2011 – Issue 2 of 4

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ISSUE 2 0f 4 -- APRIL <strong>2011</strong><br />

Thirty Years ago this month Cardiff had its first taste <strong>of</strong><br />

bus competition with the arrival <strong>of</strong> CK Coaches on the<br />

streets <strong>of</strong> the City. A CARRIBEAN Read the HOLIDAY full story inside this issue.<br />



Our latest acquisition is a former National Welsh Tiger / Duple Carribean Coach. (as A256<br />

VWO above). Iit was re-registered in 1986 as AAX 305A. After 9 years with Blaengwawr<br />

School (below) it will be sprayed white and await “National” decals……………………..<br />



After a seemingly endless cold winter we are now, it seems overnight, just over two<br />

months away from the Barry Festival <strong>of</strong> Transport (Sunday 12 th June). I have finally<br />

received confirmation from the Vale <strong>of</strong> Glamorgan Council that they will support the<br />

event again this year, I think we are rather good value for money. You will start to see<br />

adverts in the enthusiast press and on Cardiff buses in the next few weeks. As always I<br />

must appeal for your support at our largest event <strong>of</strong> the year, both in terms <strong>of</strong> organising<br />

and supervising, please lend a hand on the day even if only for a few hours. Prior to the<br />

rally we have a lot <strong>of</strong> tidying up and painting to do, please come down and help out on<br />

Fridays or Saturdays.<br />

Bus & Coach Wales will again be supported by Merthyr Tydfil Council, the event is<br />

planned to be at the College this year on Sunday 4 th September.<br />

In terms <strong>of</strong> the fleet, the Red & White Tiger is due to be MOTed hopefully by the time<br />

you read this, and Pontypridd No.8 should be close behind it. Caerphilly 32 is now<br />

returning to a green interior, we have purchased new window rubbers and removed all<br />

the seats so they can the painted. The floor has been repaired and the outside prepared<br />

for painting. Caerphilly 32 has received a lot <strong>of</strong> man hours over the last few years,<br />

especially by Derek and Alan, but now with an increasing band <strong>of</strong> volunteers the end<br />

maybe just in sight. The National Welsh Tiger has moved from Aberdare to Howells <strong>of</strong><br />

Deri where some mechanical work will be undertaken to allow the coach to be MOTed.<br />

Paul Burgess has been working on the Swift to sort out a few electrical issues especially<br />

with the middle doors and charging system, following that, and an investigation into an oil<br />

leak, I hope the bus will be ready to go to a couple <strong>of</strong> rallies.<br />

Anyone with vehicles <strong>of</strong>f the road needs to be aware <strong>of</strong> some new legislation, the<br />

Continuous Insurance Enforcement (CIE) requires a vehicle to be insured if it is taxed<br />

for the road and SORNed if it is parked on private land. Therefore any old cars or buses<br />

that have been laid up must be SORNed to meet the requirements otherwise you could<br />

get an unwelcome letter in the post.<br />

You will have noticed our new CTPG logo on the cover <strong>of</strong> this issue. This has been<br />

designed by Mac Winfield. We hope you like it. Readers will also notice we are using a<br />

smaller typeface this time (Gill Sans 10pt.). If readers are happy with this, it will become<br />

the norm. Then, there will be even more to read in your favourite (?) newsletter.<br />

For those <strong>of</strong> you that enjoy your internet we have a Facebook page, I try to keep this<br />

update with photos <strong>of</strong> the happenings at Barry, the site is open to all have a look and add<br />

your own photos we have over 130 friends at the moment.<br />

MikeTel: 01443 753227 (n.b. new number) Email : mikeystrad73@btinternet.com<br />



Dear Editor,<br />

Comments on items published in recent newsletters may be <strong>of</strong> interest to the group.<br />

Re. CARDIFF’s REGENT V’s;<br />

Firstly, many thanks to Andrew Wiltshire for his excellent series on the vehicles bought<br />

by City <strong>of</strong> Cardiff Transport. In the December article on the AEC Regent V he mentions<br />

exposed-radiator examples which operated in England, but doesn’t mention those which<br />

operated nearer to home. Bedwas & Machen U.D.C. had a single example, no. 9 (PWO<br />

783) with a Longwell Green lowbridge body and the Rhondda Transport Co. had no less<br />

than 27 examples with Weymann highbridge bodies <strong>–</strong> 298/9, 400-424 (STG 869-876,<br />

TTX 984-998, UNY 4-7); all <strong>of</strong> these vehicles were new in 1956. I always thought these<br />

vehicles looked rather odd, as the front dash was obviously constructed for a concealed<br />

radiator!<br />

Re. DWO 123;<br />

Between 1903 and 1921, local authorities used differing systems to allocate vehicle<br />

registration numbers. Some authorities used even numbers for cars and odd numbers for<br />

commercial vehicles and buses, motor cycles were sometimes issued numbers 1-999 or<br />

1-1999 in each series. Other local authorities kept three registers <strong>–</strong> one for motor<br />

cycles, a second for cars and light commercials and a third for ‘heavy motor cars’<br />

(commercials and road locomotives); these authorities either allocated blocks <strong>of</strong><br />

numbers for each type <strong>of</strong> vehicle or, more unusually, issued the same series <strong>of</strong> numbers<br />

for each type <strong>of</strong> vehicle, leading to duplication. This was further compounded by most<br />

authorities re-issuing the registration number <strong>of</strong> a vehicle <strong>of</strong>ficially notified as being<br />

scrapped. Following changes in legislation in 1921, the re-issue <strong>of</strong> voided registrations<br />

ceased and vehicles carrying duplicated registrations were re-registered to remove the<br />

anomaly.<br />

What has all this got to do with DWO 123 you may ask? Well, some authorities issued<br />

registrations <strong>of</strong> the format xx-0nnn to heavy motor cars; examples being Norfolk issuing<br />

