CLTA newsletter May 2020

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Isolated by the virus,<br />

Connected by our language.<br />

<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> NEWSLETTER<br />

Chinese Language Teachers Association (USA)<br />

<strong>May</strong>, <strong>2020</strong> | Volume 44 | Number 2<br />

K-12 Student Essays New Flagship<br />

Program<br />

Awards<br />

ISSUE<br />




The Chinese Language Teachers Association Newsletter (<strong>CLTA</strong> Newsletter) keeps its readers informed<br />

about recent developments in the profession by publishing personal and institutional news and placement<br />

information. The <strong>newsletter</strong> is published online three times a year (in January, <strong>May</strong> and September*). An email<br />

will be sent to active members announcing the online publication of the <strong>newsletter</strong>.<br />

Cut-off dates for submission of all materials to be included in the Newsletter are December 15, April 15,<br />

and August 15. The ad rate is $150 full-page (6Wx8H). Ads to be included in the Newsletter can be black and<br />

white or in color, and each ad can be formatted in .jpg or .pdf under 1 MB. Submit ads online by filling out<br />

the Full-Page Newsletter Ad Form.<br />

A job advertisement is $300 flat-fee for posting to the <strong>CLTA</strong> emailing list, the website, and the <strong>newsletter</strong>. Submit<br />

your job announcement and make the payment online. A job announcement will not be made until paid.<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong><br />

Newsletter<br />

Chinese Language Teacher<br />

Association of USA<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> HEADQUARTERS 总 部<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> HEADQUARTERS<br />



5000 FORBES AVE.<br />

PITTSBURGH, PA 15213-3890, U.S.A.<br />

EMAIL: <strong>CLTA</strong>@ANDREW.CMU.EDU<br />

http://clta-us.org<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> Newsletter Archive:<br />

http://<strong>newsletter</strong>.clta-us.org<br />




Elected Officers<br />

President<br />

Yi Xu 许 怡<br />

University of Pittsburgh<br />

Vice President<br />

Yongping Zhu 朱 永 平<br />

University of Notre Dame<br />

Immediate Past President<br />

Fangyuan Yuan 袁 芳 远<br />

U.S. Naval Academy<br />

Appointed Officers<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> Headquarters<br />

Sue-mei Wu 吴 素 美 , Executive Director<br />

Carnegie Mellon University<br />

Journal Office<br />

Dana S. Bourgerie 白 杰 理 , CSL Journal Editor<br />

Brigham Young University<br />

Journal Office<br />

Prof. Scott McGinnis 馬 思 凱 , CSL Associate Editor<br />

Defense Language Institute-Washington Office<br />

Conference officer<br />

Baozhang He 何 宝 璋<br />

Holy Cross College<br />

K-12 Publication Office<br />

Wenxia Wang 王 文 霞 (editor)<br />

Williams Learning Solutions<br />

Home Page Office (Webmaster)<br />

Jun Da 笪 骏<br />

Middle Tennessee State University<br />

Newsletter Office<br />

Yang Xiao-DeSai 萧 旸 (editor)<br />

San Francisco State University<br />

Committees<br />

Steering Committee<br />

Yi Xu 许 怡 (President)<br />

Sue-mei Wu 吴 素 美 (Executive Director)<br />

Fangyuan Yuan 袁 芳 远 (Immediate Past<br />

President)<br />

Yongping Zhu 朱 永 平 (Vice President)<br />

Hsin-hsin Liang 梁 新 欣 (Board Member)<br />

Shuai Li 郦 帅 (Board Member)<br />

Awards Committee<br />

Hang Zhang 张 航 (Chair)<br />

The National Collegiate Chinese Honor<br />

Society<br />

Tong Chen 陈 彤 (Chair)<br />

Nominating and Election Committee<br />

Yongping Zhu 朱 永 平 (Chair)<br />

Conference Committee<br />

Shuai Li 郦 帅 (Chair)<br />

Fund-Raising Committee<br />

Mingquan Wang 王 命 全 (Chair)<br />

Media and Publicity Committee<br />

Zhongqi Shi 史 中 琦 (Chair)<br />

Membership Drive Committee<br />

Shijuan Liu 刘 士 娟 (Chair)<br />

Regional Associations Committee<br />

Hsin-hsin Liang 梁 新 欣 (Chair)<br />

Professional Development Committee<br />

Wenhao Diao 刁 文 豪 (Chair)<br />

K-12 Committee<br />

Cilei Han 韩 慈 磊 (Chair)<br />


<strong>CLTA</strong> NEWSLETTER <strong>May</strong> <strong>2020</strong><br />

Table of Contents<br />

Letter from the Immediate Past President...................................................................................................... 3<br />

Letter from the President ............................................................................................................................... 5<br />

Featured Articles of the Issue ......................................................................................................................... 7<br />

《 美 国 中 小 学 生 汉 语 优 秀 作 品 精 选 》 首 刊 发 行 ....................................................................................... 7<br />

Research Frontiers........................................................................................................................................ 11<br />

News and Announcements<br />

Dr. Yan Liu Won Service-learning Award at Duke University..................................................................... 13<br />

A New Chinese Flagship Program at University of Washington, Seattle ...................................................... 15<br />

The Acquisition of Chinese as a First and Second Language ....................................................................... 16<br />

全 美 中 文 學 校 聯 合 總 會 遠 距 數 位 教 材 及 教 學 模 式 甄 選 及 獎 勵 辦 法 ..................................................... 17<br />

Penn Chinese Language Program Activity Report ........................................................................................ 19<br />

Penn Symposium on Teaching Chinese for Professional Use...................................................................... 20<br />

New books<br />

第 十 五 届 国 际 汉 语 教 学 学 术 研 讨 会 论 文 集 出 版 ..................................................................................... 21<br />

A Cultural Dictionary of the Chinese Language: 500 Proverb, Idioms and Maxims 《 文 化 五 百 条 》 ....... 22<br />

Advertisements<br />

Asia Society’s new “Third Space” – 第 三 空 间 ............................................................................................ 23<br />

Learn Chinese – Gap Year in Taipei, Taiwan .............................................................................................. 25<br />

The Chinese Language Teachers Association, USA .................................................................................... 26<br />

Du Chinese giving students and teachers free access to all premium content ............................................... 27<br />

The ChengTsui Web App ........................................................................................................................... 28<br />

Hong Kong University Press – Recommended Publications on Chinese Language Studies ........................ 29<br />

Jobs .............................................................................................................................................................. 30<br />

Director of Chinese Studies & World Languages (Hong Kong)................................................................... 30<br />

Lecturer in Chinese (Tempe, AZ) ................................................................................................................ 31<br />

Full-time Instructors (Oxford, MS)............................................................................................................... 32<br />

Visiting Instructor or Visiting Assistant Professor in Chinese Language (Iowa City, IA) .............................. 32<br />

Lecturer in Chinese (Boston, MA) ............................................................................................................... 33<br />

Elementary Mandarin Immersion Teacher (Indianapolis, Indiana) ............................................................. 33<br />

Lecturer in Chinese (Philadelphia, PA) ........................................................................................................ 33<br />


<strong>CLTA</strong> NEWSLETTER <strong>May</strong> <strong>2020</strong><br />

Clinical Assistant Professor of Chinese (Shanghai, China) ........................................................................... 34<br />

Visiting Lecturer, Chinese Language and Culture (Gainesville, FL) ............................................................. 35<br />

Early Childhood Chinese Language Teacher (Brooklyn, NY) ..................................................................... 35<br />

Full-Time Chinese Language Lecturer (Educator Track), (Singapore)......................................................... 36<br />

Teaching Fellow in Chinese (Andover, MA) ................................................................................................ 37<br />

Teaching Fellow in Chinese (Clinton, New York) ........................................................................................ 37<br />

Associate Professor of the Practice, Chinese Language Coordinator (Middletown, CT) .............................. 38<br />

Chinese Language Lecturer (Princeton, New Jersey) ................................................................................... 38<br />

Mandarin Elementary Immersion Teacher (Phoenix, Arizona) ................................................................... 39<br />

INSTRUCTOR OF CHINESE (West Point, NY) ..................................................................................... 39<br />

Lecturer in Chinese Language (Evanston, IL) .............................................................................................. 39<br />

Chinese Language Fellow (Poughkeepsie, NY) ............................................................................................ 40<br />

Chinese Language Lecturer (Nashville, TN) ................................................................................................ 41<br />


<strong>CLTA</strong> NEWSLETTER <strong>May</strong> <strong>2020</strong><br />

Letter from the Immediate<br />

Past President<br />

Fangyuan Yuan<br />

袁 芳 遠<br />

Dear <strong>CLTA</strong> members,<br />

It has been an honor and privilege for me to have the opportunity to serve<br />

you in the capacity of the <strong>CLTA</strong> President in 2019-<strong>2020</strong>, an unusually challenging<br />

year for us all. Due to the coronavirus, many of our academic activities have been<br />

cancelled including the <strong>2020</strong> <strong>CLTA</strong> Annual Conference as well as the<br />

membership meeting. Because of that, we were unable to exchange thoughts and<br />

ideas face to face and meet to renew/foster friendships in person. As the<br />

President, I was unable to share with you the accomplishments our members had<br />

achieved during the year, congratulate the recipients of various <strong>CLTA</strong> awards for<br />

their outstanding work, express my gratitude to my predecessors who have<br />

established the legacies for our remarkable Association, and say thank-you to the<br />

strong team behind me that is comprised of the Board of Directors, appointed<br />

officers, and the Headquarters.<br />

That said, my heart is full of gratitude for your trust and support. My thanks<br />

especially go to the two Executive Directors, Professor Jinghua Yin and Professor<br />

Sue-Mei Wu, who have transited their work so smoothly and maintained the<br />

operation of our organization in an unimaginable way. I owe special gratitude to<br />

Professors Yi Xu and Shuai Li, co-chairs of the Conference Committee for their<br />

time and efforts to plan our conferences from last August to April, and to Han<br />

Cilei Laoshi and He Xiaoman Laoshi (Mairead Harris), co-chairs of the K-12<br />

Working Group whose enthusiasm in promoting K-12 Chinese education and<br />

admirable leadership made possible the publication of the K-12 Essay Selection,<br />

truly one of the kind with more than 3000 clicks within one week time after its online<br />

publication.<br />


<strong>CLTA</strong> NEWSLETTER <strong>May</strong> <strong>2020</strong><br />

My thank-you list is too long to name here, including the chairs of the <strong>CLTA</strong> subcommittees,<br />

leadership of <strong>CLTA</strong> affiliated regional associations, organizers of the <strong>CLTA</strong>-SIG<br />

groups, editors of our journal and <strong>newsletter</strong>, and each and every one of you, esteemed <strong>CLTA</strong><br />

members. I am confident that <strong>CLTA</strong> will have another successful year ahead under the<br />

leadership of President Yi Xu and Vice President Yongping Zhu.<br />

Wish you and yours stay safe and well!<br />

Sincerely yours,<br />

Fangyuan Yuan<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> President, 2019-<strong>2020</strong><br />


<strong>CLTA</strong> NEWSLETTER <strong>May</strong> <strong>2020</strong><br />

Letter from the President<br />

Yi Xu<br />

许 怡<br />

Dear <strong>CLTA</strong> friends and colleagues,<br />

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as the elected President of our Chinese<br />

Language Teachers Association, U.S.A. (<strong>CLTA</strong>) for the <strong>2020</strong>-2021 term. I have been on the<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> Board of Directors since 2016, and I have gladly witnessed our association’s development<br />

in recent years. It is a wonderful challenge and an immense honor for me to continue working<br />

for my big <strong>CLTA</strong> family in this new role.<br />

Thanks to my predecessors and the past leadership team of Board of Directors and<br />

Appointed Officers, <strong>CLTA</strong> has made great accomplishments that lay the foundations for our<br />

future work. With four new elected board members, we have formed the ten standing<br />

committees for <strong>2020</strong>-2021 including:<br />

Award Committee (Chair: Hang Zhang 张 航 )<br />

Conference Committee (Chair: Shuai Li 郦 帅 )<br />

Fund-raising Committee (Chair: Mingquan Wang 王 命 全 )<br />

Honor’s Society Committee (Chair: Tong Chen 陈 彤 )<br />

K12 Committee (Chair: Cilei Han 韩 慈 磊 )<br />

Media & Publicity Committee (Chair: Zhongqi Shi 史 中 琦 )<br />

Membership Drive Committee (Chair: Shijuan Liu 刘 士 娟 )<br />

Nomination Committee (Chair: Yongping Zhu 朱 永 平 )<br />

Professional Development Committee (Chai: Wenhao Diao 刁 文 豪 )<br />

Regional Association Committee (Chair: Hsin-hsin Liang 梁 新 欣 )<br />


<strong>CLTA</strong> NEWSLETTER <strong>May</strong> <strong>2020</strong><br />

We have also formed our Steering Committee with:<br />

Yi Xu 许 怡 (President)<br />

Sue-mei Wu 吴 素 美 (Executive Director)<br />

Fangyuan Yuan 袁 芳 远 (Immediate Past President)<br />

Yongping Zhu 朱 永 平 (Vice President)<br />

Hsin-hsin Liang 梁 新 欣 (Board Member)<br />

Shuai Li 郦 帅 (Board Member)<br />

This strong leadership team with expertise, passion, and commitment will work to further<br />

our association’s goals. For instance, one of our association’s work foci in the recent years is to<br />

strengthen the communication and collaboration between Chinese instruction in higher<br />

education and in K12 setting. The publication of K12 students’ selected essays this year spoke<br />

volumes to our K12 Committee’s achievement. As we start to envision our next steps, several<br />

committees (including the Regional Association Committee, the Award Committee, and the<br />

Membership Drive Committee) are already discussing news ways to include and engage more<br />

