific Officer, Van Andel Research Institute<br />

Michael J. Imperiale, Ph.D.<br />

Director, Doctoral Program in Cancer Biology; Associate<br />

Chair, Department of Microbiology & Immunology,<br />

University of Michigan<br />

Pamela Kidd, M.D.<br />

Hematopathologist & Medical Director of the Hematology<br />

& Flow Cytometry Laboratories, Spectrum Health & Helen<br />

DeVos Children’s Hospital<br />

Lynn Matrisian, Ph.D.<br />

Vice President, Scientific and Medical Affairs, Pancreatic<br />

Cancer Action Network<br />

Gordon Van Harn, Ph.D.<br />

Emeritus Provost & Professor of Biology, Calvin College<br />

VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE ANNUAL REPORT <strong>2016</strong> | 47

Board and Council Members<br />


Thank you, Board of Governors.<br />

As members of the Van Andel Institute Board of<br />

Governors, your support of the Institute helps advance<br />

our efforts to improve the health and enhance the<br />

lives of current and future generations. Thank you for<br />

being our partners, serving as our ambassadors and<br />

contributing significantly to our success.<br />

Van Andel Institute Board of Governors<br />

Alice Andrews<br />

R. Tony & Kathleen Asselta<br />

Nancy Batts<br />

Paul Becker & Eve Rogus<br />

David & Jill Bielema<br />

Charles & Christine Boelkins<br />

James & Martha Bultman<br />

Jerry & Suzanne Callahan<br />

John & Marie Canepa<br />

Mike & Kim Carnevale<br />

Ron & Lori Cook<br />

Dave & Karen Custer<br />

Stephen C. Czech<br />

Mark & Mary Jane de Waal<br />

Robert & Allison DeVilbiss<br />

Douglas & Maria DeVos<br />

Richard & Helen DeVos<br />

Daniel & Pamella DeVos<br />

Dick & Betsy DeVos<br />

Eileen DeVries<br />

Randall & Terri Disselkoen<br />

Michael & Lynette Ellis<br />

Jim & Gail Fahner<br />

David & Judy Frey<br />

Dan & Lou Ann Gaydou<br />

Gene & Tubie Gilmore<br />

Gary & Pam Granger<br />

Martin & Margaret (Peggy) Greydanus<br />

Jim & Kathy Hackett<br />

Jana Hall<br />

Lewis & Teresa Hendricks-Pitsch<br />

Paul & Rose Heule<br />

Dirk Hoffius<br />

J.C. & Tammy Huizenga<br />

Allen & Helen Hunting<br />

Bea Idema<br />

José & Sue Infante<br />

Earle & Kyle Irwin<br />

Michael & Sue Jandernoa<br />

Sidney & Cate Jansma<br />

Peter & Veronica Jones<br />

John & Deb Kailunas<br />

David & Nancy Kammeraad<br />

John & Nancy Kennedy<br />

Craig & Debra Kinney<br />

John Knapp<br />

Diane Kniowski<br />

Tim & Kimberly Long<br />

Gary & Vicky Ludema<br />

Don & Peg Luy<br />

Donald W. & Kathleen Maine<br />

Hank & Liesel Meijer<br />

Lena Meijer<br />

Mark & Mary Beth Meijer<br />

Rusty & Jenn Merchant<br />

R. George Mickel<br />

Jack H. Miller<br />

Jamie Mills & James Nichols<br />

Louis & Nancy Moran<br />

Mark & Elizabeth Murray<br />

William & Sandi Nicholson<br />

Juan & Mary Olivarez<br />

Richard Pappas<br />

Dale & Sonja Robertson<br />

John & Therese Rowerdink<br />

Martin D. Sass<br />

Mike & Cindy Schaap<br />

Peter & Joan Secchia<br />

Blair & Michelle Sharpe<br />

George & Linda Sharpe<br />

George & Missy Sharpe<br />

Budge & Marilyn Sherwood<br />

Brent & Diane Slay<br />

Peter Stamos & Soonmee Cha<br />