AH-0nnn and Buckinghamshire BH-0nnn, this led to Hampshire omitting AHO and BHO<br />

from its sequence <strong>of</strong> issues. I have seen one photograph (I can’t remember where,<br />

unfortunately) <strong>of</strong> a traction engine or road locomotive carrying a registration in<br />

Newport’s DW-0nnn series and this may be the reason DWO was not allocated to<br />

neighbouring Monmouthshire. All two and three letter registration marks had to be<br />

individually authorised by a ‘Statutory Instrument.’ DWO was eventually authorised for<br />

issue in the 1990s when most previously un-issued (and non-abusive) combinations were<br />

authorised, either so that an appropriate registration could be allocated to an historic<br />

vehicle or, more usually, could be included in the DVLA’s ‘Sale <strong>of</strong> Marks’ scheme!<br />

Regards, Mike Street (member 0306)<br />

(Thanks Mike for your comments and giving us the most likely explanation <strong>of</strong> the nonappearance<br />

<strong>of</strong> the DWO mark.)<br />



Recently Mr. Ken Aubigne <strong>of</strong> Cardiff presented the group with his father’s photograph<br />

collection. Well over 100 <strong>of</strong> these were amassed from the 1920s to the mid 1950s and<br />

mounted on stiff card.<br />

Alf Aubigne had over 45 years in the bus industry. (We also have his 45 year long service<br />

badge in our museum room.) Mr. Aubigne started in 1919 at the age <strong>of</strong> 14, as a<br />

conductor on his father’s bus at Barry. In 1926 he moved to Whites Motors as a driver,<br />

a position he also held with Western Welsh until his death in 1967. In the 1950s he was<br />

instrumental in encouraging our own Chris Taylor to become a transport historian.<br />

In the collection was this impressive bus, new to Thomas White & Co. (Cardiff & Barry)<br />

Ltd. in March 1933. It was an AEC Renown 664 with a 60 seat lowbridge body by Short<br />

Bros. It featured an 8.8 litre diesel and preselector gearbox. Later numbered 599 with<br />

WWOC it spent much <strong>of</strong> its life at Barry until withdrawal in Oct.1950. KG 2176<br />

languished in a field adjacent to Ely Works until sold for scrap in April 1953.<br />

Your editor recalls one occasion when travelling to the Barry Grammar School on this<br />

bus one wintry morning, sitting upstairs on one <strong>of</strong> the long seats. Turning from Park<br />

Avenue into St. Nicholas Road, a steep with an adverse camber, the driver missed a gear.<br />

At once there were screams from almost 90 children as the bus began lurching as it slid<br />

backwards towards the railway embankment. This outcry turned to cheers as the<br />

second attempt to climb the hill was successful. But enough <strong>of</strong> my ramblings!<br />

On behalf <strong>of</strong> the CTPG I thank Ken Aubigne for his gift to our group. Ed.<br />



The following article has been condensed from a 63 page study conducted by the Transport &<br />

Traffic Studies Unit <strong>of</strong> UWIST. Grateful thanks to those students staff at UWIST in 1983 and<br />

to the late, great ‘Gren’ <strong>of</strong> the South Wales Echo. The comments in italics are mine. (V.C.)<br />


C.K. Coaches (Cardiff) Ltd. took its name from its founders, husband and wife Carol &<br />

Keith Morris. They established the firm in 1973 and built up a substantial contract hire<br />

and tours business in the Cardiff area in the years up to the 1980 Transport Act. This<br />

included a number <strong>of</strong> school contracts which they held for some years, some <strong>of</strong> which<br />

South Glamorgan County Council (SGCC) had apparently had difficulty in finding an<br />

operator, and which CK had taken on at short notice. In 1980 CK extended its<br />

operations to include late night stage carriage services to the Cardiff suburbs and to<br />

Barry and Penarth. Cardiff City Transport (CCT) made no objection as these services<br />

did not compete with their own services. When the 1980 Act became law, CK further<br />

extended its operations into Express and Stage Carriage activities. At its peak, CK<br />

operated 21 vehicles with a garage at Portmanmoor Road, Splott. The maximum<br />

number <strong>of</strong> staff employed was 38.<br />

6<br />


CK started an express service<br />

between Cardiff and Swansea on 13 th<br />

Oct. 1980 with eight buses a day at £1<br />

single and £1.50 return. A service to<br />

Bristol was also announced. However<br />

the Swansea service was suspended<br />

after only three days allegedly because<br />

the company was unable to agree<br />

stopping places with the local<br />

authorities.<br />

In January 1981 CK applied for short<br />

period licences (sp) to operate hourly<br />

stage services within Cardiff to<br />

Cyncoed and Llanrumney. The<br />

proposed fare to the latter was 30p as<br />

against 44p for CCT. On all services<br />

CK planned to charge pensioners and<br />

children a standard fare <strong>of</strong> 10p. Conductors would be used on all buses to speed up the<br />

journey. The Cardiff Transport Committee Chairman commented “Anything they try to<br />

do, they will have competition <strong>–</strong> you can bet your boots on that”.