K12 instructors. Meanwhile, <strong>CLTA</strong> Special Interest Groups (SIGs) have been flourishing. Now,<br />

working with <strong>CLTA</strong> Headquarters, they are promoting best practices in our field and helping our<br />

community grow. These are but a few examples of <strong>CLTA</strong> and its affiliated groups’ evolving<br />

efforts in forwarding our missions.<br />

While the current extraordinary circumstances brought about new challenges, I am<br />

encouraged by our community’s resilience, courage, and abilities to adapt. Despite physical<br />

distances, we are communicating thoughts, sharing experiences, exchanging resources, and<br />

disseminating expert knowledge. Through informal conversations among colleagues, online<br />

webinars, workshops, and discussions, and through research endeavors that address the new<br />

situations, now more than ever, we are closer together.<br />

The unique situations that we are in this year have opened up new opportunities for us to<br />

be reflective, inclusive, and supportive. Relying on the experience, creativity, and devotion of our<br />

board members and officers, I am confident that <strong>CLTA</strong> will have another productive year, and I<br />

enthusiastically look forward to serving all of our members. With our joint effort, <strong>CLTA</strong> as a<br />

family and a community will grow bigger and stronger.<br />

Yi Xu<br />


<strong>CLTA</strong> NEWSLETTER <strong>May</strong> <strong>2020</strong><br />

Featured Articles of the Issue<br />

《 美 国 中 小 学 生 汉 语 优 秀 作 品 精 选 》<br />

首 刊 发 行<br />

The Selection of American K-12 Outstanding Chinese Works<br />

launched in <strong>May</strong><br />

美 国 中 文 教 师 学 会 中 小 学 工 作 组 《 精 选 》 编 辑 部<br />

韩 慈 磊 , 何 小 蔓<br />


<strong>CLTA</strong> NEWSLETTER <strong>May</strong> <strong>2020</strong><br />


<strong>CLTA</strong> NEWSLETTER <strong>May</strong> <strong>2020</strong><br />

令 人 难 忘 的 2019-<strong>2020</strong> 学 年 即 将 结 束 了 。 我<br />

们 , 中 小 学 工 作 组 (K-12 Working Group) 的 全 体 成 员 怀 着<br />

激 动 的 心 情 , 向 您 们 汇 报 :《 美 国 中 小 学 生 汉 语 优 秀 作 品<br />

精 选 》(The Selection of American K-12 Outstanding Chinese<br />

Works), 以 下 简 称 《 精 选 》, 已 经 于 五 月 底 诞 生 了 !<br />

这 份 以 学 生 书 面 作 品 为 主 体 的 年 度 教 学 资 源 期 刊 , 历 经<br />

半 年 的 设 计 修 改 , 在 总 会 Steering Committee 袁 芳 远 老 师 、<br />

梁 新 欣 老 师 和 许 怡 老 师 的 指 导 帮 助 下 , 是 于 今 年 二 月 初 开<br />

始 向 全 美 国 的 中 小 学 教 师 征 集 学 生 习 作 的 。 在 各 分 会 中 小<br />

学 代 表 教 师 的 宣 传 鼓 励 下 , 老 师 们 克 服 疫 情 影 响 , 积 极 参<br />

与 投 稿 活 动 。 截 止 到 四 月 底 ,《 精 选 》 编 辑 部 陆 续 收 到 了 提 名 作 品 总 计 四 十 六 篇 。 经 过 几<br />

个 星 期 的 评 审 努 力 ,《 精 选 》 一 共 收 录 了 初 级 、 中 级 和 高 级 , 共 计 二 十 二 篇 学 生 优 秀 作<br />

品 。<br />

这 份 刊 物 的 特 别 之 处 在 于 : 我 们 区 域 分 会 的 中 小 学 专 家 老 师 给 每 份 习 作 都 撰 写 了 细<br />

致 、 中 肯 的 评 语 , 使 得 《 精 选 》 的 作 用 不 仅 局 限 于 展 示 各 位 汉 语 教 师 的 教 学 思 想 和 成 果 ,<br />

而 且 还 提 供 了 老 师 们 互 相 学 习 、 取 长 补 短 的 专 业 发 展 机 会 。 在 此 , 特 别 向 支 持 我 们 活 动 的<br />

区 域 分 会 表 示 感 谢 。 以 下 是 参 加 评 审 , 或 者 投 稿 的 分 会 名 称 和 代 表 教 师 姓 名 。<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong>-GNY 阮 勇 强 Dr. Henry Ruan<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong>-NC 王 春 梦 Bonnie Wang<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong>-NCR 张 晓 霞 Xiaoxia Zhang<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong>-OK 江 朋 鹏 Pengpeng Jiang<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong>-OR 张 雅 音 Dr. Melody Chang<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong>-TX 李 宇 心 Yuhsin Lee<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong>-VA 赵 琳 Lin Zhao<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong>- WA 江 凌 欧 Zoe Jiang<br />

我 们 还 要 感 谢 吴 素 美 老 师 、 萧 旸 老 师 和 王 文 霞 老 师 在 刊 物 编 辑 的 各 阶 段 给 予 我 们 的 巨<br />

大 支 持 。 没 有 您 们 的 指 引 和 示 范 , 我 们 是 不 可 能 创 办 这 份 刊 物 的 。<br />

受 时 间 和 今 年 特 殊 情 况 的 限 制 , 这 本 《 精 选 》 在 整 理 和 编 辑 上 存 在 着 不 少 缺 陷 和 不<br />

足 , 请 各 位 老 师 御 览 帮 助 , 在 对 我 们 中 小 学 汉 语 教 学 加 以 了 解 的 同 时 , 给 我 们 提 出 修 改 意<br />

见 和 建 议 !<br />


<strong>CLTA</strong> NEWSLETTER <strong>May</strong> <strong>2020</strong><br />


<strong>CLTA</strong> NEWSLETTER <strong>May</strong> <strong>2020</strong><br />

Research Frontiers<br />

Diao, W. (<strong>2020</strong>). Speaking against racism: stories of successful Chinese L2 learners of<br />

color in China. Critical Inquiry in Language Studies, 1-28.<br />

This study reports on two students of color studying abroad in China and examines<br />

the dialectic between their interpretation of American racism and their agency to study<br />

in China and speak Chinese. There have been steady increases in the number of<br />

ethnically minoritized students among the study abroad population, but students of<br />

color typically travel to places associated with their ethnolinguistic heritage. Existing<br />

research exploring study abroad students of color also tends to examine – either<br />

exclusively or partially – heritage learners with ethnolinguistic or ethnocultural<br />

affiliations to their destinations. This study switches the focus to black and brown<br />

American students learning Chinese in China. The results shed light on the relationship between structural<br />

racism they encounter in the U.S. and their agency to seek a place as an alternative to white dominance and<br />

enact a discourse against American racism. However, paradoxically, they also dismissed the racialization<br />

that they experienced in China as simple gestures of curiosity. These findings illustrate the potential of<br />

foreign language learning to engage students from disenfranchised groups in the critical discussion of race<br />

relationships.<br />

Diao, W. & Liu, H. (<strong>2020</strong>.) Starting college, quitting foreign language: The case of<br />

Chinese learners during secondary-postsecondary transition. Journal of Language,<br />

Identity, and Education.<br />

This longitudinal study followed five learners of Chinese as they transitioned from<br />

their final year of high school into their freshman year in college. Though all five<br />

students were initially committed to the continual of Chinese learning, they all chose<br />

to quit foreign language during their first semester in college. As these students chose<br />

to stop learning Chinese to comply with institutional norms and adopt their new<br />

academic identities, our findings reveal structural issues that may contribute to the<br />

declining enrollments in foreign language classes among STEM students in American<br />

universities.<br />


<strong>CLTA</strong> NEWSLETTER <strong>May</strong> <strong>2020</strong><br />

Ke, S. E. (<strong>2020</strong>). Review of research on learning and instruction with specific<br />

reference to reading Chinese as an additional language (1976–<br />

2018). Frontiers of Education in China, 15, 14-38.<br />

This review, which can be seen as a scoping review, highlights 92 empirical<br />

studies about the learning and instruction of reading Chinese as an additional<br />

language (CAL) published in English between 1976 and 2018. It first identifies<br />

and evaluates the trends of CAL reading research over the past four decades,<br />

including the developmental trajectory of the field, topics that are hot versus<br />

those not-so-hot, populations that are widely studied versus under studied,<br />

research methods adopted in the selected studies, and the most widely cited<br />

articles. Second, the review examines direct evidence that supports effective practices of CAL<br />

reading instruction and explores two tracks of studies: high-evidence versus low-evidence practices.<br />

This review concludes with thoughts on the future directions of CAL reading research inspired by<br />

trends in the areas of literacy, second language acquisition (SLA), and teaching Chinese as a<br />

second/foreign language (TSCL/TCFL). To be specific, there is a need for the field to pay equal<br />

attention to learning to read and reading to learn.<br />

Xu, Yi, & Zhang, Jie. (<strong>2020</strong>). Chinese compound word inference through<br />

context and word-internal cues. Language Teaching Research.<br />

Lexical inference through reading is considered an important method for<br />

vocabulary building; however, empirical research has not consistently offered<br />

strong evidence of the application of lexical inference in second language<br />

vocabulary learning. A recently burgeoning line of research focuses on<br />

second language (L2) lexical inference of compounds in Chinese, a language<br />

that is both orthographically and typologically distant from English. In this<br />

study, we asked intermediate level Chinese L2 learners to think aloud while<br />

performing inferencing activities. We discuss the benefit of supportive<br />

context to inferencing and learning, and learners’ coordinate and interactive<br />

use of context and word-internal cues. Further, we proposed a model that captures such<br />

interactivity and highlights the composite of Chinese L2 learners’ intraword awareness. This<br />

suggests that interactive use of various cue sources and a simultaneous focus on form and on<br />

meaning can lead to encouraging outcomes for lexical inferencing and retention.<br />

Yu, Q. (<strong>2020</strong>). An Organic Syntactic Complexity Measure for the Chinese<br />

Language: The TC-Unit. Applied Linguistics.<br />

Language complexity reveals the ability to use a wide and varied range of<br />

sophisticated structures and vocabulary. Although different languages<br />

compose complexity differently, complexity measures such as the T-unit have<br />

typically been based on clause subordination, which may underrepresent<br />

complexity and threaten the validity of studies. This study argues that an<br />

organic complexity measure should avoid the assumption of clause<br />

subordination and instead consider the typological features of the target<br />

language. Therefore, this study proposes the TC-unit in recognition of<br />

the topic chain as the underlying unit of Chinese complexity. It further validates TC-unit-based<br />

measures by investigating how accurately they predict proficiency group membership.<br />


<strong>CLTA</strong> NEWSLETTER <strong>May</strong> <strong>2020</strong><br />

Dr. Yan Liu Won Service-learning Award at Duke<br />

University<br />

Dr. Yan Liu, a former Lecturer of Chinese and now an<br />

Assistant Professor of the Practice of Asian and Middle<br />

Eastern Studies at Duke University, recently won the<br />

<strong>2020</strong> Betsy Alden Outstanding Service-Learning<br />

Awards. The awards were named after Betsy Alden,<br />

one of the “founding mothers” of the service-learning<br />

movement back in 1980s at Duke. Under her ten years<br />

of leadership, service learning evolved into a vibrant<br />

pedagogy in many disciplines at Duke. Each year, the<br />

awards recognize one community partner, one faculty<br />

member, and one graduating senior for their<br />

outstanding commitment to the ideals of service<br />

learning.<br />

Dr. Yan Liu was nominated for the faculty recipient of<br />

the awards by two of her long-term community<br />

partners. One is Bonnie Wang, the Chinese program<br />

director at the Upper School of Durham Academy. Dr.<br />

Liu and Miss Wang have worked together since 2015<br />

on various service-learning projects. To name a few,<br />

Dr. Liu’s students give Miss Wang’s high school students small lessons on Chinese language and<br />

culture or do task-based Chinese learning activities with Miss Wang’s students in Duke classrooms<br />

or fun places like the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke. Students in the advanced-level courses of<br />

both schools also meet twice a semester to showcase their research projects on Chinese social or<br />

culture issues to each other. According to Bonnie Wang, “these projects are beneficial to both<br />

Duke students and my students. On the one hand, Duke students have applied what they have<br />

learned to teaching younger learners. On the other hand, my students at Durham Academy have<br />

been able to communicate with college students and use Chinese language to learn about<br />

interesting topics beyond the textbook and my classes. My students have been really impressed<br />

and inspired by the knowledge and worldview of Duke students. We cannot ask for a more<br />

supportive and energetic community.”<br />

The other nominator is Luo Zhou, a librarian for Chinese Studies at Duke University Libraries.<br />

Since 2016, Dr. Liu and the students in her Chinese Translation course have worked with Ms.<br />

Zhou on translating transcripts for the Memory Project , a collection of oral interviews conducted<br />

by Chinese filmmakers with elderly Chinese villagers who have survived the Great Famine (1958-<br />

1961). So far, Dr. Liu and her students have helped with this project for four fall semesters and her<br />

students have produced 25 translations. These pieces have all been included in the released digital<br />

collection in 2019. According to Ms. Luo Zhou, the library thinks very highly of their partnership,<br />

and admires and appreciates Dr. Liu’s continuous efforts of encouraging her students to serve the<br />

Duke community with their knowledge.<br />


<strong>CLTA</strong> NEWSLETTER <strong>May</strong> <strong>2020</strong><br />

Learn more about the different ways that Dr. Yan Liu has worked with her community partners<br />

here: https://www.dukeservicelearning.com/betsy-alden-<strong>2020</strong><br />

Watch the video for a brief introduction on Dr. Liu’s collaboration with Miss Wang.<br />


<strong>CLTA</strong> NEWSLETTER <strong>May</strong> <strong>2020</strong><br />