Robert & Susan Stafford<br />

Tom & Mary Stuit<br />

Duke & Sue Suwyn<br />

Renee Tabben<br />

Steve & Laura Triezenberg<br />

David & Carol Van Andel<br />

Steve & Amy Van Andel<br />

Michael & Michelle Van Dyke<br />

Dan & Ann Van Eerden<br />

George & Dot Vande Woude<br />

Gordon & Mary Van Harn<br />

Brian & Lori VanderBaan<br />

Stuart & Nelleke Vander Heide<br />

Michael & Gayle VanGessel<br />

Dave & Beth Van Portfliet<br />

John Veleris<br />

Geoff & LeeAnne Widlak<br />

Greg & Meg Willit<br />

48 | VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE ANNUAL REPORT <strong>2016</strong>

JBoard Ambassadors<br />


Thank you, JBoard members.<br />

As JBoard members, you are leaders who exhibit the<br />

power of young professionals to make a difference.<br />

We appreciate the energy and dedication you bring<br />

to the Institute. Thank you for your vision and your<br />

friendship in our efforts to fight disease and advance<br />

our mission.<br />

Natalia Alejos<br />

Zeke Alejos<br />

Lisa Alles<br />

Timothy Alles<br />

Jennifer Baldini<br />

Charles Bassett<br />

Lindsay Benedict<br />

Angie Bissell<br />

Brandon Bissell<br />

Brian Blodgett<br />

Heidi Campbell<br />

Scott Campbell<br />

Don Carlson<br />

Heather Carlson<br />

Heather Christmann<br />

Natalie Cleary<br />

Matthew Cook<br />

Paige Cornetet<br />

Blake Crabb<br />

Aaron DeVos<br />

Afton DeVos<br />

Samuel DeVries<br />

Christa Disselkoen<br />

Stephen Disselkoen<br />

Kaitlyn Disselkoen Swan<br />

Lindsey Dubis<br />

Bo Fowler<br />

Jennifer Fowler<br />

Kevin Gardenier<br />

Linsey Gleason<br />

Andrew Grashuis<br />

Nicole Haglund<br />

Hailey Harold<br />

Brandi Huyser<br />

Eric Jones<br />

Katie Kileen<br />

Kevin Kileen<br />

Eric Kovalak<br />

Michael Lomonaco<br />

Erica Lonn<br />

Kimberly Loomis<br />

Jack Lott<br />

Geoff Ludema<br />

Kate Meyer<br />

Phillip Mitchell<br />

Caitlin Mlynarek<br />

Evan Mlynarek<br />

Mike Mraz<br />

Rachel Mraz<br />

Alyssa Nance<br />

Chris Nance<br />

Kendra Osowski<br />

Matt Osterhaven<br />

Gregory Paplawsky<br />

Alexandra Perez<br />

Leland Perez<br />

Laurie Placinski<br />

Nicole Probst<br />

Deidre Remtema<br />

Jeff Remtema<br />

Charlie Rowerdink<br />

Tanya Rowerdink<br />

Lindsay Slagboom<br />

Meriden Smucker<br />

Timothy Streit<br />

Libby Stuit<br />

Paul Stuit<br />

Amber Sturrus Hoover<br />

Justin Swan<br />

Charity Taatjes<br />

William Templin<br />

Trevor TenBrink<br />

Jane Tomaszewski<br />

Sarah Tupper<br />

Aaron Van Andel<br />

Chris Van Andel<br />

Jesse Van Andel<br />

Kyle Van Andel<br />

Daniel VandenBosch<br />

David Vanderveen<br />

Sarah Vanderveen<br />

Marc Veenstra<br />

Alison Waske Sutter<br />

Amanda Whowell<br />

MeiLi Wieringa<br />

Lisa Wolf<br />

Nathaniel Wolf<br />

Charlie Wondergem<br />

Brian Yarch<br />

Courtney Yarch<br />

Lisa Zigterman<br />

Megan Zubrickas<br />

VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE ANNUAL REPORT <strong>2016</strong> | 49

333 Bostwick Ave. NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503 | P 616.234.5000 | vai.org

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