Keith Morris said “There was no question <strong>of</strong> unfair competition with CCT as they know<br />

that we are more efficient”.<br />

As well as objections from CCT, objections to the Llanrumney service were received<br />

from Newport Borough Transport (NBT), the Wales TUC and Wales Transport 2000.<br />

On 17 th Feb. CCT’s monopoly under the 1930 Cardiff Corporation Act was revoked by<br />

the Minister <strong>of</strong> Transport thus enabling others to run stage services within Cardiff.<br />

CCT were hoping that CK’s application would be rejected. Solicitor for CK accused the<br />

City Council <strong>of</strong> trying to “throw a spanner in the works” by blocking CK’s bid to rent<br />

council owned land at Portmanmoor Road.<br />




The plan to commence services<br />

in Cardiff on 1 st March had<br />

passed when the application<br />

was heard at the Traffic Court<br />

on 23 rd March. The solicitor<br />

for CCT told the court that<br />

CK’s plans would be<br />

uneconomic. Ronald Jackson,<br />

Chairman <strong>of</strong> the Traffic<br />

Commissioners (TC’s), called<br />

on the solicitor to apologise to<br />

CK for calling their service a<br />

‘wart’, ‘piracy’, ‘marauding’ and ‘idiotic’. Mr Jackson commented that in his 19 years he<br />

had never had the misfortune to listen to such and scathing attack on an operator.<br />

Licences (sp) were then granted to CK for 6 months. CK started the service to<br />

Cyncoed and Llanrumney on 6 th April with actor Stephen Lewis -- ‘Blakey’ <strong>of</strong> ‘On the<br />

Buses’ -- <strong>of</strong>ficially launching the services. CCT planned to “fight fire with fire”, with new<br />

‘Family’ and ‘Multiride’ tickets, possibly cutting fares and bringing in a new ‘Fastfare’<br />

system. Carol Morris said “We are confident that we are going to do well, we believe<br />

the people <strong>of</strong> Cardiff are behind us, since they want cheaper fares and conductors on the<br />

buses”. Since some <strong>of</strong> their buses could not be operated without a conductor they did<br />

not have much choice.<br />

Also in April Keith Morris stated he was seriously looking into running certain services in<br />

Penarth in respect <strong>of</strong> services recently withdrawn by National Welsh (NW). (One would<br />

have thought he had enough to do in Cardiff.)<br />

CK gave notice that they would also introduce family tickets, apply to run a service to<br />

Llanedeyrn, and to increase the Llanrumney service to half hourly. Meanwhile CCT<br />

applied to increase its Llanrumney journeys from 6 to 8 per hour. CK increased their<br />


frequency on the Llanrumney service on 8 th May the day the licence was granted, but<br />

CCT did not increase their frequency for another month. CK commenced running to<br />

Llanedeyrn on 1 st June using some newly acquired LT Fleetline buses.<br />

The press soon reported a ‘battle <strong>of</strong> the buses’ as CK and CCT raced for passengers.<br />

Drivers from both sides accused the other <strong>of</strong> racing to stops, preventing overtaking and<br />

pulling out in front <strong>of</strong> them. A collision occurred on 3 rd June at Maelfa Way when a CK<br />

bus suffered broken windows and side panelling was damaged on the city bus. Keith<br />

Morris sought a meeting with David Smith, CCT General Manager, to discuss the<br />

situation, though Smith continued to deny any rivalry. Events suggested that many<br />

passengers tended to get on the first bus that comes, regardless <strong>of</strong> operator or fares.<br />

BED 724C a former Warrington PD2 showing the promotional 20p fare. (CTPG)<br />

CCT gave notice that they would introduce a 20p <strong>of</strong>f-peak fare from 8 th June. CK<br />

followed suit a month later. Coun. Max Phillips was reported as saying that it was<br />

‘almost certain’ that CCT would have cut bus fares without the competition <strong>of</strong>fered by<br />

CK. --- Hmm !<br />

The TC’s were informed that all CK Sunday services would cease after 14 th June and that<br />

evening frequencies would be reduced. By the end <strong>of</strong> June CCT had introduced their<br />

‘Fastfare’ system on certain routes. David Smith said that “CK’s service plans could be<br />

described as ‘instant reaction’ to CCT’s plans”. It seemed that CK lacked a cohesive<br />

strategy on routes and fares. If they had, it seems unlikely that they would have chosen<br />

the routes they had. (Cyncoed was never going to be a money spinner)<br />


An MMC report stated that CK thought their services were pr<strong>of</strong>itable until the effects <strong>of</strong><br />

CCT’s reduced fares were felt. After August 1981 they were probably losing £500 per<br />

week. An application by CK for a licence for a Sunday and Bank Holiday service to<br />

Barry Island brought response from CCT, N/W and NBT who operated a weekday<br />

(school holidays) service to Barry Island from 27 th July, the day after CK began their<br />

service. NW <strong>of</strong>fered a reduced fare on their 354 Sunday service on the journeys<br />

affected by CK’s service.<br />


During the summer <strong>of</strong> 1981 both CK and CCT tendered for several school contracts.<br />

CK lost 5 which it had held for 6 years. Their tender price was the same as in 1978 but<br />