A New Chinese Flagship Program at University of<br />

Washington, Seattle<br />

The University of Washington (UW), Seattle has received a fouryear<br />

grant to establish a Chinese Flagship Program, joining a dozen<br />

other institutions in The Language Fellowship, a federally-funded<br />

consortium that is part of the National Security Education Program at<br />

the U.S. Department of Defense.<br />

The grant will fund expansion of the current Chinese<br />

language curriculum at the University of Washington — one of the<br />

oldest in North America — and provide tutors and scholarships for<br />

summer intensive study and a capstone year abroad. This grant will<br />

also further support collaboration between UW's Chinese language program and its Title VI<br />

Centers, especially the East Asia Center and the Center for Global Studies. Additionally, UW's<br />

program will connect with K-12 Chinese programs in the Pacific Northwest to develop<br />

continuous and effective language programs for all students. The UW program's mission is to<br />

help students become objective, committed, academically knowledgeable and linguistically fluent<br />

professionals in diverse fields from government and public health to<br />

STEM and agriculture.<br />

UW's Chinese Flagship Program will be directed by Dr. Chan Lü, a<br />

current member of the Board of Directors of <strong>CLTA</strong>, and Dr. Zev<br />

Handel, the incoming chair of the Department of Asian Languages and<br />

Literature at UW.<br />


<strong>CLTA</strong> NEWSLETTER <strong>May</strong> <strong>2020</strong><br />

The Acquisition of Chinese as a First and Second Language<br />

A Special Issue guest edited by Xiaohong Wen, University of Houston<br />

https://www.mdpi.com/journal/languages/special_issues/Acquisition_Chinese<br />

Many thanks to Languages, a major peer-reviewed journal, who has recognized the important<br />

yet under-represented research in Chinese language acquisition. Languages offers a special issue,<br />

entitled Acquisition of Chinese as a First and Second Language. The issue is guest edited by<br />

Xiaohong Wen, Professor in Applied Linguistics and Chinese language Acquisition at the<br />

University of Houston. Through highly selective and rigorous review processes, this issue has<br />

collected eight empirical studies showcasing research advances in multiple domains including child<br />

first language, adult second language, and heritage language acquisition. The studies are<br />

theoretically motivated and have adopted a wide spectrum of innovative methodological strategies<br />

to achieve a broader understanding of the nature of the learning task and the nature of Chinese<br />

language acquisition.<br />

The volume encompasses a broad range of contents: 1) The L1 and L2 acquisition of syntax,<br />

semantics, phonetics, and the syntax-discourse interface; 2) Data comparisons across different<br />

learner groups: L1 Chinese children, L2 Chinese learners, and Chinese heritage speakers; 3)<br />

Acquisition of language skills: speaking, listening, and writing; and last but not least, 4) Instructional<br />

interventions including consciousness raising, metacognitive strategy training, and student-led<br />

versus teacher-led instruction. In addition, this special issue is intended to bridge the gap between<br />

research and instruction by helping teachers to understand their students’ learning processes.<br />

Informed by research, teachers are able to opt for appropriate pedagogical approaches and<br />

instructional conditions for their students. The guest editor would like to take this opportunity to<br />

thank more than twenty reviewers for their insightful comments and constructive suggestions.<br />

The table of contents is as follows:<br />

1. Xiaohong Wen: Introduction to the acquisition of Chinese as a first and second language<br />

2. Yi Xu: Perfective -le use and consciousness raising among beginner level Chinese learners<br />

3. Jidong Chen, Bhuvana Narasimhan, Angel Chan, Wenchun Yang and Shu Yang:<br />

Information Structure and Word Order Preference in 2 Child and Adult Speech of<br />

Mandarin Chinese<br />

4. Jianling Liao: Metadiscourse, Cohesion, and Engagement in L2 2 Chinese Descriptive<br />

Writing<br />

5. Yanmei Liu: Effects of Metacognitive Strategy Training on 2 Chinese Listening Proficiency<br />

6. Jidong Chen and Xincun Wang: A Longitudinal Study of the Acquisition of the 2<br />

Polysemous Verb 打 dǎ in Mandarin Chinese<br />

7. Xincun Wang and Jidong Chen: The acquisition of Mandarin consonants by English 1<br />

learners: The relationship between perception and 2 production<br />

8. Yu Liu: Relating Lexical Access and Second Language Speaking Performance<br />

9. Shanshan Yan: Syntactic and discourse features in Chinese heritage grammars: A case in<br />

acquiring features on Chinese sentence-final particle ba<br />


<strong>CLTA</strong> NEWSLETTER <strong>May</strong> <strong>2020</strong><br />

全 美 中 文 學 校 聯 合 總 會 遠 距 數 位 教 材 及 教 學 模 式 甄 選 及 獎 勵 辦 法<br />

一 、 主 旨 :<br />

鼓 勵 全 球 華 語 文 教 育 推 動 者 在 緊 鑼 密 鼓 的 學 習 數 位 教 材 製 作 及 執 行 遠 距 教 學 示 範 之 下 , 透 過 親 身 的<br />

實 際 教 學 操 作 , 將 此 珍 貴 的 經 驗 與 同 儕 分 享 。 期 待 透 過 此 甄 選 辦 法 , 能 夠 拋 磚 引 玉 喚 起 更 多 老 師 來<br />

共 同 營 造 數 位 教 材 及 遠 距 教 學 的 空 間 , 造 福 更 多 華 語 文 教 師 。<br />

二 、 目 的 :<br />

( 一 ) 強 化 全 球 華 語 文 教 師 在 網 路 學 習 功 能 , 擴 展 教 師 遠 距 教 學 策 略 , 增 加 教 師 學 習 相 關 資 源 , 提 升 教 師<br />

專 業 知 能 。<br />

( 二 ) 鼓 勵 全 球 華 語 文 教 師 充 分 提 供 數 位 課 程 、 教 材 、 模 式 等 對 未 來 遠 距 教 學 或 教 師 研 習 進 修 相 關 資 源 ,<br />

創 造 教 師 終 身 學 習 機 會 。<br />

( 三 ) 增 加 華 語 文 數 位 課 程 、 教 材 、 模 式 資 源 全 球 性 的 分 享 與 流 通 , 以 應 不 時 之 需 及 舒 緩 偏 遠 地 區 教 師 源<br />

資 源 缺 乏 之 困 境 。<br />

( 四 ) 建 立 明 確 甄 選 辦 法 及 格 式 , 作 為 獎 勵 的 依 據 。<br />

三 、 重 要 日 期 及 訊 息 :<br />

( 一 ) 甄 選 開 放 日 期 : 即 日 起 至 <strong>2020</strong> 年 6 月 30 日 截 止<br />

( 二 ) 錄 取 通 知 : 八 月 二 日 透 過 電 郵 通 知 錄 取 並 同 時 公 佈 在 全 美 總 會 網<br />

( 三 ) 頒 獎 : 錄 取 者 訂 於 8 月 8 日 全 美 總 會 線 上 遠 距 年 會 頒 與 獎 狀 一 紙 及 獎 金 以 資 鼓 勵<br />

( 四 ) 甄 選 對 象 : 開 放 給 全 球 華 語 文 教 育 工 作 者<br />

( 五 ) 錄 取 作 者 須 簽 收 全 美 總 會 投 稿 著 作 財 產 權 轉 移 同 意 書 , 授 權 全 美 總 會 在 教 育 利 用 範 圍 內 得 以 無 償 重 製 、<br />

改 作 及 利 用 , 確 保 全 美 總 會 能 在 其 網 站 刊 登 錄 取 課 程 設 計 , 提 供 全 球 華 語 文 教 師 學 習 的 平 台 。<br />

四 、 甄 選 基 準 :<br />

依 下 列 各 項 作 為 教 師 設 計 之 遠 距 數 位 教 材 與 教 學 模 式 甄 選 基 礎 :<br />

( 一 ) 投 稿 之 遠 距 數 位 教 材 與 教 學 課 程 , 影 片 長 度 時 間 必 須 以 不 低 於 10 分 鐘 並 以 15 分 鐘 為 上 限 。 必 須 製 作<br />

成 共 享 元 件 檔 案 , 檔 案 大 小 以 100MB 為 限 。<br />

( 二 ) 遠 距 數 位 教 材 與 教 學 課 程 可 包 含 以 下 :<br />

1. 本 遠 距 數 位 教 材 與 教 學 課 程 設 計 以 正 體 中 文 為 準 。<br />

2. 本 教 材 與 教 學 課 程 設 計 應 避 免 抄 襲 網 路 上 既 有 的 課 程 設 計 , 但 是 可 利 用 網 路 上 和 僑 校 使 用 的 相 關 教<br />

材 ( 須 註 明 課 程 設 計 的 相 關 教 材 ), 加 以 闡 述 , 設 計 實 際 遠 距 數 位 教 材 與 教 學 課 程 。<br />

3. 教 學 課 程 設 計 , 可 包 含 但 不 局 限 於 課 程 大 綱 、 各 單 元 教 材 、 測 驗 評 量 、 課 堂 互 動 練 習 、 課 後 家 庭 作<br />

業 、 教 材 下 載 等 , 結 合 多 媒 體 或 影 音 串 流 之 教 學 設 計 。<br />

4. 投 稿 之 遠 距 數 位 教 材 與 教 學 課 程 設 計 , 可 用 教 師 們 的 實 際 教 學 的 錄 影 影 片 , 但 在 影 片 中 須 將 可 以 確<br />

認 學 生 的 ID 去 除 , 確 保 學 生 的 隱 私 權 。<br />

5. 圖 文 瀏 覽 , 係 指 由 大 量 文 字 及 圖 片 組 成 , 讓 學 習 者 能 夠 自 由 瀏 覽 , 自 我 控 制 學 習 進 度 , 適 合 閱 讀 份<br />

量 、 佐 以 圖 片 即 能 將 概 念 解 說 清 楚 之 教 材 。<br />

6. 影 音 , 係 指 教 材 以 講 解 學 習 內 容 的 聲 音 及 影 像 為 主 , 並 搭 配 同 步 投 影 片 、 講 義 等 。<br />

7. 多 媒 體 動 畫 , 係 指 以 多 媒 體 動 畫 製 作 之 軟 體 將 圖 文 、 動 畫 、 音 等 統 整 製 作 之 教 材 。<br />

8. 虛 擬 實 境 教 材 , 係 指 以 電 腦 繪 圖 產 生 3D 立 體 空 間 的 虛 擬 影 像 , 模 擬 真 實 教 室 中 的 景 物 , 讓 使 用 者 可<br />

以 學 習 並 且 還 能 夠 產 生 互 動 之 教 材 。<br />

9. 提 供 線 上 課 程 主 要 及 補 充 教 材 : 係 指 線 上 沒 有 教 學 者 , 但 提 供 課 程 軟 體 、 主 要 或 補 充 教 材 的 學 習 環 境<br />

者 。<br />

10. 提 供 線 上 非 同 步 教 學 : 係 指 模 擬 教 室 上 課 的 情 境 , 如 授 課 、 測 驗 、 討 論 、 指 定 作 業 或 回 答 問 題 ; 或 學<br />

習 者 可 以 在 電 腦 上 , 將 所 要 學 習 的 教 材 透 過 網 路 取 得 , 並 且 依 照 個 人 學 習 速 度 操 控 播 放 過 程 , 進 行<br />

遠 距 離 學 習 。<br />

11. 提 供 線 上 教 師 或 線 上 助 教 : 係 指 授 課 者 及 學 習 者 在 任 何 時 間 皆 可 在 電 腦 前 , 透 過 通 信 網 路 , 與 教 學 管<br />

理 系 統 連 接 隨 時 授 課 或 學 習 。<br />

12. 互 動 式 虛 擬 教 室 : 係 指 在 網 路 上 建 構 互 動 式 教 學 環 境 , 利 用 電 腦 連 結 同 時 間 不 同 空 間 的 老 師 與 學 生 進<br />

行 互 動 式 的 教 學 活 動 , 籍 此 可 讓 任 課 老 師 簡 易 地 將 課 程 內 容 數 位 化 並 且 透 過 網 路 與 學 生 們 互 動 。<br />

五 、 甄 選 報 名 作 業 :<br />

( 一 ) 申 請 甄 選 報 名 作 業<br />


<strong>CLTA</strong> NEWSLETTER <strong>May</strong> <strong>2020</strong><br />

1. 可 至 「 全 美 中 文 學 校 聯 合 總 會 網 站 http://ncacls.net 」 或 「https://forms.gle/zmLoYpDri2up8PBt9 網 站 」<br />

報 名 。<br />

2. 全 美 中 文 學 校 聯 合 總 會 訂 6/30/<strong>2020</strong> 美 國 東 岸 時 間 晚 十 一 點 投 稿 申 請 截 止 , ( 以 上 傳 時 間 為 憑 ) 若 對 投<br />

稿 或 甄 選 程 序 有 疑 問 , 請 直 接 向 全 美 中 文 學 校 聯 合 總 會 詢 問 提 出 申 請 全 美 中 文 學 校 聯 合 總 會<br />

ncacls_paper@ncacls.net 收 ), 逾 期 不 予 受 理 。<br />

( 二 ) 甄 選 評 定 錄 取 者 , 全 美 總 會 能 刊 登 錄 取 課 程 設 在 其 網 站 全 美 總 會 予 以 獎 勵 。 錄 取 者 訂 於 8 月 9 日 全 美 總<br />

會 線 上 遠 距 年 會 頒 與 獎 狀 一 紙 及 獎 金 以 資 鼓 勵 。<br />

( 三 ) 甄 選 評 分 項 目 ( 視 送 審 內 容 為 訂 )<br />

投 稿 計 畫 甄 選 評 分 項 目 以 遠 距 數 位 教 材 與 教 學 課 程 為 基 準 , 甄 選 委 員 可 將 下 列 指 標 作 為 評 分 之 參 考 :<br />

1. 教 材 內 容 與 架 構 : 係 指 是 否 包 含 1 教 材 是 否 清 楚 說 明 內 容 主 題 、 單 元 名 稱 、 學 習 時 數 、 與 適 用 對 象 ;<br />