CCT tendered for the 5 at a vastly reduced price. It was reported by the Monopolies<br />

and Mergers Committee (MMC) that in one case a tender was 60% less. CK accused the<br />

council <strong>of</strong> using ratepayers’ funds to undercut competition. The Labour led council<br />

denied this and accused CK <strong>of</strong> using cash from school contracts to subsidise their stage<br />

services. In events to come the recent change from Tory to Labour control at SGCC<br />

would seem to favour the larger bus operator and not the private operator.<br />

I<br />

n September 1981 substantive licences were granted to CK for 3 years (instead <strong>of</strong> 5) and<br />

from 21 st Sept. they extended their Llanedeyrn route to Pentwyn. CCT replied with a<br />

new 51 service to Pentwyn. On 11 th Nov. an application was lodged by CK for a licence<br />

(sp) to operate from Castle Street to Michaelston Road, Ely. Two days later CK took<br />

advantage <strong>of</strong> a one day strike by CCT drivers by running extra buses over their 3 routes.<br />


David Smith estimated that competition from CK was costing CCT about £90,000 per<br />

year but admitted that the 20p flat fare was likely to cost £250,000 in the first six<br />

months,<br />


In January 1982 CK applied to convert their peak services to one person operation and<br />

to curtail evening services on the Cyncoed route. Severe snowfalls paralysed Cardiff<br />

and CCT buses were suspended at 18.30 on Fri. 8 th Jan. CK could not afford to lose<br />

revenue and continued to run where possible on the snow-bound roads and were the<br />

only buses running in the city. Even they succumbed and did not operate from Sat.<br />

evening to Monday pm. Also in January both CCT and CK increased their fares.<br />

At the Traffic Court on 27 th Jan. a spokesman for SGCC said that Ely was very well<br />

served by buses and that CCT and NW together provided 23 peak time and 18 <strong>of</strong>f peak<br />

journeys. These were considered adequate and the CK application was contrary to the<br />

interests <strong>of</strong> the travelling public and the County’s public transport plan. Ely was also<br />

one <strong>of</strong> the most pr<strong>of</strong>itable routes for CCT. CK’s application was refused and they<br />

decided not to appeal because <strong>of</strong> the cost.<br />

One <strong>of</strong> the former L.T. Fleetlines on the Cyncoed Route. (CTPG)<br />

CK Coaches Ltd. ceased trading on 14 th Feb. and 34 staff laid <strong>of</strong>f. Debts were estimated<br />

at £70,000. Some passengers set up a ‘Save CK’ campaign while the firm hunted for<br />

financial backers. A mystery Manchester financier was reported to have <strong>of</strong>fered to back<br />


CK but later pulled out. On 18 th Feb. the TC’s gave 14 days notice <strong>of</strong> the revocation <strong>of</strong><br />

their PSV operators’ licence.<br />

Two days later news was circulated that CK had been rescued. “Now it is up to the<br />

people <strong>of</strong> Cardiff to really prove they want us by using our buses” said Keith Morris.<br />

This brief respite was due to the bank agreeing to increase CK’s overdraft. Staff had<br />

agreed to a 25% pay cut and daytime only services were resumed on 22/2/82.<br />

On 23 rd Feb. Bill Thomas <strong>of</strong> Swanbrook Coaches entered the scene. He praised CK’s<br />

operations and was ‘very interested’ in giving financial backing to them. The South<br />

Wales Echo described Thomas as a self made millionaire; his Gloucester based firm<br />

owned 70 buses and 5 depots (sic).<br />

On 1 st March CK were said to have accepted the takeover bid from Swanbrook and<br />

vowed to “run on all routes within a year”. Fresh applications would be made for the<br />

Ely, Rumney and Trowbridge routes. The Newport route and express services to<br />

London would follow.<br />

A number <strong>of</strong> Swanbrook buses were hired by CK to operate services as its own fleet<br />

was depleted due to maintenance arrears. Unfortunately some <strong>of</strong> the Swanbrook<br />

vehicles were also to experience mechanical problems. It was said that the charges for<br />

their hire was never paid.<br />

The TC’s informed CK that the expiry date for their PSV licence had passed and that a<br />

public inquiry would be held on 30 th March. An application for an operating licence for a<br />

new company known as RJT6 Ltd. (CK Tours) was submitted, but CK’s operating licence<br />

and that for RJT6 Ltd. was lost by ‘All Fools Day’. Meanwhile Swanbrook were<br />

negotiating the purchase <strong>of</strong> CK’s Cardiff garage and said they would apply for an<br />

operators licence in the South Wales Traffic Area.<br />

It appears that Bill Thomas’s initial enthusiasm for Cardiff operations was not shared by<br />

his sons, who were his partners in Swanbrook Coaches.<br />

Once CK lost its operating licence any attraction it had for Swanbrook was lost and<br />

Thomas decided not to proceed in Cardiff.<br />

CK failed because it had not anticipated the reactions <strong>of</strong> CCT to its services and because<br />

it was too dependent on revenue from routes which did not carry enough traffic to<br />

generate this revenue. Loss <strong>of</strong> several school contracts also hastened the failure.<br />

The 1980 Transport Act had been introduced by the Thatcher Government to promote<br />

private enterprise in public transport and CK was the first operator to test this out in<br />

south Wales. Keith Morris was not alone in thinking that CK might have survived had<br />

the Conservatives not lost control <strong>of</strong> the County Council.<br />

The dust had hardly settled when in the summer <strong>of</strong> 1984, National Welsh (then still with the<br />

backing <strong>of</strong> NBC) planned to hold talks with Cardiff Corporation regarding the purchase <strong>of</strong> CCT.<br />

However meetings did not take place as the Corporation decided not to pursue the possibility <strong>of</strong><br />

a sale. The impending 1985 Transport Act and ‘deregulation’ would have probably meant the<br />

end if it.. Had it happened though <strong>–</strong> what a disaster it would have been.<br />


OOPS (6)<br />

Another Western Welsh Leyland in trouble. Milford Haven based No. 484 (PDE 390) made<br />

quite a mess <strong>of</strong> this Mini in August 1965. No. 484, an East Lancs bodied Royal Tiger had been<br />

new to Greens <strong>of</strong> Haverfordwest in 1953. Although showing little obvious damage it was<br />

withdrawn from WWOC service and was later used by Jones <strong>of</strong> Login.<br />

Perhaps I shouldn’t have said, “Send the fine to Head Office!”<br />


CTPG Annual General Meeting 19th January <strong>2011</strong> 19:40 hrs.<br />

Held at County Hall, Atlantic Wharf, Cardiff.<br />

Present <strong>–</strong> 34 members<br />

1. Apologies for absence. Clive Sampson, Glyn Bowen,<br />

Paul Gilbertson, Nicky Reason.<br />

2. Minutes <strong>of</strong> last AGM. Minutes accepted<br />

3. Chairman’s report<br />

2010 was a year <strong>of</strong> consolidation for the CTPG as a nationally known Charity with a<br />

regional transport centre. 4 Newsletters have been published and distributed through<br />

2010. Viv Corbin has successfully produced an improved newsletter at a lower cost,<br />

and through our new printing company the reproduction <strong>of</strong> photos is much improved.<br />

Membership is 110, the highest to date. A number <strong>of</strong> members have recently joined after<br />

visiting the Depot. New lighting has been installed in the depot storerooms. The<br />

Chairman highlighted that assistance from members on Saturdays and Sundays is<br />

welcomed at Barry depot.<br />

Rallies organised during 2010 were the Barry Festival <strong>of</strong> Transport and Bus & Coach<br />

Wales 2010 at Merthyr Tydfil. This included arranging sponsorship, programmes, stalls,<br />

entries, marshalling, road runs, setting up and dismantling the event. At Barry CTPG ran<br />

two sites. Both rallies were very well attended both by vehicles and the public. Thanks<br />

were <strong>of</strong>fered to drivers and members for the assistance given at both events. A plea was<br />

issued to all members for volunteers to assist with rallies and public events planned for<br />

<strong>2011</strong>. The chairman highlighted that CTPG need drivers. Any members interested in<br />

driving CTPG buses to or at rallies please let the chairman know, to enable contact to be<br />

made prior to an event.<br />

12 evening meetings were organised, including a joint Omnibus Society evening and three<br />

road runs with buses previously not used by the CTPG. The pub stop near journey’s end<br />

continued to be very popular.<br />

Meetings continued to be well supported with on several occasions more than 30<br />

attendees. We have again been lucky with the quality <strong>of</strong> our presenters.<br />

CTPG provided a free service to the Cardiff Model Railway Show at Llandaff UWIC<br />

using the Rhondda Regent and WW Tiger Cub.<br />

CTPG have continued membership <strong>of</strong> NARTM & WCVA which places us in the<br />

annual ‘Buses Restored’ book published by Ian Allan.<br />


The CTPG website has received 76,000 visits in 5 years <strong>of</strong> existence, an increase <strong>of</strong><br />

20,000. This continues to be a very useful way <strong>of</strong> keeping up to date and acts as a<br />

window onto the Group. CTPG also have a Facebook page to share photos and<br />

information.<br />

The Group stall was at 5 rallies providing an income <strong>of</strong> approximately £400 an event.<br />

The two rallies organised by the CTPG raised over £1700 each. The main income<br />

continues to be photograph sales. New collections were requested to keep the CTPG<br />

stock fresh.<br />

4. Bus Fleet<br />

MBO 512F <strong>–</strong> Drove to Barry from Ton yr Efail after a successful MOT in September<br />

and a visit to the Barry Rally (On the back <strong>of</strong> a lorry). This is the first MOT the bus has<br />

had since it was removed from a scrap yard in 1992 by the young CTPG. There have<br />

been several ups and downs on this bus over the years but finally everything came<br />

together in 2010. There are plans for a B&CP article in the near future.<br />

C101 HKG <strong>–</strong> At home in Barry.<br />

TKG 518J <strong>–</strong> Running & serviced used for depot shunting, plan to repaint at some stage.<br />

CUH 856 <strong>–</strong> Restoration is slow; we have no estimated completion date at the present<br />

time.<br />

EDW 68D <strong>–</strong> MOTed and run in 2010, probably not in <strong>2011</strong>.<br />

XNY 416 <strong>–</strong>The bus has been started and driven but a full restoration is required.<br />

NDW 407X <strong>–</strong> Stored at Barry Dock.<br />

N143 PTG <strong>–</strong> Repainted into its original style Clipper livery, attended Barry, Merthyr,<br />

Swansea and Brislington rallies in 2010.<br />

G258 HUH <strong>–</strong> Stored at Barry Dock.<br />

ABO 434B <strong>–</strong> MOTed and serviced used at the Barry rally for the last 3 years<br />

LKG 678 <strong>–</strong> Moved to the depot from Hereford during the summer.<br />

P164 TNY <strong>–</strong> MOTed and used during Barry rally and as useful transport during spare<br />

part pickups.<br />

GNY 432C <strong>–</strong> Bodywork restoration is anticipated to be completed during <strong>2011</strong><br />

pending full repaint into original Caerphilly livery and MOT<br />

JKG 497F <strong>–</strong> Fully mechanically serviced, bodywork is being prepared for a full repaint<br />

prior to MOT in <strong>2011</strong><br />

UTG 313G <strong>–</strong> Bodywork restoration is complete, hope to MOT in the Spring<br />