2 教 材 內 容 之 正 確 性 ;3 教 材 組 織 架 構 與 呈 現 順 序 由 合 理 且 明 確 的 單 元 所 組 成 ;4 教 材 內 容 份 量 之<br />

適 當 性 ;5 教 材 清 楚 說 明 引 用 資 料 之 著 作 權 ;6 教 材 包 含 較 新 的 內 容 ;7 教 材 是 否 提 供 相 關 的 學 習<br />

資 源 ;8 教 材 列 出 學 習 者 將 獲 得 的 知 識 、 技 能 或 態 度 的 具 體 目 標 ;9 教 材 內 容 涵 蓋 教 學 目 標 等 參 考<br />

指 標 。<br />

2. 教 材 設 計 : 係 指 是 否 包 含 1 教 材 中 有 引 發 學 習 動 機 的 設 計 ;2 教 材 提 供 清 楚 的 學 習 活 動 說 明 ;3 教 材<br />

提 供 適 當 的 實 例 ;4 教 材 提 供 適 當 的 練 習 機 會 ;5 教 材 單 元 提 供 適 當 的 評 量 活 動 ;6 教 材 的 學 習 活<br />

動 提 供 適 當 的 回 饋 ;7 教 材 提 供 適 當 的 補 救 學 習 ;8 教 材 列 出 學 習 階 段 並 說 明 各 階 段 的 內 容 與 學 習<br />

建 議 ;9 教 材 提 供 FAQ 及 關 鍵 字 詞 表 等 參 考 指 標 。<br />

3. 媒 體 與 介 面 設 計 : 係 指 是 否 包 含 1 教 材 的 媒 體 品 質 優 良 ;2 教 材 的 媒 體 能 幫 助 學 習 者 理 解 內 容 ;3 教<br />

材 的 畫 面 設 計 恰 當 ;4 媒 體 介 面 操 作 方 便 且 一 致 ;5 教 材 的 瀏 覽 工 具 合 適 ;6 提 供 問 題 解 決 輔 助 功<br />

能 等 參 考 指 標 。<br />

4. 學 習 者 自 我 評 量 題 庫 : 係 指 是 否 包 含 1 配 合 教 學 目 標 與 課 程 內 容 之 學 習 評 量 ;2 課 程 測 驗 或 自 我 評 量 ;<br />

3 提 供 學 員 測 驗 或 自 我 評 量 之 評 閱 結 果 或 回 饋 ;4 提 供 課 程 作 業 題 目 協 助 學 習 者 彙 整 重 點 教 材 等 參<br />

考 指 標 。<br />

5. 科 目 說 明 : 係 指 是 否 包 含 1 課 程 宗 旨 、 研 習 時 數 及 各 單 元 教 學 目 標 ;2 提 供 適 當 的 單 元 架 構 及 學 習 進<br />

度 表 ;3 具 體 說 明 課 程 之 考 評 標 準 ;4 提 供 研 習 教 師 需 具 備 的 先 備 知 識 說 明 ;5 說 明 參 與 教 學 活 動<br />

的 參 與 方 法 等 參 考 指 標 。<br />

6. 維 持 學 習 動 機 : 係 指 是 否 包 含 1 課 程 活 動 之 所 有 教 學 目 標 ;2 課 程 呈 現 引 起 學 習 動 機 的 活 動 ;3 課 程<br />

活 動 中 提 供 檢 核 學 習 成 就 的 機 會 ;4 課 程 畫 面 呈 現 學 習 總 份 量 與 進 度 ;5 採 用 多 種 合 宜 的 教 學 活 動<br />

等 參 考 指 標 。<br />

7. 學 習 者 與 教 材 互 動 : 係 指 是 否 包 含 1 清 楚 的 教 材 重 點 提 示 ;2 提 供 實 際 範 例 說 明 ;3 提 供 課 後 練 習 活<br />

動 ;4 提 供 補 充 教 材 或 其 他 網 路 資 源 ;5 提 供 課 程 自 學 性 質 教 材 ;6 提 供 教 材 友 善 下 載 功 能 等 參 考<br />

指 標 。<br />

8. 師 生 互 動 : 係 指 是 否 包 含 1 提 供 授 課 教 師 介 紹 與 課 業 輔 導 電 子 信 箱 ;2 提 供 同 步 與 非 同 步 教 學 活 動 ;<br />

3 顯 示 非 同 步 教 學 之 議 題 討 論 頻 率 ;4 提 供 非 同 步 教 學 之 即 時 回 饋 ;5 顯 示 同 步 教 學 之 議 題 討 論 頻<br />

率 ;6 提 供 固 定 「 線 上 辦 公 室 時 間 」;7 提 供 線 上 學 習 輔 導 人 員 等 參 考 指 標 。<br />

9. 同 儕 互 動 : 係 指 是 否 包 含 1 學 習 者 間 在 非 同 步 教 學 中 有 充 分 的 交 叉 互 動 ;2 學 員 間 在 同 步 教 學 中 有 充 分<br />

的 交 叉 互 動 ;3 提 供 參 與 學 員 之 聯 絡 資 料 或 個 人 網 頁 相 關 資 訊 等 參 考 指 標 。<br />

10. 教 學 管 理 服 務 : 係 指 是 否 包 含 1 提 供 課 程 與 教 學 之 評 鑑 問 卷 ;2 利 用 公 告 欄 公 布 課 程 進 度 與 即 時 訊 息 等<br />

參 考 指 標 。<br />

11. 學 習 者 自 我 評 量 題 庫 : 係 指 是 否 包 含 1 配 合 教 學 目 標 與 課 程 內 容 之 學 習 評 量 ;2 課 程 線 上 測 驗 或 自 我 評<br />

量 ;3 提 供 學 員 線 上 測 驗 或 自 我 評 量 之 評 閱 結 果 或 回 饋 ;4 提 供 課 程 作 業 題 目 協 助 學 習 者 彙 整 重 點<br />

教 材 ;5 提 供 線 上 學 員 作 品 觀 摩 等 參 考 指 標 。<br />

六 、 注 意 事 項 :<br />

( 一 ) 提 出 申 請 之 遠 距 數 位 教 材 與 教 學 課 程 設 計 , 教 師 應 符 合 應 符 合 原 創 性 與 不 抄 襲 為 準 則 。<br />

( 二 ) 錄 取 作 者 須 簽 收 全 美 總 會 投 稿 著 作 財 產 權 轉 移 同 意 書 , 授 權 全 美 總 會 在 教 育 利 用 範 圍 內 得 以 無 償 重<br />

製 、 改 作 及 利 用 , 確 保 全 美 總 會 能 在 其 網 站 刊 登 錄 取 課 程 設 計 , 提 供 全 球 華 語 文 教 師 學 習 的 平 台 。<br />

( 三 ) 遠 距 數 位 教 材 與 教 學 課 程 錄 用 者 , 全 美 總 會 應 另 發 給 老 師 專 業 時 數 證 明 書 。<br />

( 四 ) 同 一 遠 距 數 位 教 材 與 教 學 課 程 不 得 重 複 向 不 同 單 位 申 請 補 助 ; 已 公 開 於 其 他 網 站 者 , 不 得 提 出 申 請 。<br />


<strong>CLTA</strong> NEWSLETTER <strong>May</strong> <strong>2020</strong><br />

Penn Chinese Language Program Activity Report<br />

For the past several years, the Chinese Department of the University of Pennsylvania has<br />

organized an end-of-year event for students and faculty to celebrate the end of the academic year.<br />

Since 2018, the celebration has taken the format of a contest where each of the ten Chinese<br />

Program instructors nominate two to five student-created final projects to participate in a contest<br />

of best use of Chinese and best China report. Each year, the contest draws about 45 participating<br />

students. For three consecutive years, this event has been a highlight of the Chinese Program<br />

for current students and has also functioned as an effective promotional event for student retention<br />

and program excellence.<br />

This year, despite the impact of COVID-19 and distance instruction, the Chinese Program<br />

was pleased to see high student participation and a terrific range of project topics. The titles of this<br />

year’s winning projects are:<br />

First Prize topics for Intermediate-mid to Superior Level:<br />

1. 耽 美 文 学 和 女 性 意 识 崛 起 (graduate student,Law)<br />

2. 中 国 审 美 标 准 的 历 史 (sophomore, undecided)<br />

3. 从 通 商 口 岸 到 中 美 贸 易 战 (freshman, undecided)<br />

First Prize topics for Intermediate-low to Beginning Level:<br />

1. 台 湾 的 国 际 定 位 (sophomore,Political Science)<br />

2. 红 楼 梦 (Senior, English)<br />

3. 唐 装 (freshman, Mechanical Engineering)<br />

4. 抖 音 在 中 国 和 其 他 国 家 的 影 响 (freshman, Business)<br />

5. 夜 市 的 发 展 背 景 和 影 响 力 (sophomore,undecided)<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> members who are interested in learning more about the student projects contest are<br />

welcome to contact Ye Tian ( tianye1@sas.upenn.edu) or Mien-hwa Chiang<br />

(mhchiang@sas.upenn.edu) for details.<br />


<strong>CLTA</strong> NEWSLETTER <strong>May</strong> <strong>2020</strong><br />

Penn Symposium on Teaching Chinese for Professional<br />

Use<br />

The Center for East Asia Studies and Chinese Language Program at the University of<br />

Pennsylvania had planned to host the Penn Symposium on Teaching Chinese for Professional Use<br />

in Philadelphia on <strong>May</strong> 1st, <strong>2020</strong>. Due to COVID-19, the event was cancelled this<br />

year. Fortunately, the lesson plan contest that was the prelude to the symposium was successfully<br />

completed in January <strong>2020</strong>. The symposium organizer received twenty-one contest submissions<br />

in fields ranging from Business to Engineering, Medicine, Media and Asian Arts. The first-place<br />

winner will receive $500 from Penn Center for East Asian Studies. We’d like to thank all of our<br />

participants and congratulate the following winners:<br />

First Place<br />

1. 社 区 学 习 ( 商 业 中 文 ) Kunshan Lee and Shuting Xu, Duke University<br />

Second Place<br />

1. 陆 家 嘴 遇 上 华 尔 街 ( 商 业 中 文 ) Caiju Wen, Swarthmore College<br />

2. 血 液 介 绍 ( 医 用 中 文 ) Melvin Lee,University of Pennsylvania<br />

Third Place<br />

1. 太 阳 能 ( 环 保 中 文 ) Jiangping Cai, University of Rhode Island<br />

2. 新 闻 联 播 ( 媒 体 中 文 ) Yuanyuan Meng, Columbia University<br />

3. 咖 啡 战 争 ( 商 业 中 文 ) Xiaolin Peng & Xinyi Wu, Lauder Institute,<br />

University of<br />

Pennsylvania<br />

The goal of the Penn symposium has always been to expand the scope of advanced<br />

level Chinese language teaching to specialized industries. With the current global health crisis, we<br />

believe language proficiencies for cross-professional application is more important than ever. As<br />

social distancing restrictions begin to lift, we hope to invite lesson plan winners, Chinese<br />

Professional researchers, and the review committee back to Penn’s campus in Spring 2021 to<br />

revisit this important initiative.<br />


<strong>CLTA</strong> NEWSLETTER <strong>May</strong> <strong>2020</strong><br />

第 十 五 届 国 际 汉 语 教 学 学 术 研 讨 会<br />

论 文 集 出 版<br />

2019 年 6 月 28~30 日 , 第 十 五 届 国 际 汉 语 教 学 学 术 研 讨<br />

会 在 北 京 成 功 召 开 。 本 次 会 议 由 北 京 师 范 大 学 和 美 国 塔 夫 茨 大 学<br />

主 办 , 美 国 罗 德 岛 大 学 、 纽 约 城 市 大 学 、 佛 蒙 特 大 学 、《 国 际 汉<br />

语 教 育 ( 中 英 文 )》 期 刊 协 办 。 研 讨 会 共 收 到 来 自 中 国 、 美 国 、<br />

新 加 坡 、 丹 麦 等 国 200 多 名 代 表 提 交 的 论 文 160 余 篇 。 经 专 家 匿<br />

名 评 审 , 遴 选 出 44 篇 中 、 英 文 论 文 , 于 2019 年 11 月 由 外 语 教 学<br />

与 研 究 出 版 社 出 版 。<br />

第 十 五 届 国 际 汉 语 教 学 学 术 研 讨 会 论 文 集 由 朱 瑞 平 、 王 命 全 任 主 编 , 分 “ 国 际 汉 语 教 学 研<br />

究 跨 学 科 发 展 的 理 念 、 模 式 、 路 径 与 方 法 ”、“ 跨 文 化 、 跨 学 科 视 野 下 的 国 际 汉 语 教 学 研 究 ”、<br />

“ 汉 语 国 际 教 育 专 业 的 跨 学 科 人 才 培 养 研 究 ”、“ 教 育 学 、 心 理 学 视 域 下 的 汉 语 国 际 教 育 ”、<br />

“ 汉 语 国 际 教 育 中 的 文 化 传 播 与 跨 文 化 交 际 研 究 ” 五 个 主 题 。 编 写 委 员 会 成 员 是 何 文 潮 、 李 凤 林 、<br />

李 炜 东 、 孙 立 峰 、 杨 泉 、 印 京 华 、 俞 志 强 ( 以 姓 名 拼 音 排 序 ), 刊 号 为 ISBN 978-7-5213-1323-9。<br />

论 文 集 的 出 版 有 赖 于 各 方 的 大 力 支 持 , 谨 向 参 加 第 十 五 届 国 际 汉 语 教 学 学 术 研 讨 会 的 所 有<br />

代 表 、 关 心 本 次 研 讨 会 的 所 有 人 士 、 为 这 次 研 讨 会 付 出 辛 勤 劳 动 的 北 京 师 范 大 学 的 会 议 组 织 工 作<br />

人 员 , 以 及 外 语 教 学 与 研 究 出 版 社 的 编 辑 们 致 以 诚 挚 的 谢 意 !<br />

《 第 十 五 届 国 际 汉 语 教 学 学 术 研 讨 会 论 文 集 》 编 委 会<br />


<strong>CLTA</strong> NEWSLETTER <strong>May</strong> <strong>2020</strong><br />