Buses in Joint Ownership<br />

TAX 235 <strong>–</strong> Awaiting vacuum repair work, three shares are available in this bus<br />

PKG 587M <strong>–</strong> Moved to Barry dock storage yard, two shares are available in this bus<br />


LNY903 <strong>–</strong> The bus is in generally good condition requiring less restoration than 368 or<br />

678.<br />

889 AAX <strong>–</strong> Another head gasket failure occurred before the Barry Rally while the bus<br />

was on the way for an MOT. Prior to that a new fan and brake chambers had been fitted.<br />

We plan to have the head removed and pressure tested in the near future.<br />

OUH 177G <strong>–</strong> Stored & Presentable, awaiting restoration work 3 shares available on<br />

this bus.<br />

2010 Additions<br />

A256 VWO aka AAX 305A ex National Welsh Duple Carribean<br />

WTG 348T (VRT) & RBO 510Y (ONL) donated to the CTPG.<br />

Buses loaned to the CTPG<br />

HWO 323 - R&W Leyland PS1/1 with Lydney bodywork from M & B Bowering,<br />

Lydney. Used for the Bristol Harbourside rally in May.<br />

PAX 466F <strong>–</strong> Bedwas & Machen PD3/4 with the last lowbridge body built loaned by<br />

Julian Peddle currently in Stevensons livery. This was picked up during June from Arriva<br />

Derby and driven back to Barry; it then went to Swansea, Bristol and Merthyr rallies.<br />

5. Treasurers Financial Statement<br />

Total Income. £12,696 TotalExpenditure. £12,619<br />

Opening Balance. £4,675 Current Balance. £4,752<br />

Paul Hamley and the Committee formally expressed thanks on behalf <strong>of</strong> the CTPG to<br />

the chairman for a personal annual donation <strong>of</strong> £3,200 to the group earned from the<br />

production <strong>of</strong> a HCVS Newsletter.<br />

The CTPG Accounts were proposed and seconded.<br />

6. Election <strong>of</strong> Officers<br />

Mike Taylor confirmed that there had been no resignations but there was one<br />

expression <strong>of</strong> interest to join the committee. The following <strong>of</strong>ficers were proposed and<br />

seconded.<br />

Chairman <strong>–</strong> Mike Taylor<br />

Vice Chairman <strong>–</strong> Chris Taylor<br />

Secretary <strong>–</strong> Gayle Alder<br />

Treasurer <strong>–</strong> Paul Hamley<br />

Publicity and Rally Officer <strong>–</strong> Tudor Thomas (new appointment)<br />

Membership Secretary <strong>–</strong> Derek Perry<br />


7. Newsletter<br />

The newsletter currently costs £0.84/issue. The editor, Viv Corbin, requested<br />

submissions <strong>of</strong> photos and articles as the newsletter is the CTPG members’ magazine.<br />

The chairman asked for any comments or requests for the newsletter, material to be e-<br />

mailed to the editor.<br />

8. <strong>2011</strong> Programme<br />

16th February <strong>–</strong> Cine Film Evening<br />

16th March <strong>–</strong> An A to Z <strong>of</strong> buses..and a few coaches - Peter Heath<br />

20th April <strong>–</strong> tba<br />

18th May - Road Run<br />

12th June - Barry Festival <strong>of</strong> Transport <strong>–</strong> tbc<br />

15th June - Road Run<br />

19th June <strong>–</strong> National Transport Festival <strong>of</strong> Wales ~ Swansea<br />

20th July - Road Run<br />

17th August <strong>–</strong> Road Run <strong>–</strong> Mike Walker<br />

4th September - Bus & Coach Wales 2010 <strong>–</strong> tbc<br />

21st September <strong>–</strong> Omnibus Society Joint Evening <strong>–</strong> tba<br />

19th October <strong>–</strong> tba<br />

16th November <strong>–</strong>tba<br />

21st December - Quiz Night<br />

Road Run Suggestions - KMB Regent, Ponty 8, N&C Reliance<br />

(Please see an updated events list on page 23)<br />

Suggestions were welcomed from the floor for filling the vacant slots in the <strong>2011</strong><br />

programme. A talk on old postcards and photographs <strong>of</strong> Cardiff and a talk and slide<br />

show were received, dates to be confirmed.<br />

The committee are awaiting news <strong>of</strong> the Bristol Harbourside and Brislington rally dates<br />

for <strong>2011</strong>. There may by a possible clash between the proposed Barry Festival <strong>of</strong><br />

Transport date and the Cheltenham and Weymouth rallies. Dates are to be confirmed.<br />

Suggestions were requested from members for road run vehicles and destinations. Send<br />

all suggestions to Mike Taylor.<br />

9. <strong>2011</strong> Annual Subscription Fees<br />

The chairman proposed that <strong>2011</strong> single subscription be increased from £15 to £17 per<br />

annum, with the Family subscription remaining at the present cost <strong>of</strong> £25. Motion<br />

carried by the group members present.<br />


An increase in the road run subscriptions from £3 to £4 was proposed to cover<br />

increasing diesel costs. Increase accepted by majority vote.<br />

It was agreed by members present that the room subscriptions for the monthly meetings<br />

should remain unchanged at £1 per person.<br />

10. Any Other Business<br />

CTPG Logo;<br />

Three samples for the new CTPG logo were presented to the floor. Votes were<br />

requested for the layout choices. Logo centre picture selected to be a bus, by a majority<br />

vote <strong>of</strong> 26. Logo font selected: Gill Sans MT Bold, carried by majority vote. Bus for logo<br />

to be determined, members expressed the opinion that a half-cab vehicle is preferred.<br />

Members suggested that the bus in the centre <strong>of</strong> the logo for the website could be<br />

changed on a monthly basis. Members agreed that the bus picture will be fixed and<br />

remain the same for paperwork and CTPG branded items.<br />

CTPG & Barry Websites;<br />

It was proposed from the floor that the Barry depot website be incorporated into the<br />

main CTPG website rather than the existing two separate websites. Motion carried by<br />

the members present.<br />

Depot Frontage;<br />

Suggestions were welcomed from the floor for the frontage on the depot at Barry.<br />

Options were <strong>of</strong>fered to the floor e.g. vinyl designs to be applied to the folding doors,<br />

signage letters fixed to Frontage. Members were asked to consider the wording to be<br />

used, or if the corrugated cladding on the front <strong>of</strong> the depot should be removed to see if<br />

the original WWOC wording remains, enabling a replica <strong>of</strong> the original wording to be<br />

used. Send all suggestions to Mike Taylor.<br />

Members were informed that the car showroom next to Barry depot has been sold with<br />

the development <strong>of</strong> a one stop convenience grocery shop planned. The sale is not<br />

expected to affect the running <strong>of</strong> Barry depot by CTPG.<br />

Meeting concluded at 21:30<br />

Gayle Alder, Secretary.<br />


BRISTOL VR WINGS by Idris Dibble<br />

In late 2009 I was asked by my good friend Mac Winfield if I could help out by creating<br />

two new wings for a friend’s Bristol VR Double Decker. Having worked in a boat yard<br />

many years ago producing GRP Power Boats, I have retained the skills needed, and in<br />

fact on many occasions over the years I have repaired many GRP Boats, sailing being a<br />

hobby <strong>of</strong> mine. The first job was to repair the two wings that Mac had provided to use as<br />

plugs for the mould. This also gave me the opportunity to return the wings in better<br />

condition than what I had received them.<br />

The repair <strong>of</strong> the wings took some time, and was then delayed by some very cold<br />

weather last winter. However as the weather improved and the temperature increased<br />

allowing me to use resin and glass once more I made some progress. With the plugs<br />

(repaired wings) completed the next job was to prepare the surface as best I could.<br />

When this was done I applied a coat <strong>of</strong> wax and a coat <strong>of</strong> PVA release agent. After this<br />

was dry I then applied a double coat <strong>of</strong> gel coat. The next day I commenced the<br />

application <strong>of</strong> glass and resin, first a coat <strong>of</strong> tissue followed by layers chopped glass mat. I<br />

then left this for two days to cure, I then released the first plug from the mould, not<br />

quite perfect but very expectable with the minimum amount <strong>of</strong> repair work to be done.<br />


After a little rethink on my mould release method the second one was much better. The<br />

moulds were then reinforced with MDF ribs and additional resin and glass.<br />

The next step was to prepare the moulds to make the new wings. This involved a lot <strong>of</strong><br />

sanding with fine wet-dry paper, then polishing and finishing with wax and PVA. I was<br />

then ready to lay up the new wings.<br />

This involved painting gel coat into<br />

the moulds and then laying up a first<br />

coat <strong>of</strong> tissue then layers <strong>of</strong> glass mat<br />

and resin. This was then left for a day<br />

to cure. The final job was to release<br />

the new wings from the moulds and<br />

final finishing.<br />

CTPG member Idris Dibble, is better<br />

known for being the handsome<br />

driving instructor at Cardiff Bus.<br />



There was almost a full house for our Film Night presented by Harley Jones <strong>of</strong> Rhiwbina.<br />

Although not a transport enthusiast, Mr. Jones has, as part <strong>of</strong> his business, converted<br />

several old 8mm and 16mm colour cine film to DVD format. First up was a compilation<br />

<strong>of</strong> buses in Cardiff, the Valleys and Swansea taken in the early 1980’s by a young Tony<br />

Brewer. Following the break we watched film <strong>of</strong> Wynn’s heavy haulage including the<br />

company’s centenary parade through Newport in 1963.<br />

------------------------------------<br />


A group <strong>of</strong> over 20 members attended a presentation by Peter Heath <strong>of</strong> Cardiff Bus,<br />

entitled ‘An A-Z <strong>of</strong> buses and a few coaches’. Peter began naturally by featuring chassis<br />

makes and operators beginning with the letter ‘A’. In his own inimitable style he drew<br />

on anecdotes from his long career in the bus industry. Various photos <strong>of</strong> the<br />

coachbuilders’ art (?) were included. The photographs were from his own collection<br />

taken when a young man in the early 1970s<br />


Earlier this year the<br />

South Wales Echo<br />

published a<br />

panoramic view <strong>of</strong><br />

Kingsway in the<br />

1930’s. CTPG<br />

Member Peter<br />

Smith spotted this<br />

and wished to know<br />

who owned this<br />

unusual 6 wheeler.<br />

It turned out to be<br />

the only known<br />

photograph taken in<br />

Cardiff <strong>of</strong> the<br />

Thornycr<strong>of</strong>t HC<br />

that was on loan to<br />

Cardiff Corporation for only a few months in 1930. OU 4264 had a Brush 68 seat body.<br />