A Cultural Dictionary of the<br />

Chinese Language: 500 Proverb,<br />

Idioms and Maxims 《 文 化 五 百<br />

条 》<br />

By Liwei Jiao<br />

Routledge, 2019.<br />

A Cultural Dictionary of the Chinese<br />

Language introduces the 500 most important cultural<br />

traits of the Chinese as reflected in language use,<br />

especially in Chinese idioms (chengyu), proverbs and<br />

colloquial expressions (suyu).<br />

Communicative competence, the ultimate goal of<br />

language learning, consists of not only linguistic, but<br />

intercultural competence, which enables the language<br />

learner to speak with fluency and understanding. The Chinese language is richly imbued with<br />

cultural wisdoms and values underlying the appropriateness of idioms in the Chinese language.<br />

The Dictionary provides Intermediate and B1-C1 level learners as well as scholars of the Chinese<br />

language with an essential reference book as well as a useful cultural reader.<br />

https://www.routledge.com/A-Cultural-Dictionary-of-The-Chinese-Language-500-Proverbs-Idiomsand/Jiao/p/book/9781138907300<br />

A Cultural Dictionary of the Chinese Language is less a dictionary than a well-indexed<br />

compendium of cultural insights and lore embedded in Chinese linguistic usages, aphorisms, and<br />

epigrams.....aimed at intermediate students of China, its language, and culture, and even the most<br />

advanced (and some native speakers) will find it informative and insightful. This is a must-have<br />

reference for anyone seeking to understand the sources of Chinese behavior. -- Chas W. Freeman,<br />

Jr., Ambassador (Ret.), principal American interpreter during President Nixon’s path-breaking<br />

1972 visit to Beijing.<br />

Table of Contents<br />

1. Overall ( 总 论 )<br />

2. National Character ( 民 族 性 格 )<br />

3. Religion, Philosophy, Politics, History ( 宗 教 , 哲 学 , 政 治 , 历 史 )<br />

4. Life, Society, Arts, Literature ( 生 活 , 社 会 , 艺 术 , 文 学 )<br />

5. Social Relations, Family, Women, Education ( 社 会 关 系 , 家 庭 , 女 人 , 教 育 )<br />

6. Nature, Animals, Language ( 自 然 , 动 物 , 语 言 )<br />


<strong>CLTA</strong> NEWSLETTER <strong>May</strong> <strong>2020</strong><br />

Asia Society’s new “Third Space” – 第 三 空 间<br />

Asia Society is an international nonprofit committed to forging closer ties between Asia and the<br />

West through arts and education. Asia Society’s new “Third Space” – 第 三 空 间 – initiative is a<br />

digital platform that facilitates virtual interactions between American and Chinese college students.<br />

Third Space works with organizations like the New York Times and SupChina, taking interesting<br />

China-related articles/podcasts and turning them into Mandarin-language materials that drive<br />

intercultural dialogue between your students and their US-based Chinese peers.<br />


<strong>CLTA</strong> NEWSLETTER <strong>May</strong> <strong>2020</strong><br />

As a nonprofit committed to helping students learn to use Mandarin, Third Space is 100% free to<br />

you and your students. The goal of Third Space is to complement the in-class L2 learning of your<br />

students, offering them a “brave space” to:<br />

• Cultivate intercultural competency<br />

• Use L2 Mandarin in practical ways<br />

• Develop intercultural friendships with Chinese peers<br />

• Deepen their passion for Chinese language and culture<br />

Supporting Use of<br />

Mandarin<br />



If these goals echo<br />

those held by you and<br />

your department, and<br />

you’d like your<br />

students to benefit<br />

from this 100% free<br />

resource, contact<br />

Frank Dolce ( 杜 启 天 )<br />

fdolc@asiasociety.org<br />

Through a bilingual summary<br />

China-related content on our digital platform will be<br />

summarized bilingually, with the summaries<br />

designed to drive student interest.<br />

Through a support sheet<br />

Key vocabulary from each article/podcast will be<br />

translated into Mandarin, as will discussion<br />

questions tied to each piece of content.<br />

Through a model discussion<br />

Asia Society staff- native and L2 Mandarin speakerswill<br />

model having an informal discussion in<br />

Mandarin over the content.<br />

Please reach out to me with any<br />

questions about the initiative:<br />

FDolce@asiasociety.org<br />


<strong>CLTA</strong> NEWSLETTER <strong>May</strong> <strong>2020</strong><br />

Learn Chinese – Gap Year in Taipei, Taiwan<br />

September <strong>2020</strong> - June 2021<br />

Open to high school graduates<br />

25<br />

All proficiency levels welcome!

<strong>CLTA</strong> NEWSLETTER <strong>May</strong> <strong>2020</strong><br />

The Chinese Language Teachers Association, USA<br />

Promoting the study of Chinese language and culture in an<br />

international context.<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> Headquarters Website: https://clta-us.org E-mail: clta@andrew.cmu.edu<br />

WELCOME! JOIN <strong>CLTA</strong> TODAY!!<br />

In addition to career development resources and opportunities to network with CFL<br />

K-16 professionals, below are some highlights of <strong>CLTA</strong> members’ privileges:<br />

• To be included in the <strong>CLTA</strong> LISTSERV and receive prompt<br />

announcements including job advertisements from the <strong>CLTA</strong> Headquarters<br />

• To apply for awards and grants sponsored by <strong>CLTA</strong><br />

• To join <strong>CLTA</strong> Special Interest Groups (<strong>CLTA</strong>-SIGs) for free<br />

• To access <strong>CLTA</strong> publications such as the CSL Journal, Newsletter, K-12<br />

CLT Journal & Selection of <strong>CLTA</strong> K-12 Outstanding Chinese Works<br />

• To publish personal and institutional news in the Newsletter<br />

• To receive information on meetings and conferences sponsored by <strong>CLTA</strong><br />

• To attend, present papers at, and organize panels for these meetings and<br />

conferences at discounted rates<br />

• To elect members to the Board of Directors<br />

• To be nominated and elected as members of the Board of Directors<br />

• To attend <strong>CLTA</strong> sponsored activities for free or at a discounted rate<br />

• To nominate students to join the National Collegiate Chinese Honor Society<br />

• To nominate K-12 students to submit their work to the “Selection of <strong>CLTA</strong><br />

K-12 Outstanding Chinese Works”<br />

And more…<br />


<strong>CLTA</strong> NEWSLETTER <strong>May</strong> <strong>2020</strong><br />

Du Chinese giving students and teachers free access to<br />

all premium content<br />

● Du Chinese, the premier Chinese reading practice app, is temporarily granting free access<br />

to their premium lessons.<br />

● The offer is available to students and teachers of all levels.<br />

● Three months after setting up your account it will automatically revert to limited free<br />

access.<br />

Du Chinese has just announced that they are providing premium<br />

subscriptions to their Chinese reading practice app free of cost to<br />

students and teachers for the next three months. This comes amidst an<br />

increase in school closures and stay-at-home orders worldwide.<br />

Regarding the announcement, Peter Askelof, founder of Du Chinese<br />

said: “Language learning brings understanding and builds bridges<br />

between people and nations. Now more than ever that’s exactly what<br />

we need. Our mission has always been to make Chinese literacy attainable to all. We hope that<br />

by making our service free during this period, it will help students make the best use of their<br />

time.”<br />

To activate the discount, go to the Du Chinese website. While no purchase is required for the<br />

three free months, you will need to provide some basic information, such as the name of you or<br />

your child’s school and an e-mail address. After creating an account, you can use it to log in to<br />

their app or web portal.<br />

About Du Chinese: Du Chinese is a Chinese reading practice app based in Stockholm, Sweden.<br />

At the time of writing it was the #1 app for Chinese reading practice in both the Apple App Store<br />

and Google Play Store. Since its founding in 2016, Du Chinese has helped hundreds of<br />

thousands of students improve their Chinese reading skills.<br />

For more information please contact Ray Banks, ray@duchinese.net<br />


<strong>CLTA</strong> NEWSLETTER <strong>May</strong> <strong>2020</strong><br />

The ChengTsui Web App<br />


<strong>CLTA</strong> NEWSLETTER <strong>May</strong> <strong>2020</strong><br />

Hong Kong University Press – Recommended Publications on Chinese Language Studies<br />


<strong>CLTA</strong> NEWSLETTER <strong>May</strong> <strong>2020</strong><br />

Jobs<br />

Director of Chinese Studies & World<br />

Languages (Hong Kong)<br />

Director of Chinese Studies & World Languages<br />

| Hong Kong International School<br />

Applications accepted until 7/29/<strong>2020</strong><br />

A co-educational PreK-12 private day school<br />

grounded in the Christian faith, Hong Kong<br />

International School (HKIS) serves over 2,800<br />

students from around the world who seek an<br />

American college-preparatory education. Located<br />

in one of Asia’s most vibrant and cosmopolitan<br />

cities, HKIS has two idyllic campuses on the<br />

quieter south side of Hong Kong Island. The<br />

school’s Mission and Student Learning Results<br />

(SLRs) embody and recognize its Christian<br />

grounding, the cultural and religious diversity of<br />

the student body, and a focus on whole child<br />

development. HKIS provides educational<br />

excellence with a difference. Offering a<br />

challenging American-style curriculum with both<br />

international and multi-cultural elements, HKIS<br />

focuses on delivering exceptional teaching and is<br />

committed to nurturing each child to achieve his<br />

or her full potential. HKIS is dedicated to<br />

offering the best in academic and co-curricular<br />

excellence while supporting the socio-emotional<br />

needs of students, to ensure a solid foundation<br />

for a university education and a well-rounded life.<br />

HKIS seeks a Director of Chinese Studies and<br />

World Languages to provide leadership for the<br />

overall quality of the school’s Chinese Studies<br />

and World Languages programs, including the<br />

cultural studies of China and Hong Kong. The<br />

Director ensures alignment of curriculum from<br />

PreK through Grade 12 and embeds HKIS’s<br />

Chinese Culture Student Learning Result into the<br />

curricular program. The Director plays an<br />

important role in collaborating and consulting<br />

with Principals in their supervision and<br />

professional development of Chinese Studies and<br />

World Languages faculty to ensure the highest<br />

quality of language and cultural education is<br />

delivered. Equally important is collaborating with<br />

schoolwide administrators, faculty, and parents to<br />

meet student needs, monitor progress towards<br />

school goals, and foster a sense of community.<br />


<strong>CLTA</strong> NEWSLETTER <strong>May</strong> <strong>2020</strong><br />

The complete position description can be found<br />

at:<br />

https://www.carneysandoe.com/assets/HKIS-Dir.-<br />

of-Chinese-Studies-5.12.pdf<br />

TO APPLY: Interested candidates should submit<br />

the following materials as separate PDF<br />

attachments in one email:<br />

• Cover letter expressing interest in the<br />

HKIS position;<br />

• Current résumé;<br />

• Statement of educational philosophy and<br />

practice;<br />

• List of five references with name, phone<br />

number, and email address of each<br />

(references will not be contacted without the<br />

candidate’s permission) to: John Faubert<br />

Senior<br />

Consultant john.faubert@carneysandoe.com<br />

Karen Whitaker Search<br />

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m<br />

Lecturer in Chinese (Tempe, AZ)<br />

The School of International Letters & Cultures at<br />

Arizona State University (Tempe campus) invites<br />

applications for a position as Chinese Lecturer,<br />

with an anticipated start date of August <strong>2020</strong>.<br />

This is a full-time grant-based, benefits eligible<br />

appointment made on an academic year basis<br />

(August 16 – <strong>May</strong> 15), with the possibility of<br />

renewal for four years depending on funding.<br />

Subsequent annual renewal is possible contingent<br />

upon satisfactory performance, availability of<br />

resources, and the needs of the university. Learn<br />

more about what The College of Liberal Arts and<br />

Sciences has to offer by<br />

visiting https://thecollege.asu.edu/faculty. The<br />

Lecturer will offer fall and spring courses online<br />

and on ground. Candidate should be prepared to<br />

teach 6 courses a year in the lower and upper<br />

division undergraduate curriculum of the Chinese<br />

Language Flagship Program, administer tutorials,<br />

perform administrative tasks for the Chinese<br />

Language Flagship Program, and participate in<br />

program-related activities. Learn more about the<br />

Chinese Language Flagship Program ASU by<br />

visiting: https://silc.asu.edu/chineseflagship<br />

Required Qualifications:<br />

• Master’s degree or higher in a relevant<br />

area, such as the teaching of Chinese as a<br />

foreign language, or Chinese language and<br />

literature<br />

• Native or near-native proficiency in<br />

Chinese and English<br />

• At least two years of prior experience of<br />

teaching Chinese at the university level<br />

• Experience in proficiency-oriented, and<br />

task-based teaching<br />

• Experience in content-based and projectbased<br />

instruction<br />

• Proficiency in using modern technology<br />

for language instruction<br />

Desired Qualifications:<br />

• Familiarity with standardized tests such as<br />

OPI, OPIc, and STAMP tests<br />

• Experience performing administrative<br />

tasks in a university’s academic program<br />

• Experience with blended teaching and<br />

learning<br />

• Familiarity with on-line Chinese language<br />

courses<br />

• Experience organizing and overseeing<br />

study abroad programs<br />

• Experience working with diverse<br />

groups/populations<br />

The College values cultural and intellectual<br />

diversity, and continually strives to foster a<br />

welcoming and inclusive environment. We are<br />

especially interested in applicants who can<br />

strengthen the diversity of the academic<br />

community. To apply, candidates must submit<br />

application materials online at<br />

Interfolio http://apply.interfolio.com/75825 by<br />

June 9, <strong>2020</strong> 5pm EST; if not filled, applications<br />

will be reviewed every week thereafter until<br />

search is closed: (1) a cover letter addressed to<br />

Joanne Tsao, Search Committee Chair, outlining<br />

teaching philosophy and including a description<br />

of how the applicant’s experiences fit the<br />

qualifications listed above, (2) a current<br />

curriculum vitae, (3) names and contact<br />

information of three references, (4) a teaching<br />

statement and a web link to Chinese teaching<br />

video of at least 20 minutes duration, (5) teaching<br />

evaluations for the most recent 3 years, and (6) a<br />

statement addressing how your past and/or<br />

potential contributions to diversity and inclusion<br />

will advance ASU’s commitment to inclusive<br />

excellence.<br />


<strong>CLTA</strong> NEWSLETTER <strong>May</strong> <strong>2020</strong><br />