(By the way, the Allen bodied bus on page 8 <strong>of</strong> the January issue was an AJS Commodore,<br />

a model that was in production only for 2 years from 1929.)<br />


About the CTPG<br />

The CTPG lease the former Western Welsh Depot on Broad Street, Barry from the Vale <strong>of</strong><br />

Glamorgan Council. The CTPG organises two vehicle rallies each year and holds a monthly<br />

meeting on the third Wednesday <strong>of</strong> each month. Members receive a quarterly newsletter and if<br />

they wish they can help to restore the Group’s buses, ride on them and travel to rallies.<br />

The Group aims to preserve representative samples <strong>of</strong> the buses that ran in South East Wales and<br />

the Valleys, as well as memorabilia and records <strong>of</strong> the operating companies.<br />

Annual membership <strong>of</strong> the Group is £17, which runs from the date <strong>of</strong> joining. Joint membership is<br />

also available for £25.<br />

CTPG Committee<br />

Chairman<br />

Deputy Chairman<br />

Secretary<br />

Mike Taylor, 10 Ger Nant Ystrad Mynach, Hengoed CF82 7FE<br />

Phone: 01443 753227<br />

email: mikeystrad73@btinternet.com<br />

Chris Taylor, 31 Heol Wen, Rhiwbina Cardiff CF14 6EG<br />

Phone: 02920 693734<br />

Gayle Alder, 16 Carter Place, Fairwater, Cardiff CF5 3NP<br />

Treasurer Paul Hamley email: squash33@btinternet.com<br />

Membership Secretary<br />

Derek Perry, 11 Countess Place, Penarth CF64 3UJ<br />

Other Non Committee Post Holders<br />

Editor Viv Corbin email: viv.corbin@ntlworld.com<br />

Webmaster CTPG Mac Winfield email: postmaster@ctpg.co.uk<br />

Publicity Officer Tudor Thomas email: tudoralt@cf14.freeserve.co.uk<br />

www.ctpg.co.uk<br />

Published by the Cardiff Transport Preservation Group<br />

(Registered as a Charity No. 1063157)<br />

The opinions and views expressed in this publication are not necessarily those <strong>of</strong> the Group, its<br />

Committee or the Editor. Every effort is made to give due credit for all photographs and material<br />

used in this newsletter. Should there be any unintended breach <strong>of</strong> copyright; the Editor must be<br />

informed to enable a correcting acknowledgement to be made.<br />


DATES FOR YOUR DIARY <strong>2011</strong><br />

Wed. 20 th April;<br />

Wed. 18 th May;<br />

Sun. 22 nd May;<br />

Sat.4 th June;<br />

Sun. 5 th June;<br />

Sun. 12 th June;<br />

Wed. 15 th June;<br />

Sun. 19 th June;<br />

Wed. 20 th July;<br />

Sun. 14 th Aug;<br />

Wed. 17 th Aug;<br />

Sun. 4 th Sept;<br />

Wed. 21st Sept;<br />

Wed. 19 th Oct;<br />

Sun. 30 th Oct.<br />

Wed. 16 th Nov;<br />

Wed. 21 st Dec;<br />

Cine Show by Rob. Edworthy, to include old views <strong>of</strong><br />

Cheltenham Coach Station.<br />

Road Run (TBC)<br />

Bristol Harbourside Rally and Running Day.<br />

Transport Show, County Showground, Carmarthen.<br />

Cheltenham Coach Rally.<br />

Barry Festival <strong>of</strong> Transport and Depot Open Day<br />

Road Run (TBC)<br />

National Transport Festival <strong>of</strong> Wales, Swansea<br />

Road Run (TBC)<br />

Bristol VBG Rally and Road Run at Brislington<br />

Road Run with a Mike Walker vehicle.<br />

Bus & Coach Wales <strong>2011</strong> at Merthyr Tydfil<br />

Joint Meeting with Omnibus Society. Speaker will be<br />

Richard Davies, Comm. Director, Stagecoach Wales<br />

TBA<br />

Swansea Bus Museum Open Day<br />

‘Roads, Rails and Waters’ around Cardiff by Andrew<br />

Wiltshire.<br />

Quiz Night with Chris Taylor<br />


It is with great sadness that I report the sudden death <strong>of</strong> CTPG member Ken Angell <strong>of</strong><br />

Barry on 31 st March aged 69. He had been my friend for over 50 years.<br />

Ken was one <strong>of</strong> our newer members, but had been involved in the preservation<br />

movement for many years. Before retirement he was a 2 nd Engineer with P&A Campbell<br />

Ltd. and later Waverley Excursions Ltd. and helped to preserve both the paddle steamer<br />

‘Waverley’ and the M.V. ‘Balmoral’.<br />

He was a fine engineer; and I am proud to recall that he began his career in the late<br />

1950s as my apprentice in a local garage before going on to bigger things. He leaves a<br />

daughter, Kathy, and grandchildren, Bethan and Jessica.<br />

On behalf <strong>of</strong> the CTPG I have sent them our sincere condolences.<br />

V.C.<br />


We need YOUR to help at the Barry Festival and Open Day.<br />

Just an hour or two will help. There will also be much cleaning up to do at the depot<br />

before we can hold the open day.<br />


Two views <strong>of</strong> the Jones <strong>of</strong> Aberbeeg Tiger Cub now owned by the group and kept at Barry.<br />

Seen above at Ebbw Vale in June 1973 when No.98 in the Jones fleet and below a few years<br />

later in the short lived blue livery at Warm Turn depot at Aberbeeg, with the Red & White<br />

fleet no. U1561. (CTPG Collection) .<br />



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