Questions about this position should be directed<br />

to Joanne Tsao, Search Committee Chair,<br />

at Joanne.Tsao@asu.edu. A background check is<br />

required for employment. Arizona State<br />

University is a VEVRAA Federal Contractor and<br />

an Equal Opportunity/ Affirmative Action<br />

Employer. All qualified applicants will be<br />

considered without regard to race, color, sex,<br />

religion, national origin, disability, protected<br />

veteran status, or any other basis protected by<br />

law. ASU’s full non-discrimination statement<br />

(ACD401) is located on the ASU website:<br />

(See https://www.asu.edu/aad/manuals/acd/acd40<br />

1.html and https://www.asu.edu/titleIX) In<br />

compliance with federal law, ASU prepares an<br />

annual report on campus security and fire safety<br />

programs and resources. ASU’s Annual Security<br />

and Fire Safety Report is available online<br />

at https://www.asu.edu/police/PDFs/ASU-Clery-<br />

Report.pdf You may request a hard copy of the<br />

report by contacting the ASU Police Department<br />

at 480-965-3456.<br />

Full-time Instructors (Oxford, MS)<br />

The Department of Modern Languages at the<br />

University of Mississippi seeks THREE full-time<br />

Instructors for its intensive Chinese Language<br />

Flagship Program, a federally-funded program,<br />

to begin in August, <strong>2020</strong>. The instructor will<br />

teach all levels of Chinese language and culture<br />

following the program’s curriculum and<br />

guidelines.<br />

Candidates must demonstrate substantial training<br />

and experience in teaching Chinese to American<br />

university students, as well as work in second<br />

language acquisition. M.A. degree or equivalent<br />

in Chinese, second language acquisition or<br />

linguistics and native or near-native proficiency in<br />

Mandarin Chinese are required. This 9-month<br />

position is renewable annually subject to on-going<br />

funding and pending positive evaluations.<br />

Visit https://careers.olemiss.edu to complete an<br />

application and upload your resume, names and<br />

contact information for three references, and a<br />

letter of application. Review of applications<br />

begins immediately and will continue until the<br />

positions are filled or an adequate applicant pool<br />

is established.<br />

The University of Mississippi is an<br />

EEO/AA/Title VI/Title IX/Section<br />

504/ADA/ADEA employer.<br />

Visiting Instructor or Visiting Assistant<br />

Professor in Chinese Language (Iowa City,<br />

IA)<br />

The Department of Asian and Slavic Languages<br />

and Literatures at The University of Iowa is<br />

searching for a visiting faculty position beginning<br />

in August <strong>2020</strong> to teach courses in Chinese<br />

language. The initial appointment will be for one<br />

year, with a possible reappointment of one<br />

additional year, pending College approval and<br />

demonstrated excellence in teaching. Salary will<br />

be commensurate on rank. Responsibilities<br />

include: teaching three classes (up to 12-13 credit<br />

hours) per semester from lower to upper level<br />

language courses and assisting the Chinese<br />

program coordinator with program development.<br />

Required qualifications:<br />

• Ph.D. or ABD in Second Language<br />

Acquisition with focus on Chinese<br />

• Native or near native fluency in Chinese<br />

and English<br />

• Extensive experience in teaching Chinese<br />

at the college/university level in North<br />

America<br />

• Extensive experience in online Chinese<br />

course development, administration, and<br />

instruction<br />

Desired qualifications:<br />

• Extensive experience in courseware and<br />

course website design for different levels of<br />

Chinese courses<br />

• Organizing cultural activities<br />

To apply, please visit jobs.uiowa.edu and<br />

reference Requisition #73937. The application<br />

materials must include a letter of application, a<br />

curriculum vitae, samples of the most recent<br />

course evaluation by students, three letters of<br />

recommendation, and a videotape of 30-minute<br />

Chinese class taught by the applicant. (Note:<br />

Please post the teaching videotape online and<br />

indicate URL in the letter of application and the<br />

curriculum vitae). Deadline for application is <strong>May</strong><br />

4, <strong>2020</strong>. Screening begins immediately, with<br />

interviews conducted by telephone or<br />

videoconference after <strong>May</strong> 4, <strong>2020</strong>.<br />


<strong>CLTA</strong> NEWSLETTER <strong>May</strong> <strong>2020</strong><br />

The Department of Asian and Slavic Languages<br />

and Literatures, the Division of World<br />

Languages, Literatures and Cultures, and the<br />

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences are strongly<br />

committed to gender and ethnic diversity; the<br />

strategic plans of the University, College,<br />

Division, and Department reflect this<br />

commitment. Women and minorities are<br />

encouraged to apply. The University is an Equal<br />

Opportunity Employer/Affirmative Action<br />

Employer.<br />

Lecturer in Chinese (Boston, MA)<br />

Boston University, Department of World<br />

Languages & Literatures. Seeking a full-time<br />

lecturer to join Boston University’s Chinese<br />

language program, beginning Fall <strong>2020</strong>. Position<br />

carries full benefits. Responsibilities will include<br />

teaching at all levels of BU’s thriving program in<br />

Chinese language and participating in curriculum<br />

development and other program activities.<br />

Minimum requirements include an MA in<br />

Chinese, second-language acquisition, applied<br />

linguistics, Chinese linguistics, literature, or a<br />

relevant field; native or near-native command of<br />

Chinese and English; demonstrated excellence in<br />

college-level Chinese language teaching in North<br />

America; leadership and administrative ability;<br />

and experience using technology in the language<br />

classroom. At Boston University the successful<br />

candidate will join a vibrant community of<br />

scholars of Chinese-speaking cultures and of the<br />

world’s languages, literatures, and cultures. Please<br />

use AcademicJobsOnline<br />

(https://academicjobsonline.org/ajo/jobs/16265)<br />

to submit a cover letter, curriculum vitae, three<br />

reference letters and, if available, a link to a<br />

teaching video. Additional materials will be<br />

requested subsequently from top candidates.<br />

Applications submitted through a website other<br />

than AcademicJobsOnline will not be<br />

considered. Please visit the following website for<br />

additional information about the World<br />

Languages & Literature Department<br />

(https://www.bu.edu/wll/). Preference will be<br />

given to applications received before <strong>May</strong> 1,<br />

<strong>2020</strong>. Boston University is an Affirmative<br />

Action/Equal Opportunity Employer<br />

Elementary Mandarin Immersion Teacher<br />

(Indianapolis, Indiana)<br />

ISI Mandarin Immersion Elementary Teacher<br />

The mission of the International School of<br />

Indiana is to provide our students with a worldclass<br />

education that prepares them to be<br />

responsible citizens and effective leaders in a<br />

rapidly globalizing and interdependent world.<br />

Overview: Elementary teachers at The<br />

International School of Indiana work in a<br />

multicultural environment with families, teachers<br />

and staff from around the world. Teachers work<br />

with a highly collaborative team of grade level<br />

colleagues, coordinators and specialists to<br />

implement a rigorous curriculum that is engaging<br />

and student centered.<br />

Preferred qualifications, skills and experience:<br />

-Native speaker of Mandarin<br />

-Fluent in English<br />

-Minimum of Bachelor’s degree in a relevant<br />

field<br />

-Primary Years Programme Experience<br />

Responsibilities:<br />

-Develop and teach Units of Inquiry in a<br />

Mandarin immersion classroom<br />

-Contribute to school programs and events<br />

-Create positive educational climate for students<br />

using Positive Discipline Approach<br />

-Participate in professional development<br />

-Tutor students individually as needed<br />

-Establish and communicate clear objectives for<br />

all learning activities<br />

-Communicate with parents in a positive and<br />

timely manner<br />

Please submit resume to resumes@isind.org<br />

Lecturer in Chinese (Philadelphia, PA)<br />

The Department of East Asian Languages and<br />

Civilizations at the University of Pennsylvania<br />

announces the availability of a position as fulltime<br />

Lecturer in the Chinese Language Program<br />

for the academic year <strong>2020</strong>-21. The appointment<br />

will be for an initial year with the possibility of<br />

annual renewal for up to an additional two years,<br />

contingent upon a satisfactory performance<br />

review and approval of the Dean. Employee<br />

benefits are provided. Applicants for the position<br />

should demonstrate a primary focus on language<br />

education, and have received at least a Master’s<br />


<strong>CLTA</strong> NEWSLETTER <strong>May</strong> <strong>2020</strong><br />

degree in Education, Chinese (Mandarin)<br />

Language, Literature, Linguistics, or a related<br />

field. Native or near-native competency in<br />

Mandarin language and fluency in English are<br />

required. Preference will be given to applicants<br />

with significant teaching experience at all levels of<br />

Chinese language at post-secondary institutions in<br />

the United States. Knowledge of and experience<br />

in current trends in second/foreign language<br />

teaching methodologies (especially content-based<br />

instruction) and meaningful application of<br />

technologies in language instruction are highly<br />

desirable. Duties include teaching Mandarin<br />

language classes (six classes per academic year) at<br />

any assigned levels, holding regular office hours,<br />

attending weekly meetings of the Chinese<br />

Language Program, and working with the<br />

Director of the Language Program and East Asia<br />

faculty on curriculum development and program<br />

articulation. Our program values interdisciplinary<br />

research, collaboration, and collegiality; is<br />

committed to promoting a culturally diverse<br />

intellectual community; and strongly encourages<br />

applications from women, minorities, and underrepresented<br />

communities. Candidates should<br />

apply online<br />

at: https://apply.interfolio.com/75421. Please<br />

submit: a cover letter, CV, teaching statement;<br />

and contact information for a minimum of three<br />

individuals who have agreed to provide a<br />

recommendation letter. The University will<br />

contact the recommenders with instructions on<br />

how to submit their letters. We also encourage<br />

the applicants to upload additional documents if<br />

available: 1) recent teaching evaluations including<br />

written comments, 2) a link to a video recording<br />

of a class, and 3) a description of the video and<br />

relevant materials. The review of applications will<br />

begin immediately and will continue until the<br />

position is filled. The Department of East Asian<br />

Languages and Civilizations is strongly committed<br />

to Penn’s Action Plan for Diversity and<br />

Excellence and to creating a more diverse faculty<br />

(for more information<br />

see http://www.upenn.edu/almanac/volumes/v58/<br />

n02/diversityplan.html). The University of<br />

Pennsylvania is an Equal Opportunity Employer.<br />

Minorities/Women/Individuals with<br />

disabilities/Protected Veterans are encouraged to<br />

apply.<br />

Clinical Assistant Professor of Chinese<br />

(Shanghai, China)<br />

NYU Shanghai invites applications for a position<br />

at the rank of Clinical Assistant Professor of<br />

Chinese. We seek candidates who have<br />

completed a PhD in Chinese literature or<br />

linguistics. NYU Shanghai is looking for dynamic<br />

individuals who are eager to contribute to its<br />

growing Chinese program through curricular<br />

development, innovative teaching, studentcentered<br />

initiatives, faculty development, and<br />

participation in the intellectual life of NYU<br />

Shanghai. Appointments are for three years<br />

effective September 1, <strong>2020</strong>, subject to a review at<br />

the end of the first year; contracts are renewable.<br />

We seek an eligible candidate who can:<br />

– Teach 4 courses per academic year<br />

– Advise senior capstone projects<br />

– Incorporate community engaged<br />

learning experiences into their courses<br />

– Work closely with language faculty to<br />

align learning outcomes across the curriculum<br />

– Contribute to service initiatives and<br />

maintain an active role in the NYU Shanghai<br />

academic community<br />

– Maintain an active research agenda<br />

– Work with the Director of World<br />

Languages to develop post-advanced Chinese<br />

courses in their area of expertise<br />

About NYU Shanghai NYU Shanghai is the third<br />

degree-granting campus within New York<br />

University’s global network. It is the first highereducation<br />

joint venture in China authorized to<br />

grant degrees that are accredited in the U.S. as<br />

well as in China. All teaching is conducted in<br />

English. A research university with liberal arts<br />

and science at its core, NYU Shanghai resides in<br />

one of the world’s great cities with a vibrant<br />

intellectual community. NYU Shanghai recruits<br />

scholars of the highest caliber who are committed<br />

to NYU’s global vision of innovative research and<br />

transformative teaching, and who embody the<br />

global society in which we live. Qualifications<br />

Candidates must hold a PhD in their discipline<br />

and be able to teach advanced language courses<br />

and post-advanced language, literature, and/or<br />

culture courses. Three years of teaching<br />

experience and a record of research and<br />

publication in the field of specialization required;<br />


<strong>CLTA</strong> NEWSLETTER <strong>May</strong> <strong>2020</strong><br />

experience teaching non-native speakers of<br />

English preferred, but not required. Application<br />

Instructions To apply, please submit a cover<br />

letter, CV, three references, and a teaching<br />

philosophy and statement of research interests by<br />

March 31, <strong>2020</strong>. Applications are received via<br />

Interfolio at: http://apply.interfolio.com/74949.<br />

Visiting Lecturer, Chinese Language and<br />

Culture (Gainesville, FL)<br />

The Department of Languages, Literatures and<br />

Cultures at the University of Florida, College of<br />

Liberal Arts and Sciences invites applications for<br />

a full-time, nine-month, Visiting Lecturer in<br />

Chinese Language and Culture, beginning August<br />

16, <strong>2020</strong>.<br />

Requirements: M.A. degree or higher in Chinese<br />

language and culture or other relevant area,<br />

including second-language acquisition, linguistics,<br />

and language pedagogy. Other requirements<br />

include native or near-native proficiency in<br />

Chinese language and English, and at least one<br />

year of experience teaching Chinese language at a<br />

US college/university. Compensation: Salary is<br />

competitive, commensurate with qualifications<br />

and experience, and includes a full benefits<br />

package. Duties: (a) teach seven (7)<br />

undergraduate language classes per academic<br />

year, (b) collaborate with colleagues to ensure<br />

smooth articulation across the levels of language<br />

instruction, and (c) participate in course design<br />

and creation.<br />

The Department of Languages, Literatures, and<br />

Cultures is home to multiple language programs.<br />

It offers training in languages and cultures from<br />

all corners of the globe. From Swahili to<br />

Japanese, Russian to Arabic, we give our students<br />

the opportunity to become cross-cultural experts<br />

in an ever more internationalized world. The<br />

Department is committed to creating an<br />

environment that affirms diversity across a variety<br />

of dimensions, including ethnicity/race, gender<br />

identity and expression. We particularly welcome<br />

applicants who can contribute to such an<br />

environment through their scholarship, teaching,<br />

mentoring, and professional service. Please<br />

see https://diversity.clas.ufl.edu/diversitystatement/<br />

for more information about diversity<br />

and inclusion in the College of Liberal Arts and<br />

Sciences. The university and greater Gainesville<br />

community enjoy a diversity of cultural events,<br />

restaurants, year-round outdoor recreational<br />

activities, and social opportunities. Instructions<br />

for candidates: For full consideration,<br />

applications must be submitted online<br />

at http://apply.interfolio.com/74418 and must<br />

include 1) letter of application, 2) complete<br />

curriculum vitae, 3) statement of teaching<br />

philosophy, 4) sample sets of student evaluations,<br />

and 5) three confidential letters of<br />

recommendation.<br />

To ensure full consideration, applications should<br />

be received by March 20, <strong>2020</strong>, but the search<br />

will remain open until the position is filled.<br />

Applications received after March 20, <strong>2020</strong> may<br />

be considered at the discretion of the committee.<br />

Questions may be directed to Dr. Richard Wang,<br />

Chair, Chinese Search Committee,<br />

at rwang1@ufl.edu All candidates for<br />

employment are subject to a pre-employment<br />

screening which includes a review of criminal<br />

records, reference checks, and verification of<br />

education. The selected candidate will be<br />

required to provide an official transcript to the<br />

hiring department upon hire. A transcript will not<br />

be considered “official” if a designation of<br />

“Issued to Student” is visible. Degrees earned<br />

from an educational institution outside of the<br />

United States require evaluation by a professional<br />

credentialing service provider approved by the<br />

National Association of Credential Evaluation<br />

Services (NACES), which can be found<br />

at http://www.naces.org/. The University of<br />

Florida is an equal opportunity institution<br />

dedicated to building a broadly diverse and<br />

inclusive faculty and staff. Searches are conducted<br />

in accordance with Florida’s Sunshine Law. If an<br />

accommodation due to disability is needed in<br />

order to apply for this position, please call (352)<br />

392-2477 or the Florida Relay System at (800)<br />

955-8771 (TDD).<br />

Early Childhood Chinese Language Teacher<br />

(Brooklyn, NY)<br />

Whittle School & Studios is an endeavor to<br />

modernize Preschool to Grade 12 education to<br />

build the world’s best physical and connected<br />

environment for human learning and<br />


<strong>CLTA</strong> NEWSLETTER <strong>May</strong> <strong>2020</strong><br />

development. Our campuses are comprised of<br />

four divisions: Early Learning, Lower School,<br />

Middle School, and Upper School. Designed by<br />

architect Renzo Piano and led by education<br />

entrepreneur Chris Whittle, we will be<br />

constructing 30 Preschool to Grade 12 schools in<br />

the world’s most vibrant cities over the next 10<br />

years.<br />

Our first two campuses opened Fall of 2019,<br />

located in Shenzhen, China, and Washington,<br />

DC. Our next endeavor will be a Fall <strong>2020</strong><br />

launch of a phased-in Early Learning Center in<br />

Brooklyn, NY followed by its full opening in Fall<br />

of 2021.<br />

Position Overview The Early Learning Center<br />

focuses on developing students ages three to six.<br />

At this age and division level, faculty use<br />

immersive language techniques and engage in<br />

mind and body awareness activities. They also<br />

structure community learning and choice time,<br />

project work, outside exploration, story time,<br />

workshop time, arts, and making. Our early<br />

learning program is based on the Reggio Emilia<br />

principles of respect, responsibility, and<br />

community. This approach recognizes the image<br />

of the individual child as a human with rights who<br />

has limitless potential for growth and uses<br />

Emergent Curriculum to co-create learning<br />

experiences that are derived from student interest<br />

and responses to provocations in the<br />

environment. Project-Based Learning and<br />

Mastery-Based Progression are used as<br />

frameworks within the Emergent Curriculum to<br />

work actively with hands, minds, and emotions in<br />

the context of the many expressive languages of<br />

children. Whittle is also inspired by key tenets of<br />

Reggio Emilia, including participation of families,<br />

collegial work of all personnel, the environment<br />

as the third teacher, group work, and the<br />

presence of an atelier. The Early Childhood<br />

Chinese Language Teacher will be inspired by<br />

the Reggio Emilia model grounded in student<br />

autonomy and discovery of the world. The<br />

Teacher will demonstrate practices that reflect<br />

this approach by encouraging student<br />

independence, spontaneity, curiosity, and by<br />

always asking more questions than giving answers.<br />

Respect for our young learners is at the core of<br />

the Early Learning program. The ELC Chinese<br />

Language Teacher partners with the English<br />

36<br />

Language Teacher to plan and implement the<br />

dual language immersive Reggio inspired Early<br />

Learning Program for a designated cohort of<br />

students. This position is open for both our<br />

Washington, DC and Brooklyn, NY campus. To<br />

learn more about the responsibilities and<br />

qualifications, please visit our career page<br />

at https://www.whittleschool.org/en/careers/camp<br />

us-openings to apply.<br />

Applications accepted until 15/04/<strong>2020</strong><br />

Full-Time Chinese Language Lecturer<br />

(Educator Track), (Singapore)<br />

Position Description Yale-NUS College is a<br />

liberal arts and sciences college with<br />

approximately 1000 students and 110 full-time<br />

faculty. The College is a collaboration between<br />

Yale University and the National University of<br />

Singapore. Yale-NUS students are intellectually<br />

outstanding, with an acceptance rate of less than<br />

7%, and internationally diverse, representing over<br />

seventy countries. They go through a unique and<br />

rigorous Common Curriculum in the sciences,<br />

social sciences and humanities that combines<br />

Western and Eastern traditions with<br />

contemporary skills. The College seeks to hire a<br />

full-time Chinese Lecturer (Educator Track). The<br />

successful candidate is expected to teach<br />

Mandarin courses of different levels and<br />

contribute to the ongoing development of a<br />

comprehensive Chinese language program at<br />

Yale-NUS College. The appointment will be for<br />

an initial period of three (3) years, beginning in<br />

August <strong>2020</strong> with the possibility of contract<br />

renewal subject to good performance and the<br />

College’s teaching needs. Faculty receive highly<br />

competitive salaries and yearly travel and research<br />

allowance, with access on a competitive basis to<br />

substantial grant funding. Most faculty qualify for<br />

highly subsidized faculty housing. Yale-NUS<br />

College is located in Singapore, a multicultural<br />

city of six million at the heart of a vibrant region.<br />

Eligibility and Qualifications • Minimum of<br />

Master’s Degree in Chinese language, literature,<br />

culture, second language acquisition, applied<br />

linguistics, or related field • Native or near-native<br />

proficiency in both English and Mandarin, and<br />

excellent oral and written communication skills •<br />

A proven record of excellent teaching at College<br />

level, creative and effective pedagogical

<strong>CLTA</strong> NEWSLETTER <strong>May</strong> <strong>2020</strong><br />

approaches for undergraduate teaching and an<br />

interest in pedagogical research will be an<br />

advantage. Responsibilities • Teach three (3)<br />

Chinese language and culture courses per<br />

semester • Assist with Chinese curriculum<br />

development and related initiatives Application<br />

Procedure Applications should be submitted<br />

via https://academicjobsonline.org/ajo/jobs/1598<br />

8 Please submit the following materials (Note:<br />

Incomplete applications will not be considered.):<br />

• CV and Cover letter (in English) • Teaching<br />

statement (in English and Mandarin) • Teaching<br />

portfolio with sample classroom exercises,<br />

evidence of educational technology integration,<br />

and recent student evaluations • Copies of<br />

educational certificates and degrees • Three<br />

reference letters • Shortlisted candidates will be<br />

asked to submit a video sample of classroom<br />

teaching. Review of applications will begin<br />

immediately and continue until the position is<br />

filled. Applicants are strongly encouraged to<br />

submit materials before March 1, <strong>2020</strong>. Only<br />

shortlisted candidates will be notified. For all<br />

general inquiries, please<br />

contact humanities_division@yalenus.edu.sg<br />

Equal Opportunity Employer Yale-<br />

NUS College achieves excellence through the<br />

diversity of its students, faculty, and staff and by<br />

embracing inclusivity, equity, and global<br />

engagement. We encourage applications by<br />

diverse individuals with a demonstrated<br />

commitment to continually support these values.<br />

For more information about the College, please<br />

visit https://www.yale-nus.edu.sg/ Personal Data<br />

Protection Act (PDPA) Candidates should<br />

understand that by sharing information with Yale-<br />

NUS College, they authorize Yale-NUS College<br />

to use their personal data for the purposes of this<br />

application. The College will not use their data<br />

for other purposes and ensure that their data<br />

remains secure and confidential.<br />

Applications accepted until March 1st, <strong>2020</strong>.<br />

Teaching Fellow in Chinese (Andover, MA)<br />

Phillips Academy Andover, a college-preparatory<br />

boarding high school in Andover, MA, is seeking<br />

a Teaching Fellow in Chinese. The Teaching<br />

Fellow program offers those yet to begin a<br />

professional career a program of guided<br />

classroom work, professional seminars, and<br />

exposure to the theories and methods of<br />

experienced teaching faculty. In considering<br />

candidates for the Andover Teaching Fellowship,<br />

the school values academic excellence together<br />

with competencies complementary to the school’s<br />

Constitution and Statement of Purpose and to the<br />

Academy’s commitment to fostering a global,<br />

diverse, and inclusive academic community.<br />

While the teaching fellow appointment is for a<br />

single year, reappointment as a fellow is available<br />

to those with the desire to teach at Phillips<br />

Academy for a second year. Those<br />

reappointments are based on a high level of<br />

performance in the classroom, athletic coaching<br />

and residential life work as well as particular<br />

needs of the Academy in those three areas.<br />

Interested please apply through this<br />

Website: https://www.andover.edu/about/employ<br />

ment/teaching-fellowship-program.<br />

Applications accepted until 21/03/<strong>2020</strong><br />

Teaching Fellow in Chinese (Clinton, New<br />

York)<br />

The East Asian Languages and Literatures<br />

Department at Hamilton College invites<br />

applications for a one year Teaching Fellow<br />

position in Chinese, beginning on August 1,<br />

<strong>2020</strong>. The position can be renewed for one<br />

additional year, contingent on funding renewal<br />

and performance review. A B.A. or M.A. in<br />

Chinese language pedagogy or related areas and<br />

experience teaching Chinese as a second<br />

language are required. The teaching fellow will<br />

assist full-time faculty members in teaching<br />

Chinese language courses. Primary work<br />

responsibilities will include individual sessions<br />

and grading. The teaching fellow will receive a<br />

monthly stipend, room, board, health insurance,<br />

round-trip transportation to and from Hamilton<br />

College, and tuition benefits. To apply, submit a<br />

letter of application, C.V., transcript, and arrange<br />

for the submission of two confidential letters of<br />

recommendation via Interfolio<br />

at http://apply.interfolio.com/73964. Please also<br />

upload a teaching demonstration video to any<br />

video sharing website and indicate the<br />

download/view link in the letter of application.<br />

Questions may be addressed to Professor<br />

Masaaki Kamiya (mkamiya@hamilton.edu).<br />

Review of applications will begin on March 1,<br />

<strong>2020</strong>, and continue until the position is filled.<br />


<strong>CLTA</strong> NEWSLETTER <strong>May</strong> <strong>2020</strong><br />

Candidates with complete application materials<br />

will be considered first. Hamilton<br />

(www.hamilton.edu) is a residential liberal arts<br />

college located in upstate New York. Applicants<br />

with dual-career considerations can find other<br />

Hamilton and nearby academic job listings<br />

at http://www.upstatenyherc.org, as well as<br />

additional information<br />

at https://www.hamilton.edu/offices/dof/facultysupport-resources/resources-for-prospective-ornew-faculty/opportunities-for-spouses-orpartners<br />

(Opportunities for Spouses or<br />

Partners). Hamilton College is an affirmative<br />

action, equal opportunity employer, and is<br />

committed to diversity in all areas of the campus<br />

community. Hamilton provides domestic partner<br />

benefits. Candidates from underrepresented<br />

groups in higher education are especially<br />

encouraged to apply.<br />

Associate Professor of the Practice,<br />

Chinese Language Coordinator<br />

(Middletown, CT)<br />

Wesleyan University’s College of East Asian<br />

Studies (CEAS) invites applications for an<br />

Associate Professor of the Practice in East Asian<br />

Studies who will serve as our Chinese Language<br />

Coordinator beginning 1 July <strong>2020</strong>. This is a 9-<br />

month position, for an initial four-year term, with<br />

the possibility of renewal and promotion.<br />

Teaching responsibilities include teaching five<br />

courses covering all levels of Chinese. Language<br />

Coordinator responsibilities include: managing<br />

the Chinese language program, with the primary<br />

responsibility of developing the Chinese language<br />

curriculum; conducting language placement<br />

exams; hiring and training Foreign Language<br />

Teaching Assistants, undergraduate teaching<br />

assistants, course assistants, and language<br />

partners; and organizing our Chinese Language<br />

Lunch program, as well as other co-curricular<br />

activities. The College of East Asian Studies is a<br />

three-year, interdisciplinary major program that<br />

offers its students and faculty extensive<br />

opportunities for interaction in East Asian<br />

languages. It is expected that the appointee will<br />

be an active participant in the College’s activities.<br />

CEAS and the University also emphasize the<br />

teacher-scholar model and welcome candidates<br />

that are eager to engage in this pedagogical<br />

approach, as well as use innovative teaching<br />

methods that incorporate technology and<br />

content-based pedagogy. Minimum qualifications<br />

are an MA in Chinese language, literature, or<br />

related field, at least five years’ experience<br />

teaching Chinese language as an instructor at the<br />

college level in the United States. To apply,<br />

visit http://careers.wesleyan.edu/postings/7239. A<br />

complete application includes a cover letter,<br />

curriculum vitae, and documentation of teaching<br />

experience, including teaching statement, course<br />

syllabi and student evaluations. As part of the<br />

teaching statement (or cover letter), we invite you<br />

to describe your cultural competencies,<br />

experiences engaging a diverse student body, and<br />

any experience guiding or directing summer<br />

study abroad programs. You will also be asked to<br />

provide the email addresses of three referees<br />

from whom we will obtain confidential letters of<br />

recommendation. Applications should be<br />

submitted online<br />

athttp://careers.wesleyan.edu/postings/7239.<br />

Applications completed by March 6, <strong>2020</strong> are<br />

guaranteed full consideration. Please contact<br />

Kathleen Norris (knorris@wesleyan.edu) if you<br />

have questions about the application process.<br />

Wesleyan University, located in Middletown,<br />

Connecticut, does not discriminate on the basis<br />

of race, color, religious practice or creed, age,<br />

gender, gender identity or expression, national<br />

origin, marital status, ancestry, present or past<br />

history of mental disorder, learning disability or<br />

physical disability, political belief, veteran status,<br />

sexual orientation, genetic information or nonposition-related<br />

criminal record. We welcome<br />

applications from women and historically<br />

underrepresented minority groups. Inquiries<br />

regarding Title IX, Section 504, or any other<br />

non-discrimination policies should be directed to:<br />

Vice President for Equity & Inclusion / Title IX<br />

Officer, 318 North College, 860.685.4771.<br />

Chinese Language Lecturer (Princeton, New<br />

Jersey)<br />

Princeton University. The Department of East<br />

Asian Studies invites applications for full- or parttime<br />

Chinese language lecturer positions that may<br />

become available beginning September 1, <strong>2020</strong><br />

or January 16, 2021. Possibility of renewal is<br />

contingent upon satisfactory performance and<br />

sufficient course enrollments. We seek<br />


<strong>CLTA</strong> NEWSLETTER <strong>May</strong> <strong>2020</strong><br />

candidates with a minimum requirement of a<br />

Master’s degree in disciplines such as Chinese<br />

linguistics, Chinese language pedagogy, Chinese<br />

history, Chinese literature, or related fields.<br />

Ph.D. is preferred. Applications must include a<br />

cover letter, curriculum vitae, statement of<br />

teaching interest, contact information for at least<br />

three references, and candidates must provide a<br />

web link to a 30-50 minute video of the<br />

candidate’s Chinese language teaching.<br />

Submission of a writing sample is optional (e.g.,<br />

publications in Chinese or English, a dissertation<br />

chapter). Reference letters will be requested after<br />

a telephone interview. To apply,<br />

visit https://www.princeton.edu/acadpositions/position/13721.<br />

Review of applications<br />

will begin immediately and will be conducted<br />

until any positions are filled. These positions are<br />

subject to the University’s background check<br />

policy.<br />

Mandarin Elementary Immersion Teacher<br />

(Phoenix, Arizona)<br />

Full time elementary teaching position. Prepare<br />

and deliver content lessons in Mandarin,<br />

including Mandarin Language Arts, Math, and<br />

Science. Understand curriculum, subject content,<br />

developmental needs of students and plans using<br />

state standards and school curriculum to meet the<br />

needs of all students. Must be able to meet all<br />

Arizona Department of Education requirements<br />

for certification with advanced proficiency in<br />

Mandarin Chinese. Send CV<br />

to Hope.Loveland@dvusd.org and submit an<br />

online application at https://careers.dvusd.org/.<br />


As an Instructor of Chinese in the Department of<br />

Foreign Languages, you will develop, design,<br />

direct and teach undergraduate introductory,<br />

intermediate, and advanced courses in the<br />

Chinese language and Chinese socio-culturalpolitical<br />

environment. You will mentor cadet<br />

capstone projects focused on solving regional<br />

problems through socio-linguistic and discourse<br />

analysis. You will provide academic counseling<br />

and mentorship to the undergraduate students<br />

(cadets) at the US Military Academy.<br />

This is a full-time, non-renewable three-year<br />

appointment, in the excepted service to begin on<br />

or about 1 August <strong>2020</strong>. This is not a tenuretrack<br />

position. Candidates will be evaluated<br />

according to the following qualifications:<br />

advanced degree in Chinese (Ph.D. preferred);<br />

quality and depth of cultural, historical, and social<br />

knowledge of the Chinese-speaking world; native<br />

or near-native educated fluency in traditionalcharacter<br />

based Chinese and English; evidence or<br />

promise of excellence in teaching at the college<br />

level; scholarship; commitment to high-quality<br />

undergraduate education, and track record of<br />

developing and managing overseas Chinese<br />

immersion programs, primarily in Taiwan.<br />

Competitive salary is commensurate with<br />

qualifications and experience. Application<br />

deadline date is TBD.<br />

To receive full consideration, candidates should<br />

submit a cover letter, curriculum vitae, official<br />

academic transcripts, three letters of<br />

recommendation, DD214 (if claiming veteran’s<br />

preference), and a copy of sponsor’s Permanent<br />

Change of Station orders (if claiming military<br />

spouse preference) by mail to: United States<br />

Military Academy, Department of Foreign<br />

Languages, ATTN: Mrs. Rose Maresco, West<br />

Point, New York 10996. For information contact:<br />

Mrs. Maresco at (845) 938-3152;<br />

email: rose.maresco@westpoint.edu. Moving<br />

expenses are not reimbursable. The Department<br />

of Defense is an Equal Opportunity Employer.<br />

West Point and the Department of Foreign<br />

Languages is committed to cultivating an Officer<br />

Corps for the Army that reflects the rich diversity<br />

of our country.<br />

Lecturer in Chinese Language (Evanston, IL)<br />


Department of Asian Languages and Cultures<br />

invite applications for two full-time benefitseligible<br />

Lecturers in Chinese language. These are<br />

for one-year positions, starting September 1,<br />

<strong>2020</strong>. The successful candidates will work with<br />

existing faculty members in the Chinese<br />

Language Program and must be able to teach the<br />

novice to advanced Chinese language courses for<br />

both heritage and non-heritage language learners.<br />

Duties include teaching up to nine quarter-long<br />

courses at all levels. Applicants are required to<br />


<strong>CLTA</strong> NEWSLETTER <strong>May</strong> <strong>2020</strong><br />

have 1) a Master’s Degree (Ph.D. is preferred) in<br />

foreign language pedagogy, second language<br />

education, Chinese language/linguistics, applied<br />

linguistics, or other related fields, 2) teaching<br />

experience in U.S. higher education, 3) native or<br />

near-native proficiency in both Chinese and<br />

English. More information on the Department of<br />

Asian Languages and Cultures can be found<br />

at http://www.alc.northwestern.edu/. Applicants<br />

must submit a cover letter, CV, evidence of<br />

teaching effectiveness (course syllabi and teaching<br />

evaluations), teaching statement, and three<br />

references. For full consideration, a video<br />

recording of the applicant’s classroom teaching<br />

demonstration should be made available<br />

electronically. The online application form can<br />

be found<br />

here: https://www.alc.northwestern.edu/about/op<br />

en-faculty-positions/. Questions may be<br />

addressed to: asianlac@northwestern.edu.<br />

Applications will be accepted until the position is<br />

filled. The review of applications will start on<br />

March 31, <strong>2020</strong>. Northwestern University is an<br />

Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action Employer<br />

of all protected classes including veterans and<br />

individuals with disabilities. Women, racial and<br />

ethnic minorities, individuals with disabilities, and<br />

veterans are encouraged to apply. Hiring is<br />

contingent upon eligibility to work in the United<br />

States.<br />

Chinese Language Fellow (Poughkeepsie,<br />

NY)<br />

Vassar College Chinese Language Fellow<br />

Department: Chinese & Japanese Department<br />

Duration of Position: Academic year / Part time<br />

Position Type: Administrator Posting Removal<br />

Date: Open Until Filled Posting Number:<br />

1001787 About Vassar College Located in the<br />

scenic Mid-Hudson Valley, Vassar College is a<br />

highly selective, residential, coeducational liberal<br />

arts college. Vassar is strongly committed to<br />

fostering a community that reflects the values of a<br />

liberal arts education and to promoting an<br />

environment of equality, inclusion and respect for<br />

difference. Vassar College is an affirmative action,<br />

equal opportunity employer with a strong<br />

commitment to increasing the diversity of the<br />

campus community and the curriculum and<br />

promoting an environment of equality, inclusion<br />

and respect for a difference. Candidates who can<br />

contribute to that goal through their teaching,<br />

research, advising, and other activities are<br />

encouraged to identify their strengths and<br />

experiences in this area. Individuals from groups<br />

whose underrepresentation in the American<br />

professoriate has been severe and longstanding<br />

are particularly encouraged to apply. Vassar<br />

College is a smoke-free campus Position<br />

Summary and Responsibilities Vassar College<br />

invites applications for Chinese Language Fellow<br />

(Intern) for the <strong>2020</strong>-21 academic year (late<br />

August, <strong>2020</strong> through <strong>May</strong>, 2021).<br />

The Language Fellow, who must be a native level<br />

speaker of Chinese, assists the Chinese faculty<br />

members in preparing teaching materials and<br />

conducting drill sessions for 15 hours a week.<br />

Language Fellows receive free room and board<br />

on Vassar’s campus in student housing for the<br />

academic year, a monthly stipend of $650 for 10<br />

months, and health insurance coverage. They<br />

may also take up to two courses per semester free<br />

at Vassar. Qualifications Language Fellows<br />

should at least have a B.A. and be fluent in<br />

English. To apply, please send a cover letter, vita,<br />

an audio recording introducing yourself in both<br />

Chinese and English, and at least one<br />

recommendation letter. Review of applications is<br />

ongoing until the position is filled. Please send<br />

applications to Hiromi Dollase, Chair,<br />

Department of Chinese and Japanese, via email<br />

to chineseandjapanese@vassar.edu. Do not send<br />

application material to Vassar’s Human<br />

Resources website. All applications must be sent<br />

to the following email<br />

address: chineseandjapanese@vassar.edu or they<br />

will not be reviewed or accepted.<br />

Special Instructions to Applicants Review of<br />

applications will begin immediately; this position<br />

will remain open until filled. To Apply All<br />

applicants must apply online<br />

at: https://apptrkr.com/1785756. Vassar is<br />

strongly committed to fostering a community that<br />

reflects the values of a liberal arts education and<br />

to promoting an environment of equality,<br />

inclusion and respect for difference. Vassar<br />

College is an affirmative action, equal opportunity<br />

employer, and applications from members of<br />

historically underrepresented groups are<br />

especially encouraged. jeid-<br />


<strong>CLTA</strong> NEWSLETTER <strong>May</strong> <strong>2020</strong><br />

f9efb2440efdc448ad4dfc3f1159b517 Copyright<br />

©2017 Jobelephant.com<br />

Chinese Language Lecturer (Nashville, TN)<br />

The Asian Studies Program at Vanderbilt<br />

University seeks to make a non-tenure-track, fulltime<br />

appointment in Chinese language<br />

instruction. The rank is Lecturer, to begin with an<br />

initial one-year appointment in fall <strong>2020</strong>. Renewal<br />

is conditional upon performance review. Review<br />

of completed application files will begin on<br />

February 10, <strong>2020</strong> and will remain open until the<br />

position is successfully filled. Further Info about<br />

the Asian Studies Program at<br />

Vanderbilt: http://as.vanderbilt.edu/asianstudies/<br />

Candidates for the position should have at least<br />

an M.A. in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign<br />

Language, Chinese Pedagogy, Chinese<br />

Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, Foreign<br />

Language Education, and/or related fields.<br />

Candidates possessing a Ph.D. or similar terminal<br />

degree in their area of study are preferred. Native<br />

or near-native fluency in spoken and written<br />

Chinese and a strong command of English are<br />

required. The ability to teach a proficiency-based<br />

curriculum at all levels of Chinese and a<br />

familiarity with team-teaching are preferred<br />

attributes. A cover letter, curriculum vitae, a<br />

teaching statement, teaching evaluations, a<br />

website link with a teaching demonstration video,<br />

and transcripts, as well as three confidential<br />

letters of reference, should be uploaded<br />

to http://apply.interfolio.com/72645.<br />



The Chinese Language Teachers Association, USA<br />

Promoting the study of Chinese language and culture in an international<br />

context.<br />

Chinese Language Teachers Association, USA<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> Headquarters<br />

c/o Department of Modern Languages, Carnegie Mellon University<br />

5000 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15213<br />

Tel: 412-268-5949, Fax: 412-268-1328<br />

Email: clta@andrew.cmu.edu; Web: www.clta-us.org<br />

<strong>CLTA</strong> MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL AND<br />


Join <strong>CLTA</strong>, renew your membership, or edit your member profile at<br />


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